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Re: Being the booker

when is wm21 due?
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Re: Being the booker

Tonight, 7:00pm. I wont be here for it, but i sure as hell will read it on Sunday.
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Re: Being the booker

**EDIT** Please scroll down for a better version of WrestleMania, I had computer problems earlier which made me unable to post it properly earlier this evening, but an easy to follow, colour version is on the next page, thank you.**

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Re: Being the booker

OMG! That was amazing! I have been reading through your fed today and with each show, you got better and better. I thought the Rumble was the best I had seen but you beat that with Mania'. Absolutely amazing! 10/10 100/100... however you put it...AMAZING! Every match was a nailbiter and if I had to pick the best match it would be Austin and Lesnar followed by Cena and Orton. Loved the finish for Austin/Lesnar. I cant wait for Raw!
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Re: Being the booker

WWE Wrestlemania 21

Opening Entrance to Wrestlemania 21
Awesome. What was in their is what Wrestlemania is all about. Wrestlemania is about mortals becoming legends, dreams being made etc. A great way to start off the PPV.

WWE United States Title
Eddie Guerrero (champion) versus Chris Benoit

A fantastic way to start Wrestlemania 21 off match wise. It started the way it should be, with both men being unsure as they know vitually everything about the other. The match progressed and reading it I thought Benoit might have won, but Guerrero retains. Brilliant match, and as I said a fantastic way to start the show off.

Hurricane Helms/Goldust Backstage Segment
A good segment with the both realising secrets could be revealed. Reminds me of one Gregory Helms did with Hulk Hogan a couple of years ago (when Hogan was Mr. America).

Women's Title
Jazz versus Victoria versus Shaniqua (champion)

A good match, which I could actually see. This was difficult to predict whilst reading as all three women were reversing each others moves and had lots of offense. I think it was best to have Shaniqua remain the Women's champion.

Mick Foley interview with Todd Grisham
Good to see the main event being a no disqualification, and the right way to allow Orton to show if he's a worthy champion.

Chris Jericho versus Kane
Another good match, which was as expected an emotional brawl rather than a technical match. I thought it was going to end with Trish turning on Jericho, but in the end Jericho got the win. Reminds me of the Jericho/Kane match at Armageddon 2000 (was a Last Man Standing match), because it was similar.

Evolution Segment
A great segment, and it's good to see Orton deciding to leave Ric Flair and Batista in the back. Also good was the tension between Orton and Hunter when Orton mention the WWE Title match between Rock and Triple H.

WWE Tag Team Titles
Americas Most Wanted (champions) versus Worlds Greatest Tag Team

A great match going back and forth. I though the Worlds Greatest Tag Team were going to win, up until about half way through when I was thinking that Harris and Storm would get the job done. Nice to see new tag team champions though, and another great match.

Rock interview with Josh Matthews
A good interview, with the Rock keeping in character and just wanting to get to the ring.

Steve Austin's arrivals
I wonder what Austin wants to say to Bret Hart.

Attemped Goldberg interview with Kevin Kelly
Nice to see Goldberg just wanting to get to the action.

Goldberg versus Kurt Angle
Fantastic match. I was sure that Goldberg was going to win, but Angle got the win the ankle lock. Still can't believe you had Goldberg tap out.

Josh Matthews/Jonathan Coachman confrontation
Loved it. Nice to see Raw taking on Smackdown with the two intervies brawling it out. Shame that we didn't find out who one of the legends was.

Christian interview with Todd Grisham
Another well executed interview, with Christian in character.

3 Stages of Hell for the Intercontinental Championship
Christian (champion) versus Edge

Great matches. I was certain that Christian was going to win, but Edge was always there waiting to take the title.

Hall Of Fame Ceremony
Shame that it wasn't typed out, but it was nice to see the inductees inducted, because they deserve it.

Mick Foley/Eugene Dinsmore Segment
Nice to see the debut of Eugene. Nice to see that you had Eugene the way he is on WWE Television.

Battle Royal
Competitors: A-Train, Billy Gunn, Booker T, Christopher Nowinski, Goldust, Honkey Tonk Man, Hurricane, Kanyon, Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Matt Morgan, Raven, Rene Dupree, Rhyno, Ricky Steamboat, Rob Van Dam, Scott Steiner, Sting, Test and William Regal

Nice to see Steamboat and Honkey Tonk Man returning. Glad that you had the Stinger win, because I think out of them it would have to be him (or Steamboat) who won the match.

Six Pack Challenge for the Cruiserweight Title
Rey Mysterio versus Akio versus Tajiri (champion) versus Jamie Noble versus Akio versus Chavo Guerrero

Great Cruiserweight action, but it's not a good thing that Tajiri lost the title, it's a bad thing. Still great none the less.

Torrie Wilson and Stacy Kiebler segments
Great to see some bookers at the show. Just a shame that I was not there, but then again I can read.

Josh Matthews/Jonathan Coachman Segment Number 2
Nice to see another segment between these two. Glad to see that the Coach got humiliated, especially because it was at Wrestlemania.

Shawn Michaels versus the Undertaker
Fantastic, and even better was that the Phenom won. I just hope that this one carries on to the next PPV.

Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Mr. McMahon Segment
Nice to see Brock not taking Austin seriously, I can see Austin turning out the winner though.

WWE Heavyweight Title
Triple H (champion) versus The Rock

Awesome, and an awesome way to end the feud. Or has it ended? Probably not, and that's for the best in my opinion because it's a feud that can just keep on rolling on and on. Nice to see a NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion as well, especially as it's the Rock's first World/WWE Title win at Wrestlemania.

Special Guest Referee match
Steve Austin versus Brock Lesnar
Referee: Mr. McMahon

I never thought of that ending, and a brilliant way to end it with the Texas Rattlesnake managing to defeat the odds once more. I can see this not being the end though.

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena versus Randy Orton (champion)

The most hyped match on this card in my opinion, and it was by no means a let down. If anything, I now believe the hype. Awesome. It's nice, and yet not nice, to see John Cena as the champion. But I can see Orton wanting to prove himself at the next PPV.

Best Match: I'm going for Chris Benoit versus Eddie Guerrero, which I read two and a half hours ago.
Worst Match: Wasn't one.
Best Segment: Josh Matthews/Jonathan Coachmans appearance in the arena

I'm not surprised that your taking a break, hopefully you'll still be around to rate shows. Overall: What a PPV, I'm glad this only comes around once a year, because it's a fantastic PPV.

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Re: Being the booker

AWESOME SHOW! ALL MATCHES WERE...Great 100% Great, l loved it..shame that some other bookers weren't mentioned there too..but meh oh well. I loved the two main eventers, Cena winning was a good move and it was a great match. Same with the Triple H/Rock Match. Good work, man. 1100000000000000000000/1100000000000000000000.
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Re: Being the booker

WWE WrestleMania XXI
Raw & Smackdown
March 20th 2005

We cut right into the arena, where Lillian Garcia is standing in the middle of the ring.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Ford Field…welcome to WRESLTEMANIA!!!

Crowd Pops huge

Lillian Garcia: And now, please stand, for the singing of America the Beautiful, by none other than Destiny’s Child!!!

Destiny’s Child sing America the Beautiful, wearing low cut WrestleMania XXI T-Shirts, (with Beyonce looking particularly sensational). They finish, and we then get a small pyro, before cutting to the opening video.

Opening Video:

Clips play of classic Wrestlemania moments, including the main event of WM I, Steamboat - Savage at WM III, HBK vs. Razor at WM X, Austin beating HBK for the title at WM XIV, Triangle ladder Match at WM XVI, and HHH vs. Foley at WM XX…

Narrator: (Jesse Ventura); Have you ever experienced that one defining moment in life……that extraordinary event that captures your heart and lives in your soul until the day you die.

(Clips of Benoit, Edge, TWGTT, Jericho, Kane, Mysterio and Victoria)
For these men and women, WrestleMania is that moment. A 20 foot ring of canvas and steel is their stage, and their battlefield……For some it feels like home, once inside these ropes, a moment can last for a lifetime. In here, the reward for success can be great……but the price of failure is always devastating.

(Clips of Angle, Undertaker, AMW, HBK, Goldberg and Sting)
It is on this grand stage called WrestleMania, where dreams become reality… Athletes forge legacies… mortals become legends…

Clips from Hogan vs. Andre;
Gorilla Monsoon: The Irresistible force, meeting the immovable object…
Narrator: History was made…

Flashing image of Brock Lesnar

Clips from Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior
Gorilla Monsoon: Champion vs. Champion, Title for title
Narrator: Millions watched in awe…

Flashing image of The Rock

Clips from Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
Vince McMahon: The boyhood dream has come true
Narrator: Boys have become men…

Flashing image of Randy Orton

Clips from Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart
Vince McMahon: Austin will not surrender, he will not submit!!
Narrator: Attitude was born…

Flashing image of Triple H

Clips from Rock vs. Austin II
Jim Ross: Stone Cold has sold his soul to Satan himself!!!
Narrator: Alliances were forged and broken…

Flashing image of John Cena

Clips from Hogan vs. Rock
Jim Ross: This is a WrestleMania moment…
Narrator: Icon faced Icon…

Flashing image of Steve Austin

Clips from Hogan vs. Mc Mahon
Michael Cole: Twenty years in the making!!
Narrator: Legends squared off…

Flashing images of Lesnar, Cena, Triple H, Steve Austin, The Rock and Orton.

Narrator: For twenty years, one event captivates the world. An event which makes dreams come true, an event which has been indelibly etched through the annals of time…legends have been made, heroes have been born, lives have changed for ever….tonight, it alls begins….again….

(Clips of action between the main people involved in this years WM)
Tonight, boys will become men, legends will once again be made, heroes will once again be born, lives will change forever……and tonight another twenty years of history making moments will once again begin…

(Quick flashing images of all the main people involved.)

This is WrestleMania…..the showcase of the immortals….the granddaddy of ‘em all….where it all begins again…where mortals… will become… legends….

And now, Snickers Cruncher AND Sour Skittles presents, a RAW & Smackdown production of WWE WrestleMania 21!!!!!!!!!!

Pyro, which blazes as the WrestleMania Logo, which looks extremely well done.

The camera pans around the arena, and we then cut to J.R and King…

Jim Ross: The Twenty first annual WrestleMania is on the air, back in Michigan for the first time since Wrestlemania III, tonight, LIVE in Ford Field!!! The anticipation has been running for MONTHS King ahead of this event. WrestleMania comes once a year, and boy, this is one special feeling!!!

Jerry Lawler: Everybody gets excited for Wrestlemania!!! You have your John Wayne cufflinks on, I’m wearing a suit, everything is special about this one event. Let me tell ya J.R. These 56 thousand plus fans are gonna blow the roof off this arena, WrestleMania has never seemed as special as it does tonight.

Jim Ross: Indeed it hasn’t. Six championships are on the line, but King, lets not forget, this isn’t a one brand show…Smackdown has some matches to offer too.

Jerry Lawler: Well, for every good combination, you need a less significant other!! And, with more information on that, lets send it to Michael Cole and Tazz!!!

Michael Cole: Thanks a lot King, J.R, I know you are all very excited about a night as special as this. I know I am, I know my partner here is. Tazz, its come around once again…WrestleMania is here!!!!

Tazz: This is better than all my Christmases come at once, better than me winning any title. WrestleMania has that intangible that you just cannot describe. As the slogan says, tonight, mere mortals will become legendary figures!!!

Michael Cole: Seven titles on the line, twelve matches in total. So much to get through here tonight. A spectacular four hour event. Live musical performances from Eminem, the 2005 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Legends in action too. Oh boy, only WrestleMania can offer so much.

Tazz: Well Cole, its damn true. From Smackdown, its AMW vs. Benjamin & Haas, Guerrero vs. Benoit, Lesnar vs. Austin, Six pack for the Cruiserweight Title, Goldberg vs. Angle, and The Game vs. The Brahma Bull!!!

Michael Cole: And that’s just Smackdown!!! Here is J.R and King for the RAW side tonight…

Jim Ross: What a card RAW has lined up, Christian vs. Edge in a 3 Stages of Hell Match, Shawn Michaels vs. The Deadman, Chris Jericho vs. Kane, the Women’s Title match, and of course, the main event, John Cena challenges Randy Orton!!!

Jerry Lawler: I love it J.R!! It is the youngest WrestleMania main event in history, as Randy Orton and John Cena face off, both men still in their mid twenties. How great will that be!!!

Jim Ross: We all know the history of Wrestlemania. We all know history will be made tonight. Who will make it?? Sit back, and enjoy!!!!

**Whatever plays, and Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring, for the opening contest**

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WWE, United States Championship!!!
Introducing first, the challenger, making his way to the ring, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at Two Hundred and Twenty Eight pounds, Chris Benooooiiittt!!!

**Benoit continues to the rig down the long ramp way, with a solid look of concentration on his face**

Michael Cole: What a way to kick off WrestleMania, Tazz. Smackdown action, between two of the greatest athletes in the world today, for the United States title!!! I cant wait!!!

Tazz: Oh man, a Rocketbuster for sure big time!! Benoit and Guerrero have travelled all over the road together, all around the world together, and tonight, they face off in front of the entire world!!! Fantastic!!!

**VIVA LA RASA!!! Eddie‘s music hits, and the U.S Champ comes out to the ring in his low-rider to another huge pop**

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds, he is the WWE United States Champion, Eddie Guuuueeerrrrero!!!!

**Eddie plays to the crowd, then goes to the top rope, and rips off his shirt, then locks eyes with Benoit, and drops down off the top rope**

Michael Cole: The tension is unbearable, as we prepare to officially begin WrestleMania Twenty One, with some pure wrestling action!!!

Tazz: Cole, I have goosebumps on my arm right now, I cant wait for this one, Guerrero and Benoit, at the grandest of scales, for the richest of prizes. Lets get it going!!!

1st Match:
United States Championship Match:
Eddie Guerrero © vs. Chris Benoit
The two men circle the ring, slowly, not taking their eyes off one another. They stand up, and get a rousing ovation from the hot crowd, desperate for a wild night. They then walk to the centre, and shake hands, then exchange a few words, before backing off again.
They circle the ring again, and tie up. Both men try to gain the leverage, but for this, the advantage goes to Benoit. He backs Eddie into the corner, but the referee tells Benoit to break it. Slowly, and cautiously, Benoit steps away, and both men, slowly, make their way out, and circle the ring again.
Quickly, Benoit and Guerrero tie up, and struggle around the ring, but Eddie gets the best of the situation this time, and backs Benoit into the corner, with the same result as the time before. Both men then circle the ring once more, and tie up again. Eddie gets a headlock takedown, and applies an armbar. Benoit quickly rolls over for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Both jump up, but Benoit gets the snap mare, followed by a headlock.
The Champion, counters the headlock, and applies one of his own. Benoit pushes Guerrero off the ropes, but Eddie comes right back off the ropes, and nails a shoulder knocking down the challenger. Eddie then helps up Benoit, which Benoit doesn’t take too kindly. They go face to face, they back up, and quickly tie up. Benoit gets the headlock on Eddie, but Eddie pushes him off into the ropes, but Benoit comes back with a shoulder to Guerrero this time. Benoit, then helps up the champion, and taps him on the back. Eddie looks frustrated, realising Benoit is taking the piss out of his gesture a moment ago.
Eddie pushes Benoit away, and the two go face to face again. Eddie then raises his hand in the air for a test of strength, and Benoit accepts. Benoit, slowly lifts his hand toward Guerrero’s, trying not to fall for any tricks, and they lock up for the test of strength. Benoit gets the best of the strength battle, and brings Eddie to his knees, but Guerrero breaks the hold with a sweep to the legs, and then applies a wristlock on the grounded Benoit.
The Challenger soon wriggles free, and chops Guerrero HARD, Eddie clutches his chest, and staggers around the ring, then delivers one back, HARD to Benoit. Benoit drops to a knee, then gets up and chops Guerrero back. Guerrero clutches his chest again, then fires back with another chop of his own. Benoit hit’s a chop, Guerrero fires one back, one from Benoit, one from Guerrero, then a HUGE chop to Latino Heat, sends Guerrero down. Benoit backs Eddie into the corner, and whips him across the ring, but as Eddie reaches the corner, he jump to the middle rope, and leaps behind Benoit, then rolls him up, 1...2...Kick Out.
Latino Heat then quickly bounces off the ropes, and meets Benoit, who is back to his feet, with a hurricanrana, with a bridge, 1...2...Kick Out. Benoit flips over, 1...2...Kick Out, Eddie rolls through, 1...2...Kick Out. Benoit then breaks the hold, and cradles Guerrero, 1...2...Kick Out. Eddie rolls through, 1...2...Kick Out, Benoit counters into a bridge, 1...2...Kick Out. Eddie uses his strength to power out of the bridge, then backslides the challenger, 1...2...Kick Out. Benoit flips out, and rolls up Eddie, 1...2...Kick Out!! Both men jump to their feet, and get a massive ovation from the Ford Field crowd.
Both men slowly centre the ring, and go nose to nose. They then both start to talk trash to one another, and tie up again. The two men grapple around the ring, with no advantage for either, until Eddie gets the go behind on Benoit. Benoit tries to break the grip of the arms, but Guerrero has a firm hold. They tussle around the ring, with Benoit trying to break the hold. He then uses a big time burst of energy, and slides to the mat, with the velocity breaking Guerrero’s hold, sending him to the outside.
Eddie is a little annoyed at being embarrassed by Benoit, and pounds the apron. Benoit smiles, and holds the ropes open for Guerrero to get back in, getting an “Ooooooooohhhhhh” from the crowd, who realise the blatant show of disrespect. Eddie claps, then tells Benoit to move back, which he does. Eddie slides in, and the two tie up again. Benoit gets a headlock, and Eddie pushes him into the ropes, then knocks him down with a shoulder. Guerrero quickly drops down to his knee, clutching his shoulder, as if its injured. Benoit gets back up, and spots that Eddie is injured, and backs off, then tells the referee to ask Eddie what’s wrong. Benoit then also walks over, in concern, then talks with the referee, while the camera cuts to Eddie, who instead of grimacing, is smiling, and quickly rolls up Benoit, 1...2...Kick Out!!!! Benoit just kicks out, after being tricked by Guerrero. He sits up, in shock, as Eddie jigs around the ring.
Benoit jumps up, and shouts at Eddie, asking what the hell he is playing at. Eddie looks at Benoit as if he doesn’t know what he is talking about. They soon tie up again, and this time, Benoit drives a knee into the midsection. He bounces off the ropes, but as he comes back, Eddie side steps him, and sends Benoit crashing to the mat in a heap. Eddie plays to the crowd, then bounces off the ropes himself, and goes for a plancha to Benoit, but Benoit moves out of the way, and Guerrero crashes into the barricade. Both men are down, but get themselves back into the ring by the count of six. Eddie looks a little worse for wear after hitting the barricade a few moments ago.
They tie up, but Eddie, surprisingly gets the best, ramming the Wolverine into the corner, then drives his shoulder into the sternum of the challenger, then whips him across the ring, to the other side. He runs across, but Benoit gets his feet up, and Eddie eats boot. Guerrero staggers back out to the centre of the ring, and is knocked down by a thunderous clothesline from Benoit. The Challenger whips Guerrero off the ropes, and drops him again, this time with a back body drop, followed up with a clothesline, over the top rope, straight to the floor.
Benoit waits for Guerrero to get back to his feet, and then bounces off the ropes, and hits him with a baseball slide, then follows up with a suicide dive through the ropes, but Latino Heat has it spotted, and ducks out of the way, leaving Benoit with only the mat to hit. The Detroit audience start up a holy shit chant, as Benoit is flat out, and Guerrero makes it slowly to his feet.
Eddie picks up the lifeless Benoit, and whips him into the steel steps, but Benoit reverses and whips Guerrero into the steps instead, and Guerrero yells out in agony, grabbing his shoulder again, like earlier when he faked it. The Wolverine this time shakes his head, not falling for the ‘act’ from Eddie, and begins to go to work on the champion. He stomps him on the outside, then rolls him back into the ring. Benoit takes Guerrero to the corner, and begins to pound and chop at the champion. He drags him out, and then rams Guerrero, shoulder first, into the ringpost. Benoit then follows up with a slam, placing Guerrero’s arm behind his back, applying more damage to Latino Heat.
Chris Benoit then applies a half nelson on Eddie, cranking back, wearing and tearing at the shoulder, damaging the weak area of Guerrero in this match. Eddie never looks like tapping, but the damage is being done. Guerrero soon then fights back, and elbows free of the hold, but Benoit puts him right back down with a stiff chop. The Wolverine picks up Guerrero, and whips him across the ring, right into the corner post again. Benoit then runs toward Guerrero, but Eddie moves out of the way, and Benoit runs into the corner. Eddie then dropkicks the challenger, and places him on the top rope, then delivers a beautiful hurricanrana on Benoit, followed by a cover again, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Eddie now begins to fire up, and steps it up a gear, nailing a side suplex, and hooking the leg once again, 1...2...Kick Out from the challenger. Eddie now senses that the momentum has shifted towards him, and he begins to stomp on Benoit in the corner, then whips him off the ropes, and hit’s an unexpecting arm breaker to the challenger. Guerrero then picks him up again, and hits another arm breaker, then applies the armbar on Benoit.
Benoit looks to be in a considerable amount of pain, and tries to claw to the ropes, but Eddies holds firm, and refuses to let Benoit move. Benoit realises this, and then fights up to his feet, but Eddie still has an arm lock applied on the challenger. Benoit then chops Guerrero, chops again, a third time, fourth and fifth, then the sixth chop, eventually leads to Guerrero releasing the hold.
The Wolverine is then ready to chop again, but Guerrero pokes the eyes of Benoit, typically like Guerrero, lying, cheating and stealing. This gets a decent pop, and Guerrero follows up with a snap suplex. Eddie holds on, and goes for another suplex, perhaps now going for the three amigo’s, but Benoit blocks the second, then hit’s a suplex of his own. He floats into a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Benoit then picks up Eddie, and clubs his with forearms to the back, but Eddie comes back with a knee, then bounces off the ropes, and leapfrogs Benoit, before jumping to the top rope, but before being able to do anything, Benoit clubs him on the back, then gets on the middle rope himself, and the arena quietens down, as they see Benoit get a grip around the waist of Guerrero, and NAILS A GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!!
Neither man moves, and referee Nick Patrick has to begin a ten count on the two men, …
Benoit then slowly rolls over, on top of Eddie, and gets a cover,


Benoit looks up in shock. The referee makes it clear to him that he only got a two count, as Benoit shakes his head. He picks up the champion, and clubs his back, then nails a German… holds on … and another … and a thir- NO!!! Guerrero counters the German suplex, and gets a roll through on Benoit…


…KICK OUT!!!!…

Eddie jumps up, and goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks, and goes for a German again, but Eddie counters, and goes for a German suplex himself, but Benoit grabs the arm of Latino Heat, and locks in the Crossface on Guerrero!!!
Eddie though, is just too close to the ropes for the move to have any impact, and immediately makes the ropes, saving the championship for now. Guerrero gets to his feet, and ducks a chop from Benoit, then blocks another, and another, and blocks one more, before hitting a neck breaker on the challenger. Guerrero then attempts to go for a dropkick, but Benoit pushes him away, and Guerrero drops to the mat, and Benoit follows up by locking in the Sharpshooter!!!
Eddie puts his hands over his face to hide the agony, but soon uses them to push himself up, and begins to crawl to the ropes. He puts his arm out to grab the ropes, but Benoit drags him back to the centre again, and the crowd go wild, half and half for each man, booing that Benoit pulled Eddie back out, but cheering that Benoit pulled him back out. Eddie then tries to free himself, and momentarily, Benoit slightly releases the hold, and this gives Latino Heat the chance to quickly move to the ropes, and get a little bit of restbite.
Eventually, he lets go, and gets to his feet, then locks up with Benoit, but drives his knee into Benoit, and knocks him down with a back elbow. Eddie bounces off the ropes, but Benoit ducks a clothesline, then goes for one of his own, but Eddie ducks his, and then puts him down with a dropkick. Guerrero then gets right back up, and pounds his chest, getting a big pop, then gets Benoit, and nails a suplex…. Hangs on, … hit’s a second …. Still hangs on …and gets a thir- NO!!! Benoit blocks the third of the three amigo’s, and attempts a suplex of his own, but Eddie drops down, and cradles Benoit, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Both men jump up, and Eddie ducks a chop, then hit’s an arm drag on Benoit, and follows up with a tornado DDT!!! Eddie gets to his feet, looks to the top rope, and scales to the top turnbuckle, the signals for the Frog Splash. Eddie goes for it, but Benoit moves!!!! Eddie the staggers up, and walks into a backbreaker from the Wolverine, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Benoit then immediately goes to lock in the Crossface, but Eddie fights him away, and squats Benoit’s hand away, then pushes him into the referee, Nick Patrick, who goes crashing to the outside, leaving no official in the match.
Benoit looks to the outside, and looks a little concerned, but Eddie takes advantage of the distraction, and hit’s a Northern Lights suplex to the challenger, then spots that the referee is out, and decides to take advantage, going to the outside and picking up the U.S Title belt. He thinks to himself about what to do, then looks like he’s had an idea. He drags the referee into the ring, then places Benoit beside him, and puts the title belt around Benoit’s arm, and waits for the referee to get up. Nick Patrick eventually gets up, and sees Benoit with the title, and Guerrero in the corner, bouncing up and down shaking his hands around, like a boxer. The referee motions that he thinks Benoit hit him with the belt, then Guerrero got Benoit. He looks set to disqualify Benoit, but spots Eddie playing to the crowd, laughing about the situation, then realises that Guerrero has set it up to look like this. He warns the champion about his actions, then from behind, Benoit gets up, and nails Guerrero with a German… and a second … and a third!!!! Benoit releases the grip, and then does his cut throat taunt, signalling for the Headbutt.
The Wolverine climbs to the top rope, and NAILS the Swandive Headbutt on Guerrero!!! If he makes the cover, surely, there will be a new champion!!! Benoit holds his head, then shrugs off the pain, and hooks the leg of the champion, …..


………FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!………

Benoit cant believe it, and puts his head onto the mat in disappointment. He then gets up, and goes for the Sharpshooter on Eddie, but Eddie fights it, and kicks him away, then nips up, and nails Benoit with a flying forearm. He gets to his feet, then hit’s the heilo on the challenger, gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Latino Heat then picks up the groggy Benoit, and whips him off the ropes, then delivers a heel kick, before trying to apply the Sharpshooter, but Benoit fights it, then cradles the champion, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Benoit then ducks a clothesline from Guerrero, then takes him down, and LOCKS IN THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!!
Guerrero is dead centre in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go, and seemingly with no way to make the ropes. Guerrero rolls through on Benoit, with a hook of the leg, 1...2...BENOIT ROLLS OVER, AND LOCKS IT IN AGAIN!!! Eddie then tries to roll over once more, but Benoit shifts his body weight, leaving Guerrero with no options. Eddie is set to tap out, but as his hand looks set to fall, the crowd start to chant Eddie’s name, and this brings Latino Heat back to life. He starts to claw across the ring, in a sudden surge, and…
Benoit reluctantly releases the hold, then waits for Eddie to pick himself up in the corner, and then chops Eddie. He whips him across to the other side of the ring, and goes for a German Suplex, but Eddie fights out, goes behind, and gets a victory roll on Benoit from nowhere…


Winner; And…STILL United States Champion, EDDIE GUERRERO!!!
Eddie celebrates his victory, as Benoit looks down in the corner, disappointed with the loss. Nick Patrick gets the title belt, and brings it into the ring, but The Wolverine stops him, and takes the U.S Title belt from him. He looks to the crowd, then stands behind Guerrero, who turns around, and jumps back in shock. Benoit then extends his hand, knowing he was beaten by the better man, and the two shake hands. Benoit then awards Guerrero with the belt, and exit’s the ring, leaving Eddie to celebrate.

Michael Cole: What a phenomenal performance from these two athletes. An unbelievable show of technical skill, and pure ability. Unfortunately, only one man could win.

Tazz: Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit have just tore the house down here in Ford Field. That was one for the ages my friend, and a real show of class from Benoit at the end, offering a handshake to his opponent.

Michael Cole: Indeed it was, and folks, WrestleMania has a heck of a long way to go, eleven matches still to follow, along with live performances from Eminem, and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony for 2005.

Tazz: I’m loving this!!!

We cut backstage, to the parking lot, and see a limo pull up. The driver exits, and opens the door, and the passengers gets out…the passenger is Mr. McMahon!!! He is met with a huge amount of heat from the Ford Field crowd, but struts into the arena with a smug grin on his face…

We then see Goldust pacing around the backstage area, and then bumps into the Gregory Hellms. Goldust looks at him, shocked, as does Gregory. Hellms then slowly walks toward him, as Goldust tries to ignore him.
Gregory Hellms: Mr Dust?? Do you have a second?? I’m (coughs) Gregory Hellms…

Goldust: I’m not allowed to speak to the press I’m afraid, my agent says not to.

Gregory Hellms: Agent??

Goldust: Yes my agent…

Gregory Hellms: Mr. Dust, is it true, that tonight, you fear the battle royal, because the Hurricane is in the match??

Goldust: The who?? Are, are you not the Hurricane, Mr. Hellms??

Gregory Hellms: Where do you get your sources?? Whatsupwiddat!!! And, are you not the son of Dusty Rhodes??

Goldust gasps in shock, as does Hurricane. They both point at each other, then slowly move in at each other and look closely at each other…


Goldust runs off, and Hurricane runs off in the opposite direction.

WrestleMania Moment: WrestleMania III; Hulk Hogan body slams Andre the Giant, in front of 93, 000 at the Pontiac Silverdome…

Back to ringside…
Jim Ross: We are back here live in Ford Field, with this next contest set to be a real, excuse the language, Bitch fight, as the three toughest women on the women’s roster will fight it out for the Women’s Championship.

Jerry Lawler: Well J.R, that last match between Guerrero and Benoit was beautiful, but the only beautiful thing about this next match will be Victoria, because things are about to get ugly!!!

**Victoria‘s music plays, and we see one of the two challengers for the Women’s Title make their way to the ring**

Howard Finkel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WWE, Women’s Championship!!!
Introducing, the challengers, first, Victoria!!!

**Victoria strolls down the aisle, waving to the fans, and doing her little jig as she gets into the ring**

Jim Ross: This match has been brewing for weeks King, between these three women, and tonight it culminates at WrestleMania!!!

Jerry Lawler: Oh my J.R!! Usually I love seeing three women go at it, but when two of them are Jazz and Shaniqua, I feel a little repulsed. But I love to see Victoria back…and her front too!!!

**Jazz music hits, and the second of the two challengers makes her way to the ring, her eyes firmly locked on the ring**

Howard Finkel: Making her way to the ring, Jazz!!!!

**Jazz and Victoria go head to head, but are soon separated by the official**

Jim Ross: The bad blood looks certain to boil over in this match King, what an explosion its set to be.

Jerry Lawler: It looks like Jazz and Victoria don’t want to wait for Shaniqua either!!!

**Shaniqua‘s music hits, and the champion makes her entrance, moving slowly and methodically down the ramp**

Howard Finkel: And, introducing, the champion, Shaniqua!!!!

**The Champion poses on the top rope, holding the belt up high, and then points at the two challengers, telling them the belt is her property**

Jim Ross: The action is just about ready to get Raw and wild!!! Who will be the most dominant female on the Raw roster!!??

Jerry Lawler: Boy oh boy, this wont be pretty…that’s for sure!!!

2nd Match:
Women’s Championship Match:
Shaniqua © vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
Shaniqua and Jazz go toe to toe, as Victoria stands in the other corner just watching the two others have a war of words. Shaniqua slaps Jazz, then Jazz slaps back. Shaniqua then throws a right hand at Jazz, and the two then go punch for punch. Victoria watches as the two opponents beat the hell out of each other. Victoria then gets a slight advantage, and stomps Jazz in the corner, but Jazz reverses and hit’s a few right hands to the Champion. Jazz goes for a whip, but Shaniqua reverses and whips Jazz hard into the corner, then takes Victoria down with a boot. She stomps on Victoria, then turns around, and is met with a clothesline from Jazz over the top rope.
Jazz then pounds Victoria down in the corner, but Victoria fights back, and suplexes the opponent. She gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Jazz, easily. Shaniqua re-enters and dropkicks Victoria. She goes up top, but Jazz quickly knocks her off, then she hits an arm drag on Victoria, followed by a headlock, into a sleeper. Jazz starts to wear down the most popular of these diva‘s, but Shaniqua then gets back in and hit’s a double dropkick. She covers Jazz, 1...2...Kick Out!!
Shaniqua then goes for a suplex, but Victoria blocks it. Then Jazz kicks Victoria, and helps the current champion, as they hit a double suplex. Jazz hooks the leg, 1...Pulled off by Shaniqua. She then makes a cover, 1...pulled off by Jazz!! Shaniqua gets up and fires a right hand at Jazz, who fires one straight back. They begin to brawl all over the ring, with Shaniqua ending up on top. She then turns to Victoria and puts him back down with a clothesline.
Jazz runs at Shaniqua, but is taken down, and Shaniqua goes for the STF on Jazz!!! Jazz though fights out, kicking the champion to the corner. Shaniqua runs back out, but Jazz nails an elbow, then a German suplex.
Jazz whips Shaniqua into the corner, and runs at her with a shoulder thrust. She then whips her again to the opposite corner. She runs at her again, but Shaniqua gets a foot up. She then hit’s a bulldog on Jazz, and goes for a leg drop, but Jazz moves. She then sets up Shaniqua for a spear, but she moves out of the way, and Jazz runs into the post.
Shaniqua takes advantage and gets a roll up on the groggy opponent,
…..kick out!!
Shaniqua then ducks an attempted clothesline and hit’s a front slam. She picks up Jazz, but Jazz uses her strength and shoves the Champion to the ground. She hit’s a clothesline, but Shaniqua bounces up, but straight into another clothesline.
Jazz then picks up Shaniqua, but she punches at Jazz and breaks free. She bounces into the ropes, but runs right into Jazz who hits an arm drag, followed by a Northern Lights. She then gets a bridge for a pin,
…..Shaniqua kicks out!!
She then whips Shaniqua off the ropes, but she ducks a clothesline and runs at her, but walks into a sidewalk slam, followed by a cover,
…..Shaniqua kicks out!!!
Victoria then re-enters and puts down Jazz with a High Knee. She then picks up Shaniqua, and chucks her to the outside, so she can concentrate on Jazz.
She then picks up Jazz and drives a knee into the mid section, followed by a snap vertical suplex. She then whips Jazz into the corner, and then knocks her down with a clothesline, before going for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!
Victoria then stomps Jazz in the stomach, then whips her into the corner again, then follows up with a dropkick, knocking down Jazz. Victoria then follows up with a knee drop on the grounded opponent. She gets a cover, 1...2...Jazz kicks out again. She whips Jazz off the ropes, but Shaniqua pulls the top rope, and Jazz falls out of the ring, and Shaniqua re-enters to take on Victoria, and the crowd really begin to get behind Victoria, as they come face to face.
They go punch for punch, with Shaniqua coming out just on top, thanks to her huge size advantage. She backs Victoria into the corner, but Victoria comes back with a hard chop. Shaniqua shows a weakness, which gets an oooohhhhh from the on looking crowd. The Champion then turns away from Victoria, and Victoria takes advantage and gets a roll up on the champion, 1...2...…..Shaniqua kicks out!!
Victoria then ducks an attempted clothesline and hit’s a hurricanrana. She picks up the champ, but Shaniqua uses her strength and shoves Victoria to the ground. She hit’s a Military Press, with Victoria grabbing her back in agony. Shaniqua continues the punishment, and nails a Belly to Belly, then hit’s a delayed vertical suplex. She gets a cover,
…Kick Out!!!
Shaniqua bad mouths the crowd, knocks Jazz off the apron, then picks up Victoria, but she punches at Shaniqua and breaks free. She bounces off the ropes, but runs right into Shaniqua who nails the Spinebuster. She then goes for a cover, 1...2…Victoria kicks out!!
The Champion then whips the beaten down Victoria off the ropes, but Victoria ducks a clothesline and runs at Shaniqua, but walks into a flapjack, then a DDT, followed by a cover, 1...2...Victoria kicks out!!!
Shaniqua poses in the ring, getting quite a lot of heat from the crowd, as a “Victoria” chant starts in the arena. Jazz then gets back in and comes at Shaniqua, but Shaniqua sees her coming and hit’s a big boot, then suplexes her over the top, back to the floor.
The Champion then stomps on Victoria, then picks her up. She then applies a sleeper for a few seconds before hitting a neckbreaker. She then sets up Victoria for the Powerbomb, but Victoria leapfrogs her and hit’s a swinging neckbreaker, followed by a cover, 1...2...Shaniqua kicks out!!! Victoria is shocked. She then hit’s a drop toe hold into the ropes and then hit’s a knee to the back of the champion. Shaniqua, now looking worried that Victoria has her in trouble, rolls out and is followed by Victoria, who senses Shaniqua may be hurt, but both fail to realise Jazz lurking, and she hit’s a double clothesline, then whips Shaniqua into the steel steps, before bringing Victoria back into the ring.
They slug it out, with the fresher Jazz on top. Victoria then goes for a clothesline, but Jazz ducks and cradles Victoria, 1...2...Kick out!!! Jazz then puts Victoria down with a heel kick then tries to apply the STF, but Victoria, gets a cradle out of nowhere,
Victoria ducks a clothesline, then hit’s a swinging DDT on Jazz. She makes the cover on Jazz, 1...2...JAZZ KICKS OUT!!!
Victoria then spots Shaniqua climbing onto the apron, so she jumps to the top rope and knocks her back down with a Springboard dropkick. Jazz gets back up and comes at Victoria, but Victoria hit’s a Dragon suplex with a bridge, 1...2...Kick out!!! She then goes for a bulldog, but Jazz ducks, and retaliates with a Fisherman Buster to Victoria. Shaniqua then runs in from behind, nails Jazz with a German suplex and throws Victoria out of the ring to the floor.
She covers Jazz, but only gets a two count. Then Shaniqua hit’s a side suplex, followed by another. 1...2...KICK OUT!! Shaniqua then applies a Boston Crab, but this is soon broken by Victoria, and she goes at it with The Champion, backing her into the corner. Victoria then goes for a clothesline, but Shaniqua ducks and Victoria hits Jazz, sending her over the top rope.
Shaniqua then tries to capitalize on the distraction with a Powerbomb, but Victoria pushes her away, and goes for a dropkick, but this time Shaniqua ducks, and then hits Victoria with a huge clothesline. She hooks the leg, 1.…2.…VICTORIA KICKS OUT!!! Shaniqua then goes for the Powerbomb again, but this time, Victoria hit’s a back body drop, and as the champion gets back up, she is met with a top rope moonsault from Victoria!!! She makes the cover,
Victoria is irate. She goes punch for punch with Jazz, and Jazz gets the better of the fight, knocking Victoria down. She then hit’s the Fisherman Buster to Shaniqua again. She gets the cover on The Champion, 1.…2.…VICTORIA BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!
Jazz is irate. She fights with Victoria again, but Jazz ducks a clothesline, and clotheslines Victoria, then Shaniqua, then Victoria again. She goes to the top rope and nails the dropkick on Shaniqua. Jazz jumps up and signals for the STF on Victoria, but she fights it, then whips Jazz into the corner. Jazz runs into the corner, coming back out, right into the path of Victoria and she takes her down for the STF!!!! She cranks back on Jazz, and Jazz looks set to tap, but Shaniqua comes from nowhere and hit’s the Chokeslam on Victoria. She gets the hook of the leg, for what should be the sure victory…


Shaniqua is shocked. She sits up, and argues with the referee over the count, but has to settle with two. She then picks up Victoria, and pounds her down in the corner, but Jazz then runs in and hit’s a splash to both of them. All three women are now down.
Jazz gets up first. She sets up Victoria for the Razors Edge, but Victoria rolls through, kicks her in the gut, and nails the Widow‘s Peak. She falls on top of Jazz for the cover,
Victoria cant believe it, she gets up and turns around, straight into a boot from Shaniqua!!! She covers Victoria,
Shaniqua goes for a clothesline on Jazz, but Jazz ducks and takes down Shaniqua for the STF. She cranks back, and Shaniqua tries to make the ropes, but looks set to tap, which would be a first, but at the last second, Victoria takes down Jazz with the Spear!!! She gets the cover,
…..Shaniqua pulls Victoria off Jazz!!!!!
They both get up and fire right hands at each other, then they both come off the ropes and hit a double clothesline on each other. Both struggle to get to their feet, then they both go for a clothesline on the other, and both duck, but Victoria nails the referee by accident!!!
Shaniqua then clotheslines Victoria, and sees Jazz is still down, so she nails the top rope leg drop on Jazz. She gets a cover, but there is no referee!!! Shaniqua cant believe it. She gets to her feet, and picks up Victoria, but Victoria fights back, and from nowhere nails the Widows Peak on Shaniqua!!! She gets a cover, but there is still no referee!!!
Victoria then tries to revive the ref, but Jazz gets back up, and goes for a Full Nelson slam, but Shaniqua then breaks that, and nails a sidewalk slam on Jazz, then goes for the Powerbomb, but Victoria rolls through, and hits an arm drag on Shaniqua, then hit’s the Widows Peak on Jazz. She gets a cover, but there is still no ref. Meanwhile, Shaniqua has grabbed a chair, and brought it into the ring, she waits for Victoria to turn around, and nails her with the chair!!! Shaniqua then kicks Jazz out of the ring, and covers Victoria, the referee gets back to his senses, and makes the count,
Winner; And…STILL Women’s Champion, SHANIQUA!!!
Shaniqua leaves, with the title belt, celebrating another successful title defence, as officials attend to Victoria, and Jazz begins to come to her senses too, and is irate with realising Shaniqua has retained.

Jim Ross: I don’t believe it!!! Shaniqua has now been the Women’s Champion for FIVE months!!! At this rate, she could be on for a record run with the title!!

Jerry Lawler: Let me tell ya J.R, there are a lot of GUYS in the locker room who would be afraid of Shaniqua. I don’t know if she’ll ever lose!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, but she stole this win tonight, Victoria could well be the one celebrating right now!!

King: Or Jazz…

We cut to a dark room, and see Kane looking at a picture of Trish. He growls, then punches the wall and walks out…

Preview for WWE Backlash on April 24th, from East Rutherford NJ, and will be a RAW exclusive PPV…

We cut backstage, where, Todd Grisham is standing by, alongside Mick Foley…
Todd Grisham: I’m here with the Raw General Manager, Mick Foley, on a huge night for the WWE. Mick, you requested this time?

Mick Foley: That’s correct Todd, but first, I’d like to ask, are you enjoying yourselves, right here in Detroit!!!!

Crowd pop

Mick Foley: Todd, I do have an announcement, and it concerns tonight’s main event. You see, no one wants to see the Randy Orton - John Cena match end in a DQ, or a count out, so what I’m gonna do, is right now, make it, NO DISQUALIFICATIONS!!!!

Crowd Pop

Mick Foley: But secondly, I am about to make an unprecedented move. I will leave one decision up to one of the competitors. Randy Orton. Randy, I’m giving YOU the choice as to whether Evolution will be allowed at ringside or not.

Crowd boo

Mick Foley: Randy, this is your chance to prove that you are a true champion. That you do respect this business, and this historical event. Make the choice. The decision is yours…be a man of honour, or be a man of no class. What’s it to be Randy?? Think about it.
Foley then takes a long look into the camera, as we fade back to ringside…

Jim Ross: What a blockbuster announcement from the Raw General Manager King. Randy Orton has the choice of whether he wants to fight it alone, or have Evolution as his back up for his showdown with John Cena later on tonight, in the main event.

Jerry Lawler: Mick Foley has finally lost his mind J.R!!! He just put the kiss of death on John Cena, allowing Orton to decide.

Jim Ross: I don’t know about that King, I mean, will Orton want to step into the Joe Louis arena tomorrow night, still the champion, but only thanks to Evolution?? That would prove squat. Mick Foley is giving Orton the chance to be a man!!!

But folks, moving back to the here and now, coming up now, Chris Jericho faces Kane in what will be an emotional match, and the video package will tell all…

Kane vs. Chris Jericho Video Package;
Kane grows obsessed with Trish
Bond between Jericho and Trish grows again
Jericho saves Trish from the hands of Kane
Kane abducts Trish
Jericho frees Trish from Kane, but takes a beating

**Kane’s music hits, and the big red monster strolls to the ring, with his eyes firmly focused on the ring, as he takes no notice of the crowd**

Howard Finkel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 327 pounds, KAAAAANNNNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!

**Kane stands in the middle of the ring, then sets off his pyro, to a small pop from the sold out crowd**

Jim Ross: This match has so much emotion going into it, with the abduction of Trish, the maniacal Kane, and Jericho fighting for Trish.

Jerry Lawler: Jericho should never have gotten in the way of true love J.R!!! Anybody can see Trish and Kane are meant for each other!!!

Jim Ross: Gimme a break!!!

**5-4-3-2-1.…BOOM. Chris Jericho‘s music plays, and Y2J walks to the ring, with no swagger, but determination, as he faces a huge task, against Kane**

Howard Finkel: And, introducing, his opponent, weighing 227 pounds, Chrrrrisssss Jerrrrrriiichhoooooooooo

**Jericho doesn’t do any of his trademark moves on his way to the ring, and just gets into the squared circle, trying to get in the face of Kane, but he is held back by the official**

Jim Ross: This extremely personal issue, is ready to come to a head King. Here we go!!!

Jerry Lawler: This could well be the end of Jericho!!!! HA HA HA!!!

3rd Match:
One on One:
Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Right off the bat, Jericho goes at Kane, throwing a number of punches at him, but Kane grabs Y2J across the throat, and chucks him across the ring, but Jericho seems inspired, and jumps right back up, and comes right back at Kane, kicking him in the legs, and firing right hands, backing Kane into the corner. He stomps him to the ground, but is then pulled off by the referee. Jericho then tells Kane to bring it on. Kane nods, and we are ready for a war.
The two lock up, with Kane well and truly overpowering Jericho, but Jericho sucker punches Kane. He whips him off the ropes, but Kane ducks a clothesline, and boots Jericho down. Y2J rolls out of the ring to the floor. He soon gets back in and ducks a clothesline attempt from Kane, bounces off the ropes, and hit’s a spinning heel kick, with Kane falling to the ground. Jericho then takes the Big Red Monster to the corner and pounds on him. Kane soon fights back though, and nails a clothesline on his smaller opponent. He stomps on him, and then looks to drop and elbow, but Jericho moves just in time, and then Y2J hit’s a standing enziguri on Kane. Jericho then signals for the Lionsault, but Kane moves out of the way, and nails a Powerslam on his groggy opponent, 1...2...Jericho Kicks Out!!
Kane pulls Jericho back up, but immediately, Y2J fights back with some punches, making the big man back off. The two men slug it out in the middle of the ring, but Kane takes control with an uppercut. He bounces Jericho’s head off the turnbuckle, then whips him across to the other side. He runs at him, but Jericho moves just in time, and follows up with the Breakdown. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kane kicks out with authority!!
Jericho then goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Kane counters into the Snake Eyes, and follows up with a Boot to the face. He drops an Elbow and gets a cover, 1...2...Jericho kicks out.
Kane then takes his opponent to the outside, and whips Chris Jericho into the steel steps. Kane then takes Y2J and throws him into the steel ring post. Kane laughs as Jericho tries to get up, and stomps on him, adding more insult. He picks him up, and drops him on the barricade, ribs first, and then bounces his head off the steel steps, before knocking him down again. Kane chokes Jericho on the outside, but is eventually pulled off by the referee. The Big Red Machine then starts talking trash to his opponent, mainly about Trish, before hitting a leg drop across the face of Y2J. Kane then throws him back into the ring, but takes his time getting back inside, and pays for it, as Jericho takes him down as he re-enters, and begins to pound the big man down. He jumps to his feet and salutes the crowd, then goes at it with Kane, toe to toe as he gets up.
This time though, Kane drives a knee into Jericho’s sternum, and follows up with a sidewalk slam. Kane then starts to wear down the highlight of the night with a sleeper. Jericho looks to be fading out, and after 36 seconds in the hold, the referee puts Jericho’s arm up once, and it drops……twice, and it drops…… one last time……and it……STAYS UP!!!!! Jericho then feeds off the crowds cheers, and begins to power his way out of the hold. He looks set to break free, but Kane then drives the knee again, and instead of re applying the sleeper, he goes for a Powerslam, but Jericho rolls through and gets a roll up out of nowhere,
…..Kick Out from the Big Red Monster!!
Jericho seems to have a second wind now, and ducks a clothesline, then takes Kane by surprise with a hurricanrana!! He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!! Jericho then quickly continues the offence with a number of punches, then attempts a suplex, but Kane blocks it. He then counters and sets up Y2J for a Chokeslam, but Jericho blocks that too, and takes him down with a DDT. He covers him, 1...2...Kick Out!! Jericho then signals for the Lionsault again, but as he turns around, Kane sits up. Jericho is shocked. He tries to wear down Kane, but the Big Red Machine overpowers Jericho, and puts him down with a clothesline. He then signals for a Tombstone. He goes for it, but Y2J fights it, and wriggles out. He then bounces off the ropes, but is met with a huge boot to the face from Kane.
Kane then goes up top, and looks for the top rope clothesline, but Jericho shakes the ropes, and Kane straddles the top rope. Jericho then jumps up and kicks Kane, knocking the seven footer off the top, to the floor. Y2J then goes up top, and waits for Kane to stand, then he hit’s a cross body off the top, to the floor, taking Kane down again.
Y2J then gets back up, and stomps at Kane, then whips him into the steel steps, and dropkicks his face against the steps. Jericho breaks the referee’s count, then rolls out again, and beats on Kane, before rolling him back into the ring. Jericho follows and hit’s a flying forearm, knocking Kane down again. Jericho now seems to be a on huge roll, and goes up top, and again puts Kane down, this time with a reverse elbow. Jericho gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Jericho picks up Kane, and begins to fire right hands at the Big Red Machine, but Kane turns the tide with a back elbow on Jericho, then drops an elbow. He covers him, 1...2...Kick Out. Kane keeps the pressure on, and begins to wear out Jericho in the corner, then picks him up on his shoulders, but Jericho tries to wriggle free, so Kane decides to hit the snake eyes on Y2J. Jericho staggers out of the corner, and walks into a goozle from Kane. Kane goes for the Chokeslam, but Jericho punches free, and dropkicks Kane over the top rope. Kane then gets on the apron, but Jericho sees him, and hit’s the springboard dropkick, knocking Kane off the apron again.
Y2J then hit’s a plancha over the top rope, but he is caught by Kane, and Kane drives Jericho, head first, into the ringpost, and follows up with a huge clothesline. He rolls Jericho back into the ring, and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Jericho!!!!! Kane picks up Jericho, and clotheslines him down again, before going to the top rope, then waits for Jericho to get to his feet, and hit’s a flying clothesline. He covers Y2J again,

Kane pounds the mat in anger, then tells the referee not to screw around with him. He sets up Jericho for the Chokeslam again, but Y2J elbows out, then bounces off the ropes, but walks into Kane, who delivers the CHOKESLAM!!!! Kane makes the cover,



Kane cant believe it. He gets up, and waits for Jericho again, he gets him, but Jericho again fights out of the Chokeslam, and then bounces off the ropes and hit’s the Lionsault. He covers Kane,


Jericho is in shock. He runs his fingers through his hair, almost grabbing it, trying to think of a plan, then Kane SITS UP!!! Jericho is in shock, and tries to pound the Big Red Monster down, but Kane kicks him away, then knocks him down with an uppercut. Jericho runs at Kane, but Kane lifts him up, and nails the Military press, putting Y2J down. Kane then rolls to the outside, and picks up a steel chair. He brings it in, and the referee tries to take it off him, but Kane pushes him away, and he flies to the outside, out cold. Kane places the chair in between Jericho’s head, then climbs to the middle rope, ready to crush his throat, but then, Trish Stratus runs down, which distracts Kane. He smiles, then waves to her, and drops off the rope to meet her, leaving Jericho.
She gets onto the apron, and Kane meets with her. He tells her what he is about to do, and Trish SMILES!!!! She then tells him she has a better idea, and gets into the ring. She stands over the broken body of Jericho, and takes the chair out between his head, and tells Kane that she will hit him instead. Kane nods, then picks up Jericho, with his back to Trish. While he picks Jericho up, Trish drops the chair, and then kicks Kane from behind in the nuts!!!!!
Ford Field goes bananas, as Trish hands Jericho the steel chair, and tells him to level Kane. Jericho takes the weapon, and THROTTLES KANE with the chair!!!! Trish rolls the referee back into the ring, as Jericho hit’s a second Lionsault for the cover,


Winner; Chris Jericho!!!
Jericho cant believe he has done it. He has beaten Kane!!! Trish gets into the ring, and walks over towards Jericho. They look at each other, then hug. Jericho then lets go of the hug, and kisses Trish!!! The crowd roar in approval, as Jericho and Trish embrace at WM. They then leave the ring together, hand in hand, up the ramp, and behind the curtain.

Jim Ross: Finally!!!! What a moment!!! Jericho and Trish have overcome Kane, and look to have finally shown their true feelings toward one another!!!

Jerry Lawler: Pass me a bucket, I’m gonna be sick!!!

WrestleMania moment: WrestleMania VII: Ultimate Warrior defeats Randy Savage in a Career vs. Career match in Los Angeles.

