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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Nice return Gendrill, I hope you do good.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

There is one more match to be announced for No Mercy, I suppose after that you can start your predictions. But you can start now if you want, it's not hard to work out what the Cruiserweight Title match will be if you go back a couple of shows and check the preview.

Everything is going according ot plan, Smackdown! will be up Thursday, thanks for the support everyone.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Well PM me mate whenever it's up, I'll take a gander and see if it's any good, I'm getting into everyone's BTB's atm, and I want to see if you live up to the old hype possibly. No Mercy looks pretty nice, AJ vs. RVD looks solid, besides realism wise, but I'm sure that doesn't matter at this point in the thread's time.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Suprised as anyone to see that you're back Scott. I'll try to drop a review down for Smackdown, as I really want to see if you can still live up to that hype of yours. The No Mercy card looks pretty solid, so best of luck with that. I wish you the best of luck, and hope all works out for you.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Okay, I know I'm a little rusty and things may be a bit off... But it'll take me a couple of shows to get back into the groove, so bear with me. Also note I don't use any word system to my shows, I do 15 for Smackdown! and 15 for RAW and however many for PPV's

Thanks for the support guys, hopefuklly I can make it as big a hit as it once was.

I'll try and repay a few reviews, but I wouldn't get my hopes up, sorry guys.

WWE Smackdown!
23rd September 2004
Madrid, Spain

The show opens up with the WWE logo before it goes to the clips of Spain and the landmarks of the country before we fade away to the specially made World Tour opening video we then slide to the arena where the pyro explodes and we scan around the arena looking at all the Spanish fans in the arena scream their heads off

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Vincente Calderon in Madrid, Spain… We have a huge crowd of 40,000 plus, I’m Michael Cole along side Paul Heyman... this is WWE Smackdown!

Paul Heyman: I’m glad you’ve finally gotten past calling me your partner Cole, but this is the highest attendance we’ve had on the Smackdown! side of the World Tour… Everyone loves to see me Cole…

Michael Cole: That maybe your opinion Paul, but tonight we have a huge night planned in terms of quality matches, first up the match that was made last week, the 8-Man Cruiserweight Tag Match…

Paul Heyman: The best part of Smackdown! Cole, aside from myself s the cruiserweights, three of which are my former ECW boys…

Michael Cole: Indeed they are Paul; also tonight we have Sting going up against the monster known as Brock Lesnar…

Paul Heyman: Never before has Sting faced someone as big or as bad as Lesnar, Cole… I’ve seen first hand what can be done by Brock Lesnar, but the one match I’m most looking forward to tonight is AJ Styles versus Ken Shamrock...

Michael Cole: We’re just two weeks away from No Mercy Paul… Who knows what will happen between now and then…

Rey Mysterio’s music then fills the arena to a huge pop as he then shoots up from the stage with pyro shooting out from the sides, he raises his arm and then runs down the stage towards the ring as he points to the crowd again as he walks down to the ring

Michael Cole: Here’s the man that last week faced Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship in a classic bout Paul…

Paul Heyman: It was a hell of an effort by Rey Mysterio to go as long as he did with Mr. Pay Per View, but in the end it was my boy that came up victorious…

Rey rolls into the ring and goes to the turnbuckle and does his sign thing and then points to the crowd, Rey drops down and runs to the other turnbuckle and does his sign again and points to the crowd who erupt. Rey’s music fades out and Juventud Guerrera’s kicks in and he runs out on stage with a bottle of water and empties it through his hair before he shakes it all out

Michael Cole: Well Paul, here comes the former World Cruiserweight Champion…

Paul Heyman: …Keyword being former, until Chavo Guerrero won it from him ‘Cole’…

Michael Cole: Chavo also being the man who has been sneak attacking Rey Mysterio and Juventud for the past few weeks now and then blaming it on the other…

Paul Heyman: It’s called smarts Cole, you should try it sometime…

Juvi slides into the ring and runs to the turnbuckle and steps up to the second rope and shakes all the water out of his hair before he drops down and looks at Rey, neither man move until Juvi offers a hand slap, which Rey accepts as ‘You Can Run’ fills the arena to a pretty big pop as Billy Kidman walks out on stage and pumps the crowd before he starts to run down to the ring

Michael Cole: …Kidman and London have seemed to have developed a rivalry built out of respect…

Paul Heyman: The worst thing you can do is make friends with someone you’re trying to out do, it doesn’t help you it’ll only limit what you can do in the ring…

Michael Cole: I don’t think anything can limit Paul London or Billy Kidman, Paul…

Paul Heyman: If you’re friends with someone are you likely to kick them in the crotch? No I didn’t think so…

Kidman runs to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope and walks to the nearest turnbuckle and leans towards the crowd and pumps them up as ‘London Calling’ fills the arena and Paul London walks out on stage, he pauses and then runs to the ring full sprint, he slides in and almost goes out the other side, he points to the crowd before he lays his eyes on Kidman, the two shake hands and then all four men look to the stage as we fade out to a commercial break
{Commercial Break}

We come back and Spike, Akio and Jamie Noble are all at ring side with Spike’s music still playing, it eventually fades out and ‘Chavito Ardiente’ fills the arena and Chavo Guerrero walks out on stage with his belt around his waist, he walks slowly and stops at the top of the ramp and drops to his knee and then calls for the fans cheers, but he just receives boos, he smirks and gets back up and walks to the ring

