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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA 2005: The Gamble


Jeremy Borash, Dutch Mantell, Terry Taylor, Jeff Jarrett, Scott D'Amore and Dixie Carter sat in the conference room at TNA's office, all of them looking rather stressed.

Dixie: You guys, numbers are down. We have less people watching the product, less buy rates, less money coming in then we've ever had.

Jeff: Well, Dixie, I don't know what to tell you!

Jeremy: The talent we have is some of the best out there, we're putting on good matches...

Dixie: Then what's holding us back?

There was a moment of silence until Dutch spoke up.

Dutch: We need to shake things up.

Jeff: Shake things up? Dutch, we have the X Division, we just signed Christian Cage, we have Sting...

Dutch: I'm not talking about the damn talent, I'm talking about the booking!

Jeff: We're doing a great...

Scott: No, Jeff, he's right! Let's face it; we've got five guys who want to do five different things. We need a top dog, someone with a clear direction, someone who'll shake things up!

Jeff: You're not talking about bringing that hack Russo in, are you?

Dutch: Fuck no!

Terry: Why don't we just give Jeff the book? He did start the company, he's our top draw...

Dutch: No. No offense, Jeff, but if we're going to have someone head this booking committee, I think we need someone fresh, someone from outside the company with new ideas.

Jeff: Well, Dutch, who the hell do you have in mind?

Dutch lowered his head. He didn't have any ideas on who to bring in. The table was quiet again, until Scott chimed in.

Scott: I think I got somebody.

Dixie: Yeah?

Scott: There's this kid I met back when I was running Border City Wrestling named Shannon Phoenix...

Jeff: What kind of worked name is that?

Scott: That's actually his real name!

Jeff: Who the hell names their kid...

Dixie: Jeff, would you please let Scott talk?

Jeff looked annoyed by that comment, but he stayed quiet.

Dixie: Go ahead, Scott.

Scott: Right, so this kid named Shannon Phoenix, runs a regional outfit. Any time we talk, he's always going on about these ideas he wish he had the budget for. We have the budget, he has the ideas, I think it would be perfect!

Jeff: He runs a promotion in the damn sticks, Scott! How the hell is he gonna go from running bingo halls and flea markets to running a national promotion?

Scott: You have any better ideas?

Dutch: Look, Jeff, I know the kid Scott's talking about, and he's got a good mind for the business. I know it would be a gamble, but would it hurt?

Jeff: It might! Just because you have ideas, that doesn't mean any of them are any good!

Jeremy: I'm with Jeff on this one. You give a small timer a large budget, and he might burn through it as quick as he gets it, and where does that leave us?

Dutch: We're burning through money as it is! Why not take a gamble?

Dixie: Alright, that's enough, you guys. Terry, you've been quiet, why don't you tell us what you're thinking?

Terry stared at the table for a moment to gather his thoughts, then spoke.

Terry: I see where Jeff and Jeremy are coming from, but what do we have to lose?

Jeff: Our damn livelihoods, Terry!

Terry: Can I throw an idea out?

Jeff: What's there to throw...

Dixie: Of course you can, Terry.

Getting snubbed like that made Jeff hot, but he let Terry speak.

Terry: We give the kid a month, let him come up with a plan, then bring him in for a meeting. We hear his ideas, and we vote on it from there. If we like what he says, vote him in, we can bring him in a little later. If we don't, the worst thing that happens is we waste a bit of money flying him out.

Dixie: I think that sounds fair. Scott, can you give him a call?

Scott: I can do that as soon as we get out of here.

Dixie: Alright, it's settled. We'll have the meeting in the beginning of December. Anything else we need to discuss?

The table remained silent. Jeff was quietly fuming, pissed off that he got cut off, and pissed off that they were honestly going to give some no-named guy a shot. Jeremy was looking nervous. If Jeff didn't like it, then Jeremy didn't trust it, either. Dutch and Scott looked considerably pleased, while Terry had a blank expression.

Dixie: Then that about does it. I'll see you guys in a couple weeks!

Jeff stormed off, with Jeremy following in tow. Dixie strolled out shortly later, followed by Terry, until it was just Dutch and Scott.

Dutch: That could have gone worse.

Scott: Can you believe him? Jeff just wants to keep himself on top, and you have those damn yes-men, Borash and Taylor...

Dutch: Scott did back us...

Scott: After trying to give Jeff the book...

Dutch: But he did back us, Scott! Look, let's not worry about them. You sure this kid's as good as you say he is?

Scott: Yes! He's smart with the money, he's got good ideas, he's fantastic at scouting talent. C'mon, Dutch, you've met this guy!

Dutch: I've talked to him a few times, but I don't know him as well as you do. I gotta run, let me know how things go when you call him.

Scott: Can do.

Dutch got up and left, leaving Scott alone in the conference room. He was smiling as he pulled his phone out.

Scott: He's gonna be so excited!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble


Shannon sat in the bedroom/office of his two-bedroom apartment, combing through paperwork, when his phone rang. He slid it out of his pocket and answered.

Shannon: Hello?

Scott: Hey there, Shannon!

Shannon: Scott D'Amore! How are you, good sir?

Scott: I'm doing pretty okay, how about you?

Shannon: Not too bad. Trying to figure out the budget for the November supershow. I'm putting Steen and Nigel in the main event, you should try to come out!

Scott: I might have to do that. I got something I want to talk to you about.

Shannon: Yeah? What's going on?

Scott: Well, I just got out of a meeting with Dixie and em' all, and we want to shake things up.

Shannon: Oh?

Scott: Yeah. The numbers are down, and Dutch had said something about bringing in a new head booker, someone from outside of the company, and I might have mentioned your name.

Shannon damn hear dropped the phone when Scott said that. He was expecting Scott to say a million different things, but that sure as hell wasn't one of them. He tried to keep calm.

Shannon: Did you, now?

Scott: Yep, and Dixie wants to bring you in for an interview?


Shannon was grinning from ear to ear. He loved the work he was doing in MWO, but the chance to work on a national level?

Scott: Don't get too excited yet, chief. We want you to produce a rough outline of what you want to do as a pitch to Dixie, then we're going to vote on whether or not we want to bring you in.

Shannon: What kind of pitch are you talking about?

Scott: Well, the big one is storylines, but it wouldn't hurt to have a few other tricks up your sleeve. Talent you want to bring in, other big changes, that kind of shit. Are you interested?

Shannon: Does a bear shit in the woods?

Scott chuckled a bit.

Scott: I reckon it does. I'll talk to Dixie and we'll arrange a date for you to come down, sound good?

Shannon: Sounds great, Scott!

Scott: One last thing; don't go bragging to everyone. If this hits the dirt sheets, it's not gonna be good for anyone. I'll be in touch.

