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Re: Being the booker

Kenzo beats Booker? Damn you Wolfy! LoL, I was surprised to see Rene and Kenzo form the tag team, but hey it could work. Smackdown used them, so why not you? lol.

Eugene segment made me laugh, and he didnt even have a line!

Womens match- No surprise here, hopefully Shaniqua will turn on Chyna at some point. I mean they are to dominant.. who can stop them??

RVD/Rey- Great choice, absolutely loved Rey winning and Im estatic that there was no heel turn!

Batista/Flair- Interesting twist of events.. Face turn perhaps??

CCC/Eugene- Eugene winning was surprising. I thought Carlito was on the verge of a push, seems like you kinda downgraded him.

Chyna/Shaniqua- Great thing to add in, cant wait for a showdown!

DX/WGTT- Sad to see WGTT lose since I love them, but not suprising and its probably the better choice.

Batista/Orton- Boy was I wrong. Batista is a snake!

Taker/Reigns- Great matchup here even for a review. Happy to see how you had Taker get the win, despite all of DX's efforts.

Main Event- Fantastic recap. Cena winning was a disappointment for me, but I cant say Im shocked. I think at the next Raw PPV, Christian will finally get what he deserves in a one on one with Cena.

All in all, a great recap ppv. How a recap can be so good, I may never know. 94/100, keep them coming man.

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Re: Being the booker

Great ppv, awful shame to see Cena retain over both Edge and Christian. Batista and Taker winning were slightly obvious but good, and hope Taker/Michaels continues into SS, where it looks like its heading. Eugene winning was well, cool. Shame that Carlito lost, but its was a good match all the same, and New Tag Champs!! DX will rule the world! Rey retaining was good as was the show of friendship/respect, great match and great booking there. Shaniqua/Chyna and Suzuki winning were compulsory, with a slightly unforseen Suzuki/Dupree alignment so early in Suzuki's career.

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Re: Being the booker

Hey Wolf Beast, very nice PPV. I got all my predictions right except the Carlito-Eugene match so I think I did pretty well. Anyways, here is my review for the Pay-per-view:

The opening match between Booker T and Kenzo was pretty good and glad to see someone get involved. I am interested to see how you use Kenzo and Rene and I can see a tag team match against Booker T and Goldust in the upcoming weeks. Great debut for Kenzo.

Nice to see Shaniqua and Chyna dominate even when the odds are against them. I love what you are doing with the Women's division and I think this is by far the most entertaining and exciting Women's division I have ever read or seen a show about. Also, I really hope Chyna and Shaniqua don't break off although that may be the only way to stop the female Evolution.

The Intercontinental title match was good and would have been awesome to see but I don't quite see these two men out of the same match yet. I think you will either partner them up, keep the face-face fued going, or turn one heel and continue the fued. Regardless, it was a great match.

The Carlito-Eugene match would have been very entertaining to watch as well but I am sort of suprised Eugene got the upset victory. It would be funny to see Eugene spitting banana. I can't wait to see where you take Eugene because I know you have some purpose for him in mind.

The tag team title match was very intense and I'm glad D-X finally has some gold around their waist. I know Shawn is not as good a wrestler as he used to be but after you end his fued with Taker I think he should get one more shot at the gold. Anyways, glad to see you using the younger talent on the roster and taking them places.

The Randy Orton-Batista match was off the hook. I'm not exactly sure where you will take the fued from here but I will keep following these two men. Maybe they can meet up again down the road fueding over the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Luther Reigns-Undertaker casket match was good with Undertaker showing his dominance. This fued has to continue but I have no clue how you can end this amazing fued with as big of an impact as the fued has been.

Lastly, the WHC Triple Threat match was very well laid out. Glad to see Christian acting his normal cocky self. I hope you keep Edge and Christian in the main event scene because the have the freshness and experience to stay there.


Realism: Like always everything was laid out very realistically and everyone acted their normal self as they would in real life. 10/10

Quality: I would have liked to have read a full pay-per-view because a couple of those matches would be worth seeing but I understand that you could not. Anyways, the PPV was worthy of the WWE. I am looking forward to GAB though! 10/10

Length: If it would have been on TV it would have filled the three hour time slot. 10/10

Entertainment: This PPV was very entertaining. I loved the Carlito-Eigene fued which was very funny. Also, I could imagine Christian's promo and it would have been worthy of a PPV. 10/10

Booking: All of your fueds are very interesting and worth keeping up with. I am looking forward to when you start writing out full shows again! 10/10

Overall: 50/50 X2= 100/100

Loved Bad Blood and I cannot wait for the Great American Bash!

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Re: Being the booker

Nice job with Bad Blood.

Kenzo/Dupree vs. Booker/Goldust sounds pretty interesting to me.

Nice victory for the 2 Woman Power Trip. The part at the end where they considered to continue the beating, but backed out instead really put over how dominant they are.

