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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

I just edited it out, so it's all good...... Looking forward to what peeps got to say about the return of RAW and the return of Rise of Glory....

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Oh goody, great preview, cant wait.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

And, RAW will be up tonight, not tomorrow since today is Monday in Australia.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

12th July 2004
Manchester, New Hampshire

A video clip is shown of Vengeance, showing mainly the return of the 2-Man Power Trip at the end of the night, the RAW video plays and then goes to the RAW stage where the pyro goes off and starts scanning around the arena

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to WWE RAW, Along side me is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King I’m still in shock over what happened at the end of the show last night, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H once again on the same page.

Jerry Lawler: As you said last night JR you never thought those two could get along once let alone twice, this surely will effect RAW….

JR: Not only that King, it’s basically given the whole WWE and wake up call, I wonder if we’ll here from the Game and Rattlesnake tonight?

Triple H’s theme fills the arena to a huge amount of heat as he walks out in his old looks with the jeans and shirt and his hair tied back, he gets on the apron and spits out his water and gets in the ring and gets a mic

Triple H: There’s an old saying ‘stick with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know’, but what do you do when the devil you don’t know is just offering so much more? With out any further a due allow me to introduce to you your number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam

The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as glass shatters a Austin’s old Disturbed theme hit and he makes his way down to the, he goes to the turnbuckles, he gets a mic and the crowd erupts into a chant of ‘asshole’

Steve Austin: If you people would shut the hell up and let me speak I……

The ‘asshole’ chants get louder as Austin looks at Triple H


The ‘asshole’ chants get even louder than before Austin just starts talking

Steve Austin: All I been getting for the past 24 hours is, ‘Why Steve, Why?’ and frankly I’m sick of it, I don’t owe you people an explanation because I am Stone Cold Steve Austin and I don’t answer to anybody……… I don’t owe you people a damn thing….. The fact is that I joined Triple H for two reasons and two reasons only, one is to become the most dominate team here on RAW and in the WWE and the second is to be the World Heavyweight Champion!

Austin hands the mic to Triple H

Triple H: For all the time I was with Evolution and how dominate we were, one thing I realized is that there was one thing missing, there wasn’t aggression, there wasn’t the aggression that meant staying on top at any cost possible, when Austin came back I thought there was only one man as desperate as me to stay on top at any cost possible…… Now onto other business, Ran……

‘No Chance’ fills the arena to a huge pop as Mr. McMahon walks out on stage and looks around the arena and then makes his way down to the ring and gets in with Triple H giving him a deathly glare

Mr. McMahon: First of all you better wipe that look off your face before I slap it off there for you……

The crowd erupts as Triple H gives McMahon a filthy look but slowly slides off his face

Mr. McMahon: That’s a little better…… I’ll give you two credit, you two suckered me in like I never had before, I had no idea it was going to happen, the boys in the back had no idea, hell the writers didn’t even know what was happening, you put perhaps one of the biggest endings on the end of a WWE Pay Per View, and well you two wanna know something……… THAT DOWN RIGHT PISSES ME OFF!!!!

The crowd erupts as McMahon goes into his serious look and mode

Mr. McMahon: How dare you two go behind my back and organize such a big business decision with out me, which takes a lot of guts a no brains……. However I’m proud, I’m proud that you both took a risk that great, it’s one of the most damned things I’ve seen in such a long time, I congratulate you for that……

McMahon smiles at Austin and Triple H and then they smile back as the crowd erupts into a chorus of boos

Mr. McMahon: So tonight I’ve booked the Main Event, let’s say it’s going to be a SummerSlam preview, it will be Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H versus Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho…..

Austin and Triple H’s smiles quickly wipe off their faces after McMahon’s announcement as he smiles and we fade to a commercial

{Commercial Break}

We come back and see JR and King at the announce table and a heap of superstars in the ring at the same time

JR: King do you have any idea the irony of the match that Mr. McMahon made just before the break….

Jerry Lawler: Other than Beniot and Jericho aren’t going to be walking after the match?

JR: No I mean it was this exact match 3 years ago for the then WWF Tag Team Championship that Triple H tore his quadricep in his left leg….