Shannon hung up the phone, excited as can be. 26 years old and he had the chance to work possibly the number two promotion in America? It couldn't get any better than that! He looked down at the paperwork in front of him and got back to budgeting. Once he had the budget down and finalized a few deals, he could get to work on his business proposal.
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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble

Well I'm hooked! I cannot WAIT for the next update already! I'll review when you post a episode bruh!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble


Scott D'Amore, Terry Taylor, Dutch Mantell, Dixie Carter, Jeremy Borash and Jeff Jarrett were all sitting around the table in the conference room, waiting for Shannon Phoenix to enter.

Jeremy: You sure he's going to be here?

Scott: Yeah, he's still got 10 minutes until the meeting.

Jeff: You think he'd be here a little earlier, with this being the opportunity of a lifetime. Damn kid doesn't have the initiative to make it here, what makes any of you think he'll be decent...

Dixie: Jeff...

Dixie shot Jeff a warning glance, and Jeff started mumbling under his breath. After another minute, Shannon walked into the room, dressed in his finest suit (Which, admittedly, he got for 70 bucks at a thrift shop)

Shannon: Hey there... oh god, I'm not late, am I? Traffic was a pain, and...

Dutch: Relax, kid, you're 5 minutes early.

Shannon: Oh thank god!

Shannon sat down and pulled a notebook out of his messenger bag. Jeff scoffed, thinking that a spiral notebook wasn't very professional, but he kept his snarky remarks to himself.

Dixie: Well, Shannon, it's very nice to meet you. I'm Dixie Carter, and that's...

Jeff: Can we just cut to the kid's ideas? I think he knows who the hell we are!

Dixie: Now, Jeff...

Shannon: No, it's okay. He is right, I do know who all of you, and I'm very excited to share my ideas with you!

Dixie: Well, if you're sure, the floor's all yours!

Shannon cleared his throat, and started thumbing through his notebook.

Shannon: Before I jump into the creative direction, I wanted to discuss a few ideas that'll help in the long run. Right now, we have an hour TV slot on Saturdays. That's not bad, but it doesn't give us a lot of time, and it's not the best day to have wrestling on. Most people are going out and doing things on Friday and Saturday, not watching wrestling, and with the hour time slot, we can only feature a fraction of our roster on a regular basis. I don't think we could run any more than four big stories at a time, and there's no promise that all of them could get adequate build every week, so getting a better slot is of the up-most importance. Getting the show on a Wednesday or a Thursday would be great, but getting two hours is honestly more important in my mind. With two hours, we could feature more of our roster, and have more time for storylines and feuds.

Scott and Dutch were grinning a bit. The kid came in with a plan, and he definitely knew his shit. Jeff looked annoyed that everyone was taking this nobody so seriously and, by extension, Jeremy was annoyed, too. Dixie and Terry looked very focused on what the kid had to say. Shannon continued.

Shannon: Now, another big thing is getting some higher end sponsors. I don't know a whole lot about that end on this big of a scale, but almost all of MWO's expenses are paid for with sponsors, so I know how important that is. Speakings of, I'd like to turn MWO into our developmental company.

Jeff: Why the hell should we go with your pissant company instead of something closer? Hell, we could use the Impact Zone...

Shannon: Because MWO would be cheaper! With the Impact Zone, we're looking at an extra $10-15,000 dollars if we also used it to train people, run shows, run offices, plus the local audience would get burned out on us really fast. Right now, Impact has a taping every other week, and the fans are happy to pay 20-30 bucks a pop every other week. If we run developmental shows there, we might be pushing it. Running MWO would be cheaper...

Terry: How so?

Shannon: Well, I did a little looking around, and I found a building we can use, used to be a Kmart or something like that. We use half of the building as an office, and the other half'll be locker rooms, offices, stuff like that. The cost of setting the place up'll be maybe 30 grand, 40 if we want to go high end, and it'll cost a grand a month to keep the building running, as long as nothing sneaks up on us. In the short term, yeah, it's a little on the pricy end, but long-term, it'll cost less.

Jeremy: And where are you getting your numbers?

Shannon: Scott filled me in.

Jeff and Jeremy both shot Scott a death glare, but he merely shrugged.

Scott: I gave him what he needed to plan his presentation.

Dixie: Tell me more about this developmental system you have in mind.

Shannon: Well, I figure that, like I said, we'll do it half and half. The back half of the building will be where we build offices, and a locker room for the guys. The front half'll be the arena part. We'll block everything off with some black fabric, and we'll set it up to where we can adjust it, so it always looks like a packed house. I've already got TV set up in a few markets...

Terry: Which markets?

Shannon: Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, Lansing...

Jeff: Anything outside of Michigan?

Shannon: Well, I've got Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Minneapolis, and we've received interest from a few cities in Kansas.

Jeremy: And whose going to be running the show there? I mean, you'll be pretty busy here in TNA, and somebody's got to train the greenhorns!

Shannon: I've already got both figured out! I talked to Lance Storm...

Jeff: You know Lance?

Shannon: Yeah, met him through Scott, actually. Anyway, I talked to Lance, and he's willing to come on, and Lance has heard that Bill DeMott might be getting released. Apparently, WWE is looking to do it's spring cleaning a little early, and DeMott's name is on the chopping block.

Jeff: Oh god, you're trusting the dirt sheets?

Shannon: No, but I trust Lance. He keeps in touch with his old friends, and he's heard a few things. Anyway, I should be able to get them both for under $100,000, and I talked to Dutch about booking up there.

Once more, Jeff and Jeremy shot a death glare, but this time directed toward Dutch. Dutch kept his poker face on.

Dutch: I can still help the booking committee here and work with the new talent, as well. Did you have any talent in mind, kid?

Shannon: I've got a list of about 18 people here, plus a few people on the main roster I'd like to move to MWO, so that way they get a little better and they give MWO a bit more star power. I've also got four people I'd like to bring directly into TNA that have been working MWO shows, as a “New Talent Initiative” type of deal. We could work it into TV, having a star a week debut.

Dixie: Speakings of, what do you have planned as far as the actual booking goes?

Shannon: Well, again, I only have so much time to work with, but here's what I'm thinking. First, we put a huge emphasis on the X-Division, just as you've been doing. Guys like AJ, Daniels and Samoa Joe are the core of the company, so we want to keep focusing on them. I'd also like to put a little more emphasis on tag team wrestling. Right now, it's really only Team 3D, AMW and the Naturals...

Jeremy: What about 3LK?

Shannon: I've got plans for them a little further down the road, but it would have to wait a little while, until we get a few other stories out of the way or until we get more TV time. As I was saying, though, if we can put together a few more teams, we can really show off the tag team division. Mind you, both the X-Division and the Tag Team Division are things that the WWE are sorely lacking in, so it would help emphasize that we are the alternative.

Jeff: That's fine and dandy, but what about the rest of the roster?

