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Re: Being the booker

Didn’t expect Akio to win but it’ll be interesting to see if he can take the title at GAB. 7/10

JBL promo was funny with Rico’s comments, portrayed them both good here 9/10

A Goldberg moment, building up the challenger so people will think he’ll win

Benoit/Guerrero, interesting here with both promising to beat each other, let’s see what happens 9/10

Heh Angle raging at Hart, this’ll be interesting 9/10

Jericho-Brock promo was quite funny, good job with the insults 10/10

Regal/Storm vs. AMW will be good; I don’t expect them to win though 7/10

Angle back on track for the WWE Championship again will be good I expect him to beat Triple H with Austin showing up anyway. 9/10

JBL had to beat Rico here it was a must, thank god he did 8/10

Lesnar getting the last laugh before GAB but Jericho will probably win the match, 9/10

Total: 77/90 I think

Good show but you’ve done better
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Re: Being the booker

CW Match- Akio winning was a surprise but I should have seen it coming, after the victory last week. Good opener 8/10

JBL promo- was hilarious with him getting angry at Rico for his gay comments. 9/10

Great Goldberg thing. Kev is right, your trying to get us to think he will win but he wont! lol.

Benoit/Guerrero- a little tension? Interesting segment, hope there is no heel turns. 9/10

Kanyon/V1- Ok filler match, surprise Kanyon won, but it worked out good now he is with Masters and Dean lol. 8/10

Hart promo- Hart leaving? Ah that sucks. Funny thing with Angle getting upset. 8/10

Jericho/Brock- was very funny. Good job here. 10/10

Regal/Storm picking up the victory is Ok, nothing special. 8/10

Angle/Trips- Great thing to add with Angle now saying he is focused on the title. Nice swerve of events. And the Austin attack was a great touch. 9/10

JBL/Rico- JBL had to beat Rico here, but you did it funny. I can imagine Simmon's face and that would be hilarious to see 8/10

6 Man Tag- Whoa Lesnar winning is a good choice. 9/10.

86/100 I think. Great show Wolfy. Woulda liked to see The Rock show up though.

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Re: Being the booker

Nice little opening segment building up the six man tag later on
The DX segment on the beach was nice and funny
RVD/Mysterio looks to be heading in a proper with RVD probably the heel in this one and it could all explode at Summerslam
Randy's feud with Batista/Flair is not over and the match just made it better
Michaels-Taker next week is gonna be great ..can't wait and so will be Chyna and Shaniqua
Christian's interview was GOLD! and their match, although not detailed, was well written too. A nice match with a good finish really building up Cena as THE champion

Akio and London at the Bash is gonna be great especially with Akio, the only man to beat London since Wrestlemania. This is one I cannot wait for. Nice to see Akio getting the push
JBL and Rico continue their excellent (funny) segments and their match was also nice with Rico doing what he usually does. Rico kissing Simmons at the end is just a sight I wouldn't wanna see!
Goldberg just squashing Moore shows that Goldberg is the OLD Goldberg and his match with The Rock at the Bash is one not to be missed. Can't wait for the sit down interview
Tension between Guerrero and Benoit had to come and it looks good. That'll make their match at the Bash more worthwhile. Although I would like to see a one on one match between the two, with one of them the heel, probably at Summerslam
Bret Hart is going on a leave. I loved Angle's reaction to that and focusing on the title (atleast for now). And with Austin on Triple H's back as an itch (no pun intended), it makes it more difficult to predict whose gonna win their match at the Bash
A nice little alliance with Kanyon/Simon/Chris. Interesting to see what they will do
Jericho/Lesnar segment with Heyman was great man! Loved Jericho's bravery and this shows that the match at the Bash won't be a usual match for Brock, he's got a challenge this time!

Overall excellent shows...95/100...because there was no Rock

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Re: Being the booker

Akio had to win after the build up from last week, good choice. 9/10

Great promo between JBL and Rico, and funny too. 9.5/10

Great Beniot/Guerrero showdown backstage. 10/10

Angle angry about Hart taking time off, now Angle has to win at GAB and go on to SS, cos HHH gonna be facing Austin. Looks like Bret/Angle will be continued until NM!!! Wow, thats a long wait, man, make it sooner!! 9/10

Funny Jericho/Brock/Heyman promo, portraying Jericho well. 10/10

UnAmericans challenge should be a good change for the tag division, and more build up for the System Sucess and Dudleys 8/10

Shame Austin is banned til GAB, but it will make HHH/Angle fairer, unless the Rattlesnake goes against Bret's orders. Angle back focused on WWE Title is good too, seeing as hes gonna be no. 1 contender after the bash. 9/10

JBL beating Rico was needed, and done. 8/10

Great build up with AMW getting distraccted by UnAmericans levaing Jericho to be triple teamed, to build up his rivalry with Brock more. 9.5/10

Total: 82/90

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for all the replies. Smackdown WILL be up tomorrow, and as of now, The Great American Bash WILL be up on Sunday.

After that, I will be writing BOTH Raw and Smackdown in full for the entire lead up to Summer Slam, and hopefully beyond that for any joint PPV.
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Re: Being the booker

Excellent news man. Can't wait for Smackdown nor The Great American Bash. I'll have my predictions up by Saturday. 1!

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Re: Being the booker

For Raw....

Good opening with Orton getting the best of Evolution at the end of that brawl. Not too sure about Mark Henry in the main event but it will be interesting to see where yuo go with this and how it pans out.

Very funny DX skit lol. Then followed up with a great tag match. I like the push of Jindrak and Cade in the tag ranks with the titles. I also can see perhaps one more match between these two teams in the future. Possible in that match we will see the full break up of RVD and Rey.

Ouch Sting out for what may be 3 months? I can't wait til he comes back, he should return with a bang.

I like this a bit more tension between Rey and RVD. They pacth things up but a see slowly but surely a break up between the two.

Cool for Eugene to get his win over Raven, somewhat getting revenge for Sting I suppose.

Booker T with some good ol fashioned revenge beating Suzuki. Dupree's interference fails this time and Booker and Goldust stand tall.

Hmmmm interesting encounter between Cena and DX. I am still tyring to figure out what to make of it. I guess I will find out...

LOL gret segment between Foley and Carlito. If the apple in his mouth doesn't go down his throat the rest is going straight up his ass...classic line.

Good way for the sixman tag team match to end with Orton pinning Henry.

