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Re: Being the booker

Great opening bout Dudleys eliminated early was a shocker, as it is their match. But this showed Matt as a fighter and hopefully this will result in a push for him. 8.5/10

Lesnar/Heyman and Morgan/Bischoff segments were good, with Matt still being a funny dumbass.

Glad London won, however Akio is a great champion too. 9/10

Good match for the titles, AMW had to win. 8.5/10

Good promo, JBL guarentees victory, so I'm waiting for him to deliver.

Brock vs. Jericho – Berock winning gives him a major push, which is good. Hopefully this one will continue until SS with Jericho getting revenge in the rematch. 9/10

Kidman winning was obvious but good, should be interesting to see what angle you do this from. Friends or enemies?

JBL is champ!! JBL delivers guarentee! Yey! This is JBL's belt, with the real american stuff. Great match, great result,. comfusing finish though, with the way Eddie Frogsplashed and died? Where'd he go? I can understand being hurt, but if he can climb to the top and hit a FS then surely he can get enough energy to break the pin? 10/10

Heyman as GM will be cool, I was really pulling for Coach though after seeing what ME's coach gm job was like.

Angle vs. HHH – Angle as number one contender is good, and Austin continuing the rivalry with HHH too. 10/10

Goldberg won!?! OMG! I couldn't of seen this one! This is a huge shock but the after match destruction was good, to continue the rivalry maybe now Heyman's GM we will see SS main event as Goldberg/Rock/Angle/Brock? 9.5/10

Total: 64.5/70

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Re: Being the booker

The beggining cruiserweight match was amazing, like London retaining, but I hope Akio wins the belt sometime in the future

Tables match was good, Is see a Matt Hardy push coming out of this, possibly a won on won win over Masters next week, letting him break the Masterlock?

AMW retaining as the true americans was great, and had to happen on this Pay Per View

Linda and Nowinski lol, hes a loser and Im glad he didnt become Gm although it would of been interesting

JBL vs Eddie vs Benoit was good and Im glad JBL won, I hope we see Guerrero vs JBL on Smackdown this week, JBL vs Benoit at Summerslam?

The Interm GM match was crappy but funny and Im glad Heyman won, as he looks to make an impact neming the cruiserweight best of seven(hope you write some of these matches in full)

Nice little Angle-Hart promo "I dont lie Bret, I dont lie" nicely done

Angle vs Triple H was awesome and Im glad to see Austin interfere, this sets up a great match between the two at Summerslam

Goldberg vs Rock was above average, at least you got a good match out of Da Man and its interesting to see a new champion, I guess we wont see The Rock around for awhile after that beating

Overall score 98/100
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Re: Being the booker

Oh crap, I almost got all of my predictions right. I am so proud of myself .

Anyhooo, on to what was a spectacular show.

Firstly I must say a splendid opening sequence. Very well written. You are always good at those opening video packages for pay per views. WWE should hire you to design them....anyways now that I am heavily off topic on to GAB.

Good choice for the opener. And a good match, I was surprised to see The Dudleyz eliminated in the beginning and the final to be Matt and Kanyon. Sort of dissapointed to see Masters and getting eliminated as he did and that he did not make it further. I personally thought he was going to survive the match. It weakens him a tad after his debut to be eliminated where he was in the match. Still a good match though and well written. 8/10.

Good couple of segments to hype up the G.M. Selection for later on. I like how Matt Morgan is kind of portrayed as a grunt with not much brains and inadvertantly insulting Bish. 9/10.

Great cruiserweight title match, and I expected London too win. Good action. Alot of false finishes, especially with the shooting star press and London getting his foot on the ropes. I liked the segment with the power bomb on the mats. This match for some reason reminded me of an ECW lightweight match, which is a fantastic thing. I really enjoyed this match. 10/10.

Nothing special with the AMW interview and it wasn't too long so there is really no need to rate it so on to the next bout....which would include obviously AMW.

