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Re: Being the booker

Elimination Chamber....... Whoa...

Well what a week it's been for BTB, Michaels RAW completely kicked ass, Wolfy's Smackdown! kicked ass and IMO RoG always kicks ass , but damn, what a week it has been.

Well, why not have an Elimnation Chamber at Judgement Day..... A match made in hell for a PPV in hell. Angle, Triple H, Rock, Beniot, Guerrero and Jericho..... That'll be one of the best line ups for a Elimination Chamber ever, seeing as they allhave an intertwining past together.....

Jericho and Triple H promo was funny, especailly with what Michael said the return of 'Junior'.

Goldberg and Tazz is really heating up nicely, I have to feel for poor Shannon Moore though. But I have to feel more for poor Josh going though the window

I see Beniot becomming a bit like Edge is now on TV, because in BTB he hasn;t held either of the major titles yet, could be a sign for Beniot.

LOL Simon Dean was great.......... Way better than WWE....... 5th GRADE!! HA!

The Rock interview wasn't the best, I was hoping for some ripping into the participants, but ohwell hopefully over the next few weeks it'll happen, nice interaction with Maria though.

JBL's incomming was good, I wonder what you have planned for him?

Main event ending was good, well the show ending too. Rock and Triple H going at it with Jericho taking out Rock, that seems a little sus. I'll belooking to see where this goes next week. Jericho seems the man for the belt at the moment but i bet each one will get thier time taking out Rocky...

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: Being the booker

Bascailly what everyone said..
I'm loving the Evolution part especially with Orton showing them who's boss in their backstage segment
Smackdown was great..Although no Lesnar/Austin..guess you were building up the WWE Title story...which great to have the Elimination Chamber match

My predictions for Backlash
WWE Tag Titles: WGTT
RVD v Rene: Rene
Michaels v Taker: Michaels with some help
Six Man Tag: Sting/Cena/Mysterio with Orton turning on Evolution
Shaniqua v Trish: Shaniqua continues to dominate
Eugene v Kane: Wonder if Eugene is gonna still be in his crazy gimmick..but I don't think he'll be able to keep Kane down
Edge v Christian: Will be a classic especially inside the Steel Cage..Christian wins it this time..probably with some interference from someone other than Tomko..maybe Matt Hardy!

Great shows and can't wait for Backlash!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: Being the booker

Buried Alive Match:
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

6 Man Tag Match:
John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Sting vs. Evolution

Intercontinental Championship:
Steel Cage Match:
Christian vs. Edge

Womenís Championship Match:
Shaniqua vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Turmoil Match;
World Tag Team Championships:
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team defend against;
Brotherhood, Booker T & Goldust, A-Train & Rhyno,
Natural Born Thrillers, Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree

Eugene vs. Kane

My predictions in Bold
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Re: Being the booker

Predictions in bold

Buried Alive Match:
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

6 Man Tag Match:
John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Sting vs. Evolution

Intercontinental Championship:
Steel Cage Match:
Christian vs. Edge

Womenís Championship Match:
Shaniqua vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Turmoil Match;
World Tag Team Championships:
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team defend against;
Brotherhood, Booker T & Goldust, A-Train & Rhyno,
Natural Born Thrillers, Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree

Eugene vs. Kane
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Re: Being the booker

Okay, as I've said before, I needed to post this early as I wontbe here for the rest of the weekend, enjoy...

WWE Raw presents;


Continental Airlines Arena; East Rutherford, New Jersey

April 24th 2005

Opening Video focuses entirely on the HBK - Undertaker Buried Alive Match tonight, with the theme song, Bother, by Stone Sour playing in the background.

Pyro blasts off, and we are greeted by the commentary team of J.R & Jerry Lawler, who run down some of the matches here tonight, then send it over quickly to the Spanish announce team, before action gets under way.

1st Match; Tag Team Turmoil for the World Tag Team Championships;

1st two teams;

Booker T & Goldust vs. Brotherhood (Orlando Jordan & Rodney Mack) w/Theodore Long & Jazz

The match begins, with Theodore & Jazz proving a distraction, with Booker chasing Theodore, then Jazz grabs Goldustís foot, allowing Mack and Jordan to get the upper hand right away.

