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Re: Being the booker

Ouch Wolfy! I may not be able to have reviews for the THREE shows that you are gonna post tomorrow until Friday, as I am really busy with my stuff right now. I will get them in for sure though, you know that. I'll probably do one tomorrow, one Thursday, and one Friday-or maybe two if a new one is posted.

On a very sad note, I seemed to have erased my long review of COTC!!!! That truly sucks, as I certainly cannot do a new one for it at this point with so much going on. I will say that it was the best read I have had in BTB to date, which I know is an overused statement, but i think you know that i am being genuine when I say it.

A few things I really remember...

The absolutely hilarious Cade/DX promo...with the "They'll kick our ass later" comment. That struck me so funny, I remember that I woke up my little girl last time, as I was laughing so hard!

I remember agreeing with all the match endings, as you had the right men winning.

I enjoyed the fact that JBL needed assistance to beat Rey, which even in defeat, makes Rey look strong.

The Ten man was the greatest multi-man tag match I have ever read, and it wasn't even elimination. I mean, how did you make such a good match with so many guys, and one pinfall? One word...brilliance!

The ironman was by far the greatest match I have ever, and will ever read. I think you may have actually harmed yourself by writing it, as there is just no way to top it! It was so well done, so realistic, and perfect! It opens the window to the Bret Hart/Kurt Angle match...because now all Kurt has to do is throw the ironman win over HBK into Bret's face, and he will fire up the Hitman I am sure.

By the way, I think there is a spy here at BTB...someone from WWE! Let's all watch closely on Raw next week...I bet the match goes down exactly like Wolfy's, move for move! LOL! It better, or it won’t touch your ironman match!

Wonderful job my friend. Without you, why read or produce BTBs?

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Re: Being the booker

Without you, why read or produce BTBs?
Good point!

Anyway Wolfie, I looked through everything and I did not save any reviews for regular shows. I think I will be able to give you one review if that is okay.

I am really pumped up for Nemesis. The card was looking great already. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit might win you some October awards. It will be great to see a brutal match between two ECW alumni after a short hiatus of the feud. The legend Sting faces the legend HBK. HBK has a very high shot of retaining as he is recuperating and Sting is still wrestling. Keep up the hilarious segments with DX and AFA.
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Re: Being the booker

RAW; September 5th: Anaheim:

We open with a video, from last night’s Clash of the Champions, finishing with highlights of the Main Event.

Opening Video

No pyro, but instead, right away, **BREAK IT DOWN** DX’s all too familiar music blares into the P.A system, and the four men that is DX enter the arena to a major amount of heat, from a red hot arena.

Jim Ross:
We are looking at the most powerful group in the business today, but last night, the smile was wiped from Shawn Michaels, as he went down, two to one, in the most sensational sixty minutes I’ve ever witnessed in this business. We are live at the sold out Arrowhead Pond, here in Anaheim, and King, it’s been a heck of a week.

Jerry Lawler: J.R, the fact that Shawn Michaels is even walking to this ring is a testament to our champions intestinal fortitude. No one has ever withstood such a long period of time with the ankle lock applied to them, but that man, Shawn Michaels did.

Jim Ross: Indeed, credit where it is due, but at the end of the day, Michaels didn’t manage to get the job done. Folks, we have so much other news to catch up on from last nights epic event, all that still to come, but it looks like DX have something to say…

Shawn Michaels: Y’ know, last night, I ga-

Crowd starts a ‘You Tapped Out’ chant

Shawn Michaels: I’ll admit, I did tap out.

Crowd pops

Shawn Michaels: But, can anyone seriously think of any man who has withstood two full minutes locked in the most deadly submission move ever, the ankle lock, apart from the Heart Break Kid?? I thought not.

Crowd start a ‘Michaels sucks’ chant

Shawn Michaels: And lets not forget the fact, that for fifty eight minutes last night, I dominated Kurt Angle. I dictated the pace, I broke him down, and I plain and simple out performed him. For lack of a better term, Kurt Angle was Shawn Michaels bitch for fifty eight minutes. He got-

Crowd cut him off, giving heat. Michaels waits for them to die down before speaking again.

Shawn Michaels: He got one move, and in the end, I had to make a decision. And when I started to feel the ligaments snap, when I starting to feel by ankle break, I had to think, and I had to make a quick decision. Do I ride the clock out for another twenty seconds, and bring this to over time, running the risk that by then, my ankle might just be broken in half, and I‘ll be mince meat anyway?? Or do I do the smart thing, and tap out, saving my career??
I could’ve hung on for those remaining seconds, but it would have meant the rest of the year on the sidelines, which would’ve meant relinquishing MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd start a ‘We want Angle’ chant.

Shawn Michaels: In case you people haven’t noticed, THIS is Raw. Kurt Angle, is Smackdown. You want Angle, you’ll be waiting until Thursday night I’m afraid.

Crowd give heat

Shawn Michaels: And as far as I’m concerned, last night, I was the real winner. Sure, Kurt Angle, he had his arm raised in the air at the end, after I damn near pulled his arm out of his socket for an hour … after I controlled the match, from start to finish, breaking your Olympic Hero down, plus lets not forget, who got the first decision. ME. And if Angle hadn’t have pushed so hard, he wouldn’t have gotten his wish of the Iron Man Match, and right now, it would be a totally different story.

Crowd starts a ‘Bullshit’ chant.

Shawn Michaels: But, that was last night, and I don’t like to dwell on the past. Now, and the future, is what I think about, so right now, put Clash of the Champions to the back of your head, and just let it fade … so, at this time lets all move on, and lets talk about the grea-

**Burn in my Light** Randy Orton, the new number one contender, steps from behind to curtain to a tremendous reaction from the fans. He stands at the top of the ramp, with a mic in hand, but before he can speak, Michaels talks.

Randy Orton: Shawn, I know you’ve had a bad twenty four hours, but unfortunately, I’m about to make it that much worse, because as I’m sure you’re aware, last night, I became the number one contender for that very belt, and Michaels, I feel like taking my shot tonight.

Shawn Michaels: Whoa, whoa. Now isn’t the time Randy. Hell, I’m battered, bruised, torn to bits. Last night, I wrestled for sixty long minutes, and had my ankle, damn near ripped from my leg. You honestly don’t expect me to defend the title tonight do you??

Crowd start an ass hole chant.

Shawn Michaels: Your opinion, doesn’t mean anything to me, so please, don’t waste your breath Anaheim.

Crowd give heat

Shawn Michaels: Randy, we can talk about your title shot at some other time. Next week maybe, two weeks would work better, but really, Nemesis suits me best.

Randy Orton: Shawn, you seem to forget, that it doesn’t matter how long you hold off, the end result will still be the same, and that is Randy Orton fulfilling his destiny of becoming a three time World Heavyweight Champion!!

Crowd Pops

Randy Orton: So, why delay the inevitable… lets just do this right here, tonight!!!

Crowd Pops

Shawn Michaels: Frankly Randall, I’m getting rather p-o’ed with your yakking, so for the last time, NO.

**Have a Nice Day** Mick Foley enters to a great response from the fans. He stands at the top of the ramp, along with Orton, and pulls a mic from his back pocket.

Mick Foley: With that type of reaction, I have to say, that’s it’s great to be back in Anaheim, California!!

Crowd gives cheap pop, with Foley smiling, and giving the fans a thumbs up.

Mick Foley: Shawn Michaels, lets get to business here. I’m giving you a choice. Do you want to defend the World Heavyweight Title tonight, or not??

Shawn Michaels: Hell no daddio.

Crowd gives heat

Mick Foley: In that case, could you pass the World Title over to Tweedle dum, tweedle dee, or the insurance guy, have him walk up this aisle, and hand the belt to Randy Orton.

Michaels looks a little confused, and angry.

Garrison Cade: I’ll do it Shawn.

Michaels turns around at Cade, and glares at one of his protégé’s. Jindrak quickly pulls Cade away, and starts to explain the situation to him in the corner.

Shawn Michaels: I don’t think so Mick. No chance.

Mick Foley: No, no. Not, no chance … no choice. You see, if you don’t defend the title tonight, then by Raw next week, you’ll have incurred that 30 day, mandatory title defence ruling, which just for kicks, I’ll put into practice, and strip you of the belt. So Shawn, the choice is yours. Defend the belt against Randy Orton tonight, or hand the belt to Randy Orton, right now.

Michaels puts his head down, knowing he has no choice.

Shawn Michaels: I guess it’s on then.

Crowd pops

Mick Foley: So, lets make this official. It’s gonna be Shawn Michaels, defending the World Heavyweight Championship, against Randy Orton, tonight, right here, in Anaheim, California!!!!

Crowd gives another cheap pop, as Foley’s music hits again, and we cut to a commercial


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, live in the Pond, ahead of tonight’s blistering main event, for the World Title, with Shawn Michaels just twenty four hours removed from a sixty minute match, defends against the Legend Killer, Randy Orton!!!

Jerry Lawler: It’s totally unfair J.R. HBK nearly had Kurt Angle take his ankle home with him last night, after an hour of wrestling. I’m fearing Michaels chances tonight.

1st Match: Women’s Championship Match:
Shaniqua vs. Local Jobber
The Womens champion is on destruction mode, after losing the mixed tag match last night at Clash of the Champions, although she wasn’t pinned. Shaniqua prolongs the beat down for this unfortunate challenger, but after a lengthy attack, Shaniqua eventually ends the brutality, and gets the three count.
Winner: Shaniqua
Shaniqua has her arm raised, but just snatches her title, and rolls out of the ring, walking back up the ramp, still furious.

We cut backstage, were Flair and Batista chat in the locker room…

Ric Flair: Last night was perfect. We told Foley that Team raw couldn’t win that ten man tag without you, and they couldn’t. YOU, and you alone won them that match. Now, Foley has no choice but to give you a world title match.

Batista: You’re damn right Ric. Foley owes us now. And I’m about ready to collect.