Jerry Lawler: I hadn’t thought about it that way JR, do you think it may happen again?

JR: Only time will tell King, however during the break we were told that these 10 Superstars were requested in the ring although at this time we have no-idea what for….

Eric Bischoff’s music fills the arena and he comes out on stage to a huge chorus of boos

Eric Bischoff: I suppose your all wondering why I requested you all in the ring at this time, well since there is so much great talent on RAW it was so hard for me to make a decision for who to give an ‘opportunity’ to so I came up with the idea of having a 10-Man Battle Royal, the winner will get what ever is concealed in this envelope, which begins right now…..

Match 1
‘Opportunity’ Match
10-Man Battle Royal
Val Venus vs. Christian vs. The Hurricane vs. Tajiri vs. Albert vs. Test vs. Batista vs. Maven vs. Matt Hardy vs. Rob Conway

Rob Conway, Matt Hardy, Maven and Val Venus are all eliminated by Batista in the first minute after he hits a Spinebuster on each followed by throwing them over the top rope, leaving only 6 left.
Batista continues to dominate the match with his power soon eliminating Tajiri over the top-rope with a Powerbomb to the outside; He then soon eliminates Hurricane after he hits a Monster Spine-Buster and then soon Albert after a Clothesline over the top, Christian accidentally eliminates Test when he goes for a big boot leaving only 2 left.
Batista continues to dominate Christian, but Christian eventually rolls to the outside and Batista goes to the ropes to taunt him, the arena soon erupts as Shawn Michaels comes in through the crowd and waits for Batista to turn around, Shawn then gives Batista the Sweet Chin Music that sends him over the top-rope to give Christian the win.
Winner – Christian – Elimination

Straight after the match as Christian starts celebrating and Bischoff’s music hits again and he comes out on stage with the envelope in hand

Eric Bischoff: Christian, well it looks like you’ve won yourself an ‘Opportunity’, I guess you should come and claim your prize…

Christian gets out of the ring and runs up the ramp all smiles and gets the envelope off Bischoff and opens it up and pulls out a pink card, Christian looks at Bischoff wondering what it means

Eric Bischoff: Christian, when I said it was a opportunity I didn’t really specify what sort of opportunity it was, the opportunity is to work somewhere else, Christian…… your fired……….

The crowd erupts as Christian can’t believe what Bischoff just said, the crowd then starts chanting the ‘good-bye’ song as Christian looks like he is about to cry, we go backstage and see McMahon getting a coffee and Shelton walks up to him

Shelton Benjamin: Mr. McMahon?

Mr. McMahon: Yes Mr. Benjamin?

Shelton Benjamin: Sir, I was wondering since I am still undefeated against what was Evolution I never had the opportunity to face Randy Orton, well I was wondering if you would eventually give me that opportunity?

Mr. McMahon: You want to face Randy Orton?

Shelton Benjamin: Yes sir

Mr. McMahon: Well there’s no use beating around the bush if you want something, let let’s see, how about we have Shelton Benjamin versus Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship, right here tonight………

We hear the crowd erupt in the background

Shelton Benjamin: That would be great Mr. McMahon….. Thanks

{Commercial Break}

We come back from the commercial and see Randy Orton walking backstage to a reasonable pop, wesee him walk up to Bischoff who is leaning up against a wall

Randy Orton: Bischoff, I don’t care what it takes I want Triple H and SummerSlam, you better not screw with me otherwise I might just have to give you the three biggest letters on RAW………

Orton walks off with his IC belt down the hall and we see Rhyno coming the other way and then walks up to Bischoff

Rhyno: Bischoff, I want another chance at Beniot…… I don’t care when, I want another chance, I was screwed twice out of a victory in two months, give me another shot at SummerSlam….

Eric Bischoff: Rhyno I can’t give toy a shot at SummerSlam, it’s already booked Austin versus Beniot, but let’s see I’ll give you a shot at the Intercontinental championship next week on RAW!!!

Rhyno: You’re a wise man Eric, I guarantee you, I’ll be coming out on top!

We see Rhyno walk down the hall and Bischoff heads into his office, Jericho comes down the other way and looks at the door and walks inside as we go back to the ring

JR: Looks like we’ve got a match booked for next week’s RAW King….