Absolutley awesome Christian promo!! Right now I may vote that for promo of the month. I enjoyed it very much. Hopefully this can be his night.

Taker next week? Sounds good to me, can't wait to see what he has in store. Also finally the clash of the titans between Chyna and Shaniqua, that will no doubt be great..

Cena wins again!!! Awesome match though with Christian kicking out of the FU. Maybe just maybe he will get another oppetunity down the road.

Excellent Raw. I will give a FULL review of Smackdown when I return from the movies cause I got to leave now.

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Re: Being the booker

RAW; June 27th; Albuquerque:

Opening Video


J.R and King introduce us to the show, hyping it as arguably the biggest raw this year, with two HUGE matches, as Shaniqua takes on Chyna in the biggest Women’s Match ever, and the main event, which determines the Number One Contender for the World Title at Summer Slam, and will settle the rivalry for good, as Michaels gets in the ring for the first time since Backlash, to face Undertaker.

We kick off with Chyna challenging Shaniqua for the Women’s Championship!! In a test of strength, neither woman gets an advantage, and this is the same when they lock up. Eventually, both give up on the strength tests, and begin to slug it out, with both showing weaknesses like never before.
After a long gruelling war, with both getting dominated, and both dominating, Chyna just runs out of gas, and after Shaniqua kicks out of a Press Slam, Chyna falls apart, and Shaniqua’s conditioning takes over, with the Women’s Champion finishing Chyna off with a Chokeslam for the victory.
Shaniqua celebrates with the title, after facing her stiffest competition yet, and seeing it off, cleanly. The question still remains, who can stop her??

We cut to the arrival of DX, with all four in serious mood tonight, especially HBK. They are met by Todd Grisham, who informs them that Mick Foley has banned all outside interference from tonight’s main event. Michaels shows an expressionless face, then closes his eyes, slowly shakes his head, and walks on, with DX following behind.

Batista and Ric Flair chat backstage with Mark Henry, who faces Orton one on one later. They tell him they don’t care who wins, they just don’t want Orton coming out in one piece. They then talk about making an impact on Orton themselves. We then see Orton in another part of the arena watching all this on a monitor, and looks like he has a plan.

Rey Mysterio and RVD team up again, this time to face Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree. Mysterio and RVD look to be back to tip top form after last weeks blip, but as they try and finish the match off, Rey hit’s the 619 on Dupree, but as he jumps up to hit the West Coast Pop, RVD runs off the ropes to hit the Rolling Thunder on Kenzo, and Rey loses his balance. RVD doesn’t notice, and Dupree rolls up Rey, 1...2...3!!! Van Dam is shocked. He doesn’t realise it was his fault they lost, and blames Rey. RVD storms off, whilst Rey shakes his head in the ring, disgusted with Van Dams attitude.

J.R has an in ring interview with the World Champion, John Cena. Cena talks about last weeks match, giving Christian his due’s for putting up a heck of a challenge. He then moves on to who his Summer Slam opponent will be. He says it would be his pleasure to defend the belt against a legend like Taker, and it would be his pleasure to kick Michaels ass. He then wishes both men luck in tonight’s match, and says he’s ready for either.

Backstage, Mark Henry leaves Evolution’s locker room, and walks around the corner, then Orton sneaks to the Evolution locker room door, and locks it, then sticks a barricade up, stopping Flair and Batista from getting out and interfering later.

Mark Henry then faces Orton. Randy overcomes the power of Mark Henry in a better than expected battle, with Orton scoring with the RKO for the three count victory. Afterwards, Orton gets on the mic, and sends a message to Evolution, and Ric Flair, that they taught him too well, and Flair might be hard pushed to be the Dirtiest Player in the Game anymore.

Mick Foley chats with Eugene backstage, and makes an announcement for next weeks main event to celebrate Independence Day, it will be an Independence Match, with six Raw superstars (Orton, Batista, Edge, Carlito, Christian and Eugene) fighting it out, and the winner, gets to choose any opponent, and any type of match he wants for Summer Slam.

We then are shown a spoof Sting segment, with Carlito playing the role of Sting. He basically makes fun of Sting, saying his career was ended by Carlito…and das cool.

Mysterio and Van Dam argue backstage about who was to blame for them losing. Booker T is asked about it by both, and he reiterates what happened, leaving RVD embarrassed. Van Dam doesn’t apologise though, and just walks off.

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team pair up with Edge to face Cade, Jindrak and Reigns in a six man tag. After some decent action, Edge scores the decisive pinfall, after a DDT on Jindrak for the three.

Backstage, Batista and Flair finally get out of their locker room, both furious with Orton, and go looking for him.

We then cut to the DX locker room, where it doesn’t look good for the group, after just suffering a loss, HBK doesn’t look too confident. He makes final preparations for the main event, then tells DX he’s gonna go and show them exactly how it’s done.

In the main event, Michaels and Undertaker do battle one more time. Taker dominates the early going, with Michaels showing signs of ring rust. HBK eventually finds his groove, and begins to get himself back into the match, doing all he can to overcome The Deadman.
Michaels begins to wear down the leg of Taker to try and get full advantage, but Taker appears to be in the zone tonight, and shrugs off the beating, and once again taking charge of the match.
HBK eventually goes to the dirty tricks in order to get the upper hand, and manages to get himself in the dominant position, but once again, it isn’t long before Taker is in control again.
Undertaker nails Michaels with a Chokeslam, but somehow, HBK kicks out, to the amazement of the fans. Taker then goes for another, but Michaels counters it, and frees himself.
Michaels has to fight for his life not to lose, and manages to counter attempted Last Rides and Tombstones, with every move in his arsenal.
Michaels then fights out of the Last Ride again, and nails the Sweet Chin Music!!! Shawn crawls to pin Taker, but Undertaker sits up!!! HBK freezes in shock, as Taker gets back to his feet. Michaels continues to try and keep his distance as best as possible, then ducks a boot, and hit’s a second Sweet Chin Music!!! Michaels then doesn’t go for the pin, but decides to tune up the band, and stomps his foot, until Taker gets up, and Michaels scores with another Sweet Chin Music!!! The third in the match!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!! MICHAELS IS GOING TO SUMMERSLAM!!!!

DX race to the ring, and hoist their leader on their shoulders, with HBK exhausted after victory, a clean win, with 3 Sweet Chin Music’s eventually finishing The Deadman. It will now be Michaels challenging Cena for the title at Summer Slam!!!


