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Re: Being the booker

awwww, shame. Oh well, looking forward to the show on Saturday!

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Re: Being the booker

**Apologies for the lateness of the show, but I guess the saying goes better late than never**

Cade, Jindrak, Reigns def. Billy Gunn, Maven, Val Venis
Hurricane def. Local Jobber
Randy Orton def. Orlando Jordan

RAW; 30th May; Manchester, ENGLAND!!!!
Opening Video

J.R and King introduce us to the show, for the first time in the UK for Raw!!! Tonight’s main event will see Batista’s choice of superstar take on Randy Orton’s choice of superstar, with the winner getting to choose the stipulation for their match at Bad Blood. They also hype an 8 man Tag tonight too, with Cena, Edge, RVD and Mysterio teaming up to face Christian, Tomko, Dupree and Raven.

We kick off with Booker T & Goldust facing A-Train and Rhyno. In a good old fashioned style match, which gets the crowd pumped up, the face team pick up a win, which gets the British fans pumped up.

We cut to an interview with Eugene, who gets a few cheap pops from the British crowd, and starts to make fun of Carlito too, and just like last week, he takes out a Banana, takes a bite, and spits it out.

Batista and Ric Flair chat backstage, and announce Flair as Batista’s choice for tonight’s main event. They then ponder who Orton will choose, then come to the conclusion that no one will want to be his representative tonight.

Eugene takes on Rodney Mack, who is accompanied by the Brotherhood. Eugene throws in his usual comedy spots, before Carlito comes to the ring distracting Eugene. Despite the distraction, Eugene still manages to win the match, which only further annoys Carlito.

D-X then make their way to the ring, all decked out in Union Jack’s, which gets a huge pop. Once they reach the ring, they then rip off the clothes, and reveal Stars and Stripes representing the U.S, which gets a tonne of heat.
Michaels, Cade and Jindrak then get time on the mic, with their cockiness shining through, badmouthing Manchester, and the UK in general. Luther then gets on the mic, but doesn’t goof around like the others, and talks seriously about his Casket match at Bad Blood with Taker. HBK lightens the mood, and manages to get a smile out of Luther. Michaels, HBCade, and Jindrak then goof around, wiping their ass with a Union Jack, whilst Luther looks around, keeping in character as the serious member of DX.

In an interview with Randy Orton, the Legend Killer talks about his representative in tonight’s match, and that it will be a blast from the past for Flair, as his opponent will be STING!!! He then brings in Sting, and they shake hands, before Sting cuts a short promo, hyping the match later.

Chyna crushes Lita in a total squash. Shaniqua accompanies Chyna, and after the match, the two diva’s of destruction beat down Lita some more, before standing tall, making a challenge to the rest of the women on Raw.

Mick Foley chats with Eugene backstage, and makes an official announcement of Eugene vs. Carlito at Bad Blood. Eugene looks really happy, then Foley catches up with Booker T. Foley talks to him about Kenzo Suzuki’s upcoming debut to Raw at Bad Blood, and offers Booker T the chance to be first to face him. Booker accepts the challenge, and promises to really welcome Suzuki to Raw!!

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team retain their tag titles over Natural Born Thrillers in a passable encounter. After the bell, The four members of DX run to the ring, and attack the tag champions, wanting to get a piece before the title match at Bad Blood. The beat down continues, until…GONG…GONG…Undertaker IS BACK!!!! Taker makes his way to the ring, and has DX in shock. Cade and Jindrak rush to him, but are beaten away, with a double Chokeslam on the ramp, whilst Michaels runs into the crowd. In the ring, Luther shows no fear, and meets Taker head on, but The Deadman is in the zone, and he demolishes his opponent in less than two weeks at Bad Blood, finishing him off with a Tombstone.

After the commercial, we see Rey Mysterio and RVD chatting about their match at Bad Blood for the I.C Title, they both talk about how excited they are about it, then talk about tonight’s match coming up.

We then cut to the parking lot, where DX jump into a British Black Taxi, and get away from the arena ASAP.

In the 8 man Tag, Cena and Edge are unable to co-exist in the same team, and soon begin to fight again, all around ringside, whilst Mysterio and RVD face a 4 on 2 onslaught. The fight gets back in the ring between Cena and Edge, with Edge missing a Spear, and Cena then hitting an FU. Tomko boots Cena out of the ring whilst Christian pins Edge, 1...2...3!!!
Christian now has two victories in four weeks over both his opponents in the triple threat at Bad Blood.

Backstage, Orton and Batista come face to face, where they badmouth each other, talking about the types of matches they are planning on picking for Bad Blood.

We cut to an interview with John Cena. He talks about the match moments ago, where he and Edge began to brawl. He then is cut off by Edge, and the two men continue to brawl. They fight around the backstage area, until officials step in and break it up. Edge and Cena are trailed away in opposite directions, whilst Christian stand with a grin on his face, watching his two opponents at Bad Blood beat the hell out of one another.

In the main event, Sting, accompanied to the ring by Orton, whilst Flair is accompanied by Batista. We get a real clash of the legends, with both men rolling back the years, and the crowd goes wild for it. Orton and Batista brawl with each other after Batista gets involved in the match. The commotion outside the ring distracts the referee, and therefore he doesn’t see Flair nail Sting with a low blow. Flair then rolls Sting up, with his feet on the ropes, 1...2...3!!! FLAIR STEALS IT!!!
After the match, Flair and Batista get up the ramp quickly, whist Orton helps up Sting. Batista then gets on the mic, and talks about the match he could pick. He could pick a streetfight, or a chain match, or even Hell in a Cell, but he doesn’t want any of them. Instead, all he wants is a special guest referee…RIC FLAIR!!!
Orton knows already he is likely to get screwed, whilst Flair and Batista celebrate up the ramp, as the show goes off the air.