AMW vs Unamericans, yuh I was right again with the winner. Glad AMW won also. Typical run of the mill tag team match. 9/10.

Another fantastic JBL promo. Hypes the match up well for later. 10/10.

Onto Brock vs Jericho and wow. F*CKING FANTASTIC MATCH!! Even better then the cruiserweight match. So far match of the night so far. The sleeper match on the card in which I did not expect to be that well. The final F-5 at the end was too much. Jericho will surely be seeking revenge in some fashion. 10/10!!

Glad to see Nowinski immediatly thrown out of the G.M. mix because I simply dont like him and him as a G.M. would be horrid IMO. Also a nice little segment between Angle and Brock.

Great cruiser action in this gauntlet as was expected with the participants. A joy to see Kidman win. London vs Kidman will be an exceptional match. 10/10 for a very well written match.

Good backstage segment. Bischoff doesn't learn does he? Just does not know when to shut up. Looking forward to the G.M. announcement. 9/10.

Another fabulous match!! Perhaps even better then Jericho and Brock. Awesome segment with the fall away slam on the outside and I also loved the ending. It was a typical JBL win. Stealingt he victory after Eddie did the work with the frog splash. Awesome match! another 10/10!

lol, once again interesting mania promo. It is so early and yet I can not wait. for it.

Absolutley brilliant segment with the G.M. spot. So many interruptions. Heyman had some great lines and Coach getting thrown out with out even the oppertunity was great. Then LMAO Rico coming out and then Ron carrying him to the back. And his line he said that someone else retyped...Simmons looks embarrassed to be with Rico, shouting at him “It’s the APA man, not AFA. I drink beer and smoke cigars, I don’t drink wine, and I don’t smoke guys!!! DAMN!!!” That was absolutley gold. And then nice touch at the end having Bish and Heyman in a over the top rope match to determine the G.M. Also Heyamn's reaction to winning was funny, dropping to his knees and thanking god. Awesome segment. 10/10.

Another great teaser segment between Bret and Angle. I can't wait to see how you continue this when Bret returns and whether the match will be as soon as Summerslam or not. If it isn't Summerslam I truely hope it is saved for Mania as no other stage is big enough for that match. I can possibly see Summerslam but besides that nothing but Mania. 10/10.

ANOTHER GREAT MATCH!!! I had a feeling SCSA was going to get involved. Angle gets the submission win to cap off a great match. So Angle vs Rock/Goldberg...whoever wins the next match. I can dig that. Also I am seeing Austin and Trips for Summerslam. 10/10

Fantastic Rock promo, just like the interview was on Smackdown a few days before. Glad he got rid of the dumb B*TCH Maria too. Great hype for the upcoming match and some great lines. 10/10.

Goldberg won?!?!?! Shocker!! I thought Rock was the sure winner. The match was as good as a Goldberg/Rock match can be. A shock at the end with Goldberg as the winner. And damn what a post match beatdown. Poor Rocky 10/10

Overall- 135/140 = 96% A+ F*cking fantastic show

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Re: Being the booker

Good thread, keep it up!


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Re: Being the booker

Thanks to everyone who has responded to The Great American Bash. The next show to be posted will be Raw, and i'll be posting it tomorrow for sure.

Any more replies to GAB are welcome though, too :P
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Re: Being the booker

Dammit I thought everyone got a reply!

Just kidding, glad your doing both shows until Summerslam.
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Re: Being the booker

RAW; Seattle, Washington; July 4th 2005:

Opening Video


Jim Ross:
The preparations for the Hottest Event of the Summer kicks into gear tonight, on this Independence Day, where six men battle it out for the Independence to choose their own opponent in less than five weeks, at SUMMERSLAM!!!
We are LIVE in Seattle, Washington, thank you for joining us around the world, wherever you are. I’m joined as always, by my broadcast colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, King?

