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Learning to break kayfabe
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Ok I really cant wait 5 here I come!!!!!
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Smack down Brand PPV: WWE Judgment Day
16/05/04; Corpus Christi

Opening video plays with the four major feuds playing the biggest parts with the theme being all of these peoples Judgment Day.

RC Edge presents a Smackdown production of WWE Judgment Day.


Michael Cole: Judgment Day is here! We are live in Corpus Christi for perhaps the most anticipated event in WWE history. It truly is Judgment Day for Stone Cold Steve Austin as he battles Mr. Mc Mahon with his career on the line.
Tazz: Steve Austin aint just facing Vince McMahon, heís facing Bret Hart as special guest referee and half of the Smackdown roster as Lumberjacks.
Cole: It truly is Judge, Jury and Executioner tonight.

1st Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio
Overview: The match starts with holds and counter holds along with pinfall attempt after pinfall attempt. Then Kidman plants Rey with a clothesline. He takes control for a period of the match working on Mysterio. Mysterio fights out of a sleeper and begins to make the match a more high flying affair with some trademark Mysterio moves. Both men step it up as the match sways to and fro. Kidman hits an unbelievable Kid Krusher on Rey. He goes up top for a Shooting Star but Rey moves just in time. He hitís the 619 and then drops the dial. Somehow, Kidman kicks out. He rolls out of the ring, but is followed by Rey, who hitís a moonsault from the apron onto Kidman. They go at it on the outside for a minute or so before Kidman nails him with a low blow. The referee doesnít see, so the match continues. Kidman brings Rey back into the ring and goes for a superplex, which Rey reverses in mid air and gets the win to once again become Cruiserweight Champion. Kidman is irate as Mysterio walks up the ramp with the belt.

The Rock is seen arriving at the arena.

Interview with Zach Gowen. He says that Hardcore Holly is nothing more than a bully, and that if he doesnít take him seriously, Holly will be in for a shock.

Bret talks with Big Show and A-Train backstage.

2nd Match:
Hardcore Holly vs. Zach Gowen
Overview: Holly trips Gowen and laughs. Gowen gets back up but is slapped back down. Holly plays to the crowd and turns his back on Zach. Gowen hitís a dropkick, knocking Holly out of the ring. Holly is fuming he gets back in and attempts a clothesline, but Zach ducks and rolls out of the ring. Holly chases him around the ring. Zach re-enters the ring and as Holly crawls back in Gowen nails a dropkick. He hitís a few elbows on Holly and as he gets back up, he hits another dropkick. He goes to the top rope, but is stopped by Holly who slams him back to the ground. He works on the only leg of Gowen for a few minutes. He then gets physical and hitís a belly to belly and a delayed suplex. He goes for an Alabama Slam, but Gowen rolls through and gets a roll up for two. He gets back up and hitís a heel kick on Holly. He then goes for a moonsault but Holly gets the knees up. He then hits an Alabama Slam for the win. He mocks Gowen and then nails him with another Alabama Slam before leaving.

We are shown Haas and Benjamin talking backstage from heat. They seem worried and talk in a defeatist attitude.

A short video plays promoting WWE Bad Blood, A RAW brand production next month.

3rd Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
T.W.G.T.T vs. A.P.A
Overview: TWGTT argue over who should start the match. Bradshaw gets sick of waiting and beats up both. He throws Haas out and begins the match with Benjamin. Bradshaw dominates him for a few minutes before tagging in Faarooq. Faarooq beats down Benjamin and makes frequent tags with Bradshaw. Eventually Haas makes the save for Shelton by nailing a dropkick from behind on Bradshaw. He is warned by the referee but Shelton still makes the tag. Charlie works on Bradshaw for a few moments until Bradshaw hits him with a boot out of nowhere. He makes the tag and Faarooq dismantles Haas. He hitís a dominator but Shelton pulls Charlie out of the ring. The try to get counted out but the referee tells the ring announcer that if they get counted out he will reward the tag titles to APA. They reluctantly return. Again the APA dominate the match, Bradshaw hitís a Clothesline from hell on Shelton. Charlie breaks the count on 2, by nailing Bradshaw with the title. TWGTT think the match has ended on DQ, but the referee tells the announcer that he wants the match restarted, and if TWGTT get DQ again he will give APA the titles. Again TWGTT are irate. They get back in and again are overpowered by APA. Faarooq goes for another dominator on Haas, but Shelton holds on to Charlie, saving him. Bradshaw is irate and tries to get in the ring. He is stopped by the referee, and while his back is turned, Shelton and Charlie double team Faarooq. Benjamin runs to the other side of the ring to distract Bradshaw while the referee makes the count for TWGTT to retain the titles. :angry:

