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Re: Being the booker

amazing man..great show!
it looks like jericho v kane at WM now with the winner getting Trish..interesting
Can't wait for WrestleMania and next week's RAW is gonna be huge as well

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Re: Being the booker

great show wolfy 10/10. My favorite part was when HBK shove the short fat guy lol. Wrestlemania is looking awesome can't wait for it.

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Re: Being the booker

Some nice stuff there Wolf Beast!

I loved the John Cena rap, it seemed so corny yet authentic as if Cena would actually spit those rhymes out!

I see Edge and Christian splitting up and feuding after Edge's IC win.

Shawn Michaels/Taker at WM should be off the chain (if you book it). If you do, I'm guessing either Casket, Buried Alive, or HIAC.

Another H vs. Rocky match at WM, I love those matches, hopefully he doesn't get screwed by a McMahon or anyone else like he did at WM XVI.

Overall, great show and has really made me look forward to return to booking as this is what it's all about, great work and keep it up
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Re: Being the booker

Smackdown Preview:

No Way Out has come and gone, with the event, confirming two huge championship matches for WrestleMania XXI. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin became the #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles, and will face the current holders, America's Most Wanted in just four and a half weeks times.
Also, The Rock is on his way to face Triple H in Ford Field for the WWE Championship, after Rock came through a huge 8 Man Rumble match to gain the title shot, and Triple H defeated Eddie Guerrero to retain his title. Both The Rock and Triple H have a storied past with one another, which in the past four months has once again exploded. Will these two come to blows this week on Smackdown??
Also, Brock Lesnar will no doubt be furious after Stone Cold Steve Austin cost him a chance at the WWE Title. This is the second month in a row that Austin has done this to Lesnar, and now with it looking extremely likely that Austin will sign a contract allowing him back into the WWE, can we expect these two to go at it this week??

All the quesstions will be answered this week on Smackdown!!!

Confirmed Matches:

WWE Cruiserweight Championship;
Tajiri vs Akio

WWE Tag Team Championships;
AMW vs William Regal & Lance Storm

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
(Smackdown will be up around this time tomorrow BTW)

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Re: Being the booker

can't wait!!!


Tajiri will retain and the tag match will be void because WGTT will interfere.

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

This threads amazing, cant wait for the next Raw!
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Re: Being the booker

Great Card, can't wait Wolfie....
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Re: Being the booker

Smackdown; Tucson; February 17th 2005:

Highlights from No Way Out of The Rock winning the #1 Contendership match, and Triple H retaining the WWE Title, meaning the two will clash at WrestleMania.

Opening Video


Cole: The stage has been set. In just four and a half weeks, at WrestleMania, Triple H defends his coveted Championship against the Great One, The Rock. What reaction will these men have, just weeks from the biggest event of the year, if there is a confrontation between them tonight?? Also, what type of reaction can we expect from Brock Lesnar, as once again, he fell foul to the Texas Rattlesnake, Steve Austin. Will Austin even decide to show tonight?? Expect a huge backlash from No Way Out, as we kick in to the final stretch on the road to WrestleMania!!!!

**Tajiri’s music hits, and the NEW Cruiserweight Champion makes his way to the ring**

Hold it Cole!!! I didn’t get to say anything!!! Send Tajiri back…Tazz needs to talk Cole!!!

1st Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Tajiri vs. Akio w/Sakoda

The two men battle it out in your typical CW high flying match, with Tajiri making his first defence of the title, against his former partner, with the other former partner in the opposite corner. Sakoda tries to get involved, but Tajiri kicks him away, off the apron, then lands with the Buzzsaw Kick and hooks the leg, 1...2...CHAVO GUERRERO BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Charles Robinson immediately calls for the bell, resulting in a DQ, as the former champion, Chavo Guerrero attacks Tajiri, beating him down badly, and then Akio and Sakoda then jump in too and continue the attack with Chavo, as officials eventually break up the beating.

Winner: Tajiri (DQ)

We then cut backstage, where Brock Lesnar is pacing up and down with Paul Heyman trying to calm him down. Lesnar then pushes Heyman away, and grabs Josh Matthews by the shirt…

Where is The Rock’s locker room!!??

