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Re: New Generation Wrestling!



(A Video Package of the Triple H/Angle and HBK Feud plays)

*The NGW Mayhem intro plays on the titantron, as ‘Bodies by Drowning Pool’ sounds throughout the sold out arena in Pittsburg…*

*Fireworks Explode on the set*

Jim Ross: Welcome to Mayhem, we are just 13 days from Bad Blood and already the Main Event has been made, where it will be HBK defending his NGW Championship against both Kurt Angle and Triple H in a triple threat match.

Jerry Lawler: But what about tonight’s show?

Jim Ross: Yes King…Tonight is filled with great matches. We have the NGW CruiserWeight Title on the line, when Psychosis battles the CruiserWeight Champion, Akio later tonight. A Steel Cage match between Chris Jericho and Batista, and a 4-way match-up to name the number one contender for the IC Title at Bad Blood….

*I’m Back* plays across the arena, Eric Bischoff walks down to the ring, he climbs inside the ring and grabs the microphone from the NGW Announcer…

Eric Bischoff: We have a huge edition of Mayhem for you all tonight, and I’ll do what I do best….and that is Entertaining you fans and giving you what you want! I know you guys love the CruiserWeight division. We have the best CruiserWeights here in NGW, then anywhere else in the world. So that’s why I, Eric Bischoff am finally bringing in, The CruiserWeight Tag Team Championships!
And we will crown the first ever NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Champion’s at Bad Blood…but just not in any normal match…but in a Tag Team Turmoil, and the last team standing will be crown New CruiserWeight Champions…

*No Chance In Hell* blasts from the PA system…

Vince McMahon walks from behind the curtain and stops at the entrance ramp…

Vince McMahon: Great Idea there Eric…But however I am here for a different reason, you see I was watching NGW Rampage last week when I felt that fair opportunity was not considered…especially to Buff Bagwell. In my eyes, he is surely one of the top contenders for the Intercontinental Championship… however you must see different.
I always believe in earning your spot in the match, so I have gone ahead to book an extra match tonight. So….just to be fair to Buff Bagwell, tonight he will face Rob Van Dam… in which the winner will advance to the fatal 4-way match for the IC Title…

Eric can’t believe what Mr McMahon has done…

Jim Ross: Its good to see Equal Opportunity…


Jim Ross: I have just received information that, Psychosis is not here tonight, due to some family problems… So I have no idea what is happening with the match-up that is meant to the place here tonight?

Akio walks down to the ring escorted by Sakoda with his CruiserWeight Championship.
Akio climbs inside the ring and awaits Psychosis, but obviously he is not at the arena…

Announcer: The Winner and Still CruiserWeight Champion due to a no show…………….

As the announcer is about to announcer the winner… *music* blasts through the PA…..

Billy Kidman walks down to the ring, he has a microphone…

Kidman: Well since Psychosis isn’t here tonight, why not me and you for that title of yours?

Kidman rushes into the ring as the match begins….

NGW CruiserWeight Championship Match
Akio w/Sakoda Vs. Billy Kidman

Akio picks up Billy Kidman for a ‘Yang Time’ however Kidman, reverses it into a sunset flip…but Sakoda is distracting the referee on the apron. Kidman knocks Sakoda off the apron. Which it gives time for Akio to grab his NGW CruiserWeight Championship Belt from ringside… With the Referee aiding to Sakoda, Akio tries to hit Kidman with the CruiserWeight belt. Kidman ducks it, and plants a Kid-Crusher on Akio….Kidman covers……..The referee turns around to see the pinfall…..1….2…..3!

Jim Ross: NEW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION! Oh My God! What a victory!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match…And NEW NGW CruiserWeight Champion…Billy Kidman!

Billy Kidman celebrates his victory, he kisses his newly won championship….NGW go to a commercial break.


*Backstage* - Locker Room

Miss Jackie and Shane Douglas are in their locker room…

Shane Douglas: It’s about time you know what it feels like to be with a real man, unlike that coward Rico!

Miss Jackie: And this Thursday on Rampage, we are going to show Rico what kind of man you are in the ring!


Jim Ross: Next Up, Buff Bagwell gets his chance to be in tonight’s Intercontinental #1 Contendership Match.

