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Re: Being the booker

That will be good for me Wolf Beast because I am on the 18th or 19th page of this thread. That will give me some more time to catch up on this thread because it is really awesome! I hope I can be caught up by the time you post your next show!

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Re: Being the booker

I wrote an pretty long review but my computer fucked up as I posted it. I've been having trouble all week so sorry for the 'not in depth' review.

Raw - Great HBK Promo, great heel heat with the 'Sneezing on Atlanta Falcons Jersey' that was a great way to get some boos going....
Christian winning the Title. Boy oh boy Edge is gonna be PISSED...and he'll come for the title causing a Edge/Xtian match at WM, possibly Ladder.
Great Cena/Book/Goldy fake rap promo
Kane holding Trish hostage was....typical Kane i suppose.
Cena comes out on top in the Main Event, and I think he might come out on top at WM.

Smackdown - The heat is building between Austin/Lesnar, tensions rising and adding Bret to it makes it even more crucial. I see a turn and I'm sad to say it, but I see Bret making it..
No Rock or HHH made the show a little...lacklustre.
Liked the Main Event aftermath showcasing Goldberg as a monster....
Show wasn't as good as Raw

Sorry the reply was short as I say I was fucking cut off and I had a fat reply...looking forward to the next one (show)
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Re: Being the booker

Unfortunately, Wolfie's computer is screwed at the moment, so he asked me to post the show (and the new GFX i made ) for him. I hope Wolfie can get onto W-E soon to see the outstanding replies.

RAW; 7th March 2005; Boston:

Opening Video


J.R: RAW comes to you live from the hometown of the #1 Contender, John Cena!!! Tonight, Cena is in action as he takes on the animal of Evolution, Batista!!!!

King: What type of ovation will Cena get J.R?? My guess is something HUGE!!!! But it wont be for long, cause tonight, Cena is in big time trouble, taking on Batista!!! The Doctor of Thuganomics is walking in here tonight as a hometown hero, but my guess is, he will be leaving a LOSER!!!

J.R: Also tonight, Victoria faces Jazz, with the winner facing Shaniqua at WrestleMania, and Kane is back tonight, and he is also in action!!!

King: You can bet any money that Chris Jericho will be on the trail of Kane here tonight.

J.R: Well, I would heavily suspect it King. But also King, what will go down between Edge and Christian after last weeks shenanigans.

1st Match: #1 Contenders match for Women’s Championship @ WM;

Victoria vs. Jazz

Hard hitting match, with both women going at it full throttle, brawling in the crowd, and back in the ring, with the action going back and forth between the two women. They hit a double clothesline on each other, and both go down. As the referee begins to count them out, Shaniqua appears, and runs down the ramp, then attacks both women with the belt, causing the third no contest in as many weeks in women’s matches…

Winner: No Contest

Shaniqua powerbombs both women, then leaves up the ramp, as we are now left with no #1 Contender at WM…

We then see highlights of last weeks incidents involving Edge and Christian, with Edge out cold, Christian then defending the title on behalf of Edge, but then being announced as the new I.C Champion. We then cut backstage, and see the duo arrive…

Christian: I know this sucks bro. I thought I was doing the right thing defending the belt for you. I didn’t know the rules.

Edge: I guess. You know, I’m happy for you man, but when I find out who attacked me last week, there will be hell to pay!!!

Christian: (Looking a little worried) I don’t feel right about it though. In fact, tonight, I’m gonna request for me to lie down for you, and you can take the title back, its only fair.

Edge: No. That’s not right. If I’m gonna get the belt back, I want to do it alone.

Christian: No. I’m doing it.

Edge: Listen, I rea-

Christian: NO. I’M DOING IT!!! No need to thank me.

Christian walks off, as Edge looks a little confused…

Interview with Evolution

Todd: I’m alongside Evolution, and tonight guys, we are in the hometown of John Cena, and Batista you face Cena, with less than two weeks to WrestleMania. Is there a plan behind tonight’s match??

Batista: (Smiles) Plans?? The only plan Evolution has Todd, is to make sure John Cena knows what he is in for at WrestleMania…if he makes it there that is…

Orton: That’s right. Last week, Cena had the last laugh, on that night. But he who laughs last, laughs the loudest. And after the chair shots Ric and Dave took last week, and the FU I took, we need to laugh. We’re not happy at all, so we need to cheer ourselves up, and tonight, we will be the ones laughing loudest…

Flair: WOOOOO!!! Cena!!! I hope your watching this, because after were done with ya tonight, there wont be much of a memory in that brain of yours. I didn’t take too kindly to the chair shot last week, neither did Batista. And as for the FU on Randy, BIG MISTAKE!!!!

