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Re: Being the booker

Man, first off excellent pay-per-view. Looks like I'm going to have to give it my all for Summerslam. But that's for a later time. On to the GAB.

Excellent opening video. Really captured the whole essence of the event. Great opening match. I didn't think it would come down to Matt and Kanyon. However, nice ending with Matt giving Kaynon the Twist of Fate through the table. Good match.

Paul London v. Akio. Classic Cruiserweight Title Match. Both men gave everything they had. And that's one of the best things about cruiserweights. Giving their all. London winning with his 450 splash was good.

Being that the event was right before the Independence Day, I was looking for a swerve somewhere in the card, where an international star would win. I thought Storm and Regal had the belts won, but AMW had their numbers. Though I'm not all up on AMW, this match was intense, with back and forth action. However tonight wasn't Regal's and Storm's night.

Nice JBL promo. Jericho and Lesnar delivered. I'm not sure but it looks like 3 or 4 F-5s to keep Jericho down. Excellent match. Both men gave it all they had. However Lesnar was more dominat, aggressive, and powerful.

Billy Kidman winning the Cruiserweight Ganulet Match was excellent. Hopefully Kidman would be used in a good capacity.

JBL winning the US Championship was exactly what I expected. A true technical wrestling clinic. All three men performed with everything they had. It's just that it was Eddie's frog splash, that caused him to lose his belt. JBL's expression after the match was priceless.

Excellent skit with the interim GM. Everybody from Coach to Rico showed up. Rico seems to be getting a good role here. I had a feeling that it would be either Bischoff or Heyman anyway as the winner. However I didn't think it would come down to a wrestling match. As for the match itself, what can you really expect from those two in a match, (no pun). Good to see Heyman as the new GM. Oh and excellent idea for the London/Kidman situation.

Man the intensity is in the air with Kurt and Bret. I feel a match coming at either Survivor Series or the Rumble. If you stretch it past then, then at Mania, I will be expecting a top-notch classic. Wonderful match between Triple H and Angle. Triple H, I thought would pull out a victory, but thanks to the mind games of Austin that was not the case. Nice way of ending it with the Angle Lock being applied and Trips tapping. In a way, it shows that neither man comes away, weaker than the other.

I'm shocked. I really am. Not for a moment, did I think that Goldberg would beat the Rock again, and become the new WWE Champion. Goldberg looked poised to win from the beginning. Rock gave what he had. But it wasn't enough. Two spears did the job. Aftermath of the match was crazy. Goldberg spearing Rock into the corner, then jackhammering him through the Spanish announce table. The last image of Goldberg standing over a battered, bloody, Rock with the belt in Goldberg's hands, showed who was the top dog. Excellent way of putting Goldberg over.

Excellent pay-per-view. Best one that I've read all month. Hopefully I could give you some kind of a run with Summerslam. Hopefully I could get it up by the end of the month. Overall score, 96/100= A! 1!

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Re: Being the booker

Hi guy's i'm a newbie around here and i being reading on this website for about 5 months now and i must say i am rearly impressed this be the booker thread is great i read all of the posts from the page number 1 to 54 and it took me 5 hours to read (no kidding!)i'm glad i was one of the first people to read and reply to your shows and ppv's as they are fantastic!!!sorry i can't stick around and chat put i going to Kid o macs thread as i enjoy that thread as much as i enjoy your thread wolfy and on that not speaking about kid o mac i think he's right both of your build up's to ppv's are great as are the ppvs themselfs and it will be interesting to see who has the best ppv between you wolfy and kid o mac?!
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Re: Being the booker

- The opening video was the best you have ever done, absolutely fantastic. Loved the speech and the use of Old Glory. How can it get any better after this beginning? I’m damn sure it can.

- First match, I actually really enjoyed this, as all of the participants were used brilliantly. Although I can’t recall the Dudleys hitting the “Wazzzzup” which was a shame. Still, brilliant to see V1 win, although Masters is buried already and is not classified as a lower midcarder in my book. Definitely needs to be pushed as his character is great.

- Both the Heyman/Brock arrival and Bischoff/Morgan promo were written beautifully. But my god does Morgan suck on the mic, thank god for Bischoff.

- Didn’t expect Akio to win, but its another win in the bank for London. This feud with Kidman could be VERY interesting. Great writing as well, and great length.