Winner Enters Fatal 4-Way Intercontinental #1 Contendership Match Later Tonight
Rob Van Dam Vs. Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell takes down Rob Van Dam with a swinging neck-breaker, Buff climbs the turnbuckle… ready for the ‘Buff BlockBuster’. Christian runs down to the ring, undetected by the referee, he climbs on the apron, and pushes Buff off from the Turnbuckle. Rob Van Dam hits the Van-Daminator on Buff and covers….1…….2…..Kick Out. Christian climbs on the apron once again, Rob Van Dam irish whips Buff, but Buff reverses it and irish whips RVD to the ropes to where Christian is. RVD runs into Christian, knocking him off the apron, as Bagwell roll-ups RVD…..1…..2……3!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match….Buff Bagwell

Bagwell rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp celebrating with high fives from the crowd. Christian is furious, Christian then rolls inside the ring. RVD is getting up from the canvas, as Christian grabs Van Dam and connects a ‘Unprettier’ on him…Christian leaves the ring….


*Backstage* - Eric Bischoff’s office

Eric Bischoff: I Can’t believe Mr McMahon gave Buff Bagwell a chance? He has ruined all my plans…

Test walks in Eric’s Office

Eric Bischoff: What can I do you for Test? And may I say welcome to New Generation Wrestling, I’m sure you will love it here! And remember if you be nice to the boss, you will get your wishes!

Test: Why thank-you Mr Bischoff, don’t worry I will not cross the boss…

Eric Bischoff: That’s what I like to hear! Now what did you come in my office? Wanting a match?

Test: Well actually yeah…

Eric Bischoff: How about this Test? Tonight I’ll put you in a match, and if you win that then you can fight for any title of your choosing…

Test: I like your thinking… (Test grins)


Rico Vs. Nunzio

Both Competitors are in the ring ready to fight, when suddenly….

*Disco Fever* plays, as Disco Inferno walks down to the ring doing his Disco Dance

Jim Ross: Well Look who it is! What is this man doing here?

Jerry Lawler: You sure it’s a man JR?

Jim Ross: Yes I’m Sure, Disco Inferno is a great athlete and was a great addition to the CruiserWeight division back in wCw.

Disco Inferno walks up to the commentary table and takes a seat…

Jim Ross: Disco Inferno…What Brings You Here To NGW?

Disco Inferno: Does a man need to explain himself? I’m just checking out some action here at ringside.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah JR! He makes his NGW debut, and here you are asking him questions…

(6 Minutes Into The Match)

Rico spinning heel kicks Nunzio…as he is then distracted by Disco Inferno getting up from the commentary table and showing a few dance moves to the crowd. As Rico is paying attention to Disco, Nunzio comes up from behind Rico, and low blows him…following with a roll-up….1……2……3!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match…Nunzio!

Rico gets up, and starts yelling at Disco….Disco Inferno climbs inside the ring. Rico is still yelling at him….Disco is leaving the ring and not bothering about Rico until Rico pushes Disco.
Disco Inferno hits a ‘Chart Buster’ on Rico, Disco starts dancing back up the ramp…..


Test Vs. Val Venis

Val Venis attempts a Russian Leg Sweep, but Test elbows Val Venis in the head, Test picks up Val Venis and Full Nelson Slams him. Test awaits Venis to get back to his feet before pounding him with a ‘Big Boot’, Test covers Val Venis….1……2……3!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match….Test!

Test pushes over the NGW Announcer… and takes his Microphone from him…

Test: My title of choice……will be the United States Championship…so this Thursday at Rampage I will go one-on-one with William Regal. So William you better cherish that title while you still can!

Test drops the microphone and walks up the ramp


Sean O’Haire Vs. John Cena

John Cena takes down O’Haire with a swinging neck-breaker, John Cena taunts to the crowd as the crowd cheer for the Doctor Of Thuganomics. John Cena picks up Sean O’Haire for the F-U, but Booker T comes running down the entrance ramp…Booker T climbs on the apron, he throws a Steel Chair in the ring. And distracts John Cena and the referee, John Cena puts down O’Haire as Booker T provokes him.
Sean O’Haire grabs the steel chair ready to hit John Cena with it, but Edge makes his way through the crowd…he climbs inside the ring and spears O’Haire. Edge picks up the steel chair, and awaits O’Haire to get back to his feet…..Edge takes a chair shot at Sean O’Haire, but O’Haire ducks and Edge unintentionally. Edge can’t believe what he had done…. Cena falls down to the canvas, and is opened up on his forehead as he bleeds. O’Haire clotheslines Edge over the top rope. O’Haire covers Cena…and Booker T gets off the apron……1………..2…………3!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match…Sean O’Haire!

