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Re: Being the booker

Some good recap Wolfy, it does take you back to Summerslam, which when i remeber reviewing was fantastic.
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Re: Being the booker

Raw lead up to Summer Slam,

I would give you more comments, but my mom is yelling at me incessantly.

I think this is when I began reading but I will read again.

July 11th from Tokyo:
I remember that Orton won an independence match and we all though that he would face Batista, but he decided to face Flair.

Sting comes back!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Oh yeah, I remember that I had a conniption when I thought that A – Train was in Evolution. Needless to say, Orton won!!!

Do I remember Rey and RVD or what!! One of the best mid card feuds ever!!

Christian challenged the Undertaker, evaded him, and then beat him at Summerslam.

DX and Cena was a funny feud.

RVD did lose and then he turns later.

July 18th from Oklahoma:
Cena was a wild beast and has been since.

Cena got his you know what whipped when he tried to save Oklahoma’s favorite commentator.

Orton and Flair feud continued to heat up.

Christian still evades the Deadman.

The summer games match was a good one.

Randy Orton defeats A-Train in a bizarrely decent match, with the RKO.

What is wrong with you????????? Any match with Orton is amazing!!! Just kidding!! A – Train brings the match down a bit. I have to stop my loving of Orton as it is really augmenting be the booker grades.

Oh yes, the attack with the steel pipe, and RVD was acting odd.

I extolled you by keeping HBK away from Cena and I still am.

July 25th from Minneapolis:

Christian beating the Deadman was unthinkable by me at this point.

Tomko just gets murdered for Christian.

RVD and Rey fight and this is still continuing.

The ending of the Batista and Orton match was exciting as I remember it.

August 1st from Chicago:

The week before the show.

All the matches were to promote the Summer games match pretty ouch.

Edge complains and now he tells Christian not to.

Flair tricks Orton and hits him with the Low blow. Oh well, Orton wins at Summerslam.

Cena’s last shows with the belt that he won at Mania from Orton.

Your spelling was not as errant as you think.

This recap is quite good as you are doing all from memory.
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Re: Being the booker

Nice recaps Wolfy. Even though I didnt start leaving full reviews until after Summerslam, I still read Summerlsam, and I am aware of what happend leading up. Nice to see you putting forth the effort of recapping for your numerous fans!

Anyhow, I am anxious to see the Nemisis buildup, as I hadnt even reviewed any of that, du to being very busy. I will chime in as well from time to time, maybe with some comments about Summerslam and COTC. I will then leave full reviews for the shows following COTC, assuming you post them again in full. Looking forward to it.
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Re: Being the booker

^It's messed up but nobody can do anything about it.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being the booker

Nice recap can't wait til you get your shows back on track, good luck.
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Re: Being the booker

Originally Posted by arjun14626rko
I hope my PPV is one tenths of what your is, it is up now

Summerslam 8/7/05

Spelling and Grammar - 92 pages and no mistakes, you are a booking god 10/10

Length - 92 pages - How long did it take you? 10/10

Sunday NIght heat was worth tuning into. Coach and Torrie did quite a good job promoting all the matches. Your video to open up the show was fantastic. I do not know where you get these ideas. The whole DX promo was great. Luther talking about Batista. I love the Cade and Jindrak dialogue. That is now.....four sodas. That is hilarious. Mark Jindrak:
If you guys aren’t gonna be betting soda’s, then what are you gonna be betting??
HAHAHAAHAHAHA. I laughed so much. I like the Foley and Heyman exchange as Foley tells him that the Hitman will be back. Maybe Benoit will get a push then. Way to promote clash of champions. Good PPV idea. the Maria SCSA interveiw was the greatest Maria interveiw I have ever read. WHAT! and how did you become a snake. Does anyone speak snake? ANd then SCSA confusing Tomko. Lets clear two things up for the record Coach. Number One?? You aren’t a legend. And two?? I agree that you are pretty… Pretty damn ugly. I like that you use Orton as a face becuase he is a good face. I liked the promo for wm xxii. Christian looking at two old legends. Tomko was smart for once. JBL had a JBL interview. Great promo with HHH and Heyman with Heyman making it a no DQ match. I like that McMahon came out and that he would be making an announcement on Raw. A very good RVD interveiw with Grishma acting like the nerd he is, surprised by everything. Great heel job by RVd. Grisham even outsmatred RVD. 10/10

AMW vs. Canadaim Chris's - This was a great match to open up the show as it is typical to open up the show with a tag match. I like that americas most wanted retains for one reason; Chris Benoit is your best asset, yes he is better than SCSA and the Game. Please use him well. The whole thing with Heyman is working, I hope it leads to the world title. A fued with him and Jericho for the title would be somthing worth seeing but we cannot because the useless Goldberg is champion? By the way, where is The Rock? Is he still injured from what Goldberg did? The ending was great as it can set up a fued between Benoit and Jericho. 10/10