We cut backstage, and see Flair and Batista sitting with former partner, Triple H. They smile and joke, then Orton walks in, looking a little worried.
Triple H: Nervous, kid?? (Smiles, then puts his arm around Orton) Don’t be. You were picked for Evolution, because of nights like tonight. We saw what you had, and we were right. Don’t be nervous, you are the World Champion for a reason.

Randy Orton: Hunter, believe me, I’m not nervous. Maybe you should be though, because you have your title match tonight too.

HHH realises the tension, and decides its best to leave, before starting any arguments…

Triple H: I’ll catch you guys later, ok.

Ric Flair: C’ya champ!! Give Rock hell!!! Hey, Randy. What’s wrong?? You should be grinning ear to ear man. Foley, has finally lost it brother. You have us out there for ya tonight, what can go wrong??

Randy Orton: Ric, this is a huge decision I have to make here.

Batista: What do you mean?? It‘s a no brainer…

Randy Orton: I’m going out there alone. Foley said it best. I want to prove I can do this alone. This is my night, and the entire world will remember the night that Randy Orton truly arrived.

Ric Flair: WHAT!!! What the hell has gotten into you man!!! This is a no-brainer!! You need us out there!!!

Batista: C’mon Randy, what the hell are you thinking about??

Randy Orton: Guys, get off my back. This is my decision, and I have made it. I’m taking on Cena, one on one!!! End of story.

Orton walks out of the room again, as Flair and Batista look to each other, both pissed off, and clearly frustrated.

We then see a video hyping a new coming superstar, called Carlito Caribbean Cool, coming to the WWE soon…

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce, the man who will perform the WrestleMania twenty one theme song, Lose Yourself, the one and only, DETROITS OWN…..EMINEM!!!!!!!

"Lose Yourself"
Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out
He's chokin, how everybody's jokin now
The clock's run out, time's up over, bloah!
Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity
Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked
He's so mad, but he won't give up that
Easy, no
He won't have it , he knows his whole back's to these ropes
It don't matter, he's dope
He knows that, but he's broke
He's so stacked that he knows
When he goes back to his mobile home, that's when it's
Back to the lab again yo
This whole rap shit
He better go capture this moment and hope it don't pass him

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

The soul's escaping, through this hole that it's gaping
This world is mine for the taking
Make me king, as we move toward a, new world order
A normal life is borin, but superstardom's close to post mortem
It only grows harder, only grows hotter
He blows us all over these hoes is all on him
Coast to coast shows, he's know as the globetrotter
Lonely roads, God only knows
He's grown farther from home, he's no father
He goes home and barely knows his own daughter
But hold your nose cuz here goes the cold water
His hoes don't want him no mo, he's cold product
They moved on to the next schmoe who flows
He nose dove and sold nada
So the soap opera is told and unfolds
I suppose it's old partna', but the beat goes on
Da da dum da dum da da

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

No more
games, I'ma change what you call rage
Tear this mothafuckin roof off like 2 dogs caged
I was playin in the beginnin, the mood all changed
I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage
But I kept rhymin and stepwritin the next cypher
Best believe somebody's payin the pied piper
All the pain inside amplified by the fact
That I can't get by with my 9 to 5
And I can't provide the right type of life for my family
Cuz man, these goddam food stamps don't buy diapers
And it's no movie, there's no Mekhi Phifer, this is my life
And these times are so hard and it's getting even harder
Tryin to feed and water my seed, plus
See dishonor caught up between being a father and a prima donna
Baby mama drama's screamin on and
Too much for me to wanna
Stay in one spot, another day of monotony
Has gotten me to the point, I'm like a snail
I've got to formulate a plot fore I end up in jail or shot
Success is my only mothafuckin option, failure's not
Mom, I love you, but this trailer's got to go
I cannot grow old in Salem's lot
So here I go is my shot.
Feet fail me not cuz maybe the only opportunity that I got

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

You can do anything you set your mind to it, man

Music stops, and the Ford Field crowd goes berserk.

Michael Cole: What an ovation for one of the worlds most recognized people!!! Eminem has blown the roof off of Ford Field!!!

Tazz: Big ups to my boy!!! Eminem!!!

**TWGTT music hits, and the challengers for the WWE Tag Team Championships make their way to the ring**

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WWE, Tag Team Championships!!!
Introducing first, the challengers, weighing in at a combined weight of 497 pounds, Charlie Haas, and Shelton Benjamin, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team!!!!

**Haas and Benjamin stand in the ring, and chat some tactics as the music of AMW begins to fill the arena**

Michael Cole: Finally, we get back to Smackdown action Tazz!!! The two hottest tag teams in the world today, set to go at it, for the tag titles!!!

Tazz: Believe me Cole, unlike earlier with Raw, don’t be expecting any kissing in this one!!!

**Harris and Storm play to the crowd as their music plays, and hold the belts up high, pointing toward the challengers**

Tony Chimel: And their opponents, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Chris Harris and James Storm, America’s Most Wanted!!!!

**The four men then all come face to face, with some trash talking going on**

Michael Cole: These two teams have battled it out recently in one on one action, but tonight, it’s the big show, and it’s tag team action. Which of these two great teams are gonna make history??

Tazz: I think this one right here, could be a real potential rocket buster!!!

4th Match:
WWE Tag Team Championships Match:

America’s Most Wanted © vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
The four men all stand toe to toe in the ring. AMW spread the titles along the mat, and both teams kick off a war of words. Benjamin and Storm then back out of the ring, and we are set for Harris and Haas to start things out. They move around the ring, both looking for an opening, then lock up. Haas goes behind, but the Wildcat counters with an arm drag. Charlie jumps up, and the two have a stand off. They lock up again, and Harris shoves Haas to the ground, he jumps up again, and leapfrogs Harris, then goes for an arm drag, but Wildcat counters, and goes for a side suplex, but Haas counters, and goes for a backslide, 1...2...Kick Out. Haas then runs at Harris, but Harris drops to the ground, with Haas jumping over. Chris Harris then jumps up again, as Haas comes back off the ropes, and goes for a Powerbomb, but Charlie counters with a dropkick.
Haas picks up Wildcat and whips him off the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Harris ducks, and hit’s a drop toe hold, then rides Haas and slaps him. Charlie jumps up in fury at being humiliated. He talks with Benjamin for a second before Harris tell him to bring it on. Haas obliges, and they tie up again. Haas gets a headlock, but Harris pushes him off into the ropes, then knocks him down with a shoulder block. He goes to drop an elbow, but Haas moves out of the way, then he gets an Oklahoma roll, 1...2...Kick Out.
Harris then jumps up, and ducks a clothesline from Charlie, then hit’s a Powerslam. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out. Harris then hit’s a snap mare, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head. Wildcat then tags in Storm.
Storm comes in right away with a leg drop on Charlie, followed by a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Cowboy then backs Haas into the corner, and begins to nail a number of shoulders to the sternum, then whips him across the ring to the opposite corner. He runs across, but Haas gets a boot up, and Storm staggers out. Haas then goes for a hurricanrana, but Storm counters into a Powerbomb, and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Charlie Haas. James Storm then whips Charlie to the corner, and hits him with a running clothesline, followed by a bulldog. He covers again, 1...2...Kick Out. Storm starts to stomp at Haas, then goes for a suplex, but Haas counters, and hit’s a German with a bridge, 1...2...Kick Out. Charlie then takes advantage, and drags James Storm to the corner, and tags in Benjamin.
Shelton comes in, and works on Storm in the corner with right hands and chops, then hit’s a few reverse elbows, before whipping him off the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but Storm ducks, and hit’s a head scissors on Shelton. Storm then follows up with a suplex, and tags in Harris. Wildcat then gets a wristlock on Benjamin, but Shelton uses his agility to good effect, flipping over, and hitting an arm drag, then applying an ar
mbar. Harris tries to break free, but Benjamin has the hold firmly locked in for now. Harris uses his feet to get closer to the ropes, and eventually grips his leg around the ropes for the break. Shelton waits until the count of four, before releasing the hold.
Harris gets to his feet, shaking his arm loose. He then circles the ring, as does Benjamin. Shelton goes face to face with him, trying to taunt, but Wildcat right away slaps him in the face. Benjamin then staggers, and Harris takes advantage with a big clothesline. Harris then pounds on Shelton in the corner, before whipping him off the ropes, and meeting him with a back elbow. He goes for a cover, 1...2...Benjamin kicks out!!
Shelton rolls to the outside, trying to get himself together, but Storm then comes from behind, and whips him into the barricade, before throwing him back into the ring. Harris then hit’s a vertical suplex to Benjamin, gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. The Wildcat then whips Benjamin off the ropes, but Shelton ducks a kick, and comes back with a High Knee, taking his opponent down. Benjamin then brings Chris Harris to the corner, and tags in Haas.
Charlie beats on Harris in the corner with kicks and stomps. He then goes to whip him off the ropes, but Harris reverses and puts Haas down with a knee to the gut, followed by a neck breaker.
Harris then fires up with a number of quick clotheslines to Charlie, then bounces off the ropes, but Benjamin sneakily drives the knee into his back as he comes off the ropes, and Haas follows up with a Fisherman suplex. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!! Haas then drags the Wildcat to the corner and tags in Shelton. They then double team him with a double suplex, and Benjamin gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!
Shelton then goes for a side slam, but Harris fights out, and punches at Shelton, then hit’s an inverted atomic drop, followed by a dropkick. He then goes to make a tag, but Haas runs in and hits him with a clothesline to the back of the head. Storm then tries to get in, but the referee holds him back. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team then take the opportunity for some more double team moves, with a double clothesline, a double wheelbarrow suplex, and Haas holding up Harris for Benjamin to pound at. Shelton then tags out to his partner. Charlie then pounds on Wildcat with forearms to the back, and applies a chin lock.
Harris then fights back up, but Haas then drives his knee into the mid section and hit’s a neckbreaker, followed by an elbow. 1...2...Kick Out. Haas then talks some trash to the Wildcat, and knocks down Storm with a clothesline. He makes the cover, 1...2...Broken by Storm!! The referee then takes the Cowboy to the other corner to get him back out. Meanwhile, TWGTT take advantage by hitting a double sidewalk slam. Benjamin then stays in, without making a tag, gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Harris!!
Harris then starts to fire out right hands at Benjamin in an attempt to get back into it, but just as he looks to be getting the upper hand, Haas pulls him down by the hair. Benjamin then tags out and Haas comes in with a cross body from the top rope, but Harris rolls through, and gets the cover on Charlie, 1...2...Kick Out!! Haas then jumps up, and runs at Harris, but Wildcat counters into a dropkick. He then crawls for a tag, but Benjamin then distracts the referee and he misses the tag being made.
James Storm looks to get some offence on Charlie, but he is restrained by the ref and brought back to the apron. He is absolutely irate, and tells the referee to keep an eye on the match.
TWGTT once again take advantage and double team, with a catapult backbreaker move at the ropes, then make a tag. Benjamin hit’s a spinning heel kick, then gets another cover, 1...2...Broken by Storm again!!! He then talks some smack to Cowboy, and he looks to get in the ring, but is again stopped by the referee, giving TWGTT the chance to take advantage, by pulling Harris into the corner and choking him. Harris then starts to fire up and swings rights all over, hitting Haas, Benjamin. Haas, Benjamin, Haas, Benjamin. He then tries to get across the ring to his partner, but TWGTT grab a leg each, and stop him, dragging him back to their corner. Haas then hit’s a firemans carry, and tags in Benjamin again. Shelton goes up top, but Harris, kicks the ropes, and Benjamin straddles. Wildcat then dropkicks Charlie off the apron, and jumps to the top rope, and hits Benjamin with a superplex!!!
Both men are down, and the referee begins to count, 1.….2.….3.….4.….5.….(Harris then starts to recover, and gets to his feet, but Benjamin holds his leg again. Harris then jumps trying to keep his balance, and then connects with an Enziguri) Harris then crawls……and TAGS IN JAMES STORM!!!!
Storm comes in, knocks down Shelton, knocks down Haas, knocks down Shelton, knocks down Haas. Dropkick to Benjamin, clothesline to Haas, flapjack to Shelton, and a bulldog to Benjamin. Cowboy then picks up Benjamin and hit’s a front slam, then goes up top for a flying elbow, but Haas pulls his partner out of the way, leaving Storm to hitting just the canvas. Harris then nails a double clothesline to both Haas and Benjamin, then takes Haas to the outside, leaving just Benjamin and Storm, the two legal men. Storm goes for a running knee lift, but Benjamin moves out of the way, then goes for a cradle,


Benjamin then goes for a T-Bone suplex, but Storm rolls through and nails a double arm DDT!!! He gets a cover,

Storm is irate. He goes right after him, and pounds him down in the corner, but the referee steps in, and sends Charlie back to the outside, and the match finally settles down again. Storm goes for a full nelson slam, but Benjamin counters, and hit’s a monkey flip, then hit’s a chop block, taking the Cowboy down to his knees, looking to be in considerable pain.
Benjamin stomps, then tags in Haas. Charlie begins to yank at the leg, then ties it up in the ropes. He kicks at the leg, and drops an elbow onto the knee. He drags James Storm to the middle and tries to apply the figure four, but Cowboy rolls him up, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Storm gets to his feet, but Haas chop blocks him right back down. He kicks at the knee, wearing and tearing at the body part. He then goes for the figure four again, but Storm kicks him away, then jumps to his feet, and nails a belly to belly suplex. Both men are down, and begin to crawl to their corners….Storm is inches away……Haas is inches away….BOTH MAKE A TAG!!!!!
Harris jumps in, all guns blazing, and knocks down Benjamin, dropkicks Haas, sidewalk slam to Shelton, and a back body drop to Haas. He then whips Benjamin off the ropes, and hits an inverted atomic drop, with Shelton bouncing down, and then Storm following up, hitting a Russian leg sweep. Harris gets a cover,



All four men get to their feet, and AMW hit a double dropkick to TWGTT. Harris sets Benjamin in the corner, and Storm splashes him, then whips him to the centre for a Catatonic from Harris. Harris gets a cover, but his partner pulls him off, as he sees Haas come off the top to try and break it, but Harris by this point has moved, and Haas hits Benjamin. Storm dropkicks Haas out of the ring, and Harris covers Shelton…



Harris sits up in amazement. He then sees Haas jump on the apron again, and elbows him off, but from behind comes Shelton, who hit’s a German suplex to the Wildcat. Benjamin then sets up Harris for a super kick, but James Storm pushes Harris out of the way, and Benjamin kicks thin air, Storm hit’s a neck breaker on Shelton, and Harris follows up with a leg drop. He goes for a cover,



Storm picks up Benjamin, and they brawl, while Harris sets up Shelton for a Spear, but just as he is about to go for it, Haas grabs his leg, and trips him down, then locks in the Haas of Pain. Storm and Benjamin fight to the outside, whilst Haas locks the hold in. Chris Harris cant move, or get near to a rope, and is set dead in the middle of the ring. His hand goes in the air, ready to tap, but at the last second, James Storm breaks it with a leg drop off the top rope, saving the titles.
He then sets up Haas for a DDT, but Shelton Benjamin nails him with a super kick!!! He then grabs Harris’ leg for a submission, but Wildcat kicks him into the ropes, then cradles him…



………KICK OUT!!!………
Both men get up, Harris bounces off the ropes, and ducks a clothesline, then hit’s the Spear!!! He goes for a cover, but Haas pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count. James Storm then hit’s a baseball slide to Charlie, before AMW hit’s the Death Sentence on him. Benjamin then from behind, pushes Harris into his partner, who falls out of the ring, and rolls up Harris…



Winner; And…NEWWWWW WWE Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team!!!
Benjamin rolls out of the ring, and grabs both title belts, helping up Charlie Haas and handing him his belt. AMW are shell shocked to have just lost the tag titles, only two months after winning them……

Michael Cole: We have NEW Champions!!! Haas and Benjamin have defeated AMW to become the WWE Tag Team Champions!!! What a match!!!

Tazz: And AMW cannot have any complaints on that one. They gave it there all, but on this night, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team proved why they are so aptly named!!!

Interview with The Rock;
Josh Matthews: Rock, the time has come, toni-

The Rock: Do you think the Rock is stupid?? The Rock knows the time has come…the time has come for The great one to say, FINALLLYYY, THE ROCK, HAS COME BACK……TO DETROIT!!!!
And finally, The Rock gets to live out destiny, and do the one thing that I have never done. That is win a World Title, at WresssssstttleeeManiaaaaaa. Tonight, nothing stops me, because you cant stop…….CANT STOP The Rock!!!
Triple H, you like to run your mouth, well, now, its time for all the build up to end, all the talking to end. The Rock has said all he is going to say, you, Josh, have said all you are going to say, all the talking stops!!! Iffffffffff yaaaaa saaaaaaa---mmmmmmmmmmmelllllllllllll, what the Rock….ISSSSSSSSSSS COOKIN’!!!!!

We then cut to the backstage area, where Steve Austin has just arrived. He walks around the halls, and passes Bret Hart’s office. He stops, walks back, then opens the door, walks in, and slams the door.

We then cut to Goldberg, warming up, moments away from his match against Kurt Angle. He is then approached by Kevin Kelly for an interview…
Kevin Kelly: Goldberg, you are just moments awa-

Goldberg grips Kevin Kelly by the throat, and slams him against the wall, then speaks…
Goldberg: Don’t ever interrupt me. Don’t ever even come near me. If I want an interview, I’ll tell you. Right now, Kurt Angle….is NEXT!!!

Goldberg then lets go of Kevin, and he runs off, as Goldberg bounces up and down, preparing for the match…

Kurt Angle - Goldberg V.P;
Back to last summer, as they fought at SummerSlam, with Goldberg coming out on top, and Angle offering a hand shake.
Survivor Series, where Angle eliminated Goldberg from the Chamber match after Goldberg ran right through one of the internal chambers.
Angle beating Goldberg in a one on one match on SD the following week, where Goldberg was easily beaten, still suffering from his injuries.
Goldberg costs Angle the WWE Title, as revenge for Angle beating him twice.
Goldberg continuing to turn heel
Goldberg Jackhammering Angle through the announce table on SD
Angle accepts challenge to face Bill at WM
Bill beats up Angle just three days ago on SD

**Medal plays, and Kurt Angle enters to a huge ovation, as the Ford Field crowd make some huge noise for the Olympian**

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 234 pounds, KURRRRRTTT ANGLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!

**Angle stretches in the ring, as the crowd already begin a “Lets go Angle” chant.**

Michael Cole: The epic rivalry has been ongoing since last summer Tazz, and really, it is only fitting for it to come to an end, here at the showcase of the immortals!!

Tazz: Oh this one will not be for the weak at heart. Kurt Angle is a man on a mission right now. Over the last five weeks alone, he has been totally dominated by Goldberg, and tonight Cole, he has a shot at revenge.

**The ominous music of Goldberg then plays, as we watch Goldberg pace out from his locker room, and through the backstage area, kicking a door, then making his way out to the arena to a huge amount of heat**

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 285 pounds…..GOLLLLDDDDBERRRRGG!!!!!

**Goldberg walks towards the ring, and then steps in, and is immediately met by Angle who comes face to face with Goldberg, but the referee breaks them up right away, as the tension builds**

Michael Cole: Folks, sit back and watch as these two men, are about to go into a war!!!!

Tazz: Lets get it on!!!!

5th Match:
Grudge Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg
The two men circle the ring, with neither taking their eyes off the other. They move in closer to tie up, but both then back away. Angle pulls on the ropes to stretch, while Goldberg bounces up and down. They then both quickly go in and tie up. Both men struggle in the centre, but then, Goldberg uses his enormous power advantage, and shoves Angle to the corner. Angle immediately shakes it off, and gets back up, and right away ties up with Goldberg again.
Again, they struggle for advantage, but Goldberg’s power shines through again, and he shoves Angle to the ground again, but this time, with even more power. Angle wipes his mouth, almost checking to see if he is cut at the mouth, but he isn’t. Goldberg then poses at Angle, taunting the Olympian, and getting huge heat from the Detroit crowd. Goldberg tells the audience to “Shut up”, and then signals to Angle for him to get up.
Angle slowly reaches his feet, and makes his way to the centre of the ring to tie up with Goldberg again. This time, they struggle around the ring for supremacy, but neither getting the advantage. Goldberg then backs Angle into the corner, and slowly breaks the tie up, then suddenly goes for a right hand, but Angle moves out of the way just in time, making Goldberg look stupid.
Goldberg is furious, as the crowd laughs. He then roars, and runs at Angle, but Angle hits an arm drag, then another, then a third, then a fourth, and a fifth, with Goldberg then rolling out of the ring in a fit of rage.
This time its Angle who poses in the ring, spinning around like he would normally do, and he gets a huge pop, while this only angers Goldberg more. He paces around the ringside area, and kicks the steps over, then grabs a chair and throws it into the ring, then grabs another and throws it into the ring, then a third and a fourth. One just misses Angle by a fraction, and the referee, Brian Hebner warns Goldberg that he can be disqualified.
Goldberg then walks around the ringside area, trying to get his head together, but Kurt Angle has had enough of waiting, and decides to go after Goldberg. Goldberg doesn’t realise Angle coming after him, and Angle takes him by surprise with a right hand. Goldberg comes back with a right, and the two begin to go punch for punch, but Goldberg has the superior size and power advantage, and soon, he overpowers the smaller man, and soon knocks him down. He then rams Kurt into the ring apron, then into the barrier. He talks smack with some members in the front row, then approaches Angle again, but Angle kicks him away, then comes back with right hands, and bounces Goldberg’s head off the steps, then puts him back in the ring.
Immediately though, Goldberg regains the advantage on Angle, and clubs the back of Kurt, then goes for a whip, but Angle counters, and hit’s a Belly to Belly on Goldberg. Angle gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Goldberg. Angle then picks up Goldberg and brings him over to the corner, and fires off right hands at Goldberg but once again, Goldberg turns the tables, and drives a knee into the midsection of the Olympian, then a thunderous clothesline over the top rope, to the floor. Goldberg is restrained for a moment by the referee, but Goldberg pushes past him easily, then goes after the grounded Angle. He kicks him around the ringside area, with Angle yelling out in pain. Goldberg then drags him up the ramp, and goes for a suplex onto the hard steel ramp way, but Angle blocks it, and tees off rights and lefts at Goldberg, then runs at him, but Goldberg meets him with a BELLY TO BELLY ON THE RAMP!!!
Goldberg has a sadistic smile on his face, as Angle writhes in agony, clutching his back. Goldberg then drags Angle back to the ring, and stomps on his head. He then picks up the Gold Medallist, and hoists him up in the air, and delivers a Military Press Slam. He gets a cover on the fallen Angle, 1.….2.….Angle kicks out!!! Goldberg then drops on elbow on the back of Angle, and covers again, 1...2...Kick Out.
Goldberg then picks up his opponent again, and goes for the Military Press again, but Angle this time rolls through, and rolls up Goldberg, 1...2...Kick Out from Goldberg. Angle then runs at Goldberg, but Goldberg meets him with a sidewalk slam. He covers, 1.….2.….Kick Out again from Angle!! Goldberg then lies in front of Angle and talks some smack talk at him, saying that he wont leave the ring on the power of his own legs. He drops another elbow on Kurt, and whips him off the ropes, into a Bearhug.
Angle screams out as Goldberg clenches in the hold. He realises that he cannot afford to stay in the hold too long, and immediately, he tries to break free. He headbutts Goldberg, then bites in, with Goldberg letting go. Kurt bounces off the ropes, but Goldberg once again turns the tables with a knee to the sternum once again.
Angle drops to one knee, clearly winded, and Goldberg then bounces off the ropes, and knees Angle in the head, knocking him down. Goldberg then picks him up, and hits not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Rib breakers to Angle, clearly in order to soften him up for the Spear. Goldberg goes for the pinfall, 1...2...Kick Out. Goldberg isn’t happy. He tells the referee to count faster next time, then stomps Angle in the corner.
He hoists Angle up in the corner, and drives his shoulder into the sternum, and again, and again, and once more. He then whips Angle to the opposite corner, but Angle stops himself from hitting, then comes back out, with a dropkick to Goldberg. Angle then picks up Goldberg, but Goldberg puts Angle down again with a clothesline. He picks up Kurt, then taunts the crowd, and hit’s a double arm suplex, and floats into a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Angle!!!
Goldberg picks his opponent up again, and again drives him into the corner, and hits another four shoulder thrusts, then backs off, and goes for one more, but Angle kicks him away and runs out, but right into a Powerslam from Goldberg!!! Angle doesn’t seem to be able to muster any amount of offence on Goldberg at the minute.
Bill then goes for another cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Goldberg punches the mat in frustration. He picks up Angle and whips him to the corner, then runs at him, but Angle leapfrogs him, and Goldberg runs into the ring post. Angle then cradles Goldberg,

…KICK OUT..!!!!!!
Angle was soooo close there. Goldberg bounces up, and misses with a clothesline, and Angle gets a school boy, 1...2...Kick Out!! Goldberg jumps up again, but this time, Angle gets a victory roll…

Again Angle came very close to winning there. Angle then goes for a German suplex, but Goldberg elbows him away, and goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks, and hits Goldberg with a Belly to Belly. Goldberg gets back up, and walks into another Belly to Belly, followed by a cover,

…..KICK OUT!!!…..
Goldberg pulls himself up on the ropes, and Angle follows. He goes for a right hand, but Goldberg blocks it, and rakes the eyes of Angle, then follows up with a mule kick. He gets the cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Angle. Goldberg picks up Angle and throws a right hand, but then, Angle fires up, and tees off with a number of huge shots, backing his opponent into the corner. Angle then bounces off the ropes, but he is met by Goldberg, with a Military Press into a Spinebuster!!! Goldberg then hooks the leg, sure of victory,


Goldberg looks a little shocked that Angle kicked out of the power move. He then signals that he is going to finish it now. He sets up Angle for a Powerbomb, but Kurt rolls through at the last second, and nails a release German suplex!!! Kurt then gets up and spins around to a great response, then climbs the ropes, and HIT’S A MOONSAULT!!! Angle gets the cover…


Angle sits up, shocked. He pounds down Goldberg, and Goldberg begins to fight back to his feet. He then bounces off the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks and HIT’S THE ANGLE SLAM!!!!! Kurt then jumps up, and pulls down his straps, then LOCKS ON THE ANKLELOCK!!!!
Goldberg’s eyes nearly pop out of his head with the agony he is in. He spins around and kicks Angle away, but Angle jumps back up, and locks it in again!! He clamps it in, as Goldberg tries to reach the ropes. Goldberg then tries to roll through, but Angle still hangs on with the submission. Goldberg then tries kicking at Angle, but Angle isn’t fazed. He then gets a grapevine on Goldberg, and Goldberg has nowhere to go. He cant get Angle off, and has little room to move. He scratches and claws, and eventually….