Jerry Lawler: I can feel the electricity already J.R. Shawn Michaels challenging John Cena for the World Championship at Summer Slam!!! And six men tonight, battling for the chance to face whoever they want at Summer Slam!!

Jim Ross: Indeed. Billed as an Independence Match, its Batista, Carlito, Edge, Randy Orton, Christian, and little ‘ol Eugene!!! Hell, the winner could choose one of us King!!!

Jerry Lawler: Oh boy, J.R vs. Batista. That’d be great!!

Jim Ross: Two championship matches also here tonight folks, as Rey Mysterio faces a stern challenge for the Intercontinental Championship, in the shape of Rene Dupree.

Jerry Lawler: And wherever Dupree goes, you can be rest assured that Kenzo Suzuki isn’t too far behind.

Jim Ross: And the World Tag Team Champions, Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak of D-X put the titles on the line, against the Dynamic Duo of Booker T & Goldust!!

Jerry Lawler: Last week, D-X had a marvellous night, this week could be a lousy one.

**BREAK IT DOWN** D-X enter the arena to a ton of heat. HBK, wearing a T-Shirt saying ‘#1 Contender’ leads the way, with a smile the size of Seattle. The foursome enter the ring, and Michaels is handed a mic.

Shawn Michaels: Well, well, well. Look what we have here…if I’ve told ya once, I’ve told ya a thousand times boys and girls. Don’t rule out HBK, because when the chips are down, The Showstopper digs deep, and digs deeper, and comes out, looking a thousand dollars!!!

Crowd boo’s

Shawn Michaels: I told ya all. I said I’d do it, and I did. I beat The Deadman, ONE, TWO, THREEEEE!!!

Crowd boo’s some more, as HBK high fives his buddies.

Shawn Michaels: And…by my math…and I’m no Einstein…but by my math, that makes it thirty four days remaining in the John Cena World Championship run.

Crowd boo’s, and starts a Cena chant.

Shawn Michaels: Yes, I know his name, no need to tell me Seattle. So, just so you know Cena, it’s nothing personal, it’s just something that had to happen. D-Generation X is about gold, its about glory. Look at this, Garrison HB-Cade, and The Mark of Excellence, Mark Jindrak. Before they joined D-X, they weren’t doing much. (Clicks fingers) Join D-X, and BAM, you are looking at new World Tag Team Champions. Look at this guy, ‘The Insurance Policy’ Luther Reigns. Don’t worry big man, we’ll get you fitted up with a belt sooner or later… although, saying that, Luther doesn’t care about titles, he just likes smashing guys faces, don’t ya?? (HBK slaps Luther playfully on the arm)
Fact of the matter is, I’m greedy, and I see the World Title, so I want it, and I wont lie Cena, I will stoop to any length to do it…… hell I’d fight for the belt in a dump like Seattle if I had to.

Crowd gives heat

Shawn Michaels: But, I don’t have to worry about that, because I’ll be taking the belt in the beautiful sunshine in San Juan!!!
John, you seem to be a good kid… but unfortunately for you that title reign of yours is drawing to an almighty close. But, don’t be down heartened. Don’t be, I mean, you managed to escape for around four months without crossing paths with The Heart Break Kid, but eventually, we had to collide, you dodged the bullet long enough, now it’s time to roll with the punches kid, and this band is tuning up big t-

**MY TIME IS NOW** John Cena enters the arena to a HUGE ovation. The World Champion stands at the top of the ramp, mic in hand.

John Cena: Shawn Michaels?? The Number One Contender?? D-Generation X?? Did I just get caught in a time warp?? Is this really 1997??

Crowd Pops for Cena

John Cena: Shawn Michaels… he’s just brought back D-X…he thinks by reviving the group, he’ll get more sex.
Shawn you’re too old for the women to find you attractive now. That bald spot your hiding does you no favours. you’re no sexy boy… but I hear you like to play with a sex toy…
Cade and Jindrak… the new Triple H…neither match up to how The Game blows… But you need both of them to equal the size of his nose!!!
Then you have Luther Reigns taking Chyna’s place…he’s a little tougher, doesn’t wear bra‘s, and beat you up he can…but the main difference is that Chyna was a man.

