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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for the positive response to SD. Really pleased to see a lot of comments so soon after posting it.


(Some bits I did mention before the site got wiped, but I think it might be a good idea to repost them)

Much talk is going backstage over the possibility of the Survivor Series going back to it's original roots this year, with the show being dominated with Classic 4 on 4, and 5 on 5 Survivor Series Matches. The entire event is likely to be themed on survival, with every match having some element of Survival, or Elimination.

Kanes recovery is coming on well from his quad tear, suffered at Backlash. The Big Red Machine is expected in action early in the new year.

With NWA - TNA providing a special 'free 30 minutes' on their upcoming October PPV, 'Bound for Glory', WWE may announce in the coming weeks that the October 9th event, 'WWE Nemesis' will be a Three and a Half Hour show, at the cost of the usual three hour events.

At this point in time, there is no official word on how the WWE will resolve the issue this Monday Night of no GM being in attendance. Mick Foley WILL NOT be at Raw this coming Monday Night, due to the severity of his beating at the hands of Batista and Ric Flair last week.

The WWE will be travelling over seas once again for the November 28th Raw, being broadcast in Newcastle, England, and the December 1st edition of Smackdown being held in Birmingham, England.

And, plans are underway for the major 'Raw Homecoming' show on October 3rd, from Cleveland, Ohio, marking the return to USA Network. It is expected that the main focus will be put on the new Raw talent to emerge in recent years, such as John Cena, Randy Orton and Christian. There is some talk to include one or two legends on a 'One Night Only' basis too.
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Re: Being the booker

Nice news posted there, i like the piece in regards to Mick Foley and the possibilty of Survivor Series being completley dominated in Classic Survivor Series Matches.
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Re: Being the booker

News Review

Hopefully you do make Survivor Series like that because it would make more of a reason to read along side that every PPV I read has been great that you made.

Can't wait for Kane to return.

I like that Nemesis will be 30 minutes longer.

I wonder who will be GM.

Over sea shows are usally good.

Like how Homecoming will be.

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Re: Being the booker

Smackdown; September 15th: Omaha:

I will have to review Taboo Tuesday later tonight so forgive me if it is a bit terse for your liking. Hopefully it will be long enough to merit a review.

Spelling and Grammar – Perfect! 10/10

Spectacular as usual, the matches are made up at Nemesis. 10/10

The opening promo was gold in my opinion. HHH generates both cheap and well deserved heat. This promo is better because HHH is proving that he deserves a rematch because he was not pinned. I like how he made fun of the city being in the Midwest and the animals joke. Eddie was quite good as well. He explained to HHH the rules of triple threat. He used his quitting stuff. We will see a match at Nemesis. HHH adds a stipulation with the twenty minutes. I think that this is a good decision on your part. 10/10

1st Match:
Acolyte Fashion Agency vs. Basham Brothers

A very long match ending, I see. Simmons is isolated and then he makes the tag to his flamboyant friend. Rico only has a few antics but they are nice. A nice win for the AFA. Man, Rico is one horny flaming ****sexual tonight.

The Rock: Did you think I was gonna forget what Lesnar did last week Jim??

Josh Matthews: Umm, my name is Josh??


Very funny and unexpected!! Made me laugh hard and spit the chips out of my mouth. This Rock promo was a typical Rock one but it had a better feel for some reason. The Rock has to get his revenge on both Goldberg and Lesnar.

Josh Matthews: Gee, it’d be my hon-

The Rock: To go get The Rock a big huge slice, of the People’s Pie.

That was even better! Glad I did not have chips in my mouth! Ha! I wonder who the Rock’s partner will be. I do not find the Rock as someone who would tag with some one. WAIT!!! The someone is Stone Cold Steve Austin! The rattle snake might come back with his rival. This would be amazing if it happened. So much for a retirement if it is true! Hopefully, SCSA accepts and you write a great match at Nemesis. This team will be better than HBK and Hogan. (Though I do not like Hogan)This Rock promo was better than most because it was funnier than most are. The show has started great so far! 10/10

2nd Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman

Nice win for Noble even though I do not like him as the secretary of defense. Kidman has gone downhill ever since Summerslam and his great feud with Paul London. Of course Noble has to cheat to keep the heel role. Nice filler??

What a phone call by Kurt Angle! Hart really is in a bind. Angle makes some good comeback points. Maybe we will see these two at SURVIVOR SERIES?