Josh: The-the- The Rocks locker room is right down the hall way, and then the second door on the left.

Brock: Good. Now, I want you to stay here, and keep a lookout for Austin. I want to know, when he gets here.

Rock then enters, from behind Lesnar, after overhearing everything that was said.

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!!!!! Brock Lesnar!! You were looking for me, The Rock, the number one contender for the WWE Championship, in 31 days time at WRESSSSTTTLLLEEE MANNNNNNNIAAAA!!!

Brock looks upset, and then goes face to face with the Great One…

That’s right. In fact, that’s exactly why I want to see you.

Rock: What?? You wanna…congratulate The Rock?? You wanna….be friends with The Rock?? You wanna….be special friends with The Rock??

Brock: No, of course I don’t. I want that title shot at WrestleMania. I want to be the WWE Champion, and if it wasn’t for Austin, I would be the #1 Contender right now.

Rock: Ohhhh….that’s right. You got scared when you heard Austin’s music. That’s right I remember. Brock Lesnar….is scared of music. Woah, wait Brock…look, here comes Diana Ross and the three degrees….and they are carrying a microphone!!! Run Brock, and Paul…well, don’t run. Don’t be giving us any cardiac failure there buddy.

Heyman: Excuse me Rock, but if you must kn-

Rock: Awwwwwww….know your role….AND SHUT…YOUR DAMN MOUTH!!!

Brock: ROCK!!! Listen to be you piece of crap. I wanted to see you, because I want a one on one match with you tonight, and the winner…faces Triple H at WrestleMania!!!

Rock: Are you for real?? Let me tell you Brock, that there is no way…AND THE ROCK MEANS…NO WAY that you will ever go to face Triple H at WrestleMania Twenty One!!!

Brock: You’re scared then?? You know, that you cant beat me. You cant beat Brock Lesnar. I am the most dominating figure on Smac-

Rock: Mwah, mwah, mhaw, mwha, MHWAAA!!! That’s all I hear from you Brock. Let me tell you this once…and once only. Tonight, you want to go one on one with the Great One?? Well, BITCH, you got it!!! You want the title shot up for grabs…its on. You want to feel the wrath of the Jabroni beatin’….blawwwwwhaaa…Pie eatin’, Trail Blazing, Eye Brow raisin’, not afraid to sweat, not afraid to bleed, gonna beat the dumb ass dummy Gauren-damn-teed!!!! You wanted it…you got it!!!

Brock: Oh, I want it, and I’m gonna take it!!!

Heyman then quickly pulls Lesnar away from the confrontation, as The Rock looks on with a face of stone…


Welcome back to Smackdown, where we have just seen a huge showdown between Brock Lesnar and The Rock, which has led to The Rock putting his #1 Contender status on the line, going up against Brock later on tonight!!

Tazz: That was not a good decision from the Rock in my opinion. He has just thrown himself to the wolves, and tonight, he better be ready for the pain!!!

2nd Match:

Matt Hardy vs. Kanyon

In Hardy’s first appearance on Smackdown after being traded from RAW, he gets off to a magnificent start, with a hard fought victory over Kanyon, in a match with plenty of near falls, which could have gone either way.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Backstage with Josh Matthews interviewing GM Bret Hart…

Well, Mr. Hart, tonight, we are awaiting the possible arrival of the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin, but as yet, we have also not been able to receive any confirmation that Austin signed the waiver, issued to him last week??

Bret: Josh, to be honest, I have yet to receive any confirmation myself. For the last seven hours, I have been awaiting a fax from Steve Austin, but as I said, I havent been sent the documents as yet. One thing is for sure though, as much as I would like Austin here on Smackdown…I’m afraid the earliest that will happen is next week.

(Crowd Boo’s, and begin a “We want Austin” chant)

Why next week??

Bret: Well Josh, the documents need to be sent first and foremost, then I need to check over it, and sign it myself, and send it back to Austin, then send a copy of the documents to each member of the Board of Directors. All this will take time to clear, and next week, in Kansas is likely to be the best time you will see Stone Cold on Smackdown. However, it cant be taken for granted that Austin will even want to be a part of Smackdown, I mean, he has cost Brock Lesnar the main event of WrestleMania twice in just over three weeks, so perhaps, he feels that he has gained revenge.