O’Haire and Booker T high five one another and walk back up the ramp…

Edge rolls back inside the ring…and tries to help up John Cena. However Cena pushes Edge away, Edge tries to help Cena to his feet again, but this time John Cena kicks Edge in the gut, and plants the F-U on him!
John Cena is still bleeding from his forehead, and walks back up the ramp…


Chris Jericho is backstage with interviewer Mike Tenay…

Mike Tenay: Chris Jericho, Tonight you take on Batista…however it’s no ordinary match, you will be surrounded by a 15 foot steel cage. And you can almost be guaranteed that any other evolution members or Chris Benoit can enter that cage…

Chris Jericho: See Mickey Tenay, there are no guarantees in this business…and tonight will be no exception. You see tonight, I get the chance to take all this frustration and anger that is bottled up inside of me and let it out. Though I do want to take revenge on Batista and Randy Orton, but there is one man who I am out to hunt even more…and that man, or should I say coward is named Chris Benoit. And once Evolution and Chris Benoit have felt the pain and tapped out of the Walls Of Jericho…they will Neeever Eeeeeeeever be the same Again!

Chris Jericho walks back up the corridor…


Jim Ross: Welcome Back to NGW Mayhem, and it would seem that Edge has a lot of explaining to do to John Cena…

Jerry Lawler: If you ask me, I think Edge meant that chair shot.

Dudleys Boys Vs. La Resistance (Sylvan/ Rene)

(Bubba and Sylvan legal men)
Bubba Ray plants a Bubba Cutter on Sylvan…Bubba Ray Covers…..1…..2….. Rene stomps on Bubba to break the count. D’Von enters the ring and nails Rene with flying lariat. Rene gets back up to his feet, and turns around into a 3-D!
Sylvan gets up, and throws D’Von out of the ring. Bubba Ray then kicks Sylvan in the ribs, and gets him in the position of the ‘Bubba Bomb’……Sylvan kicks his legs backwards to kick Bubba in the groin. The Referee does not notice the low blow, as Rene then distracts the referee….Sylvan grabs the ‘French Flag’ which is on the corner turnbuckle, he smacks the Flag over the head of Bubba….Sylvan covers…..1……..2………….3!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match…La Resistance!

La Resistance celebrate their victory………..


Jim Ross: Now our next match-up, is the #1 contendership for the Intercontinental Championship at Bad Blood which will be LIVE on Pay Per View in just 13 Days!
We have 2 matches already signed for Bad Blood, The NGW World HeavyWeight Championship, HBK will defend his championship against Triple H and Kurt Angle in a triple threat!
Also we have the CruiserWeight Tag Team Championship which will be determined in a Tag Team Turmoil. And I have just received word that at Bad Blood, John Cena will verse Booker T…
So Bad Blood is shaping up to be one hell of a pay per view!

Fatal 4-Way Match for the Intercontinental #1Contendership
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield Vs. Edge Vs. Booker T Vs. Buff Bagwell

Booker T Harlem SideKicks Buff to the canvas. Booker T throws Buff Bagwell to the outside, Booker T jumps off the apron and hits Bagwell with a double axe handle. All of a sudden…John Cena runs down the ramp, with a bandage over his head where Edge hit the chair earlier. The Referee is currently too busy watching JBL and Edge fight one another inside the ring. John Cena grabs his chain knuckles. He walks up behind Booker T, and taps him on the shoulder…Booker T turns around to take Cena’s fist. Booker T falls straight to the floor. John Cena walks back up the ramp with a grin on his face. Buff Bagwell slowly gets up and rolls inside the ring.
Inside the ring, Edge goes for a spear on JBL, however JBL moves out of the way. Edge hits the turnbuckle…JBL hits a ‘Clothesline from Hell’. Buff climbs on the turnbuckle, he awaits JBL to turn around to him……JBL Turns to see Buff on the turnbuckle…..Buff executes a ‘Buff BlockBuster’, Bagwell covers….1…….2……..3!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match….And The Number One Contender for the Intercontinental Championship…Buff Bagwell!

Jim Ross: We have a number one contender folks!

Jerry Lawler: Only because of John Cena.

Jim Ross: Booker T had that coming for him!

Jerry Lawler: Two Wrongs, Don’t make a right J.R!

Buff Bagwell celebrates his win, but is short lived when Christian runs into the ring with his IC Championship… Christian tries to hit Buff with the title…Bagwell ducks, and clotheslines Christian. Buff climbs the turnbuckle to go for his ‘Buff BlockBuster’…But Christian rolls out of the ring with his IC Title, the crowd Boo the Intercontinental Champion as he walks up the ramp…

Jim Ross: What a coward!……..After the commercial break, we have the Steel Cage Match!


