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Re: Being the booker

good, glad this thread has returned!! I look forward to it all!! Can't wait for Wrestlemania!!!!

BTW: Can any of you check out my BTB thread? Its just that i wrote my first ppv and i want you to see if it ok cos noone has rated it

Read the rules.
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Re: Being the booker

Glad that there is interest in this thread still then. The Road to WrestleMania will be worth it, I promise.
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Re: Being the booker

Wow! I just got through reading the WHOLE thread and I have to say... I'm very disappointed. I mean I really didn't like it mine is way better.

No only kidding this thread is accually really good. I really enjoyed it and I ecspecially liked the Royal Rumble. Great. Keep it up man.

Credit: Bro
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Re: Being the booker

Can't wait for WM21, should be phenominal.
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Re: Being the booker

that was phenomal wolf beast
greatest show ever written
u will go down in da btb hall of fame if there is eva one
wrestlemania looks great
i can see hbk taker
angle goldberg
rock hhh 4 title
austin brock
cena orton world tiitle
gonna be the best eva cant wait
wens teh next report?
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Re: Being the booker

^^^^Here is the timetable^^^^

Originally Posted by Wolf Beast
These shows WILL be FULLY DONE, NOT REPORTS, unless stated here. Soooo, here is a rough timetable of how things will pan out in this thread up to The Showcase of the Immortals....

Real Time --------------- Thread Time
1st Dec 2004 ------------- Update from RR to No Way Out
6th Dec 2004 ------------- RAW 14th Feb
10th Dec 2004 ------------ SD 17th Feb (Will likely be a brief update)
13th Dec 2004 ------------ RAW 21st Feb
20th Dec 2004 ------------ SD 24th Feb
23rd Dec 2004 ------------ RAW 28th Feb & SD March 3rd
27th Dec 2004 ------------ RAW 7th March (Will likely be an update)
30th Dec 2004 ------------ SD 10th March
3rd Jan 2005 -------------- RAW 14th March
10th Jan 2005 ------------- SD 17th March
17th Jan 2005 ------------- WrestleMania Preview
23rd Jan 2005 ------------- WRESTLEMANIA 21!!!!!

I hope this is how it works out. Please, everyone check this thread out, as it reaches its climax. Hopefully everyone is still interested in it, as I realise it hasnt been very well organized in recent weeks. Any feedback would be nice, thanks.
Hope that answers it for ya, and I hope you check it out dude...
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Re: Being the booker

great cant wait. Il definately be reading

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Re: Being the booker

thanx wolf beast i wont miss this 4 anythin
gonna be huge
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Re: Being the booker

RAW: January 24th 2005:

John Cena opened up the show, celebrating his victory in the Royal Rumble, and then sending a message to Randy Orton - who was not in the building, but at hospital recuperating from his terrific beating at the hands of The Undertaker at the Rumble inside HIAC. Edge and Christian then spoilt the party, and challenged Cena to prove he belongs in the upper echelon on RAW by taking them on in a Handicap match tonight. Cena accepted the challenge…

Matt Morgan retained the Intercontinental Title in a hard fought match against Booker T, with interference from Morgans manager, Eric Bischoff being the deciding factor in the match.

Backstage, we saw Kane, sitting alone, in a dark eerie room, staring over a picture of Trish Stratus, but why??

Stevie Richards and Raven took on Tommy Dreamer and RVD in tag team action, but the contest soon disintegrated into a full out war, leading to Mick Foley announcing a Fatal Four Way for the Hardcore Title next week on RAW.

Prior to a Tag Team Match, Ric Flair and Batista had an interview, in which they explained the horrible injuries Orton suffered from The Undertaker at the Rumble, and said he will never be the same again, but will return in two weeks time to RAW.

Ric Flair and Batista retained the Tag Team Titles against Sean O’ Haire and Chuck Palumbo, after some heavy cheating, leading to Batista picking up the three count, with the Demon Bomb.

