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Re: Being the booker

Originally Posted by Jeri-tron5000
second one to mention it.............
Awww sorry I missed you, its only cause the second half of your post looked like it was in your sig but meh. I hope you go ahead with the match Wolfie it'll be a good one if you do and I think you'd even enjoy writing it.
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Re: Being the booker

^^ Good thinking. After reading the segment, I figured Kurt would do something to turn heel. Turning on Bret would certainly do the job. But then again, Bret is the GM. All I know is I cant wait to see how all of this pans out.

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Re: Being the booker

i have nothing really to say except.....THAT WAS ****ING AWESOME 10-10
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Re: Being the booker

London vs. Chavo – Good match here, the typical WWE cruiserweight championship match. I’m glad to see London winning as I feel he is more aerial based than Chavo.

Triple H interview – In character, I liked it a lot what he said to Maria was classic “Did you fall off the line in the doll factory darlin?” lol. He still got his trademark “I am that damn good in” well done with that.

Simon Dean vs. Rikishi – I can’t believe I picked Rikishi for this one, I should’ve seen where you were going with it. I have a feeling you’ll develop Simon Dean into a strong character so this is the start of something good

JBL Interview – His usual “I guarantee victory” line is good, disappointed that WWE ruined that but hopefully you’ll use it to make JBL a big star. It’s a great gimmick so you could be looking at a future main eventer here

JBL vs. Farooq – The outcome of this match was never in doubt. I think that’s you finished with Farooq now with JBL taking him out.

Bret-Kurt segment – I liked this a lot because in my opinion it’s a sign of a future Bret vs. Kurt match, if that happens it’ll be awesome, hopefully Angle would win it though as he’d be more use for the future.

Tag Team Titles – Also slightly predictable but none the less a well written match, I had a feeling AMW would win this one and they did.

Eddie-Benoit – Possibly a future feud here. This would be a good feud, as Benoit against Guerrero can never go wrong

Tazz interview – Classic Taz right here, “Beat me if you can…Survive if I let you” Nice to see the old Tazz coming back here although I get the feeling this will be a one off deal.

Goldberg vs. Tazz – Tazz looked good in this one, did all his trademark moves as did Goldberg. I thought Goldberg would win more clearly but I’m glad that wasn’t the case. Another well-written match.

Austin vs. Lesnar – A great match here ending of course with the Brock win which I think will push him up as the next challenger for the title. 2nd best match of the night here imo.

Elimanation Chamber – Easily the match of the night, I can see you using this in future tournaments which isn’t gonna be pleasant for whomever draws you. Surprised that the fight got to the outside of the chamber, that’s not been done before and there’s not an awful lot of room outside. I thought The Rock would win and this adds momentum to his title reign. Angle had a good showing, I don’t think anyone looked bad in this match, well done.

Realism – I think the show was mostly kept realistic apart from the fight in the chamber spilling to the outside, that’s about the only thing that I think even brought it down, but not by far, 9/10

Length – I think you kept Judgement Day at a pretty good length and this would fill up the show, and obviously with the time at the end of the matches you keep within the limit. 10/10

Quality/Entertainment – Mostly interviews for segments, the WM22 promo was quite funny, the interviews that you done were perfectly kept in character and the segments teasing feuds were good as well. Although I just think it lacked something here or there but that’s all right. 10/10

Spelling/Grammar – I couldn’t spot anything that was done badly in this category in the show so it is only right that you get another 10/10

Matches/Booking – I think you are very good at this, the Elimination Chamber booking was superb, as was Goldberg/Tazz and Austin/Lesnar, however there was just one little point and I promised to be a hard grader so I’m gonna point it out, I wasn’t too keen with how the Simon Dean/Rikishi thing was done, with the System Success finisher after powder in the eyes as well the referee would probably see powder wouldn’t he. But that’s minor so 9/10

Overall a staggering 98/100

You deserved a proper grading and you got one
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Re: Being the booker

wow what a show almost as good as your wrestlemania
elimination chamber and street fight fantastic and all the other matches were strong.
i noticed the kurt bret thing as well and i cant wait for this hopefully at summerslam, smackdowns really on the up at the moment.
as for raw i can see a cena vs hbk feud coming up which would be great
keep writing as this is the best show on the forum
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Re: Being the booker

-The opening video was superb, brilliantly written and well thought out. Certainly one of the best you have ever wrote. Nice introduction, surprised to see Jessie though, I would have thought one of the WWE’s current full-time announcers would have surfaced, but “The Body” is just as good.

- First match was fantastically written, with typical Classic interference. The only off point in the writing was this minor error “Chavo then runs at Hurricane, but he gets caught by London”, odd to put Hurricane instead, maybe you were thinking of him at the time…….*thinks about what he just said*…….um, yeah, I should probably put that in a different way but…….never mind

- Triple H promo started out a little iffy, but straightened up brilliantly, with a trademark catchphrase at the end. Great stuff, got his point across perfectly.

- Rikishi v Simon Dean = Hilarious, Dean was magic, and a fantastic match ending. More brilliant stuff from the mind of Mr McAnally.

- JBL promo was delivered expertly once again, I suck at JBL promos, quite obviously, you don’t. Great choice of words, and sentence length, not to mention the heelness of it, really gets the readers back up. Brilliant once again.

- JBL v Faarooq, One of the best brawl-type matches I’ve ever read, JBL in control almost all of the time, showing that he is as capable as Chris Benoit at picking apart someone’s weaknesses, well written.

