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Re: Being the booker

O, Shit can't wait
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Re: Being the booker

This is great...can't wait for the shows

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Re: Being the booker

It would be amazing if you went right through till WM22, lol The Big Show fired. Looking foward to the next show
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Re: Being the booker

main event; hhh v batista
batista knocks referee over, flair passes batistya sledgehammer, hits batista. orton runs to ring and and rkos hhh. orton and flair fight to the backstage. hhh and batista slowy get up, ref still down. hbk runs down to ring looks at batista, then at hhh. SUPERKICK TO BATISTA!!!!!!!!
triple pins, the ref is up. 1 2 3
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Re: Being the booker

Dude, wrong place. This should be in the Dream Card or something

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

Dunno what that other dude is up to there....but anyways, Smackdown should be up tonight. Just a few finishing touches to go on.
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Re: Being the booker

looking forward to Smackdown!!

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

Here it is, my first show back...enjoy.

21st March; Detroit:

Opening Video


J.R & King welcome everyone to the show, then John Cena makes his way to the ring, introduced as the NEW World Champion.

Cena celebrates his victory last night, ushering in a new era on Raw. He then starts rapping about Evolution, which gets a big pop. Just as he is ready to leave the ring, Matt Morgan, accompanied by his manager, Eric Bischoff makes his way to the top of the ramp. Bischoff does all the talking for Morgan, and challenges Cena to put his money where his mouth is and put the Title on the line tonight against his client. Cena accepts, and then makes fun of the pair. Bischoff holds Morgan back, and tells him to save it for later…

Raven defeats Spike Dudley to retain the Hardcore Title in your typical Hardcore brawl.

Chris Jericho & Trish Stratus arrive, hand in hand, after getting together at WM.

Christian and the mystery giant man who helped Christian retain the I.C Belt at Wrestle Mania arrive.

Sting defeats A-Train with a roll up, after taking a beating for the majority of the match.

Christian comes to the ring with the huge man, and introduces him as his ‘Problem Solver’ Tyson Tomko. Tomko doesn’t speak throughout, whilst Christian bad mouths Edge. Edge then comes through the crowd, and attacks both men, but in the end, the numbers prove too much for Edge, and he is beaten down by both men.

A video package from WrestleMania plays, followed by an announcement from Linda McMahon, in which she announces a first ever draft lottery next Monday night on Raw.

Chris Jericho & Trish Stratus defeat Rhyno & Shaniqua by disqualification, after Kane attacks Y2J and Trish, choke slamming both.

The arrival of Evolution is seen, with all three members in a bad mood.

In an interview with Mick Foley, the GM talks about improving Raw once again, and next week signs Kane vs. Jericho & Trish in a handicap match.

Evolution are seen chatting in their room. Flair and Batista tell Orton he paid the price for being selfish last night, and if he had allowed them to be ringside, he would still be champion. Orton tells both of them that it was something he had to do, and if he had the choice…he would do it again.

A video plays hyping Carlito Caribbean Cool

Booker T defeats Christopher Nowinski with the BookEnd, in an evenly balanced match.

Mick Foley is in his office, and opens a cupboard door, where the ’special’ kid from last night, Eugene is inside. He waves at Foley, who looks shocked. Eugene tells Foley that he wants to be a wrestler. Foley kindly tells him that Eugene isn’t cut out for wrestling, before nicely escorting him from the arena.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring, and talks about his loss to The Undertaker @ WM. He badmouths Taker, and the people of Detroit, before challenging Taker to face him again down the line.