La Resistance interview. They talk about being the leaders on the Lumberjacks tonight. Austin stands behind. He shouts WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! He then says that La Resistance just donít have what it takes to end Stone Colds career tonight.

Quick highlights of recent events leading to the U.S title match up next, with Tazz and Cole discussing Kanyons chances, Slim and None.

4th Match: United States Championship Match:
Kanyon vs. Big Show
Overview: After a bit of a cat and mouse chase, Big Show catches Kanyon and takes control for most of the match. He goes for a choke slam but Kanyon escapes. He runs to the outside and crawls under the ring. Big Show waits at the other side for him to come out. He doesnít. Instead he comes back out where he came from and lets Show see him. He lets Big Show catch him but when he does, he nails Big Show with a breezeblock, which somehow goes undetected from the official. He climbs back into the ring and looks to win via a count out. Big Show recovers in time to re- enter on the count of eight. He is dazed and a little confused. Kanyon hitís the Grand Kanyon, but Show kicks out at two. Kanyon is shocked. He tries to get Show back up to hit another, but Show uses his incredible strength to push him away. He is pushed into the referee, who goes flying to the outside. Big Show nails Kanyon with an almighty Chokeslam. He gets a cover but there is no official. Show is irate. He takes the padding off the turnbuckle and then bring the ref back in. He pulls up Kanyon and fires him into the corner without padding. He runs at Kanyon, but he moves and takes down Show with a drop toe hold into the corner. Big Show is out cold, and Kanyon makes the cover for a three count. He takes his title and runs out of the arena. EMTís rush to the ring to look at Show, but by this time he is recovering, and realises that he has lost. He takes his frustration out on the EMTís with Chokeslams all round, before storming off to the back.

We are shown highlights of last Thursday on Smackdown, where Angle, Chavo and Holly destroyed the knee of Chris Benoit. It leads to an interview with Eddy Guerrero. He says Chris wont be here tonight but he will still face Chavo and Kurt even if it means a two on one match.

We then see the reaction of Chavo and Angle as they watch on a monitor. They says their plan came through, and know they have Eddy all on his own.

Kanyon quickly jumps in a Taxi and gets out of the arena.

Bret asks Vince if he is ready for tonightís match, mentally. Vince says he has been ready for this match for weeks. They laugh as the camera fades.

Video package of the Guerrero family feud leading to tonightís match.

5th Match: Tag Team/Handicap Match:
Kurt Angle & Chavo Guerrero vs. Eddy Guerrero (& Chris Benoit ??)
Overview: Eddy is ready to start the match alone, thenÖ..Chris Benoitís theme music plays, but there is no sign of Benoit. The music stops. Eddy prepares to lock up Kurt, thenÖ..Benoits music plays again and we see the Rabid Wolverine. Angle and Chavo are irate and shocked. He makes his way to the ring limping heavily, and shakes with Eddy. He insists on starting the match. He goes at it with Angle for a good 4 - 5 minutes in some great technical action. Both men then make a tag and Eddy and Chavo then go at it for roughly the same amount of time. Again both men make tags and Benoit goes at it with Kurt. Benoit take the upper hand. Kurt gets frustrated and swipes the bad knee of Benoit. He and Chavo then begin to make more frequent tags, as they work on the leg of Benoit. On numerous a frustrated Eddy tries to help Benoit but is held back by the referee, meaning Kurt and Chavo can cheat behind the refereeís back. Eventually, Benoit reverses a German suplex from Angle and hits one of his own. He tags in Eddy who cleans house. The match erupts into a brawl, with all four men going at it. Firstly, its Eddy and Kurt in the ring. They have a number of close decisions, pinfall attempt after pinfall attempt. Then Benoit and Chavo re-enter. Eddy fights with Chavo to the outside and Kurt locks in the ankle lock on Benoit. He looks set to tap until Eddy makes the save. Kurt hitís the Angle Slam on Eddy, but Benoit breaks the count. Kurt and Benoit brawl on the outside. Chavo brings a chair into the ring to hit Eddy but has it taken from him by the referee. He argues with the referee, and turns his back to Eddy. Eddy nails a low blow and the rolling suplexes before hitting the frog splash. Kurt tries to nail an elbow in a bid to stop the count, but Eddy move, and Kurt elbows Chavo instead. He attempts to clothesline Eddy, but he ducks and Kurt walks into a crossface. Eddy pins Chavo for the win and then Angle taps to the crossface. Benoit and Guerrero celebrate in the ring, while Kurt and Chavo stagger to the back.

