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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Hmmm, I reckon...Umm, Randy Orton or Batista done it.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

(A Video Clip is shown of The Y2J’s attack)

(The NGW Mayhem Video Clip/Intro plays)

Fireworks set off as NGW Rampage begins its 2nd episode!

Jim Ross: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, UpRising is right around the corner, I’m Jim Ross

Jerry Lawler: And I’m Jerry Lawler, UpRising is only 6 days away. And it is sure will be be a night to remember. Where we will crown a New NGW Champion.

*Break The Walls Down* plays, as Chris Jericho walks down the ring with a bandage on his forehead after the brutal attack last Thursday on NGW Rampage.
Chris Jericho climbs up the steel stairs and through the ropes. Chris Jericho grabs the microphone…

Chris Jericho: Last Thursday I got screwed, Last Thursday my chance of winning the NGW HeavyWeight Title went by! As I was lying on the concrete floor backstage. And this is all because of 2 men!
Yes….I do know who you are!
Randy Orton and Batista you had no right on attacking me, you ruined my chance in winning the NGW Title. But now I want something more than the title, I want Revenge!
So Randy, Batista…This is what I am getting at….Randy Orton and Batista verses me…Y2J!!!

*Evolution, Is A Mystery…* Blast throughout the arena! Batista and Randy Orton walk down the ramp and into the ring. Orton has a microphone in hand…

Randy Orton: Last Time I saw you Chris, was face first on the concrete floor….(Randy Laughs)

Chris Jericho suddenly jumps on Randy and punches Randy Orton. Batista picks Y2J…But Jericho them jumps on top of Batista. Jericho now starts punching Batista, however Randy gets up. And stomps Jericho in the back of the head. Batista gets up and helps Randy with a two-on-one attack.

Suddenly Chris Benoit runs down to the ring with a Steel Chair, Evolution quickly rolls out of the ring once Benoit enters the ring. Chris Benoit helps Jericho to his feet as Mayhem heads to a Commercial Break.



Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho are in the locker room.

Chris Benoit: What are you thinking? You taking on both Batista & Orton. You know they don’t play by the rules!
Why don’t I be your Tag Team Partner, Win Or Lose Tonight in my Tournament Match, If I beat Kurt, Well I’ll just have to wrestle twice at UpRising

Chris Jericho: Thanks Chris for the offer, but this is my business.

Chris Benoit: I’m not doing this in spite of it being my business or not. I’m doing this because I want to. Don’t friends need to back one another?

Chris Jericho: Well I could use a tag team partner.

Chris Benoit: Evolution better get ready because they are going see the beating of their lives.



The United States Champion, William Regal is backstage with Eugene.

William Regal: You’ve got a tough challenge tonight Eugene. You’re going head-to-head against Tyson Tomko. Now I’m not too familiar with this Tomko chap, but I’d say that you are going in as the Under-Dog.

Eugene: Can you come with me at ringside Mr Regal?

William Regal: No, Sorry master Eugene, but I think you need to fend for yourself once in a while…


Jim Ross: Eugene will be taking on Tyson Tomko in just a few moments. The winner will take on William Regal at the First New Generation Wrestling pay per view, UpRising. Where Uprising will be held in Michigan’s Pontiac Silverdome.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Number 1 Contendership for the NGW United States Title!

(Tyson Tomko w/Trish vs Eugene- United States #1 Contendership Match)

*Tyson Tomko’s theme* plays, and Tyson Tomko makes his way down to the ring with Trish Stratus. Tyson Tomko slides inside the ring, as Trish stays on the outside.

*Eugene’s* Theme hits the PA. The crowd cheer for Eugene, as he walks down to the ring with a big grin on his face.

(2 Minutes Into The Match)

Tyson Tomko is controlling the match, and is belting the hell out of Eugene. Tomko slams Eugene to the canvas with a Sidewalk Slam. Tyson Tomko applies a Chokehold on Eugene. The Referee tells Tomko to let go. Tyson finally lets go before the count to 5.
Eugene rolls out of the ring, where Trish is. Tyson tries to distract the Referee, while Trish ‘Chick Kicks’ Eugene. The Referee rings the bell…….ding ding ding. The Referee whispers something to the announcer.

Announcer: The Winner of the match by Disqualification……EUGENE!!!

Jerry Lawler: Can you believe that JR? Eugene has defeated Tyson Tomko to become the Number One Contender for William Regal’s United States Championship!

Eugene can’t believe it. While Tyson can’t believe happened! Trish tries to apologise to Tyson, but Tyson just walks up the ramp.
Eugene rolls back inside the ring, the crowd chant "Eugene, Eugene, Eugene". Eugene hugs the referee. Mayhem goes to another commercial break…



Eugene is dancing backstage as William Regal approaches him.

William Regal: Well, Well Master Eugene you did it! You are now the number contender for my United States Championship. I guess I’ll be seeing you in the ring this Sunday….


(Sean O’Haire w/Jindrak vs Bubba Ray Dudley w/D’Von vs Lance Storm w/Haas)

*Natural Born Thrillers* plays, Sean O’Haire walks down the ramp with Mark Jindrak by his side. O’Haire slides in the ring.

