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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Yeah, RAW should be fantastic.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

June 14th 2004
Dayton, Ohio

A highlight package is shown of Bad Blood with all the matches and a special focus on the return of Test and Jeff Hardy. The RAW entrance goes off and the show is under way

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen we welcome you to WWE RAW; we’re coming off a huge Pay Per View that was Bad Blood, King what a night it was.

Jerry Lawler: You couldn’t be more right JR, last night was a huge night for RAW, we saw, what we assume to be the reforming of T & A and Jeff Hardy returning to help his brother Matt Hardy to defeat Kane in that vicious Street Fight.

JR: The return of Terri last night also King, and what about the big one… Hell in a Cell, Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels. Michaels held up his guarantee and Triple H didn’t walk out of Bad Blood, but neither did he. Let’s take you back to after Bad Blood when both men were put into the ambulance.

A Package is shown of both men being loaded into the ambulance and the rest of the RAW lockers room clapping for the match the two put on.

JR: A Huge amount of respect shown by the RAW locker room last night when we went off the air, although we do have some bad news, Shawn Michaels will not be here tonight but he will be here on RAW due to some internal injuries, but Shawn Michaels will be here next week on RAW, but we have been told Triple H is in the building tonight….

Triple H’s music hits and he comes out all battered and bruised and makes his way down to the ring and gets the mic

Triple H: Last night I went though hell to get rid of that pain in the ass Shawn Michaels….

Crowd boos Triple H

Triple H: I fought for over an hour inside that Hell with Shawn Michaels and I came out victorious because that’s what I do, that’s what I live for, that’s why I AM THE GAME….

Crowd boo’s Triple H again

Triple H: I crippled Shawn Michaels ass in that ring last night so I would never have to put up with his pain in the ass ever again so I could move onto bigger and better thing like Chris Beniot and the World’s Heavyweight Championship………. Beniot, I’ve let you be Champion long enough while I took care of some unfinished business, now come down to this ring and accept my challenge.

Triple H stands in the ring and waits for Beniot’s music to start playing but instead Glass Shatters and the crowd erupts as Austin comes out on stage and makes his way down to the ring and comes face-to-face with Triple H.

Triple H: What in the hell do you want?

Steve Austin: You know damn well what I want, I been wanting it for over a year, it’s to beat your beady little eyes, your ‘perfect’ physique and your puny ass down till I don’t have to listen to your voice ever again your son of a bitch.

The crowd erupts.

Triple H: Austin like I said I got bigger thi…….

Steve Austin: Ah, ah, Last night I was also victorious in my match against Christian so I came down here to take my spot as the rightful number one contender for the World’s Heavyweight Championship….. Now tell me do you have a problem with that???

Triple H: You’re damn right I have a problem wit that, ‘cause I am the Game and I deserve that….

Steve Austin: You don’t deserve a damn thing your little bastard…….

Triple H looks irate and takes a shot at Austin the two start slugging it out till Bischoff’s music fills the arena and he comes out on stage

Eric Bischoff: If you two would stop fighting for 1 minute you might want to listen to my announcement I have to make…. Hey, listen to me…… In my hand I have a Contract for the Main Event of SummerSlam… of which one of you will sign and be in the main event with who ever the champion may be…. To sign this contract all you have to do is win a match, a number 1 contender’s match at Vengeance. So this is what’s going to be, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin fighting for the right to face who ever the World Heavyweight Champion is come SummerSlam...

Bischoff’s music plays and he smiles as Triple H and Austin smile at each other and go back to slugging it out as we go to our first commercial.

{Commercial Break}

JR: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen we’re here live at the Nutter Centre, Dayton, Ohio and what a match that has just been signed for Vengeance, Triple H vs. Stone Cold for the Number 1 contender’s slot.

Jerry Lawler: That’s going to be a war JR, we thought Shawn Michaels and Triple H hated each other; they’ve got nothing on those these two.

Match 1
Test vs. Rodney Mack

Test picks up the win with a Big Boot and picks up the win.
Winner – Test – Pinfall

A-Train comes out after the match and they both beat the hell out of Rodney Mack, Test picks Mack back up and sends him into A-Train for a Derailleur. Test gets a mic

Test: Last night you saw the reformation of the greatest tag team in the history of the WWE, you saw myself and Albert show just how dominate we are when we destroyed Chris Jericho in the middle of this ring. You saw the reformation of the T & A….. And we demand a World Tag Team title shot tonight….

Johnny Nitro’s music hits and he comes out on stage

Johnny Nitro: Mr. Bischoff told me to inform you of the Main Event for tonight will be for the World Tag Team Championship, it will be Chris Beniot & Edge vs. ………. The Hardy Boyz!!!

The crowd erupts as T & A go irate and Johnny Nitro smiles and goes backstage.

{Commercial Break}

JR: What an announcement made by Eric Bischoff’s apprentice, Johnny Nitro, the returning Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Beniot…. But Edge will not be Beniot’s partner tonight, let’s take you back to last night at Bad Blood when Randy Orton took advantage of a lifeless Edge.