Shawn Michaels - also not present at RAW, sent in a video to be screened to everybody watching, saying simply, that The Undertaker got what was coming to him, and HBK will have no problems meeting Taker face to face, next week on RAW.

John Cena passed his first test on the Road to WrestleMania, defeating Edge and Christian in a Handicap match, although the brothers done themselves no favour, with many mishaps between the two, and eventual arguments, leading to Cena’s victory.

Smackdown: 27th January 2005:

SD kicked off with Brock Lesnar in the ring with Paul Heyman, demanding that Bret Hart come to this ring immediately to talk about what happened at RR. The General Manager made his way to the ring, and had a brief war of words with Lesnar. Lesnar then demanded that he gets a shot at the WWE Title, after Steve Austin - not even a rostered superstar - cost him the title shot at WM.

Bret told Brock that he warned him Austin was gonna be there, but he didn’t listen, however, he does have a solution for Brock. At No Way Out, there will be an 8 Man Royal Rumble style match, with the winner getting the WWE Title shot at WM XXI, and Brock WILL be part of it.

Brock then asked about what will now happen with Austin, with Bret’s response being….he doesn’t know. Brock then demanded that Austin is allowed to SD next week, so Lesnar could kick his ass and run him out of the WWE for good… Bret though told Brock that its not his decision, it’s a decision for the board of directors.

The first match of the night was William Regal & Lance Storm vs. Hurricane & Rey Mysterio. Hurricane picked up the win over his former partner Storm for a little bit of revenge on the misery Storm has piled on him in recent weeks, but after the match, Regal & Storm had the last laugh with a Brass Knucks attack.

Lesnar talked with Heyman about wanting to get payback on Austin, with Heyman telling Brock he will talk with the Board of Directors this week about it.

Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin beat Rikishi w/Scotty, after some heavy cheating.

Bret announced some of the other competitors in the 8 Man at No Way Out being, The Rock, Goldberg, Kanyon, Rey Mysterio. And next week, two spots would be earned, as Kurt Angle faces Big Show, and Chris Benoit faces William Regal.

Los Chavo’s were shocked, as Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon defeated them in tag team action.

Triple H then talked about being the greatest WWE Champion of all time after beating Eddie last Sunday. Eddie then interrupted, and told HHH if he is so good, then he should give him another shot. Triple H then told Eddie he would have to earn the shot. He said that if Eddie beats The Big Show in his match later, then he will allow him one last shot.

AMW retained their newly won WWE Tag team Championships with a hard fought victory over the Basham Brothers. After the match, the former champions, Test & Steiner left their mark on the champions, with a brutal assault, letting them know that they want the belts back.

Eddie Guerrero retained the United States Championship with victory over the Big Show, thanks to some Lying, Cheating and Stealing. This also meant that Eddie gets one more shot at Triple H at No Way Out for the WWE Title. After the match, Triple H and Big Show attempted to destroy Eddie with a Sledgehammer attack, but Chris Benoit came to the aid of Guerrero, with a chair, fighting off HHH and Show.

RAW: January 31st 2005:

RAW kicked off with the Fatal 4 Way for the Hardcore Title. Raven became the NEW Champion after nailing the Even Flow on Dreamer for the 3.

Chris Jericho defeated Rhyno with the Walls of Jericho

Mick Foley then announced that during the last few days, a trade had been made between RAW & Smackdown, with Matt hardy going to SD, and his replacement on RAW would be….A-TRAIN!!! A-Train then came to the ring, and immediately challenged John Cena to face him later, again, a challenge which Cena accepted.

Edge and Christian’s problems continued, as they once again cost each other their match, this week for the Tag Titles, as the pair failed to co-exist, and Evolution retained the titles. Afterwards E&C began a shoving war, which carried on all the way backstage.

HBK then made his way to the ring, and reminded us all that he had said last week he would go face to face with Undertaker tonight….then brought out an actual Undertaker. Michaels made fun of the man, then gave him Sweet Chin Music, but then, the REAL Undertaker made his way to the ring, and Michaels went running through the crowd.