WWE Intercontinental Championship; Summer Games Match;Entrant every sixty seconds Elimination comes by Pinfall of Submission
Rey Mysterio defends against;Batista, Booker T, Charlie Haas, Edge, Eugene, Kenzo Suzuki, Luther Reigns, Rene Dupree, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin.
What a great idea! This was a great match on top of that! I love that 619 came in and ran right after RVD. I wonder who the attacker who still. What a way to get everyone on the card. Batista dominated. I wish Eugene stayed longer. I am glad that it came down to 619 and RVD and then 619 won. Well written match. The only thing is, I think that you misjudged the time of the eliminations. 9/10

Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Sting - Carlito could not generate any heat from the hometown fans. Sting is back and he wins. Not much to say except many readers must be happy. 9/10

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
7th Match of Best of 7 Series; Ladder Match:
Paul London vs. Billy Kidman - I have anticipated this for a long time. I like the announcement of the whole deal culminating with a ladder match. A very well written match and I am so glad that London won. I am doing really well with my predictions. I am amazed at your ability to write a ladder match. 10/10

w/ Paul Bearer vs. Christian w/ Tyson Tomko - What a fantastic match! Christian should be getting a push. I am surprised that Taker lost becuase Christian had been avoiding him for a long time. Christian beat him cleanly. Great match, well written, 10/10

WWE United States Championship Match:John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfieldvs. Eddie Guerrero
Of course the fans are behind Eddie. Good to see him face. Jamie Noble had some very nice spots of intervention. I like that the referee was out for some time. JBL cheats to win. I am surprised that Eddie did not win because he had so much momentum. Very WELL WRITTEN MATCH. 10/10

Steel Cage Match: Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair - The one I have looked forward too. It is a long rivalry. Flair finally got a peice of Orton last week after Orton had the best of Evolution before that. I am so glad that Orton is a face and that you are using him properly. Hopefully a world title against HBK. Match of the night. The steel cage was a great idea and Batista at ringside was a great idea. I laud you for typing this match as it was the best Orton match written since Wrestlemania 21. RKO from the top rope. YES!!!! 10/10

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Steve Austin - One of the biggest and best rivalries. You used the NO DQ well. The sledgehammer and the chair. Pedigrees on the chair. This is second in match of the night. Come to think of it, all the matches could be match of the night with your ability. I am shocked that the Game won. SCSA had so much momentum. I hope it is not the last match for the rattlesnake. 10/10

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle - Lesner is in the match because he never left for the NFL. Angle is in the match because of his ablilty. Why is Goldberg in the match? He sucks? Benoit can take his place. Many smackdown superstars can take his place. Anyway, a very good title match. The match was built up very well and the match was written even better. You used the triple threat very well with all the people breaking counts. Angle winning is great. Him as a face is odd but okay. I like that there was not a referee at one instance. Maybe we will see a Rock vs. Goldberg or vs. Angle soon. He still has a rematch for the title if I am correct. That was great how the Rock ran to the ring and kicked the crap out of Goldberg for heinous assault after a brutal match. He clapped for Angle? 10/10

World Heavyweight Championship Match: John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels - Almost as good as the main event at wrestlemania but not quite. Eight pages? That is longer than some Raws. Great, great match. I really enjoyed how they fought up the ramp and the announce tables and how they used all the structures surrounding them. HBK did the suck it a few times, I like it. I would have thought that San Juna would have given him somewhat of an ovation because he is an icon. There was not a referee and a second one came. I was shocked to see that DX interfered. I thought they would stay put. I am looking forward to what HBK meant about the IC title in someone's hands. Maybe RVD hired someone from DX to help him. Funny to see the image of the future do stupid stuff like run into HBK's crotch and then get FU'D. I appluase you for the ending. I hoped that Cena would win but this sets up a good scenario. 10/10

Enterainment - Let me buy this on DVD. Send this to MCMAHON. HE will hire you in a heartbeat. For God sakes, one of the writers do not know that wrestlers blade themselves. 10/10
Wait a minute, how'd you get access to Summerslam? I thought it disappeared when the forums were down.
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Re: Being the booker

^^ I believe Arjun saved his reviews on his computer.^^

(Quite a lot of this is based off memory, so some things could actually have happened differently)

Smackdown leading up to Summer Slam:

July 7th from Tacoma:

Goldberg opens the show, as the new WWE Champion, following his victory over The Rock at the Great American Bash. He talks about sidelining the Great One, before his next contender, Kurt Angle interrupts. The two engage in a bitter war of words, before Paul Heyman, the newly appointed interim General Manager makes his way out to the arena, along with Brock Lesnar. Heyman exerts his authority right away, adding Brock Lesnar into the title match for Summer Slam, as well as making a non title match between Angle and Goldberg tonight, whilst Brock gets the night off.