Rock has a showdown with Austin where Rock says he hopes he is the one to give Austin a parting blow. Austin just stares Rock out before walking away.

We see Goldberg preparing for his match up soon.

Bret talks to Angle and Chavo. He says they were unlucky to lose, and asks if they will still be Lumberjacks tonight. Chavo says that he wouldnít miss it for the world. Angle nods and they walk away. Bret smiles as the camera cuts.

Video package for The Rock - John Cena match up next.

6th Match:
The Rock vs. John Cena
Overview: Match starts with both men circling the ring. Eventually they go face to face and taunt each other. The Rock impersonates Cena by doing the ĎYou cant see meí taunt. Cena punches Rock and the match really begins. They go punch for punch with Cena on top. He pounds Rock in the corner, and then plays to the crowd. Rock sprints out of the corner and nails a clothesline. He then begins to stomp on Cena. He picks him up and whips him into the ropes. He puts his head down and Cena kicks him as he returns. He then body slams Rock and comes of the ropes to hit the 5 Knuckle shuffle. He gets a two. They then go to the outside and brawl through the crowd for a few minutes. They come back to ringside and Rock takes control. He attempts to hit a Rock Bottom through the announce table, but Cena reverses and hits his own Rock Bottom. Cena brings Rock back in he attempts a cover but Rock kicks out at an early two. He sets up Rock for an FU. Rocks fights out and nails his own FU. Cena gets his foot on the ropes to break the count. Rock cant believe it. He hitís a spine buster and attempts a Peoples Elbow. Cena moves just in time and his his own spine buster on The Rock. He gets a two count. Both men get to their feet and they go at it again, going punch for punch. Cena hitís a belly to belly and gets another two. Rock tries to fight back but Cena again gets the better of him. He comes off the ropes but is met by a belly to belly from the Rock. Rock nips up to a chorus of boos, and he locks on the Sharpshooter. Cena struggles but manages to get to the ropes. The two men then go blow for blow, until The Rock ducks a clothesline and takes Cena by surprise and nails a Rock Bottom. Cena kicks out to the Rocks disbelief. Rock stalks Cena around the ring as Cena tries to regain his bearings. As he turns around, Rock does the ĎJust Bring ití taunt and goes for another Rock Bottom. Cena fights out and hitís a DDT. He nips up this time and mimics The Rock. He stalks Rock and as he turns around Cena does his ĎYou cant see meí taunt. He hitís the FU and decides not to pin The Rock. He give the Rock a peoples elbow of his own and makes the cover. 1...2...3!!! Cena wins!! He celebrates in the ring as the Rock crawls out of the ring and walks up the ramp in shock as Cena has beat him again.

Bret dusts off his referees shirt.

Austin is seen preparing in his locker room.

