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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels

Winner: Shawn

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho Vs Randy Orton & Batista

Winners: Orton and Batista

Eddie Guerrero Vs Kane

Winner: Kane

10 Man IC Battle Royal: Including-
John Cena, Booker T, R.V.D, Christian, Shelton Benjamen, Edge, Rene Dupree, Shane Douglas, Billy Gunn & A Mystery Entry

Winner: RVD

NGW Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Dudley Boys Vs Lance Storm & Charlie Haas Vs Mark Jindrak & Sean OHaire

Winner: Mark Jindrak and O'Haire

NGW Womens Championship Match
Victoria Vs Trish Stratus

Winner: Trish

NGW CruiserWeight Fatal 4 Way Match
Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Akio Vs A Mystery C-W

Winner: Mystery Person

NGW United States Championship Match
William Regal Vs Eugene

Winner: Eugene

The NGW is the best.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

(A 3 Minute Promo show the lead up to the Chris Benoit & Y2J/Evolution feud and the Angle/HBK Title Match)

*The fireworks blast on the set, as the crowd stand up to cheer for the opening PPV of NGW*

Jim Ross: Hello welcome to NGW UpRising, the first Pay Per View ever here at New Generation Wrestling. We have a huge, and I mean huge line-up here tonight in Michigan. The World Title Match is looking to be one great match.

Jerry Lawler: Your right JR, this should be an amazing night.

Jim Ross: As always I’m Jim Ross and beside is Jerry Lawler and for the first time at the commentary table Mike Tenay.

Mike Tenay: I really can’t wait for tonight, both Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle’s styles of wrestling are to mix well...

*Drop The Bombshells plays* as Dudleys make their way down to the ring to begin the first match. O’Haire/Jindrak with Stacy & Storm/Haas then enter the ring with their entrance music.

Tag Team Championship Match
Dudley Boys V Charlie Haas/ Lance Storm V Sean O’Haire/ Mark Jindrak w/ Stacy

(7 Minutes later)

Jindrak/ D’Von & Haas are the legal men...Jindrak takes down D'Von with a dropkick. Jindrak picks up D'Von and irish whips him to the ropes, but D'Von comes back from the ropes with a flying lariat. Jindrak & D'Von are laying down on the canvas...Haas gets to his feet and grabs Jindrak's leg for the Haas Of Pain, but D'Von quickly gets up to give Haas a knee face. Bubba starts calling for the tag, but as D'Von Dudley is walking over to Bubba, Sean O'Haire runs into the ring hitting D'Von to the canvas with a clothesline, so he cannot make the tag.
O'Haire drags D'Von over to the centre of the ring, then gets back on the apron awaiting the tag from Jindrak,.....Jindrak slowly gets up and tags in O'Haire. O'Haire enters the ring as D'Von is getting to his feet. O'Haire starts hammering right hand punches to the gut of D'Von. O'Haire picks up D'Von and takes him to the canvas with a 'Diving Powerbomb'...O'Haire covers....1.....Haas breaks the count with a kick to O'Haire's back. Haas continues to stomp O'Haire then picks him up from the canvas, Haas tries a superkick, but O'Haire grabs his foot spins Haas around and hits his own Superkick to Haas.
D'Von gets up and comes behind O'Haire and connects a 'Saving Grace' to O'Haire. While Haas makes the tag for Storm, D'Von pins O'Haire as Storm enters the ring....1...Storm breaks up the count. D'Von gets back up, but Storm Superkicks D'Von. Storm throws O'Haire over the top rope so he can go one-on-one with D'Von.

On the outside O'Haire is getting to his feet, when Haas comes over and throws O'Haire into the steel steps...Jindrak steps down from the apron and runs over to Haas. The two start giving one another right and left hand punches.
While inside the ring D'Von has gained control of the match, he attempts 'Saving Grace' to Storm., however Storm elbows D'Von's skull...causing D'Von to stop the hold. Storm knocks D'Von with a running calf kick, knocking him down to the ground. Bubba enters the ring....he comes up from behind Storm and hits the 'Bubba Bomb'. O'Haire slowly makes it to the top rope noticing D'Von on the canvas. He signals his finisher...he goes for his 'Seanton Bomb', but at the last second D'Von moves out of the way causing Sean O'Haire to hit the canvas hard. O'Haire gets up, he gets up with his back turned to The Dudleys boys ready to do the 3-D...he turns around to get taken down to the canvas from the 3-D!
D'Von Dudley covers...1......2......Jindrak breaks the pinfall. Bubba throws Jindrak out of the ring and follows Jindrak outside the ring...Storm is getting up from that Bubba Bomb, he notices O'Haire and goes for the cover....1......2..........Kick Out!

O'Haire kicks out just in time, Storm can't believe it....Storm picks up O'Haire but O'Haire low blows Storm. O'Haire goes for yet another 'Superkick'...but this time Storm grabs his leg and takes him down to the canvas...Storm locks on the 'Canadian Maple Leaf' and O'Haire scream with pain...he tries to reach the rope but he gives up and taps out.!!!

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match.., And NEW NGW Tag Team Champions...Charlie Haas & Lance Storm!!!

Jerry Lawler: We have New Tag Team Champions!

The referee hands Storm & Haas their newly won Tag Team Titles. The two celebrate their victory.



Michael Cole is backstage with John Cena

Michael Cole: John Cena, later tonight you will be stepping into that squared circle, with 9 other men with one of those 9 men being a mystery. You have the chance to become NGW's first ever NGW IC Champion...

John Cena: John Cena will enter the ring tonight,
I will throw all 9 guys without a fight,
Who cares who this mystery guy is,
Cause John Cena is the biggest in show-biz
As for Booker T you make me sick,
So why don't you go ahead and suck my......(Crowd yell: D*ck)
After tonight I will prove I'm better than you've ever seen,
I'll be known as the Thugonomics Fighting Machine!!!!

Crowd Cheer, and Cena walks back down the corridor to get ready for his match later in the night.


