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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Being the booker

Wolf Guy I told you this on MSN and I am telling you again now. Anybody can have Eddie bow out in a good fashion but you are one of the best bookers I have ever seen so I think you have the right to write one last Guerrero match. If you don't feel comfortable then don't use him, fair enough but if you do I think it would be a great tribute.

That's my 2 cents
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Re: Being the booker

I haven't reviewed a lot in this thread but I have read all your PPV's from WM21 to COTC and then I started reading your regular shows. Then I read Nemisis. I say that you should let Eddie bow out in fashion as you shouldn't let him go out as a screwy draw imo.

Edit: Nemisis Review (More in depth than the one on NoDQ)

Match 1- RVD vs. Rey Mysterio

This match had a lot of action in it. It seemed very good for a 6 page match. It had the excitment and all the movement of RVD and Mysterio. I do want to say that this 6 page match wasn't as exciting as what I was planning but was still very great. I am happy to say this match is better than my first four WM21 matches in my BTB combined. But then again I'm not nearly as good as you are yet. 8.5/10

Match 2- Americaís Most Wanted
vs. Basham Brothers vs. A.F.A vs. System Success

This match was very good also. Not what I expected but I'm guessing Tag Team Matches are your weak spot. There also mine. But still four pages with a few pinfalls that you spreaded out is still very good. Though it seemed like a 13 minute match to me. But it's your BTB. 8/10

Match 3- Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H- 20 Minute Time Limit

This was a very good match with Eddie and Triple H. An 8 page matchis a good length for a 20 minute match. I really liked this match and I think Eddie should beat Triple H before you stop using him. That's just my opinion and I hope it happens. Overall great match though I was hopeing for a winner. 9/10

Match 4- The DX Duo vs. Danny Doring and Road Kill

This wasn't one of your best matches. Honestly I was hoeing for a 5 page tag team match at least. This lenth is probably the best I can do for a regular tag team match. But still a good match overall. 6/10

Match 5- JBL vs. Chris Jericho= Stretcher Match- US Title

This match was good though I was hopeing for an even better match from you. At least 10 pages but I guess it was hard without any pinfalls to break some parts up. Still at least a 10 page match is what I expected and I was hopeing for Jericho to win. 7.5/10

Match 6- Elimination Chamber for Wold Title

This was an awsome match. 12 pages is kind of short as I expected 20 pages from you. Still I was very entertained though I don't like how Christan was the one to eliminate the Undertaker and not even win it. One win for him over Taker is alright. Two is bad enough but three times is just horrible for me to even read. But I'm glad to see how good the match was. It also seemed a little longer than 27 minutes to me. Maybe 30 minutes for this match. 9/10

Match 7- Rock and Austin vs. Lesner and Goldberg

7 pages is what I would expect from you in tag team match this high. This was a great match. I really enjoyed reading it. But the thing that I would of liked even more is for Austin to have gotten the pin instead of Rock. Oh well. This match seemed perfect for a tag team match. 17 minutes seemed perfect for this 7 page match. 10/10

Match 8- Flair vs. Foley(Cactus Jack)

First of all I could of never gotten 8 pages out of any match with Flair. Maybe with Foley, but not Flair. This match was so so in entertainment. It was a great match overall though. 8/10

Match 9- Angle vs. Benoit- WWE Title

Awsome match. Wish it was a real wrestling match. 15 pages of a great match without to may spaces in pinfalls for a 37 minute match seemed awsome. I loved reading it. This was a perfect fit fopr Benoit and Angle and nice to see Angle pick up the win. I just want to know how do you come up with these great matches? It's beyond me. Anyway this match is perfect. 10/10

Promo's: Very awsome long promo's. I don't have much to say but perfect. 10/10

Overall: 86/100. B. Great PPV. I enjoyed COTC and Summerslam more but this was still great.

Ok Wolfy to return this review don't review No Way Out.Review Wrestlemania when I have it up which should be on the week of Christmas(which is when I have off from school.

I'm watching you...

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Being the booker

I think that you should have Eddie Guerrero go out in style. He was a great man and doesn't deserve a draw as his last draw in your BTB. I am looking forward to how you will use him at SS if you decide to use him.

Wall Jon - EPW Superstar

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- Former EPW Tag Team Champion w/ Rick Talant

(2/19/06 - 6/24/06)

- Former EPW Ultimate Edge Champion

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Re: Being the booker

Eh, I dont have a review for Nemesis anymore since I usually just sit here for 45 minutes and type one up. I prefer it more then making another document on Word. My bad.

I'll review the next shows as they are fresh and therefore I have never written a reply for them.
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Re: Being the booker


Smackdown is mainly in recap form directly below Raw. I'll return all full replies for Raw.

October 10th; Lexington:

Video Package from Nemesis, with still photos from the Raw Matches ; Mysterio defeating RVD, The DX Duo hanging onto the Tag Titles, Shawn Michaels out lasting the five other men in the Elimination Match, and Mick Foley aka Cactus Jack defeating Ric Flair in the bloody Streetfight.

Raw Opening Video, with the new Raw theme, Seethers ĎRemedyí


Jim Ross:
The Rupp Arena is jam packed, just twenty four hours removed, from one of the most unbelievable, critically acclaimed events of this past year, and possibly in quite some time. Tonight, I am joined as always, by The Coach Ö

The Coach: I sat in this very chair last night J.R, and couldnít believe what I saw. In my thirty plus years in this business, Iíve never seen a display like it. Iím referring to the incredible streetfight, between our General Manager, Mick Foley, and The Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

Jim Ross: You shouldnít joke about being in this business thirty years Coach. The viewers here are gonna look at those wrinkles on your face, and believe ya.

The Coach: What th-

Jim Ross: But, speaking of last night, and the streetfight, I sat up here with you Coach, and we both said, that it would be a long time before we saw Mick Foley on Raw. Well, lo and behold, when I arrived here today, the first guy I saw, was none other, than a stitched up, black eyed, bruised, Mick Foley. Folks, The General Manager is here.

The Coach: As much as it pains me to say it J.R, Iíve gotta hand respect to our GM, he could;ve taken tonight off, hell, he couldíve taken the next two weeks off, but like a true mad man, he is here.

Jim Ross: Well, right now, the only match we know of for tonight, is Shawn Michaels, defending his title in a lucky lottery match. I know exactly what I think of that little scen-

**Space Odyssey 3000** To the fans shock, Ric Flairs music hits, and we see a group of Raw superstars (Batista, RVD, Bill Alfonso, Carlito, Christian, Tyson Tomko, Mark Henry, Rhyno, and A-Train) come from behind the curtain, and onto the ramp. Batista, and Tomko help RIC FLAIR down towards the ramp, each taking an arm, with Flair looking like death. He has scrapes all over his face, a huge bandage on his forehead, a bloodshot eye, and is limping badly.

Jim Ross: Are we actually seeing this?? Are we actually watching Ric Flair, make his way to the ring?? Just twenty our hours removed from one of the damnedest fights Iíve ever witnessed??

The Coach: Believe it or not J.R, you are watching Ric Flair, a 56 year old man, walk down that aisle. Give this man a standing ovation.

Coach gets up, and claps, as Batista and Tomko help Naitch up the steps, as Christian and RVD hold the ropes open, for Flair to enter. Carlito is given a microphone, and hands the mic to Flair. Flair takes a moment, as his music dies down. Batista stands right beside him, making sure Flair doesnít fall.

Flair puts the mic to his mouth to speak, but the fans give The Nature Boy a huge round of applause, as a mark of respect and appreciation for his efforts last night, despite him being a heel.