Orlando and Rodney dominate proceedingís, working on the back of Goldust, making consistent tags.

It looks like Goldust is about to make an important tag to Booker, but Teddy proves distraction for the referee, who doesnít see the tag, and forces Booker back to the corner.

Goldust once again nearly gets a tag to Booker, but Orlando pulls Booker off the apron, and Book misses the tag, allowing Mack to drag Goldust back again.

Jazz then gets sent to the back, after being caught by the referee choking Goldust on the ropes. Theodore then tries to get involved, but is also sent to the back for his troubles.

Mack and Jordan are irate, arguing with the referee, whilst Goldust makes the tag to Booker, which this time is seen by the referee.

Booker cleans house, hitting a number of his signature moves, then hitís a BookEnd on Mack, whilst Goldust takes care of O.J, and Booker covers, 1...2...3!!!

Eliminated - Brotherhood - 8:29

Booker T & Goldust vs. A-Train and Rhyno

A-Train immediately rushes to the ring, and knocks down Booker with a big bicycle kick, then goes after Goldust, who is already worn down.

Rhyno comes through the crowd, and sneaks into the ring, and nails the recovering Booker T with a death defying Gore, and gets the three on Booker, for a shockingly quick win.

Eliminated - Booker T & Goldust - 1:03

A-Train and Rhyno vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag team

Haas and Benjamin, make their way to the ring, cautiously, realizing the danger which their opponents bring.

Haas starts out with A-Train, with the big man dominating, beating down the smaller man.

Haas fights back just enough to be able to tag out to Benjamin.

Benjamin takes down A-Train with his speed and technical ability.

Rhyno gets involved illegal out of frustration, and gets his team back on top of the match.

A-Train and Rhyno beat down Benjamin, make a number of tags, some of which blind tags.

The giant team gain near falls throughout on the weakened tag champion, with Charlie Haas being forced to make the save on more than one occasion.

Benjamin comes close to making the tag to Haas, but is pulled back at the last second.

Eventually, Haas becomes frustrated with the cheating from A-Train and Rhyno, and gets involved.

The match breaks down into a four man brawl.

Rhyno sets up Benjamin for the Gore, but Benjamin leapfrogs him, and Rhyno accidentally Gores his partner, then comes back, and it met with the T-Bone exploder from Shelton, 1...2...3!!!

Eliminated - A-Train and Rhyno - 6:56

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Natural Born Thrillers

The two teams share a hand shake before the match

Haas starts out against Oí Haire, with both men having a period of dominance, before Oí Haire takes full control, and tags in Palumbo.

Palumbo works on the arm of Charlie Haas, but the wrestling ability of Haas shines through, as he turns the tables and applies an arm lock on Chuck, then tags out to the now fresh Benjamin.

Shelton shows off his speed, and high flying ability, grounding Palumbo.

TWGTT show why they are called so, and wear down Chuck Palumbo for a long period, making a number of tags.

Oí Haire eventually manages to get a tag, and brings the NBT back into the match, which eventually turns into a brawl.

Palumbo and Benjamin take it to the outside, whilst Oí Haire and Haas, the legal man, go at it in the ring.

Oí Haire goes for the Seanton Bomb, but Haas moves, then cradles his opponent, 1...2...3!!!

Eliminated - Natural Born Thrillers - 6:45

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

The final team to enter, Cade and Jindrak, take control right away on the exhausted WGTT, with an attack from behind.

They single out Haas, and go to work on his left leg, applying a number of painful submission moves.

They play with Haas for a while, letting him get close to Benjamin, then pulling him back at the last second, teasing him, and pissing off Shelton in the process.

Cade and Jindrak slap Haas around, stomping him in the corner, and distracting the referee, whilst the other partner chokes Haas in the corner, using the ropes.

Haas starts to fight back, and nearly makes it to his partner, but Jindrak distracts the referee, and the tag isnít seen. Benjamin is forced to the corner again.

Cade and Jindrak take advantage, and grab a tag title belt. Cade swings at Haas, but he ducks, and hitís a German Suplex. Jindrak then runs at him, but Haas hitís a drop toe hold.