- Angle/ Hart feud yet to come I see, great hinting, although it would have been nice at Mania instead

- Tag Titles, I didn’t particularly enjoy this match, not because of how it was written, just because I don’t like tag team matches, particularly with AMW (sorry!) I just feel they have little charisma and don’t interest me in the slightest, although they are great in the ring. Although I would have liked to see Regal/Storm win, a solid match none the less.

- Eddie/Benoit promo seemed a little pointless, and maybe we could have seen an interview or backstage segment with something more interesting and entertaining than Benoit being a moody ass as usual. (Man that guy needs to lighten up)

- Vintage Tazz promo, telling it as it is, really got the juices flowing for the match

- Tazz v Goldberg, amazing match-up with tough bumps. Really pulling for Tazz and expected him to win, but otherwise, brilliant match with a great ending.

- Lovely WM22 promo, played out well after a confusing start. Got me hyped for that already!

- Austin v Lesnar, amazing match, not as good as WM21 I feel, but still incredible. Lesnar should spring-board off of this feud into the main event, or maybe into a feud with Triple H like hinted before and at WM. Great finish and nice use of moves.

- I feel there should have been a Rock promo inserted in here, as The People’s Champion always gets the crowd hyped, but anyways, I was hyped without a promo

-Elimination Chamber, the match itself was pure class, although I would have expected at least one elimination before Jericho entered, if not Rock. Rock and Angle as last two was surprising, I thought HHH would make it to the final two to drag the feud on for one last PPV. But Angle is the better wrestler I feel, so hopefully a Angle/Rock feud to come. But wait!! Angle v Bret to come, I smell a Rock/Brock feud!!! Ratings!!!! The only flaw I have with this match was the way it ended, it didn’t seem dramatic enough for my liking, the build-up was there, but Rock stalking and then landing the Rock Bottom straight away was a little dull.

-Realism –Very realistic, still a few bits to improve on with Triple H’s character, but still fantastic overall, 9/10

Length –Perfect length for a normal PPV, maybe just add a Rock promo in before the chamber, but that’s just my preference. 9.5/10

Quality/Entertainment – Brilliant quality and match entertainment, but all the promos were completely serious, and none light-hearted, which it could have done with. (I always think Hurricane and Rosey are the best at those sorts of things, not forgetting Eugene ) 9/10

Spelling/Grammar –Can barely pick out a thing.10/10

Matches/Booking –The only thing I didn’t like was AMW winning again and also the lack of a dramatic ending to the EC, otherwise brilliant yet again. 9/10

Overall a whopping 93/100

Grade A
Brilliant work my friend, keep it going

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Re: Being the booker

Thank you everyone who has replied. To be honest I didnt expect quite so many. I'm glad it was well recieved, and at this point in time, I dont see why Smackdown wouldnt be up on Thursday. I should have plenty of time on Wednesday to get it all done.

Once again, thanks for the positive feedback.
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Re: Being the booker

Oh uh. Double post. Just thought I oughta let it be known that Smackdown wont be up today, but should be done for tomorrow, or if I'm lucky, later on today (but thats doubtful). Havent got around to finishing it up just yet.
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Re: Being the booker

Great American Bash poster, made by moi
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Re: Being the booker


(I actually did one promo for this show!!!!)

RAW; May 16th; Montreal

Opening Video


J.R & King welcome everyone to the show, telling us that tonight, Cade and Jindrak face BookDust with the winners going on to Bad Blood to face the tag champions, and tonight’s main event, between Cena and Edge.

In the opening contest, Cade and Jindrak, accompanied by HBK, face Booker T & Goldust, with the winners facing Haas and Benjamin at Bad Blood. It’s an evenly matched contest, with Cade and Jindrak taking the edge, through their constant cheating, and help from Michaels, who is bombarded with “You Screwed Bret” chants.

Booker and Goldy then take over, and look set to pick up the victory, until Shawn Michaels gets on the apron, which leads to him being sent to the back. He makes a huge deal out of it, which distracts the referee, and allows the 4th member of DX to run in through the crowd with a chair, and nail Goldust. Cade covers, whilst Jindrak holds Booker on the outside, 1...2...3!!!

The DX duo now have a tag title shot at Bad Blood, thanks to their friends from DX, Reigns and HBK.

After a commercial break, The four members of DX celebrate their tag victory, and declare the Undertaker stuff lately is just bullshit, before HBK runs down Montreal some more.

Christian and Tomko then come to the ring, with Tomko holding two placards, one reading “This isn’t fair”, and “Foley holds back real talent”. Christian takes a mic and begins to speak.

Okay peeps, I’ve had enough. I’m making a stand. You see, it’s about time somebody decided to make a shoot, and say something about the “Montreal Screwjob”

The crowd then seems taken aback by the comment

That’s right. There is a Canadian superstar who is in the middle of this controversy, in the middle of the “Montreal Screwjob”, and I’m sick of people putting him down, and holding him down.

Crowd pops slightly, thinking he means Bret Hart

I’m glad you all know what I’m talking about, because everyone else seems to have overlooked the “Montreal Screwjob…of Christian!!!”

Crowd sound confused, and some boo slightly.

That’s right. Tonight, in Montreal, I, Captain Charisma, Christian…has been screwed. Last week, I beat the team of John Cena and Edge, by pinning the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena!!! Yet, I am overlooked for tonight’s title match!!!

Crowd Boo’s Christian.

