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Re: Being the booker

check my sig for a list of good ones like is aid in ROG, and just like there, if you could check out mine it will be appreciated

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

RAW Preview:

The final countdown on the Road to WrestleMania finally begins this Monday Night, as the Main Event has been set for the Granddaddy of then all, after Randy Orton's successful title defence last Monday Night over Sting. Now the build up can begin for the epic showdown between the winner of the Royal Rumble, John Cena and the Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, which will be the Youngest Wrestlemania Main Event of all time.

The NEW Intercontinental Champion, Edge will be in action against Rob Van Dam. Will this title victory last week be able to heal the on going rift between Edge and Christian?? Find out Monday Night on RAW.

Also, last week, Chris Jericho made the unlikely save for Trish Stratus, as she was being assaulted by the monster Kane. After all of their history in the past, what could Jericho's motive be for helping Trish??

The Main Event of RAW will see The Deadman, the Undertaker, in action for the first time since the Royal Rumble, against the former Intercontinental Champion, Matt Morgan. What type of explosion can be expected when these two near seven footers go at it in the centre of the ring?? And will Shawn Michaels actually come face to face with the man he screwed out of the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble. Find out, this Monday Night!!!

Announced Matches;

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Edge w/Christian vs Rob Van Dam

Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs Matt Morgan w/Eric Bischoff

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Re: Being the booker

Great Preview, can't wait.
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Re: Being the booker

Gonna be great!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: Being the booker

nice preview. Raw is looking very good. Can't wait for it i'll defnitely be reading.

check out my BTB.. BACKLASH 2004 NOW UP!
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Re: Being the booker

can't wait!

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

RAW; 14th February 2005; Phoenix:

Highlights Package of Orton retaining the title last week.

Opening Video


RAW is on the air, and folks, get ready for a roller coaster ride, as we now reach the final road on the route to WrestleMania!!!! Tonight, The Undertaker takes on Matt Morgan, and the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Edge will defend his title against RVD!!!

King: Oh my J.R. This is gonna be an action packed night for sure. A lot of questions need to answered coming into tonight’s show, but will they??

J.R: Indeed that is true, questions I’m sure concerning why Kane has become hell bent on ruining Trish Stratus’ life, and also will Shawn Michaels ever come face to face with the Undertaker??

King: Correct J.R. The Undertaker has been on the prowl for HBK since the Royal Rumble, after Michaels cost the Deadman of winning the World Championship, but HBK always seems to be able to dodge the bullet.

J.R: I wouldn’t think Michaels could duck the Undertaker for much longer though.

**Evolution’s music plays, and we see the trio of the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, along with the Tag Team Champions, Batista and Ric Flair. They make their usual cocky way to the ring, and Orton gets on the mic**

Soooo….the countdown can really begin now. John Cena, you have just five short weeks to elevate yourself from a mediocre, mid carder, Vanilla Ice wannabe, to a believable contender for this, World, Heavyweight, Championship. The funny thing is, all the people here and at home ACTUALLY think that you ARE good enough. Surely John, you don’t believe it?? Do you??

Nah, you cant. You have to realise you cant compete with me. I’ve got the better looks, better body, better friends, and a better in-ring record. I mean, I’m the Legend Killer, while you….are the Doctor of Thuganomics. That right there, speaks volumes.

I’ve beaten the best, I’ve beaten legends at their own game. Hell just last week, I beat Sting, I’ve beaten Mick Foley in a streetfight, Taker inside the cell. What have you done?? Have you beaten legends?? Have you won World Titles??

**Word Life hits, and John Cena makes his way to the top of the ramp, to a huge pop from the crowd**

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, YO!!! Chill, chill, chill. Randy?

You talkin about everything you beat…

Only thing I hear that you beat was Batista’s 3 inch piece of meat.

Hey, big man, don’t get mad…

Ric Flair’s gonna have to spank you for being bad.

Oh, don’t think I forgot about you Ric…

Randy’s gotta toy to keep you happy, he calls it his magic stick.

Look at Randy talking about the P P V…

Undertaker musta beat you blind, cos you cannnnt seeeee meeeeeee!!!

Believe me Orton, you’re gonna run outta luck…

I don’t care what I’ve gotta do, cos I just don’t give a (Crowd: FUCK)

Flair: How dare you!!! How dare you insult us!! EVOLUTION!! Big Dave, the Nature Boy, WORLD, TAG, TEAM, CHAMPIONS!!! Randy Orton, youngest World Champion of all time!!! You, you’re nothing, you suck!!

Cena: That’s funny Ric, cos I got news…tonight, those tag titles….are on the line. John Cena and Sting vs. You two chumps. So girls, shine the belts up, cos your time’s up…..WORDLIFE!!!!