*Lance Storm’s theme* plays around the arena. Lance Storm comes out from behind the curtain with Charlie Haas. Lance Storm enters the ring staring down O’Haire

The Dudleys Trademark Bomb Fireworks explode on the set of Mayhem, *Drop The Bombshells* blast through the PA. Bubba Ray runs down to the ring followed by D’Von as Bubba slides in the ring to begin the Triple Threat Match-Up.

(5 Minutes Into The Match)

Bubba clotheslines Sean O’Haire over the top rope. To send him outside of the ring. Bubba Ray Dudley scoop slams Lance Storm, and holds his legs.
The referee keeps his eye on Sean O’Haire while D’Von Dudley climbs up on the turnbuckle. Bubba and D’Von yell, "WASSUP!". D’Von Dives tight on Lance Storm’s groin area. D’Von picks up Lance Storm for a 3-D, and Bubba takes Lance down for the 3-D with a neckbreaker. Mark Jindrak grabs D’Von's leg from outside the ring and pulls him out of the ring. Charlie Haas then helps out D’Von by attacking Jindrak. The 3 of them battle outside the ring. While Bubba is covering Lance inside the ring, but the Referee is focusing on the 3 men fighting outside the ring. O’Haire goes to the turnbuckle, and jumps off the Turnbuckle and connects a ‘Seanton Bomb’ on Bubba Ray. O’Haire pins, and the referee turns his attention to the pinfall..……1…..2……3!

Announcer: The Winner of The Match…Sean O'haire



Eddie Guerrero is walking backstage, when Kane bumps into him on purpose.

Eddie: Take it easy Esse, calm down! Just because you lost your tournament match last week is no reason to be all aggressive homes! I lost too but you don't see me like that...

Kane suddenly punches Eddie in the face to knock him down. Kane then picks up Eddie and throws him to the wall.

Kane: Nobody tells me to calm down!

Mayhem goes to a Commercial Break…


2nd Half of NGW Mayhem

NGW Mayhem comes back from the Commercial Break where Shannon Moore is in the ring awaiting his opponent…

*Dave Batista’s* theme plays as he walks down the ramp and into the ring, Intimidating Shannon Moore.

(Shannon Moore vs Dave Batista)

(45 Seconds Into the match)

Dave Batista controls the match easily. And finishes Moore with a Sit-Down Powerbomb, the Referee counts the pinfall …1…2…3!

Batista celebrates his victory when all of a sudden…Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit come through the crowd and attack Batista from behind. Jericho gives Batista a few punches to the head. Jericho locks on the ‘Walls Of Jericho’ while Benoit locks on ‘The Crippler Crossface’ on Batista at the same time. Randy Orton rushes down to the ring with a steel chair. He smashes the chair over the skull of Y2J, and Benoit. The two Canadian’s lay on the canvas after the steel chair shots. Orton helps up Batista. Dave Batista lifts up Chris Jericho for a Sit-Down Powerbomb. While Randy Orton RKO’s The Rapid Wolverine. Evolution celebrate and make their way back up the ramp smiling as Benoit and Jericho lay on the canvas. NGW Mayhem goes to a Commercial Break.


*Backstage Interview*

Mike Tenay is backstage with Chavo Guerrero Jr

Mike Tenay: Chavo, This Sunday you have a chance to become the first ever NGW CruiserWeight Champion…

Chavo: I have more than a chance Tenay, I am one of the greatest cruiserweights alive. Of course I have more than a chance.

Mike Tenay: Do you have any idea who the mystery wrestler is?

Chavo: Not at all, but it really doesn’t matter who this mystery cruiserweight is. Because whoever he is, I will just have to beat him to become the cruiserweight champion. This Sunday I will capture the CruiserWeight Championship and prove to everyone what Chavo Guerrero Jr is all about!


Jim Ross: Welcome back to NGW Mayhem, Chavo seems very confident for his match this Sunday, where he will be taking on not one, but another 3 men. However we only know who one of those men will be. And that is Rey Mysterio Jr. One of the other men, will be determined by a singles match this Thursday at NGW Rampage! And the other man is a mystery and we will all find out who this mystery man is at UpRising, Live on pay per view on Sunday 30th Of May, which is this weekend

(Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero)

*Can You Dig It Sucka* Blasts through the P.A, as Booker T walks down the ramp with the crowd booing the 5-time wCw Champion. The pyro blasts from behind Booker walking down the ramp. He enters the ring…

*I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal* Sounds throughout the arena, as Eddie walks down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Eddie was attacked earlier tonight by the Big Red Machine, so Eddie is not at 100%

Eddie rolls inside the ring taunting to the crowd, The Referee rings the bell…

(6 Minutes Into The Match)