In the main event John Cena sees off the challenge of Matt Morgan, hitting an FU to Morgan, and his interfering manager, Eric Bischoff. After the match though, Evolution attacks Cena, with Batista hitting the Powerbomb, and Orton nailing the RKO. Evolution end the show celebrating, but Orton doesn’t look comfortable.


down; Grand Rapids; March 24th 2005;

Highlights from the Smackdown side of WrestleMania…Eddie Guerrero beating Chris Benoit, TWGTT beating AMW to become the new WWE Tag Champions, Kurt Angle making Goldberg tap out, Chavo Guerrero winning the six pack match for the Cruiserweight Title, The Rock ending Triple H’s reign as WWE Champion, and Steve Austin beating Brock Lesnar thanks to Bret Hart applying the Sharpshooter on McMahon, forcing him to make the three count…

Opening Video


Cole: History was made, records were broken, mortals became legends. WrestleMania twenty one is in the books, and boy oh boy Tazz, I’m still blown away by the event that shook the entire world four days ago at Ford Field!!!

Tazz: It was a roller coaster ride for sure Cole, but things are about to get really interesting, because tonight, we get the fall out from the Granddaddy of ‘em all!!!

Cole: True partner, very true. Three Smackdown titles changed hands, Goldberg tapped out, Eddie retained the U.S Title, and Austin overcame Lesnar!!!

Tazz: I couldn’t believe what I saw in the Austin - Lesnar match Cole. That was perhaps the most unreal finish to a match have ever witnessed.

Cole: The journey to WrestleMania Twenty One is over…now we can begin the road to Wrestlemania Twenty Two!!!! Tonight, we wi-

**Time to Play the Game hits**

Uh, oh. Folks, this is not expected right now. The former WWE Champion, Triple H is on his way to the ring, minus the Championship belt he lost to The Great One this past Sunday.

Tazz: The Game is in a BAD mood Cole. Stay out of his way, just as a warning.

Hunter gets on the apron, spits out his water, and immediately grabs a microphone, and begins to speak…

Triple H:
Four days ago, at WrestleMania, I was outwrestled, and beaten, by The Rock.

Crowd Pops

Triple H: I’ll admit, I took Hollywood lightly. I thought The Rock had let the movies go to his head, but evidently it hasn’t. I’ll admit, at Wrestlemania…I was beaten by the better man.

Crowd Pops

Triple H: Hold on though. Don’t go thinking that I’ve gone soft. I admit, The Rock had my number at Wrestlemania, he was better, for ONE night. It was a one off, something that you can guarantee will NEVER happen again. You can look back at the history between me and The Rock, and it will tell you that it is blatantly obvious just who has who’s number. For every time the Rock has beaten me……I’ve kicked him around the ring three times as many.

Crowd Boo’s

Triple H:
I don’t care what you people think, I don’t care how many of you follow The Rock like a bunch of sheep, it doesn’t matter to me, because I AM THE GAME!!! And Rock, if you really think that WrestleMania wasn’t just a one off freak win, then how about you give me a rematch, right here, TONIGHT!!!

**Here comes the pain** plays, and Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring, also looking clearly pissed off. He grabs a mic, and eyeballs HHH.

Lesnar: -

Hold on there superstar. Shouldn’t you be on the look out for some over the hill veteran to lose to??

Crowd ‘oooohs’ Triple H’s insult

Hunter, you might want keep that hole in your face shut. Because I’ll only warn you once, I’m not in the mood for any crap tonight.

The two men go face to face

Firstly, I just want to tell you, that the washed up old timer you referred to, Stone Cold Steve Austin?? He’s not gonna be here.

Crowd boo’s

That’s right. Austin got what he wanted, that big pay day at WrestleMania. He won, but he hardly won fairly. He needed Bret Hart to save his bald fat ass from taking a beating at my hands. So…that means I’m free now, and that means, that I want the WWE Championship.

Triple H: Are you serious kid?? (Smiles)

Lesnar: You can bet your ass I’m in the title hunt. So Hunter, get to the back of the queue, because EVERYBODY is sick and tired of seeing you in the title picture. Take this warning however you wish…step aside…or be MOVED aside.

Crowd pops

Triple H:
(Smiles) Whoa, hold it there hotshot. What exactly makes you the Number One contender?? Is it the fact you blew your chances at the Royal Rumble?? Is it the fact you blew your chances at No Way Out?? Or is it the fact that you lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania?? Despite having youth on your side, despite having apparent ability on your side, despite having all the odds stacked in your favour, with Vince McMahon as the guest referee, and the weasel Paul Heyman on the outside, all working in your favour!!! Is that what makes you the Number One contender?? Because if it is, then maybe, just maybe, we should give Michael Cole a title shot.