YEAH!!! That’s the support I need. All of you, start booing, boo the decision made by our incompetent General Manager. Mick Foley, listen to Montreal. Listen to Peep City. They want ME in tonight’s main event. And hey, I’m easy, I’ll take the triple threat, but I would prefer for you to just take Edge out of the equation, and then I can take down Vanilla Ice…Ice…Ice, baby ice.

Crowd starts to chant Christian sucks.

WHAT!!?? I’m the saviour of this freaking city. I was willing to take you all in my time machine, and take you from 1997, all the way to 2005!!!

More Heat.

You can forget it now by the way. You can all live in a time where the Sega Mega Drive was still big business, and I’ll have some more X-Boxes, thanks.

Tyson, lets go. I’ll take my grievances elsewhere. I wont stop at Foley, no, no. I’ll take this to the big wigs in this company, then I’ll take it to court, and then the supreme court, and then, I’ll go as far as to take this all the way to George Bush… at least he knows how I roll.

Christian and Tomko then storm out of the ring, and up the ramp, irate.

Carlito with Stacey, faces Val Venis. It’s basically a squash, with Carlito dominant, until…EUGENE returns!!! Eugene hit’s the ring, and Carlito takes higher ground, jumping into the crowd with Stacey, getting himself counted out. In the ring, Eugene celebrates his comeback, by playing to the crowd, whilst Carlito and Stacey continue to run through the crowd.

We return from a commercial, with an interview with Carlito. He is disgruntled to say the least, and has Stacey give him a massage. He then says Eugene wasn’t cool before, but now, he’s gonna pay the price.

Randy Orton then comes to the ring, and talks about his time with Evolution, and how it was forced to end. He says since he left Evolution, he hasn’t looked back, in fact he’s looking forward…to Bad Blood. He challenges either Batista or Flair for a match at the PPV. Batista and Flair then enter, and whisper to each other, before Batista accepts the challenge. They engage in a brief war of words, before Orton challenges either of them to come to the ring and fight him now. Flair and Batista look to each other, then decline and leave the arena.

A-Train challenges Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Title. Rey overcomes the height and size advantage, and has the match won, until Train’s partner, Rhyno interferes, and distracts the referee. A-Train then gets back into the match, and hit’s the De-Railer, but then, RVD comes to the aid of Mysterio, and with the referee distracted by Rhyno, RVD hit’s the 5* on A-Train, then rolls Rey onto him, before RVD takes down Rhyno, whilst the referee counts the pin, 1...2...3!!! Mysterio retains.

Rey and RVD celebrate, with Mysterio thanking Van Dam for his help.

In an interview with John Cena, the World Champion cuts a quick rap on Edge, before moving onto Christian’s comments earlier, telling Christian if he wants some to come get some. Christian then enters the picture, and gets into a war of words with Cena, and in the end, in a comedic way, Christian motions to Tyson to pull him away, to make him look tough.

Shaniqua comes to the entrance ramp, with the Women’s Championship over her shoulder. She then talks about beating every woman in sight on Raw, and that next week, she is holding an open challenge to any wrestler, from either show, or any female in the world, with the Women’s title on the line.

Luther Reigns squashes Sean O’ Haire, finishing him off with the Reigns of Terror. After the match, the Insurance Policy has his hand raised, then…darkness…GONG…lights come back on, and we see Luther jumping to the outside in fear. He then peeks over the apron to see if Taker is there, but he’s not. Luther then staggers up the ramp, freaked out with the lights going out.

After the break, we see Luther enter the DX locker room, still scared from moments ago. HBK then decides they need to see Foley. They then barge into Mick’s office, and ask him what’s going on. He then tells them he isn’t into keeping in contact with the dead, so he hasn’t got any idea. DX are all petrified, with HBK losing his normally cool posterior, and starts to look worried.

Another video plays hyping Kenzo Suzuki.

In a brief interview, Edge, just moments away from his World Championship Match, talks about the brewing Cena - Christian rivalry, and tells them both not to forget about him……the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion.

In the main event the World Championship is on the line, as Cena defends against Edge. Christian then enters halfway through the match, joining commentary. The match goes back and forth, with Cena kicking out of a Spear, then Cena nails a DDT, but he is then distracted by Christian, who stands on the announce table at the top of the ramp, waving to Cena.

Cena then puts his focus back on the match, and goes for an FU, but Edge fights out, and the match continues. Meanwhile, Christian leaves commentary, and makes his way to ringside, along with Tomko.

Edge misses a Spear, and Cena gets him up for an FU, but Tomko jumps on the apron, and distracts the referee, whilst Christian gets in, and nails him with the title belt to the back of the head. Edge then covers, but Christian lays him out too. The referee then spots him beating both men up, and calls for a No Contest.

Christian and Tomko then continue the attack on both men, as the show goes off the air, with Christian celebrating on Tomko’s shoulders.


down; Calgary: May 19th;

Opening Video


Michael Cole:
96 hours have passed since Judgement Day, 96 hours have passed since one of the WWE’s most epic events in memory, in an event which saw the dawning of a new breakout superstar on Smackdown in JBL, an event which saw Tazz give his all in a losing effort to Goldberg, an event which saw the end of a bitter feud between Lesnar and Austin, and an event which saw The Rock overcome five challengers, and remain the WWE Champion, inside the Elimination Chamber.

This evening, I have the pleasure to call the show, with tonight’s guest colour commentator, in place of Tazz, who is at home, recuperating from his injuries tonight, Ladies and Gentle-

Bobby Heenan: (Makes snoring noise, cutting Cole off) Did your parents force you not to talk when you where a kid? I bet they locked you in your room, and you were that kid at school who never shut up because you weren’t allowed to talk at home. Geeeez Louise, enough.

