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Re: Being the booker

Brilliant yet again Wolfie, you just get better as time goes by, and this thread never gets dull.

RAW: 8/10
Im sure it would have been a 9 or 10 if written in full, but i cant give a 9 for a recap, seems stupid. However the show was booked well with brilliant fueds being built up. But with Jericho heading to SD!, what will become of this Kane/Jericho/Trish storyline? Will be interresting to find out. Kinda sucks about TWGTT moving to RAW, but im sure they can grab the Tag belts there. Otherwise, great trades.

SmackDown!: 9.5/10
Brilliant Rock promo, but it would have been better if it had finished on a "IF YAAA SMEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK......ISSSSSS COOKIN'" line
Bret is asserting his authority, which is always good to see. Also this Lesnar/Austin feud seems to be just beginning Brilliant News!!!!
Nice Chavo/Tajiri feud coming along, but Chavo will come out on top, until he faces a new opponent. Great match choices for the Title Tourney, however i was suprised to see Goldberg lose, i wonder where he goes from here.......hmmmm......

All in all, brilliant week, keep up the great work my friend
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Re: Being the booker


Fabulous job on the draft lottery.

Surprising to see Jericho headed to Smackdown and it will be interesting to see the conclusion of the Kane/Trish/Jericho fued.

Good job on the main event playing off the previous Smackdown.


Opening promo was superb and very realistic.

Great idea for a #1 Contenders tournament.

Bradshaw segments have been well done.

Goldberg is being used very well.

Great to see Benoit and Eddie pull off the upsets.

A well deserved 10/10

Looking forward to the debut of Jericho and the fatal four way next Smackdown.
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Re: Being the booker

Everything that needed to be said has been said. But I loved the drft lottery, but I have to go with Red on this one, what will becoem of the Kane/Jericho/Trish storyline. Also the #1 Contenders tourny seems like a good idea. Keep up the good work.

Credit: Bro
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Re: Being the booker

As promised last week, here are the newly updated rosters, after the draft lottery.


General Manager; Mick Foley

John Cena - World Heavyweight Champion

Christian - Intercontinental Champion

Batista - World Tag Team Champion

Ric Flair - World Tag Team Champion

Raven - Hardcore Champion

Shaniqua - Womens Champion

Randy Orton

Shawn Michaels



Rey Mysterio


Rob Van Dam


Booker T


Shelton Benjamin

Charlie Haas

Billy Gunn


A- Train

Garrison Cade

Mark Jindrak


Tyson Tomko

Carlito Carribean Cool (Yet to debut)


Orlando Jordan

Rodney Mack

Tommy Dreamer

Al Snow

Stevie Richards

Sean 'O Haire

Chuck Palumbo

Eugene (Yet to become an official part of roster)

Rene Dupree


Val Venis

Theodore R. Long (Manager)

Jim Ross (Announcer)

Jerry Lawler (Announcer)

Lillian Garcia (Ring Announcer)

Todd Grisham (Backstage Interviewer)

Marc Llyod (Backstage Interviewer)

Trish Stratus




Gail Kim

Molly Holly

Stacey Kiebler


General Manager; Bret Hart

The Rock - WWE Champion

Eddie Guerrero - United States Champion

WWE Tag Team Champions - Belts Vacant

Chavo Guerrero - Cruiserweight Champion

Triple H

Brock Lesnar

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin


Kurt Angle

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Matt Hardy


Scott Steiner

Matt Morgan


Christoher Nowinski

William Regal

Lance Storm

Rob Conway

Sylvain Grenier

Chris Harris

James Storm

Hardcore Holly

Simon Dean (Yet to debut)

Danny Basham

Doug Basham




Scotty 2 Hotty

Bubba Ray Dudley

D 'Von Dudley

Spike Dudley

Rico (Currently Injured)

Paul London



Ultimo Dragon

Shannon Moore


Jamie Noble

Billy Kidman

Paul Heyman (Manager)

Eric Bischoff (Manager)

Michael Cole (Announcer)

Tazz (Announcer)

Tony Chimel (Ring Announcer)

Maria (Backstage Interviewer)

Josh Matthews (Backstage Interviewer)

Torrie Wilson

Dawn Marie



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Re: Being the booker

RAW; 4th April; Denver:

Opening Video


J.R and King introduce us to the show, and hype Mick Foleys announcement later concerning HBK and Undertaker.

Shaniqua retains the Women’s Championship in a rematch from WrestleMania against Victoria and Jazz, pinning Jazz after a jacknife Powerbomb.

We cut to Rey Mysterio, fresh off being traded to Raw from the draft lottery, talking with RVD. He then walks down the hallway, and bumps into Evolution. Flair and Batista make fun of Mysterio, teasing about his size, whilst Orton looks embarrassed to be with Evolution. Mysterio fires back at Flair and Batista, challenging any Evolution member to a match later. Both Flair and Batista tell Rey that Orton will face him later. Orton isn’t too happy, considering he wasn’t asked, but he does tell Mysterio he will bring him crashing down to earth tonight. Flair and Batista look to give Orton high fives, but Orton walks off, looking disgruntled with his supposed friends.

