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Re: Being the booker

damn was looking forward to your next show. Oh well, one week isn't too far away I can't wait.

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Re: Being the booker

What the hell is wrong with me, I completely forgot to leave a reply

Opening was great with the DX invasion, hopefully that was just a good show for the English fans though as DX should stay on Raw, they need them

Paul London retaining the title was awesome and I cant wait to see who he defends against next, also glad the crowds getting behind him

AMW win was a must, they are the dominant force on Smackdown after all

Kurt Angle hinting at Bret Hart match once again, hope you hold off till Wrestlemania though, because now that I think about youll need thismatch to top your last Wrestlemania

Triple H vs Austin at the Bash, man I hope so, I also hope Austin wins to give momentum to his inring return

Battle Royal next week, I hope Brock wins so we see Rock-Brock 2 and Rock finally gets revenge and beats Brock Lesnar to retain

JBL vs Eddie vs Benoit at the Bash, wow I couldve sworn that I thought JBL and The Rock would fight at Summerslam and JBL would win the title

Rock vs Chris Jericho was good and even though its sad to see Jericho lose, it had to happen, maybe he'll be in the battle royal next week but i doubt he'll win if he is....

All in all a good show, deffinitely better surprisingly on the second read through, which brings your original 9/10 to a great 10/10
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Re: Being the booker

Let me just say that was an excellent way of opening the show. HBK promo was excellent. The matches were short but got the point across. Triple H/Austin segment was pure gold. Main Event and aftermath a complete success. Overall score: 92/100

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Re: Being the booker

Before I review SmackDown, lemme just say how brilliant it was, the best Smack I have read from you.

Opening promo was great, loved DX rubbing in the Man Utd. angle, you had HBk down to a tee, and then The Rock, was just The Rock, funny!

Tagmatch was basic, I could tell AMW would retain.

Rock/Y2J segment was well done, true to character, both men

Kanyon vs Angle, Angle had to win, theres no way he would just randomly job to Kanyon.

Benoit/Eddie segment was pretty good, both men true in character.

4-way CW match was great, good to see London as the champ, hes becoming an awesome CW champ.

Austin/HHH segment was hilarious. Brilliantly done, both men true in character, Austin was funny as hell. This could be the gatewat to another awesome feud.

Benoit/Eddie vs JBL/Nowinski was average. Nowinski dosent deserve the push he got here, but Im glad that you had JBL winnin by Lie, CHeat and Steal!

Rock vs Y2J was a good booking for the mainevent. Not great, but not bad.

Realism: 8/10
Length: 9/10

A great show, with moments of comedic genius! total grade 36.5/40


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Re: Being the booker

Just as a quick announcement, Smackdown will be up tomorrow, with a 20 Man Battle Royal Main Event, with the winner facing The Rock at Great American Bash for the title.
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Re: Being the booker

Nice looking foward to it, Battle Royal's are always fun at least imo, it's gonna be good to see who can step up and get that title shot
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Re: Being the booker

Lookin forward to it Wofly, I haven't been around for a while but I'm here to make it up to you liek you said in RoG..

Cya Thursday...........

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: Being the booker

Looks good Wolf Beast, Smackdown and Great American Bash that is.


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Re: Being the booker

RAW; Manchester; New Hampshire: June 6th 2005:
Opening Video


J.R and King welcome us to the show, just six days from Bad Blood. Tonight, Mick Foley has signed a triple threat tag match, with Cena teaming with RVD, Edge teaming with Mysterio, and Christian teaming with Tomko.

In the opening match, Chyna defeats Victoria, with relative ease. Afterwards, she and Shaniqua double team the weaker woman, until Trish Stratus and Lita rush to the ring, both carrying steel chairs, and this forces the two bigger women to back out. Trish then challenges Shaniqua and Chyna, saying if they are so big and tough, then they will accept the challenge to face the three of them in a handicap match at Bad Blood. Chyna and Shaniqua accept, and we have another match for Bad Blood.

Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam chat about their one on one match this Sunday at Bad Blood for the Intercontinental Title. They then discuss being on opposite sides tonight in the main event.

Batista then puts his Hardcore Championship on the line, in a routine defence against the Hurricane. Batista looks set to pick up an easy win, dominating Hurricane, until Randy Orton interferes, striking Batista with a trashcan lid, which stuns the Animal, and Orton then follows up with an RKO, before dragging Hurricane over Batista, 1...2...3!!!!! HURRICANE WINS!!! Orton celebrates his work in screwing over Batista, getting the last word heading into their match at Bad Blood this Sunday, whilst Batista goes nuts in the ring.

In an interview with Haas and Benjamin, they talk about the sacrifice they have made to be the World Tag Team Champions, and they talk about being prepared to face any challenge, including the challenge of Cade and Jindrak this Sunday, but they will still be World Tag Team Champions!!

