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Re: Being the booker

all right, I will post some comments and if you could be kind enough, do the same for my Raws.
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Re: Being the booker

Wow this sucks Wolfy. Don't worry we this thread will be near normal soon.
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Re: Being the booker

Simply tragic. But hey, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Check out my Be the Booker Thread!

WWF Attitude: Road to Wrestlemania 2000
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Re: Being the booker

hey, Wolfy, I know that you lost thirty pages, but you are lucky in the regard that you did not lose GAB!!! I am searching for those reviews that I made of GAB, Wrestlemania, and Bad Blood. I know that I saved them. I read this thread in the midst of the build up to Summerslam, so I am interested in reading the recaps.
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Re: Being the booker

Ya at least this thread is still some what still alive and running good, i look forward to the recaps and PPV's, thanks.
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Re: Being the booker

Raw lead up to Summer Slam, (following from The July 4th episode on the previous page)

July 11th from Tokyo:
Ric Flair and Batista open the show, berating randy Orton for being an ungreatful punk, by taking a match against Flair in a Cage Match at Summer Slam. Orton interrupts the promo, and makes his point clear that Evolution backed him into a corner, and he has responded. The Legend Killer than made his goal clear to Flair that at Summer Slam, he would kill his legend too.

Carlito and Stacy Kiebler faced Eugene and Victoria in a mixed tag match. Carlito won the match by cheating, but afterwards, was shocked, as Sting made his return, after being sidelined just weeks previous by Carlito. Needless to say, CCC wouldnt stick around for Sting to get to him, and ran as far as he could from the legend.

Shawn Michaels defeated Edge in an extremely close contest, with Sweet Chin Music.

Carlito is interviewed about Sting's unexpected return to Raw, but as CCC began to answer, he spotted Sting in the distance, coming after him, which led to Carlito and Stacey running again.

Evolution arrange with A-Train to face Randy Orton next week on Raw, and dangle the carrot that if he can get the job done, a place in the group could be his.

Hurricane retains the Hardcore Championship against Rhyno in a decent comedy match, with Hurricane using chop sticks to the delight of the fans in Tokyo.

Rey Mysterio and RVD chat backstage about their upcoming match against each other, although Van Dam seems to be a little off with Rey.

Christian, for no apparant reason, calls out The Undertaker for a match, but as The Deadman answers the challenge, Captain Charisma backs out, claiming that if Taker wants a match against him, he needs to beat Tomko first.

Undertaker does indeed defeat Tyson Tomko, but Christian again backs out of the match, and re-arranges it to next week.

John Cena has an in ring promo, which is soon interrupted by DX. After some back and forth words exchanged, The Champion challenges DX to take him on.

The four men accept, and for a short period, Cena manages to fight them off, but in the end, the numbers game becomes too much, and Michaels, Cade, Reigns and Jindrak leave John Cena laying in a pool of his own blood.

In the main event, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam put on a heck of a match for the Intercontinental Title, with Mysterio eventually coming out still the champion. RVD seems to be losing his cool at this point, but manages to keep calm and shake hands with Mysterio after the match.


July 18th from Oklahoma:

Booker T, Goldust & Eugene defeat Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki & Rhyno in a six man tag match, with Eugene pinning Kenzo.

John Cena arrives, with The Coach desperate to get an interview after last weeks attack. Cena pushes The Coach out of his way, as he looks ready to explode.

Mick Foley arranges a homecoming ceremony for Jim Ross, which is hastily interrupted by DX. J.R tries to stand up against HBK, but just as DX are set to beat him up, John Cena enters to a HUGE pop. Cena runs straight to the ring, with a chair, blasting Reigns, Cade and Jindrak, but Michaels just escapes him. HBK gets up the ramp quickly, making a gesture to Cena that he was so close.

Shaniqua's local challenge begins, and doesnt get off to a great start, as Shaniqua puts in yet another dominant display, retaining her title in a squash.

Mick Foley bans Ric Flair and Batista from ringside for the Orton - A-train match later in the evening, which infuriates Evolution, especially Flair. Foley does however, book a match next week between Orton and Batista.

Carlito comes to the ring, and talks about Stings big return last week. CCC doesnt say too much, as he notices that Sting is indeed in the rafters, with the spotlight on him. Carlito immediately runs for his life, showing his fear of Sting.

Christian comes to the ring for his match with Undertaker, before stating that The Phenom has one more test to pass before he is ranked good enough to him, and thats to take on Christian and Tomko in a handicap match.

Undertaker enters, and without saying a word, accepts it. In the match however, Christian gets himself disqualified, hitting Taker with a chair, before he and Tomko lay the Deadman out.

Mick Foley announces a special 12 man Summer Games Match for the Intercontinental Title at Summer Slam.

Randy Orton defeats A-Train in a bizarrely decent match, with the RKO.

RVD is interviewed concerning yet another shot he has at taking the Intercontinental Title from Mysterio. During the interview, Van Dam is informed that someone has been attacked, but immediately RVD asks 'What happened to Rey?' With all the commotion, it isnt picked up on.

After a commercial, RVD arrives on the scene, and it is Rey Mysterio who has been attacked. Van Dam appears to know too much about the attack, speculating what he was attacked with. He offers to take Mysterio's place in the main event.

John Cena, Rob Van Dam (In place of Mysterio), Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin take on DX in an eight man tag. HBK makes sure that he keeps out of John Cena's way, the entire match, which gets Cena riled up. The match ends as Cena hits the FU on Cade, scoring the three count, with Michaels not bothering to make a save, but making sure he keeps his distance from Cena.