Michael Cole: I’m joined folks, by this man, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan for one night only. We’re in for a heck of a night.

Bobby Heenan: Thank god, one of us were called the brain…

Chris Jericho’s music plays, as we look into the ring, where Jericho is leant against the ropes, with the ring set up for the Highlight Reel.

Chris Jericho:

Crowd Pop for Y2J, then start a LOUD Y2J chant from his country.

Chris Jericho:
As you can see, a few nights ago, I entered a structure NOT for the weak of heart, a structure, which is designed only for one purpose, punishment.

I took a heck of a lot of punishment, as you can see with these stitches in my head, as I can verify, when I spent two days stuck at home with a concussion, with my internal injuries, dislocated fingers, bruises, scrapes, cuts. You name it, I got it.

My guest on the Highlight Reel was also inside the Elimination Chamber this past Sunday, and arguably, he took more punishment that most others in the match, he was busted wide open, tore muscles, was sent flying through an announce table, and eventually, he was forced to tap out. You all know who I’m talking about by this stage, and you all probably will be wondering whether this man lost another tooth in the process of the match, he is indeed, the Canadian Crippler, the Rabid Wolverine, every dentist’s nightmare, and quite possibly, the most emotionless robot I’ve ever encountered, without further ado, please welcome, CHRIS BENOIT!!!

**Whatever** Chris Benoit then makes his way out to a HUGE welcome from his home state of Alberta. He signals to the fans, then makes his way to the ring. He has stitches just above his eye, and we see his stomach is heavily taped, as he isn’t wearing a T-Shirt. He gets into the ring, and is handed a microphone from Jericho.

Chris Jericho:
Before we get into the serious stuff Chris, I just want to congratulate you on an awesome performance in the Elimination Chamber.

Jericho extends his hand for Benoit, with the Wolverine looking around, almost as if asking the crowd if he should do it. They cheer, then he takes a long look at Y2J before extend his hand. They shake, as the crowd goes wild.

Chris Jericho:
You know, I also want to commend you on something else. Out of the six guys from the Elimination Chamber, only two of them are present here tonight. Myself, and you. Ha, it must be something in this Canadian blood eh?

Jericho gets a cheap pop, and Benoit smirks a little.

Chris Jericho:
But moving on from the pleasantries here Benoit, I want to start getting into the groove here for the Highlight Reel.

So my first question is…what was going through your mind, when, at Judgement Day, Kurt Angle locked in the Ankle Lock on ya, for the hundredth time?? Did you think that you would be able to escape?? Or where you thinking that perhaps the time had come to tap??

Benoit looks less than impressed, then begins to speak.

Chris Benoit:
What was I thinking?? Chris, I’ll need time to think about that one to be honest…so while I think about that, how about I ask YOU a question. How did you feel when you walked back from the Elimination Chamber to the locker room, and realised you spent more time waiting in the internal chamber, than you did in the actual match??

‘Oooooohh’ comes from the crowd, as Jericho stops smiling, and stares at Benoit. He then responds.

Chris Jericho: You wanna know how I felt Chris?? I’ll tell ya, I felt sick. I felt like I let myself down, and I felt like I let all my Jericholics down!!!

Crowd Pops

Chris Jericho: But you know what, I’ll get over it. I’ll come back. I know I’m good enough to hold the WWE Championship again……but unfortunately for you, you cant say the same thing can ya?? You see Mr. Roboto, you’ve never been champion, you’ve never been the man, so you’ll never know if you’re good enough, will ya??

Chris Benoit: Oh, I know I’m good enough, and my time is coming. There is a fire which is burning in my body, and every time I get closer to the WWE Championship, that fire ignites further, and it pushes me more to achieve my destiny.

Chris Jericho: Whoa, well then Junior, I suggest you call the fire brigade buddy, because the amount of times you’ve come close to the WWE Championship, which lights that fire more, would be enough to burn down this entire country!!

Chris Benoit: Jericho, I’m gonna tell you something you like to say to everyone else, Would you please, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

The crowd erupts, as Benoit stares out Jericho. Jericho then steps up towards him and replies,

Chris Jericho:
Make me.

Benoit drops his mic, as does Jericho, and the two men go nose to nose, until…

**HITMAN** Bret makes his way out to the ramp, TO A MONSTER OVATION from his hometown with a microphone in hand, ready to speak.

Bret Hart:

The crowd reaction refuses to die down, with a “Bret” chant echoing through the arena. Bret acknowledges the fans, pounding his hand on his heart, then points to the fans. Eventually, the chants drown out, and Bret begins to talk.

Bret Hart:
First of all, Calgary, thank you.

Crowd pops again.

Bret Hart:
Guys, I’ve been listening to the bickering between you two here tonight on the Highlight Reel, and to be honest, it looks like I’ve got out here just in time. To be honest, I’m glad to see you two showing your tenacity, and intensity, because it makes this announcement much more easier to make. Tonight, in Calgary…Alberta…CANADA, the two greatest Canadian athletes in the WWE today are gonna get it on, mono e mono, toe to toe, man to man. Chris Jericho, will face Chris Benoit, right here tonight!!!

Crowd goes nuts, with the announcement of the main event, featuring the two Canadians.

Bret Hart:
So, in the spirit of competition, guys, I want you two to shake hands right now, and wish each other the best of luck.

Neither man looks to keen on shaking, then finally, after some stalling, Benoit reaches his hand out for Jericho to shake.

