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Re: Being the booker

Sorry man, I dont have much time but next week Ill give a full review, Ill just tell you I too think I know where your going with Kurt Angle and great job with Rico and Farooq, I see a funny tag team in the future. Also, you ave Goldberg down to a tee, jagain sorry but I just came back to btb and dont have much time.
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Re: Being the booker

Hey Wolf, sorry I haven't posted my review for this week but I have been caught up in finals. My last set of exams are tom. so I will probably post my review Thursday morning.

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Re: Being the booker

WWE Smackdown

A fantastic way to start Smackdown off with Goldberg and the Rock.

Not to sure about having Ron Simmons losing again, but fortunately he is not one of your top superstars. What the hell was Rico doing getting involved? Will be good to see where you take it. Nice to see Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit chase off John Bradshaw Layfield as it is a simple way to build up to the match at the Great American Bash.

Very odd to have Kurt Angle say that his priority is not the WWE Title and hopefully he has a good priority (not like currently in the WWE).

A good way to build up the feud between Paul Heyman and Bret Hart. I can't wait until you next have a war of words between the two of them, it should be fantastic.

A good win for Tajiri over Chris Kanyon and hopefully they can end up in a good feud.

The announcing of Brock Lesnar versus Chris Jericho was great. It should be a good match, and a way to have both involved in the Great American Bash.

Another fantastic war of words, this time between Steve Austin and Triple H. Hopefully you will have a Triple H/Steve Austin match, but for realism having Austin as an active wrestler would be bad.

A great segment backstage with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Ron Simmons and Rico. Hopefully the Rico/Ron Simmons will be as good as I'm hoping it to be.

A good victory for Akio and Sakoda, and a match at the Great American Bash would be great between these four.

A great interview with John Bradshaw Layfield and Maria Kanellis. Very in character and hopefully he will win at the Great American Bash.

Another simple yet effective way of building up a feud with Steve Austin and Triple H.

Not really anything surprising with Chris Jericho getting the victory over Lance Storm, but it's good to see Lance Storm around.

Good to see Chris Masters and Simon Dean working together, and more so because they are now going to feud with the Dudleyz. Should be a good feud.

A good way to end Smackdown with a tag team match involving the main four people at the Great American Bash. Good to see that Goldberg and Triple H got the last laugh, which would lead I presume to the Rock retaining at the Great American Bash.

This was an average Smackdown for you, but is the standard I believe people should be going for. I should now be keeping up with this thread, and it's a shame you can not write Raw in full.


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Re: Being the booker

Im sorry to bring this thread up but does anyone know what happened to Wolfbeast this week? ME, Redcold?
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Re: Being the booker

As most of you will know, I am in possession of an extremely erratic PC, which explains my absence from the forums over the last week, but Smackdown will be up this evening, once I catch up on everything I have missed.

Sorry about the delay, but if anyone is interested in buying me a new computer, please contact me :P
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Re: Being the booker

Alright man, but get it up soon. 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being the booker

June 20th, St. Louis:
Opening Video

J.R and King welcome everybody to the show, and hype up tonight’s main event, for the World Heavyweight Championship, between John Cena and Christian.

Randy Orton’s music hits, and the Legend Killer gets a standing ovation from his hometown fans. He gets to the ring, and is forced to wait for nearly an entire minute before the fans quieten down. Orton then says it’s always great to come home, but tonight he has some personal issues on his mind, which have tarnished what should be a great night. He briefly talks about the screw job at Bad Blood, then moves on, saying tonight he can get a measure of revenge, by defeating Flair and Batista in a six man tag, as he teams with Haas and Benjamin.
Evolutions music hits, and the two remaining members of the group enter the arena to a ton of heat. They get some cheap heat, by bad mouthing St. Louis, and Orton, before announcing their partner for tonight…the returning, Mark Henry!!
Then, from the crowd, Mark Henry attacks Orton from behind, and puts him down with a Belly to Belly slam. Henry then calls down Evolution, who cockily stride to the ring, and he goes for a big Splash, but Orton moves out of the way, and Henry hit’s the mat. Orton dropkicks Batista off the apron, and clotheslines Flair out of the ring, before fighting off Henry, who rolls out of the ring, and up the ramp with Evolution.

A DX skit then plays, with the quartet on the beach. Cade and Jindrak push a couple of kids off a pool table, while Michaels spots an attractive blonde woman, and starts to chat her up, but her boyfriend steps in, and tells HBK to take a hike. Michaels then walks off, and tells Luther about the incident. Reigns then calmly walks to the couple, and grabs the boyfriend by the scruff of the neck, and drags him away, whilst HBK once again makes a play for the woman. Then, at the end of the skit, Cade and Jindrak are seen bullying a few kids for their ice cream, whilst HBK walks off with the blonde woman, and in the background, Luther is burying the mans head in the sand.

