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Re: Being the booker

i cannot wait 4 wm 21 part from eminem doin the theme song i hate rap
card looks great if it looks like this
wwe title- rock vs hhh
world title- orton vs cena
taker vs hbk - buried alive/casket
austin vs lesnar
angle vs goldberg
y2j vs kane
edge vs christian - intercontinental title
benoit vs eddie - u.s title
amw vs worlds greatest tag team
gonna be da best eva

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Re: Being the booker

Another great show Wolf Beast, in my opinion better than the last Raw you posted...

What can I say, I think that the opening interactive promo involving Rocky/Lesnar was the best I have ever seen on Be The Booker, I was just captured in it, and I think that The Rock's lines were delivered perfectly.

You know I love the matches already made, but you've gotta make Angle/Goldberg and Lesnar/SCSA and I predict you make HBK/Taker on Raw.

One slightly negative thing, for me, the show lacked one more promo, I dunno but it just felt like it, but nevertheless it was another great job and a better show than Raw...

Looking forward to Raw and give yourself a fat 10/10, you deserve it friend


Oh and 2000 posts, lets just hope the next 1000 are as memorable as the last...(if they were...)

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Re: Being the booker

excellent smackdown wolfy. The promos were fantastic especially the Rock's. The matches were fantastic as well. Wrestlemania is looking awesome and I can't wait for it. 10/10 keep up the amazing work

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Re: Being the booker

Awesome man..just awesome..
Great show and can't wait for wrestlemania

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: Being the booker

Raw Preview;

Raw comes to you live this Monday Night from Omaha, Nebraska, for what should be a wild night in the RAWzone.

Christian will have the opportunity to follow in his brothers footsteps, and win singles gold, as he takes on Raven for the Hardcore Championship. Will Christian be able to overcome the Raven Effect, and become the NEW Hardcore Champion?? Could this match end the recent bitterness between Edge and Christian?? All will be revealed this Monday Night...

What will Kane do this week after his extremely creepy interview last week regarding Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus, as Jericho is set to go one on one with A-Train.

How will The Undertaker react to Shawn Michaels actions last week, after HBK gave Paul Bearer some Sweet Chin Music, leading to Undertaker losing via countout against Matt Morgan. After all the recent actions HBK has inflicted on the Deadman, will it now be time for the Undertaker to exact some revenge??

Then, in the Main Event, the #1 Contender, John Cena, tackles the 16 Time World Champion, Ric Flair, one on one, in what will be a major test for Cena, as he approaches his Championship Match at WrestleMania with Randy Orton.
Will Cena prove that he belongs?? Or will Evolution prove he doesnt??

Find out, this Monday Night...

Confirmed Matches;

Womens Championship;
Shaniqua vs Jazz

Hardcore Championship;
Raven vs Christian

Chris Jericho vs A-Train

John Cena vs Ric Flair
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Re: Being the booker

Sorry to double post....but life is life....

RAW; 21st February 2005; Omaha:

Opening Video


We are less than four weeks away from the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment, WrestleMania!!! Tonight, RAW comes to you live from the Civic Centre, right here in Omaha. And what a main event, the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, John Cena, faces his biggest task to date, as he will go one on one with the 16 time, World Champion, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!!!

King: That means that tonight, we will see John Cena for what he really is, …..A VANILLA ICE WANNABEE!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Randy Orton will know for sure tonight that Cena just isn’t good enough!!!

J.R: That’s your opinion King, but certainly not mine. Also tonight folks, two championships are on the line, as the Amazon, Shaniqua faces Jazz, putting her Women’s Title on the line. Meanwhile, Christian will look to join his brother Edge with singles gold, as he faces Raven for the Hardcore Title!!!

King: Correct J.R. But there is something going on with Edge and Christian that just doesn’t seem to be right at the minute, and I’m worried. And J.R, what about Undertaker and Shawn Michaels??

J.R: Well, HBK cost the Deadman his match last week on a count out, and then ran off before Undertaker could get any measure of revenge. I know Taker is not in the building, but Michaels could well be here tonight.