Jerry Lawler: Rhyno versus the Intercontinental Champion, I can hardly wait. I bet he wins it JR!

JR: King with your track record over the past couple of months I wouldn’t be placing any bets, anyhow later tonight which was booked by Mr. McMahon we have Shelton Benjamin facing off against Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship….

A ripping / static sound fills the arena and the crowd erupts into maybe the biggest pop that has been in RAW’s history, as perhaps the most popular and loved Canadian’s music fills the arena and a Canadian flag showing up on the Titan-Tron, the crowd goes even louder as the arena lights dim and a spotlight shines on the stage, but the cheers turn to boos as La Resistance and their new ally Lance Storm walks out on stage with two Canadian flags, they pose at the top of the stage and make their way down to the ring, they get in a Lance gets a mic

Lance Storm: If I can be serious for a minute…….. You see it’s a simple sounds like our new entrance theme that excites you people beyond belief, you actually that Bret Hart would show up in the hole of a country, I mean honestly what were you people thinking?

The crowd breaks out into a chant of ‘We Want Bret’ and ‘Asshole’ as Lance stops speaking and looks around the arena with La Resistance yelling insults out into the crowd

Lance Storm: You see it’s for reasons like this that I went into retirement, rude and insolent crowds of the US that shows that why you’re the most hated country in the world to date!

The crowd boos even louder as she crowd start’s chanting ‘Canada Sucks’

Lance Storm: You may chant ‘Canada Sucks’ all you want but all your doing is living in self denial of what the rest of us think of you. Moving onto more pressing matters, to squash a certain number of rumors; I am back out of retirement…..

T & A’s music fills the arena to a pretty good pop as they walk out on stage and make their way down to the ring, they grab another mic off Lillian and stand across the ring from Team Canada

Albert: Lance in all the years I’ve known you there’s one thing I’ve come to learn, you never know when to shut your mouth……. Test and I have been sitting back there for the past five minutes listening to you run your mouth and we’re out here to shut it!!

Lance Storm: Albert you represent these entire American’s in how you speak look and act, it disgusts me to even look at you, and you’re the perfect representation of what a typical American slob is like…..

Albert: What the hell did you just say? Test would you please translate that for me…..

Test: Al, it means your fat man……

The crowd erupts in laughter as Test smiles and Albert looks around the arena


Albert: What?

Test: He just flipped you off.......

Lance looks shocked as Test smiles again and Albert looks pissed, T&A then start exchanging blows in the middle of the ring, T & A gain the upper hand and throw them to the outside, ‘No Chance’ fills the arena and Mr. McMahon walks out on stage

Mr. McMahon: If you 5 want each other so bad how about we make a match right here right now, why not at SummerSlam have La Resistance, Team Canada defend their World Tag Team Championships against, T & A

The crowd erupts

Mr. McMahon: But why wait to SummerSlam when we can have a match right here tonight, La Resistance versus T & A right here right now…….

The crowd erupts as Team Canada looks shocked as we fade to a commercial break

{Commercial Break}

Match 2
La Resistance, Team Canada vs. T & A w/ Sable

A fairly good match between the two teams, Test picks up the win after Conway gets hit with the Big Boot while Albert brawls with Lance and Robere on the outside
Winners – T & A – Pinfall

Albert gets back into the ring and they celebrate with the tag belts

JR: We just have our second match booked for SummerSlam King, T & A versus La Resistance, Team Canada for the World Tag Team Championships

Jerry Lawler: I hope those damn Canadian’s get what’s coming to them come SummerSlam JR

JR: I don’t often agree with you King but with that I would ha…..

JR gets cut off as we cut to a video clip

{Hype Video}

The crowd erupts as we come back to the arena and see JR and King with shocked looks on their faces

JR: Oh my God King, is it actually him?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know JR, but it has to be, you know that man as well as I do but now is he coming back?

JR: It looks like it King, I thought I’d never see him back again…… In any event, still to come tonight, Shelton Benjamin facing the Intercontinental Champion for the Intercontinental Championship and Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H versus Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho, a match that 3 years ago nearly ended Triple H’s career…..

