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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for the replies so far, looking forward to more though, lol....
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Re: Being the booker

Truly Amazing Show..One of the best ever

Love the rivalries going on between Goldberg/Angle, TripleH/Rock and the best one Austin/Brock

The Austin/Brock promo was great...pure SCSA style
WGTT interview was also well written, nice way to build up to the match at WM
Angle accepts and probably adds a stipulation, maybe a street fight
Benoit v Guerrero should one of the greatest matches and I hope you one sit down interview with both of them to hype up the match

I love WM man, can't wait for it but I would really like to see some stipulations to some matches, maybe Angle/Goldberg and even Edge/Christian (which might/has to happen as well)

Great show!! And thursday is gonna be huge...RAW and SmAcKdOwN! DAMN!! Awesome!

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Re: Being the booker

Great show wolfy 10/10

The HHH interview was awesome and very realistic and the feud between him and the Rock is really getting heated now. Should develop even better on the next show.

Benoit and Guerrero is looking to be a great match and I wasn't surprised to see Benoit beat Show.

Goldberg's interview was great and very realistic. He has really turned into a top notch heel. Angle coming back next week will cause some sparks between the two and I sense a brawl with Angle coming out on top in this one.

And the Lesnar Austin feud. This one is probably the best one on Smackdown. Their war of words on this show was very good and well written as well as the brawl that followed. Lesnar may have gotten the best of Austin this time but I suspect Austin to get Lesnar somewhere along the line before this feud ends.

All in all a fantastic show, keep up the good work, and can't wait for Mania which is shaping up absolutely fantastic.

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Re: Being the booker

Okay, here it is, the bumper edition as a Christmas present to all my fans out there .....anyways, here it is, Raw AND Smackdown!!!!!

RAW; 28th February 2005; Atlanta:

Opening Video


We are LIVE in Atlanta for Monday Night Raw, on the rocky road to WrestleMania, which is now unbelievably just twenty short days away!!! Tonight, three championships are up for grabs as Ric Flair and Batista defend the Tag Team Championships against Booker T & Goldust, Shaniqua defends the Women’s Championship against Victoria, and Edge defends his Intercontinental Title against Maven!!!

King: Oh my J.R. This is gonna be an action packed night for sure. A lot of other issues need to be resolved tonight though J.R. Namely, what happened to Trish last week after Kane abducted her!!!???

J.R: Indeed that is true King. We know Chris Jericho is here tonight, and he will talk with us later tonight I believe.

**H-B-K hits, and we see the cocky, Shawn Michaels strut to the ring, with a barrage of insults aimed at him, as he shrugs off all the heat. He has food and drink thrown at him by fans, but he tries to ignore it**

King: And guess who else is here J.R?? it’s the Heart Break Kid!!!! Shawn Michaels, is on his way to the ring!!!

J.R: And right now, we expect, Shawn Michaels to explain his recent actions, as he will have this in ring time, with the promise that The Undertaker is not here.

**Michaels gets into the ring, and gets the mic. He soaks up the boo‘s from the Atlanta crowd, and cockily smiles**

Michaels: Hey, hey people. Well, look who it is. Everybodies favourite Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!!! Tonight, I’m taking this time to let all of you know, exactly what I think, and exactly why I screwed the Deadman out of the World Title. But first, I’d like to point out, that I am suffering from the flu right now, so if at any time, I need to sneeze, I hope you all understand… Oh, wait, I feel it coming on…I’m gonna sneeze…

(Michaels pulls out an Atlanta Falcons jersey, and sneezes into it, then blows his nose into it, and drops it to the ground and stands on it)

Crowd gets on HBK with huge heat.

Michaels: (Smiles) Now, where was I?? Ah, yes, that’s right. The question every single person is asking…well, apart from the state of Georgia, because you all get kept back in the first grade don’t ya??

Crowd chants asshole

(Grabs heart, mocking the fans, making out that they hurt his feelings) Ha ha ha ha. You know, the question everyone has asked since Royal Rumble is…why HBK?? Why screw the Undertaker?? What reasoning do you have?? Well let me give you some reasons. Firstly, at Armageddon, after my match with Randy Orton, The Undertaker returned. He came for Orton, yet who ended up in the emergency room?? Orton?? Nope, try again. Undertaker?? Nope. I’ll tell you, good old HBK. I was expected to be out of action for anything up to six months. Who cared?? Not one person. I didn’t get a letter from one fan, I didn’t hear the Undertaker get any sort of negative reaction from you bunch of sheep, and hell, Undertaker never even bothered to apologise.

And don’t get me started on Mick Foley. He calls himself the GM of Raw?? I call him a joke. How does he punish Undertaker for chokeslamming me, then tombstoning me, then chokeslamming me through a table?? Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t. No, he decides to reward the Undertaker, by giving him a World Title match against Randy Orton. Yet, no one objected. Not one of you had thought, ‘you know, that’s not fair, he nearly ended Shawn Michaels career, so he shouldn’t be getting any title shots.’ No, no one.

So, when I heard what was going down at the Rumble, I had to get out of that hospital bed, and make sure that justice was done, for Gods sake, justice had to be done. Just for those who don’t remember, The Undertaker tried ending my career once before, back in 1997, inside the Cell, and did he get it done?? No. Did he even win?? No. I beat the deadman in his own match. Then, he pretty much broke my damn back in a Casket Match back in January 1998.