Shannon: Again, I only have so much time to work with, but I've got an idea for a big feud, and it involves you, Jeff!

Jeff: I'm listening.

Shannon: Well, right now you're in cahoots with America's Most Wanted. I'm thinking that we throw one more person with you guys, and we have you all face against Christian Cage and Team 3D, and eventually Sting when he debuts. All three of those guys built their name outside of TNA first, but they're huge with the crowd, which would give the heels reason to not like them. They'll talk about how they came to TNA to get away from bullshit, so the fans don't side with you guys...

Terry: Who did you have in mind to join up with Team Jarrett?

Shannon: I was actually planning on calling them Planet Jarrett...

Jeff: Don't dodge the damn question!

Shannon: I wasn't, I wasn't! Well, I was thinking that Monty Brown and Abyss would fit in well, but I was also considering turning ___. Anyway, I was thinking that we could stretch that feud out for a while, maybe throw a few other guys into the mix, and that, along with the X-Division and the Tag division stuff, can last us at least until Lockdown. After that, we see where everyone's at, but I've got a couple rough ideas for the road to Slammiversary, which I think could be our Wrestlemania-esque card.

Jeff: Don't you know anything about the product? Bound for Glory is our big event?

Shannon: Okay, but think of it this way; Bound for Glory was your first PPV event, sure, but Slammiversary means something! It's the anniversary of the company, it's just dripping with symbolism! It's a chance to celebrate the company, and celebrate the wrestlers that got us to where it is now! It's a chance to honor the past, and showcase the future of the company. Bound for Glory's a big event, and it can be our equivalent of Summerslam, or the Great American Bash, but Slammiversary is a more fitting show-of-the-year. Plus it's at the beginning of summer, so people'll be out of school, resulting in more people coming to the show. I was also thinking maybe we could do a summer tour. Nothing really set in stone with that, just a thought, but getting TNA out of the Impact Zone will help people take us a little more seriously.

Jeff: How the hell do you figure?

Shannon: Well, right now, we're only in one place, which makes us feel a little more regional. We go out, do shows in some other places, show that we're capable of touring, and it'll make us look a little better.

Jeff: Then why the hell didn't you do that with MWO?

Shannon: I did, on a smaller scale. MWO worked all over Michigan, plus this past summer we did a tour of our other markets, and it sold like hot cakes. Some of these markets had seen us for a few years on TV, so they were itching to get to experience it live!

Dixie: Well, is there anything else you'd like to put on the table?

Shannon: No, I think that about does it for now. I mean, I have a few other ideas, but nothing thought out enough to bring up.

Dixie: Well, thank you very much for your time, Mr Phoenix. We'll be calling you soon to let you know if you have the job.

Shannon shook everyone's hand (Even Jeff's and Jeremy's, though they did it begrudgingly) before leaving the room.

Dixie: Well, what did you all think?

Scott: I think that he's got a pretty good plan going forward.

Jeff: Are you fuckin' kidding me? He's just some starry-eyed kid who doesn't know how to book on this big of a level?

Dutch: The ideas he presented were fresh...

Jeff: Half of his ideas were shit we're already doing, and the other half is just a waste of money! We don't need a developmental system, we're doing fine in the Impact Zone, we already have a good pool of talent...

Scott: It's different, and we need different! We can't keep doing the same thing...

Jeremy: The same thing has gotten us this far...

Scott: And we're losing money? We're losing the crowd, Jeremy!

Dixie: Enough, all of you! Look, we'll put it to a vote! Everyone take out a piece of paper, write down yes or no, fold it and slide it to me. I'll read it out, and we'll go with that. You guys know a lot more about this than I do, so I'll leave it to you.

The five men took out pens and a sheet of paper and wrote down their vote. It was pretty clear where four of their minds were, but nobody was too sure what Terry thought, since he kept quiet. When Dixie had the five sheets, she cleared her throat.

Dixie: First vote is... no.

Jeff smiled and glanced over to JB, who was also grinning.

Dixie: Second vote... yes!

Scott shot a grin toward Dutch. Dutch tried to keep a straight face, but he was also smiling a little bit.

Dixie: Third vote... yes. Fourth vote... no.

It all came down to Terry's vote

Dixie: And the last vote is.......... yes! It's official, Shannon Phoenix is the new head of the booking committee!

Jeff and Jeremy looked absolutely appalled, while Dutch and Scott were pretty excited. Terry's face, per usual, was emotionless.

Dixie: We'll bring him on in January to start setting things up, and he'll have the book in February. Scott, you helped set everything up, so I'll let you give him a call to tell him the good news. Let him know that we'll have a contract ready before the end of the week. Meeting adjured, gentlemen.

Jeremy and Jeff shot Terry a pissed off glance before storming out of the room, again followed by Dixie, then Terry, leaving Dutch and Scott alone.

Dutch: You sure he's as good as you say he is?

Scott: What do you mean? You voted on him too, right?

Dutch: Of course I did, but if he fucks up, it's both of our asses on the line.

Scott: He's not going to fuck up, Dutch! Have some faith in the kid!

Dutch: I'm not 100 percent sold on him yet, but I'm sold on you. You vouched for him, and I trusted your judgment. I don't want that to backfire on me, Scott.

Scott: Have some faith in the kid. If nothing else, have faith in me! He's got good ideas, and he has us to keep him in line if he comes up with anything outlandish. If we all go to Dixie and tell her that he's got a shitty idea, she'll listen to us.

Dutch: Alright, Scott. Anyways, I'm gonna mosey on and see what Terry's doing. Jeff and Jeremy looked upset, and I'm sure they've got a few choice words for em'.

Dutch got up and left the room, leaving Scott alone once more. Scott grabbed his phone out of his pocket, and started to dial Shannon.

A/N: Sorry it's taking so long to get past the backstory. I always loved the BTB's that focused just as much on what's going on behind the scenes, as it does what happens in the ring, and I needed to get all of that established first. In the next post, there'll be a little more backstage stuff, but there will also be an official roster, and possibly a preview for the first Impact, depending on how long it ends up being.

Real quick, before I go, I wanted to thank IceCreamJrFan1029 for being my first reviewer. I'm happy that you're as excited to read this as I am to write it! The next update should be up in the next few days. I'm gonna shoot for sooner rather than later (Especially since I have the weekend off work), but Friday evening and most of the day Saturday I'm going to be pretty busy, so we'll see how it goes!

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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble

LATER THAT VERY SAME BEE (Nobody's going to get that reference...)

Shannon had just gotten back to his hotel room, and he was laying down for a moment, exactly two things running through his mind; 1. He thought that the meeting went okay, but he had no idea what Jeff Jarrett's issue with him was, and 2. Goddamn, this was a nice hotel. He'd never been to one where, you know, you didn't have to worry about spooge stains on the sheets. He pondered this for a moment, until he heard his phone start to ring. He rushed toward it, and almost jumped out of his socks when he saw it was Scott.