Ric Flair: This might be hard to believe, but after all my years in the business, I never thought Iíd say it, but at the age of 56, I just fought the toughest fight of my career.

Crowd Pops

Ric Flair: And believe me, when I say that, after 16 Championship reigns, after steel cage matches, after no disqualification matches, and after facing some of the toughest bastards this sport has ever seen, you know, that last night was something else.

Crowd Pops

Ric Flair: But look at me. Like I said, Iím 56 years old, and I just cant take this type of punishment much longer. I cant get hit over the head with a barbed wire 2x4. I cant get dropped onto a bed of nails, and I sure as hell, cant keep getting busted open from ear to god damn ear.

Mixed reaction

Ric Flair: But Foley, Cactus Jack, you callous, vindictive son of a bitch, I hate to say it, but Iím not done with you yet.

Crowd Pops

Ric Flair: Cactus, I met you in your world. I took the punishment, and I dished it out too. Now, Iím asking you to come into MY world. Iím not talking a straight up wrestling match, I wouldnít want to embarrass you. Iím talking about someth-

**Have a Nice Day** Mick Foley enters the arena, looking as bad, if not, worse than Flair. He too has a bandage on his forehead, stitches on the other side of his forehead, a black eye, and what appears to be a broken nose. He limps onto the stage, and puts a mic to his mouth, but is cut off by a ĎFoleyí chant.

Mick Foley: Yíknow, as bad as I feel right now, itís still great to be back in Lexington, Kentucky.

Cheap Pop. Foley doesnít give a thumbs up, but just nods instead.

Mick Foley: Ric Flair, I got here today, not expecting to see you here, and to be honest, Iím rather surprised, in fact, Iím shocked to see you made it. Whether I like you, or not, or whether you like me or not, that doesnít matter. Last night, you gave up your mind, body and soul, in a Streetfight at Nemesis, and for that, I respect you Ric Flair.

Crowd Pops

Mick Foley: But that doesnít change the fact, that I still hate your guts, plain and simple. So, what shocks me even more, is the fact that you come out here tonight, and from what I gather, you want to do this one more time??

Crowd Pops

Mick Foley: Well, Iím honestly starting to believe youíve maybe taken too many shots to that head in the last twenty four hours. Last night, was a one time deal. Raw, isnít about you and I Ric Flair. Iím the General Manager, youíre a mentor. Raw, is about guys like the ones standing directly behind you, such as Christian, Dave Batista, Carlito, and Rob Van Dam (Crowd boos). Its about guys like John Cena (Crowd Pops), Rey Mysterio (Crowd Pops), and even a man you know very well, as do I, called Randy Orton (Crowd Pops).

Mick Foley: Iím not the wrestler I was ten years ago, neither are you. Weíve had our time Ric Flair, and its time for guys like us, to pave the way for the future of Raw, and the future of the WWE.

Crowd Pops

Mick Foley: I have absolutely no interest in going head to head with you again Ric, last night was a one time deal. Iíve spent the majority of the last month away from my children, from my wife, and from my family, and there is no doubt I wont be going home for at least another week, because I donít plan on going home, and watching my kids run away from the strange man with bandages all over his face.

Crowd Boos a little, wanting Foley to face Flair

Mick Foley: You made me become something I donít want to be anymore. You made me snap to the point of no return, and you forced the hand of Cactus Jack. But after last night, its safe to say, that Cactus Jack, is most certainly gone. I donít want that in my life anymore, and I wont allow that to happen again.

Foley stops, and turns away, looking to walk to the back, until Batista cuts in.

Batista: Donít you dare leave Foley. WE havent finished speaking to you yet.

Foley turns around, and listens to what they have to say, as Batista hands the mic back to Flair.

Ric Flair: Donít walk away on me Foley. Donít dare. Right now, Iím sure youíve noticed, that the Raw locker room, is split. 50/50. Half the guys in the Raw locker room, want you gone Ö and there is around half that want you to stick around. Iím here to tell you, that myself, and these gentlemen behind me, form a small percentage of the guys that want you outta Raw.

Crowd boos. Flair hands the mic over to Christian.

Christian: You know Mick, I always had a soft spot for you. I always respected you in a way. But recently, youíve done nothing, but piss me off. I beat The Undertaker, not once, not twice, but just last night, I made it three for three against The Phenom.

Crowd gives heat.

Christian: Usually, when someone beats The Undertaker once, they immediately become a contender for the World Championship. Not only have I yet to receive a one on one title shot, but Iím forced to take my shot, with four other challengers. Thatís not how you book your biggest star. Thatís not how you treat the man who brings your ratings in, and provides you with classic matches, week in, week out, month in, month out.

Carlito bends down to the mic, cutting in

Carlito: Dat Ö das not cool.

Christian: Thanks Carlito. Foley, what Iím trying to tell you is, Iím sick of being mistreated, Iím sick of being overlooked. My time to rise as a main eventer is here, but until youíre gone, I cant fulfil my future.

Christian now hands the mic back to Flair.

Ric Flair: And its not just Christian youíre misusing Foley. Take a look at the big man here. Batista. Heís an Animal. Yet, week in, week out, all he does, is watch. You donít provide him with anything. No title shots, no main events, nothing.
Look at Rob Van Dam. Hell, you wont even let this man speak!!! For the love of God Foley, cant you see how badly youíre running this show??
Look at this talent. Rhyno, A-Train, two of the biggest, meanest, vicious guys in the locker room, and you wont give them anything. These guys could be something. But you wont give them the chance.
Carlito. This guy debuted a little over six months ago. And youíve been riding him the whole time, making his life hell. You wont give him a break. Week after week, you give him something more ridiculous than the last. Heís a second generation superstar from crying out loud.

Mick Foley: Okay, enough. Ric, you make the job of General Manager sound much easier than what it is. You forget to mention, that I have to please the WWE board, I have to please advertisers, and I have to please the networks.
Thatís why I cant allow some guy to take a mic who cant manage to finish a sentence without using a profanity. That would be my neck on the line, not his. And Christian, youíll be worthy of a title shot, when you find the way out of your own ass. Carlito wouldnít be finding himself in ridiculous circumstances week in, and week out if he wasnít getting himself into the mess in the first place. I didnít ask him to spit an apple in Eugenes face, which resulted in getting a Banana spat back at him Ö I didnít ask him to interview a midget Hulk Hogan, he did that. Carlito, got himself into that mess.
So really, if you guys want to blame someone for why you arent getting a fair ride on Raw, take a look in the mirror Ö and Iím sure you all do that already Ö and take a look at who you should be blaming.

Crowd Pops

Mick Foley: But say-

Flair cuts in.

Ric Flair: Hold on. Now, I still havent got to make my point. As you can see, there are a lot of guys, that want you gone Foley. Just a handful of them are in this ring. Now, will you let me make my proposition??

Foley shrugs his shoulders.

Ric Flair: November 6th, Manchester, New Hampshire. Survivor Series. You, and four other guys, to take on The Nature Boy, WOOOO, Batista, Carlito, Rob Van Dam & Christian. Five on five. You win, Iíll go. But if I win, Foley, not only will you be outta here, but Iíll take your position as General Manager.

Crowd Pops for challenger, before booing the chance of Flair replacing Foley.

Mick Foley: You know Ric, just a few moments ago, I said last night was a one time deal, but to be honest, Iím hurt, and offended by the comments you, and your group there, have made about me. So, really, when it comes down to it, I donít want to be somewhere that Iím not wanted. Therefore, with a heavy heart, Iíll accept your challenge.