**I'll update the Bad Blood card in my sig shortly.**


Goldberg def. Local Jobber
Matt Hardy def. Test
Dudley Boyz def. Basham Brothers
William Regal def. Scott Steiner

Smackdown; London; ENGLAND!!!; June 2nd 2005:

Highlights from last week, with Chris Jericho becoming #1 Contender to face The Rock tonight.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Smackdown has invaded England!!! For the first time EVER, Smackdown broadcasts live in the UK!!! We are set for an explosive night, three titles will be on the line, none more bigger than the WWE Championship, where The Rock will defend against the #1 Contender, Chris Jericho.

Tazz: I am looking forward to that Cole. But hey, we’ve got the return of the Rattlesnake too.

Michael Cole: Indeed, for the first time since Judgement Day, Steve Austin will be present at Smackdown!!! Wh-

**ARE YOU READY??** The DX theme hits in the arena, to a lot of confusion amongst the fans, who aren’t sure what’s going on, with Raw guys music playing during Smackdown.

Michael Cole: What the hell??

Tazz: That - That’s DX music?? What the hell??

We then see the four members of DX, Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak, ‘The Insurance Policy’ Luther Reigns, and the leader, Shawn Michaels. HBK, still wearing his cast, dances his way to the ring, with everyone in attendance in absolute shock. Luther walks behind him, straight faced as always. Lagging behind, are Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade, who carry down a life support machine, and the jump starters too.

Michael Cole: Why is DX on Smackdown?? This isn’t Raw. Shawn Michaels, Mark Jindrak, Garrison Cade and Luther Reigns are not welcome here.

The four men then get into the ring, and Michaels asks for a mic.

Shawn Michaels: (Wipes his eyes, as if he’s seeing something strange) Is it just me, or has Raw changed a heck of a lot over three days?? I mean, the set is blue…J.R has lot around 250 pounds, and Jerry Lawler picked up a HECK of a tan.

Crowd Boo’s

Shawn Michaels: Oh, that’s right, we’re on Smackdown!!! Well, this must make a change for all you folk that watch this snooze fest on Thursdays. Hey, HBCade, you think the people watching this show at home have just realised that their Television is actually in colour??

Garrison Cade: I think you’re right there Shawn. I don’t understand why these people are booing us, when we are trying to bring some life to this program this week.

Cade then points to the life support machine, and Jindrak poses beside it, as if it was a commercial.

Shawn Michaels: Well, boys and girls, its official, DX are the best thing going, on Raw AND Smackdown!!!

The crowd then starts to chant DX sucks, and Jindrak covers Michaels ears so he doesn’t hear it.

Shawn Michaels: You know, you people shouldn’t be booing us, you should be thanking us. Thanking us for saving this piece of crap show from hitting rock bottom. I mean, come off it, all of you that bought tickets for Smackdown tonight, only bought them because the tickets for Raw were sold out, right??

Crowd gives more heat.

Shawn Michaels: Come on people, open your freaking eyes. Despite all the partying we’ve done in the last week, we still managed to get here tonight just for you guys. Face it, we’re the only winners in this country right now.

More heat

Shawn Michaels: No, no, no. Don’t gimme that crap. You’re national Rugby team SUCKS. You’re cricketers?? They suck. And as for your ‘football’ team?? Heck, how do you guys get away with calling it football?? Over in the states, we play REAL football, not the pansy ass crap you over here, especially in London.

Crowd gives more heat.

Shawn Michaels: Seriously. You lot have a bunch of ballerina’s. (Looks to Jindrak) What’s that guys name?? (Jindrak then walks over to HBK and whispers the name in his ear) Yeah, Robert Pires…BALLERINA!!! Same goes for…(Jindrak whispers another name) Arjen Robben!!

Crowd gives even more heat.

Shawn Michaels: Even the name suck. Chelsea?? That’s a woman’s name for Christ’s sake. Try some like, The Dallas Cowboys, or The Oakland Raiders. REAL names. But!!! But, I’ll give credit, where it’s due. Manchester United!!!! NOW THAT’S A REAL TEAM!!!

Crowd goes nuts, booing DX, and chanting derogatory remarks about Manchester United.

Shawn Michaels: Whoa. Calm it down people. In fact, we have gifts for all of you. Garrison, go get the bag.

Cade then leaves the ring, and runs up the ramp, to get the bag.

Shawn Michaels: Now, onto Snoozedown. Yeah, Snoozedown. Because this show is twice as good as any sleeping tablet I've ever needed.

Crowd boo’s some more.

Shawn Michaels: How can you boo when you haven’t heard what I have to say?? Ha. Anyway, lets start, with your Tag Team Champions. America’s Most Wanted?? I call them second rate. The DX tag team of Cade and Jindrak are gonna be the World Tag Team Champions in ten days time. So, Raw already has the best tag team champions.

Michaels hands the mic to Luther Reigns

Luther Reigns: And as for your big "monsters" here on Smackdown?? I don’t sweat them. I’m Luther Reigns, the Insurance Policy. And in ten days, I will finish off the Undertaker for GOOD!!! Goldberg?? You’re nothing but hype. Brock Lesnar?? You say you bring the pain, but I don’t see it. I could tear right through Smackdown, in an instant!!!

