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Grendrill 07-06-2004 04:00 AM

WWE: Rise of Glory
As you might remeber a few weeks ago I had WWE RAW thread going, which some people liked, well I was talking to James (Atomic) and we're both gonna run a show, him Smackdown! and me RAW.

Hopefully this will end up being a good thead with Great Shows.

Fail 07-06-2004 04:03 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory
Yeah, and we hope we'll get as many posts as WWE RAW and my WWE, and we hope that you guys enjoy it.

Grendrill 07-06-2004 04:13 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Trish Stratus has a passion outside the ring. Find out what it is...
You can own Miss Jackie's autographed white bikini
It's been a wild ride for Flair. Read all about it in his book


Al Snow
Chris Beniot
Chris Jericho
Christopher Nowinski
Chuck Palumbo
Eric Bischoff
Gail Kim
Garrison Cade
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Lillian Garcia
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Molly Holly
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stacey Keibler
Steven Richards
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Trish Stratus
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal

This week we saw the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin after a hard fought 8-Man Tag that Evolution came out on top for. What shocking After Effects can we see from RAW this week when. What will the effects be for Stone Cold Steve Austin after Stunnering everybody?

Find out all and more this Monday Night on RAW.

Lita def. Molly Holly
A-Train def. Val Venis
Grand Master Sexay & Eugene def. La Resistance
Chris Jericho def. Garrison Cade
Evolution def. Shelton Benjamin, Edge, Chris Beniot & Tajiri

Also the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

WWE Heat.com

Chuck Palumbo def. Maven
Ivory def. Gail Kim
Val Venis def. Garrison Cade
Al Snow def. Christopher Nowinski

WWE Smackdown!.com

Bill DeMott
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guererro
D-Von Dudley
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jaime Noble
John Bradshaw Layfeild
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Mark Jindrak
Michael Cole
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Shark Boy
Spike Dudley
Theodore Long
Torrie Wilson



WWE Velocity.com

Paul London and Billy Kidman def Akio and Sakoda
Chris Cage def Matt Morgan
Rey Mysterio def Ultimo Dragon
Shannon Moore def Scotty 2 Hotty
Orlando Jordan def Hardcore Holly


The Black Abyss 07-06-2004 05:49 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory
WOW! you are writing lots of things.

Fail 07-06-2004 06:00 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory
Yeah, we are trying to make it good as possible.

Wolf Beast 07-06-2004 07:09 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory
Great, looks really cool. Whens the first show???

Grendrill 07-06-2004 07:46 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory
Wolfy first show will be up tonight probably, or tomrrow.

As for the WWE.com, I'll be keeping it up to date with our WWE not thiers, I just used a few stories in general. I'll keep it up to date with our rosters and our show results.

Fail 07-06-2004 08:17 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory
Yes, and SmackDown! will be up on Thursday.

Grendrill 07-06-2004 09:05 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory


May 10, 2004

General Manager Eric Bischoff has already announced several blockbuster matches for Monday Night RAW, airing live at 9/8 CT on Spike TV. Undoubtedly, the RAW brand has not seen a lineup this loaded since the Backlash pay-per-view.
When the members of Evolution complained vehemently after a six-man tag team match that kicked off the May 3 episode of RAW, Bischoff immediately signed three matches for this coming Monday. First, Triple H will try to beat Shelton Benjamin, finally, as the former World Heavyweight Champion will go one on one with the youngster from Orangeburg, S.C. -- who has quite a winning streak going, particularly over the members of Evolution, including consecutive wins over The Game himself. Be sure to tune in exactly at 9/8 CT, as the Triple H/Benjamin match will kick off the show. Also, Batista will try to exact revenge when he takes on Tajiri, who sprayed the green mist in the eyes of the powerhouse.

Bischoff also announced that the Intercontinental Championship will be on the line, as Randy Orton will defend against the man who pinned him in the six-man tag match, Edge. This match will mark the first time the Intercontinental Championship has been defended on RAW since February.

After announcing those three huge matches, Bischoff dropped another bombshell: Chris Jericho will be able to get his hands on Christian without the threat of outside interference. That's because Trish Stratus and "problem solver" Tyson Tomko will literally be blocked from the ring by a 15-foot-high steel cage! That's right -- Y2J and Christian battle in a Steel Cage Match this Monday on RAW!

And there's more: Eugene will make his anxiously anticipated in-ring debut as he tangles with Rob Conway of La Resistance. The American turncoat, who recently relocated to Quebec, is coming off a huge win over The Hurricane, which Conway said was a preview of what's in store for Eugene. However, Eugene appeared to be a quick study -- indeed, he seemed to have uncanny strength, and he took to the mat like a fish to water -- during a training session with William Regal.

To reiterate, five HUGE matches have already been announced for RAW:
Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin
Batista vs. Tajiri
Randy Orton vs. Edge for the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Christian in a Steel Cage Match
Eugene Dinsmore vs. Rob Conway

Plus, what will Matt Hardy and Lita have in store for Kane, and vice versa? What will Shawn Michaels have to say after Triple H cost him the World Heavyweight Championship?

All this and more on Monday Night RAW, 9/8 CT on Spike TV.

Fail 07-06-2004 10:06 AM

Re: WWE: Rise of Glory
Should be interesting to see, SmackDown! Preiview should be up tomorrow.

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