- Basic and boring AMW interview, but well thought out. After that, there’s no way they will lose. Twas nothing special, but fine.

- Told you they’d win, the match was great, with a lot of wrestling “moves” used, rather than just punching, which is nice to see in a tag team match. The end was a little sudden and a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully the feud continues and the Un-Americans can win the belts at SummerSlam.

- Yet another fantastic JBL promo. While Kev is the god of Orton promos, you are the god of JBL promos. I still say he’s going to win tonight, although, heres hoping Benoit does

- Aw, better luck next like Jericho, but bigger and better things to come for Brock methinks. Jericho is kinda buried now, but hopefully he can challenge for the WWE Title soon. Brock might go on to challenge the loser of the WWE Title match methinks, or maybe even the winner, depends. (Brilliant match btw, damn I don’t want to face you again in the BTB Tourney )

- Nowinski is such a creep, I hate him, but Linda sure told him. Great to see Linda on the mic, as I really like her character. And then a hint at a Brock/Angle feud to come, boy I can’t wait for that. That means im putting my money on Angle for later tonight.

- Obvious that Kidman would win, nothing much to note here.

- Loved this next promo, Linda used fantastically again, and Eric being the normal idiot he is. Nice to see Hart setting him straight tho. Great promo, and now I have no idea who the GM will be :P

- **Takes a Bow** Didn’t I tell you? JBL is the NEEEEWWWWWWWW US Champion (must to my disgust), but his character is so strong in this thread, I’ll forgive you. I wonder what’ll happen to Benoit/Guerrero now? Maybe one is heading to Raw in the future?

- Lovely WM22 promo, played out well after a confusing start. Got me hyped for that already!

- Fabulous stuff next, twas a pleasure to read. Linda was brilliant, as was Bischoff and as was Hart…..AND as was Heyman (Go Paul!). Rico’s inclusion was odd, but fuxin hilarious. I love this AFA, and Faarooq was bloody brilliant.
Originally Posted by OMFG, HILARIOUS!
Simmons looks embarrassed to be with Rico, shouting at him “It’s the APA man, not AFA. I drink beer and smoke cigars, I don’t drink wine, and I don’t smoke guys!!! DAMN!!!”
I love you, that was fukcing fabulous. Get the Tag Team Titles on them, QUICKLY!

- I loved the idea of this match, although I didn’t expect Heyman to win clean. I was expecting Lesnar to help him, and then a short Morgan/Lesnar feud to come along, but still, great comedy with Heyman afterwards.

- Kurt/Hart promo was gold, with Bret no knowing what to think. I think he suspects something, as Kurt is so obvious at times. This feud is going to be brilliant. PLEASE hold it off till Mania.

- Angle/Triple H was written fantastically. Austin’s inclusion was a must, and really heated up their feud. I see Angle moving on and taking the gold now, he’s just too focused and ready to lose.

- Heyman’s promo and 7 Match Series announcement was brilliant, I wonder if we’ll see a TLC in there. Should be great to see. Can’t wait.

- OMFG, amazing Rock promo, vintage and so him. Maria is a dopey cow, lose her, she’s annoying. Rock wasn’t annoying tho, he was absolutely fabulous.
Originally Posted by Rock’s Amazing Promo
Jabroni beatin, alllllllowwwwwwwww, pie eatin, trail blazin, eye brow raisin, not afraid to sweat, not afraid to bleed, gonna beat your ass GUARAN-DAMN-TEED, Peoples Champ The Rrrrrock!!!!
Loved that, really great rhyming. Brilliant hype for the match.

- Wow, a new Champion, as I predicted **Puts Shades On** Not the longest match ever, and certainly not your best, but it’s understandable when Goldberg is involved. Hopefully Angle can beat him at SummerSlam as his in-ring abilities are possibly worse than JBLs. Great finish and beat down, really getting him over. Fantastic.