Haas and Benjamin talk with Mick Foley over their tag title situation. Foley says they deserve the opportunity to win titles back considering they never lost the belts, and grants them a title shot against Flair and Batista next week.

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeat The Natural Born Thrillers in a fast paced match, with Cade rolling up Palumbo with a handful of tights for the three.

Rene Dupree marks his debut on Raw with a pompous interview, putting himself over, and down talking the Raw locker room. He then promises to make an impact on Raw, like only the French Phenom can.

We cut to the Evolution locker room, where Orton is starting to get undressed to prepare for his match later. Flair and Batista grill the legend Killer over his recent attitude, saying he should stop putting himself first, and that he should stop trying to lead them, as Evolution has no one leader, but three. Orton responds, telling Flair and Batista that he is sick of being bossed by them recently, and their constant jibes, and if they aren’t careful, they could soon make an enemy they don’t need.

Mick Foley then tells Edge, whilst he prepares, that if he wins his match later against Christian and Tomko, then he will be granted a rematch for the I.C Title @ Backlash.

Another video plays, hyping the debut of Carlito Caribbean Cool, at Backlash.

Rob Van Dam takes on A-train, picking up the win with the 5* Frog Splash. He is watched throughout by Rene Dupree, who eventually takes a seat with JR and King, down talking RVD. After the match, Dupree makes some gestures to Van Dam that rile RVD a little.

HBK comes to the ring, and talks about his history with Undertaker. He says he wants Foley to come out here, and make his big announcement right now. Foley obliges, and announces that the Michaels - Taker feud will end at Backlash…..IN A BURIED ALIVE MATCH!!!! Shawn is literally gob smacked by the announcement, and looks ready to faint.

We see a showdown take place between John Cena and Randy Orton, with Cena telling Orton he hasn’t forgotten about the beating Evolution gave him two weeks ago. Orton then responds, telling Cena that he still hasn’t forgotten about Cena beating him for the title, and he wants it back.

Edge faces both Christian and Tyson Tomko, and somehow overcomes the odds, after Tomko screws up a boot, aimed for Edge, but Edge moves, and Tomko nails Christian instead. Edge then dropkicks Tomko to the outside, and Spears the groggy I.C Champion, before picking up the three count, meaning he has a rematch @ Backlash for the title.

After the commercial break, Edge is congratulated by an impressed Mick Foley, who then grants Edge the chance to name the type of match for Backlash. Edge thinks for a moment, then decides that he wants to face Christian in a match, where the Problem Solver isn’t a problem for him……a Steel Cage Match!!!!

Kane then comes to the ring, and talks about the beating he gave Trish and Jericho last week. He says he is finished with Trish, and now has new goals. Before he can say anymore…Eugene runs in through the crowd, and starts rolling around the ringside area. He starts dancing with Lillian Garcia, before running into the ring, bouncing off the ropes, then crawling through Kane’s legs, and running around him. Kane becomes furious, and grabs Eugene, before nailing a Chokeslam. Kane then decides he isn’t finished, and grabs a chair, and smashes it against Eugene’s skull, before leaving, still looking angry after being embarrassed by Eugene.

We see Michaels walking around the backstage area still in shock, after learning he will be in the Buried Alive match at Backlash.

Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton collide in the main event, in a tremendous contest, with Mysterio at his very best, and Orton pulling in heck of an effort too. Evolution then make their way to the ring, and Flair distracts the referee, whilst Batista goes for a Powerbomb on Mysterio, but Mysterio fights out with a dropkick, knocking Batista into the ropes. He then hit’s the 619 on him. Orton argues with Flair, telling him to go to the back, and Mysterio takes advantage, knocking Orton into Flair, knocking the Nature Boy off the apron, and Mysterio rolls up Orton, 1...2...3!!! Mysterio wins!!!!!
Orton is irate, and attacks Mysterio after the bell, whilst Rey celebrates. Evolution then join in, but while this goes on, John Cena and Sting sprint to the ring, and make the save for Mysterio, fighting Evolution off, and Orton, Flair and Batista make a quick getaway. Cena and Sting then help up Mysterio and help him celebrate whilst Evolution look on, irate.

Smackdown; Denver; April 7th 2005:

Highlights from last week, with the four matches in the #1 Contenders series, with Triple H and Kurt Angle earning their place, before Goldberg taps out to Benoit, and attacks Michael Cole and Tazz afterward, and finally, Austin screws Lesnar in his match against Eddie Guerrero, leading to tonight’s Fatal 4 Way between HHH, Angle, Benoit, and Guerrero.

Opening Video


Josh Matthews: It has been a wild couple of weeks on Smackdown, and tonight it may possibly become even more heated, as Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Triple H and Eddie Guerrero will face off to become the Number One Contender for a showdown with The Rock next week. Also tonight, Chris Jericho debuts on Smackdown with the Highlight Reel, with his guest, Bret Hart. I’m Josh Matthews, alongside Tazz. Tonight, I am sitting in place of Michael Cole, who of course last week was brutally assaulted by Goldberg, as was his partner, Tazz. However, Tazz IS here with me, now, after suffering a concussion last week at the hands of Goldberg.