Charlie then makes the hot tag to Shelton.

Shelton takes down both opponents with heel kicks, dropkicks, clotheslines, and cross bodies, taking Cade and Jindrak out of their game.

He nails a super kick on Cade, and covers, 1...2...JINDRAK BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

Haas is irate, and gets involved in the match, turning it into a four man war.

Cade and Jindrak try to cheat to take the belts, as Cade rolls up Benjamin, grabbing the tights, and holding his partners arm for leverage, but the referee notices, and tells them off about it. This causes a distraction for them, and Benjamin takes Jindrak over the top with him.

Haas then nails a Belly to Belly on Cade, and follows up with the Haas of Pain, Cade fights it for a few moments, but is then forced to tap out, giving TWGTT the win.

Eliminated - Cade & Jindrak - 8:03

Winners: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Backstage, we see Evolution getting prepared for the six man tag later, but there still seems to be dissention, with Flair blaming Orton for not being there for him last Monday against Sting. Orton sayís he did his best, and it wasnít his job to make sure he pinned Sting. The two have a brief showdown, before Batista steps in.

Interview with Rene Dupree. Basically just an interview with Rene looking for some heat, making some comments which annoy the crowd.

2nd Match;

Rene Dupree vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD starts off on top form, with an all out aerial assault on Dupree, which forces Dupree to rethink his game plan, and even teases leaving.

Eventually, he comes back, but once again, RVD totally outwrestles him.

Dupree goes to the apron, and starting signalling at the crowd, getting more heat. RVD takes advantage and kicks him off, onto the guard rail.

Dupree looks to be injured, and the referee makes the ĎXí sign, calling for some assistance. It appears he has injured his chest in some way.

RVD goes over to help, but as he approaches Dupree, The French Phenom takes him down with a clothesline, showing he was never really injured.

Rene Dupree takes total control over RVD, beating him up all around the ringside area.

The Frenchman then brings it into the ring, and immediately gets a near fall.

RVD is put in a lot of pain, with Dupree working on the legs of Van Dam, taking out his most lethal body part.

Dupree starts to show his cockiness, even doing the French Tickler

Van Dam stats to fight back, but Dupree kicks his leg, sending RVD back to the mat.

Dupree locks in an Indian Deathlock, but RVD is able to make the ropes.

The French Phenom looks to be getting more anxious as time goes on, and starts to get desperate to finish the match, hitting a number of moves.

RVD begins to fight back, taking advantage of Dupreeís failure to finish him off.

He hitís the majority of his signature moves, even despite the obvious troubles with his leg.

RVD goes for the 5 Star, but Dupree gets his knees up, then gets a backslide on RVD, and puts his feet all over the ropes, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Rene Dupree - 12:23

Fanatix series commercial, this month, John Cena: Word life

Michaels arrives to the arena along with Luther Reigns

We get a look at the grave site, with J.R and King talking about previous Buried Alive matches, and saying tonightís could be the most important of them all.

Cade and Jindrak talk to each other in the back, both disappointed with losing, but they then talk about still being a big impact tonight.

Video Package of Carlitoís Videoís hyping his debut, which is tonight.

Stacey Kiebler, Victoria, Lita and Gail Kim are in the ring, with the T-Shirt shooter, then an unfamiliar music hits, and we see Carlito enter, with an apple. He comes to the ring, with a real swagger, then grabs a mic. He talks for a moment, telling the Divaís that they may be cute, but they are NOT cool.

CCC makes a fool of all four divaís, making fun of them of either being chubby, too skinny, weird, or dumb. Victoria stands up to him, but gets spat in the face with the apple.

Lita then goes to hit him, but he stops her, and shoves her to the ground. He then backs Stacey into the corner, intimidating her, and clotheslines Gail Kim.

Carlito then grabs a mic, and says he would never hit a woman, but Gail doesnít count.

Victoria gets back to her feet, brushing the apple from her face, and slaps Carlito. Carlito then looks set to hit her back, then tells her to turn around, she does, and is met with a kick from Stacey.

Stacey smiles at Carlito, and he smiles back. He takes her hand, and they leave, walking up the ramp, laughing at the other three divaís in the ring.