Realism –Pure gold, nothing out of place, 10/10

Length –Perfect length for a normal PPV. 10/10

Quality/Entertainment – I was laughing at nearly 8/10 backstage segments, your most entertaining PPV ever, 10/10

Spelling/Grammar –Can barely pick out a thing.10/10

Matches/Booking –Goldberg winning brings this down, and also Jericho is buried, but Goldberg winning is ok I guess, just so long as Angle wins at SummerSlam. 9/10

Overall a whopping 98/100

Grade A+, Nearly as good as WM21
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After 2 years ive now decided to update & change my user title again
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Re: Being the booker

[QUOTE]=Red Cold–but Goldberg winning is ok I guess, just so long as Angle wins at SummerSlam.
^^^ could not of agreed more (huge angle fan!)but thought that rock would of keep the strap but mabey not.It might just be me but i thought that rock was going to turn heel after the match or mabey he'll do that later on?but that would of been wrong since goldberg doesn't need any cheap heat as i see him as the biggest heel at the moment?!

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Re: Being the booker

Great opening video, using the family with the American flag was great

very good opening six man tables match, i liked it when you had the System Success mock the Dudley Boyz with their saying. I liked Hardy fighting back and winning with the odds for his team. Nice Ending with both teams returning and The Dudley's taking out System Success

Heyman/Lesnar promo was ok, good way to build up for the announcement of the GM and the Lesnar/Jericho match

Bischoff's segment with Morgan was great, Bischoff complaining about not having been GM for 18 months. Very good promo!

very good Cruiserweight match, it had me excited the whole time, I hope that there will be some form of a rematch soon as these two put on a classic match

Real quick segment to build up the Tag Team Title Match, good way for AMW to stand up for their country

Pretty good match put on between AMW and the Un-American's, I was thinking that the Un Americans would win but I guess not just yet. But my prediction is that they will be the next WWE Tag Team Champions

Very Nice JBL promo, I now think that JBL will become the next United States Champion

Amazing match that Jericho and Lesnar put on, very great and I would love to see one of the 2 challenge for the WWE title someday!

Nowinski's little meeting with Linda McMahon was great

Pretty good Cruiserweight action that we had, I knew that Kidman would win but now we can see a very good feud between London and Kidman

Very great Triple Threat match you had for us, JBL winning is great and now we will really hear about how good of an American he is!

The Interim GM segment was GREAT, you had Heyman intterupt it then Bischoff, the Coach moves to SD!, and then Rico gives Heyman a wig and Bischoff some pants. This AFA idea is very great and I liked the idea of having a match between Bischoff and Heyman to determine the GM

Man, a GREAT promo between Hart and Angle you have! I would love to see these two collide at WrestleMania 22, what a classic that would be!

Angle vs HHH was a good match, Austin interfering has feuled this feud and I have an feeling it is about to blow, Hopefully, you put the gold on Angle soon!

A best of seven series with a different stipulation, That rocks, there will be some classics on Smackdown coming soon between London/Kidman

Rock's Promo was very of him, something the Rock would do, it was very good

Rock vs Goldberg was great, Goldberg winning will be intresting but I can't wait till the WrestleMania rematch between Angle/Goldberg!

Overall, great Pay Per View, you did really good and this was one of your best yet!
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Re: Being the booker

Wow, what a PPV man. Didnt dissapoint is all I can say.

-The 6 Man tag was a good way to kick off the show. Pretty entertaining thanks to the tables, and I loved the part where Nova, I mean Simon Dean told Chris Masters to get the tables. Well written.

-GM Segments- I will just mention them all in here. They were all nicely done, a little tension in Bischoff/Morgan? Anyways, nice little segments.

- Good CW match, knew London would win, but well written. Always nice to see some good CW Action.

-AMW Interview- Meh, nothing special. But hey.. what can you do? It was needed. Woulda been better to hear from Storm/Regal though.

- At first I thought Storm/Regal would win, but I think you are going to have a 4 Team Tag Match at Summerslam, with my favorite team of yours winning the titles....... Rico and Ron Simmons!

-JBL Interview was same as always. Nothing major. Pity that he will end up with the US Title.

-Lesnar/Y2J was well written, thought Y2J would get it though. Sad he didnt. Worse is you had Lesnar bury Jericho.

-Brock/Kurt Segment was good. I dont see the point though..

-Gauntlet match was well written. Maybe a little short for a gauntlet, but good nonetheless. This Kidman/London series is going to own.

-US Title match was great. I liked how the ending came about, but JBL winning which I knew would happen, dissapoints me. Just bury him lol. Hopefully there will be an upcoming injury for JBL. You use him well, but I dont like this push.