Crowd Pops

Mick Foley: But Ric, if I win, I want you to stick around. Hell, Iíll make sure youíre still here, because Iím hell bent, on making your life a living hell.

Crowd Pops. Flair is furious in the ring.

Mick Foley: And one more thing, earlier, you said, that you wanted to take me into your world. And to be honest, I donít like secrets. So, if you would, could you please inform me of what you meant??

Flair smiles. He nods, and looks around the ring at his compatriots, before speaking.

Ric Flair: Thatís the best part Foley. This wont be like any other Survivor Series Match, I promise you. Like I said, I want to bring you into a world, that in this company, only I know of. Itís one of the oldest, yet most barbaric matches, ever created. You, and your four guys, to take on me, and my four ÖÖ WAR GAMES!!!!

The arena erupts, for the mention of War Games. Foley looks around, with a quizzical look on his face, before holding his hand up to speak.

Mick Foley: Thatís quite the proposition Ric. And you know, with my history in cages, or cells, I should do the smart thing and turn it down, but Flair, Iím sick of you hounding me, and continuously trying to rile me, and if this is what it takes, then Ric, Iíll gladly accept.

Crowd Pops huge.

Mick Foley: But Ric, this is going to be Survivor Series after all, and as you say, War Games is one of the oldest matches there is, so for itís very first showing in the WWE, and with the power vested in me as General Manager of Raw, this will be War Games, but with a modern twist. You see, we will be keeping with the tradition of both War Games, and Survivor Series, by officially making this Ďthe match beyondí, and itíll be an elimination style match. Entrants every three minutes, winner takes all.

Crowd Pops

Ric Flair: Foley, have it your way, because if you ask me, Iíd confidently say, Itíll be one of your last big decisions as the General Manager of Raw.

We then see Batista whisper in Flairs ear, which brings a smile to the Nature Boys face.

Ric Flair: Oh, and Mick. How about we get the ball rolling toward Survivor Series right here tonight. One of my four guys, to face your first guy, in tonights main event. I mean, Iím sure youíre popular enough to find yourself at least one guy by the end of tonight, right??

Foley puts his head down, visibly frustrated with Flair. He looks up, and in a ĎI donít care anymoreí way replies.

Mick Foley: Youíre on Ric.

Foleys music plays again, as he walks through the curtain, leaving Flair and his troops in the ring.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, and if you have just joined us, youíve missed arguably, the biggest announcement on Raw in quite some time. At Survivor Series, we will have ourselves a 5 on 5, Elimination Style Match, but for the first time ever in the WWE history, it will be WAR GAMES!!!!! And thatís not all, because Mick Foley will put his General Manager position on the line, if his team loses, Foley will be out of a job, and Ric Flair will be in charge of Raw.

The Coach: And of course, tonight, Mick Foley has to find at least one member of his team, to go into action tonight, against one of Ric Flairs boys, in our main event this evening.

Jim Ross: And so much more to come along with that as well Coach.

1st Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Jazz w/ Theodore Long
Good divas match, with Jazz and Trish being two of the better performers in the division. Trish looks to be in fine form in the early going, until a trip from Long turns the tables, in Jazz favour. She begins to dominate the match, and just as Stratus looks to be making a comeback, Long gets involved again, stopping the referee making a count. This angers Trish, who Chick Kicks him off the apron, and starts to go at it with Jazz once more. We see Shaniqua enter, and she watches the match unfold from the stage, as Trish impresses, battling out of a Fisherman Suplex, before scoring with the Stratusfaction, and gets the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Trish Stratus
Shaniqua stands at the top of the ramp, looking down as Trish celebrates her hard won victory. Shaniqua mockingly claps Trishí win, before gesturing shes been champion for one whole year.

Jim Ross: In just one weeks time, Trish will challenge Shaniqua, as part of the home town challenge, in Toronto, which marks one full year, 52 weeks with Shaniqua as the champion.

The Coach: There have been some dominating females in the past J.R, you can say women like Chyna, and arguably, Chyna was the most dominant, until she was beaten by Shaniqua. The Amazon is the real deal, and it wouldnít surprise me, if she blew Trish away next week in Toronto, before heading into year two as Womens Champion.

Backstage, Mick Foley is approached by Marc Lloyd;

Marc Lloyd: Mick, if I may, could I have a moment of your time??

Mick Foley: Sure thing Marc.

Marc Lloyd: Just a short time ago, you agreed to find your first team mate for Survivor Series, to face a man from Ric Flairs team in tonights main event. I was just wondering, if you have found anyone, or have anyone in mind.

Mick Foley: Thatís a good question Marc, and to be honest wit you, I wont be going around the Raw locker room, begging for guys to help me out at Survivor Series, no way. If there are guys in the Raw locker room that want to step up, and stand side by side with Mick Foley on November 6th, and if there is someone who wants to stand side by side, and represent Mick Foley tonight, Iíd like them to come to me. I want my team to be based on courage, and heart. Not greed and callous. And if that means going into Survivor Series in a 5 on 1, or 5 on 2 disadvantage, then so be it. Team Foley will be based on who represents what Mick Foley stands for.
Oh, and one more thing Marc, Iíve arranged for Carlito to host his Cabana tonight, saying how much he wants the spotlight and all. And his guest will be his fellow disgruntled Raw superstar, and a man who doesnít have the vocabulary to put together a sentence without using a four letter word, Rob Van Dam. Marc, have a nice day Ö and I hope itís a lot better than the one Iím having.

We then cut away to the DX locker roomÖ

Shawn Michaels: Well gentlemen, here we are, still, holding all the gold. They said we wouldnít, they said we couldnít, but we could, and we did. Cade and Jindrak, the greatest tag team champions of all time, and needless to say, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, the greatest, without a shadow of a doubt, World Champion EVER!!!

Garrison Cade: Hard to disagree with that point. I mean, we took care of Cena the right way last night, just like you planned.

Shawn Michaels: Ehhhh Ö thatís enough about that, fact remains, that I am still the World Champion.

Mark Jindrak: Shawn, I have to say, your lucky lottery tonight was an awesome idea. To give one lucky superstar from the Raw roster a title shot, just from the luck of a draw is such a fair way to decide it.

Luther Reigns: Before you make the draw Shawn, I need to tell you something though.

Shawn Michaels: Havent got the time to chat about things Luth, gotta give someone (winks) a shot at my title.

Luther Reigns: But thatís what I w-

Michaels dips his hand into the tumbler, and swirls around, making a funny face, as he picks a ball out. He twists it open, and reads the name.

Shawn Michaels: What the-

Luther Reigns: Thatís what I was trying to tell you Shawn. I knew I shouldnít have left it to these two nimrods. They just went to the superstars page on, and copied the names from there.

Michaels tries to quickly think of something

Shawn Michaels: You know what, HBCades lucky number is two. And saying its his birthday today, weíll pick the second name from the tumbler.

Garrison Cade: Gee, as nice as that sounds Shawn, and as thoughtful as that is, two isnít my lucky number, and my birthday isnít for a long while yet.

Shawn Michaels: (Thinks quickly) Make it an early Christmas present then.

Garrison Cade: Thatís terrific. My lucky number is 84 by the way.

Shawn Michaels: Luther, whats your lucky number.

Luther Reigns: (Immediately responds, knowing what HBK is getting at) Two.

Shawn Michaels: Perfect.

Michaels spins the tumbler around, and picks out a second name. He opens the ball, and takes a look at the name, smiling immediately.