Crowd cheers, as Cena salutes the fans

Shawn Michaels: That’s cute John. Answer me this though, since when did corny raps win you World Championships?? I don’t see Eminem or Snoop Dogg running around the WWE. Is that all you have to offer?? Is rapping what brought you to the dance??

John Cena: Let me tell you Shawn, I got game. I got the World Title, hell, I’m the Franchise of Raw!!! A heck of a lot of stuff brought me to the dance, that’s why I am the World Heavyweight Champion, and that is why come Summer Slam, Imma lay a beating on your ass, so bad, that none of your groupies beside you are gonna recognize you.

Shawn Michaels: If I had a dollar fo-

John Cena: If you had a dollar you could afford to give someone a call who gives a crap what you got to say!!!

Luther grabs the mic from HBK

Luther Reigns: You bet-

John Cena: Yo Chyna, I’m talking to your pimp, not you, so shut up.

Crowd Pops

Shawn Michaels: All right, that’s how you want this Cena?? I was prepared to just let this crap fly until Summer Slam, but you made yourself an enemy, that frankly, you will wish you never had.

Garrison Cade: Make that two enemies.

Mark Jindrak: Make that three

Luther Reigns: F-

John Cena: (Pus on a voice) Make that four, no, HBK, make it five…I want to be six, let me be seven, please Shawn, I’ll be your boy toy!!! Listen, Shawn, if you want some…then come get some.

Luther Reigns: Hey, Cena, I want some.

John Cena: I meant in the ring you fool, not in the toilet.

Shawn Michaels: Cena, you know exactly what Luther meant. Now, you laid the challenge, will you accept??

John Cena: Call him a challenge?? You’re on.

Cena looks toward DX all standing in the ring, furious with Cena’s comments.


Jim Ross: Well King, I’ll be damned. John Cena taking on Luther Reigns here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Oh boy, this is gonna make for a heck of a night.

1st Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rene Dupree w/Kenzo Suzuki & Hiroko
RVD comes to ringside during the match, evening up the sides for Mysterio, despite their recent differences. In the end, Mysterio wins, thanks to Van Dam blocking off the interference of Kenzo, with a 619, and West Coast Pop.
Winner: Rey Mysterio


Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Randy Orton;

Todd Grisham: Randy, tonight, is the six man Independence Match, featuring yourself, Carlito, Christian, Edge, Eugene, and your long time rival, Batista. If you win, can you disclose who you will face, and the type of match, at Summer Slam??

Randy Orton: Todd, for the last two months, Batista and Ric Flair have made my life a living hell. They turned their backs on me, then expected me to crawl back, but I didn’t. I knew at Bad Blood the odds were against me, and sure enough, Ric screwed me. But now, this is my chance for revenge, but Todd, I wont be telling you who I intend on choosing to face at Summer Slam, or the type of match, but I will tell you this…tonight, Randy Orton becomes fully independent from Evolution, and fully evolved.

We then cut to the DX locker room…

Shawn Michaels: Luther, I want you to mangle Cena tonight. You got that. I don’t care if he doesn’t even make it to Summer Slam. Teach him a lesson he will never forget. NO ONE tries to make a fool of the Heart Break Kid.

Garrison Cade: No one makes a fool of DX either Shawn.

Shawn Michaels: You’re damn right Garrison. That’s why tonight, when you and Mark defend your titles against Booker T & Goldust, you’ll show the world that mean streak that you both possess.

Mark Jindrak: You got it Shawn.

Luther Reigns: And as for Cena…he wont be a problem. I promise you. I don’t take any crap from anybody.

Shawn Michaels: That’s what I like to hear. That’s why we are the most dominant group in the business today. But…we need to walk the walk, and talk the talk, understood??

Luther Reigns: Loud…and clear.