Christian then makes his way to the ring, for an in ring promo. He talks about this Sunday’s triple threat for the World Championship, and after beating both his opponents in recent weeks, he will find it even easier at Bad Blood, because Edge and Cena will be too stupid to work together and get him out of the way, but instead they’ll beat the hell out of each other, and leave him to pick up the scraps. This brings out the World Champion, John Cena, to a HUGE pop.
Cena then informs Christian that he is partly right, but mostly wrong in what he says. Cena tells Christian that at bad Blood he WILL beat the hell out of Edge, but he WONT be leaving any scraps for Christian, because he will still be the Champ.
Edge’s music hits, and the third man in the triple threat enters the fray. He talks about being the forgotten man in this equation, but this Sunday, he will be the most remembered. Edge and Cena then go face to face, and eventually, come to blows. They brawl, whilst Christian chuckles, and confidently walks away, up the ramp with Tomko, whilst Cena and Edge beat the hell out of one another in the ring, eventually, having security break them up.

In a six man tag, ¾ of DX (Reigns, Cade and Jindrak), who are accompanied by HBK, take on The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Billy Gunn. The match has a decent flow, with TWGTT being the real bright spot of the match. Michaels ends up getting involved, which results in the match breaking down into a huge brawl. The referee throws the match out as a no contest, and DX have the numbers advantage in the brawl until…THE LIGHTS GO OUT…GONG!!! Undertaker’s music hits, and The Deadman enters the arena, which immediately forces DX into retreat. They scraper through the crowd, whilst Taker stands at the top of the ramp, pointing towards Luther, who faces Taker at Bad Blood in a Casket match.

In an interview with Randy Orton, the Legend Killer gives his reaction to last weeks announcement by Batista that Ric Flair would referee their match at Bad Blood. Orton says it was a shock to him, but it was a smart decision from Batista to pick a man who will back him up every step. Orton knows he faces an uphill challenge, and winning may well be damn impossible, but, no matter what obstacle, he will tackle it, no matter how big, he’ll chop it down, and no matter how smart, he’ll outthink it. This Sunday at Bad Blood, he cant promise victory, but he promises to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

Christian and Tomko laugh about the situation between Edge and Cena, with both men playing into his hands at Bad Blood, with Christian claiming the title may as well have his name on it, because there is no way he could miss out an opportunity as easy as this. Mick Foley, the GM then enters, telling Christian he just heard what he had to say, and has come to the decision that since it seems everything is going so good for Captain Charisma, that at Bad Blood he wont need the Problem Solver in his corner, and better still, he wont need Tomko at the PPV at all. Christian is irate, and shell-shocked at the same time, as Foley tells him to have a nice day.

Booker T then faces Carlito. Both men have matches at Bad Blood, with Carlito facing Eugene, and Booker taking on Kenzo Suzuki, who will be making his debut at the event. In an even contest, Booker eventually gets the victory, thanks to a distraction courtesy of Eugene. Afterwards, Carlito is irate once again, after being outsmarted by Eugene again, heading into Bad Blood.

Backstage, Flair and Batista talk about the loss earlier, with Flair helping Batista forget it, telling him is was too good for the Hardcore belt anyway. They then talk about Orton and this Sunday, saying that Orton will finally receive the punishment he deserves.

In the main event, John Cena and RVD team up to face Edge and Mysterio, and Christian and Tomko in a triple threat tag match. All six men get involved, with RVD and Rey getting it on too, in a friendly, competitive nature, heading into their match at Bad Blood, whilst Edge and Cena have no love lost for each other, and beat the hell out of one another at every chance. Christian and Tomko play the smart game, and stay out of the match as much as possible, and eventually, once the other four appear to be worn down, they then decide to get in the match. Christian and Tomko wear down Edge and Cena as much as possible, heading into the Title match at Bad Blood. Eventually, their tactic fails, and the other two teams fight back into the match. In the end, the match breaks down into a brawl, with Christian and RVD, Mysterio and Tomko, Edge and Cena battling it out. Edge scores a Spear on Cena, but Christian is the legal man, and he pushes Edge out, then covers Cena, with his feet on the ropes, 1...2...3!!! Christian celebrates ANOTHER win over his two rivals, as he heads into the biggest match of his career, with all the momentum on his side.


Official Card for WWE Bad Blood:
Date: 12th June
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia; Pennsylvania
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin; Away

World Heavyweight Championship;
Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Edge vs. Christian

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championships Match:
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Casket Match:
Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns w/Shawn Michaels

3 on 2 Handicap Match:
Trish Stratus, Victoria & Lita vs. Shaniqua & Chyna

Randy Orton vs. Batista
With Special Guest Referee; Ric Flair

Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Eugene

Kenzo Suzuki vs. Booker T

Predictions?? The show wont be in full, but will be done in the style I did Backlash.