Smackdown; Albuquerque; June 30th:

Highlights from last week, where GM Bret Hart announced his eight week hiatus, following The Great American Bash.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Smackdown has is coming to you live from Albuquerque, New Mexico, just three days before Smackdown’s Great American Bash!!! I’m Michael Cole, joined as always, by Tazz.

Tazz: Three days Cole. Three days, until we see Goldberg and The Rock hook it up, for only the second time, one on one!!

Michael Cole: And in building for that match this Sunday, we have specially conducted interviews with both men ahead of that clash, and not forgetting, a six man tag main event, as Goldberg teams up with Triple H and Brock Lesnar, to face their three opponents this Sunday, The Rock, Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho!!

Tazz: Oh man. No one likes anyone in that match Cole. All six of those guys hate each other. I’m expecting a war later.

Michael Cole: And tonight also marks Bret Hart’s last Smackdown, before an eight week absence, due to necessary surgery.

Tazz: Big loss to Smackdown Cole. Place wont be the same without the GM around for two months. But, I’m sure I can step into his shoes.

Michael Cole: Face it Tazz, Stevie Wonder wouldn’t pick you to be the Smackdown General Manager.

Tazz: Hey, stranger things have happened. Vince McMahon employed you for one…

**MASTERPIECE** Chris Masters enters the arena to huge heat, for his first ever SD match. He is accompanied by Simon Dean and Kanyon.

Michael Cole: Well, I thought I could smell something bad…The System Success and Kanyon are here.

Tazz: Look at that guys body. It’s almost as impressive as mine Cole.

Michael Cole: Folks, in recent weeks, a lot has developed between these three men, and Matt Hardy, along with the Dudleyz, and that will all come to a head this Sunday, with a six man, tables elimination match!!

Tazz: That’s a Dudleyville speciality!! Bubba and D’ Von will team with a long time foe of theirs, Matt Hardy, in D.C this Sunday, to face these three men, in what I’d expect to be a great match!!!

**Bombshell** The Dudley Boyz enter the arena to a big pop, along with Matt Hardy. All three accompanying Spike, who is set to face Masters, one on one.

1st Match:
Spike Dudley w/Bubba, D’ Von & Matt vs. Chris Masters w/Simon Dean & Kanyon
Not an excellent match by any stretch of the imagination. Masters controls, due to his size advantage, but as you get with Spike, you can never rule him out, and he gets a comeback, before Simon Dean gets involved, which sparks off a mass brawl, with everyone at ringside getting involved. In the ring, Masters applies the Masterlock on Spike, and the smaller man is unable to break the grip, and soon, passes out, giving Masters the win.
Winner: Chris ‘The Masterpiece’ Masters
Masters has his hand raised, but right away, Matt Hardy gets in the ring, holding a ‘Simon Shake’. Masters turns around, and has it thrown in his face, then Hardy beats him up in the corner. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Masters pushes him away, and rolls out, getting up the ramp, along with Dean and Kanyon.


Michael Cole: What a wild way to kick off Smackdown Tazz??

Tazz: Well, the System Success may have gotten away there Cole, but later tonight, Simon Dean has to face Matt Hardy.

Michael Cole: That was really just a taster then, right partner??

**Longhorn** JBL enters the arena to a ton of heat, exiting his limo, and walking to the ring. He is handed a mic, and he gets inside, before beginning to talk.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I wont kid myself, I don’t expect any positive reaction from you people. Because, New Mexico, is full of Eddie Guerrero’s.

Crowd Pops

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That’s not a good thing people. Being compared to Eddie Guerrero, is like being compared to flies on dog crap.

Crowd gives heat

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The clue comes in the name of this state…NEW MEXICO. Mexico, IS NOT, part of the United States. New Mexico is a poor excuse of a state, just like Eddie Guerrero, is a poor excuse of a United States Champion.

Crowd Boos

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Speaking of which. This Sunday, I am throwing MY name into the hat to become the General Manager of Smackdown, in Bret Harts absence. And when I am inducted to the General Managers office, the first thing I intend on doing is enforcing a rule, that the United States Championship will be fought for, and defended against, by AMERICANS!!! The championship is designed for Americans, and I intend on it being that way. Eddie Guerrero, you may be from El Paso, Texas, but your heritage, and your background is Mexican, and a Mexican holding the U.S Title, may as well be Saddam Hussein being made President of my great country.

Crowd gives heat, and begins an Eddie chant.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Chant his name, chant it. The more you cheer him, the more I intend on kicking so hard, he flies over the border like an eagle. And as for Chris Benoit…

A Benoit chant starts, much to JBL’s chagrin.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Chris Benoit, is a CANADIAN. A Canadian fighting for a Championship designed for American’s, but it appears, our General Manager doesn’t care. Which is absurd. Chris Benoit has lost United States Championship matches about as many times as Eddie Guerrero has hopped another one of his never ending ‘familia’ from Mexico to the U.S!!!

Crowd Boos

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What is being offered this Sunday, is a walking joke. A Mexican, and a Canadian fighting for a title named, The United States Championship. It is a personal mission to restore greatness, and stability to the United States Title, and I am just the man to do that.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Read my lips. This Sunday, I will bring justice to the stars and stripes…not the Maple Leaf, or that disgusting wreck of a national flag for Mexico. I have been sent on a mission to bring this nation back to glory. I have the hopes of an entire nation pinned on me, to dethrone a JOKE. To dethrone a sleazy, cheating scumbag, who doesn’t belong, or deserve to live in the country I love with all of my heart.
I have an entire nation on their knee’s, praying for me, JBL, to walk into the MCI Centre this Sunday, our Nations capital…MY nations capital, Washington D.C, and run through Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero like a truck. And deep down, whether you like to admit or not, every last one of you…every single one, deep down, is willing me on. Our forefathers, who built this country into the nation it has become, are rolling in their graves with the society we bring them today, with the likes of Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero walking around like they own the place.
Guerrero and Benoit are scum, and it is my duty, and my honour to clean this country of the mess we have allowed it to become, scattered with the scum of the earth.
At The Great American Bash…I guarantee you…I GUARANTEE YOU, that the monstrosity of Eddie Guerrero’s U.S Title reign will finally come to an end. And t wont be Chris Benoit that ends it…it will be the one true American in the match, John ’Bradshaw’ Layfield.

JBL’s music hits, and he stands in the ring for a few seconds, before finally exiting the ring, and walking up the ramp.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is enters Bret Hart’s office…

Josh Matthews: Mr. Hart, this Sunday marks your last appearance for eight weeks, and with that, an interim General Manager will be introduced to take your place. Have you any idea who it will be??