Michael Cole: …And here is the man they’re all gunning for, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and it was just announced before on WWE.com that it will be Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Juventud Guerrera for the Cruiserweight Championship…

Paul Heyman: When you hold a championship everyone guns for you, that’s a condition that occurs when you hold the gold Cole…

Chavo gets to ringside, he looks at his partners and they huddle together on the outside and set up a game plan, Team Rey looks at each other and Juvi shrugs his shoulders and takes a run to the opposite ropes and rebound and heads towards them, as he reaches the ropes he Suicide Plancha’s over the top to a huge pop as Rey, Kidman and London pile out from the ring too and throw them into the ring as the referee calls for the bell

Match 1
8-Man Tag
Rey Mysterio / Juventud Guerrera / Billy Kidman / Paul London vs. Akio / Spike Dudley / Jamie Noble / Chavo Guerrero

A very fast paced match between the eight men with no team gaining a real advantage over the other. The traditional spot fest with all men flying over the top rope onto one an other takes place, it ends with referee stopping Ref but then he goes to the ropes and plancha’s over the referee onto all other men. Rey looks to be close to the win over Chavo after he hits the 619 into a Juvi-Driver but Noble breaks up the fall. Chavo’s team clears the ring and Spike slides the belt to Chavo who hits Rey with it and then dropkicks Juvi to the outside, Chavo picks up Rey and hits the Brainbuster and covers him for the win.
Winners: Chavo Guerrero / Akio / Spike Dudley / Jamie Noble - Pinfall

Chavo quickly high tails it out of the ring as Juvi quickly goes after him but hits the ropes and the referee hands Chavo his belt, Chavo smiles and looks back at the ring and pats his ass towards Juvi who yells at him in Latino

Paul Heyman: That’s the way you do it Cole, you stand back and pick your spots and take your advantages, that’s what Chavo did and that’s what makes him a Champion…

Michael Cole: He cheated to win Paul, that’s not picking your spot, its plain and simple cheating…

Paul Heyman: All apart of the finer details Cole…

Kidman and London slide in the ring and help Rey up and back Juvi away from the ropes, Juvi looks down at Rey and shakes his head and gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp as Chavo disappears behind the curtain we then fade backstage into the car park and we hear a motorcycle roaring and the crowd erupts and the Undertaker arrives into the arena as we fade to a commercial break

{Commercial Break}

We come back to Smackdown! with ‘Urban Assault Rollin’ filling the arena to a huge pop from the Spanish crowd as The Undertaker rolls out onto the stage in his leather pants, Deadman Inc. tank top, bandana holding the hair off his face and black sunglasses. He stops and revs his bike before he speeds down to the ring

Michael Cole: There is no one quite like the Undertaker in the WWE, let alone Smackdown!

Paul Heyman: I agree Cole, the Undertaker is the phenom, the American Badass, you name it the Undertaker is ‘it’…

Michael Cole: Although there is one, being Christian, believes he is everything the Undertaker is, and more…

Paul Heyman: …and rightfully so, if you don’t believe it you will never achieve that status, come No Mercy Christian will prove he is not just the Icon of RAW, he is the Icon of Smackdown!...

The Undertaker stops his bike facing the stage after going around the ring, he gets off and walks up the steps and goes between the ropes and walks to one side and raises his arms up and then goes to each side and does the same before he gets a microphone off Tony Chimmel and signals his music be cut

The Undertaker: Y’know, for the past four or five weeks I’ve had a pimple on my ass and it’s been annoying the hell out of me, but y’see that pimple, that pimple is going to get his ass handed to him in two weeks…

The crowd erupts as Taker nods and goes back to speaking

The Undertaker: Yeah, that little son-of-a-bitch back there has been jumping me from behind for four weeks, taking cheap shots and trying to take me out, all for the sake of being ‘Icon of Smackdown!’, but Christian, I’m sorry to tell ya, this ain’t about being the ‘Icon of Smackdown!’… y’see, once you enter this ring, you enter my yard… In this yard, I’m the biggest dog…

The crowd cheers as Taker goes to talk again

The Undertaker: Christian, y’see what you’ve done over the past four weeks is something that has proven detrimental to your health, what you’ve done Christian is pissed me off…

The crowd erupts again

The Undertaker: …At No Mercy, two will walk into the yard, and one will walk out… You can call it whatever sort of match you want, fact remains I will beat your ass and I’ll beat your little security agent’s ass… At No Mercy, two will walk in, one will walk out and I guarantee you the Deadman will be the one walking out of Belgium…

The Undertaker drops the microphone as the crowd erupts and his music fills the arena as he walks around the ring and goes to each side of the ring and raises his arms before he back rolls out of the ring and gets on his bike and turns it on and revs it as we cut away to backstage and we see Ken Shamrock warming up and RVD approaches him

Rob Van Dam: You ready?

