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Re: Being the booker


June 13th; Pittsburgh:

Opening Video


J.R & King welcome everyone to the show, and talk about the events taking place, last night at Bad Blood, before announcing tonight’s main event, an 8 Man Tag, featuring John Cena along with RVD, Rey Mysterio and Edge, to face Christian, Tomko, Rhyno and A-Train.

In the opening contest, Rene Dupree teams up with the newest addition to the roster, Kenzo Suzuki, to take on the Natural Born Thrillers (Palumbo & O’ Haire). Suzuki and Dupree pick up the win in a short match, after Suzuki hit’s a version of the STO on Palumbo. After the match, Booker T & Goldust run in and attack Suzuki and Dupree after last nights incident, with Suzuki and Dupree running off like a pair of scolded dogs.

After a commercial break, Batista and Flair are in the ring, both smug after last nights win over Orton. The two men bad mouth Orton, and Batista says even if Flair hadn’t been in the match as referee, he would’ve beaten Orton. This brings out Randy, but instead of talking, he walks right down the ramp, and goes after both men, forcing Batista and Flair to bail out, with Orton giving chase to both.

In the locker room, Rey and RVD chat about last nights match between each other. They discuss some of the crazy moves both pulled out, then RVD suddenly starts to sound disappointed as he reminisces some points from the match where he could’ve got the win. Mysterio tries to cheer Van Dam up, but RVD feigns a smile.

One half of the new World Tag Team Champions, Garrison Cade, along with his partner, Mark Jindrak, takes on one half of the former champions, Charlie Haas accompanied by Shelton Benjamin. DX once again, just like last nights match, steal the victory, thanks to outside interference from the Insurance Policy, Luther Reigns.

We then see Flair and Batista jumping into their limo, as Orton runs after them, but just misses, as they speed off.

Christian then comes to the ring, along with Tyson Tomko, looking quite upset at last night’s result. He talks about having Cena’s number, having pinned him on numerous occasions in the last month, then Cena got lucky, one. Christian then challenges John Cena to put his money where his belt is, and put the World Title on the line against him, one on one. Mick Foley though, instead enters, and right away tells Christian he wont get a shot, but John Cena interrupts the General Manager, and tells Foley he wants to defend the belt against the CLB to shut him up once and for all. Mick then decides if Cena wants it, it’s on…NEXT WEEK!!! Cena and Christian have a staredown as we cut to the commercial.

Carlito then teams up with Raven to take on Eugene and Sting, with Carlito out for revenge on Eugene after last nights defeat. The plan doesn’t come through though, and Eugene manages to get the upper hand on Carlito again, this time, with Sting getting the pinfall on Mr. Cool.

After the match, Eugene celebrates in the ring, whilst Sting leaves him to it, but Carlito loses his cool so to speak, and attacks Eugene in the ring, along with Raven. Sting then runs back to save Eugene, but Carlito meets him with a brass knucks shot to the face. Carlito then allows Raven to continue the attack on Eugene, whilst he goes nuts on Sting. Carlito continues the attack on Sting, busting him open, then crushing his leg in between the steel steps. Sting looks to be in tremendous pain, and Eugene is out cold. Carlito ends the assault, spitting apple into the face Sting.

We are shown clips of the last segment, before coming back, and watching Sting be stretchered away, with Carlito watching on.

All four members of DX then come to the ring. Michaels shrugs off last nights loss for Luther, but swiftly moves on to the tag title victory for Cade and Jindrak, putting it over as the greatest thing to happen on Raw in years. Michaels then announces he will be cleared to wrestle in two weeks time, once he gets his cast off in five days. This then brings out the General Manager, which doesn’t go down well with DX. Foley takes advantage of HBK’s announcement, and decides to make a #1 Contenders Match for SummerSlam in two weeks time, with Shawn Michaels taking on……The UNDERTAKER!!! HBK is in shock, and tries to back out of the match, but Foley reminds him the winner faces the World Champion at Summer Slam, and Michaels changes his mind.

In an interview with Edge, he talks about once again being overlooked, despite not being pinned at Bad Blood, he still finds himself left out in the cold of the next title shot, and the #1 Contenders slot for Summer Slam. He says tonight, he’ll the world who really should be the Number One Contender.

Chyna defeats Trish Stratus, despite a brave fight from Trish.

Carlito gloats backstage about the damage he done to Sting earlier in the night, and says he would be surprised if the Stinger ever came back from it.

Backstage, Shaniqua congratulates Chyna on her win tonight, but the friendly atmosphere doesn’t last long, as Chyna hints again towards a shot at the Women’s Title.

In the main event, which sees some fantastic action, Christian gets himself intentionally DQ’ed, knocking Cena out with the World Championship Belt, then afterwards, poses with the belt, signalling, next week, it will become a reality.


down; Hershey; June 16th:

Highlights are played from last weeks Battle Royal, which was won by Goldberg, who now faces The Rock at The Great American Bash for the title.

Opening Video


Michael Cole:
We are LIVE in Hershey, for what can be guaranteed as a show which will get you on the edge of your seat, just like it does every week!!! Smackdown is on the air!!!

Tazz: Oh man, Cole. The Tazz-maniacs are out in force tonight!!! Hershey is rockin!!!!

Michael Cole: And folks, what a main event we have in store, The WWE Champion, The Rock, teams up with Kurt Angle, to take on the Number One Contender, Goldberg, and Triple H!!!

Tazz: And just before we came on the air, we we’re told that on July 3rd at the Bash, Kurt Angle, will face Triple H, and the winner, faces the winner of Goldberg vs. The Rock, at Summer Slam for the WWE Championship!!!

Michael Cole: Think of the possibilities of matches to come out of those two…The Rock could face Triple H, Goldberg could face Kurt Angle, The Rock could face Kurt Angle, or Triple H could challenge Goldberg!!!

Tazz: And with that announcement, you better throw the script out the window!!!

Michael Cole: Also tonight, one of the most controversial men in the business, Paul Heyman, is back after a 28 day suspension, and tonight, he will be the guest on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel!!!