United States Title Match
William Regal V Eugene

Both men make their way to the ring with their own separate entrance, William Regal has to hand his championship over to the Referee, he does so…The Referee rings the bell!

William Regal and Eugene tie up, and out of nowhere Eugene takes Regal to the canvas with a hip toss. The crowd love it and start a Eugene Chant. William Regal gets to his feet and runs over to Eugene, and Eugene again does a Hip Toss. William Regal starts to get frustrated, he gets back up and attempts a clothesline, Eugene ducks and connects a Buldog. Eugene tries to pick up Regal from the canvas, but as Eugene is picking Regal up, William Regal trips him. Regal quickly gets up and starts stomping Eugene to gain control of the match…

(8 Minutes into the match)

William Regal grabs the head of Eugene and hits a snapmare on him, Regal still has his arm around Eugene’s head and has turned the Snapmare into a choke hold, The referee counts for Regal to let go..1……2…….3……4……William releases the hold. The United States Champion picks up Eugene,
William Regal then irish whips Eugene to the ropes, William Regal attempts a clothesline but Eugene ducks and takes Regal down with a dropkick. Eugene quickly goes over to Regal on the canvas, and locks on a ‘Regal Stretch’, Regal quickly counters his own finisher. Both men get to their feet, Eugene goes for a backslide pin…..1…..2…..Kick Out, Eugene goes for another Backslide pin…1…..2…..Kick Out. Both men go to a corner of either side of the ring, to take a 5 second break.

Eugene & Regal then run at one another both attempting a clothesline, the Clothesline one another to both hitting the canvas hard. William Regal is back to his feet first, Eugene gets back to his feet when William picks him back up. William has Eugene in the powerbomb position, Eugene counters it by crawling under Regal’s legs then attempting a School Boy…..1…..2…..Kick Out. Eugene quickly climbs to the top rope, Regal is getting up when Eugene tries to hit a ‘Cross-Body’, Regal ducks causing Eugene to go crashing down on the canvas. Regal and Eugene both get to their feet, William Regal kicks Eugene in the gut, and plants a ‘Regal-Cutter’. After the ‘Regal Cutter’ Regal takes a while to pin Eugene….1……..2……..Eugene puts his foot on the rope, but the Referee doesn’t realise……3!

Announcer: The Winner of the match…And still NGW United States Champion…William Regal.

Jim Ross: I guess the Referee didn’t see Eugene’s foot on the ropes.

William Regal grabs his title, and makes his way back up the ramp.


*Stand Back…There’s A Hurricane Coming Through* blast through the PA, As Hurricane and Rosey make their way down to the ring.

Mike Tenay: This was a special added match for tonight’s Pay Per View, it will be the team of Hurricane & Rosey taking on Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli.

Jim Ross: And these two teams have had some rivalry over the past couple of weeks.

Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli walk down to the ring with a remix of their FBI theme.

Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli V Hurricane & Rosey

(4 Minutes into the match)

Hurricane and Nunzio are the Legal men, Hurricane connects a swinging neck-breaker, Hurricane pins Nunzio….1….2….Kick Out from Nunzio. Hurricane tags in Rosey, Rosey picks up Nunzio with ease, and plants a ‘Gunn Stinger’…Rosey Covers Nunzio….1….2….Johnny comes into the ring kicking Rosey to the back of the skull. Rosey then tags in Hurricane, Hurricane enters the ring once again. Hurricane tries to pick Nunzio from the Canvas, but Nunzio pushes Hurricane into Rosey (Who is on the Apron).Rosey falls off the Apron

Jerry Lawler: I think Rosey thinks Hurricane did that on purpose…

The referee focuses is attention on Rosey, while inside the ring, Johnny Stamboli throws a ‘Pair of Brass Knucks’ to Nunzio. Nunzio grabs them, but before he can do anything with them Hurricane takes him down with a Brainbuster. Hurricane climbs to the top rope, while Nunzio is getting back to his feet. Hurricane goes for a ‘Flying Clothesline’ however Nunzio punches Hurricane in mid-air with the Brass Knucks. Nunzio covers… The Referee notices the pinfall…..1..……..2………3!

Announcer: The Winners of the match…Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli!

Nunzio and Stamboli make their way back up to the ring with smiles in their faces, while Rosey climbs inside the ring to confront The Hurricane who is slowly getting up. Hurricane tries to tell Rosey what happened. Rosey walks off from him, and back up the ramp…



Christian/Tomko & Trish are all backstage in their locker room

Christian: Sorry Trish, I Can’t be out there with you tonight. I have a IC Battle Royal to prepare for. But if you need any help, I’ll arrange the plan!


Jim Ross: What could be the plan?

NGW Womens Championship Match
Victoria V Trish Stratus

The two NGW Divas make their way to the ring with separate entrances, as the match then gets under-way. *Ding* *Ding* *Ding*

(6 Minutes Into the match)

Trish hits a ‘Chick Kick’ to the NGW Womens Champion. Trish Stratus pulls Victoria’s hair, but has to let go after the Referee tells her to stop. Trish taunts to the crowd, as the majority of the crowd boo at Trish Stratus. Trish then grabs the head of Victoria for a ‘Stratus-Faction Buldog’, however Victoria counters it into a ‘Belly-To-Back Suplex’. Victoria covers…1…….2……Kick Out from Trish. Tyson Tomko makes his way down the ramp, as The Referee and Victoria turn their attention to Tomko. Trish uses this time to roll outside the ring and grab the NGW Womens Title, she enters the ring with it. Victoria turns around to see Trish with the title. Stratus runs towards Victoria to try to hit her with the championship, however Victoria kicks Trish in the gut.

Trish drops the title, and Victoria sets Trish up for a ‘Widows Peak’, Victoria hits the ‘Widows Peak’. Victoria pins Stratus but the Referee is still being distracted by Tomko. Victoria goes over to the Referee to tell him that she pinned Trish. Victoria then turns back around to Trish, where Trish Stratus smashes the NGW Womens Title over the skull of Victoria, Tomko stops distracting the Referee as Trish covers….1…..2…….3!