Flair smiles, as Batista starts flexing his muscles, as we fade away to another commercial


Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Rey Mysterio…

Todd Grisham: Rey, last night, at the Clash of the Champions, you lost to JBL, albeit, due to outside interference, but now, it appears that Rob Van Dam, who is due to return at some point tonight, is close to revealing the man who attacked you, almost two months ago. How do you feel about being introduced to the attacker??

Rey Mysterio: Todd, something in this whole scenario doesn’t fit. Not only is Van Dam becoming a psycho, he’s also becoming delusional. I KNOW it was RVD who attacked me weeks before Summer Slam … hell, I seen him, when he attacked me. It was Rob Van Dam who did the whole thing.

Todd Grisham: Then, why do you think Rob Van Dam has been hinting at having a friend help him??

Rey Mysterio: I don’t know Todd, but I expect we’ll be finding out soon.

Mysterio walks off, clearly unsettled by RVD’s claims

Jim Ross: I’m confused King. I mean, for weeks, Van Dam has been saying he didn’t attack Mysterio, but he knew who did, yet Rey himself is certain that RVD attacked him.

Jerry Lawler: I think that lunatic RVD has been smoking too much of you know what J.R.

2nd Match:
Roadkill & Danny Doring vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki
Fairly poor contest, despite all four men trying hard. The match is kept short, so as not to bore the audience in a long match, with Roadkill and Doring coming out as the winners, with Doring pinning Dupree with a double arm DDT.
Winners: Roadkill & Danny Doring
The last ever ECW champions are victorious, and give themselves a huge boost in the tag division for a possible rematch with the DX Duo, after coming close a few weeks back, only for Cade and Jindrak to save themselves by getting Disqualified.

Backstage, we see Randy Orton start to prepare for his title shot later tonight. He stops, and senses someone behind him. Orton turns around, and sees Edge, standing right behind him…

Edge: You look like you’re on top of the world right now Randy.

Randy Orton: Of course I am. Tonight, I become a three time World Champion.

Edge: Thing is Randy, I’m still waiting for you to say thank you.

Randy Orton: For what??

Edge: For saving your ass. Eddie Guerrero was this close to breaking your deciding fall, and if it hadn’t been for me stopping him, you wouldn’t be in the position your in right now.

Randy Orton: It’s not like you did me a huge favour, is it Edge?? As part of a team, that was OUR jobs. To look out for each other, and win the match. Edge, I have nothing to say thank you for, because you just did your job.

Edge: Is that right?? Well, Orton, good luck tonight, because I’ll be watching very carefully. You say becoming World Champion for the third time is your destiny, well I say me becoming World Champion for the first time is mine.

Randy Orton: Good for you. Now, if you’d excuse me, I have to get ready.

Edge slowly backs away, and exit’s the dressing room, as Orton prepares.


Jim Ross: We are back on Raw, and folks, it has been an eventful night to say the least. And we are ready in anticipation for tonight’s main event, as Randy Orton looks to capture the World Championship from Shawn Michaels, right here on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve got a bad feeling about this match J.R.

Jim Ross: Not only that, bu-

**Coach’s Playas Club** Jonathon Coachman enters the arena to a lot of heat. The Coach poses at the fans, before making his way over to the announce table, squeezing in the middle, between King and J.R.

The Coach: Good evening Gentlemen.

Jerry Lawler: Coach.

The Coach: It’s about time that I livened up this broadcast guys, but please, don’t thank me, I know how much you both appreciate it.

Jim Ross: Don’t worry about that Coach, I wont be thanking you.

**Childs Play** Eugene enters the arena to a nice response from the fans.

Jim Ross: Well, it’s time for some inter-gender tag action.

The Coach: Look at the shabby appearance of Eugene. GET A HAIR CUT!!!

Jim Ross: I don’t think you’re in any position to make fun of personal appearance Coach, heck, I saw you, as did the entire world watching on Pay Per View, wearing a G-String last night.

The Coach: Let’s never speak of last night ever again, but for the record, I was experimenting. You should do it sometime J.R … but your underwear probably already is like a G-String, right??

Jim Ross: Coach, I wouldn’t know whether to wear a G-String, or floss my teeth with it.

The Coach: That’s just unhygienic.

3rd Match:
Eugene & Lita vs. Carlito & Stacey Kiebler
Some fun action, with Eugene and Carlito in together, as this match follows on the recent feud between Lita, Carlito and Stacey, with Matt Hardy on Smackdown, not allowed on Raw. The match goes along at a nice pace for the majority, with the finish eventually coming with Lita and Stacey the legal partners. CCC and Eugene fight on the outside, whilst Lita nails the reverse Twist of Fate, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Lita & Eugene
Lita is ecstatic, having finally gotten the last word on Carlito and Stacey. CCC pulls Stacey out of the ring, and carries her up the ramp, whilst Lita celebrates with Eugene.

Backstage, we see Shawn Michaels preparing for the title match later this evening. He takes his socks off, and we get a close up of his ankle, which is badly bruised, and looks in a really bad condition. The camera moves to his face, and we see him wincing in pain, and he stands up to walk across the locker room.


**My Time Is Now** John Cena enters the arena to a wonderful ovation from the fans. He salutes them on his way to the ring, and is handed a mic before heading into the ring. The music dies down, and a ‘Cena’ chant starts up. He waits for the fans to die down before speaking.

John Cena: Wow. California is pumped tonight!!!

Crowd cheer

John Cena: And so is John Cena!!!

Crowd cheer again.

John Cena: Last night, I did the right thing, and put my desire for the World Title to one side, for the sake of a Team Raw victory.

Crowd applaud.

John Cena: Which means, that tonight, Randy Orton faces Michaels for the title.

Crowd pops for mention of match

John Cena: (Smiles for a moment) But no matter who wins that match tonight, THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!

Crowd pop, and start a ‘Cena’ chant again.

John Cena: And with that being said, I want to make one thing clear …… Mick Foley, you give me any match. 10 on 1, run a gauntlet, I don’t care, I will go through any challenge, and overcome every obstacle to get a shot at whomever may hold the belt. Does Anaheim want to see John Cena hold the World Title again??

Crowd pop

John Cena: Mick, the fans have spoken. Gi-

**Have a Nice Day** Mick Foley enters to a great pop, for the second time tonight. He walks to the ring, and shakes hands with Cena, before being handed a mic from Lillian Garcia.

Mick Foley: I’m glad you made this request John, because all night I’ve been meaning to make an announcement concerning the next challenger to the World Title, after tonight at Nemesis.

Crowd cheers a little

Mick Foley: And next week on Raw, we’ll determine the Num-

**Evolution** Ric Flair and Batista enters the arena to a chorus of boo’s from the fans, as they walk to the ring. Batista is dressed for competition as he was earlier, whilst Flair is dressed in a suit as always. The two men ask for a mic, and stand across from Cena and Foley in the ring.

Ric Flair: We’re waiting Mick.

Mick Foley: For what??

Ric Flair: For what?? For saving you from an embarrassing loss last night at Clash of the Champions, that’s what for.

Mick Foley: Oh, you mean Batista illegally interfering in the ten man tag match??

Ric Flair: Whether legally, or illegally, it saved your ass.

Mick Foley: Well, if you want a thank you from me Flair, you better take a seat because you’ll be waiting a long time.

Batista snatches the mic from Foley

Batista: You listen up Mick, we want a thank you, and we’ll accept it either in words, or by giving me a World Title match, because lets face it, I deserve it more than Orton, after what I did to help you last night.

Mick Foley: Lets get one thing straight. I didn’t want, need or ask for your help last night Batista, and I wont be bullied into making you the number one contender.

Crowd pops

Mick Foley: So if I may, can I now make my-

**Metalingus** Edge enters the arena to a very poor response, considering he is still a face. He tries to pump the fans up, before making his way to the ring. In the ring, Mick Foley looks quite frustrated, with the constant interruptions. Edge is handed a mic, and enters the ring.

Edge: Mick, if there is anyone in this building that deserves a chance to be the number one contender, it’s me. If it wasn’t for me, Randy Orton wouldn’t have got the deciding pin fall. I had to pull Eddie Guerrero out of the ring just before he could break the count, and if you ask me, I deserve some recognition for that.

John Cena: Hold it right there. You want a shot at the title because you saved a pinfall?? Edge, every member of team Raw last night stopped Team Smackdown from breaking the three count. I stopped Brock Lesnar, you stopped Eddie Guerrero, Sting stopped Benoit, and Christian was crying in the corner.

Crowd laughs a little.

John Cena: What you’re failing to realise, is that you don’t deserve any title shot, neither does Godzilla over there, but I do.

Crowd pops. Before anyone can speak, Foley cuts in.

Mick Foley: I’ve had enough of this. If you’d all shut up, maybe I could make the announcement you’re all waiting to hear.

Everyone turns to Foley to hear the announcement, when…

**Just Close Your Eyes** Christian and Tyson Tomko enter the arena to plenty of heat from the fans. They walk to the ring, and just as they are handed a mic, Foley cuts in.

Mick Foley: Don’t bother picking that up Christian. I’ve had enough of all this talking. Next week, the number one contender for Nemesis will be decided, in a Fatal Four Way. In that match will be the following four men, … John Cena, Edge, Sting and THE UNDERTAKER!!!

Crowd pops big time. Batista and Flair are livid, whilst Christian is in shock. Foley brushes past Flair and Batista, rolling out of the ring, and up the ramp, with Cena and Edge happy, but Batista, Flair and Christian are furious.


Back to ringside;

Jim Ross: Just before the break, a frustrated Mick Foley announced that next week in Kansas City, Edge, Sting, John Cena and The Undertaker will meet in a Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One contender at Nemesis!!!

Jerry Lawler: But why wasn’t Captain Charisma or Batista in that match??

Jonathon Coachman: And if I could make a little request to our esteemed General Manager, I’d like to have a little celebration for The Coach, as he return like the prodigal son to Kansas next week.

Jim Ross: Would it be a tomato throwing contest maybe, with you in stocks Coach??