Eddie slams Booker down with a Belly-To-Back suplex, Eddie covers…1….2…Kick Out. Eddie picks Booker however Booker low blows Eddie. Booker T slowly gets up, he awaits Eddie Guerrero to get up on two feet. Eddie gst up, but goes back to the canvas by Booker’s Harlem Sidekick. Booker T picks Eddie up and has Eddie in the position for a ‘BookEnd’ Eddie quickly escapes, but elbowing Booker T in the head. Eddie tries to Clothesline Booker, but Booker T ducks and Eddie hits the referee instead. Eddie doesn’t worry about the referee and starts to kick Booker in the ribs. Eddie snap suplex’s Booker T. And looks up to the Turnbuckle, the crowd chant "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie" as Guerrero climbs to the top rope ready to plant a ‘Frog Splash’ but all of a sudden…Kane makes his way down to the ring. Kane is about to get inside the ring, but Eddie jumps from the Turnbuckle to hit a ‘CrossBody’ to Kane. Kane gets knocked down.
Eddie then goes back into the ring to finish off Booker. Eddie locks the El Paso on Booker T, Kane gets up from the outside of the ring and enters the ring. He hits Eddie with a Big Boot. Followed with a Chokeslam. Kane rolls out of the ring, Booker T covers Eddie, The Referee slowly sees the cover…1….2….3!

Announcer: The Winner of the match…Booker T!

Jim Ross: Kane has cost Eddie this match-up! What is Kane’s Problem?

Jerry Lawler: Eddie is Kane’s Problem, and I would think this is far from over.

Eddie finally gets back up to his feet, and grabs the microphone…

Eddie Guerrero: KANE! I’ve had enough of this interfering with you. Homes…, I want you in this ring this Thursday on Rampage!

*Commercial Break*



Eric Bischoff is sitting in his office when Johnny Nitro enters the office…

Eric Bischoff: Johnny! This week’s rampage is sure to be a great one! We have Kane and Eddie in a match, and I will reveal the New 'New Generation Wrestling HeavyWeight Title' to the two competitors fighting for the title at UpRising. Talking about UpRising…The Tag Team Titles will be on the line in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match!
Where it will be the Dudley Boys verses O’Haire & Jindrak verses Storm & Haas!

Johnny Nitro: That’s all good to hear Mr Bischoff, however NGW is only missing one thing as of late, and that is Johnny Nitro.

Eric Bischoff: I haven’t forgot about you, of a matter of fact next week Johnny Nitro will be making his on-air ring debut right here in the NGW! You will face my Nephew…Eugene. And it could possibly even by for the United States Championship if Eugene wins this Sunday!

Johnny Nitro: Thanks Mr Bischoff!



Victoria is backstage taking to the NGW Make-up artist…
When Trish walks past, and notices Victoria’s Womens title.

Trish Stratus: You better enjoy that title while you still have it, because come UpRising, I will be the one walking out with that very title…

Victoria: Is that so…You will be in the position you are used to after I defeat you to retain my title, you will be on the floor on your back!

Trish slaps Victoria and pounces on her. The to women roll around on the floor slaping one another until 3 Referee’s come to break up the fight…


Jim Ross: There is a lot of jealousy showing from Trish Stratus as of late. Eric Bischoff has announced a few matches. Next week here on Mayhem, Johnny Nitro will make his on-air NGW Debut, Against Eugene! Also this Thursday on Rampage, Eddie will be taking on Kane looking for some revenge. While Eric Bischoff will reveal the NGW HeavyWeight Title.

Jerry Lawler: How about the Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match JR?

Jim Ross: Yes we have 6 matches already announced for UpRising…Which one will be the Tag Team Title Match between The Dudleys, O’Haire & Jindrak and Storm & Haas.
Also at UpRising, Victoria will be facing Trish for the Womens Championship. The US Title will be on the line when Eugene takes on the US Champion, William Regal. After UpRising will the two still have a friendly relationship if you can call it that?
Plus Jericho and Benoit will take on two men from evolution…Orton and Batista!
All that and more this Sunday!

Announcer: The following contest is the Semi-Final for the NGW Heavyweight Championship…

(Triple H vs Shawn Michaels – NGW HeavyWeight Semi-Final Tournament Match)

*"The Game" By Drowning Pool" Blasts through the arena, as Triple H walks down to the ring with a bottle of water. He climbs up the apron and takes a drink of the bottled water before spitting it out. Thousands of flashes go off around the arena…

*Sexy Boy* plays, as Shawn Michaels walks down the ramp dancing, he does his Trademark taunt and fireworks go off on the set behind him. The heart break kid climbs in the ring as the bell rings to get the Semi-Final match started…

(10 minutes into the match)

Triple H takes HBK down with a knee smash. The game picks up Michaels from the canvas. HHH throws HBK to the ropes, and attempts a clothesline, however HBK ducks it, and bounces on the ropes again and hits Triple H with a flying clothesline. Both men fall to the ground, as the Referee counts….1…..2……3…….4…….5…….HBK slowly gets up, he sees the Turnbuckle and climbs up it. HBK jumps off the turnbuckle and tries to hit an elbow drop, but HHH moves out of the way, HBK goes crashing down to the canvas. Triple H goes to the outside and grabs his Sledgehammer, he puts it on the apron. Triple H goes over to one of the turnbuckle pads, and un-ties it. The referee then goes over to the turnbuckle and spends time re-tieing it.
Triple H picks up the Sledgehammer, as HBK slowly gets to his feet. The Game runs towards HBK in the corner, but out of nowhere…HBK hits a sweet chin music, HBK covers, as the referee notices….1…2….3!