Jerry Lawler: I still can’t believe he’s back…..

We cut backstage and see Terri standing outside Eric Bischoff’s office; the door opens and out comes Chris Jericho

Terri: Chris, Chris Jericho, earlier tonight we saw you go into Eric Bischoff’s office, it’s just now that you have come out, what could you have possibly been talking about all that time

Chris Jericho: Well Terri….. nice top……. It’s true that Y2J have been in Bischoff’s office for over a span of 45 minutes, but you see Terri we were finalizing my contract of who I was going to face at SummerSlam Terri….

Terri: Thanks Chris, who might that be?

Chris Jericho: It’s doesn’t matter who it’s with Terri, it could be with Shelton Benjamin it could be with Shawn Michaels, it could be with Maven, it could be with little Johnny down the road who was singing for money, hell it could even be Santa Claus, the fact of the matter is this Terri, it’s not who it is, it’s what it’s for, and come SummerSlam your looking at the new WWE Intercontinental Champion……

Jericho walks off to a huge pop as we fade to a commercial

{Commercial Break}

We come back from the commercial break with Kane’s pyro and music and he storms his way down to the ring looking really pissed, he slides in the ring and then looks around the crowd and sees a few young guys at ringside flipping him off, Kane slides out and goes and grabs one and yanks him over the barrier and sends him straight into the ring post that busts his nose wide open, he grabs another one and drags him over and throws him into the steps, Kane grabs the third one and pulls him over and sets him up for a Tombstone and hits it on the outside, Kane walks over and grabs a chair and the forth guy runs off Kane starts smashing the chair on the stairs and on the ring post and then takes a swing at the EMT checking on one of the guys, Kane then sees Lillian, he looks at her and walks over, he grabs her by the arm and step up on the apron, he steps over the rope then pulls her up by her hair and over the top rope into the ring with her screaming in pain the whole way, Kane lets go of her and has a heap of her hair in his hand, he looks at it then sprinkles it around the ring as he looks down at her again, he then grabs her hair again and pulls her up, he grabs her by the throat and back her into the corner, the camera goes close up and we see instead of Kane having his white eye he has a red one, he starts shaking and Lillian start’s crying, Kane grabs her by the hair again and drags her to the outside of the ring by her hair and keeps walking up the ramp dragging her by her hair till she regains he footing, we hear her screaming ‘NO’ the whole way Kane takes her behind the curtain and the camera goes back to the ring where EMT’s start coming out for the 3 guys from the crowd

JR: Oh my God King, what has Kane done, he’s destroyed 3 defenseless fan at ringside now he’s got Lillian and we don’t know where he is, although we do have word that we are trying to find Kane and we have a camera on the way, we’ll keep you with this as it develops

Jerry Lawler: JR, I don’t know what to say, I mean that wasn’t something that was supposed to happen tonight, it wasn’t in our production meeting, I’m generally worried for Lillian’s health and safety at the moment…..

JR: I know how you feel King, as you said this wasn’t something we went through in the production meeting, this was totally unscripted and unknown…… hold on folks we’ve found Kane, he’s still backstage with Lillian at this time….