Reigns hands the mic back to Michaels, as Garrison Cade re-enters the ring, with the bag.

Shawn Michaels: And before I get started on your Paper Champion, I want to give you all a gift.

The four men, then reach into the bag, and pull out football jerseys, MANCHESTER UNITED SHIRTS!!! The four men then start throwing them into the crowd, then Jindrak pulls out a Chelsea top. The other three guys stop him from throwing it, and instead, then blows his nose on it, passes it to Cade, who drops the shirt to the ground, and stamps on it. Michaels picks it up, then spits on it, before Reigns take it, and rips it in half, as the crowd is chanting DX sucks.

Shawn Michaels: That is exactly what I think of this stinking country, and this is exactly what I think of your WWE Paper Champion, The Crock.

**IF YA SMELLLLLL…WHAT THE ROCK…IS COOKIN!!!** The Rock makes his way to the ring, to a HUGE pop. He zero’s in on DX, and enters the ring, before taking a mic.

The Rock: Shawn Michaels?? You wanna come out here, with your little buddies, and you wanna run down this beautiful country?? What in the blue hell is wrong with you?? You come out here with your Debt Collector, Luther Reigns, and the 2005 version of Billy and Chuck?? Tell me girls, what are your names??

Mark Jindrak: We’re M-


Crowd goes wild for The Rock.

The Rock: Shawn Michaels, you come out here like some Playboy, dancing like you belong in a strip club. You come to Smackdown with a phoney Life Support machine, and you invade Smackdown territory…MY territory. You come out here, and you run down the MILLIONS…(and millions)…of The Rock’s fans?? Well HBK, The Rock says this…Luther, you pick up that hunk of junk life support machine over in the corner there, and you pass it to tweddle dum and tweedle dee. They struggle to hold that bad boy up, so you help them with it…… Michaels, Michaels you bend over…

Crowd starts to cheer slightly, knowing what’s coming.

The Rock: That’s right, you bend over, and let your three gigolo’s shove that sum bitch, straight up, YOUR CANDYASS!!!

Crowd goes nuts, and start a Rocky chant.

The Rock: Now, get the hel-

Shawn Michaels: Hold it there. Is this how Smackdown treats all it’s guests?? With gay innuendos?? That’s pathetic. Rock, I remember when you were first breaking into this business. You were just a little kid. I was at the top, I was, and still am, the cream of the crop. Back then, you wouldn’t dare talk to me like that.

The Rock: Whoa, whoa, whoa, HBK. Don’t think that The Rock was scared to talk to you like that. Fact of the matter is, The Rock just didn’t WANT to talk to you.

HBK then steps into the face of The Rock. The two men then stare each other out, but then, Luther, Cade and Jindrak attack The Rock. A four on one attack begins, with the three lesser members of DX pounding down Rock. Michaels then starts to stamp his foot, signalling for Sweet Chin Music. He is about to go for it, with the three men holding Rock up for him, but then, Chris Jericho runs down the ramp with a Steel Chair. He gets in the ring, and swings at Michaels, but HBK ducks and rolls out of the ring. Jericho then nails Luther with it, whilst Rock clotheslines Cade over the top rope. Jindrak rolls out, and along with Michaels, pulls Luther out of the ring. DX then get away, up the ramp, whilst Rock and Jericho tell them they better run. Jericho and Rock then stop, and look at each other, then stare each other down, as we cut to Commercial.


We return from the commercial, with clips of the previous segment.

Michael Cole: We are back in London, England, but I am in shock after what we just witnessed moments ago. D-Generation X, invading Smackdown.

Tazz: Yeah, but The Rock and Chris Jericho told those punks where to go. I’m not big fans of The Rock or Jericho, but I would be willing on Goldberg if it was against Raw.

Michael Cole: But I found it very strange that Chris Jericho would help The Rock, just an hour or so away from their WWE Championship Match.

1st Match; WWE Tag Team Championship’s Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. La Resistance
Pretty decent action, with two of the better teams from the tag division going at it for the belts. Harris makes the hot tag, and cleans house. Grenier and Conway then try to cheat to victory, but AMW manage to overcome it, and eventually, they hit the Death Sentence, 1...2...3!!!
Winners; America’s Most Wanted
AMW celebrate, going into the crowd, whilst La Resistance are helped to the back.

Michael Cole: What a victory for AMW!!! They retain the titles, despite the blatant cheating from La Resistance!!!

Tazz: Michael, Harris and Storm look to be heading to their peak of their careers. I don’t expect anyone to topple them for quite some time!!!

Michael Cole: Folks, still to come, Fatal Four Way Match for the Cruiserweight Championship, The WWE Title match, and Kurt Angle will also be in action!!!

Backstage, Chris Jericho is approached by The Rock…

The Rock: Chris??

Chris Jericho: Yeah??

The Rock: The Rock wants to thank you for your help earlier…but just so you know, I didn’t want, nor did I need it.

Chris Jericho: (Chuckles) You didn’t need it?? Sure as hell looked like you did.

The Rock: Believe me, Jericho, I didn’t want, or need your help.

Chris Jericho: Listen to you, you sanctimonious son of a bitch. I didn’t come down their earlier for your benefit. I came down for my own. I didn’t want you to have any excuses for when you lose tonight.

The Rock: The Rock wont be making excuses Chris, because The Rock wont need any. You got that??

Chris Jericho: I hear ya, but I don’t believe ya.

The Rock: You will, oh, you will.