Steel Cage Match
Chris Jericho Vs. Batista

Chris Jericho runs at Batista, he tries to hit a Spinning Wheel Kick, but Batista catches Jericho in mid-air. Batista slams down Jericho to the canvas. Batista picks up Jericho, but clotheslines him back to the canvas. Batista grabs Y2J by the hair, he throws him against the steel cage. Batista scrapes the forehead of Chris Jericho against the steel cage, Jericho’s forehead bleeds a little. Batista grabs Jericho around the waist, and locks on the ‘Bear Hug’. Chris Jericho screams of pain, but cannot break our…The Referee checks to see if Jericho is knocked out, but Jericho then elbows Batista’s Skull. Batista still doesn’t let go of Jericho…Chris Jericho repeatedly elbows Batista’s skull, Batista lets go.
Chris Jericho is exhausted, Batista runs at Chris Jericho…Jericho moves out of the way, causing Batista to run into the steel cage….Chris Jericho then hits the ‘Enziguri’ on Batista…Chris Jericho covers……..1…………2………….Kick Out.
Chris Jericho awaits Batista to get back to his feet, he hits a running buldog on Batista. Jericho tries to execute the ‘Lionsault’…but Batista lifts his knees up causing Jericho to hurt his ribs when doing the lionsault. Both men get to their feet, Dave Batista gives Y2J a few punches followed with a kick to Jericho’s ribs…Batista picks up Jericho for a ‘Sitdown Powerbomb’, but while Jericho is lifted up by Batista he gives a few punches to the face of Batista. Chris Jericho then takes Batista down with a head-scissors takedown…Chris Jericho pins….1…….2…….Kick Out…Chris Jericho climbs up the turnbuckle, he attempts a Moonsault, but Batista moves out of the way causing Jericho to hit the canvas.
Dave Batista gets up, and starts to climb the cage….he is about half-way when Chris Jericho gets up to his feet. Jericho climbs after Batista, Batista tries to kick Jericho, but Jericho still hangs on. Chris Jericho is next to Dave Batista when he punches him, while both men are on the cage…Chris Jericho out of nowhere plants a ‘Break-Down’ (Flashback), to Batista from the cage to the canvas. Batista hits the Canvas hard!

Jim Ross: Oh My God! What a move! Jericho executed that move perfect.

Chris Jericho slowly covers Batista, as the referee counts the pinfall………1…………2………….3!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match….Chris Jericho

The Cage goes up, as both men are still laying down on the canvas, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton come down to the ring…..Randy Orton aids to Batista and helps him up, while Benoit grabs Jericho. Chris Benoit locks on the ‘Crippler Cross-Face’ on Chris Jericho. Jericho is taping like crazy!

Jim Ross: How can someone in their right mind do this? Jericho is helpless!

Benoit does not let go of Chris Jericho, but referees and officials enter the ring to stop The Rapid Wolverine….

Jim Ross: Thank-God somebody stopped Chris Benoit! Good-Night Everybody!


NGW Impact (Alike Heat)
Charlie Haas defeated Rob Conway
Tyson Tomko defeated Garrison Cade
Blitzkrieg defeated Jamie Noble
William Regal & Eugene defeated Kanyon & Mike Awesome

Quick Results: (NGW Mayhem)
Kidman defeated Akio w/Sakoda to become the NEW CruiserWeight Champion
Buff Bagwell defeated Rob Van Dam
Nunzio defeated Rico
Sean O’Haire defeated John Cena
La Resistance defeated Dudley Boys
Buff Bagwell defeated JBL, Edge & Booker T to become the IC #1 Contender
Steel Cage Match- Chris Jericho defeated Batista
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

hey i noticed something on that bad blood poster, like grendrill said.
i won't say wot it is incase it ruins it for people.

good show again, glad that buff won.
can't wait for bad blood.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Fantastic Show, JarMac, great to see Kidman new Cruiserweight Champion, Main Event was great, Good Stuff JarMac.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Yeah what James said another great show, interesting to see what happens with Cena and Edge and the Jericho / Beniot fued in comming anlong really nice.