Bret Hart: I’m afraid I don’t Josh, to be honest. I know Paul Heyman is interested, Tazz seems to be interested in stepping in, Christopher Nowinski has put his name forward, as has JBL moments ago, and I believe Eric Bischoff would like to have the position.

Josh Matthews: But, in your opinion Bret, who do you think the Board will choose??

Bret Hart: Well, I have no idea. The board have taken risks in the past remember, so, it is really wide open. Now, if you’d excuse me Josh, I’ve got quite a lot to be getting on with tonight.

Josh Matthews: Thank you for your time Bret. I hope you make a speedy recovery too.

Bret Hart: Me too Josh.

Josh exit’s the room, and Bret shuffles some things around on his desk. He turns back around, and has Kurt Angle right in his face. Bret jumps back in shock.

Bret Hart: For Christ’s sake Kurt. I’m going for neck surgery, don’t make me need heart surgery too!!! How did you get in??

Kurt Angle: I walked in while Josh was talking with you.

Bret Hart: What did you want??

Kurt Angle: A match.

Bret Hart: You already have a match tonight. You’re in the main event Kurt.

Kurt Angle: (Stands for a moment, then pretends he forgot) Oh gosh. That’s right. Totally slipped my mind. I just wanted to…chat.

Bret Hart: About what??

Kurt Angle: Well, I was wondering what exactly will your neck surgery allow you to do??

Bret Hart: To be honest, not a lot Kurt. It’ll improve my quality of life, but that’s about all.

Kurt Angle: You’re not getting neck surgery so you can make a comeback though, are you??

Bret Hart: Kurt, all the neck surgery in the world wouldn’t be enough for me to ever be near getting back inside the ring.

Kurt Angle: No chance at all??

Bret Hart: What?? What the hell are you getting at??

Kurt Angle: I’m curious Bret. I’m very curious.

Bret Hart: About??

Kurt Angle: (Stands for a moment, thinking of what to say) You’ll see…you’ll see. Listen, I gotta run Bret. But good luck on the surgery, yeah??

Bret Hart: (Confused) Sure.

Angle leaves the room, whilst Bret watches on, trying to understand just what happened there…


We return with a “Rock Moment” - The ‘This is Your Life’ Ceremony for him by Mankind in 1999.

2nd Match:
Billy Kidman & Tajiri vs. Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble
(During the introductions, Cole and Tazz inform us that at The Great American Bash, there will be a ten man, Cruiserweight Gauntlet, with the winner becoming Number One Contender for the CW Title)
As you’d expect, excellent high flying action from the CW division, with Kidman stealing the show. All four men get into a brawl, with the end result being Chavo and Noble cheating to victory, with Chavo getting the pin on Tajiri, thanks to help from Noble, who held Tajiri’s feet down.
Winners: Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble
Chavo and Noble celebrate the win, whilst Kidman and Tajiri are angry at the referee’s decision making from the match.

Michael Cole: Oh boy, if that’s a taster for the action we can expect this Sunday at The Bash, I don’t want to wait three days!!!

Tazz: As always, the cruiserweights deliver on Smackdown, with an unbelievable match up, and going into this Sundays Ten man gauntlet, Chavo and Jamie Noble will be holding the advantage and momentum!!

Michael Cole: Folks, lets take you back now to earlier today, as I spoke, with the WWE Champion, The Rock, in a sit down interview, heading into this Sunday’s Pay Per View.

Cut to video taped earlier today…

Michael Cole: Rock, thank you for joining me, just three days prior to arguably, the biggest match you’ve had in years. You face Bill Goldberg for only the second time in your career, and after your last meeting, you will be looking to avenge the defeat you suffered to Goldberg in 2003. Rock, you have faced every major name that this industry can offer, and with all of them, you have beaten them, at least once, everyone that is, bar Goldberg.

The Rock: Let The Rock stop you right there Michael. As far as The Rock is concerned…it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how many times Goldberg has beaten The Rock…it doesn’t matter what The Rock’s record is against allhis big name opponents…there is only one thing that matters…the only thing that matters…is this (Pats Championship belt). The Rock is prepared to go through hell…The Rock is prepared to endure all the pain, all the suffering. The Rock has went through the hell…The Rock has endured the pain, and all the suffering too. Elimination Chamber Matches, Ladder matches, Iron Man matches, even Hell in a Cell. Goldberg can bring it all, because The Rock will be ready to take it, and you better believe The Rock when he says he’ll dish it out twice as much too.

Michael Cole: Well Rock, it cannot be denied that you have went through almost every match there is to offer, but you also cannot deny that since WrestleMania, Bill Goldberg has been a different animal.

The Rock: Excuse me?? Michael Cole, you fail to realise, that Goldberg may be on a streak since WrestleMania, but streaks have to come to an end. Goldberg knows all too well about that. 179-0 wasn’t it?? The Rock says this, if you threw guys like Disco Inferno, and Norman Smiley in front of The Rock every week when he was becoming the big thing in the WWE back in 1998, The Rock would also have ran up a streak of 179-0. But that’s the difference. From day one, DAY ONE, The Rock was thrown in at the deep end, set loose to face some of the biggest names in the business back in that era. The Rock wasn’t whooping Konnan’s ass every week on Nitro…instead, The Rock was kicking ass, and taking names, REAL NAMES, in the WWE.

Michael Cole: So Rock, what are you trying to say??

The Rock: What am I trying to say?? The Rock says this, Bill Goldberg, you may been on a roll, you may have cleared everything in your path, and you may be the nastiest son of a bitch in the WWE, but, remember this, The Rock isn’t just another road block…The Rock isn’t another name to add to the list, and The Rock isn’t the same man you faced two years ago, oh no. Now, you face the real People’s Champ, the real Brahma Bull. Goldberg, you face the W-W-E Champion…and finally…finally, The Rock gets revenge for two years ago…if you smell…what The Rock…is cookin…

Backstage, we see Faarooq walks down the hallway, then spots the old APA office opened again. He walks towards it, and stands at the door. Part of the ‘P’ in APA has been peeled off to make it look more like an ‘F’. Faarooq looks confused, and walks in through the door. He sniffs the air…

Ron Simmons: Oh man, something stinks in here.

Voice: It’s called perfume.

Rico then steps into the picture, with a feather duster in hand, cleaning up the office.