Announcer: The Winner Of the match…And NEW NGW Womens Champion…Trish Stratus!

Jim Ross: Victoria had Trish beat! But Tomko had to spoil it for her.

Jerry Lawler: Trish deserved this one, she out-smarted Victoria and the Referee. That must of been their plan!

Trish celebrates her Victory with Tomko, as the Referee aids to Victoria…


NGW Cruiser-Weight Championship Match
Chavo Guerrero Jr V Rey Mysterio V Akio V Mystery C-W

Chavo, and Rey have both made their entrances, and Akio comes down to the ring with Sakoda. All 3 men are in the ring ready to start the match and awaiting the Mystery C-W.

*Mexican Music* plays throughout the arena as the Mystery C-W Walks down to the ring…

Jerry Lawler: WOW! Is that who I Think it is?

Mike Tenay: Yes it is, I have been very familiar with this man. I have seen him wrestle for a number of years when I was part of World Championship Wrestling. And he sure to be a excellent cruiserweight to have in NGW!
I still cannot believe how Psychosis is debuting for NGW tonight at the PPV.

Jim Ross: It would be great for Pyschosis if he was to win tonight, in his NGW debut! That would really give him a great reputation.

Mike Tenay: And Psychosis is back to wearing a mask here in NGW.

The Referee sounds the bell, as the match gets under-way!

(8 Minutes Into the match)

Rey takes Chavo down with a ‘HeadScissors Takedown’, Chavo rolls outside the ring to take a break. But Rey then jumps from inside the ring and hits Chavo with a ‘Senton Splash’ to the outside of the ring. Both men are down, the referee focuses on Chavo and Rey to tell them to both get inside the ring.
While the referee is being focused on Chavo and Rey, inside the ring Psychosis nails Akio with a tornado DDT. Psychosis notices Sakoda entering the ring, Sakoda tries to connect a ‘Japanese Buzzsaw Kick’ but Psychosis ducks and takes Sakoda down with a ‘Spinning Wheel Kick’. Akio then goes for a roll-up…..The referee turns around….1……2…….Kick Out!

Chavo and Rey are still on the outside fighting one another, Rey goes into the first row and uses the barrier as a sling-shot to execute a leg drop.
Inside the ring, Akio attempts a TigerBomb, but Pyschosis reverses it into a ‘Hurracurana’. Psychosis climbs up the turnbuckle.

Mike Tenay: Psychosis seems like his looking to finish Akio off with his Top Rope Leg Drop.

As Psychosis is climbing the turnbuckle, Sakoda climbs up on the apron distracting Psychosis. Akio quickly knocks Psychosis’s leg, causing him to hit his groin on the turnbuckle. Akio picks up Psychosis’s legs, to execute the ‘Yang Time’….Akio covers…1…….2……….3!

Announcer: The winner of the match…And NEW NGW Cruiser-Weight Champion…Akio!

Psychosis is shocked, and furious of being distracted by Sakoda. Akio walks back up the ramp in celebration with Sakoda!


*NGW Promo*
He will come…
He will change NGW…
He will make a difference…
He will RETURN Tomorrow Night!

(End Promo)



Tony Schiavone is backstage with Kurt Angle

Schiavone: Kurt Angle, tonight you have the chance to become NGW’s first ever World Heavy-Weight Champion. The winner of this match will go down in the NGW History books.

Kurt Angle: I’ve already gone down in the History books, The Olympic History Books! You see I have what most wrestlers, if any have, and that is a Olympic Gold Medal. However I won’t go on bragging about myself, as tonight I have a huge match to prepare for.
You see Shawn Michaels thought he could get a head start, but hitting the ‘Sweet Chin Music’ on your Olympic heroes face. But Shawn, that has only made me more focused on winning that championship tonight.
And believe me I will walk out with that NGW Championship, Oh It’s true, Its Damn True!


Jim Ross: Who will be returning? We will find out tomorrow night, so make sure you all tune into Mayhem! Now, our next match-up is between The Big Red Machine and Eddie Guerrero. Lets take you back on how this rival has emerged!

(A Short 90 second Video Clip plays on the rivalry between Eddie & Kane)

Eddie Guerrero V Kane

Both men stare down one another after they both enter the ring with their separate entrances.

(8 Minutes Into the match)

Eddie attempts a suplex on Kane, but cannot lift him. Kane reverses the suplex, into a suplex of his own. Kane goes to pick up Eddie, however Eddie low blows Kane, Eddie gets up to struggle a belly-to-back suplex, but Eddie still connects the move. Eddie signals for the ‘Frog Splash’. He climbs up to the top rope, and executes a frog splash on Kane….1……..2……..Kane kicks out!

Jerry Lawler: What? Kane kicked out?

Eddie can’t believe it, Eddie awaits Kane to get back to his feet. Eddie runs towards Kane, but Kane picks Eddie up for a 'Sidewalk slam’, Kane slams Eddie down to the canvas. Kane climbs to the top rope, and hits a ‘Top rope clothesline’ on Eddie. Eddie rolls to the outside of the ring, Kane follows Eddie Guerrero to the outside. The Referee counts for a count out…….(1)….. Eddie tries to take a rest, …(2) but turns around into a Big Boot from Kane…..(3)……(4)……….Kane picks Eddie up…(5)…..Kane signals the Chokeslam…..(6)…Kane grabs the neck of Eddie

Jim Ross: No Lord! Kane isn’t going to do what I think he is? His not going to chokeslam Eddie on the outside.

…(7).. But Eddie starts kicking Kane’s ribs. Eddie somehow escapes from Kane’s Chokeslam. Eddie runs at Kane for a clothesline, but Kane extends his arm out for a ’Chokeslam’…. (8)…..

Jim Ross: Oh My! Ouch that would have hurt!