Good to see I'm not the only one that noticed it in the poster, and good t see your getting new readers.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great show JarMac, I think I noticed the same thing everyone else did, wont say though.
Great matches building for Bad Blood also, love the push youre giving Bagwell
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Just 10 days from Bad Blood, Rampage is sure to be a great show. With already two matches booked, Test Vs William Regal for the United States Championship. And we will find out if Miss Jackie made the right choice, when Shane Douglas takes on Rico.
This and much more...
(Rampage will be posted in a few hours)
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Wow, looking forward to the Test/Regal Match.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

New Generation Wrestling Presents

NGW Excess
Paul London defeated Jamie Noble via Shooting Star Press
Lance Storm & Charlie Haas defeated Rosey & Hurricane via Haas Of Pain
Akio & Sakoda interviewed by Josh Matthews, and say they will take place in Tag Turmoil
Molly Holly & Gail Kim defeated Ivory & Lita via roll-up

Thursday Night RAMPAGE
*A Short Video Footage of Buff Bagwell’s win on Mayhem plays*

(NGW Rampage’s intro plays)

Fireworks go off on the set of Rampage as ‘Lost Control by Grinspoon’ blast through the PA.

Tony Schiavone: We are Live from Buffalo, New York for another edition of NGW Rampage. I’m Tony Schiavone…

Coach: And I’m the coach, as always Rampage should be great. We have the US Championship on the line between Test and William Regal.

Tony Schiavone: And also tonight’s Main Event, Kane versus Edge! Last Monday we all witnessed the Steel Cage Match between Batista and Chris Jericho…and both men are in the arena tonight.

Coach: You would think they would like a week’s rest after that brutal match…

Tony Schiavone: Also tonight, In a non-title match, The World Champion, Shawn Michaels will face Booker T. Booker T should feel safe tonight, as John Cena will not be. Now I believe Kurt Angle is backstage with Mike Tenay…
*Backstage* - Interview

Mike Tenay: In just 10 days, you have your 2nd opportunity to become the New Generation Champion. But this time it’s a Triple Threat match…

Kurt Angle: Hold on a second Tenay, can you answer this question…Who was the man who pinned the NGW World Champion last week?

Mike Tenay: Well…. That would be you, but remember Shawn Michaels did beat you one-on-one for the title, just a few weeks ago…

Kurt Angle: Shut the hell up Tenay! I can beat Shawn Michaels and I will beat Shawn Michaels. If I have done it once, I can sure as hell do it again! …And if Triple H just happens to get in my way at Bad Blood…I will just have to kick his ass as well!
Triple H had no right hitting me, Your Olympic Hero with the Pedigree last week. But don’t worry Triple H you will get your share of ass-kicking… Oh It’s True! It’s Damn True!
Kurt Angle walks away from Tenay…


Tony Schiavone: Welcome back, and Kurt Angle does sure to be confident in his match at Bad Blood…Now lets head to the ring with some one-on-one action!

Rob Conway Vs. Garrison Cade

Conway connects a Back-Body Drop on Cade, Conway then locks on a ‘Armbar’, but Cade grabs on to the ropes within a few seconds. Conway picks up Cade and plants a DDT on Cade, Conway climbs up the turnbuckle… The Crowd starts to boo, when the Undertaker walks down to the ring. He enters the ring, Conway is seeming scared, Taker grabs his neck and Chokeslams him from the turnbuckle straight to the canvas. Cade is getting to his feet, when Undertaker gives him s few uppercuts followed with a ‘Tombstone Piledriver’. Cade’s skull bounces off the canvas. Undertaker yells at the announcer to give him the microphone…The Announcer hands Undertaker the microphone:

Undertaker: Last week I was humiliated by a man who cowardly attacked me from behind when the lights went off…Last week this man messed with the wrong person! See mystery man…I don’t forgive…and I don’t forget! See I don’t know who you are, but I will hunt you down. How about this mystery attacker…at Bad Blood I’m going to be standing in this ring, and I will await for you to reveal yourself! How does that sound?
However if you choose not to show up, I will just have to hunt you down, and drag you to NGW’s Mayhem the following night…so you can do it the easy way, or the hard way…I’ll let you choose!
*The Lights Go Off* (Crowd Cheers)

-A Promo Plays-

As writing displays on the titantron "At Bad Blood…It will be Show-time!"

*The Lights Turn Back On*

Undertaker: You son of a bitch, next Sunday will be your d-day! And it will be the first time and last you mess with the Deadman!

*The Lights Go Off Again*

*The Lights Turn Back On Again*

Undertaker is laying flat on the ring’s canvas…

Tony Schiavone: It seems like the Mystery Attacker has done it again!


*Whatever by Our Lady Peace* plays across the arena, as Chris Benoit walks down to the ring with Randy Orton and Batista…The 3 men slide inside the ring, Chris Benoit grabs the microphone from The NGW Announcer….