Taker, you tried to end my career once, and you damn near did it. Then, you tried again, but failed. Deadman, you have never beaten me, and at Wrestlemania, I will steal the show, and I will beat you. Your WrestleMania record sounds good. I mean, whats is it now?? 12 and 0?? Lets face facts though, it sounds good, but when you look at it on paper, some of those wins came against the likes of Giant Gonzalez, King Kong Bundy, and a washed up Jimmy Snuka. Its hardly that great, is it?? This year, you face a real challenge, that’s me. They don’t call me the Showstoppa for no reason, and deadman, you know it yourself. Come Ford Field, March 20th, you’re mine Taker!!! All mine!!!

**H-B-K hits again, and Michaels leaves the ring, with a more serious look on his face, not even acknowledging the fans as he leaves the arena**


Backstage, we see Ric Flair and Batista preparing for their Tag Title Match later tonight.

1st Match: Women’s Championship Match:

Shaniqua vs. Victoria

The champion controls the majority of the match, with Victoria gaining little offence. However, Victoria then gains a sudden burst of energy and fires back at Shaniqua, shocking the champion, who is knocked down, and then Victoria goes for the Widows Peak, but Shaniqua fights out, bounces off the ropes, and the two women collide, and both go down. The referee begins a count, then JAZZ runs down the aisle, and attacks both Victoria and Shaniqua. She hit’s a fisherman buster on both, then plants both women with the title belt, giving the referee no choice but to throw the match out…

Winner: No Contest

Jazz stands alone in the middle of the ring, as both of the other two women remain down and out.

We then see John Cena approach Booker T & Goldust…

Cena: Yo guys, whats up??

Booker: Hey man. Things are gon-

Goldust: Hold on a minute. Look at this right now. (Tries to rap) It’s The number one contender for Wrestlemania, he’s called John Cena…

Cena and Book look to each other, kinda scared, and both trying not to laugh, as the last line didn’t rhyme…

Goldust: And right now, he’s with the next Tag Team Champion guaranteed, and his name is Booker T….

Cena and Book look at each other again, realising that Goldy is making a fool of himself…

Goldust: And his tag team partner, is who the women want to lust….its not Ric Flair, uh uh, its Goldust!!! Now can you dig that…..WORDLIFE!!!!

Goldust walks off, staring at his hand, like Book would do, as both Cena and Book slowly snap out of the shock…

Cena: What - is - he - on??

Booker: Man, I seriously worry about him…he needs some sort of brain doctor or somethin.

Cena: Well, Book, I just came along to let you know, tonight, whether you want me there or not…I’m gonna be in your corner. Because if I know one thing, its that Randy is gonna be in their corner. Now, I’m not goin out there to help you guys win the match, youre good enough yourselves, but what I am gonna do, is make sure that Orton’s punk ass stays out of it.

Booker: That’s cool. Thanks man. Now can you dig that…..SUCCCCKKKKAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Cena: Oh, I can dig it alright, I can dig it.

We then see the arrival of Chris Jericho to the arena…


We return with Chris Jericho in the ring, mic in hand…

Jericho: Okay, I’m out here to just try and sort this mess out. Firstly, I think you guys ought to know, that I’ve requested to face Kane at WrestleMania, and Mick Foley has just approved it, but right now……Kane, get your big fried out ass out here right now!!!

No sign of Kane

Jericho: Alright. So its okay for you to come out here, and attack me when I’m not suspecting it, but when I call you out, you turn chicken. Kane, all I want is for you to let Trish go. She doesn’t deserve this type of treatment. Let her go.

Kane then appears on the titan tron, in a dimly lit room.

Kane: Hi Chris. I’m sorry I couldn’t come out there to face you right now, but you see, I’m a little tied up, with the beautiful Miss Stratus here. We’ve had fun all week long Chris. Trish, is a very, VERY special woman, isn’t she??

Kane walks across the room, and we see Trish tied up, with her mouth covered, and her arms taped behind her back.

Jericho: Let her go you sick bastard!!! She’s done nothing wrong. Kane, look, the police are on your trail. There is no way you can keep away from them that long.

Kane: Oh, but I can Chris, but I can. Like I’ve said before, I have never been, normal. If I cant have Trish, then I have nothing. But, if I cant have Trish, I don’t want anyone else to have her either. (Laughs)

Jericho: What are you trying to say??

Kane: Put it this way Chris, you and Mick Foley have an ultimatum. Either tell the cops to back off, or…when they get here, I wont be letting them just take Trish. No…no that wont happen. (Kane takes out a bottle of gasoline, and lights a match) I think you know exactly what will happen. Its your choice Chris….your choice…

Kane cuts from the screen, as Jericho looks extremely worried in the ring…

WrestleMania Relived:

This week, WrestleMania XIX, from Safeco Field, Seattle.

Highlights include, HBK vs. Y2J, McMahon - Hogan, 20 years in the making, and the Main Event between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle…

We then cut backstage, were we see Christian walking along the corridor on his cell phone, as he notices a crowd of people gathered in a circle. He walks over to see whats going on…

Christian: Yo!! What the hell is happening here!!??

Dreamer: Christian!! Everyones been looking for you man. Its Edge. A few guys found him here a few minutes ago. He’s out cold man…

Christian: Oh no. EDGE!!! (Pushes past most of the crowd to get to his brother) Edge!! Oh God!! Oh no!! Edge!! Someone get a doctor!!! Dammit!! Hurry!!!

Back to J.R and King…

J.R: We seem to be in the middle of a war zone here King. First, Kane has threatened to kill Trish in my estimation of that situation, and now Edge has been, seemingly attacked.

King: And so close to WrestleMania too J.R!! Its totally breaking down here on RAW!!! But what about the Intercontinental Championship!!?? Surely that sadist Foley wont make Edge defend the title tonight!!??