Judgement Day video, which takes place on May 15th.

J.R and King talk briefly about JD, then talk about Stacey joining up with the debuting Carlito. J.R says he is disappointed in her, and cant believe it.

We cut to Mick Foley, who is talking with Eugene. He desperately tries to get Eugene to drop out of the match with Kane, but Eugene wants to fight. Mick lets him go, but looks extremely worried.

3rd Match:

Kane vs. Eugene

At first Eugene looks a little scared, then fires himself up, and runs right at Kane, who pushes him away, squatting him like a fly.

Eugene runs at him again, with the same result.

Kane then grabs Eugene and beats him down in the corner. He hitís a few slams, and makes the first cover for a two.

He then whips Eugene to the corner, but Eugene gets a foot up as Kane runs at him, then rolls him up, for a near fall.

Kane is irate, whilst Eugene becomes more confident. The crowd a solidly behind Eugene already.

Kane chases Eugene, who runs around, making a fool out of Kane, then chop blocks the monster.

Eugene then goes through his comedy routine, pretending to act like a dog, and imitating some past stars.

Kane by this point is irate, and despite his anger, he cant get an upper hand over Eugene, who outwrestles the monster.

Eugene then goes for a clothesline, but Kane back body drops him to the outside.

Kane takes the fight back to Eugene, and takes him apart on the outside, taking the upper hand once again.

Back in the ring, Kane dominates, getting a few near falls.

He goes for a Chokeslam, but Eugene pokes him in the eyes, then hitís a double arm DDT.

Eugene then pulls out SOCKO!!! He applies the Mandible Claw on Kane, but Kane, just before passing out, breaks the hold with a kick to the gut.

Kane then hitís a big boot, followed by the top rope clothesline, for another two count.

Eugene then begins to fire up, almost Hulk Hogan-esque.

He fights back at Kane, almost seemingly impervious to pain.

Eugene hitís the big boot, and the leg drop, but kane kicks out at two.

Eugene then clotheslines Kane to the outside, who appears to fall awkwardly.

Kane then limps around the ringside area, away from Eugene, appearing to be really injured. He picks up a chair, and nails Eugene, causing a DQ.

Winner - Eugene - (DQ) - 14:54

Once the bell rings, Kane limps to the back as quickly as possible, totally out of character, with what appears to be a real injury.

Backstage, we see Carlito and Stacey hand in hand, walking around making fun of backstage officials etc.

We are shown highlights of an interview from Heat, with Mick Foley announcing that if Evolution lost tonight, Randy Orton will be out of the title hunt for the foreseeable future.

We see Edge preparing for the upcoming Cage match with his brother for the Intercontinental Title.

Video package for the Edge- Christian match

4th Match:

Steel Cage Match; Intercontinental Championship:

Victory obtained by either Pinfall, Submission, or Escape via the door, or over the top.

Christian © w/ Tyson Tomko vs. Edge

Christian immediately tries to escape, but Edge laughs, and pulls the champion right back down, and goes right to work, firing right hands, unrelentlessly to his brother, in a fit of rage.

Edge totally dominates the early going, busting Christian open in less than three minutes, after throwing him from one side of the cage to another, at least a dozen times.

Edge then pounds down Christian some more, showing his frustration. He then gets into a verbal altercation with Tomko, telling the Problem Solver he cant do anything, which gets Tomko pissed off.

After taking his eyes of Christian for a moment, Edge doesnít realise that Christian has pulled out a chain from his tights. Edge approaches the champion, but is met with a tremendous right hand, which has the chain on it, knocking Edge down, and possibly out.

Christian crawls toward the door, bloody already, inch by inch. The door opens, but Christian only gets an arm out, before he is pulled back by Edge.

Edge looks rather out of it after the chain shot, but out of instinct stopped Christian from escaping.

The two men fight it out, blow for blow, until Edge takes control, hitting a number of fast paced moves, taking Christian right out of the game, but Christian refuses to stay down.

Edge continues to dominate, bloodying his brother more, throwing him from one side of the cage to another, multiple times.

Tomko then has had enough, and tries to climb in over the top, but Edge seeís him coming, and climbs to the top also. Tomko sees him, and has no choice but to get back down again.

