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Re: Being the booker

What a fabulous return show that was. The opening promo was one of the best I have ever read with such realism to it, the announcement By Hart was not only shocking but left me wondering who each man would select. The partner choosing was very realistic and great choices for each man especially Regal and Kanyon. Tremendous ending to the show with Triple H showing his dominance. 9.5/10 Looking forward to the draft lottery next week.
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Re: Being the booker

A little rusty huh Wolfy? I gotta say I was disapointed.. naw Im bullshiting you, this was just AWESOME. Picking up right where you left off. A little sad to hear Austin and Rock arent there, but its cool. Awesome opening promo and I to see one of these men going to Raw because Smackdown is getting crowded in the main event division. Great matches selection, glad to see WGTT as faces now. Looks like Bradshaw may become J..B..L.. thats cool just please dont cast Ron Simmons to Velocity. Awesome main event and I love Triple H standing tall, even attacking his own partner! Looking forward to next week. 10/10

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Re: Being the booker

That was a great aftermath to WrestleMania..
Although quick, it was well written and I loved it. Orton in for a face turn and maybe a feud with Batista down the line.
HBK v Undertaker might be a rematch at Backlash maybe with a stipulation this time
Cena needs a challenger maybe someone from Smackdown after the lottery draft..I'm guessing Bradshaw

AWESOME opening promo. Like said before, I'm guessing Elimination Chamber match or maybe a six way match with a new stipulation.
TWGTT are a face team now..I like them as face so its gonna be interesting
Your teasing a feud with Guerrero and Benoit and it would be great to have one especially with Guerrero as heel
I'm disappointed with how Rey Mysterio is being used..It would be nice to see him in some sort of storyline

Overall..great shows and its good to be back to reading Be The Booker!!

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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for the replies, glad to see this thread is still popular enough to continue.

Funny you should mention Mysterio there Sibtain. Things will be looking up for him very soon.

Expect a big shake up with the draft lottery this week too....did I mention Rey Mysterio earlier???

Anyways, Raw report & full Smackdown will be up same time next week, and after the shows, I'll post the new rosters, just for anyone interested to check out.
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Re: Being the booker

Great..Mysterio in for a push..

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Re: Being the booker

awesome Smackdown!! loved the way you wrote in the Four Corners match and the actual match and build up. shame no rock/ausint but interesting that austin can't leave!! mysterio becoming big? and on raw?!

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

I don't have time to review the whole show so I will just rate it.

Final Grade: 95/100 A
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Re: Being the booker

RAW; March 28th 2005; Tampa:

Opening Video


J.R and King welcome everybody to the show, and hype that tonight the Draft Lottery takes place, and also with the Smackdown roster in the building, the main event will be an eight man tag, with 4 Raw guys taking on 4 SD guys. (HBK, Cena, Booker T, Goldust vs. HHH, Lesnar, Goldberg, Angle)

Batista beats RVD cleanly, showing his brute strength and power.

After the commercial, Batista is met and congratulated by Ric Flair, who praises Batista, then tells Orton that is what Evolution is all about…getting it done. Orton replies, telling Flair that he has been getting it done for a long time already, and at just coming 25, he is already a two time World Champion, and has a main event at WM.

The 1st Draft Picks are made by the General Managers…Bret picks Christopher Nowinski, and Foley picks Rene Dupree.

We get the reaction backstage, with Dupree saying his goodbyes to La Resistance, and Nowinski in the Raw Locker room, not bothered about the draft.

Another video hyping Carlito plays.

Shaniqua retains the Women’s Championship against Lita in dominant fashion.

The second draft picks are made, and these are the only picks which will be of Tag Teams only…Bret picks Bubba & D’ Von Dudley to go to Smackdown, whilst Mick picks The WWE Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Haas and Benjamin are irate, having to now vacate their newly won title belts. They argue with a backstage worker, before shaking their heads in annoyance. The Dudleyz say their goodbyes to their brother Spike before leaving the Raw locker room.

Interview with Smackdown’s Triple H. The Game talks about the beating he laid on his compatriots last Thursday, and says if he has to, he will do it again tonight in the eight man tag.