Cena’s music hits as he stares down the ramp at Evolution, signalling that he will be taking all their gold, while Evolution stand in the ring, staring right back at the Dr. of Thuganomics.


Backstage, we see Edge and Christian entering the arena, all smiles, with the I.C Title…

Man, what a week. I haven’t partied like that since we won TLC II!!!

Edge: Tell me about it. (Points at title) I’m not letting this baby go though again.

Christian: Oh damn straight. There is no way that we are gonna let it slip. RVD is going down to Edge and Christian BAAYBAAY!!!

Christian walks off all smiles, as Edge stands and thinks to himself about what Christian just said, then thinks out loud to himself…


1st Match:

Maven vs. A-Train

Basically, an average match. Train dominates in the majority of the match, but Maven makes a fight back towards the end, but out of nowhere gets caught with the De-Railer, 1...2...3.

Winner: A-Train

We then see highlights of the recent history between HBK and Undertaker. First, Taker upon his return dismantled HBK, then Michaels cost Taker of the World Title, and ever since, HBK has been more cocky, and been on the run from Taker.

Interview with RVD…

Tonight, Rob Van Dam, you face Edge for the Intercontinental Championship. You, previously have been a four time I.C Champion. But that could become five. How do you plan on beating Edge tonight, especially if Christian is at ringside??

RVD: Well, to win the title, I’m just gonna be me, Rob….Van….Dam!!!

We see Evolution chat backstage, irate over having to defend the tag titles tonight.

2nd Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:

Edge w/ Christian vs. Rob Van Dam

Excellent, solid contest, with RVD battling almost like in a two on one contest. Edge though, consistently keeps telling Christian to stop interfering, and that he wants to do it alone. RVD nearly gets the win as Edge argues with Christian, but Edge kicks out of a roll up at two. RVD then hit’s a DDT, then goes for a 5*, but Christian pushes him off, into the top rope. Edge doesn’t realise what Christian has done, and hit’s the Edgecution on the groggy RVD, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Edge

After the match, Christian grabs the Intercontinental title, and celebrates with Edge. Edge then realises that Christian must have been behind what happened to RVD. He asks Christian, and he says he pushed him. Edge grabs the belt and storms off, leaving Christian in the ring, looking confused.

Backstage, we see Cena and Sting chatting. We don’t hear what is said, but they smile, then shake hands and walk off.


King: What do you think those two punks where chatting about J.R??

J.R: I suspect you’re referring to Cena and Sting?? Well, I’d expect they were talking about the ass-whipping that they are planning on handing out to Evolution tonight.

King: Oh, you don’t really think that Cena and Sting are gonna win the tag titles tonight do you?? That old age sure is creeping in on ya old timer.

J.R: I’m not too much older than you Jerry. In fact, what age are you??

King: (Totally ignores question) That’s a pretty interesting situation between Edge and Christian isn’t J.R??

J.R: (Laughs, knowing he has annoyed King)Indeed it is King. Edge wants to prove he can stand on his own two feet as a singles star, but Christian wants them to almost team up for the Intercontinental title, oh, hold on, I believe we have something going on backstage…

We quickly cut backstage, where Edge and Christian are seen arguing.


Christian: What was what about??

Edge: You just blatantly helped me!!! I had the match won!!!

Christian: What!!! But we’re a team!!!

Edge: Yeah, but I am the Intercontinental Champion. I appreciate your help, but this is something I’ve gotta do alone.

Edge storms off, as Christian shakes his head in disappointment.

We then cut to Jericho approaching Trish…

Hey Trish. You okay??

Trish: Yeah. No thanks to that lunatic Kane. Look, I really appreciate everything you have done for me in the last few months. I mean, you teamed with me against Edge and Christian when no one wanted to know me, and now you’re fighting off Kane for me. I cant thank you enough for everything, especially after all the hurt I caused you last year.

Jericho: Listen, we all make mistakes. That’s in the past. I just hope Kane got the message, and you can move on with our lives, and have a great….(stops himself)

Trish: (In a hopeful manner) Great what??

Jericho: (Quickly tries to think of something to say)A…A….great….friendship. Yeah, I hope we can be great friends.

Trish: (Looking a little disappointed)Yeah, of course. Friends.

Jericho: (In an awkward kinda way)Listen, I’ve got a few things I need to take care of….I’ll see you later maybe.

Trish: (In an awkward kinda way) Yeah, sure.

Jericho slowly walks off, as Trish watches on, looking regretful.