Kane doesn’t leave anytime for Eddie, he picks him up and throws him at the steel steps. ...(9)... Kane throws Eddie to the steel steps once again….. (10)…..

The referee rings the bell, and whispers something to the announcer…

Announcer: This match is a double count-out, and the outcome is a draw!

Kane takes no notice of the bell, and keeps attacking Eddie. The Referee tells Kane to stop, but Kane just pushes the Referee away.
Kane goes over to the announcers desk, and takes off the monitors. He grabs Eddie by the neck and chokeslams him through the announcers desk!

Jim Ross: God No! Look at this carnage that Kane has unleashed on poor Eddie Guerrero.

Kane has a smile on his face and walks back up the ramp, leaving Eddie knocked out on the broken announcers desk. The NGW Medical make their way down to Eddie, and put him on a stretcher…

Jim Ross: While the medical staff are taking Eddie into the Ambulance, Lets take you to Tony Schiavone who is currently with Shawn Michaels….



Tony Schiavone: Opportunity would be the word for tonight’s match, both you and Kurt Angle have the Opportunity to walk out of Michigan with the NGW Championship.

Shawn Michaels: Tony, what Kurt needs to know is that the Good Guys also win! And just like Michigan has proved in the past at WrestleMania 3, in this very same arena Hulk Hogan made history. Now 17 years later, Shawn Michaels will make history. And the good guy will once again win. The showstopper is going to blow the roof off of the Pontiac Silverdome, just like what The Heart Break Kid does every other single night.

Tony Schiavone: Ok, well good luck in your match later tonight Shawn.


Jim Ross: We are approaching the IC 10-Man Over the Top Battle Royal, in which we will crown a New Intercontinental Champion!

John Cena, Booker T, Shane Douglas, Rob Van Dam, Ren Dupree, Shelton Benjamin, Billy Gunn, Christian and Edge are all in the ring awaiting the Mystery Entry…..

*Buff Daddy* blast through the arena, as Buff Bagwell walks down to the ring. He taunts while making his way to the ring, as fireworks go off while he is walking down to the ring.

Mike Tenay: Buff Bagwell was the mystery wrestler, I didn’t see that coming.

Buff enters the ring, as the Referee rings the bell….

10 Man Over The Top Intercontinental Title Battle Royal
Featuring: Buff Bagwell, Booker T, Rene Dupree, Billy Gunn, Rob Van Dam, Christian, Edge, John Cena, Shane Douglas, and Shelton Benjamin

(2 Minutes into the match)

Cena is punching down Booker T, he tries to clothesline over the top rope, but Booker holds on to the ropes to stay in the match. Ren runs over to Cena, but Cena catches him in a position of the ‘F-U’, Cena hits the ‘F-U’ on Ren, to outside the ring. (Ren Dupree Eliminated)
Billy takes Booker T down with a DDT, Gunn taunts and signals a ‘Fame-A-ser’, Billy Gunn bounces back on the ropes. But while he is bouncing on the ropes, Christian out of nowhere clotheslines him out of the ring. (Billy Gunn Eliminated)
At the other side of the ring, Shelton tries to hit a splash in the turnbuckle corner to Buff. However Buff Bagwell moves out of the way at the last second, Shelton hits the Turnbuckle. Buff then throws the dazed Shelton over the top rope. (Shelton Bengamin Eliminated)
Rob Van Dam, takes Franchise to the Canvas with a ‘Spinning Heel Kick’. RVD Taunts to the crowd, but while he is taunting Christian throws RVD over the tope rope, however RVD holds onto the rope saving himself from being eliminated. RVD gets back inside the ring, and Shane Douglas runs towards him, but Van Dam ducks and Shane Douglas goes flying over the top rope. (Shane Douglas Eliminated)
Booker T runs over to Van Dam, attempting a Harlem Sidekick, but Van Dam ducks it, and trips Booker T. Van Dam, signals the ‘5-Star Frog Splash’ and looks towards the turnbuckle. He climbs the turnbuckle, but as RVD is steadying himself on the turnbuckle. Christian pushes RVD off the turnbuckle to outside the ring. (RVD Eliminated)
Edge goes for a spear on Christian, Christian moves out of the way and Edge dives over the top rope accidentally. (Edge Eliminated)

Buff and Booker T are fighting, while Cena clothesline Christian to the canvas. Buff and Booker T are both grappling one another right near the ropes. Cena notices it, and runs over to Buff and Booker T, and pushes them both over the ropes. (Booker T/Buff Bagwell Eliminated)
Booker T can’t believe it, he climbs back inside the ring. He attempts a running clothesline to Cena, however Cena ducks it and picks Booker T up for the F-U. Cena slams down Booker for the F-U. But from behind Christian pushes Cena over the tope rope to eliminate the Doctor of Thuganomics. (John Cena Eliminated)

Jerry Lawler: Christian did it! His the new IC Champion.

Jim Ross: But only because of that damn Booker T!

Announcer: The winner of the match…And NEW Intercontinental Champion…Christian!

John Cena can’t believe he lost. While Christian is celebrates his victory!



Triple H/ Randy Orton & Batista are in their locker room

Triple H: Tonight guys, is the beginning of the end. They won’t know what hit them.



Christian enters his locker room with his IC Title where Tomko and Trish is with her Women’s title.

Trish Stratus: Well Done, Christian!

Christian: We have the gold here, and Tomko I just came back from Mr Bischoff’s office and he has guaranteed us a Tag Team Title shot tomorrow night at Mayhem!
Now lets get our of this stinking city!

Christian/Tomko and Trish start to pack their bags


Jim Ross: What was Triple H talking about?

Jerry Lawler: And did you hear that Tag Team Title Match which Mr Bischoff made? WOW! Christian, Tomko and Trish may have more Gold tomorrow night!

Jim Ross: Our next match-up is, the Tag Team Match. Where Benoit and Jericho team up against Evolution!