The new Tag Team Champions, Cade and Jindrak make their first title defence, against the team of Rob Van Dam & the I.C Champion, Rey Mysterio. After constant interference, Reigns and Michaels are ordered to the back by the referee, leaving it two on two. RVD hits rolling thunder on Cade, while Rey sets Jindrak up for the 619. RVD then jumps up top, but as he is set to fly, Mysterio hit’s the 619 on Jindrak, and accidently shakes the ropes, and Van Dam loses his balance, getting caught on the top rope.
Mysterio is distracted by this, and looks to help his partner, but turns his back on the opponents, and Jindrak manages to roll up Mysterio, with a handful of tights, 1...2...3!!! Cade and Jindrak retain the titles. RVD recovers, and begins to argue with Mysterio, blaming him for the loss. Rey tries to apologise, but Van Dam storms off, fuming with the loss.

J.R and King provide us with an update on Sting, and eventually tell us it could be three months before Sting will be able to return to action.

Carlito reacts to the news with glee, after it was down to him that Sting was injured last week.

Backstage, Mysterio tries his best to apologise to RVD after causing the loss earlier. Van Dam eventually reluctantly accepts the apology, realising it was just a mistake.

Eugene takes on Raven, and manages to get the victory, with a roll up.

Backstage, Evolution talk with Henry, telling him he cant screw up like that again tonight. The three discuss needing to have a flawless performance tonight.

Interview with Booker T & Goldust. Booker talks about his match up next against Suzuki in a rematch from Bad Blood, and promises he wont be losing to him again.

Booker keeps to his word, and rectifies his loss to Kenzo from Bad Blood, winning with the Scissors Kick for the three. Dupree’s interference is blocked by the presence of Goldust throughout, helping to the victory.

Backstage, the Champion, John Cena, is making his preparation for the main event, when he is approached by DX. Cena stands his ground, looking all four men in the eye, not backing up an inch. He goes face to face with Shawn, who starts to grin. HBK then nods to his buddies, and the four men push past, but Cena stands his ground, and forces DX to walk around him.

Mick Foley then calls Carlito to his office, and they talk about what he did to Sting last week. Carlito laughs, and says it was cool, but Foley disagrees, and asks Carlito is being fined $10,000 dollars is cool?? Carlito says he wouldn’t advise it, and begins to chew his apple, but Foley stands up, and tells Carlito if the apple in his mouth doesn’t go down his throat, the rest of the apple in his hand will being going straight up his ass. Carlito thinks about it, smiles, and swallows the apple. The GM orders Carlito out, as Carlito begins to realise he’s been given a very hefty fine.

In the six man tag, featuring The Worlds Greatest Tag Team & Randy Orton against Batista, Ric Flair and Mark Henry, Evolution try to keep their distance from Orton, which frustrates the Legend Killer, who is desperate to get his hands on them. Eventually, after Benjamin is beaten down for a long period, he makes the tag to Randy, who fires up, and takes out all three opponents. He sets up Flair for the RKO, but Batista blind sides him. He goes for the Powerbomb, but TWGTT hit a double chop block, taking him down. Flair pulls Dave out of the ring, and they hightail it, whilst Orton nails the RKO on Henry for the victory.
After the match, Orton points towards Flair telling him he wants him, with Batista and Flair looking to each other, neither looking confident.

Todd Grisham interviews Christian, less than 30 minutes away from his one on one title shot. He asks him how he’s feeling heading into the match…

Christian: In thirty minutes, John Cena will think he’s blind Todd, because HE CAAAAANT SEE ME!!! You know, I’ve been in this company for seven years, and thanks to all my peeps, the board has listened to their request, and finally, Captain Charisma gets his one on one, WORLD Championship shot.
Now, I’ve been fortunate to be ¾ of the greatest tag team this business has ever seen, I’ve been fortunate to be the shining star in the series of TLC matches, and now, after years of searching, there is finally another name to add to the list of living legends to hold the World Title, from Bruno Sammartino, to Pedro Morales, to that guy in the eighties who wore the red and yellow, errr…(Looks to Tomko) What’s his name?? (Tomko shrugs his shoulders)
Well, that doesn’t matter. Because in just a few moments, I end Marky Marks dismal reign, and begin the era of the Christian Coalition!!! And in advance, I would like to thank (Gets a list of names out) my Mother, my Father, my Aunt Betty, Chirpy - that’s my budgie by the way. (Blows a kiss) all my peeps, Miss Reincastle who was my knitting class teacher, and most of all, ME.
But one thing has ruined this great night. There is one thing that will make this a less than perfect night, and that, is the fact, that in years to come, when my grandchildren ask me where I won my first World Championship, I’ll either have to lie, or scar them for life, and tell them it was St. Louis. (Crowd Boo’s)
I know, that totally sucks, and I’m glad you are with me on that. St. Louis stinks, and by that reaction, WWE might think about that, and decide never to come back to this sewer!!! (Crowd Boo’s)
Peeps, tonight is the night you’ve all waited for, tonight, is the night you all knew was ready to happen, tonight, Captain Charisma wins the World Title, because THAT’S HOW I ROLL!!!! (Christian then wipes his shoulder, just like Cena would)

Christian then walks off, making preparations for the main event.