Lesnar looks furious, and goes face to face with HHH, then…

**Goldberg’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring, also furious, and also being met with chants of “You tapped out”. He gets in the ring, and grabs a microphone**

H- (Crowd chants you tapped out, stopping Goldberg from talking) SHUT UP!!!

Crowd Boo’s, then continue to chant You tapped out

Point out the obvious. That’s right, I tapped out. BIG DEAL. Congratulations on Grand Rapids being smart enough to notice. NOW, as for you two…how about I clear up this little picture. NEITHER OF YOU will be facing The Rock first, because I WILL!!!

HHH and Brock look at each other, then both burst out laughing.

Triple H:
You?? Get real. Goldberg, unless you’re delusional, you certainly don’t have a better case than what we do for a title shot…hell, at least we didn’t tap out on the biggest stage of ‘em all.

Crowd: “You tapped out”

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’VE HAD IT. I TAPPED OUT!!! Big deal. But, unlike you two, I will be the NEXT WWE Cha-

**Kurt Angle’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring, mic in hand**

Lets hold it up right now. Four days ago at WrestleMania, you, Triple H LOST the WWE Championship for about the SEVENTY THIRD time. So, in my book, you have no grounds for a title shot. Brock?? Gimme a break, you couldn’t beat Stone Cold despite having half the country in your corner. And as for you Goldberg…(Angle holds the mic up to the crowd, who shout out, “You tapped out”)

Now…lets see, Triple H…lost at WrestleMania. Brock Lesnar…lost at WrestleMania. Goldberg…TAPPED OUT!!! But on the other hand…I won at WrestleMania. I was the only one of us four right now in the ring that won at Wrestlemania. So by my calculations, I would say that perhaps Kurt Angle faces The Rock first!!! Its true…its tr-

Lesnar: Its false. Kurt, in the last six months, you have lost to Goldberg…Triple H…and ME!!! You don’t deserve any type of title shot…unless you drop fifteen pounds or so, and go for the Cruiserweight Title!!! Because the WWE Championship will be MINE!!!

Triple H: Listen. All three of you morons cannot compare to me. Don’t forget. I am The Game. And not one of you have a track record like mine, none of yo-

Goldberg: So you went through a win streak of over 150 matches??

Triple H: Oh that’s right….that streak down in WCW right?? Tell me Goldberg, what exactly happened to that organisation?? What happened to those super athletes that you crushed week in, week out?? Where are they now??

Goldberg: Those guys aren’t around anymore, because I put them on the shelf, and if you continue to get in my face, perhaps you’ll end up with them.

**Bret Hart’s music plays, and the Smackdown General Manager makes his way out to the stage**

First, and foremost, let me clear a few things up. Number one, I regret to inform everyone that The Rock isn’t here tonight.

Crowd boo’s

Hart: And as for you four?? Well, it would be bad business to announce a number one contender right now, especially with the Draft Lottery this Monday night on Raw. So as for now, there isn’t a number one contender.

Crowd boo’s

Hart: BUT that doesn’t mean that you four cant get it on tonight.

Crowd Cheers

Hart: So, tonight, it will be a four corners tag match…Goldberg, and a partner of his choice versus Brock Lesnar, and a partner of his choice, versus Triple H and a partner of his choice, versus, Kurt Angle and a partner of his choosing!!!!

Crowd Pops, as the four men look one another face to face, with Bret leaving the stage, as we cut to a commercial…


Back to ringside with Tazz and Cole;

What an impact made by the General Manager, Bret Hart.

Tazz: Four men, all in their minds calling themselves the number one contender, but which one will prove he is better than the rest tonight.

Cole: Indeed. Each of the four men will need to find a partner, and tonight’s main event will be a four corners match.