Kane defeats Jericho and Trish in a Handicap Match, after chokeslamming Jericho from the ring to the outside, then hitting the Chokeslam on Trish to pick up the win. Both Jericho and Trish are stretchered out.

Haas and Benjamin complain to Bret about having to vacate the WWE Tag Titles. Bret apologises, and tells them that Mick Foley will no doubt try to pay them back for their loss. Chavo Guerrero then interrupts, and tells Bret to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to him, as did with TWGTT, as he does not want to forfeit his Cruiserweight Title.

Interview with John Cena. He talks about Evolution, and says he will get them back for last weeks attack, then talks about tonight’s 8 Man Tag.

3rd Draft picks…Bret picks Matt Morgan, whilst Mick Foley picks Billy Gunn.

Matt Morgan seems to be upset as he will now be apart from his manager Eric Bischoff, whilst Billy Gunn shakes hands with the majority of the SD locker room before leaving.

Tyson Tomko makes his in-ring debut, against the man he cost the I.C Title @ WM, Edge. Despite interference from Christian, Edge manages to overcome the odds, and gets the three count. After the match, he levels Christian with the I.C Title, and tells him he wants it back.

HBK and Mick Foley go face to face backstage. Mick tells Michaels that if both HBK and Undertaker are still on Raw next week, then he will have a MAJOR announcement.

Interview with Edge. He challenges Christian and Tomko to a two on one match next week.

4th Draft picks. Hart drafts CHRIS JERICHO…Foley drafts REY MYSTERIO!!!

Mysterio seems to have mixed emotions about his draft, but we don’t see Jericho’s reaction, as he is on his way to hospital.

The match between Maven and Steven Richards ends in a no contest, as EUGENE runs in during the contest, and runs around the ring, causing mayhem, leaving the referee no option. Mick Foley at first looks furious, but in the end, cant help but to laugh.

The final draft picks are made, with Bret Hart drafting Eric Bischoff, and Mick Foley drafts Stacey Kiebler.

Bischoff is happy, as it means he will be back with his client Matt Morgan, and Stacey is also quite happy. She leaves the SD locker room, then meets up with some of the Raw diva’s, then hugs them.

In the 8 man tag main event, HBK causes trouble with his team, getting on their nerves, but he soon runs off, after Undertakers music hits. HBK runs off through the crowd. This leaves Team Raw down 4 on 3. SD control most of the match, but eventually, they argue, and break down into a four way brawl between each other. All three go for HHH first, going for revenge for last week, and all three hit their finishing move on him, before fighting each other. Cena takes advantage, and hits an FU on The Game for the three. The SD guys don’t seem to worry, and continue to brawl as the show goes off the air.


Smackdown; Miami; March 31st 2005;

Highlights from last week, with the four men arguing over who is the rightful number one contender, then the four corners tag match, in which Triple H won, and destroyed all his other rivals afterwards.

Opening Video


Cole: Miami welcomes an all new Smackdown!!! On Monday Night, the draft lottery took place, and the face of this brand has changed forever. From Monday Night, Smackdown gained The Dudley Boyz, Christopher Nowinski, Matt Morgan with his manager Eric Bischoff, and of course, Y2J, Chris Jericho!!!

Tazz: Not forgetting Cole, that after Raw, the two general managers met, and made a few other trades.

Cole: Indeed. Spike Dudley will be re-united with his brothers, as he is on his way to Smackdown, whilst in the opposite direction goes the Hurricane. But folks, the big story for Smackdown coming out of the draft lottery, is that we have now got NO WWE Tag Team Champions, after Charlie Haas, and Shelton Benjamin were drafted to Raw!!

Tazz: Well, I am extremely disappointed about that trade Cole…but where does that leave the WWE Tag Team Titles!!??

Cole: Rey Mysterio, Stacey Kiebler, and Rene Dupree are all also on their way to Raw as a result of the lottery this past Monday.

** IF YA SMELLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK…IS COOKIN’!!!!** The NEW WWE Champion makes his way to the ring for the first time with the title belt, and gets an unbelievable hometown reaction from the Miami fans. He poses on each turnbuckle, each time to a magnificent reception, then takes a mic.