The Coach: What the hell are you talking about??

Backstage, Christian is throwing things all over the place in a fit of rage. He sees Foley just down the hallway, and quickly catches up with him.

Christian: HEY MICK!!!

Foley turns around, as Christian catches up with him.

Christian: What the hell was that all about earlier?? You put my three other team mates from last night, and the man I beat as clean as a whistle last month at Summer Slam in a Fatal Four Way, but you forget about me, what the hell is up with that??

Mick Foley: You want an explanation??

Christian: Damn right. Hell, I should get an explanation as to why I’m not in the title match tonight, considering I had Triple H right where I wanted him, when Orton blind tagged last night.

Mick Foley: Okay, first off, I don’t call being in place to take a Pedigree as having Triple H where you want him. Secondly, Blind tags aren’t illegal. Number Three, the reason Sting, Edge, and Cena are in next weeks four way, is because unlike you, they worked as a unit, whilst you were in for yourself. And lastly, Summer Slam was four weeks ago. The Undertaker won his match last night, and that’s what matters. Get over yourself Christian. You don’t deserve a title shot right now. Not with your attitude.

Foley walks off, leaving Christian furious. Then, Evolution walk up to Christian.

Ric Flair: If you ask me Christian, Foley is holding back the real talent. You, Big Dave. Foley is scared that you, or we might take over, you know that right??

Christian thinks for a moment, then nods in agreement.

Christian: That makes a lot of sense Ric. Foley is scared of the Christian Coalition from taking the top spot on Raw.

Ric Flair: But that’s hardly fair is it??

Christian: Of course not.

Ric Flair: But don’t worry, because me and Big Dave, we have a plan.

Christian: Well, whatever it is, I’m on board.

Flair smiles, as does Christian and Batista, as we cut back to ringside…

4th Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. A-Train
Another decent big man - small man Mysterio match. Despite the size advantage for Train, Mysterio is able to overcome him, and gets the win with a Victory Roll for 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio is handed the title belt, and begins to celebrate, until from the crowd, Rob Van Dam slides into the ring, and knocks down Mysterio with a kick. RVD, dressed in street clothes, pounds at the head of Rey, before getting back up, and signalling to the crowd. A man pushes through the fans, and jumps the barrier, to reveal himself as Bill Alfonso.
RVD’s former managers gets into the ring, blowing his trademark whistle, and holds a steel chair to the face of Mysterio. RVD then hit’s the Van Daminator to Rey, knocking him out of the ring.
Van Dam high fives Alfonso, before lifting the Intercontinental Title high in the air, to a heap of heat. Van Dam asks for a mic, but all at the ringside table tell him they are under orders not to give him a live mic. Van Dam laughs, and decides to exit’s the ring with Alfonso, and walks up the ramp, leaving Mysterio out cold.


We see clips of Rob Van Dam’s return moments ago, attacking Rey Mysterio, and bringing ECW alumni Bill Alfonso with him.

We cut backstage, and see RVD and Bill walking backstage, set to leave the arena already, until Todd Grisham catches up with them…

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, Rob, after being suspended for the last few weeks, you’ve returned with a ba-

RVD grabs the mic from Grisham

Rob Van Dam: Todd, shut the F*ck up. You see, now that Van Dam has a story to tell, you bunch of **** suckers don’t mind speaking to me, do ya?? You don’t mind now, that I’m swearing like I’ve got f*cking tyrets (ß don’t know spelling) syndrome, because you need me to reveal some stuff, don’t ya?? Well Todd, here’s the whole f*ckin story.
Who attacked Rey Mysterio before Summer Slam?? Not me, and not Bill. Who attacked Rey Mysterio tonight?? Not me … not the Rob Van Dam in the WWE. The man who attacked Rey Mysterio before Summer Slam, and the man who attacked him tonight, wasn’t the WWE, watered down version of the Whole Damn Show, but it was the full on, no holding back, see me as I am, ECW Whole F*ckin Show, Rob Van Dam!!! And he’s back to stay!!!

Bill Alfonso: And for that, you can thank me. I’ve been sitting at home, watching this show for the last couple years, and the more I watch it, the more I feel sick, watching the ex- ECW guys selling out. Couple of months ago, I picked up my phone, and called Van Dam. The more we talked, the more he realised exactly what he had become … just another clog on the WWE machine, but thanks to me, Rob Van Dam is now a spanner in the works … he’s THE WHOLE F*CKIN SHOW!!! And I’m right here by his side, like the good ‘ol days!!!

Rob Van Dam: So Mysterio, don’t try to wake up, because this nightmare, is a reality. Mr. Monday Night, and The Fonz are about to take this show to the extreme.

Bill Alfonso: Van Dam 4:20 JUST SMOKED YOUR ASS!!!

Alfonso blows the whistle into Grisham’s ear, as loud as he can, before RVD and Bill leave the arena.

Back to the arena…

**Burn in my Light** Randy Orton enters to a great reaction from the fans, ahead of tonight’s main event.

Jim Ross: Is this Orton’s time?? Will we see a three time World Champion crowned tonight, find out, after this final commercial break.


Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Shawn Michaels w/Luther Reigns vs. Randy Orton
Despite the talent of both men, the match fails to be a classic, with HBK clearly struggling with his ankle, which is perhaps the reason behind constant interference from Luther, to cover this up.
Orton fights off the Insurance Policy on each occasion, as Michaels tries to get control over the Legend Killer. Michaels misses with Sweet Chin Music, and Orton follows up with the RKO, but Luther drags the referee out of the ring, at the count of two.
Orton is incensed, and exit’s the ring, attacking Reigns. The referee tries to pull Orton off the Insurance Policy, but gets hit in the melee. Orton throttles Reigns with a chair, before getting in the ring again. He sets HBK up for the RKO again, but sees Cade and Jindrak run down the ramp to help Michaels.
He knocks them off the apron, before going after Michaels again, but HBK gets a low blow on the Legend Killer. Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music again, but Orton catches the foot, spins him around, and nails the RKO again!!! Orton covers, but the referee is still out.
From behind, Cade and Jindrak attack Orton, but eventually, Orton fights them off, knocking them to the outside again. Luther enters the ring, and swings a chair at Orton, but misses, and gets knocked over the top rope to the outside too. Orton turns around, and this time, Michaels scores with Sweet Chin Music!!! He falls onto Randy, as Cade and Jindrak roll the referee back in, and hold Orton’s legs down, not allowing him to kick out, despite him trying to wriggle free, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels
DX quickly help the injured HBK out of the ring, and Orton slowly gets up, knowing he’s been screwed. DX carry Michaels up the ramp, getting away from Orton, with the Legend Killer looking furious, as the show goes off the air.

End of Show


Smackdown; September 8th: San Diego:

We cut immediately to the parking lot, and see Bret Hart exit a limo, returning to work for the first time since The Great American Bash.

Quick opening video highlight COTC, with the same video as Raw.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: For the second year in a row, Smackdown has won the Clash of the Champions, and in thrilling fashion too Tazz.

Tazz: The dust has settled the smoke has cleared, and Kurt Angle led our troops to a win over Raw, and that’s that.

Michael Cole: Well tonight, we look to the future here on Smackdown, with our main event, a Triple Threat Match, pitting Eddie Guerrero, Triple H & Chris Benoit in a triple threat match, for a WWE Championship Match at Nemesis, against Kurt Angle.

Tazz: That’s gonna be a rocket buster Cole, no doubt. Whoever wins that, will no doubt have themselves lined up an awesome encounter with Angle in four and a half weeks time.

Michael Cole: And what else will the returning General Manager, Bret Hart have in store for us here tonight in San Diego??

Tazz: Lets not forget, The Rock will be here too, and I’m, sure Goldberg will be wanting a few words with the People’s Champion.

1st Match: United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Hardcore Holly
Holly gives a surprisingly good showing, giving JBL a real run for his money, but Layfield relies on his Cabinet to help him through, with Noble causing a distraction for the ref, and Bashams along with JBL attack Holly, leading to the Clothesline from Hell, and the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
JBL celebrates, and quickly rolls out of the ring, backtracking up the ramp, as the fans, suddenly go nuts. Chris Jericho!!!!! Comes down the aisle, with a chair, and nails JBL across the back. Jericho wails on JBL, making his long awaited comeback after a sinister attack three weeks ago. The Cabinet try to come to the aide of Layfield, but Jericho nails the three of the too, before locking the Walls of Jericho on JBL, on the steel ramp, eventually letting go, having made his mark on JBL here tonight.

Michael Cole: OH MY!!! Chris Jericho is back on Smackdown, and my oh my, what a return for Y2J, here tonight, exacting revenge on the Cabinet for the brutal assault three weeks ago!!!

Tazz: Oh damn right Cole. JBL might just regret making fun of Jericho whilst he was in the hospital.

Michael Cole: What a miraculous recovery though for Chris Jericho, after being wheeled off the stage, strapped to a stretcher, just three weeks ago.


Backstage, we see Chris Benoit walking backstage, already in his gear for later, and stops by at Bret Hart’s office. He knocks the door and walks in.

Bret Hart: Hey Chris. Great to see you again.

Chris Benoit: Nice to see a friendly face for a change Bret. You’re looking great.

Bret Hart: Wish I felt it buddy.

Chris Benoit: Listen, I just wanted to stop by, and thank you for allowing me a shot at the WWE Championship at Nemesis. You can be rest assured that neither Triple H or Eddie Guerrero will be able to stand in my way tonight.

Bret Hart: You know Chris, I saw how you’ve been treated during the last two months, but believe me, starting tonight, things will change, and they’ll change for the better.

Chris Benoit: That’s music to my ears. I’m raring to go. Thanks again Bret.

Benoit shakes hands with Hart, before exiting the room.

2nd Match:
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Billy Kidman
Kidman gives it a good shot, but Brock Lesnar, who now has Heyman back by his side, is just far too powerful for him, and eventually disposes of the cruiserweight despite a slight comeback, with the devastating F5.
Winner: Brock Lesnar
Lesnar doesn’t even bother wanting his hand raised, and looks to be extremely angry at something, although it’s hard to tell what.

