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TNA 2008: World Of War

TNA 2008 World Of War!

TNA Bound For Glory IV

1 Jay Lethal defeated Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Curry Man, Jimmy Rave, Johnny Devine, Petey Williams, Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt and Super Eric
2 ODB, Rhaka Khan & Rhino defeated The Beautiful People
3 Abdul Bashir defeated Consequences Creed to retain the TNA X-Division Championship
4 Taylor Wilde defeated Awesome Kong & Roxxi to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship
5 Beer Money Inc defeated The Latin American Xchange, Team 3D & Abyss & Matt Morgan
6 Booker T defeated AJ Styles & Christian Cage
7 Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle
8 Sting defeated Samoa Joe won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

TNA Roster



AJ Styles

Alex Shelley

BG James

Chris Sabin

Christian Cage

Consequences Creed

Curry Man

Eric Young

Gail Kim


Hiroshi Tanahashi


Jay Lethal

Jeff Jarrett


Matt Morgan

Ms Brooks


Petey Williams


Rhaka Khan




Samoa Joe

Shark Boy

Taylor Wilde


Abdul Bashir

Angelina Love

Awesome Kong

Black Reign

Booker T

Brother Devon

Brother Ray

Christy Hemme

Cute Kip


Elix Skipper

Jackie Moore

James Storm

Jimmy Rave

Johnny Devine

Kevin Nash

Kurt Angle

Lance Rock


Riesha Saeed

Robert Roode

Scott Steiner


Sonjay Dutt



Velvet Sky

TNA Tag Teams:

Beer Money Inc: James Storm, Robert Roode & Jackie Moore
Latin American Xchange: Hernandez & Homicide
Team 3D: Brother Devon & Brother Ray
Abyss & Matt Morgan
Motor City Machine Guns: Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
The Beautiful People: Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Cute Kip
Kaz & Eric Young
ODB & Rhaka Khan
Awesome Kong & Riesha Saeed
Shark Boy & Curry Man
The Rock 'N' Rave Infection: Jimmy Rave, Lance Rock & Christy Hemme


Turning Point
Final Resolution
Against All Odds
Destination X
Victory Road
Hard Justice
No Surrender
Bound For Glory V

TNA Champions:

TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Sting

TNA X-Division Champion: Abdul Bashir

TNA Knockouts Champion: Taylor Wilde

TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money Inc


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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA 2008: World Of War

TNA News!

After the reaction Sting got after he won his 2nd TNA Championship, TNA has decided to halt The Icon's scheduled heel turn. Sting reportedly wasn't comfortable with the idea of being heel so this news has raised the morale of The Icon.

There's reportedly backstage animosity between Kevin Nash & most of the TNA Locker Room. Inside info is that Nash has been using his ego to his advantage & trying to get a TNA World Title run. People clearly aren't in favor of Nash holding any title in 2008 going into 2009. Samoa Joe in particular has taken major liberties as Kev & Joe had a real backstage fight after Kevin over Nash reportedly saying Joe is a "fat ugly shithead who couldn't draw a dime." No action has been taken against either men so far.

TNA are rumored to be bringing in some Ring Of Honor & Pro Wrestling Guerrilla talents. TNA have reportedly contacted the likes of Davey Richards, El Generico, Bryan Danielson, PAC, Matt & Nick Jackson, Tyler Black & Dragon Kid. All 8 men will have tryouts on the next few episodes of iMPACT.

Finally, AJ Styles is reported to be put back into the X-Division. The X-Division has taken a massive dive down to the ground & backstage officials believe AJ can make the division rise back to it's former glory.


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Re: TNA 2008: World Of War

Yass! I only just started watching TNA at this time this is around the time of the MEM right? I hope to see wether you form the MEM in here. Nash in shit with Joe again? Fuckin hell lolz wonder what you'll do with this? Good luck man!

Happy Retirement Kris F*ckin Travis!
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Re: TNA 2008: World Of War

TNA Matchcard!

After TNA's flagship event Bound For Glory IV, Sting defeated Samoa Joe regain the TNA Championship. Now The Icon is the TNA World Champion, what will our new champion have to say? Will our former champion Joe have anything to say? Find out this Thursday!

Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle in a stunner of a match at BFG IV. Jeff says that tonight Angle has the night off due to his efforts & has found a new found respect for Kurt. Angle however has said he'll appear on iMPACT to congratulate Jarrett on his hard earned victory. What's Angle got planned?

Tonight we'll have 3 #1 contender matches where the winners face Sting in a Elimination 4 Way Dance match. The 1st 2 matches tonight are Christian Cage vs Kevin Nash vs Tomko & AJ Styles vs Brother Devon vs Samoa Joe. Booker at has been added to the World Title match due to his 3 way win at Bound For Glory against Cage & Styles. Will Cage & Styles advance to the World Title match?

Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Consequences Creed at BFG to retain his X-Division Championship. Tonight Bashir defends his belt against Creed in a rematch. Will Consequences make the most of his opportunity?

Beer Money Inc will face The Motor City Machine Guns in a non title match & if MCMG win they get a title match at Turning Point for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. This is sure to be a great match will Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley earn the chance of a lifetime?

Rhino will be in action tonight as he faces Bryan Danielson in Danielson's tryout match. Will the War Machine defeat the American Dragon?

Finally the Latin American Xchange be in action with the Young Bucks in a Tryout match. Will the Bucks impress the officials backstage?

Hernandez & Homicide vs Nick & Matt Jackson

Rhino vs Bryan Danielson

Robert Roode & James Storm vs Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin

Abdul Bashir vs Consequences Creed

AJ Styles vs Brother Devon vs Samoa Joe

Kevin Nash vs Tomko vs Christian Cage

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Re: TNA 2008: World Of War

Good time and a good roster. Cool ideas of additions.

LAX to beat The Bucks , Danielson in TNA? . Being a tryout i guess that somehow he will be Gored, but after a long battle with the War Machine .

Shelley and Sabin to win , because those 4 will put at Turning Point a huge show.

How Styles is put back in the X-Division and Joe just lost the title i will pick a surprise here with Devon winning.

Nash vs Tomko vs Cage. Of course Cage. Been a big fan of the Coallition back in the day.

I wish you best of luck.

I love the results of bound for Glory and i hope my man Lethal will get the push he deserves. Bashir ,never been a fan, can have a good heel run while Lethal is built up and takes the belt of him to have an awesome feud with AJ.

Of course, that is my desire. Anyway, good luck with the first Impact. I will follow.
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Re: TNA 2008: World Of War


Vince Russo FIRED!

You read that right wrestling fans! TNA Head Booker & the man credited for both saving the WWF/E & killing WCW Vince Russo, has reportedly had a HUGE argument with Jeff Jarrett & Sting. It isn't clear about what they were arguing about but Sting & Jarrett threatened to Dixie they would walk out of TNA if Russo was not fired imminently. Vince said in a interview with a newspaper that Sting didn't want to drop the TNA Championship 2 weeks on iMPACT. Russo reportedly wanted to give Kevin Nash a run with the championship but has denied all accusations against him. We'll have more information as we get it.

TNA & Pro Wrestling NOAH Talent Exchange!

Total Nonstop Action & NOAH has a talent exchange starting up tomorrow. TNA's Latin American Xchange, Senshi & Tomko will be on a 2 month tour in NOAH while NOAH's KENTA, Go Shiozaki, Takeshi Morishima & Takashi Sugiura will be on episodes of iMPACT & Xplosion in the coming months. We do not know when they will debut but TNA has signed KENTA to a joint contract so they must have big ideas for him.


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