Crowd Pops

The Rock: And finally, The Rock is once again, for the umpteenth time, WWE…Champion.

Crowd Pops

The Rock: Oh yeah, that’s right. After all the doubters doubted. After all the nay sayers nayed. After they all said I couldn’t do it, after they all said I didn’t have what it took. The Rock says this…You can doubt The Rock, you can nay The Rock, you can say The Rock cant do it, you can say The Rock doesn’t have it, hell, you can take a shiny piece of crap on The Rock, but NEVER…and The Rock means NEVER, count The Rock out!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: And The Rock says this. Triple H…you wanna say it was a one off?? Well The Rock says he’ll take his size thirteen boot, and shove it straight up your monkey ass!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: Brock Lesnar, you wanna say that you would beat me any day?? Well The Rock says to you that The Rock WANTS a piece of you, and The Rock WILL slap the taste out of your mouth you suuuummmm bitch!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: Bill Goldberg…good old whisker biscuit. Don’t make The Rock come back there and make you tap out!!!

Crowd Pops, then chant “He tapped out”

The Rock: Oh yeah. Bill Goldberg tapped out. And the man that made him tap, Kurt Angle. Well Kurt, you may be an Olympic Gold Medallist…you may be the best athlete in the WWE, but Kurt Angle, you know, and I know, that you cant go ONE ON ONE…WITH THE GREAT ONE!!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: So Bret Hart, whichever one of those son’s of bitches you decide faces The Rock…its doesn’t matter. Because The Rock says this…Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, Kurt Angle…they can all…JUST BRING IT!!!

Crowd Pops, then as The Rock is about to say something else…Bret Hart’s music hits, and the Smackdown General Manager makes his way to the ring. He shakes hands with The Rock, congratulating him on his title win. He then takes a mic, and begins to talk.

Bret Hart: First of all Rock, On behalf of the WWE, and all of its fans, I would like to say congratulations on your WWE Championship win at WrestleMania.

Crowd Pops

Bret Hart: And as far as your first championship match?? That will take place in two weeks from tonight, in Los Angeles. In order to find you a Number one contender, over the next two weeks here on Smackdown we will find one. First of all tonight, there will be four matches. Triple H vs. Matt Hardy, Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit vs. Goldberg, and Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Nowinski. The four winners of tonight’s matches, will face off next week in a Fatal Four Way, and the winner of the Fatal Four Way, will meet you, at the Staples Centre, for the WWE Championship, here on Smackdown, April 14th. I hope that solves this puzzle for you Rock, and I hope everybody here in Miami enjoys the show!!

Crowd Pops.

Hart and Rock then shake hands as we cut to the first commercial

1st Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Tajiri
Tajiri gets his rematch for the title he lost @ WM, after his win over Chavo last week. Typical cruiserweight action early on, from two of its premier stars. Soon though, Chavo smartly works on the legs of Tajiri, trying to stop the Buzzsaw from hitting his patented kicks. Tajiri eventually makes a grand comeback, and nails Guerrero with the Buzzsaw kick, but when he goes for a cover, Chavo senior distracts the referee, saving his son’s title. Tajiri then gets up, and sprays Classic with the mist, but Chavo present then rolls up Tajiri, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Chavo Guerrero - Still Cruiserweight Champion
After the match, Chavo junior rolls out of the ring, and helps his dad up, who trips all over the place, selling the mist. Los Chavo’s make their way up the ramp, as Tajiri looks frustrated in the ring.

We then cut backstage, where Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman enter Bret Harts office…
Lesnar: THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE BRET!!!!! I SHOULD BE GETTING A ONE ON ONE TITLE SHOT!!! Why the hell do you need to bother with your crappy little format!!!

Heyman: What my client is trying to say Bret, is that, perhaps you could maybe advance Brock Lesnar, right along to April 14th to face The Rock, one on one. Then perhaps the winner of this delightful little format, could face my client, when he becomes the WWE Champion the week after.

Hart: Hmmmm….tough decision. But, I think Brock Lesnar should remain in my ‘crappy’ or as you said Paul, ‘delightful’ little format.