An Undertaker vignette airs, and he talks about ending the Michaels rivalry next week, before moving onto the World Title. Lightning strikes, and flashing images are shown of HBK bleeding, and staggering, as Taker laughs, and eventually ends, telling HBK to Rest in Peace…

Shaniqua and Chyna showdown backstage, and we find out that both have just been informed that next week, in the biggest women’s match of all time, Chyna will challenge Shaniqua for the title.

In the main event, John Cena and Christian do battle. They both give 100%, and absolutely beat the hell out of each other. The match sways back and forth between them, with both men scoring very close near falls.
Tyson Tomko is then barred from ringside after helping Christian get control in the match. After the commercial, we come back, and see Christian with Cena in a bad way, working on the leg. He takes the pad off the top turnbuckle, and catapults Cena into the exposed corner, busting the Champion open.
Christian just cant keep Cena down, despite all his efforts. He hits almost every move in his arsenal, then goes for the Unprettier, but Cena manages to block it, and forces a comeback.
Cena then hit’s the FU, but CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT AT TWO!!! Nor Cena or the fans can believe it, and now they sense a title change could be coming. Cena turns up the heat, and really starts to get desperate. Christian manages to get back in control, with a well timed low blow, out of the referee’s sight. He then hit’s the Unprettier, but Cena gets his foot on the ropes, saving the title.
Christian continues the punishment, but as he starts to get cocky, he does Cena’s “You cant see me”, then goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks, and gets Christian up, and NIALS THE FU FOR A SECOND TIME!!! 1...2...3!!!!! Cena wins!!!
John Cena is still the World Champion, despite Christians best efforts, the champion is bloody, battered, but still has the title, whilst Christian staggers up the ramp, ready to cry.


down; June 23rd; Kansas City:

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Smackdown comes to Kansas, with only ten days and counting, until The Great American Bash!!! Hello everyone, I’m Michael Cole, joined as always by my broadcast colleague, Tazz.

Tazz: It’s only ten days now Cole. Ten days until Smackdown finally gets back on Pay Per View!!! I cant wait.

Michael Cole: And tonight could well and truly shape The Bash, with two HUGE number one contenders matches, as Billy Kidman faces Akio, with the winner going to the Great American Bash for a meeting with the unconquerable Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London, and three teams, The Dudley Boys, Basham Brothers, and the Un-American’s face off, for the right to challenge AMW for the tag belts in ten days.

Tazz: Oh man, I am pumped for that.

Michael Cole: And, tonight’s main event?? Six man tag action, with Chris Jericho teaming up with America’s Most Wanted to face his Great American Bash opponent, Brock Lesnar, along with Test and Scott Steiner.

Tazz: HUGE main event tonight. After last weeks shenanigans with Paul Heyman and Lesnar deciding to leave, Bret made sure they couldn’t tonight, and singed that match.

Michael Cole: All this to come tonight, and so much more!!!

** Stay in the Shadow by Finger Eleven** Paul London makes his way to the ring, to a nice pop, wearing his street clothes, and carrying the Cruiserweight Title

Michael Cole: We’re kicking things off tonight with the #1 Contenders match for a shot at Paul London in ten days, and it looks like our Cruiserweight Champion is coming to join us…

Tazz: This should be an explosive match.

(Clips are shown of Akio pinning the CW Champion last week in the tag match, thanks to help from Sakoda.)

1st Match: #1 Contenders Match for Cruiserweight Championship shot:
Billy Kidman vs. Akio w/Sakdoa
Both men fight it out in an well balanced match. Akio works on the back of Kidman, with a number of stiff kicks, but Kidman shows his tenacity, and continues to fight through the pain. Akio then goes for a Yakuza kick, but Billy ducks, then connects with a BK Bomb. He fights through the pain barrier, and goes up top for a Shooting Star, but Sakoda provides a distraction for him. Paul London then leaves commentary, and attacks Sakoda, attempting to help Kidman, but Akio has already caught him, and he hit’s a top rope Fame Asser on Kidman to a HUGE Holy Shit chant. He makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Akio
After the match, Sakoda runs from London, and he meets Akio up the ramp. London gets in the ring to check on Kidman, whilst glaring up the ramp at his opponent for the Great American Bash in ten days.


Michael Cole: Back on Smackdown, and what a contest just a few moments ago.