A video package is shown with Randy Orton smashing Edge’s head between the mat and the chair and also Orton placing Edge’s arms in the chair and stomping on the chair till referee’s come and break it up.

JR: Unfortunately at Bad Blood last night, at the hands of Randy Orton Edge suffered a grade two concussion and two broken arms. We’ve been told Edge will be out over a month with these injuries. We wish Edge a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the ring soon.

Jerry Lawler: I’m still in shock that T & A is back together; I mean they’ve got the T and the A but not the T & A…..

JR: King is that all you think about? I swear you have go to go and get yourself a life!!!

We go backstage and see Evolution talking about the Austin situation but we go back to the ring before anything can really be heard.

Match 2
Lita w/ Matt Hardy vs. Trish Stratus w/ Christian

Lita picks up the win after a Moonsult on Trish
Winner – Lita – Pinfall

After the match Lita and Matt celebrate in the ring until Kane’s pyro goes off from the ring posts, they both look scared as hell but nothing else happens.

JR: That was Kane’s pyro King; it was just set off while Lita and Matt were in the middle of the ring, I don’t think Kane is terribly happy about what happened last night with Jeff and Matt.

Jerry Lawler: Of course he wouldn’t be happy about it, Kane was screwed by Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Lita all in one, I think Kane will be on a rampage for who ever gets in his way.

We go backstage and see Shelton Benjamin walking towards the ring.

{Commercial Break}

Smackdown! Rebound
- Shows footage of the Mystery Attacker attacking RVD and Eddie and then having another message at the end of Smackdown!
- Shows Rey Mysterio pinning Chavo in the Triple Threat cruiserweight match.
- Show highlights of the JBL and Taker No DQ match.

JR: Smackdown! was great last week King, looks like the RAW talent has gone sour over at Smackdown! since leaving here.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah your right JR, They have all become cocky since leaving RAW, maybe that shows RAW is the better of the two shows.

JR: I don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to that question King.

We see Beniot walk into Bischoff’s office

Chris Beniot: Eric, I need to talk to you, Edge can’t wrestle tonight and you’ve booked me in a match for the Tag Titles, I haven’t got a tag partner.

Eric Bischoff: (Bischoff smiles) well, well, well, look who we have here. You see Chris I made that match knowing full well that Edge wouldn’t be able to compete tonight, because I want to make your life a living hell Chris, I hate the very site of you. That’s why I made the match that way tonight. So either you go out there and defend your titles or you fall fit, what ever you please.

Chris Beniot: You know Eric, now I remember why I left WCW, it’s because of you throwing your authority around, no wonder the company went out of business.

Bischoff’s smile goes off his face as Beniot goes to leave the room

Eric Bischoff: Oh and Chris, since you’re a double champion, I think you should have to work double the amount of other workers, because you and your little comment just got your self another match tonight, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Beniot versus La Resistance. I hope you enjoy it

Chris Beniot looks irate as he walks out of Bischoff’s office as Shelton Benjamin’s music fills the arena.

JR: What an announcement by Eric Bischoff, he’s basically just screwed Beniot out of the Tag Titles tonight.

Match 3
Chris Beniot / Shelton Benjamin vs. La Resistance

Rhyno comes through the crowd and Gores Beniot in the back and then slides to the outside as Sylvian Grenier distracts the ref, Conways covers for the win
Winners – La Resistance – Pinfall

After the match La Resistance run away and Rhyno Gores Shelton then sets Beniot up as well, he waits for Beniot to turn around and he hits another Gore on Beniot before hitting a Piledriver into him and leaving the ring with major heat.

Jerry Lawler: Rob Conway just pinned the World Heavyweight Champion

JR: No thanks to that spiteful Rhyno who lost a hard fought match last night and still can’t accept the facts that Beniot came out the better man.

We go backstage again and see Evolution coming out of their locker room and walking down the hall; they stop and ask a staff member if they have seen Austin, he points down the hall and Evolution keep walking down.

{Commercial Break}

We come back and see King and JR at the announce position.

JR: What would Evolution want with Stone Cold?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know JR but I think the rattlesnake might be in trouble.

JR: Well if he’s got Batista, Orton and Flair looking for him it can’t be good.

Jerry Lawler: I think the Rattlesnake might be going to get skinned JR.

We go backstage and see Eric Bischoff in his office with Nitro behind him.

Eric Bischoff: Due to what we just saw has given me and idea for a match, it will be a number one contender’s match for Vengeance; it will be Rhyno vs. Tajiri to see who will face Chris Beniot for the World Heavyweight Championship….. And the match is up next!

{Commercial Break}

Rhyno’s music fills the arena to a huge amount of heat but when Tajiri’s music hits a huge pop goes off.

Match 4
World Heavyweight Championship number 1 Contender for Vengeance
Tajiri vs. Rhyno

Rhyno picks up the win after a Gore
Winner – Rhyno – Pinfall

Rhyno celebrates and warns Beniot that the belt will be his come the end of Vengeance as Austin’s music fills the arena to huge pop, Austin makes him way down to the ring, gets in and goes to all the turnbuckles, Rhyno asks him what his doing and he gets a Stunner for it. Austin grabs the mic.