Lesnar: Are you serious?? I’m twice the athlete of ANY body is this damn company. No one has even had the same impact on this company as I have, and you’re treating me just like another schmuck.

Hart: Listen Brock. Tonight, you WILL face Eddie Guerrero one on one, and the winner advances to next weeks Fatal Four Way!!! You want your title shot so bad?? Dammit…you’re gonna earn it!!! Now, if you two will excuse me, I have to prepare for the arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin. You remember him don’t you Brock??

Lesnar: I don’t give a rats ass whether Stone Cold Steve Austin is on his way, I don’t give a rats ass if the Queen of England is on her way. I only care about ME!!!
Heyman then leads Brock out of the office, as Bret starts jotting down some notes on a piece of paper.

We then cut to Maria who is backstage, ready to interview Christopher Nowinski…
Maria: I’m here with Christopher Nowinski, who on Monday Night was drafted to the Smackdown brand, and already Chris, you have a shot at becoming the WWE Champion. How do you feel about that??

Nowinski: Maria, in future, always call me Christopher. Not Chris, or Chrissy. Mr Nowinski is acceptable though too. Now, as for the WWE Championship?? I’m not surprised I’ve got a shot. It’s not like I’m surrounded by greatness. Sure, Kurt Angle is a former Olympic Gold Medallist, but in this day and age, you cares?? Kurt Angle is yesterday’s news. Today, your brain gets you ahead in life, not physical attributes, or testosterone. I will be the WWE Champion…because I’m smart. And I will THINK my way to the top of the ladder. I will be the first…and most likely, ONLY Harvard Graduate to be the WWE Champion. (Looks at Maria) And by the looks of things, the new influx of employees in this company proves my point.
Nowinski then shakes his head at Maria, and walks off.

2nd Match: 1st Match in #1 Contender’s Series.
Christopher Nowinski vs. Kurt Angle
Despite Nowinski’s best efforts, and smartest tactical strategy, he is unable to overcome Angle’s attack, and taps out, almost immediately once the Ankle Lock is applied.
Winner: Kurt Angle
Angle celebrates his win, as Nowinski hobbles up the ramp in defeat.


Raw Rebound:
- Recap of the draft lottery
- Kane beating Jericho and Trish, sending both to hospital
- Eugene continues to cause havoc
- Evolution continue to show cracks, between Orton and the other two members
- Main Event, where Taker spooks out HBK, and the SD team turns on HHH.

Cole: Well, Raw was a heck of a night partner. We got some great trades!!!

Tazz: For sure, but Triple H was not a happy man after his so called compatriots sold him out, and left him out to dry.

Cole: Triple H brought that on himself Tazz, after what he did to those three men last week was totally uncalled for and unacceptable. On another note, Chris Jericho is still in hospital with head injuries, suffered on Raw against Kane, but we are assured, that Y2J will be here next week to make his Smackdown debut.

Tazz: I cant wait for that Cole!!! Y2J, Chris Jericho on Smackdown!!!

Cole: But folks, right now, we’re gonna send it to our General Manager Bret Hart, who will now address the tag team title situation, after this past Monday, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, the WWE Tag Team Champions were drafted to Raw, meaning the titles are now vacated. Here is Bret Hart…

We go to the General Managers office, and Bret is sitting behind his desk, with the tag titles sitting on the table…
Bret: This past Monday night, we at Smackdown unfortunately lost our tag team champions in the draft lottery to Raw. Now, due to the circumstances, we cannot let Haas and Benjamin take these titles with them to Raw, because the WWE Tag Team Championships are exclusive to Smackdown.
This means that I am now left with a situation as to how these championships can be won again. And an important decision like this will need to take a lot of thought, and hopefully, by this time next week, I will have a solution to this problem. Thank you.

We then go backstage to the APA office…where Faarooq is counting money, after winning a big hand at poker.
Faarooq: $150, $180, $230, $235, $285, $30- Whoa. Hey man, This $20 is monopoly money!!! Yo, Bradshaw!!! Hey!!