Ken Shamrock: Oh, I’m ready… Don’t worry champ, Styles will be lucky to make it to No Mercy…

Rob Van Dam: pfft, me worried? I’m the whole F’n show, who’s AJ, some guy who thinks he has talent from the south, trust me I’m not worried… I just came to wish you luck…

Ken Shamrock: I’m not the one need luck, why don’t you go find AJ and give him the luck…

RVD smugly smiles as we fade back to the arena with ‘MacMillitant’ as Orlando Jordan walks out with Booker T and Theodore Long following close behind, Booker T, with the belt around his waist, stops and sets his pyro off as Orlando raises his arm, with belt in hand and Theodore just stands to the side of them, they then proceed down to the ring

Paul Heyman: Here are my picks for the WWE Tag Team Championships match at No Mercy Cole, Orlando Jordan and Booker T, what Smackdown! and WWE is all about at the moment…

Michael Cole: Why don’t you just jump into bed with them then Paul…

Paul Heyman: I would but you’re already taking up all the room, you know how I hate to get between you and Orlando…

Orlando and Booker jump up on the apron and enter the ring as Theodore takes the stairs, Booker and Orlando take a turnbuckle each pose as Theodore gets a microphone from Chimmel

Theodore Long: Now listen up players, my boys Booker T and Orlando Jordan have shown those damn’d Dudley’s all about team work in the past few weeks, and that is why we’re the WWE Tag Team Champions, holla that.

The crowd boos as Long continues to look at the mat and Booker and Orlando stand in the ring with stern looks not moving

Theodore Long: Now come No Mercy, my boys, Booker and Orlando will be leaving with the belts around our waist, weather you, the Dudley’s or any body else likes it out not, now believe that…

‘MacMillitant’ fills the arena again and Booker and Orlando walk around looking with serious looks as Long looks on with a smug look on his face as we fade out to a quick commercial break

{Commercial Break}

We come back and The Playaz are still walking around the ring and their music fades out and a whistling fills the arena to a huge pop as a pyro missile shoots down from the roof to the ramp and three explosions come up from the stage followed by ‘Bombshell’ filling the arena to a huge pop as Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley do their walk out onto the top of the stage, D-Von pounds his chest and points to the crowd as Bubba raises his arms in the 3-D sign before they proceed down to the ring

Paul Heyman: And here comes to team that were born, created, thought of, established in my own mind, though my life, through ECW…

Michael Cole: Gee Paul, just claim I why don’t you…

Paul Heyman: I have every right to claim it, I bought Bubba and D-Von from Dudleyville to ECW and I gave them a name and they have now held every single major Tag Team Championships in the world to date…

Michael Cole: You’re right Paul, former ECW, former WCW and former WWE Tag Team Champions, no other team has a resume like that…

Bubba and D-Von slide in the ring and go to the turnbuckles as the Playaz slide to the outside, Bubba drops down and gets a microphone from Chimmel and looks straight at Long

Bubba Ray Dudley: Long, you can talk trash all you want, but D-Von only have two words for you and one letter and one number for Booker and Orlando… Long… SHUT UP… Booker and Orlando… 3-D!!

The crowd erupts as The Playaz quickly enter the ring and all four start brawling it out, Bubba backs Booker out of the ring with a Bionic Elbow and then follows him out and the referee calls for the match to start

Match 2
Orlando Jordan w/ The Playaz vs. D-Von Dudley w/ Bubba Ray Dudley

A decent back and forth match with Orlando cheating his way through it and Booker distracting the ref when need be. Bubba eventually snaps when Orlando blocks the ref’s vision allowing Booker to hit a Houston Side Kick, which brings Bubba in to attack Booker, Orlando high tails it out of the ring and grabs a belt and while the referee is distracted by Bubba attacking Booker he slides into the ring and as D-Von gets back up he gets collected with a Tag Belt to the head which knocks him flat allowing Orlando to cover him for the three count.
Winner: Orlando Jordan – Pinfall

Orlando quickly rolls out of the ring with his belt in hand as Booker T and Theodore join him as Bubba slides in to tend to his brother as The Playaz back up the ramp, D-Von begins to gain his sensors and looks to the ramp with his brother

Michael Cole: Booker T helping his partner steal a win over D-Von, that’s deplorable Paul…

Paul Heyman: You do what you have to win…

The camera shows Bubba who is pointing to Booker and Orlando and shouting ‘TEN DAYS’ and Booker and Orlando signal them to bring it as we fade out to a commercial break

{Commercial Break}

We come back to the show with the lights going out and a strobe light begins to inadvertently flash as thunder cracks through the arena before ‘Seek and Destroy’ fills the arena to a huge pop as the man, the myth and the legend walks out on stage in his black trench coat, he stands at the top of the stage and let’s out his trademark howl before he begins to walk down to the ring

Michael Cole: Here comes the man who at No Mercy will be facing the seven-foot giant, the Big Show…

Paul Heyman: And from what I hear Cole; he is one very unhappy giant… But tonight he has the pain Cole…

Michael Cole: But tonight Sting has, as you could say, a warm up match against Brock Lesnar…

Sting walks up the ring steps and places his bat under the rope before he goes to the second rope and howls again and tells the crowd to get on their feet and cheer, which they do as the lights come up and his music fades out and continues to pump the crowd as they begin to chant ‘Stinger’ which he smiles about before he drops down and ‘Next Big Thing’ fills the arena to a chorus of boos and Brock Lesnar quickly paces out onto the stage and bounces from side to side before he lifts his arms up then down and walks down to the ring

Paul Heyman: Well as they midget Tazz used to say… Here comes the pain…

Michael Cole: You talk tough when he isn’t around, don’t you Paul?