Tazz: That could get real interesting, Cole, given the recent history between Chris Jericho, and Heyman’s client, Brock Lesnar!!!

Michael Cole: Not only that though Tazz, because there has been a lot of speculation today, that tonight, we would see the unveiling of a Masterpiece?? I don’t know what it is, or who is orchestrating this, but we believe tonight, a masterpiece will be unveiled.

Tazz: I’m curious to see what the hell that’s about, because I didn’t realise that any of the Smackdown superstars were artists…

**Goldberg’s march** The Number One Contender, Goldberg, makes his way onto the stage, wearing his street clothes, gaining a decent amount of heat. He walks down the ramp, smiling broadly. He takes a mic from Chimel, then enters the ring, and waits for a few moments for the crowd to die down, before talking;

Unless you don’t possess a television, you should all know by now, that last week, I outlasted nineteen other guys, eliminating one after another, and won the Twenty Man Battle Royal, which just in case you didn’t know, makes me Number One Contender for the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash.

Some Heat

And before I go any further, let me tell you all this as a FACT…I’m beating The Rock, and I’m the NEXT Champion.

Slight boo’s

No, no, no. That’s not how you treat the likes of me, that’s not how you treat, the Next, WWE Champ. Rock, your championship reign has been pretty impressive. Lets look at the list here…you beat Kanyon in your first defence. The less said about that, the better. Elimination Chamber, I’ll give you credit, that was a heck of a performance kid. Nice job. Chris Jericho?? Okay, but who hasn’t beat him??

Crowd gives heat.

Goldberg: The thing that stands out for me though, is that in that list…Kanyon, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho…something I noticed, is that, you’ve faced the big names, but, you haven’t beat the biggest name, me.

More Heat.

Goldberg: Rock, I wouldn’t say that your title reign is on borrowed time, no, I’d say it was on life support. Face it, last time we faced off, I simply, CRUSHED you, I DISMANTLED you, and I made you disappear.

Crowd starts a ‘Rocky’ chant.

Goldberg: Uh uh. It’s true. April 2003. My debut match in the WWE, against The Rock. Goldberg wins, and The Rock vanishes for the rest of the year, living in FEAR of me. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for a second instalment of that on July 3rd. I promise that The Rock is losing his WWE Championship, and I’m predicting that after the Great American Bash, one way or another, The Rock will disappear once again.

**IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLL……WHAT THE ROCK……IS COOKIN’** The Rock enters, to a marvellous ovation, and strides right down to ringside, not taking his eyes of Goldberg. He is handed a mic, and gets into the ring. Rock waits for a few moments, staring straight at Goldberg, who stares at Rock. A ‘Rocky’ chant starts, before Rock speaks…


Crowd Pops, while Goldberg leans back against the ropes, smiling to himself.

The Rock:
And finally, in seventeen days The Rock gets a match he has longed for. A match he has craved, for two long years. Finally, The Rock gets his rematch with Goldberg.

A dream match, a match which was talked about as a fantasy match for years, a match, which eventually became reality. And it will happen again in just seventeen days time. Goldberg, first time around, The Rock, plain and simple had lost his passion at that time. But, right now, right here, and now, as you can see, The Rock has the fire, The Rock has the passion, The Rock…has the WWE Championship!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock:
Bill Goldberg, do you actually think that on The Rock’s best day, and on your best day, that YOU are better than The Rock??

Do you actually think, that this is just gonna be a repeat of Backlash two years ago?? Do you actually think you’re facing the same Bramha Bull?? The same guy People’s Champ, who was too busy running off to Hollywood to shoot more movies?? That guy?? Do you actually think that’s the challenge I will present you with??

Goldberg: You’re d-

The Rock: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!! You see this is the plain and simple facts. Goldberg, I am the WWE Champion, I am WWE Champion, for a reason. The Rock doesn’t shirk ANY challenge, The Rock doesn’t hide behind anybody else, The Rock refuses to lie down for ANYBODY, much less a jabroni like you.

Crowd Pops

The Rock:
And Goldberg, as for this magic trick you obviously like doing, where The Rock disappears…how about you try a new one instead, say, you try pulling a rabbit outta your ass…or you take a huge pile of steaming crap, and cough it up out of your mouth. No, hold on, you’re already talking crap aren’t ya Bill??

Crowd laughs, as Goldberg gets frustrated.

Wait just a second now R-

The Rock: No, YOU wait a second Goldberg. You come out here, and you try and intimidate The Rock?? You say when you beat me before, I ran off in fear. You bad mouth The People’s Champ, well The Rock says this…different year, different situation, different Rock…different result.

Goldberg: You’ve got it all wrong there. It’s a different year?? Yes. Different situation?? I guess. Different Rock?? I don’t think so. You’re still not in my league, and Rock, you never will be.

The Rock: The Rock isn’t in your league?? The Rock, isn’t in Bill Goldberg’s league?? The Rock isn’t in your league for one simple reason…The Rock, is in a league of his own, and on July 3rd, you will see the best, THE BEST, of the W…W…E Champion………IFFFFFFFFF YAAAAAAAAA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……WHAT THE ROCK…………ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS COOOOOOKKKKKIN’!!!

The Rock’s music plays in the background, as the champion and his challenger engage in an intense staredown, as we fade to commercial.


We return with highlight’s of the Rock - Goldberg confrontation moments ago.

1st Match:

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Faarooq

Ron Simmon’s makes his return to Smackdown after a four week hiatus, following his defeat at Judgement Day, to JBL, where Layfield injured Simmons shoulder.

The two men go at it, in a knock down drag out brawl, with Faarooq looking to avenge his defeat to his former best friend, as well as the after match beat down. He gives it an excellent attempt, but in the end, JBL’s momentum carries him through, and hit’s the Clothesline from Hell to pick up a victory.

Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

After the match, JBL decides he hasn’t had enough of Faarooq just yet, and yells at Ron that he should never have came back. JBL begins to attack the shoulder joint once again, ramming it into the ringpost, and smashing it with a chair. He is about to continue the punishment, until RICO runs to ringside, and takes JBL, and everyone else for that matter by surprise, and comes to help Simmons.

Rico nails JBL with a spinning heel kick, and then rolls him into the ring, pounding on JBL in the corner, before whipping him off the ropes, but JBL ducks a kick, and comes back, nailing Rico with a Clothesline from Hell.

JBL recovers for a second, before beating up Rico, stomping him like an animal, then knocks Simmons off the apron, before continuing the beat down on Rico. Then, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero - JBL’s opponents in the Triple Threat Match at GAB - run in, and make the save for Rico and Faarooq, with JBL running off before Benoit and Guerrero could get their hands on him.

Bradshaw walks up the ramp, showing his toothy grin, whilst Benoit and Guerrero help Rico and Faarooq to their feet.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is with Kurt Angle

Josh Matthews: Kurt, we found out during the week, that at the Great American Bash, you will face Triple H, with the winner moving on to Summer Slam, and a meeting with either The Rock or Goldberg, for the WWE Championship. Can I get your thoughts??

Kurt Angle: Josh, I am a former five time WWE Champion, as well as a former WCW Champion. Triple H is in total, a nine time World Champion. For both of us, winning Championship’s is something we are used to. But right now, at this stage in my career, the WWE Championship, isn’t my main focus.

Josh Matthews: Sorry. Did you just say the WWE Championship, isn’t your focus??

Kurt Angle: Yes Josh…yes, I did say that.

Josh Matthews: Well Kurt, I don’t mean to be rude, or intrusive, but why is that?? What could your priority be??

Kurt Angle: To be honest Josh, right now, isn’t the time, or the place to answer that question. But, I will tell you this, when the time is right, and when I let the entire world, when I tell the Smackdown locker room, when I tell the Smackdown General Manager, no one will believe it. Quite frankly, when I reveal my priority…… it will blow your mind.

Angle then smiles, with his eyes appearing to be distant, almost in a trance.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole:
That, was spooky.

Tazz: Cole, I’ve known Kurt Angle for a lot of years, but that, THAT, was not the Kurt Angle I know.

Michael Cole: But what was he talking about?? For any pro wrestler, any WWE superstar, your main goal, has to be, winning the biggest prize in the sport, winning, the WWE Championship.

Tazz: Which makes the situation that much more bizarre. For something to mean more to Kurt Angle than the WWE Championship, it has to be HUGE. Absolutely huge Cole.

Michael Cole: Well, lets move on Tazz, and moments before Kurt Angle’s interview, we saw the return of RICO. Rico, who hasn’t been seen on WWE Television since March 2004, with a serious neck injury, is back, and I think he shocked everybody.

Tazz: Not least me. Rico, coming to the aid of Ron Simmons, who also looked shocked by Rico’s return.

Michael Cole: Indeed he did Tazz. Hopefully, we’ll find out why Rico chose to come back in the fashion he did, in the weeks to come.

Backstage, we see the arrival of the now un-suspended Paul Heyman, with his client, Brock Lesnar. They are about to enter the arena, then Heyman grins, and stops. He shakes his head, and talks to Lesnar…

Paul Heyman:
You know Brock, I think Bret deserves some of his own medicine. He suspended me for twenty eight days, and as soon as I come back, he expects me to co-operate and appear of the Highlight Reel?? I don’t think so. I feel like a night off.

Brock Lesnar: You know, that sounds pretty good to me Paul.

Heyman laughs, and the two men walks away, jumping back into their limo, driving off into the night.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole:
Whoa!! Paul Heyman just left??

Tazz: HA HA!! Mind games, Cole. Mind games. Heyman has always been, and will always be his own person. He doesn’t care.

Michael Cole: Well that leaves tonight’s Highlight Reel in turmoil. No guest.

2nd Match:

Tajiri vs. Kanyon

We get a match, which developed from last week, where Kanyon asked Tajiri to partner up with him in the battle royal, but was turned down, then later, Kanyon cheaply eliminated Tajiri. In the match, we have a clash of styles, but it develops into a decent match, Kanyon tries to roll through grabbing the tights of Tajiri, but Tajiri counters, and grabs the tights of Kanyon, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Tajiri

Michael Cole:
Tajiri picks up the win, here on Smackdown, gaining a measure of revenge on Kanyon for last weeks Battle Royal!!!

Tazz: Great action, and a great win for the Japanese Buzzsaw!!!


Backstage, Chris Jericho bursts into Bret Hart’s office.

Chris Jericho:
Did you see that??

Bret Hart: Paul Heyman?? Yeah, I saw it. Chris, I wont be messed around like that, Paul Heyman has just come off a suspension, and already he’s gonna try me?? Let me tell you, Paul Heyman is gonna pay for messing around with his boss. I’ll hit hi where it hurts…his pocket.

Chris Jericho: I’m glad to hear that Bret, but where does that leave me?? I wanted to really stick it to him and Lesnar tonight.

Bret Hart: I know you did Chris, and I was looking forward to it, so, like I said, he wont get away with it. I know you want Brock. So, as a refund for not getting the Highlight Reel tonight, I’m signing Chris Jericho to face Brock Lesnar, at The Great American Bash.

Chris Jericho: (Smiles) I like the sound of that Bret. Thank you, but what about giving my Jericholics something to cheer about tonight??

Bret Hart: Sure. Chris Jericho can have a one on one match tonight, with hmmm…Lance Storm.

Chris Jericho: Thanks Bret.

Jericho then leaves the room, while Bret starts to make a few notes.

**Time to Play the Game** Triple H makes his way to the ring, dressed in his ring gear, for the tag main event later in the show, but with a T-Shirt on for now. He makes his way to the ring, looking extremely angry. He is handed a mic, and gets into the ring, to speak.

