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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

I wouldn;t mind seeing Kane vs. Batista....

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

i also go for kane v batista but in an ambulance match
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Mayhem shall be up tomorrow...hopefully!

And with this make a match match will be picked to be on a live show on New Generation.

Also may I add, just stips please

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Like I said earlier, Kane vs. Batista......... wait is Kane on your roster........ wait is Bastista on your roster?

Maybe even a fued between the two.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Randy Orton vs John Cena
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

NGW Excess
Akio defeated Grand Master Sexay via the Yang-Time after Sakoda helped with Outside Interference (time 4:53)
Chavo Guerrero Jr w/Matt Hardy defeated Shannon Moore via Tornado DDT (time 3:02)
Lance Storm defeated Val Venis via Canadian Maple Leaf (time 5:56)
Franchise Shane Douglas w/ Miss Jackie defeated Al Snow via the Franchiser (time 3:12)




(A Video Package of the Triple H/Angle and HBK Feud plays)

*The NGW Mayhem intro plays on the titantron, as ‘Bodies by Drowning Pool’ sounds throughout the sold out arena in Pittsburg…*

*Fireworks Explode on the set*
Jim Ross: Welcome to NGW Mayhem, live from Manchester, New Hampshire. We are just 6 Days away from the July Pay Per View Extravaganza, Bad Blood. And already 6 matches have already been announced.

Jerry Lawler: And we may have some more tonight, do you think JR?

Jim Ross: You may very well be right there, anything can happen here in New Generation Wrestling. And tonight is no exception…tonight RVD will go one-on-one with the Intercontinental Champion in a non-title encounter. Plus tonight’s Main Event, when Chris Jericho will team up with NGW World Champion Shawn Michaels, to face two members of Evolution, Dave Batista and Randy Orton.

Tag Team Match
Ultimo Dragon & Rey Mysterio Vs. Tajiri & Jamie Noble
Rey dropkicks Jamie Noble, Noble then crawls over to the ropes and leans on it. Mysterio signals the 6-1-9. Rey Mysterio connects the 6-1-9. Tajiri rushes into the ring to attack Mysterio, but Ultimo Dragon stops him with a ‘Headscissors Takedown’. Rey Mysterio jumps over to the apron, and awaits Noble to get back to his feet. Rey then executes the West Coast Pop on Jamie Noble. Rey Mysterio hooks the leg….1……….2………3!

Winners: Ultimo Dragon & Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio and Ultimo celebrate the victory, and Rey Mysterio grabs the microphone from the announcer.…

Rey Mysterio: Those NGW CruiserWeight Titles are going to be around our waists come Bad Blood.


*I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal* plays, Eddie’s lowrider comes down the ramp, and down at ringside. Eddie gets out of the Lowrider and into the ring, as he then talks on the microphone…

Eddie Guerrero: Latino Heat…Is Back! And this time Kane, it’s personal! At UpRising, you made one big mistake… left me breathing esse. And not only did you mess with me, you messed with my famiglia homes! And I am now 100%, and ready for a fight…so come out here you big giant baby…

Jim Ross: I don’t think teasing and provoking Kane is such a good idea.

*Pyro’s* blast, and Kane walks down to the ring. He climbs inside the ring, Eddie pounces on Kane with repeatedly punches. Kane tries to get back up…Kane is on his knees, but Eddie is still punching Kane. Kane pushes Eddie back across to the other side of the ring…but Eddie just gets back and runs at Kane with a dropkick. Eddie still continues to punch Kane…but Security then comes down to the ring to break up the two men. Kane gets up, but gets hold back by the Security, as well as Eddie Guerrero is held back by Security…but Eddie right hand punches two security to the canvas….

*I’m Back* hits the PA, Eric Bischoff appears from behind the curtain and at the top of the entrance ramp, where he begins to talk

Eric Bischoff: That’s It! Stop It! I don’t want any of this tonight, actually I don’t want any of this until Bad Blood. And at Bad Blood you can unleash all your frustration, anger and pain. But until Bad Blood, I don’t want either of you to touch one another…and if either of you don’t obey my rules…you will be suspended!
But at Bad Blood you can do whatever you want, because at Bad Blood your match will not be no ordinary match…but it will be a No DQ, Falls count anywhere encounter!
*NGW goes to a Commercial Break*


Jerry Lawler: Did you hear what Mr Bischoff said just moments ago! Bad Blood is sure going to be spitting in that match-up between Kane and Eddie Guerrero. I can’t wait!

Victoria Vs. Gail Kim

Victoria hits the Widows Peak on Gail Kim…and covers….1…..2…..3!

