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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great preview can't wait to read Rampage.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Originally Posted by JarMac
Actually Orton17 that isnt my real voice
I distort it, tone it, and all that stuff using a program.
I know, I guess no body caught onto that I was joking. I guess the joke was that bad.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

NGW Voltage
Disco Inferno w/Rico defeated Jamie Noble via the Last Dance (time 3:56)

Tyson Tomko defeated Too Cool via a powerbomb to Grand Master Sexay (time 4:13)

Intercontinental Title Match- Christian w/Trish Stratus defeated Maven via the Impaler (time 3:30)

Booker T & John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Buff Bagwell & Garrison Cade via the Clothesline From Hell to Cade (time 5:49)




(A Video Package of the Triple H/Angle match made on the latest edition of ‘NGW Mayhem)

*The NGW Rampage intro plays on the Titantron, as ‘Lost Control by Grinspoon’ sounds throughout the sold out arena in Pittsburgh, PA…*

*Fireworks Explode on the set*

Tony Schiavone: Welcome to NGW Rampage…Live from Pittsburgh. And tonight we have got a great show as always. Just made now is the 10-man Tag Team Main Event. Chris Jericho, John Cena, Edge and World Champion Shawn Michaels will face the team of Kurt Angle, Triple H, Randy Orton, and Chris Benoit!

Coach: And for the 2nd time in the same week, John Cena and Edge have to team up…much to their dislike.

Tony Schiavone: And also tonight, Rosey will face the Hurricane. Which should be an interesting match.

*Sexy Boy* plays across the arena, The World Champion walks down to the ring high fiving a few fans with his World Championship around his waist. He climbs inside the ring and grabs the microphone from the NGW Announcer…

Shawn Michaels: Last Sunday, I separated, Fact from Fiction…FACT…I am still the show-stopper…FICTION…Kurt Angle and Triple H are worthy of this very same Championship I have around my waist.
But at SummerSlam I will just have to kick one of there asses again…which is fine by me! And next Monday…I am the Special Guest Referee. And over the past few days, people have been asking if I am going to call the match down the middle…well I will…but if either Kurt or Hunter gets in my face…then I will just have to do what is necessary.

*Shawn Michaels exits the ring*



Sylvan Grenier and Rene Dupree walk past Eugene backstage…

Dupree (To Eugene): You do know William hates you now!

Eugene: No he doesn’t, he told me that he doesn’t...he is my friend.

Sylvan: Yeah, he does…he told us he did.

Eugene: That’s not true…

Rene: He said, that ever since you cost him the United States Championship, that he can’t stand to look at you anymore.

Eugene seems disappointed and sad…Eugene walks off down the corridor…

Coach: How could William Regal say he forgave Eugene and then turn his back on him. What a cruel man!

Tony Schiavone: You know damn right, that William Regal did not say that. I think this is just to play mind games with poor little Eugene.

Eugene w/William Regal Vs. Sylvan Grenier w/Rene Dupree

(6 Minutes into the Match)

Eugene makes Sylvan tap out after a Regal (Eugene) Stretch.

Winner: Eugene

After the match William Regal and Eugene celebrate their victory… William Regal goes to shake Eugene’s hand, but Eugene walks away from William Regal.



Cena and Edge are backstage in their locker room arguing about Edge’s accidental spear to John Cena earlier in the week on Mayhem. They are in each other’s face until Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels break up the two men.

Jericho: Guys…C’mon…Tonight we are a team, and we better start acting like it.

Tony Schiavone: Jericho and Shawn Michaels are trying to get Cena and Edge just to cooperate for one night…as easy as that may sound…it isn’t.

*TEST…THIS IS A TEST* plays, Test walks down to the ring in his wrestling gear. Test climbs on the apron and steps over the top rope. After inside the ring, Test snatches the microphone from the NGW Announcer…

Test: I’m only going to say this once, because I want to leave this craphole of a town as soon as possible. I’m challenging any wrestler backstage…right here…right now…

*I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal…* blasts throughout the arena.

Eddie Guerrero appears at the top of the ramp as the crowd gets up to their feet cheering on the ‘Latino Heat’. Eddie Guerrero has a few bandages around his ribs and skull; Eddie walks down to the ring, and then enters the ring.

Tony Schiavone: Eddie seems to have had a speedy recovery after the brutal match against Kane at Bad Blood last Sunday.