Triple H:
Bret Hart, you call making a Number One Contenders match fair?? Bret, you and I both know, that on July 3rd, at the Great American Bash, it should be Triple H facing The Rock for the WWE Championship. That is what it should be. But, because of Steve Austin, who wasn’t even part of last weeks twenty man battle royal, it isn’t, and instead, at The Great American Bash, I’m facing Kurt Angle, for the right to face the WWE Champion at Summer Slam.

Kurt, before I move on to Austin, I’m gonna give you a little message. I heard what you had to say earlier, and you make it seem like you don’t want to be the WWE Champion. I can see through that Angle. You see, in my opinion, your covering your tracks, so that when you lose in Washington D.C on July 3rd, you have a ready made excuse as to why you lost.

Either that, or you actually think I’m stupid enough to believe that bullshit, and think you wont be giving it your all. I hope you don’t think that I’m just gonna hold back, I hope you don’t expect me to underestimate you, because I wont.

Kurt, I will go through you, I will smash your face with a sledgehammer, and I will Pedigree your ass to hell to get to Summer Slam. Winning the WWE Championship should be your focus, winning the WWE Championship should be everything to you, because being the WWE Champion, is my life. July 3rd, Kurt, you better bring you’re A- Game, because if you don’t, I promise you, you will not set foot into a WWE ring ever again.

And as for you Austin…

An Austin chant begins, with Triple H becoming frustrated.

Triple H: WHAT??

Crowd: WHAT

Triple H: Austin, you have been a thorn in my side, ever since you came to this company. We both came along around the same time, and you have always pissed me off. Ten years, and you are still around, being a pain in the ass. Austin, wherever you are, drinking beer I’m sure, listen up, and listen good. Whe-

**Glass Shatters** Austin makes his way into the arena, driving in his pick up truck, to a huge pop. Austin drives down to the ring, then exit’s the vehicle, and makes his way into the ring, staring down Triple H, before climbing on each turnbuckle, saluting the fans. Finally, he is handed a mic.

Steve Austin: You got something to say to me??


Steve Austin: I heard you flapping your gums, and I heard you mention Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Steve Austin: You got something to say son??……………THEN SAY IT!!!

Triple H: Austin, you’re damn right I have something to say. Six years ago, you might have ran the show around here, but that, was SIX freaking years ago. Bill Clinton was still president of the United States, and Britney Spears was still attractive. But six years is a heck of a long time, and in six years, the balance of power around here has shifted. Now, I’M in charge. Now, I’M the main guy around here. Now, YOU are just a side show. Face facts, no one takes you seriously anymore. All you are good for, is getting the fans to say WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.


Triple H: Exactly. A bunch, of sheep. Six years ago, Austin, you were an ass whooping machine, kicking ass and taking names. Now, your nothing. You, are a has been, hanging onto the spotlight, hogging the limelight, but you cant cut it anymore. Because, if you could, you woulda been in that Battle Royal last week, kicking ass, desperate for a shot at the WWE Championship. The old Austin, he could’ve won the Battle Royal, the old Austin would have been in the thick of it, but you aren’t the old Austin, are ya?? You, are just an old Austin, not THE old Austin, just old, now, you’re just a pain in the ass, trying to hide the fact you cant go any longer, so instead, you come out here, unwanted, and hand out a stunner, here and there, to any one who isn’t expecting it.

That doesn’t make you tough, it makes you a pain in the ass.

The crowd then starts to chant asshole.

Steve Austin: (Points around the crowd, as if he’s counting) If you’re hard of hearing, let me inform you, that you got about 15,435 people calling you an asshole.

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: Triple H, six years ago, Stone Cold Steve Austin was indeed an ass whopping machine, multi time WWE Champion, and THE worlds toughest son-of-a-bitch.

Six years on, Stone Cold Steve Austin still is a an ass whopping machine, still a multi time WWE Champion, and STILL, THE WORLDS TOUGHEST SON OF A BITCH!!!!

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: And in six years, you’ve stepped up son, you’ve become a bit of a leader, but Hunter, if you think you’re gonna lead Stone Cold Steve Austin, you better think again, because Stone Cold takes no shit from anybody. In six years, my beard may have got a little more grey, my fuel tank for a whoop ass machine (points to his belly) my be a little bigger, and I may be a little bit older, but let me tell ya something you little bastard, if you dare say that I haven’t got what it takes anymore, I’d gladly take you outside, and stomp a mudhole in your ass, do a little dance, and walk it dry!!!

Triple H: There’s no need for this to go outside Austin, I’m standing right here.

Steve Austin: That sounds like a challenge to me.

Triple H: You’re dam right it is.

Steve Austin: Well in that case…if you want Stone Cold Steve Austin to open up a can of whoop ass on Triple H, Hershey, gimme a hell yeah!!!!


Austin then gives Triple H the bird, and throws a right hand. Austin backs HHH into the corner, and throws a succession of right’s, but Triple H drives a knee to Austin’s mid section, and tackles him down. HHH throws some wild lefts and rights, but Austin fights him off, and they brawl to the outside. Austin and Triple H go punch for punch, until Bret Hart sends security out, along with a handful of Smackdown superstars, Test, Steiner, AMW, Rikishi, Scotty, Chavo, Matt Morgan, Chris Nowinski, and Matt Hardy. Eventually, the fight is broken up, and Triple H is dragged up the ramp, whilst Austin is detained in the ring.


Raw Rebound:

- Quick clips from Bad Blood

- Announcement of Cena - Christian next week for the World Title, and Michaels - Taker in two weeks for the title shot at Summer Slam.

- Orton in pursuit of Evolution after the screw job at Bad Blood.

- Carlito injuring Sting.

- Christian attacking Cena in the main event, laying him out with the title belt, one week before the title match.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: It has been a wild week for the Raw Brand partner.

Tazz: For sure, big few weeks to come over there, but how about the Triple H - Austin brawl before the break??

Michael Cole: I think things are just getting started between Triple H and Austin. But, look at it this way, right now, we have a situation, where the two men battling it out to be Number One Contender, are obviously distracted by other situations.

