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Re: Being the booker

Pretty great shows. I wish Raw was longer though.

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Re: Being the booker

RAW; April 11th; Sacramento:

Opening Video


J.R and King welcome us to the show, and tell us tonightís main event will be Randy Orton taking on Sting.

Evolution come to the ring, all three looking pissed off, after last weeks defeat to Mysterio. There appears to be tension, as Flair begins to talk. He says that Orton let Evolution down last week, losing to a circus freak. Orton looks to be irate, and is held back by Batista from saying anything. Flair then moves on, and talks about Cena and Sting interfering last week in the match. Flair then challenges those three to face Evolution at Backlash in a six man tag. ThenÖThe Worlds Greatest Tag Team interrupt. Haas and Benjamin tell Flair and Batista that they donít want to wait until later for their title shot, because they want it now!!! With that, Mick Foley enters, and orders for the tag title match to start right now!!!

Haas and Benjamin defeat Flair and Batista to become the NEW World Tag Team Champions!!! Orton is sent from ringside during the match, leaving Evolution to go alone. The referee is accidentally knocked out by Flair, and Evolution decide to take advantage, bringing the belts into the ring. However, they are thwarted by Cena, Sting, and Mysterio, who all hit their trademark moves on both men, and Benjamin gets the cover on Batista, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!

John Cena is interviewed backstage, along with Sting and Mysterio after the commercial break, and the trio accept the challenge from Evolution at Backlash.

Booker T & Goldust talk to Mick Foley about being left out in the dark over the tag title situation, whilst TWGTT get a shot right away. Cade and Jindrak also enter the office, and make a similar complaint, then, the Brotherhood, led by Teddy Long, also make their complaints, as do the Natural Born Thrillers. Foley has listened to enough, and tells all four tandems that they will go at it later in a Fatal Four Way.

Interview with Rene Dupree. The Frenchman badmouths RVD, and calls him a typical American, and that he will show his respect for the typical Americanís as he wishes.

Dupree then defeats Maven in his Raw debut. Afterwards, he badmouths RVD again, but then, Van Dam then comes through the crowd, and attacks Dupree. Before he can do any damage though, Dupree runs away from RVD, backing out of the fight.

HBK arrives, and looks incredibly cocky, unlike last week, after he had been told about the Buried Alive match at Backlash.

After a commercial, Michaels is in the ring, ready to speak. He says that after a week of thinking, he has realised that he has nothing to worry about at Backlash, because he has an insurance policy that will save him from the Deadman. Takerís music then hits, and the Deadman begins to make his way out, but, he is jumped as he walks down the aisle by a huge 6í6, 300pound man, carrying a steel chair. He drags Taker to the ring, and begins to beat down Taker with Michaels. HBK then nails Taker with Sweet Chin Music, square to the jaw. Michaels then introduces his íInsurance Policyí as Luther Reigns. He then tells Luther for them to get away as quickly as possible, before Undertaker rises.

The Fatal Four Way tag match between BookDust, Cade and Jindrak, Brotherhood, Natural Born Thrillers, ends in a no contest, when A-Train and Rhyno attack all eight men, showing a possible alliance, dominating all eight, and standing tall.

We got to an interview with Kane, who talks about Eugene trying to make a fool of him last week. He then challenges Eugene to face him at Backlash.

Carlito Caribbean Cool video plays, telling us he will debut at Backlash.

Mick Foley is asked about Kaneís interview moments ago, and he thinks for a few minutes, before explaining that Eugene isnít even on the roster, but he will make the match official, then says he hopes he doesnít regret it.

Rey Mysterio challenges Raven for the Hardcore Title, in an entertaining match, full of the usual hardcore stuff. Evolution interfere, but the interference is cancelled out by John Cena and Sting, ending up with Mysterio pinning Raven to become the NEW Hardcore Champion!!! Evolution are irate, whilst Cena, Sting and Mysterio celebrate.

In an interview with A-Train and Rhyno, the duo talk about forming an alliance, and want the tag titles.

Flair and Batista blame Orton for Mysterio winning. Orton is furious, and doesnít say a word. Instead, he picks up his elbow pads, and walks off, leaving Flair and Batista with a hard stare.

Just before the main event, Mick Foley announces that all interference will be banned. Orton and Sting go at it, in a decent, but pretty long main event, hitting the 18 minute mark. Orton moves out of the way as Sting goes for the Splash, then follows up with an RKO, getting the 3 count.
After the match, Orton signals to the back, as if to tell Flair and Batista that he can get the job done on his own, as the show goes off the air.


Smackdown; Los Angeles; April 14th: LIVE!!!!!

We see clips of last weeks 4 Way Main Event, with Angle pinning HHH, although Hunter had his foot on the ropes, which went undetected by the official.

Opening Video


Cole: Smackdown is LIVE!!!!!!!!! Tonight, new ground will be made by the most exciting brand in all of Sports Entertainment, because you will see all the action, in that LIVE atmosphere that you just cant describe. We mark the beginning of this tradition, with the WWE Championship Main Event, pitting Kurt Angle against the defending champion, The Rock.

Tazz: This is great!!! Everything is great. Smackdown has a new set, but unfortunately, we donít have a new partner for yours truly. Add to that, that tonightís main event is marred by the fact that Triple Hís foot was clearly under the rope last week, therefore, Kurt Angle never really won the match.