-GM Announcing was good. Pretty funny. COACH! Coach owned in this promo, and as did Rico. I think you were right when you said you play Rico to well, lmao. Heyman being GM is tight, but Coach woulda been the better choice.

-Bret/Angle was just sweet. Loved how Kurt was like, yah I almost got you. This is really interesting and I cant wait till the showdown, at WM (hopefully)

-Angle/Triple was AWESOME. Best match of the night without a doubt. Loved all the close finishes, and having Austin involved was great. Just awesome. And Angle wins

-Rock interview just owned. Man Maria is stupid. Rock was right on character, and was great.

-Rock/Goldberg was another great match. Shorter than usual, but hey it had Goldberg. Goldberg winning came as a huge shock to me. At first I was dissapointed, but hey, Goldberg's gimmick works. Wish he didnt destroy Rock after the match, Rock better not be on a break!

Overrall- Awesome show. Well done man. I want to give it a 10, but there was just a couple little things, so you draw a 9.8/10. Well done.

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Re: Being the booker


Opening match with Masters really was just to put him over as well as the Master Lock, decent job and there was purpose to it to so 8/10

Good JBL promo here, the US Title is made for JBL and hopefully he will get the win at GAB. 10/10

Well-done Kurt/Bret segment here, seemed very realistic good job 10/10

Kidman/Tajiri vs. Noble/Chavo looks like a filler match just to hype the CW Match at GAB, 7/10

Nice Rock interview with him dissing Goldberg’s record, had it all and built the match perfectly 10/10

Funny AFA segment this pairing has potential for some hilarious segments, good job 10/10

Nice little confrontation between Jericho/Angle/HHH/Lesnar all showing their egos 9/10

Eddie/Benoit vs. Test/Steiner – Problems between Benoit/Eddie, which is why the match was, booked imo, good job it makes the triple threat more every man for himself 9/10

Good Goldberg segment, almost too good for Goldberg lol 9/10

Funny little segment with Bischoff/Hart hyping the Interim GM and with Morgan being stupid, 8/10

Benoit/Eddie segment, a well written segment with the exception of Benoit being funny at the end which doesn’t seem realistic 8/10

Six Man Tag – Wasn’t sure who I expected to win this match but it rounded up all the top feuds and built them for the ppv 10/10

Total: 108/120

Great American Bash

Good hype video, I never do these but this one seemed well written

I didn’t expect both Bubba and D’Von out of the match straight away, really helped Hardy though with the seemingly dramatic come back with help of course, good opening bout 8/10

Next few segments are good, it seems out of Morgan/Lesnar, Lesnar is slightly smarter lol.

A short cruiserweight title match here but none the less it was a good one, expected London to win 8/10

Tag match was a good match once again I expected AMW to win, nothing really to fault though 9/10

Good JBL promo inbetween I liked it and he guaranteed victory again which leads me to think he’ll win.

Brock vs. Jericho – After Brock gaining the fall on SD in the tag match I sort of expected Brock to lose this match but he wins putting him over as a major monster, hopefully you let Jericho get retribution and correct the loss 9/10

Kidman vs. London will be a good match I expected either Kidman or Chavo to win this match, I expect a heel turn maybe for Kidman

JBL wins the US Title as I said in my SD rating the belt is made for JBL and him having it can really put him over, hopefully he can have a long reign before moving up to the main event 10/10

Coach should’ve been GM . Heyman becoming GM is gonna be interesting now for SD.

Angle vs. HHH – Great match, glad to see Angle win and become number one contender, hopefully he can take the title at Summerslam although I’m not sure of it. Austin screwing HHH was good too. 10/10

Goldberg winning this match shocked me I thought the Rock would retain the title, I didn’t like how this finished although the aftermatch destruction was decent. 9/10

Total: 63/70 – Great PPV good job.
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Re: Being the booker

Well I decided to check your thread out... and for the first show/ppv... I'm very impressed.

The opening video was insanely ace.

The tag match was cool. Didn't think Hardy was going to last through it... but having the Dudleyz come back and hit their signature moves was superb.

The Cruiserweight match was pleasant... I sorta predicted London was going to win... but with Sakoda there... I wasn't sure... and it had some nice close calls.

Your JBL promo was sweet... you really do fit his character well.