Tazz: Excellent point Cole. Kurt Angle is out on another planet right now, saying his priority isn’t being WWE Champion, while Triple H seems more interested in fighting with Austin.

Michael Cole: Of course, Angle and Triple H will be in action in tonight’s main event, as The Rock and Angle face Triple H and Goldberg.

Backstage, we see Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit talking with Faarooq…

I need to thank you guys. If it wasn’t for you two saving my ass earlier, I probably would’ve been on the shelf again.

Eddie Guerrero: Don’t worry about it hommes. It was our pleasure to help, but, you really should be thanking Rico essa vato.

Chris Benoit: What the hell was he doing out there anyway??

Faarooq: Man, I have no idea.

Eddie then motions to both men to look to their left, where Rico is standing down the hallway, posing in a mirror.

Chris Benoit:

Simmons slaps Benoit on the arm, as if to say not to call him down, but Benoit laughs. Rico skips down the hallway.

Good evening Gentlemen.

Faarooq: Err…yeah. I err…wanted to say…thanks…for, errr, helping me earlier.

Rico: Oh, Ronald, think nothing of it. I saw you, and those big hunky muscles of yours in trouble, like a damsel in distress, and had to help you.

Guerrero and Benoit look at each other, both wide eyed, whilst Faarooq looks like he’s hearing things.

Oooooooooookayyyyy. Thanks again man.

Faarooq sticks out his hand to shake with Rico, but Rico grabs Simmon’s hand, and kisses it. Faarooq then pulls away quickly, disgusted.

MAN!!! What the hell is wrong with you!!!

Rico smiles, and waves to Faarooq, and Benoit, and Guerrero, before skipping down the hallway, before turning around, and blowing kisses back to Faarooq.

Benoit and Guerrero burst out laughing, whilst Faarooq looks terrified.

Well, I’ll be DAMNED!!!

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole:
(Laughing) Oh boy, Ron Simmon’s appears to have an admirer.

Tazz: Lucky, lucky guy…(Bursts out laughing)

3rd Match:

Paul London & Billy Kidman vs. Akio & Sakoda

As expected with cruiserweights, great action, with all four men being allowed to let loose, with a fantastic match. Billy Kidman gets caught on the top rope by Sakoda, and is pushed to the outside, landing on the guard rail. In the ring, Akio catches London with a heel kick, then goes up top, but as London tries to move, Sakoda grabs his legs, holding him down, and Akio landing with a top rope leg drop, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Akio and Sakoda

Paul London suffers a shock loss to Akio, through some dodgy cheating. Akio and Sakoda leave the ring right away, jubilant in victory, whilst London and Kidman recover, and come to the realisation of their defeat.

Michael Cole: I’m in shock Tazz. Paul London has been defeated for the first time since WrestleMania, and it’s the first time he has been pinned since February!!!

Tazz: Akio and Sakoda came out here tonight with a gameplan, and boy, oh boy, it delivered, and big!!!

Michael Cole: That win for Akio must certainly put him at the top of the list for a title shot at London now.

Tazz: Definitely Cole. Akio getting a win over the Cruiserweight Champion has to put him in the driving seat for a shot at the belt.

Backstage, Maria is with JBL…

JLB, ea-

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Excuse me?? It’s JBL, not JLB. And lady, call me by my full name in future, have a bit of respect.

Maria: Sorry, JBL. I mean, Mr. Layfield. Earlier tonight, after your match with Ron Simmons, you continued the attack, but then, stopped, by an unlikely superstar, that being Rico, and later, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, your two opponents at The Great American Bash.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Darling, what you have done there, is state the facts, which is all well and good, so correct me of I’m wrong, but isn’t your job to ask questions??

Maria: I’m an interviewer.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: (Confused, then looks around) Since when, was the WWE handing out jobs with every purchase of lip stick?? Get the hell out of here, and go back to school, or better still, back to nursery school. GO!!

Maria scurries off, whilst JBL looks into the camera.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Rico, and Faarooq, you all are messing with the wring person. I’m not the type that messes with scum. I have no time for any of you people. Canadian’s make me nauseous, Mexican scum like you Eddie Guerrero, I wouldn’t urinate on if they were on fire, and as for the flamboyance of Rico, you deserve to be hung and quartered for your actions. And Faarooq, you stayed around too long, and came back too soon.

Chris Benoit, you wont get away with residing in Atlanta, because as far as I’m concerned, once a Canadian, always a Canadian. Rico, you wont get away with your type of lifestyle. It’s unhealthy, it’s sickening, and it is wrong, and as for you Eddie Guerrero, you will not get away with being a justified United States Championship. The championship is called the United States Championship, and I don’t care if El Paso in in Texas, you, Eddie Guerrero, are a MEXICAN, holding a United States Championship. You cannot be forgiven for making a mockery of that title. NONE of you, will get away with making me look a mockery. I guarantee you. I GUARANTEE YOU.

JBL then stares into the camera with intensity, as we cut to a commercial.


We come back from the commercial, with Triple H finally making it back to his locker room after the brawl earlier with Austin. He closes the door, then sits down with his head in his hands. He then senses someone is in the locker room, and slowly takes his hands from his head, and see’s Austin standing across from him, smiling. Austin then jumps up, and attacks Triple H.

Austin pounds him down, then throws him into the door, before stomping him in the corner of the room. Security hears the noise, and burst in, and after some struggle, Austin is detained, and arrested!!! Austin is dragged off by police, as Triple H recovers, and starts bad mouthing Austin, while he is being dragged away.

4th Match:

Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm w/William Regal

Excellent technical wrestling match, with both men shining, and Regal being ordered to the back. Eventually, Jericho picks up a well earned victory, forcing Storm to tap out to the Walls of Jericho, after a great effort.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Michael Cole:
What a match!!! Chris Jericho pulling the win, after a great performance from Lance Storm.

Tazz: Jericho picking up a well earned win here on Smackdown, against a tough opponent, and Brock Lesnar better take note, with the Bash in 17 days.

Michael Cole: Well folks, after the break, I believe we will see the unveiling of a Masterpiece. What is this Masterpiece??

