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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

The Night After Bad Blood, which could be one of the Pay Per Views of the year with the Returning Sting. But will still show up tonight?
John Cena and Edge will try to put their differences aside as they team up against JBL and Booker T.
Plus what match did 'The Coach' slip out to Christian last night at Bad Blood?
All will be revealed tonight on Mayhem...LIVE ON ESPN!

(Mayhem should be up tomorrow)
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Should be good Jarrod, looking forward to it.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

^^^ yeh! Wondering what Christian has in store for himself

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Cant wait should be very interesting.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

MAYHEM shall be up later tonight
Sorry for the delay
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!



(A Video Package of the Highlights of Bad Blood is shown including Sting’s return and HBK Retaining the NGW Championship)

* ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool plays throughout the arena…Fireworks explode on the set of NGW Mayhem*

Jim Ross: Hello and Welcome to NGW Mayhem…the aftermath of Bad Blood. Last night 11,016 NGW fans at the Fleet Centre in Boston witnessed not only the World Champion beat both Kurt Angle and Triple H…But the return to wrestling by the man they call Sting!

Jerry Lawler: Sting’s return was certainly a huge surprise to me. I still can’t believe it…and I wonder if Sting will be here tonight.

Jim Ross: We also have an update on Eddie Guerrero’s condition from last night…after his brutal match against Kane at Bad Blood Eddie was taken straight to the ‘Waklin Hospital’ in Boston. But what was suprising is that Eddie Guerrero will be out of hospital in just a few days…which is great news for the whole Guerrero Family.
But let’s talk about tonight…John Cena and Edge will be trying to put their differences aside as they team up against Booker T and JBL.

Jerry Lawler: Plus what was the match that Coach accidentally told Christian last night?


*The Game* plays around the arena as Triple H walks down the ramp and inside the ring

Jim Ross: Triple H doesn’t seem to be a happy man tonight…

Jerry Lawler: Would you be happy if you lost the chance to become NGW Champion when you weren’t even that man who got pinned?

…Triple H grabs the microphone from the NGW Announcer…

Triple H: Last Night…I was screwed! That’s right…I lost the match…but however I did not submit or even get covered for the three count. Kurt Angle was the real loser last night, not me…not The Game!
I should be the man who has the NGW World Championship around my waists…not Shawn Michaels. Kurt Angle I think you need to realise that your time is over…and the only time it is now…its time for THE GAME!!!

*Medal* plays as Kurt Angle walks down to the ring with a bandage over his head…where the SledgeHammer hit him…The American Hero climbs inside the ring…

Kurt Angle: You say…you got screwed? You say it was my entire fault…well I got news for you. If it weren’t for your foolish SledgeHammer attack on me…I would be champion…I had that match won. Shawn Michaels was just about to tap but then you had to ruin it didn’t you Hunter?

Triple H: I was doing what I had to do to win…

Kurt Angle: But did you win Hunter? No I don’t think so…

*I’m Back* blasts through the PA…Eric Bischoff appears at the top of the entrance ramp…

Eric Bischoff: Guys…I feel for you…I really do. But we have to settle this once and for all. I think that one of you deserve one last title match against Shawn Michaels. So that’s why tonight we are going to have a match…Triple H versus Kurt Angle and the winner will face Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam in just under 4 weeks time…

(The Crowd Cheer)

Kurt Angle: Wait…Wait…I am in no condition to wrestle tonight due to that whack with the SledgeHammer to my skull…

Eric Bischoff: Ok then…So next week we will have this match…

(The Crowd Boo…Although still happy in the matchup)

Eric Bischoff: Oh…wait I forgot one last thing……We will have a special Referee…and that will be none other than the World Champion himself…The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!!!

(The Crowd Erupt)

Eric Bischoff walks back up the ramp…

Jim Ross: Did you hear that? Next week Kurt Angle will verse Triple H…The Winner faces Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam…and Shawn is also the referee in the match next week!