The tag team match was tremendous... makes you miss the tag team division in the WWE. Had all the nooks and cranny's that would be expected with all of the heel tactics and saves by their partners. I was actually suprised that AMW won since the show kicked off with the faces winning in the first two matches.

Brock/Jericho was full of great wrestling psychology... tiptop matchup

The cruiserweight match was full of cool spots but I was kinda disappointed like I was with the open in Wrestlemania 20.... too many falls in too little time.

The US title match was actually my favorite match in the entire PPV.. there was so many different possible turnouts... and the ending was top-notch

Since this show was the first show I've read.. your Wrestlemania promo was superlative.. I can picture it in my head...

The GM segment was saved by Rico/Simmons. Coach was also pretty funny, but if it weren't for Rico/Simmons... the segment would've disappointed me. It's kinda weird having Heyman wrestle... although it was a very short contest. I think having a run-in from Matt Morgan, Brock Lesnar, or both, or even Nowitsky would've helped it.

I liked your Bret/Angle segment...

Angle/HHH was exceptional...

The Rock promo was pretty cool... loved Maria's part... but I was confused with...
but you cannot out do the Jabroni beatin, alllllllowwwwwwwww, pie eatin, trail blazin, eye brow raisin,
The main event was also very nice...

Overall I'm very impressed with your presentation.

But for the match results I did get tired of all the sentences that had the word then in them... It felt like each match had over 100 then's. I know it's pretty hard to find another way to say it... but to be honest it does rattle your brain and gets on your nerve...

Brock then tries to corner Jericho again, but Y2J again manoeuvres himself out of the corner, leaving Brock to look stupid. Lesnar then takes a moment to calm, then starts to circle the ring, forcing Jericho to move around, and work his knee a little more. Lesnar then stops, and stands in the middle of the ring, and begins to taunt Jericho. He points to the knee, and then makes a snapping gesture, before laughing. Jericho then quickly walks up to Brock, and SLAPS Brock, which staggers Lesnar a little.
I'll keep reading...

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Re: Being the booker

GAB thoughts:

Nice opener, although I think Kanyon, Dean, and Masters should've won to get some credibility to their heel run. 8/10

Good title defense from London. 9/10. I'll be looking forward to the best of 7 series.

Good title defense from AMW as well. 8/10.

Expected a win for Brock against Jericho, but nice psychology. Match of the night for me. 10/10.

Cruiserweight Gauntlet. 8/10. Fast-paced, what I really expect from a gauntlet match involving Cruiserweights. Again I'll be looking forward to the best of 7 series.

An excellent match for the US Title. I expected JBL to win. Interesting to see where JBL go from here. I'd love to see him feud with Jericho. 9/10

Well written GM Segment and impromptu match Also liked the Angle/Bret segment Hope the build goes all the way to WM 22. 8/10

An extremely entertaining # 1 Contendership match. 10/10, I guess Austin vs. Triple H at Summerslam is official.

Another excellent match in Rock vs. Goldberg. 10/10. I never expected Goldberg to win. It'll be interesting to see where it goes from here. I'm going for a Goldberg/Rock/Angle Triple Threat.


Check out my Be the Booker Thread!

WWF Attitude: Road to Wrestlemania 2000
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Re: Being the booker

Wow! That is a very good ppv.

6 man table match. didn't expect hardy to win when it was 3 on 1, and giving him the win from that situation makes him look very strong, but possibly makes the heels too week.

London vs Akio - good fast paced cruiserweight match, a giving London the win continues his push.

AMV vs Storm/Regal - decent match, but expected AMV to win

Brock vs Y2J - Very good match, i thought jerichi would win before the ppv, but after 3 face victories, lesnar had to win.

Cruiserweight gauntlet - good match, and hopefully kidman/london can be a great feud

US title - JBL winning was expected, but it was still a very good match. benoit/eddie at summerslam?

GM segment - Yey! I picked paul heyman! the battle royal to determine it was good, and so was the AFA interruption. i would expect bischoff to have some part in the running of smackdown though, as he will not give up.

Angle vs HHH - very good match, and angle winning was expected. HHH/Austin at summerslam then.

Maria/rock promo - vintage rock, and has both of them in character

Goldberg vs Rock - Didn't expect goldberg to win, but the beatdown afterwards puts him over as a big heel. Interesting to see where the rock goes form here.

Very good show overall.
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