Announcer: The winner of the match and advanced to the Final at UpRising…The Heart Break Kid…Shawn Michaels!!!

The crowd cheers for Michaels, as he taunts to the crowd and celebrates his victory!

NGW Mayhem goes to the last commercial break of the evening.


Jim Ross: Who will face Shawn Michaels at UpRising, will it be Kurt Angle? Or will it be Chris Benoit?

Announcer: The following contest is the Semi-Final for the NGW Heavyweight Championship…

(Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit – NGW HeavyWeight Semi-Final Tournament Match)

*Medal* plays, the crowd chant, "YOU SUCK" as Kurt Angle walks down to the ring. He stops on the ramp for a moment while Fireworks go off. Kurt rolls inside the ring…

*Whatever – By Our Lady Peace* Play around the Arena as Chris Benoit walks down to the ring with his set on going to UpRising to fight for the NGW Title…Benoit climbs in the ring as the Mayhem Main Event begins…

(9 Minutes Into the match)

Kurt Angle misses a Moonsault after Benoit moves out of the way. Move men are down, but Benoit slowly gets up to his feet, so does Kurt. Kurt runs to Benoit attempting a clothesline, but Benoit counters the clothesline and locks on the ‘Crippler Crossface’. Will Kurt Tap? Kurt looks to tap, but manages to grab the rope to cause a rope break. Chris Benoit irish whips Kurt to the ropes, Kurt ducks the clothesline and Benoit accidently knocks the referee down. Kurt approaches Benoit…but Benoit kicks Kurt in the ribs and Benoit grabs Kurt from the back for multiple German Suplex’s. After hitting the last German Suplex, Benoit climbs the turnbuckle. And hits the swan-dive headbutt…Benoit covers but there is no referee to count.
Chris Benoit goes over to the referee to help him back to his feet…Kurt comes up from behind Chris Benoit with a roll-up, Kurt grabs Benoit’s tights….1….2….3!

Jim Ross: Oh No! Kurt was grabbing Chris Benoit’s tights…he can’t do that!

Jerry Lawler: I didn’t see Kurt grabbing any tights? Kurt won fair and sqaure!

Jim Ross: So this means, the UpRising Main Event will be Shawn Michaels taking on Kurt Angle for the NGW Championship!

Kurt Angle celebrates while Benoit is in shock.
NGW Mayhem fades off-air…


Quick Results:
Eugene def Tyson Tomko via DQ to become the US #1 Contender
Sean O’Haire def Bubba Dudley & Lance Storm
Batista def Shannon Moore via Pinfall
Booker T def Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall
Shawn Michaels def Triple H via Pinfall in the NGW Title Semi Final Tournament
Kurt Angle def Chris Benoit via Pinfall in the NGW Title Semi Final Tournament


NGW Uprising Current Card:

NGW World HeavyWeight Title Match
Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho Vs Randy Orton & Batista

10 Man IC Battle Royal: Including-
John Cena, Booker T, R.V.D, Christian, Shelton Benjamen, Edge, Rene Dupree, Shane Douglas, Billy Gunn & A Mystery Entry

NGW Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Dudley Boys Vs Lance Storm & Charlie Haas Vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire

NGW Womens Championship Match
Victoria Vs Trish Stratus

NGW CruiserWeight Fatal 4 Way Match
Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Qualifer Vs A Mystery C-W

NGW United States Championship Match
William Regal Vs Eugene

*Please Note…Matches are subjected to change.

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

What a guess!

Anyway, GOOD show, should be interesting to see Eugene verses William Regal

9/10 Nothing Bad at all.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

NGW Thursday Night Rampage, Thursday 3rd June, 2004

With only 3 days until NGW UpRising, Eric Bischoff will reveal the title to the challengers Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels! A Lot of tension is sure to occur. Eddie will go in singles action against The Big Red Machine. We will find out who the 3rd man to enter the 4-man CruiserWeight title match. Victoria takes on Molly Holly although not for the Womens Championship...
All this and more....Thursday on ESPN!
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!


3rd June, 2004 - Boston, MA!

(A Video Clip is shown of The Y2J revealing who attacked him last week)

(The NGW Rampage Video Clip/Intro plays)

Fireworks set off on the new set of New Generation Wrestling Rampage

Tony Schiavone: We are only 3 days to NGW’s first ever Pay Per View, UpRising! We are showing Rampage from Boston, Massachusetts.

Coach: UpRising is looking to be great, as well as tonight. We have the two competitors who are facing one another in 3 days for the NGW Championship, who will both be in the ring at the same time to reveal the NGW Championship.

Tony Schiavone: That will sure as hell be a dynamite ready to explode!