1st Match: Hardcore Championship Match:

Raven vs. Christian

Normal hardcore match, with usage of strange weapons, and many near falls. Christian goes for the Unprettier for the win, but Raven breaks free, and nails the Even Flow onto a Trash Can, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Raven

Christian has a temper tantrum in the ring, as Raven celebrates with the title. CLB goes nuts, stamping on the ground, then angrily walking up the ramp.


We then see highlights of the Hardcore Title match, and Christians behaviour afterwards, then go backstage where Christian is still mad, as Edge approaches…

Hey bro, unlucky in the title match there. Hones-

Christian: Its ok for you Edge. Its ok for you. You already have your title, you have the Intercontinental Title!! What about me??

Edge: Hey man, there’ll be other times, other titles. Look, maybe I can speak with Mick and get us a shot at the tag titles?? What do you say??

Christian: What do I say?? I say, how selfish can you be!!! Its always about Edge. Its always about you!!! You have one the most prestigious titles in this whole damn company. Now you want another!!! I have nothing!!! You know Edge, I’m sick of this. I’m sick of it always being you!!! You get the I.C Title shots, not me!! You didn’t care whether or not I won the Hardcore Title, you just cared about yourself. Where were you!!?? You weren’t by my side, you didn’t fight my corner. I always fought your corner.

Edge: Listen, I know your pretty mad right now, but don’t forget, it was you who said you wanted to do it alone. Remember?? Last week?? And just for the record, I didn’t ask you to help me win my matches, you did that yourself. I suggest you take a long cold shower, and cool off.

Edge walks off, as Christian has a look of fiery temper on his face.

Interview with Cena…

Tonight, John Cena, you face the legendary Ric Flair, one of randy Orton’s Evolution cohorts. You must realise the likelihood that Randy Orton will look to interfere in the match. How are you gonna approach it??

Cena: (Smiles) Look at you all worried about the #1 Contender…

Tonight, I show Orton and Evolution that John Cena shows no surrender!!!

Ric Flair wants to make me tap out…

I don’t sweat that, I’ll hit an FU and knock him flat out!!!!!

I’m on my way to Wrestlemania….

What I’ll do to Orton, I just cant explain to ya!!!!

Randy cannnnnttttt seeeeeeeee meeeeeee……

When we come face to face he’ll go running for some TP!!!

And as for an-

Orton: That’s cute John, but all that rap, will not win you this (points to title). It takes ability, and skill, something you don’t have. Tonight, the Nature Boy will prove that when you tap out to the Figure Four.

Cena: Ohhh, is that so….

Orton: You damn right. In 27 days, your worst fears will come true. Under the bright lights, in front of over 50 thousand people in Ford Field, when I embarrass you in front of all your fans, your family, your friends, and most importantly, your peers. When you choke, I’ll be ready and waiting with the R…K…O!!!!

Cena and Orton then go head to head, until Evolution step in, and pull Orton away.

John Cena!! Prepare to go to school tonight boy!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Cena watches as Evolution drag off Orton. Neither man take their eyes off one another as the camera fades away.

J.R: I suspect business to pick up here later tonight, as John Cena faces Ric Flair.

King: Oh boy. The mind games have begun J.R!!! Randy Orton is slowly but surely getting into the head of John Cena as we near Wrestlemania!!!

J.R: Coming up now folks, two diva’s that just want to beat each other up, Shaniqua and Jazz, for the Women’s Title. Could this be the night that Shaniqua is finally beaten!!!???

King: This is gonna be ugly in every sense of the word!!!!

J.R: Lets show you the tension between these two diva’s from last week…

*****We then go backstage again, and into the women’s locker room, where we see Shaniqua and Jazz preparing for their tag match up next…

Move outta my way…BITCH!!!

Jazz: Excuse me?? Did you just call me, Bitch?

Shaniqua: Listen, I’m the women’s champion, undefeated since coming to RAW, now, GET, OUT, OF, MY, WAY, BITCH!!!

Jazz: You may be undefeated, but you haven’t faced me yet…BITCH!!

Shaniqua: (Shakes head) I don’t need to face the likes of you. There is a reason that I have to team up with you next. You’re not in my league, so they put me with you to even things out!!