Cole: Well that is true Tazz, but I wouldnít mind asking you about your attack on Goldberg last week. After what he did to me two weeks ago, I wouldnít want anything to do with that lunatic.

Tazz: Listen Cole, this thing between me and Goldberg isnít just gonna end. Especially after last week. He started this thing with us, for no reason, and Iím not gonna sit back and take it. He started it, but I will finish it.

Cole: Just watch yourself Tazz, seriously. Goldberg is a loose cannon.

Tazz: I donít care Cole. Nobody is gonna attack me for no reason, and get away with it. He kept you away from your job last week, and that son if a bitch is gonna pay.

1st Match:
Paul London vs. Chavo Classic w/Chavo Junior
London has the upper hand over Classic right from the beginning, but Chavo Junior continually interferes on his fathers behalf, switching momentum. However, London overcomes Los Chavoís with a dropsault on Junior sending him off the apron, and a Shooting Star on Classic wraps up a convincing victory.
Winner: Paul London

Cole: Oh my, Paul London has beaten Chavo Junior, and Chavo Classic two weeks running!!! Surely, if he wasnít considered the Number One contender for the Cruiserweight Title, he must be now!!

Tazz: Paul London looks set to step up to the plate Cole, but if he gets a title shot, will be able to prove himself as a big game player??


We return, with Chris Jericho standing outside Bret Hartís office. He knocks the door, and enters the roomÖ
Bret Hart: Chris, Iím glad you came.

Chris Jericho: Well, last week, you told me that I had a role to play here tonight, and Iím curious, and I want to know.

Bret Hart: Okay. (Bret opens his desk drawer, and pulls out a referee shirt, and throws it towards Jericho) Tonight Chris, in the WWE Championship Match, you will be the special guest referee.

Chris Jericho: (Smiles, then shakes his head) Youíre kidding Bret, right? My BIG role here tonight, was to be the guest ref in the main event?? That was your big idea!!?? Bret, I have all the respect for you in the world, but I have to question a stupid decision like this. I was drafted from Raw AS A WRESTLER. Last week, you had me do the Highlight Reel, which was fine, but Bret, Iím here on Smackdown once again, and I donít even have a match, instead, you hand me this piece of tat, and expect me to referee!!?? What the hell is stopping me from just beating the hell out of Rock and Angle anyway.

Bret Hart: Because, if you call the match right down the middle, you will be in line for a WWE Championship Match, thatís why Chris.

Chris Jericho: (Grins) Bret, take back everything I just said...
Jericho then turns away, and walks out the door, still grinning broadly.

Michael Cole: WOW!!! Chris Jericho, the special guest referee for tonightís main event, and if he can call it straight down the middle, he will be in line for a shot at the WWE Championship.

Tazz: That, Cole, is easier said, than done. It sounds good on paper, but can you honestly believe that someone with the ego of Jerichoís, can call a match between two guys with similar sized egoís, down the line?? I think not.

Michael Cole: Well, it looks like it will be a case of wait and see Tazz.

2nd Match: Qualifying Match for place in Fatal 4 Way for Vacant Tag Titles at Judgement Day;
Americaís Most Wanted vs. Basham Brothers
Formula tag match, with Bashamís singling out Harris, and focusing on wearing him down for a good few minutes, before Harris makes a tag to the fresh James Storm, who cleans house, and, with the match turning into a four man brawl, AMW pick up the win with the Death Sentence
Winners: Americaís Most Wanted

Michael Cole: AMW, back on track for the tag titles!!!

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. Harris and Storm the first team to make it into the Fatal Four Way at Judgement Day. Who will be joining them??

Michael Cole: We shall find out one of the three remaining teams later, when the APA face William Regal and Lance Storm later.

We then cut backstage, and see The Game arriving at the building, clearly pissed off, as we go to a commercial


**Time to Play the Game** Triple H makes his way out onto the stage, looking to be in a foul mood, as he paces down the ramp way, and into the ring.

Michael Cole: I wonder what Triple H is gonna have to say about last weeks controversial finish to the Number One Contenders match??

Tazz: I know one thingís for sure, he ainít happy.

Triple H grabs a mic, and waits for the crowd to die down, before speaking.
Triple H:Last week, in this ring, I was wrongfully beaten, by Kurt Angle.

Crowd Pop for mention of Angleís name.

Triple H: Tonight, was supposed to be my night. The first live Smackdown, was supposed to be the night, I became a ten time World Champion, ME!! Tonight, I was supposed to take on The Rock, and set it straight that WrestleMania was just a one off, and to prove that I am the dominant player, not, The Rock.
But because, of some shady officiating, none of that will be able to happen, BUT, there is still a chance, Bret Hart, Iím not asking, Iím telling you, to make this right, and to insert ME into tonightís main event, and make it a triple threat match. There is no doubt about it, that is what needs to be done. Whether anybody likes me or not, everybody knows itís the only rightful way to sort this mess out. I deserve my title shot, I never lost the opportunity, it was taken from me, címon Bret, sh-

**Hitman** Bret Hart makes his way out to the stage, with a mic in hand.

Bret Hart: Hunter, I can understand that you feel like youíve been screwed, and many people would agree with that too.

Triple H: Youíre damn right Bret.

Bret Hart: But Hunter, I will not insert you into tonightís Championship Match.