We go backstage and see Kane walking down the hall with Lillian by her hair, Kane keeps walking as the camera man continues to run behind, Lillian continues to scream ‘NO’ as we can still hear her voice breaking up through tears of dread and fear, Kane stops at the make up table and looks in the mirror, he pulls Lillian in front of it he then swipes the mirror off the table smashing in on the floor, Kane looks for a bit while still jerking Lillian back and forth, he finds a little black bag and grabs it and starts heading back down the hall where he came from, we grab a glimpse of Lillian’s face and all her make-up is smudged with tears that are running down her face. The camera continues to follow then as Kane walks past a window, he grabs a chair and send it through smashing the glass leaving jagged edges all around the rim, he looks at Lillian and jerks her towards it and hold her face right against the biggest bit pushing her face on it till a small stream of blood trickle down her face, she starts screaming even loader and she tries to fight but Kane just jerks her away from the glass and continues back down the hall, we see him head back out to towards the ring, EMT’s are surrounding the ring at this time as Kane comes out with Lillian screaming the whole way, he throws her back in the ring and then attacks a couple of EMT’s and then proceeds back into the ring, and opens the little black bag and a knife falls out and lands tip first sticking out of the mat, Kane picks it up and looks at Lillian, she starts screaming even louder as the tears and blood trickles down her face, Kane grabs her by the hair and pulls it straight while she’s still on the ground, he starts hacking at her hair trying to cut through it jerking her head back and forth with her screaming, Kane finally gets through a large chuck of her hair and holds it up high as she looks up at it, Kane drops the knife and raises his hand and one of his pyros goes off but stays on, Lillian looks on in horror as Kane starts dropping her hair into it, Lillian stops screaming and just breaks down going back and forth holding what’s left of her hair as Kane throws the rest of her hair into the flame, Kane then grabs Lillian by the hair again and brings her close to the flame, still with the cold dead look in his eyes, Lillian start screaming and fights to get away but Kane just lets go and does he’s back thing over the top rope and leaves with carnage all around the ring, numerous more people run down to the ringside are and to the ring to check on Lillian and the other victims, Shawn runs out from the back and down to the ring to check on Lillian as he yells for someone to get help for her

JR: My God King, what have the Hardy’s driven this man to?????

{Commercial Break}

We come back to RAW with EMT’s all around ringside and numerous wrestlers around the ring helping out where they can, mostly checking on Lillian as she remains traumatized in the middle of the ring

JR: Welcome back to RAW ladies and gentlemen, welcome to perhaps one of the most graphic, most brutal images ever shown on live television, as you can see the after effect’s of Kane’s rampage, three fans brutally assaulted and our ringside announcer Lillian Garcia who has perhaps been mentally scarred for life King.

Jerry Lawler: Wow JR, I mean this would have to be one of the worst things I’ve seen in my 30 odd years in this business, I know this was probably one of the worst things you’ve seen JR, I mean you know what this man’s capable of JR I mean he set you on fire…

JR: I know King but that was all scripted, that was all written down, that was supposed to happen, I knew what was going to happen, that poor girl didn’t have any idea that was going to happen, I mean Kane was supposed to come out cut a promo about how much he hates the Hardy’s and that would be it we could all go home happy, I’m sorry King but that Son of a Bitch pushed to the envelope too far tonight……. Let’s take you back to Terri…..

We go backstage and see Shelton Benjamin with Terri

Terri: Shelton Benjamin up next you face Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship, you are currently undefeated against what was Evolution, can you keep your streak up tonight

Shelton Benjamin: Terri, this is my first opportunity at holding a singles title in the WWE, and I intend to stop at nothing to win this match and win the Intercontinental Championship weather Randy Orton likes it or not……..

We go back to the ring and see EMT’s helping everyone to the back as Randy Orton’s music fills the arena and he makes his way down to the ring, he gets in the ring and poses on the turnbuckle to a pretty decent pop, Shelton’s music fills the arena and the crowd erupts as he runs his way down to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle before meeting Orton face to face

Match 3
Intercontinental Championship
Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin

An excellent match between the two, Triple H runs down half way through and slide in the ring after the referee gets taken out, they exchange blows till Triple H hits Orton with a running Knee Lift, he picks him up and signals for the Pedigree but Orton backdrops him and hits an RKO as he stands up, Orton looks to the crowd and as he turns around he’s met with a Spear from Edge who came in through the crowd to a huge pop, Shelton gets back up and hits his T-Bone Powerslam and covers Orton for the 1 2 3
Winner – Shelton Benjamin – Pinfall

The crowd erupts as the referee count the fall and Shelton gets back to his feet and is handed his new belt, he looks into it then holds it high above his head as the crowd erupts even more


Jerry Lawler: But Randy had to fight off Triple H only to be attacked by Edge JR…..

JR: I’ll admit it but Shelton said he would win and he did, he’s undefeated against what was Evolution, what a night for this young man King, what a night for Shelton Benjamin

{Commercial Break}

We come back and see JR and King at the announce table

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen just before the break we saw Shelton Benjamin win his first WWE singles title, I’m proud to say I know Shelton Benjamin personally King…

Jerry Lawler: You proud to say you know a cheater JR, Orton was screwed! It took 3 men to beat Orton JR, Shelton, Triple H and Edge……

JR: I’ll admit Shelton had some help.....