Eddie Guerrero grabs the microphone from Test…

Eddie Guerrero: You want challenge homes? Well you have got yourself a challenge! I may not be at 100%, but I know I can kick your Canadian Ass!

Eddie gives Test a few punches…as a referee runs down to the ring to make the match official…

Test Vs. Eddie Guerrero

(4 Minutes into the Match)

Eddie Guerrero controls the match, and finishes Test off with a ‘Frogsplash’, to get the 3 count.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero


Tony Schiavone: Next-Up is a match between former friends…The Hurricane and his former Super-Hero-In-Training, Rosey. Now lets take you back to last Thursday when Rosey turned on Hurricane…

{Highlights from the Hurricane V Kidman match from last week shows}

*Hurricane takes Kidman down with a ‘Eye of the Hurricane’
*Hurricane is about to pin, when Rosey comes out.
*Rosey goes to pre-celebrate with Hurricane, and shakes Hurricane’s hand only to plant the GunnStinger on The Hurricane.
*Rosey rips off his Super-Hero-In-Training T-Shirt to reveal a ‘Shane Helms I quiT’ T-Shirt.

The Hurricane Vs. Rosey

(4 Minutes into the Match)

Rosey’s strength out-does Hurricane for the majority of the match. Rosey takes Hurricane down to the canvas with a ‘Powerslam’. Rosey refuses to cover, and picks up Hurricane…Rosey is about to hit a Gunn-Stinger until….

Shannon Moore runs down to the ring…Moore rolls inside the ring, Rosey drops Hurricane and runs towards Moore. Moore dropkicks Rosey in the groin. The referee rings the bell, The Hurricane gets back up and plants a ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ on Rosey.

Shannon Moore and The Hurricane shake hands, and hug one another as the two re-unite.

Tony Schiavone: It’s great to see these two great cruiserweights re-uniting. I haven’t seen them together for over 3 years.

(A Promo Plays)
The Juice Is Coming To The New Generation!


Tony Schiavone: I believe now NGW’s newest interviewer, The Cat, also known as Ernest Miller is backstage with Triple H.


The Cat: Triple H, in just 4 days you will have another chance to have a shot at Shawn Michaels, World HeavyWeight Championship.

Triple H: Listen here, first of all I should be champion, not Shawn. And it doesn’t matter who the referee is…it wouldn’t matter if it was Charles Robinson, it wouldn’t matter if it was Kurt Angle’s mum…and it doesn’t sure as hell matters that it is Shawn Michaels. Because at the end of the day, I will be facing The Heart Break Kid at SummerSlam.

The Cat: And tonight’s Main Event will feature a Huge 8-Man Tag Team Contest…and Kurt Angle is one of your 3 partners.

Triple H: Yes…that is correct. But if Kurt Angle tries to do anything shifty on me, or doesn’t co-operate he won’t be able to make it to Mayhem in 4 days. Because I am The Game…and I am That Damn Good!!!

Coach: Hunter does seem confident in his match, but why wouldn’t you be…Triple H is a very talented athlete here in NGW.

Tony Schiavone: And how about that Juice promo…I can’t wait. And for those of you at home, who do not know who the Juice is…well he is none other than one of the best of cruiserweights, as he proved in WCW back in 1998.

*Mexican Music* plays…..

Coach: I’ve heard that theme before….

From behind the curtain appears Psychosis…who then walks down to the ring…

Tony Schiavone: Psychosis has returned to New Generation Wrestling. It has been one long month without Psychosis.

Psychosis rolls inside the ring and grabs a microphone…

Psychosis: That’s Right…Psychosis has returned. After 1 month out of the squared circle…I return. My injury and family problems came at me all at the wrong time…I missed the chance to become NGW CruiserWeight Champion. But I’m not going to complain about it. I’ll get my opportunity sooner or later…

*Kidman’s theme* blasts through the speakers…

Tony Schiavone: The CruiserWeight Champion may just have a few words to say to Psychosis…

Kidman appears at the top of the entrance ramp. With his CruiserWeight and CruiserWeight Tag Team Belts over his shoulders, and a microphone in his hand…

Kidman: Sooner or later? How does 4 days sound to you? Because I know that the CruiserWeight Championship was surely yours against Akio, however your injuries and personal problems stood in between you and that championship.
But now…the only thing that stands in your way now…is me.
So I guess I can say…See you in 4-days!

Kidman walks back up the ramp….