Tazz: I cant believe one of the guys in the back is an artist!!!


**Simon System** Simon Dean makes his way out, down the ramp, smiling, and grinning, carrying his Simon System bag. He gets a mic, and prepares to talk.

Simon Dean:
You know, I can sense I’ve been missed on Smackdown the last few weeks, after being Powerbombed by the Dudleyz through a table four weeks ago. But, you should all be relived, because I made my triumphant return to Smackdown last week, and got my revenge!!! Why?? Because of the Simon System!!!

Any normal man would still be in hospital recovering from the injuries I sustained, but not me. And by the way, right now, I have a special, summer offer on all Simon System products, as with any purchase, you will receive this pen!!!

Simon shows a pen, with his face on it. It is just a regular biro, with a picture of Simon cello taped on it.

Simon Dean:
This pen…come with so many features. It writes in traditional black ink, and has…it has…errrr…long lasting ink, and ……em…lots of other nifty features!!!

Crowd Boo’s Simon, who looks a little embarrassed.

Simon Dean:
Tonight though, my main thing to do, is to show you all my greatest accomplishment. The greatest turnaround from anyone who has ever used the Simon System. Ladies and Gentlemen, the man I am about to introduce is twenty two years old, and at age nineteen looked like this…

A picture comes up on the titan tron of a massively obese 19 year old, easily 150pounds over weight.

Simon Dean:
No one would want to go near this beast, right?? (Points to a lady in the crowd) Well, she might. In fact, she’d find that guy a real catch.

Crowd boo’s

Simon Dean:
Oh come on people, lighten up. Okay, now, without any further ado, forget the man you saw in the picture, this is that same man, after continued use of the Simon System…he is… ‘THE MASTERPEICE’, CHRIS MASTERS!!!!!!!

**Masterpiece** Chris Masters enters the arena, wearing a cloak. He hunches down as his music plays, then stands up, and poses, showing off a rock hard body, a total difference from the man in the picture. He makes his way to the ring, and then shakes and hugs with Dean.

Simon Dean:
Now, Ladies and Gents, this is the Masterpiece. He’s young, a woman’s dream, and lets face it, the guys dig Chris too. Mr. Masters, please, take the floor.

Simon hands the mic to Masters.

Chris Masters:
That’s totally right. Men want to look like me, in fact some of them want me, but I don’t dig that. And the women, they really want me. But, don’t get your hopes up Hershey, there isn’t anyone here that could even have a shot at me.

Crowd gives heat.

Chris Masters:
Hey, I’ll not rule it out. But this is after all, the Chocolate capital of the world. And if you people spent as much time on personal appearance as you do filling your face with chocolate, I might reconsider.

Crowd starts a Master’s sucks chant.

Chris Masters:
Oh, I don’t suck, I’m the complete opposite of that. When I get into the ring, you’ll see. Aint that right Simon??

Simon Dean: You know Chris, that’s true. I guess we could call it the ‘System Success‘?? It’s so great to have a friend here now, because I don’t think anyone will be giving me any trouble any more.

**Bombshell** Bubba Ray and D’ Von Dudley then sprint down the ramp to break up the party, for revenge on Dean after last week, and begin to fight with Masters and Dean.

The Dudleyz get the better of Dean and Masters, hitting the Dudley Device on Masters, before hitting the Wasssssuppppppp on Dean. They then do the get the tables routine, and D’ Von brings in two. They then hit a 3D through one on Masters, before Bubba power bombs Dean through the other.

The Dudleyz then celebrate, to a huge pop, leaving Masters and Dean out cold.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole:
So after all the talk, and all the speculation tonight, in the end, the Masterpiece turns out to be Chris Masters??

Tazz: Yep. And it looks like he just got welcomed to Smackdown, Dudleyville style.

Michael Cole: Bubba and D’ Von gaining a measure of revenge on Simon Dean for costing them a chance at becoming the Tag Champions last week. But, up next, it’s main event time, as Triple H teams up with Goldberg, to face The Rock and Kurt Angle. Don’t go away, as Smackdown is coming right back!!!


Main Event:

The Rock & Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg & Triple H

Intense main event, with issues between all four men. Goldberg and The Rock both go at it, as do Angle and Triple H, with no one clearly the better.

Eventually, the match breaks out, and the four men brawl wildly. HHH throws Angle out of the ring, but turns around and The Rock hit’s the Spinebuster on Triple H, then goes for the People’s Elbow, but Goldberg catches Rock with a Spear. Goldberg then nails Rock with the Jackhammer, and a cover, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Goldberg & Triple H

Goldberg stands triumphantly over The Rock after a clean win, and grabs the WWE Title, looks at it, then drapes it over Rock in a patronizing manner, laughing at the fallen WWE Champion as the show ends.

End of Show

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Re: Being the booker

Sorry its shorter than usual Wolfy..

Goldberg/Rock promo was great. Loved it. Goldberg was very in character, and then The Rock just came in and bashed him. Nice.Glad Farooq is back. Maybe him and Rico will develop into a funny tag team. Kurt Angle hinting towards Bret Hart again, great to see. Austin/Trips was another fantastic promo, you catch characters well Wolfy. Austin trying to screw over Triple H at GAB? Y2J/ Lesnar being announce, yay. Looking forward to it. Oh funny promo with Rico. "Ronald".. classic. Chris Masters debut was good, but shoulda gone in the approach where the man in the picture looked nothing like Chris Masters. That would have been golden. Goldberg with the clean win? Great, brings in more suspense for the PPV. Fantastic show, love the comedy. 9.5/10

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Re: Being the booker

good show, some hilarious moments, Jerihco vs Storm is good technical booking and its good to see Jericho win that one. Main event, awesome, I hope the Rock whips Goldbergs ass at GAB, Akio and Sakoda getting over will help them move up in the cards. Dudleyz beating down Masters and Dean good highlight for me. Y2J/Lesnar? Good looks on that, maybe Austin screws HHH at GAB? We'll have to wait and see.