Hebner has to make Angle release the hold, who cant believe Goldberg didn’t tap. He stomps on the weakened ankle, and goes for the submission again, but this time, Goldberg is successful in kicking him away. Angle runs toward Goldberg, but Goldberg this time hit’s a tilt-a-world backbreaker to Kurt.
Both superstars are down on the mat, as the referee now begins to count them both out…
(no movement)
(both use the ropes on opposite sides to get up)
…Both men make their feet…

Goldberg then tries to shake off his ankle injury, while Angle walks over toward him, but is met with a blistering right hand, but Angle comes back with one of his own. The two men slug it out in the middle of the ring, both spent, both hurt, but both want to be the best. Angle gets the best of the slugfest, then bounces off the ropes, but as he comes back, he is met with a flapjack from Goldberg!!!
Goldberg jumps up, but then limps a little, with his ankle still causing him problems. He does his cut throat taunt, then spits at the crowd, before setting himself in the 3 point stance for the Spear. Angle doesn’t even realise what’s coming, and turns around…with Goldberg coming for the Spear…but Angle moves!!! Goldberg goes shoulder first into the post, then Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Goldberg rolls through, and scores with the SPEAR!!!!!
Goldberg then waits in the corner for almost a minute, as he waits for Angle to make his feet. Goldberg doesn’t want to just beat Kurt Angle, he wants to destroy him!!
He waits, as the groggy Angle staggers to his feet, and SCORES WITH ANOTHER SPEAR!!!!! Goldberg then jumps up again, and we all know what’s coming now. He picks Kurt up, and gets the Olympian up for the Jackhammer…..AND SCORES!!!! This is over for sure…Goldberg hooks the leg…




Goldberg puts his head in his hands. He cannot believe it, nor can the crowd, who start up a “Lets go Angle” chant. Goldberg tells them to shut up, then picks up the lifeless Angle, and hoists him up for the Jackhammer again, and holds him up in the air, posing to the crowd, who give him tremendous heat…but it backfires, as Angle rolls through, and grabs the Ankle!!! ANKLELOCK!!!!!
A huge groan comes from Goldberg, as Ford Field goes berserk, as Angle yanks at the limb, with Goldberg trying to push himself to the ropes, he crawls…and is soooo close….but ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK!!!!
The reaction from the crowd becomes deafening, as Goldberg looks set to tap out, for the first time in his career. He once again crawls his way to the ropes, and is again one stretch away…..but ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK AGAIN!!!!!
Goldberg yells out in agony, his hands around his head, and Angle then clamps down with the grapevine!!! Goldberg is in REAL trouble now, nowhere to go. Brian Hebner lies in front of Goldberg and asks if he wants to give it in, and Goldberg grabs the referee by the shirt, almost showing his pain, then

……………TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOLDBERG TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Angle has done it!!!!!
Winner; KURT ANGLE!!!


Tazz: I am in shock!!! Goldberg has just made history, and tapped out for the first time in his career!!! Kurt Angle said a few weeks ago he would make him tap, but I never expected it to really happen!!!

We cut backstage, and see Josh Matthews wandering around, looking for someone, he walks into Coach, who also looks like he is looking for someone.
Jonathon Coachman: (Smugly) Well, well, well. If it isn’t the ‘b’ rate interviewer. You do know its WrestleMania, don’t you?? Really, who made your suit?? Stevie Wonder??

Josh Matthews: Actually, my Mom made it…

Jonathon Coachman: Little Miss Matthews can sow. Look at you. You look almost ready for your school prom.

Josh Matthews: Yeah? Well maybe you could tell me where you got your hair cut?? I mean, if I had that, then I would really be set for a High School prom.

Jonathon Coachman: (Looks annoyed) Good one, must write it down. Anyways…what are you doing down here??

Josh Matthews: I was told that one of the two legends in the Battle Royal was down here. I’m gonna try and get an interview.

Jonathon Coachman: Give up now kid, cause the Coach is here. And when the legend appears, he’ll see us, and decide to talk to me.

Josh Matthews: Well, we’ll see Coachman.

Jonathon Coachman: (Points in opposite direction) Hey, is that one??

Matthews looks in that direction, and Coach grabs Matthews microphone, then stamps on it.

Josh Matthews: What the hell was that for??

Coach cant contain his laughter, and Josh is irate. He grabs Coaches mic, and stamps on it too. Coach then gets angry, and tackles Matthews to the ground. They brawl around the floor, then in the distance spot one of the legends, and stop fighting. We cant make out who it is, but they look gob smacked. They look at one another, then both bounce up, and go for the mic, but they fight with each other for it. Coach gives Josh a Chinese Burn, and gets the mic, but he turns around, and realises that the legend has gone.
Coach is irate, he blames Josh, and the two start rolling around fighting on the ground…

WrestleMania moment: WrestleMania X; Shawn Michaels loses to Razor Ramon in the first ever Ladder match at WM, for the Intercontinental Title, at MSG.

We cut backstage, and see Edge making some final preparations for the upcoming match…

We then cut to an interview with Christian;
Todd Grisham: In just a few moments, its brother vs. brother for the Intercontinental Championship. Christian, you must be very nervous, as you face your brother.

Christian: I’m not nervous. I’m Captain Charisma. I don’t suffer from nerves. I am THE Intercontinental Champion, because I earned it, and tonight, I will prove just who did carry Edge and Christian to their success. I think you’ll find, it was me.

Todd Grisham: But, how can you say you earned it?? You didn’t beat Edge for the title, in fact, you orch-

Christian: Stop, stop, stop. You obviously need to go back to school kid. You’re not worthy of my presence, so I’ll make this easy for you. I’m leaving, I’ve got a brother to destroy.

Intercontinental Championship V.P;
E&C reuniting last April
Winning the tag titles, and being their dorky selves
Miscommunication between the two
Edge winning the I.C Title, and Christians jealously
Christian becoming very weird
Edge getting attacked by ?? And Christian stepping in for him later that night, defending the title on his behalf, winning then being told that HE was now the I.C Champ.
Christian offers to lie down for Edge to give him back the title, then cheapshotting him, and explaining his plan.
Announcement of three stages of hell at WM

**Christians new music, “Just Close your eyes” plays, and we see the ever cocky Intercontinental Champion make his way to the ring, with a big smile on his face, absorbing the heat from the audience**

Howard Finkel: The following contest, is the Three Stages of Hell match, with the first man to win two falls being the winner. The first fall in this match will be a singles contest, the second fall will be a strap match, and if necessary, the final fall will be a TABLES, LADDERS, AND CHAIRS MATCH!!!! and is for the WWE, Intercontinental Championship!!!
Introducing first, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is the Intercontinental Champion, CHRISTIAN!!!

**The CLB then goes to each rope, gaining even more heat from the fans**

Jim Ross: This man makes me sick King. He attacked his brother, took his place in a title match, and won the title, pretending he didn’t he that HE would be the champion, when all along he did!!!

Jerry Lawler: I know J.R, isn’t it Great!!!!!!

**Edges new music plays, “I see clearly” and he comes out to a huge ovation, then he locks eyes with his brother who is in the ring, and immediately sprints down to the ring, but before he can attack, Christian rolls out, as Edge is restrained in the ring**

Howard Finkel: Introducing, the challenger, from Toronto, Ontario, weighing in at 251 pounds, EDDDDGGGEEEE!!!!!!

**Edge removes his jacket, and waits for Christian to get back in**

Jim Ross: These two brothers are set to beat the living hell out of each other. We have seen brother vs. brother at WrestleMania before, but I don’t think it has ever been more personal than this match tonight!!!

Jerry Lawler: If it wasn’t for Edge’s jealously of Christian, this match wouldn’t even be happening!!!

Jim Ross: You have got to be kidding me!!!!

6th Match:
Intercontinental Championship Match:

3 Stages of Hell:
1st Fall: Singles, 2nd Fall: Strap Match,
3rd Fall (if necessary): Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Christian © vs. Edge
Christian continues to stay on the outside, and complains to the referee that Edge is insane. Edge laughs, then drops out of the ring, and chases his brother around the ring. Christian rolls in, and stomps on Edge as soon as he enters. He stomps at his brother, then picks him up and whips him off the ropes, but Edge ducks a clothesline, then hit’s a flapjack, followed by a clothesline over the top rope, with Christian going over to the floor.
Edge doesn’t wait for the CLB to get back into the ring, and comes after him, but the champion suckers Edge with a vicious right hand. Christian rams him off the barricade, then puts him back into the ring. He pounds his brother in the corner, then goes for a whip across, but Edge reverses, and sends Christian to the opposite corner. He goes for a clothesline, but Christian moves, then follows up with a backbreaker on Edge, 1...2...Kick Out.
Christian taunts his brother, then slaps him around the head, but Edge starts to come back, with the taunting seemingly inspiring him to fight back. He pounds Christian with right hands, but Captain Charisma gets the upper hand back with a knee, followed by a neck breaker. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Christian has a slight argument with the referee, then applies a sleeper to Edge. Edge seems to be fading fast, and the referee raises his right arm, but it drops right away. He lifts up the arm again, and again it flops lifelessly to the ground. The referee then signals for one more, as Christian applies more pressure, and the crowd seem to get behind the challenger, chanting his name. The arm goes up……and stays up!!! Edge gets to one knee, then another, then he powers out of the sleeper, elbowing his way out, and then goes to run off the ropes, but Christian pulls him back down by the hair. He smiles, as Edge rolls around, and gets ticked off for what he did, but he brushes the referee off, and begins to stomp at Edge again.
He pulls the challenger to his feet, and goes for a right hand, but Edge blocks it, and blocks a second, then throws a right of his own back which rocks the champion. Christian then goes for a clothesline, but Edge ducks, and hit’s a Northern Lights Suplex, with a bridge, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Both men get up, and Edge ducks a right, but Christian then ducks a clothesline, but misses a dropkick, and Edge then misses a leg drop. Both men then bounce off the ropes, and hit each other with a double clothesline, knocking each other down.
Both stay down, and the referee begins a ten count,

Both men then get up, using the ropes, and go shot for shot, punch for punch, already looking a little fatigued. Christian retakes the upper hand with a rake to the eyes, then whips Edge off the ropes, but Edge comes right back knocking Christian down with a flying forearm. He then jumps to his feet, and gets Christian up too. He whips him off the ropes, and hit’s a big back body drop, then whips him again and hit’s a back elbow. Christian now seems to be bouncing around like a bowling ball. Edge then goes up top, and goes for the cross body off the top, but Christian shifts the momentum, and rolls through for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
The two brothers jump up, and Christian gets the advantage with a jawbreaker on Edge. He then sets up Edge for the Unprettier, but Edge pushes him away, off the ropes, then ducks a clothesline, and hit’s the Edgecution!!! Edge gets the cover,



Edge runs his hands through his hair, in disbelief, then bounces off the ropes, but Christian rolls out of the way, then hit’s a dropkick to Edge. He follows up with an inverted backbreaker to his brother. He hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out. Christian doesn’t look happy. He goes to the outside, and grabs a steel chair. He brings it into the ring, and pushes the referee away, who tries to take it from him. He swings at Edge, but he moves out of the way, and the chair bounces off the ropes, and comes right back at Captain Charisma. He staggers around the ring, and Edge hit’s the Buzzkiller. He gets a cover,



Edge is shocked. He then sets up the CLB for the spear, but Christian has it scouted and leapfrogs his brother, then rolls him up, with his feet on the ropes…



1st Fall; Christian - Cradle
Christian celebrates the win in the first fall, and grabs the steel chair, whilst Edge argues with the referee. Christian cracks Edge in the back with the weapon, then gets the strap and puts it on. He whips his brother with the strap, then puts it on Edge at the opposite end. He drags him to the outside, then goes for an Irish Whip, but Edge reverses, and sends Christian into the steel steps. Edge then yanks the strap, and Christian runs into the steel ring post. Edge then knocks him down with a clothesline, and pounds him down on the ground. He gets up, then goes for a knee to CLB, but Christian moves out of the way, and Edge goes into the steel steps, knee first. Christian then hit’s a vertical suplex, and drags Edge into the ring. Christian hits one corner, two corners, but before he can hit a third, Edge drags him back, and hits Christian with a clothesline.
He whips Christian to the corner, and then runs at his brother, but Christian hits an elbow, knocking Edge away. He then hits Edge with a spinning heel kick. He whips Edge across the back with the strap, and begins to choke him. Edge swings his legs in desperation to get out of the choke, but Christian shows no remorse, choking his brother out. Christian then touches one corner, a second corner, third………but Edge stops him from touching four, and hit’s a spine buster.
Edge then gets to his feet, and touches one corner…two corners…three corners…but Christian pulls the strap, stopping Edge from touching four. He pulls Edge towards him, but Edge then knocks him down with a clothesline, then a second clothesline and a third. Edge yells out, and the crowd show their support towards him.
He whips Christian with the strap, then stomps him in the corner. He touches one corner, but so does Christian who follows Edge around. Edge touches the second, as does Christian, both men then touch a third corner each, but Christian then goes for the Unprettier on Edge, but Edge fights out, and the brothers go punch for punch in the centre of the ring. Edge gets the upper hand, then hit’s a swinging neck breaker. He then touches one corner, and a second, but Christian halts Edge’s progress by rolling to the outside, stopping Edge from touching any more corners. He then follows to the outside, and the two go at it again. Edge whips Christian with the strap, but CLB comes back with the same thing. Edge then kicks Christian in the gut, and rolls him back into the ring. He hits one turnbuckle…and a second, but then Christian again rolls to the outside.
Edge is irate. He goes for a baseball slide, but Christian moves, then drags Edge to the outside. He drops him, ribs first into the barrier, then drives his shoulder into the sternum of his brother. Christian bounces Edge’s head off the steps, then rolls him back into the ring. He follows, and stomps, then bounces Edge off the ropes, but Edge ducks a clothesline, then as he comes back, Christian whips him in the face with the strap. Edge drops to his knees grabbing his face, as Christian cockily smiles. He then hit’s a side slam, and touches the first turnbuckle, then the second……and a third. Christian then goes for the fourth turnbuckle and a whitewash victory, but Edge pulls himself up, and yanks the strap, which pulls Christian back to the middle of the ring, and Edge nails him with a Spear!!!!!!!
Edge then touches one turnbuckle, two turnbuckles, three turnbuckles, and ……………TOUCHES THE FOURTH!!!!!
2nd Fall; Edge - Touching 4 Turnbuckles
We are now down to the deciding fall, TABLES, LADDERS AND CHAIRS!!! Right here and now, these two will settle their scores. The two brothers make it to their feet, and stagger towards the centre of the ring. Christian slaps his brother in the face, then laughs. Edge laughs back, then knocks Christian down with a HARD slap. He then mounts Christian and pounds him into oblivion, and immediately looks to go for the ladder, but Christian holds onto Edge, and drags him in, then stomps on Edge, and throws him, shoulder first, into the ring post, before hitting a dropkick.
Christian goes outside, and sets up a table on the outside, then picks up a chair, but as he goes to slide back in, Edge hit’s a baseball slide, to the chair, which clocks Christian in the head. Edge then follows to the outside, and gets a ten foot ladder, and puts it in the ring. Before he can go back in though, Christian stops him, pounding him in the face, but Edge strikes back, and whips him into the steel steps.
Edge gets into the ring, and sets up the ladder, then starts to climb, but once he gets halfway, he realises that the ten foot ladder wont be high enough. He jumps back down, and tells the referee about this, and the referee then looks around the ringside area, but all the ladders are ten footers, then under the ring, but these are all ten foot ladders too. He tells Edge, who looks confused, and then he decides to go for it anyway. Before he can get back in, he sees Christian on the top rope, who goes for a splash, but Edge grabs a chair, and nails his brother, resulting in a bad landing for Christian. Edge then sets up a table beside the one from earlier set up by Christian, before getting back in.
He climbs up the ladder, and reaches the top, but realises that he is far to far away from the title belt. He argues with the referee, but doesn’t notice Christian coming in, who pushes the ladder over, sending Edge to the outside, THROUGH THE TWO TABLES!!!! Christian laughs, then throws the ten foot ladder to the outside, before signalling to the back, and we see four men, carrying two ladders, wearing green T-shirts, which read on the back, “Detroit Removal Services”. We then realise that Christian planned for the twenty foot ladders to be replaced by ten footers. The removal men put one ladder in the ring, and leave the other by ringside. He sets up the twenty foot ladder, and begins to climb, but Edge crawls back in, and holds the leg of Christian stopping him from going any further, until Captain Charisma kicks Edge away, back to the mat. He tries to climb up as quickly as he can for the gold, but Edge pushes over the ladder, and Christian lands on the ropes, trapping his manhood!!! Ford Field lets out a “OOOOHHHH” as Christian shows the pain he is going through.
Edge then grabs a chair, and nails Christian, sending him to the outside, before setting up the ladder himself. He climbs, and climbs, until he has…
…Christian then gets back in and shakes the ladder. He climbs up the opposite side with a steel chair, and hits Edge’s hands, causing him to lose grip, but as Edge goes off, he pulls the ladder with him, and Christian falls off the ladder falling to the mat too. Both men are down for nearly a minute before either starts to move again. They get up, throwing punches at one another, but Christian rakes the eyes, then hit’s a DDT, before rolling to the outside, and grabbing the other ladder. He brings it in, and uses it as a battering ram on Edge, knocking him over the top rope with a blow to the head. The CLB then sets up the first ladder again, and begins to climb, but much slower than what he did earlier in the match. Edge crawls back into the ring, and sets up the second ladder, and begins to climb too. He uses as much energy as he can to try and catch up with Christian. The Champion nearly falls, which helps Edge to catch up, and as he does, he pounds the back of Christian, THEN NAILS A BUZZ KILLER FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!!!
“Holy Shit” is the chant heard around Ford Field, as neither man moves. After over half a minute, Edge begins to stir, and he rolls to the outside, and brings FOUR tables into the ring. As he sets these up, Christian begins to slowly try and climb the ladder again. Edge sets up the four tables, two rows, with two on each, then doesn’t take long to catch Christian, who is only three rungs up on the ladder, and pulls him back down. Christian low blows Edge, then rolls to the outside.
Christian picks up a chair, and sets up a table, before Edge meets him again. He pounds Christian, then hit’s a suplex onto a ladder on the outside. Edge then picks up Christian and goes for a Edgecution through a table, but Christian blocks it, then jumps off the table, gaining massive heat from the crowd. He then tells Ford Field to screw themselves, before turning around, and being met by a missile dropkick from Edge off the table. Edge then sets a table upright, with Christian against it, before going for a spear, but as he runs at Christian, Christian moves, and Edge runs right through the table!!! The champion then grabs a chair, and NAILS Edge right between the eyes with the weapon, before falling to the ground himself, looking totally out of energy.
He takes a few seconds to breathe again, then gets up, and rolls back into the ring. Christian begins to climb the ladder, rung by rung, but somehow, Edge has re-entered the ring, and is slowly crawling up the ladder, beside the one which Christian is climbing. Christian is four rungs from the belt……three rungs……two……one…EDGE SHAKES CHRISTIAN’S LADDER!!!
Christian then climbs down a little to keep his balance, as Edge catches up with him. Christian throws a wild right at Edge which misses by a good distance, then Edge kicks Christian, and follows up with…A SPEAR FROM ONE LADDER TO ANOTHER…WITH BOTH MEN GOING THROUGH THE FOUR TABLES IN THE RING!!!!!!!!!
Another “Holy Shit” chant erupts around Detroit, let alone Ford Field, as both men are out cold. Neither Edge or Christian move for over a two minutes, as the referee looks set to call for officials, we see Edge start to stir. He pulls himself up on the ropes, then looks up at the I.C title, then staggers toward the ladder, and sets it up directly under the belt. He begins to climb, one rung at a time…very slowly, very slowly, very slowly, and now we see Christian begin to stir. He gets to his feet, as Edge has only five rungs to climb.
Christian grabs a chair, and throws it at Edge, which nearly makes the challenger fall off, and gives Christian time to catch up on him. He slowly climbs the second ladder, and eventually catches up with Edge. He pulls Edges hair, and bangs his head off the rungs of the ladder, but Edge elbows him away, then tries to climb more again, but Christian grabs the tights, and mule kicks Edge, then NAILS AN UNPRETTIER OFF THE LADDER!!!!!
Instead of chanting holy shit, Ford Field goes muted with shock. Again, neither man moves for at least two minutes, before Christian rolls to the outside. He picks up a table, and brings in into the ring, as well as a chair. He sets it up, then begins to climb the ladder. Edge grabs the chair, and crawls up the opposite side of the ladder, eventually catching up with his brother. They go punch for punch, with Christian getting the best, until Edge grabs the chair he carried with him, and nails Christian, who falls off the ladder, and falls through the air, crashing right through the table. Ford Field rises to its feet, as Edge has only a few rungs to crawl in order to obtain the title belt.
Edge reaches the top of the ladder, and can touch the gold, but Christian in one last desperate effort kicks the ladder over, and Edge goes flying through the air, and at such a great height…FALLS INTO THE CROWD!!!
Christian looks to the outside in total shock, then crawls to his feet. He sets the ladder back up again, and slowly climbs the ladder, with the crowd booing more each time he gets further. He takes nearly four minutes to crawl the majority of the ladder, then we cut into the crowd, where Edge is trying to climb back over the barricade, but then a huge man, around 6 feet 8 inches tall, with bald hair, and a goatee beard, handcuffs himself to Edge, and drags him through the crowd, further from the ring, as the audience look on in a state of shock. Edge desperately tries to break free from the man, as Christian is now…
Winner; And…STILL Intercontinental Champion, CHRISTIAN!!!
Christian has retained the I.C title from Edge, thanks to the giant man. Captain Charisma celebrates on top of the ladder, as the man releases the handcuffs, and Edge runs through the crowd back to the ring.
Christian sees him coming, and gets off the ladder, and hightails it up the ramp, away from Edge who is in total fury at his loss. Christian then gets to the top of the ramp, and calls up the huge man, who joins him at the top of the ramp, and they celebrate, and we see that Christian’s plan has worked……

Jim Ross: This is not right. Christian is a lousy piece of trash, that has just cheated his way to victory. By the way folks it was Tables Ladders and Chairs, in a one on one situation, not a handicap Tables, Ladders, Handcuffs and Chairs.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t tell me your jealous of him too J.R!!! Look at him go!!! Captain Charisma!!!

Preview airs for Smackdown’s next PPV, Judgement Day, which will take place on May 12th, in Vancouver.

We then cut to the SD locker room, and see Rey Mysterio and Tajiri chatting…
Mysterio: (Talks in Mexican)

Tajiri: (Talks in Japanese)

Mysterio: (Talks in Mexican)
The two then nod at one another, pretending they knew what the other said, gathering one or two laughs from the crowd.

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2005:
Before the ceremony begins, we see clips from the HOF ceremony last night, just like they showed last year before the HOF ceremony on PPV, then cut to the arena, where Gene Okerlund presents each person with their certificate.
Bruno Sammartino, Yokozuna, Iron Sheik, Jimmy Hart, Nick Bockwinkel, Road Warriors, Lawrence Taylor (Celebrity Wing)We cut backstage and see Christian jumping into the back of a cab, with the huge man, and more importantly, the Intercontinental Championship…

**Eminem begins to play the song “I am” as the nine RAW superstars make their way to the ring**

Howard Finkel: The following contest, is the twenty man, over the top rope battle royal, featuring nine RAW superstars, and nine SMACKDOWN superstars, along with two special guest legends!!! Being played to the ring by EMINEM, this is the Raw superstars, in alphabetical order, A-Train, Booker T, Christopher Nowinski, Goldust, Matt Morgan, Raven, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam and Sting!!!!

**Eminem then plays the song “How come”, as we see the nine Smackdown superstars make their way to the ring**

Tony Chimel: And, also being played to the ring by Eminem, representing Smackdown, Billy Gunn, Hurricane, Kanyon, Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Rene Dupree, Scott Steiner, Test & William Regal!!!

**Honky Tonk Man‘s music then plays, and we see the WWE Legend make his way to the ring, singing his Honky Tonk song, and even gets a pretty big pop.**

Lillian Garcia: Introducing, our first special guest legend…THE HONKY TONK MAN!!!!

**Ricky Steamboats music then plays, and we see another WWE Legend make his way to the ring, to an even bigger reaction.**

Lillian Garcia: And, finally, our second special guest legend, RICKY, THE DRAGON, STEAMBOAT!!!!!

Jim Ross: What an ovation for the Dragon!!! What a moment!!! Oh boy, I cannot wait for this one!!! And we have to privilege of being able to call it!!!

Jerry Lawler: I want Honky Tonk to win!!!!