Lesnar - Goldberg, video package

7th Match: WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg
Overview: The match begins with each man staring at the other in opposite corners. The crowd erupts into Goldberg chants. This clearly unsettles Lesnar, and he looks around the arena shouting ĎShut up!!!í continually. Eventually they come to the centre of the ring and tie up. Goldberg shoves Lesnar hard into the corner. Lesnar gulps and looks worried. Goldberg smiles as Lesnar gets back to his feet and they tie up again with the same outcome. Lesnar goes in one more time, but this time he doesnít try to use his strength, he goes amateur and takes Goldberg down to the mat. He grapples with Goldberg and has Goldberg in all kinds of trouble. Goldberg makes the ropes and Lesnar breaks the hold. He laughs at Goldberg. Goldberg gets back to his feet and yells in Brocks face. Lesnar stands in shock, and Goldberg hitís a clothesline. He controls the match for 3 minutes or so, laying a physical beating on Brock. He attempts a spear but Lesnar moves just in time. Goldberg rams his shoulder into the post, and Lesnar rolls him up, but Goldberg kicks out at two. Brock begins to work on Goldbergís shoulder for a few minutes and takes him to the outside to make more damage. He brings him back in the ring ant taunts him. He bounces off the ropes to hit a clothesline, but Goldberg kicks him in the gut. He gets Lesnar in the air for a Press Slam but on the way down he reverses it into a Spinebuster. He takes a few moments to recover from his shoulder injury. By that time, Lesnar is getting back to his feet. Goldberg sets him up for a spear. He nails the champion with an almighty Spear, and then signals for the Jackhammer. He hitís the Jackhammer, and gets the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Lesnar kicks out of the Jackhammer. Goldberg cant believe it. He then decides to go for another. He gets him in the air but Brock fights out. He then goes for an F5. Goldberg fights out. He then goes for an F5 on Lesnar. He hits it and gets the cover, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!! Lesnar rolls out of the ring, but is followed by Goldberg. He nails Goldberg with the title belt, but the referee doesnít see. He throws him in the ring. And hitís a spear on Goldberg. He then hitís a Jackhammer. And goes for the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT from Goldberg!!! Lesnar cant believe it. He hits an F5 on the groggy Goldberg, and gets his feet on the ropes for the cover. 1...2...3!!!! Brock Lesnar retains!!! Lesnar doesnít bother to celebrate and gets out of the arena as quickly as possible.

We see Vince preparing for the match up next.

Interview with Bret Hart. He talks about this being the final resting place of Austin 3.16. He then calls in ĎThe Juryí. They are led by The Rock and they all smile as Bret says, ĎLike Austin always says, Donít trust anybodyí.

We cut to Austin walking backstage.

Michael Cole and Tazz talk about everything that has went down tonight, and they say that there is tension building in the arena as they prepare for the main eventÖÖ.

Main Event Video Package.

