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Re: Being The Booker

*Just posting this as a brief recap. I was initially planning a while back on making it a SNME type deal to advance a couple of things, but I can just allude to them via recapping the whole thing.*

Official Card for The 2007 Slammy Awards:
Date: 29th December 2007
Location: Cobo Arena, Detroit Michigan

'Mean' Gene Okerlund acts as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and is joined by Maria to add some glamour to proceedings...


*Winners in bold.*

Randy Orton,Christian, Paul London, Americas Most Wanted, The Brian Kendrick
Presented by JBL
*Orton isn’t present to accept his award, and his GM, Finlay, accepts it on his behalf, but says very little in acceptance. Whilst he does though, a very loud “CHRISTIAN” chant is heard by the rowdy couple of thousand fans in attendance - making their feelings clear on who they THINK should‘ve collected the award.*

The Coach, Mister Kennedy,The Brian Kendrick, Theodore Long, Armando Estrada
Presented by ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper
*Kennedy takes his award, and in his speech, rejects the award, claiming that he isn’t the biggest mouth and says that would suggest he doesn’t back up the things he says. Kennedy hands the award over to the Hot Rod, telling him to keep it, saying it‘s the type of thing Piper deserves - but not a guy that‘s going places.*

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio, Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix, Carlito vs. MVP, Christian vs. Umaga
Presented by Dusty Rhodes
*With Kurt Angle not present, Rey Mysterio is on hand to accept the award himself, and harks back to that deeply personal rivalry. He makes sure to say that he respects Angle and everything he‘s done as a competitor, and hopes that whilst they made each others lives hell for months, that Angle - at the end of it all - found a new perspective of Mysterio and his heritage.*

Brent Albright, Cody Rhodes, Umaga,The Brian Kendrick, MVP
Presented by Finlay
*JBL accepts the award on behalf of Estrada and Umaga - both suspended for the time being - stating that as the GM of Raw, he‘s proud to have such a ‘game changing’ star on his show, predicting a big 2008 for Umaga; “After he serves his penance for his despicable actions” … all with very little sincerity.*

Mr. McMahon banished from Television, JBL buried alive, Triple H retired, Christian defeats Umaga, Randy Orton punts RVD, Chris Jericho returns, Umagas path of destruction at the 15th Anniversary of Raw.
Presented by Joey Styles
*And, this time, the Indian associate of JBL is on hand to accept the award, and in a very rehearsed sounding speech, he states that Layfield will not condone any future acts of violence on Raw.*

J.R & The Coach, Katie Lea & Paul Burchill, Chris Harris & James Storm, Mr. Kennedy & The Miz, The Brian Kendrick & his ego.
Presented by Matt Striker & Josh Mathews
*Kendrick doesn’t quite grasp the irony of his win, and goes off on a tangent - like a really bad Oscar winning speech, thanking everyone; “especially myself”, and points out he‘s so good that they awarded him two statues for one award. As TBK continues, going off on how big 2008 will be, he has to be ushered off the stage by Finlay - simply going on too long.*

Shawn Michaels vs. Mick Foley, John Cena vs. Christian {both WrestleMania}, Christian vs. Triple H {Backlash}, Paul London vs. Brent Albright {Judgment Day}, Straight Edge vs. MNM {Summerslam}
Presented by Jim Ross
*In an interesting showdown, both Cena and Christian arrive on the stage to collect the single Slammy - resulting in a little bit of awkwardness. The fans react in kind to the staredown, with Cena thanking the voters for making their match the MOTY, then looks to make a joke over who should take the award. Christian smirks, and suggests “the guy that won the match, maybe??”
Cena responds with a smirk of his own, and nods, allowing Christian the moment - then leaves the stage with a parting shot; “Who knows, maybe we‘ll be back for this award next year. I can take it then.”
Cena leaves the stage, and Christian stands at the podium, making a quick speech over that WM match being a night he‘ll never forget, and thanks the Peeps for not forgetting it either - before saying he‘s intent on making it happen again at WrestleMania 24.*

Americas Most Wanted, Straight Edge, MNM, The Hardy Boys, Master Craftsmen
Presented by Kelly Kelly & Kristal Marshall
*Straight Edge accept the award, initially taking it in good grace … before Punk makes a point to issue a warning to the rest of the tag teams on Raw - “we‘re the best tag team in the world. The rest of you losers?? You‘re just scrappin for second place!!” The camera then cuts away to the Master Craftsmen and then the Angels of Anarchy all watching on with interest on the floor.*

Mickie James,Beth Phoenix, Melina, Michelle McCool, Gail Kim
Presented by Jerry Lawler
*Mickie makes an emotional speech, tearing up over her year; the trials and tribulations - and ends with a big thank you to ‘my rock’ Gail Kim for helping her the most in her toughest times, stating that without Gails help and encouragement, she wouldn’t be stood on the podium today.*

Christian,Randy Orton, John Cena, Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, Paul London
Presented by Howard Finkel
*Christian picks up his second award of the night - and the biggest of all - rightfully so. Christian keeps it short and sweet, saying it was unquestionably the best twelve months of his career - despite it not ending particularly brilliantly - and gives a shout out to his Peeps, telling them 2007 was incredible, but 2008 he wants to do it ALL over again.*



Raw will be posted tomorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | December 31 2007 | Detroit, MI

(Banner Credit; JamJam)
*Taped December 30*

The show opens backstage, in JBL’s office, where the General Manager lets go of a party popper, and laughs overbearingly loudly.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ladies and Gentlemen - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

JBL displays his toothy grin, looking straight at the camera.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: An’ I got just the perfect way to bring in the New Year for everybody watchin tanight!!! All around the globe, people are converging in all the major cities - Tokyo, Sydney, London, and my own personal favourite - MA HOME TOWN - NEW YORK CITAYYY!!!

Layfield continues to sport a look of excitement, but tones his voice down a few decibels.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And in that spirit, of all walks of life comin together in one place to celebrate a huge happening … that’s what we’re gonna get tanight. In the ring, you will see any and every WWE Raw superstar that is here in the arena, battling it out in a good ‘ol fashioned Battle Royal!!!

Looking pleased with himself, JBL pauses for a pop - but it’s not an earth shattering reaction.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But this aint gonna be a Battle Royal for the hell of it - where’s the fun in that?? Hell naw, tanight the Raw roster is cordially invited to participate, and I guarantee you that they’ll all wanna piece … because the winner?? … ha ha, the winner gets to kick off the new year in style, by headin to Vegas on January 20 for the Royal Rumble match!!!

Pop in the arena.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I thought you fine people would like that. And that’s exactly why the Raw roster will be trippin over themselves to get in that ring later … but that aint the only reason. Yeah, for most of these guys, it’ll be their one and only shot at gettin in the Royal Rumble match … but there’s an even bigger reason they’ll all be fightin it out later…

Milking it, JBL waits…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The winner of tanights battle royal goes to Vegas. Goes to the Rumble … goes into the Royal Rumble match … as the THIRTIETH MAN in the Royal Rumble!!!

Once more, he displays the toothy grin, and the fans cheer for the high stakes. JBL though … isn’t done.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But- (grins) … oh there’s a big but all right. See, this aint your typical Battle Royal. C’mon, after last weeks home run with the number one contenders series?? You folks didn’t think I’d just make it as simple as that?? Yeah, the winner is guaranteed to be the final man in the Royal Rumble, but the runner up?? He’s guaranteed a spot in the Royal Rumble too!!!

Smaller pop - it doesn’t really make sense for the runner up to get a reward either does it?? JBL has a glint in his eye…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But he wont just have any spot in the Rumble … the runner up tanight will be … THE FIRST entrant in the 2008 Royal Rumble match!!!

Big mixed reaction. JBL looks impressed with himself.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: It’s what I like to call the Double Jeopardy Battle Royal. There’s gonna be twenty- thirty guys maybe, and they’ll all fall by the wayside; some will live to fight another day and make it to the Rumble by other means … but for the two that want it most?? For the two that outlast the others tonight?? The difference between winning and losing?? Is … gigantic.

JBL still smiles, before picking up a champagne bottle, popping the cork. The bottles fizzes over, with JBL grinning at the camera, before speaking, softly-

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Happy New Year boys.

JBL takes a swig from the bottle … and the picture fades out…

Opening Video


“Fast Fuse” blares around the arena, with signs of excited fans, as the last show of 2007 hit’s the airways…

Jim Ross: We are in ‘The Joe’ for a New Years Party - RAW STYLE!!! As you just heard, tonight, we’ll see the first ever Double Jeopardy Battle Royal, open to EVERY Raw Superstar, and the stakes couldn’t be higher, Coach!!