Faarooq then waves his hands in front of Bradshaw, who seems to be daydreaming. Faarooq then gives him a gentle tap on the face to wake him out of it.

Faarooq: Yo man, you’re worrying me lately. You went off on one last week, tonight you pestered Bret Hart for a match which we got, now you’re off on another planet. What’s gotten into you??

Bradshaw then looks at Faarooq with a scowl, and stands up.

Bradshaw: What’s gotten into me?? Ron, let me tell you what has gotten into me!! The fact that we are wrestlers, yet we come here every week, and instead of wrestling, we drink beer, and play cards. That’s why we had no spot at WrestleMania. That’s why I had to pester Bret Hart just for a lousy eight man tag match. We’re not supposed to come here to drink, we are here to wrestle. And tonight, we will be wrestling!!!
Bradshaw slams his hand against the table, then gets up, and walks off.

Back to ringside…
Cole: I’d love to know what the hell has gotten into Bradshaw these past few weeks. He seems to have gone totally over the edge in my book.

Tazz: Listen Cole. Bradshaw wants to make something of himself. He’s watching his wrestling career pass him by, and he’s sick of it. Bradshaw wants to be remembered for something, and I’m glad he is.

Cole: Wanting to be successful is one thing Tazz. But taking it out on your best friend is just plain wrong in my book.

3rd Match: 2nd Match in #1 Contenders Series:
Triple H vs. Matt Hardy
Mat based match, with Hardy holding his own throughout, and matching Triple H blow for blow, in a back and forth match. Matt looks set to get the win, going for a Twist of Fate, but Triple H fights out, then nails a Pedigree, and the 3 count is certain.
Winner: Triple H
Triple H gets the win, but realises how close he was pushed, and decides to leave ASAP, happy with the win.


Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, Triple H was just pushed to the limit moments ago, with Matt Hardy nearly pulling off what would have been a stunning upset against The Game.

Tazz: Triple H had it in hand Cole. He just gave Version One a false sense of security.

Cole: Still to come tonight, the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg vs. Chris Benoit, and Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero.

**Glass Shatters, and we cut to the parking lot, where Austin speeds into the arena, in his pick up truck, straight through, to the ringside area. Austin exit’s the truck to a huge ovation, then he goes to each turnbuckle, and takes a mic.
Austin: I’m gonna keep this short and sweet tonight, because from what I gather, there is a heck of a lot to get through here on Smackdown tonight.
So, without any further BS…Brock Lesnar, I want you to come to this ring, right here right now…

After a few moments of waiting, Austin calls for a beer, and continues to wait, until finally, Lesnar’s music hits, and Brock, along with Heyman, makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic, and slowly, gets into the ring.

Austin: Don’t be scared son. Stone Cold only wants a quick chat.

Lesnar: You want a chat with me?? What the hell have you got to say??

Austin: Simply put Brock, we have unfinished business.

Lesnar: Unfinished business?? No, we don’t. As far as I’m concerned…you got your wish, now I don’t owe you a damn thing. You got your match with me at WrestleMania, and you beat me, blah, blah, blah. So Austin, take your ball, get into your stinking truck, reverse on out of here, and drive all the way back to the hole in Texas you came from.

Austin: I don’t think so Brock. You see Stone Cold Steve Austin ain’t goin nowhere. I’m sticking around, and son, you and me…we DO have unfinished business. So what I’m saying, is that I want one more time, Austin vs. Lesnar. One on One, no McMahon’s, no Bret Hart’s, no Heyman’s, just you and me, man to man, to settle it once and for all. I want to prove just who is the better man, because in my opinion, WrestleMania didn’t prove a damn thing. Does Miami want Brock Lesnar to face Stone Cold Steve Austin one more time?? If you do…gimme a hell yeah!!!

Crowd: HELL YEAH!!!

Brock looks around, then slides into the ring, and goes face to face with Austin. Lesnar is snarling, and grunting, whilst Austin starts to smile at Lesnar. Lesnar then talks…

Lesnar: Miami wants Lesnar vs. Austin?? Stone Cold wants Lesnar vs. Austin?? Well, in case you moron’s haven’t noticed, and you Austin haven’t noticed…I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYBODY WANTS BUT ME!! And I don’t want Austin vs. Lesnar. So Steve…I decline your offer.
Lesnar then rolls out of the ring, and walks up the ramp, gives Austin the bird, and walks behind the curtain laughing, as Austin stands in the ring, shaking his head.


