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WWF 1993: Restoring The Dynasty


Following King of the Ring 1993, the biggest star the World Wrestling Federation had ever seen had left the company. With Hulk Hogan gone and the promotion's reputation in tatters following various sexual abuse and steroid charges being placed upon them, the WWF now have to march boldly forward with their ever dwindling fan base and try and restore the dynasty.


Adam Bomb
Bam-Bam Bigelow
Barry Horowitz
Bart Gunn
Bastion Booger
Billy Gunn
Blake Beverly
Bob Backlund
Bret "Hitman" Hart
Butch Miller
Damian Demento
Giant Gonzales
Jauques Rougeau
Jerry "The King" Lawler
Jim Duggin
Jim Powers
Jimmy Del Ray
Koko B. Ware
Lex Luger
Ludvig Borga
Luke Williams
Marty Jannette
Mr. Hughes
Mr. Perfect
Owen Hart
Pierre Oullete
Randy "Macho Man" Savage
Rick Martell
Rick Steiner
Scott Hall
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels
Steve Keirn
Steven Dunn
Ted Dibiase
Terry Taylor
The 1-2-3 Kid
The Brooklyn Brawler
The Undertaker
Timothy Well
Tito Santana
Tom Prichard

Other Personnel:

Vince McMahon
Bobby Heenan
Jim Ross
Todd Pettengill
Gorilla Monsoon
Mr Fuji
Johnny Polo
James E Cornette

Tag Teams:

Money Inc (Ted Dibiase and IRS)
The Steiner Brothers (Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner)
The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu)
Men on a Mission (Moe and Mable)
The Smoking Guns (Bart Gunn and Billy Gunn)
The Quebecers (Jauques Rougeau and Pierre Oullete)
The Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard and Jimmy Del Ray)
Well Dunn (Timothy Well and Steve Dunn)

Hall of Champions:

World Wrestling Federation Champion - Yokozuna

Intercontinental Champion - Shawn Michaels

World Tag Team Champions - Money Inc (Ted Dibiase and IRS)

Upcoming PPVs:

SummerSlam - August 29th 1993

Survivor Series - November 21st 1993

Royal Rumble - January 23rd 1994

WrestleMania X - March 27th 1994

TV Shows:

Monday Night Raw (1 hour long to be written in full)

Superstars (1 hour long to be heavily recapped)

Wrestling Challenge (1 hour long to be given in quick results format)

King of the Ring 1993 Results:

1. Bret Hart pinned Razor Ramon (10:25).

2. Mr. Perfect beat Mr. Hughes (6:02) via DQ.

3. Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Jim Duggan (4:59).

4. Tatanka drew Lex Luger (15:00).

5. Bret Hart pinned Mr. Perfect (18:56).

6. Yokozuna pinned Hulk Hogan (13:08) to win the WWF World Title.

7. The Smoking Gunns, Rick & Scott Steiner beat Headshrinkers Samu & Fatu, Irwin R. Schyster, & Ted DiBiase (6:49) when Billy pinned DiBiase.

8. WWF I-C Champ Shawn Michaels pinned Crush (11:14).

9. Bret Hart pinned Bam Bam Bigelow (18:11) to win the King of the Ring Tournament.
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Re: WWF 1993: Restoring The Dynasty

I'm going through 1993 WWF right now so i might keep an eye on this to see what you would have done differently.

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Re: WWF 1993: Restoring The Dynasty

WWF RAW - June 14th 1993

'Who has what it takes?'

Right away we are thrust straight into a video package detailing last night's historic King of the Ring recap. First a brief highlight of Shawn Michaels's successful Intercontinental Championship defence against Crush and then onto the tournament itself with the paths of Bret Hart and Bam Bam Bigelow's being detailed specifically as well of course the time limit draw between Tatanka and Lex Luger. We then see Bret beating Bam Bam in the final and Jerry 'The King' interrupting the coronation ceremony claiming that's he's the only true king in wrestling and that Bret Hart is a pretender to his throne. Finally we see the controversial finish to the WWF title match with a cameraman costing Hogan the match and the WWF title which now resides with Yokozuna.

Following the Raw intro Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan welcome us to Monday night Raw live from the Manhattan Centre in New York. Heenan gleefully proclaims that Hulk Hogan is gone forever which Vince regretfully says that that may be the case but tonight we will have Yokozuna's championship celebration! Also coming up tonight are exclusive words from Jerry Lawler regarding his attack on Bret Hart after he won the King of the Ring last night but right now Tatanka is in action as he takes on Doink the clown. Heenan criticises Tatanka for not having what it takes to beat Lex Luger last night but Vince points out that Tatanka is still undefeated as the match went to time limit draw. Tatanka charges to the ring and does his traditional tribal dance as Doink the clown enters to his sinister music as the children in the crowd hush as does Heenan who denies he's afraid of clowns. Both men are in the ring and we are ready to go!