The Coach: It’s gonna be hell it make it to the final two, baby boy - but the risk and the reward are HUGE!!! What a prize for the winner; Number 30 in the Royal Rumble … but the runner up?? Wow, Number One.

Jim Ross: Indeed, JBL has really caused a stir here, and you’ve got to wonder if the Raw superstars will be contemplating the risk against the reward. But we’ll see tonight just who has the guts to put themselves at risk of being Number One, in order to capture the reward of Number Thirty.

The Coach: All except for two men, J.R. The World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and (scoffs) The Number One Contender, Rey Mysterio. They already have a date with each other on January 20 - and tonight, they make that walkover official.

Jim Ross: Of- walkover?? I don’t think so. And I don’t think John Cena will see it that way either. Mysterio carries as much threat as anyone, and I’m sure he’ll make that point tonight when they make that match official with a contract signing in the ring. Plus, we will air the sit-down interview I conducted with Kurt Angle in Pittsburgh a little later, one week ahead of his return to Raw!!


And the buzz filtering through the arena quickly dies with the buzz killing music of the irritating ‘Self Proclaimed Hardcore Champion’, THE MIZ. Miz walks out, pushing his trolley of (neatly assorted) weapons, much to the disdain of J.R.

Jim Ross: Are we really gonna open the last show of 2007 with this idiot??

The Coach: What are you talkin about?? Who better to kick us off!! The Miz is on a roll!!! Just wait and see what this guy accomplishes in 2008!!!

Jim Ross: I can only imagine what he’ll do next year. He’s a damn goof ball that doesn’t belong in the ring, and he’s carrying around a championship that’s been defunct for two years!!!

The Coach: Don’t disrespect the Hardcore Champion, J.R!!!

Jim Ross: (Dripping in sarcasm) Well, I cant wait to see who Miz is defending the title against tonight, after that memorable win over a bad Mick Foley impersonator last week!!

The Coach: That wasn’t Mick Foley??

Jim Ross: You know as well as I do that Mick Foley is immobile because of what happened two weeks ago at the Fifteenth Anniversary of Raw!!

Miz climbs into the ring, showing off his title, ignoring the boos, and smiles, before taking a mic from Lillian Garcia.

The Miz: HOO-RAH!!!!

Miz holds the mic out for a reaction. Barely nothing. Except for boos. There’s always heat for this jerk.

The Miz: First of all, I’d like to wish ALL of my Mizfit’s a Happy New Year!!! And tonight, The Miz is here in Detroit to give you all a glimpse of what to expect in the year 2008 from YOUR … HARD-CORE CHAMPION OF THE WORRRRRRLLLLD!!!!

Still trying to be Road Dogg, Miz doesn’t get the cheers he’s pretending to get.

The Miz: Last week on Raw, I took the old Hardcore Legend Mick Foley and I kicked him to the curb. And tonight, I open the doors of my world once again for another challenger to my Kingdom … of … EXXXXXXTREEEEEEME!!!!

Miz nods, obviously thinking the jeers are cheers…

The Miz: So whoever we’ve got back there that believes he‘s more deserving of this time, whether you‘re an ECW reject, or if you held this title back in the day … or if you just feel froggy … get you’re a-Double-s down to this ring, and let’s get down to the nasty stuff … I’m up for the challenge … because I’m The Miz … and I’m … HARD-CORRRRRRRE!!!!!!

Miz smiles broadly, tipping the mic behind him, and awaits his opponent …


The fans in Michigan come ALIVE for the familiar sirens that signal for the Michigan native SCOTT STEINER … with the red lights flashing around the arena … and Miz looks spooked whilst waiting for the opponent to enter…

Jim Ross: Well, I recognise the music. So do these fans in Michigan … but after last week…


Jim Ross: Well, let’s just wait and see who actually appears through-

Ah- it’s not Scott Steiner that emerges. It’s clearly someone else ‘AS’ Scott Steiner, wearing a ridiculous looking muscle suit. The fans soon realise it’s not the real deal … and they aren’t impressed.

The Coach: Scotty looks lean, J.R. I think he means business.

Jim Ross: It’s not Scott Steiner. It’s an impostor. Again.

The Coach: What?? Impostor?? Look at him!! That’s Scott Steiner!!! Look at those arms!!!

Jim Ross: That’s a suit. C’mon Coach, I think you need to clean those sunglasses, kid.

‘Scott’ finishes up his entrance, and approaches Miz, who is still pretending to be stunned … until ‘Steiner’ rips the mic from him.

‘Scott Steiner’: You called for a MAN … well Miz - you’re NOT GETTIN A MAN … you’re gettin the GENETIC FREAK!!!

The fans simply aren’t sure how to react. A small ‘STEINER’ chant is being attempted - but more in frustration with fans that want the actual Scott Steiner.

‘Scott Steiner’: And there’s nothing finer … than Scott Steiner!!! … Except for The Miz, that is…

Heat. Miz smirks and nods, as ‘Steiner’ sucks up to him.

‘Scott Steiner’: Now, I was back there flexin' my peaks and pleasin' my freaks … but when they saw you?? They said BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA … and that’s when I realised that I’m no longer the BIG BAD BOOTY DADDY … but you are Miz.
More boos … Miz enjoys it.

‘Scott Steiner’: So I came on out here in front of my own stinkin people, to tell you freak to man … that you’re the big bad booty daddy, I’m your hook up for the freaks - who I guess we can now call Mizfits … HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME!!!

‘Steiner’ kisses his “guns” … when Miz pulls the chain link over his head, and rips the mic from ‘Steiner’ … and bashes him with it!!!

The Miz vs. ‘Scott Steiner’
It’s the same as last week. Miz doesn’t even use any hardcore weaponry after the mic shot. ‘Steiner’ gets in no offence at all, and Miz enjoys his domination, mocking the Steiner push ups (and fails to even do one, which gets a laugh), before kissing his ‘peaks’.

Miz proceeds to rip off the fake muscle suit - exposing a skinny kid - choking ‘Steiner’ with part of it momentarily, before throwing the ripped pieces of suit to the fans for a memento … then finishes off his opponent with his own move; the Steiner Recliner for a perfunctory victory; ‘retaining’ the title.
Winner: The Miz @ 02:28

Miz has that smug grin on his stupid face, raising his title in the air, as if he’s just about to close out WrestleMania as WWE Champion.


Jim Ross: Would you stop!! He’s an idiot!!!

The Coach: He’s a champion we can all be proud of, J.R!!! What other champion in the WWE puts their title on the line EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!!??? Name me one!!!??

Jim Ross: He’s not a real champion!!!

The Coach: Don’t be a hater, J.R!!! The Miz - HARDCORE CHAMPION!!!! I love it!!!

J.R exhales on commentary - giving up - as we see Miz standing proudly in the ring, parading the Hardcore Title like it’s the most important thing in the world.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Theodore Long is seen walking along, drinking out of a coffee flask, when Matt Striker briskly approaches him…

Matt Striker: Th- Mister Long?? Mister Long, could I get a quick comment-

Theodore Long: Spit it out playa!!!

Long stops, allowing Striker to slow down, and get his point across.

Matt Striker: Mister Long, given the open invitation to the Raw roster to compete in tonight’s Double Jeopardy Battle Royal - I have to ask, given the risk weighed up against the reward, will you be advising Mark Henry to compete??

Theodore Long looks insulted.

Theodore Long: Advise?? Advise?? Would you advise y’Momma to get off her back for fifty cents when there’s a pot o’ gold at the bottom of the garden?? Cause playa, it’s as easy a decision to make as that. I aint advising Tha Worrrrrlds Strongest Man to compete tonight - Better believe I’m implorin Mark Henray to compete in that Battle Royal t’night playa!!

Striker nods.

Matt Striker: But given the risk-

Theodore Long: Risk NUTHIN - are you blin’ as well as dumb, playa?? What do you see when y’look at Mark Henray??

Matt Striker: Well, I see-

Theodore Long: Y’see a four hundred pound freight train. Do you really think any man is gonna try to throw tha Worlds Strongest Man outta the ring tonight, playa?? Only if they as stupid as you, Matt. Aint no risk for Mark Henray tonight, ya feel me?? He gonna be doin some thuggin, buggin, and some downright muggin in that ring tonight - and when it comes down to The Worlds Strongest Man and CM Punk, or The Worlds Strongest Man and Willy Regal, or The Worlds Strongest Man and Christian - only one man is gonna be gettin they sorry ass thrown over the top. Mark Henray is goin to Vegas as the biggest sure thing in the history of sure things, playa - holla, holla, holla…

Long hands off the coffee flask to Striker, and walks on, leaving Striker behind…


The sound of fans rumbling, before they begin to count down from ten…


The video then flashes straight to the 1995 Royal Rumble, and Shawn Michaels dangling from the ring - one foot touching the floor - before dumping Davey Boy Smith to win the match.