Chris Benoit: Chris Jericho…Chris Jericho…Well done Chris, in your match last Monday against Batista in a Steel Cage. However I much loved the aftermath of the match…when I Locked on the ‘Crippler Cross-Face’ and you were screaming in pain…Oh How I loved that Chris!
But I think it’s about time I told you your match that you will be having at NGW Bad Blood. Well I know how much you would love to have some revenge on me…And that’s why you will not be versing me at Bad Blood! (Crowd Boo)
You will not be versing me Chris, however I’ve always liked not to play fair…so that’s why at Bad Blood, I will not be playing fair. Because Chris Jericho, will be going one-on-one, or might I say one-on-two against Randy Orton and Batista.
That’s right! It will be a handicap match…And just face it Chris…you have no chance!
Randy Orton grabs the microphone from Benoit…

Randy Orton: You have no chance whatsoever, so I would give you some advice, don’t turn up…but I doubt you will take my advice Chris. You will want to try to be the hero…you will want to try to do the impossible…but Chris you will just fail just like everyone else!

Orton hands the microphone to Batista…

Batista: You will get the beating of your life Chris…

Benoit grabs the microphone from Batista…

Chris Benoit: And Chris after Bad Blood…You will Never…..Eeeeeeeeever be the same again!

Benoit, Orton, and Batista walk back up the entrance ramp…

Tony Schiavone: You wouldn’t think, Chris Jericho would be too excited with the match at Bad Blood


NGW United States Championship Match
William Regal Vs. Test
Test attempts the Pumphandle Slam to the United States Champion, but William Regal flips behind Test during the move and pushes him into the Referee unintentionally. The Referee falls to the canvas. William Regal goes to the aid of the referee and tries to help him up, but the Referee is still down on the canvas and is not getting up. William Regal gets back to his feet and turns around, he receives a ‘Big Boot’ from Test. Test doesn’t bother to cover, but he goes outside the ring to grab a steel chair. He brings the chair inside the ring…Test awaits Regal to get back to his feet…….But before Regal gets up…….Eugene runs down to the ring, he comes up from behind Test. And as Test is about to hit Regal with the chair….Eugene grabs the chair from Test. Eugene slides out of the ring….Test starts yelling at Eugene…….William Regal comes from behind Test and executes the ‘Regal Cutter’…William Regal covers Test……….Eugene awakes the referee………1…………..2……………..3!

Announcer: The Winner of the Match….And Still NGW United States Champion….William Regal!

Coach: Test had is chance tonight, but Eric’s own nephew had to spoil and ruin it for Test.

William Regal and Eugene walk back up the entrance ramp…


*Buff Daddy* hits the PA…Buff Bagwell walks down to the ring, he high-fives a few fans from the crowd. Buff taunts to the crowd as he enters the ring…Buff climbs the turnbuckle and taunts again to the crowd…Buff Bagwell then grabs the microphone from the Announcer…

Buff Bagwell: Last Monday, Buff Bagwell became the #1 Contender for Christian’s Intercontinental Title, and I did it the hard way. Mr Bischoff tried to prevent me being the #1 Contender, but nobody can stop Buff.
Not only did I prove to myself that I am the #1 Contender, but to all my fans…especially all the ladies. I’m the stuff and the girls just can’t get enough…and at Bad Blood I will get the stuff…the stuff being the Intercontinental Title.
But you see, I can’t wait for another 10 days…I have got my gear on, so I’m telling Christian to come down to this ring…and have ourselves a pre-match….
*Christian’s theme* plays…Christian, Tomko and Trish Stratus walk down to the ring, but stop at the start of the Entrance ramp, Christian then talks on the microphone…

Christian: Buff…you want to have a little pre-match? I say…….NO!…… But instead how about you face my own Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko…

Buff Bagwell: Sure…It looks like that I’ll just have to make an example out of Tyson here tonight!

Tyson climbs inside the ring and the referee rings the bell….

Buff Bagwell Vs. Tyson Tomko w/Christian & Trish Stratus

Buff Bagwell inverted drops Tomko, followed with a Swinging Neck-Breaker. Buff taunts to the crowd, and climbs the turnbuckle…

Coach: Buff is going for his Blockbuster…

….Trish Stratus climbs up on the apron to distract the referee, as Trish is distracting the Referee….Christian grabs a steel chair, and climbs up on the apron next to buff. Christian whacks the Steel Chair on the back of Buff Bagwell…Buff falls off the apron and crashes down to the canvas. Trish gets off the apron. Tomko gets to his feet, he picks up Buff Bagwell and slams him down with a ‘Powerbomb’…Tomko covers Buff…….1……….2…………3!