A good face/face match between RVD and Rey.

Nice victory for Eugene. Good to see CCC getting a taste of his own medicine.

I'm surprised to see Cade and Jindrak winning the Tag Titles. I'm expecting a gimmick match for the rematch.

Batista/Orton isn't over yet, that's for sure. I'm predicting some sort of a No DQ match at Summerslam between the two.

Undertaker over Reigns, good decision and it looks like UT/HBK at Summerslam.

Cena over Edge and Christian, I guess this was the expected result. Any chance of a Cena/Edge feud?

Check out my Be the Booker Thread!

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Re: Being the booker

Great Pay Per View WolfBeast.

Booker T and Kenzo as the opener I dont know if I would agree with that. An opener should start things off on a good note for the crowd, and I dont think Kenzo could do that IMO. Shocker to see Kenzo win though. 7.5/10

Like said before, Eugene does not even need a line to be funny. Just picturing him with the bannana is funny enough.

The handi Cap, match wow pretty long for a womens match and I liked it. I wonder who will be able to stop Chyna and Shaniqua. 8/10

Rey and RVD was just an awesome match. Had a bit of everything in it and I was glad to see Rey win. 10/10

Carlito vs Eugene was what I expected, a fun, comedic, entertaining match. This feud may not be over, but none the less good job with the match. 9/10

The tag title match I was shocked with two things, firstly the quality of the match and secondly DX picking up the belts. Smart move a good swerve as IMO I think many people thought WGTT was going to win. 9/10

Batista vs Orton was a fantastic match. Sad to see Orton lose but it was an outstanding match. 9.5/10

Eugene is at it again with comedy. Licking Foley's face just like them good old Bushwackers.

The Casket Match was a chaotic match with Undertaker overcoming the odds and interference to win. Chokeslam into the casket, great way to put the nail in the coffin on this match (no pun intended ) 9/10

NO!! CENA WINS!! DAMN YOU!! lol, damn I was just waiting for Captain Charisma to pull out with gold after this one. Oh well there is always another chance. Awesome match none the less. 10/10

72/80 Great pay per view overall. Excellent matches, just could have done with a bit more backstage stuff.

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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for the positive feedback on Bad Blood. Glad to see it was well recieved.

I'll have this weeks Smackdown, as well as the Raw report up on Thursday as usual.
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Re: Being the booker

Bad Blood

-Kenzo Suzuki defeating Booker T.
-Eugene and his banana.
-Having Shaniqua and Chyna go over Trish Stratus, Lita and Victoria.
-Rey Mysterio retaining the Intercontinental Title and the sportsmanship of Rob Van Dam.
-Having Eugene spit Banana over Carlito, but it would have been nice to see Carlito actually get to spit the apple.
-Good to see Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade get some gold.
-Good to see Batista retain the World Title over Triple H.
-Eugene/Mick Foley backstage segment.
-Undertaker winning the Casket match, especially because it's his match.
-John Cena retaining. Even though I would have preferred Christian or Edge to go over, a Cena win leads to more storyline options.

-Degeneration X being back.
-Not to sure about having the World Championship match before the Casket match.

Another great pay per view, with some good choices made as to who won. The only major thing I did not like was that DX were there (under any other name it wouldn't be a negative).

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Re: Being the booker

Originally Posted by A-Dust
Bad Blood

-Good to see Batista retain the World Title over Triple H.

-Not to sure about having the World Championship match before the Casket match.

Just to clear things up, Batista faced Randy Orton, in a one on one, with no titles on the line, and the WHC match was the main event.

Thanks for the rating though, much appreciated.
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Re: Being the booker

I was surprised to see Kenzo vs Booker as the opener but it was pretty good

liked the segment with Eugene and the Banana

Handicap Match, I knew who was going to win, but is anyone going to be able to stop the 2 Women Power Trip?

nice match between Mysterio and RVD, hopefully there will be a rematch and somebody will turn heel

very funny match between Eugene and Carlito, liked Eugene spitting the banana in Carlito's face

Liked DX winning the Tag titles, should be intresting to see you with Cade and Jindrak as the champs.Nice to see some of the younger talent become champs

Very good match between Batista and Orton, I have a feeling that there will be a rematch somewhere down the line

'Taker/Reigns casket Match was very good. I liked that you did Undertaker chokeslamming Reigns into the casket for the win. I have a feeling we could have a match at SummerSlam between Undertaker and HBK!

I was really hoping that Christian would get the win here and become the new champ but Cena retains. DAMN IT!!! Well, as long as Christian is kept in the main event scene I will be happy.

Overall, good show, Wolf Beast, man, that was a very good PPV and I can't wait until the Great American Bash for another great PPV
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Re: Being the booker

Awesome PPV, shame Edge didn't win, would've loved to have seen him take the title from John Cena. I'm not yet familar with the grading so I will not grade yet.
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