Howard Finkel: Only ONE of Shawn Michaels feet hit the floor!!


Cut to 2002, and Maven; the inaugural winner of Tough Enough dropkicks The Undertaker; the conscience of the WWE from the ring -- and the looks on both mens faces are priceless.



1990; and the world stands still … Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior stand across the ring from one another having emptied the ring, and the crowd loses it’s minds…

Jesse Ventura: LOOK AT THIS; Hulk Hogan and The Warrior!!!


John Cena in 2005, eliminating Goldberg for the second year in a row to become the fourth man, joining Hogan, Austin & Michaels to become a back to back Royal Rumble winner.

Tazz: The kid has done it again!!


Kane throwing body after body after body; Grand Master Sexay with a trash can, using a lid to get rid of Blackman, dumping Al Snow, booting Raven, throwing Saturn, smashing Honky Tonk with a guitar before eliminating him, punching Tazz out, Crash Holly, Albert & Scotty follow before dumping The Rock.

Jim Ross: The Big Red Machine … has gone crazy here!!!

Jerry Lawler: He’s on a rampage now!!


Mister McMahon pulls off the biggest upset in Rumble history - thanks to an assist from The Rock - eliminating Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the 1999 Royal Rumble Match.



Kurt Angle celebrates, thinking he has won the 2002 Royal Rumble … but Triple H hung on, climbed back inside, and eliminates Angle to complete his recovery from an eight month lay off.



In 1992, Ric Flair makes the most of a distraction from Hulk Hogan toward Sid Justice … dumping the big man, and winning his first WWE Championship - the only time the title was at stake in the Rumble match.

Bobby Heenan: YES, YES, YES!! I KNEW HE’D DO IT!!!


Bret Hart legitimately eliminates Steve Austin in 1997, but the referees do not notice it, and The Rattlesnake re-enters the ring, going on to win the match in controversial fashion.

Vince McMahon: Austin was eliminated … we saw it and we called it!!


Last year, a bloodied, battered Christian overcomes the mighty Iron Man, Brock Lesnar in an epic struggle to win the Royal Rumble for the first time in his career.

Jim Ross: Nothing has stood in his way!! Nothing COULD stand in his way tonight!!!

Then, darkness.


Pitch black switches to a brilliant white light…


Credit; Chain Gang Red


Match 2:
Gail Kim & Maria vs. Katie Lea & Maryse
*Womens Champion Mickie James on commentary*
In a slight variation to last weeks match, Maryse and Maria replace Mickie and Jillian, as it’s announced that Gail Kim will meet Katie Lea next week on Raw to determine who will face Mickie James next for the Womens title - and Mickie seems a little distracted by that particular match.

Asked about potentially facing her good friend by Coach, Mickie seems uneasy discussing that idea, simply stating that she’ll cross that bridge when she comes to it, but “I would find it as weird as she would”, and hints that Gail Kim doesn’t really want to face her and put their friendship at stake. At the mid point of the match, action spills out of the ring, where Katie Lea has a momentary stand off with the Womens Champion, talking trash, before Gail breaks the party up.

As for the contest itself, It’s pretty much a nothing match (Maria and Maryse are pretty awful - moreso Maria), just by the numbers, with the heel pair not quite getting along. In the end, it’s that bitching that costs Katie and Maryse, with the pair arguing, allowing Maria and Gail to deliver a double dropkick, sending Katie into Maryse, sending the blonde off the apron, and leaving the Brit easy prey for Gail Kim - and the Dragon Sleeper!!!

Katie has no answer for the hold, and flails her arms wildly, signalling she quits … ending the match, and giving the Korean a huge advantage going into next weeks contest, whilst Mickie applauds her friends effort, but refuses to answer Coach when he asks if she‘d tap to that hold if Gail Kim locks it in on her - and instead of answering, gets up and leaves the ringside area.
Winners: Gail Kim & Maria @ 04:12

Jim Ross: That’s a big boost for Gail Kim tonight!!! The psychological advantage will surely rest with the Korean beauty when she and Katie Lea go one on one next week on Raw!!!

The Coach: It’s one thing to win a tag team match, J.R - but next week, it’s just Gail and Katie - one on one. Whole different ball game!!

Jim Ross: All I know is that Gail Kim has been on one HELL of a roll, and she’s long overdue a shot at the title!! And next week, she’ll have the opportunity to earn a shot at the gold. And on top of that, we already know that Kurt Angle is back on Raw next week … but coming up next, the interview I conducted with Angle in Pittsburgh - in it’s entirety - and it’s not to be missed. We’ll be right back.

Commercial Break


The video opens up with J.R looking to the camera…

Jim Ross: Hello all. I’m here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, graciously invited by Kurt Angle to conduct this special sit down interview.

Angle is shown on screen for the first time, wearing an open neck shirt, and he nods.

Jim Ross: Well, first of all, I’d like to thank you for inviting me, and these cameras to your home, Kurt. And I think I speak for everyone on Raw - and the WWE as a whole, in fact - when I say we’re all excited for your return.

Kurt Angle: Well, thank you, J.R.

Jim Ross: Now, first of all, I have to start with your surprise appearance on the Fifteenth Anniversary Raw a couple weeks back. We had all been under the impression that you were on a period of leave until January - so, what drove you to show up - particularly during Ric Flairs announcement??

Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle: It was the fifteenth anniversary show, J.R. There was no way I was missing it. And the way I was thinking; what better way to make a point?? What better way to state your intentions, than with the entire world watching??

J.R nods for a few seconds, before continuing.

Jim Ross: That’s understandable. Now, I know a lot of people want me to ask - how are you?? Mentally?? After losing your most cherished possession - that’s the Olympic Gold Medal you won in 1996 - to Rey Mysterio at Nemesis, you took a couple of weeks off, then came back for the Survivor Series … but once again, following that event, you needed more time off. As it was put to me by some well placed sources, “your heart just wasn’t in it” at that time.

Angle doesn’t answer right away, taking a moment to think about his answer - perhaps thinking back to how he was feeling at that time.

Kurt Angle: That’s correct. I came back for Survivor Series because I had already signed off my intention to compete for Raw at that event. But yes. My heart wasn’t in it. I admit that. But J.R, it’s behind me now. I’ve had time to think, time to set myself some new goals. A little over a year ago, I took a little bit of time off, and I came back in a blaze of glory. I intend on doing the same again - only this time, I have a clear outline of what I want- sorry, what I need to do.

Jim Ross: So, without a shadow of a doubt - you’ve moved on from that gut-wrenching loss at Nemesis??

Angle nods.

Kurt Angle: I can sit here now, and I can genuinely tell you that Mask versus Medals, Rey Mysterio proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that his will was greater than mine. His mask - his heritage, his history … meant more to him than my medal, my legacy … meant to me. That was very hard for me to come to terms with, J.R. That someone could cherish something more than I did my Olympic Gold Medal … but Rey proved it. And it still hurts for me to have to sit here and admit that. I had time to think about it after Survivor Series … and I’m in a much better place now. I’m in a better place, and I’m ready - I’m focused - and I’ve reset my goals. Starting January 20 in Vegas.

Jim Ross: Speaking of the Royal Rumble - you made it pretty clear, with no if’s or buts about it that you would win the Rumble match next month - something you’ve never managed to do before.

Raising an eyebrow, Angle seems momentarily taken aback by that slight dig(?) from J.R, but responds.

Kurt Angle: You’re right. I haven’t. But next month, I intend in changing that fact. Like you said, there was no ifs or buts about it - I have to win the Royal Rumble. I have to go to the main event of WrestleMania.

J.R probes.

Jim Ross: Why?? Why are you that adamant that you HAVE to be in the WrestleMania main event?? You’ve accomplished so much already, that even without win-

Kurt Angle: Accomplished what??

Angles quick retort throws J.R off. The announcer has to think for a second - he looks confused by what Angle just said.

Jim Ross: Well … you’re a multi time WWE Champion. You’ve main evented WrestleMania in the past. You’ve been King of the Ring, you’ve held just about every major championship that’s on offer. Not only that, but you’re the most celebrated American Olympic athlete of all tim-

Kurt Angle: Olympic Athlete??

Jim Ross: {Confused} Your 1996 Gold Medal…

Kurt Angle: And where is it?? Hmm?? Do you see it?? Is it on my mantle?? Is it around my neck??