3rd Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Test

Benoit picks up a win and he is on a roll. I do not know about Angle clapping, but whatever. Here is my prediction, Benoit wins the title, Benoit wins the rematch, and Angle faces Hart. I think that Benoit vs. Angle will make it into your top three matches.

Goldberg and Lesnar start to make fun of their adversaries. Haha! The Rock is too funny tonight. The Bill Gates of the WWE!! Goldberg and Lesnar beat the Rock again. It is good in my revered opinion that SCSA did not come tonight but he will make the rescue next show. 9/10

The Rock and Lesnar next week! Goldberg will intervene and then SCSA will come so Hart does not call off the match.

4th Match: Winner faces JBL for United States Title at Nemesis:
Matt Hardy vs. Chris Jericho

I would love to see Jericho and JBL for the title as JBL seriously injured Jericho a month ago or so. Yes! Jericho wins! Here is JBL! JBL was delivering quite a monologue and then Y2J shut him up. I would have usually like for the cabinet to beat Jericho, but in a situation like this, it is okay for Jericho to prevail. 9/10

Main Event: WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Paul London

Another long ending! London almost beat HHH a few shows ago. Nice way for Agnle to retain the title. Never thought that Paul London would have a title shot! Imagine a cruiserweight and WWE champ at the same time! HA! I like the Angle slam and Angle lock after London had the advantage and missed with the 450 splash. Benoit and Angle stare down to end the show. Benoit would have shaken the hand though.

Entertainment – Some great promos and great match ups! 10/10

Bottomline – A strong show with funny promos! I liked all the promos and you set up some great matches for Nemesis. Three matches for both SD and Raw so far. I like the three and a half hour show to rival TNA.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H

The Rock & A Partner of Choice vs. Goldberg & Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Chris Jericho

Three great matches for Nemesis!

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Re: Being the booker

Wolf Guy, I have been so busy man. I have many reviews to dish out, so my reviews wont be nearly as long as usual, especially for the two older shows. Once I post Taboo Tuesday tomorrow, and catch up on reviews this weekend, I will be back to normal.

Smackdown: September 8, 2005

Glad to see Jericho back, as I remember just getting into this thread back when JBL put him out. Looking forward to this match.

Bret is back, nice interaction with Benoit.

Brock squashes Kidman, and I wonder what is on his mind.

Very in character Eddie interview, but I don’t think he will win tonight.

Very good segment with Rock, and what an alliance between Lesnar and Goldberg. The future looks bright here.

Nice retain for the tag champs. Don’t remember system success. What an original team, perfectly created.

At first I was gonna come down on you about the Bret/Kurt segment, as I thought it could have been much better coming from you. But you brought it home in the end. It is perfect, and after thinking about it, you are doing it perfectly, as a drawn out scenario will turn out working the best. I loved Bret’s character here.

What is on Austin’s mind…?

Nice win for London, and nice show of sportsmanship from both men.

AFA is the greatest tag team in BTB history. Is it Simmons or Farooq? Both?

WOW!!! Austin retires! I see a WM22 match at least. He is beat up, and I think from here you should just bring him in for special appearances.

YESSSSSSS!! Benoit wins in what was a great TV match. He and Angle will no doubt be a classic for the gold! Benoit as the number one contender on Smackdown ay…COPYCAT!!

Phenomenal Smackdown!

In all seriousness, I have been to every WWE and WCW event in Kemper, including house shows, since the late eighties. And yes, that does include being an eye witness…SECTION 111, ROW C, SEAT 7…to the tragic accident that took the life of Owen Hart. God rest his soul.
BTW we are FINALLY getting a new arena, and I am sure WWE will bring a PPV to it when it opens, as WWE loves to “break in” new arenas!

Anyway, on to Raw!!

Great win for the tag champs against two reputable teams. Great to see Orton exacting revenge immediately, taking out his frustrations on HBK’s young cronies.

Very nice meeting between Edge and Christian. Where was Tomko?

Wow, it is cool that Shaniqua started her historic title reign in KC.

I wonder what Orton has on his mind.

Great RVD segment as always. I cant wait for him and Rey, and already, with four long weeks away, I already can say this is one of the most anticipated matches in my BTB viewing history. I cannot wait. I love the officials having to break the thing up to get him to stop cussing. What a character, and what a storyline you have going. Put the IC belt on RVD for 23 months, with Alfonso blowing the whistle the whole time!!

Nice match between Christian and Eugene, and although a tuff one, a decisive win for the Captain, who no doubt needs to make statements at every opportunity.