Shawn Michaels: Now that is what I was hoping for.

Reigns nods in agreement, whilst Cade looks a little confused about the whole situation, and Jindrak looks to be huffing a little, after not being asked his favourite number.

Michaels then motions for them to leave the room, and they file out, with HBK throwing the first piece of paper to the floor. The camera then closes into the scrunched up piece of paper, with the name reading ĎJohn Cenaí.


We return with HBK, along with DX already in the ring, awaiting the opponent, as Michaels takes the mic.

Shawn Michaels: Ladies and Gentlemen, as the fighting champion I am, I put myself at a disadvantage this evening, because I am putting my hard won Championship on the line, less than twenty four hours after defeating five other men in the most gruelling match of my life. (HBK looks around, knowing he was pushed hard last night, but it wasnít the most gruelling match of his life)
So, give it up everybody, for the challenger Ö THE HURRICANE!!!

**Stand Back, Thereís a Hurricane Coming Through** The Hurricane steps through the curtain, looking as if he was told of the match literally minutes ago, not even wearing his cape. HBK and the rest of DX pretend this will be a real tough test, with Michaels stretching in the corner.

2nd Match: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Hurricane
Hurricane brings the fight to HBK right away, scoring three two counts from cradles, taking Michaels out of his element early on, but eventually, the champion takes control, and begins to show his true class, a few levels above Hurricane.
Hurricane attempts a slight comeback, but to no effect, as HBK knocks him back down, executing the Flying Elbow, before tuning up the band for Sweet Chin Music, and the never in doubt three count.
Winner: Shawn Michaels
HBK has his hand raised in the air, celebrating with the World Championship, as DX enter the ring, congratulating the Champion on a successful defence. Suddenly though, the fans ERUPT Ö and then, the camera switches to the barricade, as we see John Cena, with a bandage on his forehead, jumping the rail, with a belt around his shoulder, dropping it on the ground, before grabbing a chair and sliding into the ring, with it.

Jindrak spots Cena first, and runs toward him, but is met with a chair shot. Luther Reigns now approaches, but he too gets nailed with a vicious chair shot. We see Michaels push Cade into Cena, before sliding out himself, as Cena smashes the chair across Cades head.

HBK retreats up the ramp, looking back as Cena points up the ramp. Cena drops the chair, and drags the tag team champions up, before throwing the pair of them out of the ring. He shouts something up the ramp at Michaels, before grabbing Reigns, picking him up, and slamming the Insurance Policy back down, with the FU!!!

Cena slides out of the ring, and picks up the belt he dropped down earlier, before grabbing a mic, and getting back inside the ring. He kicks Luther out, before speaking.

John Cena: Michaels, theres a saying that what comes around, goes around, and after being screwed, three times by you and DX, Iíd say itís about time that I started screwing with you.

Crowd Pops

John Cena: You screw me once, shame on you Ö screw me twice, shame on me Ö screw me three times Ö and payback is a bitch!!!

Crowd Pops

John Cena: Iím sick of you walking around with what is rightfully mine, and if you havent heard me say this before, listen up, because you have the belt Ö but the champ is here.

Crowd Pops, before breaking into a Cena chant.

John Cena: Thatís why right here, Iíve got my own belt, which signifies who the real champion around here is, and until I take that title back, as far as Iím concerned, THIS, is the World Heavyweight Championship!!! Shawn, Iím challenging you, one more time, just you, just me, for the World Championship. You beat me fair, then thatís fine, but Iím coming for you, and Iím coming for that!!!

Michaels rounds up DX, and they stagger to the top of the ramp, as HBK waves off the challenge from Cena, before walking off. **My Time is Now** hits again, and Cena starts playing to the fans, with his own title belt, (the same spinner he already has by the way), as we cut to another commercial.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw everyone, and folks, this night is going off the rails right now. A runaway freight train, with so much going on. War Games, one of the most unforgiving matches in wrestling history, will rear its ruthless head for the first time in the WWE on November 6th at Survivor Series, in a winner takes all environment. Mick Foley, or Ric Flair will be leaving New Hampshire as the General Manager of Raw.

The Coach: And that idiot, John Cena has laid a challenge down to HBK, our champion, for yet another shot at the World Title. Does the kid not realise he just cant get it done??

Jim Ross: Thatís totally inaccurate Coach. Three times, Cena has been screwed by DX, first at Summer Slam, then September 12th in the Fatal Four Way for Number One Contender status, and lets not forget last nights set up.

3rd Match:
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki w/Hiroko
Haas and Benjamin show some really good form, taking Dupree and Suzuki right from the get go, and using their speed, athleticism and technical ability to totally outshine any attacks from Dupree and Suzuki, eventually getting the victory, via submission, with Haas forcing Dupree to tap to the Haas of Pain.
Winners: The World Greatest Tag Team
The two men rejoice in their victory, with an impressive performance, putting the two bigger men away, almost with ease.

Jim Ross: What a performance. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have turned it up a notch here tonight, with an impressive victory, over two extremely tough individuals.

The Coach: Iíll agree with you there J.R. Haas and Benjamin have been laying low for quite some time, since losing the World Tag Titles in June, but it appears, these two men are ready to step back up.

Jim Ross: If I were Cade and Jindrak, Iíd be looking over my shoulders right now. But, I believe that in just a few moments, Carlito will be hosting his Cabana, with Rob Van Dam as his guest.

Survivor Series Moment - 2003 - Team Bischoff defeat Team Austin, to give Bischoff total control of Raw.

**Spit in the face** Carlito enters the arena, along with Stacy Kiebler, to quite some heat from the fans. He walks down the aisle, chatting and laughing with Stacy.

Jim Ross: Donít go anywhere folks, The Cabana will be ready for lift off, when we come back.


We return with Carlito standing mid ring, ready to speak.

Carlito: Ladies and Gentlemen, Iím afraid time is of the essence, so, Iíll cut to the chase, and right away, Iíll introduce my guest. Get the censors ready folks, because not only is this guy Ďone of a kindí Ö heís actually pretty laid back Ö and above all else, heís cool Ö

**ONE OF A KIND** Rob Van Dam enters the arena, along with Bill Alfonso, to a pretty mixed response. He reaches the bottom of the ramp, and looks set to do the thumb salute, but gets R-V- then stops, which gets him more heat. Van Dam slides into the ring, and shakes his with Carlito, as his music dies down.

Carlito: Now that is what I call an entrance. Iíd go as far as saying, itís cool.

Rob Van Dam: Oh, itís very cool Carlito, just like Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van - actually, Iím not gonna even say my name, this isnít a joining in game with you people. I say my name, and I donít expect you to say it with me.

Crowd gives a little heat.

Carlito: Now before we get to the good stuff, I want to quickly address what has went down in the last seven days. And for us, it hasnít been cool Rob.

Rob Van Dam: Iíd rather forget the last week to be honest, Carlito.

Carlito: You know what, youíre right. Carlito wasnít to blame for his loss last week, thatís for sure, and Rey Mysterio had to cheat to beat you last night at Nemesis. I mean, he kicked you in the face with a chair. Das n-

Rob Van Dam: Like I said, Iíd rather forget it. Mysterio is someone Iím done with now. I could care less what happens from this point on with him. In fact, Rob - Ö I mean, I have bigger things on my agenda. And that, is getting rid of Mick Foley as the General Manager of Raw.

Crowd boos

Carlito: I agree. Iím sick and tired of watching Foley walk around Raw, like he owns the place. Heís spineless, vindictive, maniacal, crazy, schizophrenic, and he just not cool.