Angle shifts his head, pointing to the mantle piece - adorned with all kinds of trophies and championships, and also gestures to his neck. J.R meekly responds - he doesn’t seem too comfortable with Angles aggressive tone.

Jim Ross: No.

Kurt Angle: No. No, it’s not. I’ll tell you where it is, J.R. It’s in San Diego. It belongs to Rey Mysterio. Why is it there?? Because he wanted it more than I did. He wanted it more than I did. J.R, I made a wager, and I lost. I lost the Olympic Gold Medal. That means I’m no longer an Olympic winner. I don’t own a Gold Medal anymore. I lost it. I lost it to the better man. I cant go out and win another one now. Beijing is in eight months. Not long enough to get ready. Not enough time before the qualifiers. In 2012, dare I say it, I’ll be too old anyway. Besides, after what I did?? Putting my Gold Medal at stake?? I’m blackballed anyway. I’ve brought shame to the Olympic Gold Medal, and I don’t deserve to be referred to as an Olympic athlete anyway.

Awkward silence. Angle looks away, whilst J.R takes a few seconds to think about how to move on from this point.

Jim Ross: That does seem quite an … extreme viewpoint, Kurt, if I’m honest … but it brings me to a point I wanted to raise here … you’re making your return on the first Raw in 2008. Atlanta. The site of your Olympic triumph. I think it’s probably a safe bet that you’ll be given a heroes welcome from the fans in Atlanta. Wont that bring back fond memories??

Kurt shakes his head.

Kurt Angle: Not anymore. Like I said, I brought shame to the Olympic Medal by putting it at stake. I don’t deserve a heroes welcome. Going back to Atlanta is going to be bittersweet. It should be a happy memory … but it’ll be bittersweet. I’m headed to Atlanta on January 7 to begin a new journey. The Olympics are long gone at this point. I blackened that memory, and I need to do something to replace it.

Jim Ross: So, what your saying is that in order to make up for that fact - losing the Gold Medal - you need to win the Royal Rumble??

Kurt Angle: Partly. It’s not just that though. It’s not just winning the Royal Rumble. Until October, I was the greatest freestyle wrestling Olympic athlete in American history - the best ever. I don’t hold that title anymore. I’ll never get it back. But competition is what drives me. I live for competition. And the only way I can succeed is to be the best.

Jim Ross: Well, in fairness, there are many people out there that do claim you are the best in the wrestling business today, Kurt. You already-

Kurt Angle: I don’t like that, though. Many?? Claim?? Today?? I deal in absolutes, J.R. Many people?? Not enough. Claim?? I want to leave no doubt. Today?? I‘m looking at all time.

Angle sits forward, staring into the eyes of J.R.

Kurt Angle: I want everyone to eventually recognize me as the best. I want to have no peers for the fans to argue against me with. And I’m not content to be just the best today. I want to be known as the best - EVER. And to do that, I have to go to Vegas and throw twenty nine other guys by the wayside. I have to go to WrestleMania and win the WWE Championship.

Jim Ross: The WWE Championship?? Not the World Heavy-

Kurt Angle: The WWE Championship - provided Randy Orton is still the champion.

J.R raises his eyebrows.

Jim Ross: Well, it begs the question Kurt … why Orton?? Why not, say, if he were to beat John Cena at the Royal Rumble … why not Rey Mysterio??

Angle sits back into his chair again, and exhales.

Kurt Angle: For one, I don’t think he’ll beat Cena. And that’s no disrespect to Rey - just my opinion. Cena?? I’ve been kicking his ass since the day, hour and minute he stepped foot in the WWE. Same goes for Jericho. But Orton?? Orton is a new challenge. And, why not?? If he makes it past Jericho, he’ll be the first guy in over ten years to hold the WWE Championship for an entire year. It’s the type of challenge I need. It’s the type of challenge that I can rise to, and the type of accomplishment that can help me cement my legacy - as the best ever.

Kurt pauses for a moment, but puts a finger up to stop J.R before he can speak again.

Kurt Angle: It’s why I chose to interrupt Ric Flair. Universally, he’s recognised as the best ever. Sixteen time World Champion. Now, at this stage of my career, I’ll not beat Sixteen times. I’ve held seven world championships. At best, I can be ten - maybe twelve times a champion. To be better than Flair - to be recognised as the best ever - I can end the longest reign this century, and begin my own. That’s why it’ll be Orton.

J.R tentatively follows up…

Jim Ross: And … what if you don’t win the Royal Rumble??

Kurt Angle: Not an option. Simply not an option. J.R, it’s no secret that I’ve had some less than impressive results at the last two WrestleManias. WrestleMania 22 I blew my shot at immortality - after poking and prodding Bret Hart for twelve long months to step in the ring … he did the one thing I never prepared for. He beat me. That was my shot at being the Best There Ever Will Be. And I tapped. Last year - The Streak. Now, you, Coach, Joey Styles, Paul Heyman, EVERYONE - you can all put me over as much as you like, and say that no one has ever pushed The Undertaker that close at WrestleMania. People can talk about how The Deadman had to be carried out after the match. About how I was the one who walked out … but he won. Once again … my shot at immortality - and I blew it. My shot at being The Phenom. And I tapped again.

Jim Ross: But Kurt - there’s no shame-

Kurt Angle: There’s no shame. You’re right. There’s no shame in tapping TO Kurt Angle. But when you’re Kurt Angle, there’s no pride in submitting. The WWE and my legacy in it all rests on being the best of all time. Not the best today. Not the best for one year - but to be the undisputed BEST … EVER. I don’t have my Olympic legacy to fall back on anymore. My pro-wrestling legacy is ALL I have left. And if I don’t go down in history as being the greatest of all time … it’ll have been a lousy career.

J.R shakes his head.

Jim Ross: Well Kurt, I cant agree with your assessment, but I do respect your tenacity in chasing your goal. On that note, I think we’ll leave it there, but I’ll sign off by saying I’m excited to see you come back to Raw next week.

J.R reaches out, extending a hand, with Angle reaching to accept.

Kurt Angle: I’m looking forward to it too. See you next week.

The camera fades out…

And, backstage, CHARLIE HAAS AND BRENT ALBRIGHT - The Master Craftsmen - are stood by with Matt Striker (in action again) watching the conclusion of the sit down interview, with both scoffing.

Charlie Haas: Kurt Angle wants to come back with a bang next week, huh?? How about I give our Olympic Hero a welcome he’ll never forget, and show him how things have changed around here since Survivor Series??

Brent Albright: Teacher versus Student?? Young lion versus Old lion?? Wrestling Machine versus Mister Wrestling?? I think you got him.

Matt Striker: Uhm, gentlemen??

The Craftsmen turn around, giving Striker a chance to speak.

Matt Striker: Challenges to Kurt Angle aside, tonight you face Christopher Daniels and Doug Williams for a shot at Straight Edge at the Royal Rumble. After coming so close to dethroning the champions two weeks ago, how determined will you be to earn another shot at the tag team titles.

Brent Albright: The Angels of Anarchy ought to be thanking their lucky stars. They get another chance to share the ring with the true tag team champions - and after we’re done with them tonight, they’ll have no comebacks. No reason to complain about being hard done by. Charlie and I are gonna show them, Straight Edge, and the rest of the world, just why the Master Craftsmen are the greatest tag team on this planet.

Haas nods.

Charlie Haas: Daniels and Williams want to talk - well, Daniels wants to talk, and Williams wants to stand by his side with his arms folded like he’s some intimidating force - they want to peddle this thought that they’re on a par with us - hell, they aren’t even on a par with Straight Edge. And if they aren’t as good as Punk and Helms?? They sure as hell aren’t fit to measure up to the absolute best pair in the WWE - and titles or no titles - you better believe it’s The Master Craftsmen. And tonight, once and for all, we’re putting them in their place.

Striker decides to put his life in his own hands next…

Matt Striker: I have to say, you both sound extremely confident - considering-

Charlie Haas: Whoa. Wait. Considering … what??

Matt Striker: Well, Brent -

Albright raises his eyebrow.

Matt Striker: You’ve lost quite a few opportunities as of late, and now, with another one tonight, the pressure must be on to bea-

Brent Albright: Just who do you think you are?? You’re nobody. That’s who. You’re NOT the King of the Ring. You’ve never been a champion. You hold a microphone, and ask STUPID questions. You don’t get in the ring, you don’t get to cast judgment on guys like me. Understood??

Striker - like a sorrowful school boy - bows his head, and nods.