Mick Foley: Go ahead Ric. Go ahead and start chopping me, get backdropped 20 times in a row, chop me some more, yell "WOO!!!", strut, take a couple more backdrops, pretend to be dead and then poke me in the eye, grab my testicles, and bite my finger, before clamping on the figure four.
^^^The funniest GD thing I may have ever read. I am so happy this thing finally erupted!! How great!! I don’t know what lies immediately ahead. A match at Nemesis…how fitting with the PPV named as such. Also I see something at Survivor Series, Foley and some guys vs Flair, Batista, Christian and Tomko.

DX as funny as ever, I just love HBCade. Shawn is back to the HBK of the late 90’s-full of himself.

RVD GETS FIRST BLOOD!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Rey will get back at him in the coming weeks, and then RVD will take the belt in a classic match. If he doesn’t, I’ll stop reading your thread.

Just kidding of course^^

Very good TV main event; and I like the fact that you wrote out some longer summaries this week. So it is Sting vs HBK. What a match it should be between two legends. I always loved Sting in the 90’s. I wasn’t too much of a Sting fan about a year after his return at Starrcade 1997 when he beat Hogan for the belt. He just became a completely lackluster character IMO. He didn’t seem to have drive or love for wrestling anymore, and his matches were not the heart stoppers they once were-but hell it was WCW-and in 1999/2000 what could you expect?!?! Anyhow, I am glad to see you have rekindled the fire that lies in the real Stinger, and I look forward to this match. One on one…the two men that always stayed loyal to their company no matter what. It is okay now for Sting to be in WWE since WCW is closed, but back in the day HBK would never leave WWE, and Sting would never leave WCW…Loyalty to a great degree. AJ Styles is the Sting/HBK stick-around “franchise” character of TNA IMO.

Sorry for going off topic a bit there.

SD! Review tomorrow, and I will finally be caught the F*CK up!!

Brilliant RAW!!!

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Re: Being the booker

Good opening promo with HHH and Eddie, with HHH being his usual whiny self. Nice to see 1 more match between these two signed, and hopefully it will be as good as the rumble match they had

Good win for the AFA, with Rico being Rico. Give them the tag straps please, as it would just be so good

Typical Rock interview, with some very funny lines in it. Match signed for Nemisis should be a great one, and I think we may see Austin back, but only to finish the match off, with a stunner on Goldberg

Good win for Noble over Kidman, and it puts him over well. Noble could do with a few more promos really, as otherwise he is wasted in the chief of staff role

Angle vs. Bret will be great, and I think that the feud will really hot up soon, maybe with Bret costing angle the title at SS?

Benoit over Test seemed filler, but was done well, and keeps Benoit strong

Good promo from Lesnar and Goldberg, and these two monsters will be one hell of a team. More comedy from the Rock, which is good, and then another beatdown. The Rock needs to get revenge soon methinks

Jericho was always going to be the one facing JBL at Nemesis, which is good, as this could be a classic mid card match. Promo afterwards was very well written, and the beatdown good, although expected

Good main event, which put both men over well, although I couldn’t see Angle ever losing the title. London is looking very strong at the moment, but he needs a match for nemesis
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Re: Being the booker

so Wolfy when is RAW or SD gonna be up?


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Re: Being the booker

Yeah, Wolfy, are you going to start posting SD on Fridays now?
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Re: Being the booker

Well, it's back again. To make up for lost time, I'll be posting the rest of the shows leading to Nemesis all tomorrow and I'll repost Nemesis on Tuesday.

Following that, I'll post the only show already written following Nemesis, which was Raw the next night after the PPV on Thursday or Friday, but from there, I'll recap the other shows leading to the Survivor Series (around the 18th or 19th), before posting Survivor Series in full, just before Christmas (22nd hopefully)

Now, due to the use of Eddie Guerrero on the shows leading to Nemesis, I wont take him out, and up until, and including Nemesis I'll keep everything with Eddie Guerrero in. Following that however, I doubt I'll use him, but I was to, it would be for Survivor Series only, where I'd have his last appearance be a more suitable finish, than at Nemesis.

Obviously, I wont be expecting full replies for shows I've already posted, but if anyone maybe has a review saved by any chance (unlikely, I know) then feel free to post it for whichever show it may be for.
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Re: Being the booker

I guess this means the return of being the booker, which will be great as it was the best thread in this forum. Pity to see the end of the power is back, as it showed great promise (i presume it is ending), but im sure you will carry on here from where you left off, and give us a great survivor series
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