Tazz: I cant believe Kidman is walking outta here. What an incredible finishing move from Akio.

Michael Cole: And we are set now for a Cruiserweight Title match in ten days at the Bash, between the current Champion, Paul London, and his challenger, Akio.

Tazz: And lets not forget, Paul London’s only loss in nearly six months, was last week to that very man. And I’ll tell ya this now, if Akio connects with that finishing manuovre again, London’s reign as champion is over. No one, not even The Rock or Goldberg could kick outta that one.

**Longhorn** John Bradshaw Layfield enters the arena, in his limosuine, to a barrage of heat from the Kansas fans. He steps out of his limo, without a smile, but a scowl, clearly unhappy. JBL walks to the ring, and grabs a microphone from the timekeepers table, then enters the ring.

John ‘Bradshaw‘ Layfield: I havent time to play games with you people tonight, because quite frankly, I’m pissed off.

Crowd cheers, as JBL stares at the crowd, furious.

John ‘Bradshaw‘ Layfield: Have you people any common decency?? Any respect, for a true, Great American Hero?? Obviously not.
Last week, I was insulted, I was assaulted, I was embarrassed, by some frilly pink wearing freak. A middle aged man, who dresses himself with glitter. Not only that, but this freak, found himself with friends?? A moron like Rico, should be ridiculed, hung, and quartered. Instead, you people cheer him, and make him think he is some kind of hero?? You make this idiot think he is a normal part of society?? Perhaps, here in Kansas, it is okay for men to run around, in little belly tops, but in the real world, like in New York City, guys like Rico find themselves outside society, find themselves less than normal to the rest of us.
It is people, like Rico, who make this country a shambles, and an embarrassment to the rest of the planet. But, it is people like me, who get the abuse for speaking my mind…for speaking the truth. That is not my idea of a perfect America. That is not my idea of a perfect world. Rico, if you are done applying your make up, and curling your hair, and if you’ve picked a correct pair of stilletoes to wear, I advise you to get your ass to this ring, so I can rid the WWE of poison, and madness that you bring.

**Youuuuu look so oooo good to meeeee** Rico enters the arena to a decent pop, looking as flamboyant as ever.

Rico: Oh, J.B.L, you look so rugged when you’re angry…

Crowd laughs

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: How dare you, you dare you, you sad, twisted, individual. You make a mockery of everything I stand for, you make a mockery of what the foundations of the United States is. Rico, quit your talking son, and get your ass to this ring, so I can rid the filth from our television screens.

Rico: If you want my ass JBL, you don’t need to ask twice.

JBL looks even more angry, with Rico comments, and rolls up his shirt sleeves, but stops, when Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Ron Simmon’s make their way to the ramp, backing up Rico. JBL then picks his mic back up, and begins to talk.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You obviously didn’t understand my challenge Rico. I meant a match, later on tonight. Not now.

Eddie, Benoit and Simmons all realise it’s bullshit, and JBL is scared, and look down the ramp at JBL, all smiling at his pathetic excuses. The four men then leave, as JBL stands in the ring, alone, and very, very angry.


We return with a “Goldberg Moment” - 1998 - Goldberg defeats Hollywood Hogan to win his first WCW Championship, keeping his streak alive. The video then ends with the caption for Rock - Goldberg II, in ten days at the Great American Bash.

We then cut back to ringside, with Cole and Tazz…

Michael Cole: Back on Smackdown in Kansas, and it appears JBL will face Rico later on this evening.

Tazz: JBL aint in the mood for games tonight Cole. Rico could find himself in a heap of trouble.

Michael Cole: Indeed he could, and with just ten days until the Great American Bash, JBL will be looking for as much momentum as possible heading into the Triple Threat Match with Guerrero and Benoit.

2nd Match:
Goldberg vs. Shannon Moore
Squash match. Goldberg dominates, with zero offence from Moore. For the finish, Goldberg hit’s the Spear, then a Jackhammer, for the convincing 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Goldberg

Goldberg has his hand raised in victory, and motions that in ten days, the WWE Championship will be around his waist.

Raw Rebound:
- Cade and Jindrak retain the World Tag Team Titles over Mysterio and Van Dam, after a mix up between the challengers.
- Randy Orton overcomes Flair, Batista and the newly returned Mark Henry to be victorious in a six man tag match.
- Build up for Michaels - Taker next week, as well as Shaniqua - Chyna.
- John Cena overcomes the challenge of Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, despite being busted open, and beaten down.

Backstage with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit…

Eddie Guerrero: Orale vato. Did you see JBL’s face hommes?? It was classic essa. He didn’t know what to say to Rico.

Chris Benoit: It’s about time someone shut up JBL. I just cant wait to grasp my hands around his face at the Bash, and make him tap out.

Eddie Guerrero: Hold it there essa. Don’t be getting too ahead of yourself hommes. You seem to be forgetting that it’s a triple threat match vato.