In the first match of the Best of seven Series, Paul London is beaten by Billy Kidman in a singles match, which gives the challenger the first victory, now needing three more.

AMW retain the tag team titles in a GAB rematch against William Regal and Lance Storm.

JBL has an interview, in which he expresses his delight at becoming U.S Champion at The Great American Bash, over coming the 'Mexican', and the 'Canadian', just like he said he would. He then tells our interviewer, that next week, in Japan, Paul Heyman will reveal that the U.S Title will be strictly prohibited into being available for true Americans to challenge for, and will only be defended in the U.S.

An update on The Rock's condition is given, which reveals he will be out for up to three months.

In a tag match, JBL & (I think it was La Resistance) take on Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Matt Hardy. JBL gets the win over Guerrero, thanks to help from Jamie Noble, which begins their alliance.

Steve Austin talks in the ring, explaining why he attacked Triple H at The GAB, as his suspension was only whilst Bret was in charge, and his handshake with Heyman before The Game's match was good enough indication that Austin was off his suspension. Triple H interrupts, and the two men trade insults back and forth, until Paul Heyman appears on the titan tron, and announces that at Summer Slam they shalle meet, one on one. Triple H cheap shots Austin, giving him a Pedigree.

The System Success cheat to a victory over The Dudley Boys.

JBL and Jamie Noble celebrate their plan gone right earlier in the night. JBL then tell Noble to be his Chief of Staff, he needs to lose the girl (Nidia). Immediately, Noble dumps his girlfriend, for a better life as JBL's lackey.

Goldberg and Kurt Angle wrestle to a no contest, with Brock Lesnar interfering after a long, gruelling battle, resulting in Lesnar taking down both men.

The General manager, Heyman then once again shows his favourtism, booking a Goldberg - Angle rematch next week in Tokyo, due to the no contest of this match.


July 14th in Tokyo:

To the shock of all the fans, Linda McMahon enters the arena to open the show. She calls out Paul Heyman, and in no uncertain terms, informs Heyman that he needs to become more impartial, or he will be replaced. Heyman, in fear of losing his part time position, decides to change the main event to Goldberg vs Lesnar tonight.

Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy defeat The Basham Brothers in a tag match, with Benoit seemingly frustrated at being stuck in tag matches two weeks running.

A shock announcement is made, that the truck Austin had rented, apparantly crashed earlier in the day.

Simon Dean pumps up Chris Masters for a big singles match, when Heyman enters the scene. He tells Dean that he wont be allowed ringside with the Masterpiece for his match. Dean seems more concerned about something else, and asks Heyman if Masters is still allowed to have the Simon System with him. Heyman agrees, with Dean thankful.

Chris Masters beats Hardcore Holly with the Masterlock

JBL comes to the ring with Jamie Noble, ready for Heyman's big announcement concerning the U.S Title. Instead, eddie Guerrero interrupts, bringing Linda Mcmahon with him, as she declares that the U.S Title ruling will stay the same as it's always been, before announcing Guerrero vs JBL at Summer Slam for the belt.

Billy Kidman takes a 2-0 lead over Paul London, this time in a Falls Count Anywhere match, which gets the crowd really off their seats, with some incredible risks.

Triple H comes to the ring, hinting at the possiblity he was behind Austin's truck crash earlier in the day. To his shock though, Steve Austin enters the arena, in a Monster Truck, looking fine, and certainly not like he'd been in a car wreck. Stone Cold explains that he wasnt driving that truck, as he saw a vehicle which suited him much more, pointing to the Monster Truck. Austin nails The Game with a stunner, getting another one over HHH.

The A.F.A beat William Regal and Lance Storm via countout, after the Un-Americans leave, disgusted with Rico's antics.

In the main event, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar fight to a double DQ, before Kurt Angle gains the upper hand on both men, attacking them, just like Lesnar had the previous week.


July 21st from Oklahoma:

Steve Austin defeats Matt Morgan, but immediately after the match, Triple H lays out The Rattlesnake, with a hellacious Slegehammer attack, busting Stone Cold wide open from ear to ear.

Paul London & his partner of choice, Matt Hardy take on Billy Kidman, & his partner of choice, Hardcore Holly, in the third match of the Best of Seven Series. Paul London gets the win on Kidman, to narrow the score to 2-1, leading into a match on Sunday Night, on a European tour in Helsinki, which would be a submission match.

The System Success try to sell their product, but an angry Goldberg uses them to vent his frustration, beating the hell out of both men, before getting on the mic, and vowing to get some of Lesnar and Angle tonight.