Smackdown; Hartford: June 9th:

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Tonight, twenty Smackdown superstars will have one golden opportunity, one chance, to fulfil a dream, to fulfil destiny, or to achieve a lifelong goal. Twenty Smackdown superstars will fill the ring later this evening, with the last remaining man, facing the WWE Champion, The Rock at the Great American Bash on July 3rd.

Tazz: I cant remember the last time we had a Battle Royal here on Smackdown Cole, this is gonna be one hell of a ride tonight partner.

Michael Cole: It’s a chance for guys like Hardcore Holly, or Rikishi, or Kanyon to reach the promised land, and battle it out with the biggest name in the business, for the most prestigious prize, or for guys like Triple H, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, or Chris Jericho to get back to the top, where they all believe they belong.

Tazz: And the best thing about a Battle Royal?? Unpredictability. Anyone can win these things. In the past these matches have favoured big guys, such as Andre The Giant, and guys like Kane, and Yokozuna, which could mean to watch out for guys like Rikishi tonight. But don’t rule out the small guys either, because those guys could easily go undetected in there.

Michael Cole: And how about this, tonight, Matt Hardy takes on Matt Morgan, with the winner advancing to tonight’s main event, and, also, the Tag team Championships are on the line, as AMW take on their latest challenge, The Dudley Boyz. Not only are the belts on the line, but two spots are up for grabs in the Battle Royal for the winning team.

Tazz: Definitely a double barrel of victory for whichever teams wins that one Cole.

Michael Cole: But before we get under way here tonight, how about a prediction for the Battle Royal??

Tazz: Oh c’mon. You’re asking me to pick between twenty guys?? Man, from the top of my head, I gotta pick Brock Lesnar. The guy is chomping at the bit for a title shot, and being kept at home last week, whilst Chris Jericho faced The Rock for the title sure as hell wont have helped him.

Michael Cole: Indeed, it’s been a rough month for Lesnar. First, his agent, Paul Heyman, was suspended for 28 days, a ban which comes to a head next week, then he was beaten by Jericho two weeks ago in a number one contenders match, and last week, to prevent him interfering, Bret forced Brock to stay home.

Tazz: Ah ah ah. Not so fast Cole, I gave you my tip, now you give me yours…

Michael Cole: For me, it has to be Kurt Angle. Angle has had an marvellous year, which has been well documented, and I think a victory tonight, would be step one in Angle becoming WWE Champion.

1st Match:
Basham Brother’s vs. Paul London & Billy Kidman
The brothers dominate the match, with their tag experience shining through. They control the speed, and ground the two high flyers. Eventually, London, after a long beat down, begins to show his champion’s heart, and begins a sensational fight back, wowing the crowd, with some impressive high flying moves, before making the hot tag to Kidman.
Billy cleans house on Danny and Doug, along with London, who brings Doug to the outside, allowing Kidman to get Danny on his own, where he hit’s the BK bomb, and follows up with the Shooting Star!!! 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Billy Kidman & Paul London
Kidman gets the credit for the win, and is congratulated by Paul London. They celebrate a good win, with the fans seemingly loving Paul London in recent weeks.


We go backstage, and see Kanyon frantically looking around backstage, then he enters Goldberg’s locker room. He bursts in, and sees Goldberg, who looks absolutely incensed by Kanyon’s bursting in.

Goldberg: What the hell?? You got lost or somethin?

Kanyon: No, your just the guy Bill. Tonight, we’re both in the twenty man Battle Royal. I was thinking all day, who betta to team up with in tonight’s match than Goldberg!!! Think about it, me and you, throwing everyone out, one by one, then it cou-


Kanyon: But you havent heard what I ha-

Goldberg: NO!!!

Kanyon: C’mon Bill, you need me just as much as I need you.

Goldberg: Okay, here’s the deal. I’m giving you two options Chris. Number One, you can turn around, walk out the door, close it behind you, and walk away. Number Two, you stay here any longer, I will personally escort you from my locker room, without having to open the door.

Kanyon: I’ll take that as a maybe…

Kanyon then backs out of the room slowly, whilst Goldberg doesn’t take his eyes of Kanyon.

In the hallway backstage, Chris Benoit approaches Eddie Guerrero;

Chris Benoit: Hey, Eddie. You heard yet??

Eddie Guerrero: Heard what hommes??

Chris Benoit: July 3rd, Great American Bash, United States Championship. Bret Hart just told me, it’ll be Eddie Guerrero defending the United States Championship…against Chris Benoit!!

Eddie Guerrero: (Smiles) Really?? Oh, essa, it’ll be an honour to face you again hommes.