Shannon: Hey there, Scott!

Scott: Kid, I got good news and bad news.

Shannon: Start with the bad...

Scott: I thought I had a pack of gum in my pocket, but I must have left it at home.

Shannon: Well, Scott, I'm terribly sorry for your loss, and I wish you the best going forward.

Scott: Thanks for being there for me.

The two shared a brief chuckle.

Scott: Would you like the good news?

Shannon: Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

Scott: I reckon he does. Well, kid, we put it to a vote, and we decided to give you the job.

Shannon could have died right then and been the happiest man alive. It took everything in his power not to start yipping in joy and doing a happy dance on the spot, but he figured that wouldn't look very good (Or, in this case, sound very good).

Shannon: Holy shit... Scott, that's fucking awesome!

Scott: Congratulations, kid! Dixie'll be getting a hold of you before the end of the week with your contract. Now, I'm gonna need for you to kill it, okay kid? I really went to bat for you here, so if you fuck up, it's my ass on the line just as much as yours, you understand?

Shannon: Yes I do, Scott, and I promise that I won't let you down!

Scott: Well then, I suppose I'll let you go...

Shannon: Actually, Scott, I have a question for you real quick.

Scott: Shoot, cowboy!

Shannon: Well, I couldn't help but notice that Jeff had a bit of an issue with me... did I do something wrong? Like, what the hell was his deal.

Scott groaned a little bit. He was hoping that Jeff's ass-hattery wasn't super noticeable, but he should of seen that question coming.

Scott: Well, to put it bluntly, Jeff's jealous that he doesn't have the biggest dick in the room anymore. He's been trying to get your position for months. Honestly, the main reason I suggested gambling on you was to make sure he wouldn't.

Shannon: Why didn't you want him to have the head book?

Scott: Have you seen the product lately? It's been the goddamn Jeff Jarrett show! He's held the belt for most of the three years we've been in business, and if he became head book, it would have gotten even worse. We've been trying to keep him in check, but it's not the easiest thing in the world when he's got that douchebag yes-man JB, and Terry usually sides with him, too.

Shannon: But he didn't with me?

Scott: Yeah, I'm scratching my head about that, myself. Before I brought you up, he said something about giving Jeff the book, but then he decided to bring you in... look, the important thing is that you're in, and you'll be starting in January. You got any other questions, kid?

Shannon: None off the top of my head.

Scott: Well, I'll let you go, then. Congratulations, kid! I'll see you in January!

Shannon hung up the phone and started jumping around his room, screaming YES at the top of his lungs over and over again.


Terry was walking through the Impact Zone parking lot, trying to get to his car.

Jeff: TERRY.

Terry groaned and turned around, to see Jeff and Jeremy walking toward him. Jeff looked pretty steaming.

Jeff: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? You voted for that pissant fucking KID? Do you WANT this company to go in the shitter?

Terry: It's already in the fuckin' shitter, Jeff!

Jeff stopped dead in his tracks. He wasn't expecting Terry to go on the attack like that.

Terry: Look at the goddamn numbers, Jeff! Ratings are down, meaning that PPV rates are down, meaning that we're losing fucking money! We used to sell out the fucking Impact Zone every week, now we're lucky if we fill it up to 60% capacity without papering!

Jeff: And you think this stupid fucking kid's gonna fix it?

Terry: It's a whole lot better than what we've been doing!

Jeremy: What if...

Terry: Jeremy, shut the fuck up. Look, Jeff, we can either keep doing what we're doing, which we know doesn't fucking work, or we can try something new! Could it blow up in our face? You're goddamn right, and I'll be the first to admit that I fucked up if that's the case! But we're not going to go anywhere doing the same shit week in and week out! Scott and Dutch are right, we need to take a gamble! We need to do something fresh, or we're gonna completely lose em!

Jeff: Terry...

Terry: Look, Jeff, I'm not doing this to spite you. I know you have a you-against-the-world mentality, but I'm not doing this to try and fuck you over. You're one of my oldest friends, but this isn't about you. This is about my livelihood, this is about your livelihood, this is about the livelihood of all the boys in the back, all the guys in the office, everyone!

It was quiet for a moment. Both sides were still heated, but they were calmer than they were at the start of the conversation. Finally, Jeff broke the silence.

Jeff: We give him a month. If things don't start to turn around, the three of us go to Dixie and tell her that he needs to go, and I need the book.

Terry: Jeff, nobody's gonna be able to turn this thing around in just a month.

Jeremy: Then what do you suggest, we let him run rampant?

Terry: Fuck no! Look, give him until Lockdown. That's three months, enough time for us to see if it'll work. If he fucks up, we get him fired and we hopefully turn things around by Slammiversary. But if he does a good job, I'm going to tell Dixie to keep him on, no matter what you say. Is that understood?

Jeff looked down at the ground and grunted “Yeah, I guess” through gritted teeth. Terry merely nodded as he got in his car and pulled out, leaving Jeff and Jeremy in the parking lot.

Jeremy: Well, look on the bright side...

Jeff: Can it, Jeremy.

JANUARY 8th, 2005, 11:37 AM

Shannon stood in the newly-created MWO Battledome, standing in the center of the ring. It was just as he imagined it- Seating for up to 1,150 paying customers, a solid six-sided ring to get the developmental guys used to the ring at TNA, decent lighting, cool looking entrance ramp. He let out a sigh of relief, when a voice broke the silence.

Dixie: The place looks nice!

Shannon turned around to see Dixie Carter sitting in the front row. Shannon was surprised.

Shannon: Dixie! I wasn't expecting you for another 20 minutes, at least!

Dixie: Well, I was ready to leave, so I decided to leave a little early. Besides, I'm pretty sure that the couple in the hotel room next to mine were... er, enjoying each other's company.

Shannon laughed.

Shannon: Yeah, I guess that's as good a reason as any to leave. Well, I got a hold of some of the indie talent we discussed, as well as the guys that just got released from the E, so if you want, we can head to the office and finalize the roster, quadruple check the new guys' deals.

Dixie: Let's do it.



