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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

NGW Excess
*Billy Kidman defeated Local Jobber
*Tommy Dreamer defeated Johnny Stamboli via the Dreamer Driver at 4:29
*Lash LeRoux defeated Jamie Noble via the Whiplash at 4:03
*NGW Women’s Championship Match- Lita defeated Gail Kim via DQ when Gail Kim refused to let go of a strangle hold at 2:17

NGW Mayhem

Mayhem opens with Jim Ross and The King welcoming the NGW fans, introducing Christian Vs. Cena later tonight, and William Regal Vs. Eugene in a Brass Knucks on a pole match. They show highlights of the CruiserWeight Chaos event. King still wonders who are the stalkers of Shannon Moore and Shane Helms…and that tonight may just be the night that the attacks will reveal themselves. The first match begins….

Segment 1:
The Dudley Boys Vs. Mike Awesome & Chris Kanyon (The Natural Born Thrillers)
(6 Minutes into the Match)
The Dudley’s are about to hit the 3-D on Mike Awesome…but suddenly Johnny Stamboli and Nunzio run down to the ring. While Nunzio distracts the referee, Stamboli knocks The Dudley’s out with a hit of a Steel Chain. Kanyon then enters the ring and hits a ‘Flatliner’ on the legal man D’Von Dudley and drags Mike Awesome over D’Von……Nunzio climbs off the apron as the referee counts the pinfall……1……..2……..3!
Winners: The Natural Born Thrillers….Mike Awesome and Chris Kanyon.

Segment 2:
Rey Mysterio his backstage with NGW Interviewer, Michael Cole…
Cole congratulates Mysterio on his efforts on Saturday at CruiserWeight Chaos winning his first ever NGW CruiserWeight Title. But before Rey can say anything he is interrupted by Ultimo Dragon and Sonny Onno. Ultimo Dragon lets Rey know that it states in Ultimo’s contract that he his intitled to a rematch after losing his championship. Ultimo Dragon says that he will get his revenge this Sunday at No Mercy!

Segment 3:
Big Show is seen attacking Hardcore Holly and Al Snow in a backstage corridor. He throws them both into the plastered wall. Big Show seems very furious that he has not yet received his World Title Shot.

Segment 4:
Rob Van Dam Vs. Sean O’Haire
(3 Minutes into the Match)
During the match, Big Show walks down to the ring and chokeslams the two of them. The Big Show grabs the microphone and tells the fans that he will not stop punishing the NGW Roster until he receives a championship match against Shawn Michaels at No Mercy. Big Show is interrupted by Eric Bischoff at the entrance ramp.
Eric Bischoff tell the Big Show that he will not receive the Title Shot, and if he does happen to attack another NGW Superstar he will be fired on the spot. Eric Bischoff is about to walk back up the ramp when Shawn Michaels walks down to the entrance ramp.
Shawn Michaels accepts the Big Show’s challenge at the PPV…and he will show No Mercy towards the Big Show!

Segment 5:
Matt Chat w/Shane Douglas
Matt Hardy congratulates Shane Douglas on his newly won United States Championship. Shane Douglas continues to talk about how good he is, and that he will be hanging onto the title for a very long time, unlike former champions like Mark Jindrak, and William Regal.
“Aint No Stopping Me” plays throughout the arena, as the crowd cheer. Shelton Benjamin walks down to the ring…
Shelton let’s Douglas know that he will be the first challenger for that title. Douglas disagrees and says that Shelton has had his chances to defeat me in the past, he couldn’t do it then and he can’t do it now. Douglas is about to exit the ring, but Shelton Benjamin grabs Shane Douglas and T-Bone Suplex’s the US Champion.

Segment 6:
Shane Helms/Shannon Moore Vs. Akio/Sakoda
(5 Minutes into the Match)
Shane Helms and Shannon Moore dominate the match, Shane Helms and Akio are the two legal men. Shane Helms gets ready for the ‘Vertebreaker’…when on the Titantron it reads, “We are coming….NOW!”.
Shane Helms gets distracted by the Titantron when suddenly Helms falls to the canvas from a chairshot from behind…and the person who hit him with the chair was SHANNON MOORE!

Jim Ross: What the Hell? I thought two people were meant to be coming, but all along it was Shannon Moore!
Jerry Lawler: But it was two people, it was Shannon Moore and his alter ego!
Akio and Sakoda walk back up the ramp, while Shannon Moore hits the ‘Bottoms Up’ to Helms into the Steel Chair. Moore receives a lot of heat, as NGW goes to a Commercial.