Ron Simmons: Oh man. What the hell do you want?? Leave me alone you freak.

Rico: Leave you alone?? (Rico throws his hand up in a campy manner, and points his finger at Faarooq) You need me Ronald.

Ron Simmons: I don’t need you for nothing man.

Rico: Oh really?? (Rico then steps toward the fridge, then opens it up, then takes out a can of beer, and passes it to Simmons) You sure about that??

Ron Simmons: Well, I guess I could do with you for something’s…

Rico continues to clean the office, when The System Success and Kanyon run into the office…

Simon Dean: Oh gosh, I’m I glad to see the APA back open for business. I need pro-

Rico: We don’t do that anymore.

Chris Masters: You don’t??

Kanyon: You don’t??

Ron Simmons: We don’t??

Rico waggles his finger

Rico: No Ronald, were moving up in the world. (Rico then points to a telephone in the corner.)

Ron Simmons: So we just take telephone bookings now??

Rico: Correct.

The phone then rings. Simmons goes to answer it, but Rico runs in front of him, and answers it before him.

Rico: Acolyte Fashion Agency?? AFA for short. How can I help??

Chris Masters: Fashion??

Kanyon: Fashion??

Simon Dean: Fashion??

Ron Simmons: Fashion??

Rico: Shhhh!!! Cant you see I’m on the phone. Ronald, be a darling and get a pen…

Simon Dean: C’mon, we’re outta here guys.

Kanyon: Hey Rico, could you fit me for some tight jeans sometime??

Masters and Dean then quickly drag Kanyon out, whilst Faarooq stands still, speechless, before slowly uttering…

Ron Simmons: Well…I’ll be damned…


3rd Match:
(During the entrances, we are reminded that in separate matches, these men will compete against each other at the GAB, with Akio facing London for the CW Title, and AMW defending the tag belts against Regal and Storm)
America’s Most Wanted & Paul London vs. William Regal, Lance Storm & Akio
Hardly a wonderful match, with no individual getting much time to shine, even the CW. London makes a hot tag to Harris, which leads to a six man brawl. Akio fights with London on the outside, whilst Lance Storm throws the Knucks to Regal purposely, and Regal is caught by the referee. This causes a distraction for the referee, giving Lance a perfect chance to pull out a second pair from his trunks, nailing Chris Harris with them, before knocking James Storm to the outside. Regal covers Wildcat, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: William Regal, Lance Storm & Akio
Regal and Storm have their hands raised, with AMW both out. Is this a sign for The Great American Bash on Sunday?? Meanwhile, Akio escapes from London, who appears to be hell bent on getting some of Akio before the PPV.

Great American Bash promo

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: We can hear the music in the background, Trust Company, and Fold, the official theme song of this Sundays Great American Bash. The line up is set, the Great American Bash is set to come your way, this Sunday, LIVE from the MCI Centre, in Washington D.C, out nations capital.

Tazz: How fitting, for the Great American Bash to be held at the MCI Centre, in out nations capital, on July 3rd, just one day short of Independence Day.

Michael Cole: Indeed it is very fitting Tazz, and for one man, he believes his time has come this Sunday, a man, who believes justice will be done for a Great American at the Bash, and he is JBL.

Tazz: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield to you Cole. JBL has been a revelation since WrestleMania Cole, but he hasn’t faced a task quite like Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero yet. And in my opinion, this Sunday, he will either rise to the occasion, and shock the world, and end one of the longest U.S Title reigns in history, or he may just not have enough yet to get the job done.

Michael Cole: How about this one, just added tonight. Ten Cruiserweights battling it out, gauntlet style, for the right to be the Number One Contender to the Cruiserweight Title. Chavo Guerrero, Nunzio, Jamie Noble, Funaki, Tajiri, Scotty too Hotty, Spike Dudley, Ultimo Dragon, Billy Kidman and Ultimo Dragon, all vying for the shot at the belt.

Tazz: It goes without saying Cole. The later number you get, the better your chances become.

Michael Cole: We will find out Bret Hart’s replacement as interim General Manager too this Sunday.

Tazz: You got a whole list of possible candidates here Cole. Hell, even I’m in the running. It will get dirty, it will get nasty, and that’s just Paul Heyman!!! Eric Bischoff would love to get his hands on Smackdown for eight weeks too, and believe you and me partner, whoever gets named interim GM will have his or her eye on a little longer than eight weeks.

Michael Cole: Speaking of Paul Heyman, his client will be in action too at The Bash, as Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho will be getting it on, one on one.

Tazz: I’m fired up for that one Cole. Big potential there for a heck of a match. No love lost between either man, but Lesnar might just have too much for Jericho, especially after Jericho’s comments directed at Lesnar in recent weeks.

Michael Cole: The face of the Cruiserweight division, Paul London gets set to face Akio, with his title belt on the line.

Tazz: No one has been more popular in recent months than Paul London, but he may get a real wake up call on Sunday from a very dangerous opponent in the shape of Akio. Look out for a new champion there Cole, I’m telling ya.

Michael Cole: Triple H and Kurt Angle will renew an old time rivalry at The Bash, when they clash for the right to face the WWE Champion, whomever it may be, at Summer Slam, but will either mans mind be on the title??

Tazz: And that is the question Cole. Kurt Angle appears to be set on a different goal, bigger than the WWE Championship, but, Triple H lives for the championship, unfortunately though for him, he’s been sidetracked by a certain Steve Austin lately, BUT, as we saw last week, Stone Cold was suspended by the General Manager, which leaves The Game as firm favourite in my eyes.

Michael Cole: Six man tables match Tazz!!

Tazz: Big issues in this one Cole, but Simon Dean, Chris Masters and Kanyon might just be outta there depth in the Dudleyz environment…and lets not forget Matt Hardy has some experience too with Tables.

Michael Cole: And then, the main event, the match The Rock has been waiting for, for over two years. It’s The Rock vs. Goldberg Part Two.

Tazz: The consequences of this match couldn’t be bigger, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Can Rock fight off another challenge, this time in the form of Bill Goldberg, or will Goldberg run through The Rock to claim the Championship??

Backstage, Chris Jericho is talking with Kurt Angle…

Kurt Angle: Okay, okay, but when Triple H gets in the ring, I want him to myself, understood??

Chris Jericho: Hey, as long as I get my shot at the Vanilla Gorilla, it’s all good Kurt.

Kurt Angle: You’ve never faced Brock one on one before though, have you Chris??