Paul Heyman: Beside the point…

Lesnar gets to the ring and jumps up onto the apron and pyro shoots off from the corners as Sting stands patiently in the ring awaiting the animal to enter the ring, which he eventually does and he and Sting get right up in each others faces as the crowd erupts and Lesnar’s music fades out and the referee calls for the bell

Match 3
Sting vs. Brock Lesnar

A good back and forth match, although Brock takes the offense early and dominate Sting with a lot of grounding moves, although Sting fires back eventually and the action becomes very back and forth, which the crowd gets really into. Brock eventually grounds Sting again with basic wrestling holds, which the crowd really gets hot about and Brock eventually locks in the Nagasaki (Tazzmission), the crowd begins to rally behind Sting as he just about goes out near the ropes but he extends his arm and reaches the ropes. Brock breaks the hold and picks up Sting and goes for the F5 but Sting fights off and pushes Brock chest first in the corner, followed up by a Stinger Splash, and another, and a third one. Brock falls down and Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, he locks it in and the crowd erupts. Brock makes it to the ropes as Angle walks out on stage, Lesnar notices and points to Angle and then turns around as Sting is waiting for him, Sting fires up with a series of right hands but Lesnar blocks and comes away with an explosive Belly-to-Belly, Angle runs down to the ring and steps up on the apron, which sparks a war of the words, Sting recovers behind and rolls up Lesnar for the 3 count.
Winner: Sting – Pinfall

Angle backs up the ramp as Sting begins to celebrate and Lesnar realizes what happened, he points to Lesnar and tells him his ass is his and then the irate Lesnar turns around and sees the gleeful Sting playing to the crowd and he begins to shake with rage, Sting turns around and Lesnar picks him up on his shoulder and spins him around quickly for a quick F5

Michael Cole: …oh what the hell…

Brock quickly gets back to his feet and picks up Sting again, he grabs him around the chest and Belly-to-Belly’s him over his head before he gets back on him and mounts him and starts punching him in the face, Angle begins to make his way back down to the ring to fend for the fallen Stinger but then Lesnar picks Sting up again and hits him with an enormous Back Breaker before her throws him over his head and Lesnar gets back up and welcome Angle to the ring, Angle looks anxious and looks as if he will but he hesitate and then begins to walk away to major heat from the crowd

Michael Cole: No Kurt… No!

Brock picks Sting back up and throw him to the outside, he follows him out and begins to dismantle the Spanish announce table, although every once and a while he looks back to see where Angle is, Brock then picks Sting up and runs him into the stairs before he hoists him up on his shoulders and takes him over to the table and proceeds to F5 him through it to much the displeasure of the crowd as ‘Lesnar Sucks’ chants fill the arena, Brock gets back up and survey’s the damage and then looks up to the stage where he stares down Angle, who gives an equal stare back

Michael Cole: These two men will meet in ten days, Kurt Angle versus Brock Lesnar… Can we get someone to please help Sting who is out on the floor down here…

Paul Heyman: …And the nights not even over yet Cole…

Numerous referee run down to back Lesnar off of Sting and also to check on the fallen Sting who is not moving among the wreckage of the Spanish Announce table we go backstage and we see Todd Grisham running after Kurt Angle who is proceeding down the hall

Todd Grisham: KURT!!! Kurt Angle, can I have a moment?

Kurt Angle: What do you want Todd?

Todd Grisham: Kurt, we just saw Sting take a severe beating from Brock Lesnar, who you just cost his match again Sting. My question is, you had the opportunity to help Sting, but you didn’t… Why?

Kurt Angle: Y’see Todd, I watch my own back… Therefore I don’t need to watch anyone else’s… I have Brock at No Mercy and until then, I want him at his peak, because I know I’m the better man, Brock knows I’m the better man, I just have to prove it… oh its true… It’s damn true…

Kurt walks off leaving Todd standing there, the camera watches him as he walks down the hall as he begins to jog, warming up for his match later on tonight

{Commercial Break}

We come back to Smackdown! With images of Spain, which then shows the landmarks of Madrid, the crowd erupts as the video package ends with ‘WWE Smackdown!: World Tour’, we then come back to Smackdown! With ‘Here Comes the Money’ to a reasonably big pop as the General Manager Shane McMahon skips out on stage as he usually does in his black shirt and black pants, he skips and spin s his arm before he proceeds down to the ring
Michael Cole: Welcome back to WWE Smackdown! Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Cole and Paul Heyman here at ringside and we’re being graced with the presence of the Smackdown! General Manager Paul…

Paul Heyman: Wow Cole, why don’t you just kiss up next time, there is nothing to be graced about with the presence of the likes of a snot nosed little brat…. AND a fine General Manager he is… applaud the man Cole…

Michael Cole: And you call me a kiss up, what you just heard fans was the tough Paul Heyman when the boss walks past our announce table…

Shane finishes his lap around the ringside area, slapping hands with the fans, he then hops up on the apron and gets in the ring, and slowly walks around and then proceeds over to Chimmel and get the microphone off of him and then proceeds back to the centre of the ring and stands there as his music cuts out and the crowd dies down

Shane McMahon: WELCOME MADRID!!!