AJ Styles
Andy Douglas
Austin Aries
BG James
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Cassidy Riley
Chase Stevens
Christian Cage
Jeff Hardy
Jerrelle Clark
Jerry Lynn
Lance Hoyt
Matt Bentley
Roderick Strong
Ron Killings
Shane Douglas (Interviewer)
Shark Boy
Sonjay Dutt
Traci (Manager)


Christopher Daniels
Shannon Moore


Alex Shelley
Bobby Roode
Chris Harris
David Young
Elix Skipper
Eric Young
Gail Kim (Manager)
James Mitchell (Manager)
James Storm
Jeff Jarrett
Kip James
Monty Brown
Petey Williams
Samoa Joe
Scott D'Amore (Manager)
Simon Diamond

3 Live Kru: BG James, Ron Killings, Konnan
Matt Bentley & Austin Aries
Planet Jarrett: Jeff Jarrett & Americas Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)
Team 3D: Brother Devon & Brother Ray
Team Canada: Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & Petey Williams
The Naturals: Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens

Ring Announcer: Jeremy Borash
Announce Team: Mike Tenay & Don West
Ref Crew: Andrew Thomas, Billy Silverman, Earl Hebner, Marty Valenza & Rudy Charles
Road Agents: Dave Finlay, Dave Hebner, Dean Malenko, Jerry Jarrett, Ricky Steamboat & Skandar Ackbar
MWO Staff: Dutch Mantell (Booker), Terry Taylor (Overseer), Lance Storm (Trainer), Bill DeMott (Trainer)

MWO (Developmental) Roster

Cassidy Riley
Claudio Castagnoli
Eddie Kingston
El Generico
Jack Evans
Jay Lethal
Jerelle Clark
Joey Ryan
Ken Doane
Kevin Steen
Nigel McGuinness
Paul Burchill
The Miz
Tyler Black
UltraMantis Black

Released Talent

Jackie Gayda
Johnny Devine
Kevin Nash

A/N: Man, I was really hoping to finish up all of my backstage stuff in this, but it's already running really long. Well, at least I got a roster out! Next post, we'll finish up the starting backstage stuff, and get a preview out for the first episode of Impact!

Before I wrap up this post, I just wanted to address something before I got shit for it- My use of Jeremy Borash and Jeff Jarrett. I don't hate Jarrett! In fact, I quite like the guy. However, I needed some kind of bad guy for the backstage aspect of this (Otherwise, it would be pretty dull), and Jeff fits the bill pretty well. As far as Jeremy... I don't mean to shit on the guy, but Jeff needs somebody to back him, and I think that the yes-man who keeps getting shot down by everyone schtick will add a bit of humor to the story. One final thing- A couple of the MWO guys will be appearing in the first few Impact episodes, just because I needed some enhancement talent, but didn't want to bury anyone too badly. The way I see it, these guys'll be out of the picture for a while, so why not use them to further the guys I plan on using on a regular basis? Anyways, that about does it for me! Keep an eye out for Shannon's debut in the Impact Zone, and the preview of the first Impact!
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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble

I hope that Jeremy near the end when Shannon turns TNA around he finally goes nuts on Jarrett XD Phoenix is being portraid awesome & I love that Jeff is being a dick & Terry being somewhere in the middle

In the BTB Section!
Get Well Soon Kris Travis!
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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble


Shannon walked into the Impact zone, a messenger bag slung across his shoulder and an energy drink in his hand, walking at a brisk pace. He definitely overslept. Of course, he wasn't going to mention to anybody that he spent all the previous night moving from Detroit to Orlando, or that he didn't go to bed until 7 in the morning, because he didn't want that to come across as a shitty excuse. Whatever his reason, he was running late, and that's all that mattered. After a quick detour to the restroom, he made a B-Line to the conference room where... ugh... where JB and Jarrett were waiting for him.

Jeff: Hey, kid, slow your roll for a second.

Jeremy: We'd like to talk to you for a moment.

Shannon stopped, cracked open his energy drink (A classic monster, if any of you were a-wonderin') and gave the two an “I'm listening” look.

Jeff: So it comes to my attention that maybe I was a LITTLE mean at your interview. I grinded pretty hard into you. Now before you get my intent twisted, I'm not sorry one damn bit for that. I still think that you're not fit for this position. However, I'm willing to work with you.

Jeremy: Basically, as long as you don't step on our toes, everything will run smoothly.

Jeff gave Jeremy a bit of an angry glare, and Jeremy slowly restarted.

Jeremy: long as you don't step on Jeff's toes, everything will run smoothly. Don't get in his way, don't work against him, and everything will be fine.

Shannon: Well real quickly, JB, I'd like to counter that by saying that if you're just going to talk for Jeff, I don't give a tuppeny fuck about what you have to say. If Jeff would like to say these things to me, they can come from his own mouth.

This got both JB and Jeff pretty hot.

Jeff: Alright, kid, let me spell it out for you- Don't get in my damn way and you might just keep your job. You understand that, you little shit stain? Do not fuck with me, do not fuck me over, or I will make you regret ever signing your contract.

Shannon: There we go! Isn't it so much better when you do the talking instead of a puppet with a shitty haircut?

JB was about to say something, but Jarrett nudged him in the ribs. Shannon let out a chuckle, but went back to a very serious tone.

Shannon: Now, Jeff, I'll be real with you. I kind of think you're an asshole... okay, I think you're a complete pompous dick whose trying to prove that your dick is bigger than mine. However, I respect you for starting this company from the ground up, and I respect you for what you've done in the ring, and I respect you because you are the champion right now, so I'd like to make this nice and sparkling clear; I do not intend to fuck you over whatsoever, and I do not intend to fuck with you. Despite my opinions of you, I am here to work WITH you, not against you. That goes for you, too, JB. We're all here for the same reason- To take TNA to a whole new level. To make TNA the most entertaining product out there. To get back the fans we've lost, and make a whole mess of new fans while we're at it. So maybe, just maybe, instead of being a dick because some “No name kid” got head book, you could learn to be as willing to work WITH me as I am to work WITH you. Both of you. Now, I do believe that we have a meeting to attend.

With that, Shannon walked into the conference room, leaving JB stunned and Jarrett pissed off and surprised. They weren't expecting the new kid to have balls that big. It was quiet for a moment, until Dixie walked by.

Dixie: Sorry I'm running a little late, boys. Come on in, let's get this meeting underway. We've got three weeks of TV to plan out.


This Saturday, TNA comes back to Spike TV with another action-paced episode of Impact at 10 PM EST. Join Mike Tenay and Don West for an action-packed hour of TNA, the new face of professional wrestling!

Over the past few months, the animosity between Jeff Jarrett and Christian Cage has been thick enough to cut with a knife. Christian Cage made his debut at Genesis back in November, tired of being held back. He came to TNA to breathe new life into his career, and get what he felt he deserved; an honest chance, with none of the BS holding him back. Since day one, Jeff Jarrett has taken offense to Cage being with TNA, feeling that some wrestler “From the north” had no right stepping on the same stage that he helped make. Well, their paths will finally cross, as “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage will take on “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett in a non-title bout in our main event.

For the past 8 months, Larry Zbyszko ruled over TNA with an iron fist as our Director of Authority. However, last week in an emotional farewell, he announced that he was forced to step down due to health complications. This has led to a lot of backstage buzz as to who would take over as the Director of Authority. Well, this Saturday, we're going to find out. Several names have been thrown around, including Jim Cornette, Shane Douglas, Paul Heyman and even our own Jeremy Borash, but TNA owner Dixie Carter has promised that whoever it is, they are honored to hold the crown of Director of Authority.