Chris Jericho: That’s correct. And your point is?? I’ve already pinned him in a six pack match and I eliminated him from the Battle Royal a few weeks back. Brock Lesnar is gonna get a beating that he will NEVER….EVER forget.

Kurt Angle: I’m just warning you Chris. Brock is a different kettle of fish one on one, take it from me.

Chris Jericho: Oh yeah?? Well so am I Kurt, so am I.

Jericho and Angle stare at each other, before nodding, and walking off in separate directions, but both are stopped almost right away, by their respective opponents this Sunday…

Brock Lesnar: I ehhh, just heard what you said Chris. You may have a victory over me, but I seem to remember beating your ass, and leaving you flat out last week after our tag match. Don’t you??

Chris Jericho: Oh, I remember, and for you Brock, that’s a bad thing, because I wont forget. Tonight, you’ll get a preview of what’s to come this Sunday, and then at The Great American Bash, I’ll give you the real deal.

Brock Lesnar: I’ll be waiting Chris.

Jericho brushes past Lesnar, as we then cut back to Angle and Triple H who are nose to nose.

Triple H: You better hope I let you make it to Washington this Sunday Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Oh yeah?? You better hope I don’t break your ankle before this nights out Hunter.

From behind, Brock Lesnar attacks Angle. He and Triple H then pound down the Olympian, and ram him into a door. They are set to unleash more of a beat down, until Chris Jericho runs back to the scene with a chair, sending Triple H and Lesnar running off. Jericho then begins to help Angle up as we cut to commercial.


Michael Cole: Back live on Smackdown folks, and what a night it has been so far.

Tazz: Oh man, Triple H and Brock Lesnar just did a number on Angle right there.

Michael Cole: Thank god for Chris Jericho I say. If it hadn’t’ have been for Y2J, Angle wouldn’t have made it to tonight’s main event, let alone The Great American Bash.

4th Match:
Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs. Test & Scott Steiner
The size advantage helps Test and Steiner to dictate the pace, but eventually, the superior mat skills of Benoit and Guerrero come into play, and they begin to control the match. Eddie Guerrero goes up top for the Frog Splash, but is then distracted by the music of JBL, which pipes into the arena. Meanwhile, in the ring, Test hit’s the big boot on Benoit, and Steiner then shakes the ropes on Guerrero, who straddles the top rope. Test pins Benoit, with his feet on the ropes, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Test and Scott Steiner
The arena looks to be stunned by the upset victory for Test and Steiner, almost as much as they do. Quickly both men leave the ring, whilst Benoit and Guerrero begin to recover. Benoit is furious with Eddie, with Eddie blaming JBL’s music for distracting him. Benoit leaves the ring, and storms up the ramp in fury.

Michael Cole: I’ll be honest Tazz, I did not expect Test and Scott Steiner to get the victory in that one.

Tazz: I’m shocked Cole. Totally shocked. This leaves things very tight for Benoit and Guerrero heading into the Bash.

Michael Cole: This leaves things looking very rosy, for JBL…

A ‘Goldberg Moment’ airs - This week, his debut WWE debut, on March 31st 2003, Spearing The Rock.

Michael Cole: Folks, when we come back, the Goldberg sit down interview will be aired, don’t miss it.


We return with the graphic ‘Earlier Today’. We see Goldberg sitting himself down on a chair, across from Michael Cole, who is flanked by two officers.

Michael Cole: Thank you for joining me today Goldberg.

Goldberg: I’m surprised you showed up pipsqueak. I mean, I’ve speared your ass before. I’ve mauled you. I guess that’s why you have these two with you today right??

Michael Cole: That is correct Goldberg.

Goldberg: Good idea Michael. I don’t like announcers. I’ve kicked your ass, I’ve kicked your colleagues ass, Josh Matthews felt the power, and Funaki got his face kicked in. You do realise though, that if I wanted right now…I could take out these two stiffs, and then I could really let off some steam on you. But, today, is your lucky day. I don’t want to mash you. I want to mash The Crock. It might actually be a good idea for him to be accompanied by two officers this Sunday you know.

Michael Cole: Well, Goldberg, speaking of your opponent this Sunday, The Rock. Rock is one of, if not, THE greatest superstar in WWE history. Eight times a WWE Champion, and a two time WCW Champion.

Goldberg: Which by my calculations, makes that nine times, that The Rock has lost a title, and ten once I get my hands on him at The Bash. Now, Michael, are you gonna ask some real questions??

Michael Cole: Well, I was about to ask, if you are daunted by that record, but it appears you aren’t.

Goldberg: Cole, NOTHING daunts me. NOTHING.

Michael Cole: Okay, well, Goldberg, since your arrival in the WWE, you have faced, and beaten almost every superstar thrown in your path. From Chris Jericho, to Triple H, Kane, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Big Show, Kurt Angle, and of course The Rock. However, do you take any notice of the fact that almost every superstar that The Rock has ever faced, he holds at least one victory at some point over them??

Goldberg: Big deal. I don’t believe in that crap. The Rock has beaten everyone he has ever faced at some point?? Means nothing to me. The Rock probably does, and if he goes into the match this Sunday with that attitude, he WILL run straight into a brick wall.

Michael Cole: So, Goldberg, how do you respond to The Rocks claims that you wont be facing the same Brahma Bull that you defeated two years ago. He says he now has his focus back, and The Great American Bash will be a totally different story than Backlash a few years ago.

Goldberg: How do I respond?? I say this quite frankly…he could well be a different man this Sunday, but don’t forget, I wont be the same guy either. That match two years ago was my first match in over two years, and I still destroyed The Rock. Think about how much better I would get in two years. Older, wiser, stronger, quicker, and all out better. The Rock may have got his fire back, but that doesn’t count for anything. I wont face the same Rock from two years ago…but The Rock wont face the same Goldberg either.

Michael Cole: Will you be going into the match with a gameplan in order to dethrone the champion, or will it be business as usual from you??

Goldberg: You don’t get it. I don’t need a gameplan to out do The Rock…The Rock will be the one with a gameplan to beat me. So to answer your question, it will be business as usual on my part.

Michael Cole: And finally, if you become the champion this Sunday, will it rank as one of your greatest accomplishments??

Goldberg: (Chuckles) You know, WHEN I beat The Rock at The Bash, it will rank as my greatest achievement. Why? Because there seems to be quite a few morons out there, who have written me off as just another challenger for The Rock to brush aside. Not only will I take The Rock’s belt this Sunday, I will take his career, and spear it’s ass straight out the door. Rock, get ready, get prepared, because in three days…YOURE NEXT!!!