(John Cena/ Billy Gunn/ RVD Vs Christian/ Shane Douglas/ Booker T)

*Word Life* blasts through the PA, John Cena makes his way down to the ramp and into the ring to begin Rampage.
John Cena grabs the microphone off The NGW Ring Announcer…

John Cena: Yo Yo Yo, I want all of Boston to make some noise! (Crowd Cheer)
John Cena will be the IC Champ come Sunday Night,
Booker T don’t have a chance, and wont even put on a fight
10 Men Will Enter, Only 1 Will Win,
I’ll be the greatest IC Champ their has ever been!
No-one will get into John Cena’s way
Because this Sunday will be my day!
(Crowd Cheer and starting chanting "Cena, Cena, Cena")

After Billy Gunn, RVD, Christian, Booker T and Shane Douglas come out with their entrances the match begins…

Tony Schiavone: These 6-men will compete in the Over the Top Battle Royal this Sunday live on PPV for the IC Championship. Also Shelton Benjamin, Edge, Ren Dupree, and another spot is still left vacant.

(11 Minutes Into Match)

Billy Gunn and Christian are the legal men, while Booker T & Cena and RVD & Franchise fight on the outside. Billy Gunn takes Christian down to the canvas with a brainbuster. Billy Gunn signals the ‘Fame-A-ser’, Christian slowly gets back to his feet as Billy Gunn runs towards Christian for the ‘Fame-A-ser’. However Christian does a quick low blow to Billy Gunn. Christian then connects a ‘UnPrettier’ to The One Billy Gunn, Christian Covers as the 4 men still fight outside the ring, not noticing the pinfall…..1…..2…..3!

Announcer: Your winners…Christian, Shane Douglas and Booker T!

The 4-men still continue to fight after the match, however Christian sneaks back up the ramp, when all of a sudden Edge comes out from the top of the ramp and spears Christian. Edge stands over Christian and he yells, " That Title is mine…This Sunday".

Tony Schiavone: Mayhem has broken out everywhere, I can’t imagine what it will be like this Sunday!

NGW cuts to a Commercial


(Nunzio w/ Johnny Stamboli Vs The Hurricane)

Hurricane and Nunzio both have entered the ring, although Nunzio has brought Johnny to ringside.

(4 Minutes Into the match)

Hurricane ducks a clothesline from Nunzio, and takes Nunzio straight to the canvas with ‘The Eye Of The Hurricane’, Hurricane covers…1…..2…Johnny puts Nunzio’s foot on the ropes. Hurricane then goes to the top rope, however while Nunzio distracts the referee, Johnny pushes Hurricane off the turnbuckle causing Hurricane to hit the canvas hard. Nunzio pins Hurricane, and Johnny holds Hurricanes foot down so he can’t escape the pinfall…1….2…..3!

Announcer: The winner of the match…Nunzio!

Nunzio celebrates his win, but not for too long until Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli, double team Hurricane.

Coach: Where is Rosey? Shouldn’t he be helping out his tag team partner?

Johnny executes a ‘Top rope leg drop’ to the defenseless Hurricane. The two continue to stomp Hurricane, then celebrate with the crowd booing Nunzio & Johnny as NGW Rampage goes to a Commercial.



Rosey just turns up to the arena, walking down the backstage corridor, as Hurricane holding his neck after the 2-on-1 attack.

Rosey: Sorry Hurricane, I just turned up, got stuck in traffic….What happened to you?

Hurricane: You turn up late? Wassup with dat? The Hurricane got attack by both Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli, and I wonder were you are. You are a Super-Hero in training.



Jindrak & O’Haire are in their locker room. When there is a knock on the door…

O’Haire: Come In…

The person comes in, and its none other than ‘Stacy Keibler

Stacy: Hi Boys, I couldn’t help notice you kicking ass last week…in which I was wondering, if you need a manager?

Both O’Haire and Jindrak smile, and they don’t even have to think what their answer will be.

O’Haire: Of Course!

Jindrak: Let me be the first to say welcome to the team, of the Natural Born Thrillers! Seeing as though you are ALL natural you will fit in perfect here! Just as perfect as those Tag Team Titles will this Sunday, when they also become a part of the Natural Born Thrillers and most dominate Tag Team here in NGW!


The Cameras shows the Boston crowd, but cuts to the stage when….

*Break the walls down* blast through the PA. Jericho walks down to the ring with a microphone in hand. Y2J enters the ring, The King of the world, is about to talk but the crowd interrupt him with a ‘Y2J’ Chant through-out the arena!

Chris Jericho: This Sunday is going to be the Uprise of Chris Jericho! I will finally get my hands on both Batista and Randy Orton, the two men that stopped me from my dream of becoming NGW Champion. But I’m putting my championship winning’s on hold for now, as I am looking for revenge!
And I couldn’t have a better person by my side, Chris Benoit!
Lets bring out the man, that will be my tag team partner to team up against Evolution…The Canadian Crippler…Chris Benoit!

*Whatever* plays, Chris Benoit walks down to the ring, with his toothless smile! Benoit climbs inside the ring and shakes Y2J’s hand.

Chris Jericho: Batista…Orton you better be ready come Sunday, because your getting a Canadian Ass-Kicking from myself and The Rapid Wolverine.
(Jericho gives the microphone to Benoit)

Chris Benoit: That’s Right, I Can assure everyone here that the Uprising, will not be the Uprising of Evolution, but The Uprising of myself and Chris Jericho! I may have lost my chance to capture the NGW Title, but alike Chris Jericho I am out for revenge that has been long waiting!