Josh: Thank you Bret. Back to you guys at ringside.

Cole: Well, that announcement is not what these fans would have liked to have heard.

Tazz: But I know one man that will be happy Cole…BROCK LESNAR. This night could be a bad one for The Rock. I feel it.

Backstage with Brock and Heyman…

Heyman: (All smiles)
Yes!!! That is true Tazz, The Rock doesn’t stand a chance against my client, Brock Lesnar, and since Austin wont be around, you are all looking at the NEXT WWE Champion.

Brock smiles, as the camera fades out.

2nd Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:

America’s Most Wanted vs. William Regal & Lance Storm

Regular tag team match, with Regal and Storm focusing on one member of AMW, James Storm, bringing him away from his partner. Storm made a hot tag, and a brawl erupted, with Regal and Storm knocking each other out by accident with Brass Knucks, as AMW both moved out of the way, and picked up the eventual victory to retain the titles, and march on to WrestleMania.

Winners: AMW


**Medal Hits and Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring*

Here he is Cole, the Olympic Gold medallist, Kurt Angle!!! The man who cheated to eliminate Goldberg from the 8 Man Rumble last Sunday at No Way Out!!

Cole: That’s not true Tazz. The actual story folks, was that Kurt Angle eliminated Goldberg, but Goldberg couldn’t take being bested by Angle, and had to then make sure Angle didn’t go to WrestleMania to face Triple H!!

Tazz: I know what I saw…

Cole: Yeah, well those glasses are obviously too dark for you to actually see what really happens…

**Angle takes the mic and begins to talk**

Last Sunday, I missed out. I missed out on regaining MY WWE Championship, and there is only one man to blame…..Goldberg. You have cost me glory for the last time. Come out here, face me like a man, and lets settle this, and let me, BREAK YOUR FREAKING ANKLE!!! Come on, I know that your great at beating people up from behind, and sneak attacking them, but I want you, for the first time, to be a man!!!

**Goldberg’s music then hits, and we see him make his way to the ring with a purpose, his eyes locked on Kurt Angle. He grabs a mic, then enters the ring**

You wanted to speak to me??

Angle: I don’t want to speak to you, I want to rip your head off.

Goldberg: Please, Kurt. Don’t do that. I don want these clothes getting messed up…with your blood. So, don’t even go there.

Angle: Well…we’re gonna have to find out, arent we!!

Angle then charges at Goldberg and knocks him down. He then sets him up for the Angle Slam, but Goldberg rolls through, then kicks Angle HARD down south, sending Angle to his knees. Goldberg laughs, then Spears Angle. Goldberg then prepares to Jackhammer Angle, but then decides not to, and drops Angle onto the floor. He then points towards the announce table, with a huge grin, and drags Kurt’s carcass to the outside, picks him up with ease….AND JACKHAMMERS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!

Goldberg stands over the broken body of Kurt Angle, and his smile turns to a scowl, which then turns to a look of anger. He grabs a mic off Tony Chimmel, and leans over Angle, and picks him up by the hair, and looks him dead in the eye…

Kurt, you have made me this way. It’s your fault I lost the WWE Championship, its your fault I didn’t win the Royal Rumble, its your fault, that I lost last Sunday, its your fault that the fans turned against me. If you think that I will run from you…you’re wrong. DO NOT cross me, because this is what it leads to. NEVER call me out, and NEVER try to go toe to toe with me. I will break you in half, because as God as my witness, I have never hated anyone, as much, as I hate you!!! Kurt Angle, mark my words…this is just the beginning, because you…ARE NEXT!!!!!

Goldberg then stands over Angle his arms raised in the air, as the crowd give Goldberg some huge heat…more than he has had since turning heel.

WrestleMania Relived;

This week, Wrestlemania XV. Steve Austin regains the WWF Championship from The Rock, Butterbean knocks out Bart Gunn, First time ever that six titles were on the line, and Triple H ‘evolves’.

Absolutely shocking scenes here on Smackdown. Just moments ago, Goldberg could have perhaps ended the career of Kurt Angle. Lets show you the footage..