2nd Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly
Just a women’s filler match, with no build up towards it. Trish picks up the victory with the Chick Kick.
Winner: Trish Stratus

Backstage, Coach cockily struts down the hallway, and walks into Mick Foleys office, without even knocking…

Coach: Sup Mick??

Mick Foley: (pretends to be nice) Hey Coach. Long time no see buddy, where the hell have you been?? I’ve missed you.

Coach: I’ve just been doing my thing, you know how it is.

Mick Foley: No, really, where have you been. You didn’t happen to be in Washington D.C last night, where you??

Coach: Noooo. Not me. I aint been anywhere near that area.

Mick Foley: That’s funny. You see, I decided to purchase the Great American Bash last night, from Washington D.C, and low and behold, guess who turns up??

Coach: Chill boss, it’s co-

Mick Foley: I see YOU turning up to a SMACKDOWN show. Coach, you have been missing from Raw for over four months, and then you turn up on a Smackdown Pay Per View like it’s nobodies business??

Coach: Hey Cactus, I was just looking out for myself. The Coach needed to break free.

Mick Foley: If you ever call me Cactus again, I’m gonna shove a real Cactus up your ass. And if you ever show up to a Smackdown show without my consent ever again, I’ll fire your ass on the spot.

Coach: That’s perfect. I don’t like it here anyway. The Coach needs to shine, he needs let loose, you know.

Mick Foley: Well, I have an idea Coach. You want to shine?? You want to be let loose?? How about this, I’m gonna let you loose tonight. You go can wherever you want.

Coach: Seriously??

Mick Foley: No. Tonight, I’m letting you loose…in the parking lot. You see, my car is sitting outside, and to be honest Coach, I haven’t had a chance to wash it in weeks. So, go find whatever you need, and let yourself loose outside, and you can shine…my car…right here…in Seattle!!!

Crowd Pops

Coach: But, tha-

Mick Foley: And that’s…FINAL!!!

Coach is furious, and storms out of the office, slamming the door on his way out.


We return to ringside with J.R and Jerry Lawler;

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks, we are LIVE in Seattle, and tonight, still to come we have John Cena vs. Luther Reigns, and tonight’s main event, on July 4th, the Independence Match, six men, and the winner will have the independence to choose his own opponent and stipulation for Summer Slam.

Jerry Lawler: This night is gonna get real interesting J.R. And better still, Coach is gonna have to wash Mick Foley’s car!!!

Jim Ross: Well that little S.O.B deserves it. He swans off for near half a year, then comes back, and turns up on a Smackdown show!!!

Jerry Lawler: He’s a snake J.R.

Jim Ross: Folks, speaking of Smackdown, in less than five weeks, Raw along with Smackdown will present the hottest event of the summer from paradise, the first ever WWE Pay Per View in Puerto Rico. Of course the Raw Main Event will see John Cena defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels, and we learned last night the Smackdown main event, as Kurt Angle defeated Triple H with some help from Steve Austin to earn the right to face the NEW WWE Champion, Goldberg, who last night defeated The Rock to take the title.

Jerry Lawler: Goldberg didn’t just beat The Rock for the title J.R, he beat him up, and busted him up.

Jim Ross: That is true King, The Rock offered a handshake, and in return, Goldberg basically spat on him.

Jerry Lawler: He did more than that J.R.

3rd Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak vs. Booker T & Goldust
Decent match, with the DX duo holding their own with the more experienced team, but as the match progresses, Cade and Jindrak begin to lose grip of the match, and BookDust turn up the heat. Booker scores with the Scissors Kick on Jindrak, but Cade breaks the count at two. This forces the match to break down, which suit’s the underhand tactics that C&J employ, as the manage to steal victory, with Cade laying out Goldust with the title belt behind the refs back, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak

Backstage, we see Batista preparing for the main event tonight, as Flair enters the picture…

Ric Flair: You ready Dave??