A video plays, telling us that the Dudley Boyz will be in action on Smackdown for the first time, since being drafted over, NEXT WEEK.

We then cut backstage, and see Triple H and The Rock walking in each others direction. They then spot each other, and meet at the mid way point of the corridor. They look each other dead in the eyes, then The Rock flips the title belt over his shoulder, and pats it twice, with Triple H watching. Rock then brushes past The game, with Triple H looking on intensely.

Interview with Goldberg…
Josh Matthews: Goldberg, in just a short space of time, you face Chris Benoit, with the winner moving on to next weeks fatal four way to determine the Number One contender for the WWE Championship, but my question to you is, are you at all worried, about the possibility of tapping out to arguably the most lethal submission move in the entire sports entertainment industry, the Crippler Crossface, especially after tapping to Kurt Angles ankle lock at WrestleMania??

Goldberg: Is that supposed to be funny?? Is that supposed to make me smile?? Huh?? Listen to me you little bitch, I hope you, and every single WWE fan caught me tapping to the Ankle Lock at WrestleMania, and got that on video, or took a picture of it, because I’m telling you, no, I’m promising you, I will NOT tap out again. Not tonight, not next week, not EVER!!! (Goldberg then grabs Josh by the shirt) So Josh, I hope you had a good laugh at my expense at WrestleMania, I hope you enjoyed trying to make me look a fool a moment ago, and I hope it was worth it, because Josh, if you ever try and make fun of me again, not only will you be next…it will be the last thing you ever do!!!!

Goldberg then shoves Josh into the wall, and storms off, in preparation for his match a little later.

Cole: Goldberg is not a happy man as of this moment in time. You know Tazz, ever since WrestleMania, Goldberg appears to be a man on the edge. I mean, he seems to have been affected psychologically from that defeat via submission to Kurt Angle at Ford Field.

Tazz: Well Cole, think about it. You are arguably the most dominant athlete in the world, and your reputation is shattered by one loss, one loss, by submission. I’m not surprised Goldberg is a loose cannon, but that does not bode well for Chris Benoit later on.

Cole: I couldn’t agree more partner. By the way folks, next week, The Dudley Boyz will be here on Smackdown, for their first in ring appearance since the draft lottery. Along with that, Chris Jericho is expected to be here, after his horrific beating at the hands of Kane, from Monday Night on Raw.

Tazz: Cant wait!!! I cannot wait to see Y2J Chris Jericho at Smackdown next week!!!

4th Match: 8 Man Tag Match:
AMW & APA vs. La Resistance, William Regal & Lance Storm
A basic tag match, with the best action coming from AMW, but the main story in the match, is Bradshaw’s greediness throughout. He demands tags, then refuses to tag back out again, and when his partners refuse to tag him in, he makes blind tags to get in the match. Bradshaw shows a new level of intensity too, going all out in attack, and in the end, he picks up the pinfall victory, nailing the Clothesline from Hell on Conway, but before covering, he hit’s a Fall Away slam on Grenier to the outside, boots Regal, and hit’s an earth shattering Powerbomb on Lance Storm, before covering the already downed Rob Conway, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: APA & AMW
Bradshaw has his arm raised, but instead of celebrating, he grabs a chair from the outside, and levels all four of the losing team with stiff shots, and when he is tried to be restrained by AMW, he knocks them out of his way, and Bradshaw even shoves his own partner, Faarooq to the floor when he tries to clam him. Bradshaw then chucks the chair down, and leaves the ring, in an absolute rage.

Cole: I would love to know what is in the water around here Tazz?? Not only is Goldberg turning into a loon, Bradshaw is too!! Dammit, he just hit his own partner…his best friend for Christ’s sake!!!!

Tazz: Cole, You are looking at a man with goals. He is sick of sitting around picking up a check for doing nothing. He wants to earn his money…unlike you!!! I applaud Bradshaw. BRAVO!!!