Segment 7:
Brass Knucks on a Pole Match
Nick Dismore Vs. William Regal
(7 Minutes into the Match)
William Regal dominates the match-up he eventually climbs up the turnbuckle and reaches for the Brass Knucks. Regal grabs the brass knucks and puts them on his hand ready to hit Nick Dismore. But Dismore grabs a his own ‘Brass Knucks’ from his wrestling attire. He takes a swing at William Regal, but Regal ducks and hits Dismore with his Knucks. Regal locks on the ‘Regal Stretch’ as Dismore taps out.
Winner: William Regal

Segment 8:
Chris Jericho is seen backstage trying to enter Chris Benoit’s locker room, but Security are blocking the locker room door. All of a sudden, Chris Jericho punches both of the Security Guards and runs in the room mounting punching Chris Benoit. Chris Jericho does not stop the punches, but has to when more Security enter the room with Vince Russo to escort Jericho out of the arena.

Segment 9:
Kidman is getting ready to leave his locker room to head home when Paul London enters the locker room. London tells Kidman that he has got themselves a ‘NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Title Rematch’ this Thursday on Rampage.
Kidman doesn’t seem to pleased with the match, and tells London that they as a tag team are over.

Jim Ross: What does this mean for the match this Thursday? Will Kidman show up or leave London to fend for himself?

Segment 10:
Christian and Booker T are backstage talking. Christian tells Booker T to watch his back, because John Cena is a wreckless maniac and will go to any extreme measure to injure me just before the Fatal 4-Way Match this Sunday for my IC Title.
Booker T lets Christian know that he will watch his back.

Segment 11:
Non-Title Match
Christian Vs. Cena
(8 Minutes into the Match)
John Cena gets ready to hit the F-U on Christian. But Christian counters it and pushes Cena into the referee. Christian then levels down Cena with a ‘Low Blow’. Christian, Cena and the Referee are down on the canvas when….Booker T runs down to the ring. Booker T enters the ring, and helps up Christian to his feet, but then takes him straight down again with a Book-End!
Jim Ross: DID YOU SEE THAT?!!! Booker T just planted Christian down to the canvas…he is helping John Cena.
Booker T helps up the referee as Cena covers Christian…….1………2………3!
Winner: John Cena

Segment 12:
Spanky is in Vince Russo’s office signing a NGW contract.
Spanky walks out of Russo’s office as Michael Cole approaches him.
Spanky lets us know that CruiserWeight Chaos was just an example what Spanky is all about!

Segment 13:
Triple H is in the ring talking on the microphone. He tells us that his match with Batista at NGW No Mercy will be a Street Fight! Triple H lets Orton know that until you have beaten Triple H he is no Legend Killer.

Segment 14:
Undertaker is in the ring with a coffin. Undertaker talks on the microphone about how Sting is no longer with us. Sting is 6-feet under, but he has a replica Sting in the coffin to represent a good wrestler like Sting...Sting was a good wrestler, but he was No Undertaker! He had my number at Bad Company, but I had the last laugh. Now let Sting….Rest In Peace! Undertaker is about to light the Coffin on fire, when the Coffin lid lifts up. The real Sting jumps out of the coffin and attacks Undertaker with forehand punches. The crowd erupt!
Sting irish whips Undertaker into the ropes, but Taker grabs onto the ropes and quickly escapes out of the ring. Taker seems like he has just seen a ghost…as he walks back up the ramp.
Sting taunts to the crowd as Mayhem comes to an end.


Quick Results:
*NBT defeat Dudley Boys
*RVD and Sean O’Haire wrestled to a No Contest
*Akio/Sakoda and Moore/Helms wrestled to a No Contest
*Brass Knucks on a Pole Match- William Regal defeated Nick Dismore
*Non-Title Match- John Cena defeated Christian


No Mercy Current Card:

NGW World Title Match
Shawn Michaels © Vs. Big Show

Undertaker Vs. Sting

NGW Tag Team Title Match
RVD & Edge © Vs. Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak

Street Fight
Triple H Vs. Randy Orton

NGW CruiserWeight Title Match
Rey Mysterio © Vs. Ultimo Dragon w/Sonny Onno

Raven Vs. Charlie Haas

NGW Intercontinental Title Match
Christian © Vs. Booker T Vs. JBL Vs. John Cena
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Nice Show JarMac..and No Mercy card looks good..And I loved Shannon Moore's turn!

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

A good show. The Undertaker/Sting feud is still great, No Mercy is building up nicely. I can't wait for the Ultimo/Mysterio rematch at No Mercy.


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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

I didnt even realise NGW had returned!!! Great news!!!

CC was a tremendous PPV, although would have been even better had the matches been done in full, but great all the same. Didnt expect Mysterio to win the title.

Mayhem was another action packed show. HBK vs Big Show had to be coming...will this be the end of Michael's unbeleiveable championship run??
Shannon Moore turning on Shane Hellms was unexpected, nice job there.
Loved the last segment with Taker and Sting, had to know Sting was gonna be back. But will No Mercy settle this feud??

Nice stuff all round, great to have NGW back.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Thanks Wolfy, and everyone else on the replies.

Rampage will be up sometime this week.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

I was thinking about this thread the other day, would like to continue...but I'm afraid my knowledge of current-day wrestling is not as good as it was.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

And you felt the need to post here after three years!?

Close plz.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

If you're going to continue the thread then PM me but otherwise I'm going to close this for now.
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