Rock then looks at Jericho, before walking off.

We then cut to the parking lot, and see DX jumping into a Black Cab, getting the hell out of the arena.

We then see a backstage worker making his way backstage, and he knocks on Kurt Angle’s locker room door, and enters. Angle quickly shuffles around, turning off his DVD player, and throwing a DVD case behind his couch.

Kurt Angle: Did I ask you to come in??

Backstage Worker: Sorry Mr. Angle, but your match is up next.

Kurt Angle: Alright, I’m on my way.

Angle picks up his elbow pads, and leaves his locker room. The camera then pans back behind his couch, and closes in on the DVD he was watching, entitled “The Best of Bret Hart”

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: This could get interesting later Tazz. The Rock and Chris Jericho are certainly not on the same page.

Tazz: Definitely not. This has the makings of a classic, Cole.


2nd Match;
Kurt Angle vs. Kanyon
Kanyon runs Kurt close, but in the end, Angle’s brilliance shines through, and takes the match via submission with the Anklelock..
Winner; Kurt Angle
Angle has his hand raised, and shows the fans why he shouldn’t be written off as a title contender.

We then cut backstage, where Chris Benoit approaches Eddie Guerrero.

Chris Benoit: Hey Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero: Yo hommes. How’s things essa vato??

Chris Benoit: Things are good Eddie, but are you ready for tonight’s tag match??

Eddie Guerrero: I was born ready vato loco. Lie, Cheat and Steal!!!

Chris Benoit: Glad to hear it partner, lets shut JBL up tonight.

Eddie Guerrero: Now you’re speaking my language hommes.

Benoit then shakes hands with Eddie, and pats his U.S Title belt, before speaking again.

Chris Benoit: You know, I still haven’t forgotten my rematch for that title. I’ve been waiting since WrestleMania.

Eddie Guerrero: It’ll be my pleasure hommes. Any place, any time.

Benoit and Guerrero smile towards each other, then Benoit walks off.

Back to ringside;
Michael Cole: Oh boy, what a match that would be. They tore the house down at Wrestlemania 21, and I would love to see it again!!

Tazz: I loved it at Ford Field on March 20th. I’d love it if it happens again.

Backstage, Maria approaches Paul London, who is preparing for his title defence for an interview.

Maria: Paul, tonight, you make your third title defence in three weeks, as you face the man you defeated at Judgement Day for the belt, Chavo Guerrero, along with the last two challengers for the title, Nunzio and Tajiri. But last week, after your win over Tajiri, Chavo attacked you, claiming he deserved the belt back.

Paul London: Chavo Guerrero claimed I was just a flash in the pan, a flavour of the month. He said I wouldn’t, and couldn’t beat him for the title, but I did, and now, I’m holding onto it too. I’m not a flash in a pan Chavo, I’m a full out fire. I’m not flavour of the month, I’m the taste of the year. I’m the new face of the Cruiserweight Division, and I’m prepared to defend the title in any situation, any environment, any place, and at any time. Chavo, get used to this face, because it’s one you’ll have to get used to.

London then picks up the belt, and walks off, as Maria looks on, impressed.


Raw Rebound;
- Carlito vs. Eugene and Booker T vs. Kenzo Suzuki are made official for Bad Blood.
- Return of The Undertaker, who cleans house on DX.
- Christian continues to have the upper hand on Cena and Edge going into the triple threat match at Bad Blood.
- Ric Flair representing Batista, defeats Sting, representing Randy Orton, to allow Batista his choice of stipulation for the match at Bad Blood. Batista then does the unexpected, and instead of choosing a high danger match, he simply chooses Flair to be Guest Referee.

Michael Cole: We are back on Smackdown, LIVE in London, England. And despite what Raw had to offer on Monday Night, I think we’re already exceeding them.

Tazz: Indeed we are Cole. An invasion from Raw, titles on the line, Kurt Angle in action, and the return to Smackdown of Stone Cold still to come!!!

Michael Cole: Austin is expected to be here tonight, and that should blow the roof off London.

3rd Match; Fatal Four Way for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Paul London vs. Nunzio vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Tajiri
In a fantastic free flowing contest, London really lets his star shine, with a marvellous performance, making the fans gasp in shock and admiration. All four men have a slight period of dominance in the match. The finishing sequence has the fans on the edge of their seat, as Nunzio goes for a Tornado DDT on Tajiri, but is stopped on the way down by Chavo, who goes for the Gory Bomb, but is kicked given the Buzzsaw kick from Tajiri. London then hits his dropsault on Tajiri and Nunzio, sending both men to the outside. London then hit’s the 450 Splash on Chavo, 1...2...3!!!
Winner; Paul London
London is handed the belt, and his arm is raised in the air. He is given a tremendous ovation, as the fans are now really starting to warm to him as CW Champion.

Michael Cole: What a victory for London, despite the best efforts of his three opponents, London still outclassed his three opponents to keep the Cruiserweight Title.

Tazz: Oh yeah, Paul London showed his tenacity here tonight, and right now, it’s hard to imagine anyone overcoming him for the title.

Michael Cole: Without doubt, he is the new face of the Cruiserweight Division, and he is here to stay. Still to come, Chris Jericho challenges The Rock for the WWE Championship. Jericho won a six man match last week on Smackdown to earn his shot tonight, pinning Brock Lesnar to do so. And to make sure there isn’t any revenge from Lesnar here tonight, our General manager has banned him from the arena, and ordered him to stay in the states.