Cole: Gimme a break.


We return, and see Bradshaw getting into his rental car, with all his gear, and driving off, alone.

Cole: I don’t like where this situation is headed with Bradshaw, Tazz.

Tazz: I know you don’t Cole, because you’re an ass. Bradshaw wants success, and you don’t want him to have it. I don’t know why you cant see it from his point of view.

Cole: I don’t disagree with Bradshaw about wanting success, but there is a certain way to go about it, and he isn’t doing that.

4th Match: 3rd match in #1 Contenders series;
Goldberg vs. Chris Benoit
Pretty short, physical match, in which Goldberg is the aggressor, with Benoit battling back as well as he can, but Goldberg appears to be in the zone tonight, and overcomes Benoit for the majority. He goes for the spear, but Benoit moves, and Goldberg eats ring post. He then staggers out, and walks into the Crossface!!!! After battling it for almost a minute, Goldberg finds himself dead centre in the ring, and has no choice but to tap out!!!!
Winner: Chris Benoit
Miami celebrates Benoit’s win, but the majority of fans seem to be shocked that Goldberg has once again tapped out. Benoit celebrates for a few moments, before heading up the ramp. Meanwhile, Goldberg slowly pulls himself up on the ropes, shaking his shoulder loose, then getting to his feet. Another “You tapped out” chant begins, and Goldberg is incensed. He yells at the to shut up, then looks around, and spots Michael Cole laughing. He automatically thinks that Cole is laughing at him, and steps out of the ring. He walks towards Michael Cole, who quickly tries to get up to run off, but Goldberg grabs him by the back of his blazer, and pulls Cole toward himself. He turns Michael Cole around, grips him by the neck, and trash talks, while Cole begs Goldberg to let him go. Goldberg then chucks Cole across the announce table, into Tazz, who also gets knocked over.
Goldberg looks around the arena, getting major heat, before picking up a chair. He swings at Michael Cole, but he moves out of the way, and Goldberg nails Tazz in the back of the head instead. Cole tries to crawl away, but Goldberg stops him, choking him with his foot across Cole’s throat. He picks the announcer up, and rips his shirt off, before chopping him so hard, Cole falls back down again. Goldberg then rolls Michael Cole into the ring, and picks up a microphone. He gets into the ring, and drags Cole to the corner, where he chokes him, then speaks whilst doing so.

Goldberg: I’m glad I amuse you Michael Cole!!! And I hope this amuses you too. You see, I don’t appreciate being laughed at, and you are finding out the consequences of laughing at me!!!

Goldberg then smacks Cole in the face with the microphone, before chopping him twice again to his bare chest, then Goldberg lifts Michael Cole up in the air, and poses for a few seconds, before nailing him with the Jackhammer.
Goldberg then stands over the body of Michael Cole, before walking off, up the ramp, and out of view, as we cut to a commercial, with the image being on the broken body of Michael Cole, and the unconscious body of Tazz on the outside.


We return with Josh Matthews putting the headset on, as Michael Cole is stretchered out of the arena, and Tazz is helped out by officials.

Josh Matthews: Folks, we are back here on Smackdown, and I am Josh Matthews, sitting in for our regular broadcast team of Michael Cole and Tazz, as we watch both men being stretchered and carried out of the arena, after the brutal assault at the hands of Goldberg. It is believed that after Tazz was hit with the chair to the back of the head, he was knocked out cold, and he will be in need of medical assistance here, and Michael Cole will be heading to the emergency room after being attacked by Goldberg. Michael was jack hammered, chopped repeatedly, and we are being told that when Goldberg shoved Michael across the announce table here, he suffered a fracture to his elbow, along with a possible broken rib. So, needless to say, I will be sitting in for our main event in the absence of Michael Cole and Tazz.

Another video, hyping Simon Dean’s, ‘Simon System’ plays. A graphic appears saying he will debut on Smackdown in Three weeks time.

** Glass Shatters** and Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring for the second time tonight. He by passes the ring, and goes right to the announce table, and picks up a headset, then sits down next to Josh Matthews.
Austin: Lemme guess son, you wanna know what Stone Cold is doing here??