Meanwhile, Christian once again tries to escape through the door, whilst Edge is distracted, and Edge quickly gets back down, and pulls him back in.

Christian then executes a low blow on Edge, which gives the CLB a chance to take the upper hand.

Captain Charisma then busts Edge open, the same way Edge did with him.

Christian tells Tomko to throw a chair into the ring, over the top of the cage.

After failing twice, Tomko eventually manages to throw a chair in over the top.

Christian grabs the chair, but Edge stops him from using it, hitting a DDT on the champion.

Both men go down, but Edge is first to move and covers CLB, only getting a two.

Edge and Christian fight back up to a vertical base, punch for punch.

Captain Charisma this time takes advantage, and sustains it, keeping Edge down with a number of high impact moves, and a number of near falls.

The Champion then hitís the Unprettier, and instead of pinning Edge, decides to climb the cage to escape.

Christian reaches the top, but as he begins to climb over, Edge makes a last ditch attempt to save the match, and climbs the cage, grabbing Christian by the hair, and pulling him back up to the top.

Edge hitís a superplex from the top of the cage, leaving both men down for over a minute.

The bloody competitors are both totally drained, with Edge begin first to move, getting a cover, but only getting two.

Edge then goes for a Spear, but Christian moves, and Edge eats the ringpost.

Christian quickly tries to scarper out of the cage, but Edge, once again, stops him in a last ditch attempt.

Christian grabs the chair, and swings but Edge ducks, and hitís a SPEAR!!!

Edge then slowly climbs the cage, looking to get the win, and Christian has yet to move.

Tomko throws something into the ring to Christian, who begins to come back to his senses.

Edge climbs over the top, but Tyson Tomko climbs up the cage, stopping him from hitting the floor.

Edge takes his attention off Christian, and solely on Tomko, but as he does, Christian slowly climbs up the cage, and pulls a pair of handcuffs from the bag Tomko threw in.

Christian then grabs Edges hand, and cuffs it to the cage, leaving Edge stranded half way up the cage, inches from the floor.

Tomko laughs, and gets back down, whilst Christian, crawls out the door to the floor, picking up the win.

Winner - Christian - Escaping the Cage via door - 19:55

Tomko carries the bloody Christian up the ramp, who still has the I.C Title, after screwing his brother once again, just like at WM, with the handcuffs.

Edge is still dangling from the cage, handcuffed, irate over being screwed again.

Interview with John Cena. The World Champion spitís a rhyme about Evolution, and how he and his partners are gonna whoop their asses tonight.

5th Match:

Womenís Championship Match:

Shaniqua © vs. Trish Stratus

Trish proves to use her smartness in the early going, gaining a slight advantage over Shaniqua, out wrestling her.

Shaniqua soon takes control, thanks to her unbelievable strength advantage, and totally dominates the challenger with her size.

Shaniqua beats Trish around like an animal, but Trish refuses to stay down, despite Shaniquaís best efforts.

Trish kicks out of a Powerslam, Chokeslam, piledriver, Press Slam, which seems to take Shaniqua off her game.

Shaniqua then starts to get desperate, and starts choking Trish in the corner, using ropes, and with her foot.

The Challenger refuses to go down, and begins to find some weaknesses with Shaniqua.

Trish then takes Shaniqua down, with a Chick Kick, followed by the Stratusfaction, but Shaniqua manages to kick out at two.

Trish goes for the kick again, but Shaniqua ducks it, and boots her down. She follows up with a Powerbomb, BUT TRISH GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES!!!

Shaniqua cant believe it. She picks Trish up again, and hitís the Powerbomb again, this time, in the middle of the ring, 1...2...3!!!

Winner - Shaniqua - 7:41

Shaniqua looks at the fallen challenger, with a slightly worried look, before leaving the ring, happy to still have the belt.

J.R and King then tell us that they have an update on Kaneís injury, which has been confirmed as a torn quad, the same injury Triple H suffered back in 2001.

We see Evolution making their way backstage, still not looking like a cohesive unit.