Orton: You damn right. Tonight John, your homecoming, will turn into a nightmare!!

Back to ringside…

J.R: Up next folks, Batista vs. Cena!!! It will be an explosion!!!

King: Oh boy. I cant wait, especially after the words coming from Evolution!!!

J.R: Right now though, its time for the Smackdown rebound folks. And boy oh boy, if you missed Smackdown last week, you DON’T want to miss this!!!

King: Without a doubt!!!

Smackdown Rebound:

- Kurt Angle accepting Goldberg’s challenge for WM, then Goldberg attacking Angle later in the night…

- Announcement of six pack match for CW title at WM.

- Rock to return next week.

- Bret announcing he will be in Austin’s corner at WM, then Heyman challenging Bret to Allow Vince on SD, which is accepted, then Austin attacks Lesnar and Heyman…


2nd Match:

Batista vs. John Cena

Cena, expectedly gets a rousing ovation from his hometown fans, and starts the match on fire, but then, he is beaten down by Batista, who takes control of the match, utilizing his power, and nails his big Spinebuster for a two, but then Cena turns the tide again, but as he goes for the FU, Orton and Flair walk down the ramp causing a distraction. Cena gets out of the ring, and takes out both, then is attacked from behind by Batista. Batista goes for the Demon Bomb, but Cena rolls through, and gets a cradle, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: John Cena

After the win, Cena is immediately attacked by Orton and Flair. Batista nails the Demon Bomb, then Orton asks his two stable mates to leave him alone with Cena. Orton then destroys Cena, wearing him out with a steel chair, and hitting an RKO. He then soaks up the heat from the crowd, and picks up Cena again, and this time, hits……THE FU!!!!! Orton then stands in the ring, with a smug smile, as Cena is out, and Orton then walks out, his point being made.


J.R: Less than two weeks away from WrestleMania XXI, and folks, the line up is looking pretty stacked now. Triple H vs. The Rock, Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar, The six way Cruiserweight title match, Benoit vs. Guerrero, Angle vs. Goldberg, and on the RAW side King…

King: It’s Michaels vs. Taker, and we will take a look at the history behind that one in just a moment, also, Kane vs. Jericho, and the main event. The youngest WrestleMania main event of all time J.R, its Orton vs. Cena!!!

J.R: And just added folks, we have been informed that there will be a 20 man Battle Royal, with nine RAW superstars, nine Smackdown superstars, and get this…two special guest legends!!!

King: Oh, I love it J.R!!! I love Battle Royals, especially at WM. Its almost a tradition. WrestleMania two, four, seventeen, and last year all saw battle royals, and we get another this year!!!

J.R: I am still in shock over the beating John Cena just took in his hometown, and adding insult to injury, Orton hit the FU, Cena’s signature move.

King: Oh, I couldn’t believe it. Orton may have crossed the line J.R.

J.R: Orton will get his, I’m sure of it. But right now, as mentioned a moment ago, we have a special video, highlighting the history between HBK Shawn Michaels, and the Undertaker…

· HBK screwing Taker out of the WWF Title at Summer Slam ‘97

· Michaels beating Taker inside Hell in a Cell, due to interference, after taking a total beating.

· The Casket Match at RR ‘98 between the two, when Taker was screwed out of victory again.

· Deadman returning at Armageddon, and taking his frustrations out on HBK

· Michaels screwing Undertaker out of the World Title at RR just two months ago.

· Taker unable to get revenge, as HBK continues to duck the Deadman

· Announcement of match at WM.

· Takers promo from two weeks ago

· HBK’s in ring segment last week

Backstage, we see Kane arriving with Trish, still tied up. Kane pushes officials out of the way, as they try to get him to let Trish go…

Back to ringside…

J.R: King, business has just picked up…

King: For sure. Kane, the psycho has arrived, but lets hope someone can get Trish away from the madman as soon as possible.

J.R: I’m worried for that young woman’s safety King.

King: Me too J.R, me too…

Backstage, we see Mick Foley enter the women’s locker room, with both Victoria and Jazz irate with being screwed out of a title shot earlier.

Foley: Ladies, do you have a moment.

The two women quickly walk over to Foley…

Foley: After tonight’s no contest, it appears to me that we have no #1 contender for the women’s title at Wrestlemania. But I am hell bent on that championship being defended in two weeks, so what I’m gonna do is this. Victoria, Jazz, you BOTH have a title shot, as Shaniqua will defend in a triple threat match!!!

