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Sykova Presents: WWE - The Era of Change

Important Note: I do not have a ton of free time to devote to this but I still want to book my own version of the WWE. I will not be writing out 15 page shows each week, however I may put more effort into PPVs. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The Ascension def. The New Age Outlaws
- In a straight up brawl between the rookies and the veterans, we were given a match that showcases what The Ascension is all about... and they mean business. No mercy, no respect. The Ascension lost momentum halfway through but then came right back after a hot tag to Victor. The Fall of Man on Billy Gunn ended the match.

Paige and Natalya def. The Bella Twins
- The Divas division was in full swing with this one, showing us what they can really pull off. We saw great team work from The Bellas, but none from Paige and Natie. Instead, Paige refused to tag, trying to show she is the dominant Diva. The end came when AJ Lees music hit and distracted Nikki, which allowed Paige to catch her off guard and get the pin.

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Usos (C) def. The Miz and Mizdow
Miz and Mizdow seemed to be off their game tonight. Mizdow was up to his usual stunt double antics and it didn't help Miz at all. This lead to him hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on Mizdow and walking out of the match to an astounding roar of boos from the crowd. After the match Miz stood on the stage while Mizdow leaned against the middle rope, looking very upset. The crowd was chanting "Thank you Mizdow," knowing this is the end to a legacy.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena def. Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar
The most anticipated match of the last few months finally arrived and it truly delivered. Rollins was surprisingly gained up on against Cena and Lesnar at the beginning but then slithered his way out of the ring to let the Beast and Cena go at it. He picked his spot and curb stomped a down Lesnar, went for Cena only to get AA'd. Cena surprisingly picked up the win.

J&J security stepped in and took out Cena. Dolph Ziggler and Ryback came out to even the odds. Lesnar didn't appreciate them even being there and hit an F5 on Ryback. Ziggler threw him out of the ring catching him off guard, where J&J security dealt with him.

Cena went for an AA on Rollins again only to get kicked in the gut by Ziggler! The crowd is on their feet in shock. He hits the Famouser and Rollins hits the curb stomp! Some trash is see being thrown into the ring, Ziggler just stands with a smirk on his face looking all around the audience. Rollins started yelling at the ref who ended up ringing the bell. Rollins is cashing in! The crowd is going crazy! A curb stomp to Cena and the help of Ziggler crowned another new champion. They all exit the ring and stand on the stage. Ziggler, Rollins, and J&J security.

Royal Rumble Match
Some highlights of the match include Reigns eliminating Big Show only for Show to re enter and screw Reigns out of his potential win. They brawled up the ramp, Roman speared Show off the stage through a table! Randy Orton returned and everyone loved it. Cody Rhodes made a shocking return to eliminate his own brother in Goldust. Damien Sandow also made a "return" and the crowd ate it up. Final 4 were Sandow, Orton, Bryan, and Kane. Orton of course hit an RKO on each of them, firing up the crowd. Sandow elimated Kane, creating and explosive roar of cheers. Bryan eliminated him only to get RKOd a second time, this lead to Randy Orton winning.

The final scene of the night was Randy Orton posing on a turnbuckle, with his signature waterfall fireworks coming down from the ceiling. He will main event WrestleMania 32 for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, possibly against Seth Rollins!

Not removing until Finn Balor becomes NXT World Champion!

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Re: Sykova Presents: WWE - The Era of Change

Great PPV i just never liked ziggler turning on cena considering he's really over as a face if anything it should be sheamus getting the heel turn would be interesting

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Re: Sykova Presents: WWE - The Era of Change

WWE Presents: Monday Night RAW
Live on January 26, 2015

John Cena opens the show stating that he isn't shocked that Dolph Ziggler joined The Authority last night at the Rumble. And as the Authority grows, so does the Cenation. Never give up...blah blah blah. Rollins cuts in with his newly won WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He informs everyone that Lesnar is out of action with a fractured bone.

Cena congratulates him for being the most undeserving champion in the history of the WWE. He wants a rematch, but he didn't lose the title. Rollins reminds him that Cena lost his opportunity. He says that Cena is one, there's nothing left for him. Triple H makes his way to the stage.

Triple H feels like since Lesnar is out of action and won't be able to get his rematch, Cena has a chance to take it. All he has to do is win his match tonight. And if he loses he will never be able to challenge for the title as long as Rollins is champ. Cena relucantly agrees. It will be Cena and Ryback versus Kane and Dolph Ziggler.

Kofi Kingston def. Goldust
In a bout that pits the high flyer of The New Day against the strange one, we saw the second coming of Cody Rhodes. He seemed to be in an all new zone as he came out and attacked his brother and ended the match via DQ. As he was walking to the ring, looking pissed off, Goldust looked confused and worried. After the beat down and a Cross Rhodes, Cody left in the same manner.

An interviewer approaches Dolph Ziggler and asks why he joined The Authority. Ziggler pulls the mic close to him and says "It's what's best.........for Ziggler." And pushes the mic hard into the intervieweres chest and walks away.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro def. The Usos
Hot off their title defense at the Royal Rumble, the Usos got knocked around by Kidd and Cesaro in a surprising victory! The two showed that they have what it takes to become the next tag team champions. At the end of the match, Jimmy and Jay extended their hands for a post match handshake, only to get them both swatted away by the arrogant duo.

Randy Orton is backstage. He says that the Royal Rumble was intense. People got injured, friends became enemies, and the Viper begins his road to reclaiming what should already be his. Next week he returns to the RAW ring to prove his dominance to Seth Rollins.

Damien Sandow def. Adam Rose
The Miz was ringside for this match, he stated that Sandow breached his stunt double contract and has no right to be stealing the spotlight from the true Super Star. He said that Sandow will never be in a movie and is as ugly as a pug. After the match, Miz attempted a Skull Crushing finale on an unaware Sandow only to get it reversed. Sandow hit a closeline and Miz retreated under the ropes looking shocked. Sandow is pumped up and the crowd is fully behind him.

Wade Barrett cut a promo stating that he will become the most dominant Intercontinental champion in the history of the WWE. He issues and open challenge to ANY wreslter in the world. Whoever thinks they can topple the best champion on the roster is game.

Dolp Ziggler and Kane def. John Cena and Ryback
The Authority always wins, and that's best for business. A typical Authority takeover, not caring about the match. Just doing everything they can to make Cena quit.

The end of the show sees a very upset Cena sitting in the middle of the ring. Is this it for John Cena?

Not removing until Finn Balor becomes NXT World Champion!

NXT Takeover: REvolution - The day my love of wrestling was restored.
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