7th Match:
20 Man Battle Royal;

9 Raw Superstars, 9 Smackdown Superstars,
2 Special Guest Legends
Competitors; A-Train, Billy Gunn, Booker T, Christopher Nowinski, Goldust, Hurricane, Kanyon, Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Matt Morgan, Raven, Rene Dupree, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Scott Steiner, Sting, Test, William Regal & Two Special Guest Legends
The twenty men stand in the ring, all wary of were to go, as the bell rings for the match to begin. Immediately, Test and Steiner team up to take on Booker T and Goldust, while Honky Tonk drops to the bottom rope, trying to hide from the rest. Matt Morgan takes on Hurricane, and totally throttles him, William Regal and Lance Storm double team RVD, Sting takes on Kanyon, Steamboat then goes at it with Raven, Chris Nowinski battles with Billy Gunn, and the others all brawl in the near left corner. Test and Steiner try to eliminate BookDust, but Sting saves the two Raw guys, and tips Test over the top, for the very first elimination!!!
Elimination 1: Test
Steiner then goes at it with Sting, in a bad mood with Sting, after eliminating his partner. Big Poppa Pump tries to eliminate Sting, but after going over the top, Sting rolls back in under the bottom rope, not hitting the floor. A-Train is then ganged up on by the majority of the Raw superstars, who all want some revenge on the big man after his attack on them last week on Raw. A-Train fights them off though, then he goes to work on Goldust.
Meanwhile, Honky Tonk still goes unnoticed, hiding in the bottom corner, whilst everyone fights around him. Regal and Storm start to team up and try to eliminate Matt Hardy, but are unsuccessful, as Hurricane comes to Hardy’s aid. Christopher Nowinski tries to eliminate Steamboat, but the Dragon skins the cat, and comes back in, then clotheslines Nowinski over the top rope for the second elimination of the match.
Elimination 2: Christopher Nowinski
Nowinski smacks the apron in fury, after being eliminated and is ushered away by officials before being able to go for revenge on the legend. Steamboat takes no time to celebrate the elimination, and goes right after Kanyon. Booker T faces off with Rhyno, while Regal takes on Sting, Storm takes on Hurricane, Steiner tries to eliminate RVD, Matt Morgan dominates Matt Hardy, Rene Dupree tries to eliminate Goldust, and A-Train takes on Billy Gunn, and Raven tries to help him eliminate The One.
Raven then turns on A-Train and starts to try and topple him over. Billy Gunn then rounds up a bunch of the stars to try and help eliminate A-Train. Booker T, Rhyno, RVD, Goldust and Rene Dupree all try to eliminate the colossal A-Train, but the 350 pounder survives. He boots down Raven, clotheslines Gunn, hit’s the de-railer on RVD, the Train Wreck on Booker T, then clubs down the rest. He poses at the crowd who tell him to shave his back. Then, Hurricane bounces off the ropes, and connects with a flying cross body, which takes Train by surprise and sends him over the top rope!!!!!
Elimination 3: A-Train
A-Train is in shock after being eliminated by the smallest man in the match, but officials pull him away from the ring before he can try to go after him. Ford Field goes nuts, in disbelief that Hurricane eliminated A-train whilst a number of stars together failed.
Honky Tonk is still hiding in the corner, yet to be noticed, until he is spotted by the Hurricane!!! Hurricane points at him as if he is some sort of criminal, then does his superhero pose. He taps Sting on the shoulder and points out Honky Tonk, then does the same with Booker T, Goldust, RVD, and Matt Hardy. They all close in towards Honky Tonk who sits up in the corner, begging them to leave him alone. They all look to each other, and then look at him and say no. Honky Tonk looks ready to cry, as Hurricane grabs him by the quiff of his hair, then the rest of the guys all attack him. Booker pounds and chops him in the corner, then Goldust hit’s the Shattered Dreams on him, before Sting powers in with a Stinger Splash. Honky Tonk staggers out of the corner, holding his nuts, and is then kicked over the top rope by Rob Van Dam.
Elimination 4: Honky Tonk Man
RVD gives Honky Tonk the thumb salute, as Honky still holds his nuts, but gets even more irate with being eliminated so early. Meanwhile, Lance Storm goes for a suplex on Hurricane for an elimination, but Hurricane lands on the apron, and gets back in, then chucks Storm over the top for another elimination. He has eliminated two people.
Elimination 5: Lance Storm
Hurricane celebrates after pulling off another elimination!! Storm is irate, but gives into defeat and walks off. Meanwhile, we see Honky Tonk Man come back down while the referees are distracted, and he creeps into the ring, with a guitar in hand, and blasts Goldust with the guitar shot, knocking him out. He then backs out, but is met by Booker T. Book looks down at the body of Goldust, and then says to Honky Tonk, “Tell me, you did not just do that!!” Honky says he didn’t, even though he still has part of the weapon in his hand, and Goldust is surrounded by guitar debris. Booker shakes his head, then begins to wail on Honky Tonk. He sets him up for the Scissors Kick, but Matt Morgan stops him with a thunderous clothesline.
Honky Tonk quickly recovers and gets out of the ring, and escapes through the crowd. Morgan sees Goldust out cold, then picks him up, and chucks him out of the ring to the floor.
Elimination 6: Goldust
Goldust is helped out by officials up the ramp, after the vicious elimination from Morgan. Matt Morgan now looks to be getting more confident. He boots Hurricane down, then is set to go for the elimination on him, but Matt Hardy stops him. Morgan drops Hurricane, then clotheslines his old enemy, Matt Hardy. He scoops Hardy up, then hits three rib breakers, before bieling him out of the ring to the floor.
Elimination 7: Matt Hardy
Morgan poses again, after showing his strength again, eliminating Hardy, who takes a good while to get back to his feet. Morgan then charges toward one of the corners, which has five men, all trying to eliminate one another. He knocks down RVD, then Billy Gunn, then boots Raven to the floor, and hit’s a double clothesline on Kanyon and Sting.
Rene Dupree then tries to take on Morgan, but he is easily knocked away, as is Regal. Morgan then hit’s a big splash into the corner on Steiner and Booker T, with neither seeing him coming. He hit’s a sidewalk slam on Steamboat, then hit’s a spine buster to the Hurricane. He then is left with only Rhyno standing to face him. The two make their way to the centre, both growling, as the crowd rises to its feet, dying to see these two bulls go at it. Rhyno throws the first punch, then Morgan drives his knee. He clubs Rhyno to the ground, then picks him up for a bear hug, but Rhyno fights out, and hit’s a spine buster on Morgan to a huge pop. He then gets ready to hit the Gore, with 55,000+ chanting for the Gore. He goes for it, but Morgan moves, and Rhyno runs into the corner. Morgan then goes for a whip, but Rhyno ducks the boot, and comes back with a GORE!!! Rhyno then gets Matt Morgan up, but cant get him over the top. He tries to clothesline him over the top rope, but this doesn’t work. He then bounces off the ropes for a running clothesline, but Morgan gets a boot up, and dumps Rhyno over the top!!!
Elimination 8: Rhyno
Rhyno cant believe he has been eliminated, as Morgan starts to look more confident with each elimination he makes. He then spots Hurricane in the corner and goes to work. Meanwhile, Scott Steiner is working over Booker, and begins to do his pump up with the arms, kissing the muscles. He goes to bounce off the ropes, but as he does, Booker T knocks him over the top with a Harlem Side Kick, and sends Big Poppa Pump to the floor.
Elimination 9: Scott Steiner
Steiner tries to get back in right away, but officials just about manage to keep him out, and send him back to the locker room. Morgan completely obliterates Hurricane in the corner, but Hurricane starts to stage a fight back. He fires right hands, then his superhero pose, before bouncing off the ropes, but as he comes back, Morgan turns him inside out with a devastating clothesline. He then powerbombs Hurricane over the top rope to the floor for an unreal elimination.
Elimination 10: Hurricane
EMT’s race out to attend to Hurricane after the brutal elimination. Morgan just laughs, and goes right back to work, this time, going after RVD. He beats at RVD in the corner with knees and elbows.
Now left in the match is Booker T, Matt Morgan, RVD, Raven, Sting, Kanyon, Rene Dupree, William Regal, Billy Gunn and of course, Ricky Steamboat. Exactly half of the competitors have been eliminated at this point, with 5 Raw superstars remaining, four SD and one legend. Regal tries to get Sting over the top rope, but fails, then bounces off the ropes, and comes at Sting, but Sting sees him coming at him, and ducks him, hitting a back body drops the Englishman all the way to the floor.
Elimination 11: William Regal
Regal is eliminated, and gets into an argument with a rowdy fan, then makes his way back up the ramp. Meanwhile, Matt Morgan still looks unstoppable. He hit’s a Pumphandle Slam on RVD, then a press slam on Booker T, followed by a clotheslines to each of the other competitors remaining, except Raven. Raven rolls to the outside, and looks under the ring, picking out a trashcan full of weapons. He throws them into the ring, whilst holding a stop sign. Morgan tells him to bring it on, and Raven smiles. He charges at Morgan and nails him with the stop sign. Morgan though, doesn’t fall, but instead staggers around the ring. RVD picks up the steel chair, and throws it at Morgan. The seven footer catches it, and RVD then hit’s the Van Daminator, knocking Morgan down.
Steamboat, Booker, Sting, Gunn, RVD and Raven then drag Morgan up, and together they all eventually manage to drop him over the top rope, despite his resistance, to the floor.
Elimination 12: Matt Morgan
Morgan is irate. He tries to get back in, but is kicked away by all the remaining superstars, then escorted backstage by officials.
Raven then nails RVD with a trashcan, and tries to eliminate him, but has no luck in doing so. Dupree nearly gets Kanyon out, but Billy Gunn saves Kanyon and hit’s the Fame Asser on Dupree. Kanyon then says thank you to Gunn for saving him, but
blindsiding him and toppling him over the top rope to the floor.
Elimination 13: Billy Gunn
Kanyon celebrates, whilst Billy is furious over his elimination, but leaves anyway. Booker T and Sting go at it in one corner, chop for chop, whilst in another, Steamboat is resting, and Raven tries to eliminate RVD still, but still has no luck doing so. Kanyon goes after the legendary Steamboat. They too go chop for chop in the corner.
Dupree then tries to get back to his feet, after taking a big time finishing manoeuvre just a moment ago. Raven hit’s the Even Flow on RVD, then stomps at the Whole Dam Show, before bouncing off the ropes, but as he comes back, Van Dam hit’s a Monkey Flip, which sends Raven over the top rope, straight to the floor!!!
Elimination 14: Raven
Raven is helped backstage by officials, as he shows that he may have injured his neck on the way out of the ring. RVD tries to recover, but doesn’t get the chance, as Dupree comes right after him. RVD gets the best of it with a spinning heel kick, followed by a Rolling Thunder, but then he goes up top for the 5 Star, but Dupree has been playing possum, and he jumps right to his feet, and pushes RVD off the top rope, to the floor!!!
Elimination 15: Rob Van Dam
Dupree does the French Tickler, celebrating the elimination, but his cockiness nearly gets him eliminated, as Sting comes from behind to dump him out, but Dupree just survives. He then rakes the eyes of Sting, allowing himself some time to rest. Meanwhile, Steamboat chops at Booker T in the corner, but that is stopped by Kanyon, who comes in with a splash to both men, then he tries to eliminate Steamboat, but the legend, fights back, staying in the match. He then nearly dumps Kanyon over, but Kanyon furiously throws right hands to stay in the contest.
Now, Kanyon goes for a suplex on Steamboat, but The Dragon counters, and back body drops Kanyon, who goes over the top, but hangs onto the top rope. One of his feet tough the floor, and only due to his grip, he is still in the match. Steamboat chops at Kanyon’s hands, and one lets go. He then tries to get the second hand to release the rope, but then Rene Dupree comes from behind, and dumps Steamboat over the top rope, to the floor!!!!!!
Elimination 16: Ricky Steamboat
Ford Field boo’s intensely as Steamboat has been eliminated. They start a bullshit chant, then a Steamboat chant, as the Dragon salutes to the fans on his way out, having just gave a great performance.
The final four are Dupree, Kanyon, Booker T and Sting. The four each take a corner, and stare across at each other. Kanyon makes a beeline for Sting, and Dupree goes at it with Booker T. Kanyon and Sting go punch for punch, and the intensity picks up between them, that both of them are nearly eliminated at the same time. In the other corner, Dupree has one of Bookers legs over the top, and tries to get the other, but fails to do so, as Booker fights back in, and dropkicks Dupree. Booker T then comes to the other corner, and takes on Kanyon, but Kanyon scores with a low blow to Sting, then another to Booker, before going for the Grand Kanyon, but Booker T elbows him away, and clotheslines him over the top rope, to the floor!!!!
Elimination 17: Kanyon
Booker and Kanyon argue, as Kanyon is irate with being eliminated. Kanyon distracts Book, while Dupree quickly dumps him out!!!
Elimination 18: Booker T
Booker and Kanyon then brawl up the ramp, with Booker T furious, while in the ring, we are down to just two.
Sting and Dupree circle the ring, then tie up. Sting scores with an arm drag, and the tries to get Dupree out early, but he fights backs, and clotheslines Sting down. He then picks Sting up on his shoulder, and tries to dump him out of the ring, but Sting rolls out, and hit’s a drop toe hold. Dupree pulls himself up in the corner, and Sting comes at him for a Stinger Splash, but Dupree moves, then tries to dump him out over the top, but Sting barely survives……and stays in!!! He chops at Dupree, then whips him off the ropes, and lowers his head, but Dupree kicks him away, then hit’s a running knee, knocking Sting down.
He then tries to get the Raw superstar out, but Sting again survives, and gets back in. He hit’s a side suplex on Dupree, then tries to eliminate the Frenchman, but Dupree rakes the eyes, then hit’s a neck breaker on Sting. He picks him up from the Dupree Driver, but Sting fights out, and nails an arm drag, followed by a dropkick into the corner, then Sting finally nails the Stinger Splash. Dupree staggers out, and Sting goes for a clothesline over the top, but Rene ducks, and tries to clothesline Sting over, but he hangs on, then skins the cat, grabbing Dupree using his legs, and eliminating the Frenchman!!!!!
Elimination 19: Rene Dupree
Winner; STING!!!!!
Sting survives the twenty men, and has won this awesome battle royal. He stands alone in the ring, celebrating the win, as Dupree, obviously disgruntled, heads up the ramp in disappointment.

Jim Ross: A great performance from Sting, King. A great WrestleMania battle royal!!!

Jerry Lawler: We knew someone from Raw would win J.R, I mean we are the superior brand after all!!!

Edge walks backstage, in an absolute rage, and grabs Brian Hebner…
Edge: Where the hell is that creepy, little, bastard!!! Tell me now, or you will be the unfortunate one who ends up getting his ass kicked!!

Brian Hebner: I just saw him jump into a cab. I’m sorry, he just picked up his things and left.
Edge lets go of Hebner, then flips over a table, and growls before storming off…

WrestleMania moment: WrestleMania 13; Bret Hart takes on Stone Cold in a Submission Match, and wins after Austin passes out.

We see Mick Foley walking backstage, coming back from the Hall of Fame ceremony, and notices that his office door is open. He slowly walks into the room, and sees a man, sitting in his chair, eating ice cream. The man has scraggily hair, and is wearing a white jacket with a red trim.
Mick Foley: (Smiling) Excuse me?? What are you doing??

Strange Man: Eugene.

Mick Foley: What??

Eugene: Eugene. (The man points to a sticker, which has his name, Eugene, written on it. It is a backstage pass for the show.)

Mick Foley: Ohhhh, you’re Eugene. You must be with the group. You must have got lost, because this isn’t part of the tour.

Eugene: I’m a wrestler.

Mick Foley: Yes, I’m sure you are Eugene, and I’m Mick Foley.

Eugene: SOCCCKKKKKO!!!!!

A woman then walks in, like a tour guide, and looks unhappy with Eugene…
Woman: There you are!!! C’mon Eugene, we’ve been looking for you for ages!!!

Eugene: No, I’m a wrestler. I want to be in the ring!!! Let me fight Randy Orton!!! Let me fight Brock Lesnar!!!

Mick Foley: Maybe next year Eugene. Who knows, eh?? Enjoy the show kid!!!

We then cut to the locker room, where Josh Matthews and Coach are still brawling with one another like two girls, rolling on the ground, slapping at each other. Both the men have ripped suits from the fight, and Coach tries to run away, as we cut back to ringside…

**Who‘s that jumping out the sky… hits in the arena, and we see the first of the six competitors in the CW title match, Rey Mysterio**

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is the six pack challenge for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship!!! Introducing first, weighing 189 pounds, Rey Mysterio!!!

Michael Cole: Can Mysterio walk out of Ford Field with the Cruiserweight Title?? He is the most highly decorated in this match.

Tazz: Big time player Cole. Mysterio could well be one to watch in this one.

**Akio‘s music plays, and we see the outsider in the match make his way to the ring, along with Sakoda, who is quickly told to leave immediately by the officials, banning him from ringside**

Tony Chimel: Weighing in at 204 pounds, AKIO!!!!

Michael Cole: A WrestleMania debut for this man Tazz. Akio, with the chance to take the gold for the first time.

Tazz: Cole, I have been watching this man very closely recently, and he could well be a dark horse in this one.

**OOOOOHHHH Chavoooo hits, and the third entrant makes his way to the ring, without Chavo Classic, who is also banned from ringside in the match**

Tony Chimel: Weighing in at 211 pounds, Chavo Guerrero!!!

Michael Cole: Another well rounded performer. Chavo lost the title last month at No Way Out, and has been on the championship trail ever since.

Tazz: Cole, we saw one Guerrero walk out with Championship gold already tonight, could the Guerrero family strike it lucky again tonight??

**Paul London‘s music hits, and the fourth entrant makes his way to the ring, to a generous pop**

Tony Chimel: Weighing 197 pounds, Paul London!!!

Michael Cole: This man earned his place in tonight’s championship showdown, and arguably is the biggest unproven commodity in the match.

Tazz: Paul London is certainly one to watch Cole. Tonight, could be his night, and what a way to make an impact!!!

**Jamie Noble’s music hits, and Noble walks to the entrance way with Nidia, who then kisses Jamie for good luck, and leaves, meaning she is also banned from ringside **

Tony Chimel: Weighing in at 209 pounds, Jamie Noble!!!

Michael Cole: This man has to be the favourite to take this match right now, after pinning the champion three weeks ago on Smackdown. Jamie Noble is on a roll.

Tazz: Indeed he is, but this isn’t one on one, there are six men in this match, and that could go against Noble tonight.

**Tajiri‘s music hits, and the Cruiserweight Champion makes his way to the ring carrying his belt, to another decent pop**

Tony Chimel: And introducing the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, TAJIRI!!!!

Michael Cole: He is the champion, but tonight, he is facing a huge task. Can he hold on to the gold!!!???

Tazz: I don’t know Cole. He will need to bring his A-game tonight, if he is to walk out with the title.

8th Match:
Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Six Pack Challenge;
Tajiri © vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble vs.
vs. Akio vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London
London and Tajiri begin the match. Both men move around tentatively, not wanting to make a mistake, then tie up. Tajiri gets a headlock, but London flips over, and hits an arm drag, then goes for a dropkick, but Tajiri moves, and goes for the Buzzsaw Kick early, but London leapfrogs out of the way, then hit’s a head scissors on the champion, then tags out to Mysterio.
Rey jumps in, over the top rope, and gets the crowd going. He locks up with Tajiri for a Greco roman tie up. Mysterio then hit’s a monkey flip on Tajiri, then Tajiri comes right back after him, with a clothesline, but Mysterio does the splits,
moving out of the way, then dropkicks the champion to the mat. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out.
Mysterio then sets up Tajiri for another move, but Jamie Noble quickly makes a blind tag on Rey, tagging himself into the match. He comes right at Tajiri, but the Buzzsaw meets him with a stiff kick, sending Noble to one knee. Tajiri then dropkicks him in the face, and covers, 1...2...Kick Out. Tajiri then chops Noble in the corner, but Noble pokes his eye, then clotheslines him down. He picks him up, but Akio makes a blind tag on Noble.
Akio immediately knocks his former mentor down with a spinning heel kick, and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Akio then bounces off the ropes, and goes for a spinning leg drop, but Tajiri rolls away, and Akio lands hard. Tajiri then hit’s a swinging neck breaker, and bounces off the ropes, then connects with a dropkick to the back. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. The champion whips Akio off the ropes, then goes for a kick, but Akio ducks, and then hit’s a dragon suplex, with a bridge, 1...2...Kick Out. Akio then hit’s a front suplex on Tajiri, and bounces off the ropes, then hit’s a senton to the back of Tajiri. He applies a backbreaker on Tajiri, and applies a lot of pressure to the champion. Before Tajiri is forced to submit, he kicks Akio in the head to break to hold, then catches him with a spinning heel kick. Both men go down, and the referee begins a count, 1...2...3...4...5...both men begin to move, and crawl to separate sides of the ring. Tajiri tags Mysterio, and Akio goes to tag Chavo, but Chavo moves away, not wanting in the match.
Mysterio goes right at Akio, scoring first with a front dropkick, then hit’s a springboard cross body, 1...2...Kick Out. Akio gets up, and ducks a clothesline, but then walks into a drop toe hold into the ropes. Mysterio then calls for the 619, but as he goes for it, he is distracted by Chavo. Akio then takes advantage, and hit’s a Russian leg sweep on Rey. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out. Akio then gets up, and SLAPS Paul London into the match.
London is restrained by the referee from attacking Akio, and goes right to work, stomping at Mysterio. He whips him to the corner, but Mysterio jumps to the middle and comes back out with a clothesline, but London leapfrogs him, then connects with a standing Enziguri!!! He covers,

…Kick Out!!!
London looks up, a little shocked by the kickout, then drags Mysterio up, but Rey throws some rights, swaying London. He bounces off the ropes, but London hits him with a dropkick, then picks him up for a wheelbarrow suplex, but Mysterio flips up, and hit’s a bulldog on London. Mysterio then tries to tag in Guerrero, but he once again gets away from being tagged in, and this time, jumps off the apron to avoid it. To this point, Chavo has yet to enter the match.
Mysterio looks to crowd, and shakes his head, pointing towards Chavo. He then tags in Akio. Akio sees London trying to get to his feet in the corner, and runs at him, hitting a leg lariat to the corner. Then hit’s a side suplex on London. Akio then scales to the top rope, and nails a top rope leg drop. He then is set to cover, but Chavo makes a blind tag, and finally enters the match, and covers London,



Chavo is irate, and charges at Tajiri, but Tajiri kicks him away, and Chavo walks into a super kick from Paul London. London crawls over for a cover, 1...2...BROKEN BY NOBLE!!! London takes a moment to get to his feet, then clotheslines Chavo down again, but then, Noble tags himself back into the match, which London isn’t happy about.
Noble immediately enters and nails a Fisherman suplex, with a bridge for a cover, 1...2...BROKEN BY LONDON!!! Paul London and Noble then get in each others faces, with London happy with gaining a little bit of revenge on Noble for earlier in the match. Meanwhile, whilst Noble is busy arguing with London, Tajiri makes a tag with Chavo to bring himself back into the match. Noble doesn’t know this though, and goes after Chavo, but Tajiri then rolls him up for a cover, 1…2…KICK OUT!! Noble jumps up, and argues with the referee that Tajiri isn’t legal, but the referee signals that he is. Noble turns around, and is met with a flurry of kicks from Tajiri, sending him down. Tajiri then tags in Rey again, and Mysterio makes an immediate impact, with a seated senton off the top rope to Noble. He then hit’s a standing moonsault, and covers, 1...2...Kick Out from Noble!!! Mysterio then pounds Noble in the corner, and goes for a Bronco Buster, but Noble gets a foot up, and Mysterio eats post. Noble then hit’s a flapjack on Mysterio, and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Noble stomps Mysterio, then whips him into the corner, but Mysterio jumps to the middle, but Noble runs behind, and pounds his back, then hits an Electric Chair to Mysterio.
Noble then drops a knee to the back, a applies a front face lock. Mysterio though shows no sign of giving up, and fights up, with Noble is a suplex position, but Noble rolls through, and hit’s a neck breaker on Rey again. He then moves toward Chavo for a tag, but this time, Noble pulls his hand away, infuriating Guerrero. Noble kicks Mysterio in the back, then applies a chicken wing, looking for a submission victory. Mysterio, though gets the fans behind him, and the 50, 000 strong fans cheer Mysterio on, and eventually, he counters the move into a pinning combination, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Both men jump up, but Noble knocks Mysterio right back down with a clothesline. Noble then cockily walks around the ring, and does a Japanese head bow to Tajiri. Tajiri then distracts the referee, whilst the other three stars on the outside, both heel and face, join up to take out Noble, whilst Tajiri argues with the referee.
Mysterio then hit’s a tornado DDT on Noble, and rolls over for a tag to Tajiri, whilst Noble tags in Chavo. Chavo and Tajiri meet in the centre of the ring, and go at it, punch for punch in the middle of the ring, but Chavo gets the best of the situation, with a knee to the midsection, then he hit’s a front slam, followed by a standing leg drop. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out. Chavo then tags in Akio. Akio kicks at Tajiri, then hit’s a number of shoulders to the gut in the corner. He picks up Tajiri, who comes back with some chops, then hit’s his springboard back elbow, before going for a tag to Paul London, but Akio grabs his leg. They get to their feet, and Akio is still holding Tajiri’s leg. The Champion goes for an Enziguri, but Akio ducks, but then Tajiri scores with the mist. Tajiri then tags in London, and he comes in at the blinded Akio with a hurricanrana, 1...2...BROKEN BY CHAVO!!! London then goes for a spear on Chavo, but he moves out of the way, and London nails the referee!!!
Immediately, the match breaks down into chaos. London dropkicks Chavo over the top rope, then follows up with a springboard moonsault to the outside. Akio and Mysterio then both brawl to the outside, leaving just Tajiri and Noble in the ring. Noble goes for a tiger bomb, but Tajiri counters with a dropkick to the face. He then applies the tarantula to Noble, but then Chavo gets back in, and dropkicks Tajiri, who releases the hold, and Noble falls to the ground. Chavo then nails the Gory Bomb on the champion, and tries to revive the referee, but then is pulled to the outside by Mysterio, and whipped into the steps. Rey then gets in, and hit’s the 619 on Tajiri!!! He then goes up top for the West Coast Pop, but Paul London then comes in, and pushes Tajiri away, and Mysterio misses. London then arm drags Mysterio, all the way over the top to the floor. Tajiri comes at London, but London leapfrogs him, then hit’s a reverse DDT. London jumps up top, and nails the Shooting Star Press on Tajiri. He then revives the referee, who counts the fall…




Akio then chucks London to the outside, and nails Tajiri with a belly to belly suplex, before he goes up top, and goes for the Corkscrew Moonsault, but Noble pushes him off the top, and sends him into the front row!!! Noble then hit’s the Tiger Bomb, and goes for a cover,



All three men are down, and Rey Mysterio takes advantage, and drops the dial on Noble, then baseball slides London out of the ring, but then Chavo re-enters and dumps Mysterio out too. Chavo then pulls Tajiri up, and goes for a Gory Bomb again, but Tajiri fights out, and goes for the Buzzsaw kick, but Guerrero ducks, and gets a backslide on Tajiri, WITH HIS FEET ON THE ROPES!!!



Winner; And…NEWWWWWWWW, Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero!!!
Chavo steals the win!!! Guerrero quickly rolls out of the ring, and picks up the Cruiserweight Title, before getting up the ramp as soon as he can. We then look at the carnage around the ringside area, with Akio laid out in the crowd, Mysterio, Noble and London on the outside, and Tajiri in shock.

Michael Cole: Chavo steals it!!!! We have a new champion, and once again, its Chavo!!! Only five weeks ago, he was beaten for it by Tajiri, but now the tables have turned.

Tazz: Cole, I had a feeling it would be Chavo. He took advantage of the situation here tonight, and he is now the champion!!!

A video plays, hyping a new superstar coming to the WWE, Simon Dean, hyping the Simon System…

Torrie Wilson is standing in the crowd with a microphone in hand…
Torrie Wilson: How is everybody doing tonight!!!

Crowd pops, and wolf whistles…
Torrie Wilson: And I’m here standing by with some of our international fans, who have
travelled all around the world just to be here at Ford Field this evening. I’m here right now with Calum from England!!! Calum, are you enjoying the show??

Calum: (A little drunk) I’m great Torrie!!! I’m loving the show!!! You look hot!!!

Crowd cheers, agreeing with his comment.
Torrie Wilson: Thank you Calum. Well, so far we’ve seen a heck of a lot of action, but what match did you come to see especially??

Calum: (Slurring his words) Definitely Brock Lesnar vs. Stone Cold!!! And I came to see you too!! Almost literally!!!

Crowd cheers again, agreeing with the innuendo…
Torrie Wilson: Thank you Calum, and Stacey, I believe you are with someone in the crowd too??

Calum: Did you know my toe has an ear on it??

Quickly cuts to Stacey…
Stacey Kiebler: I sure am Torrie. Scott here,
travelled all the way from Australia!!!!! Scott, Calum came to see Torrie by the looks of things, but what MATCH did you come to see here tonight??