Tazz: Let me tell you Josh, ever since Goldberg became an asshole here on Smackdown last December, I’ve defended that moron about everything he has done, but you know what, last week, Goldberg crossed the line, and Goldberg will pay for his actions. He may have inadvertently struck me with the chair, but I didn’t see him apologise, I didn’t see him call me during the week to ask me if I was okay, and in my book, that flat out says he is a jackass. Michael Cole didn’t deserve one bit of that attack last week, and Goldberg, if you are watching back there, I’ll tell you this here and now, you made a big mistake messing with me, no apologies from you, no remorse…but that’s okay, because you WILL pay, I promise you.

Matthews: Indeed it was a despicable act from Goldberg, and Goldberg will be in action later on tonight. Michael Cole will be back next week though folks.

**HERE COMES THE PAIN** Brock Lesnar makes his way onto the ramp, along with Paul Heyman. Brock looks simply pissed off, making his way to the ring.

Matthews: Brock Lesnar is not a happy man folks. Last week, Steve Austin cost Brock a shot at tonight’s Fatal Four Way, in a revenge attempt after Lesnar refused to face the Rattlesnake one more time.

Tazz: Well, if Austin wanted a match against Lesnar, he most certainly could be on his way to having it.

Lesnar takes a mic, and begins to talk;
Lesnar: Last week, I was robbed of a shot at the WWE Title. Everybody here knows that, and I hope you are all big enough to admit it. One on one, Eddie Guerrero cannot beat me, one on one, Benoit cant beat me. One on one, Kurt Angle cant beat me, and last but not least, Triple H cant beat me one on one. Add all four of those guys together…and none of them cant beat me, yet last week, one of them did…because of Austin.

Crowd Pops

Lesnar: SHUT UP!! Shut up now!! Why cheer that good for nothing redneck. Austin, there’s a bad smell around here, so that must mean you’re already here, so I’m not gonna talk all night, plain and simple, Austin, get out here, right this minute!!

**Glass Shatters** and the arena goes berserk for the Rattlesnake. Austin makes his way to the ring, with a can of beer in hand, and confidently strolls to the ringside area, picking up a mic. He then rolls into the ring, and Heyman has to calm Lesnar down.

Austin: You wanted to speak to me you rat bastard??

Crowd Pops

Austin: You got something to say to me?? Huh son?? Cat got your tongue?? C’mon, spit it out, what’s on your mind??

Heyman takes the mic from Lesnar, who’s temper looks to be boiling at the minute.

Heyman: Steve, its quite simple. Last week, you challenged my client to a Wrestle Mania rematch, a challenge Brock Lesnar turned down. As a result, you cost Brock Lesnar his rightful shot at the WWE Championship, as a measure of revenge. So, now that my client is out of the title picture, he now would like to challenge YOU to a Wrestle Mania rematch. Austin, you have what you want, name the time, date, and place. Brock Lesnar will be ready and waiting.

Crowd Pops for the possibility of an Austin - Lesnar rematch

Austin: (Rubs beard) So, Paul Heyman, you’re telling me, Stone Cold Steve Austin, that Brock Lesnar now accepts the challenge I proposed last week?? The challenge that I proposed, which that stupid suuuummmbitch rejected??

Heyman: (Smiles anxiously) Steve, you have to realise, that my client, at that time, was in the mi-

Austin: What??

Heyman: I was ju-

Austin: What??

Crowd chants WHAT!?

Lesnar grabs the mic off Heyman
Lesnar: Don’t play games with me Austin!!

Austin: WHAT!?

Crowd chants WHAT!?

Lesnar: Don’t start that What?? Crap. I’m not in-

Crowd chants WHAT!?

Austin: (Smiles, looking around the arena, which is going WHAT!? Mad) Son, you didn’t accept my challenge last week (WHAT!?) so guess what?? (WHAT!?) This week, I reject your challenge.

Crowd: WHAT!?


Crowd chants along with Austin.

Lesnar then reaches boiling point, and charges at Austin, but Stone Cold, sees him coming, and nails him with the beer can, then hit’s the Stunner!!!!! Heyman then moves toward Austin, but Austin sees him coming, and Heyman nearly craps himself, before rolling back out of the ring.
Austin then calls for a few more beers, as his music plays, and Heyman helps Lesnar out of the ring, and up the ramp. Lesnar has a pretty bad gash over his left eyebrow, where the can struck him. Austin then picks up the mic.

Austin: If you want Stone Cold Steve Austin to share some beer with Denver, gimme a HELL YEAH!!!

Crowd: HELL YEAH!!!!

Austin: WHAT!!

Crowd: HELL YEAH!!!!

Austin: WHAT!!

Crowd: WHAT!!!!

Austin: WHAT!!

Crowd: WHAT!!!!

Austin: WHAT!!

Crowd: WHAT!!!!