Michael Cole: An impressive win, for a very angry, Brock Lesnar.

Tazz: As always, Lesnar gets a win, and he looks complete once again, now he has Paul Heyman back at ringside with him.

Michael Cole: Still to come, two more Championship matches, and of course we will determine Kurt Angles next challenger for the WWE Championship in a triple threat match later tonight.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is with Eddie Guerrero…
Josh Matthews: Eddie Guerrero, tonight, you are a part of the triple threat match, to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship next month at Nemesis. And your opponents tonight, are Chris Benoit, a close friend of yours, and someone you have battled all over the world, and Triple H, a man you have never defeated in singles competition. How do you rate your chances tonight??

Eddie Guerrero: Josh, all my life I’ve encountered obstacles, and roadblocks. And lets face it essa, I haven’t avoided all those hurdles, have I hommes?? But, Josh, whether or not I’ve collided head on with the obstacles, I’ve always survived, and I’ve always came out stronger. I may have never beaten Triple H, but if I keep coming, and keep coming faster, stronger and harder, I know, that I will beat Triple H.
As for Chris Benoit, he’s like a brother to me vato. Like you said, we’ve been all over the world together, and we have fought to the bitter end, and we’ve fought together in unison essa.
Tonight hommes, Eddie Guerrero will not avoid any obstacles, or any roadblocks, no no vato loco, Eddie Guerrero will be hitting each one, head on, and hommes, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to be the Number One Contender. I’ll lie… I’ll cheat … and I’ll steal if I have to. VIVA ME RAZA!!!

In the backstage arena, we see the arrival of the one and only … THE ROCK!!! The fans in the arena go nuts, as Rock stops and talks with a few people, and we cut to a commercial


**IF YA SMELLLLLL … What The Rock … Is Cookin!!!** The People’s Champion enters to a unreal reaction from the fans. He makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with fans, before taking a mic, and getting into the ring. He goes to each turnbuckle, getting a bigger reaction each time. Eventually he drops down off the last turnbuckle, and the music dies down.

The Rock: FINALLY ……… The Rock, HASSSSS come back, to San Diegoooo!!!

Crowd pops

The Rock: And finally, The Rock has come back to his show, The Rock’s show, Smack-Down, after a heck of a long time. Hell, last time that The Rock was in the ring, he was standing before you as the WWE Champion, before that bald sum-bitch Goldberg decided he wanted to run right through the Great One.

Crowd boo’s

The Rock: That night, at The Great American Bash, The Rock lost, lost, the WWE Championship to Goldberg. And I didn’t moan, I didn’t whine, I complain, and I didn’t cry like a bitch. I offered Goldberg a handshake, because the better man indeed won. What was the jabroni’s reaction?? He spears The Rock into next year.

Crowd boo’s

The Rock: You’re right. Goldberg didn’t just take my WWE Championship on July 3rd, no, no. Goldberg tries to take my career with it. Well Goldberg, I’m still standing, and as long as The Rock is still standing tall, breathing in and out, has blood running through his body, I’m making it perfectly clear, That I, want a piece of Bill Goldberg, for the third time.

Crowd pops

The Rock: And you all know the saying, third time lucky … well, let The Rock tell you this, no one … and THE ROCK MEANS NO ONE beats The Jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, gonna hit you once, gonna hit you twice, gonna roll you over like a dice, People’s Champ Thhhhhe Rock!!!!

Crowd Pops


**Here Comes the Pain** Brock Lesnar enters the arena, along with Paul Heyman to a tremendous amount of heat. He walks to the ring, with The Rock looking confused as to why Lesnar is out here. Heyman gets a mic, and brings it into the ring, handing it to Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar: What the hell do you think you’re doing Rock??

The Rock: What in THE blue hell, do you want??

Crowd pops

Brock Lesnar: Don’t gimme that crap Rock. Do you realise how close you came to costing Smackdown victory at Clash of the Champions?? I don’t give a crap just how much you hate Goldberg, what you did on Sunday was totally outta line.

The Rock: Okay, point taken. Brock, what do YOU think The Rock should do to make up for my mistake??

Brock Lesnar: I think you ow-


Crowd pops, whilst Lesnar gets angry.

The Rock: Brock Lesnar, save the thinking for Whale boy there … yeah, that’s you Heyman, youuuuu greasssy sum bitch!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: You get the hell out of The Rocks ring, you walk back up the people’s ramp, and you leave The Rocks show, right now, and please, NEVER come back.

Lesnar looks ready to explode, with The Rock running him down verbally.

Brock Lesnar: Don-

The Rock: Brock, know your role. And SHUT your damn mouth!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: Now, The Rock is gonna say this once, and once only. For the last time, Br-

Lesnar snatches Rocks mic, and throws it out of the ring.

Brock Lesnar: Now, you’ll listen to what I hav-

Rock puts his hand in Lesnars face shutting him up., before taking Lesnars mic from him.

The Rock: Never, do that again, or The Rock will be forced to layeth the smacketh down on your candy ass!!!

Crowd Pops

Lesnar motions to Heyman to hand him another mic, which he does. All the while, Rock watches intently. Heyman gives Lesnar the mic, but immediately, The Rock takes it, and throws it to the outside.

The Rock: How’d you like that jabroni??

Lesnar snaps, and rams Rock into the corner, delivering a number of sharp elbows. He pulls Rock out, but The Rock fights back, teeing off right hands on Lesnar, and whips him into the ropes, with Brock running into Heyman, knocking him out of the ring. Lesnar falls back, and walks into a Spinebuster.

The Rock then signals for the Peoples Elbow, but then, GOLDBERG sprints down the aisle, and slides into the ring, knocking down Rock with a clothesline. He stomps at The Great One, whilst Lesnar gets back to his feet.

Rock fights back against Goldberg, backing him into the corner, but this comeback is short-lived, and Lesnar helps Goldberg, attacking Rock from behind. He gets Rock onto his shoulders for the F5, but Rock slides out, only into the path of Goldberg, who flattens him with a Spear!!!

Goldberg and Lesnar smile, as Rock writhes around the mat. Bill and Brock drag Rock to his feet, and help get him onto Brock’s shoulders, to deliver an F5!!! Goldberg and Lesnar still aren’t finished, as Bill drags Rock to his feet, picking him up in the air, and delivers the Jackhammer!!! Lesnar and Bill stand over the fallen body of The Rock, grinning. Paul Heyman hands Lesnar a steel chair, and Brock stands over Rock to hit him with it, but in the end, just smiles, and he and Goldberg decide to leave it.

The begin to walk out of the ring, but see Rock trying to get to his feet, leading to Lesnar turning around, and smashing the chair across the head of The Rock, putting him down for definite.

Brock and Goldberg this time do leave, as EMT’s rush to the ring to check on Rock.


Raw Rebound:
- HBK forced to defend the World Title on the show against Randy Orton.
- Announcement of Fatal 4 Way Next Week to determine #1 Contender @ Nemesis.
- RVD returns and brings Bill Alfonso with him.
- HBK, thanks to DX retains the title against Orton in the main event.

We return, and see paramedics attend to The Rock, who looks to be concussed, after the beating he took before the break.

Back to ringside…
Michael Cole: It was not the return that The Rock had expected to have, here tonight on his big return to Smackdown.

Tazz: There is certainly no way that The Rock would’ve expected that tonight, but lets be honest, can you blame Lesnar and Goldberg for attacking The Rock?? Goldberg has been screwed out of high profile matches by The Rock the last two months, including a WWE Title match. And Lesnar was extremely upset that The Rock nearly cost Smackdown the overall victory at Clash of the Champions.

Michael Cole: The Rock wanted revenge Tazz, Goldberg put him on the shelf for over two months, and The Rock wanted payback.

Tazz: Well, I hope it was worth it.

3rd Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. System Success
Decent enough, back and forth contest. Masters and Dean gain an upper hand, with their cheating ways. After a short spell of dominance, System Success make a mistake, allowing Harris to tag in Storm!!
AMW take over, and turn it up a notch, eventually, throwing Masters out of the ring, and hitting Dean with the Death Sentence for the 3 count.
Winners: America’s Most Wanted
AMW have a victory celebration, hoisting the titles in the air, with the fans cheering the tag champions on, as their reign continues, nearing four months.

Michael Cole: We ask the question, week in, week out, who, if anyone can stop the championship reign of America’s Most Wanted??

Tazz: To be honest, I thought coming off a big loss on Pay Per View on Sunday, that AMW could’ve been vulnerable to the challenge of the System Success, but I was wrong.

Michael Cole: Still to come, Paul London is challenged by Tajiri for the Cruiserweight Championship, and in the main event, Chris Benoit, Triple H & Eddie Guerrero face off to determine the Number One Contender!!

Backstage, we see Kurt Angle walking around the backstage area, with his arm in a sling, after the sustained beating he took to it at Clash of the Champions. He stops by at Bret Hart’s office, and knocks on the door, before entering…

Kurt Angle: Well, well, well. Bret Hart. It’s been quite a while.

Bret Hart: Certainly has Kurt.

Hart and Angle shake hands.

Bret Hart: How’s the arm?? Not looking good.

Kurt Angle: This?? The sling is just a precaution. My arm is 100%. I could go
right here tonight if you want.

Bret Hart: (Smiles) That wont be necessary Kurt. If you’re good to go next week, then sure, I’ll get you in a match.

Kurt Angle: Oh, I will be.

Awkward silence

Kurt Angle: You … must be kinda jealous that I did what you couldn’t do.

Bret Hart: (Confused) Uh??

Kurt Angle: Well, on Sunday night, I beat Shawn Michaels in a Sixty Minute Iron Man Match. Nine years ago, you couldn’t. I made him tap out too, and you couldn’t nine years ago.