Tazz: That’s totally unfair, and biased Cole. Brock Lesnar is being discriminated by Bret Hart. First, Hart suspends Lesnar’s agent, Paul Heyman, and by the way, Paul Heyman’s suspension ends in two weeks, then, Brock gets disrespected by Chris Jericho on the Highlight Reel, then loses to Jericho in last weeks main event. And NOW, Bret Hart is forcing him to stay at home.

Michael Cole: I’m not sure what Bret Hart has to do with Brock Lesnar’s appearance on the Highlight Reel last week, but in any event, there is no discrimination on Hart’s part.


We return with a video package of the Smackdown stars touring the UK over the last few days.

**Time to Play the Game** Triple H makes his way to the ring, dressed in a suit. He is given a heck of a lot of heat, but soaks it up with a grin on his face. He enters the ring, and is handed a mic.

Triple H: So, here we are, London, England. The land of awful teeth.

Crowd gives Triple H heat. He leans against the ropes, chuckling.

Triple H: That’s absolutely unbelievable. Unbelievable. You people know what I am saying is the truth, yet you still act as if it’s a pack of lies. Ever heard of a dentist?? Yeah?? Coulda fooled me.

HHH is given more heat.

Triple H: You know, it’s been 73 days since I lost my WWE Championship to The Rock at WrestleMania 21, and that eats me alive. Inside the Elimination Chamber, I gave my all, my heart, my sweat, my blood, my body. All for the WWE Championship. No one here can say they have ever done anything quite as heroic as that.
Has anyone in this building ever wanted something so bad, that they would shave months off their lives…take years off their careers… decades of quality of living, for one thing?? I heavily doubt it.
You see, that WWE Championship IS my life. I work day in, day out, to be the WWE Champion, to be the best. Nine times I have been a World Champion. Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Big Show, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Kane, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, you name it, I’ve beaten him. I’m not dubbed the Cerebral Assassin for the heck of it. They don’t call me the Game because it sounds good. I AM the cerebral assassin, I AM The Game. No one in the business can touch me. Rock, Jericho. I will be watching your match tonight with a very special interest. I will be watching hard, because I am looking for MY title. I want it back. Rock, you’ve borrowed it long enough, and Jericho, if you win, don’t get too comfortable. G-

**Glass Shatters** Steve Austin, then enters the arena, in his pick up truck to an enormous reaction from the British fans. He drives down the ringside, exit’s the vehicle, and goes to each corner, saluting the fans, whilst HHH looks on in anger. Austin is handed a mic, and he begins to speak.

Steve Austin: Hunter, I just got here five minutes ago, and you know what??


Steve Austin: I got here, and I was walking through the backstage area, and Jesus Christ son, the guys in the production truck, were fast asleep.


Steve Austin: I walked a little further, and the boys in the back, hell, they were sleeping too.


Steve Austin: Stone Cold Steve Austin then checked his watch to make sure he moved the winder around to British Time, which he had, then, I looked around, and saw one of the monitors. What did I see?? I saw you.


Steve Austin: So I sat down for a minute, I sat down, and I listened to what you had to say, and hell, I started to get sleepy. Turns out, the reason everyone was sleeping was the fact that you were out here, flapping your gums.


Steve Austin: So, what I’m fixing to do, is come out here, and shut your measly little mouth.

Triple H: (HHH goes to speak, but then stops, and starts to laugh, before putting the mic to his mouth again) Hey Austin, makes a change to see you here, I expected you to just take your ball, and go home again. So, from the bottom of my heart, it’s nice to see you turned up for work.

Austin doesn’t look impressed as HHH sits back on the ropes, smiling.

Steve Austin: Next time you open your mouth son, think about what your gonna say, cause believe me, you say something like that again, and I’ll stick my boot so far up your ass, you’ll be using my shoelaces as a toothpick.

Crowd cheers as Triple H now looks angry.

Triple H: Just who in the hell do you think you are?? Let-

Steve Austin: I’m Stone Cold Steve Austin son, and you’d do well to remember that.


Steve Austin: I said I’m Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Steve Austin: The (What) Worlds (What) Toughest (What) Son (What) of (What) a (What) bitch!!!

Triple H: (Looks to the crowd, and addresses them) I tell you something, you can cut that what crap out.


Triple H: I’m warning you.

Steve Austin: What?


Steve Austin: Look at ya. You come out here, with your silly long hair, which I have to say, musta been washed with dog piss rather than shampoo, your beady little eyes, pointy nose, that tie?? Looks like puke. Your shirt, Three Dollars at best. And don’t get me started on your beard. Son, just because Motorhead plays your entrance music, doesn’t mean you have to get yourself a Lemmy beard. YOUR PATHETIC!!


Steve Austin: He’s pathetic.


Steve Austin: He makes me sick.


Steve Austin: And you wanna know what my watch is saying??


Steve Austin: It’s saying, that despite only being an average everyday wrist watch, it’s still able a bigger ass whooping machine, than the Rolex around your scrawny little wrist.


Steve Austin: Let me spell it out for ya Hunter, basically, what I’m saying is I only got here, but your still pissing me off, so therefore, Stone Cold has to do something about it, and THAT’S THE BOTT-

Triple H then grabs Austin’s mic from him and chucks it away. He goes to speak, but Austin then swipes Hunter’s mic from him.

Steve Austin: Son, you ever do that again, you wont live to regret your actions.

HHH then steps into Austin’s face, and asks for the mic. Austin holds it out, then as Triple H attempt to take it, Austin drops it. HHH then looks frustrated further, but eventually kneels down and picks it up. Before speaking, HHH dusts the mic off.