Austin then throws some cans into the audience, whilst knocking some back of his own.


Matthews: Welcome back to Smackdown, and just moments ago, we witnessed what appeared to be mind games from Stone Cold Steve Austin, to his arch nemesis, Brock Lesnar.

Tazz: That’s exactly what the Texas Rattlesnake was doing kid, pure mind games.

Matthews: Coming up now though, it’s the APA taking on the Basham Brothers, but the story here will be Bradshaw’s attitude. Its pretty safe to say that he hasn’t been himself lately, right Tazz??

Tazz: Josh, Bradshaw is a man with goals. He is a man that is sick of sitting on his ass, getting paid for nothing. If you call his recent attitude strange, then you’re a moron. Oh, hold on, that’s right, you are a moron. (Laughs to himself)

1st Match;
Basham Brothers vs. APA
Pretty lacklustre match, with the Basham’s rather uninspiring, and Faarooq looking slow, and pretty broken down. Throughout, Bradshaw shows his recent change in attitude, being selfish, and wanting to stay in the match, rather than tag out. Faarooq looks to be frustrated with Bradshaw’s behaviour, and the two begin to argue. Faarooq makes a blind tag into the match, due to Bradshaw’s unwillingness to tag out, and this leads to further friction, and while the APA argue, the Basham’s perform their switch routine, and as Faarooq goes to pick up who he thinks is Danny, but is cradled by Doug, 1...2...3!!!
Winners; The Basham Brothers
Bradshaw is fuming with his partners loss, and yells at Faarooq before storming off. Faarooq doesn’t look best pleased either, as we cut back to the commentary table.

Matthews: The situation between the APA continues to worsen Tazz…

Tazz: And let me guess…its Bradshaw’s fault, right??

Matthews: Well, if he wasn’t so greedy, and would be prepa-

Tazz: Stop it. Stop it right now. You, Josh Matthews, I’m afraid you know nothing. I’m begging someone to cut off his mic.

We then cut backstage, where Christopher Nowinski walks into the locker room, to meet up with Regal and Storm…
Nowinski: William, Lance. As usual, its great to see you two gentlemen.

Regal: And it is a pleasure to see you young master Nowinski.

Nowinski: You know, we have this six man tag with the Dudleyz later??

Storm: Of course.

Nowinski: Well, I know these guys pretty well, considering I just got drafted with them from Raw to Smackdown.

Storm: And??

Nowinski: Well, I hope you guys are well protected…

Regal: Against what sunshine??

Nowinski: Their odour…

Regal: Their odour??

Nowinski: Yeah, everybody knows that the Dudleyz stink. Especially Spike. He sleeps in the dogs house, while the dog has his bed.
Both Regal and Storm look to each other, and Regal pulls one of his trademark faces, showing his disgust.

Regal: I’m glad you brought this to our attention Master Nowinski. Here. (Regal passes Nowinski a brass knucks) We want to get out of there as quick as possible tonight.

Nowinski: (Smiles) Thank you. I’ll see you two later on.

A video then plays, hyping the debut of Simon Dean in 2 weeks from tonight.

We then cut backstage, where Bradshaw kicks a few things over, in a fit of rage, yelling out that things are gonna change.

Back to ringside;
Matthews: Now, Tazz, you have to admit, Bradshaw isn’t in the right frame of mind. The guy is nuts.

Tazz: Listen kid, born winners, like Bradshaw don’t take defeat too kindly, especially when it wasn’t even down to themselves when it came to the decision.

Matthews: C’mon Tazz. You know that’s not true. Born winners can take a defeat, and learn to get over it.

Tazz: Oh yeah, that’s right, because you know what its like to be a winner, cause you won the first Tough Enough, right??

**If ya smelllllllllllllllll….what The Rock, is cookin’** The WWE Champion strolls onto the ramp, and makes his way to the ring, picking up a mic from Tony Chimel on the way…

Crowd Pops

The Rock: And The Rock is here tonight, for one reason, and one reason only, to send a message to the winner of tonight’s Fatal Four Way. You see, whether its Triple H, whether its Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit…it doesn’t matter. The Rock isn’t gonna be the WWE Champion for a cup of coffee, no, no, no. The Rock is here, for the long haul, and guys, you better get used to it, because me with the WWE Championship is something that will not end soon.

Crowd Pops

The Rock: Now, Denver, d-

**WHOOOOO BETTA THAN KANYON** Kanyon makes his way to the entrance, and signals to the fans, as if he actually has support. He walks down the ramp, looking to high five the fans, but no one is interested. He then takes a mic and gets into the ring…
Kanyon: WHOOOOOO betta than Kanyon!!!!

Crowd Boo’s

Kanyon: I’m sorry I couldn’t personally high five everybody, but this is national television, and I’m only all-

Rock cuts in…


Kanyon: Don’t you know?? Everybody knows. Everybody knows me. Whooooo betta than Kan-


Crowd Pops

The Rock: The Rock doesn’t un-

Kanyon: Stop it!!! Stop it now!!! I’m sick of you!! YOU are a jabroni!!! And it DOES matta what my name is. I’m the most charismatic star here on Smackdown, but you get the headlines. I can be cool, I can be popular, and as f-

Rock puts his hand in front of Kanyon’s face then starts to talk.