Before Benoit can say anything else…

*Evolution is a Mystery…* hits the PA, Batista and Orton walk out from behind the curtain. But wait at the start of the entrance ramp. Orton has a microphone and begins to speak:

Randy Orton: Thats where you two stupid Canadians are wrong! Sunday night will be Evolution’s night, and when you two wake up Monday Morning, you’ll then realise evolution just passed you by. I was thinking of putting you two under the list of Legends I have killed, but since you actually haven’t done anything. But after this Sunday you will be remembered as the two men that thought they could be ‘The Legend Killer’.

Chris Benoit: Me and Chris Jericho will PROVE YOU WRONG! Why don’t we prove you wrong right here, right now!

Randy Orton & Batista then run up the ring, but stop just before entering the ring. They then turn around and walk back up the ramp as NGW Rampage go to a Commercial.



Randy Orton and Batista are packing their bags in their locker room, ready to leave the arena, as NGW Owner ,Eric Bischoff approaches the two…

Eric Bischoff: And where may you two be going?

Randy Orton: Out of this stinking city, haven’t you heard the Boston Accent, it can drive anyone crazy!

Eric Bischoff: Well your not going anywhere, because tonight I have booked a match. It will be Chris Benoit in one corner, and in the other…….Dave BATISTA!

Batista: What? No way…

Eric Bischoff: Well if you do not turn up to the match, don’t bother turning up here in NGW ever again!

(Eric walks out of the locker room)


Tony Schiavone: Welcome back to New Generation Wrestling Rampage! Mr Bischoff just made a match for later this evening, Batista will verse Chris Benoit. Plus Eddie Guerrero has his chance to payback Kane, also the unveil of the NGW World Heavyweight Championship with Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels and NGW Owner Mr Eric Bischoff will also take place.
But right now, we have a CruiserWeight match-up, and the winner will go into the Fatal 4-Way match at the PPV this Sunday at UpRising for the CruiserWeight Championship.

(Akio w/Sakoda Vs Ultimo Dragon)

The two Japanese cruiser-weight’s have entered the ring to begin the match…

(5 Minutes Into the match)

Ultimo dives from the top rope, and hits a Corkscrew Moonsault on Akio…1….2…Kick Out. Ultimo Dragon attempts the ‘Ultimo DDT’ however Akio blocks Ultimo’s finisher and pushes him to the ropes. Sakoda at ringside trips Ultimo’s feet while bouncing to the ropes. Ultimo gets up straight away to see Sakoda, Akio quickly does a roll-up pin on Ultimo Dragon…1…..2….Kick Out. Close pinfall.
Akio argues with the Referee that it was a 3 count, while Akio is distracting the Referee, Sakoda rolls into the ring, and while Ultimo is getting up from the canvas when Sakoda rolls inside the ring and connects a ‘Japanese Buzzsaw Kick to the back of the head of Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo drops back down to the canvas. As Sakoda rolls out of the ring, Akio stops distracting the referee, and picks up Ultimo Dragon for the ‘Yang-Time’. Akio finishes Ultimo with the ‘Yang-Time’, as he covers Ultimo…1….2……3!

Announcer: The winner of the match…and qualifying in the Fatal 4-way match at NGW Uprising…Akio!

Akio & Sakoda celebrate the Victory, but then start stomping on Ultimo Dragon…However then…Rey Mysterio runs down to the entrance and into the ring. Rey jumps on the turnbuckle and does a Moonsault from the turnbuckle landing on both Akio & Sakoda. The two roll out of the ring. Chavo Guerrero then runs down to the ring, Chavo enters the ring and Rey takes Chavo Guerrero Jr down with a Headscissors Takedown. Chavo goes over to lean on the 2nd rope, Mysterio signals the 6-1-9. The crowd cheer, as Rey kicks Chavo in the head while doing the 6-1-9.
Rey follows the 6-1-9, with the ‘West Coast Pop’. Rey cheers and does a title taunt, meaning he wants that Cruiserweight title around his waist this Sunday.

Coach: Rey is cleaning house tonight!

Tony Schiavone: What an awesome display of Cruiserweight wrestling from Rey Mysterio. We will see you after this short commercial break…



Eddie Guerrero is seen preparing for his match-up against Kane later tonight.


(Victoria Vs Molly Holly- Non Title Match)

Announcer: The following contest is a Non-Title Match….

Victoria & Molly Holly are both in the ring ready to begin the match.

(4 Minutes Into the match)

Victoria controls the majority of the match, until Molly Holly eye pokes the Womens Champion. Molly then short clotheslines Victoria. Molly connects a Snap Suplex to Victoria, Molly Pins….1…2….Kick Out. Molly bounces on the ropes to gain speed for a massive elbow drop, however Victoria rolls out of the way causing Molly to hit the canvas hard. The two women slowly get to their feet, Victoria kicks Molly in the gut, and executes the ‘Widows Peak’, The Champion covers Molly…1…..2……3!

Announcer: The winner of the match…Victoria!

