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Learning to break kayfabe
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Lesnar with the 'upset'?

You know this is highly unlikely but I think it might be a good way to go forward.
I think Lesnar upsetting Reigns might actually be the best way to get fans behind Reigns atm.
Don't have Lesnar completely squash him but have it be very very competitive. Have Lesnar win with a vicious assault after Reigns almost wins.. something like that.

IWC likes good swerves, I think having him lose after a really really strong performance might help winning with the fans over- giving some more dimension to his character and some more time to develop.


In my fantasy world, with omnipotence, this is how I would book it. I would use the time Lesnar is away to build the secondary title too.

(WM) Lesnar retains. Cena & DB win US & IC titles. Reigns is placed into a major feud with new monster heel Sheamus.
Rollins attempts to cash in, but Orton stops him.
(ER) DB unifies title against Cena. Reigns beats Sheamus. Reigns enters into feud with Cena
(Payback) Lesnar defends against Orton. DB proclaims himself the real champ since Lesnar is away so much
(MITB) Lesnar defends against DB (champ v champ). Reigns beats Cena. Rollins wins MITB again.
(SS) Reigns finally defeats Lesnar.
Reigns defends it until WM where he has a rematch against DB who wins 2016's RR. DB wins makes it 1-1 for a rubber match down the line.
(WM32) DB beats Reigns. Rollins cashes in on DB at the end of Mania setting up more heat for Rollins and enrage DB fans more and more

WM32 card
Taker v Sting
Reigns (c) v DB II
Brock v Rock II


Plus if a duel WWE/UFC deal happens, after Lesnar drops the title at SS he can do his ufc return fight against Mir or whoever in Q4 and return in time for WM32. If he does well and there's the possibility of him winning the UFC title they could possibly take that opportunity and make Lesnar the first simultaneous UFC/WWE champ.
Making Reigns be the only one to beat Lesnar in that impressive stretch would make him look really strong in kayfabe.


I imagine this is what the whole issue is about:
Vince wants Reigns to win at Mania.
Lesnar wants to keep the title and then fight Cain/Werdum to 'unify'. Then probably drop the title to someone... idk how it would work

Maybe Dana would be fine with it. He's set a precedent with match matching favoring big numbers (diaz, sonnen) moreso than pure merit. It would obviously sell super well.. so I honestly think it's a possibility. I think the thing is idt vince believes Lesnar beats Velasquez. At least he wouldn't bet on it. It's risky, moreso for Vince than Dana.

I think a happy medium would be as I described above. He has to beat Mir first and proves he can still hang. After that he gets his shot at Cain/Werdum next year at UFC 200. If he wins, he makes his WWE comeback and unifies against whoever. I think this is a safer route and more reliable. Lesnar's probable idea is too risky and dependent on him actually beating Velasquez/Werdum, which is a big if.

tl;dr? If I booked this shit I would have Lesnar beat Reigns at WM. Defends against Orton, DB and then loses to Reigns at SS. Returns to UFC fights Mir. If he wins fights Cain/Werdum. If he wins unifies UFC/WWE titles in return to WWE against whoever. He can then drop the WWE title to whoever they wanna build next..
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Re: Lesnar with the 'upset'?

Fuck smarks, IWC and the part time selfish piece of shit Lesnar. Just put Reigns over for gods sake!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Lesnar with the 'upset'?

Originally Posted by Loader230 View Post
Fuck smarks, IWC and the part time selfish piece of shit Lesnar. Just put Reigns over for gods sake!
This is exactly to put him over. But the IWC has the head so far up their ass they just reject anything to do with Reigns. I think this is a slower but more effective way to get him over again. The issue is I don't think people want Reigns to be pushed so soon. I would be happy if he won at WM straight but many other fans will attempt to sabotage it anyway because DB didnt get the spot instead.

So unless the match is so great that Reigns wins them over anyway, I think this may be the best way forward. Plus it's a much better storyline. Reigns gets his win anyway, plus some more time to develop.
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