As we fade out, the camera cuts to Bret harts office, where Eric Bischoff, along with his client, is preaching to Bret about how he should be the General Manager.

Eric Bischoff: Bret, you know it makes sense. Weigh it up, Paul Heyman…owner of a company that wrestled in bingo halls, in front of hobo’s. Eric Bischoff…owner of a company that damn near killed this one, in front of millions!!! Paul Heyman… brought the world the garbage style wrestling which never belonged in this business. Eric Bischoff… brought the world the greatest set of superstars imaginable, with some of the greatest matches ever seen. Pau-

Bret Hart: Would you quit already?? Damn it Eric, you can be real annoying. Incase you didn’t know, I’m not in charge of employing the next General Manager, the board of directors, headed by Linda McMahon will make the choice. And anyway, if it was up to me, why the hell would I want to hire you?? You made a fool of me in WCW, you didn’t know what was gonna happen every week, FIVE minutes before we went on air. If I was to put you in charge, we’d end up wrestling in bingo halls anyway by the time we came back.

Eric Bischoff: But Bret, C’mon. In a decision between Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman, it’s a no brainer. Even if you don’t like me, remember, it’s better to go with the devil you know, rather than the devil you don’t…

Bret Hart: Okay, but once again…ITS NOT UP TO ME!!! So do me a favour, and get the hell outta my office.

Eric Bischoff: Alright. Alright, I will. Matt, get me the number of the board. Maybe they will listen to reason.

Matt Morgan: I don’t know the number…

The fans are heard laughing in the background, as Bischoff looks up at Matt with a scowl on his face, then rubs his hands on his face, before storming out of the room, with Morgan following.

5th Match:
Matt Hardy w/The Dudley Boys vs. Simon Dean w/Chris Masters & Kanyon
Before the match begins, the referee tells all the guys on the outside to leave, making it a straight up, one on one match. Hardy picks up the win, with a Twist of Fate.
Winner: Matt Hardy
As soon as the bell rings, Masters and Kanyon run back in, putting the boots to Version One. Suddenly, Bubba and D’ Von sprint back to ringside, knocking down all three heels. Masters and Dean roll out, and escape up the ramp, but Kanyon is left behind. He tries to escape, but has no luck in doing so. The Dudleys and Matt toy with Kanyon, and set up a table whilst the System Success watch from the top of the ramp. The Dudleys hit a 3D on Kanyon, through the table, sending a strong message to the remaining members of the three man team they face this Sunday.


We return backstage, as Josh Matthews stands by with William Regal and Lance Storm…

Josh Matthews: William, Lance, in three days, at The Great American Bash, you two face the tag team champions, Americas Most Wanted, for the titles. Earlier tonight, you picked up a tainted win over the champions. Is that a sign of things to come??

William Regal: Listen sunshine, a win is a win, it doesn’t matter how you get it, understand?? And as for The Great American Bash?? Don’t make me sick. How you can justify calling an event, The Great American Bash is beyond me. I’m British if you hadn’t noticed, and Lance here is from the beautiful land of Canada. As far as we are concerned, it will be Great to Bash two American punks, and become the NEW Tag Team Champions on Smackdown.

Lance Storm: If I could be serious for a minute…calling an event The Great American Bash is extremely pretentious, and racist, racist against every other nation on this earth. But then again, you expect that with self-righteous Americans. But, we intend on wiping the smile off the faces of every American watching this Sundays Pay Per View, which William and I have smartly renamed, The Great Anglo-Canadian Bash.

William Regal: Bloody marvellous. Only us non Americans could come up with something as genius as that Lance.

Lance Storm: Indeed William.

Lance and Regal then walk off, chatting about how great the name is of their PPV is, rather than GAB, leaving Josh standing, before he could ask another question.

Backstage, we see Chris Benoit angrily approaching Eddie Guerrero…

Chris Benoit: What the hell was that Eddie??

Eddie Guerrero: I already told you hommes, JBL’s music started playing, and I thought he was coming out, I apologise.

Chris Benoit: You don’t seem too sorry Eddie. You weren’t the one who ended up getting the two on one beating. I did. Instead, you were too busy to listening to music.

Eddie Guerrero: Listen vato, I’ve already apologised. I cant do any more than that.

Chris Benoit: Well, all I’m trying to say is, I don’t know how you managed to hold onto that belt for seven months when you get scared after hearing music.

Eddie Guerrero: Excuse me??

Chris Benoit: You heard me.

Eddie Guerrero: Chris, I am the U.S Champion, whether you like it or not. And, this Sunday, we wont be teaming up, we will be in opposite corners, so when you lose, you wont be able to blame me essa.

Chris Benoit: Well thank god for that, because relying on you is like relying on rain in a desert.

Eddie shakes his head, then throws a cup of water at Benoit. Benoit then attacks Guerrero, and the two men brawl. Officials are quick to run in, and break up the brawl, with Benoit and Guerrero dying to get at each other. The camera cuts to the background, and sees JBL standing in the shadows, laughing at his two opponents self destructing.

Raw Rebound:
- Shaniqua defeats Chyna to retain the Women’s Championship, in a brutal, electrifying match, arguably the biggest in the history of the Women’s Division.
- Orton outsmarts Batista and Flair, locking them in their dressing room before his match.
- Mysterio and Van Dam screw up again in tag team action, this time against Suzuki and Dupree.
- Shawn Michaels defeats The Undertaker to become the Number One Contender to face John Cena at Summer Slam.

Michael Cole: We learned from this past Monday on Raw, that Shawn Michaels, the leader of D-X, is headed to Summer Slam, to face the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena. What a main event that will be for Raw, on August 7th, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Tazz: Big time. Most definitely the biggest challenge in John Cena’s career. If he beats Michaels, Cena will make everyone stand up and take notice that he is a champion to be reckoned with.