Crowd gives heat for Carlito.

Carlito: And if Ric Flair wasnít stepping up as the man to get Foley off Raw, Iíd have stepped up myself.

Bullshit chant

Carlito: And another thing. Iím impressed with you Rob. Youíve been on the Cabana with me, for about five minutes now, and you still havent got us thrown off the air. Das cool.

Rob Van Dam: Well, you know Carlito, right now, you donít realise just how much Iíd like to start cursing, and using vulgar terminology, but the thing is, I think youre a good guy, and I wouldnít want to jeapordise the future of this great interview show.

Carlito: Its funny you should say that Rob, because you should see the reviews I have been getting all over the world for my debut of the Cabana last week. They are comparing me to the greats, like Conan Oí Brian, David Letterman, and saying that they donít know how these guys could be so highly rated, when they saw just how good I conducted myself. Iíve heard rumours, that the USA Network is going to offer me a six figure deal, to front the Cabana on its own as a one hour show, every week. Now, dat Ö das cool.

The fans start a bullshit chant

Rob Van Dam: And to think I get punished for swearing. Listen to these morons.

**Childs Play** Eugene enters to a nice reaction from the fans, with Carlito furious in the ring. CCC gets so angry, the he cuts in during the music.

Carlito: What the hell are you doing!!! This is Carlitos show!! Stop interrupting my show!!!

Eugene rolls into the ring, and waves to the fans, before pointing at Carlito and laughing. He then is given a mic by Lillian Garcia.

Eugene: Carlito, stop saying naughty things about Mick Foley. Mick Foley is my friend!!!

Carlito: Donít be silly, Mick Foley doesnít have the mental capacity to even be friends with you, and thatís saying something. Now, get the hell off my Cabana. Get your own show, on Heat or something.

Crowd boo

Eugene: But, but I like the Cabana. It has palm trees, and apples, and Stacy Kieblers legs!!!

Crowd cheers, with Eugene jumping up and down, getting excited. Stacy is furious, as is Carlito.

Eugene: And last week, when I came onto the Cabana, me and Hulk Hogan beat you and Roddy Piper up!!! WATCHA GONNA DO!!!!

Carlito is furious, and ready to snap, pulling at his hair, whilst Eugene starts imitating Hulk Hogan.

Carlito: You know, you are more stupid than you look, and that is saying something.

Crowd gives heat.

Carlito: And seriously, I want to thank you for liking the Cabana, but Eugene, the Cabana doesnít like you.

Carlito smashes the microphone into Eugenes face, knocking him down. He and RVD start putting the boots to Eugene, with Alfonso blowing his whistle at the same time. Carlito smashes an apple against the head of Eugene, whilst Van Dam climbs up top, and executes a Five Star.

CCC then throws an apple to Stacy, Bill, and RVD, before taking a bite of an apple himself. They all chew for a few seconds, before simultaneously spitting in the face of poor little Eugene.

The four then stand over Eugene, and raise each others hands, as we cut to a commercial.


Jim Ross: We just saw moments ago, a sickening attack from Carlito and Rob Van Dam, on poor little Eugene, and to top it off, Carlito, RVD, Stacy Kiebler, and that human underwear stain, Bill Alfonso, spat in his face. And for what??

The Coach: For being a pain in the ass J.R. Thatís all Eugene is, and the quicker he realises that he doesnít belong in the WWE, the better.

**Hello Ladies** Val Venis enters the arena Ö for the second week in a row!!!

Jim Ross: Well last week, we saw the debut of a very confident individual to say the least, and tonight, he has been challenged to a rematch by Val Venis. Was it a one off fluke win, or is K-

The Coach: Thatís Mister Kennedy to you J.R Ö Kennedy!!!

Jim Ross: Oh gosh, cant forget to say Kennedy the second time.

The Coach: But you just did.

**Mister Kennedy** Ken Kennedy enters the arena, this week to music.

Lillian Garcia: And introducing his oppo-

Ken Kennedy: Lillian Garcia Ö shut the hole in your face, and do what you can do best Ö the only thing you can do, and look pretty. The following contest, is the much anticipated rematch from WWE Hoooooomecoming, seven days ago. In the ring, my opponent, with lifetime career achievements such as starring in some of the worst pornography films Iíve ever seen, and having a hugely overrated mojo (Kennedy wiggles his little finger) He is Ö Vallllll V- actually, no one cares, because heís going to looooose.
However, reaching the ring, I hail from the beautiful GREEEN Bay Wisconsin, and weigh in at exactly, precisely, 242 pounds Ö MISSSSSSSSTERRRR KENNEDY Ö KENNEDY!!!!!

Kennedy throws the mic to the outside, and immediately attacks Venis.

4th Match:
Ken Kennedy vs. Val Venis
Kennedy and Venis put on a decent enough contest, with Kennedy using a few heel tactics, to get himself solidly over as the heel, with Venis making a spirited comeback, putting Kennedy on the back foot. Venis goes up top, looking for the Money Shot, but for the second week in a row, he gets caught by Kennedy, who gets Val up onto his shoulders, before coming off with the Inverted Samoan Drop. He gets a cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Mister Kennedy
Kennedy immediately rolls out of the ring, and swipes the mic from Garcia, before pushing her over.

Ken Kennedy: Nothing personal honey, but you better start asking Val there for some work, if you know what I mean. Never the less, the winner of the match Ö bringing his winning streak to an earth shattering 2 and 0, MISSSSSSSSSSTERRRR KENNEDY Ö KENNEDY!!!

Kennedys music hits again, as he walks up the ramp, basking in his glory.

Jim Ross: That, is a gentleman, with quite a lot to say.

The Coach: He has IT. Mister Kennedy is someone who is gonna be around for quite some time, if you know what I mean Ö Kennedy!!! The guy is awesome, J.R.

Jim Ross: Well, Iíll tell you something else that is going to be awesome. Up next, itíll be time for Mick Foley to unveil his first partner for Survivor Series, to face one of Ric Flairs men in our main event.

The Coach: No one has come forward for Foley J.R. Get with the programme.

Jim Ross: You can bet your ass that someone will have offered his services to Foley, no doubt in my mind Coach.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Christian;

Todd Grisham: Christian, in just a few moments, one of your team will be in action, facing the first man from Mick Foleys side for Survivor Series. And by the looks of things, you havent changed into your gear, so should I expect youíll not be competing tonight??

Christian mockingly claps

Christian: Howíd you establish that four eyes?? What gave me away?? Look, I donít want to waste my time being asked pathetic questions. In just a few moments, either Rob Van Dam, Batista or Carlito is gonna be in action, most likely against Mr. Socko, because Foley has no friends, and he wont find anyone to take pity on him, and help him out. As you can tell, Iím a little pissed off right now.
Last week, at Homecoming, it was supposed to be about me. Homecoming was MY break out party. After I defeated The Undertaker two months ago, I was on my way to super stardom, and after I defeated him again two weeks ago, I became a main eventer. And one more time, last night, I pinned his dead ass once more, three times, for me, zero for the Phenom.
Yet, I still get treated like trash. Just last week, I was taken apart by Undertaker, when he decided to turn the lights out on me. He ruined my night, on the USA Network. And just last night, I should have became the World Heavyweight Champion, but instead, some redneck Texan got into my head. You know who Iím talking about Ö Stone Cold Steve Austin.
For the third straight month, he got into my face, and disturbed all my preparations, which threw me off my game for my match. If it wasnít for that over the hill alcoholic, Iíd be standing here today, with the World Heavyweight Title.