Chris Benoit: Good luck Eddie. I cant wait to face you again.

Benoit outstretches his hand, and Eddie shakes with him. They then hug for a second, before the camera switches to a different area backstage, where JBL is watching on a monitor. He looks furious, then storms down the hallway, and enters Hart’s office.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What the hell are you playing at??

Bret Hart: (On phone) Sorry, I’ll have to call you back. (Puts phone down) Excuse me John?? I didn’t hear you knock.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I didn’t have to knock, Bret. But I think you owe me an apology.

Bret Hart: Certainly, but please inform me, what am I apologising for??

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What are you apologising for?? I’ll tell you Bret, it’s plainly obvious that I’ve been overlooked. At the Great American Bash, I’ve just heard that Chris Benoit will challenge Eddie Guerrero for the United States Championship!!! I’m afraid I’m finding it hard to swallow that bull shit Bret. Last week, I defeated Eddie Guerrero in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3, but instead of me facing Guerrero at the Bash, you place Chris Benoit as number one contender??
Well, I can try and think of a number of reasons why that is, hmmm, Chris Benoit last defeated Eddie Guerrero about three years ago, that couldn’t be it. Errrrr….oh, here’s one, Chris Benoit is from CANADA…Bret Hart, is from CANADA. This sounds an awful lot like favourtism to me Bret.

Bret Hart: (Stares at JBL, then shakes his head, and begins to laugh) Get outta here. You arent serious?? You don’t think I picked Benoit to face Guerrero at The Great American Bash because he’s a Canadian do you??

John ’Bradshaw’ Layfield: You’re damn right I do. Your policies stink Bret, your actions are darn right ludicrous. I defeated Eddie Guerrero last week, yet Chris Benoit faces him for the U.S Title at the Bash. Bret, -

Bret Hart: You know what, I’m gonna need an aspirin, cause you are giving me a headache. John, you feel your being overlooked?? You think I’m discriminating against you?? Well, how about this, you want a United States Title shot, then tonight, you can face Chris Benoit, and if you win, then it’s simple, at The Great American Bash, Eddie Guerrero will defend his title against Chris Benoit, AND John ’Bradshaw’ Layfield, in a Triple Threat match. You lose, then you need to quit the whining.

John ’Bradshaw’ Layfield: Finally, finally, you make a correct decision. Even though it should already be JBL versus Guerrero one on one, I will take the triple threat. Bret, you’re looking at the next United States Champion, a true Great AMERICAN, JB-

Bret Hart: Oh, that reminds me. When you came in, I was actually on the phone to someone. In fact, it’s someone who will be back next week. You see, he’s been out of action since May 15th at Judgement Day. You should know him John, because next week, you’re facing him. Yep, next week, it’s JBL versus Ron Simmons!!!

JBL’s facial expression drops, before eventually snapping out of his trance. He doesn’t say a word, instead, just leaves the office, deep in thought.

2nd Match: Winner advances to tonight’s Battle Royal:
Matt Hardy vs. Matt Morgan w/Eric Bischoff
Just a regular big man - small man match, with Bischoff getting involved when needed. Morgan goes for a Powerbomb, but Hardy rolls through, and scores the three count for the unexpected victory.
Winner: Matt Hardy
Hardy immediately runs out of the ring, and gets up the ramp, celebrating his win, whilst Morgan is shocked by the loss in the ring, as is Bischoff.

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy is in the Battle Royal!!! Morgan never saw it coming!!! Can Matt Hardy now go on and earn himself a shot at The Rock at The Great American Bash!!!

Tazz: I’m shocked Cole, it didn’t look like hardy was gonna pull it off there, but somehow he did it!!!

Michael Cole: Two spots are left remaining in tonight’s battle royal, as in just a few moments, AMW face the Dudleyz in a HUGE match, with the tag titles on the line, AND two places in tonight’s battle royal.

Tazz: That’ll be a unbelievable match Cole. But, how about JBL vs. Chris Benoit later on tonight!!!

Michael Cole: It is by far, JBL’s biggest match with serious implications too. Can he defeat Chris Benoit, and force his way into the U.S Title scenario at The Bash, or will Benoit make JBL tap out??

Tazz: And you gotta believe, JBL will have his mind scrambled here, after being told that Ron Simmon’s is back next week, and he’ll face Bradshaw. HUGE announcement.