Tag Team Match
William Regal & Eugene Vs. Test & Rhyno
(8 Minutes into the Match)

Rhyno Full Nelson Slam’s William Regal to the canvas…Rhyno awaits Regal to get back up to finish him off with a ‘Gore’. Rhyno goes for the ‘Gore’…but William Regal moves out of the way. Rhyno misses Regal but still hits Eugene who is on the apron. Eugene falls off the apron…Regal comes from behind Rhyno and plants him down with a ‘Regal Cutter’, William Regal covers…….1……2………3.

Test breaks the pin…but is too late.

Winners: William Regal and Eugene

William Regal slides out of the ring and helps Eugene up to his feet. William Regal helps Eugene walking back up the ramp…



Eric Bischoff is walking down to the corridor…when walking towards him is Christian, Tomko and Trish as they heading to the ring for Trish’s match…

Eric Bischoff: Christian…Just the man who I was looking for! Where are you heading?

Christian: To the ring…

Eric Bischoff: Well I wouldn’t be to worried about Trish’s match if I was you…because the Main Event for this evening will be Christian versus….BUFF BAGWELL…in a Bad Blood Re-match for your Intercontinental Championship.

*Christian is shocked! And starts screaming at Bischoff*

Christian: You can’t do that!

Eric Bischoff: Yes I can! So I think you better go and prepare for your match-up later tonight…oh and by the way…if somehow you are to get disqualified, then you will lose the IC Championship!

*Eric walks off smiling*

Jim Ross: So I guess we have a huge Main Event on our hands tonight!

Jerry Lawler: I’m starting not to like the new Eric Bischoff. Christian successfully defended his championship last night…why does he need to do it every single night!

Non-Title Match
Trish Stratus w/Tyson Tomko Vs. Lita w/Rob Van Dam
(4 Minutes into the Match)

Lita hits a Snap Suplex on The Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Lita climbs to the top rope…but Tomko climbs the apron and pushes Lita off the turnbuckle…without the Referee noticing. RVD then pulls Tomko off the apron and Roundhouse kicks Tomko to the floor. Trish picks up Lita…she taunts to the crowd and attempts a ‘Stratusfaction Bulldog’ but Lita reverses it and ‘School Boy’s’ Stratus …


Winner: Lita

Jim Ross: Lita pinned the Women’s Champion…You could now say that Lita is the Number 1 Contendership for Trish’s NGW Women’s Title.

Jerry Lawler: Lita just got lucky tonight.

Jim Ross: We have got to take a Commercial Break…After the Commercial we will have Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon facing Chavo Guerrero and Matt Hardy. The winner will have a NGW CruiserWeight Title Shot in two weeks…



Torrie Wilson and Miss Jackie are seen cat fighting in the backstage corridor.

Miss Jackie and Torrie are pulling each others hair. Torrie slaps Miss Jackie…Miss Jackie falls to the floor…Torrie jumps on Miss Jackie as they continue to catfight…

Until Shelton Benjamin breaks up the fight, he drags Torrie off Miss Jackie and tries to calm the two down

Shane Douglas runs up to his girlfriend Miss Jackie…

Shane Douglas: Shelton…don’t you ever put your filthy hands on my girl again! Or I might just have to belt some sense into you…

Jerry Lawler: Ohhhh! That’s what I love…catfights!

Jim Ross: Well I have some news for this next match-up, Ultimo Dragon has yet to arrive here tonight. So I guess this match will now be a Handicap Match.

NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Match
Rey Mysterio & Ultimo Dragon Vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr & Matt Hardy
(5 Minutes into the Match)

Still no sign of Ultimo Dragon. Chavo Guerrero and Matt Hardy dominate the match against Rey. Chavo is about to hit a ‘Brainbuster’ on Rey Mysterio…Until…Ultimo Dragon runs down to the ring and jumps on the apron. Chavo gets distracted by Ultimo Dragon…Rey dropkicks the back of Chavo and he leans on the apron…Ultimo Dragon enters the ring and high fives Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio signals the 6-1-9…Rey Mysterio runs to the ropes where Chavo is when……BAM!!!