Josh: -

Austin: Shut up, and let me tell ya, you rat bastard. Stone Cold noticed that you were dying on your ass out here on your own, so I figured that I oughta come on down, and help you out, and that’s the bottom line…

Josh: -


Josh: Well Steve its great to have you here, and well, up next is the main event, Eddie Guerrero vs. Brock Lesnar. Who do you see winning this one??

Austin: Plain and simple, Eddie Guerrero is heading to the Fatal Four Way next week. I guarantee it!!!

Josh: You guaren-

Austin: OH HELLLLLL YEAHHHHH!!! You know what I mean son, Eddie Guerrero wins, end of story son.

Brock Lesnar’s music plays, and he makes his way to the ring, along with his agent, Paul Heyman. Brock looks a little distracted by the presence of Austin in commentary, and we see him talking with Paul about the situation. He seems extremely uncomfortable with the situation, as he tries preparing for the main event.

Main Event: 4th Match in #1 Contenders Series:
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Eddie Guerrero
Long, gruelling battle, with Lesnar dominating the match, working down the back of Guerrero. Eddie gets back into the match on occasions, with his Lying, Cheating and Stealing, along with Lesnar’s distraction with Austin outside.
After 19 minutes of the match, Eddie fights out of a bear hug, then fires up, with dropkicks, and arm drags, then hit’s the Three Amigo’s, before, going up top for the Frog Splash, but Paul Heyman distracts the U.S Champion, and gives Lesnar time to recover. However, Heyman’s antics distracts the referee, and the referee takes his focus off Lesnar completely, and tries to get Heyman off the apron.
Meanwhile, Austin sees the opportunity, and gets off commentary, then runs into the ring, and nails Lesnar with a Stunner!!!! He rolls back out of the ring, and runs around to Heyman, and pulls him off the apron. Eddie then nails the Frog Splash on Brock, and covers Lesnar, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: Eddie Guerrero
Eddie has pulled off the win, whilst Steve Austin beats down Heyman on the outside. Guerrero celebrates for a few moments, before rolling out of the ring.

Josh: We are set now, for next week in Denver. Kurt Angle, Triple H, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero will fight it out for a title shot at The Rock in Los Angeles on Smackdown, April 14th. Who will face the WWE Champion?? Find out, next week, on Smackdown!!!

Eddie offers Austin a ride in his low-rider, which Austin accepts, but grabs a case of beer first. He jumps into the car, as Lesnar staggers to his feet. Austin and Eddie share a beer as Lesnar goes mad in the ring. The show ends, with Austin giving an irate Lesnar the bird, whilst knocking back another beer.

End of show

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Re: Being the booker

Needless to say...Great shows..
The lottery picks were good and its nice to see some new storylines developing
Evolution breaking up is certain now and it's just coming off well with Flair/Batista taunting Orton
HBK-Underataker has got to happen at Backlash again and this time it's gonna be..Hell In A Cell
Kane/Jericho is over since Jericho got drafted but kinda wondering what will happen to Trish now

Excellent opening promo by the Rock in typical Rock fashion
Tag Team Titles..maybe a nice little tournament to settle it ending at Judgement Day
Bradshaw's new behaviour is really looking interesting and his heel turn is coming. Will be interesting to see how you use Bradshaw
Goldberg's new behaviour is great..loose cannon...his assault on Cole and Tazz has to be punished by someone..maybe Bret can take care of that
Lesnar/Austin is still not over..maybe we're gonna have Austin v Lesnar at Judgement Day and possible a nice little Street Fight
Next week's Fatal 4 Way is looking great already and I can't wait for it..I'm picking Kurt Angle to win it and face Rock in an awesome match!

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Re: Being the booker

Another fantastic set of shows. Raw recap was good along with a nice draft lottery, hate that WGTT loses the titles however. Smackdown was awesome and I was glad to see Rock and Austin back. Awesome promos by both superstars. Bradshaw continues to lean towards J..B..L. Awesome series of matches and that fatal fourway next week should be great. Cant wait as for the show another 10/10.

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