Trish runs down to the ring, as the referee is handing Victoria back her championship, Trish comes from behind Victoria and clotheslines her. Victoria falls down, Trish then picks up Victoria and plants Victoria back to the canvas with a StratusFaction Buldog.
Trish then steals the microphone off the NGW Announcer…

Trish Stratus: You better cherish that title, and love it while you still have it! Because when you turn up to Mayhem next Monday you will be empty handed!

Trish throws the microphone to the floor and walks back up the ramp….


*Video Clip plays of Eugene, training for his match at UpRising in the NGW Training Centre. Eugene is shocked to see when ‘Jimmy Snuka’ turns up.

Snuka: EUGENE!

Eugene: It’s Superfly!!! (Eugene starts flying like an plane)

Snuka: Going into your match this Sunday, I think you may need a few tips….would you like me to teach you a thing or two?

Eugene, with his fingers in his mouth nods his head.

A Video Package shows Superfly teaching Eugene the Frog Splash…*Video Package Ends*



We cut to backstage where Eugene is seen in his locker room, Eugene is punching a Punching Bag, Eugene punches the bag pretty hard, but on its way back the punching bag knocks Eugene down from his feet.
Eric Bischoff then enters the Locker Room…

Eric Bischoff: Eugene! Congratulations…how did you do it? Defeat Tyson Tomko, now thats something. You have your chance this Sunday against William Regal for the US title, good luck to you, and break a leg…..("Literally"…Bischoff mutters under his breath)

Eugene: Thanks Uncle Eric!

*Commercial Break*

(Chris Benoit Vs Dave Batista)

Both Benoit and Batista stare down one another once both have entered the squared circle. The referee rings the bell to get this bout started….Ding Ding Ding!

(8 Minutes Into the match)

Batista hits a huge clothesline on Benoit sending him down to the canvas. Batista picks up Benoit, and hits another clothesline on Benoit, Batista picks up Benoit once again, attempts another clothesline but this time The Rapid Wolverine ducks the clothesline and does a ‘German Suplex’. But Benoit doesn’t let go after the first German Suplex, but he does 3 another German Suplex’s.
Benoit climbs up top rope, he leaps across the ring for a ‘Swan-Dive Headbutt’. However just in time, Batista moves out of the way, causing Benoit to go face first crashing down to the canvas. Both men take a while to get to their feet, Batista gets to his feet first.
Batista knees Benoit in the ribs, ready for a ‘PowerBomb’, Batista lifts Benoit up but in mid-air Benoit counters the PowerBomb and turns it into a ‘Crippler Cross-Face’. It doesn’t take long at all for Dave Batista to tap…..Batista Taps!!!

Announcer: The winner of the match…Chris Benoit!

Randy Orton comes rushing down to the ring, he gives Benoit a RKO to the canvas. Batista slowly gets up, then both Orton and Batista double team…
On the Titantron…Y2J is seen walking past a monitor that is showing Benoit getting attacked by Orton, & Batista.
Jericho rushes down a corridor and turns a corner, where Triple H is with a chair. Triple H gives Jericho a Head-Chair Shot. Jericho begins to bleed. Evolution have successfully attacked both Canadians, Benoit and Jericho!

Coach: Looks like Evolution has outsmarted both Jericho and Benoit. Will it be the same outcome this Sunday?

*Commercial Break*


Tony Schiavone: Our next and final match of the evening will be Eddie Guerrero vs Kane!

Pyro blasts on the set… *Slow Chemical* plays on the speakers throughout the arena as Kane walks down the ramp. Kane is walking down the entrance ramp, when all of a sudden Eddie Guerrero runs down with a steel chair from behind Kane. He smacks the Chair to the back of Kane. Kane falls to his knees. Eddie give another Chair shot, but this time to Kane’s Skull.
Eddie gets on top of Kane and starts hammering away at him with right hand punches. The Referee’s have to pull Eddie off Kane.

Coach: Oh My God! Eddie really wanted payback, and Kane sure as hell got it! Somebody stop this mad man!

Tony Schiavone: It seems like this match isn’t going to take place, well at least tonight it won’t.

The Referee’s finally get Eddie off Kane, and escort him Backstage…

*Commercial Break*


Eddie is still being escorted by Referee’s and Security, as Eric Bischoff is walking past him ready to head to the ring…

Eddie: I want Kane in 3 days! (Yelling)

Eric Bischoff: You want it you got it! At UPRISING!!!

(Eddie as a huge smile on his face while being escorted out of the building)


Tony Schiavone: Talking about UpRising we are only 3 days from it, and we have a Huge Fantastic Card…
We have William Regal defending the US Championship against Eugene! Akio who won his match earlier tonight will be in the 4-way match for the CruiserWeight title against Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero Jr and another Mystery CruiserWeight. Victoria defends her Womens Championship against Trish Stratus. In a Tag Team Triple Threat match-up Storm and Haas will take on Dudleys and O’Haire & Jindrak for the NGW Tag Titles.
Another match made tonight, where Kane takes on Eddie Guerrero.

Plus the IC Championship will be up for grabs in a 10-man Over the top Battle Royal. Orton and Batista will take on the team of Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho.