Chris Benoit: I’m not forgetting anything Eddie. My goal is to make JBL tap out at the Great American Bash.

Eddie Guerrero: Is that because you know I wont tap out essa??

Chris Benoit: Eddie, I could make you tap (snaps fingers) just like that, and if needs be, I will do just that to be the U.S Champion.

Eddie Guerrero: (Laughs) Well, you couldn’t do it at WrestleMania…

Chris Benoit: Oh yeah, well maybe I might just apply the crossface properly.

Eddie Guerrero: You just do that vato.

Eddie puts the United States Championship over his shoulder, and stares at Benoit, who stares right back. Guerrero walks off, whilst Benoit watches him continue on.

**HITMAN** Bret Hart makes his way to the ring, looking rather solemn, dressed immaculately as always. He gets a mic and steps into the ring.

Bret Hart: I don’t want to come out here and waste too much of your time, but I just need to make a quick announcement, which effects the entire Smackdown locker room, and it’s fans.

Crowd Quitens down, not sure what to expect.

Bret Hart: As I’m sure you are all aware, my career was cut short not so long back, just around the turn of the new millenium.

Crowd Boo’s

Bret Hart: (Slightly smiles) I know, that sucks, tell me about it. Now, last year, I went against doctor’s orders, and stepped into the ring, one last time, against Vince McMahon, round about November time.
Since then, I’ve suffered from chronic neck pains, and a whole bunch of other stuff too, and finally, I’ve had to take the decision to go and get some surgery for the problems, which in turn, means I’m gonna have to take some time off.

Crowd Boo’s

Bret Hart: Yeah, that sucks. Basically, what I’m trying to say, is I’ll be gone for roughly eight weeks, starting the night after The Great American Bash, and in that time period, somebody, I don’t know who, will be taking control of Smackdown as an interim General Manager. That choice will be down to the board of directors, and I believe that will be announced at the Great American Bash in ten days time.
So, like I said, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, and I just want everyone to enjoy the show, but believe me, I will be back, and whoever ends up in charge while I’m gone better keep things in order, or heads will roll!! (Smiles) Enjoy the rest of tonight’s show by the way, and lets hope, it’s the best show there is, the best show there was, and the best, that there ever will be!!

Bret’s music hits, and he salutes the fans, as he leaves the ring, and walks up the ramp…

Backstage, we see the reaction of the superstars, with most people being quite sad about the situation. In the background, we see Kurt Angle, at boiling point, ready to explode. He walks off down the hallway, then stops, and grabs a monitor off a table, and throws it against the wall, before tipping over a table. He starts to yell, saying “That’s ruined EVERYTHING!! Everything is ruined!!!”


3rd Match:
Kanyon vs. Matt Hardy
Good action, but is really just a filler match. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Kanyon drops to a knee preventing the move, then rolls up Hardy with a handful of tights, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Kanyon
Kanyon quickly escapes up the ramp, delighted with a victory, while Hardy seems bewildered by the loss in the ring.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: Kanyon steals victory here on Smackdown, but really, the big news here, is the Bret Hart will be on an eight week, leave of absence, as of July 4th.

Tazz: (Straightens up his jacket) Hey, do you think I’d make a good GM for Smackdown??

Michael Cole: Keep dreaming partner…

Backstage, we see Paul Heyman talking on his mobile phone, then hastily ends the conversation, when he is approached by Chris Jericho.

Paul Heyman: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Chris Jericho. Y2J. The man, who has signed his soul to Brock Lesnar at the Great American Bash.

Chris Jericho: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Paul Heyman. Paul E. The man, who has absolutely no sense for personal hygiene, and forgot to turn up for the Highlight Reel last week. Where the hell where ya?? You too busy kissing Brock’s ass, or did he forget the alphabet again??

Paul Heyman: (Laughs) You know Chris, you are playing a dangerous game. Not only are you riling up my client, and giving him more reason to beat the living hell out of you at The Bash, but you are also disrespecting the man, who may very well be the next General Manager of the Smackdown brand.

Chris Jericho: You?? The general manager of Smackdown?? Who the hell is stupid enough to make you the GM?? I know Brock isn’t on the Board of Directors, so it doesn’t leave too many, does it??

Paul Heyman: Keep digging Chris, keep digging that hole. FYI, I was just on the phone to a member of the board of directors, and wouldn’t you know, that yours truly is part of the shortlist to be the interim General Manager of this brand.

Chris Jericho: Well at least you wont be in charge of the pay checks Paul uh?

Heyman’s smile fades to a fierce look, but then, the smile returns, and Heyman nods behind Jericho. Jericho turns around, and has Brock right behind him.

Brock Lesnar: You know Chris, I o-

Chris Jericho: What the hell is that smell?? (Looks to Heyman) Have you been giving him the same breath mints you use??