(A 3 Minute Video package shows, the Rivalry between these two teams)

Both teams make their way down the ramp, and the Referee begins the match…

(13 Minutes Into the match)

Benoit hits a German Suplex on Batista, Benoit pins…..1…..2……Kick Out. Benoit tags in Jericho, as Batista crawls over to make the tag to Orton. Orton gets clothesline by Jericho, Orton gets up….another clothesline from Jericho…Orton gets up once again, but ducks Jericho’s clothesline. However Jericho hits a flashback on Orton, Jericho covers….1…..2…..Batista breaks the count. Jericho picks up Orton and plants a double powerbomb. Right after the Double Powerbomb, Jericho locks on the ‘Walls Of Jericho’. Orton is in pain, but Batista saves Orton before he can tap. Batista grabs Jericho and tries to take Jericho down with a ‘ Powerbomb’. But Jericho reverses it into a ‘Head Scissors takedown’. Jericho gets up and bounces to the ropes and takes Batista down with a ‘Buldog’. Chris Jericho drags Batista on top of Orton. The crowd Cheer, and Jericho hits a ‘Lionsault’ on both members of Evolution!
Batista gets up dazed, and Chris Jericho clotheslines Batista over the top rope.

Triple H runs down the ramp, and distracts the referee. Orton low blows Jericho, and both men fall to the canvas. Beniot sees the opportunity, and climbs the turnbuckle. He goes for his ‘Swan-Dive Headbutt’……….but hits Chris Jericho instead

Jim Ross: What The hell? Why did he hit Jericho with the Headbutt?

Jerry Lawler: Maybe he just missed?

Jim Ross: That looked like no accident to me!

Randy Orton covers Jericho….1…….2………3!

Announcer: The winners of the match….Dave Batista and Randy Orton!

Mike Tenay: It looks as though Benoit has just screwed Jericho!

Chris Benoit spits on Jericho who is laying on the canvas, and Chris Benoit then shakes the hands of Triple H, Orton and Batista.
Chris Benoit goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair and enters the ring once again. Benoit awaits Y2J to get to his feet, and smacks Jericho’s skull with the chair.

Chris Benoit and Evolution leave Jericho on the canvas bleeding, and walk back up the ramp…

Jim Ross: I cannot believe what Chris Benoit has done? Why did he do it?

Mike Tenay: Well I guess we will all find out tomorrow night on NGW Mayhem!


* NGW Commercial *

True colors will show…
Blood will spill…
All hell will break loose….
When New Generation Wrestling Presents…

Live on PPV
July 5th, from Seattle, WA!


Jim Ross: And that’s right, NGW heads to Seattle next time we are live on Pay per view. Tickets go on sale this Friday, and NGW Superstars Eugene & Stacy will be their in Seattle when tickets go on sale for Autographs…
But enough about Bad Blood, this is UpRising. And we need to crown our first ever NGW World Champion.
In one corner The Heart Break Kid and in the other, The American Hero…now lets take us back on how these two men got to the final!!!

(A 4 minute Video Package is shown of the leading up to this match)

Announcer: The following contest, is for the NGW World Heavyweight Championship!

NGW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final Match
Shawn Michaels V Kurt Angle

Shawn Michaels makes his way with Pyro and a ovation from the crowd of Michigan. Kurt Angle walks down to the ring with the crowd chanting ‘You Suck!’.

Referee Charles Robinson rings the bell as the match begins…

(15 Minutes into the match)

Kurt Angle connects a ‘Belly-To-Belly’ Suplex. Kurt Angle then climbs up to the top rope, and attempts a ‘Moonsault’…Shawn Michaels moves just in time causing Angle to hit the canvas. Move men are down….Kurt and Shawn both get to their feet slowly. They exchange a few punches….Kurt then pokes HBK in the eye, and gives him a ‘Irish Whip’. Kurt Angle tries to clothesline Michaels on his return from the ropes, but HBK ducks, and hits a huge ‘Flying Clothesline’. Both men are down once again, out of nowhere HBK flips up from the mat, and climbs up the turnbuckle.
He slams his elbow on Kurt’s chest with a ‘Elbow Drop’. Shawn Michaels starts stomping his foot for ‘Sweet Chin Music’. Michaels tries to hit the ‘Sweet Chin Music’ but Kurt grabs HBK’s foot, and turns him around followed by a ‘Angle Slam’. The American Hero covers Shawn Michaels ……...1………..2……...Kick Out!

Jim Ross: HBK kicked out of the Angle Slam!

Kurt Angle does not believe HBK kicked out and goes for the Angle Slam again. But this time, HBK counters the move while in mid-air and pushes Angle into the Referee, Charles Robinson. HBK goes over to the Referee to help him up, but the Referee isn’t responding. Angle rolls outside the ring, grabs the World HeavyWeight Championship and enters the ring again. Kurt Angle smashes the World Championship over the face of HBK, Kurt Angle covers The Heart Break Kid, but there is no referee to count the pinfall. Suddenly down to the ring, comes Earl Hebnar, he slides into the ring and counts the pinfall ….1…..2………Kick Out!

Mike Tenay: What a match!

Angle starts to get frustrated and goes for another Angle Slam, he lifts him up half way, but Shawn Michaels counters and lands on his feet. Michaels then out of nowhere executes a ‘Sweet Chin Music’.
Shawn Michaels covers Kurt Angle…..1……..2……….3!!!

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels wins! The showstopper has done it!

Announcer: The winner of the match…And NEW NGW World Heavyweight Champion…The Heart Break Kid…Shawn Michaels!

*Glass Shatters* As Steve Austin walks down to the ring, with the New World Heavyweight Championship.

Jim Ross: Oh My God! Oh My God! Stone Cold is here!

Stone Cold Steve Austin rolls inside the ring and grabs the microphone…

Steve Austin: Shawn…Great Match, you really deserve this title!

Austin hands HBK the title, and shakes HBK’s hand!

Jim Ross: What a match! What a night! What a PPV! We’ll see you tomorrow night!