J.R: We shall wait and see I suspect King, but right now, I think Edge may well need the emergency room…

2nd Match:

Christopher Nowinskivs. Sting

Excellent, solid contest, with Nowinski smartly gaining the advantage in the match, wearing down Sting, but Sting fights back, and takes the win, with an impressive display, finally getting the three count with the Deathdrop.

Winner: Sting


Backstage, we see Edge being loaded into an ambulance, with Christian looking on, and then he hears Mick Foley talking in the background with a backstage official…

Foley: Listen, I want you to go and make the announcement that tonight’s Intercontinental Championship Match is OFF. Go, and tell them, and I’ll sort out a replacement match. Go now, qui-

Christian quickly butts in…

Christian: Don’t do that Mick. No way. I’m sure I speak for Edge when I say that he would want ME to substitute him in that match. Let me defend the Intercontinental Championship on behalf of Edge.

Foley: Well, Christian, as nice as th-

Christian: I’m not taking no for an answer Mick. Edge doesn’t want to be remembered as a non fighting I.C Champ. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna go, and get ready, but make sure Edge is okay. I gotta run.

Back to ringside…

J.R: That was an extremely unexpected twist. This is surely a first here on RAW. Christian to defend the Intercontinental Championship on behalf of Edge!!!

King: That is brotherly love for you J.R. Christian is the greatest brother in the world. Who else would go into battle on your behalf, but Christian.

J.R: Indeed it would seem that way. I didn’t expect Christian to be as generous as that toward anybody.

We quickly cut backstage, where Evolution are chatting…

Flair: Can you believe the audacity of that punk John Cena!! This isn’t a joke. This is the World Tag Team Championships, and he is looking to cost us this gold!!!

Orton: Listen, Ric. There is no need whatsoever to fret over this. We have everything working in our favour. Booker T and Goldust and not in your leagues for one, and we all know that John Cena clearly fears me. We are Evolution, the three most dominant players in the WWE, Booker T, Goldust and especially, John Cena are just three outcasts. Booker T is just a Mr. T rip off, Goldust is…well, Goldust is just Goldust, and as for the Vanilla Ice, Eminem wannabe, John Cena just doesn’t belong in society.

Batista: Randy is correct Ric. Don’t worry about tonight. We have this one in the bag. You said it yourself, John Cena isn’t good enough to be classed with Randy, so BAM he’s not a problem for us tonight, and as for Booker and Goldy, well, we have beaten them so many times, THEY don’t remember!!!

Flair: (Smiles) You know, you are 100% right. We are Evolution!!! This most dominating trio in professional wrestling, and they are nothing, WOOOOOO. Were gonna style, and profile, and whoop ass, and look great, WOOOO

Orton: Exactly.

Evolution smile at one another, and Flair begins to strut as we fade away…

We then cut to the womens locker room, were we see Victoria, Shaniqua and Jazz brawling with one another around the floor, as other divas try to break the fight up, but come to no avail. The brawl continues as we cut back to the ring…

3rd Match:

Rob van Dam vs. A-Train

Pretty decent match, despite the styles clash between the two. RVD goes for the 5*, but A-Train moves, then nails the De-Railer, 1...2...3!!! A-Train gets the victory.

Winner: A-Train

We then see Christian preparing, then picking up the Intercontinental Championship belt, and putting it around his waist. Then, Mick Foley enters…

Foley: Christian, I don’t think you realise what this means, when you defend Edge’s Intercontinental Title. You see if you-

Christian: I KNOW!!! If I lose, Edge loses the Intercontinental Title, but I’m not going to lose. There is no way, I will lose this match. I know what I have to do.

Foley: But, if you win, it means-

Christian: No, Mick stop it now. I’m going out there whether you like it or not, now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got business to take care of.

Christian storms out with the title, as Mick looks on, a little angry, looking like he needed to tell Christian something…

Smackdown Rebound:

- Goldberg badmouthing Angle, and challenging him to a match at WM, which will be answered this week on SD…

- Then, we hear Triple H’s tirade about The Rock.

- Benoit defeating Big Show to become #1 Contender for the U.S Title at WM.

- The Austin - Lesnar confrontation, leading to Austin vs. Lesnar at WM…

Back to J.R and King…

J.R: I know I’m a RAW guy King, but I cannot wait to see The Rattlesnake get back into the ring, to take on Lesnar, at the biggest event of the year. Oh, I am really pumped for Wrestlemania!!!!

King: Oh my J.R, its heating up now!!! Eminem, performing live, the two biggest titles on the line, the Showstopper vs. the Deadman, and now Austin vs. Lesnar!!! I’m sooooo excited, and that’s even without PUPPIES!!!!

J.R: Up next here tonight on RAW though, it’s the Intercontinental Title, what a unique situation, as Christian defends on behalf of Edge. But what did Foley need to tell Christian??


4th Match: Intercontinental Championship Match;

Christian (Defending on behalf of Edge) vs. Maven

The match goes back and forth throughout, with Maven getting a very near fall, but Christian the picks up the win, following an Unprettier.

Winner: Christian

After the match, Christian celebrates with the title, as we cut away…

WrestleMania promo

Back to J.R and King…

J.R: What an unreal night this has been, with a lot more still to come. Evolution defend the Tag Titles in tonights Main Event. But King, next week, things will really pick up, on the road to WrestleMania!!! John Cena will face Batista, KANE will be here, and the Womens Title situation will be resolved, as Victoria faces Jazz, with the winner going to Wrestlemania to face Shaniqua!!!

King: It certainly is gonna be huge!!! Victoria vs. Jazz, KANE, HERE!!?? Man, that will be explosive, and now, John Cena vs. Batista!!!