Paul Heyman: I wouldn’t advise insulting my client whilst he stands beside you, not long before a match.

Chris Jericho: Well Junior, you better close your ears, because I got a whole list of insults for King Kong here.

Lesnar clenches his fist, and tries to intimidate Jericho, but Y2J stands tall, and refuses to back up an inch. Heyman then steps in, and calms Brock, then ushers him away, with Jericho still standing tall.

Brock Lesnar: I’ll see you in the ring later Chris!!

Chris Jericho: I know you will, we have a match ass clown.


Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: Folks, I’d safely say that business has picked up going into tonight’s main event, with Jericho and Lesnar dying to get their hands on each other.

Tazz: I would say that goes without saying. It’ll be a rocket buster.

Michael Cole: Yeah, with comments like that, Jericho has put a target on his chest for tonight’s match.

4th Match: #1 Contenders Match for Tag Team Titles at Great American Bash:
Basham Brothers vs. William Regal & Lance Storm vs. Dudley Boys
Decent contest, with a nice triple threat groove, mixing things up. In the end, The Dudleyz hit the 3D on Danny Basham, but then, The System Success (Dean and Masters) hit the ring, with Dean distracting the referee, and Chris Masters hitting both Bubba and D’ Von with a chair. Dean and Masters then run off, getting revenge from last week, whilst Regal and Storm pick up the scraps, pinning Bubba, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: William Regal & Lance Storm
Regal and Storm celebrate as if they really earned the victory, hugging each other, after booking themselves a title shot against AMW at the Bash.

We then cut to a “Rock Moment”, just like the Goldberg one earlier - 2000 - The Rock defeats Triple H at Backlash, overcoming the McMahon-Hellmsley era, thanks to Stone Cold, becoming WWE Champion for the fourth time.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: In ten days, it’s Rock - Goldberg II, and what a match it promises to be folks. The Rock and Goldberg will meet for only the second time, one on one.

Tazz: Both men have had distinguished careers, Cole. Goldberg, with an incredible streak, nothing of the like has been seen since, and The Rock, the most electrifying man in the business today. Ten times World Champion, and an all round class act.

Michael Cole: And not only that, but at The Bash, we find out who the winner of the Championship match faces at Summer Slam, with Kurt Angle facing Triple H. Brock Lesnar takes on Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and JBL challenge Eddie Guerrero for the United States Championship, Cruiserweight title is on the line, as is the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Tazz: And I would expect a few more matches to be added before that too. And lets not forget Cole, an interim General Manager will be named at the bash.

**Time to Play The Game** Triple H makes his way out, dressed in a shirt and tie, and walks down the ramp, strides along ringside, and is handed a mic. He steps onto the apron, and enters the ring……

Triple H: Austin, I gotta tell ya, you’re starting to piss me off.

Crowd Cheers, then start and Austin chant.

Triple H: I don’t care, chant his name. Go ahead, keep chanting, because I’m gonna keep talking.

Crowd boo’s

Triple H: Austin, you remind me of an itch. You scratch that itch, and you scratch it, until it stops itching…but then, it comes back somewhere else, and you do the same thing again, and again, and again. Once you think it’s gone, it comes back just to piss you off some more. Well Austin, let me tell ya something, you are an itch that I will get rid of, and not only will-

**Medal** Kurt Angle walks out onto the stage, looking very angry, ignoring his pyro, and walking straight to the ring. He is handed a mic, then gets into the ring.

Triple H: (Smiles) Well, if it isn’t Mr. ‘I have better things than the WWE Champio-

Kurt Angle: SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

Crowd pops huge

Kurt Angle: Hunter, I’m very pissed off right now, and I’m very tempted to hurt someone real bad. You see, things havent quite went as I expected tonight, but that’s okay, because, unfortunately for you, it appears that the WWE Championship has just become my goal again.

Angle smiles at HHH, who nods slowly.

Kurt Angle: And in ten days, I’ll give you more than an itch…I’ll give you a broken freakin’ ankle.

Angle steps up in Hunters face, with Triple H trying to hold his nerve, gulping.

Kurt Angle: Don’t worry about not getting the best from Kurt Angle, because you will not only get the best of me, but you’ll get the very worst too.

Kurt Angle drops his mic, and backs out of the ring, pointing to Triple H, telling him in ten days its on. Then, Austin comes from the crowd, and into the ring, standing behind Triple H. The Game puts his mouth to the mic, and begins to turn around, and is immediately given the Stunner by Austin!!!
Austin then stomps Triple H in the corner, walking it dry. Austin then throws HHH outside, and begins to beat him down outside too, hitting him with the ring bell, busting the game open. Austin then ends the beating, with another Stunner on the announce table!!!
The Rattlesnake leaves the ringside area, walking proudly, with a huge grin on his face, leaving Triple H completely out of sorts, busted open too.