Crowd Pops

Triple H: What the hell?? Is this supposed to be a joke?? You just agreed with me that I have been screwed out of a title shot, and despite that, you still wont include me into tonightís main event??

Bret Hart: I know that sounds unfair to you Hunter, but if you would let me exp-

Triple H: This is a damn conspiracy Bret, and you know it. You can try and palm me off with some BS, but the simple fact is, Iím not buying it, and I will do whatever it takes to get your attention, whether it means me sitting in this ring all night long, or whether it means me coming out here and ruining every single match. Even if it means, crippling your big title match tonight. I will do it, unless you make the right decision, right here, right now.

Bret Hart: Hunter, firstly, let me tell you that I donít appreciate being interrupted like that. Secondly, I will give you the opportunity to receive a WWE Championship Match, down the road.

Triple H: No. Not down the road, TONIGHT!!!

Bret Hart: No. Not tonight, down the road, at some point. Hunter, you can put yourself in line for a Championship match, without having to lace up your boots, or even move a muscle. All you have to do, is not to attack Kurt Angle, before, during, or after tonightís match. If you can leave the Number One Contender for the remainder of this night, then you will be in line for a shot at the WWE Championship.

Triple H: Thatís all??

Bret Hart: Yeah.

Triple H: I donít like it, I donít like it at all, but Bret, I will take it. But, if you dare to screw me over, I will make your life, and this show, a living hell.

Bret stares down the ramp at The Game, with HHH staring right back, as we cut to another commercial


We return, with Brock Lesnar pacing around the hallway, with Paul Heyman looking on.
Brock Lesnar: This has gone on too long Paul. Iím sick of Austin, and all his mind games, I really am. Iíve had it. If Bret doesnít do the right thing later, and doesnít sign a match between me and Austin, he may as well paint a target on his chest, because I will personally make him suffer.

Paul Heyman: Brock, donít you realise, this is what Austin wants?? He wants you to be pacing around like a caged tiger, he wants to be in your head, because he knows, he cant keep up with you physically. Think about it. Youíre in your late twenties, heís hitting forty. His neck is completely messed up, his kneeís are crumbling, whilst you are in your prime. No neck problems, your back is fine, kneeís are still working like a machine. Physically, he has nothing on you, but mentally, you are letting him kick your ass. You need to snap out of it, and play him at his own game. In the ring, you OWN Steve Austin, but if heís beaten you mentally, thereís no point in turning up to fight, because he has won.
Lesnar stops pacing, and looks at Heyman. He thinks for a moment, then nods at Paul, in agreement.

Back to ringside;
Michael Cole: Back on Smackdown, LIVE in Los Angeles. Tonight, Kurt Angle challenges The Rock for the WWE Championship with Chris Jericho as special guest referee. Three huge personalities in the ring all at one time. We get Bret Hartís announcement concerning Brock Lesnar and Stone Cold to come later too, and so much more.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. Staples Centre better prepare for an explosion later on.

3rd Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Hardcore Holly
Short match, which is pretty evenly balanced out, with back and forth action from both men. Despite Hollyís best attempts to cheat his way to victory, Benoit overcomes him, forcing the submission with the Crippler Crossface.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Michael Cole: Impressive victory for Chris Benoit.

Tazz: Oh yeah, the Wolverine wants to prove that he shouldnít be ruled out of that title hunt either.

Michael Cole: Speaking of the WWE Championship, Iím struggling to find any sense behind Bret Hartís decision to promise both Chris Jericho and Triple H, title shots down the road, if both men do as Bret says, and not to get physically involved. Why promise two men the same thing??

Tazz: I have to agree, that situation is a little bit confusing to say the least. Perhaps Bret feels heís was backed into a corner, and had to give Triple H something in return for not interfering here tonight.

Michael Cole: Personally, I donít see that as the case. Bret Hart doesnít back down to any superstar, no matter what their position on the roster is.

Simon Dean video, in which he talks about the Simon System. At then end of the video, it reads, ďSimon DeanÖdebutsÖNEXT WEEKĒ

Tazz: Hey Cole, you know, I think you could do with the Simon System. Look what it has done for all those other guys that have used it.

Michael Cole: I think Iíll pass thanks, Tazz. But perhaps, we can personally ask Simon Dean for a free sample for you, when he debuts next week in Indianapolis.

Tazz: Iíve already got (Puts on a deep voice, like in a commercial) ĎThe Patented Simon System!!!í

Michael Cole: Yeah right. Folks, moving on to a more serious subject, and that is tonightís WWE Championship Match, between The Rock and Kurt Angle. Earlier today, I spoke with the Peopleís Champion, about his opponent tonight, here is how it wentÖ.

Cut to video, where Michael Cole and The Rock are sitting in the empty arenaÖ
Michael Cole: Rock, tonight, on Smackdown, you will defend your WWE Title against someone you know very well, in Kurt Angle. But what are your thoughts on Kurt.

The Rock: Well Michael, Kurt and I go back a long way. In fact Kurt won his first WWE Championship against me. Personally, Kurt and I donít see eye to eye, and thatís okay. Not everybody gets along, but it doesnít mean I donít respect Kurt. Hell, I have a lot of admiration for what Kurt has done here in the WWE.
He won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996, something, very few people will ever achieve. Kurt could have retired there and then, but he didnít, why? Because Kurt Angle is born to win. He not only won the Gold Medal, but he then decided to try his hand at Pro Wrestling, and I think itís pretty safe to say that Kurt took this company by storm.
In one year, his rookie year, he won, the European Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, hell, he held both the titles at once at one stage, and if my memory serves me correctly, he lost both titles without being pinned.
After that, he became King of the Ring, then established himself as one of the main players in the business, before he beat me to become the champion. He done all that, in 11 months. Thatís unheard of.