Triple H: Austin, believe me, you wont lay a finger on me.

Austin then smirks, and asks for the mic from Triple H. Triple H drops it, just like Austin did. Stone Cold then smirks again, and gives Triple H the bird, before asking for a mic from Tony Chimmel.

Steve Austin: Hunter, you mealy mouthed son of a bitch, I’ll inform you right now, that not only will I lay a finger on ya, but I’ll lay both hands, both feet, and by gawd, I’ll open up the biggest can of whoop ass London, England has ever seen!!!

Crowd Pops big time

Steve Austin: You don’t understand what I have to say?? Hell, I’m fluent in sign language too…

Austin gives Triple H the bird, and The Game snaps, swinging at Austin, but Austin ducks, and quick as a flash, kicks Hunter in the gut, and delivers a Stunner!!!

The roof is ready to blow off the arena, as Austin gets down beside HHH, talking trash, before getting to his feet, grabbing the mic again.


Austin stomps Hunter out of the ring, before calling for some beers, which he promptly downs, to a major ovation for the Rattlesnake.


Back to ringside, where Cole and Tazz look to be drenched in something…
Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, LIVE in London, England, and folks, what a night it’s been, so-

Tazz: Dammit Cole, this is your fault. I’m soaked in beer!!!

Michael Cole: What are you blaming me for??

Tazz: Because…I like blaming you. Austin drenched us in beer, and as always its down to you.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, it hasn’t been raining here in London, and there isn’t a leak in the roof, we are absolutely drenched, due to Steve Austin’s typical celebrations. That’s right, beer. Just before the commercial break, we saw a very hostile and bitter showdown between two heated rivals, in the past, and by the looks of things, the future too.

Tazz: Oh yeah, The Game and Austin go way back partner. Remember, it was Triple H who orchestrated the running down of Stone Cold Steve Austin, keeping him out of the ring for an entire year. They waged war EVERYWHERE. Heck, back a while ago, they formed the most dominant alliance in the history of the business as the Power Trip.

Michael Cole: But Tazz, that didn’t last very long.

Tazz: Well, that’s true, but as Austin himself would say, the bottom line is, they plain out hate one another.

4th Match:
Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Christopher Nowinski
In the match, Benoit, and Guerrero as usual are the star performers, but JBL looks to make a huge effort in the ring, with Nowinski holding up his end too. Mid way through the match we have a commercial break, and as we return, Layfield and Nowinski have complete control over Guerrero. Eventually, the U.S Champion manages a fight back, and tags in his partner. Benoit hit’s the ring, and nails Germans on both opponents, then hit’s the Headbutt on JBL. Nowinski then goes for a downward spiral on Benoit, but Guerrero makes the save, and takes the Harvard Graduate to the outside, whilst Benoit applies the Crossface on Bradshaw, with the inevitable tap out set to come at any moment…but it surprisingly doesn’t!!! JBL manages to fight the move, and eventually makes it to the ropes!!!
Benoit doesn’t let that effect him too much, and goes back to work on JBL’s shoulder, but Layfield sneakily rolls to the outside. Benoit steps through the ropes, but is blindsided by Nowinski, and they brawl on the outside. This distracts the referee, whilst Eddie also appears to be distracted. From behind on Guerrero, JBL hits him with his own United States Championship. He covers, and claims Guerrero tagged Benoit in to be legal, the referee believes the bullshit, and makes the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Christopher Nowinski
JBL immediately basks in victory, raising Eddie’s U.S Title in the air in celebration. He then leaves the ring, but is forced to relinquish Eddie’s belt. He celebrates all the way up the ramp, as if he just won the lottery.

Michael Cole: Somebody call the damn cops, JBL just stole the win here.

Tazz: I gotta give the devil his due Cole. JBL played Eddie at his own game and won. He survived what seemed like an eternity in the crossface, and he still came out with a W.

Michael Cole: Folks, I’m just getting word through on my headset here. We’ve just been told, that next week, in Hartford, it’ll be a Twenty Man, over the top rope Battle Royal, and get this, the winner?? Gets a WWE Championship shot, at the Great American Bash, in Washington on July 3rd!!!

Tazz: Big time news Cole. Guys like Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Triple H, Hardcore Holly, Brock Lesnar, Lance Storm, William Regal, all involved in the Battle Royal. That is BIG!!!

Michael Cole: And when we come back folks, it’s Main Event time. Chris Jericho challenges The Rock for his coveted WWE Championship!!!


Main Event; WWE Championship Match:
The Rock vs. Chris Jericho
Short and physical contest, back and forth between both the men. Both Rock and Jericho go at it fully, with it looking like both men have had the match time cut down a little, with everything else on the show running over.
The fight spills outside, into the crowd, back into the ring, both attempt their finishing moves, with neither connecting. Both men come close with some gripping near falls, and reversals, counters, and roll ups galore. Eventually, at the end, Jericho goes for a Lionsault, but Rock moves away, but, Jericho manages to land on his feet, however, as he turns around, he is met right away by The Rock, with a Rock Bottom!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner; The Rock
Rock has his hand raised high, with the WWE Title, whilst Jericho rolls out of the ring, defeated. He limps up the ramp, holding the back of his head, then as he reaches the top, he turns around, and watches The Rock in the ring. Jericho then nods, signifying he knows he was beaten by the better man tonight.