Michael Cole: It has been total carnage here on Smackdown. Our announce table is shattered, and we are surrounded with the blood of Triple H, who was just attacked by Steve Austin.

Tazz: Oh man, The Rattlesnake did a number on The Game here tonight. Triple H was helped outta here by officials, as a bloody mess.

Backstage, Steve Austin is walking around the hallway, drinking beer, until he is stopped by Bret Hart.

Bret Hart: What are you doing Steve??

Steve Austin: What does it look like?? I’m having a beer.

Bret Hart: You know what I mean Steve.

Steve Austin: You talking about me taking the trash out??

Bret Hart: You didn’t need to do that Steve. I cant condone that.

Steve Austin: So what are you gonna do??

Bret Hart: (Matter of factly) Steve, I have no option to suspend you, at least until the new GM takes over at the Great American Bash.

Steve Austin: So, you’re saying I cant come to Smackdown next week?? I cant go to The Great American Bash?? Is that what your saying??

Bret Hart: I’m afraid it is Steve, yeah.

Steve Austin: (Rubs his chin) Well, I can see your point Bret, and I can understand I’ve put you in a tough position, to make a tough decision, and I’ll have to accept it…but I’ll give you my exact opinion on the matter Bret, and that is, your decision sucks.

Bret Hart: I don’t want to do it Steve, but you’ve forced my decision here, and I need to protect my main matches for The Great American Bash.

Steve Austin: Well, like I said, I think the decision sucks. But you can let Triple H know, the minute you are replaced as GM, I’ll be hunting him down, and that’s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!!!

Austin pushes past Bret, and storms off, down the hallway.

5th Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Rico
Rico throws in all his usual gay spots, and JBL contemplates walking out, even reaching a nine count, before getting back in. Rico continues his mind games, but JBL overcomes them, and takes control in the match, and beats down Rico for a few minutes. JBL goes for a Fall Away slam, but Rico starts to touch Bradshaw’s ass, which throws JBL off his game again. Rico now fights back, and has JBL rocking for a minute or two, but JBL finally finishes Rico off with a devastating Clothesline from Hell, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
JBL doesn’t stop there, and continues to beat down Rico, pounding him down in the corner, busting him open. Ron Simmons then runs to the ring, and fights with JBL, but JBL over powers Simmons. He grabs a chair, but then, Guerrero and Benoit both run in at the same time, and JBL, just like last week, hightails it, before coming to blows with them.
Benoit and Guerrero get to the ring, as Simmon’s helps Rico up. Rico then kisses Simmon’s on the cheek, and jumps into his arms. Ron’s look is priceless, with a look as if he just had his leg bitten by a shark. Meanwhile, Guerrero and Benoit stare the other out, with definite tension mounting between them.


Josh Matthews is backstage with The System Success…

Josh Matthews: Simon Dean, and Chris Masters, it appears there is a growing rivalry between yourselves and the Dudley Boyz. C-

Simon Dean: I told them, you cant have the Simon System for free. I need to make money from this, you know. And it’s not like they could ever get in shape. They don’t have the heart and desire to be a Masterpiece like Chris here.

Chris Masters: That’s right. The Dudley Brothers cant match up to a work of art like me, and with an inspiration like Simon by my side, we can make the Dudleys extinct. This System, is a complete success!!!

Kanyon then walks past, looking jubilant after his win…

Simon Dean: Speaking of winners!!! Kanyon!!! Buddy!!

Kanyon looks excited that someone actually wants to be friends with him.

Simon Dean: (looks to Josh) Are you still here??

Matthews then scurries off

Simon Dean: Kanyon, we saw your performance earlier, and I came to the conclusion, that you must be taking the Simon System.

Kanyon: You know, I was gonna try it once, but I prefer the taste of Mickeys Muscles. It’s cheaper too.

Chris Masters: But the Simon System is worth every cent. (Starts to pose) Look at me, it’s all because of the Simon System.

Kanyon: Wow. I oughta try it then sometime.

Simon Dean: (Pulls a pouch from his pocket) This one’s on me. You wanna hang out with us Chris??

Kanyon: Sure. Did you guys see me in action earlier?? I was awesome. Who betta, than Kanyon, and Simon Dean, and Chris Masters!!??

Simon Dean: Only the Simon System Chris, only the Simon System.

The three men walk down the hallway with Kanyon talking all about himself, and his win.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: It’s been one wild night in Kansas. And next week, it gets turned up a notch. We will be conducting sit down interviews with Goldberg and The Rock ahead of their collision at the Great American Bash!!

Tazz: That should be intense Cole. I wonder how both men are preparing for such a big match.