Chris Benoit:
Best of luck Jericho, cause you’ll need it.

Jericho then reaches out, and shakes Benoit’s hand, then pulls him in

Chris Jericho: Uh uh. YOU’LL need itProve ME wrong Benoit.

Jericho and Benoit refuse to back up, both staring the other down intensely, as we cut to commercial…


Back to ringside with The Brain and Cole;

Michael Cole:
What an announcement made by the General Manager, Bret Hart, eh Bobby??

Bobby Heenan: Oh, I agree, but this Canadian love in session goin on is making me a little nauseous.

Michael Cole: Folks, that match still to come later on, but also, tonight, two new champions who were crowned at Judgement Day, will make their first title defences. Those people in question, are Paul London, the NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and up now, out NEW Tag team Champions, AMW.

Bobby Heenan: Who are AMW??

Michael Cole: America’s Most Wanted.

Bobby Heenan: Why does America want those guys?? I’d call them America’s Least Wanted personally.

1st Match: WWE Tag Team Championship’s Match:

America’s Most Wanted vs. Basham Brother’s

Pretty decent match, which is given a decent bit of time to actually get going. The Basham’s take control, using the switch-a-roo to keep up the advantage. Eventually, they are caught by the referee, and this leads to Harris making the tag to Storm.

The Cowboy, as the fresh man is on fire, taking down both Doug and Danny. He tags Wildcat back in, and they double team the Basham’s, hitting a double dropkick to Danny, then the Death Sentence to Doug, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: America’s Most Wanted

AMW celebrate the win, getting their second title reign off to a great start, pumping up the crowd too.

JBL’s white limo then pulls into the parking lot, with the horns etc. The driver steps out, then opens the door, and out steps John “Bradshaw” Layfield, with his toothy grin as always.


We return with a video package of Judgement Day, with the theme song, Ben Moody’s, The End has come playing. Clips of London beating Chavo, Simon Dean beating Rikishi, JBL demolishing Ron Simmon’s arm, AMW winning the vacant Tag Team Championships, Goldberg ousting Tazz, Lesnar overcoming Austin, and The Rock prevailing in the Elimination Chamber to remain the WWE Champion.

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole:
Back LIVE on Smackdown, here in Calgary, tonight I am joined by Bobby Heenan, and Bobby, as we just saw in the video package from the event, Ron Simmon’s was beaten by his former best friend JBL, and afterwards, Bradshaw went on the rampage, destroying his opponents shoulder. Well, the news on the injury isn’t as bad as first expected, and Ron Simmon’s is due back here on Smackdown within the next four weeks.

Bobby Heenan: (Starts stretching his shoulder) Yeah, see ya soon big man.

**Stay in the shadow by Finger Eleven plays** Paul London’s NEW music hits, and our NEW Cruiserweight Champion

Michael Cole:
Folks, he is the new face of the Cruiserweight division, with new entrance music, Paul London overcame not only Chavo Guerrero, but his father, Chavo Classic too. He’s proved he is more than a flavour of the month, and is indeed the real deal.

Bobby Heenan: I feel sorry for his mother.

Michael Cole: Why??

Bobby Heenan: Can you imagine how hyper active this guy must have been in her womb for nine months?? He’s all jumpy, and kicky. Get with the programme Michael.

2nd Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Paul London vs. Nunzio

Almost ranks as a squash, to get London’s first title reign off to a commanding start, with London controlling the match, hitting all his big moves, despite some offence from Nunzio, who grounds London for a very short time, until London outshines his opponent, and finishes him off with the 450 splash, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Paul London

London celebrates the win, kissing his CW title, and celebrating into the crowd.

Backstage, Simon Dean approaches William Regal and Lance Storm…

Simon Dean: Good evening gentlemen.

William Regal: Good evening to yourself.

Simon Dean: Okay, we have this six man tag match later against the Dudleyz, but after seeing Judgement Day on Sunday, it seems to me that you two guys are lacking something from your game. I mean, the Dudleyz eliminated you guys from the Fatal Four Way!!!

Lance Storm: What the hell are you getting at??

Simon Dean: Well…you guys seem to missing something, but I have a solution for you. Something that will make sure you guys don’t lose again. (Simon pulls two sachets of the Simon System from his bag, and poses with the packets, like in a commercial, then hands them to Regal and Storm)

William Regal: What the bloody hell??

Simon Dean: Don’t worry. Those are free of charge…BUT, that’s a one off, okay. When you come back for more, I’ll need to charge, okay??

Lance Storm: (Smiles, but looks uncomfortable while doing it) Okay, thank you.

Simon then goes for a high five, but neither Regal or Storm meet him with one. He smiles, shrugs his shoulders and walks off. Lance and William then look to each other, shake their heads, and walk off down the hallway, then both drop their free Simon System package into the bin.

We return and see Michael Cole standing in the ring, and begins to speak.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, In just a few seconds I will be talking to the runner up from this past Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match, Kurt Angle. Kurt lasted 42 minutes inside the Devils Playground, in fact, started the match, and lasted right to the end, where he was pipped by The Rock. Unfortunately, Kurt cannot be with us live, as he is at home, resting under doctors orders, as well as Bret Hart’s, so we will be speaking via satellite from Pittsburgh.

Kurt then appears on the titan tron, with a black eye, plaster over his forehead, and a cut on his cheek…

Michael Cole:
Good evening Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Thank you Michael.