Batista: Ric, I was born ready. But as for tonight, (rubs his hands together) I’m extra prepared. I cant wait to pin Orton’s ass again tonight, and after I do that, I’m gonna let Randy know exactly what match I have in store for Summer Slam.

Ric Flair: I like the sounds of that big man…WOOOOOOO!!!

Batista: And as for that little stunt he pulled last week…locking us in the dressing room…I haven’t forgotten about that.

Ric Flair: Yeah, and neither have I. That little son of a bitch deserves a beating of a lifetime, and YOU, are just the man to do it.

Batista: Like I’ve said before, Randy Orton better be prepared, and so should Eugene, Carlito, Christian and Edge…because tonight, The Beast is Unleashed!!


We then cut to RVD, who catches up with Rey Mysterio in the locker room

Rob Van Dam: Hey Rey, I got great news.

Rey Mysterio: What is it Rob?

Rob Van Dam: Next week, when Raw goes to Tokyo…Yours truly, is gonna be in the main event.

Rey Mysterio: Congratulations buddy. That’s great news. Who are you facing??

Rob Van Dam: Oh, that’s the best part. You!!

Rey Mysterio: Wow. That’s cool. I cant wait to hook it up with you again Rob.

Rob Van Dam: And better still, the Intercontinental Title is on the line.

Rey Mysterio: I can dig that. I guess I’ll have to say best of luck Rob.

Rey extends his hand, and RVD shakes with him.

Rob Van Dam: I don’t need luck Rey, I’m the whole damn show …Rob…Van…Dam. But hey, good luck to you buddy.

RVD walks off, whilst Mysterio nods his head.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Shaniqua…

Todd Grisham: Shaniqua, you requested this moment to make an announcement??

Shaniqua: Yes I have. Last week, every body saw just how dominant I am. I defeated the so called Ninth Wonder of the World, to retain MY Women’s Championship. Tonight begins week 38 of my Championship reign, and right now, I am on course to make history as the longest reigning Women’s Champion.
I’ve beaten every woman on the roster already, so beginning in two weeks, I’m going to open a hometown challenge. Any female from the area that Raw comes to can challenge me for my title, but be warned. I wont just beat you…I will beat you so badly, that no one will ever recognise you again. The challenge has been set…now it’s time to see who wants to take me on…

Summer Slam Moment - 1998 - Triple H defeats The Rock in a Ladder Match to win the Intercontinental Championship

Back to ringside;

Jerry Lawler: Wow.

Jim Ross: Indeed King, Shaniqua has basically written off all the diva’s here on Raw, and is making an open challenge to any hometown female, starting in two weeks from my neck of the woods…Oklahoma!!

Jerry Lawler: Oh boy, I cant wait for that.

Jim Ross: But bigger than that King, next week in Tokyo, RVD will challenge Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship. I cannot wait for that Bad Blood rematch. Can RVD dethrone the Intercontinental Champion though??

Jerry Lawler: Those two tore the house down at Bad Blood, and next week, I don’t doubt for a second they wont do it again.

Jim Ross: After this commercial break, we will be back, with John Cena taking on Luther Reigns.


4th Match: Non Title Match:
John Cena vs. Luther Reigns
Typical brawl that you would expect between these two. Cena connects with the FU, but then, Cade and Jindrak run down the aisle, which distracts Cena. The champion knocks both men off the apron, and covers, but Luther kicks out at two after the long period. Cena continues to punish Reigns, and again knocks Cade off the apron, but Jindrak gets him from behind with the tag title belt. Luther covers, but only gets two. Cena fights back, and after a miscommunication between the three DX members, Cena gets another FU on Luther, and this time gets three.
Winner: John Cena
Cena has his hand raised, then decides he isn’t finished with DX. He hit the FU on Cade, then hits another FU on Jindrak. As he does this, HBK runs down the aisle, but as he jumps on the apron, Cena spots him. Michaels then drops back off the apron, and walks slowly backwards up the ramp, as Cena begs Michaels to get in the ring with him, but HBK declines, and walks away.