Backstage, Josh Matthews is with Triple H

Josh Matthews: Triple H, last week, in London, England, you were abruptly interrupted in the ring, by your old nemesis, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Then, later on during the showdown, Austin gave you a st-

Triple H: Don’t even say it. Don’t dare say it. Austin took a cheap shot, plain and simple. I didn’t expect him to give me a stunner, and he cheap shotted me. You have to expect that from a jackass like Austin though. But Josh, that doesn’t matter. That was last week, this is now. Austin aint here. Why?? Because that’s what he does, he takes his ball and goes home. He’s done it before, and he’s done it again.
Austin isn’t even playing on my mind, my focus is strictly on tonight;s Battle Royal, and becoming the Number One Contender to face The Rock at The Great American Bash. I need this rematch, I deserve this rematch, and I will get it. Rikishi is going over the top rope, Test is flying to the floor, Tajiri will have to try again some other time, Kurt Angle isn’t in my league, Goldberg isn’t in my league, no one will touch me tonight, no one will be able to take the punishment I’m prepared to dish out. Nineteen boys, and one man, with ME being the only man, because I am that damn good. Boys, it’s time to play the game.

Triple H then storms off, having made his message clear.

Backstage, Kanyon passes by Tajiri, then stops, and runs back, to catch up with him.

Kanyon: HEY…(Tries to remember his name)……BUDDY!!!! You’re in the battle royal tonight right??

Tajiri: (Speaks Japanese)

Kanyon: Yeah, that’s right. Look, how about we team up later in the match, and then, it can be me and you, right at the end, for a shot at The Rock!!??

Tajiri: (Speaks more Japanese)

Kanyon: Huh?? (Looks frustrated) I knew this wouldn’t work.
Kanyon walks off, leaving Tajiri speaking more Japanese.

Michael Cole: It looks like Kanyon is in need of a partner here tonight, Tazz.

Tazz: Sure does Cole. Kanyon wants to give himself as good a chance as possible of making it to the Bash in four weeks time.

3rd Match: WWE Tag Team Championship’s Match: (Winning team also get places in Battle Royal)
America’s Most Wanted vs. Dudley Boyz
Physical encounter, with AMW being severely tested. It comes down to a total break down, and all four men fight it out in the ring, with neither team looking to be on top. D’ Von and Harris accidently collide into the referee, who gets knocked out. The fight continues, with the four men brawling it out, then, from the crowd, SIMON DEAN runs in, with his bag, and without anyone else noticing, Dean clocks Bubba with the bag, knocking him out cold. Simon then hides under the ring, whilst Harris tries to think about how Bubba got knocked out. Eventually, he covers, and the referee comes to, and makes the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: America’s Most Wanted
Harris still looks confused, as to how Bubba was knocked out, but he and Storm leave the ring still champions. Meanwhile, D’ Von checks on Bubba, not knowing what happened to him. Simon Dean then crawls out from under the ring, and taunts D’ Von before running like a woman up the ramp, laughing hysterically.

Michael Cole: Simon Dean is unfortunately back folks. If you don’t remember, he was last seen, surrounded by broken wood, after being power bombed through a table by the Dudleyz three weeks ago.

Tazz: And now he’s got his revenge!!! Good for you Simon!!!

Michael Cole: The Dudleyz wont let this one drop Tazz, they wont forget what Simon has done here tonight.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is preparing himself for tonight’s main event. He stops, as he spots a shadow lurking. He then turns around, and sees Lesnar standing, watching him.

Brock Lesnar: Nice try last week Champ. You were close, just not close enough, huh.

Chris Jericho: Hold on, Brock. There’s something on the side of your mouth.

Brock then wipes his mouth, and looks into a mirror, checking to see if it’s still there.

Chris Jericho: Looked like a green crayon.

Lesnar looks livid with Jericho. He turns around, and then goes face to face with him.

Brock Lesnar: You think your pretty clever Chris, don’t ya. Let me inform you of something, tonight, in the ring, I’ll teach you a lesson.

Chris Jericho: In what?? Physics?? Brock, how could you teach Physics, when you cant even spell the subject name. I’ll give you a clue though, it doesn’t start with an F.

Brock Lesnar: You’re funny Chris, real funny. I have to say though, your performances in the ring, are just that much funnier than your one liners. And tonight, I’ll make a joke out of you in the Battle Royal, by tossing you over the top rope, and sending your punk ass to the floor.

Lesnar smiles smugly in Jericho’s face, before walking off.

Raw Rebound:
- Announcement of Chyna and Shaniqua vs. Trish, Lita and Victoria at Bad Blood.
- Orton screws Batista out of the Hardcore Title, helping Hurricane to win.
- Christian, Cena, Edge showdown, leading to a brawl between Edge and Cena, whilst Christian watches on.
- Christian pins John Cena in the main event, thanks to Edge, in a Triple Threat Tag Match.

Back to ringside;
Michael Cole: Folks, this Sunday, Raw presents Bad Blood.

Tazz: Oh man. Stacked is the first word that comes to my mind when you talk about Bad Blood.