The crowd erupts as Shane smiles

Shane McMahon: Well, what a night it’s been, and it’s not even over yet… Still to come we have ‘the Phenomenal’ AJ Styles facing ‘the World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock… But more importantly… You may have picked up on some small signs that myself and Kurt Angle have had some differences with a certain individual, the individual being Triple H…

The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos at the mention of his name
Shane McMahon: …Now, This all started back at Unforgiven when Kurt Angle ‘supposedly’ cost Triple H his match against Randy Orton…

The crowd erupts

Shane McMahon: …hey, he’s a RAW guy; you’re not supposed to cheer… But anyway this problem between Triple H and Kurt Angle tends to be escalating into something quite fast and if something isn’t done about it, it’s going to get worse… So Triple H, I am inviting you to Smackdown! to come face to face with yours truly, and Hunter… Don’t think for a second I wouldn’t slap the taste out of your mouth…

The crowd erupts as the arena goes black and the lights flash green as ‘Here Comes the Pain’ by Drowning Pool fills the arena and Shane pauses and looks to the stage, readily awaiting the game, the crowd is going off their nut cheering with camera flashes but as the music wears on and no one appears the crowd begins the to boo and Shane loses interest and the music eventually cuts off

Shane McMahon: …*ahem* as I was saying, Triple H, you want some of me and Smackdown!, bring it next week, I’ll be waiting for you in the middle of this ring…

Once again the lights cut out and Triple H’s music kicks in and another huge pop, once again Shane readies himself but once again there is a no show from the Game. Shane smugly looks at the stage and then tells backstage to cut the music off, which they do and the lights come back up and Shane is still standing in the ring, not looking rattled

Shane McMahon: As I said, next week in the middle of this ring, Triple H and I… Hunter, show up if you have the balls…

Shane’s music fills the arena as he drops the microphone and proceeds out of the ring as the crowd gives out a chorus of boos due to the no show, Shane backs up the ramp way and looks around the arena before he turns around and continues to head backstage

Michael Cole: A huge challenge made for next week Paul, Shane McMahon said he wants Triple H in the middle of a Smackdown! ring…

Paul Heyman: McMahon is insane Cole, Triple H is the Cerebral Assassin… This is a bad move by the General Manager of Smackdown!... I just hope he has one big trump up his million dollar sleeve…

Michael Cole: Knowing out General Manager the way I do I’d say so Paul, but still to come later tonight Kurt Angle facing Christian and our Main Event, Ken Shamrock going up against the Number One Contender; AJ Styles…

Shane stops at the top of the stage and looks around the arena one last time before he heads off backstage we then fade out and go to RAW Rebound

RAW Rebound:
• Chris Benoit issues an open challenge to anyone for his Intercontinental Championship.
• Eric Bischoff announces that the Hardy’s, T&A and Team Canada will battle in a Shark Cage Match at Halloween Havoc.
• Maven defeating Shawn Michaels cleanly
• Triple H challenging Orton to rematch at Survivor, Orton tells him to bring it and Triple H tells him he will do more than that.
• Edge announces his return to RAW
• Power Trip beats down Orton until Page comes down to defend him.
• Jericho is revealed to be Benoit’s opponent; it shows highlights of the match and then Jericho locking Benoit in the Walls until he passes out.

We come back to Smackdown! with ‘Medal’ filling the arena to a huge pop as Kurt Angle walks out on stage, he stops a little way down the ramp and throws his arms up and looks to the roof of the arena as pyro shoots up from behind him, he drops his arms and looks to the ring, he shakes his head and then continues to walk down to the ring

Michael Cole: Here comes the man who is surrounded in controversy tonight, he failed to help Sting, namely because no one watches his back… Although I distinctly remember Kurt teaming with Charlie Haas on a few occasions this past month…

Paul Heyman: All apart of the finer details Cole, don’t let them worry you…

Kurt runs up the stairs of the ring and steps between the ropes and twirls around with his arms out, he stops and then looks to the stage as his music fades out and ‘Close Your Eyes’ but Waterproof Blondes to a fair amount of boos as Christian walks out onto the stage wearing a black and red vinyl hoodie and matching pants, with a smug look on his face with Ralphus following close behind, Christian pounds his chest and points to the crowd before he proceeds down to the ring

Paul Heyman: …Cole here is the man who achieved something no one ever has before, he has gotten under the skin of the Undertaker and he is in the Undertaker’s head…

Michael Cole: I agree he’s under the skin of the American Bad-Ass, but I don’t think he is quite in his head yet…

Paul Heyman: Oh trust me Cole, I’ve know ‘Taker for a lot of years, Christian is in his head…

Christian gets to the ring and steps up onto the apron as Ralphus remains on the outside, he gets in the ring and goes to the turnbuckle and reveals his face from his hoodie and then kisses his finger and points to his peeps before his drops down and takes off his top and pants and then bounces up and down as Angle waits patiently in the corner as the referee calls for the bell

Match 4
Kurt Angle vs. Christian w/ Ralphus

A great back and forth match between the two, Ralphus eventually gets decked by Angle. Bother men keep the crowd on their toes, not sure who to cheer and who to boo for, namely Angle stays the face. They both hit their signature maneuvers through the match. Christian goes for the Unprettier but Kurt drops down and locks in the Ankle Lock and doesn’t let Christian near the ropes and doesn’t let go until he gives up.
Winner: Kurt Angle – Submission

Angle lets go and throws down Christian’s foot down and looks to the stage and signal’s bring it as ‘Here Comes The Pain’ fills the arena to a huge pop as Brock storms out onto the stage and storms down to the ring as security rushes from out back

Paul Heyman: Oh here we go…

Brock slides in the ring and gets up and Angle and Brock butt chests to a huge pop as security rushes in, at least 20 pile in the ring as Angle and Brock continue to butt chests, pushing each other back, we see Angle push Brock and then Brock fires up and tries to charge at Angle and the crowd erupts as fists begin to fly

Paul Heyman: LET THEM GO!!!