But folks, that's not all! We've also got the new star initiative to look forward to! The brass at TNA has been rather tight-lipped about the four recent signings, but we do know that during the next three weeks, three of these new wrestlers will make their debuts, with rumors that the fourth will have a match at our next pay-per-view extravaganza, Against all Odds. There's a lot of talk over who these men are, but we will find out who one of them is on Saturday, as they are scheduled to have a match against David Young!

All this, along with red-hot X-Division action and a word from our NWA Tag Team Champions, America's Most Wanted, on this week's episode of TNA Impact on Spike TV!

A/N: Phew! We finally got most of the backstage stuff out of the way. I'm thinking that we're going to be checking in backstage at least once a month, but I don't want that to dominate this BTB. Obviously, I want the focus to be on the wrestling (A BTB that focuses on wrestling? AND WRESTLERS? No way, man!)

Sorry it took me a bit longer than I wanted to get this up. It's been a busy couple of days. Anyway, I should have the first episode of Impact up before the week is over. I'm not going to give myself super strict deadlines, since I don't want this to become a job, instead of some harmless fun, but I do intend on this hopefully being done at least before the weekend. Huge thanks again to IceCreamJrFan1029 for being the only reviewer I've got so far. With all that said, I'll see y'all again soon!
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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble

Keep it up, it's good stuff. Hopefully I'll find time to update my WCW BTB I've set up in the last few days but it's going to be on the back burner whilst I complete University Assignments.


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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble

I've been reading and it's pretty good stuff. More than once a month would be fine by me for checking back in to the backstage stuff. This really reminds me of Szumi's WCW Trio Ownership, although you have a long way to go to emulate the legendary status of that project.

I enjoyed how you divided the men that make the decisions. Jarrett has been a prick, but I personally love it. It wouldn't be any fun without a bad guy for Phoenix to bounce off.

Jarrett as champ is definitely interesting as it gives Phoenix a big dilemma, take the title off him eventually and face his wrath, and Jarrett still holds a lot of clout. Or keep the strap on Jarrett and maybe go against his own principles. Definitely a key aspect for me reading this.

As for guys that could be coming in, I tried to figure it out by the alphabetical order you put the roster in and for me three names popped up. One being a big name and two being ones that can be moulded into future stars.

Chris Jericho - He left the WWE in 2005 and I am sure that he would give TNA that star power to get bigger crowds in. Adding him to the Cage/3D/Planet Jarrett feud would be great.

And the other two I was thinking of were Bryan Danielson and Chris Hero. Both are pretty green about now compared to 2014/15 and I think if used correctly, i.e not pushed to the moon off the bat, would be great additions to the TNA roster. Danielson/Joe would be a great match in my opinion for the X-Division title.

I'm reading, I might not always comment. I'll try to but just letting you know that I'm reading.
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Re: TNA 2005: The Gamble


Impact gets a brand new opening, with “Just Like You” by Three Days Grace being the new theme song. We get some light pyro and one hell of a laser show happening at both entrance tubes, as we take it to Mike Tenay and Don West.

Mike: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Impact Zone! I'm Mike Tenay here, as always, with my broadcast partner Don West, and Don, we have one action-packed card!

Don: Indeed we do, Mike! Main event, Christian Cage gets a non-title match against Jeff Jarrett, and these two have been frothing at the mouth to get their hands on one another.

Mike: There's certainly no love-loss between these two men, and you have to wonder if Sting will make his presence known.

Don: That's right, Mike. We all know that Sting signed a contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and he's just waiting to make his debut. Hell, he could be in the rafters right now!

Mike: Of course, that's not all. We've also got the best division in wrestling today, the X-Division.

Don: X-Division champion Samoa Joe will be competing in a non-title bout against “The Future” Chris Sabin. Plus, we're going to find out who the new Director of Authority is!

Diamond in the Rough

The announce team is cut off by David Young, who is being accompanied to the ring by Simon Diamond (However, Elix Skipper is notably not with them. Is Skipper no longer aligned with the Diamonds in the Rough?) Young gets a slight smattering of boo's, but largely gets no reaction.

Mike: But first, it's time for the new star initiative! The rumors have been floating around for weeks as to who these new stars are, but tonight, we're going to meet one of them.

Don: Four new wrestlers have been signed. One debuts tonight, two more are coming in the next two weeks of Impact, and the fourth will make his or her debut at Against all Odds.

Mike: Whoever this new superstar is, they have one tough fight ahead of them.

Don: David Young has been reinventing himself under his alliance with Simon Diamond, and you have to think that Simon's been hyping David up all night.

The music cuts out and there's a silence for a moment. Suddenly...

This is the Art of Wrestling
With Professional Wrestler COLT CABANA

Boom Boom

And COLT CABANA has been revealed as part of the New Star Initiative! Colt comes out to a very warm fan reaction, taking time to slap some hands and have a good time on his way out to the ring.

Mike: WOW! Colt Cabana is the first of the four new stars!


Mike: Colt Cabana's been making waves in the US. Former two-time ROH Tag Team champion with his partner CM Punk, former IWA-Mid South Heavyweight champion, he's been making waves in every independent promotion he's gone to, and word has it that he's had a pretty big Impact in Japan as of late, too.

Don: But Cabana's in the big leagues now, and he has to go up against David Young!

MATCH 1: David Young (w/Simon Diamond) VS “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana

The match starts off with Cabana really showing his technical chops, going through an assortment of arm holds, really having fun with the match. Young fights as hard as he can to reverse, but Cabana remains one step a head of his opponent. We also see some of Colt's antics, including his “STOP! What's that?” slap spot. David Young gets pretty frustrated early on, and he does manage to nail Cabana with a few big punches, but all that does is upset Cabana. Cabana gets the match clearly back in his favor with a thunderous Bionic Elbow, and he dominates the next minute or two of the match. A little after the 4 minute mark, Cabana locks in the Chicago Crab, and it looks like Young is about to tap out, when Simon Diamond gets on the apron. Cabana breaks the hold and throws Diamond in the ring, tossing him in the corner. Cabana walks to the center of the ring, points at Diamond and nails him with the Flying Asshole! This gives Young time to get up and shake off some of the pain. Cabana focuses back on his opponent, but Young goes to hit the spinning spinebuster... Cabana reverses it... boot to the gut, Cabana hooks both of Young's arms AND NAILS HIM WITH THE COLT 45! He goes for the cover... one... two... three! It's all over!

WINNER: Colt Cabana by Pin Fall (5:12)


Mike: Colt Cabana just won his first match with TNA, and he won it with Authority, Don!

Don: Even with interference from Simon Diamond, Colt Cabana got the win! You have to expect big things from this kid in the near future!