Shaniqua retained the Women’s Title with a victory over Trish Stratus. The big headline coming out from this match though, was Kane. The monster at first tried to help Trish, but after Trish slapped him, Kane went crazy, Chokeslamming the Diva, and costing her the match. We still ask the question, what is Kanes obsession with Trish??

Mick Foley then talked with Flair and Batista. They tried to say that Orton shouldn’t have to defend the title at WM, as he still wont be 100%. This enraged Foley, who then demanded that Orton defends the title….NEXT WEEK…AGAINST STING!!! Evolution were totally irate with this, but had no choice but to accept.

John Cena then took on A-Train on his RAW debut, but once again, Cena showed just why he is the real deal, with a big win over the big man.

Smackdown: 3rd February 2005:

SD kicked off with Kurt Angle defeating the Big Show with a roll up, to advance to the #1 Contenders match at No Way Out for the WWE Title.

After the match, Benoit made fun of Big Show for losing a second week in a row. Big Show was irate, and went after Benoit, but Benoit didn’t back up an inch, which made the Big Show think twice.

Then, we saw Lesnar and Heyman come to the ring once again. Heyman talked through the meeting he had with the Board of Directors at the weekend, and said he was told that Austin will not be allowed back, as the contract from Judgement Day last year stated that if Austin lost to McMahon, he would be gone for good. Brock was still irate, but then…*Glass Shattered*…and the Rattlesnake made his way to the ring in his pick up truck, and attacked Lesnar once again, before being taken away by security and driven off to prison.

Shelton Benjamin w/ Charlie Haas defeated Scotty w/ Rikishi after some cheating once again, for the second week in a row.

Goldberg and Kurt Angle had a backstage showdown, with both promising to eliminate the other at No Way Out.

Tajiri defeated Chavo Classic to get a shot at Chavo Guerrero’s CW Title at No Way Out.

Rock and Eddie chatted backstage about Triple H, and their tag match later, then said they hope its them against each other for the title at WM.

Brock Lesnar complained to Bret that the Austin situation is out of hand, but Bret said there was nothing he could do about it.

Big Show screwed Chris Benoit as he took on William Regal for a place in the 8 Man Rumble at No Way Out.

Also, announced for No Way Out was that Matt Hardy would debut back as part of the roster, being part of the 8 Man Rumble, AMW vs. Test & Steiner for the Tag titles, and Chris Benoit vs. Big Show.

Eddie Guerrero & The Rock defeated Goldberg & Triple H, after Eddie pinned HHH with the Frog Splash.

RAW: February 7th 2005:

To kick things off, Matt Morgan took on Edge, with no one allowed ringside (Bischoff for Morgan, Christian for Edge). Edge scored the big upset victory, to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion!!!!

We saw the arrival of Randy Orton and Evolution, as the WHC still looked extremely worse for wear, after just 15 days from RR, when he was dismantled by Taker.

Backstage, we saw the whiteboard with tonights matches written down…Kane then saw that Trish was set to take on Jazz, but Kane then changed the name from Jazz….to Kane…

A- Train defeated Val Venis with the Baldo Bomb.

Edge celebrated his victory with Christian…but Christian continuously referred to both of them being the I.C Champion, not Edge…

Evolution tried to get Foley not to have the title on the line tonight, but Foley refused to change his mind. Orton then told Foley that tonight, he will prove why he is the Champion.

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeated The Dudley Boyz via some heaving cheating.

We then got a message from the Undertaker for HBK. He said that one day, Michaels will make the wrong move, and he will smell the fear…and make sure that Michaels…rests….in….peace….

Kane took on Trish Stratus. The monster annihilated the Diva for a few minutes, before CHRIS JERICHO of all people came to the aid of Stratus, fighting off Kane.

Randy Orton retained the World Title against Sting, thanks to an RKO, winning the match cleanly, showing the world that he can do it alone, setting the stage for the Main Event at WM….Orton vs. Cena….in just five weeks….