Michael Cole: You mentioned there about Kurt Angle being a naturally born winner. Knowing just how good Angle is, does it effect your game plan??

The Rock: Let The Rock explain something. Yes, Kurt Angle is a naturally born winner, and a gifted athlete, but then again, so are guys like Triple H, and Undertaker, and Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar. There are a lot of gifted athletes in the WWE, born to win, and I am one of them. Knowing how good Kurt Angle is, doesnít effect my game plan.

Michael Cole: Well, Kurt Angle has arguably the most dangerous finishing hold, in the entire business, the Anklelock. How do you plan to combat the submission manoeuvre?

The Rock: The AnklelockÖthe ankle lock, is most definitely Kurtís most deadly part of his arsenal. He has made the biggest stars in the industry tap out to itÖBrock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Steve Austin, and of course, most recently, Goldberg at WrestleMania. Kurt Angle will always find a way to lock the hold in at some point, and truthfully, itís a case of how much you want to win, your will to win, and adrenaline kicks in, and if you want it real bad, you will break the hold, or make the ropes. If Kurt Angle slaps on the Anklelock tonight, I will be in trouble, no doubt, but my will to win, that adrenaline will kick in, and I wont tap out. I cant tap out. I would rather Kurt broke my ankle, before I would tap out.

Michael Cole: My final question Rock, whoís gonna win??

The Rock: (Looks at Cole as if he has insulted him) Michael Cole, The Rock says this, I didnít win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, just to lose it to the first serious threat. After tonight, The Rock will be walking out, still the ten time world champion, because as good as Kurt Angle is, The Rock is quite simplyÖbetter. If you smell, what The RockÖis cookiní (Talked, not shouted out as he normally would)

Back to ringside;
Michael Cole: The Rock, earlier today, very serious, but confident.

Tazz: Itís not often you see The Rock like that Cole. I cant wait for tonightís main event!!!


Raw Rebound;
- TWGTT beat Flair and Batista to win the Tag Titles, thanks to Cena, Sting and Mysterio
- 6 Man Tag Announced for Backlash, between Evolution and the trio of Cena, Sting and Mysterio.
- Kane challenges Eugene to face him at Backlash, and Foley, regrettably makes it official.
- HBK calls out Taker, but as the Deadman makes his way to the ring, a man, later to be revealed as Luther Reigns, attacked Taker, and along with HBK beat the Phenom down.
- Mysterio wins the Hardcore title from Raven
- In the main event, Randy Orton beats Sting, showing his Evolution team mates that he can get the job done, alone.

Michael Cole: Things are looking pretty good over on Raw these days, eh partner.

Tazz: Sure are, but, didnít you notice that itís down to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Rey Mysterio, formerly of Smackdown?? Haas and Benjamin won the tag titles this past Monday, whilst Mysterio picked up the Hardcore Title.

Michael Cole: And Backlash is only ten days away too. 6 Man Tag match, pitting Evolution against Cena, Mysterio and Sting, Edge and Christian meet inside a 15 foot high steel cage, and of course, Buried Alive, between The Deadman, The Undertaker, and the Showstopper, Shawn Michaels.

Tazz: And it looks like HBK ainít going alone either Cole. He has his own insurance policy, forcing his guarantee of victory at Backlash, that man being Luther Reigns.

Michael Cole: But back to Smackdown, and in just a few moments, the APA face William Regal and Lance Storm for one of the spots in the Fatal Four Way for the vacant WWE Tag Titles at Judgement Day, and who can forget the main event, as Kurt Angle challenges The Rock for the WWE Championship!!!

Tazz: A heck of a lot st-

Tazz is then interrupted, and distracted by Goldbergís famous theme, and we see Goldberg make his way out to the ramp, staring down the ramp, straight at Tazz. Tazz stands up, and signals for Goldberg to come get some. Goldberg stares for a few seconds, before nodding, and making his way towards the ring. Tazz then takes his headset off, removes his jacket, and rolls up his sleeves, but then, he looks up towards the ramp again, and sees a group of security guards follow Goldberg. Goldberg has a huge smile on his face, and gets into the ring, then pulls a microphone from his back pocket.
Goldberg: Last week, that munchkin over by the announce table, decided to attack me from behind, for accidentally hitting him the previous week. Tazz, do me a favour, and stand upÖoh sorry, you already are!!!

(We cut to Tazz who looks to be fuming)

Goldberg: Tazz, I dunno who you think you are, and what you thought you would accomplish, but whatever it was, I promise you, it sure as hell wasnít worth it for the hell I will put you through. Now, thatís not a threat, itís a matter of fact.

(We then see Tazz pick up a mic)

Tazz: For such a big talker, you do very little action Goldberg. Tell me, does that brain of yours function at all?? Or are you just born ignorant?? Obviously, you never done your homework on this business, because if you had, you wouldíve heard of a small little promotion, known as ECW.

Crowd pops, and starts an ECW chant.