Michael Cole: Well, first and foremost, congratulations on a thrilling performance, which had us all on the edge of our seats. But secondly, commiserations on your defeat at the final hurdle. Now that the adrenaline from the match has worn off, and I’m sure you’ve watched the match on tape, how are you feeling, but physically, and mentally??

Kurt Angle: Michael, I have been watching the match, time and time again since Sunday night. And to be honest, without sounding like an egomaniac, I couldn’t find a fault with my strategy. I did the best I could. I could sit here, and make excuses Michael. I could say it was because I had to enter first, I could say my leg cramped up, I could say I lost too much blood, basically, I could palm you off with phoney excuses…but I wont. I’ll shoot straight from the hip…I was beaten by the better man. Did it come down to how much we had left in the tank?? Maybe. Did it come down to the fact that Rock was fresher?? Perhaps. None of that matters though, yes, I’m disappointed that I lost the match, but I know that on my best day, against anyone else in the world on their best day, I will make them tap…and I mean ANYONE.

Michael Cole: To be honest Kurt, I would find it hard to disagree that statement, and in fact, it’s been well documented that you are in the best form of your life since the turn of the year. You had a great performance at the Royal Rumble, it’s been well documented that you made Bill Goldberg tap out for the first time ever at WrestleMania, and twice, you have come within a hairs breadth of becoming the WWE Champion in the last month. Would you agree??

Kurt Angle: (Thinks about the question) I wouldn’t. No. Yes, making Bill Goldberg tap out for the first time ever was a heck of an achievement, but how can you justify a great performance at Royal Rumble if you didn’t win it?? And how can you justify coming close to becoming WWE Champion if you didn’t finish the job?? No, this hasn’t been my greatest year…yet. Michael, I’ve been sitting here at home for the last few days, and I’ve been thinking. Thinking a lot. I have two goals, and two goals only that I want to accomplish now in my career. Two goals, which will make me a legend in this business, a hall of famer, but I’ve only got so long left to do them. The first…is to once again be the WWE Champion, but the other…(Smiles) … you’ll have to wait and see…

Michael Cole: (Confused) Ooookay. I’m afraid that’s all we have time for Kurt, but we will anxiously await your return to Smackdown, next week.

Kurt Angle: Thank you Michael…Thank you Calgary.


**Longhorn** JBL makes his way to the ring, smiling proudly, dressed for action.

Michael Cole:
Welcome back to Smackdown, and it appears we are about to see John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

Bobby Heenan: We’re not about to see him you idiot, we ARE seeing him. (Speaks into the microphone, as if to the production truck), Get me a new partner, please.

JBL is handed a mic, and he begins to speak, grinning broadly.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
This past Sunday, a certain someone began to etch their legacy. A certain someone began to back up their words. A certain someone made the Smackdown locker room sit up and listen. That person?? John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

Crowd gives heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Go ahead. Get it out of your system now, because I will tell you this now, as I stand here, I will make you all shut up. I will force you to cheer me, as I rip through that locker room, one by one.

You will all welcome me to your hearts like an old fri-

**Funaki’s music hits** Funaki then makes his way to the ramp, with a mic in hand.

This is Funaki…SMACKDOWN, Numma One, announca!!!

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And this is North America son, not the great wall of China.

Funaki: Funaki not fram China, Funaki fram Japan.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ping pong, I don’t care if you are (imitates Funaki’s voice for from) fram China, Japan or Korea. All you people look the same. Now son, open your ears when I say this, and if you don’t understand what I have to say, then find yourself a translator, although here in Canada they find it hard to grasp the English language.

Crowd gives heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Go on, boo me. I don’t care. This is a second rate country, one gust of wind away from being confirmed as a third world country.

Crowd gives more heat, and chant JBL sucks. JBL stands, and looks around in disgust, until the fans quiten down.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Okay Bruce Lee, I’ll tell you this once, and once only. I was dressed in my gear here tonight to make an open challenge, but it appears that doesn’t need to happen. You see, you, interrupted me, and I will make an example of anyone who interrupts me in future. Get your ass to this ring, NOW. Then, after I defeat you here tonight, I will be making a phone call to Washington D.C, and I will have them run a VISA check on you, because it’s about time we clamped down on illegal immigrants in this part of the world.

Funaki looks reluctant to get in the ring with JBL, but eventually is egged on by the fans. He makes his way to the ring, and then slowly gets in, and a referee also runs down, and rings the bell.

3rd Match:

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Funaki

JBL immediately goes after Funaki as soon as he rolls in the ring. JBL hit’s the Fall Away slam, then a number of elbows, before hitting a delayed suplex, then a Powerbomb, he covers, 1...2...JBL pulls him back up. JBL argues with the referee, who tells JBL to end it. JBL then stands Funaki up, and makes fun of him by bowing down, then pulls his skin at his eyes, to make more fun of Funaki, before running off the ropes, and hit’s the Clothesline from Hell, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

JBL then has his hand raised in victory, and looks down at Funaki, who is out from the beating. JBL then kneels down beside him and talks some more trash before slapping him. He goes to pick Funaki up again, but then motions that Funaki isn’t worth it. Before he leaves the ring, JBL then blows his nose on Funaki in more disrespect.

Michael Cole: JBL is on a mission. A mission to reach the top of the mountain in this business, and right now, it looks like he could be on the right path.

Bobby Heenan: (Jots down on a piece of paper)

Michael Cole: What are you doing??

Bobby Heenan: Writing that kids time of death. Hey, do you know his next of kin??

Raw Rebound;

- HBK helps Cade and Jindrak to become the #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles at Bad Blood.