Security tries to pull them apart and the crowd is going wild as Brock and Kurt try to grab each other, security eventually backs Angle out of the ring and corner Brock as the crowd begins to boo, Angle is taken around the ring as they both jaw jack each other, the security keeps pushing Brock and he eventually snaps and jabs 3 of them and they get knocked cold, he then grabs on and Belly-to-Belly’s him and then grabs the last one and F5’s him in the centre of the ring, he gets back up and points to Angle and yells out ‘10 Days’ as we fade to a commercial break

{Commercial Break}

We come back to Smackdown! with ‘Lie, Cheat and Steal’ filling the arena as Eddie Guerrero drives out next to the stage in a low rider, much to the crowd pleasure, he parks the car and jumps up on the seat and slaps his chest, he jumps out of the car and heads up onto the stage, he pauses and soaks in the cheers from the crowd, Eddie then smiles and proceeds down to the ring

Michael Cole: There is no man quite like Eddie Guerrero Paul; no one can bring the crowd to their feet quite like Eddie can…

Paul Heyman: I agree Cole, Eddie is the one guy you can always guarantee is going to give it all… Eddie loves the fans Cole, Eddie does, I don’t…

Eddie rolls into the ring and goes to the turnbuckle, he slaps his chests and puts his arms out to the sides signaling for the crowds response, and they give it to him, he then drops down and goes over to Chimmel and gets the microphone off of him and then goes back to the centre of the ring

Eddie Guerrero: Ole’ Esses’… mi Dios es gran regresar en la tierra de mi herencia

The crowd erupts as Eddie smiles and pounds his chest

Eddie Guerrero: Holmes, let me tell you a story… Seeing as we’re in the land of the Spanish, and the Latino’s originally come from Spain, what the hell esse, its story time…

The crowd erupts and Eddie smiles

Eddie Guerrero: Now, this story starts years and year and years ago, decades, hell maybe even centuries, this story begins with Manuel Guerrero, now he was a great fighter holmes, he kick mine and Chavito’s ass any day with one eye closed, on one foot and while he had a hangover…

The crowd laughs as Eddie smiles and continues on

Eddie Guerrero: Now, Manuel Guerrero, he came over on this big boat, you wouldn’t believe it if you saw how big it was esse, it was HUGE… Anyway, Manuel was offered a chance to go over and New Spain, where this big war was happening… Manuel arrived and all hell broke loose, he hit the Three Amigos on the Maya’s, locked in the Lasso from El Passo to the Olmec and hit the Frog Splash to the Aztec’s esse, you wouldn’t have believed it if you had seen it, but it happened, I saw it with my own eyes…

Eddie looks innocent as the crowd laughs

Eddie Guerrero: Okay, I lie… I didn’t see it… Anyway, after the great war all settled down for a while, Manuel died and took his place was Miguel Guerrero, she was a feisty one holmes, now she broke away from Spain, sad story I know... I mean Eddie knows, he can feel where you come from…

The crowd laughs again as Eddie places his hand on his heart

Eddie Guerrero: And then the Spanish revolution took place, might have heard something about it… I heard it was pretty big, this seniorita Santa Anna Guerrero, she raged war on America, now let me tell you, she had Latino Heat esse, she was all fired up… And then after Santa Anna did her thing the list goes on… Delva Guerrero, Toby Guerrero, Chavy Guerrero, Fino, Kabel, Riccy, Mitchello, Chavo… The list goes on, and then you come to me holmes…

The crowd erupts as Eddie smiles

Eddie Guerrero: Now come 10 days from now, I’m going to be facing two other guys for the US Championship… And what I do, is gonna make Miguel , Manuel, Santa Anna all look like nothing, I’m gonna take that belt and I’m gonna make it a part of LATINO HEAT, because I LIE… I CHEAT… I STE…

‘French Kiss’ fills the arena as Rene Dupree walks out on stage with Torrie Wilson close behind to a HUGE chorus of boos, they stop at the stage and Rene looks disgusted as he reveals to have a microphone as he brings it up to his mouth

Rene Dupree: Eddie, you are right… You do LIE… the Guerrero name had nothing to do with anything, the only thing about the Guerrero name is that it knows how to loose…

The crowd boos as Eddie gives a smile

Eddie Guerrero: Esse, you go back there, you find Chavito, and he has a belt… Come 10 days from now I’ll Raven’s belt… But seeing as you’re out here and so am I why don’t you bring your French ass down here so I can shove this foot right up it!!

The crowd erupts as Dupree drops his microphone and starts to walk down to the ring, Eddie signals him to bring it and Rene starts running and slides under the bottom rope and they start slugging it out much to the delight of the crowd, Eddie gains the advantage as Raven runs down to the ring too, he slides in and Eddie meets him and decks him, and then Dupree and then Raven again followed again by Dupree… The crowd is hooked as Eddie then gives them a Meeting of the Minds and they both fall down, Raven rolls out as Eddie picks up Dupree and hits the Three Amigos as Raven backs up the ramp, Eddie then points to the turnbuckle and heads up top, he slaps his chest and then points to Raven and then comes off with a Frog Splash, the crowd erupts as ‘I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal’ fills the arena and Eddie takes his shirt off and throws it into the crowd and offers Raven to come back, Dupree rolls out as Torrie tends to him, Eddie stands tall and the crowd erupts

Michael Cole: Eddie Guerrero standing tall… Up next, our main event!!!