3rd Match: World Tag Team Championships:

Batista & Flair vs. John Cena & Sting

Pretty long match, with Evolution singling out Sting for the most part, working on the abdominal regions, with constant cheating, and constant tags between them. Cena is held back on a number of occasions by the referee, then Sting hit’s a double clothesline on the champs, before tagging in his fresh partner.

Cena cleans house, and takes down Batista with the Throwback, a dropkick to Flair, 5 Knuckle Shuffle to both, and goes for the FU on Flair but its broken by Batista, then Cena ducks a clothesline and hit’s a DDT on Batista. He tags in Sting, and all four men brawl. Cena takes it to Flair on the outside, until he spots Orton making his way down to the ring, and decides to chase him up the ramp. He chases after Orton, leaving Sting alone, and he is double teamed, and eventually pinned for the three whilst Cena chases after Orton.

Winners: Evolution

Cena then realises what just happened, and runs back down to fight off Evolution from the ring, as the scarper up the ramp, and hold up all the gold, taunting Sting and especially Cena.

WrestleMania Relived:

This week, WrestleMania VI, from the Toronto Sky Dome.

Highlights include, Andre The Giant turning face on Heenan, DiBiase vs. Roberts, and the Champion vs. Champion match between Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.

We then see Shawn Michaels enter the arena, cockily, checking out the diva’s, and pushing a short fat guy off his chair, before stealing his coffee.

Smackdown Rebound:

- Highlights from last weeks SD

- Then from No way Out, Tajiri winning the CW Title

- TWGTT becoming #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles at WM

- The Rock becoming #1 Contender for the WWE Championship

- Triple H defeating Eddie Guerrero to retain the WWE Championship.

We then go backstage again, and into the women’s locker room, where we see Shaniqua and Jazz preparing for their tag match up next…

Move outta my way…BITCH!!!

Jazz: Excuse me?? Did you just call me, Bitch?

Shaniqua: Listen, I’m the women’s champion, undefeated since coming to RAW, now, GET, OUT, OF, MY, WAY, BITCH!!!

Jazz: You may be undefeated, but you haven’t faced me yet…BITCH!!

Shaniqua: (Shakes head) I don’t need to face the likes of you. There is a reason that I have to team up with you next. You’re not in my league, so they put me with you to even things out!!

Jazz: Oh, is that right?

Shaniqua: Yeah, it is.

Jazz looks down to the ground, then shakes her head, smiles, and then goes for Shaniqua. They brawl along the ground, for a few moments, until officials come and break them up.

Back with J.R and King;

Oh boy, what a situation there. Shaniqua and Jazz going at it right there. What an explosion that was. And those two have to team up later!!

King: You know, I couldn’t think of anything uglier than Shaniqua and Jazz…then I saw them go at it!! HA HA!! Boy, those two women sure know how to fight!!

J.R: They sure do King. And folks, we’re about to see if that tension perhaps boils over into our next contest…

Foley then appears on the titan tron…

How is everybody doin’ in PHOENIX, ARIZONA!!! I just wanna make a quick announcement regarding next weeks RAW. You see, after the tag team title match tonight, I felt that John Cena and Sting were robbed of those titles, so next week, in singles competition, it will be the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, going one on one, with the #1 Contender for the World Title at WrestleMania….JOHN CENA!!!!! And that’s….FINAL!!!!

J.R: Oh boy, what a main event next week King, live in Omaha, Nebraska. Cena and Flair. What a test for the #1 Contender!!!

King: Finally, John Cena will realise that he is out of his depth against Evolution. Ric Flair will take him to school. I guarantee it J.R!!!


4th Match:

Shaniqua & Jazz vs. Gail Kim & Victoria

Through out the match, Shaniqua and Jazz argue between each other, and eventually, they come to blows. They brawl along ringside, and try to dismantle the other, totally ignoring their opponents. Shaniqua rakes the eyes of Jazz, then press slams her into the ring. Victoria then baseball slides Shaniqua, and hit’s the Widow’s Peak on Jazz, 1...2...3!!! Victoria wins!!!

Winners: Victoria & Gail Kim

After the match, Victoria and Gail celebrate up the ramp, as Shaniqua looks up at Victoria, realising she could well be a threat. Behind her though, Jazz is back up, and waits for Shaniqua to turn around, then when she does, Jazz nails a clothesline, then a Fisherman Buster, leaving the Women’s Champion down, for the first time since her debut on RAW.

J.R: Well folks, this is a very interesting situation between the ladies of RAW King.