Jazz: Oh, is that right?

Shaniqua: Yeah, it is.

Jazz looks down to the ground, then shakes her head, smiles, and then goes for Shaniqua. They brawl along the ground, for a few moments, until officials come and break them up.


Shaniqua & Jazz vs. Gail Kim & Victoria

Through out the match, Shaniqua and Jazz argue between each other, and eventually, they come to blows. They brawl along ringside, and try to dismantle the other, totally ignoring their opponents. Shaniqua rakes the eyes of Jazz, then press slams her into the ring. Victoria then baseball slides Shaniqua, and hit’s the Widow’s Peak on Jazz, 1...2...3!!! Victoria wins!!!

Winners: Victoria & Gail Kim

After the match, Victoria and Gail celebrate up the ramp, as Shaniqua looks up at Victoria, realising she could well be a threat. Behind her though, Jazz is back up, and waits for Shaniqua to turn around, then when she does, Jazz nails a clothesline, then a Fisherman Buster, leaving the Women’s Champion down, for the first time since her debut on RAW.*****

2nd Match: Women’s Championship Match:

Shaniqua vs. Jazz

Excellent, back and forth match, with Shaniqua finally showing some weakness, as Jazz comes close to three on a number of occasions. Shaniqua nails Jazz with a Powerbomb, but Jazz kicks out!!! They brawl outside the ring, and eventually, are both counted out, resulting in a double count out!!!

Winner: Double Count Out

After the decision, the two women brawl all over the ringside area, then through the crowd and into the back.

WrestleMania Relived:

This week, WrestleMania II, from the Three different venues.

Highlights include, Andre The Giant winning a Battle Royal featuring members of the NFL, Mr. T taking on Roddy Piper in a Boxing Match, and Hulk Hogan retaining the WWF Title in a Cage match against King Kong Bundy.

Backstage, we see Trish approach Jericho…

Chris?? Do you have a second??

Jericho: Yeah, sure.

Trish: I’m worried. I’m sure you saw what that freak Kane said last week. He’s coming after both of us.

Jericho: Look, there is nothing to worry about. I’ve faced him before, and have no worries showing him by boot again, but you need to stay as far away from the ring as possible, ok??

Trish: Ok, but Chris, watch out, please.

Jericho: I will.

Trish walks away, then looks back at Y2J, with a longing look in her eyes, as well as worry.


We see HBK confidentially walk around the backstage area, chewing loudly on gum, then walks into Foley’s office.

You wanted to see me Mick??

Foley: As a matter of fact, yeah, I did. Take a seat.

Michaels sits on the chair, and puts his feet on Foley’s desk. Foley looks at the feet, then at HBK who arrogantly smiles at Mick, then blows a bubble out.

Foley: Ok, I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Now, as of yet, you don’t have an opponent for Wrestlemania. But you couldn’t have a WrestleMania without the Showstopper could you??

HBK: Of course not. So what have ya got for me?? You putting me into the main event, make it a three way?? Jericho?? Kane?? Maven??

Foley: (Smiles) Not quite. You see, it doesn’t really look like you want to go face to face with The Undertaker on your own accord, so, I have no choice, but to force you to go face to face with him, in 27 days, Detroit, Ford Field, WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels, one on one, with THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!

HBK chokes on his gum, then spits it out.

You cant do that Mick!!! Who the hell do you think you are!!!!

Foley:I’M THE GENERAL MANAGER OF RAW!!!! Who the hell do you think you are you son of a bitch. You come into my office, you put your stinking feet on my table, and then you spit gum over my floor!!! I don’t know what’s happened with you Shawn, and neither do these fans, so next week, I’m gonna arrange for you to have some time in the ring to explain your actions over the last month, and just for you, I’ll make sure Undertaker isn’t here!! Now get the hell outta my office, and get the hell outta this building!!!!

HBK looks a little taken aback, and decides its best that he leaves.

What an announcement for Wrestlemania!!!! Michaels and the Undertaker!!! Oh boy, what a slobber knocker. I cant even imagine what the Undertaker will want to do to HBK come March 20th!!!

King: Oh my!! Michaels could be in a lot of trouble.