Main Event: Judge, Jury and Executioner Match: With Steve Austinís career on the line.
Mr. McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
With special guest referee; Bret ĎHitmaní Hart
And Lumberjacks: The Rock, Big Show, La Resistance, Kurt Angle, Chavo Guerrero, A- Train, Tajiri, Akio, Sakoda, Basham Brothers, Shaniqua, Hardcore Holly.
Match: Bret Hart is introduced first. He is given a glorified introduction. He poses at the top of the ramp, before signalling for the lumberjacks. They all make their way to the ring. Bret gives the announcer a sheet to read when introducing Vince. McMahonís music hits. He is also given a glorified introduction. He shakes hands with all the Lumberjacks and hugs Bret Hart. Then Austinís music hits to one of the biggest pops of his career. In the ring Vince gives the announcer a sheet to read for his introduction. The announcer makes the introduction, ďAnd his opponent, for the very last time, Stone Cold Steve AustinĒ. Austin enters the ring and stares a hole through Vince and gives Bret the bird. He goes to each corner and looks to the outside each time where he argues with the lumberjacks. He stands in the middle of the ring and stares at both Bret and Vince. He takes off his jacket and throws it at the face of Bret. He lays right hands on Vince and the match begins. Austin pounds McMahon in the corner and begins to stomp a mudhole on McMahon. Bret pulls him away very roughly and they argue. He gets in the way of Austin to give Vince time to recover. Austin is irate. He pushes Bret and attacks Vince again. Bret again pulls him off. They argue, and McMahon nails Austin with a low blow from behind. He begins to pound on Austin. Eventually he throws him to the outside and the lumberjacks beat Austin around the ring. They eventually throw him back in. Vince attempts a stunner but Austin pushes him to the ropes. He then hitís the Lou Thesz press. Hart again tries to pull him off but Austin gives him a stunner. Then the Bashams get in the ring. They both are given a stunner. La Resistance enter. Dupree is thrown over the top rope, Grenier is clotheslined over the top rope, and Conway is stunned. The Rock stalks Austin and hitís a Rock Bottom. He places McMahon on top and revives Hart. He makes the cont, 1...2...KICK OUT by Austin!!! The Rock attempts another but Austin fights out. He then hitís a stunner on Rock. Vince jumps on Austinís back and attempts a sleeper hold, but Austin flings him off. Bret runs at Austin but is clotheslined. The Japanese trio runs in but all are stunned. Big Show then attempts a Chokeslam, but Austin hitís a low blow and a stunner. Angle enters with a chair, but Austin side steps him, and as he turns around Austin gives him a stunner. He picks up the chair and plants Chavo, Holly, A-Train, Shaniqua and Hart. Mc Mahon gets to his feet and is met with a stunner. He covers Vince, but is pulled out by La Resistance. They whip him into the steps and begin to pound him. They and the Bashams begin a 5 on 1 assault, but Austin still fights them off. Rock attempts to hit him with a chair, but Austin ducks and Rock hits Angle instead. Austin then nails Rock with a clothesline. Big Show then fights with Austin. He gives Austin a choke slam through the Spanish announce table. Bret yells at the Lumberjacks to get him in the ring. They get him in and a dazed Vince makes the cover. Bret makes a fast count this time, 1.2.KICK OUT AGAIN from Austin!!! Hart and Vince are in shock. They call in The Rock and Kurt Angle. The Rock slaps Austin, and Austin goes mad. He knocks down Rock, Hart and Vince. Angle though, stands behind him and goes for an Angle Slam. Austin reverses and hitís a stunner. All the lumberjacks come in and go for Austin but he fights them all off. Vince bounces of the ropes but Austin hitís a spine buster. Dupree and Conway then distract Austin while Grenier hits him with the ring bell. A-Train pulls Vince onto Austin and Bret makes another quick count,1.2.KICK OUT!!! Everyone of the Lumberjacks are shocked as is Bret and Vince. Bret is seen waving to the back, thenÖ.Brock Lesnarís music plays in the arena and the WWE Champion runs to the ring. He hitís the F5 on Austin. Vince makes the cover as the crowd comes to a shocked silence, 1..2..AUSTIN KICKS OUT!!! AUSTIN KICKS OUT!!! Mc Mahon and Bret look at each other and nod their heads. Vince grabs Austinís legs and applies the Sharpshooter. Bret immediately calls for the bell, and raises the hand of Vince McMahon as the winner. They and all the Lumberjacks run out. Cole and Tazz are both shocked and ask each other if Austin tapped. They look at the replay and it is evident that Austin DID NOT tap. By this time, Austin is on his feet and is shocked. He has a pure look of shock on his face and realises he has been screwed in Texas. Cole and Tazz end the show by saying, ĎVince McMahon and Bret Hart have just ended the career of Stone Cold via a screw job, a damn screw job at Judgment Day!!!í

What did you think of Judgment Day? Please give me your thoughts, good or bad, what match did you enjoy the most, and what rating would give the event on a whole??

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Thumbs up WOW!!!!!

WOW!!! That PPV would put WWE to shame. You really pulled out all the stops. I think you deserve a detailed evaluation for the effort you have put into this.

Kidman vs. Mysterio
Good way to start a PPV cruiserweights always put on good matches, especially these two. Iím glad Rey won the title, even though I predicted Kidman. Nice finish. 8.5/10

Holly vs. Gowen
Wasnít too keen to see it before hand, but reading the match was great. Told a good story, and even made me chuckle at times, you done well with this match, considering the performers, so although it wasnít my favourite, Iím giving a high mark for the job you did on it. 9/10

Again, it told a great story. I think you done very well again here, with WGTT trying to get out of the match, following on from the last few weeks on SD. Glad WGTT won. 8/10

Kanyon vs. Big Show
Didnít like this one, sorry. It just didnít work for me. Couldnít get into it at all. Kanyon beating Big Show, nah! However, I wont take it away from the PPV too much. 5/10.