Confetti comes down from the roof of the arena, as The Heart Break Kid celebrates his World Title Victory….

(NGW UpRising Fades Out as the PPV comes to an end!)


Quick Results:
NGW Tag Team Championship Match
Storm/Haas def Dudley & Jindrak/O'Haire

Nunzio/Johnny Stamboli def Hurricane/ Rosey

NGW Womens Championship Match
Trish Stratus def Victoria

NGW United States Championship Match
William Regal def Eugene

NGW CruiserWeight Championship Match
Akio def Psychosis, Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero Jr

Kane vs Eddie Guerrero - No Contest

NGW IC Title 10 Man Over The Top Battle Royal Match
Christian wins throwing John Cena over last

Randy Orton & Batista def Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit

NGW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Shawn Michaels def Kurt Angle


Current Champions:
World- Shawn Michaels
IC- Christian
Tag Team- Haas/Storm
Womens- Trish Stratus
US- William Regal
CW- Akio
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Wow..Great Show..

I only got 2 of my predictions
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

That was one good ppv..
Well written and the interviews were well conducted
Chris Benoit turning bad...he joins Evolution i guess..Benoit v Jericho at Bad Blood ..Hell Of A Match..
Cena and Booker are not done as yet..and I like it..
Shawn Michaels has done it..World Champion!!! Let's hope you give him a good title reign..rather than the one WWE did after the Elimination Chamber..

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great PPV. You have good feuds building up. I would have liked to have seen a longer match between Guerrero and Kane, but the ending was good. Thats the only thing wrong with it and the interviews were well written. Continue to write these because they're great.

Grade: 9.5/10

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Last night we saw many suprises at UpRising, Buff Bagwell and Psychosis returning, and most of all Chris Benoit turning on his canadian friend Chris Jericho. Tonight we will find out why Benoit helped Evolution.
Also last night there was a promo concerning a return on Mayhem, who will it be?
Plus The New NGW Champion, Shawn Michaels will be in the house, and the Tag Team Championships will be defended against Christian and Tyson Tomko...


Thanks Guys for the feedback, the next show may be up in 1-2 days

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Cool, l'm looking forward to this.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Heres the show guys,
enjoy and please post thoughts and comments... cheers

NGW Mayhem (Episode 3) The Aftermath of UpRising

(A Short Video Plays Of The Events Of Last Night at UpRising)

*Fireworks explode on the set of NGW Mayhem*

Jim Ross: UpRising was 24 hours ago, now NGW is presenting you Mayhem! We have a great night lined ahead, as we will have the Tag Team Titles on the line later tonight. Also who will be returning to NGW?

Jerry Lawler: Who is this person returning? I have no idea!

*Sexy Boy* blasts through the P.A, The Crowd Arrupt for the New NGW World HeavyWeight Champion. Shawn Michaels walks down to the ring as his pyro goes off on the stage. Shawn climbs inside the ring with his World Championship over his shoulder. Shawn then grabs the microphone off the announcer….

Shawn Michaels: Last night I not only proved to the world that I am the Showstopper, and the main man in this business…I proved to myself that I still have what it takes. Kurt Angle gave me everything he had, and I gave Kurt everything I had. And thats why I have this title right now.
Out of the 8 men that entered the tournament, I came out the champion. Although there was one man that didn’t get a fair go…one man that never actually got pinned to be eliminated. And I would love to give that man a title shot…………..

*The Game* plays around the arena, Triple H walks through the curtain with a microphone in his hand and stops at the end of the entrance ramp

Triple H: Wait a second Shawn, don’t you think you can give title shots to whoever you please. I think we have some unfinished business. And I just came back from Mr Bischoff’s office, and he said tonight it will be Shawn Michaels defending his newly won HeavyWeight Championship against Me….Triple H!
How about this to go into the NGW history books…Shortest Title Holder…Shawn Michaels!

Triple H laughs as he walks back up the ramp…..Shawn Michaels doesn’t seem impressed….


Rey Mysterio Vs Psychosis

These two men are about to begin the match when suddenly…

Akio walks down to the ring with Sakoda, he has the CruiserWeight Championship around his waist. Akio and Sakoda take a seat at the commentary table at ringside…

Jim Ross: I guess we will be joined by the CruiserWeight Champion

The match now gets underway….

(7 Minutes Into the match)

Psychosis takes Rey Mysterio down to the canvas with a ‘Powerbomb to facecrusher’, Psychosis covers…1…….2…….Kick Out. Psychosis goes to the top rope to try to execute his ‘Top Rope Leg Drop’, Psychosis jumps from the top rope, but misses when Rey Mysterio rolls out of the way. Rey awaits Psychosis to get back to his feet, and hits a ‘Headscissors Takedown’. Psychosis leans on the 2nd rope, and Rey executes a 6-1-9. Rey gets to his feet from the 6-1-9 and stands up on the apron, Psychosis gets up dazed….Rey jumps on the rope for a ‘West Coast Pop’, however Psychosis catches Rey and slams him down for a ‘Sitdown Powerbomb’. Rey hits the canvas hard, Psychosis looks at the top rope and climbs up it ,Akio gets up from the Commentary table. Psychosis notices his, and hits a crossbody from the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring to Akio. Psychosis rolls back into the ring, Rey is still on the canvas, and Psychosis picks up Rey and puts him on his shoulders. However out of nowhere Rey hits a ‘Spinning Hurracurana’ from Psychosis’s shoulders…Rey Covers Psychosis …..1…..2…….3!

Announcer: The winner of the match…Rey Mysterio!

Psychosis is once again frustrated, he grabs the microphone from the announcer…

Psychosis: Akio…I have had enough of this! Me and you this Thursday on Rampage?

Akio is shaking his head, and picks up a microphone from the time keepers desk…

Akio: Nope, if you want to get to me, you need to get through Sakoda first. So this week on Rampage it will be Psychosis vs Sakoda!

*Commercial Break*


Eugene is backstage trying to do pushups when William Regal approaches him…Eugene then stands up.