Bret Hart: I saw it. Congratulations. But, Kurt, I’ve been in this business too long to be jealous of what someone else did, that I didn’t.

Kurt Angle: Well, it wasn’t that you didn’t make him tap out, but you couldn’t.

Bret looks at Kurt, trying to figure out what he’s trying to get at.

Kurt Angle: But that doesn’t matter. I just wanted to come around, and see how you’re doing.

Bret Hart: Well, as you can see Kurt, I’m okay.

Kurt Angle: Yeah. You been working out?? Those arms are starting to look bigger again. I’d almost think that you’re getting ready to get back in the ring.

Bret Hart: Unfortunately, that’ll never happen Kurt. I CANT wrestle anymore. Besides, I’ve accomplished everything I ever wanted to.

Kurt Angle: I suppose you have … but I haven’t. I’ll see ya around Bret.

Bret nods, as Kurt Angle exit’s the room. Kurt stops at the door, and turns back around again.

Kurt Angle: Y’know, I was just wanting to find out if- (Cuts himself off)

Bret Hart: …if what??

Kurt Angle: …… doesn’t matter.

Angle exit’s the room, as Bret tries to figure out what has gotten into Angle.


In the locker room, we see a number of stars chatting, whilst in the corner of the room, Steve Austin is sat on a chair, deep in thought, not looking his usual self.

4th Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Paul London vs. Tajiri
Extremely good match, with both men playing by the rules. Tajiri uses his martial arts kicks to his advantage, grounding London for a period of time, but the Champion is able to make a comeback, and eventually, shows why he has been CW Champ for so long, coming through, and taking the win with a Shooting Star!!!
Winners: Paul London
London is jubilant in victory, raising the belt high in the air. Tajiri shakes hands with the champion in a show of good sportsmanship, as London’s title reign continues on.

Michael Cole: And just like AMW, Paul London’s title reign just gets stronger and stronger. He is also nearing four months as the champion, and no one looks like touching him.

Tazz: He’s been through pretty much every cruiserweight on the roster, he’s been through a Best of Seven series, which included a Strap Match, Ladder Match, and much more.

Michael Cole: Still to come, our main event, triple threat match to determine the new number one contender to face Kurt Angle at Nemesis.

Backstage, we Ron Simmons in the ‘AFA’ office, looking around for Rico, and sees he isn’t there. Simmons quickly chugs a beer, as Josh Matthews sneaks up behind him. Faarooq thinks it’s Rico, and spit’s the beer out.

Ron Simmons: I didn’t drink it man, I swear.

Faarooq turns around, and sees it’s Matthews.

Ron Simmons: DAMMIT man!!! I thought you were Rico.

Josh Matthews: No, just me. Look, I wanted to thank you guys for helping me on Sunday against The Coach and his buddies.

Ron Simmons: I always look out for Smackdown.

We then hear Rico’s voice screech in the background.

Rico: RONALD!!! Are you drinking beer!!!

Ron Simmons: Uh … uh … uh … no man. Josh here give it to me.

Simmons passes the beer quickly to Matthews, who panics, and throws the beer behind him.

Rico: Now, now Joshy. You should know that alcohol seriously damages your body, and your looks. Shame on you. Now, come along, you look just right for these ass-less leather chaps I’ve designed.

Matthews freezes in shock, looking to Simmons, who s******s.

Rico: Don’t worry Ronald, I haven’t forgotten about you.

Rico throws a pair of stilettos in Simmons direction, which he catches. He stares at the shoes, as Matthews now s******s.

Ron Simmons: Y’know, I’ve got an idea man. These stilettos would go perfectly with that gear for Josh.

Matthews turns to Simmons, with his eyes wide open in shock.

Rico: Ronald, you’re catching onto this fashion lark really quickly. That’s a WONDERFUL idea. Try those on Josh.

Simmons passes the Stilettos to Matthews, and begins to exit the office.

Ron Simmons: I believe that’s check mate.

Matthews sighs, and begins slowly walking towards Rico, in defeat.

Back to the arena…

**GLASS SHATTERS** Stone Cold Steve Austin enters the arena to a massive ovation from the fans. He walks towards the ring, looking out of sorts, with a look of defeat in his eyes.

Austin, reaches the ring, and goes to each turnbuckle, but with little energy, and more so out of a habit of doing so. He is handed a mic, and waits for the music to die down.

Steve Austin: Thank you San Diego for the reaction.

Crowd Cheers

Steve Austin: Ever since Sunday night, I’ve been thinking, and I’ve been thinking a heck of a lot. And I’ve been thinking about the guy you used to see, in this very ring, kick ass, week in, week out, beat people up, week in, week out, and the same guy that drank beer like it was on tap.

Crowd Cheers

Steve Austin: And then I think, about the guy who has replaced him. The guy, who sticks around here, living off that reputation, but is actually nothing like that other guy.

Crowd boo’s

Steve Austin: And after this past Sunday in Los Angeles, the Stone Cold of 2005, came to the realisation that he couldn’t keep up with the other stars of 2005. Yeah, when I came back in January, I was like the old Stone Cold. I was whooping ass, and I was enjoying it … but since then, it’s been a downward spiral. Getting my ass kicked every week isn’t something I can get used to. Being beaten by guys who are just too much for me and my broken down body to handle isn’t something I can live with.

Crowd start an ‘Austin’ chant

Steve Austin: And as I thought to myself more and more, I realised, that I’ve accomplished everything I damn well wanted to accomplish. I’m a six time WWE Champion, former, King of the Ring, three time winner of the Royal Rumble, main event, after main event, after main event, at WrestleMania, Summer Slam, Survivor Series, and every other Pay Per View you can think of, as well as Raw and Smackdown.

Crowd cheers

Steve Austin: And when I came back to the WWE in January this year, it was for one thing… revenge on Brock Lesnar, and at WrestleMania, I got it.

Crowd cheers

Steve Austin: And so now, I’m wondering what the heck made me stick around, after Judgement Day, when it was clear as day that I couldn’t do it at the top anymore. I’m thinking, why did I bother to stay around for the last month after I took another beating at Summer Slam. Because, last Sunday, at Clash of the Champions in the ten man tag, when I looked around the ring, in the Smackdown corner, you had Brock Lesnar, who’s one of the top guys, well before he even hits thirty, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, who are in my opinion, the two greatest superstars to have been world champion, and Triple H, who, like him or not, is the Game.

Crowd boos

Steve Austin: And for Raw, you had Sting, a legend of the business, you had Cena and Orton, who are just like Brock, having it all at their feet at a young age, and Edge and Christian, who are ready to jump to the top. And then there was Stone Cold.

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: And compared to those other guys, I wasn’t able to measure up. And that’s been the case for the last six months.

Crowd boos

Steve Austin: I had to rely on guys like Triple H to pull me through that match, saving me from losing it for Smackdown. And I’ll be damned if I have to grovel to Triple H for saving me.

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: So, after all the thinking I’ve done, and all the pain I’ve suffered with my neck, and back, it leads me to a simple conclusion, and one I really hate to make…

Crowd goes to silence, waiting to hear what Austin has to say.

Steve Austin: On September 4th, Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestled his last match.

Crowd sits in silence, in shock that Austin has announced his retirement.

Steve Austin: And San Diego … that’s the bottom line …

**Glass Shatters** and Stone Cold asks for some beers, as the fans don’t know what to do. Austin raises a beer to the fans, leaving it in the ring, before exiting, and walking up the ramp, disconsolate.

Michael Cole: We are in shock. Tazz, I don’t know what to say. Austin … is gone??

Tazz: That’s what it sounded like Cole. But, just like that?? This seems so surreal.

Michael Cole: Well, folks, I don’t know what to say, but we have just witnessed, the end of an era…


Backstage, we see a number of stars in shock discussing Austin’s announcement.

We cut to the parking lot and see Austin entering his pick up truck, and leaving the arena.

Main Event: Number One Contenders Match:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit
Terrific contest, and a long TV main event. The early going has a lot of three way spots, before the action comes down to Eddie and Benoit for a short period, before Triple H gets back into the action, eventually leading to just Eddie and Triple H, until Benoit recovers, and throws Eddie out of the ring, for a period of just him and The Game.
The match boils down to all three men again, with the finish eventually in sight. Benoit is thrown out of the ring again, and Guerrero takes down Triple H with the Three Amigo’s, before connecting with the Frog Splash!!! He has a sure win, but Benoit breaks the count at two, stopping Eddie from picking up his first ever win over HHH.
Benoit gets the Crossface on Guerrero, but just as Latino Heat is set to tap, Triple H breaks the submission. He goes for the Pedigree on Benoit, but Guerrero stops him, clothes lining The Game over the top rope. He turns around, and walks into the Crossface again!!! This time, despite battling hard to make the ropes, he cant, and eventually, taps out!!!
Winner: Chris Benoit
Benoit has his hand raised in the air, whilst Triple H makes his way up the ramp, livid at missing out on being number one contender. Guerrero is helped to his feet by Benoit, and they shake hands showing their respect for one another.
Eventually, Guerrero leaves the ring, as Benoit stands alone, celebrating his win, as the show goes off the air.

End of Show

Current Card for WWE Nemesis:

Date: 9th October
Location: Freedom Hall; Louisville, Kentucky
Event Music: TBC

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Winner of Next Weeks Fatal Four Way
(Sting or Edge or Undertaker or John Cena)

(No need for full replies to this show, as I had recieved plenty when it was originally posted. A few comments would be nice though. The following Raw will be posted either later today, or tomorrow.)
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Re: Being the booker

I will try to review COTC soon but I remember the first show after COTC was amazing. I like the RVD angle and I hope he wins the title at Nemisis. Also, Benoit vs. Angle is looking good but I think Benoit wins so someone can cost him the title soon setting up at match at Mania! Lastly, Sting vs. HBK is looking to be quite good although I think there will be a definite winner in HBK although you can never be sure that Michaels isn't a transition champ. I doubt Sting will win though.

Sorry for the short review once again but the COTC reivew should be good.