Backstage, Carlito and his manager, Stacey Kiebler, are chatting about the main event tonight, and Carlito says he cant wait to make the title match a triple threat at Summer Slam. They continue to walk down the hallway, then they bump into Christian and Tomko…

Carlito: Well, well, well. it’s Captain Charisma.

Christian: Hey Tomko, look at this, it’s Sideshow Bob.

Tyson Tomko: And I thought he was just a cartoon character.

Carlito: Das not cool.

Christian: You’re totally right…that hairstyle was NEVER popular.

Carlito: Yeah?? Well having a guy follow you around all day, that isn’t popular either.

Tyson Tomko: And neither is having a woman!!!

Christian slaps Tomko on the arm as if to tell him to shut up, as Carlito laughs with Stacey.

Christian: Look, I’ve got better things to be doing than talking to a guy that hasn’t learned how to eat properly yet, okay.

Carlito: Like what??

Christian: Well, I have my eye set on winning the Independence Match, then setting myself in the World Title match at Summer Slam. Why?? Because Christian vs. Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena…that’s cool!!!

Carlito: Yeah, it is…but you know what…changing your name, and replacing it with Carlito…now das cool!!!

Christian: No, that’s lame.

Carlito: No, its cool.

Christian: No, I’M cool…you, aren’t cool. Maybe you oughta get Stacey to spit that apple in your face.

Carlito: Maybe you can get Tyson here to spit on yours, if you know what I mean.

Carlito then walks off with Stacey as Christian boils over

Christian: That’s not cool.

In the parking lot, we see Coach in the distant, cleaning Foley’s car, with some of the guys watching (Benjamin, Haas, Billy Gunn, Val Venis, Hurricane) making jokes at him. Coach then fires back some insults, but the guys have the last laugh, throwing the bucket of water over Coach.

We see Edge preparing for the upcoming match, as we cut back to ringside.

Jim Ross: This could be a big opportunity for Edge tonight King.

Jerry Lawler: (Laughing) Did you see Coach there??? That was priceless J.R!!!

Jim Ross: Folks, don’t go away, up next, our Main Event!!!


Main Event: 6 Pack; Independence Match: (Winner gets to name their own opponent and stipulation for Summer Slam)
Batista vs. Carlito vs. Christian vs. Edge vs. Eugene vs. Randy Orton
Excellent match, with all six men getting periods in the ring. Batista, being the biggest man in the match is the most dominating factor. He and Orton continually try to get at each other, and towards the conclusion of the match, they are the two legal men, and there fight breaks out, and leads to all six men brawling together.
The brawl breaks down with the referee unable to break it up. In the ring, Carlito goes at it with Edge, while Christian fights with Eugene on the outside, while Batista and Orton brawl inside and out.
Edge scores with a Spear on Carlito for a sure three count, but the referee rightly points out that Edge isn’t the legal man, nor is Carlito. Christian then gets into the ring, and gets Edge out with a dropkick, and follows out himself. Carlito is dragged out by Eugene, and the two legal men, Orton and Batista get into the ring.
Batista nails the Spinebuster, but Eugene breaks the count, before Dave clotheslines Eugene back over the top, with Eugene landing on CCC, knocking both down. Then, as he comes back around, Orton goes for the RKO, but Batista pushes him into the ropes, Orton ducks a clothesline, then hit’s a DDT on his enemy. Christian then breaks the count on Orton. Randy dropkicks Christian, who falls out of the ring, and lands on Edge!!!
Batista then catches Orton with a big knee, then goes for the Powerbomb, but Orton fights out, then out of nowhere, connects with the RKO!!!! 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton
Orton is jubilant, gaining victory over Batista, which means it is Orton’s choice for who he wants to face at Summer Slam.
Ric Flair runs to the ring, and pulls Batista up, then helps him up the ramp, with Batista looking dazed. They get to the top of the ramp, then are cut off by Orton, who has a mic in hand……

Randy Orton: Hey, hey guys, aren’t you forgetting something??