J.R: It is gonna be a heck of a show!!! Don’t miss it next week, but still to come tonight, its Evolution vs. Booker T & Goldust!!! But right now, Todd Grisham is backstage with Chris Jericho…

Todd: Well, Chris, we have just heard, that Kane will be in the arena, next week. How will you contain yourself, when you see the Big Red Monster??

Jericho: How will I react?? Let me tell you how I’ll react. I’ll take this steel chair, and I will crash it off the skull of that freak, until it hurts my arms swinging back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. You will all see a side of Chris Jericho that has never been seen before, and many of you wont like it. But, desperate times….call for desperate measures.

Todd: But Chris, do you really think you can put Kane down?? The size difference is almost in proportion of David and Goliath.

Jericho: Todd, the common misconception about Chris Jericho, is that he isn’t tough, but I am. Kane, DOES know it. I’ve beaten him before, and I’ll do it again.

Jericho looks at Todd with eyes of stone, then walks off…

Backstage, Christian is still celebrating his victory, as he is approached by Mick Foley…


Foley: That is true, but Christian, I need to tell you something, which is both good and bad…

Christian: What are you talking about??

Foley: Well, earlier, when I tried to talk to you before the match, I was wanting to tell you that in the WWE, there is no rule, which sanctions someone being able to defend a championship for another person…

Christian: What are you trying to get at??

Foley: Well, Christian, when you faced Maven for the Intercontinental Championship earlier, the title was vacant, as the champion was not involved.

Christian: So does this mean the match was void??

Foley: It doesn’t. It means that you are now the NEW Intercontinental Champion.

Christian: YES!!! ALRIGHT!!! I knew it would work!!!

Foley: Knew what would work??

Christian: Noth- nothing. I’m just thinking of something else. So, I’m the new champion eh?? I hope Edge isn’t too angry….

Christian walks off, with a huge grin, as Mick Foley thinks about what Christian said…


Main Event: World Tag Team Championships Match;

Evolution w/Randy Orton vs. BlackGold w/John Cena

Fast paced match, with a lot of back and forth action, with Orton trying to get involved, but being cut off continuously by Cena. Evolution get the advantage on Goldust, until he makes the hot tag to Booker, who cleans house. Orton then tries to get involved, but He is cut off by Cena again. They begin to brawl, on the outside, while the two teams brawl too.

Orton clocks Cena with the ring bell, and hits an RKO on the floor, then pulls Booker off of a cover, and drags him out of the ring, while Batista nails Goldust with a Demon Bomb, and gets the cover, 1...2...3!!! Evolution retain!!!

Winners: Evolution

Orton hits an RKO on Booker too, on the outside, as Evolution are all left standing tall in the ring, but then, Cena comes in with a steel chair, and clocks Batista and Flair, then catches Orton as he tries to get away, but Orton hit’s a low blow, and goes for an RKO, but Cena pushes him away, then nails a clothesline, and follows up with the FU!!! Evolution then pull Orton out of the ring, as Cena stands tall in the ring, with Evolution staggering up the ramp as the show goes off the air.

*** *** ***

And now, here is Smackdown...

Smackdown; Memphis; March 3rd 2005:

Highlights from the Austin - Lesnar confrontation last week.

Opening Video


Cole: Expect a wild ride this evening, as Smackdown emanates from the Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee, with less than three weeks to Wrestlemania!!! Tonight, will Kurt Angle accept the challenge from Goldberg, and will we see another epic confrontation between The Rattlesnake, Steve Austin, and the monster, known as Brock Lesnar.

Tazz: It’s all gonna kick off tonight Cole, as the Road to WrestleMania winds down. Last week, Brock Lesnar left Stone Cold down, but not out, and that could prove costly for the Next Big Thing.

Cole: And folks, Lesnar will be in action later tonight, but first, we’re gonna have some tag team action, as Eddie Guerrero teams up with his opponent come Wrestlemania….Chris Benoit!!!

Tazz: Well, I am in no doubt, these two will be using this match to try and get into the head of their opponent come March 20th, but they need to stay as a cohesive unit, if they are to get that far!!!

1st Match:

Test & Scott Steiner vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit

Guerrero and Benoit show their class throughout the match, totally out manoeuvring Test & BPP throughout, and picking up the win in very impressive fashion, with Benoit earning the tap out victory over Test.

Winners: Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero

After the match, Benoit and Guerrero celebrate, shaking hands, and hugging, then look each other dead in the eyes, neither backing up, as we fade to a commercial…


We then cut backstage, with Josh Matthews who is with AMW

Josh: Guys, tonight, James Storm, you take on Charlie Haas, in one on one competition, just two and a half weeks away from the tag title showdown at Wrestlemania. Last week, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team got the first blood against you two, in a six man tag match. Surely tonight, its vital you guys win, as a confidence booster heading to Ford Field??

Storm: That’s right Josh, we need the win, we need it badly. We lose tonight, and then everybody writes us off for Wrestlemania. But that wouldn’t be the first time that we had been written off in our careers. No one expected us to ever become anything, but we have. We have lived out a dream, and within two months in the WWE, we were, and still are the tag team champions, and at Wrestlemania, we will be, STILL the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Josh: Well, right now, the advantage has to be with Haas and Benjamin, who have one victory over you two already, and have proven in the past how resourceful they can be. How does AMW plan to thwart that strategy??

Harris: Josh, no body seems to realise it, but America’s Most Wanted are not just a run of the mill team, and WE can be resourceful too, if that’s what it takes, we will do it. We are here to prove we are the best, and at tonight, but most importantly March 20th, we will prove we are the number one team in the world.

Backstage, we see Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arrive…

Heyman: Do you hear that Brock??

Brock: Hear what??