Tazz: You see, these people, they know. Michael Cole, he knows, Tony Chimel knows, and I bet every single guy in the back knows about ECW. You see for a number of years, I was the franchise player of ECW, and I was one nasty son of a bitch. Yeah, I may be a little vertically challenged, but I never met a fight too big, nor did I ever find a fight that I didnít want, for that, I was feared. I was respected, and despite my height, I was the man people looked up to.

Goldberg: Thatís touching Tazz, but what exactly does that have to do with me??

Tazz: Well, I may have piled on the pounds over the years, thatís for sure, but Bill, Iím still one tough son of a bitch, and I am a manís man. I had no choice, I couldnít let you just laugh off giving me a concussion two weeks ago, I couldnít let that go, because I wont be treated as some piece of crap. And Bill, you will learn the hard way, that you might take the dog out of the fight, but you cannot take the fight out of the dog.

Goldberg: You know Tazz, Iím feeling like I didnít learn my lesson last week, so why donít you drop that mic, and get in the ring, and show me again.

Tazz looks around, at the fans, who start a lets go Tazz chant. Tazz then drops the mic, and unbuttons a few button of his shirt, before slowly walking up the steps. He then cautiously enters through the ropes, and right away, Goldberg come at him, and the two men start to brawl.
Tazz tackles Goldberg into the corner, and starts to drive his knee into the midsection, then goes for a belly to belly, but Goldberg head butts him away, then clotheslines Tazz down. Goldberg then sets him up for a spear, but Tazz moves out of the way, and Goldberg runs into the ringpost. He staggers out backward, and Tazz slaps on the Tazzmission. Goldberg then frantically runs backward, ramming Tazz into the corner, breaking the choke, then boots him over the top rope to the floor.
Goldberg follows, and whips Tazz into the barricade, before Spearing him down. Goldberg then grabs a chair, and throttles Tazz, who get busted open, unable to protect himself from the chair shot. Goldberg smiles, and picks Tazz up, stares him in the eye, and drops him back down, grinning at his accomplishment.
Goldberg points towards Michael Cole and smiles, before deciding to leave, having left his mark on Tazz.


We return with no commentary, as Michael Cole is positioned trying to help Tazz up, whilst paramedics try to get him on a stretcher. Tazz refuses to go on a stretcher, and is helped out on his feet, whilst Cole goes back to the commentary table.

Backstage, with Los Chavoís;
Chavo Junior: This is not a good situation were in DadÖPaul London has beaten us both in the last two weeks. You know what this means donít you??

Chavo Classic: Yeah, I do son. But look at it like this, Paul London is just like the rest of them. When it comes to the big match, with the belt on the line, they lose it all. The nerves go, the skills vanish, they are nothing. Plus youíve got me in the corner.

Chavo Junior: That didnít work though Dad. Last week, you were in my corner, and he won, tonight, I was in yours, and he won again. I really hope Bret doesnít see him fir for a title match, because, I think he has my numberÖ

Chavo Classic: Home number?? How the hell did he get that?? Iím gonna report that little piece of crap to the cops, we cant have a stalker.

Chavo Junior: NO!! I meant my number, as in heís knows what Iím gonna do, and he has an advantage over me in the ring.

Chavo Classic: OhÖyeah, he does.
Chavo Junior then looks at his Dad with an eyebrow raised over his fatherís agreement, as we cut awayÖ

Michael Cole: I have just been joined by Josh Matthews, who will be sitting in for Tazz for the remainder of this evening, after a horrendous beating he took, at the hands of Goldberg.

Josh Matthews: Absolutely sickening Michael. I just hope Tazz is okay.

Michael Cole: Well, knowing Tazz as I do, he will not let this rest after tonight. In fact, I would say it might even spur him on to get even with Goldberg. I dunno just how safe that is for Tazz.

3rd Match: Qualifying Match for place in Fatal 4 Way for Vacant Tag Titles at Judgement Day;
APA vs. William Regal & Lance Storm
Short match, with Bradshaw still showing signs of a change in personality, with more cheating in his style, and despite not wanting to, he ends up tagging in his partner, Faarooq, who cleans house, but as the match breaks down, he is nailed by a well hidden Brass Knucks shot from Regal, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: William Regal & Lance Storm
Bradshaw hears the announcement, and looks extremely angry. He kicks over the steel steps, and gets into the ring, he helps Faarooq up, and Faarooq explains what happened, with Bradshaw still looking annoyed. He then nods, and Faarooq starts to walk away, but Bradshaw spins him back around, and NAILS A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!!! Bradshaw looks down on his fallen partner, and mouths something, before looking up, and grins toothily, at the booing crowd. He then leaves the ring, and walks up the ramp, still grinning, proud of his actions.

Michael Cole: What a son of a bitch. Bradshaw has just terminated his lifelong friendship, because they lost. Bradshaw is a completely selfish son if a bitch, and I hope he rots in hell.

Josh Matthews: Only one man knows what is going through his mind, and thatís Bradshaw, but boy, Iíd love to know what it is that has made Bradshaw change like this.

We then cut backstage, were we see Stone Cold Steve Austin arriving, in his pick up truck.


A Judgement Day commercial airs, with Judgement Day set to take place on May 15th in Vancouver.

**Here comes the Pain** Brock Lesnar, along with Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring, not setting off his pyro, but looking ready for a fight. He is handed a mic, and begins to speak.
Brock Lesnar: Steve Austin, I just saw you get here, so get your redneck ass out here, and, considering that Bret said he would have a solution this week, bring him with ya.