The Rock: Know your role……AND SHUT, YOUR DAMN MOUTH, BITCH!!! Number one, no, you are not cool, two, you are not popular, three It really doesn’t matter what your name is, and FINALLY, you, Kanyon, most certainly are, a Jabroni!!! Now, The Rock is gonna warn you one, if you so much as breathe while The Rock speaks, he’s gonna whoop your ass quicker than it took Stevie Wonder to cut your hair!!!

Crowd Pops (We then see Kanyon, in the ring, holding his breath)

The Rock: The Rock says this, Kanyon, you run your mouth, calling the TEN TIME World Champion a jabroni?? Well The Rock says this, he’s gonna take his size thirteen boot, shine that bad boy up real nice, and stick that sum bitch straight up your hairy ass!!!!

Crowd Pops (We go to Kanyon, who grabs his ass, as if he can feel it already)

Kanyon: That’s your problem, you talk big Rock, but you wouldn’t dare put your title on the line against me tonight!!!

The Rock: (Rock looks confused, and looks around at the fans, wondering if Kanyon is for real) Let me get this straight…you want a shot at THE ROCKS WWE Championship?? Well, The Rock says this…you’re on…right here, right now, in Denver!!! IF YA SMELLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’!!!!

Rock then starts to motion for a referee, and takes off his t-shirt, as we cut to a commercial…


We return, with the match in progress…
2nd Match; WWE Championship:
The Rock vs. Kanyon
We are shown clips of what happened during the break, with Rock in cruise control, hitting a belly to belly, DDT, and spine buster, before Kanyon came back into the match, after a well placed rake to the eyes, which went undetected by the referee.
Kanyon beats down The Rock, hitting a number of variation suplexes, getting a few near falls, he then goes for the Grand Kanyon, but Rock fights out of it, and then hit’s the Rock Bottom. Rock follows up with the Peoples Elbow, 1...2...3!!! Rock retains.
Winner; And still, WWE Champion, The Rock

We then cut backstage, where Brock Lesnar is pacing down the hallway, and bursts into Bret Harts office…
Lesnar: Bret, you saw what happened earlier with Austin. I want you to do something about it. Give me a match against Austin. I don’t care, where, when, or how. If it’s tonight, next week, next month, I just want his ass in the ring. Whether its in a cage, or a graveyard, or a street, or with ladders. I have to have one more match with him.

Hart: My, my. You’ve changed you’re tune pretty quickly after last week. If I remember correctly, you had no interest in a rematch with Austin. Now, you want the match, but Austin doesn’t?? If I was a betting man, I’d say you two are playing each other hot and cold. One week he wants you in the ring, and you don’t, next week you want him, but he doesn’t want to face you. Brock, I’m afraid that I’m not gonna give into temptation and just give you guys what you want, because that’s not how I run my show. I’m afraid, that I’ll have to think about it, and next week, I will decide indeed, if, and when you will go one on one with Steve Austin.

Lesnar: Well, in that case Bret, for your sake, I hope you make the right decision.

Hart: And, for your sake Brock, I hope you don’t do anything you’ll regret, or you will force my hand in making my decision.

Lesnar: I don’t take kindly to threats Bret.

Hart: And neither do I, Brock. Now, if you’re smart, you wont let the door hit you on the way out.
Lesnar turns to the door, then opens it, looks back at Bret, then walks out.

2nd Match; Non - Title Match:
Chavo Guerrero w/Chavo Classic vs. Paul London
The CW champion, Chavo, controls the early going, grounding the lightning quick London, but not before long, London starts to comeback, and uses his aerial ability to take control of the match, but the momentum turns Chavo’s way again, when Classic gets involved, and distracts London, long enough for Chavo junior to take advantage. He then works on the leg, nearly picking up a submission win, but as he begins to act cockily, London finds an opening, and dropkicks Chavo into his Dad, then gets a Victory roll on Guerrero, 1...2...3!!!
Winner; Paul London
London quickly rolls out of the ring, in celebration, and although showing signs of his injuries suffered during the match, he cant help but celebrate a win over the CW Champ, which should certainly put him in line for a title shot down the line somewhere. Both Guerrero’s look to be irate in the ring, furious over London’s win, seemingly out of nowhere.

Matthews: What a victory for London, over the Cruiserweight Champion!!!

Tazz: Oh yeah, Paul London showed his tenacity here tonight, and a lot of fight to overcome the Champ.

Matthews: Surely now, Paul London must be at the top of the queue to face the Champion for the gold!!!

A video then plays, showing classic Smackdown moments since its debut, with some commentary also playing, whilst a narrator’s voice then booms over the action…
Narrator: For over five years, WWE Smackdown has become the home of the best quality sports entertainment, and superstars…but now…SMACKDOWN GOES LIVE!!! Starting next Thursday night, WWE Smackdown will look to become the #1 entity in Sports Entertainment with unpredictability running rampant, and to mark this massive move, the first WWE LIVE Smackdown will be headlined by the WWE Championship Match featuring the defending champion, The Rock, against one of Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero or Triple H. Catch this experience next week, LIVE in Los Angeles!!!!!