Brent Albright: But I just want to clear a few things up for your information. ONE; I was screwed out of a title shot at Raws Fifteenth Anniversary by John Cena and Shawn Michaels. TWO; I was screwed out of a win over Shawn Michaels again by John Cena and Shawn Michaels. THREE; Straight Edge got lucky last time we met - it was one of those one in a million shots. And FOUR; the only reason I’m not the guy going to the Royal Rumble to face John Cena is because I wasn’t involved in the decision in that Triple Threat Match last week. Clear??

Matt Striker: (Softly) Clear.

Haas speaks up.

Charlie Haas: Besides, after tonight - it’ll be all about looking ahead. Looking ahead to 2008, and the first Raw of the new year. I’m calling out Kurt Angle. Brent here has something he wants to announce about next week…

Brent Albright: That’s right. Last week, I beat Matt Hardy - the Intercontinental Champion. And in my book, you beat a champion - you take his title. But that didn’t happen last week. That said … I spoke with JBL earlier, and the GM agreed with me. And next week in Atlanta, I get to face Matt Hardy again - only this time, the title is up for grabs. So, just like I took the U.S Title from him a year ago on Smackdown, I’ll be taking the Intercontinental Title from him to kick off 2008. It’s gonna be a great way for Charlie and I to see in the new year, don’t you think??

Striker looks impressed, and nods. Haas then speaks up.

Charlie Haas: AND, we’ll be on our way to the Royal Rumble - not only to beat Punk and Helms - but with one of us getting the ultimate draw; Number Thirty.

Striker raises his eyebrows.

Matt Striker: Does that mean…

Brent Albright: Of course it does. Charlie and I would be fools to pass up an opportunity like the number thirty entry in the Royal Rumble.

Matt Striker: But uh … only one of you … I mean, if it comes down to the two of you … then … one will end up being the number one ent-

Charlie Haas: That’s too bad. Yeah, one of us will be the odds on favourite, and the other … wont.

Albright smirks.

Brent Albright: But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. At the end of the day, Charlie and I love nothing more than competition - and the best competition we’ve ever faced is each other. But … until then, we’ll make do with beating the Angels of Anarchy one more time.

Brent bumps knuckles with Haas, and the pair leave the set, with Striker watching on…

Jim Ross: And that match is NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

The Angels of Anarchy vs. The Master Craftsmen
Magnificent sprint of a match, not getting the type of time the four would want, so everything is packed into a smaller time frame. Daniels and Haas especially shine in the early going with an array of counters and reversals that gets the fans on their feet, before Daniels gets the upper hand and tags out to Williams.

Wrestling a more methodical pace - more to Haas liking anyway - Williams looks to soften up Charlie with some stiff European Uppercuts in the corner, but a sly distraction from Albright allows Haas to get control over Doug.

Haas works over Williams, before bringing Brent in for the first time, and the King of the Ring targets the rib area of the Brit, sending him - sternum first - into the corner, and executes a Half Nelson for a near fall - with Daniels about to break it anyway.

Albright shoots Williams into the corner again, but is met with an uppercut forearm as he races in, allowing Williams to perch himself onto the top rope, leaping off with a flying uppercut forearm to the King of the Ring!!! The fans rise, as Williams reaches out - making a tag back to Daniels.

Daniels wastes no time taking over - even with a heelish move of knocking Haas off the apron - and works over Albright, targeting the legs, and - interestingly - with Williams getting the attention of the referee, Daniels applies a ring post assisted figure four on Albright!!!

The Angels of Anarchy are clearly not taking ANY chances after a few failed attempts at earning a 2 on 2 match at the tag titles in recent times. Daniels releases the hold, but as he slides back into the ring, Haas grabs his leg, stopping him from getting up, and allowing Albright to drop an elbow!!!

Both teams are playing dirty, and the Craftsmen now work over Daniels - with Albright taking a minute on the apron to recover on the leg work he had to suffer through. Daniels though, survives an onslaught, and sparks a fight back, making a hot tag to Williams!!!

The Englishman races into action, knocking down both Albright and Haas, as things seemingly break down, but it’s Daniels and Williams that win that battle, sending Albright out with a double clothesline, and a tag makes Daniels the leg man, with the Angels sizing up Haas … TOTAL ELIMINATION!!!!!

The match should be over, and the cover is made, 1...2...BROKEN BY ALBRIGHT!!!!! The King of the Ring saves the day - just in time, and much to the chagrin of the Angels of Anarchy, who stomp away on Albright - looking to leave nothing to chance.

The match continues, and after dumping the Ace of Spades out of the ring again, Daniels and Williams target the weakened Haas … but AGAIN, Albright comes to Haas rescue with Williams looking for the Chaos Theory, and they battle to the outside.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Daniels and Haas continue to fight, with Haas kicking Daniels away off an Irish whip duck down. Daniels though, holds off a fight back, and knocks him down with a sudden clothesline. The Fallen Angel sends Haas off the ropes … where Albright makes a tag - but he’s stopped from re-entering the ring by Williams …

… Whilst the tag didn’t seem to be noticed by the referee … as Daniels catches Haas on the return with a calf kick to knock him down … and then follows up by delivering the BME!!!! Daniels covers … Williams holds Albright - THE LEGAL MAN - on the outside, and the count is made … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: The Angels of Anarchy @ 11:36
*Angels of Anarchy face Straight Edge @ The Royal Rumble*

Jim Ross: The Angels of Anarchy are goin to the Royal Rumble - but not without controversy!!! Coach, it seemed to me that Brent Albright made a tag off the back of Charlie Haas that should’ve made him the legal man!!

The Coach: It seemed that way?? What are you on??!! That’s exactly how it was!!! This match should be ongoing!!!

The Angels of Anarchy look relieved and jubilant at the same time, finally earning that elusive straight up shot at the tag team champions at the Rumble. Meanwhile though, Albright is lecturing the official on the outside, telling him what he has just done.

Jim Ross: Well Daniels and Williams have been on the other side of some unfortunate decisions in the past few months, and tonight, they’ve finally got the rub of the green - but I’m not sure they’ll be completely happy with that once they see what happened here,

The Coach: Are you stupid!? They know exactly what happened here - they did it on purpose!!! They knew they couldn’t beat the best team on the planet, so they took a short cut. It’s the only way they could beat them!!!

Jim Ross: I don’t know about that.

Williams and Daniels continue up the ramp, seemingly unaware of the controversial finish to the match, whilst Albright - and now Haas - continue to berate the official for his poor call, with the Master Craftsmen; specifically Albright, being undone by poor officiating - again.

Backstage, REY MYSTERIO is seen walking down the hallway to a big reaction inside the arena!!

Jim Ross: And there you see ladies and gentlemen - the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!! Rey Mysterio is set to join us in the ring; the contract signing with John Cena … IS NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Back live, the ring is set up, and the music of JBL is playing, with the Raw GM stood by the table, and joined by his Indian associate, with Vladimir The Bodyguard on the outside.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Attention please!!!

Mostly heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: As you can see, we’ve got the ring laid out here for the contract signing that’ll make the match at the Royal Rumble between the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and the Number One Contender Rey Mysterio official!!

JBL displays the clip board, headed with the words ROYAL RUMBLE.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: A one fall match, with a sixty minute time limit. Nothin fancy, nothin outta the ordinary. A straight up, one on one, traditional wrestlin match!!! So … with that said … allow my business advisor Ranjin Singh to introduce our two men…

The GM passes the mic to Singh.

Ranjin Singh: Thank you, Mr. Layfield. Ladies and Gentlemen … please welcome - Rey Mysterio.


**BOOYAKA 619**

Rey doesn’t enter through the trap door, but instead, rushes out from behind the curtain, to a bigger cheer. Rey salutes the fans, pointing to the audience, with a smile upon his face - ready to sign up for the biggest match of his career.

Jim Ross: He is widely regarded as the biggest little man in WWE history - and should be upset John Cena in twenty days time at the Royal Rumble, he’ll make history by becoming the smallest WWE Champion of all time!!!

The Coach: That’d be the darkest, blackest day in WWE history, J.R. Rey Mysterio as champion?? I mean, I don’t like Cena - but if we had this guy as champion?? The WWE would be a laughing stock!!!

Jim Ross: Well, I don’t quite agree with that Coach. Rey earned his shot last week - he’s proven time and time again that size doesn’t matter. He’s beaten some of the biggest names in the business, and he has a helluva shot at beating Cena in Vegas if you ask me.

Mysterio slaps hands with the fans on his way to the ring, doing that odd head to head thing with the younger, mask wearing fans in the front row, before getting into the ring, where JBL applauds him. Layfield offers a handshake, and whilst Rey is a little unsure, he accepts the offer in the end.