Tony Schiavone: Psychosis’s return match will be in 4 days on Mayhem, and it is against the CruiserWeight Champion, Kidman. Two great athletes…I cannot pick a winner on this one Coach.

Coach: I can decide either…Torrie Wilson will battle Miss Jackie in singles competition, Next!


{SummerSlam A***

Coach: Snickers Cruncher present SummerSlam which will be brought to you Live from Panama City in just a couple of weeks...and already a few matches have been made. Chris Jericho versus Chris Benoit, and Shawn Michaels will face the winner of Triple H and Kurt Angle at Mayhem. Stay tune as more matches will be announced over the next few weeks.

Torrie Wilson Vs. Miss Jackie w/Shane Douglas

(3 Minutes into the Match)

Miss Jackie distracts the referee while Shane Douglas enters the ring about to hit Torrie Wilson…until Shelton Benjamin enters the ring and knocks Douglas down with a dropkick. Shelton throws Douglas outside the ring, while Torrie plants a DDT on Miss Jackie…Torrie covers…1…2…3!

Winner: Torrie Wilson

Torrie thanks Shelton for helping her out, while Jackie rolls outside the ring to Shane Douglas…Miss Jackie is frustrated in her loss and goes over to the announcers’ table to grab a microphone…

Miss Jackie: I may not be able to beat you in a wrestling match, but I do know I have a better body then you Torrie. So why not next week on Mayhem, you and me…in a Bikini Contest! (The Crowd goes wild)

Torrie nods her head to accept the challenge…Miss Jackie walks back up the ramp with the Franchise.


Tony Schiavone: Next week’s Mayhem is sure to be a great night…Already 4 matches made. In a bikini contest, Torrie Wilson versus Miss Jackie. For the NGW CruiserWeight Championship, Kidman will defend his championship against Psychosis. John Cena faces Randy Orton, and Shawn Michaels will referee the #1 contenders match for the World Title, when Triple H versus Kurt Angle..

*Ultimo Dragons theme* plays…as Ultimo Dragon walks down to the ring…to the commentary table…

Coach: But right now, Ultimo Dragon joins us at ringside. For the CruiserWeight Tag Title Contest.

Tony Schiavone: Before we start the match, I would like to just ask you Ultimo Dragon one question…why did you turn on Rey Mysterio?

Ultimo Dragon: As you saw at Bad Blood it was Rey Mysterio who let our team down. And if I want to be successful here in NGW…I Guess I’ll have to depend on one person…me!

NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Championship Match
Billy Kidman & Paul London (The Shooting Stars) Vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr & Matt Hardy

(6 Minutes into the match)

Billy Kidman plants a Kid-Crusher on Matt Hardy as he covers….but the referee is distracted by Ultimo Dragon on the apron.
Suddenly from the crowd…Rey Mysterio makes his way over the barricade, he drags Ultimo off the apron and lays a repetitive punches to Ultimo Dragon…the referee tries to break up the fight.

Meanwhile, inside the ring Matt Hardy low blows Kidman…and then climbs up on the turnbuckle about to hit a Leg Drop. But Psychosis runs down the ramp, and he knocks the rope causing Matt Hardy to lose his balance and hit his groin on the turnbuckle pad. Billy Kidman climbs the turnbuckle and nails a ‘Top Rope Kid-Crusher’…Kidman covers Matt Hardy…London tells the referee to get back inside the ring to count the cover…..1………2………3!

NGW Announcer: The Winner of the Match…And Still NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Champions…Billy Kidman & Paul London

Tony Schiavone: Psychosis helps a friend in need. While Rey gets a little revenge on Ultimo Dragon…

Coach: And Rey Mysterio and Ultimo are continuing to fight outside the ring…as just now referee’s are breaking up the two.

Tony Schiavone: Up-Next is our 8-Man Tag Team Main Event…


Eric Bischoff is in his office talking on his cell-phone

Eric Bischoff: Sure, Mr McMahon...Thats not a problem at all. You are welcome anytime to NGW Mayhem.......This Monday....yep......thats fine......see you then....


Main Event
8-Man Tag Team Match
John Cena, Chris Jericho, Edge & Shawn Michaels Vs. Kurt Angle, Triple H, Randy Orton & Chris Benoit
All the wrestles are inside the ring ready to begin the match when all of a sudden…

The Lights Go Out…And come back on…

*The Undertaker Symphony* plays…as The Undertaker walks down to the ring and joins the commentary table…

(10 Minutes into the Match)

Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle are the legal men. Kurt Angle takes HBK down with a Belly-to-Belly suplex…and then out of nowhere Triple H enters the ring and nails Kurt Angle with a pedigree.