Michael Cole: Eight matches, three of which are for championships, as well as a Casket match, and of course the explosion of Evolution.

Tazz: It could be a big night for Raw Cole, especially our visitors last week, DX, with a chance to be tag Champions, and a chance to end the Undertaker’s career for good.

Michael Cole: Great line up provided by our friends from Raw, don’t miss Bad Blood this Sunday!!!


Backstage, Billy Kidman and Paul London are hanging out, chilling after their big win earlier.

Billy Kidman: Man, we rocked out there tonight, Paul. The Basham’s just couldn’t handle us!!

Paul London: Damn right. You know, since WrestleMania, things have been going so well for me. Cruiserweight Championship round my waist, win after win, it’s like a dream.

Billy Kidman: You deserve it Paul, you stepped up since WrestleMania. And hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to challenge you for the title.

Paul London: For sure Billy. It’d be my honour to defend this title against you.

Billy Kidman: But until then, I guess we’ll just have to keep winning, right?

Paul London: Damn right.

Kidman and London then get up, and shake hands, before heading off in opposite directions.

**VIVA LA RAZA** Eddie Guerrero makes his way out to the ring, driving down in his low rider, carrying the United States Championship. He exit’s the low rider, and makes his way to ringside, for guest commentary.

Michael Cole: WOW!!! It looks like we are about to be joined by the United States Champion, Eddie Guerrero.

Tazz: You sound like a giddy schoolgirl Cole!!! Get over it, and act your age.

Eddie gets his headphones on, and begins to talk.

Eddie Guerrero: Orale, essa vato’s!!!

Michael Cole: Great to have you here Eddie.

Tazz: Buenos stious!!! Or whatever they say…

Michael Cole: I expect your out here to call our next match, Eddie?? Benoit vs. JBL??

Eddie Guerrero: Indeed hommes. I’ll be cheering on my buddy, Chris Benoit in this one Michael.

Tazz: Is that because you know JBL would beat you for the U.S Title?? He did pin you last week Eddie??

Eddie Guerrero: You know vato, I wasn’t the legal man last week, so technically, JBL didn’t win, he tricked the referee hommes.

Tazz: (Embarrassed) Ohhh yeah, I forgot about that.

4th Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Chris Benoit
(If JBL wins, it becomes a Triple Threat match for the U.S Title at GAB)
By far, JBL’s best match to date. Benoit gets the best from Layfield, who holds his own too. After a commercial break, we return, with JBL setting up for a Clothesline from Hell, but Benoit ducks, and connects with the three German Suplexes, but as he goes for the Headbutt, JBL rolls out of the way. He goes for the clothesline again, but this time, Benoit grabs the arm, and locks in the Crossface!!!
Just like last week, JBL refuses to tap, showing his toughness, eventually making the ropes, forcing the break. Benoit then works on the arm some more, but before he can go for the crossface again, JBL rolls out of the ring in desperation. He grabs the U.S title from the announcers desk, which infuriates Guerrero. Eddie gets out of his seat, and approaches JBL. JBL insults Eddie, and Eddie retaliates pushing Layfield, who completely over sells it, falling over, and acting as if he‘d been shot. The referee then calls for the bell, and a DQ!!!!!!
Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
JBL has just once again out cheated Guerrero and Benoit, and has weaselled his way into the Great American Bash, U.S Title match!!!!! Guerrero and Benoit argue with the referee, whilst JBL strolls up the ramp, with his toothy grin out for everyone to see. He then kicks on of the wing mirrors off Eddie;s low rider, to further annoy his foe.

Michael Cole: Not again, not again!!! JBL has manoeuvred himself to victory here tonight, once again manipulating the referee.

Tazz: Shut up Cole!!! We had this discussion last week, and JBL just done what Eddie would have done to him, but he got in there first.

Michael Cole: And it’s official folks, it’s JBL vs. Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero at the Great American Bash for the United States title. And in my opinion, it’s a damn shame.

Tazz: You know, somewhere, the worlds smallest violin, is playing the worlds saddest song, just for you Cole.


Backstage, Kanyon looks on the verge of crying, until he spots AMW in the distance. He quickly sprints towards them.

Kanyon: GUYS!!! It’s me, Kanyon!!!

James Storm: We can see that.

Kanyon: Well…go on, ask me.

Chris Harris: Ask you what??

Kanyon: You want me to help you guys in the Battle Royal, don’t ya?

James Storm: No…

Kanyon: AHA, I knew it, great, I’ll see you guys out there, we’re gonna kick so much ass, Kanyon, and his two Kanyon-iacs!!!

Harris grabs Kanyon’s arm before he leaves.

Chris Harris: We said no.

Kanyon: Oh. Okay.

Kanyon then puts his head down, turns away, and walks off, like a seven year old child after he’s been told off.