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Re: Being the booker

Great opening with Orton, HBK and Foley. The match will be great later tonight and itll be interresting to see who wins.

Shaniqua kills a jobber after last nights loss, lol

Rey Mysterio promo was good and I wonder who RVD will bring in, if its not a wrestler? I have a pretty good idea...

Glad Doring and Roadkill got the win, despite it being a poor contest over Suzuki and Rene Dupree.

Edge and Orton was heated, and Edge is oh so close to becoming a heel

Eugene and Lita was funny and I like how Eugene played the part of Matt Hardy in this match and got the win.

Foleys announcement was great and I cant wait for the fatal four way next week, when I read this the first time I was very mied as to who would win, with Cena yet to receive his rematch and Sting and HBK never meeting before, with what would be a dream match.

Mysterio beats A-Train, thank god.

RVD returns with Bill Alphonso! Awesome, with Alphonso he can win the IC title and eventually the world title as well.

Main Event was awesome! Orton almost had it but thanks to DX it wasnt to be, I see Orton vs. Reigns at Nemesis.
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Re: Being the booker

Hey Wolf Guy, I saved the review for the September 12 edition of Raw.

All these angles are progressing well, and I see that you will use the homecoming to your advantage. Not to reiterate, but RVD/ Bill Alfonso/ Rey Mysterio is really working well. Alfonso is a nice catalyst to the story. The ECW rules match will be sure to add brutality to Nemesis.

I love Benoit! He is by far the greatest wrestler in history. That is why I am glad that you are pitting him against the second best, Kurt Angle. (Orton is exlcuded from this discussion) I do not know much about wrestling but they had the tenth greatest match in Wrestlemania history I believe. I am sure they will put on a great main event. I think that it is exceptionally sad that Benoit is our favorite wrestler but he cannot say that has been a champion as he was champion after your thread and you have not crowned him champ.

On the Raw side, it is another legend vs. legend.

I want answers to the SCSA retirement. I think he will come back for another match as his glorified career cannot end with a loss. He will take an extended break, come back in February, set - up a feud with another legend, beat him at Mania, and then hang it up.

I will post the 9/12 review when you post it.

Thanks for checking out my thread like a loyal reader. You are the only one that continuely does so. Your comments are well cherished. I am trying my best to ameriolate my horrid promos as Wrestlemania needs stellar promos.

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Re: Being the booker

I remember this SD! quite weel and really enjoyed it, especially Benoit vs Eddie vs HHH what a main event that would be. I am looking forward to the Fatal-4-Way next week between 4 big names, and lets hope the right man wins. I am still saddened to see Austin "Retire", but we all know around Royal Rumble time he'll show up to set up the dream Street Fight at Wrestlemania between him and Goldberg.


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Re: Being the booker

Hey WB, I wrote a new reply for that Raw and posted it, I'll continue full reviews when new shows are posted.

SCSA retirement was huge, and as I said in my full reply, I see him coming back one more time to fight Goldberg. Benoits number one contender, I see Angle retaining simply because I think Benoit should go over at Wrestlemania.
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Re: Being the booker

That was a good RAW after COTC. I dont remember reading it or reviewing it so I will do that now.

All the matches were great as well as the promos. Like someone said before, no point in Booking if your not here because I look up to you as an idol. I look at your work and look at mine to see how I can improve.
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Re: Being the booker

This is it then. The last re-post, before I start dishing out some new material. Please drop a few comments, and look out for imo, one of the best promo's I've ever written

The new shows will start tomorrow with Smackdown.

RAW; September 12th; Kansas City:

Opening Video


Jim Ross: The Kemper Arena is rocking and rolling, for another edition of Monday Night Raw, less than four weeks away from WWE Nemesis, and tonight, we will find out the Raw main event for the extravaganza, as The Undertaker, John Cena, Sting and Edge meet in a Fatal Four Way to determine the number one contender for Shawn Michaels title.

Jerry Lawler: And lets not forget, that Mick Foley left out Christian and Batista from that match tonight, which, if you ask me, was a totally biased decision.

The Coach: You couldn’t be more right King. Captain Charisma is carrying Raw on his back recently, whilst Batista helped Mick Foleys five man team win at the Clash last week, out of the goodness of his heart.

Jim Ross: Pull the other one. Y’know, you two would make a perfect couple!!!

1st Match: World Tag Team Championships Match: Triple Threat Rules:
The DX Duo vs. Roadkill & Danny Doring vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki
Road Kill and Doring once again cause Cade and Jindrak problems, with Suzuki and Dupree playing the smart game, and staying out of the match for now.
DX though realise this, and make sure to tag in Kenzo, to get some restbite themselves. Doring and Roadkill though seem to be on another level to the other teams right now. After a brief period of time the match breaks down into a six man brawl, which plays into The last ever ECW Tag Champions hands, as they fight in their element now.
Roadkill gets Dupree on his shoulders for Doring on the top rope, to hit their own Doomsday Device, but Jindrak rocks the ropes, and Danny straddles. Cade in the ring, hit’s a chop block to Roadkill, taking him down. The DX Duo throw Roadkill out of the ring, and Cade rolls up Dupree… 1,2,3!!!
Winners: Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak
The champions quickly exit the ring, but not for long, as RANDY ORTON runs down the ramp, with a chair, and strikes the tag champions with the weapon, as a measure of revenge for costing him the World Title last week. He then whips Cade into the steel steps, before taking Jindrak, and executing the RKO on the ramp!!!
Orton gets back up, and stands over the fallen members of DX, raising his hands in the air to great reaction from the fans.

Backstage, we see the arrival of John Cena, as we cut to a commercial…


Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Christian…

Todd Grisham: Christian, tonight, you have been left out of the Fatal Four Way main event, despite having recently beaten one of the participants, The Undertaker, just last month at Summer Slam. How do you feel, regarding this scenario??

Christian: Gimme that.

Christian takes the mic from Grisham

Christian: Maybe I should be asking you how you feel, having to show your face on national T.V with that hair cut. Who did it anyway?? Eugene??

Grisham shakes his head.

Christian: I know he didn’t, you fool. Whoever it was though, you’re paying him way too much. Tonight, instead of wrestling in the main event, Mick Foley has me facing Eugene. That is a slap in the face if you ask me. Well, I’ve gotten used to being overlooked Todd.
But my Peeps needn’t worry, because I’m starting to take matters into my own hands, starting last month at Summer Slam, when I beat a dead guy. Obviously that wasn’t enough for me to get any recognition, so now, I’m gonna have to really hit the point home, that Captain Charisma is a main eventer.

We hear a cough in the background, and Edge walks into the picture.

Edge: This is quite ironic don’t ya think?? I mean, two weeks ago, you were telling me to quit complaining, and crying, and now, I’ve got a shot at becoming the Number One contender, and you, are acting like a baby.

Christian screws up his face, getting angry.

Edge: And after months of me being overlooked, and you getting the big matches that I deserved, it looks like finally, Mick Foley has realised that I should be rewarded.

Christian makes a yawning gesture, but Edge just smiles and continues on.

Edge: And as for the advice you gave me a few weeks ago about not crapping myself when I hear my music twice?? I’ll take it on board. But here’s some advice for you … don’t crap yourself when Eugene’s music plays twice.

Christian: The only way that’ll happen Edge, is if some idiot in the production truck accidentally plays his little tune instead of my worldwide hit.

Edge laughs at Christian, and makes a weeping gesture before taking off.

Christian: His ego is outta control.

Back to ringside, and we see a local womens wrestlers in the ring, waiting for Shaniqua.

Jim Ross: Tonight, this young female from Kansas City becomes the seventh lady to answer Shaniqua’s hometown challenge, and so far, no one has really even come close.

Jerry Lawler: That’s true J.R. We expected these local challengers to provide a different kind of threat, but thus far, Shaniqua has squatted each one away like a fly.

The Coach: On October 18th last year, Shaniqua defeated Trish Stratus in this very arena to win the title, and now she is five weeks away from holding the title for an entire year. Do you gentlemen know who the last person was to hold any WWE Title that long was??

Jim Ross: Not off the top of my head Coach, but I’m sure you’re going to tell us.

The Coach: Diesel. Or as he is better known now, Kevin Nash, who held the WWE Championship from November 1994, to November 1995.

2nd Match: Women’s Championship Match: Shaniqua’s local challenge
Shaniqua vs. Local Jobber
Shaniqua, who still seems furious with their inter - gender loss at COTC, destroys the female, with a boot, clothesline, Powerbomb, and a three count. Just a squash.
Winners: Shaniqua

Jim Ross: Well, Shaniqua, on this form, doesn’t look set to even come close to losing the title within the next year!!!

Jerry Lawler: Shaniqua is something else J.R. The Amazon has been Women’s Champion for close to a year now, and no one has even come close to ending her reign. And who would want to challenge her on this form.

The Coach: Mark my words, the day will come, when people question whether Shaniqua or Wonder Woman would win in a fight.

Backstage, we see Marc Lloyd catch up with Randy Orton…

Marc Lloyd: Randy, could I ask you a few questions??

Randy Orton: What is it??

Marc Lloyd: Earlier tonight, you atta-

Randy Orton: Let me stop you right there. My attack on Cade and Jindrak earlier, was step one, in my quest for revenge. There’s absolutely no way Marc that I was just going to let last weeks screw job go like it didn’t matter. Marc, I was seconds away from being a three time World Heavyweight Champion, and DX cost me my destiny, and now, they’ll have to suffer the consequences.

Marc Lloyd: And those are??

Randy Orton: (Smiles) You’ll have to wait and see Marc.

Orton walks off, leaving Lloyd to think.

Back to the announce table…

Jim Ross: Well, I think Shawn Michaels is lucky he isn’t here tonight.

The Coach: No, no J.R. Randy Orton is lucky that Michaels isn’t here tonight. No one touches HBCade and MJ, and gets away with it.

Jim Ross: Oh, they have a special relationship then?? Shawn doesn’t like to see other men touch his boys?? Is that it??