Announcer: The Winner of the Match….Tyson Tomko!

Christian and Trish slide inside the ring, Christian stomps on Buff Bagwell…Christian picks up Buff…and hits him with the ‘Unprettier’. Christian picks up Buff Bagwell’s trademark hat, and wears it….Christian taunts to the crowd, the crowd boos him…NGW go to a Commercial Break.



Mike Tenay is backstage with the New CruiserWeight Champion, Kidman.

Mike Tenay: Congratulations Kidman on winning your first NGW CruiserWeight Championship.

Kidman: Thanks Mike, I put a lot of effort into my wrestling, and it has just all been paid off. Being the NGW Cruiserweight Champion is an honour for me. But now I have to try to defend it night in, and night out.

Rey Mysterio walks up to Kidman…

Rey Mysterio: Well done Kidman!

Kidman: Thanks Rey….

Rey Mysterio: I need to ask you something….Last Monday Eric Bischoff was talking about a Cruiserweight Tag Team Turmoil, for those New Cruiserweight Tag Titles…and I was thinking we could be a tag team, just like we were back in WCW. Where we were the last Cruiserweight tag team champions. So what do you say Kidman?

Kidman: Well I’d like to….but……….I already have a partner, sorry…



Randy Orton & Batista are in their locker room, when a NGW Backstage crew member walks in….

NGW backstage crewmember: I have been asked by someone to give you this

(He hands Randy Orton a key…on it reads a tag, "The Showgirl Hotel")

Randy Orton: Nice…

Batista: Don’t you want to know who sent it?

Randy Orton: Not when it includes free women.

Randy Orton and Batista grabs their bags, and walk out of their locker room…

Chris Jericho is seen watching them leave the arena, Y2J has a huge grin on his face….


Tony Schiavone: It looks like Chris Jericho could have been that mysterious person that gave Orton and Batista the key.

Coach: One would that that Tony. However, I wonder who Kidman’s partner is?

Rico Vs Shane Douglas w/Miss Jackie

Rico connects a ‘Spinning Heel Kick’ to Douglas…Rico attempts it again, but Douglas dodges the kick. Douglas kicks Rico in the gut, followed with a ‘Franchiser’…Douglas overs…..1……2……3!

Announcer: The Winner of the Match…Shane Douglas.

Miss Jackie comes inside the ring after the match, to give a kiss to Shane Douglas after the match…the two climbs outside the ring, and walk back up the ramp…

Rico gets to his feet when suddenly…

*Disco Fever* plays, Disco Inferno dances while walking down the ramp. He grabs the microphone…

Disco Inferno: …….You know what Rico….I’m sorry in costing your match last Monday.

Disco puts out his hand for a handshake, Rico then clotheslines Disco Inferno…Rico jumps on Disco, as the two start punching one another….

*I’m Back* plays throughout the arena, Eric Bischoff walks from behind the curtain and he stops at the top of the entrance ramp….

Eric Bischoff: Stop! You guys would most probably be aware of a Tag Team Turmoil happening this at Bad Blood. Well, you guys will both be participating in that turmoil……as a team!

Eric walks back up the ramp, Disco Inferno and Rico look at one another in stunned silence.



Chris Benoit is enters his locker room…thinking Orton and Batista are there

Chris Benoit: Randy…Dave…so what do you think of the match I’ve made for Bad Blood…Jericho is not going to know what hit him! (Speaking, thinking that Orton and Batista are there)
Guys………Are you there?
Suddenly from behind Benoit, Jericho attacks him with a clothesline. Jericho throws him into the plaster wall. Jericho picks up a vase and smashes it over the skull of Chris Benoit. Chris Jericho grabs the TV Monitor, and hits the Rapid Wolverine in the ribs with it followed by a hit over the head…

Chris Jericho walks out of the locker room laughing…



Kane, JBL, and Sean O’Haire are talking backstage…

JBL: So Kane, are you sure you don’t want help out there tonight?

Kane: I don’t need any help…don’t worry I’ll leave a little bit of Edge for you and Sean to have…


Non-Title Match
Booker T Vs. Shawn Michaels
The World Champion controls most of the match, he climbs the turnbuckle and tries to connect a Elbow Drop, but Booker T rolls out of the way. Booker T gets to his feet and then hits an Axe-Kick on HBK, Booker T covers ………1……2….Kick Out.

Coach: And that’s why HBK is the World Champion.

Tony Schiavone: Michaels just kicked out of Booker T’s finisher.