Jerry Lawler: Help? More like it was handed to him on a platter…

JR: In any event, lets take you back to the events that took place last night between Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Randy Orton at the end of Vengeance last night, and take you to earlier tonight with Mr. McMahon’s announcements

Jerry Lawler: figures you’d change the subject JR…..

{A video is played of the end of Vengeance and the beginning of RAW tonight with the Power Trip and McMahon}

We come back the arena with Austin’s Disturbed theme as he and Triple H walk out on stage to a huge amount of heat and they make their way down to the ring, Beniot music fills the arena to a huge pop as he makes his way down to the ring followed by Jericho who gets a louder pop, all four men stand in the ring as Earl rings the bell

Match 4
The Power Trip vs. Chris Jericho / Chris Beniot

Austin starts off the match with Beniot, they talk trash for a little but Austin eventually slaps Beniot in the face obviously after he said something Austin didn’t like, Austin comes back with a couple of right hands but Beniot ducks the third and hits a kick to the guts followed by another which Austin catches, Beniot hits a quick and surprising early Enzugiri that takes Austin down holding his head, Beniot then goes over to his corner and tags Jericho in to a huge pop.
Beniot picks him up and brings him to the corner and Jericho hits a couple of chops, Beniot goes to the apron and grabs Austin’s arm and drops down whip lashing it on the top rope that takes Austin down while holding his arm. The referee back Beniot it the corner while Jericho picks Austin up and delivers a quick low blow which causes the crowd to erupt from followed by Jericho going for the Walls, Austin quickly makes it to the ropes and makes it back to his feet as Jericho goes to the ropes and catches Austin with a School Boy and a quick kick out.
Austin quickly gets back up and clotheslines Jericho back down to a huge amount of heat and whips him into the corner and goes to follow him in but gets a foot to the face for his efforts, Austin stumbles back and Jericho goes to the ropes but Austin catches him on the rebound with a Lou Thez Press to a huge amount of heat, Austin goes to the ropes and hits his Forearm Drop and then hits another one before going for a quick cover to get a 2 count.
Jericho uses the rope to help him up but Austin uses it to start choking Beniot followed through with Austin going to the opposite ropes and flailing himself onto Jericho knocking the wind out of him. Austin gives Beniot the finger and he walks over and tags in Triple H to an even larger amount of heat.
Triple H comes in and punches Jericho followed by a shot from Austin which is followed by a right hand from Triple H that knocks Jericho down to the mat, Jericho quickly rolls over to his corner and tags Beniot who steps into the ring with a huge pop and Triple H backs up. Austin drops down to the outside to go around and beat on Jericho but Beniot goes to the outside and cuts him off by standing in front of him, Austin smiles and then the two start going at it to a huge pop as Jericho and Triple H go at it on the inside, Jericho goes to the ropes but Triple H hits a Facebuster and Beniot and Austin keep going at it as we go into a commercial break