AMW & Chris Benoit defeat (Cant remember opponents)

Backstage, following the match, Benoit complains the Heyman that he is more than a tag wrestler, but Heyman's response is strange, as he allows Benoit to find a tag partner in time for next week, to enter a Number One Contenders match for the tag titles.

Eddie Guerrero overcomes the Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble, despite the interference of JBL on the outside.

Paul Heyman announces a Pick Your Poison concept next week, where Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle and Goldberg will all be in action, with Angle choosing Lesnar's opponent, Lesnar choosing Goldbergs, and Goldberg choosing Angle's.

In the main event, Brock Lesnar defeats Kurt Angle, thanks to interference from Goldberg. Right after the match though, Goldberg attacks Lesnar too, and stands tall to end the show.


July 28th from Bismarck:

Chris Benoit reveals his tag team partner as the returning Chris Jericho, who had been sidelined since GAB with a knee injury. They go on and win a four way to challenge AMW at Summer Slam for the tag titles.

Lesnar defeats Kurt Angle's pick, Matt Hardy in a highly competitive match.

Goldberg defeats Lesnar's pick, Scott Steiner, in a hard hitting fight.

Triple H comes to the ring, and shows off a restraining order he has on Austin, 'for Austin's own good' up until Summer Slam, and just in case Stone Cold tries to break it, The Game has security surrounding him.

Kurt Angle beats Goldberg's pick, Matt Morgan via DQ, after Lesnar and Goldberg attacked Angle, showing a brief alliance.

Paul Heyman shows his new hard line approach, and quickly demolishes the Goldberg - Lesnar bond, by booking a six man tag next week, with Goldberg & 2 partners taking on Lesnar & 2 partners.

Triple H destroys Funaki in a total squash, but afterwards, Steve Austin attacks him, only briefly, before security arrest the Rattlesnake.

JBL and Jamie Noble enter the arena, and talk about Eddie Guerrero, and their match at Summer Slam. After leaving the ring, they walk to the parking lot to leave the arena, but the limo still hasnt arrived. Eventually, they see the vehicle come back, and are shocked to see Eddie Guerrero not only driving the limo, but he has also customized it to suit him, transforming the limo into a low rider, full of women.

JBL looks ready to faint, until the AFA walk by, and make more fun of the U.S Champions predicament.

In the main event, Paul London faces Billy Kidman in a two falls match. Kidman leads 3-1, and needs one fall from two here to win the series and the title, after beating London in a Submission match in Tokyo.

London takes the first fall, with his stipulation, No DQ, and dramatically, takes the second, Kidmans choice this time (Strap Match). The series is now tied up at 3-3, with the final showdown set for Summer Slam, with Heyman announcing a Ladder match to decide the series.


August 4th in Milwaukee:

Billy Kidman defeats Akio, in a tune up match for Summer Slam.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho share an uneasy conversation, with neither man wanting to be in a tag team right now, but agree to do their best and win the titles at SS.

Chris Jericho and Chris Harris make an odd paring, just three days before they face off with partners to take on each other for the tag titles. They are unable to co-exist, and lose the match to the System Success, before brawling some more, with Benoit and James Storm also getting involved.

JBL wins a squash match against (Cant remember again), making fun of Guerrero during it. After wards, the two men engage in a bitter war of words, setting up their final showdown at Summer Slam.

Brock Lesnar teams up with Test & Steiner to take on Goldberg & (Cant remember). The match finishes in a no contest, with Kurt Angle gaining some revenge on both men, heading into the triple threat at Summer Slam.

London and Kidman show each other respect, wishing each other luck heading into their 7th match of the Best of 7 series in 3 days time.

Paul London defeats Chavo Guerrero, with Kidman applauding London after the match.

Triple H talks in the ring about Austin, with extra security surrounding ringside, as Austin's music hits. A pick up truck enters the arena, but the driver is just Funaki. Triple H starts to laugh it off, but is suddenly attacked by one of his security guards, who reveals himself as Stone Cold!!! Austin gets the last word, and escapes the ring, just before the rest of the security relaise whats went on, as the show ends.


A lot of stuff just escaped my mind as I typed there. Apologies for that. I'll re-post Summer Slam tomorrow.

Please let me know if there is something I have got wrong there, or if I've left something out.
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Re: Being the booker

^Is it going to be the Summerslam that you had posted before or are you crazyenough to make a new one.(J/K). But really what are you going to do?

I'm watching you...

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Re: Being the booker

He already said that he has the PPV's saved on his computer. Check back a couple pages before you post questions!

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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for the recap, I remember most of it now, my favorite was the feud between SCSA and HHH. I loved the promo where Tajiri came in a pick up but SCSA assualted HHH.

I am still searching for GAB, Wrestlemania XXI, and Survivor Series. I have Summerslam and COTC.

I think I have some regular shows
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