- Christian’s promo, claiming he’s been part of a Montreal Screwjob, after being left out of the WHC match.

- Announcement of Orton - Batista at Bad Blood.

- Shaniqua’s open challenge for next week

- Takers gong during Luther Reigns match, which spooks out DX.

- Main Event for the World title with Edge challenging Cena. The match ends in a no contest with Christian interfering.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: Folks, lets track back to this past Sunday again. Eddie Guerrero, one of the first two to enter the Chamber, starting out with Angle. Eddie, in my opinion took the most punishment in the match. He was Belly to Belly suplexed into the cage, thrown through one of the internal chamber’s, dropped onto the steel floor of the chamber, then to cap things off, he went for it all, and attempted a Frog Splash from the top of the internal chamber, but he intended target, Chris Jericho was pulled out of the way by Triple H, with Eddie crashing and burning, and that led to Eddie’s defeat.

Bobby Heenan: I think I’d rather get shot in the arm than all that.

Michael Cole: No laughing matter Bobby. Eddie, the United States Champion, spent 24 hours in hospital, and at the moment is at home, recovering from the blood loss, amongst other injuries, most notably, internal bleeding. Eddie IS expected to be here next week, but that is NOT confirmed. So, on behalf of Smackdown, I’d like to wish Eddie a speedy recovery.

Bobby Heenan: Damn!!! Who’s gonna mow my lawn now??

We then cut backstage, and see the arrival of Brock Lesnar, alone, without his suspended agent, Paul Heyman.


**Here Comes the Pain** Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring, looking happy, but worse for wear after the gruelling streetfight from Judgement Day. He gets in the ring, and is handed a mic.

Brock Lesnar:
You were all wrong. You were all wrong. Everyone expected Steve Austin to crush me. Everyone expected Steve Austin to shut me up once and for all. Well, like I said, you were all wrong.

Crowd gives heat, and start an “Austin” chant.

Brock Lesnar:
Hey, I’m not trying to rub it in, I’m not even bragging. Don’t think I’m running you people down because you got it wrong, I’m just stating pure FACT.

Who left the ring this past Sunday as the winner?? ME!! Who dominated the match?? ME!! Who expected Austin to win?? YOU PEOPLE!! It’s a fact.

But, you all learned a valuable lesson on Sunday…don’t bet against Lesnar.

Crowd boo’s

Brock Lesnar:
Boo all you want, it makes no difference to me, because whether you want to hear it or not, it’s true. The safe bet is always Brock Lesnar, especially in my first time ever matches. First WWE Championship match?? I won, first Hell in a Cell?? I won. First Wrestlemania match?? I won. First Stretcher Match?? I won. First Iron Man Match?? I won. You get the picture?? There’s more, but I don’t like to brag.

Firstly though, I want to let Bret Hart know something. You may have suspended my agent, Paul Heyman last week, but the simple fact of the matter is, Paul has been hounding the board of directors all week, and they’ve decided that you didn’t have reasonable grounds for suspending him indefinitely, so you’ve been overruled my friend, and that suspension ends, in exactly twenty one days. Sorry to break that to ya Bret, better luck next time.

Now, tonight, I wanted to take this time to make my message clear to the WWE Champion, in fact I want to make my message clear to the entire roster, I’ve disposed of Austin, now…my focus is back on the WWE Championship. You all had your chance to do something about it, since I got that roadblock in the rattlesnake, but now, it’s mine again.

Plain and simple, Rock, Hunter, Kurt, Jericho, Benoit, Eddie, Goldberg, whoever, I‘m not settling for second place, and I‘m taking no prisoners on my way to the title, guys…Here comes the Pain.

Brock then drops the mic, and leaves the ring, smiling smugly.

Michael Cole:
Brock Lesnar has just made his goals be known. Short and sweet, just like his announcement, he’s after the title.

3rd Match: 6 Man Tag;

Simon Dean, William Regal & Lance Storm vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba, D’ Von, Spike)

In an entertaining match, with the Dudleyz after revenge for Regal and Storm screwing them out of the tag title match at JD, there are a few comedic spots thrown in too, and in typical six man fashion, all the competitors break it down into a brawl. The Dudleyz go for the 3D on Regal, but Simon makes the save, and throws powder into the eyes of Bubba as he runs off the ropes, which leads to Regal hitting a DDT on D’ Von. Dean then hits his version of the X-Factor on D’ Von, and scores the pin, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Simon Dean, William Regal & Lance Storm

After the match, Simon offers Regal and Storm some more of the Simon System, but the decline the offer, and quickly leave him in the ring. He celebrates his win, then jumps off the top rope, but is met by three pissed off Dudleyz. They back him into the corner, and he tries to worm his way out of it, offering them all the Simon System.

They look to one another, then Bubba pushes D’ Von, and tells him to get the tables. D’ Von then nods, and turns to Spike, then pushes him, and tells Spike to get the Tables. He does, whilst Bubba and D’ Von beat down Simon in the corner. They hit the WASSSSUP, then the 3D, before Bubba finishes Simon off with the Powerbomb from the top rope through the table.

The Dudleyz then pour the Simon System all over Simon Dean, making a big mess, and get a huge pop.

Michael Cole: (Laughs) Looks like Simon hasn’t endeared himself to the Dudley Boyz either!!!

Bobby Heenan: Imagine how you’d feel right now if Simon Dean was your son, actually, imagine if you had a son…

Michael Cole: I do.

Bobby Heenan: You do what?? Imagine Simon Dean was your son??