**Clips of the attack before the break**

Well, I said that Angle would be making a mistake calling out Goldberg, and boy was I right. No man, can go toe to toe with the beast that is Goldberg.

Cole: Kurt Angle is now on his way to a local medical facility, and once we have some news, we will give it to you all.

Tazz: I wouldn’t surprise me Cole, if Angle doesn’t leave the hospital for a few weeks. That was something else that just happened to him.

Cole: Well, I think that speaks for itself, just look at our crumpled announce table.

4th Match:

Chris Benoit vs. Rene Dupree w/Grenier & Conway

Benoit picks up the victory with a Crossface, for the submission, despite the involvement of Grenier and Conway during the match, but Benoit was able to fight them off.

Winner: Chris Benoit

After the match, Chris Benoit grabs the microphone, and calls out the Big Show, but there is no sign of the seven footer. Then, through the crowd, Big Show attacks Benoit from behind, finishing him off with a Chokeslam, leaving Benoit down and out.

Interview with Eddie Guerrero;

Josh: I am here, with the United States Champion, Eddie Guerrero, who on Sunday night, took Triple H to the limit, for the WWE Championship. Eddie, thank you for this time. My first question, first and foremost. How are you feeling, after the loss to The Game four days ago?

Eddie: Well Josh, obviously, I’m disappointed. I came sooo close to becoming the WWE Champion esse. But it just wasn’t to be on that night. However Josh, don’t think that I’m just gonna forget about it hommes, because, it is my destiny to become the WWE Champion, and one day, it will happen.

I gave it everything I had, but, in the end, I was beaten by the better man. And I can admit that. And whether Triple H wants to admit it himself or not, I know, I won his respect. In the end, one thing ruined my chances vato. My knee. I’ll hand it to Triple H, he was calculating, he got the job done. In the end, my knee just couldn’t go on any longer.

Josh: And speaking of your knee Eddie, what condition is it in, after the beating it took at No Way Out??

Eddie: Its gonna be just fine Josh, just perfect, in two, maybe three weeks maximum. No worries there esse.

You know, I may have lost the match at No Way Out, but Josh, when I heard the reaction of the crowd that night, I knew, it was a victory for Eddie Guerrero hommes!!!

But with everything, there is always light, at the end of the tunnel. And that light is this, the WWE United States Championship!!! And, Josh, believe me-

Bret Hart then enters…

Sorry guys, but I just thought I could use this time to make a little announcement. Concerning Eddie Guerrero, and the United States Title at WrestleMania..

Eddie: Orale Vato!!! Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania!!! Now your talking vato loco!!!

Bret: At WrestleMania, on March 20th, Eddie, you will defend the U.S Title, against the winner of a match next week between Chris Benoit…and The Big Show!!!

Eddie: Esse. Eddie Guerrero vs. Benoit or Big Show?? I like it hommes. That’s what I’m talking about vato!! Orale!!

Back to ringside;

Eddie Guerrero must be on a heck of a lot of penicillin, because, he must be outta whack to be celebrating the possibility of meeting the Big Show at Ford Field.

Cole: Well, we both know Tazz, that Eddie Guerrero will never back down from a challenge, and Big Show would be the Ultimate Challenge for him, at Wrestlemania. But also, how great would it be, if we got to see Guerrero vs. Benoit under the bright lights at WrestleMania??

Tazz: Guerrero and Benoit are great friends, and for me personally, that would be a rocket buster of a match at the Granddaddy of them all!!!

Cole: Speaking of Wrestlemania, so far, two matches have been confirmed, with the WWE Title match to be confirmed later tonight. Those matches are of course, Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the World Heavyweight Title over at RAW, and America’s Most Wanted, will face Benjamin and Haas, with the WWE Tag Team Titles on the line. And up next, we will see one half of the challengers in action, as Charlie Haas meets Rey Mysterio!!!


5th Match:

Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio

Haas gets the win, after Benjamin trips Mysterio, and Haas rolls him up with a handful of tights.

Winner: Charlie Haas

Haas steals it from Mysterio. In my opinion, Rey would have got the win here tonight, if it wasn’t for Shelton Benjamin!! But this must surely send warning signs in the heads of Chris Harris and James Storm, after seeing just how resourceful there WrestleMania opponents can be.