Todd Grisham: Well, I hate to inform you Christian, but although Austin approached you at Nemesis, wasnít it you who approached him at Summer Slam and Clash of the Champions??

Christian: What the hell are you?? Do you love me or something?? You been stalking me?? Is that how you roll?? Forget the facts, itís all Austins fault that Iím not the Champion right now, but believe me, after I make sure Foley is gone from Raw, that World Title, is as good as mine.

Christian in a temper tantrum, takes Grishams glasses off, drops them to the floor, and stands on them, before smiling and nodding at him.


**Space Odyssey 3000** Ric Flair limps onto the stage, with support from the same group of heels as earlier, before standing at the top of the ramp, and waiting for the music to die down, before speaking.

Ric Flair: Right now, let me introduce you all, to the man, who will not only send Mick Foley a message for Survivor Series tonight, but he will also put out the one man who Foley has recruited into a hospital bed. Give it up, for The Animal Ö BATISTA!!!

**Unleashed Rage** Batista enters the arena to a first-rate reaction of heat. The Animal shakes hands with the heels, and team mates, before leading the way towards the ring.

The group surround the ring, and wait until Ö

**Have a Nice Day** Mick Foley gets an impressive pop, for the second time tonight. He cuts in before the music stops.

Mick Foley: Lets get right down to business, and lets address the obvious. Now, in one night, I have found one man to represent Team Foley at the Survivor Series, but what I havent done is assemble an army. So what Iím going to do, is ask each and every one of you sheep around ringside, to move your legs, and shift yourselves up this aisle, and make your way to the back.

The crowd cheers, as Foley exerts his authority. Begrudgingly, the superstars siding with Flair make their way up the ramp, but Ric Flair stays were his is.

The heels walk past Foley, each giving him a look of disgust, with The GM standing his ground.

Mick Foley: Since it appears to me that you Ric Flair, arent going to move, you leave me little choice, but to accompany this next man to the ring. He is the first man to officially become part of Team Foley along with myself, and is currently, one of the most talented stars on the Raw roster. And to show that itís the size of the fight, not the size of the fighter, this man only wrestled twenty four hours ago, in a thrilling contest. I give to you, the reigning, Intercontinental Champion Ö REY MYSTERIO!!!

**619** Mysterio comes from behind the curtain, and not the podium, signalling to the fans before shaking hands with Foley. He looks down the ramp, at his vastly bigger opponent, before taking his title belt off, and drops it, before running to the ring.

Main Event: Non Title Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Batista
For such a size difference between the two, Mysterio and Batista put on a decent contest. Mysterio runs rings around the Animal in the early going, frustrating Dave, but after a few minutes of this, Batista catches the I.C Champion with a devastating spine buster. Somehow, Mysterio is able to kick out, but the move has put Batista firmly into the drivers seat, as the show goes to itís final commercial.
We return, with Batista applying the abdominal stretch onto his tiny opponent, after wearing him down during the commercial. Foley gets the fans behind Rey, pounding the mat, trying to bring him to life, with Mysterio struggling, just twenty four hours removed from a gruelling match at Nemesis.
Somehow, the I.C Champion makes a comeback, and manages to break free from the hold. Rey begins to use his speed to get himself into a good position of victory, rocking the Animal at this point. Batista doesnít appear to have an answer for the quickness of his opponent, and runs into Rey, who hitís a head scissors, sending Batista into the ropes. Rey calls for it, and bounces off the ropes, looking for a 619, but Flair trips him!!! Rey smacks against the mat, with Foley spotting the interference. He starts to walks towards Flair, but from behind, Christian and Tomko attack the GM!!!
In the ring, Batista has recovered, and places Rey in position, delivering a thunderous Powerbomb!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Batista
Team Flair gets first blood in this war leading to Survivor Series. Meanwhile, on the outside, Mick Foleys cuts have been reopened by Christian and Tomko, as they call for the rest of their team to run down to the ring.

RVD, Carlito, Rhyno, A-Train, and Mark Henry. They begin to stomp the hell out of Foley, with Ric Flair directing traffic. He orders them to bring the GM into the ring, which they do. In the ring, Flair continues to bark orders, with Foley and Mysterio taking a hell of a beating. Christian executes the Unprettier on Mysterio, as RVD reaches up top, looking to hit a Five Star on Foley, until Ö The Lights go out


The lights come back, and The Undertaker is standing in the ring, immediately grabbing RVD by the throat, chokeslamming him off the top rope!!! Christian runs at The Deadman, but eats boot, before The Deadman knocks A-Train and Rhyno down with a double clothesline.

Tomko runs at the Deadman, but gets caught right away, before being flattened with a Chokeslam!!! Batista gets knocked down, as does Flair, as does Henry. Carlito tries to escape, but is caught by the hair by Taker, before being pulled back into the ring, and scooped up, into the air, LAST RIDE!!! Taker picks Rhyno up by the hair, and throws him to the outside, with Train and Henry rolling out too. Batista staggers up, but is knocked over the top rope by Taker, with a huge clothesline!!!

A-Train pulls Tomko out of the ring, whilst Henry pulls out RVD, leaving Flair who is being stood over by Taker. Christian tries to take the Phenom by surprise, and comes off the top with a splash, but gets caught, and Taker lifts him high in the air, press slamming him to the outside, onto the rest of his compatriots!!!

Ric Flair is left all alone in the ring, as the rest of his troops can only watch. Taker drags The Nature Boy up by hair, does his cut throat taunt, before scooping him up, and delivering THE TOMBSTONE!!!!

The Undertakers symphony plays again, as Flairs men start to crawl and stagger up the ramp, looking back at the carnage, with Taker having just cleaned house, seemingly making a point that he will be part of Team Foley at Survivor Series!!!

End of show

For those wondering, this is what the War Games structure looks like...

Basically, it's two rings, surrounded by a cage with a roof. Not a HIAC, as it isnt as big, and doesnt surround the floor.

October 13th; Spokane:

Brief recap with still photos of the Smackdown Matches from Nemesis; AMW retaining the tag team titles, Eddie Guerrero and Triple H wrestling to a time limit draw, JBL retaining the U.S Title despite Jericho wheeling JBL over the line first, Austin and Rock beating Goldberg and Lesnar, and Angle making Benoit tap to retain his title.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: It has been a roller coaster week for Smackdown, with some unbelievable events taking place at Nemesis. Kurt Angle, JBL and AMW have all managed to retain their titles, but JBL in all seriousness, shouldnít be a champion today.

Tazz: Well Cole, I donít know what to say. I feel bad for Jericho, but JBL did something that NO ONE saw coming.

Michael Cole: It was a cheap way out Tazz, and you know it. Jericho did all the hard work, he fended off Jamie Noble, and won the match, but if it hadnít been for the referee being knocked out, Chris Jericho would rightfully be the U.S Champion.

Tazz: And speaking of Noble, The Chief of Staff, miraculously survived being thrown off the stage by Chris Jericho, and he is in fact, here tonight.

Michael Cole: I donít know how, but Noble is here, not in action though, as he is forced to find a replacement for himself when The Secretaries of Defence compete here tonight, in a six man tag match against AMW & Paul London.

Tazz: Neither Jericho or JBL are here though this evening, being given the night off to recuperate from their devastating Stretcher Match at Nemesis.

Michael Cole: Also in ac-

**Goldbergs March** Goldberg enters the arena, dressed in his street clothes, not even bothering to wait for his pyro, instead, storming to the ring, looking furious.