Video Package for the 6 Man Tag

6th Match:

Six Man Tag Match:

Evolution vs. John Cena, Sting, Rey Mysterio

Mysterio starts out with Batista, and we get the usual big man small man stuff with Mysterio, crawling through legs etc. Batista gets mad, and tags out to Flair.

Flair then tells Mysterio he doesnít want any of that funny stuff, and they lock up, and Mysterio pulls Flairís tights to reveal his bare ass. Flair is irate, and complains to the referee. Mysterio takes advantage and rolls Flair up for two.

Mysterio then has the advantage over Flair, due to the speed of Rey.

He then tags in John Cena, to a huge pop.

Cena works on Flair, and then they begin a chop fest, back and forth.

Flair takes the upper hand on Cena, then tags Batista back in.

Orton looks irate, being totally left out of the match, with Flair and Batista tagging in between each other.

Batista uses his power to weaken Cena, and gets two near falls.

Cena then comes back, and shows why he is the World Champion, showing his heart, and passion, taking down Batista.

Cena then tags in Sting, to another big pop.

Sting chops Batista to death in the corner, then works down the big man, with some simple but effective moves.

Batista though, comes back strong, turning Sting inside out with a clothesline.

Batista tags out to Flair, leaving Orton out once again.

Orton argues with Batista on the outside, but Batista says itís nothing personal.

Sting and Flair go at it for a good three minutes, old school style, Sting - Flair classic pieces.

Sting looks to have the upper hand, and goes to tag in Mysterio, but Flair chop blocks Sting, before dragging him back, and working on his left knee.

Flair looks to tag back out to Batista, but Orton stops him, and tags Flair himself, finally getting into the match.

Orton shows his pent up frustration, beating the hell out of Sting.

He then calms down, and begins to go back to work on the knee of the legend.

Orton then bounces off the ropes, but Batista makes a blind tag.

Orton argues with Batista, and Flair is forced to pull Orton out of the ring.

Batista goes for Sting, but Sting hits an inverted atomic drop, then tags out to Mysterio.

Mysterio uses his speed to keep the advantage with his team.

Batista soon catches him, and begins to destroy Mysterio, with power moves, and that sort of stuff.

Batista tags out to Flair, who wears down Rey for a good few minutes, before tagging in Orton.

Orton continues the punishment on Mysterio.

Mysterio then attempts a comeback, but Evolution prove too much for now.

Orton then tags out to Batista once more.

Batista continues the beat down.

The Animal then makes a mistake, and poses to the crowd before hitting a Powerbomb, which gives Rey a chance to fight back, and dropkicks Batista into the ropes, and then Flair tries to stop him from tagging out, but Mysterio nails an enziguri, sending Flair out of the ring.

Mysterio then tags Cena, and Batista tags Orton.

Orton and Cena meet in the centre of the ring, face to face, for the first time officially since WrestleMania five weeks ago, to a deafening ovation from the audience, desperate to see them get it on.

They go punch for punch, neither getting an advantage.

Cena bounces off the ropes, but is met with a knee in the back by Batista, allowing Orton to take control.

Orton dominates Cena for a good 3 minutes.

He goes for an RKO, but Cena pushes him away, and nails an FU!!

Cena gets the pin, but Flair pulls the referee out of the ring, sparking a six man brawl.

In a fast paced last five minuteís, every man involved hitís their signature moves, for a number of convincing near falls, every time, with the match looking set to end.

Eventually, it comes down to the two legal men in the ring, Cena and Orton. Orton hitís the RKO, but Cena gets a foot on the rope.

Orton then notices Flair calling for his help, with him on the outside, being closed in on by Sting. Orton is distracted by this, and Cena takes advantage, turns Orton around, and nails the FU, 1...2...3!!!

Winners - John Cena, Sting, Rey Mysterio - 22:23

Cena, Sting and Mysterio celebrate the win, while in the ring, Orton comes to his senses, and is helped up by Batista, and Flair. Flair then yells at Orton for screwing up. Orton is irate. He explains, how he lost, and it being Flairís fault. Flair tells him thatís bullshit. Orton then looks ready to crack, and shoves Flair, before walking off. Flair and Batista look irate, and then quickly follow Orton up the ramp, arguing with him all the way.