End of Show

Please rate.
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Re: Being the booker

Opening Promo – Quite a funny promo, you had some fun mocking Chelsea I see

AMW vs. La Resistance – Puts AMW over as strong champions by beating La Resistance, good move.

Jericho-Rock – Both kept in character and it got the point across, well delivered promo

Kurt Angle Promo – Another teaser of Angle-Bret, good job on that, cant wait to see if it happens

Angle-Kanyon – Put’s Angle over once again, nothing more needs to be said really.

Benoit-Eddie – I see an eventual match between these two somewhere, it’ll be interesting to see when that happens, Summerslam is my bet

CW Match – London is also starting to become a strong champion, you work hard to develop your champions, good job on that

HHH – His usual promo, his usual lines, well written and kept in character though well done

“Steve Austin: So I sat down for a minute, I sat down, and I listened to what you had to say, and hell, I started to get sleepy. Turns out, the reason everyone was sleeping was the fact that you were out here, flapping your gums.”

^^^ You can say that again, he does it every week and annoys me, I was so pleased to see Austin interrupt him

JBL/Nowinski def Benoit/Guerrero – Not surprised to see this, a good way to put JBL and Nowinski over and I reckon we’ll see JBL vs. Benoit at some point, or maybe a three way with Guerrero

Rock-Jericho – Would be an awesome match for SD and Rock winning puts him over as a strong champion, no sign of a turn either from Jericho keeps him over as a babyface. Good job.

Realism: 10/10 Perfect imo

Length: 10/10 Also perfect with the DX promo at the start and the main event taking up the majority of the time.

Quality/Entertainment: 8.5/10 You can be funnier, I liked the DX promo, the show was well written but it just lacked something I don’t quite know what it is but there was something missing

Spelling/Grammar – 10/10 Didn’t see anything wrong

Matches/Booking – 10/10 All the champions are being put over as a worthy holder of their respective belt so well done on that, everything was fine.

Overall: 97/100 I think
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Re: Being the booker

What can I say?
Nothing left to say anymore..."The Main Event" said it all..
Ur lucky u dint insult Newcastle United..kidding..Excellent opening promo with DX
When's Kurt Angle gonna challenge Bret Hart to a submission match at Summerslam!!
Eddie and Benoit II is great..Will be great to have it.
And Stone Cold just said the truth about Triple H...puts us to sleep all the time...I knew where he was going with that...AWESOME!!

Best Smackdown in a long time!!
And Raw was great too...Flair and Sting was nice!


Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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Re: Being the booker

DX opening was awesome(too bad UT didnt follow them)

AMW retainig was good but theyre just too dominant on Smackdown(except for that loss at Mania)

No Brock?

Paul London winning is great and glad the crowd is behind him

Kurt vs Bret at Summerslam, nah! Mania!

Benoit vs Eddie at GAB, Benoit vs JBL at Summerslam? Nice tag match and JBL and Nowinski could be a good stable

Kurt watching Best of Bret Hart, I want that dvd!

Kurt beating Kanyon was good, but I like Kanyon

Jericho-Rock was awesome but Jericho losing clean sucks, now hes out of the title picture. Rock should lose the belt to Angle at GAB, hes just not a good champion for Smackdown at this point

Dont have time for a grading system this week but I will next week
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Re: Being the booker

Smackdown Review

Great opening in-ring segment. I believe that it’s a good idea to move DX to both RAW and SD. That’s kind of what might happen in my btb too! I like the war idea though, and a great storyline is sure to follow 9.5/10

America’s Most Wanted vs. La Resistance – good match, I cant really say much about AMW. Im not a fan at all! Good to see you using a the tag team storyline/match. They never really happen anymore 7/10

Rock/Jericho Segment – Good use of character on both men 9/10

Angle backstage – I loved it that he was watching a dvd about Bret, lol 9/10

Angle vs. Kanyon - Would have been funny to see Kanyon win, but it was kind of predictable to see Angle come out victorious 7/10

Eddie/Benoit Segment - What can I say, you wrote Eddie to a T. It was perfect in character for him! 9/10

Paul London vs. Nunzio vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Tajiri - Very good match, and its one id like to see in person. These men could make a opening match look like a main event. Good Choice! 9.5/10

Austin/Triple H – WOW! That’s all I can say. That may be the best in-ring segment for this month. You wrote both competitors perfectly in character, and it was largely entertaining. I cant say enough, and how much I enjoyed that! 10/10

Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Christopher Nowinski – I liked it, but Im sorry I don’t like the idea of JBL, and Nowinski together. I dunno know that he isn’t even around anymore, I don’t see a use for Christopher. I understand though you need to use him, and it may work out in the end, but I just don’t see it. 6/10

Jericho vs. The Rock – Match of the night, and type of match that is ppv type material. Im glad to see matches like this on a weekly show, and I think it really adds ot the value 9/10

OVERALL – I think it was a really good show. Its something that I would be proud to pay money to see. I think that you have a few storylines that are gonan be interesting in the upcoming weeks, especially the DX angle. Im also interested to see where HHH & Austin go leading up to GAB.


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Re: Being the booker

Awesome Raw, like the DX and the huge announcement for the Baitsta-Orton match with Flair as ref. Also, funny Eugene promo backstage.

DX invading Smackdown!!!!! OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!! I hope this dawns the start of DX on Smackdown, proving they do what they want when they want. Also Rock and Jericho would be interesting for Michaels to rival with Rock and become WWE Champion.

Nice tag title defence, needed to prove AMW's dominance.

Jericho and Rock was a well delivered promo, and building up the main event even further.