And for the main event we have the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels who will verse the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle!

It should be one hell of a night!

*I’m Back* plays through out the arena, Bischoff walks down to the ring with a black briefcase. He gets inside the ring and grabs the microphone…

Eric Bischoff: This Sunday NGW brings you their first ever pay per view. And in the main event will be two of some of greatest talent to ever step inside the squared circle. They will both be competing to NGW’s biggest prize of them all…
Now Please welcome one of those men…The American Hero Kurt Angle!

*Medal* sounds as they crowd chant, ‘YOU SUCK!’ to the Gold Medalist. Kurt Angle walks down to the ring with his ‘Red, White, And Blue Tracksuit’ on.. Kurt’s pyro goes off as he then approaches the ring.

Eric Bischoff: And now welcome the other man…The Heart Break Kid…Shawn Michaels!

*Sexy Boy* blasts through the speakers are the crowd cheer for the man who will take on Kurt Angle in 3 days live on Pay Per View. Shawn Michaels walks down to the ring as his Fireworks goes off as he taunts.
Kurt Angle stares down at HBK, when he enters the ring…

Eric Bischoff: Guys, Guys we don’t want any fighting tonight. Tonight we want to reveal the NEW NGW World Title. This is the title that both of you will compete for in just a matter of a few days, so lets stop all the suspense and reveal it now…

Eric Bischoff grabs the brief-case and opens it…Eric takes out the New World Title (That looks alike the old wCw World Title)….As Eric is showing the crowd the title, Kurt Angle grabs it off him straight away. He taunts with the title, and tries to take a shot at HBK with the title, however Shawn Michaels ducks and gives Kurt some ‘Sweet Chin Music’.
Shawn Michaels then picks up the title, and taunts to the crowd as Kurt is lying flat on the canvas….

NGW Rampage goes off-air…


Quick Results:
[i]Christian, Booker T & Shane Douglas def Billy Gunn, John Cena & RVDvia Pinfall
Nunziodef Hurricane via Pinfall
Akio def Ultimo Dragon via Pinfall
Victoria def Molly Holly via Pinfall
Kane vs Eddie Guerrero No Contest


This Sunday LIVE ON PPV!

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Anyone reading this?
Cause I haven't any feedback in quite a while?

No point in me doing it if nobody is gonna read...
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Good shows and good build-ups. I'm liking all the feuds. Keep this work up because I'm liking the shows.


Grand Theft Wiki

"The wiki is pretty good. For some of the older games, where I just want to remember a particular person's name or a particular brand or something, it's probably in our records, but some of the detailed stuff from the wiki is amazing and we love it." - Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

I'll try to write the ppv today or tomorrow.
Your tips for the ppv?


NGW Uprising Current Card:

NGW World HeavyWeight Title Match

Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels
We started with 8 wrestlers, now only 2 remain.These two superstars both have the chance in taking home the World Championship...However only one will. Who will it be?

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho Vs Randy Orton & Batista
Evolution screwed Jericho in the World Title Tournament, now he is putting his glory to hold as he seeks revenge.

Eddie Guerrero Vs Kane
This is sure to be a hell of a fight! Both Kane & Eddie have been attacking one another for the past few weeks. Can they put this rivalry to an end?

10 Man IC Battle Royal: Including-
John Cena, Booker T, R.V.D, Christian, Shelton Benjamen, Edge, Rene Dupree, Shane Douglas, Billy Gunn & A Mystery Entry
10 Men enter, all for the same goal to becoming the IC Champion. And who will be the mystery entry?

NGW Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Dudley Boys Vs Lance Storm & Charlie Haas Vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire

NGW Womens Championship Match
Victoria Vs Trish Stratus

NGW CruiserWeight Fatal 4 Way Match
Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Akio Vs A Mystery C-W

NGW United States Championship Match
William Regal Vs Eugene
Eugene shocked the world with his win against Tyson Tomko, when he became the #1 contender for Regal's own US title. Can this be the end of their relationship or is this just the begining?

All this and more when NGW Brings you....NGW UPRISING!
Tonight Live on PPV

*Please Note…Matches are subjected to change.

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Hey..just started reading this..
Man those are some shows..Cant wait for UPRISING!
I reckon either Kidman or London will be the mystery C-W
And I wanna know who mystery man in the battle royal will be..
What happened to The Game..No storyline for him as of yet..
But these shows are great shows man!!

Uprising will be great..Kurt Angle will win I guess
Eugene and Regal..Interesting to see what happens
And U can keep the same length of matches for PPVs also coz well... I dont read full matches.. I only read the last paragraph..

Keep it Man!! This is Indeed Great!!!!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Thanks Sibtain.

Triple H made a appereance last week, and got beaten in the 8-man tourny.
Who knows he might be on Mayhem or even the ppv :P

Thats alright you reading the last paragraph,
I know for me that it can be hard and too long to read slabs of writing on the pc.

But anyway, lets see if those predictions are right

The PPV Will be up in a few hours,
I have written 4 matches so far.

The matches are a bit longer for the PPV.

Any other predictions?
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