Winner: Victoria

Victoria celebrates her victory, but it is short-lived when Trish Stratus runs down to the ring. Trish comes from behind Victoria and ‘Chick Kicks’ her, followed by a hit with her Women’s Championship. Suddenly Lita runs down to the ring, she then enters the ring and kicks her in the gut followed with a ‘Twist of fate’. Gail Kim climbs the turnbuckle un-noticed by Lita, and then when Lita turns around to Gail Kim, Gail connected a ‘Hurricurana’ from the top rope.

Gail Kim picks up Trish’s Women’s Title, and thinks of what could be hers…


*Backstage* - Interview

Mike Tenay is backstage with Booker T

Mike Tenay: We are just 6 days from Bad Blood, and Booker T will battle his rival…John Cena.

Booker T: That’s right! I am battling John Cena, but might I add, it won’t be a tough battle. Because the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time wCw Champion will be the clean victor! As John Cena will live up to what he truly is….a nobody. Face it, John Cena has accomplished nothing. But this Sunday, he will be known, the man who thought he could beat the 5-time wCw Champion.
And here is a tip for all you money hungry, gamblers out there…if you want to make a fortune, just put your money on the Booker Man, because Booker T will be a sure winner this Sunday…Now Can You Dig That…..Suckaaaaaa!

Jim Ross: Well…Booker T sure doesn’t lack confidence with his match this weekend, and tonight Booker T will verse Edge in singles competition. Now as most of you know just last week Psychosis did not turn up for his CruiserWeight Title Match due to family reasons…and a small injury which occurred in his match against Sakoda. But we are glad to say, Psychosis will be returning next month.

Tag Team Match
La Resistance (Rene & Sylvian) Vs. Hurricane & Rosey

Hurricane gets slammed to the canvas with ‘Le Bonsoir’ ….1….2…..3!
Winners: La Resistance

After the match, La Resistance grab a microphone each…

Rene Dupree: La Resistance are successful once again, and we will dominate the tag team division…but we will now sing the anthem of the most beautiful place in the world, a place we call home…France!

La Resistance: (Sing the French Anthem)

Allons enfants de la Patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrive,
Contre nous de la tyrannie,
L'etendard sanglant est leve,
Entendez-vous dans les campagnes,
Mugir ces feroces soldats,
Ils viennent jusque dans nos bras,
Egorger nos fils et nos compagnes …………..

They’re singing gets interrupted by the Haas/Storms’ theme music….the Tag Team Champions appear at the top of the entrance ramp…

Charlie Haas: I think I speak for everyone here tonight…would you please put a sock in it! (Crowd Cheer) We are not living in France…in fact we are here in the greatest… (looks at lance) I mean equally greatest country in the world…The United States Of America.

Rene Dupree: You Americans are pathetic, just look at your president. (Crowd Boo) Now seeing as you two, the NGW Tag Team Champions are out here…Sylvian and I would like to take those Tag Titles from you. And why not make it at Bad Blood!

Charlie Haas: Why not right hear, right now?

Sylvian Grenier: No…Can’t you see Rene and I just had a match.

Charlie Haas: Whether you like it or not, we are going to come down there…. (Charlie drops the microphone)

Charlie Haas and Lance Storm run down to the ring, they slide into the ring. Rene tries to clothesline Haas, while Sylvian attempts a clothesline to Storm…but the Tag Team Champions duck the clotheslines and dropkick La Resistance to outside of the ring.

The Tag Champions taunt to La Resistance…

Jim Ross: Well Lance Storm and Charlie Haas have the last say tonight!



Undertaker is walking backstage, when he walks past Hardcore Holly and Maven are laughing at the Undertaker. The Deadman approaches Holly and Maven…

Undertaker: What are you laughing at?

Maven: Nothing…

Undertaker: Do you find it funny that this mystery attacker is continuously attacking me? Well just wait until Bad Blood, I will get the last laugh!

Maven whispers something to Hardcore Holly…

Undertaker punches Maven. Maven falls to the floor, Holly approaches Undertaker. But Undertaker throws Holly into the wall.

Undertaker walks off leaving Maven and Undertaker down on the floor….


*Backstage* - Locker Room

Disco Inferno and Rico are backstage in their locker room…

Disco Inferno: This Sunday, we have to put our differences aside. We have to work together as a team, that is the only way that we will capture those CruiserWeight Tag Team Championships…Are you going to be ready in 6 days?

Rico: Yeah , but are you?

Disco Inferno: Of course!


Jim Ross: That is exactly what the team of Disco Inferno and Rico has to do in 6 days at Bad Blood, work as a team.

Jerry Lawler: But do you think even if they do work as a team, they can become the CruiserWeight Tag Champions?