Both women are ecstatic after being given the great news. They then look toward each other, and showdown as we fade away…

3rd Match: Hardcore Championship Match:

Raven vs. Steven Richards

Run of the mill Hardcore match, with plenty of weapons used, in the end, Raven wins it with an Even Flow onto a trashcan

Winner: Raven


We return with Todd Grisham alongside Kane, and Trish

Todd: Kane, two weeks ago, you abducted Trish Stra-

Kane: I what?? Abducted?? No, you are very wrong Todd. I did not abduct Trish. She came with me on her own free will. These rags tying her up, well…its her little way of being kinky. (Laughs) Oh yeah, Trish here, is a real animal in the bedroom. (Strokes her hair, as Trish looks disgusted) Chris Jericho doesn’t know what he’s missing. Tonight, Trish will be accompanying me to the ring, but to be honest, I might be out of gas before then, because its hard to keep someone like Trish here, satisfied, if you know what I mean Todd. (Laughs)

Kane walks off, dragging Trish with him…

Back to ringside…

J.R: We are on another rocky ride here on RAW, that creep, Kane, is not only transfixed, but he is also delusional.

King: I’ll admit J.R, I was a little worried for Trish earlier, but after what I just saw, in my opinion, it looks like true love to me J.R. I knew Trish was a kinky one!!! The eyes tell it all J.R!!! What a lucky guy Kane is. Lets just hope that the jealous Jericho doesn’t try and meddle with these two.

J.R: Gimme a break. You know as well as I do, Trish has absolutely no interest in Kane whatsoever.

You Think you know me plays, and we see Edge and Christian make their way to the ring, both look a little out of sorts, as Christian takes a mic when they both get in…

Christian: Last week, I thought I done what was right for my family. I took it upon myself to do a completely selfless act, and defend this Intercontinental Title on behalf of my injured brother, Edge. Little was I to know, that this wasn’t actually valid to happen. I’m not gonna take the blame for it, but I will put the blame on our esteemed General manager, Mick Foley. He should have told me that this wasn’t the case, but Foley has a problem with a successful partnership, like mine and Edge’s, and he couldn’t bare to watch it blossom, so now he is trying to break us up, but it wont happen.

Tonight, I am once again being the selfless brother, and I will amend the problems made by Foley. Right now, I will lie down and allow by brother to take back this title. I don’t have to, but I will, because that’s the kind of guy I am. How about a round of applause for me then??

(No reaction from the crowd)

Christian:Thank you. At least I know that you people realise the sacrifice I am making, just to please by bro. Ok, get a ref down here then, and lets get this over with.

A referee makes his way to the ring, as Christian lies down for Edge. Edge looks around, a little uncomfortable with the situation, then is ordered by Christian to do it. He slowly makes his way down to cover, but then, Christian nails him with a right hand!!!

Edge is out cold, as we get a close up on Christian’s hand, which shows a steel chain. He then begins to pound on Edge, busting him open, then hit’s the Unprettier onto the I.C Title belt. He then picks up the mic, and begins to talk, whilst standing over the lifeless Edge…

Christian: Did you really think that I would just lie down, and let you take it from me. Not a hope in hell. I fooled you all. Every last one of you. Who really thought that I didn’t realise I couldn’t defend the belt on Edge’s behalf. That’s right, none of you. I not only outsmarted you morons, but I outsmarted Foley, all the boys in the back, and especially, Edge.

I orchestrated the whole thing. I couldn’t bare to see Edge be successful, while I was looked at as the second best member of Team E&C. The attack…I was behind it, BUT, believe me, I didn’t touch him. I didn’t lay one hand on Edge, but I know who did. However, its for me to know, and for none of you lot to know.

Edge, you should have never underestimated me. Look at where it has gotten you now. Captain Charisma has been held back for the last time. From now on, I’m out on my own, the leader of my own pack. I don’t need you Edge, you need me.

Christian’s old opera style music hits, and the CLB leaves the ring, with the title, with Edge still out of it.

J.R: What a devious, conniving, basta-

King: Now, now J.R. No need for that kinda talk. Christian, is…..a GENIUS!!!! He totally suckered Edge!!! Finally, Christian gets to shine, and not before too soon either J.R!!!

J.R: I am shocked and appalled by what I have just saw. Surely that creepy little bastard wont get away with this.


We return, watching Christian walk backstage, as superstars watch him go by, shaking their head in disgust. He then is met by Mick Foley…

Christian: Oh, here we go. Go ahead Mick, tell me how bad I was, and blah, blah, blah.

Foley: Well, its obvious you already know it yourself, so no, I wont bother.