Heyman: Exactly. Nothing. There is no sound. Last week you shut the entire wrestling world up. You did what you said you always could, and put the Texas Rattlesnake down. No one expected that, and at Wrestlemania, everyone will expect Austin to have the last laugh, but he wont, you will Brock…YOU WILL!!!

Brock: Of course I will. This time, I’m not just gonna run Austin out of the WWE….I’m gonna run him out of the damn country!!!

Heyman: And you know what?? No one will disagree with you Brock, because they all saw what happened last week, and now they all know the truth, they all know, that Stone Cold Steve Austin cant cut it at the top anymore, let alone, with an athlete like you.

Brock: He cant, and Paul, I’m dedicating this next match, to Austin, because what I do to the Hurricane, is that a little preview of what Austin can expect at Mania!!!

Heyman and Lesnar smile and keep walking down the hallway, as we cut back to ringside…

Cole: Well, Brock Lesnar sounds extremely confident about his Wrestlemania match, doesn’t he Tazz??

Tazz: Very true Cole. Very true. But, even though I am a huge Lesnar fan, I’m not gonna rule out Austin just yet. The man has suffered from a broken neck, being ran over, excessive blood loss, but has always done something, somewhere to get even. But right now, you just cant bet against Lesnar!!!

2nd Match:

Brock Lesnar vs. Hurricane

Total squash, as Lesnar no sells Hurricanes offence, and totally dominates the entire match. He hits six belly to belly suplexes, six German suplexes, two powerbombs, three clotheslines, and finishes Hurricane off with a devastating F5.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Lesnar then grabs a chair, and begins to continue his assault on Hurricane, until Bret Hats music hits, and he interrupts the beating…

Bret: Hold up, hold up Brock. I have an announcement concerning the match between you and Steve Austin. You see, it looks to me, that you have a few advantages over Stone Cold right now, you have youth, power, and someone fighting your corner. Well, I felt I needed to even it up. You see Austin can even up the youth and power you have, with his heart, and veteran instinct, but he cant cancel out the manager situation….but I can!!!

(Huge crowd pop)

Bret: You see, In Austin’s corner for WrestleMania, will be none other than ME!!!! I don’t care whether Austin wants me in his corner or not, I will be there, so Heyman, I will be keeping my eye on you. So I guess I could end this little statement with a well known line. I goes a little something like this….And that’s the bottom line, cause Bret Hart said so!!!!

(Another huge pop from the crowd)

Lesnar and Heyman both go nuts in the ring, totally thrown by the huge announcement, as we cut to another commercial……


Cole: Well, that announcement has got the Pyramid literally shaking Tazz!!! That really sets the scene from Ford Field on March 20th!!!

Tazz: As if Austin - Lesnar needed any more blockbusting add ons!!! But we just got it!!! Bret Hart will be in the corner of Stone Cold for that epic showdown!!!

Backstage with Brock and Heyman…

Heyman: (Walking around, head down trying to think of a plan) Of all the things Hart could have thrown at us, I didn’t expect that. That lousy, piece of Canadian scum!!!

Brock: Paul, you are my agent for a reason. Think of a way to get us out of this mess, and quickly!!!

Heyman: I’m trying dammit, I’m trying!!!

Brock: You’ve gotta try harder. Get Hart out of his corner!!!

Heyman: I’ve got it!!! Oh, you will love this!!! Close the door, this is HUGE!!!

Brock smiles, and closes the door on the camera, as we fade out.

We see the arrival of Kurt Angle to the arena, to a huge pop. We see Kurt’s right shoulder heavily taped, and he is walking with a slight limp.

Cole: Business has just picked up folks!!! Kurt Angle is in the building!!!

Tazz: Oh boy, and Angle doesn’t look like he is here to turn down any challenge!!!

Cole: We will hear from Angle a little later, but right now, it will be the Cruiserweight Champion, Tajiri, teaming up with Rey Mysterio to take on the former Cruiserweight champ, Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble!!! And we have a huge announcement folks, in just two and a half weeks at Wrestlemania, Tajiri will defend the title, but right now, the decision has yet to be made as to who will challenge him!!!

Tazz: But this match would be a great way for one of these men to get himself noticed, and have his name at the top of that list!!!

3rd Match:

Tajiri & Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble

Regular tag team match, with a lot of CW style high flying. Noble gets the win over Tajiri, with a handful of tights, while Mysterio and Chavo fought on the outside.

Winners: Jamie Noble & Chavo Guerrero

Cole: Oh my!!! Noble has pinned the champion!!!

Tazz: Well, this might just make Noble the #1 Contender for that belt at the granddaddy of ‘em all!!!


**Medal Hits and Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring*

Tazz: Here he is Cole, the Olympic Gold medallist, Kurt Angle!!! Will he accept the challenge or will he bail out!!??

Cole: I would think depending on his injuries, Angle will not back away from this challenge!!!

**Angle takes the mic and begins to talk**

Angle: You know, for ten days, I was sat in a hospital bed, recovering from near career ending injuries, at the hands of Goldberg. Last week, he challenged me to a match in less than three weeks at Wrestlemania. Tonight, I can either accept, or decline. Well, Goldberg take a look at my body right now.

I’m bandaged, bruised, and very sore, I have been advised to rest up for at least four weeks….but look into my eyes!!!!

Look deep and hard, because you will find my answer to your question, and I believe you will find that my answer is a definite YES!!!! Goldberg, I’m an Olympic Gold Medallist, and I won the Gold medal with a broken freakin neck!!! So, if you think a jackhammer through a table is gonna put me on the shelf, you are way off!!! In fact, I have requested for a match TONIGHT which Bret Hart will give me, and it doesn’t matter who I am put up against, because as far as I’m concerned they are called Goldberg!!!