Jerry Lawler: What are you trying to insinuate J.R??

Jim Ross: You know damn well King.

The Coach: Please enlighten us J.R.

Jim Ross: Wou-

**ONE OF A KIND** Rob Van Dam’s music hits in the arena, cutting off J.R in mid sentence. Van Dam walks onto the stage, along with Bill Alfonso, with a mic in hand.

Rob Van Dam: Must be a shock for all you people to see Van Dam with a mic, huh?? I mean, who can trust Mr. Monday Night with a mic on live television?? I could drop and F-Bomb at any given moment.
You see, Vinnie Mac has been looking over the ratings for this show in recent weeks most likely, and he’s probably spotted a trend, that any Rob Van Dam segment has been drawing high ratings, and higher ratings means more wads of your cash in his back pocket.

Crowd give heat

Rob Van Dam: So now, the dudes backstage have decided that perhaps we should give RVD a live mic, and lets see Itf he decides not say words like F*ck… whoops, the just slipped out.

Alfonso starts blowing his whistle, whilst Van Dam smiles.

Rob Van Dam: And now that I’ve taken matters into my own hands, I’m starting to reap the rewards. In less than four weeks at Nemesis, I will be facing Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship, in an ECW Rules match.

Crowd Pops

Rob Van Dam: So now, not only am I getting the television time, but I’m getting the big matches, on the big shows, like Rob Van Dam deserves.

Slight pop in appreciation.

Rob Van Dam: And this time, Rey Mysterio, we meet in my world. You may be an extreme lucha libre legend, but ECW Rules, is Van Dam’s world. And the Whole F*ckin Show is dragging your ass into my world, whether you like it or not on October 9th.

Crowd starts a 619 chant for Mysterio

Rob Van Dam: Oh, you’ll all see Mysterio later on, when I kick his ass in a six man tag. That is when I’ll unleash the real RVD, and that is when I begin to bring Mysterio into my world.

Crowd starts an asshole chant.

RVD responds to the fans, flipping the bird, to more heat.

Then, a number of officials come out on the stage, and take the mic away from RVD, directing him to the back. RVD tells them he said his piece, and now his actions will do the talking from now. We can only barely hear it though, as he doesn’t have the mic.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, live in Kansas City, and gentlemen, we just learned moments ago from RVD, that he has been granted an Intercontinental Championship shot at Nemesis, in an ECW Rules match.

Jerry Lawler: ECW stands for Extremely Crappy Wrestling in my book, but RVD vs. Mysterio at Nemesis will be anything but crappy.

The Coach: Oh no doubt, but if Van Dam continues to fall off the rails like he has, he may find himself fired before October 9th.

3rd Match:
Christian vs. Eugene
Captain Charisma starts off on a real knife edge, ready to explode at any moment, taking it to Eugene in the early going. He gets a number of near falls, with Eugene just battling to stay in the match. Eugene makes a slight comeback, but Christian once again takes back the control of the match, beginning to work on the knee of Eugene as the show goes for another commercial.
Upon the return, Christian locks the Cloverleaf on Eugene, which puts more pressure on the weakened body part of Eugene. Eventually, he digs deep to make the ropes, forcing the break from Christian. Now, Eugene begins to fire up, which begins a fight back for him against Captain Charisma.
He knocks down Christian with consecutive clotheslines, before shaking the ropes, just like Ultimate Warrior would. Christian staggers up, but is knocked down by Eugene with another running clothesline. Eugene starts imitating Randy Savage, with his arm movements before signalling for the Savage Elbow. He goes up top, but MISSES the Elbow, as Christian moves!!!
Christian then goes for the Unprettier, but Eugene blocks it, before scoring with a Hogan Big Boot!!! Eugene plays to the fans, cupping his ears, and hit’s the Immortal Leg Drop, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Eugene keeps on Christian, and goes for the Stunner, but Christian pushes him into the ropes, before taking him down with a DDT!!!
Christian doesn’t cover, but instead, drags Eugene up, and places him for the Unprettier!!!! Captain Charisma hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Christian
Christian has his arm raised in victory, scoring a hard fought win over a determined Eugene, in a long Raw style match.

Jim Ross: We just saw a heck of a wrestling match tonight on Raw. Christian overcoming Eugene, who was just short of causing a major upset here on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, full credit to Eugene, I didn’t think he could hang with Captain Charisma, but on that form, you cant deny that Christian should be involved in tonight’s main event.

The Coach: King, I would disagree … Christian shouldn’t be wrestling in tonight’s main event, he should bypass the number one contenders match, and go straight to Nemesis to face Shawn Michaels.

Jim Ross: Still to come tonight though, The Undertaker, Sting, Edge and John Cena will be battling it out to find out who faces The Heart Break Kid on October 9th.

Smackdown Rebound:
- Chris Jericho returns, and attacks JBL in revenge for putting him out.
- Goldberg and Brock Lesnar unite and dismantle The Rock in a 2 on 1 attack.
- Steve Austin shocks the world and announces his retirement.
- Main Event sees Chris Benoit become the #1 Contender to face Kurt Angle at Nemesis for the WWE Championship, winning a triple threat match.

**Evolution** Batista and Ric Flair enter the arena to a big amount of WOOOO’s from the fans, before the heat takes over.

Jim Ross: When we come back, we’ll hear exactly what Flair and Batista have to say, don’t go anywhere!!


We return with Flair and Batista ready to speak in the ring.

Ric Flair: Last week, Mick Foley, you crossed the line.

Crowd gives Flair heat.

Ric Flair: And after sticking through the last eighteen months of having you in charge of this brand, I’ve had enough. Big Dave and I, EVOLUTION, have had enough of you, and your inept decision making!!

Crowd start a Foley chant.

Ric Flair: You want him?? Well that makes two of us, because Mick Foley, what I have to say, I want you to hear. Get your ass out here, right now.

Flair waits for a few moments, before…

**Have a Nice Day** Mick Foley’s music hits, and the Raw GM enters the arena to an amazing pop from the fans. He walks to the ring staring at Flair , and rolls in, passing Naitch before being handed a microphone.

Ric Flair: M-

Mick Foley: It’s great to back in Kansas City, Missouri.

Cheap Pop. Foley gives a thumbs up to the fans, as he prepares to talk.

Mick Foley: R-

Ric Flair: No, no. I talk, you listen.

Crowd gives heat.

Ric Flair: Now, for the last eighteen months, you have been calling the shots around here. You’ve been trying to overpower the greatest force in this business, and that is Evolution. The sixteen time, World Champion, and the most destructive being on Raw, The Animal, Batista.

Crowd gives heat.

Ric Flair: And now … now we’ve had enough of it. You’ve written us off for the last time. You don’t over look the Animal twice in a row. (Points at Batista) This man, should;ve been a part of Team Raw at Clash of the Champions, and even after he helped you, and Raw win the ten man tag, he still doesn’t get credit, and once again, you’ve overlooked Batista, and ruled him out of tonight’s main event.

Mick Foley: Ric, I-

Ric Flair: I havent even started yet Foley, so shut up.

Crowd gives heat again. Out of respect, Foley steps back, throwing his arms up.

Ric Flair: Mick, after lousy decision, after lousy decision, I’ve seen enough, and I’m taking a stand. You were over rated as a performer, and you’re sure as hell over rated as a General Manager.

Crowd gives more heat

Mick Foley: I’ve heard enough.

Crowd cheers

Mick Foley: Ric Flair, you want a reason why I overlook Batista?? It’s because he isn’t ready yet. Sure, he has a million dollar body, but looks can take you only so far, and at some point Dave, you’ll have to get it done in the ring and back it up.

Crowd Cheers

Mick Foley: As for you Ric Flair, you can call me over rated as a wrestler, which is fine, and you can call me over rated as a General Manager, which is fine, because Ric Flair, despite your history and legacy in the business, you opinion no longer affects my life!!

Crowd goes nuts, as Flair steps back a little.

Mick Foley: For the last year of my life, I’ve had to put up a façade, and pretend not to be angry, about the comments you made about me in your book. I’ve been professional, and I’ve tried to forget, but the fact of the matter is Ric Flair, you attempted to bury me with comments from your book, and now, you’re taking your feelings public, and I’M SICK OF IT!!

The fans start a ’Foley’ Chant

Mick Foley: You can call me over rated, you can call me a stuntman, but when we delve into the entire picture, we can look at a Ric Flair match, and really, you have had the same match that consists of the silly flop, flip up over the top turn buckle, run down the apron, climb up to the top rope and get slammed while bracing your fall with your right arm for the last 30 years.

The crowd pops again, as Flair starts to go nuts. He rips off his jacket, and throws it into the crowd, getting worked up.

Mick Foley: Go ahead Ric. Go ahead and start chopping me, get backdropped 20 times in a row, chop me some more, yell "WOO!!!", strut, take a couple more backdrops, pretend to be dead and then poke me in the eye, grab my testicles, and bite my finger, before clamping on the figure four.

Flair is livid, whilst the fans eat this up.

Mick Foley: You see Ric Flair, the more I hear people call you the greatest of all time, the more I think, over rated!! And you, step into my face, and call me all the names of the day, and drag my name through the gutter. Ric Flair, you’re accolades cannot be denied, but you truly are, one bitter son of a bitch!!

Crowd goes insane, as Foley rips on Flair.

Slowly, Flair raises his mic to his mouth.

Ric Flair: You dare, you dare, to call me, The Nature Boy, over - rated?? Foley, that’s like saying Mohammed Ali couldn’t box a round. That’s like saying, Pete Rose couldn’t swing a baseball bat. It’s sacrilege. And Cactus, as for you being over rated?? You and I both know it’s true, and not only were you over rated, you were only ever popular because of two things. Being a glorified stuntman, and pulling a sock out of your ass!!!

The crowd right now is going bananas, with the showdown bordering on a shoot.

Mick Foley: Glorified stuntman??

Ric Flair: You’re damn right. If it weren’t for thumbtacks, ladders, and cages, you’d be nothing more than a never was.