Eddy & Benoit vs. Angle & Chavo
Excellent match. Very well done. I think this feud has dragged on enough now, and I hope they all move on. Back to the match. Nice build up to the Benoit will he or won the show. Youíve done well with the match. Would have liked more analysis rather than Eddy and Chavo go at it for 4 minutes. Still, it had a good finish, utilizing the Lie, Cheat, Steal slogan. 8.75/10

The Rock vs. John Cena
As before, this is probably the best time to end the feud. Brilliant match, tied for match of the night. Glad it was Cena who won, as it means he can now go to the next level. 9.5/10

Goldberg vs. Lesnar
Extraordinary. One of the most nail biting matches I have ever read. Full marks on this one. And I can only hope that the WM match in real life can be half the match this was. Only one problem. Lesnar won fairly cleanly. By my records, you had him beat Goldberg at your WM. Thatís 2 high profile loses to Brock. It doesnít really help Goldberg. I wonder where you go with this one now. 9.5/10

Austin vs. McMahon
I really didnít expect this. I had my mind set that Bret would help Austin in the end. What a swerve. Good match, with Austin taking on Ĺ of the Smackdown roster. Really told a story. Was this planned or do you intend it to be like Montreal 97 ? Anyways, it was a real shock to the system, but a great one all the same. I wonder if Bad Blood can follow this? 9.5/10

Overall: Great show top to bottom, bar the U.S Title. Better than what I expected (And I already had high hopes).
MATCHES: 8.75/10
BELIEVABILITY: 7/10 (could have been more only for U.S match)
ORIGINALITY: 8/10 (Finish to main event has been done before or this would have been higher)

TOTAL: 9/10 WELL DONE !!!!!
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One of the great PPV shows I've read man. Great Work!!

Guess I'll detail the info too:

1. Kidman v Mysterio
Good thing for Mysterio to get revenge and become the cruiserweight champion once again.

2. Holly v Gowen
Good thing to let Holly win, sounds sensible. Plus a good feud leading to this match too

Nice result. Can't see APA with the tag titles. Some other time can defeat WGTT but not APA.

4. Kanyon v Big Show
Just like "You're Next!2004" said, Kanyon defeating Big Show is not a good result. Big Show is the BIGGEST favourite in every match. He needs to win the title. Maybe at another show i guess.

5. Angle/Chavo v Eddie/Benoit
Nice feud leading to this match and hopefully Eddie/Benoit might go for the tag titles or possible an individual title. Nice work on the Benoit angle.

6. Rock v Cena
Showstealer match. One of the best matches, no no no!!
The best match on the card and may I add, the "Most Electrifying"!! Really liked the finish. A Thuganomics Elbow on the Rock.

7. Goldberg v Lesnar
YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Goldberg lost and Lesnar retains. Nice long feud and a good match with a lot of surprise kick outs. Hoping their WMXX match is similar.

8. Austin v McMahon
A lot of "Austin favouring" but I guess thats Austin, "Raising Hell" and thats what he did. Wonder if Bret remembered anything at the end, dejavu all over again. Could be time for Bret to turn and reminding McMahon of the First Ever Screwjob.

Well, Overall.. 9/10 except for the US Title Match
What do u know? My predictions were correct except for the US Title (for which I'm dissapointed) and the WWE Title (for which I'm pleased).

Great show again Wolf Beast. Hoping to see more shows like this!!!
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Thank you guys. You really brought a smile to my face with those brilliant reviews. I'm glad I pleased you both for the most part. I knew Kanyon winning would be controversial, but I have replanned a lot of things for the up coming weeks and having Big Show as U.S Champ has to be changed, the match was pretty ugly, but I did only change it at the last minute. To reply to your question on Bret having a case of Dejavu, I'm afraid not, as this was what they will refer to as Plan C in the upcoming weeks, with the Lumberjacks being Plan A and Lesnar Plan B. Things could get a little interesting in the upcoming weeks, and I will be hopefully trying to build up a certain number of high mid carders on SD into main event players to add more excitement to the brand. Again thanks for the replies and RAW will be up on Monday at the latest.
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I Love your shows..

Grade: A+
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RAW - 5 weeks from Bad Blood

RAW: 17/05/04: San Antonio:

Video is shown recapping last weeks events with HBK and RVS returning to help him.

RAW Video

J.R: We are live, deep in the heart of Texas for Monday Night RAW, And what a night its gonna be!
King: Indeed J.R. Tonight will have big ramifications toward Bad Blood!
J.R: That right King, a fatal 4 way to determine the number 1 contender, but thatís not all. Shawn Michaels returns to his hometown, and tonight he goes up against Evolutions, Ric Flair.
King: Talking of HBK J.R. Big news from the GMís office.
J.R: Thatís correct King, at Bad Blood, its gonna be Undertaker and Kane vs. Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam.
King: I cant wait!!