Smackdown: 10th February 2005;

James Storm took on Test, three days prior to the tag title match. Test came out on top, with his feet on the ropes for help.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar were then told by Bret Hart, that due to overwhelming demand, the Board of Directors have decided that Steve Austin will be allowed into the arena this Sunday at No way Out…and for the foreseeable future on SD, but - Austin will not be under contract, and needs to sign a waiver stating that the WWE takes no responsibility for his actions.

Lesnar was not happy. He now realises that Austin could cost him the chance at winning the 8 Man Rumble at No Way Out.

Tajiri defeated Chavo Guerrero in a NON Title match, just three days before they meet again for the title.

Triple H and Eddie Guerrero had an in ring showdown, which became very personal, ahead of this Sundays title match.

Big Show & Lance Storm took on Chris Benoit & Hurricane ahead of their two singles matches this Sunday. The match ended in a DQ, when Show & Storm intentionally got DQ’ed and beat down their two opponents.

Goldberg then promised victory this Sunday, and will go to WM and become the WWE Champion once again. However, The Rock disagreed with Goldberg’s promise, and he also promised victory this Sunday, because it was just meant to be. Kurt Angle then also made his point that he will not be counted out, and told Goldberg he doesn’t forget it was Goldberg who cost him the title two months ago.

Shelton Benjamin w/Haas defeated Rikishi w/Scotty, making it three wins out of three in three weeks for TWGTT against Too Cool. They meet again at No Way Out with the winners being #1Contenders at WM for the Tag Belts, but this will be a tag team match…not singles competition…who will come out on top??

Goldberg, Regal & Kanyon faced The Rock, Angle and Mysterio in a six man tag. These are six of the eight men involved in the Rumble match at No Way Out this Sunday. Goldberg got the pin over Mysterio, then proceeded to destroy every other person, including his own team mates, as he goes on the warpath for the WWE Title.

No Way Out: February 13th 2005;

Hurricane defeated Lance Storm to finally have the last laugh over his former partner.

AMW retained the WWE Tag Team Titles against Test & Steiner.

Lesnar warned Bret that if Austin costs him the match tonight, then he wont be held accountable for his actions.

Big Show was forced to cheat in order to defeat Chris Benoit, who would not stay down against the 500 pounder.

Tajiri shocked Chavo Guerrero as he defeated him to become the NEW CW Champion!!!

TWGTT defeated Rikishi & Scotty to earn a Tag Team Title Match against AMW at WM XXI.

The Rock won the 8 man Rumble to become the #1 Contender for the WWE Title at WM XXI. Order of Entry; 1;Mysterio, 2;Regal, 3;The Rock, 4;Brock Lesnar, 5;Kurt Angle, 6;Goldberg, 7;Matt Hardy, 8;Kanyon.

Order of Elimination:

1; William Regal by The Rock

2; Rey Mysterio by Brock Lesnar

3; Goldberg by Kurt Angle

4; Kurt Angle by Kanyon (+ distraction from Goldberg)

5; Matt Hardy by Brock Lesnar

6; Kanyon by The Rock

7; Brock Lesnar by The Rock (After Austin’s music hit, distracting Lesnar, but Austin did not show)

After the match, Lesnar went completely nuts backstage, then caught a glimpse of the Rattlesnake in the distance, smiling, drinking a beer. Lesnar then went after him, but Austin then disappeared. Once Lesnar got to that point, he looked around for Austin, then from behind, Austin clocked Brock with a chair, knocking Lesnar down. He then told Brock that this is just the beginning.

Triple H defeated Eddie Guerrero with a Pedigree onto the knee of Guerrero, after over 10 minutes of work on Eddie’s knee during the match.


So, this leaves me up to date…next is the final road to WrestleMania. Remember, these will be FULL SHOWS!!!! NOT REPORTS!!! Any views on this report are also greatly appreciated.

RAW is up on the 6th

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Re: Being the booker

That was awesome, ill keep reading, 10/10
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