Tatanka vs Doink the Clown

The match starts with Tatanka on offence as he chops away at Doink with some stiff shots while making the occasional red Indian call until Doink bails to the outside. Tatanka chases Doink around a bit but Doink gets the advantage and trips Tatanka and sends him head first into the steel steps. Doink then throws Tatanka back in the ring to beat the ten count. Back in the ring Doink laughs like a mad man as he begins to pound away at the prone Tatanka in the corner as the crowd boos him pretty heavily as Heenan continues to deny his fear of clowns. Doink shows off his technical prowess in the ring as he works over the leg of Tatanka with some nice dragon screws as well as a shin breaker which causes Tatanka to scream out in pain.

Doink then goes to lock on the stump puller Boston crab onto Tatanka but he kicks him away and hits a shoulder block on the rebound. He tries for a 'End of the Trail' (Samoan drop) but Doink counters this and drops behind Tatanka and rolls him up for a close two count! Doink then goes back to working over Tatanka but this time with a less specific focus and more just trying to hit as much offence as possible. This includes a clothesline, a vertical suplex and a very impressive Northern Lights suplex followed by a bridge which gets another two count.

Doink then laughs in a menacing manner as he stomps on Tatanka repeatedly and hits him with a belly to back suplex that seemingly takes him out. He goes up top to hit the Whoopie cushion (a senton bomb) but Tatanka moves out of the way! The comeback is on with multiple tomahawk chops to Doink and even a running DDT which gets a close two count. Following a swinging side slam, Tatanka calls for the 'End of the Trail' and lifts him up for the Samoan drop. Before he hits it though BAM! Lex Luger nails him right in the face with a fore arm as the referee throws the match out.

Winner via disqualification at 7:06, Tatanka
While he may have won Tatanka certainly does not look like a winner as the irate Lex Luger smashes Tatanka with another flying fore arm of course with the extra strength of the metal plate that's been embedded in it. Luger then throws Tatanka over the top rope and poses as the fans hurl abuse at 'The Narcissist.' Vince hypes that after the break we will hear from Jerry 'The King' Lawler.


As we come back Jerry 'The King' Lawler is standing in a throne room style studio and has a huge grin on his face. He turns to the camera and says:

'Last night at King of the Ring I showed the world who the king really is. Bret Hart you are nothing more than a pretender to my throne. The only way you'd ever be anywhere close to being a king is if you gave up trying to wrestle and become a court jester. That's what you are Bret! A court jester where as I am the king of wrestling, the king of Memphis and I could be the king of the world if I wanted to be. You have the audacity to call yourself a King after winning that tournament. I mean it's impressive and all that you won three matches in the same night but that does not make you a king, and plus I've won at least five matches in one night before. The point is Bret that being a King is something you have to be born with and you could never be born with that honour especially with that hideous monster as a parent and I ain't talking about Stu! Bret if you wanna truly consider yourself a king your gonna have to go through me first!'

Jerry gives another grin that really just makes you want to punch him in the face as we throw back to the commentators who discuss the promo and of course Heenan sides with Jerry. Vince announces that next week Jerry Lawler has invited Bret Hart onto his own interview segment, The King's court. Razor Ramon's music hits as he makes his way out as he takes on Virgil right now! Razor gets in the ring to face Virgil, who was already there and this contest is underway.

Razor Ramon vs Virgil

Razor wastes no time in battering Virgil straight away with some clubbing blows before backing him into the corner and hitting him with a few chops. Ramon then hits a bulldog out of the corner as the fans chant '1-2-3' at him as we are just a few weeks removes from Razor's embarrassing loss to the kid. Razor then hits a fall away slam and covers Virgil but only gets a two count. Ramon goes for the Razor's edge but Virgil counters it and hits a back body drop. Virgil unloads on Razor with a few shots but that soon gets cut off with a choke slam. Ramon hits the Razor's edge and covers for the win

Winner via pin fall at 2:15, Razor Ramon
As his music hits Razor grabs a mic and says:

'All I've been hearing these last few weeks man, are you stupid people chanting the only three numbers you know at me because of one fluke loss. The bad guy is tired of it. Chico, you got lucky once but I bet of we had another match you wouldn't so kid I wanna rematch with you and I want it as soon as possible so I can show you up for the looser you are!'

Razor then throws down the mic and heads to the hack as Vince and Bobby discuss Razor's impressive win and the challenge he just laid out that huge challenge but right now Todd Pettengill is backstage with the WWF tag team champions Money Inc. Todd asks who the champs see as potential challengers and Dibiase replies:

'Challengers ha! That implies that out next opponents will actually be a challenge. IRS and I can and will walk through any tag team that is put in front of us. It doesn't matter who and it doesn't matter when but we will beat any tandem in the WWF today!'