Michael Cole: Goldberg, is one man who you wouldnít want to cross right now. This past Sunday at Nemesis, he lost to The Rock and Steve Austin, in a tag match featuring Brock Lesnar too, but from the looks of things, heís here alone tonight.

Goldberg is given a mic, and waits for the fans to quieten, before speaking.

Goldberg: On Sunday, I took part in the most embarrassing match of my life. I was beaten by an alcoholic, and a movie star.

Crowd start a duel ĎAustiní and ĎRockyí chant.

Goldberg: I know who they are. I donít need to be reminded. I lost, when rightfully, I shouldíve won. The fact remains, that The Rock cant beat me in a one on one environment, and the fact remains, that Steve Austin, is nothing more than a Goldberg wannabe.

Crowd give heat.

Goldberg: Thatís a fact. If you give me Rock, one on one, Iíll cripple his ass, just like I always do. I ran him out of the WWE after we first met, and I stuck him on the sidelines the second time. Bad things happen, when people get in my face. If you give me Austin, one on one. I-

Fans erupt for the possibility of that match.

Goldberg: If you give me him, one on one, Iíll not cripple him, because lets face it, everyone else in the locker room has beaten me to it.

Fans start an ĎAssholeí chant

Goldberg: They have. But, regardless, If you give me him one on one, I will make sure that Stone Cold becomes nothing more than someone you people will fondly remember.

Fans start an ĎAustiní chant again.

**Glass Shatters** The Texas Rattlesnake, Steve Austin enters the arena to a deafening ovation from the fans.

Steve Austin: What the hell are you doing?? Youíre out here, flapping your gums, like you own the joint.


Steve Austin: Youíre calling Steve Austin a Goldberg wannabe??


Steve Austin: Well son, the fact of the matter is, the bottom line, if you will, is that there is only one, original Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he aint no wannabe. He had the bald hair, the thick beard, black trunks, and black boots, way before you came onto the scene son.


Steve Austin: So if anyone is a wannabe, Goldberg, itís you, as a Stone Cold wannabe!!

**If Ya Smell** The Rockís music hits, and Rock walks out through the curtain to a wonderful reaction from the fans. The music dies down, as Rock puts his mouth to the mic to speakÖ


Crowd Pops

The Rock: And finally, The Rock can say it loud, he can say it clear, that FINALLY The Rock whooped Goldbergs monkey ass, and pinned him 1...2...3!!!

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: With a little help from everybodies favourite Rattlesnake.

Crowd chuckles a little.

Goldberg: Thatís really cute guys. Tell you what, why donít you two love birds go ahead, and get yourselves a room.

Austin and Rock simultaneously look down the ramp at Goldberg, who nods in the ring, whilst the fans give heat.

The Rock: Bill Goldberg, just because you, and Brock Lesnar shared some intimate moments togetha, doesnít mean, that every two men that are friends actually swing that way. The Rock doesnít crave to lick Austins nipple. Austin doesnít crave to have me trim his beard.

The fans laugh a little, whilst Austin looks a little concerned.

The Rock: The Rock knows what went on between you and Lesnar. Austin knows, the people know. You, Lesnar, leather and lace, whilst all the while, Paul Heyman played the part of a little bitty pig, rolling around in milk chocolate.

Fans chuckle again

Goldberg: Rock, Iíll advise you to shut up now. Because, at this moment, Iím about this close, this close, to coming up that ramp, and kicking not only your ass, (Points at Austin) but his crippled ass too.

Crowd get excited, with the chances of a brawl.

Steve Austin: You calling me a cripple??

Goldberg: Youíre dam-

Steve Austin: What??


The Rock: Goldberg, know your role, and SHUT your damn mouth. As much, as The Rock, and Stone Cold would love to see you try and whoop our asses right here tonight, Bret Hart gave Austin and I a special gift as a reward for winning this past Sunday, and it involves, none other, than Austin and I making a match, right here, tonight, LIVE on The Rocks show - Smack-Down!!!

Fans pop

Goldberg: Okay, so which one of you is it to be??

Steve Austin: Well Bill, thatís the interesting part. You see, it involves us making a match, but not actually competing in one.

Fans boo

The Rock: But, now, wait until you hear what The Rock and Stone Cold have in store Ö for you Goldberg.

Goldberg leans against the ropes, listening up for the announcement.

Steve Austin: And after some deliberation between myself and The Rock, we came up with a perfect opponent for ya Goldberg.

The Rock: And in actual fact, heís right behind you.

The fans come to their feet, looking for who it is, but no one is behind Goldberg. Goldberg looks around, throwing his hands in the air, confused as to what is going on.

Steve Austin: Whats wrong?? He invisible?? Eh eh. Like The Rock said, heís behind you Ö heís sitting down, at the announce table.

The Rock: Thatís right, tonight, in a rematch from Judgement Day, Goldberg your opponent tonight, is gonna be Tazz!!

Fans pop, whilst Tazz looks shocked, pointing at himself as if to say me? In the ring, Goldberg looks a little taken aback by the announcement, before starting to smile. He looks out of the ring, and proceeds to step out, walking to the table.

Tazz rises up to his feet, and throws off his head set, not showing any fear of Goldberg.

Goldberg: Austin, Rock?? Iíd like to personally thank you two, for giving me the opportunity to kick this son of a bitches teeth down his throat one more time.

Tazz swipes the mic, and starts to speak.

Tazz: And although, its come as quite a shock to me, I would like to thank Stone Cold and The Rock too. Because I said right after Judgement Day, that one day, you and I would hook it up once again, and Goldberg, it appears that Iím right. But this time, I WILL choke you out!!!

Tazz pulls his jacket off, and rips his tie away, before speaking again.

Tazz: Iíve been waiting for this moment since May 15th, and Iím sure as hell not gonna blow it now. Beat me, if you can Ö survive if I let you!!!

The crowd erupts, as Tazz stands his ground. Goldberg nods, shows a slight smile, before backing away.

At the top of the ramp, Austin and Rock share a smile, before speaking.


The Rock: Because Austin, Rock and Tazz said so!!!


We return at ringside, with Michael Cole sitting alone.

Michael Cole: I am truly shocked folks. Tazz, for the first time since Judgement Day, will be in the ring tonight, facing that same man, Goldberg. Expect fireworks in that one. And ladies and gentlemen, just so you know, and as Iím sure you remember, Tazz had lost a heck of a lot of weight in the run up to his match at Judgement Day, but even since then, he has continued to work off his weight, so if anyone says he isnít in physical shape to compete tonight, they will be shocked this evening. But in terms of ring rust, it could well be Tazz downfall.

1st Match: 6 Man Tag:
Americas Most Wanted & Paul London vs. Basham Brothers & Matt Morgan
Morgan is revealed as Nobles replacement, with the Chief of Staff nowhere in sight with the Secretaries of Defence. AMW and London, champions since Judgement Day, with the Tag and CW titles, gel well together right off the bat, managing to spot any shenanigans like the Bashams switch-a-roo.
With the bigger man advantage, The Bashams and Morgan begin to dominate, singling out London from AMW for a long period. The CW Champion shows his heart, and commitment, trying to make it to his corner, but every time, he just seems to come up short, with either, Danny, Doug or Matt managing to stop him.
After another long period, London manages another fight back, this time, dropkicking Morgan out of the ring, before low bridging Doug, and scores with an enziguri on Danny!!! James Storm starts brawling with Doug Basham whilst the CW Champ crawls to his corner, set to make a tag Ö BUT HARRIS IS PULLED OFF THE APRON!!!!!
JAMIE NOBLE HAS PULLED HARRIS OFF THE APRON!!! London is left helpless in the ring, as the Basham Brothers hold Storm on the outside, while Noble whips Harris into the steps. Morgan gets back into the ring, and connects with a Death Valley Driver on London, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Matt Morgan & Basham Brothers
Morgan rolls out of the ring, having got the job done, for the cabinet tonight, whilst Noble, looking worse for wear quickly follows, having done his job, as do the Bashams. The four men walk up the ramp, with Morgan just walking on, whilst the Cabinet trio hug up the ramp, with a priceless victory for their camp. In the ring, AMW regroup, and help Paul London to his feet. The stare up the ramp at the jubilant Cabinet, irate with their tactics for victory.