Jim Ross: What the hell did Ultimo Dragon do? As Rey Mysterio was trying to hit his 6-1-9, Ultimo just clotheslined Mysterio straight to the canvas. Rey is not moving…

Ultimo Dragon picks up Rey Mysterio and plants him with a ‘Ultimo DDT’. Ultimo spits on Rey Mysterio and walks back up the ramp with a crowd full of boos.

Chavo slowly crawls over to Mysterio and covers……..1…………2………..3!

Winners: Chavo Guerrero Jr and Matt Hardy

Jerry Lawler: I guess Ultimo Dragon was not happy about last nights lost.


Jim Ross: Next-up I have just been received information that there will be a NGW United States Championship Match…

Jerry Lawler: What already? Mark Jindrak just won the championship last night…what a fighting champion!

NGW United States Championship Match
Mark Jindrak Vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
Bubba takes control of the match against the United States Champion having a lot of near falls. Bubba Ray Dudley plants a ‘Bubba-Cutter’ on Mark Jindrak…Bubba Ray covers……1……..2………..Kick Out! Bubba Ray awaits Jindrak to get to his feet again…Bubba Ray grabs Jindrak in the position of a BubbaBomb…but Mark Jindrak counters it with a back-kick to the groin of Bubba Ray. The referee does not notice. Both men are on the canvas slowly getting to their feet…suddenly…..Sean O’Haire runs down to the ring. He slides inside the ring…Bubba is about to get up until he is flattened back to the canvas with a clothesline. Sean O’Haire on the turnbuckle and jumps onto Bubba executing a ‘Seanton Bomb’ to Bubba Ray. The referee rings the bell, and declares Bubba Ray the winner via Disqualification.

Winner: Bubba Ray Dudley via DQ

Sean O’Haire helps Jindrak to his feet…as the two then stomp on Bubba Ray. Mark Jindrak grabs his United States Title, O’Haire lifts up Bubba…Jindrak is about to hit Bubba with the NGW US Title until, D’Von makes his way down to the ring…The Natural Born Thrillers escape out of the ring, while D’Von goes to the aid of Bubba Ray.

The Natural Born Thrillers walk back up the ramp holding each other’s hand to self proclaimed victory!

Jim Ross: The Natural Born Thrillers are not playing fair once again, there has to be an end to their cheating ways. Someone has got to stop this. Mark Jindrak does not deserve that championship.

Jerry Lawler: Last night Jindrak won that championship whether you like it or not JR. You have to face the facts.


*Whatever* plays…

Chris Benoit walks down to the ring with his toothless grin. Chris Benoit climbs inside the ring and grabs the microphone from the NGW Announcer…

Chris Benoit: Last Night…was the ending of the Evolution versus Chris Jericho chapter…and tonight is the start of a new beginning…but same ending for Chris Jericho, walking off second best. Chris Jericho was proven last night that he is not only no match to Evolution…but he is also no match for me…The Rapid Wolverine!

Chris Jericho: Chris…you are right on some things there I have to admit. I am no match to you…

(Looks to Titantron as image shows)

Chris Jericho: Or wait you sure to make a great matchstick man!

(Looks to Titantron as image shows)

Chris Benoit: Chris…you are a jackass aren’t you! You are a girl!

Chris Jericho: Actually no Chris…you are the girl…or should I say ballerina

(Looks to the Titantron as image shows)

Chris Jericho: Now that has to be embarrassing! But something that will be even more embarrassing is when I kick your ass all over Panama City! That’s right…me and you…at SummerSlam

*Chris Jericho smiles*

Jim Ross: WOW! Chris Jericho will face Chris Benoit finally at SummerSlam!

Jerry Lawler: And Benoit actually does not seem to mind the idea of this match…maybe he is ready to beat Jericho senseless!



William Regal and Eugene are talking in a backstage corridor

Eugene: Sorry William…for last night. It was a mistake…Please don’t be mad.

William Regal: Master Eugene…you have no need to be sorry. We all make mistakes…and even so, it was not at all your mistake.