Tazz: Oh yeah!!! I dig that idea Cole!!!

Michael Cole: But Ladies and Gentlemen, last Sunday, history was made at Ford Field. WrestleMania Twenty One hit Detroit, and boy, what a party it was. Here’s a look at the WrestleMania weekend.

WrestleMania weekend video.

1st Match:

Los Chavo’s vs. Tajiri & Ultimo Dragon

In an evenly contested match, we see Tajiri’s rage from losing the Cruiserweight Title to Chavo come through, as he show’s some real fire, picking up the win, after the Buzzsaw kick.

Winner: Tajiri & Ultimo Dragon

Tajiri stays in the ring, celebrating with Ultimo, as Chavo is helped up the ramp by Chavo senior, grasping his CW title belt.

We cut backstage, where we see Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin talking. Smiling about their victory at Wrestlemania over AMW. Then, the former tag champs, America’s Most Wanted, enter, and the four men showdown…

What do you two want. We beat you at WrestleMania, fair and square..

Harris: Yeah, we know that. We just wanted to congratulate you both on the win. At WrestleMania, the best team won.

Harris and Storm extend their hands to TWGTT for a handshake. Haas and Benjamin look to one another, then cautiously shake hands with AMW. Storm then pulls Benjamin in close…

You beat us on Sunday, but we will get a rematch, and the result WILL be different.

Storm and Harris let go, and back off, as the staredown continues.

Josh Matthews is with Kurt Angle…

Kurt, a short time ago, Bret Hart announced that tonight, you, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and Goldberg will be in a four corners tag match, with a partner of each of your choosing. Have you found yourself a partner yet??

Angle: Well Josh, I have in fact. Once Bret Hart made the announcement, right away I knew exactly who I wanted to partner me. Now, I don’t really get along with my partner tonight, but we both have a general respect for one another. He is quite possibly the most exiting performer on this brand…hell, the most exiting in this whole company. My partner tonight is…Rey Mysterio.

Crowd pops for the announcement, as we soon cut to Brock Lesnar backstage with Paul Heyman…

Lesnar: Paul, as far as I’m concerned, WrestleMania is a distant memory. I’m not gonna let it affect me. Its over. Austin won…big freakin’ deal. I had him beat, and he knows I would kick his ass if we went head to head again.

Heyman: I totally agree Brock, but that match took a toll on you. You and Austin went back and forth for near thirty minutes at WrestleMania. You took chair shots, straight right hands, more stunners than I can care to remember. Brock, I think you should take the night off.

Lesnar: Take the night off?? Take the night off?? NO WAY!! Tonight, I’m proving to every single jackass in Grand Rapids, Triple H, Goldberg, and Kurt Angle that I deserve the WWE Championship match against The Rock!!!

Heyman: Okay, well…here’s the problem. Every one I’ve asked so far has refused to team up with you.

Lesnar: What?? No one?? No one wants to team with me?? Paul, I have you as my agent for a reason. FIND ME A PARTNER!!!

Heyman: Okay, okay. I’ll find someone. Its no problem. I’m sure someone will do it.

Heyman then leaves the room, dialling numbers into his mobile, as Brock kicks over a locker.


2nd Match:

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs. Basham Brothers

Eddie & Benoit make quick work of the Basham’s, hitting all their trademark moves, ending with Benoit forcing Danny to tap to the Crossface.

Winners: Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero

Afterwards, Benoit and Eddie go face to face, then shake hands, as tensions continues to show from WM.

Backstage we see Triple H approach William Regal & Lance Storm

HHH: Hey guys. Look. I have a little proposition to make. You remember William back in WCW, when we teamed up together?? We were on fire, right?

Regal: Indeed we were. But what’s your point??

HHH: Well, I need to find a partner for my match later, and I was thinking, maybe we could roll back the years, and kick ass like we used to. Remember??

Regal and Storm look at one another, then whisper to each other, before Triple H, looking a little frustrated, interrupts…

Look. Think about it like this, if William teams up with me tonight, and we win. That gets you two on the map. You two could even be in line for a tag title shot. Think about it.