J.R: What a line up we have already for the Showcase of the Immortals!! Triple H vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship, AMW vs. Haas and Benjamin for the WWE Tag Team Titles, Orton and Cena in the Main Event, and now, Undertaker vs. Michaels!!!!!

King: This could well be the greatest Wrestlemania of all time!!!!!

J.R: And this week on Smackdown, we will find out who faces Eddie Guerrero for the U.S Title, as Chris Benoit meets The Big Show!!! With more on that, here is the Smackdown Rebound!!!

Smackdown Rebound:

- Lesnar challenging Rock to put #1 Contendership on the line.

- Bret announcing that Austin wouldn’t be at arena.

- Goldberg brutally attacking Kurt Angle.

- Eddie to face winner of Benoit - Show next week, at WM 21.

- Rock beating Lesnar thanks to interference from Austin, then afterwards, Triple H attacks Rock with a Sledgehammer.

3rd Match:

Chris Jericho vs. A-Train

Train dominates the majority of the match, pounding down Jericho. Y2J makes a spirited comeback, and locks in the Walls of Jericho for the tap out victory.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the bell rings, Kane runs in and attacks Jericho. He nails a Chokeslam, then grabs a chair and puts Jericho’s head inside it. Kane looks set to jump off the middle rope, and crush the head, but then Trish runs in and pleads with Kane not to. Kane decides not to hit it, and grabs Trish by the hair, then slams her to the mat.

He grabs Jericho, and nails a Chokeslam from inside the ring, to the unproductive mat, knocking Jericho out.

Kane then picks up Trish and carries her away, up the ramp, as Trish tries to struggle free, yelling for Jericho, who is out cold.


J.R: We are back on RAW, after witnessing a heinous assault on Chris Jericho by Kane, who has now, seemingly abducted Trish Stratus.

King: Well J.R, this is an extremely serious situation, and I mean, usually I’ll try and make a joke out of some things, but this is not a laughing matter. We have Chris Jericho out cold, and we don’t know what Kane is gonna do to Trish.

J.R:Folks, if you have just joined us, this is what just happened before we went for commercial.

*****After the bell rings, Kane runs in and attacks Jericho. He nails a Chokeslam, then grabs a chair and puts Jericho’s head inside it. Kane looks set to jump off the middle rope, and crush the head, but then Trish runs in and pleads with Kane not to. Kane decides not to hit it, and grabs Trish by the hair, then slams her to the mat.

He grabs Jericho, and nails a Chokeslam from inside the ring, to the unproductive mat, knocking Jericho out.

Kane then picks up Trish and carries her away, up the ramp, as Trish tries to struggle free, yelling for Jericho, who is out cold.*****

We then cut to the parking lot, where we see Kane stopping by a car, and smashing the window. He then opens the boot, and dumps Trish inside it. Kane then jumps into the car and quickly drives off, as officials try to stop him, and some then shout to call the cops.

J.R: Oh my God. What is Kane doing?? What the hell is he thinking!!??

King: I can only imagine J.R. But right now, I can only pray for Trish.

Backstage, we see Shaniqua and Jazz continue to brawl, until they are finally broken up by GM Foley.

WOAH!!! What the hell is going on!!!

Jazz: I want my rematch. No count outs, no dq!!! Give me it!!!

Foley: Jazz, I appreciate that you desire the Women’s Title, but frankly, you blew your shot, by going over the edge, so no. No rematch. Next week, Shaniqua, you’ll be taking on Victoria with that title on the line!!!

Jazz is furious, as she is literally dragged away by officials, as is Shaniqua.

What a wild ride this has been King. Next week Victoria has a one on one shot at the Women’s Title against Shaniqua. And I’m just hearing that also next week, Ric Flair and Batista will defend the World Tag Team Titles against the winners of our next match!!

King: But how is Trish?? Any news yet??

J.R: As yet, none. But as soon as we get it, you guys will be the first to know.

4th Match:

Booker T & Goldust vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Average tag match. BlackGold get the win, with Goldust nailing the Shattered Dreams on Jindrak, then Book executing the Bookend on him for the three.