Scott: Well, the match I’ve looked forward to most is the Triple H verses the Rock match!!! Triple H is the game!!!

Stacey Kiebler: Me too, I cant wait for that one!!! Enjoy the rest of the show Scott!!!
Stacey hugs him, and then turns away, but Scott pinches her ass. She turns around, and doesn’t know whether to laugh, or be offended, as we see Scott with a huge smile across his face, giving the thumbs up to the camera.

Torrie Wilson: Well, over here, it seems to be full of English people, because I’m about to talk to Michael, who has
travelled from London just to see the show tonight.


Torrie Wilson: It seems to me that the British section is the most rowdy, what do they put in the drink over there??

Michael: Not enough!!!!! C’mon you Blues!!! Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole!!!

Torrie Wilson: I think we better send it back to you guys at ringside.

Michael: Can you give me a kiss on the cheek Torrie??

Torrie Wilson: Ummmm….what the heck, it’s the WrestleMania after all!!!
Torrie pecks him on the cheek, as the crowd go nuts!!!

We then quickly cut to the stage, where we see the fight between Josh Matthews and Coach has broken to the arena. Coach gives Josh a noogie, then goes to pound him, but Josh moves, and Coach punches the steel ramp. He holds his hand in agony, and Josh drops an elbow on him, then pulls his trousers down, and the rest of his clothes, leaving just his wyfronts and socks left on. Coaches wyfronts have a picture of Britney Spears, which Matthews points out, and the crowd laugh at Coach. Coach then quickly tells the fans to screw themselves, and picks up his clothes, then runs backstage again, as Josh celebrates this win.

Michaels - Undertaker Video Package;
Clips from Armageddon, when Taker returned coming after Orton, who got away, and Taker then used Michaels as an example to Orton, injuring HBK, and seemingly putting him out for six months.
HBK returning at Royal Rumble, and screwing Undertaker in the HIAC match against Orton.
HBK’s change in attitude, turning heel
Michaels on the run from Undertaker
HBK giving Paul Bearer Sweet Chin Music
Announcement of one on one match at WM.
HBK explaining why he turned, then badmouthing the fans and Taker.
Takers message to HBK last week, and then HBK’s run in attack on the Deadman, pouring the contents of the urn over him.

**GONG-GONG-GONG-GONG…Undertakers music plays and the Deadman slowly follows Paul Bearer out to the ring, to a monstourous reception from the capacity crowd, who go wild for the legend**

Howard Finkel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, accompanied by Paul Bearer, from Death Valley, weighing 294 pounds, THEEEE UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDERTAKER!!!!

**Taker slowly, creepily walks up the steps, and slowly brings the lights back into the arena to another big pop.**

Jim Ross: We are set to see these two legends of the square circle get it on. They have met before, but never under such a huge spotlight. The Undertaker is unbeaten at WrestleMania, but if anyone can end that record, it’s the Showstopper, and he doesn’t have that name for nothing folks…

Jerry Lawler: Finally, some sense from ya J.R!!! I have this gut feeling, that despite the differences in size and strength, I think the new attitude from Michaels will see a huge upset here tonight!!!

**H-B-K plays, and the Showstopper makes his cocky way to the ring, getting some girly cheers, but these are drowned out by boo‘s from the crowd.**

Howard Finkel: Annnnddd, his opponent, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing 227 pounds, the Hear Break Kid, Shawwwwwwwn Michaelllllssss!!!!!

**HBK doesn’t even look towards the ring, and doesn’t notice Taker walking up the ramp towards HBK, and then finally does halfway up the ramp**

Jim Ross: This is gonna be ugly King. Taker ain’t even waiting for HBK to get to the ring!!!

Jerry Lawler: I have a bad feeling about this one J.R!!!

9th Match:
Showstopper vs. Deadman:

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer
Taker beats away at HBK, finally able to get his hands on the Showstopper, and now he is making up for lost time, knocking HBK all over the ramp way. HBK tries to crawl away, but Undertaker grabs him by the tights, and pulls him back, not allowing him to get away. He drops an elbow to the prone back of Michaels twice, and then stomps at his opponent.
Undertaker picks Michaels up off the ground, and rams him into the barrier along the ramp way. He then whips him to the opposite side, and drives his knee into the face of Michaels, then drags him to the ringside area, and bangs his head off the steel steps. Michaels has yet to gain any offence, and the match still hasn’t begun. The Deadman then places HBK on the apron, and elbows him in the face, then gets on the apron himself, and hit’s a leg drop to Michaels, who falls off the apron upon impact.
Undertaker then paces along ringside, following Michaels, who is crawling along the ringside area, looking totally beaten down. HBK then tries to pull himself up on Taker, and is knocked back down with a soup bone from Taker. Undertaker continues to stalk Michaels around ringside, then stops, and walks over to the timekeepers table, and takes a chair. He grabs the chair, and walks toward Michaels, who is still crawling around, and Taker smashes the chair across the back of the Heartbreak Kid, and keep in mind, the match has yet to officially begin, so Taker cannot be disqualified right now.
The Deadman then hit’s a catapult into the ringpost on HBK, and follows up with a clothesline on the staggering Michaels. The referee, Jack Doan then tells Taker to get it into the ring, but the Deadman totally blanks him. Meanwhile, Shawn crawls over the barrier, trying to get some distance between him and Undertaker. Taker follows though, and the brawl finds itself in the crowd. HBK tries to run away, but trips over a cable, and the Deadman begins to close in on HBK, but the Showstopper in a desperate attempt, grabs a carton of popcorn, and chucks it at Taker, then a cup of water. He gets to his feet, and begins to run through the crowd, looking back continuously as Taker continues to come after him. HBK grabs a chair, and throws it at the Deadman, then grabs another, and throws it, and another and another. Taker though, squats the chairs away like flies.
Michaels then finds himself back at the entrance way, and grabs a chair again, this time though, he doesn’t throw it, but instead waits for Taker, and levels him with the weapon. Two shots to the face send the Deadman to his knees, and then another two to the back. He chucks the chair down, and starts to badmouth the crowd, but while he does this, Taker sits up. He gets to his feet, while HBK is still arguing with fans, then as Michaels turns around, he is met with a boot to the face from the Deadman, and goes right back down.
Taker then picks HBK by the hair, and rams him into the WrestleMania super structure, and knocks him down with another big right hand. Undertaker then stomps him all the way back down the ramp, towards the ring. The Deadman picks up the Heartbreak Kid and rams him into the ring apron again, then smashes him with an elbow, and rolls him back into the ring. Taker then follows, but before Jack Doan can signal for the bell to start the match, Undertaker knocks him down with a right hand, then throws him out of the ring. The Deadman then takes down Michaels with a sidewalk slam, and rolls back out of the ring, and grabs the cable. He carries it into the ring, and begins to choke out Shawn with the cable. He keeps the cable around Michaels neck, then whips him off the ropes, but then pulls the cable, and Michaels falls like a heap to the mat again.
HBK starts to cough and grabs his neck, but taker stomps at him again, then drops an elbow. He takes the cable off of Michaels, then whips him off the ropes again, but Michaels ducks a clothesline, and comes back with a flying forearm to his opponent. Michaels immediately nips up, whips attracts a huge amount of heat from Ford Field. He flips the bird, then bounces off the ropes, and dropkicks Taker in the face, and follows up with a number of knees to the head of the Undertaker. Michaels then picks up the cable, and begins to choke at Undertaker with it. He squeezes at the cable, choking the life out of the Deadman.
Michaels then rolls back out of the ring, and picks up a chair from under the ring, then rolls back in, and nails the Deadman with it, putting Taker down to the mat again. However, HBK starts to dance around the ring, then sees Undertaker sit up. Michaels throws the chair down, and mouths “To hell with this”, and then walks out of the ring, and starts to leave up the ramp. He gets ¾ of the way up, but then, Mick Foley walks out, to a huge pop, and orders HBK back to the ring right away. Michaels argues, saying that he isn’t fighting that freak, and then starts to complain that he has a bad leg. Foley is having none of it, and tells him to get back into the ring right away, but HBK continues to argue.
Meanwhile, Taker has walked up the ramp, right behind Michaels, who hasn’t noticed it yet. Michaels reluctantly agrees to go back to the ring, then walks backward, ending up backing into Taker. He realises right away who it is, and starts to almost cry. He starts to stamp his feet like a child who hasn’t gotten his way. He turns around, and right away, the Deadman unloads on HBK. He buries him with right hands and lefts, then a big clothesline, knocking Michaels down.
Taker then picks Michaels up on his shoulders, and carries him back to the ring, then rolls him inside. Taker stomps at Michaels in the corner, then whips him off the ropes, and hit’s a press slam. He whips Michaels to the corner, then runs to the corner, and hits him with a clothesline. The Showstopper then staggers out of the corner, but Taker again whips him into the corner, and sprints at him again, nailing a clothesline again. Michaels again staggers out, and this time, is met with a boot to the face. The referee then gets back into the ring, and calls for the match to FINALLY officially start, while Taker gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
The Deadman picks Michaels back up, and whips him to the corner with such velocity, that Michaels flips over to the top rope upon impact, to the floor. Jack Doan has no choice but to count HBK out.
…..(Michaels gets back to his feet, and grabs Paul Bearer)…
Undertaker then stops the count by grabbing Doan, and throwing him across the ring, then rolls to the outside, to try and stop Michaels from attacking Bearer, but as soon as he rolls out, he is met with an urn shot to the head from the Showstopper, then Michaels empties part of the urn onto his hand, and throws it into the face of Undertaker, blinding the Deadman temporarily. Michaels then pushes Bearer down to the ground, and grabs the ring bell, clocking Undertaker with it. Michaels then rolls Taker back into the ring, and revives Doan, then gets a cover, 1.….2.….Taker kicks out!!!
HBK picks Taker up, who still seems to be having sight problems, and hit’s a sweet suplex, then pounds him down. Michaels jumps up, salutes to the fans to a lot of heat, then goes up top, and nails Undertaker with an axe handle. HBK then starts to choke Taker on the ropes, letting go on the count of four, then choking again until the count of four. Michaels then bounces off the ropes, and hit’s a knee to the back of Undertaker against the ropes. Shawn then goes for a whip to the corner, but Taker reverses, and HBK jumps to the top rope before hitting the corner, and goes for a moonsault to Taker, but The Deadman catches him, and nails a Powerslam on HBK. He gets a cover, 1.…..2.…..Kick Out.
Taker then picks up Michaels and gets to the top rope, and goes for the Old School, but Michaels in an act of desperation, shakes the ropes, and Taker eventually loses his balance, and straddles the ropes. HBK then begins to lay into the Deadman with repeated right hands, then dropkicks him, with Taker going over the top, falling to the floor. Michaels then chews him gum violently, riling up the crowd, then he bounces off the ropes, and flies over the top rope with a cross body, but Taker catches him, and rams him head first into the ringpost, then rolls him back in. He bounces the Heartbreak Kid off the ropes, then nails him with a back body drop. Undertaker then goes for an atomic drop, but instead, gets payback on HBK, and straddles him on the top rope, then shakes the ropes, with HBK yelling out in pain.
Undertaker then suplexes HBK from the top rope, and hit’s the Old School, second time lucky. Undertaker then signals for the Chokeslam, and grips Michaels, but the Showstopper fights out with all the energy he has in him, and eventually, fights out of the move, and hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by a DDT to Taker. Michaels then uses the ropes to pull himself up, and scales to the top rope, and nails his patented Elbow drop. HBK thinks it has to be over, and covers the Deadman,

Michaels jumps up in shock, as Taker sits up to get to his feet. HBK worries, and then goes to the outside, and gets another steel chair. He brings it into the ring, but Jack Doan immediately takes it off him, which distracts Michaels, and taker takes advantage with a running clothesline. Undertaker looks down at HBK, then picks up the chair. He swings back to hits Michaels, but the referee pulls it away, and Michaels nails the Deadman with Sweet Chin Music!!! He gets the cover,



Michaels cant believe it. He tries to shrug off the fact that Undertaker kicked out of Michaels most deadly manoeuvre, and begins to tune up the band. He waits, and waits, until Undertaker gets to his feet, then goes for Sweet Chin Music……AND NAILS IT!!! Michaels hooks the leg,


Michaels looks up as if he is living a nightmare. He stands over Undertaker, and stomps, but then Taker sits up, and Michaels jumps away in a state of shock. He runs behind Jack Doan, hoping Taker doesn’t se him, but he doesn’t have any luck. Taker sees him, and shoves the referee out of the way, but Michaels lands with a low blow. He grabs the steel chair, and sees that the referee isn’t looking, so HBK smashes Taker with the chair!!! He grabs the groggy ref, and hooks the leg, and puts his legs all over the ropes,


Michaels shakes his head in disbelief, and argues with the referee. He shoves him in anger, then grabs the steel chair, but so does Undertaker. They struggle for it, and Michaels lets go, and the chair swings backward, and nails the referee, who is out for at least the fourth time in the match. The Deadman takes his focus off of Michaels, and looks at the referee. Michaels takes advantage, and rams Taker into the corner. He then starts to pound on Taker, standing on the top rope, but Taker stops this, and comes out of the corner with Michaels, NAILING THE LAST RIDE!!!!!!! Undertaker gets the cover,
The emotionless Deadman punches the mat in fury, then tries to revive the beaten down referee. But meanwhile, HBK has gotten to his feet, and waits, ready for Taker to turn around….eventually……Taker turns around, and Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music……but Taker catches his foot, spins him around, and nails him with a CHOKESLAM!!!!! Taker then does the cut throat taunt, and gets Michaels up, onto his shoulders, turns to each side of the arena who all cheer the Deadman on, and eventually, he nails the TOMBSTONE!!! Undertaker gets the darkness pin as Doan gets back to his senses and makes the count,



Undertaker wins!!!! The lights go down, as Taker makes his normal victory celebration, with the urn etc. Meanwhile, HBK is helped out by the officials, up the ramp and out of the arena.

Jim Ross: The Undertaker prevails!!!! He is still undefeated at this event, making it 13 -0!!! A record no doubt. The Undertaker has finally gotten his hands on Michaels, and revenge is the Deadman’s!!!

Jerry Lawler: Michaels was so close J.R, but tonight was just not his lucky night I’m afraid. I’ll give it to the Undertaker, he always turns it up a notch come this time of year!!!

WrestleMania moment: WrestleMania X-7; Vince McMahon faces his son, Shane McMahon with Mick Foley as Guest referee. Shane wins, thanks to a Van Daminator.

We cut to the Smackdown locker room, and see Triple H pumping himself up, then grabs the title belt, and walks out.

We see Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Mr. McMahon chatting in the hallway…
Brock Lesnar: And Bret is definitely on our side??

Vince McMahon: Brock, Bret hasn’t stopped calling me for the last ten days. He wasn’t happy that I blew the secret last week, but be sure, Steve Austin, cannot trust Bret Hart.

Paul Heyman: Brock, maybe we should let just Mr. McMahon and I worry about the
business end of the deal, and you can worry about swiping the venom from the Rattlesnake.

Brock Lesnar: Steve Austin isn’t a worry, he’s just a thorn in my side, and very soon…I will remove that thorn.

Vince McMahon: Ohhhh HELLLLLLL YEAH!!!
The trio then smile together as the camera fades out…

Triple H - Rock Video Package;
Clips from HHH and Rocks past together.
HHH cheating to retain WWE Title inside Elimination Chamber against The Rock
HHH screwing Rock out of a title shot in December
Rock wins 8 Man Battle Royal to earn title shot at WM.
Triple H attacking Rock with a Sledgehammer the following week.
HHH interview badmouthing the Rock about picking
movies over wrestling.
Rock’s return, and fight with HHH
Last weeks mind

**If ya smelllllllllll……what the Rock, is cooking…plays and the Great One makes his way to the ring, soaking up the cheers from the crowd, as he looks set to go into war with The game**

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WWE, Championship!!!
Introducing first, the challenger, making his way to the ring, from Miami, Florida, weighing 265 pounds, The Roooocckkk!!!

**Rock poses on each turnbuckle, as the crowd give him a huge ovation each time he goes to a corner**

Michael Cole: This match has been brewing for months Tazz. The Rock has been on the trail of Triple H ever since his return back in October, and tonight, he finally has his shot. Will the Great One finally win a world title match at WrestleMania!!??

Tazz: Oh man, a Rocketbuster time!! These two go waaaaayyyy back, and tonight, it all ends at the Showcase of the Immortals!!!

**“Time to play the Game” plays, and the WWE Champion makes his way to the ring, carrying his bottle of water**

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Grenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 265 pounds, he is the WWE Champion, Tripllllllleeee H!!!!

**HHH sprays his water, then goes to each corner, posing with the title belt**

Michael Cole: On October 17th, Triple H became the WWE Champion, his ninth World Title in all, he has pushed back all his challenges, but tonight, he faces arguably his biggest foe over the years, The Rock. Will his five month reign end here tonight??

Tazz: I don’t think so Cole. The Game has his game face on tonight. He looks set to rip Rocks head off. We know its personal, but tonight, it has to end!!!

10th Match:
WWE Championship Match:
Triple H © vs. The Rock
The two men both make their way to the centre of the ring, with Mike Chioda standing in between them. Triple H tries to get in the head of The Rock, but Rock totally blows him off, and puts his hand in his face, then tells him to Just Bring it. Triple H is not happy. He points at Rock, then turns away, and tries to catch him with a right, but Rock blocks it, and fires one at HHH, then another, and a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, which in turn, back Triple H into the corner, flurrying with rights, but then, in desperation, the champion drives a knee into the sternum of The Rock, and begins to go at Rock with rights of his own, backing the challenger into the opposite corner, pounding away with right hands, but suddenly, The Great One begins to fight back. He now fights his way out of the corner, and the two men begin to go shot for shot in the middle of the ring, with the entire crowd going wild for this brawl of a start.
The Rock begins to get the best of the fight, but Triple H turns the tide, with a rake to the eyes of Rock, then gets the first knock down of the match with a big clothesline. He picks up The Rock and rams him into the corner, and begins to fire some more right hands to the Peoples Champ, then stomps him to the ground, and chokes him, with the referee using the five count for Triple H to let go. He releases the illegal choke, then goes again, breaking on the count of four. Chioda lectures the champion, and Triple H gets in the face of the official, before turning back around to The Rock, but as he does, The Rock charges out of the corner, and nails HHH with a clothesline, to a huge response.
Triple H gets back up, and is right away met with right hands from The Great One, and is all over the place, until The Rock nails his spit punch, knocking The Game right over the top rope to the floor.
Rock follows him out, and bangs his head off the steel steps, with Triple H staggering around, almost in a daze, and falls all over the announce table, then the timekeepers table, and Rock goes to him, but as he turns him around, Triple H nails him with the Championship belt.
Mike Chioda immediately tells off Triple H for his action, and Triple H tells him, with a smile on his face, “so do me!!”. Chioda thinks about it, then realises it would only suit The Game, and decides for the match to continue. Triple H laughs, and rolls Rock back into the ring.
Immediately, Triple H, drives his knee into the mid section of Rock, then hit’s a snap suplex. He goes for a cover, 1...2...Rock Kicks Out from the first cover of the match. HHH then waits for The Rock to get to his feet, and takes him down with a chop block. Triple H then yanks the leg of The Great One, drops an elbow onto the knee, and begins to kick at the leg and soon applies a leg lock.
The Challenger scrambles as Triple H smiles, watching Rock squirm in agony. Rocky eventually makes it to the ropes, but it looks like the damage has been done to the Challenger. Triple H tries again to go for a chop block, but Rock sees him coming and moves out of the way, then clotheslines The Game down. Triple H bounces back up, but is knocked right back down. Again, he jumps up, but this time, The Peoples Champ bounces off the ropes and nails HHH with a forearm, hit with such velocity that Triple H falls out of the ring.
The Rock follows him out, and bounces Hunter’s head off the steps. He chops Triple H, and he falls down, then Rock goes for a suplex to HHH on the outside, but Hunter blocks it, and suplexes Rock, with his knee crashing off the steel steps.
A Holy Shit chant erupts as Rock is flat out and HHH is pretty much out of it too. Triple H gets to his feet, and drags The Rock back into the ring. He gets a cover for a sure three count,
HHH cant believe it. He argues with the ref saying it was three, and eventually head butts and punches the mat in anger, before pounding on The Great One continuously before being eventually pulled off by the referee.
Triple H tries to keep calm. He picks up Rock and tries to go for the Pedigree, but Rock breaks free, and cradles HHH, 1...2...KICK OUT!! HHH gets back up immediately, but Rock then goes for a backslide, 1.…2.…ANOTHER KICK OUT!!! Again, Triple H jumps up, but Rock rolls him up, 1.…2.…KICK OUT AGAIN FROM HHH!!
HHH then gets up, but grabs a rope, meaning that The Rock cant attack. This infuriates the challenger and the Ford Field crowd, but Triple H doesn’t care.
Eventually, he lets go of the ropes and ties up with Rock, but Rock backs The Game into the corner, lets go slowly, then attempts a right hand, but HHH ducks out of the way just in time, then clotheslines The Rock down as he comes back around. He then drags his opponent into the centre of the ring and applies the Figure Four.
The Rock screams out in pain as Triple H cranks the pressure on him. His shoulder’s fall to the mat, 1...2...Kick Out. Soon though, his shoulders fall again, 1...2...Kick Out. Then, Rock has a sudden second wind, and begins to reverse the submission. He turns over Triple H, who immediately screams out in agony. Soon, though, Triple rolls over, putting the pressure on the Challenger again. This time, Triple H uses the ropes for leverage, but the referee spots this and right away, tells Hunter to break the hold. He does so with much grievance and argues with the referee.
Triple H then decides to go back for the knee, and begins to stomp away at it. He drags The Rock to the middle of the ring, and drops an elbow to the knee. He then goes for the Figure Four again, but this time, Rock kicks him away, and HHH goes flying out of the ring.
Rock then limps up to a vertical base again, but gets no rest bite, as HHH takes the opportunity, gets right back into the ring, and hits a swift chop block to the challengers left leg. Rock flops right back down to the mat and clutches his leg. HHH decides to methodically work on the leg this time and wails at the knee of Rock. HHH swings his right leg around, trying to stretch it out. Rock yells out loud, obviously in pain and the crowd begin to try and get The Great One back into the match. They seem to spur The Rock on, as he tries to get back to his feet, and throws some menacing rights at The Game. He gets halfway up, but gets put right back down, and HHH sweeps the leg of Rock. He drags his leg to the corner, and drops his knee onto it. Triple H then tries to tie up The Rocks leg in the ropes, but Rock resists it. HHH then hit’s a hard elbow onto the leg of The Great One again, and he screams out again.
This time, HHH does tie up the leg of the peoples champ. He elbows away at it, smiling the whole time, knowing that there is nothing that Rock can do about it. He kicks, elbows, stomps, punches, at the leg, and even slaps his enemy. Eventually, the referee steps in, and tells HHH that he cant do that, and tells him to break it. Eventually he does, then drops an elbow to the leg again!!!
Triple H drags the body of The Rock to the outside, and whips him, knee first, into the steel steps. He ignores the referee, who is trying to tell him to bring it back inside. HHH then stomps the leg, drops an elbow, and hoists Rock in the air, before dropping him onto the steps, knee first again.
He rolls him into the ring and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. HHH whips Rock off the ropes, but Rock ducks a clothesline, and comes back with a reverse elbow.
Triple H immediately rolls out, and tries to gather his thoughts on the outside, then gets on the apron, and looks to Rock, who then tells HHH to “Just Bring It!!!” The Game is irate, and gets back in and straight away goes at it with The Rock. They start to slug it out, but pretty soon, Rock gets the best, and begins to wail on The Game with rights. He goes for a whip, but this is reversed by HHH, and Hunter hits Rock with a high knee. He gets the cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Triple H then pounds on the great one, and then picks him up, and delivers a gut wrench suplex, 1...2...Kick Out again.
Triple H looks a little angry, then bounces off the ropes and hit’s a knee drop to the challenger, 1...2...Kick Out. Triple H then picks The Rock up, and goes for a whip, but Rock reverses, and sends HHH into the ropes, then goes for a suplex, but instead of hitting it, he hangs HHH on the ropes, which gets an “oooooo” from the on looking audience. The Rock then sizes up The game, and kicks him square in the face. Rock then throws a number of rights at The game, and bounces off the ropes, but Rock sidesteps him, and The Great One goes right over the top rope to the floor.
Triple H follows to the outside, and goes for a whip into the steel steps, but The Rock reverses the whip, and sends HHH into the steps instead. Rock pounds at the champion, then rolls him back into the ring. The slug it out, and HHH goes for a kick, but Rock grabs Triple H’s leg, and nails the Dragon Screw, and follows up with a Sharshooter!!!
Triple H clutches his face in agony, then claws across the mat, then stops, and looks like tapping, but summons the energy, and pushes himself up, and crawls, and crawls, and MAKES THE ROPES!!! The Rock is forced to release the hold, and Triple H quickly rolls to the outside for a break. Rock follows, but is suckered by HHH, who drives a knee into the midsection of The Rock, and hit’s a DDT onto the steel steps. He thinks its all over, and rolls Rock back into the ring, and covers,



……KICK OUT!!!!……
Triple H shakes his head as if he has just dreamed that Rock kicked out. He hooks the leg again, 1...2...Kick Out from the challenger. He hooks the leg again, 1...2...Kick Out!!! One more time, 1...2...Kick Out from The Rock!!!
He picks up the challenger, but Rock starts to fire back again, with right hands that rock the champion. Triple H staggers backward, but then catches The Rock with a face buster, followed by a spine buster!!! He covers him,

Triple H again is shocked. He yells at the referee that it should be over, and hooks the leg again, 1...2...Kick Out. Another, 1...2...Kick Out. One more, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Triple H is furious. He cant believe that Rock wont stay down!!!
He picks The Rock up, and hit’s a side slam, then picks him up again and goes for a Pedigree, but Rock counters, and catapults HHH into the turnbuckle, who then bounces out, and walks into the Rock Bottom!!! Rock gets the hook of the leg for the win…



Rock’s eyes become WIDE open. The Great One is in disbelief. He picks up Triple H for another Rock Bottom, but Triple H hit’s a drop toe hold on him, earning some time to rest. He then drags The Rock to the outside, and drops him, ribs first onto the barrier, then bounces his head off the announce table. Rock then elbows HHH, and begins to fight back at the champion, and they get back into the ring.
Rock gets the advantage, and wears down The Game, then goes for a clothesline, but Triple H ducks, and nails a neck breaker onto the challenger. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Triple H rolls off, with his head in his hands. He gets back up, then hit’s a wheel barrow suplex, and gets another cover, 1...2...Kick Out again. Triple H now begins to wonder what it will take to keep the challenger down.
He picks up Rock, but the peoples champ still fights back, rocking HHH with some hard rights. He bounces off the ropes, but Triple H kicks him as he comes back, and goes for a Pedigree, but Rock fights out of it, then goes for a Rock Bottom, but HHH elbows out, then delivers the Pedigree!!!!!!!! The game gets the cover on the Rock…



……KICK OUT!!!……
HHH shakes his head as if that didn’t just happen. He looks at the ref, who tells him it was a two count. Triple H’s face starts to shake, and he points at the referee, then starts to yell that this isn’t right. He gets on top of Rock, and begins to relentlessly pound at the head of The Great One.
Triple H then applies a submission to Rock…a Camel Clutch this time!! Rock is totally out of it at this stage. The Rock tells the referee not to ring the bell, and Chioda tells him he may have no choice in a minute.
He pushes his arms up, to give himself some leverage. He then pushes himself up a little, and pushes up with his knees. He then stands up, with HHH still on his back. He runs backward into the corner, trying to get HHH off him, then the opposite corner, then the near corner, then the last corner, and HHH falls off, and Rock falls to the ground.
Chioda this time, has no choice but to make a count on both men…

Triple H then starts to crawl up, thanks to the ropes.