Storm: I agree. William, it sounds like a good idea.

HHH: GREAT!! Listen, I’ll catch you guys later. Oh, and William…don’t forget to bring some toys to the ring, if you know what I mean.

Regal and Storm smile, with Regal pulling the knucks out of his trunks, showing it off as the ‘toy’.

Backstage, we are introduced to are new backstage female reporter, Maria…

I’m here with the General Manager of Smackdown, Bret Hart. Bret, you wanted to announce something??

Hart: I just wanted to clear something up. Earlier tonight, Brock Lesnar stated that Stone Cold Steve Austin wont be coming back to Smackdown.

Crowd boo’s

Well folks, you can take that comment, as total and utter…BS.

Crowd Pops

Because, next week, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be at Smackdown!!! And that is for certain, because Steve will NOT be included in this Monday Nights Draft lottery, as he does not have a written contract.

Crowd Pops as Bret walks off, checking Maria out on the way.

Raw Rebound;

- Cena’s celebration, stopped by Matt Morgan, leading to a match later, which Cena wins.

- Kane attacks Jericho & Trish, leading to a 2 on 1 match being signed for next week

- Christian introduces the mystery man who helped him win at WM, as his ‘Problem Solver’ Tyson Tomko. Edge then comes through the crowd for revenge, but the two on one situation is too much to overcome

- Announcement of Draft Lottery next week on Raw

- Tension between Evolution, over Orton losing the World Title. Flair and Batista blame Orton for being selfish.

- HBK talks about wanting to face Undertaker one more time, promising a victory.

Back to ringside;

Cole: WOW!!! Bret Hart has just dropped a bombshell. Stone Cold back on Smackdown next week!!!

Tazz: The Rattlesnake is coming to Miami next week, and that will be HUGE!! But what exactly has Austin got to say??

Cole: Only he knows Tazz. You never know with the Texas Rattlesnake. Also, our main event tonight…the four corners tag match. We know Kurt Angles partner will be Rey Mysterio, and Triple H will be partnered by William Regal…but it seems Brock Lesnar cant find a partner!!!

Tazz: I cant believe that an athlete like Brock Lesnar is unable to find a partner. That shocks me!!!


3rd Match:

Rene Dupree vs. Hurricane

Dupree controls the majority of the match, and despite a late fight back from Hurricane, Dupree gets the win, after a Dupree Driver.

Winner: Rene Dupree

Rene then gloats in the ring, waving the French flag around, getting heat from the crowd.

We cut backstage, where Hardcore Holly walks toward Goldberg…

Holly: Bill, wait up!

Holly jogs to Goldberg, then puts his hand on his shoulder…

You still looking for a partner for later tonight??

Goldberg: I’m not looking for a partner Hardcore, I don’t need one.

Josh: Well, how about I team with you.

Goldberg: You wanna team with me?? Fine. I’ll see ya out there.

Goldberg walks off, still looking pissed off, as Holly looks on, nodding.

We then cut to Paul Heyman who is looking around the locker room, trying to find a suitable partner for Brock later on. He sees Matt Hardy, then smiles, and walks toward him…

MATT!! It’s great to see you pal. How abo-

Matt Hardy: No thanks Paul. I’m not teaming up with Brock.

Matt walks off, as Heyman stomps the floor, then he spots Rikishi and Scotty, and walks towards them. As he comes closer, both men get up, and walk off in a different direction. Heyman rubs his face, trying to think, then Paul London passes him, and he grabs London by the arm.

Paul London. MY favourite cruiserweight. I have a proposition for you. How about tonight, you team with Brock Lesnar. Think about it. Brock has the power, and strength. You my friend, have speed, and high flying skills. Add all those together, and you get the most destructive tag team in WWE history. Its an offer you cant refuse…

Paul London: Or…I could refuse. I think I’ll pass.

Heyman puts his hands on his face as he realises that Brock Lesnar will have to go it alone tonight.