Jim Ross: I believe any of those 7 teams entering this Sunday can win.

Test Vs. Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn attempts a ‘One and Only’, however Test lifts his leg back into the groin of Billy Gunn. Test plants Gunn down with a ‘Full Nelson Slam’…Test awaits Billy Gunn to get back to his feet, and hitting Billy Gunn with a ‘Big Boot’…Test pins Billy Gunn…..1…….2……..3!

Winner: Test

Jim Ross: Test needs to regain confidence after coming off a defeat last week to the United States Champion William Regal…and tonight would be a big confidence boost for Test.


Jim Ross: Next up, Christian will meet Rob Van Dam in a Non-Title match. Last week here on Mayhem, Christian attacked Rob Van Dam after his lose against Buff Bagwell.

Non-Title Match
Christian w/Tyson Tomko Vs. Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam takes Christian down with a Spinning Wheel Kick, RVD climbs to the top turnbuckle…RVD goes for the 5-Star Frog Splash, but Christian rolls out of the way. RVD crashes into the canvas. Tyson Tomko jumps up on the apron to distract the referee, while Christian grabs his IC Championship from ringside. Christian rolls back inside the ring with his championship, he hits RVD with the IC Championship, and covers…..1……..2……….3!

Winner: Christian

Christian and Tyson Tomko start stomping on Rob Van Dam, Christian picks him up and plants him with a ‘Unprettier’.

Jim Ross: Now this is unfair, a 2 on 1 attack.

Tomko picks up Rob Van Dam from the canvas, ready to hit him with a Powerbomb…when suddenly……..Buff Bagwell runs down to the ring, he slides in the ring and clothesline Tomko. Christian grabs his championship and tries to hit Bagwell with it…Bagwell ducks it and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker on the Intercontinental Champion. Tomko and Christian roll outside the ring. Bagwell then goes to the aid of RVD….

But Christian and Tomko enter the ring, they attack Buff Bagwell from behind. Christian hits the ‘Unprettier’ on Buff…while Tomko sets-up a table inside the ring. Tyson Tomko picks up Buff and slams him down with a Powerbomb into the wooden table.

Christian and Tomko stand over the bodies of RVD and Bagwell holding up the IC Championship!

Jim Ross: This is not right, Buff Bagwell was just trying to save his fellow friend. And the likes of Christian and Tyson Tomko take advantage of a situation.


*Backstage* -Interview

Kidman is backstage with Mike Tenay

Mike Tenay: Kidman, last week you rejected a tag team offer by your good friend Rey Mysterio. But only because you had already got a tag team partner. May I ask who is this tag team partner of yours?

Kidman: Well I’ll give you some clues, he has worked in many Indy federations previously, he has a very simular finisher to me, he is one of the best CruiserWeight in the world of wrestling! Oh and I almost forgot, and he will be one half of the CruiserWeight tag team champions by next week. He is none other than, Paul London. Although Paul is not here tonight, but I can tell you he will be here this Thursday on Rampage!


Jim Ross: Oh God Old’ Mighty! Paul London is the tag team partner of Billy Kidman…now that is one skilled team!

Edge Vs. Booker T

Booker T tries to hit a ‘Harlem Sidekick’, however Edge ducks and Booker T accidentally knocks down the referee to the floor. Edge hits a spear on the 5-time wCw Champion, Edge covers…but there is no referee to count the pinfall. JBL and Sean O’Haire make their way down to the ring. JBL climbs inside the ring, and awaits Edge to turn around to face him…and when Edge does turn around, John Bradshaw Layfield takes Edge down to the canvas with a ‘Clothesline From Hell’. Sean O’Haire helps the referee regain conscious after JBL climbs outside the ring. Sean O’Haire and JBL make their way back up the ramp, as Booker T slowly covers Edge….1………2…………Kick Out!

Jim Ross: Edge Kick Out! Edge Kicked Out!

JBL and O’Haire cannot believe that Edge kicked out. They go to make their way back up the ramp…when John Cena runs down the ramp. John Cena throws both JBL and O’Haire into the barricade and heads towards the ring. The referee is still on the canvas slowly getting up when John Cena enters the ring. John Cena pulls out a chain from his pocket. Booker T gets back to his feet, as well as Edge…John Cena throws a punch with the Chain around his fist at Booker T, however Booker T ducks…and Cena accidentally hits Edge. Booker T Harlem Sidekicks John Cena to the canvas, and covers Edge…The referee slowly counts the pinfall….1………..…2……..…..3!

Winner: Booker T
Jerry Lawler: Did you see that? John Cena purposely knocked out Edge!

Jim Ross: I don’t think it was on purpose King.