**Glass Shatters** Stone Cold makes his way into the arena, in his pick up truck, to a huge pop. He drives right to the bottom of the ramp, then exits. He is handed a mic, and sits on top of the pick up truck.
Steve Austin: Did I just hear right?? (WHAT) You just called me out?? (WHAT) Me?? (WHAT) Stone Cold?? (WHAT)

Brock Lesnar: Thatís right old man, youíre hearing is still perfect, you heard me right.

Steve Austin: What?? (WHAT)

Brock Lesnar: I sa- (Heyman then stops Brock, whispers in his ear, and Lesnar nods, then says nothing, and just stares at Austin)

Steve Austin: Whatís wrong?? Cat got your tongue?? (WHAT)

Brock still stands not saying a word.

Steve Austin: Looks to me, that you are gonna try and waste my time son, so Iím gonna cut the crap, and just open a can of whoop ass now.

Austin drops the mic, and gets down from the pick up truck, then enters the ring, and trades blows right away with Lesnar. The two go punch for punch, neither backing up an inch, and the brawl then escalates to ringside. Lesnar drives a knee, then picks up a monitor, but he is tackled down by Austin, who unloads with right hands. Austin then picks up a the monitor, but Heyman tries to take it off him, but is given a Stunner for his troubles.
Austin the turns back to Lesnar, and is met with a clothesline. Brock then stomps on the Rattlesnake, and gets him up for an F5 through the table, but Austin fights out, and the two men brawl again. We then cut to the top of the ramp, where we see Bret Hart walking down, along with security, and the majority of the Smackdown locker room. They then try to break up the brawl, but Austin knocks down the security guards that move toward him, and Lesnar breaks free from the security that try to restrain him. Lesnar and Austin go at it again, but are broken up by the Smackdown superstars.
Lesnar F5ís Billy Kidman, Austin stuns Nowinski, Lesnar clotheslines Rob Conway, Austin knocks down Test, Lesnar hitís a belly to belly on Matt Hardy, and Austin hitís a spine buster on Kanyon, but despite their fighting, there are too many Smackdown stars to fight past, and eventually they break it up.
Lesnar and Austin both try to struggle free, but cant, then as Austin is being led away up the ramp, and Lesnar is being held down at ringside, Bret picks up a mic, and makes an announcementÖ

Bret Hart: Brock, Steve, this thing has gone on long enough. It has to come to an end, and I promise it will. Iím sick of the mind games, the uncontrollable brawls, and since you two are too busy trying to screw with the otherís head, Iíll make this real simple. On May 15th, at Judgement Day, Brock Lesnar and Steve Austin will meet in a WrestleMania rematch, but this time, there is no ringside presence, no special guest refereeís, and there will be a winner, because itís gonna be a STREETFIGHT!!!!!!

Crowd Pops big time, chanting Bretís name, whilst Austin and Lesnar both have smileís on their faces, pleased with the announcement.


Michael Cole: We just heard the announcement, but I still cant believe it, Stone Cold vs. Brock Lesnar, in the greatest rematch from WrestleMania, of all time. This wont be any ordinary match though folks, itíll be a Streetfight.

Josh Matthews: Indeed it will Michael, and not only that, but Bret also said that there will not be any ringside interference, or any special refereeís, just Austin and Lesnar.

Michael Cole: With just one announcement, Judgement Day has already become a must see event. I cant wait for May 15th.

Josh Matthews: As good as that will be Michael, we still have tonightís main event, WWE Championship on the line, The Rock vs. Kurt Angle.

Michael Cole: We are set Josh. Kurt Angle beat Chris Nowinski to qualify for last weeks Fatal Four Way, and last week, Angle pinned Triple H, in dubious circumstances, to earn this title shot tonight. Itís coming upÖNOW

Main Event: WWE Championship Match;
With Special Guest Referee; Chris Jericho
The Rock vs. Kurt Angle
After a cagey opening, Angle dominates the match in the early stages, showing his superior mat skills. Rock soon leans back into the match, trying to change the tempo, and get the match into more of his style, and after a lot of battling, Rock soon dominates Angle. Up to this point, Jericho has not had much to do, and has been officiating extremely well.
Rock begins to wear down the back of Angle, but as Rock goes for a Sharpshooter, Angle cradles for a near fall. Angle isnít happy with the count, and gets into the face of Jericho. They argue, and Rock tries to take advantage, but as he goes for a clothesline, Angle moves, and Rock nails Jericho. Angle then hitís a belly to belly on Rock, and he gains the upper hand. He works on the ankle of The Rock, and then before applying the submission, he tries to help Jericho up.
Angle attempts to apply the Anklelock, but Rock scurries to the ropes. They go punch for punch, whilst Jericho goes to the outside, and grabs a chair. He comes back in, and looks set to nail The Rock, but then, he stops in his tracks, and thinks to himself, which Cole and Matthews say he is thinking about Hartís proposition earlier about calling the match down the middle to get a title shot. Jericho then puts the chair down, and begins to officiate again.
Angle then goes for an Angle Slam, but Rock rolls through, and hitís the Rock Bottom. He then pulls off his elbow pad, and fires it into the crowd, and goes for the Peopleís Elbow, but as he does, we see Triple H slide into the ring, grab the chair, and as Rock comes off the ropes for the second time, he is met with a tremendous chair shot!!!! Jericho immediately calls for the bell.
Triple H doesnít bother to continue the attack, and just leaves the ring, whilst Jericho motions for paramedics.
Winner: The Rock - DQ - 17:12
Triple H then walks up the ramp, grinning proudly, as Paramedics rush past, towards the ring. HHH gets to the top of the ramp, and is met by Bret Hart. Neither man has a mic, but we hear what they are sayingÖ

Bret Hart: Nice going Hunter, you just cost yourself a title shot.