A video plays hyping Simon Dean, who talks about the Simon System. He will be coming to Smackdown…soon.


4th Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Test & Scott Steiner

Clash of styles, as the technical ability of TWGTT face the power and strength of Test & BPP. Shelton makes a hot tag after Haas is beaten down for a long period, and TWGTT get the win after Shelton hit’s a T-Bone slam for the three.

Winner: TWGTT

The Champions celebrate retaining the titles, and play to the crowd, as it now seems that TWGTT have turned face, being cheered by the fans.

Cole: Haas and Benjamin kicking off their fourth reign as WWE Tag Team Champions with a fantastic win.

Tazz: That’s right. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team are just that….The Worlds Greatest Tag Team.

Cole: Well folks, we’ve just been given big news…next week, not only will Steve Austin be in the building…but so will the NEW WWE Champion, The Rock!!! For the first time since WrestleMania, we will see the Great One on HIS show.

Tazz: Oh boy. The only two men involved with Smackdown not to be included in the Draft Lottery, here next week.

Cole: Indeed. The only two men from Smackdown that will be exempt from the Draft Lottery. On Raw, the only man free from the lottery is John Cena. Folks, its not often we here at Smackdown urge you to watch Raw, but this Monday it’s a must see, because ALL of the Smackdown roster will be at Raw.

Tazz: Expect fireworks there Cole. If the two brands collide, its gonna be epic.

Cole: Think about this though Tazz. A week from tonight, Smackdown will have taken a dramatic change. We could see the likes of Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Edge, Christian, Shaniqua, Booker T and many more right here at Smackdown.

Tazz: Yeah, that would be cool…but Smackdown might lose the likes of Kurt Angle, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Goldberg, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Brock Lesnar, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, AMW, man, the list just goes on.

Cole: That could well happen Tazz. Five picks will be made this Monday Night for either side, and what an exciting night it should be!!!

Backstage, in the APA office. Faarooq is drinking beer, and smoking a cigar, while Bradshaw looks into space, not drinking, or smoking a cigar…

Yo man, whats up?? You haven drank a beer tonight!!

Bradshaw: You know Ron, I’m sitting here thinking…that’s another year I’ve been left off the WrestleMania card. I didn’t make the show last year…or the year before. I know deep down that I should be there, that I should be competing in the main events, challenging for major honours…but instead…I sit back here, playing cards, and drinking beer.

Faarooq: What’s wrong with that?

Bradshaw: What’s wrong with that?? I’ll tell you what’s wrong. I’m letting my career go to waste…I’m letting my career pass me by. These should be the best years of my god damn life. I’m promising right now, that next year…I WILL be on the WrestleMania card. And this year, I will make the most of my career.

Bradshaw gets up, and picks up the can of beer, then throws it against the wall. He then storms out of the office, as Faarooq looks at the beer being wasted, not realising how fed up Bradshaw is…


We cut to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Brock looks furious at Paul, who has obviously told him that he cant find him a partner.

You couldn’t find me a partner!!?? Who the hell did you ask?? You ask AMW?? Matt Hardy?? La Resistance?? Any cruiserweights?? Huh??

Paul Heyman:
Brock, I asked EVERYBODY!!! I couldn’t find one person.

Lesnar: USELESS!! Damn it Paul. What the hell am I gonna do!!??

Kanyon then walks to the two men, eating a cheeseburger with one hand, scratching his ass with the other.

Kanyon: Hey Brock. You still looking for a partner?? Because you there is no one betta than Kanyon.

Lesnar looks to Heyman who shrugs his shoulders. Brock shakes his head in disgust, then sighs…

Lesnar: Get your gear Chris. We’re up next!!

Kanyon then hugs Heyman, getting melted cheese on his jacket, then goes to high five Brock, but Lesnar moves out of the way, and walks off. Kanyon stands there, hanging for a high five, but no one is willing to give him one.