Christian:I don’t believe it. Mick Foley, NOT preaching?? Are you feeling ok??

Foley: Oh, I’m feeling just fine, but that smug look on your face is about to be wiped off. You see, you obviously know the prestige behind the Intercontinental Championship, showing by the way you have treated it recently, so you know that as big a title as it is, it has to be defended at the biggest event of the year. So, at Wrestlemania, you will defend the title, against the former champion….your brother, the man you just attacked….EDGE!!!!

Christian: I can accept that. Its about time I proved that I am better than the jerk.

Foley: Hold on, I forgot one little stipulation. It will be….three stages of hell!!! He first fall, will be straight up, one on one, second fall, lets say….a strap match, and if it comes down to the decider, then you two will battle, in a TABLES LADDERS AND CHAIRS MATCH!!!!!!!!!

Christian’s face drops, as Foley begins to smile…

Foley: And Christian….(Gets up real close to his ear, then yells) THAT’S FINAL!!!!!!

Foley walks off, as Christian stands still, looking like he has seen a ghost.

Back to ringside…

J.R: Oh my God. A HUGE announcement from our General Manager, Mick Foley!!!

King: Brother vs. Brother at WrestleMania?? The possibility of TLC??? I cant believe it J.R!!! I cant wait for it either!!!

WrestleMania Relived:

This week, WrestleMania XI, from Hartford;

Bret Hart takes on Bob Backlund, HBK faces Diesel for the WWF Title, but is beaten by his former bodyguard, and Lawrence Taylor causes a huge shock, beating Bam Bam Bigelow in the Main Event.

4th Match: Winners get a place in Battle Royal;

Rob Van Dam & Sting vs. Brotherhood w/Theodore Long

RVD & Sting do well as a team, and overcome the disadvantage of Long at ringside, by picking up the win, after RVD hit’s the 5*, and gets the pin.

Winners: (And now in Battle Royal at WM XXI), Rob Van Dam & Sting

J.R: So there we have it. RVD & Sting have earned a place in the Battle Royal at the Showcase of the Immortals in thirteen days.

King: You know, these two will have to be up there as favourites for that Battle Royal. I wonder who Smackdown will have to offer??

J.R: And who will be the special guest legends??


Backstage, we see Evolution chatting as they leave the arena…

Flair: You know Randy, tonight, you proved that you are the man. You punked out Cena in front of his home fans. WOOOOO!!!

Orton: And it was so simple it was unreal. Cena cant even compete on our level.

Batista: Yeah, but don’t you think beating him down in front of his own people, would just fire him up more to take you out at Wrestlemania??

Orton: (Laughs) Dave, I have it covered. Please, don’t try to confuse the matter.

Orton and Flair get into the limo, and Batista looks on, a little annoyed.

Interview with Victoria…

Todd: I’m here with Victoria, who was told earlier she will have the opportunity to become the Women’s Champion at WrestleMania. Victoria, how do you feel??

Victoria: I am so ecstatic its unreal. But I’m only half way therefore now. I still need to go to Ford Field and finish the job.

Todd: Well, you are facing two of the most dominant women on the roster, that being Jazz and Shaniqua. You will likely be going into the match as underdog. Will this affect your chances??

Victoria:Todd, its all about belief. I have belief in myself, that I can do it, and in thir-

Shaniqua comes from behind, and nails Victoria with the title belt, before stomping on her, then walking off, leaving Victoria holding her head, in agony…

J.R: King, the road to WrestleMania is winding down, RAW has one more stop, next week, the Gund Arena, in Cleveland, hosts the last RAW, before March 20th. It will be one raucous night, as the Undertaker will be in action, and we will also find out the remaining participants from the RAW side of the Battle Royal at Wrestlemania.

King: I have goosebumps just thinking about it J.R. After all the talk, Wrestlemania will be dawning before we know it!!!

J.R: Well, folks, its now time for our Main Event, as Kane takes on Maven. Will Jericho get involved, we will find out, next!!!

Wrestlemania promo

Main Event:

Kane vs. Maven

Kane brings Trish to the ring with him, and she is still tied up, and gagged. Kane totally demolishes Maven, despite Maven’s best efforts.

Kane finishes him off with a Chokeslam, and then hit’s a Tombstone before getting the three.

Winner: Kane

Chris Jericho then sprints down to the ring, and levels Kane with an almighty chair shot, then quickly, he frees Trish. Kane then sits up, while Jericho tries to free her. Kane grabs Jericho by the hair, but Jericho has already untied Trish. Jericho yells at her to go, and Trish ends up running, despite not wanting to.