Bill, at WrestleMania, I will take you to the limits, and I promise this to you right now, you WILL tap out at Wrestlemania….its true….it’s tr-

**Goldberg’s music then hits, and we see him make his way to the ring with a purpose, his eyes locked on Kurt Angle. He grabs a mic, then enters the ring**

Goldberg: Its on then?? Good. But Kurt, you must be on something pal, because if you really think that I will tap out at Ford Field, then you are a more delusional bastard than I thought you were!!! Its not true….because you’re ne-

Angle: Don’t cut me off Goldberg!!! And don’t dare try to write me off either. I might not look too tough to you, but this is about more than muscle, and power. Its about heart, sacrifice, sweat, tears and determination, and come March 20th, you will be on the receiving end of all of it!!! This isn’t just a rivalry now, its damn well personal!!!

Angle then steps up into Goldberg’s face, as the two stare right at one another, with neither backing up an inch, as we fade out…

WrestleMania Relived;

This week, Wrestlemania XII from Anaheim.

Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels in the 60 Minute Iron Man Match, Undertaker vs. Diesel, and Roddy Piper vs. Goldust in a Hollywood Back Lot Brawl…

Cole: Absolutely big time stuff here on Smackdown. We now know, that it will be Goldberg vs. Angle and I get goosebumps just thinking about it Tazz!!!

Tazz: Rocketbuster Cole, plain and simple. This will be off the hook, but we will get to see just how badly Kurt Angle is feeling, because he will be in action later tonight, but who will he face??

Cole: We have yet to find that out, but we know that Angle has said it doesn’t matter, because as far as he is concerned, it will be Goldberg!!!

Tazz: I have never seen Kurt Angle so intense, and I wrote the book on intensity!!!

Cole: What an explosion it will be in just two and a half weeks!!!!

Backstage in the General Manager’s office, Bret is on the phone with The Game…

Bret: Hunter, I gave you the night off as a punishment for the assault you put on The Rock, which reminds me, you better be here next week, because I just spoke to Rock a little earlier, and he is gonna be at Smackdown next week.

HHH: (On speakerphone) What the hell are you talking about Bret!!?? I thought Rock was gone till Mania!!!???

Bret: I’m just telling ya what I know Hunter. Have a good week!!

4th Match:

Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin vs. James Storm w/Chris Harris

TWGTT try to cheat to victory, but AMW out cheat them, with Harris clocking Haas with the title belt, and chasing Benjamin away, as Storm gets the win.

Winner: James Storm

Interview with Jamie Noble;

Josh: I am here, with Jamie Noble, who just moments ago, pinned the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Tajiri. Jamie, you must be over the moon right now, after picking up a pinfall victory over Tajiri.

Noble: Of course I am Josh, and why shouldn’t I be. I just pinned the Cruiserweight Champion booooyyyy. And now, surely I’ve got a one on one match with Tyjiri at Wrestlemania. Don’t you think??

Josh: Well, technically I cant argue that point, bu-

GM Bret Hart then enters…

Bret: But I can argue that point. Jamie, congratulations on your big win earlier, and as for you getting a one on one title shot at WrestleMania…yes, and no.

You see, Tajiri will defend the Cruiserweight title against your good self, the former Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero, Tajiri’s long time nemesis, Akio, and hell, for the sake of it, lets throw in the most popular cruiserweight in the WWE, Rey Mysterio. But that only makes five…so, lets even it up, as next week, Paul London, Billy Kidman, Ultimo Dragon and Shannon Moore will battle it out for the last remaining spot. Ok??

Bret then walks off, leaving Noble fuming…

Back to ringside…

Cole: What an announcement from the General Manager!!!

Tazz: Bret Hart has been a busy man tonight my friend.

Cole: So, let me get this right, WrestleMania now looks like this, from RAW, its Orton vs. Cena, Michaels vs. Undertaker, Jericho vs. Kane, and from Smackdown, its Lesnar vs. Austin, Angle vs. Goldberg, AMW vs Benjamin & Haas, Triple H vs. The Rock, Benoit vs. Guerrero, and now the Cruiserweight title on the line!!! Smackdown is rolling going to Ford Field!!!

Tazz: It gets better and better Cole. As if those matches weren’t enough, Eminem will perform LIVE baby!!! Oh, I cannot wait!!!

Cole: Still to come tonight though, its Kurt Angle in action, but we still aren’t sure who he will face!!!

Tazz: But we know, that it wont matter who it is, because Angle said it himself, he will only be seeing Goldberg!!!

Cole: Don’t go away, as we have a lot more in store, after the break!!!


WrestleMania commercial

**Here comes the pain hits, and we see Lesnar and Heyman make their way to the ring, but with a smug smile on their faces**

Cole: This is unexpected. We saw earlier that Heyman had a plan to thwart the announcement of Bret Hart in Austin’s corner for Wrestlemania, but I guess now, we will find out what it will be…

Tazz: And knowing Heyman like I know him, he will have something HUGE!!!

Heyman takes a mic, and begins to speak…

Heyman: Tonight, I was rocked by the announcement that Bret Hart would be in the corner of the Rattlesnake at Wrestlemania, I’ll admit. But Bret, you gave me a blockbuster idea, which will not only blow your mind, but it will blow away Wrestlemania. However, it all depends on one persons decision……YOURS BRET!!! You see, I have a proposal for you that will make this Wrestlemania so big, that it can NEVER be topped, but it needs your approval first…Bret, please, come out, and lets talk business…

Bret comes out to the stage, with a mic, and begins to speak…

Hart: Paul, really, I shouldn’t even listen to this proposal, but…you have me interested, so, please, if you will, tell me this huge bombshell idea you have, and how exactly I must give it the go ahead…

Heyman: Well Bret, you should be interested, because what I have to say will be so huge, so spectacular, so unbel-

Hart: Get on with it Paul…

Heyman: Ok, ok I will. Bret, I have just gotten off the phone with someone VERY special, very special indeed, and I have ran the idea by him, to be in Brock Lesnar’s corner at Wrestlemania, but only on the condition that he appear on Smackdown next week. Unfortunately, the man in question, is none other than the chairman of the board….MISTER, VINCENT, KENNEDY, MCMAHON!!!!!