Michael Cole: No, I- (Bobby cuts him off with a heh type sound). I- (Bobby cuts him off with a heh type sound again). Y- (Bobby cuts him off with a heh type sound). Forget it.

Bobby Heenan: I cant forget that. No way.

Michael Cole: (Ignores Bobby) Simon has not found himself popular here on Smackdown. Folks, once again, we need to address the knock-on effect of the Elimination Chamber on the superstars involved in that match, that aren’t here tonight, and one of those is Triple H. The Game is also unable to attend here tonight, after the effects from his fourth Elimination Chamber have taken it’s toll once again on his body. He suffered a lot of blood loss, he has had knee problems, and back spasms since Sunday night, but like Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle, he too is expected to be here next week.

Bobby Heenan: I still cant believe you imagine yourself as Simon Dean’s father.

Michael Cole: FOR GODS SAKE!!! You know, I’m glad this is a one night only thing, because I don’t know if I could handle you week in, week out.

Bobby Heenan: Why’s that??

Michael Cole: Because you’re a wise ass.

Bobby Heenan: Well, I don’t like your moustache.

Michael Cole: What’s wrong with it??

Bobby Heenan: Meh, people are talking. They say it makes you look suspicious, like you have something to hide.

Michael Cole: I’ve nothing to hide!!

Bobby Heenan: Well, it sure looks like you do.


We return with a video package of the Goldberg - Tazz feud, which culminated at Judgement Day.

Michael Cole:
It was an emotional, roller coaster ride, with Tazz coming so close to victory. In fact, he made Goldberg tap out at one stage, but luckily for Goldberg, the referee had been knocked out, which helped Goldberg from defeat. From there, Goldberg managed to eventually pull off the win, and get the final word. Neither man is here tonight, with Tazz recuperating from the match, his first in three years, and possibly his last, and Goldberg requested tonight off, after the gruelling match this past week.

Bret Hart then appears on the titan tron, sitting at his desk…

Bret Hart:
Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed tonight’s show, but next week, I will be raising the stakes here at Smackdown. You see, it appears the race is on to be the next Number One Contender for The Rock’s WWE Championship, and next week, we will find out who is next in line to face The Rock.

It will be Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and if Kurt Angle and Triple H manage to make it next week, they will also be included in a six pack challenge, with the winner facing The Rock, on June 2nd in London, England.


Michael Cole:
What the hell?? The Rock isn’t supposed to be here tonight??

Bobby Heenan: If you smell what The Rock’s cooking?? What’s he cooking?? And what happens if I smell it??

The Rock makes his way to the ring, with the WWE Championship. His arm is taped up, he has a plaster on his head, and is walking with a bit of a limp. He takes a mic, and begins to talk…

The Rock:

Crowd Pops.

The Rock:
And The Rock comes to ya, LIVE baby. Live, and STILL the WWE Champion!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock:
Bret Hart, The Rock just heard your announcement, and The Rock says this…he likes it. You see, just like on Sunday night, The Rock wont be hiding in the corner, desperately clutching to the WWE Championship. NO, NO, NO!!! The Rock is gonna be a fighting champion. He’s gonna tackle all his foes, head on. All challenges, no matter how big or small will be accepted. The Rock says this, whether its Goldberg (Boo’s) or Eddie Guerrero (Cheers) or Triple H (Boos) or Chris Benoit (cheers). Hell, The Rock would even accept a challenge from Bobby Heenan over here.

Heenan then gets off his seat, and puts his hands up like a boxer, getting a big pop

The Rock: The Rock says, he would even accept a challenge from Micha- actually, nah, The Rock would just laugh his ass off if that jabroni, Michael Cole challenged me for the WWE Title.

Cole looks unimpressed, whilst Heenan then slaps him in the arm.

The Rock: You see, it doesn’t matter to The Rock. It doesn’t matter who it is, The Rock will face them. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The Rock will whoop that ass, he’ll layeth the smacketh down, and The Rock will send all your candy asses to Know your role boulevard, check you into the Smackdown hotel, and whoop that ass some more, IF YAAAAAA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……..WHAT THE ROCK……IS COOKIN!!!!!!!

Rocks music hits, and he makes his way to the announce table, and goes on colour commentary for the main event.


Main Event:

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

Technical master class, with the opening exchange being very cagey, with plenty of chain wrestling, neither man getting a clear advantage over his opponent.

After the opening five minutes, a chop fest starts, which gets the crowd really fired up, and now, Benoit takes control. He dictates the pace, and wears down Jericho. After a few minutes of being beaten down, Jericho makes a comeback, and quickens the pace, taking the advantage over the Wolverine.

The two men then exchange near falls, with counters, and counters, and more counters to each pinfall attempt.

We now begin to reach the crescendo of the match, and Jericho looks to have control again, until he starts arguing with The Rock, who is still on commentary. Benoit then knocks down Y2J, but as he goes up top for the head butt, he then starts to argue with The Rock, and this gives Jericho a chance to take advantage. He hits an arm drag off the top, then goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Benoit fights it.

Both men then get caught in each others submissions, with both reaching the ropes. Benoit then goes for the Crossface again, but Jericho pulls away, then cradles Benoit in a small package, 1...2...3!!!! Jericho got it!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho celebrates his win, then stares down The Rock who is on the outside, still at the commentary desk. Benoit looks irate over his loss, but is respectful enough to offer a handshake to Jericho, which is eventually accepted to a huge ovation. The show ends with Jericho and Benoit shaking hands.

End of Show

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