HBKís music hits and the hometown hero gets an amazing response from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring and on his way bows to the crowd. Once in the ring, he is given major HBK chants. Eventually they die down and HBK can talk. He starts off by saying its great to be back home. This is met by another huge pop. He then talks about his match tonight against his all time hero, Ric Flair. After this, he begins to hype up his tag match at Bad Blood with RVD against Undertaker and Kane. He calls out RVD to talk with him. RVD makes his way to the ring, with a modest pop from the crowd. He and HBK shake hands. He makes a quick speech about wanting revenge on Undertaker after what he done to him at Backlash. He then says at Bad Blood, he and HBK are gonna send Taker and Kane back to hell where they belong. Then the arena goes into darkness. Taker and Kane are seen on the tron. They promise to end the misery of HBK and RVDís lives at Bad Blood.


1st Match:
Edge vs. Maven
Finish: In Edges first singles match back since his neck injury, he is quite impressive against Maven. They have a back and forth match lasting 7 minutes, which ends when Edge moves out of a top rope cross body from Maven, and hitís the Edgeecution for the clean victory.

Interview with Ric Flair. He talks about all the other legends he has beaten in their home towns, and that the same will happen to HBK tonight.

Christian and Trish congratulate Edge on his first singles victory since returning. They then talk about how Jericho got into the #1 Contenders match tonight saying that it reeks of unfairness. They then hint at interfering in the match. Foley enters the room. He warns all three that if any of them interfere, they will all be indefinitely suspended, meaning Christian would lose the I.C Title.

Al Snow and Tommy Dreamer chat backstage about Cade and Jindrak walking out on the title match last week. They recall how Cade and Jindrak havent won any title match fairly yet, whether it was against the Dudleys, OíHaire and Palumbo or themselves.

We are shown highlights of last nights Judgment Day, Smackdown PPV. Afterwards, J.R talks about the way Stone Cold was beaten is the most disgusting thing he has ever seen.

2nd Match:
Al Snow & Tommy Dreamer vs. Rodney Mack & Orlando Jordan w/Teddy Long
Finish: Ina passable tag team match, Al and Tommy look set to win until Cade and Jindrak run through the crowd and nail both men with the title belts while the referee was distracted by Long. Jordan makes the cover and the brotherhood win the match. Al and Tommy run after Cade and Jindrak to the back. The Brotherhood then call out Booker T. Bookerís music hits and he sprints to the ring. The Brotherhood hightail through the crowd leaving an irate Booker T in the ring.

We go to an interview with Mick Foley. He talks about last nights Judgment Day and says that at least on RAW there is always a level playing field. He then sends a message to Steve Austin and says that he will never be forgotten and always missed.


We return with highlights of Matt Morgans recent dominance over the Dudleyz. This leads us to an interview with DíVon. He says that his two brothers arenít here tonight, but he is, and he will beat Matt Morgan for the Hardcore Title.

3rd Match: Hardcore Championship Match:
Matt Morgan vs. Dí Von Dudley
Finish: Once again after a spirited start from Dí Von, Morgan takes control and dismantles him within minutes. He parades in the ring with the Hardcore Title as Dí Von lies in the ring motionless.

Interview with Sting. He talks about proving to Test and Steiner he is good enough for the main event at Bad Blood and says he will win the fatal 4 way. Evolution interrupt. HHH tells Sting that maybe in WCW or TNA he might have been rated as the best, but this is the major leagues and he just cant cut it. Sting looks at HHH unimpressed and simply says - Ďweíll seeí before walking off.

Snow and Dreamer complain to Foley about Cade and Jindrak. Foley tells them he has a little surprise for the tag champs later.