IRS then gets the mic and adds:

'The greatest achievement that most of the competitors in the tag team division have is being able to avoid paying taxes for so long. The Million Dollar Man said it best that it doesn't matter who we face because we will beat them all the same.'

Money Inc laugh and shove Todd as they leave. Todd calls the champions over confident and says after the break we will hear from Bam Bam Bigelow following his loss in the King of the Ring final to Bret Hart, who is not here tonight due to injuries sustained from Jerry Lawler's attack on him at the end of the King of the Ring PPV.


When we come back we are in a dark room where Bam Bam Bigelow is staring at the camera looking incredibly angry and focused. He snarls into the mic:

‘Last night I deserved to be King! I should have been King but Bret Hart robbed the title from me like the snivelling coward he is. I'm not done ith you yet Bret, no one gets one over Bam Bam Bigelow and lives to tell the tale, you hear me no one! And after I've systematically destroyed you and your family if necessary I will advance to fight on for the World Wrestling Federation Championship, so Yokozuna or whoever holds that title when I decide the time is right for me to beat you then beware because when I say that I will beat you I do mean that I will beat you!'

Bam Bam takes a step back as we cut back to the commentators. Vince and Heenan discuss those bold statements as Shawn Michaels music hits and he dances his way out alongside the much more serious Diesel and joins the commentary desk much to Vince's dismay and says he's come to scout out one of the competitors in this match as they're rumoured to be in line for a shot at his Intercontinental Championship. Fatu of the Headshrinkers is already halfway to the ring as he's accompanied by his tag partner Samu and their manager Afa. Mr Perfect is out next as Shawn Michaels heavily criticises him on commentary calling him an over the hill dinosaur. With both wrestlers in the ring the bell rings!

Mr Perfect vs Fatu (with Samu and Afa)

Fatu starts the proceedings with some stiff head butts that take the veteran perfect by surprise as Vince puts over how these men are savages and Shawn adds that they're also much better at wrestling than Mr Perfect ever will be although nowhere close to the Heart break kid. Perfect continues to be on the receiving end of Fatu's offence as he seems to be distracted by the presence of HBK at ringside. Fatu then starts to unload some of his more vicious offence including a vertical suplex and a brutal clothesline line that turns Mr Perfect inside out and sends him straight to the canvas. Fatu then goes for a very impressive drop kick but Perfect ducks and bounces off the ropes and tries a swinging neck breaker but it gets countered as Fatu shoves him right into the ropes and nails him with a big boot on the rebound that again floors the veteran as Afa and Samu cheer at ring side. Fatu then hits a back breaker and covers..... But only gets two.

Mr Perfect has been bumping like a boss the entire match and it's finally his turn to go on the offensive as Fatu climbs the ropes and dives off them but Perfect catches him with a 'perfect' drop kick as the crowd roar in approval. Perfect then huts his signature snapmare and covers but only gets a two count. He tries a perfect-plex but Fatu counters and hits a belly to belly suplex as Shawn arrogantly says that Perfect can't beat anybody and should be nowhere near his Intercontinental Title. Back in the ring Fatu is still on offence as he hits a beautiful power slam. Fatu then tries a pile driver but Perfect counters it into a small package but only gets two. Perfect then clotheslines Fatu who does his signature spinning bump and goes up top for a cross body but he gets caught by the Samoan. Fatu tries for the Samoan drop but Perfect elbows him in the face and escapes. Fatu charges but Perfect kicks him in the gut and delivers a perfect - plex with a bridge and covers 1.....2.....3!

Winner via pin fall at 7:10, Mr Perfect
After the match Perfect invites Shawn Michaels to get into the ring but HBK slams down his head set and laughs at Perfect as he leaves with Diesel. Despite this damper on the celebrations Perfect goes to talk with the fans as Vince reminds us that after the break is Yokozuna's championship celebration.


As we come back Bobby Heenan is standing and applauding Yokozuna, the new World Wrestling Federation champion as he comes to the ring to a lot of heat as Bobby urges Vince to do the same but he's planted firmly in his seat. He's not alone however as he's with his usual manager Mr Fuji but also with James E Cornette who McMahon reveals is Yokozuna's new translator and spokesperson. Cornette gloats in the ring with his new champion and smiles taking the mic and says:

'What you see before you is unquestionably the greatest champion in WWF history! Not only will he go down in the history books as the man who finally ,after nearly a decade of superstars trying, vanquished Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania but also as the most dominant champion in company history. My name is James E Cornette for those of you who don't know and I am the official spokesperson for your WWF Champion, Yokozuna and I will be working in conjunction with Mr Fuji. But I know the question that's on you small minds, that I can read off your incredibly ugly lips. And that's what's next. Where can Yokozuna go from here. He's undoubtedly crushed the greatest legend in WWF history. As far as I'm concerned no one man has it takes to beat Yokozuna, no one man can challenge the might of the WWF champion. But because I'm a giving man I will give anyone a chance to come out here now and prove that they've got what it takes to even be in the same league as Yokozuna!'