Highlight of the night was Faarooq/Benoit/Eddie/Rico segment, absolutley gutbreaking laughter! All your promons were good and in character.

Realism- 9/10
Length- 10/10
Grammar- 10/10
Booking- 9.5/10

Good show there from you Wolfy


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Re: Being the booker

Both shows were, great. I read through all of Raw and most of Smackdown and have some notes down. I will give you a full detail review tomorrow after school on account on extreme tiredness right now. So just letting you know I didn't forget and you can expect a review from me tomorrow.

Obey signature rules.
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Re: Being the booker

First off, excellent Bad Blood. As for Raw it's good that you're keeping the Batista/Flair vs. Orton feud going. As for Cena and Christian, looks to be on for next week. I'm not sure, but it looks like a RVD turn is coming soon. Michaels and Taker in two weeks with the winner facing the champ at Summerslam should be off the charts.

Now as for Smackdown, you made Goldberg seemed like a person who could actually cut a good promo. Nice buildup with him and Rock. I would've let Ron get the W over JBL, but hey you're the booker. JBL was put over as a smart heel once again. Man, I like the way you're building Kurt up, and can't wait for when him and Bret finally get it on. Jericho vs. Brock will indeed be a feud that I will follow as GAB draws near. Excellent interaction with Trips and Austin. Wolfy, don't screw this up with these two man. Excellent work. Nice cruiserweight match too. Really no reason of JBL's promo, but it got the point across. Nice way of introducing Chris Masters. The Simon System really came into effect with this scenario. Right move, by having Goldberg picking up the clean win over Rock in the tag team main event.

Alright overall, out of the two shows the total score is 182/200. I saw some spelling mistakes, and matches though good, could have been a tad bit longer. I'll be looking forward to your next show. 1!

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Re: Being the booker

I should say one the best Raw/Smackdown!

RAW is getting more detail than before, which is always great.
Suzuki/Dupree and Booker/Goldust feud seems to have started well and lets hope, with a little bit of humour, it turns out to be great
Cade and Jindrak need time to get over as Tag Team Champions but perhaps with a few more wins and challenging matches, they could well prove themselves. Although it would have been better to have Reigns away for some time selling the Casket Match.
Not much detail about Orton/Batista&Flair
Carlito can get really over now that he has something going on with Sting. It's also nice to see Sting being used in a feud.
RVD may be on his way to being a heel which can be very interesting (Why does Rey always end up being on the wrong side of Friendship lol)
Shaniqua and Chyna looks to become a reality and we might see it at Summerslam
Announcement of Undertaker and HBK in two weeks time is surprising to me, I thought you'd save it for Summerslam. But it might happen again at Summerslam (anything can happen in the WWE)
Finally, Cena and Christian feud seems to have started now and to have a match next week will really set this feud on heat. I know this one is gonna be good.
One question: Where does this leave Edge?

On to Smackdown
Excellent opening segment with Goldberg and The Rock. Nice mic work and both were looking intense and serious, which I like.
Rico's return was hilarious. Welcome back Rico. This is gonna be fun and with Farooq of all people
Kurt is my man. Loved the interview especially when he says that the Title isnt his main focus. This has really got to make way for the Hall Of Fame feud between Kurt and ???? ????! (We all know who that is)
Heyman, always the slimeball. Never does anything right. It'll be interesting to see what Bret does with him
HHH/Austin, a feud of Legends. This leaves me even more confused as to who will win the No.1 Contendor's Match at Summerslam. Kurt is thinking about something else, HHH has Austin after him! (You got me again WB)
JBL sounded intense and serious in his interview which makes the Triple Threat match all the more interesting to wait for!
Dudleyz and Simon/Chris feud is gonna be interesting. Let's see where this goes.

Overall, An Excellent RAW (with some detail) and an even better Smackdown!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: Being the booker

Angle vs. Triple H at the Bash is big news it’s gonna be a huge event now with Rock vs. Goldberg and Angle vs. HHH.

Rock-Goldberg promo – Built up the Bash perfectly as I said before it will be huge, both men were in character, and with Goldberg it takes something special to manage that, 10/10

JBL def Farooq – Had to be done really JBL couldn’t lose this one, I still reckon he needs an ally though as currently Benoit/Guerrero are friends and it was almost 4 on 1 there, I’m sure JBL has a plan though 9/10

Before I read this I thought Angle would win the match with Triple H but I reckon now he’ll probably lose it. I think I know where you’re going with this and I like it 9/10

Jericho vs. Lesnar at GAB, just keeps getting better and better, three huge matches already on card, 9/10

Austin-HHH – Now I think Angle will win and HHH will face Austin at Summerslam, you’ve got this one well done, 9/10

Farooq/Rico – Loved the promo and Love the “I’ll be damned” line, class stuff 9/10

JBL Interview – In character, one or two spelling mistakes but no problem 8/10

Masters/Simon Dean – Funny Tag Team here, Masters seems to be you’re replacement for Maven, good choice, 9/10

Goldberg/HHH over Angle/Rock – Goldberg pinning Rock building the match for GAB, now he’s gonna have something to talk about next week. 10/10

Total: 82/90, great show.
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Re: Being the booker

Raw was totally in full so I will just give some notes about it.

I am liking Kenzo and Dupree as a tag team, also after the match seeing the feud with Booker T continue as him and Goldust come down and attack Kenzo/Dupree. It would make for a great tag team feud.

Excellent, Orton and Batista heating up even more.

I can almost see Eddie/Rey coming out of this RVD/Rey storyline. It is almost starting off the same, a respectful one on one match at Bad Blood like Eddie and Rey had at mania. Perhaps RVD may become jealous of losing to Rey (which it seems he is sort of having a trouble swallowing that defeat.) This may turn out into a good rivalry where RVD may possibly turn heel.

DX stays strong with Cade picking up the 1..2..3. I think it was best to have Cade win there.

Christian vs Cena for the title next week!?!?! Can anyone else say holy shit?! LETS GO CAPTAIN CHARISMA!!