Rico and Disco Inferno are talking in their locker room

Rico: Disco…don’t worry, just because we didn’t capture those CruiserWeight Tag Titles last night. Doesn’t mean we can’t go out their every single night and prove that we are worthy of those titles to all these fans.

Disco: I’m with you their Rico. We need to put our differences aside and try to work our way up the CruiserWeight division!

Jim Ross: Talking about putting differences aside, Edge and John Cena will try to do just that! But next up Rob Van Dam takes on Batista!

Rob Van Dam Vs. Batista

Batista picks RVD up…attempting a ‘Spinebuster’. But Mr Monday Night reverses it with a ‘Tornado DDT’ out of nowhere. Rob Van Dam…gets up…and bounces jumps on the turnbuckle for a ‘Split Legged Moonsault’. Rob Van Dam quickly covers……1……2……3!

Winner: Rob Van Dam!

RVD quickly rolls outside the ring…celebrating his victory. Batista cannot believe that he lost.

Jerry Lawler: What a win by RVD here tonight! But you know it was just a fluke JR.

{Commercial : SummerSlam Commercial}


Josh Matthews Interview’s Kane

(Footage of Eddie Guerrero v Kane match from Bad Blood)

Josh Matthews: Last night Kane…you demolished Eddie Guerrero. And now because of that…Eddie Guerrero is not here tonight!

Kane: Yes that is correct! But that was the aim of the game, to demolish your opponent…not just get the win and that’s it!
They don’t call me the Big Red Machine for nothing…and you are going to see a lot more demolishing in the near future here in NGW! You see nobody can stop me!!!

Jerry Lawler: Kane is a reckless monster JR…who will put an end to this carnage?

Jim Ross: I’m not quite sure King, but our next match-up is going to be one hell of an interesting contest.

Tag Team Match
John Cena & Edge Vs. Booker T/JBL
Edge and JBL are the two legal men. Edge flattens JBL with a ‘Edgecution’. Edge covers……...1……...2………..…Booker T breaks up the count with a stomp to the back of Edge. John Cena enters the ring, John Cena clotheslines Booker T. And dropkicks Booker T over the top rope.
JBL slowly gets to his feet…as Edge is lining up for the ‘Spear’ on JBL. Edge runs at JBL for the ‘spear’. But JBL moves out of the way…and Edge accidentally ‘Spears’ John Cena.
Jim Ross: Oh no! Edge speared Cena instead of JBL!

Edge tries to help up Cena…but Cena can’t get up. Edge turns around to receive a ‘Clothesline From Hell’ by JBL. John Bradshaw Layfield covers Edge……1…………2……………3!

Winners: JBL and Booker T!

Edge and Cena are both on the canvas aching in pain. As JBL and Booker T celebrate their victory!


Jim Ross: Its time for the main event of this evening for the IC Championship and a rematch from last night’s Pay Per View, Bad Blood. And it was last night where Christian used the IC Title belt on Buff Bagwell to be disqualified, but still hold on to his IC Title.

Jerry Lawler: But tonight, if Christian gets disqualified Christian will not walk out as champion, and NGW will crown a new IC Champ!

NGW Intercontinental Championship Match
Christian Vs. Buff Bagwell
Buff Bagwell lays an atomic drop on Christian. Followed with a ‘Swinging Neckbreaker’. Buff Bagwell climbs the turnbuckle…But Christian hits the rope…causing Buff to hit his groin on the turnbuckle. Christian climbs to the 3rd rope…he is about to hit a ‘Superplex’ on Buff…but Buff Bagwell pushes Christian off the turnbuckle…as he goes crashing down to the canvas. Buff Bagwell awaits Christian to get up before trying to execute the ‘Buff BlockBuster’…Buff jumps from the 3rd rope…but at the last second Christian dodges the attack.

Christian quickly roll-up’s Buff Bagwell….and grabs the tights of Bagwell….




NGW Announcer: The Winner Of the match…and Still NGW Intercontinental Champion…Christian!