We see HBK making last minute preparations, whilst Luther guards his dressing room door.

We see Christian celebrating along with Tomko, but the celebration is interrupted by GM Foley, who tells Christian that he applauds him for being smart, but is sick of him weaselling his way out of matches, and tomorrow night, he will defend the I.C Title against Rey Mysterio.

Christian argues the decision, saying that he just went through the most barbaric match ever, and needs at least a week to rest, but Foley wont change his mind, forcing Christian to have a temper tantrum.

Video Package for the Main Event

Main Event:

Buried Alive Match:

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels w/ Luther Reigns

HBK starts out looking confident, then once Taker gets to the ring, HBK dives out, and into the crowd.

Undertaker stands and watches HBK in the crowd trying to get as far away as he can, then from behind, Luther jumps Taker.

Luther and Taker go at it for a few minutes, with Luther getting in some good offence on the Deadman.

Eventually, Undertaker proves too strong for Luther, and puts him down with a Chokeslam.

As soon as Taker connects with it, HBK attacks him with a chair, dismantling the Phenom, and busting him open.

Michaels tries to work on the leg of Taker, to give him no vertical base.

Taker fights back, and turns the tide, ending up on top of Michaels now.

Undertaker goes up for the Old School, but Luther by this stage has recovered, and pushes Taker off the ropes, with the crown jewels colliding with the top rope.

Shawn retakes the advantage in the match, opening up the wound on the Deadmanís head.

Reigns attacks Earl Hebner, after the referee tries to get him out of the ring.

The match then becomes a two on one affair for a few minutes, with HBK and the Insurance Policy dominating the Deadman.

Taker tries to fight back, but even when he manages to put one of the men down, the other is right back on top of him.

Michaels then goes to hit him with the chair, but Taker boots it back into his face, busting Michaels open.

Taker then hitís the Tombstone on Luther, onto the chair, taking him right out of the equation.

The Deadman then hits Old School, and clotheslines Michaels over the top rope, signalling to the gravesite, getting a huge pop from the crowd.

Taker carries Michaels up the top grave, then Michaels realises where he is, and immediately tries to get Taker to let him go.

He bites, punches, scratches and claws to free himself, but Taker doesnít let go.

The Deadman then tries to get Michaels into the grave, but Michaels refuses to go down.

He fights back, and the two men brawl a little.

Michaels out of desperation grabs a shovel, and nails Taker, right between the eyes, deepening the cut on Takerís head.

He tries to roll Undertaker into the grave, but at the last moment, the Deadman grabs him by the throat, and gets back to his feet.

Taker then goes for a Chokeslam, but HBK hitís a low blow, and hits Sweet Chin Music, sending Taker into the grave.

Michaels falls to the floor, into the soil, then struggles back up, and begins to shovel dirt into the grave.

After around thirty seconds, Taker sits up!!! He gets to his feet, and pulls Michaels into the grave.

The two men then brawl inside the grave, with Taker on top. He clotheslines Shawn, then gets out of the grave.

Taker gets the shovel, and begins to shovel dirt on top of Michaels.

HBK though, soon crawls out, and Taker comes right after him.

Both men are covered in dirt, with Michaels face covered in sticky soil, after coming into contact with the blood from his face.

Taker pounds down Michaels, and whips him onto the tombstone by the grave.

Taker tries to get Michaels into the grave again, but HBK fights back.

The two men then brawl in the aisle, and the ramp, with Shawn hitting a back body drop, and whipping Taker into the guard rail along the ramp.

Taker comes back though once again, and hitís a Powerslam to Michaels on the ramp, bringing the advantage back to the Deadman.

He then sets up HBK for the Last Ride, on the ramp, but at the last second, Luther Reigns comes from behind with a chair to the back of Taker.

Michaels then falls to the floor, totally exhausted.

Luther then brawls with Taker again, for a few moments, while Shawn tries to recover.

Luther hitís a number of big moves on the Deadman, putting him down.

HBK then wheels a wheelbarrow to Luther, and they dump Taker inside it, before wheeling him up to the gravesite again.

They pound him down, then roll Taker in, but before they can begin to bury him, Taker gets back to his feet, and fight back out of the grave.