Michael Cole: Up next on Smackdown folks, its our main event, Lesnar, Goldberg and Triple H face Jericho, Rock and Kurt Angle. Expect fireworks, when we come back…


Main Event: Six Man Tag:
The Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg, Triple H, Brock Lesnar w/Heyman
Paul Heyman wears a t-shirt, promoting himself for Interim GM. The Rock and Goldberg itch to get at each other, and once they do, they go at it, relentlessly, fighting to the outside, and into the crowd. Angle and Triple H also fight it out, and Jericho goes at it with Lesnar. Eventually, the match settles down again, and the legal men (Rock and Goldberg) fight it out. Rock gets the best of the action, and tags in Jericho, but Lesnar blind tags Goldberg, and attacks Jericho.
Chris Jericho is worn down by the opposition for a long period, until he scores with a standing enziguri, knocking down Lesnar, before tagging in Angle.
Being the fresh man, Kurt comes in all guns blazing, knocking down each man on the opposition. Rock and Jericho also get involved to help Kurt, and the match breaks down again. Rock goes at it with Goldberg, and Jericho takes on Lesnar. Jericho has the upper hand on Brock, but is attacked from behind by Triple H, and HHH throws him to the outside. Angle gets the Anklelock on Lesnar, but Triple H comes from behind, and hits Angle. The Game then hit’s the Pedigree on Kurt, allowing Lesnar to cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Brock Lesnar, Triple H & Goldberg
Lesnar has his hand raised in the air, and shares a glance with Triple H, who then begins to pound down Angle, stomping his face. Meanwhile, Rock and Goldberg continue to brawl, now into the crowd, and soon, out of sight.

Brock goes to the outside, and picks up the defenceless Jericho, before hitting the F5 onto the ringpost.

In the ring, Triple H hits another Pedigree on Angle, before calling for a beer. He opens the can, and shouts into the camera “Here’s to you Austin”. Triple H then pours the beer on Angle, laughing, as the show goes off the air…

*** *** ***

End of Show

*** *** ***

Thoughts on the show please, and feel free to leave predictions for The Great American Bash, which WILL be up on Sunday…

Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 3rd July
Location: MCI Centre; Washington D.C:
Event Music: Trust Company; Fold

WWE Championship Match:
The Rock vs. Goldberg

WWE United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
Eddie Guerrero vs. J.B.L vs. Chris Benoit

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. William Regal & Lance Storm

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Paul London vs. Akio w/Sakoda

#1 Contenders Match; Winner faces WWE Champion at SummerSlam:
Triple H vs. Kurt Angle

Grudge Match:
Brock Lesnarw/ Paul Heyman vs. Chris Jericho

6 Man Elimination Tag Team Table Match:
Dudley Boyz & Matt Hardy vs. Simon Dean, Chris Masters & Kanyon

10 Man Cruiserweight Gauntlet Match:
(To determine the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship)
Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Shannon Moore vs. Spike Dudley vs. Tajiri vs. Ultimo Dragon

Announcement of Interim General Manager…who will it be??
Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, Christopher Nowinski, Tazz and JBL among others all in the running…who will it be??

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Re: Being the booker

Nice opening Women's Title match, really putting Shaniqua over as the dominant female. You really have got me puzzled as to who is going to dethrone her. Probably at Summerslam
DX arriving in a serious mood was good and shows that Michaels was focused for the match
RVD and Mysterio will explode at Summerslam and that is great. A great event for an even greater match!
Cena putting Christian over was a nice little touch of sportsmanship
Glad to see Orton getting the upperhand over Evolution this week and I'm sure Summerslam will give us Orton and Flair or Orton with a partner against Batista/Flair
Next week's six pack challenge will be interesting. I'm predicting for Edge to win since he has nothing for Summerslam, but then again neither does Christian
Carlito - Sting at Summerslam is a sure match, unless Sting returns after Summerslam
The Main Event was great! Michaels winning after a hard fought battle really makes the Summerslam match to be more unpredictable between Michaels and Cena. Cena needs this win to get over but Michaels deserves it after that No.1 Contendor's Match

Bubba/DVon/Matt and Simon/Chris/Kanyon feud is a nice decent feud and their tables match will be one to watch
JBL's promo was GOLD! Putting down both Guerrero and Benoit was excellent; makes me wonder whether JBL is gonna win this one (but predictions are later)
Kurt and Bret's chat was very good...Kurt asking for a match (indirectly)..excellent stuff man..can't wait for the actual match!
The CW match was a good way to build up the CW matches at the Bash which will be really nice especially Akio and London
Rico is GREAT man! Love his character....Fashion Agency .. You're great WB! I just get a feeling one of them is gonna turn heel somewhere down the line
The Interviews with Rock and Goldberg were well written and I'm pumped up for the match
The Main Event really set the tone for the PPV..Jericho/Lesnar with Lesnar getting the upperhand in the end...Angle/HHH with HHH getting the upperhand in the end and also sending Austin a message was a good way to have both his feuds running...Rock and Goldberg fighting into the crowd shows how determined they are to tear each other apart!

I have to say this man..Great American Bash is EXCELLENT!!! An AMAZING card! WWE should take lessons from you man.
My predictions for the PPV
AMW v Unamericans - Really can't say who will win but I'll go with AMW
10 Man Cruiserweight - Could be anyone...But I'll go with Kidman although I do feel Chavo or Ultimo might win it
Akio/London - London is gonna win this one, this will really solidify his reign
Dudleyz/Matt and Simon/Chris/Kanyon - Tables match, Dudleyz are gonna win this one
US Championship - Tough decision, Benoit/Eddie are definitely going to feud till Summerslam, but is it gonna be for US, I don't think so..JBL gets the win in this one
Jericho/Lesnar - I wonder if Jericho's leg injury is gonna play a part in this one..but Jericho needs a huge win and this is gonna be it
HHH/Angle - HHH is too preoccupied with Austin right now so Angle will pull this one off and go to Summerslam
Rock/Goldberg - Might seem to be a tough decision, but Rock can't lose two out of two, so we're gonna have a successful defense of the Championship in one of the greatest matches of the night
And Finally, Who is going to be the new Interim GM..since its just for 8 weeks, I guess it's gonna be someone who is already on could be Bischoff or Heyman...But why do I get the feeling it's gonna be Austin!

I'll be busy with my A-Level tests next week, so I won't be able to cath GAB on Sunday but I'll definitely be back the week after for GAB and probably the fallout on Smackdown as well as RAW for the buildup to Summerslam!!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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Re: Being the booker

RAW sn Smackdown were both great. Grade for RAW--- 8/10. Pretty good.

Smackdown was great. I like the feud between matt hardy and dudleyz/dean, masters, kanyon. I smell a great rivalry there. The best match was the main event. Happy that Triple H/Brock Lesnar and Goldberg won. Grade for Smackdown--- 9/10
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