Steve Austin: Evolution, I saw on a monitor back there you were looking for Stone Cold Steve Austin, don’t bother looking any further cause I’m here in this ring right now waiting for all your Evolved asses!!!

Evolution’s music soon fills the arena and they all make their way down to the ring except Triple H, the all get in the ring surrounding Austin, but he doesn’t back down, Austin goes straight after Orton and starts punching him till the rest of them start beating Austin down. Batista hits a hard clothesline and picks him back up and gives him a huge Powerbomb. Flair helps pick him back up allowing Orton to hit and RKO on him.

Triple H’s music fills the arena as he makes his way down to the ring, Evolution hold Austin while Triple H lays a heap of right hands into the head of Austin, he drops lifeless to the ground and H keeps stomping him, Randy tries to stop Triple H but H turns around and gives Orton a shot to the face. Triple H goes to the outside and gets a Sledge Hammer from under the ring and comes back in.

By this time a heap of referee’s are in the ring trying to check on Austin, Triple H threaten them away as he waits for Austin to slowly get to his feet, Triple H then gives Austin a Sledge Hammer shot to the face knocking Austin back down. Triple H then rips his shirt off and does his pose with the Sledge Hammer with Orton in the background looking rather pissed with Triple H.

{Commercial Break}

JR: What a vile attack by Triple H and Evolution there on Austin, they beat him down like a government mule like Austin was no more that a piece of trash in the park.

Jerry Lawler: Triple H went irate, he even hit a member of his own group, Randy Orton, and did you see the look on Orton’s face after that shot?

JR: Orton didn’t look to happy at all, WWE officials are now helping Austin who is now busted open to the back. King up next we have Chris Beniot defending the Tag Title’s against Matt and Jeff the Hardy Boys.

{Commercial Break}

The Hardy’s old theme fills the arena to a huge pop and they make their way down to the ring with Lita. Beniot’s music hits and he also gets a huge pop as he makes his way down to the ring with both the Tag belts as well as holding his ribs.

Match 5
World Tag Team Championship
Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Beniot

Beniot holds up a good fight till Kane's music hits and he comes down to the ring and attacks Masst and Jeff causing the DQ.
Winner – No Contest – No Contest

Kane continues the beating on the Hardy’s but then Chokeslams Beniot as well. Kane gets a chair and takes it to both the Hardy’s, he picks Jeff up and gives him a Tombstone and then gives Matt a Chokeslam. Lita gets in the ring to try and stop Kane but he grabs her by the throat and Chokeslams here as well. Kane sets off the Pyro from the corners as RAW goes off the air.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Great Raw, had everything that needed to be in it after an off the hook Bad Blood.

However I was disapointed with the Main Event - I feel that Kane attacking all of them was harsh and that the Hardyz should have had a fair match.

The HHH/Austin interactions were great, I see Austin beating HHH. Then I see HHH feuding with Orton (go on Scott, you know you want to)

Overall: Not you're best Raw, but after BB I understand, but it did well to finish off where BB started and did well to hype the first couple of matches at Vengeance

Rating: 9/10
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

I know it wasn;t my greatest show but I need to start somewhere to build up Vengeance. About Kane, wouldn;t you be overly pissed off about being screwed out of a win?

You'll all have to see what I have instore for Vengeance..... it'll be a shocka

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

I was however Glad that the Hardy's didn't win the Tag Team Championships, I thought it would be too soon.
Great twist with Benoit having to wrestle twice, and Nitro telling T & A that the title match was not for them.

I'm looking foward to the HHH/Austin rivalry...

Overall 7.5/10

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Fantastic RAW, Scott, also, l will be revealing a match for SmackDown! later on tonight.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

RAW will be better in the next couple of weeks i was just a little burnt out cause i put most of my effort into Bad Blood... it'll get better

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Great Raw. The Austin/Triple H, Rhyno/Benoit and Kane/Hardyz feuds are coming along well. Also nice to see you preparing for a Orton/Triple H feud.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Why does everyone think Orton and Triple H are gonna fued? just cause he slugged him in the mouth and he was left to fend for himself at Bad Blood doesn;t mean he's...... wait a second...... gee I set up a new fued and didn't know it

For those of you who are a bit think that was a joke, btw those of you who are a bit gullible that comment before was just a joke as well, and those....... I give up.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory


Back to RAW. I actually thought it was one of the best shows yet. It picked off perfectly from Bad Blood, opening new feuds, and continuing old ones. Love Austin - Triple H again. It's only the first week of the feud, and already its gone nuts between them.

The only bad point I have to make is that after Rhyno's match, he got Stunned by Austin. I know Austin's a BMF, and so on, but I just thought it made Rhyno look kinda weak. Maybe he could get some revenge on Austin next week for that by helping Evolution??

But right now, this RAW is in my opinion, the BEST thread in this entire forums.

And I see you two are already closing in on my twenty three page thread, and its only been five weeks or so. Well done.

9/10 for RAW. (Would have been ten, but the Rhyno thing upset me a little)
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