Triple H: No Bret, no I didnít. You said I couldnít touch Kurt AngleÖyou never mentioned The Rock.

Triple H then walks off, still grinning proudly, whilst Bret realises his own mistake, and we look at the ring, where Angle is unhappy, Jericho is standing in the corner, not too bothered, and Rock looks to be knocked out from the chair shot.

End of Show

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Re: Being the booker


Great way to start off Raw, with WGTT announcing they want the title shot now. AND THEY WIN! Fantastic, glad to see that MY favorite tag team has the gold once again, but now on Raw.

Shawn Michaels and Luther Reigns? That is interesting, but I still dont think the duo can take down the Deadman.

A-Train and Rhyno now a tag team? Did not see that coming but seems like a solid tag team.

Kane vs Eugene? Whoa.

Rey Mysterio wins the Hardcore title! Thats fantastic and he is in one of the main event for Backlash! Hope this push continues.

Orton beats Sting cleanly. Continuing the buildup to Orton turning face. I smell a Batista vs Orton fued down the road.

All in all, fantastic recap. 9.5 /10


Well I was right on Chris Jericho being the special ref, nice stipulation tho.

AMW getting a spot for the tag title match, thats great to see.

Triple H getting a title shot down the road if he doesnt attack KURT ANGLE. Hmm, no mention to The Rock? Am I reading between the lines here?

Nice way to get Paul Heyman to hype up Brock Lesnar.

Beniot over Holly? I just hope this doesnt turn out like when Beniot was a mid carder on the real Smackdown.

Nice sit-down interview with The Rock to hype up the main event.

This week Goldberg leaves Tazz in a heap. This could be a great fued in development with the end not coming until Judgement Day.

Hmm Chavo seems a little afraid of Paul London..

Bradshaw finally turns heel. Poor Farooq. I Suspect Bradshaw coming out next week and calling himself J-B-L.

Amazing brawl between Stone Cold and Brock Lesnar. I like how they battle through the superstars. Street Fight!! That will be huge. I already cant wait until Judgement Day.

I was right! Triple H used Bret Hart's fumbling words and attacked The Rock! I smell Chris Jericho vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs Triple H at Judgement day.

Amazing Smackdown man! I loved it. 9.5/10

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Re: Being the booker

I'll start with some of Raw.

Stig putting Orton over....on Raw? I would have saved that for a PPV and that could have been a brilliant match.

Anyway Smackdown.....

Jericho still hasn't wrestled a Match on Smackdown yet and he's getting agitated. Nice little storyline.....will he or wont he get a match next week? Only time will tell.

AMW and William Regal/Lance Storm going onto the Tag Team Tournie.

Finally Bradshaw turned!!!!! I see his first feud closer to home....with Farooq. It could be a really great feud if you don't rush it. I'm feeling Judgment Day is too early and could potentially kill the feud (ala Randy Orton/Triple H real life)

Austin and Lesnar will end it at a Street Fight! Oh that's gonna be big but which way's it gonna go.....too early to call.

My favourite fued so far is Goldberg/Tazz. So far it's awesomely built up and Judgment Day is gonna be off the hook. I'll say it now, ATM I see Goldberg coming out of JD the winner and Tazz staying off SD for a few weeks..but I'm probably wrong.

I have to agree with Mike^^ and say that it's gonna be a Fatal Fourway for the WWE Title at JD. But I'm sure Bret's got something up his sleeve.....The Hitman will suprise us.

Not your best SD....but fueds flowing very nicely on the way to Judgment Day, and all you have to do it keep it up my friend....9/10

BTW - Happy St. Patricks Day.....
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Re: Being the booker

Just two replies for this week?? Oh well, hopefully it's just one of those weeks, and not a sign of things to come...

Anyways, thanks for the replies Mike and ....well, Mike too.

Benoit definately isnt being placed lower on the card, the match against Holly was just something to get him on the show, and have a convincing win.

Also, previously in the thread, Orton has beaten Sting, but that was quite a while back, so it would be easily forgotten. I just needed to give Randy a clean win, since he lost at WM, and lost to Rey last week.

I promise for the Main Event at Judgement Day to be announced next week, so you'll have to wait and see if you are both right...

