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Re: Being the booker

full review coming in the morning, i need sleep now man but i promise tomorrow you get a review.


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Re: Being the booker

I remember this show, and when it was posted, everything about the show was great. The flair/foley promo really was brilliant, and the main event had a great ending, and i still am not entirely convinced it will HBK/Sting at Nemisis. Look forward to the new material being posted
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Re: Being the booker

I promised review Wolfy, and your gonna get them. Planning on reading all three shows today, and giving full reviews on them. You are first in line, as I have a few guys I promised reviews too. Looking forward to it.

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Re: Being the booker

I thought I should re-post the rosters, as they had been asked for just last week, as was the PPV Schedule.



General Manager; Mick Foley

Shawn Michaels - World Heavyweight Champion

Rey Mysterio - Intercontinental Champion

Garrison Cade - World Tag Team Champion

Mark Jindrak - World Tag Team Champion

Hurricane - Hardcore Champion

Shaniqua - Womens Champion

Randy Orton

John Cena




Kane (Currently injured with Quad Tear)

Rob Van Dam


Booker T


Shelton Benjamin

Charlie Haas

Billy Gunn


A- Train


Danny Doring



Tyson Tomko

Carlito Carribean Cool


Orlando Jordan

Rodney Mack

Ric Flair

Stevie Richards


Rene Dupree

Luther Reigns

Val Venis

Theodore R. Long (Manager)

Jim Ross (Announcer)

Jerry Lawler (Announcer)

Lillian Garcia (Ring Announcer)

Todd Grisham (Backstage Interviewer)

Marc Llyod (Backstage Interviewer)

Trish Stratus




Gail Kim

Molly Holly

Stacey Kiebler


General Manager; Bret Hart

Kurt Angle - WWE Champion

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield - United States Champion

America's Most Wanted - WWE Tag Team Champions

Paul London - Cruiserweight Champion

Triple H

Brock Lesnar

Eddie Guerrero


The Rock

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Matt Hardy


Scott Steiner

Matt Morgan


Chavo Guerrero

William Regal

Lance Storm

Rob Conway

Sylvain Grenier

Hardcore Holly

Simon Dean

Chris Masters

Danny Basham

Doug Basham



Scotty 2 Hotty

Bubba Ray Dudley

D 'Von Dudley

Spike Dudley




Shannon Moore


Jamie Noble

Billy Kidman

Paul Heyman (Manager)

Eric Bischoff (Manager)

Michael Cole (Announcer)

Tazz (Announcer)

Tony Chimel (Ring Announcer)

Maria (Backstage Interviewer)

Josh Matthews (Backstage Interviewer)

Torrie Wilson

Dawn Marie


PPV Schedule:

Joint Brand Events in Black
Raw Events in Red
Smackdown Events in Blue

**All locations and dates after Wrestle Mania are subject to change**

October 9th - WWE Nemesis - Louisville, Kentucky
November 6th - WWE Survivor Series - Manchester, New Hampshire
December 4th - WWE Armageddon - Boston, Mass.
December 18th - WWE Fully Loaded - Dallas, Texas


January 22nd - WWE Royal Rumble - Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY
March 26th - WWE Wrestle Mania XXII - MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
April 30th - WWE Backlash - Anaheim, California
May 14th - WWE Judgement Day - Atlanta, Georgia
June 4th - WWE Clash of the Champions - Kansas City, Missouri
June 25th - WWE Bad Blood - Chicago, Illinois
July 16th - WWE Great American Bash - Seattle, Washington
August 20th - WWE Summer Slam - Memphis, Tennesse
September 12th - WWE Taboo Tuesday - Miami, Florida
October 15th - WWE Nemesis - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
November 12th - WWE Survivor Series - Denver, Colorado
December 10th - WWE Vengeance - Phoenix, Arizona
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Re: Being the booker

Just thought I'd leave a few notes.

The Orton-DX feud is great an I see a match with "The Policy" at Nemsis, or he could play a part in the main event.

The RVD promo was great as usual(favorite character in BTB) and I see him winning the IC title, it would be kinda cool if Mysterio pulled an upset though.

Christian needs a damn push lol

Flair-Foley promo was the best I've seen on this forum in a long time, they have to meet at Nemesis now, as this about so much more then just a wrestling match.

Sting vs. HBK at Nemesis will own, and I see HBK retaining the title after a hard fought match.
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Re: Being the booker

RAW; September 12th; Kansas City:

Be thankful for this as I am sacrificing third round writing time for this. I would tell you to review my show, but I produce one in the take you produce four. Glad to see you back to normal!