Could not have said it better myself Cole. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team are on one hell of a roll, and right now, if I were AMW, I would be very worried.

Cole: And listen to this music playing behind us…Eminem…who will be providing the official theme music for this years Wrestlemania, and will be performing live at Ford Field, in his home state of Michigan. Its still four and a half weeks away, but I cant wait for WrestleMania already!!!

Tazz: Big up, big up to my boy, Eminem, Marshall Mathers!!!

Cole: Folks, next week on Smackdown, it’s the Big Show vs. Chris Benoit, with the winner going to WrestleMania, to face Eddie Guerrero for the U.S Title, AND also next week, Chavo Guerrero will be enforcing his rematch clause for the Cruiserweight Title, as he goes one on one with the champion, Tajiri!!!

Tazz: Its gonna be a HUGE night next week, don’t miss it!!!

Cole: But still to come, its Rock vs. Brock, with the winner heading to Wrestlemania, to face Triple H for the WWE Title!!!!

RAW Rebound:

- Edge and Christian continue to argue.

- Evolution - Cena showdown, and then Evolution retaining the Tag Titles vs. Sting & Cena, thanks to interference from Orton.

- Announcement of Cena vs. Flair next week.

- Kanes creepy interview concerning Trish and Jericho

- Shawn Michaels continuing to get under the skin of the Undertaker, costing Taker a match vs. Matt Morgan, on a count out.

We cut backstage, and see Rock warming up for the Main Event.

We then cut to Brock Lesnar talking with Heyman, getting ready.

We then cut to the parking lot, as Triple H steps out of a limo, to a chorus of boo’s.


Main Event; #1 Contender Match for shot at WWE Championship:

The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

Very tense, back and forth match, with Rock taking Heyman out of the equation early with a Rock Bottom on the outside, leaving it as just Lesnar and Rock.

The advantage continues to switch to one another, with Rock missing the Peoples Elbow, and then Rock fighting out of an attempted F5. Rock then locked on the Sharpshooter, but Heyman then recovered, and distracted the referee, which pissed off the Great One, so he chased after Heyman, but ran right into the path of Lesnar, and the F5. Rock though, got his foot on the rope, to stay in the match. Brock then missed a clothesline, and hit the referee, then Rock went for a Rock Bottom, but Heyman nailed a low blow. They then beat down Rock, in a two on one assault, until Glass Shattered!!!! and Steve Austin came running down the aisle with a chair in hand, knocking out Lesnar, then Heyman, then hitting the Stunner on Lesnar. He then pulled Rock onto Lesnar for the cover, and revived the referee, 1.….2.….3!!! Rock wins!!

Winner: #1 Contender for WWE Championship at WM XXI…THE ROCK!!!

Lesnar staggers up, and realises he has been screwed again by the Rattlesnake. Austin stands at the top of the ramp, drinks beer, then ‘salutes’ Lesnar. Bret then walks onto the stage, and displays the waiver, which has been obviously delivered personally by Austin, which now means that Austin is free to roam Smackdown as he pleases.

Lesnar is irate, as Austin and Hart leave, then goes himself after them, as The Rock begins to celebrate in the ring. He gets on the top rope, and raises his arm, but then, Triple H runs into the ring, and attacks The Rock with a Sledgehammer to the rib cage, then to the kidney. He then delivers the Pedigree on the #1 Contender, and gets in his face with the WWE Title, as the shows cuts off the air, with HHH sending the message to The Rock, standing over him…

*** *** ***

Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXI:

20th March 2005

Location: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

Event Music: Eminem; Song(s) unconfirmed

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match:

Triple H vs. The Rock

WWE Tag Team Championship’s Match:

America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2005:


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Re: Being the booker

Nice job Wolfy, great show the whole way thorugh...... same with RAW too.

Triple H / Rock should be a good one at WM as well as Lesnar / Austin which will be one hell of a show down.

Goldberg and Angle was great, last time Goldberg put someone through the table with a Jackhammer they were out for a month (Hollywood Hogan; July 2000). Also loved the Rock and Lesnar promo at the start, classic.

WM is comming along nicely, RAW should be a big one.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: Being the booker

wow! Grendrill said it all really. 10/10

Read the rules.
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