July 25th from Minneapolis:

Shawn Michaels defeats Goldust in a decent enough match, with some solid effort from both men, before HBK ends proceedings with Sweet Chin Music.

In an interview, Mick Foley signs two more matches from the Raw brand for Summer Slam - Sting vs Carlito and Undertaker vs Christian.

We see the arrivial of Rey Mysterio, who looks banged up after the attack last week.

Sting defeats A-Train, via DQ, as Carlito attacks his Summer Slam opponent, trying to take him out before the event.

Christian talks in the ring about his match with The Undertaker. He claims not to feat The Deadman, referring to himself as a legend and Undertaker as an up and comer. He also talks about his sparkling PPV record this year, sugar coating the fact he hasnt been beaten on PPV, despite actually having been pinned on occassion.

This leads to a video on the titan tron from The Deadman, before the lights come on, and The Undertaker is in the ring!!! Christian immediately sees him, and dives out, but Tomko doesnt. The Deadman beats the hell out of TT, sending a message to Captain Charisma, who looks scared witless.

Backstage, Mysterio is interviewed, as he reveals that he saw who attacked him, and later on, he'll tell the world.

Booker T, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin are defeated Rhyno, Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree, as Rhyno Gores Haas for the win. All six men are part of the Summer Games match at Summer Slam.

DX chat in their locker room. HBK sends the three men out to find some cheap women, as he goes for a shower. He hears the door close, then hears someone come back in. He thinks its Cade or Jindrak forgetting something, but as he comes back out to see who, John Cena is standing by, waiting. He backs HBK into the corner or the room, and intimidates Michaels, saying he could kick his ass right now, but instead, he is going to let his anger boil over, and let it unload at Summer Slam.

Shaniqua again beats a local challenger in her invitational.

Mysterio comes to the ring, and is ready to reveal his attacker, only for RVD to interrupt. He tries to tell Mysterio he also know who attacked him, before Rey tells RVD he knows that Van Dam attacked him. Rey goes nuts, attacking RVD, until officials come to the ring and break it up, leading Mysterio away.

In the main event, Orton defeats Batista, despite attempted interference from Ric Flair. Orton appears to be on a roll heading into Summer Slam.


August 1st from Chicago:

RVD defeats Booker T, in the first of six one on one matches, pitting all the entrants in the Summer Games match in singles competition 6 days before the PPV. He uses some heel tactics in the match, cementing his turn.

After the match, Rey Mysterio runs to the ring, and attacks RVD, still desperate for revenge, but once again, officials break it up.

After a commercial, Mick Foley orders both men to keep their distance until Summer Slam.

Edge is interviewed ahead of his singles match, where he shows his frustration at being over looked, as the fans start to slowly turn against him.

Edge beats Rene Dupree with the Edgecution.

Charlie Haas is beaten by Batista with the devastating Batista Bomb.

Christian comes to the ring, and bravely calls out The Undertaker. The Deadman answers the challenge, but strangely, Christian stands tall, not backing away like a coward. The two men fight with Taker in control, but Christian takes advantage, using Brass Knucks, to knock out The Phenom, before emptying The Undertakers urn all over his Summer Slam opponent.

Rey Mysterio gets a pinfall win over Kenzo Suzuki, with the 619, before dropping the dime.

Ric Flair comes to the ring, and talks in length about the ups and down of Evolution with Orton. He calls Orton out, to shake his hand. Orton is led into the trap by Flair, who puts on an awesome show of respect for The Legend Killer, before taking him down with a low blow. Batista enters, and Orton is given a two on one beating, heading into the cage match at Summer Slam.

Sting gives an interview, talking about Carlito, before promising revenge at Summer Slam.

Luther Reigns overcomes Eugene, using his power and strength advantage to defeat the tricky opponent, finishing him off with the Reigns of Terror.

Backstage, Rhyno, out of nowhere, Gores Rey Mysterio, before telling him to keep his mind on the match this Sunday, and not RVD, or else he wont be leaving with the belt.

Rhyno then goes on and defeats Shelton Benjamin in a fast paced match, with an unexpected Gore.

To close out the show, Shawn Michaels and John Cena tangle in a face to face showdown. They exhange some harsh words, before HBK goads Cena into fighting, which he eventually does, but Michaels leaves before Cena can do much damage.


Thats all the recaps of Raw up to Summer Slam. I'll do Smackdown tomorrow. A few comments would be great, as I dont want to be double and triple posting, please be kind about spelling mistakes, as I didnt spell check this.
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Re: Being the booker

Nice recap shows, even if i have seen them before, and yes they were some spelling mistakes, i just checked as well, but i don't mind, for a recap show it was still pretty good, i won't leave scores or anything, cause it was a recap show, thanks.
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Re: Being the booker

Hey man some good shows there. I hope you can get up to speed quickly because I am dying to know what else is going to happen at Nemesis. I will post my thoughts on the Smackdown! recaps when you have them up.
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Re: Being the booker

I remember those shows, the promo when HBK got out of the shower and Cena ripped him a new one was one of the best in this thread IMO because I saw the whole thing happening in real life.

Since you have the PPV's saved, are you gonna post SS? If so, I'd read it again. I still go back and read 'Mania every once in a while.
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Re: Being the booker

God dang! I come on to the forums this afternoon for five seconds hoping to read a couple BTB shows quickly only to find the forums all f*cked up. I am sorry to hear about all the lost work Wolfy as well as everyone else who lost work but everyone knows how much work you put into those shows.

Good luck getting this thing back on track again! I will try to post some reviews in December.

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