Booker T awaits Shawn Michaels to get back to his feet, when HBK gets up Booker attempts a Harlem Sidekick. HBK ducks and hits Booker T with ’Sweet Chin Music’.

All of a sudden…Triple H runs down to the ring, he slides inside the ring, but HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music on The Game. The Referee calls for the bell, to rule a ‘No Contest’.

Kurt Angle then runs down to the ring, The American Hero enters the ring, and also receives the Sweet Chin Music.

Shawn Michaels taunts to the crowd, as they are cheering for the NGW World Champion…


Tony Schiavone: Now it’s time for tonight’s Main Event…Edge versus Kane.

Coach: I wouldn’t be surprised tonight, if JBL or Sean O’Haire came out anytime during this match-up…

Main Event
Edge Vs. Kane
Edge bulldogs Kane to the canvas, Edge then climbs the turnbuckle, he hits a ‘Flying Clothesline’. Edge covers…1…….2….Kick Out. Edge helps Kane up, but Kane uppercuts Edge, Kane attempts a ‘Big Boot’, but Edge ducks and plants a ‘Edge-O-Matic’ on the Big Red Machine…..Edge lifts the leg of Kane for a cover……1………..2………Kick Out. Edge awaits Kane to get to his feet, Edge runs for the spear, but Kane Big Boots Edge. Kane then picks up Edge, and slams him down for a Sidewalk Slam….Kane covers….1……….2……….Kick Out.

Kane climbs the turnbuckle, he jumps off the turnbuckle for a ‘Flying Clothesline’, but Edge gets up and spears Kane in mid-air…

Tony Schiavone: WOW, Did you see that!?

Edge covers The Big Red Machine……..1………..2……………….Kick Out. Edge awaits Kane to get up, he is attempting another spear…..but this time, Kane moves out of the way causing Edge to hit the turnbuckle pole. Kane then grabs the neck of Edge, and chokeslams him.


*I lie, I cheat, I Steal* plays on the PA System. Kane looks towards the entrance ramp, but there is no sign of Eddie. Kane looks to the crowd, but still no sign of Eddie. The music stops playing, and Kane turns back around to Edge…Edge hits the Spear on Kane……..1…………2……………….3!

Announcer: The Winner of the Match…Edge!

Edge climbs outside the ring, and walks back up the ramp…

Kane is getting up slowly when…..

*I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal* plays, Kane looks towards the entrance ramp again, but Eddie isn’t there.

Eddie Guerrero makes his way through the crowd, he picks up a steel chair, and slides inside the ring behind Kane. Eddie taps Kane on the shoulder….Kane turns around, only to get hit in the face with a ‘Steel Chair’. Kane doesn’t fall to the canvas though, he still stands….Eddie hits Kane with another chair shot to the skull…..Kane is still standing….but barely….Eddie then kicks Kane in the groin…and Kane falls to the floor.

Tony Schiavone: What a return! Kane has busted open, and is now bleeding!

Eddie grabs the microphone from the announcer….

Eddie Guerrero: Latino Heat is back Homes! And I’ll see you in this very ring, in 10 days esse. Because at Bad Blood, it will be you and me! And this time around, I’ll be Last Man Standing!

Tony Schiavone: In 10 Days, Eddie will face Kane, a UpRising Rematch…Now that should be great! Eddie is looking for some revenge. That’s all we have time for…see you next week!

Eddie Guerrero drops the microphone and taunts on the turnbuckle, as NGW Rampage goes off-air!


Quick Results:
NGW Excess
Paul London defeated Jamie Noble
Lance Storm & Charlie Haas defeated Rosey & Hurricane
Molly Holly & Gail Kim defeated Ivory & Lita

NGW Rampage
Rob Conway Vs. Garrison CadeNo Contest
US Title Match- William Regal defeated Test
Tyson Tomko defeated Buff Bagwell
Shane Douglas defeated Rico
Non-Title Match- Booker T Vs. Shawn MichaelsNo Contest
Edge defeated Kane
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great show, JarMac, Bad Blood is gonna be a brawl.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Sunday, 25th of July: LIVE FROM BOSTON, MA

Bad Blood Card

NGW Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match
Shawn Michaels Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Triple H

Handicap Match
Chris Jericho Vs. Randy Orton & Batista

Intercontinental Championship Match
Christian Vs. Buff Bagwell
Kane Vs. Eddie Guerrero

Booker T Vs. John Cena

Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Turmoil:
Including: Kidman & Partner, Disco Inferno & Rico, Akio & Sakoda

Plus: Will Undertaker find out his attacker?

*Card May Subject To Change

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