Mick Foley: Check out your facts Ric. In my career, I’ve landed on thumbtacks four times, I’ve competed in just one ladder match, and I’ve fallen off a ladder three times in sixteen years. And as for falling off cages, chalk that up as twice Ric.

The crowd is still going nuts, as the intensity rises.

Ric Flair: Please. You say that, as if falling off a cage twice is inconsequential. In my career, I’ve neve-

Mick Foley: In your career, Ric Flair, I’d safely wager a bet that you’ve bled much more throughout your career than the supposed stuntman, that’s wiping out every argument you can make against him right now on national television.

Crowd starts a Foley chant.

Ric Flair: Mick, wonders will never cease. You refuse to admit, that you made your popularity for being everything this sport isn’t. You even try and take my status, and drag it through the mud with yours, and call me bitter?? Mick, like I said earlier, I’m sick of all this crap, and I’m sick of you…

Flair then hits Foley with the microphone, backing him into the corner. Flair begins to pound at Foley, but the GM fights back. He starts to back Flair away, and knocks him down with a big right. Batista though, helps Flair, and clotheslines Foley from behind.

Batista helps Flair to his feet, and Naitch quickly gets his wits together, before beginning to stomp on Foley. Batista drags Mick up, but Foley elbows free, before knocking down Flair with a clothesline. Batista tries to attack him from behind, but Foley catches him first, and backs Batista into the corner.

Mick pummels The Animal, until Ric Flair sneaks up on Foley, and scores with a low blow. Mick drops to his knees in pain, as Batista recovers. He picks Foley up, before driving him down with a vicious spine buster.

On the outside, Flair takes possession of a steel chair. He slides into the ring, and waits for Foley to get up, before SMASHING the chair, across The General Managers skull!!!

Ric Flair stands over Foley, with Batista, and nods at the big man. Batista and Flair then drag Mick out of the ring, and begin to drag him up the ramp, looking over at the announce position. Eventually, they drag the bloody, and lifeless Foley to the announce table, with J.R, Lawler, and Coach all moving out of harms way from Evolution.

Ric Flair pounds on Foley a bit more, as Batista takes everything off the table, as things start to look very bad for Foley. Batista eventually gets Foley in position for the Batista Bomb, but before he hits it, Flair changes his mind, with a wicked smile across his face, points to the stage, with Batista grinning and nodding.

Batista turns around, and with Flair directing traffic, The Animal delivers the Batista Bomb to Foley, with Foley going off the stage!!!!!

Evolution smile over the damage, as EMTs and officials sprint out from behind the curtain, as we quickly cut to a commercial.


We return, and see officials and paramedics tend to the General Manager, loading him onto a stretcher, with all three of the commentators not on commentary, but trying to tend to Foley instead.

Backstage, we cut to the three other members of DX, that are here tonight - Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns and Garrison Cade, with Jindrak on the phone to Michaels.

Mark Jindrak: Did you see that Shawn?? (Talking serious, as if about what happened to Foley) … I know, watching video tapes of your matches totally rule!!!

Garrison Cade: Let me talk to him, C’mon man, quit hogging the phone!!!

Mark Jindrak: Ssssssh. So, how’s the ankle man?? ……… At least it’s getting better.

Luther Reigns: Gimme that, chump stain. (Luther swipes the phone from Jindrak) Yo, HBK, it’s the policy. Yeah. Listen, we’ve got a problem with Randy Orton …… what kind of problem?? He’s after blood man. He took out Cade and Jindrak earlier, but luckily, they’re okay now though. …… Your ankle?? I know, it’s messed up, but what about Orton?? …… Yeah, I saw your ankle last week, it was messed up, but the doctors said it’ll be okay…… Uh huh. Yeah, I was there when the doc made the diagnosis. I wanted to ask about what Randy Orton di-

Luther pulls the phone away from his ear, and then looks to Cade and Jindrak.

Luther Reigns: He hung up. Something about his ankle.

Garrison Cade: But I didn’t get to speak to him!!! Next time, I answer the phone, got it??

Luther Reigns: (Laughs) You don’t make the decisions idiot.

Cade looks at Reigns, almost confused, before picking up the phone, and dialling numbers.

Mark Jindrak: What are you doing??

Garrison Cade: Ringing Shawn to see who makes the decisions when he isn’t around.

Reigns grabs the phone, drops it to the floor, and stands on it. Cade looks ready to cry, as Luther talks again…

Luther Reigns: Guys, forget about Orton, Shawn has given us a job to do tonight, now, we all know what it is.

Cade and Jindrak nod.

Luther Reigns: Good.

Cut back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been a follower of Ric Flair my entire career, and I truly rank him as one of my all time favourites, but after his actions moments ago, I can safely say, I will never respect that man ever again in my life.

Jerry Lawler: Guys, we all knew the animosity between Foley and Flair, but I know that both of you will agree, when I say, I never expected anything quite like that to boil over.

The Coach: Well, I’ll have to admit, tonight, Ric Flair and Dave Batista crossed the line. Mick Foley could have a broken neck for all we know.

Jim Ross: Mick is being boarded onto an ambulance as we speak, and if we get an update on his condition, we will undoubtedly let you know.

4th Match: 6 Man Tag:
Rey Mysterio & The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Rob Van Dam, Carlito & A-Train
Terrific contest, with four truly world class athletes involved in an extremely fast paced encounter. The heel team take control after early domination from the faces, with Carlito cheating to get the upper hand for his team.
The heels single out Haas, keeping him from his partners, but this doesn’t last long, as the biggest man, A-Train, misses a corner splash, before Haas makes a leap to his corner to tag in Mysterio.
Mysterio comes in, all guns blazing, taking down RVD, and Carlito, before hitting the 619 and West Coast Pop on A-Train, only for Van Dam to break the count. This erupts into a 6 man brawl, with Haas and Benjamin coming to Rey’s aide.
RVD makes a blind tag to A-Train, which Mysterio doesn’t see. He goes after Train, thinking he is the legal man, which he isn’t. Alfonso then provides a distraction for the Intercontinental Champion, which allows RVD to roll Mysterio up, grabbing the tights, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rob Van Dam
Van Dam is set to beat down Mysterio after the win, but is run off by Benjamin and Haas. RVD rolls out of the ring, hugging Alfonso, walking up the ramp, looking back at Mysterio, as the two men prepare to meet in 27 days.

Jim Ross: Van Dam scores his first ever victory over Rey Mysterio, albeit tainted, but what a fast paced match, that was.

Jerry Lawler: Well J.R, that’s a sign of things to come if you ask me.

The Coach: And lets face it, if Benjamin and Haas hadn’t helped out Mysterio there, RVD might’ve made sure he didn’t make it to Nemesis.

Jim Ross: Next week folks, Raw will be airing for the penultimate time on Spike T.V, live in Salt Lake City, Utah. No plans have been revealed, and I’m sure, if any were ready to be, they wont now, after the heinous, sickening assault on our General Manager, Mick Foley.

Jerry Lawler: Raw might be General Manager-less next week if you ask me J.R.

Jim Ross: That would be sheer anarchy King. When we come back, it’s main event time. Fatal Four way, to determine the Number One Contender for Nemesis!!!


Main Event: Fatal Four Way; Winner Faces Shawn Michaels @ Nemesis;
The Undertaker vs. Edge vs. Sting vs. John Cena
Excellent main event, with the four men putting on an awesome display. Sting participates like he was ten years younger, whilst Taker does his thing as always, whilst Edge and Cena bring the intensity.
The men continuously pair off, with a switch every now and again, with two men in the ring at all times. Edge gets the earliest near fall, scoring with a Spear to Cena, which only gets a two.
Eventually, all four men are in the ring, and the match becomes a really wild affair, with right hands and left hands firing from all angles. Cena and Sting fight to the outside, whilst Edge dropkicks Taker over the top rope. Edge goes to the top rope, and attempts to hit a cross body on all three men, but as he comes off, the three opponents leap out of the way, and Edge eats the floor.
The other three men re-enter the ring, and fight it out, whilst on the outside, Edge stays down, clutching his knee, with the referee, now distracted by this. He immediately makes the ‘X’ sign, calling for help, as Edge appears to be legitimately injured.
In the ring, Cena is knocked to the outside, leaving Taker and Sting to fight it out, one on one. Sting gets the best of the action, as we look and see Edge being helped out of the arena by officials, and the injury doesn’t appear to be storyline related at this point.
Sting has control on Taker, and whips him to the corner, going for a Stinger Splash, but Undertaker moves, and Sting hit’s the corner. He flounders back out, and walks into A CHOKESLAM!!! Taker signals for it, and gets Sting up … HITTING THE TOMBSTONE!!! He does his darkness pin, 1...2...CHRISTIAN PULLS TAKER OUT OF THE RING!!!!!
Captain Charisma drags Undertaker out, and whips him, head first, into the steel steps!!! Christian then picks up the steps, and drops them onto the back of Taker, making sure he wont be back in the match.
In the ring, John Cena slides back in, and gets Sting up for the FU, but then he sees Cade and Jindrak run down the ramp!!! He lets Sting go, and knocks both men down from the apron before they can do anything, but as the referee looks out the ring to tell them to leave, Luther Reigns comes through the crowd, and into the ring, grabbing the bell on his way, before nailing Cena with the weapon, knocking him out cold.
He slides back out, and through the crowd again, as Cade and Jindrak walk up the ramp. Sting doesn’t realise what is going on, but makes the cover anyway, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Sting
Sting now sets up a first ever meeting with Shawn Michaels, having won this 4 Way, due to injuries, and outside interference. With time running out for the show, we get very little of the aftermath, except for Sting having his hand raised in the air, as the screen fades to black.

End of Show

(Credit for facts used in the Flair - Foley promo:


Official Card for WWE Nemesis:

Date: 9th October
Location: Freedom Hall; Louisville, Kentucky
Event Music: TBA

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Sting

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: ECW Rules:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam

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