We then cut to another part of the arena, where JBL is celebrating his victory, as if he was just elected as President.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage, towards the entrance, then stops, at Bret Hart’s office. He contemplates knocking, but then stops himself. He thinks for a moment, then, once again looks set to knock the GM’s door, but is interrupted by Maria.

Maria: Kurt, do you have a moment??

Kurt Angle: (Looks annoyed) Yes, what is it??

Maria: I just wanted to know how you rate your chances in tonight;s Royal Rumble??

Kurt Angle: No, it’s called a Battle Royal dear. A Royal Rumble is a lot more different than a Battle Royal.

Maria: Sorry, I…I…

Kurt Angle: C’mon, get on with it.

Maria: Sorry, I’m just a little flustered. Em, do you think you’ll win??

Kurt Angle: Alright. Take a breath. Let me apologise for snapping at you a moment ago. I realise you’re just doing your job, I’ve just got a lot on my mind at the minute.

Maria: Like tonight’s Roy-…sorry, Battle Royal??

Kurt Angle: Actually, no. You see Maria, sometimes (looks at Bret Hart‘s office door), there are more important things in life than Championships. Tonight, I’ll aim to win the battle royal, but if I don’t, it wont be the end of the world.

Maria: Thank you Kurt.

Maria walks off. Angle stands around, then goes to knock Bret’s door, but then stops again, before rubbing his head, then telling himself “Forget it”. Angle then walks off down the hallway.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: I don’t know about you Tazz, but Kurt Angle seemed a little off there.

Tazz: I’ve noticed it myself Cole. Angle doesn’t seem as laid back as usual, and he almost didn’t seem to care about tonight’s battle royal.

Michael Cole: It’s almost like he has his mind on something else.

Tazz: But about what??

Main Event:
20 Man Battle Royal, with the winner facing The Rock at the Great American Bash;
Entrants: Brock Lesnar, Chavo Classic, Chavo Junior, Christopher Nowinski, Chris Harris, Chris Jericho, Goldberg, Hardcore Holly, James Storm, Kanyon, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Rikishi, Scott Steiner, Scotty Too Hotty, Tajiri, Test, Triple H, William Regal.

All twenty men go at it alone for the opening few minutes, with it hard to call the action, Kanyon uses his head, and leaves, under the bottom rope, and hides under the ring.
Meanwhile, after nearly two minutes, William Regal becomes the first man eliminated, by Chris Jericho, via a dropkick

Elimination 1: William Regal

Almost immediately, Chavo Classic follows him out, with Chris Harris clothes lining him over the top to the floor.

Elimination 2: Chavo Classic

Test and Steiner team up, taking down the majority of entrants, then attempt to eliminate Rikishi together, but the big man turns it around as the try to throw him out, and instead, he throws them out. Steiner hit’s the floor, but Test manages to stay in.

Elimination 3: Scott Steiner

Test thinks he’s managed to survive, but as soon as he turns around, he is kicked out of the ring by Brock Lesnar.

Elimination 4: Test

The fight continues, with no eliminations for a short while. Jericho and Lesnar go at it to a huge pop, fighting to the outside too, but not going over the top rope. Triple H hit’s a STUNNER on Chris Harris, before dumping him over the top, for another elimination. He then flips Harris the bird, but before he can continue gloating, he is nearly eliminated by Harris’ partner, James Storm.

Elimination 5: Chris Harris

Scotty goes for the Worm on Lance Storm, but before he can, Goldberg breaks him in half with a Spear!!! Goldberg then pick him up for a Jackhammer, and drops him from the top rope to the floor.

Elimination 6: Scotty Too Hotty

The remaining 14 guys battle it out, and the fight continues through the commercial break with no eliminations. Then, out of nowhere **GLASS SHATTERS** Steve Austin’s music hits, and the Rattlesnake enters in his pick up truck to a huge pop. Austin exit’s the vehicle, and stuns a referee who gets in his way, before getting in the ring, and is met by Triple H. They fight it out to a huge pop. Both go for their finishers, but both block it. Triple H then tries to throw Austin out, but the Rattlesnake turns it around, and throws Triple H out. The referee’s spot Triple H out of the ring, and Austin makes it look like Tajiri eliminated HHH, so the referee’s allow the elimination.

Elimination 7: Triple H

Austin exit’s the ring, and heads up the ramp, with Triple H going berserk outside it, arguing with referee’s, before being escorted up the ramp. He spots Austin leaving in his pick up, and chases, with Austin laughing at him.
In the ring, the competitors fight it out, with Matt Hardy eliminating Nowinski from the match

Elimination 8: Christopher Nowinski

Brock Lesnar then eliminates Hardcore Holly, with a Belly to belly over the ropes to the floor.