*Backstage* - Chris Benoit’s/Evolution Locker Room

Chris Benoit is backstage with both Batista and Randy Orton…

Chris Benoit: What were you guys doing last week? You left me alone with Chris Jericho, and he attacked me from behind…but you know that’s the way Jericho likes it…(Benoit Laughs)…We are just 6 days until you boys get the chance to rip Chris Jericho into little tiny piece. I’m just going to ask you for one thing…Leave enough of Chris Jericho for me.

Eric Bischoff enters the Locker Room

Eric Bischoff: Chris, you sure got a belting from Chris Jericho last week. Oh, and also good luck in your match this Thursday at NGW Rampage.

Chris Benoit: What match?

Eric Bischoff: Oh, Didn’t anyone tell you? Next week you will be versing your former canadian friend…Chris Jericho!

Chris Benoit: WHAT?

Eric leaves the locker room with a huge grin…


Main Event
Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels Vs. Dave Batista & Randy Orton
Randy Orton attempts an RKO on Chris Jericho, but Y2J pushes Orton forward into a ‘Sweet Chin Music’…WHAM! Michaels hits him right on the chin of Orton, Chris Jericho then hits a ‘Lionsault’ on Randy Orton…The Referee counts the pinfall….1…….2…………3!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels

Jerry Lawler: Chris Jericho may have pinned Randy Orton, but it was with the help of Shawn Michaels.

Chris Benoit and Triple H run down to the ring, they enter the ring. But Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels gain the advantage on them, and stomp on them while they are entering in the ring. Chris Jericho picks up Benoit, and slams him down with powerbomb, and then hooks the legs of Chris Benoit and locks on the Walls Of Jericho…Batista attacks Y2J from behind, and Spinebusters him to the canvas. HBK tries to hit the ‘Sweet Chin Music’ on Triple H. But Triple H grabs the leg of Shawn Michaels, and kicks him in the groin.

Triple H, Chris Benoit, Batista and Randy Orton team attack Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels

Jim Ross: What Carnage! HBK and Y2J are defensless.

Kurt Angle runs down to the ring. The American Hero enters the ring, but only to be attacked by Evolution. Triple H finishes Kurt Angle off with a Pedigree.

Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho are laying on the canvas hurt, with Evolution and Chris Benoit standing over them as Mayhem fades off-air…


Quick Results:
NGW Excess
Akio defeated Grand Master Sexay
Chavo Guerrero Jr w/M.Hardy defeated Shannon Moore
Lance Storm defeated Val Venis
Franchise Shane Douglas w/Miss Jackie defeated Al Snow

NGW Mayhem
Ultimo Dragon/Rey Mysterio defeated Tajiri/Jamie Noble (time 4:16)
Victoria defeated Gail Kim (time 3:31)
La Resistance defeated Hurricane/Rosey (time 5:03)
Test defeated Billy Gunn (time 4:28)
Non Title Match- Christian defeated Rob Van Dam (time 7:16)
Booker T defeated Edge (time 6:46)
Main Event- Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels defeated Batista/Orton (time 11:54)
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great show JarMac, decent promos, and some fantastic feuds are building up for Bad Blood. Looking forward to the Cruiserweight Tag Titles match, and I cant wait to see the result of the whole Stalker angle.

9/10 for a wonderful show.
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Great Mayhem JarMac! Bad Blood is shaping up to be great. All the feuds are great.

Just one request.. Could you post the Card for Bad Blood?

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

I was going to post the card last night but didn't have time...and by the way, everyone may want to request a will be brought into a NGW storyline


Current Bad Blood

NGW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Shawn Michaels (c) Vs. Triple H Vs. Kurt Angle

Handicap Match
Chris Jericho Vs. Randy Orton & Dave Batista

NO DQ, Anywhere Falls Match
Kane Vs. Eddie Guerrero

NGW Intercontinental Championship Match
Christian (c) Vs. Buff Bagwell

Booker T Vs. John Cena

NGW Tag Team Championship Match
Charlie Haas & Lance Storm (c) Vs. La Resistance (Sylvian & Rene)

NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Championship Turmoil Match
Featuring: (In Random Order)
-Chavo Guerrero Jr & Matt Hardy
-Ultimo Dragon & Rey Mysterio
-Tajiri & Jamie Noble
-Akio & Sakoda
-Paul London & Billy Kidman (The Shooting Stars)
-Disco Inferno & Rico
-Too Cool

Plus: Will The Undertaker's attacker revail himself?


(c) copywrited 2004. New Generation Wrestling INC. All rights reserved to JarMac

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Re: New Generation Wrestling!

Looking forawrd to Bad Blood Jarrod, hope it comes out as good as mine (although you might outdo me)

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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