(Huge crowd pop, despite Vince being a heel)

Heyman: But, the stumbling block remains…Bret, Vince is banned from Smackdown…but you have the opportunity to lift that ban, and allow Mr. McMahon here next week. Bret, I know it means that Austin is at a disadvantage, what with two people in Brocks corner, and only one in Austin’s. But surely you can understand how big business that would make??

Think about it, Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman, the greatest manager of all time, and Mr. McMahon, vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, with Bret Hart. The history in that match between all the competitors is off the charts. Your history with Austin, Austin’s history with McMahon, your history with McMahon, and the history between Brock and Austin. This would be THE biggest match in the history of this business!!! The fans want to see it, I want to see it, Brock wants it, the boys in the back want it, surely, you must want it. I mean, a chance to get your hands on Vince McMahon one more time, only this time at WrestleMania. Don’t let this chance slip Bret. Please. What, is your answer??

Bret: (Looks around the arena, which goes absolutely nuts, wanting him to say yes) My answer Paul?? Let me think….McMahon on Smackdown, next week, and at WrestleMania?? I say, let it happen!!!

Crowd erupts

Bret: But guys…I think a certain Steve Austin wants to speak to you two…

Lesnar: Bring him on out. I want to rip into him again!!! C’mon Austin!!!

Austin then jumps through the crowd, past the announce table, picks up a chair, gets in the ring, and takes out both Brock and Heyman, with the chair, and wears both out, in a fit of rage, then hit’s a Stunner to both!!! He then grabs the mic, and begins to talk, but it is hard to speak over the deafening noise…

Austin: If you want Stone Cold Steve Austin to open a can of whoop ass on Vince McMahon’s ass next week, Memphis, give me a HELL YEAH!!!

Crowd: HELL YEAH!!!

Austin: Brock, let me tell you something son, what you did last week, was a walk in the park as far as I’m concerned, and I could take a beating like that all day long, so when you drag those two hundred and ninety five pounds of carcass to Ford Field, you better bring all you got, all the power, all the energy, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Mike Tyson, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy herself, because you could have Humpty Dumpty in your corner, the whole NFL, NHL, NBA, the whole of Timbuktu, the population of Mars, and you will still not hold Stone Cold Steve Austin from opening a can of whoop ass and walking it dry!!! AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE….(with crowd) CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!!!

Austin grabs his case of beer, and proceeds up the ramp, signalling to the fans, and throwing a beer at Hart, then giving Lesnar the bird, who is irate in the ring.

RAW Rebound:

- Shaniqua vs. Victoria ending in a no contest because of Jazz

- Edge found injured, CLB replacing him in the I.C Title match, and ending up as the champion.

- Announcement of Jericho vs. Kane at WM, plus Kane with Trish tied up…

- HBK’s speech, concerning Taker and why he turned

- Orton dominating Cena, Evolution retaining the tag titles, but Cena fights off the three members, ending up on top.

Cole: I’ll admit, Raw looks good Tazz, but Smackdown is streets ahead, with the Austin - Lesnar saga taking another round-a-bout…VINCE MC MAHON TO BE IN THE CORNER OF LESNAR!!!

Tazz: It gets better and better Cole. Not only will the chairman be in his corner on March 20th, he will be here on Smackdown next week!!!

Cole: Correct, then ban has been lifted, and Vince will be here next week. We can only expect nothing less than an explosion!!! Also next week, The Rock returns, we find out the final competitor in the Cruiserweight title match at WrestleMania, and so much more!!!

Tazz: But lets not forget, up next, Kurt Angle in action!!!


Main Event:

Kurt Angle vs. ???

The opponent ends up being….William Regal!!!

Angle is on rare form, and completely dominates Regal, hitting all his signature moves, and then goes for the Ankle Lock, but then…Goldberg runs down the ramp, and attacks Angle, causing the immediate DQ.

Winner: Kurt Angle (DQ)

Goldberg attacks Angle, and sets him up for a Spear, but Angle kicks him away, then goes for the Angle Slam, but Goldberg lands on his feet, and low blows Angle, then hit’s the Spear, followed by the Jackhammer. He thinks about doing more damage, but decides to leave it, and walks off, with a huge grin on his face walking up the ramp, Angle out cold, as the shows ends…

*** *** ***

Official Card for WWE WrestleMania XXI:

Date: 20th March 2005

Location: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

Event Music: Eminem; Lose Yourself

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match:

Triple H vs. The Rock

United States Championship Match:

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

WWE Tag Team Championship’s Match:

America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

The Showstopper vs. The Dead Man

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

War to Settle the Score:

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin w/ Bret ’Hitman’ Hart vs.

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman & Mr. McMahon

Chris Jericho vs. Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg

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Re: Being the booker

Holy Mother of God, SmackDown was the BEST non-PPV BTB show i have EVER read. It started perfectly with a Guerrero/Benoit showdown, i can see one turning heel before the show tho...

Glad to hear the Six Pack Cruiserweight match, Ultimo to go on to WM21 after winning next week i feel. Although i would prefer Kidman or London to be in there ahead of Noble, but then thats losing another heel yeah, my bad, go with Noble.