William Regal: Master Eugene…I’d just like to say you put up a great effort last night, well done young chap. Who knows you may get another title shot down the road, well anyways good luck in your match tonight…See you later

Eugene: Bye…Bye Mr Regal!


Jim Ross: We have an update on Eddie’s condition, last night Eddie got taken to hospital. He is resting after being brutally attacked by The Big Red Machine. Eddie should be cleared to wrestle by 2 weeks, and he would be looking for revenge. But as for tonight Eddie is not at the arena, and his Nephew will be facing the same monster that Eddie versed last night.

Kane Vs Chavo Guerrero Jr

(3 Minutes into the match)

Kane has controlled the match for the entire 3 minutes. Kane climbs to the top rope and hits Chavo down with a Top Rope Clothesline. Kane picks Chavo up and slams him down for a ‘Sidewalk Slam’. Kane then picks up Chavo once again, grabs Chavo’s neck and executes a Huge Clothesline on Chavo Guerrero Jr ….Kane Covers……1……….2………….3!

Announcer: The winner of the match…Kane!

Kane does it easily, but isn’t finished he chokeslams Chavo once again. Kane picks Chavo up one more time by the neck and is about to execute another Chokeslam when suddenly….

*I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal* Plays throughout the Arena. Kane quickly lets go of Chavo, and walks back up the ramp…although there is no sign of Eddie.


His Return is near…
His Return will be a new beginning...
His Return is tonight!


Jim Ross: I wonder who this wrestler returning is?

Jerry Lawler: It’s got me beat whoever it is!

*Break The Walls Down* plays, as Chris Jericho walks down to the ring with a bandage over his forehead and a angry look on his face. Chris Jericho doesn’t even taunt to the crowd and grabs the microphone off the Announcer…

Chris Jericho: Last night, I was screwed! But it wasn’t just anybody who screwed me, it was one of my true friends…Chris Benoit! But Benoit you have not seen the end of Chris Jericho, as a matter of fact, this is a new start for Chris Jericho, I’m looking out for Revenge, and there is no time like the present. So Benoit, I’m calling you out!

(No Sign Of Benoit)

Chris Jericho: C’Mon Benoit…..

*Whatever* plays, Chris Benoit walks from behind the curtain, and the Arena fills with boo’s. Chris Benoit stays at the top of the ramp, and talks on the microphone…

Chris Benoit: (Laughs) Well, Well, Well…Chris Jericho fell right into the trap. Who do you think set up you getting beaten up backstage to give me the win….Me! Who cost your match last night….Me! And I was never lying when I said, "Evolution better get ready because they are going see the beating of their lives.". Because Evolution did see the beating of their lives! But the beating was on you!
I have been wanting to do that, what I did last night ever since I stepped foot inside the doors of NGW. Now Jericho, I’m afraid I cannot wrestle tonight, because I am injured. Doctors advised me not to go into the ring last night, but I did. How about some other time…

Chris Jericho: Are you really that afraid of me? Well once you step into the ring with Chris Jericho you will Never….Eeeeever feel the same…….

Jericho is attacked from behind by Batista and Orton. Batista and Orton double team with punches. Batista then slams down Jericho with a Powerbomb. Orton awaits Jericho to get back to his feet, and then hits the RKO…

Chris Benoit: Well Jericho, as you said there is no time like the present…So tonight it will be you taking on Batista and Randy Orton. And just to make it fair you can choose your tag team partner!

Evolution and Benoit walk back up the ramp…


Jim Ross: Last night we saw Regal defeat Eugene for the US title, however Eugene’s foot was on the rope.

Jerry Lawler: And your blaming Regal for that?

Jim Ross: No! I’m just saying, he deserves another title shot…

Eugene Vs Johnny Nitro

(6 Minutes into the match)

Eugene dropkicks Nitro, Eugene tries to pick up Nitro but Nitro low blows Eugene. Nitro DDT’s Eugene to the canvas, and hits a Standing Shooting Star Press on Eugene….Nitro covers…1…..2.. Kick Out from Eugene!
Nitro is frustrated and attempts another Standing Shooting Star Press on Eugene, but this time Eugene moves causing Nitro hitting the canvas. Eugene then does a ‘Oklahoma Pin’ Roll-Up…1..2..3!

Announcer: The Winner Of the match…Eugene!

Nitro is in disbelief, and Eugene rolls out of the ring smiling…


Mike Tenay is with Buff Bagwell backstage…

Mike Tenay: Buff Bagwell, last night you suprised a lot of people including me on your return to wrestling. You nearly made it all the way last night, but in the end Christian successfully won. But Buff how is it to be back?

Buff Bagwell: Mike is great to be back, and I’ll tell you Buff is still the Stuff. Now last night I may have been misfortunate in my quest for the IC Championship, but my quest has not ended….

Christian walks up to Buff with his IC Title….

Christian: Buff…You don’t have the stuff and you never had any stuff! If you had the stuff you would have been victorious last night..but were you? No…I was! And thats all that matters!

Christian walks off

Buff Bagwell: What was his problem?…..

Buff walks off not impressed with Christian…


NGW Tag Team Championship Match
Charlie Haas & Lance Storm Vs Christian & Tyson Tomko with Trish Stratus

(8 Minutes Into the match)

Tomko slams down Haas with a Spinebuster, Tomko then tags in Christian. Christian taunting to the crowd picks up Haas, however Haas starts elbowing Christian ribs…Haas runs to the ropes, but on his way back he gets clothesline to the canvas. Christian starts stomping Haas. Tomko distracts the Referee as Trish climbs on the apron with Christians IC Belt, but the Referee doesn’t fall for the distraction and tells Trish to get off the apron, however Trish throws the IC title in the ring. Storm runs into the ring and Dropkicks Christian. He then knocks Tomko off the apron, and fights him outside the ring.
Christian and Haas get up slowly, Christian grabs the IC Championship and smacks it over the head of Haas. Christian is pinning Haas however the referee is still telling Trish to get off the apron.