Matthews: HUGE NEWS!!! Smackdown goes LIVE as of next week!!! What a huge announcement, and it will be marked by The Rock taking on the winner of tonight’s fatal four way for the WWE Title!!!

Tazz: It’s about time my friend. I cant wait for Smackdown to go live, next week!!!

Matthews: Well, as you can see in the ring, things are being set up for the Highlight Reel!!! Chris Jericho debuts on Smackdown, NEXT!!!


We return with Chris Jericho in the ring, ready to speak.


Crowd Pops, then starts a small Y2J chant.

Jericho: You know, it looks like the draft lottery has done good old Y2J a favour, because now, the Highlight of the Night will be surrounded by some of THE biggest names on the face of the wrestling planet, every single week, right here on Smackdown bay-bay!!!

Crowd Pops

Jericho: That’s right, Rock Hot Steve Austin, Goldbore, Kirk Angel, ‘Mr. Roboto’ Chris Benoit (pronounced as its spelt), and so many, many more!!!

Mixed Reaction from crowd, as many of the names mentioned are fan favourites

Jericho: But of course, I cant forget, our WWE Champion, The Rock. Rock, you and I, we don’t see eye to eye, never have, never will, but Rock, I just want to warn you, that although it looks very crowded at the top end of the roster here on Smackdown, I’m not going to be overlooked, and just make up the numbers, oh no. That’s not what I’m here to do, my aim, my goal here on Smackdown, is to be the WWE Champion!!!

Another Y2J chant breaks out

Jericho: But, lets not make the Highlight Reel into the Depresso Show, and let me bring out tonight’s guest, the one, and only, excellence of execution, the best there is, best there was, and the best there ever… EVVVERRRRRR will be….the General Manager of Smackdown….BRET HART!!!!!!

Bret’s music hits, and the GM makes his way to the ring, then gets in, and shakes hands with Jericho.

Jericho: Bret, its great to have you as my guest here tonight, and its great to be able to work for you as my general manager, because, as a boy growing up, and getting into the business, you were truly one of my idols. Hell, in Canada, you are a GOD!! But Bret, I do have an ulterior motive for bringing you out here tonight. You see, as I said just a few moments ago, I am here for the WWE Championship. And you, are the one and only man who can give title shots. Bret, I’m asking you to make next weeks title match, a triple threat, including yours truly, Chris Jericho.

Bret: Chris, firstly, it’s an honour to have you here on Smackdown, it really is. And with your presence, Smackdown can only get stronger, and stronger. In my opinion, along with many others, is that you Chris, are one of, if not, the most talented athlete in this business, and also, one of the most charismatic too. Secondly, It’s a pleasure to be your first guest on the Highlight Reel on Smackdown, and thirdly, and finally, onto your question. Now, Chris, I understand why you would want to be in next weeks title match. I mean, you didn’t get a chance to earn a spot in tonight’s fatal four way, due to your injuries last week, so I can understand that. However I cant change the plans, and I’m afraid that next weeks title match, will not be changed to a triple threat match.

Crowd Boo’s

Hart: But Chris, I will have a role for you next week.

Jericho: You have a role for me?? What is it Bret??

Hart: You’ll have to wait until next week I’m afraid Chris, but, I promise you, the rewards of taking the role I have planned will put a smile on your face…I guarantee it.
Jericho looks a little confused, as Bret’s music hits, and he then leaves the ring, whilst Jericho still tries to work out what Bret meant…


We return at the commentary table, with Josh and Tazz…
Matthews: Moments ago, we were given a very cryptic message from Bret Hart to Chris Jericho, stating that the General Manager has a role for Y2J next week in Los Angeles, but wont be sharing what that role is, until then.

Tazz: Very weird stuff Josh. Its not often Bret Hart keeps a secret from everybody, but this must be something huge, if he is gonna make Jericho wait a whole week to find out.

**Goldberg’s music hits** and He starts to make his way to the ring. The camera focuses on Goldberg, whilst we hear some commotion from the announce position, then, we cut to the announce desk, and see that Tazz has left the announce position, whilst Josh is standing up, calling Tazz back. We then cut back to the ramp, where we see Goldberg stop in his tracks, and he sees Tazz waiting at the bottom, with his sleeves rolled up, telling Goldberg to bring it on. Goldberg smiles, then points at Tazz, and walks in his direction. Tazz then goes to meet him, and the two men start to brawl in the aisle.
Both men swing punches back and forth at one another, with Tazz, despite the height difference, coming out on top, looking almost psychotic in his attack. Tazz then goes for a Tazzplex, but Goldberg blocks it, and knees Tazz in the gut. Goldberg runs at him for a spear, but Tazz moves, and Goldberg runs into the steps instead. Tazz then hit’s the Tazzplex on Goldberg. Tazz then grabs a chair from under the ring, and nails Goldberg with the weapon, sending him right down, and out, after the thunderous shot. Security then run to the ring, and hold Tazz back from doing any more damage, with Goldberg looking to be out cold. Tazz tries to break free from security, but in the end is unable to, whilst medics look at the unconscious Goldberg.