Eddie plays to the crowd as we fade out to a commercial break

{Commercial Break}

We come back to Smackdown! with ‘The Ultimate’ filling the arena to a fair amount of heat as Ken Shamrock walks out on stage in red and black robe with ‘SHAMROCK’ printed on the back, he stops at the top of the stage and slaps each side of his head and then gives a psychotic look and flexes all his muscles and then proceeds down to the ring
Michael Cole: …And that is why they call him the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Man’…

Paul Heyman: No Doubt Cole, Ken Shamrock could make you a paraplegic in a second, he is not to be messed with, although neither is one AJ Styles…

Shamrock gets to ringside and walks up a couple of steps before he puts his arms out and looks to the roof, he then slaps his face and proceeds up the rest and goes between the ropes and gets in the ring and walks around in a circle and then just begins to take his robe off as the lights go dim and begin to flash blue as ‘I Am’ fills the arena to a huge pope and AJ Styles walks out onto the stage with his hooded vest him, he stops on the stage and pyro shoots out from behind him, he then takes his hood off and spreads his arms to a huge pop and then proceeds down to the ring

Paul Heyman: Here comes the man that has be claimed to be the future of professional wrestling…

Michael Cole: True that Paul, he bring something to the table unlike we’ve seen before, he’s like a mix of Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy among others mixed into one…

Paul Heyman: Correction Cole, no one is like Rob Van Dam…

Styles slides in the ring and goes to the turnbuckle and pumps up the crowd, he puts his arms out and the crowd erupts again as the lights come back up and Shamrock quickly comes in from behind and pulls Styles off of the turnbuckle and the referee calls for the bell

Match 5
Ken Shamrock vs. AJ Styles

A decent match where Shamrock dominates it for the early part taking Styles down with numerous take-downs and then mounts and punches the hell out of him. Styles tries to gain an advantage but Shamrock blocks him and takes him down with a Suplex or take-down, showing him up everything. About the middle of the match Styles fires back with lefts and rights but Shamrock hits him with a right jab which sends Styles for the loop, he turns around and when his back is to Ken he comes away with a Pele Kick to a huge pop. This begins Styles come back, Styles keeps on the offensive with numerous kicks and punches and high risk moves. Shamrock eventually reverses an Irish Whip but Styles back flips off the second rope and hits a Stylin’ DDT, which gets him a close fall.
The match continues to go back and forth; Shamrock eventually hits his Belly-to-Belly and goes to lock in the Ankle Lock but Styles rolls out of it, Shamrock chases him but Styles rolls out of the corner and Shamrock goes chest first, he turns around and Styles kicks him in the guts and hits a Styles Clash, Styles then twirl in the air and he heads up top, he points Shamrock, who is motionless, and comes off with a huge Spiral Tap followed by the 3 count.

Winner: AJ Styles – Pinfall

The crowd erupts as Styles gets back to his feet, but as he does his music doesn’t cut in, ‘One of a Kind’ does and Styles stumbles back to his feet and looks to the stage, but there is no sign of Mr. Thursday Night, he continues to look on but doesn’t notice that RVD has snuck in through the crowd with a chair, jumped the rail and slide into the ring and dropped his belt, Styles eventually turns around and RVD throws the chair into his hand and then connects with the Van-Daminator to a huge pop from the crowd before he gets up and takes a bow and the cheers to be boos

Michael Cole: Rob Van Dam who is quick as a cat strikes with unbridled fury unto the Number One Contender…

Paul Heyman: It’s called gaining an advantage Cole, RVD won that title and he’ll do anything to keep that title…

RVD continues to beat down on Styles and Shamrock recovers on the outside and pulls a ladder out from under the ring to a huge pop, RVD mounts Styles and continues to punch in him the face. He stops and gets the ladder as Shamrock slides it in, Shamrock then takes over and mounts and hits him with numerous lefts and rights as Van Dam sets the ladder upright in the corner, he then tells Shamrock to hit him with the Belly-to-Belly, which he picks up Styles and does as Rob Van Dam heads up the Ladder, he gets to the top as Shamrock positions Styles, RVD stands on the top rung of the ladder as Shamrock grabs it to balance it, Van Dam then gets his balance and looks to the crowd and then points to himself, even though he’s a heel they chant R…V…D!!!

Michael Cole: My God… Don’t do it…

RVD then leaps off of the ladder to a sea of camera flashes and hits a Five Star Frog Splash to a huge pop as Shamrock looks on shocked, RVD bounces off Styles and his momentum carries him across the ring leaving Styles motionless and RVD gasping for air, referees race down to the ring as Smackdown! closes, the camera fades to black as we hear the referee’s asking if they’re okay…

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

WWE: Rise of Glory -- SmackDown! -- September 23, 2004 -- Review

8 Man Tag Match: Nice way of kicking off the show with the cruiserweights. Seemed like an exciting match. Nice way of finishing up the match with the champion Chavo ending it all by hitting a brainbuster on Mysterio. Maybe a preceeding of things to come for No Mercy? Maybe so. Looking forward to see how things go when it comes to that.

Undertaker Promo: Bit of a short promo, but it got to the point. Good job displaying Undertaker, he seemed very much in character, and personally I love Christian and Undertaker feuding, I did it once. Anyway, this feud looks to be good, and the payoff match at No Mercy should be a good one. Excited for that one.