Flair and Batista then turn around, to hear what Randy has to say…

Randy Orton: Don’t you want to know who I’m gonna face at Summer Slam?? Don’t you want to know what match I’m going to pick??

Flair and Batista shout down at Orton, both furious that he has the upper hand with them once again…

Randy Orton: Well, it’s time for the world to hear it. At Summer Slam, on August 7th, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Randy Orton, the winner of the Independence Day, Independence Match, has his own choice of opponent for the event, in his match of choice.
Well, I choose a fifteen foot high, steel cage, and my opponent…is (Points at Batista and Flair, with most expecting him to say Batista, then…) …YOU……RIC FLAIR!!!!

Flair turns to Batista with a look of shock, and Batista looks just as surprised, after expecting Orton to pick him rather than Ric.

Orton’s music hits again, and Randy goes to the turnbuckles celebrating as the show ends…

End of Show

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Re: Being the booker

Nice opening video focusing on the three big matches of the night
Good to start with the Six man Tag and letting Hardy win it all by himself (that's what the records will say) really puts him over. Probably a singles run for him
London and Akio was a great match. A nice win for London putting him really over
What better even to have AMW defeat the Unamericans than at GAB. Decent match with a good finish
Jericho v Lesnar: A nice long match with Jericho on the receiving end for most of it because of the injury. You had me thinking Jericho would pull it off. Lesnar winning just keeps this feud going and probably will reach its peak at Summerslam
Kidman winning the Cruiserweight match and booking a match with London. One awesome match to look forward too
A really nice, long Triple Threat match. JBL winning was kind of predictable with Benoit and Guerrero feuding till Summerslam. A nice push for JBL. A nice, controversial finish only making me think Eddie will want another shot at the title
Nice segment with Linda, Bret and the others especially Rico..Rico's the man and what a pair with Simmons. Heyman as the new GM, I can live with that. Brock's gonna be one happy dude
Excellent segment with Bret and Kurt with Kurt's last words "I don't joke". Pure class
Triple H v Angle: Unpredictable match with some very surprising kick outs. Austin had to come and this just sets up two matches for Summerslam
SHOCKER OF THE NIGHT: Rock lost AGAIN against Goldberg. This sets up Goldberg and Angle II at Summerslam again.
I'm guessing Rock will be gone for some time and then come back for revenge probably at Wrestlemania XXII. Atleast Rock could have kicked out once!

Great showdown between Cena and DX with some good funny lines from Cena
RVD and Mysterio is gonna be interesting next week, probably RVD turns heel then
Shaniqua is the WE's version of Kurt Angle, but let's see how you handle the open challenge
Funny segment between Christian and Carlito. That segment was (no pun intended)
Oh yea...Taboo Tuesday Steel Cage match..Flair and Orton...Legend v Legend Killer..Excellent match for Summerslam..can't wait

Nice two shows, sorry for the short reviews..

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
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Re: Being the booker

great Raw man, I love the fact you've done whole shows. Orton/Flair should be huge and I'm glad to see it, although I was kinda expecting it to happen, which would make it realistic. Calrito/Cghristian confrontation was cool, as was the Cena/HBK one, shame Cena had to win, as needed as it was. This Shaniqua challenge should be cool, and I'm surprised first isn't next week live from Tokyo! As then a Japanese wrestler could challenge her, suppose in a few weeks a real diva will challenge her anyway.

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

I enjoyed the show...

I loved Cena in the DX segment... especially his lines about Luther/Chyna.

Coach/Foley was pretty funny... like when Foley went for the cheap pop... right here in Seattle.

The Christian/Carlito segment was entertaining as well.

I was looking forward to the main event and what match the winner would choose. The cage match should be excellent.. and I wonder if Batista will have a match of his own.
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