King: It certainly is J.R. But right now, I believe you have an important announcement to make…

J.R: I sure do King. Folks, with WrestleMania now just five short weeks away, LIVE from Ford Field in Detroit, we will have Detroit’s own, Eminem, performing the theme song for this years event, and the mega rap star will also be performing at WrestleMania!!! Stay tuned to WWE programming for more information on this in the coming weeks, but right now, we’re gonna go backstage, with Marc Lloyd.

We go backstage, where Marc Lloyd is standing in a dark eerie room…

Guys, I am back here, with Kane. Kane, over the last few weeks, you have become seemingly obsessed with Trish Stratus. Three weeks ago, you were seen staring at a picture of the WWE Diva. Then, two weeks ago, You tried to help Trish win the Women’s Title, only to be slapped in the face, resulting in you chokeslamming her, then forcing her, last week, to compete against you in a match. My question is, what are your motives for these actions.

Kane: My motives?? My motives…are simple. I need to be normal. I want a life of normality. All my life, I have been considered a freak, but I want that to change. I want to be able to walk down the street, and not have people stare at me.

If…no, when, Trish Stratus decides she wants to be with me, I will be considered normal. I will have a beautiful partner, someone, considered normal. She has the perfect life, and I want it too.

But she is very greedy. She doesn’t want to spend time with MEEEE!!! But she will, in time, she will. Once she realise what I can do for her, she will change her mind, and be with MEEE!!! Until then though, she has to realise that she cannot get away with making me angry. I didn’t enjoy being slapped across the face, and I suspect she didn’t enjoy being choke slammed.

In time, Trish WILL be with me, but now Jericho has gotten in the way. And he will PAY!!! Chris Jericho represents everything I am not…that is NORMALITY!!! But when I’m finished with Jericho…he will be a bigger freak than me….

Backstage, Edge and Christian are still arguing, outside Foleys office.

Look, you haven’t thought this through man.

Edge: No. I need to prove to myself that I can do this alone!!!

Christian: This is a big mistake bro, you’ll regret this!!!

Edge: Maybe, maybe not.

Christian: Don’t do this EDGE!!!

Edge: DAMMIT Christian SHUT UP!!!!

Foley then steps out of his office…

I couldn’t help over hearing you guys…well, infact, the queen of England couldn’t help overhear you guys. I see you have a problem. Well, I have a solution. Next week, on RAW, Christian, you will have a shot at singles gold. It will be you against Raven, for the Hardcore Title…and that’s….FINAL!!! Now shut up, and go give me a break.

Christian: YESSSS!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!

Edge: Congrats man, good luck.

Christian: Yeah, sure. But, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way man, but this is probably something I should do alone. Its all good you wanting to help, but I’d like to earn this title, you know. Look, I’ll catch up with you later, I’m just gonna phone cousin Herb, ok. See ya later.

Christian walks off, pressing buttons on his phone, as Edge looks on a little confused at Christian’s attitude.


J.R: Looks to me King, that there is a little dissention in the ranks between Edge and Christian. But also, that speech from Kane a little earlier was very creepy. I would watch out if I were Trish or Jericho.

King: Well, Kane just wants to be accepted J.R. You can understand that cant you??

J.R: Shut up King. Folks, next week, its Christian vs. Raven for the Hardcore Title, and Cena vs. Flair!!! Oh boy what a night it will be in Omaha, but now, its time for our Main Event!!! Matt Morgan takes on the Deadman!!!

Main Event:

Matt Morgan w/ Eric Bischoff vs. Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

Slow, methodical Taker style match. Pretty evenly balanced throughout, with very little interference from Bischoff, mainly out of fear for the Deadman.

Taker nails a Chokeslam, then sets up Morgan for the Tombstone, but then through the crowd, whilst Taker has his back turned, Michaels comes over the rail, and sneaks up on Bearer, then hits him with the Sweet Chin Music. Taker then spots him, and decides to go after him. HBK sprints to the top of the ramp, then taunts the Undertaker, who continues to chase, as he ends up being counted out, and Morgan wins!!!

Winner: (By Count-out) Matt Morgan

We then immediately cut backstage, as Taker hunts down HBK. Michaels is then seen getting into his rental car, and speeding off, with Taker just inches away.

The camera then pans up close on the Deadman, who rolls his eyes into the back of his head, as the show goes off the air.

*** *** ***

Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXI:

20th March 2005

Location: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

Event Music: Eminem; Song(s) unconfirmed

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match:

Triple H vs. The Rock

WWE Tag Team Championship’s Match:

America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2005:


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Re: Being the booker

Amazing show, brilliant build up for WM, great idea having Eminem do the theme music, but which song????

Can't wait for this to continue....
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Re: Being the booker

Once great show, keep it all up!
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Re: Being the booker

great show Wolf Beast!!

Read the rules.
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