HHH is on his feet.

Rock then comes at HHH, but Triple H kicks him in the gut, then nails a drop toe hold.
Triple H then gets The Great One up for the Pedigree, but Rock counters with a back body drop. He then pounds HHH into the corner, with right hands. Rock then puts HHH on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Triple H blocks. He then tries to push the challenger off, but The Rock fights back. He then goes for it again, but Triple H, again resists. Rocky then rakes the eyes, out of desperation, and quickly nails the Superplex!!!
Both men are down, and the referee begins another ten count. 1.………2.………3.………4.……… (Rock crawls on top of Triple H) …… (He gets the arm over) ,
Both men, slowly get to their feet with Rock looking a little fresher of the two. He throws a right hand at The Game, and HHH throws one back. Rock then comes back with another, as does Triple H. The two men continue to slug it out, and Triple H starts to get an upper hand. He blocks a shot from Rocky, then throws two of his own. He then throws another, and Rock falls to one knee. The Rock pulls himself up on Hunters tights, but Triple H punches him down again. He throws The Great One into the corner and throws another right hand, but this time, it is blocked by the opponent, and The Rock starts to fire back, with lefts and rights. He knocks Hunter down, and again, and again. Triple H then runs at him, but Rock hits an Inverted Atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. HHH then gets up, and Rock runs at him, but Triple H moves, and pulls the top rope, meaning The Rock goes flying over the top rope, to the floor.
Triple H gets up, and is about to go to the outside to attack Rock, but then thinks about it, and decides to let the referee count Rock out.
1.….2.…..3.……4.…….5.……..6... (Rock begins to crawl up the apron) …..7... (The Rock breaks the count).
Triple H meets him with a knee to the back, then whips him to the corner again, and dumps The Peoples Champion on the outside again. He then tells the referee to count him out again.
(The Challenger starts to show life)
(Rock crawls up the apron again)
(The Great One gets back in)
Triple H watches as The Rock drags himself up to his feet. He goes for a clothesline, but Rock out of nowhere nails the Spinebuster!!! He then nips up again to a huge roar, and stands over HHH. He pulls his elbow pad down, and throws it into the crowd. Rock then goes for the Peoples Elbow, but as he goes for it, Triple H moves!!! He then waits for Rock to get up, and gets him in position for the Pedigree, but Rock quickly counters with a back body drop to the champion. Rock then stalks The Game, and gets him in position for the Rock Bottom, but Triple H pushes him away, into the referee. With the referee temporarily out of the picture, Triple H takes advantage, and nails a low blow on The Rock, then delivers a second Pedigree!!! He hooks the leg, and the referee comes to his senses,



…..ROCK KICKS OUT!!!!…..
Triple H screams out NO!!!! He cant believe that The Rock wont stay down. Now desperate, he sets Rock up for another Pedigree!!! He gets Rock set up, but the challenger blocks it, fights out, and goes for a Rock Bottom, but HHH blocks this. Rock staggers away, then comes back, and walks into a Rock Bottom from The Game!!!


Triple H is stunned. He thinks it was three, as does a select few in the crowd, it was that close. Triple H argues with the referee over the decision, then turns around, but walks into an atomic drop from The Rock, followed by a huge clothesline!! Rock then peels off his second elbow pad, bounces off both sides of the ring, and nails the Peoples Elbow!!! Surely this time its over…



Ford Field groans in disappointment. The audience cant believe how many near falls have taken place in the last few moments. Rock then sets up The Game for the Pedigree!!! Triple H counters the manoeuvre with a back body drop, then goes for the Rock Bottom, but The Rock elbows him away. Triple H then goes for a clothesline, but Rock ducks, then hit’s the ROCK BOTTOM ON TRIPLE H!!!!!!!!! HE HOOKS THE LEG…..



NEW CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!

Winner; And…NEWWWWWWWW, WWE Champion, THE ROCK!!!
Rock celebrates on each turnbuckle with the WWE Championship, as the exhausted Triple H makes his way up the ramp, beaten, depressed, and without the WWE Championship belt. Rock continues the celebration as Triple H takes one last look before heading back past the curtain.

Michael Cole: THE ROCK HAS DONE IT!!!!!! He has become a world champion for the tenth time in his career!!! His eighth WWE Title victory. The Game’s reign has been ended by the Great One!!!

Tazz: What an effort from these two men, they deserve a standing ovation, but only one could walk out the winner, and on this night, Triple H wanted it, but The Rock simply wanted it more!!!

We cut backstage, and see Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus leaving the arena, hand in hand, finally together.

We then cut to Steve Austin, who is making his last minute preparations for the upcoming match, tying his laces, then walking out of the dressing room, slamming the door…

Lesnar - Austin Video Package;
Clips from the Montreal screw job in 1997
Fast forward to the Corpus Christi screw job last year at Judgement Day, when after interference from Brock Lesnar, McMahon defeated Austin, with a Sharpshooter, and Bret called for the bell despite Austin not tapping, leading to Austin losing his job.
Bret regretting his decision, and eventually turning face on Vince.
Bret beating Vince at Survivor Series 2004.
Bret announcing that a man had been spotted buying tickets for the Royal Rumble in Texas, that looked very similar to Austin.
Lesnar irate, and worried, thinking that Austin is coming for him.
Royal Rumble, where Austin eventually showed up, and screwed Lesnar.
Austin playing mind
games with Lesnar, and screwing him out of a title shot at No Way Out.
Lesnar demanding that the board of directors let Austin sign a contract to be allowed to come to the shows, and this eventually happens.
Austin - Lesnar showdown, ending with the announcement that they will meet at WM, then Lesnar attacks Austin.
Bret announces he will be in Austin’s corner at WM, to even things up, with Heyman in Brocks.
Heyman then challenges Bret to allow Vince to be in Lesnar’s corner too, and Bret eventually accepts, then Austin gets revenge on Lesnar.
Vince announces himself as Special Guest Referee.
Trio beat down Austin.
Vince accuses Bret of being two faced, and claims that Bret will turn on Austin at WM.
Austin attacks the trio three days ago, and ends the show accidentally hitting the stunner on Bret Hart…

Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen, to play the song “Mosh”, with the story of Austin vs. Lesnar, here is, EMINEM!!!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
One nation under God

I scrutinize every word, memorize every line
I spit it once, refuel and re-energize and rewind
I give sight to the blind, my insight through the mind
I exercise my right to express when I feel it's time
It's just all in your mind, what you interpret it as
I say to fight, you take it as I'mma whip someone's ass
If you don't understand, don't even bother to ask
A hero who has grown up with a heroless past
Who has blown up now to mat phenomenon that has
Or at least shows no difficulty multi-task
And in juggling both perhaps mastered his craft
Slash entrepreneur who has helped launch a few more in ring acts
Who's had a few obstacles thrown his way through the last half
Of his career typical manure
moving past that
Mr. kisses ass crack, he's a class act
Rubber band man, yea he just snaps back

Come along follow me as I lead through the darkness
As I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed
Carry on, give me hope, give me strength
Come with me and I won't steer you wrong
Put your faith and your trust as I guide us through the fog
To the light at the end of the tunnel
We gonna fight, we gonna charge, we gonna stomp, we gonna march
Through the swamp, we gonna mosh through the marsh
Take us right through the doors (c'mon)

All the people up top on the side and the middle
Come together lets all bomb and swamp just a little
Just let it gradually build from the front to the back
All you can see is a sea of people some white and some black
Don't matter what color, all that matters we gathered together
To celebrate for the same cause don't matter the weather
If it rains let it rain, yea the wetter the better
They ain't gonna stop us they can't, we stronger now more than ever
They tell us no we say yea, they tell us stop we say go
Rebel with a rebel yell, raise hell we gonna let em know
Stomp, push, shove, mush, (c'mon)

Come along follow me as I lead through the darkness
As I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed
Carry on, give me hope, give me strength
Come with me and I won't steer you wrong
Put your faith and your trust as I guide us through the fog
To the light at the end of the tunnel
We gonna fight, we gonna charge, we gonna stomp, we gonna march
Through the swamp, we gonna mosh through the marsh
Take us right through the doors (c'mon)

Imagine it pouring, it's raining down on us
Mosh pits outside the oval office
Someone's tryina tell us something,
Maybe this is god just sayin' we're responsible
For this monster, this coward,
That we have empowered
This is Paul Heyman, look at his head noddin'
How could we allow something like this without pumping our fists
Now this is our final hour
Let me be the voice in your strength and your choice
Let me simplify the rhyme just to amplify the noise
Try to amplify the times it, and multiply by six...
Teen million people, Are equal at this high pitch
Maybe we can reach alqueda through my speech
Let the boss answer a higher anarchy
Strap him with an Ak-47, let him go, fight his own war
Let him impress himself that way
No more blood at all, he got his own battle to fight on our own soil
No more psychological warfare, to trick us to thinking that we ain't loyal
If we don't serve our own country, we're patronizing a hero
Look in his eyes its all lies
The stars and stripes, they've been swiped, washed out and wiped
And replaced with his own face, Mosh now or die
If I get sniped tonight you know why,
Cause I told you to fight.

Come along follow me as I lead through the darkness
As I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed
Carry on, give me hope, give me strength
Come with me and I won't steer you wrong
Put your faith and your trust as I guide us through the fog
To the light at the end of the tunnel
We gonna fight, we gonna charge, we gonna stomp, we gonna march
Through the swamp, we gonna mosh through the marsh
Take us right through the doors (c'mon)

And as we proceed,
To Mosh through this desert storm,
In these closing statements, if they should argue
Let us beg to differ
As we set aside our differences
And assemble our own army
To disarm this Weapon of Mass Destruction
That we call our President, for the present
And Mosh for the future of our next generation
To speak and be heard
Mr. Austin, Mr. Lesnar
Let the fight...begin...[laughing]

**“No Chance”** fills the arena, and we see the special guest referee for the upcoming match, Mr. McMahon walk to the ring, wearing his own referee shirt, as an Austin chant begins already**

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, he is the special guest referee, and he is, the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon!!!!

**McMahon tries to make fun of the rattlesnake, going to each turnbuckle, and giving the bird at each one**

Michael Cole: What a way to round off the Smackdown side of WrestleMania!!! McMahon, Hart, Lesnar, Austin. All involved at the same time. This has the makings of a Wrestlemania classic. The build up has been emotional. It dates back to last May, when Lesnar screwed Austin out of his contract, Austin came back at the Rumble, and since then, it has been a war to say the least!!!

Tazz: This match, has had such a huge build up, so much history, that it can only end, here at this event.

**Here Comes the Pain plays and Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring, accompanied by his agent, Paul Bearer. Lesnar wears an Austin jacket to the ring, which gets a lot of heat**

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 295 pounds, being accompanied by his agent, Paul Heyman, BROCK, LESNARRRRRR!!!!!

**Lesnar shakes hands with Vince, as does Heyman, and Lesnar then rips the Austin jacket in pieces and throws it into the crowd**

Michael Cole: Well, I don’t like this. I was afraid that this might be the case here tonight. Lets hope, McMahon doesn’t let his ego get in the way, and we get to see Austin and Lesnar go at it, one on one.

Tazz: Cole, I am ready to put my fingers in my ears, because very soon, the glass will shatter, and the roof might come off this arena!!!

**Bret‘s music plays, and the Smackdown GM makes his way to the ring, suited up, and getting a mixed ovation from the on looking crowd, considering the allegations made last week on Smackdown**

Tony Chimel: Introducing, the general manager of Smackdown….Bret, HITMANNNNN Hart!!!!

**Bret decides not to get in the ring, but pulls out a pair of sunglasses and hands them to a kid in the front row, then takes off his jacket, and rolls up his sleeves**

Michael Cole: Bret Hart looks ready for action Tazz. He knows that he may need to be called into action tonight.

Tazz: You just know that Hart would love to get his hands on McMahon Cole. That issue is still far from over in my opinion, and it never will be.

**The crowd quietens down, and then….*GLASS SHATTERS* and Steve Austin strolls to the ring, to arguably the biggest pop of the night, as he walks to the ring with a purpose**

Tony Chimel: And introducing, from Victoria, Texas, weighing in at 256 pounds, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!!

**Austin walks around the ring, and takes a look at Bret, but says nothing, then gets into the ring and goes to each turnbuckle**

Michael Cole: Oh my!!! This folks, is what they call a WrestleMania moment!!! Stone Cold, back in action. This match, in my opinion IS WrestleMania twenty one!!!

Tazz: Cole, sit back, and lets watch history unfold…

11th Match:
With Special Guest Referee; Mr. McMahon:
Brock Lesnar w/Heyman vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin w/Bret Hart
Austin then comes off the top turnbuckle, and as soon as he touches the ground, he takes his jacket off, throws it in the face of McMahon, and goes straight at it with Brock. Austin starts out beating Brock to the corner, laying into him with right hands, but Lesnar strikes back, and fights out of the corner with some big time shots of his own, but Austin then drives his knee into the midsection of Lesnar, and backs him back into the corner, and begins to stomp wildly at Lesnar, stomping a mudhole and walking it dry!!!
Stone Cold is relentless in his attack, but is pulled off Lesnar by McMahon. Austin then is set to punch Vince but McMahon then points to his referee’s shirt, and lets Austin know he will disqualify him. Austin and McMahon go face to face, and Stone Cold flips the bird at McMahon, but then Brock steams in from behind, with a strong blow to the neck of Austin, sending the rattlesnake to his knees. Lesnar smiles at McMahon, then picks up Austin effortlessly, and hit’s a Belly to Belly. He then goes for a cover, and McMahon immediately drops to the mat, and quickly counts, 1.2...KICK OUT!!!
Bret Hart immediately jumps to the apron, yelling at Vince, asking what that was all about. McMahon responds by smiling at Bret, then flipping the bird!!! Hart is irate, but decides for now to keep his cool, and calmly tells McMahon to call it straight. Meanwhile, Lesnar begins to go to work on Austin, and stomps Stone Cold on the neck, then picks him up, and rams Austin into the corner, then begins to wear out Austin’s mid section, with six consecutive shoulders to the gut, then he stomps Austin to the ground. Lesnar picks Austin up again, effortlessly, and nails a second Belly to Belly on the Rattlesnake. McMahon tells him to go for a cover, but Lesnar shakes his head, and says no, then smiles. He chokes Austin in the corner with his foot, and McMahon doesn’t do a thing to stop him. Lesnar uses the ropes for extra leverage, as Austin tries to push the foot away. Eventually, Lesnar releases Austin, but then drops an elbow to the back of the neck. Brock gets down beside Stone Cold and trash talks, asking Austin if it was all worth it, and we hear Austin tell him back, “Hell Yeah it was”. Lesnar smiles, and then drops another elbow to Austin, before leaning over the topes to start trash talking Bret. He tells Bret that at this rate, it doesn’t look like he’ll need to screw Austin, but Bret replies to him to keep his mind on Stone Cold.
Lesnar laughs, then turns around, and picks Austin up, but Austin comes back at the opponent. He fires with right hands at Lesnar, and rocks the big man, then whips him off the ropes, and drives his knee straight into Brock, sending Lesnar down like a ton of bricks. Austin bounces off the ropes, and drops a Fuck You elbow, but before he can do anymore damage, Brock rolls out of the ring to try and recover. Austin then goes to attack him, but McMahon then stands in Austin’s way. Stone Cold looks totally fed up at this stage, and looks around the arena, with everyone desperate to see him hit McMahon.
Austin looks around, and we see him start to get really fired up as McMahon smugly smiles at Austin, daring him to hit him. Austin swings back, then flips McMahon with a double bird. McMahon’s smile fades, and he starts to look pretty mad. Austin now smiles at McMahon, who is now the one getting riled up, but whilst all this happens, Brock has recovered and picked up a chair from the outside. He gets back in, and tries to attack Austin from behind with the chair, but Austin notices Bret signal to him to move, so he does just in time, and Lesnar ends up nailing McMahon!!! He stops in shock, then turns around, and is met with a STUNNER!!!! Austin covers Lesnar, and MIKE CHIODA runs down to make the count…



Heyman then puts Chioda down with a right hand, and looks pleased with his actions, then he turns around, and sees Bret closing in on him. Heyman then hightails it, and jumps the barrier into the crowd, running from Hart, who comes in pursuit of him.
In the ring, Austin furiously unloads on Lesnar, showing his total hatred for Brock, not showing any remorse. Brock even has a slight cut above his left eyebrow from the shots. Austin then whips Lesnar to the opposite corner, but Brock reverses the whip, and Austin hit’s the corner. Lesnar runs at towards him, but the Rattlesnake gets a foot up, and follows up on this with a clothesline, knocking Lesnar down. He then bounces off the ropes and drops a knee to Brock, but doesn’t bother to cover, with there being no referee present. He picks Brock up, and whips him off the ropes, but Brock reverses and then goes for a clothesline, but Austin ducks, then hit’s a Lou Thesz press on Brock, followed with a barrage of right hands to the temple.
Austin then jumps up, and salutes the crowd, then picks up the steel chair, and pulls back to nail Brock, but McMahon grabs the chair, and stops Austin, but Austin drops the chair, and goes for a stunner, but McMahon pushes Austin away, into Lesnar, and Lesnar nails Stone Cold with a humungous clothesline, turning Austin inside out. Austin rolls around the ring in agony, clutching his head, as Lesnar and McMahon share a joke. We are now seemingly in a two on one situation in this match, with McMahon’s siding to Lesnar.
Brock drops an elbow, then a second, and a third. He then gets up, and begins to stomp Austin square in the face. He then decides to go for a demeaning cover, and McMahon counts, at a normal speed, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Lesnar smiles again, and tells McMahon that this is where we have some fun.
Lesnar picks Austin up, and whips him off the ropes, then hit’s a flapjack, dropping Stone Cold, throat first, onto the ropes, choking Austin, who bounces off the ropes, and is booted down by Brock. McMahon claps the Lesnar offence, as Brock begins to step his game up, and it looks like Austin may not have much left in the tank. Lesnar picks Austin up, and gets him up for a fisherman suplex, but then holds up in the air, almost like a torture rack, then drops Austin to the mat, who falls like a sack of potatoes.
Brock kicks Austin in the head, then decides to take a break, and lies on the top rope, whilst McMahon tries to humiliate Austin, by counting him out as he lays on the ground.


Austin then pulls himself up on McMahon, but Vince slaps him to the ground, and boots at his back trash talking along the way. He picks Austin up by the face, and slaps him, but Austin then shows his fighting spirit, and knocks Vince with a stunning right, then uses the ropes to get to his feet, and he then blocks a shot from McMahon, and hits one of his own again. Austin then begins to tee off on McMahon with rights, but Lesnar then notices Austin gaining some momentum, and drops off the ropes, and goes toward Austin, but Austin blocks a punch, and levels Brock, then hits Vince, then hits Brock, Vince, Brock, Vince, Brock, Vince, Brock, Vince, Brock, then grabs both their heads, and rams them together. The two men then stagger around the ring, and Austin looks set to hits Vince with another right, but stops, then kicks him in the gut, then clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Lesnar then runs at Stone Cold, but Austin meets him with a knee to the gut, followed by a Russian Leg Sweep. Austin then drags in Chioda to make the count,



……KICK OUT!!!……
Austin gets up, and spots Vince dragging himself up on the ropes, and knocks him off again, then delivers a clothesline to Lesnar. He covers Brock again, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Austin drags Lesnar up in the corner, and chops him, then Lesnar chops back. Austin then stomps, but Lesnar punches back, then head butts Austin, who staggers away, then Lesnar comes toward him, but Austin pokes Lesnar in the eyes, and hits an atomic drop, followed by a chop block to the knee, putting Lesnar down. Austin then yanks the leg, and scores with three pin point elbows to the knee. Austin then rams his knee into the knee of Brock, and stomps at the leg, wearing and tearing the muscle on Lesnar. He then drags Lesnars leg to the apron, and rams it against the ring post, and Lesnar rolls around the ring, clutching his leg. Stone Cold smiles, and brings the steel steps into the ring. Austin pushes Chioda out of the way, then stomps at the leg again, before dropping the steps on the knee of Brock. He the slams the steps against Lesnar’s leg again, and applies a figure four on Lesnar.
Brock screams out in pain, after taking a huge amount of punishment to the knee, but fights on, and scratches and claws his way to the ropes, eventually making them, but Austin has no intention of breaking the hold. Chioda tells Austin to break it, but Austin smiles, flips the bird, and bounces his head side to side, ignoring the referee. Chioda eventually breaks the hold himself, and Austin is not happy. He points at Chioda, and tells him that they are gonna have words later on. Stone Cold goes right back to work on the leg of Lesnar, stomping at the leg, and drops another few elbows. Brock though, kicks Austin away, and takes a moment to take a breather, but Austin doesn’t, and gets right back up, and grabs the steel chair from earlier, and nails Lesnar with a blistering shot to the head of the next big thing. Austin covers,



McMahon stands over Chioda, as Austin looks up irate. Vince tells Austin that only he can make the count, no on else. Austin gets up, and chases McMahon around the ring, but as the chase goes on, Lesnar rolls to the outside, and as Vince runs past, Austin follows, but doesn’t see Brock, and he is met with an overhead Belly to Belly suplex on the unproductive mats!!!
Lesnar celebrates the cunning move he and Vince have just made, and then grabs the steel steps as if they were a football, and hoists them up into the air, and nails Austin between the eyes…AND AUSTIN IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! Austin has been busted open, and busted open badly. He pulls himself up on the barrier, then turns around, and is met by Lesnar, who picks up Austin, and hits three rib breakers, before dropping Austin to the ground. Brock picks Austin up, and slams his bloody head off the steel steps, then whips him, face first into the ring post, and follows up with a clothesline. Brock then pounds down the beaten and bloody Rattlesnake, and rubs his forearm all over the face of Austin, as an act of total disrespect.
Vince meanwhile, instead of trying to get the action back into the ring, is directing traffic, giving Brock ideas of what to do to the Rattlesnake. Lesnar picks Stone Cold up on his shoulders, and hit’s the snake eyes onto the barrier, then hit’s a German Suplex, onto the prone neck of Steve Austin. Brock then drags Stone Cold back into the ring, and immediately hit’s a looonnngggg back suplex. He thinks about the cover, but decides against it, and picks up the steel chair, then tells McMahon to watch this. He begins to drive the chair into the sternum of Austin, then slams the chair against his ribs, hits him on the head, the legs, the body, the head, legs, body, head, legs, body, and head, then drops the chair, after handing on the punishment. McMahon nods, loving what he is seeing. He then tells Brock to get the chair again, and he does. McMahon holds Austin up, and Lesnar levels the motionless Rattlesnake with the chair. He gets a cover, and McMahon makes a quick count…
McMahon pounds the mat in frustration, and Lesnar clenches his fist in fury. He bounces off the ropes and hit’s a running knee lift on Austin, then sits him up again for the same move, but as Lesnar comes back off the ropes, he is met with a spine buster from Stone Cold!!! Austin then sets Lesnar up for the Stunner, but McMahon comes from behind and nails Austin with the chair to the back of the head. McMahon then drags Lesnar on top of Austin, but this takes quite a while, and eventually he does, then makes another quick count…
…1.2.KICK OUT!!!!
McMahon flops to the mat in shock. He cannot believe the heart of Stone Cold, and takes his frustration out on the battered Rattlesnake. He pounds Austin with right hands, but Austin seems to get a fourth wind, and starts to strike back at Vince, fighting up to his feet, and knocking back Vince with right hands, into the corner, then he begins to stomp the boss down, but Lesnar then runs over hit Austin with a corner splash, but Austin moves out of the way, and Lesnar nails McMahon instead. Lesnar then turns around, and Austin goes for a stunner, but Brock drops down to his knees and low blows Stone Cold, and follows up with a devastating F5!!! Brock hooks the leg, but Vince is unable to count too quickly, due to having just been beaten up…