Mysterio is guided to take a seat, and JBL takes the mic back momentarily from Singh.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Rey Mysterio everyone!!! Rey, before Ranjin brings out John Cena, I just wanted to take a moment to personally congratulate you on your performance and victory last week on Raw. Seeing someone like you - a man that’s had to fight for every little victory you’ve ever achieved, yet never been rewarded with a shot at the championship of the world … that’s the exact reason I only wanted NON-former champions involved last week. Congratulations, son.

JBL applauds for Rey, with Mysterio a little uncomfortable with the over-nice approach of Layfield, but nods and mouths ‘thanks’. JBL passes the mic back to Singh, and continues to clap for Rey.


Ranjin Singh: And now, please welcome, the reigning, defending, World Heavyweight Champion - John Cena!!


The reaction isn’t so nice for Cena. The World Heavyweight Champion marches onto the stage; calm and confident, surveying the raucous - and in parts, volatile - crowd, before offering a salute.

Jim Ross: Love him or hate him, John Cena ALWAYS gets the fans to react - and these fans in Detroit certainly aren’t afraid to make their feelings clear for the World Heavyweight Champion!!!

The Coach: He looks extremely relaxed to me, baby boy. And not in a confident way - he looks like a guy that’s got his Christmas wish; and that’s a free pass to WrestleMania. He couldn’t believe his luck last week when little Rey Mysterio shocked the world.

Jim Ross: I don’t buy into that, Coach. Not one bit. If Cena takes Rey as lightly as you seem to suggest, then he’s in for a rude awakening come January 20.

The Coach: Ohh please. He’s already booked his hotel for WrestleMania!! He got a free ride with Shawn Michaels, and now he’s got this joke of a challenge. Cena is probably pinching himself every morning - it’s too easy!!!

Cena enters the ring, simply offering the GM a knowing nod - but not shaking his hand - although he is keen to shake the hand of Rey in a show of mutual respect. JBL doesn’t seem too slighted by the handshake blow off, but does cut off the music before Cena finishes his routine.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Alright - we aint got the whole night here. There’s a big ass Battle Royal still to come tanight. Take a seat, Cena.

The Champ stays standing momentarily, not conforming to the demands of JBL initially - doing it in his own time instead. Cena sets the World Heavyweight Title on the table, right between he and Rey.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: … Okay, then. Challenger - you’re up first. Sign the thing.

Layfield passes the contract clipboard down the table to Rey. Rey looks down at the paper, nodding, taking a deep breath - taking in his big moment. Mysterio exhales, mutters something to himself … and signs the contract.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: THERE YA GO!! Despite all the problems with immigration in this country, at least there’s some light at the end of the tunnel - education!!!

Rey sharply turns, eyeballing the grinning JBL, and shakes his head in disgust.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now … Champ??

JBL looks to Cena, with Rey sliding the contract across … and Cena takes a quick look over it, before putting pen to paper.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And as if lightning strikes twice - even some no good deadbeat can form a signature.

Heat. Now, Cena turns to look at JBL - but doesn’t take the jibe to heart, just shaking his head at the dick GM.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Mister Singh, if you will - please certify the signatures…

Singh takes a walk around the table, reaching over Cena, and nods as he reads over the signatures.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: There we have it then, ladies and gentlemen - at the Royal Rumble, John Cena defends the World Heavyweight Championship against the Number One Contender … Rey Mysterio!!!

Pop. Rey licks his lips, nodding - eyeing the World Heavyweight Title, and Cena sees that … pulling the belt closer to himself.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But, before we sign off this little shindig … hows about some comments?? Cena, Rey?? Either of you got anything to say to your opponent??

JBL opens the floor, with Rey accepting a mic. He stays seated, before speaking.

Rey Mysterio: First off - as unpopular as this will be … I want to thank JBL for opening the door to give me this opportunity-

Heat for the General Manager. Rey was expecting that. And he smiles.

Rey Mysterio: Yeahhh … that’s what I thought. Secondly, I cant describe right now, just how excited I am for this title shot. I’ve had a few cracks at that title right there in the past … man … I’ve been close before…

Rey smiles, wagging his finger toward the belt.

Rey Mysterio: But … it feels like I can taste it this time. That belt; Ric Flair-

“WOOOOO”; The fans. Rey smirks, and looks at the fans momentarily.

Rey Mysterio: The Stinger, Ricky Steamboat, Shawn Michaels. All the greats. They’ve all held that big gold belt. And I’m desperate to hold that piece of history just like them.


Rey Mysterio: John, you know I respect you, buddy. You know that. But at the Royal Rumble, I’ll not thing twice about beating you for that championship.

More cheers in support of Rey. Cena raises his eyebrows, happy to listen for now, allowing Rey to speak.

Rey Mysterio: All my life, I heard I wouldn’t break the glass ceiling. From the day I stepped foot in the ring at the age of fourteen, I was told I’d never accomplish my dream. Because I was too small. Because I wasn’t big enough, strong enough or tall enough. But I’ve proven, time and time again, John - and you know this - that size doesn’t matter. Heart does.

Rey nods, and Cena offers a slow nod of his own.

Rey Mysterio: I’ve beaten guys twice my size, I’ve beaten guys that outweigh me by two or three hundred pounds … but despite all that … I’ve never won the big one. I’ve beaten some huge names - former world champions like Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Christian - guys big and small … but never for the World Heavyweight Title.

Off to the side, JBL and Singh can be seen listening intently.

Rey Mysterio: So, despite beating the odds … I can only prove once and for all that size doesn’t matter by winning the big one … by beating you … at the Royal Rumble.

This time, Cena shakes his head. He picks up his mic, and waits for the cheers to drown out…

John Cena: Man … what to say??

Cena looks around, almost uneasy.

John Cena: I know your story Rey. I know about the trials and tribulations you’ve had to battle against all throughout your career. And I know …

Cena pats the World title belt.

John Cena: I know that winning this would validate your career. So, on one hand - buddy, I’m delighted you’re gettin this chance. Truly happy for ya man. I know what this shot means for you … but on the other hand??

Pausing, looking for the right thing to say, Cena looks to the fans, then back at Mysterio.

John Cena:

Cena scoffs, and mouths ‘sorry’ to Rey, struggling to find the words. He puts a hand up, offering a non-verbal apology…

John Cena: Look …I know you’ve had a handful of shots in the past, and I know you’ve come up … a little short … no pun intended.

Slight smattering of heat for an apparent cheap dig - but Rey doesn’t seem to take it that way, and indeed, smirks at it.

John Cena: And Rey, I don’t know … I don’t know if you not bein able to win this title already is just flat out bad luck … or if you coming up short every time … is the good lords way of tellin ya somethin.

Cena shrugs, but Rey doesn’t smile at that flippant comment.

John Cena: Because, uh … lemme tell ya … come Royal Rumble, you had better get comfortable with the idea of comin up short - again.

Heat. Mysterio tries not to react to the comment, and purses his lips, mouthing “okay, okay.”

John Cena: Look Rey, I aint sayin it aint meant to be. Okay?? Alls I’m sayin is, it just aint meant to be … this time.

Rey nods, and brings the mic to his mouth.

Rey Mysterio: That’s cool. Honestly. No hard feelings, John. But if I were you, I wouldn’t be so sure. You wrote off Shawn Michaels a few weeks back, and that damn near blew up in your face, after all.

Cena now raises an eyebrow.

John Cena: Nearly. Nearly. Shawn Michaels nearly beat me. On multiple occasions in the past, you - Rey Mysterio, have nearly been World Champion. Nearly doesn’t cut it - as you know.


John Cena: Don’t take it to heart, Rey. I’m just bein straight up. I can tell you to y’face that you’ve got more heart, guts and will than just about everybody - everybody - in that locker room … and I’d never write you off against anybody … bar one … ME.

Cena raises his intensity levels - and gets some more cheers for his serious demeanour.

John Cena: In a match for this title, Rey Mysterio, I’d back you to the hilt against anyone in the back; Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Mister Kennedy, Brent Albright, Christian-

Cena pauses after the last name.

John Cena: And you’re right - size aint the be all, end all. It is heart that counts most - and you got it in SPADES. But you or anyone aint got the heart I got. And in a fight with me, if you aint big enough to put me down … if you aint strong enough to overpower me … y’don’t stand a chance. And Rey, you aint bigger, and you aint stronger. So if all y’got is your heart?? No good, Rey. It aint bigger than John Cenas.

Mixed reaction.

John Cena: So the wait to see if Rey Mysterio can win the big one - or if you just aint good enough will have to continue … cause at the Royal Rumble, you don’t stand a chance.

Cena chucks the mic, and stands up, picking up his title belt - and offers a salute to Rey … before departing the ring swiftly - leaving Mysterio to stew and think over everything Cena just told him.