We then see a video once again hyping up Simon Dean, and his Simon System, ending with the graphic saying that he debuts in two weeks time.

Back to ringside;
Matthews: I’m in shock of what I have just witnessed here on Smackdown. Tazz has just brutally assaulted Goldberg, who needed to be helped out of the arena. Tazz obviously was after revenge on Goldberg, who last week attacked both him and Michael Cole. In fact, here is Tazz coming back towards us.

Tazz comes back to the announce table, and puts his headset back on…

Matthews: Tazz, I am completely at a loss for words, after what I just saw. I don’t think I have ever saw anyone manhandle Goldberg like that EVER.

Tazz: Listen Josh, Goldberg may be big and he may be bad, but if you have forgotten, I’ll remind you that back in my heyday, I was just like Goldberg, only I had guts, and I was a lot tougher. Goldberg obviously doesn’t know anything about my past, but after tonight, I think it would be wise for him to find out what I am capable of. I’ve put on a lot of weight and I’m out of shape since I was at the top, but I still have a lot of fight in my body, and Goldberg, if you’re watching, there is more of that to come. Believe me.

4th Match: Six Man Tag;
Dudley Boyz vs. William Regal, Lance Storm, Christopher Nowinski
Decent match, with the Dudleyz controlling the majority of the match, despite the best heelish tactics from Regal, Storm and Nowinski. The match eventually breaks down into an all out war, and Regal nails Spike with the Knucks, but Bubba breaks the count at two. Nowinski then tries to plant Bubba with Knucks, but he ducks, and Nowinski nails Regal instead. Bubba clotheslines Nowinski out of the ring, and then he and D’ Von hit the 3D on Storm, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Dudley Boyz
The Dudleyz celebrate their debut match on SD with a convincing win.

Matthews: What a way to make a mark on Smackdown from the Dudley Boyz!!!

Tazz: Damn straight. The Dudleyz are gonna be a force to be reckoned with here on Smackdown!!!

We cut backstage, where La Resistance are entering Bret’s office…
Grenier: Monsieur Hart. Can we have a moment to talk with you??

Hart: What is it??

Conway: Well, last week you said you would clear up the tag title situation?? Yet, we haven’t been told anything??

Hart: Glad you asked guys, it saves me from having to tell every one else. Here’s how its gonna go down. There will be a tournament of sorts. Next week we’ll have two matches, and the following week, there will be another two matches. The winners of each match will then advance to Judgement Day, and the tag team titles will be won in a Fatal Four Way elimination.

Grenier: Excuse moi?? You mean to say that we aren’t just going to be given the belts??

Hart: Of course not. What the hell do you think this is?? It’s Smackdown, not a charity show. Now, get the hell out of my office before I take you pair of fools out of the tournament.
La Resistance quickly apologise and head out of the office as quickly as they can.

We cut to a four way split screen, to see Triple H, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle make their way backstage for the main event.


Matthews: This is it Tazz, coming up now, the Fatal Four Way for the right to face The Rock next week on Smackdown, LIVE in Los Angeles!!!

Tazz: I cant wait for this!!! I’m going for Latino Heat to carry through his momentum of beating Brock Lesnar last week, and to lie, cheat and steal on his way to L.A next week.

Matthews: Kurt Angle has been on a roll as of late, he made Goldberg tap at WrestleMania, and he has looked great ever since. My tip has to be the Olympian. Next week folks, there will be the first two matches in the qualification stage for the WWE Tag Team Titles, with the winners heading to Judgement Day.

Tazz: And, we are just being told that Chavo Classic will face Paul London, the man that beat his son earlier tonight. I cant wait for that either.

Matthews: That’s all to come next week, but right now, its main event time!!!