Winners: (And #1 Contenders for the World Tag Titles Next week), BlackGold

J.R: So there we have it. Next week, Booker T & Goldust will face the men who took the titles from them at Armageddon, Ric Flair and Batista.

King: Oh my, that one will be a…..go one J.R, say it, say it…

J.R: A slobber knocker!!!

The arena then blacks out, and smoke fills the arena, then three gongs go off, and we see Undertaker on the titan tron, along with Paul Bearer…

Shawn Michaels….your fate has been sealed. You will come face to face with your demons, toe to toe with your fears. Everybody must meet his maker, and Shawn Michaels, at Wrestlemania, you will look into the eye of the dragon, and fall at his knees. You made the decision to step into the devils playground, and now, you face the consequences.

Bearer: oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss. Shawn Michaels, when you decided to knock out the Undertaker, when you decided to run from the Undertaker, and when you decided to kick me in the face, you made a grave mistake. My Undertaker will not let your actions go without punishment. You made your decisions, and now you will prepare to….

Taker: Rest……..innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……peace…..

The light fades from the screen, and the lights return to the arena…

Oh boy. Things do not look good for HBK come Wrestlemania!!!

King: Shawn Michaels could well be a deadman at the Showcase of the Immortals if that is anything to go by.


Backstage, we see Jericho being treated to by doctors. He is clearly concussed, as he slurs his words, trying to speak.

Trish?? Whhherreee issshhh Trish?? Wha what happened??

Doctor #1: Chris? You need to stay still. You may have concussion.

Doctor #2: He needs to go to hospital. C’mon Chris, get back on the stretcher. C’mon you need to go to hos-

Jericho: I’m notttt go- going to any hospital ass clown. Where is she??

Doctor #2: Chris, the police are taking care of that situation.

Jericho: Police!!!?? Whhhhat the hell? What the hell happened??

Doctor #1: Kane took her. Mr. Jer-

Jericho: Ohh no!!! No way.

Jericho pushes the doctors away, and gets off the bench then staggers around the backstage area, calling out for Trish…

This situation is getting outta hand. Jericho doesn’t even know where he is!!! Could you imagine what will happen.

King: I don’t want to J.R. it’s a sickening situation at the moment.

J.R: Well, folks, its now time for our Main Event, John Cena vs. Ric Flair. Will Cena prove he is ready for the big time, or will Ric Flair prove that Cena isn’t a main player here on RAW!!!

Main Event:

John Cena vs. Ric Flair

Cena starts off on fire, totally dominating the Nature Boy, until Flair nails a well hidden low blow, and begins to take control himself. He works on the leg, and comes close to getting disqualified, with shady tactics throughout. J.R points out that Flair might not be interested in winning, but injuring Cena instead.

Cena makes the ropes from the figure four, then fight back into the match. He hit’s the throwback, the sets up for the FU, but Batista runs in, but is met with a dropkick, right back out. Orton then runs in but Cena ducks a chair shot, and Orton hits Flair instead. Cena then nails an FU on Orton, and throws him out to the outside, landing on Batista. The Doctor of Thuganomics then nails an FU on Flair, 1...2...3!!!!

Winner: John Cena

Orton and Batista then try to ambush Cena, but they jump off again, as Cena comes at them, swinging a chair.

All three members of Evolution then run up the ramp in fear, as Cena celebrates in the ring, signalling that the title is his at Wrestlemania.

End of Show


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXI:

20th March 2005

Location: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

Event Music: Eminem; Song(s) unconfirmed

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match:

Triple H vs. The Rock

WWE Tag Team Championship’s Match:

America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

The Showstopper vs. The DeadMan

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2005:


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Re: Being the booker

nice Raw! 10/10. Taker vs Michaels finally announced, great Shaniqua-Jazz rivalry there, I predict that Jazz will interfere next week leading to a title match at Wrestlemania between the two.

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

Great RAW, well written, very good promos, WM21 should be immense, simply can't wait. 9.5/10 (nothing too major so no 10 )
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Re: Being the booker

great show again wolfy 10/10! Mania is looking better and better by the week.

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Re: Being the booker

any more replies for RAW folks??
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