Meanwhile, JBL doesn’t quite know where to look, shifting uncomfortably, as the nicer than nice contract signing shifted into uncomfortable tension at the end. The friendship is currently on hold for Cena and Rey.

Jim Ross: Wow. John Cena was not holding back, tonight, was he??

The Coach: I said it all along - Cena knows he essentially has a night off at the Royal Rumble!! I just gained a little bit of respect for Cena telling Rey a few home truths - Mysterio needs to get his head outta the clouds!!! He’s just not championship material.

Cena storms up the ramp, not looking back, whilst Rey is still somewhat frozen on his chair, stewing after listening to Cena tear him down and write him off.

Jim Ross: I don’t know if I agree, Coach. I don’t think Cena wrote Rey off - he just told him in no uncertain terms that he wont be losing his title. WrestleMania is just around the corner, and Cena is on the brink of walking into a third consecutive WrestleMania as World Champion - and he’s clearly not set to allow Rey to stand in his way.

In the ring, JBL and Singh depart the ring, with JBL briefly shaking Reys hand before leaving. Still, Rey sits on the chair, thinking over Cenas comments.

The Coach: J.R, I think Rey just got himself a reality check. I think he’s probably just realised that he doesn’t stand a chance in Vegas.

Jim Ross: No way, Coach. Rey will believe - trust me on that - Rey will believe he can defeat Cena. Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t go anywhere - when we return - we will hear from last years Royal Rumble winner, and the man who was crowned 'Superstar of the Year' over the weekend at the Slammy Awards; Christian!!! Is Captain Charisma going to enter tonight’s battle royal?? We’ll find out - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break





Raw returns with Kelly Kelly standing by…

Kelly Kelly: Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!! I’m Kelly, and with me right now; Christian!!!

Captain Charisma steps into the picture, basking in the cheers from the fans inside The Joe.

Christian: Happy New Year to you too, Kelly. It’s too late for mistletoe though, right??

Kelly smiles and nods.

Kelly Kelly: That was last week, silly!!

Christian smirks.

Christian: That’s what I get for takin a week off, huh?? But hey, just as well I didn’t take tonight off. I mean, for one, I wouldn’t get to wish a happy new year to all my PEEPS in Detroit, Michigan!!!

Cheap pop.

Christian: But - bigger than that … it would’ve meant I missed out on tonights Battle Royal.


Christian: All the superstars of Raw, big and small are gonna be in that ring tonight; good and bad … from Matt Hardy … {pop} … to Mister Kennedy … {heat - but some cheers} … they all have the same thing in mind. To be the last man entering the Royal Rumble match next month.

Kelly Kelly: And Christian … will you be one of those men in the ring later??

He raises an eyebrow.

Christian: Now Kelly, come on. If you think that Captain Charisma was gonna come to Raw tonight, just to sit back and relax and bring in the new year in the locker room … you’re sorely mistaken. You can bet your pretty little tush that I’m heading to that ring later … and just like I did at the Royal Rumble last year, I’m hauling ass - no time to waste on New Years - because before the clock strikes twelve tonight, a couple of dozen Raw superstars are hoppin aboard Charisma Airways for a first class, one way trip right over the top rope … courtesy … of The Captain.

Cheers in the background, and Kelly looks impressed.

Kelly Kelly: I’d make a great stewardess, y’know.

Christian smirks.

Christian: I bet y’would, Kelly. But that wont be necessary - not tonight. Because there wont be time to show William Regal the rear exits, there wont be time to show Ken Doane the emergency exits, and there’ll barely be time for Deuce and Domino to realise they’re on board the aircraft - there all goin by the wayside, and you’re lookin at the number thirty entrant in the 2008 Royal Rumble!!


Kelly Kelly: But Christian … no one has ever won being Number Thirty…

Christian ponders for a moment, stroking his chin, playing along.

Christian: That’s right. Number Thirty - never been done before. No one has ever entered number thirty and won the Royal Rumble … but here’s why, Kelly. I’ve never been Number Thirty.


Christian: So here’s my advice, Kelly Kelly … right now, count up all your dollars, every single cent. And you go place every last one on Christian to win the 2008 Royal Rumble … because if I’m not already, you can be sure that once I win this Battle Royal, I’ll be the odds on favourite to win back to back Rumbles, and be headed to Wrestle Mania - AGAIN … because that’s…

“HOW I ROLL!!!!”

Christian, with steely determination, nods - then looks to the camera.

Christian: Peeps?? You already know …

Captain Charisma turns to Kelly, putting an arm around her shoulder.

Christian: But as for you, blondie?? If you didn’t know …

Christian winks.

Christian: Now you know.

Smirking, Christian walks off the set, with Kelly nodding - impressed, and then mutters to herself - clearly won over by Christian telling her to put her money on him being victorious...

Kelly Kelly: Where’s my purse??

Back in the arena, a nobody jobber is waiting in the ring…


Burchill - minus Katie Lea who was in action earlier - makes his way out to the ring, in his first match on Raw in a while.

Jim Ross: There you see the bruiser from Britain. Paul Burchill has had some issues in recent weeks with his fellow Brit, William Regal over on our Wednesday Night show; Superstars - but tonight, he’s set to be part of the Battle Royal later on … but not before this warm up it would seem.

The Coach: Well, the way I hear it, Burchill hasn’t been happy with the opportunities he’s been afforded in recent weeks, and he’s asked JBL for a chance to prove his worth tonight on Raw. But he cant afford a slip up here.

Jim Ross: He’s a very methodical, very rough, aggressive brawler. I’d be more worried about his poor opponent getting outta here in one piece, Coach.

Match 4:
Burchill vs. Kaleb O’Neill
The FCW talent doesn’t stand a chance, with Burchill running through him instantly with a devastating clothesline. A bunch of ugly knees in the corner follow, before a few elbows leave O’Neill on dream street. Burchill throws him around with a couple of Belly to Belly throws, before finally ending the destruction with the CURB STOMP, and proceeds to get the elementary, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Burchill @ 01:02

Too easy. Burchill has his hand raised, showing his credentials for the Battle Royal later tonight - but shouts out “REGAL!!! YOU‘RE NEXT!!!!” clearly insinuating that his business with his fellow Englishman is not yet complete.

Jim Ross: Could you imagine if that brute was to win the Battle Royal later?? Burchill could make a big splash in the Royal Rumble.

The Coach: He’d be the favourite!! J.R, no matter who wins - they’ll be favourite. Burchill, Miz, Kennedy, Christian, even Zack Ryder or Curt Hawkins would be the favourite if they got Number Thirty!!

Jim Ross: Let’s not get carried away. Being Number Thirty is one thing, but you’ve gotta have a little something else to back it up, Coach.

And, backstage, CODY RHODES is oddly seen fully clothed, not dressed to wrestle, with his bag over his shoulder, approaching the exit doors, when Todd Grisham (taking some time out from commentating duties on Superstars) catches up with him…

Todd Grisham: Cody?? Are you- are you leaving??

Cody exhales, looking down at his clothes and his bag.

Cody Rhodes: Gee. What gave me away??

Todd Grisham: Well, uh, the uh-

Cody Rhodes: Yes. I’m leaving. So??

Grisham seems taken aback, and motions the other way from the door.

Todd Grisham: Well it’s just that, the uh … the Battle Royal is-

Cody Rhodes: Ohhh, that. The Open Invitational Battle Royal, right?? What an opportunity. Right??

Todd shrugs, thinking it is.

Cody Rhodes: I’m gonna pass. I’ll take my chances, and let the cards fall. I’m not risking the possibility of being Number One, when I could just as easily randomly draw number twenty nine. I’m not as desperate as all these other saps like Ken Doane or my own flesh and blood, Dustin. I’ll have a place in the Royal Rumble regardless. So, Todd, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to be out of this hellhole city BEFORE midnight.

Rhodes picks his bag back up, and proceeds through the arena doors, and into the dark of the night, leaving Grisham to softly wrap things up - speaking to no one in particular.

Todd Grisham: But what if you don’t get a spot??

Commercial Break

Match 5:

The Hart Legacy w/Natalya vs. TNT w/Maryse
It’s another somewhat nothing match (sorry) but it’s short and sweet, with J.R mentioning that all four men will be part of the upcoming main event, and will stick around at the conclusion of this match to perform their double duty this evening … with Smith and Kidd facing their first real test as a team on Raw, against a recent team of top contenders.

That said, TNT’s brief run as a formidable tag team is coming to an end having served that purpose, and whilst they get plenty of offence on Tyson Kidd - once the hot tag is made to Smith, the complexion of the match changes.