Elimination 9: Hardcore Holly

In the ring, Tajiri applies the Tarantula on Lance Storm, but then, Kanyon rolls from under the ring, and punches Tajiri in the gut, which winds the Buzzsaw, and he falls to the floor, eliminated!!!

Elimination 10: Tajiri

Kanyon celebrates, getting revenge on Tajiri from earlier tonight, but then, as he is about to go under the ring again, the referee’s stop him, and force him into the ring. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar manages to eliminate Rikishi, with an F5 over the top, sending the 400 pounder to the floor.

Elimination 11: Rikishi

Chavo Guerrero hit’s a low blow on Kurt Angle from behind, and looks to cause a major shock, attempting to throw Angle out, but Kurt grabs the ropes, and manages to fight back in, then goes to work on Chavo, and immediately, clotheslines him to the floor!!!

Elimination 12: Chavo Guerrero

Angle now looks to be in a zone, and begins to go at it with Goldberg. Meanwhile, Lesnar throws Jericho out, but Y2J skins the cat, then from behind, dumps Lesnar out, who wasn’t suspecting a thing!!!

Elimination 13: Brock Lesnar

Lesnar is irate, and refuses to leave. He gets back in a delivers an F5 to Jericho, leaving him helpless. Kanyon takes advantage, and throws Jericho out of the match.

Elimination 14: Chris Jericho

Lesnar then takes Jericho, and picks up his lifeless body, then hits an F5 through the announce table!!!
In the ring, Lance Storm becomes the 15th man eliminated, after Kurt Angle back body dropped him out.

Elimination 15: Lance Storm

James Storm works down Kanyon in the corner, then turns around, and is met by a SPEAR from Goldberg, hit with such velocity, that he goes over the top rope, to the floor!!!

Elimination 16: James Storm

We are down to the final four, Goldberg, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, and somehow, Kanyon. The four men duke it out, with Kanyon keeping his distance as much as possible. Matt nearly eliminates Goldberg and Angle at the same time, but both hold on. Hardy is then taken by surprise by Angle, who hits an Angle Slam, sending Hardy to the floor!!

Elimination 17: Matt Hardy

Immediately, Kanyon looks to take advantage of Angle, and runs at him, but Angle ducks, and Kanyon goes over the top rope, to the floor, leaving us to two.

Elimination 18: Kanyon

Both men nearly go, and these two long time foes battle it out once again. They go back and forth for a few minutes, and Angle nearly gets Goldberg out, but Bill rakes the eyes to stay in it. They continue to fight, and Angle hit’s a drop toe hold onto the ropes, then goes for a Jericho-esque knee to the back, but Goldberg grabs the top rope, and pulls it down, with Angle flying out!!!!

Elimination 19: Kurt Angle

Order of Elimination:
01 - William Regal by Chris Jericho
02 - Chavo Classic by Chris Harris
03 - Scott Steiner by Rikishi
04 - Test by Brock Lesnar
05 - Chris Harris by Triple H
06 - Scotty Too Hotty by Goldberg
07 - Triple H by Steve Austin** (Austin not in match)
08 - Christopher Nowinski by Matt Hardy
09 - Hardcore Holly by Brock Lesnar
10 - Tajiri by Kanyon
11 - Rikishi by Brock Lesnar
12 - Chavo Guerrero by Kurt Angle
13 - Brock Lesnar by Chris Jericho
14 - Chris Jericho by Kanyon (In part thanks to Brock Lesnar)
15 - Lance Storm by Kurt Angle
16 - James Storm by Goldberg
17 - Matt Hardy by Kurt Angle
18 - Kanyon by Kurt Angle
19 - Kurt Angle by Goldberg
Winner: Goldberg

Goldberg has his hand raised in the air, and he motion that the title will be around his waist come Great American Bash!!!

Michael Cole: It’s set, Goldberg versus The Rock. Goldberg - Rock II, the Great American Bash, July 3rd, History will be made!!!

End of Show

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Bad Blood is up on Sunday, anyone with any predictions feel free to drop them in.

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Re: Being the booker

wow! awesome show(s)!!! sorry about the lack of review, but I'm really busy. Goldberg challenging for the WWE Championship at GAB, interesting, hope you can manage to pull off a Goldberg championship match, it's hard. Lesnar/Jericho getting more interesting every week, as is Hart/Angle, I see the match at GAB ending in a handshake and show of respect, which would be cool. Kanyon was funny throught the night, nice to see you've captured his smart/coward/pathetic-ness, Who Betta? Beniot/Guerrero confirmed! And then JBL added to the equation! I was kinda looking forward to Beniot/Guerrero II, but adding JBL gives it a nice twist, still waiting for the one on one rematch (hint, hint, *cough*Summerslam*cough*)

Read the rules.
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