Michael Cole: Not only that, but we will have two six man tag matches, with AMW teaming with Paul London, to face all three of their challengers at the Bash, that being, Akio, Regal and Storm. And the second, will be a main event of main events. The Rock, Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho will be teaming up to take on all three of their opponents at the Great American Bash.

Tazz: Expect fireworks next week Cole. Expect a lot of fireworks.

Michael Cole: But next week, there will be no sign of Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was suspended tonight by the General Manager, Bret Hart.

Tazz: And Austin wont even be a part of the Great American Bash, which is a real shame.

Michael Cole: Indeed it is, but Bret had to make a judgement call. Chances were that Austin would interfere in the #1 Contenders match at the Bash. Bret had no choice really.

Main Event:
Chris Jericho & America’s Most Wanted vs. Brock Lesnar, Test & Scott Steiner
AMW and Test & Steiner play small roles in this match, with Jericho and Lesnar having the issue. Neither holds anything back, and Jericho’s height disadvantage doesn’t play a big part, as he keeps up with Lesnar, making up for the height with his speed.
The heel team beat down Chris Harris for the most part, but eventually, he makes the hot tag to Jericho, who cleans house, and gets the advantage back to his team. He scores with the Lionsault on Lesnar, but Steiner breaks the count, and all hell breaks loose. All six men brawl, but AMW become distracted by Regal and Storm (Their opponents at the GAB), which hinders the team performance. Regal and Storm lure AMW from the ring, which leaves Jericho vunerable. Y2J puts up a valiant effort, but the three on one odds are too much, and Lesnar hit’s the F5 to pick up a victory over Y2J.
Winners: Brock Lesnar, Test & Scott Steiner.
Lesnar has his hand raised, then hits another F5 on Jericho for good measure, before spitting on Y2J, totally disrespecting him. Lesnar and Heyman then lie down beside Jericho, and both talk trash at the fallen Jericho as the show goes off the air.

End of show

Please rate. Next show on Thursday. GAB hopefully on Sunday.
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Re: Being the booker

Wolf here's my reply. Hopefully I get one in return. Alright lets start with Raw.

Nice way to open the show with Orton and the returning Mark Henry. Oh yeah, funny D-X skit. I can smell a Mysterio turn a mile away. Don't screw this up man. Good interaction with Cena and D-X. Hopefully this starts a Cena/Michaels feud. Nice match with Orton. Orton winning in his hometown was a good touch. Excellent Christian promo. Classic stuff man. Great title match. Christian gave his all, but came up short. Still this rivarly isn't over yet. On a side note, I wish that you could write out a full Raw like you do Smackdown. Anyway excellent Raw. Now onto Smackdown.

Great match with Billy and Akio. I wanted Billy to win though. Good interaction with JBL and Rico. It's good to see you're using someone like Rico, though I'm not a fan of his gimmick. I see Eddie and Chris's egos may cause them the match at the Bash. Man after Hart's speech and Angle's reaction, I can't wait for these two to really get it on. Jericho at his best in his interaction with Heyman/Brock. Carnage and mayhem is all that I can say between Angle/Triple H/Austin. Excellent scene. Excellent main event. Brock nailing Jericho with the F-5 sealed the deal, but you get extra points for the spitting on Jericho at the end. All in all, excellent shows.

Overall score from the two. 184/200=A! 1!

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Re: Being the booker

Good to see Henry's return. That DX skit was hilarious. Love to see where RVD and Rey is heading. Nice victory for Booker. Good interaction between Cena and DX. Cena/HBK for Summerslam perhaps? Nice victory for Orton. Funny interview by Christian. Is the 2 women power trip breaking up already? Good main event and a good victory for Cena.

Interesting to see Akio win the #1 Contenders match. Nice to see some tension between Benoit and Eddie there. Interesting to see where Bret/Angle goes from here. Nice to see Regal and Storm having a Tag Title shot on PPV. Uh oh, Angle is pissed off. Looks like it'll be Angle/Rock and Triple H/Austin at Summerslam. Nice Main Event, I hope to see Brock/Jericho at GAB.

Check out my Be the Booker Thread!

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Re: Being the booker

Great opening, nice to see we get an Akio-Paul London match at GAB, wish it was triple threat though with Kidman

Bret Hart promo was great and Im thinking the general manager will be none other then Kurt Angle, espescially after the "You ruined it!" bit

JBL promo was awesome, Rico was funny and I was happy to see JBL get the win later in the night

Kanyone beating Matt Hardy was great and Im glad Kanyon's getting some kind of push in this thread

Angle-Triple H was awesome, espescially Austin coming out to stunner Triple H, I see this at Summerslam as well

Jericho-Lesnar-Heyman promo was awesome and so was the main event, good to see Lesnar win but I hope Jericho wins at GAB

No Rock this week? Why?

Good show and a deffinite 98/100, you shouldve had the cham there before GAB
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