Shamrock/RVD Promo: Another short promo, but hey again, it got to the point. It adds hype to the main event, which could be a good one and the mix of styles between Shamrock and Styles could make it interesting. RVD seemed good in the heel role here, and I don't remember much about Shamrock, but I'm sure he was in character and said the right things.

Orlando Jordan w/ The Playaz vs. D-Von Dudley w/ Bubba Ray Dudley: Good "mini-promo" before the match started, and a decent match here. Not surprised with the end result, with Booker hitting D-Von with the title belt, which adds to the feud a bit. Typical heelish thing to do, but it was the best decision to do it.

Sting vs Brock Lesnar: Now this one was a good one. First time in this thread? Don't recall, never read the thread before this. But, a good match. Lesnar picks up the win, and absolutely destroys Sting afterwards. I love it. Lesnar sending the message to Angle that he is a force to be reckoned with is absolutely perfect. Good job.

Kurt Angle Interview: Short interview, Angle explains his actions, and it gets to the point. The Lesnar/Angle match at No Mercy could be a potential MOTN, really really looking forward to that.

Shane McMahon Promo: The GM is in the building. Wow, he calls out Triple H AND questions his testicular fortitude? I'm impressed with young Shane O' Mac. Anyway, good promo and the challenge is laid out, will be fun to read next week's show to see what goes down.

Kurt Angle vs Christian w/ Ralphus: Who's Ralphus? Could you let me know? Please? Anyway, okay match here, and Lesnar and Angle once again butt heads, and security has their fill, but Lesnar gets the last laugh and F-5's him! Brock is an absolute monster tonight, and I love the way this feud is brewing so far. Looking forward to see how this rolls.

Eddie Guerrero/Rene Dupree Promo: Very good promo here, loved how you portrayed Eddie, he was very much in character and the dialogue from him was very realistic. Dupree shows up, and it looks like there's a feud here. This could be a decent feud, I guess. And it looks like Raven will be involved. I can only imagine Guerrero being beat down or something next week so Dupree can get his payback.

Ken Shamrock vs AJ Styles: A good main event, no problems really. Like AJ winning here, but Van Dam then makes the opportunistic move and takes him out! A big moment here with the ladder being used and Van Dam giving up his body with the Five-Star Frog Splash. Like how this feud is going, and I cannot wait to see this match.

Overall, a pretty good show. A solid B sounds about right, yeah. Anyway, looking forward to more shows from you Grendrill, this BTB really seems like it was a gem, and now that it's brought back, it should only continue it's amazement and such.

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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Grendrill's WWE Smackdown - September 23, 2004 - Review:

Nice to see Paul Heyman and Michael Cole as announcer's together. The night has some great matches plan and the announcers did a good job hyping that. A good opening match and I guess the referee was distracted when Chavo hit Rey with that belt. The Undertaker's promo was reassuring and I can see Christian doing something to Taker next week. The Playaz/Team 3-D match ended almost the same way as the first match, with a belt shot to the head. A little repetitive, but I see the Playaz losing the belt soon.

In Sting/Lesnar I didn't expect Lesnar to lose, but I guess it builds up the feud between himself and Kurt Angle. The ending made up for it and man, Lesnar took it past the edge! Short interview with Kurt Angle, but there wasn't really much to ask and it got the job done. Good to see the general manager competing against the "Game" and it shall be a great match. Hopefully the feud continues throughout No Mercy.

The RAW Rebound really added to the realism, good job. Christian loses the Kurt, which makes Angle look dominant and I'm confused about who will win between the Undertaker/Christian, but I have a solid idea. The Angle/Lesnar feud was built up really well tonight. Nice story from Eddie. I was wondering where he was getting at, but now I know. Eddie looked dominant tonight and it was a good segment.

Main Event: Good match-up and definitely MOTN. Both men know how to make a good match with each other. I didn't expect Styles to win, but it was a good decision. Could have written it in full.

A bunch of belly-to-belly suplexes used tonight, by the way.

Overall, this was an good recap show and you are making your way back up the ladder.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Yes, I've decided to bring this back. I was reading this thread over the past couple of days and it has really brought the BTB back into me. Some of you may think this is Grendrill's thread, but it isn't. I was the one who brought up the idea to do this thread with him and he agreed.

I'll be making a post in the Partner Request Thread about a partner for Raw. If you're interested in teaming with me for this, give me a PM or check out the thread.

Here's the No Mercy card, so far.

WWE No Mercy Card
Ugly by
The Exies
Date: 3rd October 2004
Venue: Vorst Nationaal Arena
Location: Brussels, Belgium

WWE Championship – Ladder Match
AJ Styles vs. Rob Van Dam

Number 1 Contender
Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE United States Championship
Rene Dupree vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Raven

The Undertaker vs. Christian

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boyz vs. The Playaz

#1 Contendership For The Cruiserweight Title
Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

Card is Subject to Change

I might give this reviewing thing a go where you review other peoples shows, but yeah. Should be fun to be booking once again.
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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

tbh I've marked out twice today in a short period of time.

Great to see you back again FaiL, I hope you can stick around and do good things with this thread again. Good luck to you sir.


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Re: WWE: Rise of Glory

Pleased to announce that I have a new Raw Booker. He will hopefully announce himself soon in the thread.

I have written up a Smackdown Preview which should go up straight after my partners.

More replies would be appreciated.
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