The heels in the ring waiting for someone to come out. Nobody does and Corny goes to speak again until 'Pomp and Circumstance' hits! The small crowd explodes as one of the true heroes of the WWF comes out but instead of the usual jovial Macho Man, this Randy Savage looks a lot more intense, a lot more focused. Macho gets in the ring and stares down Yoko before snatching the mic of Cornette and saying:

'Yokozuna! Last night you had to rely on a freaking camera man in order for you to win that match and lemme tell you while a camera man may catch Hulk Hogan it will not catch out the Macho Man! Ya want a challenge well ya got one. I'm sick of watching you unfairly rule over this company and it doesn't matter how many putrid pipsqueaks you have in your corner but I will beat you and I will become the three time World Wrestling Federation champion!'

Savage and Yokozuna start staring each other down. Savage goes for the first blow but Cornette sneaks up from behind and gives Randy the low blow. This gives enough time for Yoko to hit a huge punch and then execute a spine wrenching belly to belly suplex. Yoko then hits a leg drop on Savage before dragging him to the corner. Savage then starts fighting back with some shots and charges at Yokozuna but gets nailed with a super kick for his troubles. The banzai drop is finally hit and Raw ends with Yokozuna posing with the title, Fuji waving the Japanese flag and Cornette hurling abuse at the already knocked out Savage.

*** Matches to be announced ***
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Re: WWF 1993: Restoring The Dynasty

WWF Superstars June 19th 1993

Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon welcome us to Superstars as it's announced that tonight's main event will be Bret Hart taking on Jauques Rougeau. Also tonight The Steiner brothers are in action as well as the Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. We have pre recorded comments from HBK about Mr Perfect and how he should watch this match as an example of what a real champion preforms like.

Shawn Michaels vs Oliver Higson
Closing moments: Shawn is just toying with the poor jobber and after hitting a diving elbow and a tear drop suplex finishes him off with his patented super kick and gets the win.

After that match we get a brief WWF magazine commercial before a vignette from Jaques Rougeau who reveals that he's formed a tag team with Pierre Oullet and there is no way that Bret Hart can handle them later tonight.

Following that match the Steiner Brothers cut a surprisingly lengthy promo on Money Inc and say they have no problems relieving them of the championships and they could do it any time and anywhere.

The Steiners vs Al Ronson and Michael Chamford
Final Moments: After being destroyed for the entire match with ridiculous suplexes the Steiners finally choose to end it with a top rope aided bulldog followed by a Frankensteiner getting the win.

Following this match we have a commercial break and as we come back a vignette for The Heavenly Bodies is shown with them posing for various women and winning matches. They are on a talent exchange from Smoky Mountain and are promised to début soon.

Lex Luger then comes out to cut a promo on Tatanka. He calls him pathetic for someone claiming to be undefeated and if it wasn't for the time limit at King of the Ring he would of broken his undefeated streak for sure. Luger says that eventually they'll have a rematch and the streak will be over.

Following a break Todd's with Bret Hart who says that it doesn't matter who many partners Jauques Rougeau has he won't be able to beat the Hitman

Bret Hart vs Jauques Rougeau
Closing Moments: Rougeau has his Boston Crab but Hart counters it into a roll up for two. Rougeau then charges Bret but he catches him with a kick to the gut and nails a pile driver. Hart locks on the sharpshooter and he's got no choice but to tap out.

Bret Hart celebrates to end the show as JR hypes Wrestling Challenge and Raw.

Wrestling Challenge June 20th 1993

Men on a Mission defeated two jobbers

Owen Hart cut a promo about being ready to face new challenges.

Marty Jannetty defeated a jobber. After the match Crush came out and the two seemed to form an alliance of sorts.

Bam Bam Bigelow cut a promo on his opponent tonight Billy Gunn and says he has no idea what's coming to him.

We get the special report from Mean Gene giving us a few storyline updates and hyping upcoming events.

Rick Martell defeated a jobber

The Smoking Gunns cut a promo on Bam Bam saying that they may be underdogs but Billy will find a way to pull it out of the bag tonight.

Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Billy Gunn in the main event following a diving head butt. Bart dragged his partner out of the ring before he could receive another beating.

*** Matches to be announced ***
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Re: WWF 1993: Restoring The Dynasty

Interesting year to choose, the early days of RAW.

I will be reading and it will be cool to see how you handle things here.

It's Reeeeeal!!
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