4th Match: #1 Contenders Match to face the World Heavyweight Champion at Bad Blood.
Sting vs. Triple H vs. Booker T vs. Chris Jericho
Finish: In a fantastic 18 minute match, Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on HHH. Test and Steiner run to the ring, and are spotted by Sting. He gets out and begins to brawl with them through the crowd. Booker T and Jericho then go at as HHH rolls out to recover. He gets back in but is met by a Book End from Booker T. He goes for the cover, but Y2J throws him out of the ring. He locks in the Walls of Jericho on HHH. Batista distracts the referee as HHH taps. Orton runs into the ring and takes out Jericho with an RKO. HHH crawls onto Jericho and makes the cover. Booker tries to get back in but is held back by the Brotherhood who have appeared through the crowd. HHH gets the win and now faces Orton at Bad Blood for the title. Evolution help HHH out of the ring, and the brotherhood continue to decimate Booker.


Backstage, Cade and Jindrak are talking as they shine their belts. Foley approaches them. He shares a couple of jokes with them and then turns serious. He gives them an ultimatum - Defend the tag titles successfully without cheating next week or be stripped of the titles. He tells them to have a nice day and walks off. Cade and Jindrak are stunned.

Highlights are shown of Trish attacking Stacey last week. We then go to Stacey preparing for her match with Trish. Lita talks to her and wishes her good luck.

RVD interview. He talks about all the pain he has went through ever since being thrown off the Hell in a Cell at Backlash. He says he is hell bent on revenge at Bad Blood.

5th Match:
Stacey Kiebler vs. Trish Stratus
Finish: After a good effort from Stacey, Trishís superior skills help her to victory. Afterwards she offers her hand to Stacey as an apology. Stacey falls for it and is then given a clothesline by Trish. Trish continues the assault but eventually Lita runs in to help Stacey. Trish quickly backs out of the ring and laughs.

We see HBK preparing for the match.

Triple H and Orton have an uneasy chat. HHH half heartedly thanks Randy for his help.

Jericho is in the locker room thinking about what could have been. Edge, Christian and Trish enter. They make fun of him and call him a loser. Y2J snaps he takes on Edge and Christian but the numbers prove to be too much in the end. He is left in a heap by the trio.


Main Event:
Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair
Finish: In a wonderful technical encounter, Flair was accompanied to the ring by Batista, but before the match began, the referee banned anyone from interfering and Batista was told to leave. The two legends went at it for a great 16 minute match. Toward the end, Flair worked on the leg of HBK and applied the figure four. HBK reversed it, but Flair soon reversed it back. Eventually, HBK made the ropes. Once back up Flair attempted to work on HBKís leg again. HBK hit the ťnzigurie on Flair. He then hits Sweet Chin Music to pick up the win. He celebrates in the ring for a few moments until the arena goes into darkness. On the tron it simply says, íYou WILL rest in peaceí and with that the show goes off the air.

Triple H is the Number 1contender to face Randy Orton at Bad Blood. Will the tension between the two escalate.
HBK and RVD will take on Taker and Kane at Bad Blood. After the events that went down on RAW, what will this mean for the future of these four men, and who has the psychological advantage heading to Bad Blood.
The tag titles are on the line next week. We know the champions must win cleanly, but who are the opponents??
Test and Steiner are still not finished with Sting. Will any more developments take place next week.
The feud between Booker T and The Brotherhood escalated again this week. Does Booker have any ideas for revenge.

Find out all the answers on RAW!!!

Also, on another note, After some consideration, I have decided to bring in an extra title to Smackdown. I would like your suggestions for what the title should be ASAP please. Thanks again.
SMACKDOWN up on Wednesday!
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Nice show...Good feud between RVD/HBK and Taker/Kane. Plus, Maybe SCSA can come to RAW. Speaking of another title,
well seeing that there are many cruiserweights on Smackdown, it would be nice to have Cruiserweight Tag Title,
Or even a Women's Title and send some "RAW" Women to "Smackdown!".
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Not bad again. Not the best raw youve done, but it is a good build up to Bad Blood. Like before, I had mentioned for the new title on SD could be a mixed tag title, as well as the cruiserweight tag title. How about a 6 man tag belt? Wondering what might happen on SD this week? Hoping its good. Plus, to the point Sibtain mentioned about Austin, I think he should return to SD. But it should have a good reason behind his return.
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Well i like the idea for a mixed tag title on SD as I could transfer some of the women not currently used on RAW. I like the idea of a cruiserweight tag title also, but it has been done before, i'm still undecided so any more ideas would be appreciated.
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