Angle backstage with the DVD is looking good for his match with Bret, love the build up, and as much as I hate Bret Hart this one should be a good one.

Angle beating Kanyon puts him over better, and surprisingly Kanyon does well!

Beniot Eddie II!!!! I can't wait for this one!! I see Beniot heel, and another great match, maybe even new US Champion in Beniot.

Once again, another dominant champion, like the way the fans are warming to London and a strong interview backstage.

HHH and Austin promo was possibly the greatest promo I have ever seen. Loved it from start to finish (even HHH!!!) and this should be a great rivalry (please make HHH wrestle like his olden days, not nowadays)

JBL and Nowiniski winning was slightly predictable, but good as well.

WWE Championship defence was great!! If only I could've seen the match, also like the show of respect afterwards.

Realism: 10/10 Nothing wrong, perfect. Tazz and Cole were great, especially after the HHH-Austin promo.

Length: 10/10 Once again perfect, with a long main event that was of PPV quality, a real treat for SD viewers.

Quality/Entertainment: 9.5/10 While funny, you've done funnier. Loved the promos especially the DX and HHH-Austin. And with the main event it was thorougly entertaining.

Spelling/Grammar – 10/10 No problem.

Matches/Booking – 10/10 Perfect booking, all champs put over, Angle put over. Great, GREAT WWE Championship match as main event, I wish i could see that match one more time.

Overall: 99/100 I think

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker


Nice choice to make Booker and Goldust go over. Good choice for an opener.
Carlito's fued with Eugene is one of my favorites on Raw, Eugene is ufnny especially with the bannanas. Carlito's plan not working in trying to screw Eugene was good, making Eugene get on his nerves even more.

I like how you are using D-X, like the original heel DX. Cocky, obscene, and down right obnoxious. Whiping their crack with the Union Jack was funny as well as sporting American attire in England only to bash the Eglish crowd. Good stuff.

Awesome as Sting is the partner for Orton.

I wonder who will stop Chyna and Shaniqua. Man handling or woman handling I should say Lita was a good way to demostrate their dominance.

Awesome to see Undertaker back and to make the save, cant wait for the casket match.

8 man seemed to be a chaotic contest. Christian picking up the win makes him the favorite in my eyes for the triple threat match. I liked how Cena and Edge went at it as well while Christian just looked on.

I was shocked to see Batista win and choose a sepcial guest referee match with flair as the ref instead of the gimmick match. Totally didn't see that, I see some sort of screw job coming out of that match but I havent decided what yet.

Realism: 10/10 was very realistic

Length: 10/10 Looked to be how long a raw would be with all the segments.

Quality/Entertainment: 9/10 it was entertaining enough for me

Spelling/Grammar – 10/10 Did not see anything wrong

Matches/Booking – 10/10 great from start to finish

Overall: 98/100


Wow that DX segment was awesome. Nice and lengthy and perfect. DX baggering the England crowd. Also plenty of shots at Smackdown there. Then the Rock coming out and telling them off was good. Greatly written Rocky promo, Billy and Chuck of 2005 that was great. Great stuff and also with Jericho making the save at the end of the segment and then him and Rock with the stare down

Good to see AMW retain their titles, thought they would. Good choice.

Nice to see tension between Rock and Jericho before their match. Good build to the match throughout the show.

Hmmm Angle watching a best of Bret Hart tape, what can this mean? Angle going over Kanyon was pretty obvious and the right way to go.

I would love to see a Benoit and Eddie rematch

I like London retaining, builds him up as a better champion.

Triple H and Stone Cold in ring segment was awesome. As everyone else said very well in character and well written. Awesome stuff.

JBL and Nowiniski picking up the win was good, making the heels go over. I can see a possible rematch soon.

Then there was Rock and Jericho which was an awesome Smackdown main event. I had a small feeling Jericho would win, but having Rock retain was probably the best choice. Well done.

Overall another great smackdown!

Realism: 10/10 Nothing caught me as unrealistic

Length: 10/10 Perfect amount of segments and length for each, especially the opening segment.

Quality/Entertainment: 9/10 very entertaining, especially DX and The Rock!

Spelling/Grammar – 10/10 Didn’t see anything wrong

Matches/Booking – 10/10 Like Main Event said all the champions are being put over well, and each winner had a purpose for that person winning it seems if that makes any sense.

Overall: 99/100

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Re: Being the booker

Love the Eugene/Carlito feud and the 2 woman Power Trip angle.
Good to see Christian getting the advantage leading up to the Triple Threat match although that means he won't win it.
DX is gold.
I'm a bit disappointed that Batista ended up choosing a Special Referee stipulation. I would've preferred a Street Fight myself.

Realism: 10/10
Length: 10/10
Quality: 10/10 solid from top to bottom
Booking:9/10 Not too happy that Batista ended up choosing a Special Referee stipulation.
Grammar: 10/10


Once again DX is gold I love their interaction with The Rock and I'm hoping a Rock/HBK match down the line here.
I like the Austin/HHH segment
Looking forward to the Angle/HBK encounter. Should try and save it for Wrestlemania 22
Great card of matches with the champions retaining in their Championship matches.
I'm glad JBL is being used as a US Title contender instead of a WWE Title contender like in real life.

Realism: 10/10
Length: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Booking: 10/10
Grammar: 10/10

Check out my Be the Booker Thread!

WWF Attitude: Road to Wrestlemania 2000
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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for the replies everyone. No show this week though I'm afraid, but after this week it'll be back to normal with a weekly show right after this week.
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