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A story idea.

First, didn't know where to place this, so...

I had a story idea in general, right now just at fanfiction level. But something that could be developed into a book/movie. Yes, things would need to be changed so its not a direct correlation.

Ok, its a spiritual/horror story.

Gest is that Chyna finally lets go of her past, happy living where she is and having nothing to do with wrestling at all. Sort of forgive or forget, however all her pain, anger, resentment, and such is not one. It morphs into a darker, almost daemon version of her, a dark spirit of vengeance and wrath.

It/She(Daemon-Chyna) goes after the four main people that have harmed her; Vince, Steph, Hunter, and Sean. So four stories rolled into one. Daemon-Chyna goes after them on a mental/spiritual plane.

Vince is the longest, since Daemon-Chyna manipulates some rich guy to start buying out WWE. At they same time gets someone close to Vince, but gets them to work for the person buying them out. Essentially causing a conspiracy in the company, a betrayal and out right destruction of what Vince owns. Taking his very lively hood.

Sean is simple and quick, perhaps caps to the story. Basically Daemon-Chyna waits until her has a girl with him, makes him see her as Chyna and pushing him to anger. Once he starts harming the girl, Daemon-Chyna empowers the girl to defend her self. He gets a trial and sent to jail, Daemon-Chyna influences his abuse. Possibly dies and faces Daemon-Chyna directly.

Hunter and Steph are the main bulk of the story, Daemon-Chyna messes with them a lot. Creates abuse, and mistrust. Basically causes Hunter to see Chyna instead of Steph. Also once they relationship and business are rocky, causes Hunter to cheat by guiding a woman on how to seduce him. Possibly when all is said and done he is charge with assault and worse. Steph is manipulated into divorcing and her family disowning Hunter. Steph is now haunted by people that appear to be Chyna, but since it is old Chyna they know its not her. She at some time get's mobbed and beaten down, I will rip your face off ringing in her ears.

Some how they each run into the real Chyna, having gone through pain and suffering, and realizing it is some how related to Chyna they beg her forgiveness. They know its not her, perhaps they try to bring her to trail but ridiculed. Daemon-Chyna tries to convince Chyna no to for give or something. Basically, Chyna ends up dispensing Daemon-Chyna. She s not gone, but not in power and freely roaming.

Ok there is the story; any thoughts or ideas. Sorry about the length.
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Re: A story idea.

Good story idea but if this was a movie the acting would be terrible lol.

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