Tony Schiavone: What was that for?

Suddenly, a huge fight breaks out in the ring, as all wrestlers on the apron enter the ring. While Michaels and Triple H are exchanging punches, Benoit and Jericho are brawling, John Cena and Edge are arguing while Orton attacks the two…………….THE LIGHTS GO OUT!


Sting is standing in the middle ring with his baseball bat and wearing his black coat…Sting hits the Baseball Bat in the gut of Randy Orton taking him to the canvas. Sting does the same to both John Cena and Edge. Chris Benoit runs to Sting but only to be levelled down with the Baseball Bat.

Tony Schiavone: Sting is cleaning house here tonight!

Sting nails the baseball bat into the ribs of Chris Jericho. During all this Triple H and Shawn Michaels are still exchanging punches, Triple H kicks HBK in the gut, and tries to hit Michaels with a Pedigree, although HBK low blows Triple H followed with a ‘Sweet Chin Music’. Michaels turns around to be knocked to the canvas with a shot to the ribs with the Baseball Bat.

Tony Schiavone: The entire 8-men are all on the canvas…Sting has wiped out the whole lot of them, excluding Triple H and Kurt Angle may I add.

Sting points his Baseball Bat to Undertaker, who is at the commentary table…

Tony Schiavone: That is all we have time for, tune in for Mayhem next week, Good Night Everybody!

NGW Rampage fades out and goes off-air…


Quick Results:
NGW Impact
Disco Inferno w/Rico defeated Jamie Noble
Tyson Tomko defeated Too Cool
IC Title Match- Christian defeated Maven
Booker T & JBL defeated Buff Bagwell & Garrison Cade

NGW Rampage
Eugene w/William Regal defeated Sylvan Grenier w/Rene Dupree
Test defeated Eddie Guerrero
Rosey defeated Hurricane via DQ
Torrie Wilson defeated Miss Jackie w/Shane Douglas
NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Title Match- Billy Kidman/Paul London defeated Chavo Guerrero/Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho/ John Cena/ Edge/ Shawn Michaels Vs. Kurt Angle/ Triple H/ Randy Orton/ Chris Benoit – NO CONTEST


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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Nice Sting interfereance, I also wonder what McMahon will be doing at Mayhem???

Great Show JarMac, I'm hyped about the return of Juvi, and the Psychosis match should be a great one too.

Your show was very much Cruiserweight orintated which was nice to see as Cruiserweight always have and will have the best matches in my opinion.

Looking forward to Mayhem...... hardly wait.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Mayhem is going to be great, l bet everyone is wanting revenge on Sting.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Sting cleared house boy.

Shane Helms and Shannon Moore reuniting was cool

Will be waiting in awe to see what McMahon has to say at Mayhem.

HHH/HBK at SS should be one for the ages

10/10 Great Effort Jarrod
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

10/10 great show.

Loved the reuniting of Helms and Moore

Cant wait to see what Vince has in store for us and I am loving the Sting/Taker feud and It was great to see Sting clear house.

Great Show cant wait for Mayhem.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Another good show JarMac. The best part of the show was when Sting was clearing house. Can't wait for the next episode to see the matches booked (in particular Angle/Triple H) and what happens between Sting and Taker.

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

^^^ Everyone said it and I'll say it too! Great Show!
Sting's interference was great!
Mayhem looks set to be great and McMahon coming too, it's gonna be explosive!
Summerslam is gonna be great!!!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

NGW Mayhem
August, 2nd week

On what shall be a historic night, matches have already been Vince McMahon told Eric Bischoff that he will be turning up this Monday...but why? What is the bombshell Vince McMahon will drop? Find Out on Mayhem....

Psychosis will finally get his cruiserweight title match when he battles Kidman. Two future superstars also battle on Mayhem, as Randy Orton versus John Cena.
And who could forget the main event, The Winner will face Shawn Michaels for the World Title at SummerSlam. Kurt Angle meets Triple H in singles competition...however The World Champion himself will be the special guest referee.
Plus in a Bikini Contest, Torrie Wilson struts her stuff against Miss Jackie...

All this a whole lot more on NGW Mayhem!
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