Suddenly Buff Bagwell runs down to the ring, he climbs the turnbuckle and awaits Christian to get to his feet. Christian turn around to Buff and gets hit with the ‘Buff Block-Buster’. Buff drags Haas over Christian for a pin. Buff rolls outside the ring. The Referee turns around to count the pin…1….2……3!

Announcer: The Winner of the match…And still NGW Tag Team Champions…Charlie Haas & Lance Storm!

Buff Bagwell walks back up the ramp with a huge smile on his face….


*Break The Walls Down* plays and pyro blasts on the stage, as Chris Jericho walks down to the ring. Jericho taunts to the crowd, and grabs the microphone from the announcer…

Chris Jericho: Now here is my tag team partner…none other than a fellow Canadian, who I can trust…Edge!

*Never Gonna Stop Me* hits the PA, as smoke fills the entrance ramp. Edge runs down to the ring wearing his black leather jacket. Edge enters the ring as Jericho and himself both await Evolution…

Randy Orton & Dave Batista Vs Chris Jericho & Edge

(12 Minutes Into The match)

Batista and Y2J are the two legal men, as Batista throws Jericho to the ropes, and tries to hit a Spinebuster on Y2J. However Jericho elbows Batista’s head, Jericho quickly tries to go over to Edge for the tag. But Batista stops Jericho with right hand punches, Batista then takes Jericho to the canvas with a Powerful Clothesline Jericho. Batista takes Y2J to the corner turnbuckle near Orton and over tags Orton, however Batista still stays in the ring, Orton awaits Jericho to get up as he gives Jericho a Overdrive. Orton and Batista begin to stomp Jericho, Edge tries to get inside the ring but the referee stops him. Batista finally goes on the apron, and Orton pins Jericho…1…..2…..Edge breaks the count. Orton awaits Y2J to get to his feet…Jericho gets to his feet, as Orton goes for his ‘RKO’…Jericho counters it into a ‘Flashback’. Jericho slowly gets up and tags in Edge. Edge spears Orton, and Batista enters the ring, Edge hits the Edgeucution on Batista. Jericho is on the apron resting, and the referee is aiding to Batista.
But from the crowd…Chris Benoit jumps over the rail, grabs a Steel Chair and climbs inside the ring, he hits Edge with a Steel Chair. Benoit slides outside the ring….

Jim Ross: Wait A Second didn’t Benoit have an injury?

The Rapid Wolverine walks back up the ramp, and Jericho looks up and notices him. Benoit runs, as Jericho runs after him, the two go backstage….

Inside the ring, Orton gets back to his feet. Edge is slowly getting up when Orton executes a ‘RKO’ on Edge, the referee turns around to see Orton pinning Edge….1…..2…….3!

Announcer: The Winners of the match…Randy Orton & Batista!

Evolution Celebrate their victory as NGW Go to a Commercial Break…


Jim Ross: It’s time for the Main Event of this evening, just 24 hours after Shawn Michaels won the World HeavyWeight Title he already has to defend it, against none other than ‘The Game’.

Announcer: The Following Match, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the NGW HeavyWeight Championship of The World!

NGW World HeavyWeight Title Match
Shawn Michaels Vs Triple H

Both men enter the ring, as the Referee rings the bell for NGW Mayhem’s Main Event…

(13 Minutes Into the match)

Triple H irish whips Michaels, and on his return from the ropes Triple H slams him down with a ‘Spinebuster’. Triple H picks up HBK, and locks on a ‘Sleeper Hold’, but Michaels counters it straight away, with a Jaw-Breaker. Both men are on the canvas laying there, The Referee counts…..1……….2……..3……….4………..5……6……….Both men slowly get to their feet….Triple H kicks HBK in the gut, and goes for his ‘Pedigree’…Although HBK lifts Triple H over his back for a counter. HBK climbs to the top turnbuckle, he goes for the ‘Top Rope Elbow Drop’ however Triple H moves out of the way. HBK hits the canvas.
Triple H gets up, Triple H and connects a ‘Running Knee Smash’ to Michaels. Triple H throws Michaels to the turnbuckle corner…but out of nowhere Michaels jumps up on the Turnbuckle and hits The Game with a Moonsault. HBK climbs up the turnbuckle….He hits a ‘Top Rope Elbow Drop’ on Triple H. Michaels gets up straight away and signals the ‘Sweet Chin Music’….but suddenly….

*The Lights Go Out*


*The Lights Turn Back On*

Behind Michaels is a dark shadow, who turns out to be The Undertaker...

Jim Ross: Its Undertaker! He must be the wrestler that was returning tonight!

Jerry Lawler: The Deadman Has Returned!

Undertaker waits for Shawn Michaels to turn around, Shawn does…..and Undertaker grabs HBK’s neck, and slams him down for a chokeslam. Undertaker then grabs Triple H, and plants him with a ‘Tombstone’.

The lights dim, and smoke fills the ring as the Undertaker rolls his eyes….

Jim Ross: Oh My God! Undertaker has made a huge statement here tonight! We’ll see you next week…goodnight!

(NGW Mayhem fades to black, and goes Off-Air)

Quick Results:
NGW Excess (Like WWE's Heat)
Sean O'Haire def Bubba Ray Dudley via Mark Jindrak Interfering
Paul London def Shannon Moore via Shooting Star Press
Shelton Bengamin def Test via Roll-Up

NGW Mayhem
Rey Mysterio def Pyschosis
Kane def Chavo Guerrero Jr
Eugene def Johnny Nitro
NGW Tag Titles- Storm/Haas def Christian/Tomko
Orton/Batista def Edge/ Chris Jericho
NGW World Title- Michaels vs Triple H - No Contest
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great Show, l like the idea of NGW Excess.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Yeah great show JarMac, you deserve hepas of credit for all the work you put in, I'll admit I wasn;t to keen at the beginning but now you've made me a fan.

keep up the great work


The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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