Mike: Indeed you do! Folks, we have to take a quick break, but don't go anywhere because up next, we're going to be introduced to our new Director of Authority!


When we come back, we see Dixie Carter standing in the ring. The fans know who she is, but since she's never appeared on TNA Impact before, Mike and Don are explaining who she is to the fans back home.

Dixie: Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't want to take up too much of your time tonight. As you all know, last week Larry Zbyszko was forced to step down from his position due to health issues. First, we at TNA would like to wish him a speedy recovery.

The fans cheer, and start a “Get well Larry clap, clap, clap clap clap” chant. Dixie pauses for a moment to let the fans cheer, but begins to speak again when the chant starts to die down.

Dixie: However, that means that we need to introduce a new Director of Authority. So without any further adieu, please welcome the new TNA Director of Authority... JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER!

The Great Gate at Kiev

Jerry Lawler comes out in jeans and a button down, crown in hand to a HUGE pop from the crowd. He waves a little bit, but sports a very snarky smile.


Mike: This is unbelievable! I know that the guys up north recently released Jerry Lawler, but who would have ever thought that The King would ever be here in the Impact Zone!


Mike: You have to wonder what he's going to do here in TNA!

Jerry enters the ring, and Dixie hands him the microphone before heading backstage. Jerry soaks in the chants for a moment before finally speaking.


The fans pop big time, but Jerry looks mildly disgusted.

Jerry: That's right, the king is here... in this dump of an Impact Zone!

Jerry gets some major heat from the crowd, but he laughs it off.

Jerry: I went from the greatest wrestling city in the world, Memphis, to sold-out arenas all over the world to this crappy little sound studio in the muggiest state in the union!

The fans are now full on booing Jerry, but he puts a hand up.

Jerry: But it's okay, because I am here to save this company! You see, I initially had no interest in becoming the Director of Authority, but Dixie Carter told me that the only way TNA is going to thrive and survive is if TNA had not a Director of Authority, but a KING, so I expect you all to call me King Lawler!

More boo's from the crowd.

Jerry: You can boo me all you want, but you should all be thanking me! I am here to bring TNA to a brand new age of prosperity, I am here to turn this sinking ship around, as only royalty can do! So bow before me, because I am the King and this is my throne!

Jerry Lawler's music begins to play as he continues to get jeered by the crowd. Lawler merely looks around in disgust before making his way to the back. We go back to Tenay and West.

Don: Well, Mike, Jerry Lawler could have made a better first impression.

Mike: A better first impression? Don, Jerry Lawler just trashed TNA, trashed the Impact Zone! I mean, crappy little sound studio? He called the Impact Zone a dump!

Don: Well, let's be honest. We could do with some new paint, to say the least.

Mike: There's nothing wrong with the Impact Zone! We're in a state-of-the-art studio in the theme park capital of the world!

Don and Mike continue to Squabble, when...


Hail Sabin

...Chris Sabin makes his way out. Sabin gets a huge pop from the crowd.

Mike: Well, folks, we've got a huge non-title X-Division bout coming up next, so don't go anywhere!


When we come back, “Crush You Up” is playing and Samoa Joe is in the ring, being hit with a mixed reaction, but the boo's out weigh the cheers.

Mike: Welcome back to TNA Impact on Spike TV. Folks, if you've never seen the X-Division before, you're in for a real treat.

Don: A lot of wrestling promotions have divisions built around weight limits. However, the X-Division is radically different.

Mike: It's not about weight limits, it's about no-limits!

Don: And what a great example of that is our X-Division champion, Samoa Joe!

Mike: Samoa Joe might not looks like what you'd expect from the X-Division, but over the past few months, he's proven that he is the most dominant star in not just the X-Division, but possibly all of TNA.

Don: Never been pinned, never tapped out, never counted out, this man is completely undefeated, Mike.

Mike: Of course, let's not sell his opponent short. Chris Sabin is a two-time X-Division champion who was forced to vacate the title about a year ago, and he's been itching to win back the X-Division title ever since.

Don: A win over Samoa Joe would be huge, but I honestly don't believe he's going to get that win.

Mike: You don't want to underestimate a guy like Chris Sabin, Don!

MATCH 2: Samoa Joe VS Chris Sabin – NON TITLE

As soon as the bell rings, Sabin pounces on Joe, trying to deal as much damage as possible. Joe quickly swings the match in his favor with a thunderous lariat. Joe dominates the first half of this match, using his size to his advantage. Around the 6 minute mark Joe puts Sabin on the top rope for the Muscle Buster, but Sabin kicks him out of the corner and hits him with a missile dropkick.


Mike: Folks, we have to take a quick break, but don't go anywhere!


When we come back, this match is split right down the middle. Joe nails Sabin with some big moves, but Sabin keeps firing back, using his speed to stay one step ahead of Joe. Around the 11 minute mark, Joe is leaning against the ropes, and Sabin sends both of them spilling to the outside with a running cross body. The referee begins his count. 1... both men are still down... 2... 3... Sabin starts to move... 4... Joe is moving now, too... 5... Sabin starts to crawl to his feet... 6... Joe's getting to his feet... 7... Sabin's the first man up, and he gets on the apron... 8... Samoa Joe is up, Sabin's running toward him... 9... OH MY GOD, SABIN JUST LEAPT FROM THE APRON AND NAILED JOE WITH A TORNADO DDT! SABIN SPRINGS TO HIS FEET, JOE IS SLOWLY GETTING UP, SABIN ROLLS IN THE RING... 10! CHRIS SABIN HAS JUST COSTED SAMOA JOE HIS FIRST LOSS!!!

Winner: Chris Sabin by Count Out (11:22)

The fans at the Impact Zone are roaring at what they just saw. It might have been by count out, but Samoa Joe has just lost his first match. The fans are shocked, and so is Chris Sabin, who looks like he just saw a ghost. On the outside, reality starts to sink in, and Joe's face goes from that of surprise to pure, unadulterated rage. Joe charges in the ring and nails Sabin with an elbow smash. The fans begin to boo loudly as Joe moves Sabin over to the corner and throws him up on the top rope. Joe puts Sabin on the top rope AND NAILS HIM WITH THE MUSCLE BUSTER. He screams something at the ref, who scurries over to the time keeper's table, grabs the X-Division title and hands it to Joe, who poses over Sabin's body with it.

Mike: What a despicable act by Samoa Joe!

Don: Well, can you blame him?

Mike: What the hell do you mean by that?

Don: Samoa Joe just suffered his first loss, as a result of a count out! If you were in Joe's position, I'm guessing you'd be pretty upset too!

Mike: If I was in Joe's position, I'd have a little more class then that...

Samoa Joe is walking by the announce table, and he shoots Mike a terrifying glance. Mike Tenay lowers his head in silence, and Joe makes his way to the back.