Kane begins to wail on Y2J, with kicks and stomps. He nails a boot, then a merciless chair shot, followed by a Chokeslam, and finally, a tombstone onto the chair.

Kane then gets up, looks at the broken body of Y2J, then quickly walks up the ramp, in pursuit of Trish as the show goes off the air……

End of Show


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXI:

Date: 20th March 2005

Location: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

Event Music: Eminem; Lose Yourself

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match:

Triple H vs. The Rock

Intercontinental Championship; 3 Stages of Hell Match:

1st Fall: One on one

2nd Fall: Strap Match:

3rd Fall (if necessary): Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Christian vs. Edge

United States Championship Match:

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

Womens Championship; Triple Threat Match:

Shaniqua vs. Jazz vs. Victoria

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:

Americas Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

The Showstoppa vs. The Deadman

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

War to Settle the Score:

Stone Cold Steve Austin w/ Bret Hitman Hart vs.

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman & Vince McMahon (unconfirmed)

Chris Jericho vs. Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg

20 Man Battle Royal:

9 RAW Superstars, 9 Smackdown Superstars, 2 Legends!!

Rob Van Dam, Sting, rest TBC

SD stars also TBC

2 Special Guest Legends

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2005:

Inductees: TBC

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Re: Being the booker

WOW!! Wrestlemania is gonna be huge, I sense Jericho winning unless Trish screws him again

Orton and Cena is a great feud, hope Orton retains hes a great heel

Taker and HBK, you still have one week to make it a hell in a cell(hint, hint)
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Re: Being the booker

awesome!! 10/10

-love the kane-jericho and christian-edge fueds.
-cena-orton is shaping up also
-the womens title match is also shaping up to be a good match
-taker-hbk is becoming awesome! nearly as good as the lesnar-austin!

love the match gfx Red Cold!!!! 10/10!!!!

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

Great show as always...Wrestlemania is gonna be HUGE
Edge v Christian...Three Stages Of Hell Is AWESOME!!
HBK v Taker...Definitely HIAC
Orton v Cena is also shaping up to be one hell of an encounter..but what's this with Batista now ***coughfaceturncough***

Great show..10/10

And btw...Red Cold...great GFX

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
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Re: Being the booker

One let's make it three.....OFF THE HOOK

Brilliant stuff Wolf Beast and I hope that you continue this thread after WrestleMania 21, I know you've been telling me about the exams and stuff which is priority but if you have time I will definately keep reading.

Where do I start.....?

The commentary from J.R and King was pretty good, good as in I liked it .
The Main Event was a great Main Event and I'm sticking with my instinct and saying that Trish will join Kane at WrestleMania, I just cannot see a perfect ending to the story.
I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT....Edge was pissed and wants his title back but common, Christian wouldn't just give it for free so hey, just fight me for it, we're only brothers and Tag Partners for God's sake....the three stages of hell just makes it all the more interesting.
Cena and Orton are building up but I'm curious as to why they aren't Main Eventing, if I were booking I would book possibly the most intense WHC match of this thread, I'm torn between a winner but I'm gonna go with Cena ATM.
Taker and HBK I can tell is gonna be one of my favourites but I'm just a little suprised that this isn't a Gimmick match of some sort. We can't forget that Taker's winning streak is on the line, will HBK diminish it? I'm not so sure, to be honest I see Taker winning this one.....

Great banners Red Cold, you have come VERY far in the Banner making industry....I've got my WrestleMania 21 coming up soon so I might get in touch.

This thread is by far my favourite so far, and I cannot wait till Smackdown, hopefully we'll get the Austin/McMahon/Hart/Lesnar/Heyman saga straightened out (I still see a Hart turn at WM) also HHH/Rocky and Angle/Goldberg, keep it up Wolf Beast you are doing brilliantly!
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Re: Being the booker

Well, it looks like I've finally fixed up my computer, so this is how its gonna work from here. Tomorrow, I'll post Smackdown, then on TUESDAY I will post the final Raw and Smackdown before WrestleMania. I would post it on Monday, but I have three assignments to do for Tuesday, and I'll be too busy doing them to get on here on Monday. SATURDAY Its WRESTLEMANIA!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has replied despite my absence, and I appreciate it a hell of a lot. Thanks also to Red Cold for posting Raw for me....and of course....the Graphics.

I guess after this post, I'll have a lot of catching up to do around here at BTB. Please check back tomorrow for Smackdown....I promise it will be worth it...
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Re: Being the booker

Can't wait for WM Gunna be completely incredible, its the first WM im ever gunna read
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Re: Being the booker

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