Spelling and Grammar – Ha, you are no longer the quintessential grammatical booker!! I found two mistakes and I will rub it in your face. 9.5/10

Length – The match endings were longer and the promos were long. 10/10

1st Match: World Tag Team Championships Match: Triple Threat Rules:
The DX Duo vs. Roadkill & Danny Doring vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki

I have not seen Rene and Kenzo since Bad Blood. The DX duo win again with heel tactics, but they are unbeatable. YES!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! ORTON IS HERE AND HE HITS THEM BOTH WITH A CHAIR!!!!! Steel steps and then the RKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DA WOLF GUY, YOU HAVE EARNED BACK ALL THE ANIMOSITY THAT I SHOWED LAST RAW. Orton is omnipotent here, 10/10

Christian and Edge is a match at Nemesis or sometime in the near future. Quite a great segment between two heel characters. Christian is upset of being out of the fatal four – way and Edge is telling him that he was the one telling him to shut – up.9/10

2nd Match: Women’s Championship Match: Shaniqua’s local challenge
Shaniqua vs. Local Jobber

Do not care!!

I am happy that you have Marc Lloyd here as I like him more than Todd Grisham. He conducts a great interview with Orton. Orton explains his actions from earlier tonight. It is Orton so……………10/10

RVD is on a tear!!! He and his new manager are crazy. He really does a great job of thinking that he is biased upon. I have no idea what it to happen from this feud. The match at Nemesis is sure to be a slobberknocker with ECW rules with two risk takers. The highlight reels going at it!!! Cannot wait!! I think that Alfonso will influence the result. 9/10

3rd Match:
Christian vs. Eugene

What a match ending!!! Full of excitement and it was so WWEque. The heel is rolling with momentum and the face comes back. Eugene hits some great signature moves such as the Hogan leg drop. Christian then silences everyone with a DDT and Unprettier. Would not be surprised to see him involved in the four – way.

Batista and Flair still have a vendetta against Foley and his bad decision making. Great to be back right here, in being the booker. Just generating some pop in my direction. Flair is upset and he is livid. Foley now has the floor and he is upset with all the comments that Flair has made and he does not care about his legacy anymore. I will try to get my hands on Flair’s book.

Go ahead Ric. Go ahead and start chopping me, get backdropped 20 times in a row, chop me some more, yell "WOO!!!", strut, take a couple more backdrops, pretend to be dead and then poke me in the eye, grab my testicles, and bite my finger, before clamping on the figure four.

I guess that is supposed to be the funny part. Trust me it is. That made me laugh. I need a good laugh. Foley and Flair are really intense. Flair mocks that Foley did stupid things such as thumbtacks, ladders, and steel cages. Batista and Flair completely dominate the general manager. Clothesline, spinebuster, vile chair shot!! To cap it off, The Animal delivers the Batista Bomb to Foley, with Foley going off the stage!!!!! Holy crap, Foley is dead. Oh well, he has something else to add to his legacy. One of THE BEST SERIOUS AND FUNNY PROMOS EVER!!!! The Christian, Tomko, and the old lady mania promo is better. You were not pulling my leg when you said it was good. 10/10

DX with another funny promo!!! DX make the funny promos on Raw and AFA make the funny Smackdown promos. Cade is in charge when HBK is not around. I think that the job is to intervene in the main event. 9/10

4th Match: 6 Man Tag:
Rey Mysterio & The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Rob Van Dam, Carlito & A-Train

A major brawl and then a blind tag from RVD after RVD breaks up the 619 and West Coast pop!!!! RVD wins via tights. This feud is one of the best and will win feud of the month for September in my estimation.

Main Event: Fatal Four Way; Winner Faces Shawn Michaels @ Nemesis;
The Undertaker vs. Edge vs. Sting vs. John Cena

I see that you are making some extremely long endings. Edge hits the spear. I like the two men in the ring aspect as it is real. Undertaker is on fire. He hits the chokeslam on Sting and then the Tombstone!!! His feud as of late, Christian pulls him off!!! Exciting stuff so far!!! Christian is here and poised to murder the Deadman!! I knew his interference was inevitable. Taker makes an acquaintance with the steel steps. He is gone. I was hoping that Christian would murder Edge as well. Oh no, now DX is here and I predicted that as well. (GO ME) They annihilate Cena who has been the problem for DX as of late. Sting wins and it will be a legendary affair at Nemesis. Cena will have the rest of DX along with Orton. I predict Orton and Cena vs. Cade, Jindrak, and Policy.

Entertainment – One of the best shows of Raw. I think it will be number three. I was hoping that Orton would have more involvement so I could have seen what he meant in the interview. 10/10

Bottomline – Long promos and long match endings!!! I liked it very much so!!! I honestly think that it will be Cena and Orton against DX. The show was something that would be worthwhile to watching.
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Re: Being the booker

Official Smackdown Preview:

Last week, Chris Benoit booked himself a spot in the Smackdown main event at Nemesis, but now, one week later, his scheduled opponent for the title, WWE Champion Kurt Angle, must defend his Championship, this Thursday night on Smackdown, against the amazing Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London.