Mike: …well, anyway, our colleague Shane Douglas is currently backstage, let's take it to him.

We head backstage to the interview area, which looks the same as always, where Shane Douglas is standing with a microphone, wearing a “Franchise” t-shirt.

Shane: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time, the NWA World Tag Team champions, America's Most Wanted!

AMW walks into the shot, titles on their shoulders, James Storm with a beer in hand, and they get jeered by the crowd.

Shane: Chris, James, the both of you have had a vice grip on the tag team division in TNA. You are the NWA World Tag Team Champions, you're the personal enforcers of the NWA World Champion, Jeff Jarret. Tell me, what's next for America's Most Wanted?

Chris: Shane, you're lookin' at it right here! pats the titles We're going to hang on to these titles for a long time, because there is not a single tag team that's qualified to lace up our boots.

James: The Naturals? We've beaten them! Triple X? We forced them to break up! You name em', we've beaten' em, 1-2-3. Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY can beat us. Let's face it, Shane, we are the greatest tag team in the history of TNA, in the history of professional wrestling.

Shane is about to ask another question, but he is cut off by Team 3D, who walk into the interview area. Brother Ray takes the mic from Shane, and the two teams stare one another down before Brother Ray talks.

Ray: You really think you're the best tag team in wrestling? Well, let me remind you morons of what me and my brother Devon have done! Everywhere we've gone, we've held tag team gold. WWE, WCW, ECW, Japan, we've won em' all... except those titles you have on your shoulders. If I were you two, I'd have eyes on the back of your head, because we're coming for those.

Brother Ray pokes the titles a few times, causing AMW to get pretty irritated.


The two teams continue to stare one another down before finally AMW walk away. The camera focuses on Team 3D as a “MAIN EVENT COMING UP NEXT” graphic flashes at the bottom of the screen and we go into a commercial break.


When we come back, “Take Over” is playing and Christian Cage is making his way to the ring. The fans are going absolutely bonkers for Christian, and he takes plenty of time to show boat.

Don: Folks, it's main event time!

Mike: Welcome back to TNA Impact! Here, we can see Christian Cage making his way to the ring, and we are about to see the first ever confrontation between Christian Cage and Jeff Jarrett.

Don: These two have been itching to get at one another for a long time, and it all happens here tonight FOR FREE on Impact!

My World

Jeff Jarrett comes out with the NWA World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder, guitar in hand and Gail Kim by his side, and the fans couldn't jeer him any harder if he tried. Jarrett is all business as he heads to the ring.

Mike: A few months back, Christian Cage made his TNA debut, and this man has had an issue with him since day one.

Don: Jeff Jarrett has ruled over TNA since the beginning. He calls himself the king of the mountain, and it's hard to disagree with him.

Mike: Christian came to TNA to finally get a chance to be the star he thinks he can be, but he has a giant roadblock in the form of Jarrett.

Don: I guess you could say that he has to overcome a mountain, Mike.

MAIN EVENT: Christian Cage VS Jeff Jarrett – NON TITLE

Christian starts off strong in this one, but the tides of war fall in Jarrett's favor after a thumb to the eye. The referee gives Jarrett a warning, but Jarrett dominates most of this match. Around the 8 minute mark, though, Christian mounts a comeback. Jarrett goes to lock in the figure-four, but Christian kicks him off, making Jeff's head bounce off the turnbuckle. Jarrett is dazed just long enough for Christian to get up and nail him with a running bulldog. It looks like Christian's going to win the match, but Gail Kim provides a distraction right before Christian hits the Unprettier. Christian moves forward to confront Gail Kim, but Jarrett hits Christian with a huge low blow, then rolls him up into a schoolboy. The referee slides into position, and Jarrett grabs a fist full of tights to get the win.

WINNER: Jeff Jarrett by pin fall (10:33)

Jarrett attempts to celebrate the victory, but Christian gets up and nails Jeff with a big right. The two start slugging it out, giving Gail Kim an opening to slide a guitar in the ring, and get in as well. Christian levels Jarrett with a big right, then starts moving toward Kim, not noticing the guitar in the ring. Gail provides a distraction long enough for Jarrett to grab the guitar, Kim pushes Christian, AND JARRETT NAILS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH THE GUITAR! Jarrett poses in the center of the ring, but...


RHINO RUNS IN THE RING FOR THE SAVE!!! Jarrett and Kim bail out of the ring as Rhino slides in. Rhino stands tall in the center of the six-sided ring as Christian slowly gets to his feet. Rhino moves in and gives Christian a big hug, causing the crowd to pop big time. It looks like the two are united against Jeff Jarrett, and Rhino starts to walk away... BUT HE RUNS BACK AND NAILS CHRISTIAN WITH THE GORE!!! Jarrett is laughing and he, along with Gail Kim, join Rhino in the ring. The trio raises their arms in victory to thunderous boo's from the crowd.


Don: CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Jeff Jarrett has the best manager in the business, the tag team champions are his enforcers, and now HE HAS THE MAN BEAST BY HIS SIDE!!!

Mike: This raises so many questions! Why did Rhino turn on his long time friend? How will Christian react to this? Most importantly, can anybody stop Jeff Jarrett and his army?

Our final shot is that of Jarrett, Rhino and Kim standing triumphant over the broken body of Christian Cage and we fade to black!


Colt Cabana d David Young VIA Pin
Chris Sabin d Samoa Joe VIA Count Out (NON TITLE)
Jeff Jarrett d Christian Cage VIA Pin (NON TITLE)



A/N: Well, I got that first episode done a lot quicker than I thought I would. I thought I'd have to work all week, but I had most of today off. I've also got tomorrow off, and I have a monster to help keep me up, so I might actually be able to pound out some news and a preview for the next Impact pretty quickly, too (No promises there, though)

Real quickly, I wanted to respond to a few things that Sykotic said. First, I was very much influenced by the Trio Ownership. I'm currently reading through that, as well as some other picks from the BTB Hall of Fame (Which I think is a must for anyone who wants to write a BTB) and that, as well as having my passion for pro wrestling reignited as of late, kind of inspired me to write this.

It's funny that you mention Jarrett being the champion, because I actually have some backstage stuff focused around that coming up (Hopefully before Against All Odds). Without saying too much, I think you'll be kind of surprised at what I'm going to do with that.

Interesting picks for the New Star Initiative. I don't want to say too much, but I will say right off the bat that Jericho isn't one of them. I have plans for Jericho a little later on, if everything goes according to plan (I'm using EWR as a booking tool, so who knows if he'll get scooped up by somebody else), but you won't be seeing him any time soon. As far as Danielson and Hero go... welp, I guess you'll just have to wait and see!

As always, huge thanks to the folks who have taken the time to review. You're definitely helping me get hyped about doing this. News stuff and Impact preview coming soon!
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