Main Event; Fatal 4 Way #1 Contenders Match;
Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
Fast paced match, between four of Smackdown’s elite stars. Benoit and Guerrero go at it, whilst Angle and HHH fight it out. Eddie and Benoit then team up, and take out Angle and HHH, before going at it themselves again. Benoit goes for the Headbutt, but Triple H pushes his off the top, and through the announce table. Triple H then goes for a Pedigree on Eddie, but Latino Heat hit’s a back body drop, then Eddie runs into a Belly to Belly from Angle. Angle then hit’s an Angle Slam on HHH, but Eddie break the count at two.
Triple H is then dumped to the outside, and Angle fights it out with Eddie. They go back and forth, until Eddie hit’s the three amigo’s and follows up with the Frog Splash. He covers, but Benoit breaks the count. Benoit looks to be on another planet, dazed after going through the table earlier, and Eddie then hit’s the three amigo’s on the Wolverine. Triple H then comes from behind, and throws Eddie out of the ring. HHH then hit’s the Pedigree on Benoit, but before he can cover, Angle takes him down and applies the Ankle Lock. Eddie then stops Angle, and hit’s a DDT. Eddie and Triple H briefly go at it, before Benoit gets back to his senses, and goes on a German spree, hitting Germans on both. He then applies the Crossface on Eddie, but Angle breaks it up.
Kurt and Benoit then go at it, but Eddie gets involved, and Triple H sees a chance, and clotheslines Guerrero and Benoit over the top rope. He then goes for a Pedigree on Angle, but Kurt blocks it, and then ducks a clothesline, and nails the Angle Slam. He covers, 1...2...(HHH gets a foot on the rope, but the referee doesn’t see it)…3!!!!!!
Winner; And #1 Contender to face The Rock next week, KURT ANGLE!!!!!
Angle celebrates, whilst Benoit and Eddie realise the match is over, and both look disappointed. Triple H then gets to his feet, and tells the referee about his foot being on the rope, but the referee doesn’t even listen. Triple H follows him up the ramp, continuing to argue, whilst Angle celebrates.

Matthews: What a great match, but it has been marred by an extremely cloudy finish, which saw Triple H’s foot on the rope. I’m not a Triple H fan, but that was clearly a foot on the rope.

Tazz: Damn right. This match should still be going on, but because of shady officiating, Angle has won.

Matthews: Despite the controversy, Kurt Angle is on his way to Staples Centre next week to meet the Great One for the WWE Championship. Join us then, and don’t miss, the first ever LIVE SMACKDOWN!!!!!

End of show…

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Re: Being the booker

Great stuff!

Liked the opening interaction with Heyman/Austin, a lot of ‘what’s’ flying around…

Kanyon/Rock for the Title, lol, had to know that Rock was gonna whoop his ass,

Y2J on SD, Smackdown is Jericho? Nice to see Y2J on SD, hopefully give him some fresh opponents after the Kane feud. Interesting interaction with Y2J and Bret and will be interested to see what Bret has in store for Y2J!

Goldberg/Tazz at Judgment Day possibly?

Angle to face Rock next week, should be off the chain, however I think that Triple H will try and do all he can to make Bret overturn the decision next week.

All in all, can’t wait to see SD ‘live’ next week, and keep it up!

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Re: Being the booker

Raw Recap was good, glad to see Rey Mysterio getting this push. Hope it continues.. as for Smackdown..

Awesome show man 9.5/10.

Austin/Brock was awesome and hilarious as was the Kanyon/Rock promo and the Highlight Reel was great as well and Jericho was really in character. Wonder what his role will be next week.. guest ref? more APA breakup bildup, coming along nicely. Goldberg/ Tazz fight was great, glad to see it. Great main event, AWESOME to see Angle win, but I see Trips getting put in the match as well.

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Re: Being the booker

Great Shows...
Nice to see Mysterio in some kind of role...i'm guessing he will cost Evolution the tag titles
Speaking of Evolution, I wonder who Randy is really gonna feud with after the break up..which by the coming off really well..with Randy not wanting to take anymore of the treatment
HBK and Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match...will be great way to end the feud..hope Undertaker is on the show next week

Great opening segment with Austin/Lesnar..with Austin in character..the match has to take place at Judgement Day but maybe we can have a nice little stipulation to it
Nice little segment between Rock and Kanyon
APA break up is on the way with Bradshaw probably going to his JBL character and maybe have a feud with Farooq as a start
Paul London getting a push is great...and probably a title shot at Judgement Day
Y2J on SD was a great idea..atleast he will shine here and wonder what Bret has in store for Y2J
Tazz's anger was great..and manhandling Goldberg was greater and a match at Judgement Day will be even greater
Nice little segment between La Resistance and Bret with La Res surprised that Bret didn't just hand over the titles to them..
And finally the Main Event..what's a main event if there is no controversy..Either Bret agrees and puts Triple H in the match..or Bret makes #1 contendors match between Angle and HHH..or Bret doesn't listen to HHH and HHH in turn spoils the championship match next week..


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Re: Being the booker

WWE Smackdown

-Not typing out peoples names out in full.
-Steve Austin turning down Brock Lesnar's challenge, just didn't seem right.

-The Steve Austin/Brock Lesnar promo was great, with the exception of Austin turning down Brock's challenge. I'm sure you've got something planned though.
-Build up to the break up of the APA, I hope you keep Faarooq around though.
-The Rock/Chris Kanyon promo, it was great.
-Having Tazz destroy Goldberg.

Good Smackdown, and the build up to Judgement Day was good. I'm looking forward to the Tazz/Goldberg match, should be great.


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Re: Being the booker

great Smackdown! Loved the Rock promo, the Y2J promo and the Austin-Lesnar confrontation at the start. Strange that Austin turned down Lesnar, but I see the reasoning behind it, and I'm sure you will do something great with it. Tag tournament, final at JD? COOL. This one should be a great one, especially with the final being fatal four way! Angle challenging Rock?! That should be one hell of a match!!!!!!

Read the rules.
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