Londons rise in recent months has been out of control. First, Paul London won the Cruiserweight Title at Judgement Day, defeating Chavo Guerrero, and since, he has been literally on a roll. London has brushed aside all challengers thus far, even showing the grit and determination to pull back from 3-1 behind in a Best of Seven Series against Billy Kidman to win the series 4-3.

He even came within seconds of creating the upset of the year, coming just seconds from defeating Triple H four weeks ago on Smackdown, but The Game had to cheat in order to keep London down.

Will Paul London go one further this time, and cause the biggest upset in WWE history?? Find out on UPN's Smackdown!!!

In other news, how will The Rock react to the two on one assault at the hands of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar last week?? Will The Rock be out for revenge, and even at that, will he be able to accomplish it alone??

Other Matches;
#1 Contenders Match for United States Championship Shot at Nemesis:
Chris Jericho vs Matt Hardy

(Smackdown will be up tomorrow)
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Re: Being the booker

Cannot wait for it

I really hope that JBL does not screw Y2J becuase I want to see JBL vs. Jericho.
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Re: Being the booker

man it was a great RAW, I cant leave a full review bu the main event was insanely awesome. I loved RVD getting the cheap roll up on Mysterio in what wouldve been a great 6 man tag. The card was stacked tonight, and Foley ws brutally destroyed, leading to a feud with him and Batista. Very good as always Wolfy, full review for you Smackdown I promise.


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Re: Being the booker

Sorry my friend…a little later than I promised, but I ran into some issues today! Anyhow, I’d be asleep as I am really exhausted, but a pot of coffee is allowing me the energy needed for this review!

Raw, September 5
Anaheim…HA HA…the site of Taboo Tuesday!

Great opening from Michaels, totally on character, and the reason he gave is a substantial one. I believe he could have held on for another 20 seconds, and if it wasn’t for those damn ligaments, he would have! Wow, Orton wants his shot! Michaels plays hard to get, but Foley won’t have it. Short and sweet bit from Foley, with his character on point, cheap pops and all. Cade with one comment is funny as ever. And so the match is on, should be great! BTW love you enforcing the thirty day rule…puts more “sport” in the entertainment.

Shaniqua squashes some poor woman. Man, who in the hell will ever beat her? Hell, maybe a man will challenge for the women’s title? I mean women have won men’s belts in wrestling! Why not…? Have Rico jump ship…he’d make a perfect Women’s champ!

RVD is gonna take the belt off Rey. I think this match has the ability to be the best mid card match you have ever produced. Also, everything is interesting with this feud. What the hell really happened? And the King is right…RVD, I’m sure, be puffin on that heat.

Nice win for Roadkill and Doring, and I really could conceivably see them taking the belts from DX.

Interesting meeting between between Edge and Orton. Does Edge want to take the belt off Orton or HBK? Will his feeling on that issue cause him to interfere tonight? I am sure it will, though I can’t call who he will try to assist.

Jim Ross: Coach, I wouldn’t know whether to wear a G-String, or floss my teeth with it.

The Coach: That’s just unhygienic.
^^^I found this funny as hell. Also the JR comment about don’t worry, I wont thank you…funny.

Nice win for Eugene and Lita, though sort of lackluster with Eugene instead of Hardy IMO. I know Hardy is on SD!, but you know what I mean.

Huge match made for next week, for the #1 contender spot. What a bold move by Foley, leaving Batista and Christian out, and walking right past them. Foley and Batista will have a war of a match one day, and Foley and Flair as well. Should be a great match next week, and I can’t wait to see what Christian has on his mind!


I love the possibility of an alliance between Flair, Batista, Christian, and Tomko!! How funny could those damn promos be? They would be show stealers for sure. Should be interesting to see where you take this.

Nice win for the giant killer. I love Rey. Nice attack by RVD! Alfonso is back!! You know I love RVD!! I love this feud! Money in the bank IMO.

Wonderful!! RVD is back…ECW…Whole f’n Show!! I love it, an he is taking the belt off Rey I am sure!! What a damn feud, the best thing going right now IMO. Please thrill me with this match!! Two words…SHOW STEALER!!! It has to be one!! Also, were the cus words edited for TV? I hope so!!

First off, I would like to say that I did not steal my “Insurance Policy” gimmick for Scott Norton from you, in case you are wondering. I don’t recall hearing you call Reigns that before, though I am sure I just overlooked it.

DX screw Orton, which makes for a nice future. Orton will have a reason to be upset! He will be able to use this, though I think for now it wont matter. I think it is interesting, but just fine, that you got this match over with tonight. Next week we get a new number one contender. I cant help but imagine that in the future we will se a Randy Orton/Sting Legend/Legend Killer feud. I also think Orton will end up being the one to take the belt off HBK eventually, after he has had the belt for a while. Maybe this is a precursor, and Orton will end up redeeming himself at WM22, by taking the belt from HBK…? You never know!

Great show, which followed the PPV well, and immediately moved on into the future!

Smackdown, and the next Raw review coming tomorrow. Sorry dude, I am just too tired right now. I will get them up though.

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