Tag Fued is building up very nicely, great stuff with AMW out cheating TWGTT. AMW will go on to win at WM i feel, they cant lose the belts so quickly.

Angle v Goldberg just isnt building up the heat for me, i mean, great interaction, but it just isnt turning my head as there is no belt involved.

Disapointed not to see HHH there but it made sense as Rock was out.

Now onto the BIGGEST fued i have ever read on BTB, Austin versus Lesnar. The Rattlesnake versus the Next Big Thing. AND McMahon returns to SmackDown! Simply HUGE announcement. I somehow dont feeli will side with Lesnar, i can see Vince screwing Brock and Heyman at WM. I absolutely LOVED Austin's trash talking, particularly this line:
Originally Posted by Wolf Beast
so when you drag those two hundred and ninety five pounds of carcass to Ford Field, you better bring all you got, all the power, all the energy, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Mike Tyson, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy herself, because you could have Humpty Dumpty in your corner, the whole NFL, NHL, NBA, the whole of Timbuktu, the population of Mars, and you will still not hold Stone Cold Steve Austin from opening a can of whoop ass and walking it dry!!!
I nearly wet myself over that!!!!

Can't give a rating for SD, it was too good.

Unfortunately, RAW was not quite as good, but was still a great show.
For some reason, RAW fueds arnt picking up as well as the SD ones, particularly (unfortunately) the Orton v Cena fued. There doesn't seem to be any major heat behind it, but im certain it will pick up in the coming weeks.

Suprisingly, the Womens fued is building up nicely, although it might be nice is they have some interview time at some stage.

Jerich v Kane could be quite interresting, although both need a big push to elevate this fued.

All in all, RAW only merits a 8.5/10 with me, sorry Wolfie!

Great stuff all around
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Re: Being the booker

Two awesome shows!!!!


Nice womens title rivalry shaping up, most proably to a triple threat match at Wrestlemania. Great HBK segment at the start, the Goldie-Booker-Cena segment backstage was awesome!!! I was near on pissing myself with Goldust's rap and Cena and Booker's reactions. Nice Edge and Christian thing going on there, I get the feeling Christian attacked Edge and that they will square off at Mania for the belt, turning Edge face? Great build up to the Kane-Jericho match as well, the Cena and Orton build up is slowly but surely building to become an awesome fued as well, but its for the World Title! of course it's going to be a great fued!
Raw rating: 9/10


WOW!! Like Red Cold said, awesome show!!

Vince next week? Austin w/Bret vs Lesnar w/Heyman & Vince at Mania should be a chart buster!! Like Red Cold said, can see a Vince turn. Maybe in the build up to Mania we will get a match between Heyman and Austin? Not broken up too soon by Lesnar but most probably get broken up by him at some point. Like Red Cold said, the Austin quote that he had was great! Another one where I was nearly pissing myself! Great Guerrero/Beniot build up at start with, like Red Cold said, one turning heel before Mania, it has to happen. Glad AMW out cheated WGTT for once but I'm pulling for WGTT at Mania. Angle vs Goldberg is building up nicely, building sort of similar to the Goldberg-Lesnar one for Mania XX. Cruiserweight six pack! This should be great! Agree with Red Cold about that it should be London instead of Noble and Ultimo to win the challenge. Should be great anyway. Triple H and Rock being there was interesting, hopefully they both return next week.
Smackdown rating: Too good.

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

not quite the response I was hoping for....two replies....maybe there is no interest in this thread anymore.
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Re: Being the booker


Women's division is really looking good with divas who can really show intensity and put on some decent matches - I'm betting on a triple threat next week
I like the buildup to Jericho and Kane, I kinda have the feeling Trish is gonna screw Jericho again (Call me crazy)
Edge and Christian at WM definitely. Christian attacked Edge, stole his title and WM showdown is coming up (Ladder match please)
HBK and Taker is also great, maybe you could make it a casket match or something. Liked the HBK promo, seemed real
The Main event, Orton v Cena looks really good on paper but the buildup is not that much, no intense interviews, nothing to show that it's more than the World Title, but I'm sure you'll make it personal in the remaining 2 weeks.
Loved the backstage segment between Cena-Booker-Goldust, awesome

Some really great feuds building up here
The Cruiserweight match is gonna be awesome. I want Kidman to be in the match but I'm sure anyone who goes to WM will make it worth watching (or reading)
AMW v WGTT has a nice buildup, AMW cheating to win was great showing that they even know how to play
Guerrero v Benoit, It would be good to have one face to face interview between the two just to heat things up. I would be happy to see both going in as faces
Angle v Goldberg, I hate Goldberg but this feud is awesome and has a nice buildup.
Triple H v Rock, no sign of them but they're gonna rock (no pun intended) the show next week and its gonna be a hell of a match
Lesnar v Austin, best feud I've ever read about. Wonder if Mr. McMahon is gonna agree to be in Lesnar's corner next week and Bret and McMahon for the first time on one show after Survivor Series is gonna be xplosive!

Awesome shows, I liked Smackdown betta though!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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Re: Being the booker

wow can this get any better two of your best shows yet wm is gonna be explosive

i see jericho v kane christian v edge orton v cena and taker v hbk for wm but raw seems to be lacking something i dont know wot compared to smackdown

as for samckdown lesnar austin vince bret rivalry gonna be off the hook at wrestlemaina cant wait as well as goldberg v angle hh v rock and benoit vs guerro
gonna be the best show yet wrestlemania the grandaddy of them all! cant wait!
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Re: Being the booker

Just to let the guys out there, who are interested in reading this thread, RAW will be up this day next week, so dont forget!!! I guess I could do with a little break over the holidays, so I hope you guys dont mind.
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