{Commercial Break}

We come back and see Triple H dominating Beniot with all order restored, it then goes half screen and shows Beniot being sent into the steel steps before going back to the ring and we see Triple H hit a Facebuster on Beniot followed by a kick to the guts, Triple H sets Beniot up for the Pedigree and hits it a an even larger amount of heat, Triple H covers Beniot only to get the 2 count thanks to Jericho breaking up the pin.
Triple H and Jericho start going at it while Beniot slowly gets back to his feet, Jericho sends Triple H into the corner and Beniot follows in with a clothesline. Beniot hits a couple of chops to H and then hits the same move on H as he did to Austin earlier, Beniot quickly gets back into the ring and twists H’s arm around but he recoils with his own arm twist and then a Clothesline taking Beniot down hard before going over to his corner and tagging in Austin to a chorus of boos
Austin picks up Beniot and give him a kick to the guts followed by a run to the ropes and a clothesline to Beniot taking him down, Austin then drags him to the ropes and starts stomping the hell out of Beniot till the referee pulls him away and he flips off the crowd and give the birds to Jericho before going back to stomping Beniot, Austin then just drops down and starts talking trash to Beniot before popping back up and going for another series of stomps before he starts choking him on the rope. Beniot starts to get back to his feet slowly and then starts going toe-to-toe with Austin again, Beniot ducks a right hand and goes for a German but Austin fights away and goes behind Beniot and hits a back Suplex. Austin picks him back up and takes him over to his corner and tags Triple H in where they double team stomp him for a bit till the ref steps in a breaks it up. Triple H and Austin threaten the referee but Beniot makes it back to his feet and comes up from behind Triple H and hits a German…… Then Another……. Then another……. Then another……… The another……… Then another……. Then he drops Triple H and locks him into the Crossface, Jericho comes in the ring and clothesline Austin off the apron then goes to the outside to brawl with him, Beniot keeps the Crossface locks in for what seems like forever on Triple H who looks like he is about to tap out, Austin slides in the ring behind him with a Chair and then takes a swing at Beniot’s back and which cause the DQ followed by an onslaught.
Winners – Chris Jericho / Chris Beniot – Disqualification

Austin continues to beat on Beniot with a chair as Triple H rolls out of the ring holding his arm, Jericho gets in the ring only to be met with a chair shot from Austin who then starts beating him down, Triple H eventually gets back into the ring and starts attacking Beniot, he hits the Pedigree on him and then on Jericho while Austin hits a Stunner on both, they start celebrating until ‘No Chance’ fills the arena, McMahon makes his way down to the ring and throwing his jacket on the ground on the way, he gets in the ring and then and comes face-to-face with both of them

McMahon then smiles and hugs Triple H and Austin and they do the same, they raise each other’s hands and McMahon signals for some beers, he turns around to give one to Austin and Triple H only to be met with a chair shot to the face from Austin, Triple H gets out of the ring and gets the Sledgehammer from under the ring, he brings it back in and tells Austin to hold McMahon up, Austin does so and Triple H hits Vince in the face which busts him open, Austin picks him up and hits the Stunner and Triple H picks him up and lays the chair down and hits a Pedigree onto the chair, Austin signals for beer as RAW goes off the air with them pouring beer all over McMahon.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Wow, What a great RAW, Team Canada verses T&A Should be GREAT! SummerSlam is looking great already.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Great RAW!

I'm loving the way Lance is used. Interesting seeing Christian getting fired, i think he will be back soon though...possibly to smackdown?

And its all about the Shelton, I never expected him to win.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Holy Shit, GO POWER TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great RAW Scott, it was worth the wait!!!!!!
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Two words Grendrill...............welcome back........

Another super super show, with strong storylines from start to end.
Love the reformation of the Power trip, and already they are causing havoc.
Loved the double swerve at the end. Expected Vince to join PT, but never saw the turn coming. BRILLIANT!!!

Hope Christian comes back to RAW soon, it wont be the same without him.....

I guess the Rhyno - Benoit feud is over for now, here's hoping we get one more somewhere down the line.

Glad Shelton won, good return from Edge, making an impact. Not sure if Orton is face or heel tho right now, with the way the commentary went after that match, but I guess that will be sorted in a few weeks.

Like T&A turning face.....nice move.

Also, I'm itching to find out who the hype video was for.......I wanna know!!!!

Anyways, it's another GREAT Raw, and the countdown to SummerSlam begins....
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Scott........I missed yaz, welcome back holmes!!!!!!

As for Raw, well it was just....brilliant.

I knew Vince was going to allign with the PT but then them turning on him, well that's going to show the PT is the biggest thing around in RoG!

Shelton winning the IC Title....GO SHELTON!

Christian getting the ''opportunity'' of getting fired, shame on him lol.

The countdown to SS begins, can't wait to see Smackdown, Rage.

But on behalf of everyone else, Welcome back RoG
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Wolfy and Anyone else, you can Download the Hype Video by clicking on it, it's from 35mb.com but as far as I know all thier problems are cleared up.

Glad you all enjoyed RAW...... Can;t wait for the other peopl that come on to hear thier replies..... (orto17 etc.)

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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