Lesnar tries to not let this affect him, and he picks up the steel chair once again, and throttles Austin with another blow to the head, dropping the Bionic Redneck to the mat again. Vince tells Brock to go for the cover, but Lesnar says he has a better idea, and picks Austin up, before applying a bear hug!!
The blood from Austin’s head drips onto the shoulder, and down the back of Lesnar, and he synchs in the hold, and instead of asking IF he wants to give up, Vince tells Austin to give it up. Austin seems to be fading fast, as Lesnar continues to apply pressure, gripping Austin and even adding in a head butt here and there. Austin looks to have totally faded, and possibly passed out, then Lesnar just drops him to the ground, and stomps on his bloody head adding insult to injury. He picks Austin up, and slaps him down, picks him up, and slaps him down. Then Austin uses the ropes to get up, and tries to kick back at Brock, but the kick has no effect, and Lesnar slaps Austin again. Austin uses the ropes to stay up, and then comes at Brock, but Brock slaps him down to one knee. Austin refuses to give up though, and continues to rise to his feet, infuriating Lesnar further.
Brock backs Austin into the corner, and unleashes a series of right hands, but Austin fires some right back, and fights out of the corner, but Lesnar then drives a knee to the midsection, and sends him into the ropes, and then puts his head down, but Austin holds the ropes, and Lesnar is still waiting for Austin to come back. He then looks up, and sees Austin standing by the ropes, flipping the bird again. Brock then runs at Austin, but Austin hit’s a back body drop, sending Lesnar to the outside, leaving just McMahon and Austin. Austin goes for McMahon, and McMahon, again tries to get away, but Austin catches him, and drags him back to the middle of the ring, then starts to choke him, showing his pent up anger at the referee. However, Brock rescues McMahon, and comes from behind to put down the bloody Rattlesnake once again.
Lesnar then picks up Austin from the ground, but again, Austin refuses to take the beating, and comes right at Lesnar. He gets the best of the fist fight, then bounces off the ropes, but Lesnar then meets him with a spine buster, but again decides not to cover Austin, but instead smiles at Vince, who smiles back, and then Brock applies the SHARPSHOOTER!!! McMahon immediately calls for the bell, but everyone around the timekeepers desk sit where they are, look at McMahon and shake their heads saying no. Vince is furious!!! He tells them that after tonight, each and every single one of them are fired.
In the ring, Lesnar still has the Sharpshooter applied, but Austin refuses to tap to the submission. He scratches and claws his way to the ropes, and eventually makes the ropes to break the hold, but McMahon shows his true colours, and kicks Stone Cold’s arms off the ropes, and Lesnar drags him back to the centre of the ring. McMahon then gets down, and into the face of Austin, taunting him, telling him that he has to tap, but Austin responds by slapping Vince, despite being in the Sharpshooter. Vince then gets up, and kicks Austin in the head repeatedly, irate with Austin’s will to win. Brock, also frustrated, releases the hold, but immediately picks up Austin, and goes for the Bearhug again, but Austin fights it, and hit’s the STUNNER on Brock. He then goes for Vince and pounds him down in the corner, unloading on the boss.
Then Ford Field erupts, as we see a figure run down the aisle, chair in hand, but as they realise who it is, they begin to boo, as the person is PAUL HEYMAN, who runs down the aisle, looking back, probably because Bret is still after him. He runs into the ring, and hits Austin from behind with the chair. He then helps Vince up to his feet, and then…HEYMAN CLOCKS VINCE WITH THE CHAIR!!!!!!!! Ford Field goes berserk, as Heyman turns on McMahon. He stands over Vince and we can hear him screaming at Vince, “This was all my plan, but you ruined it!!! I only wanted you in Brock’s corner, but YOU had to be better. I’m sick of you, and sick of you always trying to outdo me!!! I’m Paul Heyman, don’t forget that!!!”
Paul then looks around the ring, and sees Austin going to cover Lesnar, and Chioda getting in to count. He then smashes the chair against the back of Stone Cold, and the cheers turn to boo’s for Heyman, as it becomes clear he is still on Lesnar’s side, but against Vince. He then nails Chioda with the chair, sending him to the outside again. He helps Brock up, and hands him the chair, then Ford Field erupts again, as Bret Hart comes through the crowd, and jumps into the ring, and spears down Heyman, pounding him down, but then as he gets up, he is met with an F5 from Lesnar!!!
Brock then nails Stone Cold with the chair again, and revives McMahon to make the cover,





Brock lies flat out on the mat, totally spent from Austin’s unbelievable courage in this unreal match. He and Vince then decide to double team Austin, and eventually drag him up, whip him off the ropes, but Austin ducks a double clothesline, and nails both men with a double clothesline of his own, but all three men are down.
Twenty seconds pass with little movement between any of the men, but eventually all three begin to try and get to their feet, while this happens, Bret also recovers, and picks up the chair. He looks around the ring, at the three men, first at Lesnar, and the crowd cheers for him to hit Brock, then at Austin, but the crowd boo, and tell him not to, then he looks at McMahon, and the arena goes nuts wanting him to nail McMahon. Bret then points at Vince and goes toward him, but instead of nailing him with the chair, BRET HELPS VINCE TO HIS FEET, AND HANDS HIM THE CHAIR!!!
Vince smiles, takes the chair, then gives Bret a playful slap to the face, and the two men hug!!! Ford Field is ready to blow, as the hug breaks, but Bret’s smile then turns to a scowl, and he NAILS MCMAHON WITH A LOW BLOW!!! McMahon drops to his knees, holding his mid section, but Bret doesn’t see Brock coming, and is taken down with a clothesline from the 295 pounder!!!
Heyman now gets back into the ring, and jumps Austin from behind, stopping Stone Cold from getting Lesnar. Brock then gets Stone Cold up on his shoulders, and goes for the F5, but Austin lands on his feet, and goes for a Stunner, but Lesnar pushes Austin away, but Stone Cold clotheslines Heyman, then comes back, but is met with an F5!!! He gets a cover, but there is no referee available to make the count. Lesnar slaps Vince awake, then sees Austin getting up, and goes for the F5 again, but Austin fights out, ducks a clothesline, and NAILS THE STUNNER!!! He covers…


Austin then grabs McMahon by the shirt, but Brock NIPS UP, and comes from behind to Austin. He then kicks him into the corner, and goes to run at him, but Austin moves out of the way, and Lesnar bounces out…INTO THE STUNNER!!!!
Austin covers again…


Vince shakes his head refusing to count, then walks backward, and then walks into someone behind him…he slowly turns around, and its BRET!!! Hart clotheslines Vince, then locks in the Sharpshooter…Austin still has a cover, and McMahon in the Sharpshooter has no choice but to…

TAP ONCE (Crowd: 1)


TAP TWICE (Crowd: 2)


TAP THRICE!!!! (Crowd: 3!!!!!!!)

Austin goes to each turnbuckle in celebration, as Brock and Heyman help each other up the ramp, and McMahon is flopped out on the outside. Austin is bloody, battered, and beaten down, but he is the winner!!! He calls for two beers, then hands them to Bret. At first, Bret refuses, telling Austin is isn’t happy with him from Smackdown for stunning him, but Austin convinces him, and Bret eventually agrees. Austin then calls for two beers of his own, and they toast in the ring, and celebrate this awesome victory.

Michael Cole: I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! An unreal match, with the most bizarre pinfall finish. McMahon said that he must make the count, on his own, with his will, and HE DID!!! Against all the odds, Austin has done it!!! Despite facing an athlete in his prime, despite being out of the ring for ten months, despite facing his biggest enemy of all time as the referee, Stone Cold, has overcome all the odds, and along with Bret Hart has had the last laugh!!!

Tazz: This my friend, was a classic. The build up was so intense, the anticipation was so high, but it all delivered!!! From the action between Brock and Austin, to Heyman nailing Vince, to Bret making us all think he was siding with McMahon, What a rollercoaster, what a rocket buster!!! I have never seen a finish to a match quite like it Cole!!!

Michael Cole: Folks, it has been a pleasure to call Wrestlemania here tonight, but right now, Smackdown is going to sign off, and hand it over to RAW for the main event. Along with Tazz, I’m Michael Cole, signing off from WrestleMania. Its all yours J.R…

Jim Ross: Thank you Michael. Folks, right now, I am over the moon for Steve Austin, a close personal friend of mine, but I am so pumped, because we are about to see history be made, as Randy Orton faces John Cena, in the youngest WrestleMania main event of all time. Both men still in their twenties, Orton, the youngest champion of all time, Cena, his first ever singles main event, Pay Per View match, and what a time to have it.

Jerry Lawler: It all comes down to this J.R. Its all on the line. The title, reputations, bragging rights. Will Orton be triumphant?? Will Cena choke on the big stage, or will he make history?? Lets find out…

Wrestlemania moment; WrestleMania X-8: The Rock takes on “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan in front of 68,000 at the Toronto Sky Dome in a dream match.

We see John Cena walking down the corridor towards the stage, with many of the Raw superstars wishing him luck. He looks focused, and ready for a war.

Fanatix Series commercial, this month, The greatest WrestleMania moments…

We then see Randy Orton, staring hard at his championship belt, then getting up, and walking out of the room, for the main event…

Cena - Orton Video Package;
Clips from both men coming through the ranks in recent years, and clips from both beating big names in big matches.
Cena winning the Royal Rumble
First showdown, with Orton getting in the head of Cena, saying Cena isn’t ready.
Cena beating Ric Flair and Batista in consecutive weeks.
Cena getting the upper hand on Orton, and vice versa.
Orton beating down Cena in Cena’s hometown.
Showdown from last week, leading to handshake and staredown.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest, is scheduled for one fall, and is for the World Heavyweight Championship!!! In this match, there will be no disqualifications, and all interference is banned!!!

**Wordlife plays into the arena, and the #1 Contender walks out onto the stage, stops, looks around, then signals to the crowd, and rips off a jersey, reminiscent to the days of Hulkamania, as Cena steps into his first ever PPV main event**

Howard Finkel: Introducing first the challenger, from West Newberry, Massechessuets, weighing 252 pounds, JOHHHHNNNNNN CENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

**Cena gets into the ring, and starts to jump up and down, awaiting the arrival of his opponent, Randy Orton**

Jim Ross: This one has been talked about since Cena won the Rumble. These two have NEVER met, one on one, and there is no more fitting way, than for the first one to be at WrestleMania!!!

Jerry Lawler: I see fear in his eyes J.R!!! Cena might be overcome by the occasion!!!

**Evolution hits, and we see the arrival of Randy Orton, the Worlds Heavyweight Champion, making his way to the ring, not in his usual cocky manner, but in a more serious way than normal**

Howard Finkel: And, introducing, the opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 248 pounds, he is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….RANNNNNDYYYY ORRRRRRRRRRRRRTONNNNNN!!!!!!

**Orton stands at the ring apron, locking eyes with Cena, then gets into the ring, and goes to the far corner**

Jim Ross: This is THE main event.

Jerry Lawler: It all comes down to this J.R. The talking is over, lets finally get it on!!!

Main Event:
World Heavyweight Championship Match:
No Disqualifications:
(Youngest Main Event in WrestleMania History)

Randy Orton © vs. John Cena
Orton then jumps down off the top turnbuckle, and locks eyes with Cena, who walks across the ring to Orton. Orton drops the belt, and the two men immediately go at it!! Orton throws a right, which is blocked by Cena, Cena then throws a punch, which is blocked by the Legend Killer, then Orton catches Cena with a left, and a right, and a left, and a right in quick succession, but Cena comes right back, taking down Orton, and unloading with eight lefts and rights to the skull. He picks up Orton, and whips him off the ropes, connecting with a reverse elbow, knocking the champion back down to the ground. He picks up the belt, and swings at the champion, but Orton ducks, and knocks the championship out of Cena’s hands, then smacks Cena with some lefts and rights, before whipping him off the ropes, but Cena reverses the whip, and sends the champion off the ropes, but Orton ducks a clothesline, bounces off the ropes, but runs into a dropkick from Cena, directly to the chin.
Cena then stands over Orton, and tells him that “You cant seeee me!!”, then bounces off the ropes, and hit’s the five knuckle shuffle. He gets the first cover of the match, 1...2...Kick Out. Cena then bounces off the ropes again, and hit’s a running knee lift to Orton. The Dr. of Thuganomics then picks up Randy again, and whips him off the ropes, but as Orton comes back, he hit’s a swinging neck breaker, retaking the advantage in this match.
Orton then raises his hand in the air, signalling for the RKO. Cena gets up, and Orton goes for it, but Cena pushes him into the ropes, and then gets him up for the FU, but Orton lands on his feet, then goes for an FU to Cena, but he counters, and goes for an RKO, but Orton then pushes Cena over the top rope, to the floor, in a desperate attempt to save himself this early on.
Orton is then dragged by the legs to the outside by Cena, and the two young men slug it out on the outside, punch for punch, in a no quarter asked, none given style which gets the crowd solidly into the match. Orton looks to be getting the best of the brawl, but Cena begins to fire back, and knocks Orton down. He then bounces Orton’s head off the announce table, but Orton then elbows Cena away, and comes at him, but Cena sees him coming and hit’s a back body drop, with Orton landing on the unprotective mat on the outside. Cena then goes to pick up Orton, but the Legend Killer kicks him away, then gets up, and body slams him onto the floor. Orton then picks up a chair, and goes to ram it into the sternum of Cena, but the challenger blocks it, then kicks the chair out of his hands, and then hit’s a jawbreaker to Orton. Cena then picks up the chair, and goes for Orton, but Orton blocks it, and rams Cena into the barricade, before rolling him back into the ring.
Orton stomps Cena in the corner, then chokes him with his foot, before releasing, and picking him up. He whips Cena off the ropes, and then goes for a sleeper, but its too early in the match, and Cena fights out quickly, then goes for a clothesline, but Orton ducks, and then rolls up the challenger, 1...2...Kick Out. Cena then jumps up, but Orton takes his opponent down with a fireman’s carry, before hitting a knee drop, 1...2...Kick Out again. Orton then picks up Cena and chops him, but Cena comes back with a chop to Orton. He then goes for a DDT, but Orton counters into an arm drag, and applies an arm bar, but Cena quickly rolls through, and breaks the hold, then drops his leg on Orton. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out. Cena then picks up Orton, but the champion hit’s a forearm uppercut, then throws Cena to the outside, before untying the top turnbuckle.
Cena gets back in, but is met by a clothesline from Orton. Randy whips Cena off the ropes, but lowers his head too early, and Cena kicks him, then follows up with a throwback. He covers the champion, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Orton gets up quickly, but walks right into a flapjack from Cena, then quickly, and smartly rolls out to take a break from Cena, who seems to be gathering some momentum. Cena realises that Orton is trying to get a breather, and quickly follows to the outside in pursuit. He stalks Orton around the ringside area, pounding him on the back, as Orton staggers away. Orton then falls over the timekeepers table, as Cena closes in, but Orton has just lured him, and nails Cena with the ring bell.
Cena falls backward, flopping to the ground.
Orton then picks Cena up, and the challenger has been busted open from the bell shot. Orton throws Cena over the guard rail, and follows, into the crowd, and he begins to pound on Cena through the crowd. The Dr. of Thuganomics looks to be a little worse for wear after being busted open, and could well be concussed, as he staggers through the sea of humanity, being followed by the champion, who has a big advantage at this time. Orton continues to punch Cena through the audience, then Cena grabs a cup of cola, and throws it at Orton, temporarily blinding the champion. Cena then clotheslines Randy down, and grabs another cup of cola, and takes a long drink, before stomping on Orton.
John Cena then picks Orton up, and pulls him through the crowd, to the ramp way, where the two men slug it out, punch for punch. Cena wins this exchange, beating Orton down to his knees, then he boots Orton in the face, and goes for a knee drop, but The Champion moves out of the way, and Cena hit’s the steel ramp way instead. Orton then once again takes the advantage, and whips Cena onto the apron, back first, before getting him back into the ring. Orton stomps at the knee of Cena, after Cena missed the knee drop moments ago. He kicks and stomps at the body part, then tries to pull the leg out of its socket, before dragging Cena to his feet, and whipping him to the corner. Orton pounds on his opponent, and kicks at the knee, before walking back out, and posing at the fans. Orton then turns back around, and is met with Cena, who bursts out of the corner, with a HUGE clothesline!!! Cena then grabs the ropes, showing the pain of his knee, then shaking it loose, before grounding Orton, and furiously pounding at the champion.
Cena then whips Orton off the ropes, but the champion ducks a clothesline, and comes back with a chop block to the already injured knee of Cena. Randy then sweeps the leg again, bringing Cena down like a sack of potatoes, before dropping an elbow to the knee, and then Orton grabs the leg, and starts to strut ala his buddy Ric Flair, and signals for the Figure Four. Orton goes for it, but hooks Orton’s leg, and trips him to the mat, before getting up, and catapulting the champion into the exposed turnbuckle which Orton exposed himself!!! Orton then staggers back, busted open, and walks into a Russian leg sweep from the challenger. Cena covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Both men stay down for a little bit, as Cena shows the effects of his leg injury, and Orton tries to recover from the Russian leg sweep, and the fact he has just been busted open. Cena is up first, and body slams Orton, before bouncing off the ropes, but Orton jumps up, and kicks Cena’s knee again. Orton then stomps Cena to the mat, before dropping his knee onto Cena, and four consecutive elbows to the knee too. Orton then drags Cena to the corner, and places his leg on the second rope, before tying it up in the ropes, letting Cena dangle. Orton chokes Cena with his foot, and then stomps the leg, which Cena cannot do anything about. Eventually, Cena is freed from the ropes, but Orton keeps up with the pressure, kicking Cena to the mat, with consecutive shots to the knee. The Champion then grabs the leg again, and for the second time, tries to lock in the Figure Four, and this time, he does!!!
Cena is flat out on the mat in pain, and his shoulders hit the mat, 1...2...Shoulder goes up. Cena looks to be drifting out of the match, as his shoulders hit the mat again, 1...2...Shoulder goes up again. Orton then waits for the referee to look away, and he pulls on the ropes for extra leverage, causing the challenger to yell out in agony. Cena tries his best to make the ropes, pulling as hard as he can, but doesn’t seem to have much luck, and the shoulders go down once again, 1...2...Kick Out. Cena then shoots up, in one big burst, and pulls again to bring himself to the ropes, but falls just short, as Orton begins to smile, knowing Cena could tap in a few seconds. Cena’s shoulders fall again, 1...2...Shoulder up from Cena again!!! Cena then pulls one last time to make the ropes……he throws his hand to the ropes and……MAKES IT!!!!
Orton cant believe the challenger made the ropes, and releases the hold, then tries to pull Cena back to the centre, but is kicked away by the Dr. of Thuganomics, then Cena manages to get to his feet, and hit’s a DDT to the Legend Killer!!! Both men are down, and stay down, as the referee begins to count them out…

Cena makes it to his feet first, and waits until Orton rises before hitting a clothesline, then a second, and a third, then rams Orton into the corner, and unloads with at least a dozen right hands, before telling Orton that, “Youuuuu cannnnnnnnnnnt seeeeeee meeeeeeee!!!” then hit’s a hip toss across the ring before getting a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Orton.
Cena now looks like he is stepping it up a gear in this match, and picks up a steel chair, and THROTTLES Orton with it, turning Orton’s slight cut, into a deep wound. He covers the Legend Killer…



Cena looks impressed with Orton being able to kick out rather than disappointed, then picks up Orton, but Randy turns the tables once again, this time, with a well placed rake to the eyes, followed by a DDT. Orton pulls himself up on the ropes, and picks up the chair, with the blood dripping from his brow, getting into his eyes. He picks the weapon up, and waits for Cena to get up, and turn around, then NAILS HIM!!! Orton gets the cover,



Orton puts his head down in disappointment that Cena kicked out. He stomps on the head of cena, trying to open the challengers wound, which has all but closed over from earlier on in the match. He picks Cena up, but the Dr. of Thuganomics fights back, then bounces off the ropes, but as he comes at Orton, Orton sidesteps him, and sends the challenger to the outside!! The Champion follows, and drops Cena, rib first onto the barricade, before ramming him, head first, into the steel steps. Orton then bounces Cena’s head off the steps four times, before ramming him into the barrier again. Cena flops to the ground in a heap, while Orton looks under the ring for a weapon. He pulls out a trashcan, but as he goes for cena, the challenger sees him coming, and kicks him in the gut, then takes the trashcan, and plants Orton with it. Orton staggers around ringside, with Cena following, and hit’s the champion with the trashcan again, this time to the back. Orton then sits against the barrier, with Cena coming at him with the trashcan, but Orton hit’s a drop toe hold, and Cena hit’s the barrier, jaw first. He bounces back, and clutches his face in agony, as Orton staggers up, and tries to lift up the steel steps, eventually getting them up. Orton then THROWS the steps at Cena, which catch the challenger square in the face, with Ford Field letting out a HUGE “Ooooooooooooo”. Cena falls to the ground again, as Orton uses the apron to stay up. We get a close up of Cena, who has now had his wound well and truly re-opened after the step shot. Orton then doesn’t let the moment slip, and gets onto Cena, rolling him back into the ring, covering the Dr. of Thuganomics,



Orton slaps his own face in disgust, and then picks up Cena, before hitting a uppercut forearm, backing Cena into the corner. He stomps at the challenger, then walks back a little and goes for a splash into the corner, but Cena moves, then hit’s a reverse elbow to champion. Cena takes a moment to catch his breath, leaning against the ropes, then decides to take a risk, and begins to climb to the top rope. He looks a little unsteady, and nearly slips off, but just as he is ready to jump off, Randy kicks the ropes, and Cena gets caught on the top rope. Orton then slowly climbs to the top rope, and pounds the back of Cena, before hooking him up, and nailing a superplex!!!! The two warriors are both out of it, and Earl Hebner has to count them out…

Orton rolls on top of Cena for a cover…



Orton looks ready to cry, as the energy levels are fading for both men at this stage, with neither having much left to give. Orton slowly picks up Cena, but cena drops down, a cradles Orton…1...2...Kick Out!!! Both jump up, and Cena goes for a clothesline, but Orton ducks, and gets a backslide on Cena, 1...2...Kick Out!! Both men get to their feet again, but Orton rolls up Cena with a handful of tights, 1...2...Kick Out again!!! Orton then goes for a dropkick, but Cena moves out of the way, then gets a victory roll on Orton, 1...2...ORTON ROLLS THROUGH FOR A COVER, 1...2...CENA ROLLS THROUGH AGAIN, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Both men seem to being digging deep, and pulling out all the stops in one last effort for victory. They both jump up, Orton runs at Cena, but the challenger hits an arm drag, then goes for the Figure Four himself, but Orton quickly gets to the ropes before the hold can be locked on. Hebner is then forced to pull Cena away from Orton, and while this happens, Orton grabs Cena’s chain, which goes unnoticed by the Dr. of Thuganomics, so he walks over to Orton, and gets planted with the chain!!! In desperation, Orton puts his feet on the ropes for the pinfall,



Orton’s eyes nearly pop out of his head in amazement for Cena kicking out. He cannot believe the desire of Cena. Randy picks up cena, and whips him off the ropes, then as he comes back, Orton applies a sleeper. Cena immediately fades, and Hebner has no choice but to put Cena’s arm up…FALLS DOWN…up again…FALLS DOWN…one last time…THE ARM GOES DOW- NO!!!! CENA KEEPS HIS ARM UP!!! The challenger then gets to his knees, with the crowd well and truly behind him all the way. Cena elbows Orton in the gut, and again, as Orton’s grip begins to wear out. Cena eventually elbows his way out, and breaks free of Orton.
He bounces off the ropes, and scores with a clothesline. Cena then signals to the crowd, and gets Randy up for the FU, but Orton fights out, saving himself from going down, then goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks, and John Cena SCORES WITH AN RKO TO ORTON!!! He falls on top of Randy for the pinfall…



A sudden hush comes over the arena, who didn’t expect Orton to kick out, and neither did Cena. Cena shakes his head, then pounds the back of Orton, before bouncing off the ropes, but runs into a dropkick from Randy!!! Orton gets the cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Orton gets up, and stomps on Cena, then bounces off the ropes, but walks into a spine buster from the challenger!!! Both men are down, in this truly gruelling championship slugfest, as Cena slowly crawls over on top of Orton, 1...2...Kick Out again!!! Cena gets to his feet, then falls backwards into the ropes, looking absolutely spent. He then slightly recovers, and picks up Orton, but Orton hit’s a jawbreaker to cena, who staggers away, then turns back to Orton, and is met with an RKO!!!!!!!! Randy hooks the leg for the title…



Orton thinks he has won, but is soon told otherwise, and again goes into a state of shock. He pleads with Hebner before picking up Cena again for the RKO, but this time, Cena pushes him away, off the ropes, then gets him up for the FU, but Orton rolls through, then gets up Cena for the FU…AND SCORES!!!! Orton cover the challenger with his own move…



NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cena had his foot on the ropes again!!! Orton falls to his knees is shock, begging Hebner to change his mind. He pounds the mat in absolute despair. Orton then picks Cena up off the ground again, and goes for the FU again, but Cena fights out, and HIT’S THE FU ON ORTON!!!!



Cena cant believe it!!! Randy Orton just kicked out of his finishing move!!! Cena wipes the blood from his face, then stalks Orton for an RKO, but as he goes for it, Orton scores with a mule kick, right in manhood city. Orton then rolls Cena up, holding the tights, and putting his feet on the ropes!!!



Randy then realises that it will take something big to win this match, and picks up Cena, then places him on the top rope, with J.R and King speculating that he’ll go for a superplex, but then, Orton gets to the top rope himself, then is ready to go for an RKO off the top, but Cena fights it, forcing Orton to turn around, but Cena ducks a right, then gets Orton up on his shoulders, and turns him around, then HIT’S THE FU OFF THE TOPR ROPE!!!!
“Holy Shit” fills the arena, as Cena crawls to the lifeless Orton, crawls, and crawls, and gets an arm over…



Winner; And…NEWWWWWWWW World Heavyweight Champion, JOHN CENA!!!
Cena rolls over, and puts his head in his hands, in disbelief that his dream has finally come true, and he is the Champion of the World, picking up his first ever title win, at the main event of WrestleMania.
Earl Hebner helps him to his feet, and awards him with the Title belt, which Cena hugs then celebrates like a mad man to the Ford Field crowd. Meanwhile, Orton is helped out of the ring by officials, looking dazed, and upset, and as he reaches the top of the ramp, turns around, and looks to the ring where Cena is celebrating, and takes a moment to clap his rival, who on this night was just better…
Cena continues the celebrations, going to each turnbuckle, looking very emotional, as we prepare to end the PPV……

Jim Ross: CENA!!! CENA WINS!!!! CENA WINS!!! CENA WINS!!! John Cena has proved the critics wrong, he’s proved Evolution wrong, and has proved that he belongs!!! John Cena has lived his dream, and become the World Heavyweight Champion!!! Randy Orton has been beaten, and beaten on level terms, in a heck of a contest, with nothing held back, but one true champion has been crowned!!!

Jerry Lawler: I’m seeing it, but I sure as hell don’t believe it J.R.
Credit where credit is due, John Cena had a great performance here tonight, but you have to commend Randy Orton for being the valiant, true champion that he is, when he decided to go it alone, and try to prove he was the man, but on this night, in this arena, in this incredible event, we have a NEW World Heavyweight Champion for RAW!!! John Cena bested Orton, end of story.

Jim Ross: Right here, we have shown you tonight, that while all the glitz, and all the glamour surrounding this event was great, its in the ring where it all goes down, tonight not only John Cena and Randy Orton let it hang loose, but so did the other forty seven superstars involved in the action tonight. An incredible effort from everybody here tonight, has made this arguably THE greatest WrestleMania of ALLLLLL time!!!!

Jerry Lawler: I must be getting sentimental in my old age J.R, but for once, I’m in total agreement with you!!!

Jim Ross: The journey to WrestleMania Twenty One has ended, but folks, we can now begin the journey to WrestleMania Twenty Two!!! Its been an emotional, roller coaster of a ride to get this far, for this mind-blowing event. It has been my pleasure to call this epic WrestleMania, and it has been my pleasure in providing each and every one of you with something that I hope you never EVER forget…Goodnight…

End of show…
Thoughts… likes… dislikes…favourite match…worst match…favourite moment…least favourite moment…any comments will be truly appreciated…
WrestleMania 21……94 pages long……And now, I’m sure you will all understand that after this PPV I will be taking a six to eight week break. Thanks to everyone who replies, and has replied in the past, without you, this event wouldn’t have happened……………

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Re: Being the booker

i am happy to have the honour to say first that this was the greatest ever!
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Re: Being the booker

Deffinitely the best BTB PPV Ive ever read end of story
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Re: Being the booker

oh my god......

You are truely the King of the BTB Forum

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