Sting/Eugene vs Carlito/Raven was a very interestinf situation. This feud was just made personal with Sting now involved and also Raven after that beat down at the end. I am sure Sting and Eugene will be looking for revenge in the coming weeks.

Poor Trish getting demolished . At least you noted her putting up a good fight. Nice teaser to Shaniqua and Chyna tension. That'd be a huge clash.

Great ending too, hopefully it is foreshadowing to next week where Christian beats Cena for the title

Now onto Smackdown which I actually graded.

Cole and Tazz anounce a great card including a big mach for GAB. Angle vs Trips..winner goes onto Summerslam great stuff. Also a huge tag match announced for later. Heyman on the highlight reel would be very entertaining with two huge egos and personalities colliding. Godberg comes out and is very well in character talking trash about the Rock, untill Rocky himself comes back and delivers that grade A Rocky charisma. Great opener with both men very well in character and a great way to heaten the feud and build things up towards GAB. 9/10

JBL vs Faarooq was odd when Rico came down to make the save which didn't work out to well for him as JBL took him out untill the calvery of Benoit and Eddie finally made the save. 8/10

The Angle interview was in character and I am begginning to wonder whether what he said is mind games or the truth. If it is the truth I wonder what it is he can mean about the title not being important anymore? Interesting to see where you go with this. 8/10

Heyman leave? come back I want the Highlight Reel! lol.

Tajiri and Kanyon is a good match for Smackdown at this point, nothing special though. 7/10

Jericho complains to Bret and rightfully so. Maybe we can see that highlight reel sometime downt he road. But for now Brock vs Jericho at GAB will be awesome. Great announcement with both men in character. Great American Bash is shaping up extremly well with a very impressive card thus far. 9/10

OMG! What a segment with Austin and Triple H. Full of emotion and both men dead on with character. A long intense segment and it was spectacular. Then a huge electric brawl at the end that needed to be broken up. Just awesome stuff. 100000/10 (but 10/10 for realistic grading purposes lol)

Faarooq and Rico's interaction lmao, it was hilarious. I can see some good comedy coming from them in the future. Rico attracted to Faarooq nasty but funny. 10/10

Shocker to see Akio pick up the pinfall, good cruiser action in that tag match. 8/10

JBL telling Maria off good I hate her. (note to real WWE fire her immediatly)JBL then follows up with a great promo targeting his foes from earlier especially Rico's gay antics, and the unamerican nature of Benoit and Eddie. Good promo and in character. 9/10

Triple H and Austin going at it, great stuff. I can't wait to see what happens next week.

Jericho vs Storm would obviously be a great match as those two are always capable of that especially against one another. 9/10

Chris Masters being introduced by Dean I can dig that duo. Dudleyz coming out, and immediatly start what can be a good tag team feud between them and Masters/Dean. Good segment. 9/10

Great Main Event with Goldberg getting the clean win over Rock. The heel is triumphent tonight but can he pin Rock for the title at GAB? It will be interesting to see. 9/10

106/120 = 89% Great Smackdown.
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Re: Being the booker

Wow your good at this I see you have made more well goodluck and I am going to read your others. Can you tell me how you make it good I cant.
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Re: Being the booker

- Brilliant Goldberg promo to start, and then Rock came out and made it even better. Not many people can use The Rock as well as you do, and for that, I praise you. Great start to the show.

- Shame to see Faarooq jobbed again to JBL, since Faarooq is slightly buried now, but then again, it is only Simmons. Odd to see Rico return, lets see where you go with this angle.

- Angle interview was strange, but explained his situation well, maybe a little longer if done again, but well executed.

- Great mind games from Heyman and Lesnar, although I suspect you may have done this because you didn’t have anything better for them to do, But it tied in beautifully

- Hmm, this Kanyon/Tajiri match seemed a little odd, but hopefully it can link into a nice feud rather than just a filler match for the purpose of using Kanyon.

- Nice short Jericho/Hart promo, which I really enjoyed, with both Canadians communicating well. Solid backstage segment with nothing wrong to note here.

- Oh, yay, a Triple H promo…….**Falls asleep** “It’s my belt” yada yada yada…….WAIT **Glass Shatters** and thank god, because I was dying of boredom before Austin arrived, which isn’t you fault, it’s just that Triple H promos are so boring. But Austin made this one acceptable, but it would have been nicer if it would have gone on for a little longer with Austin talking to his watch (). Still, good promo.

- “Well I’ll be DAMNED!!!” QUALITY!!!! I love Faarooq in this thread, being used really well. This Rico/Simmons thing could be really funny if written in the right manner, and I can see it being hilarious with your writing.

- London gets pinned….SHOCK SHOCK HORROR HORROR!! Wow, and by Akio as well. Nice to see you using all of the Cruiser Division, as Akio rarely gets used in most threads. Great stuff here, well booked as well.

- Vintage JBL promo, with Maria being as dense as she is on WWE as well. Great stuff with JBL insulting her but staying as heel. Great interview.

- Austin attacks Triple H AGAIN!! Great heat for the feud, especially with Austin getting arrested.

- Nice to see Jericho win, really pushing him hard with this Lesnar feud, and it should be a great match when they finally meet.

- The Dean/Masters promo was brilliantly executed wit great lines from the both, but the attack by the Dudleys at the end made them seem too weak. I would have liked to see Masters demonstrate his power by dominating both of them, really sending a message to the both of them. But still, great promo with a dodgy ending.

- Main Event was very well booked, with Goldberg getting a clean win, it blows the GAB match WIDE open. Should be interesting to see who wins.

Realism – I can’t find anything particularly unrealistic, 9/10

Length –Can’t find any faults here, perfect length, 10/10

Quality/Entertainment –Very, very entertaining, especially the Rico segments, 9/10

Spelling/Grammar –Can barely pick out a thing.10/10

Matches/Booking –Everything booked well, apart from the end of the Masters debut where Masters probably should have come out on top, 8/10

Overall, a brilliant 92/100

Grade A
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