Survivor Series Moment - 1987 - Andre The Giants Team defeats Hulk Hogans Team at the 1st Ever Survivor Series.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just three and a half weeks away, from one of the biggest events of the calendar year, the 19th Annual Survivor Series. And already, it promises to be one of the biggest in history, with the General Manager position of Raw on the line, in the first ever WWE War Games Match.

**Glass Shatters** Steve Austin enters the arena for the second time this evening, carrying a cooler, likely full of beer, and heads down the ramp, straight to the announce table.

Michael Cole: Well, it appears we have ourselves a guest, in the form, of the Texas Rattlesnake, Steve Austin. Good evening sir.

Austin gets the headset on, and takes a seat.

Steve Austin: How ya doing Michael??

Michael Cole: Well, Iím doi-

Steve Austin: SHADDUP!! Do your job, and call the action you snot nosed, hairy lipped, squeaky voiced, sum bitch!!!

Michael Cole: Sure thing.

This was as far as I got, until I had stopped, so from here, Iíll recap VERY brieflyÖ

Snitsky defeats Billy Kidman with the Pumphandle Slam

Fatal Four Way for the WWE Championship is announced at Survivor Series - Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H vs. Eddie Guerrero. Lesnar claims to earn his shot via a pinfall win over Angle last week on SD, whilst Triple H makes his claim via not getting a proper shot at Angle yet, and Eddie gets his chance due to Triple H having not beaten Eddie at Nemesis. (This is the only mention Iíll make of Eddie in that match until SS, as I donít want to over use Eddie following recent events. SS will also be the last time I use him.)

Chris Benoit defeats Simon Dean, basically in a squash via Crossface.

The Rock helps Tazz prepare for his match later.

A.F.A defeat La Resistance

Kurt Angle talks to a number of lower level superstars, and backstage workers, telling them that Bret Hart just needs some encouragement into getting back in the ring.

In the main event, Steve Austin and The Rock get yet another psychological victory over Goldberg, helping Tazz to an unlikely victory.

Current Card for WWE Survivor Series:
Date: 6th November 2005
Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
Event Music: Shinedown; Fly From The Inside

WWE Championship: Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Eddie Guerrero

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match:
1st EVER WWE War Games Match; Elimination Style: Two Men begin, with another entrant every three minutes thereafter:
-If Team Foley win, Mick Foley remains Raw General Manager -
- If Team Evolution win, Ric Flair becomes Raw G.M, and Foley will be fired -
Team Foley -----vs. ----- Team Evolution
Mick Foley -- Ric Flair
Rey Mysterio -- Batista
The Undertaker-- Christian
?? -- Rob Van Dam
?? -- Carlito

I will recap everything else leading to Survivor Series in a post this Sunday, before hitting on with Survivor Series on this day next week.

Again, all full replies for Raw will be returned.

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Re: Being the booker

Da Wolf Guy, WOW!! That show was amazing!!

I loved the announcement. You combined the elimination match with War games, this should be spectacular, with the stipulation of a possible new GM. You have assembled a three out of five for the faces, I think that four will be Orton, but I am flabbergasted on five. It cannot be Cena, I think it will be one on one with him and HBK. Where was Orton by the way??

The heels all are making valid points. I would not be shocked in the slightest if Flair and his team won. You will need to make a few more matches in the recaps, and SD still needs its elimination match.

Tazz against Goldberg?? I hope Tazz wins this time, he was demolished at Judgement Day.

I like the opponents in the fatal four way, they all have history. I am sure that Eddie is going to lose, but it will be between him and Angle.

I am glad that you want to get right to the point. I will be reading SS, but I will not review till 2006.
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Re: Being the booker

Jesus Christ. I heard this forum was bad when I was modded, but damn...

RKO Orton, I deleted your post. If you want to create you own thread, then fine. But don't spam others with your shows.


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Re: Being the booker

Wolfy for this review you can review my Smacdown in WWE: My Vision Originals ok. Just keep that Nemisis review return for Mania ok. Review my SD! in return for me reviewing Raw please.

Raw Review

Matches/Booking: Well the match overviews were very descriptive and very well booked. Stll the one little thing I don't like is how you put the after match right under the match and not spacing out the line. 9.5/10

Promo's: Your promo with Flair was great. I really enjoyed it. I like the idea of the War games coming back. 10/10

Length: 18 pages! Wow. How do you do it? You go from 13 pages of Raw shows to 18 pages. Truely amazing. 10/10

Spelling/Grammer: Saw no mistakes. 10/10

Entertainment: I was very entertained. I liked the annpuncement and I ike the way Michaels used his excuse to get out of his title match with Cena. Then he got Hurricane. I loved it. 10/10

Overall: 99/100. A. So close yet so far from perfection. Awsome show though. Your best Raw yet.

Edit: My BTB is one the second page of the BTB's.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being the booker

Review coming your way tomorrow as i dont have the time to review something as long as that at the moment. Looked to be an amazing show though
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Re: Being the booker

what a start, first Flair shows up with his bunch of heels, and now Foley is here! O man, this is huge. I can tell this promo is gonna rock. NO WAY! War games, Team Foley vs Team Flair, OMFG! Hell yes, this will absolutely pwn coming from you. Great announcement Wolfy. And we get a big main event tonight. Great promo, one of your best.

Nice win for Trish and I see her pulling out the huge upset in her hometown.

Hmm, John Cena gets screwed over by DX again, lucky lottery my ass. Rigged lottery more like it, I wonder who HBK's opponent is.

LOL the Hurricane, man that is tough. Squash win, but here comes Cena, and he cleans house. Nice touch with the spinner belt returning for a brief period.

Cabana didnt get going until Eugene showed up and poor Eugene got tandemed by four people, thats nasty and a quadruple apple spit. This might spark the big fight in Foley.

You used Kennedy well here, with some added comedy. He could be the next Rock as far as mic skills and insults go, and I hope you push him for the IC title soon.

Very good main event, and things are not looking good for Foley at the moment. What the? Undertaker! O man did he kick some ass? He beat 8 guys all by himself, and this must mean UT is gonna be Foley's second team-mate for SS. What an ending to the show. 8.5/10


Now onto SmackDown. Hilarious start to the night, Austin & The Rock as a team is really good, as they have great chemistry together. And Tazz vs Goldberg! A rematch from JD if im not mistaken. Good choice.

I was wondering if Noble would shpw up or not, and he did. He screwed AMW/London, so a match between London/Noble at SS looks immenent.

Lol here comes Austin, funny line on michael cole.

Good recap from here on, leaves a few things open, like maybe an Austin/Rock/Tazz team vs Goldberg team at SS? Also, what will Benoit be doing. the Fatal 4 Way looks good, I hope it is the last time you use Eddie though, send him out well. ANd the main event was decent, thanks to Austin/Rock helping Tazz win.

For a mainly recppaed show it still good, loved the opening promo.


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