He boots Michaels, then knocks down Luther with a soup bone, before picking up the shovel, and cracking Reigns with the weapon.

Taker then picks up Michaels and Chokeslams him into the Grave.

Taker then begins to bury Shawn, shovelling dirt into the grave.

All of a sudden though, we see Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak run out, both with chairs, and both nail Taker.

Cade pulls Michaels out of the grave, whilst Jindrak helps up Luther.

Reigns, Cade & Jindrak then beat down Undertaker, whilst Michaels is still out.

The trio then all pull up Taker and in a three man effort, Powerbomb the Deadman into the grave.

Cade then motions to the back, and we see a dump truck come through. It backs up toward the grave, then Cade, Jindrak and Luther help HBK up, and tell him to push a button on the back of the truck.

Michaels is so out of it, he needs Luther to help him find and press the button.

As he presses it, the back of the lorry empties, and a ton of dirt empties into the grave.

Winner - Shawn Michaels - 24:57

Cade and Jindrak put HBK on their shoulders, with HBK still unable to hold himself up
, he is holding his arm, as if it could be broken, but just as the PPV is about to close, HBK manages to do the D-X crotch signal towards the grave, where The Undertaker has been buried alive.

End of Show

Apologies to anyone who had hoped for a full PPV, although I have a feeling this type of PPV might prove to be popular with those of you who arenít fans of reading full matches. This way, you can read the synopsis of the match, without getting bored. Next time Iíll write a PPV will course be Judgement Day, and that will be done in full.

After that is Bad Blood, which will be presented like this, but Iíll probably do the promoís for that.

Thoughtís would be appreciated, and improvements of how to lay out the matches for Raw events would be appreciated, as to whether you liked this style, or if you can think of a better one maybe.

Thanks again, all replies as always, are welcome.

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Re: Being the booker

Great show! Maybe not as great as your other shows probably because of the lack of matches (or maybe I'm just stupid) but it was none the less great!

The matches were well written and I like this format..makes me wanna read the match instead of reading many lines.

The Six Man Tag was good and I just wished Orton would punch Flair but that will happen on Raw now!
The Main Event was good..Too much interference from Luther..I knew it when you had that small segment where Cade/Jindrak said they were gonna make an impact..I knew that they're gonna get involved in the main event and we now have a stable..D-X II
I liked the Carlito segment too with Stacy joining him!
I got all predictions correct!!

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Re: Being the booker

Great show, despite it being recapped, it was still great. WGTT are still champs! Im loving that! Carlito and Stacy is cool, I guess Kane is going to be out 8 months? Glad to see John Cena pin Randy Orton. Glad to see Christian win and I cant wait to see if he loses to Rey Mysterio. I think a loss by Mysterio will hurt his push, so I hope he wins. Buried Alive was fantastic and it seems DX is back together.. Im not to sure tho, Jindrak/Cade/Reigns dont seem to have the cocky DX attitude. 9/10

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Re: Being the booker


Reigns, Jindrak, Cade and HBK forming DX???? If I were to be a frank man (and I am) I'm hating that stable. I can see where you're going, trying to put them over and that but as they say...'First impressions are the last impressions' and I'm not liking 'DX revamped'

Apart from that Taker naturally loses a match that he should always win

Eugene going crazy on Kane, LOL.

Goodbye Evolution and hello 'Randy Orton'. Let's hope it's not as screwed up as it was in WWE.

Tomko helping Christian...was cool.

Matches were nicely written and probably in the style that I'll do my WrestleMania.

Can't wait till Judgment Day....honestly, I can't!
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Re: Being the booker

Every single prediction correct apart from one

Im not keen on the DX idea either but we'll see where you take it.
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Re: Being the booker

Just missed one prediction which was nice to see. Hopefully you can make this new version of DX work but I just don't see the comedic element and maybe a new name would have been better suited. Should be interesting to see where you go with some of the fueds as there are a lot of things left unsettled with some cheap finishes. And lastly hopefully you can do a better job with the Orton face turn than the WWE did. Overall a good rundown of the PPV and I look forward to Smackdown as the road to Judgment Day picks up.
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