Main Event: 4 Corners Tag Match:

Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio vs. Triple H & William Regal

Goldberg & Hardcore Holly vs. Brock Lesnar & Kanyon

Knockdown drag out contest, with Angle, Lesnar, Goldberg, and HHH being in for most of the action, with Goldberg and Lesnar especially being selfish, not allowing their partner in the match. Triple H smartly tags Regal in a lot, and Angle tags Mysterio in a lot also. Mysterio is then singled out, and becomes the focus of the other three teams attack. He is unable to make a tag, as the other three teams make continuous tags between each other. Kanyon has yet to get in the match, while Holly only gets in after making a blind tag.

Mysterio then manages to tag Angle, who cleans house, hitting Belly to Belly’s, German’s, and Angle Slams all around, before locking the Ankle Lock in on Goldberg. The crowd chants You Tapped Out at Goldberg again, and just as he is ready to tap, Triple H makes the save.

The other six fight it out on the outside, while HHH and Angle go at it in the ring. Regal throws the Brass Knucks to HHH, who then levels Angle, with the referee not noticing the Knucks. Triple H covers, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Triple H & William Regal

Triple H and Regal then celebrate in the ring, but HHH then smacks Regal with the Knucks, before rolling to the outside, and grabbing the Sledgehammer. He then attacks Brock from behind with the weapon, nails Goldberg in the head, Holly in the gut, Kanyon in the gut, Mysterio in the back, and then Pedigree’s Kurt Angle in the ring.

HHH raises the Sledgehammer high in the air, with the seven other men down and out, at the hands of The Game, who has just sent a message to all the other possible number one contenders.

End of Show

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Re: Being the booker

Great show!! 10/10

No Rock or Austin but thats ok

I see alot of rematches down the line, maybe UT vs HBK in a hell in a cell match at Backlash?

Cena vs Orton, Cena vs Jericho, Cena vs Kane, Cena vs HBK, Cena vs Undertaker- the possibilities are endless

I see an Orton-Cena rematch at Backlash with either Orton leaving Evolution the next night, or staying heel, or maybe a Cena heel turn, but i doubt it as Orton as a heel is the best you can get

Jericho vs Kane at Backlash

Looks like 3 wrestlemania rematches at Backlash

Now back to SD


I see an elimination chamber match with all the guys from the tag team match and one other, maybe Stone Cold?

Bradshaw is becoming JBL slowly and thats sad as I loved the APA

Eugen, Tomko and JBL transformation all in one week and I like it!!

The Kanyon bit was funny as well, hugging Heyman and trying to high five him and Brock

Overall 10/10 all the way for both.........
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Re: Being the booker

Please excuse me for using profanity but in this case it calls for it....what a fucking awesome show!

From the outset, awesome first promo involving Angle/HHH/Lesnar/Goldberg....Goldberg a heel? I don't like....unless he was just being chanted at because he tapped out at WM.

Anyway, awesome first promo, best line for me has to be:

HHH: Hold on there superstar. Shouldn’t you be on the look out for some over the hill veteran to lose to??

I was laughing out loud at that one, that was very funny and realistic. Anyway, great twist with the 4 Corners Match, but a Fatal Four Way might have been better....but we see at the end of the show why it's not such a bad idea after all.

Not to go away from the subject, I got a feeling that one of those four men will be traded to Raw, not quite sure who yet, but if I were a betting man (underaged betting man) I'd put my smart money on Kurt Angle or possibly even Goldberg.

Anyway back to the show, and Bret announcing that SCSA will return next week, will tune into see who he will face next, maybe Rocky for the Title?

Another great segment was the APA Backstage one, Bradshaw finally seeing that his career doesn't evolve around drinking beer, I loved the 'DAMN' by Faarooq at the end, and I'm sure we'll see this one developing.

Can't wait for the Draft Lottery.....

And so, Main Event, well booked with HHH turning on Regal after the match, and showing what a callous SOB he is....

Anyway, it was an awesome show, I think some of your 'pre WM' stuff was fractionally better, but still, it gets no less than a 9.9/10 Awesome work, and looking forward to the next show
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