Once again, thanks for the replies, but it would be nice for a few more next week...
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making my storyline

this is my storyline from royal rumble till mania

on the smackdown right after royal rumble a mysterious man in a black leather coat waz shown walking threw the back stage at a smackdown show. the main event for this smackdown featured the winner of the royal rumble randy orton teaming with kurt angle to take on big show in a handicap match. earlier that show big show waz in the back complaining about how he is the largest athlete in the world and should be in the mania main event. during the middle of the match with randy orton and kurt angle dominating the match all of a sudden the lights go out. then 2 minutes later the lights come back on and big show is laying on top of angle and randy is on the outside of the ring completely knocked out. big show picks up the win. the next week on smackdown big show boasts to teddy long about how he beat the olympic medalist and the royal rumble winner at the same time. teddy long says that big show will have to wrestle them both in 2 seperate matches tonight, and if he wins both he would face jbl for the title at no way out. the first match would be show v angle and the second will be randy v show. big show picked up a victory over angle via dq b. c angle waz so pissed that he waz about to loose the match, he threw in a chair and knockd big show out. then big show waz battered and bloody for his next match against orton. so after a long fite orton finially hit the rko wen just then the lights dimmed again and wen they came back on big show as on top of a knocked out orton, and picked up the victory. at raw the next week a man waring the same leather coat as the man on smackdown waz shown leaving the raw show with a gym bag full of wrestling atair and got in a car and took off. on smackdown the next week teddy long waz convienced it waz a raw guy interfearing with smackdown matches so he told the masked man in the leather coat to be at the ring by the end of the night nd that teddy had a contract for him. just as the main event ended which waz randy orton and john cena fighting to a no-contest. the lights went out and the sound of triple h's music hit and out walked the multiple time raw champion hhh!! he told teddy that he knew exactly who the masked man waz and he knew him very teddy assumed that he waz goin to sign the future hall of famer raw superstar to a contract to smackdown..teddy asked hhh to sign the contract. hhh laughed in his face and said that he waz way to good for smackdown but someone else on raw wanted to jump ship to smackdown..wen hhh told the leather jacket man to enter the ring out came...shawn micheals! micheals said that he could beat every man on smackdown in 1 year and he would prove that so he grabs the contract from long and signs it. randy orton climbs in the ring and says that micheals has cost him many matches over the past weeks so he would put his number 1 contenership on the line at no way out inside of a hell in the cell..........

at no way out the champion jbl lost his championship to the big show, show waz estatic b.c he waz finially champion and now everyone knew that he waz not only the biggest wrestler but he waz the best...
then in the main event inside the cell orton and micheals fought with crimson "paint" all over their bodies but just wen orton was about to rko another legend out came kurt angle! angle beat both men within inches of thier lives...both men passed out and could not answer the count of 10

over the next 3 weeks of smackdown angle, micheals, orton told the crowd that they were the greatest and they deserved the contendership. after 2 weeks of these 3 goin at it long makes a huge main event for smackdown...a triple threat match. angle v micheals v orton for the undisputed number 1 contendership..

at the end of the match all three men were beatin half to death but were still fighting when all of a sudden the lights dimmed and out ran a man in a leather coat, and a mask! he ran to the ring and ripped threw all three men. wen this new leather jacket man seemed unstoppable out came the champ big show and big show revealed that this waz the REAL man in the coat from before, and that he had jumped him before the night started. then angle, micheals, orton, and big show teamed up and removed the waz none other than hhh! then wen the mask waz revealed all 5 men continued to beat the hell out of each other...teddy long ran to the ring to stop the carnage and he announced the main event for mania...the first ever 5 man tlc match! big show(c) v randy orton v kurt angle v shawn micheals v hhh for the wwe smackdown can take it from there

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Re: Being the booker

^^^Now all you need is YOUR OWN thread to book that in.

Anyways sorry I haven't got around to replying yet but I have been busy the last few days and still am now so I will have to keep this short.


Great to see Mysterio get a push and overall it was a good recap


Liking the way Jericho has been used so far as well as the future title shot opportunity angle not only with Jericho but with Triple H as well

Bradshaw has finally had enough and has officially turned heel. Should be good to see how he is utilized as JBL and how with fued with Farooq plays out.

Great job of building to the main event throughout the show especially the sit down interview with the Rock which reminded me of the one with Taker a few years ago before he challenged Angle.

Main event played out well and it was good to see the Rock retain. Looking forward to what you book as the JD main event.

Keep up the awesome work. 9/10
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Re: Being the booker

Im not going to quote all that by vermillion, but dude come on! Why post this shit in someones BTB thread?! It doesnt apply to him at all! Teddy Long isnt gm and those superstars arent all on the same show. Seriously man.

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Re: Being the booker

Hey sorry for the late reply but i got my A-level examinations right i've been really busy..
But let me say that the shows are really having a good flow and are very nail biting..
I'll keep it short because everything has been said by others
I'm not sure about HBK/Taker since HBK is hall of famer..i don't think he needs an insurance policy against would have been nicer to have the feud end at Backlash without using Luther Reigns, that is unless you are planning not to end it at Backlash which is fine with me
I like the Lesnar and Austin storyline so far with both man confident to win and happy about the StreetFight announcement which makes it more worthwhile to wait for
Fatal Four Way for the WWE Championship has to happen unless there is going to be another No.1 Contendor's match (which I don't see happening)
Bradshaw's turn was good and I hope his first feud is against Farooq
The Evolution breakup is coming off really well..I bet Orton is gonna turn at Backlash and cost his team the match!
Great shows!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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Re: Being the booker

Brilliant Shows. I read them all from WM onwards so I can keep up with them as much as I can. The way you are working with Bradshaw is excellent, I expect him to become JBL soon. Orton's going to turn face imo against Evolution who might end up hooking up with John Cena. Can't wait for HBK vs Taker that's going to be good. The Draft Lottery was done well. Keep up the awesome work
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