Jim Ross: No…No! Buff Bagwell has been robbed from victory once again. This can’t be happening!

Christian celebrates his victory, but the crowd boo the IC Champion. Suddenly….

*Sting’s Music’ plays….

Smoke fills the entrance ramp…as a mysterious figure emerges through the smoke and down to the ring…

Jim Ross: Sting is here! And Christian seems a little scared don’t you think King?

Sting enters the ring, Christian is asking Sting not to attack him…as he moves slowly towards the ropes to exit the ring…

Christian runs at Sting trying to hit Sting with the IC Belt…Sting Ducks…and plants a ‘Scorpion Death Drop’ on Christian!

Christian rolls outside the ring…as Sting grabs the microphone…

Sting: Last Night…The Stinger Returned! And suddenly it’s all black and white here in NGW! I am still the ‘Franchise’ of Professional Wrestling. Undertaker…you had been sticking your nose in other people’s business just to make a name of yourself…well it ends now!
You may be saying to yourself that I have stuck my nose in somebody elses business…but anything that happens in this ring…is my Business.
And taker…you will be my first Business I take care of! I know your not here tonight Undertaker, and quite frankly I did not expect you too…because Undertaker you are the one who is afraid…not me!
You have been assulting people smaller than you…but now I stand in your way!
And nobody is gonna knock me down! Not even a Deadman…The Stinger is better than ever and will show why they call him ‘The Franchise’.
WOOOOOOOOO It’s Showtime Folks!

Sting drops the microphone and climbs up the turnbuckle and yelling ‘WOOOO’ to the crowd…

Jim Ross: Sting has made a huge impact here in NGW...and he has only been here for 2 days. Good night everybody and tune into Rampage!

The Crowd chant "Sting" as NGW Mayhem fades off-air…


Quick Results:
Dark Matches

Val Venis defeated Maven
Blitzkrieg w/Miss Jackie defeated Sakoda

NGW Mayhem
William Regal & Eugene defeated Test & Rhyno(time 9:57)
Lita defeated Trish Stratus (time 6:03)
Chavo Guerrero Jr/Matt Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio/Ultimo Dragon (time 7:45)
NGW US Title Match-Bubba Ray Dudley defeated Mark Jindrak via DQ (time 4:49)
Rob Van Dam defeated Batista(time 3:10)
Booker T & JBL defeated Edge & John Cena (time 6:33)

Main Event-NGW IC Title Match
Christian defeated Buff Bagwell (time 9:01)

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great show as always JarMac. SummerSlam is really shaping up to be spectacular. I'm going for HHH to beat Angle next week, then take on HBK at SummerSlam in a historic match.

Some great feuds developing, dont know how you will fit it all into one PPV!!! Looking forward to the next show!!

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Originally Posted by Wolf Beast
Great show as always JarMac. SummerSlam is really shaping up to be spectacular. I'm going for HHH to beat Angle next week, then take on HBK at SummerSlam in a historic match.

Some great feuds developing, dont know how you will fit it all into one PPV!!! Looking forward to the next show!!

Cheers Thanks for the comments!

*One of the hardest things is fitting everything into the card, even for weekly shows. I have a huge card lol. Oh Well.
For example: I had planned Edge V O'Haire at Bad Blood not heat, but i didnt want to fill the card up too much.

*Also...keep those predictions for the HHH/Angle contest coming

*And just one more thing, has anyone else download the BB promo?
Click the link to listen:
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Brilliant show JarMac, the Chris Benoit segment had me creasing with laughter. Matchstick Man.....LOL.

Chris Benoit v Chris Jericho should be a classic.

Great to see you using Mark Jindrak well, as U.S Champ and great to see you using the Cruiserweights well as well.

As for HHH/Angle, I'm going for Angle to win!

Great Show, 10/10 always looking forward to more
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great show as always!
I think HHH will go over Angle and face HBK at Summerslam which will be a slobberknocker.
Christian/Bagwell still has time to go on.
I like the Edge/Cena feud and interesting to see if someone turns heel.
Summerslam already looks great man!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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