The Legacy take over, showing some real promise as a tandem, whilst Natalya takes care of Maryse … and soon, Test is found to be easy pickings for the HART ATTACK!!! Smith covers, whilst Kidd planchas to the outside onto Tomko … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: The Hart Legacy @ 04:48

Going 3-0 since becoming a team, The Hart Legacy continue to impress, whilst TNT and Maryse look to regroup on the outside - they have to compete in the Battle Royal next.

Jim Ross: Well, The Angels of Anarchy and The Master Craftsmen have been at each others throats for months now about who should be the rightful challengers to Straight Edge … but this young team; The Hart Legacy could just be joining that conversation in the very near future!!!

The Coach: I was on the fence about these two, J.R. Not any more. They’re the real deal. They just knocked off an impressive team in Test and Tomko, and they did it in style.

Jim Ross: And now, they’ll wait - all four of these men will be participants in the Double Jeopardy Battle Royal with two Royal Rumble spots up for grabs … but the two places couldn’t be any more different; it’ll be either number one … or thirty!!!

Backstage, a number of face superstars (Ken Doane, William Regal, Matt Hardy, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and Straight Edge) are all seen preparing, just before the Gorilla position - all waiting to enter for the Battle Royal … with Christopher Daniels and Doug Williams entering the fray. And CM Punk instantly speaks up-

CM Punk: HOLD UP EVERYONE!!! It’s the cleaner than clean, whiter than white snakes in the grass; what’s up Angels??

Daniels smirks and shakes his head.

Christopher Daniels: What’s your problem, Punk??

CM Punk: What’s my problem?? You’re my problem. You’ve been buggin me since the day you and your buddy here set foot on Raw. You’re tryin to play up that you and him are these noble veterans. You’ve wrestled around the entire world and gained the respect of all your peers - but that’s bull, and anyone who took five minutes on the internet to search your back story would know it.

Punk smirks, and steps forward - whilst the other stars in the vicinity get anxious, expecting a fight.

CM Punk: But hey, it wont be long now until everyone finds out. Because that halo is slippin, isn’t it??

Punk eyeballs Daniels, but it’s Williams that speaks up this time.

Doug Williams: You on about the match tonight, Punk??

CM Punk: Damn right I am. Now, I aint a fan of Haas or Albright - far from it. But they were robbed out there tonight. And for you two to be challenging us?? It’s a joke.

Punk looks around at the watching superstars.

CM Punk: So hey, everybody, listen up - watch your back out there, because The Angels here have themselves a couple of daggers hidden, just waitin for the chance to stick it in any one of our backs.

Daniels shakes his head whilst smiling, looking around at Williams as if to say; “Is he for real?”

Christopher Daniels: Isn’t that a novel idea. Nice warning, Punk. Very good. Yeah boys, watch your back out there - it’s only an every man for himself battle royal. Of course I’m lookin for an opportunity to stick the dagger - as you so eloquently put it - into anyones back. I’ll even double cross Doug, and he’ll do the same to me - as should everyone. Including you. That’s how a battle royal works, dummy.

Punks eyes narrow.

CM Punk: What did you just call me??

Christopher Daniels: A dummy. D-U-M-M-Y.

Before Punk can lunge into action, Helms finally steps in, and tries to allow cooler heads to prevail.

Greg Helms: Okay, okay. That’s enough. Let’s just cool down, yeah??

Doug Williams: Look, the way Chris and I see it, the ref makes the calls. He didn’t see the tag, so it’s fair game. We’ve had our own share of bad decisions since coming to Raw, and it’s about time we got one of our own.

Christopher Daniels: Exactly. Look, Punk, Greg. We really don’t care about making friends. We’re not actively trying to make enemies either. We just want our shot at those tag titles.

Daniels extends a hand toward Punk, with Helms looking at his partner to see his reaction.

Christopher Daniels: All we want to do is look to prove ourselves and see if we can beat the best team in the world. Let’s do it the old fashioned way at the Royal Rumble. No tricks, no cheap shots … best team wins.

Punk looks at the hand, then at his partner … who nods, gesturing to shake the hand. Punk turns back, looks at Daniels …


CM Punk: You’re only as good as your word, Daniels. And I don’t trust a single word that comes out of your mouth.

Daniels shakes his head … but before anything can come of the slap, the Straight Edge theme can be heard in the background.

Greg Helms: That’s us. Come on.

Helms escorts Punk, handing him his title belt, and they pass Daniels, but Williams makes a point of standing in Punks way.

Doug Williams: See ya out there.

Punk says nothing, and instead brushes by Williams, as Helms seemingly lectures him as they depart the scene … whilst an awkward silence remains between the remaining superstars … and Daniels looks to Williams, shaking his head in disgust at Punks actions.

Commercial Break

The Hart Legacy, TNT, Straight Edge, Nick Dinsmore, Deuce & Domino, Ken Doane, The East Coast Party Boys and Burchill are all in the ring, with the area filling up quickly…


Theodore Long leads out the imposing specimen Mark Henry.

Jim Ross: Business has just picked up!!!

The Coach: Here comes your winner, J.R!!!

Jim Ross: Well, I think it’ll take more than one man to throw Mark Henry out of the ring, here. He’s the biggest man in this match by some distance!!! If these superstars want to win this thing, they’d be best served working together and get the biggest threat out of there first.

The Worlds Strongest Man trudges down the aisle, with the majority in the ring all taking notice of the colossal 400 pound behemoth.


Marching out with an unshakable focus, the veteran Englishman makes his way to the ring, whilst Burchill is shown pacing, waiting to get a piece of Regal … but Regal is told by the officials to wait on the outside for the match to begin.


Jim Ross: What in the-

Beth Phoenix??? The former Womens Champion - not seen on Raw since her devastating loss inside the steel cage three weeks ago - strides down the aisle, toward the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, well, well. I guess the rules stated that this Battle Royal was open to anyone on the Raw roster!!!

The Coach: Oh boy. These guys better not take Beth lightly, J.R. She could be a handful just any of these guys.

Jim Ross: Indeed. Can Beth emulate the only other woman to participate in a Royal Rumble and be the Number Thirty Entrant??


The Bizarre One is greeted with a big, respectful pop, and in typical Goldust style, he wears his lavish robe with the long blonde wig, biting at a few fans on his way down the aisle.


It’s THE KING!!!

The Coach: No. No … NO!!!! Get him outta here!!! He cant be in this!!!

Jim Ross: It’s open to anyone, Coach!! The King has just as much right to be out here as Beth Phoenix - or anyone!!!

Much to the chagrin of Coach, Jerry Lawler is throwing his name into the ring for a shot at going to the Royal Rumble.

Jim Ross: Well, The King has remarkably, never competed under the bright lights at WrestleMania. And what a story it would be if he could miraculously secure qualification in the Royal Rumble, and then go on and win that match to book a shot at the World Champion at WrestleMania!!??

The Coach: It’d be some story alright - of the horror variety. I’m putting a stop to this. ZEKE!!! ZEKE!!!

Coach points Big Zeke toward the ring!!! Coach’s personal bodyguard is sent into the ring - as a direct response to Jerry Lawler being in the match!!!

Jim Ross: Are you that obsessed?? Why not get in there yourself if you hate Lawler so much!!

The Coach: I’m not stepping in there, J.R. I’m working on something else - you’ll see.

Big Zeke nods, doing as he’s told, and informs Mike Chioda at ringside that he’s taking part, and rips off his jacket and shirt, climbing up the steps, causing quite the stir … with Lawler shaking his head - bemused with The Coach’s jealousy.

Jim Ross: This ring sure is filling up now. Adding Big Zeke to the mix just caused a huge stir.

The Coach: As long as he gets The Kings decrepit ass outta there, I don’t care what he does after.


Albright and Haas don’t have time for posing or stalling, looking angry after their loss earlier, the Master Craftsmen make their way to the ring with no words spoken - they’re competing on their own now.

Jim Ross: They fell short in their attempt to win a shot at the World Tag Team Championships earlier tonight, but now, Brent Albright and Charlie Haas have their sights set on a couple of individual goals - not just tonight - but next week!! Albright challenges Matt Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship on the first Monday Night Raw of 2008 … AND, Charlie Haas goes one on one with the returning Kurt Angle!!! Live from Atlanta next Monday - it’s Haas versus Angle!!!

Charlie and Brent climb into the crowded ring, and settle themselves, sharing a few words with a few others … whilst a stagehand is seen passing a note to The Coach … who promptly stands up - and onto the announce table.

The Coach: HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!!

Boos from the fans, whilst the majority of superstars in the ring look curious, and turn to see what Coach has to say too. The Coach holds the piece of paper high in the air for all to see…

The Coach: I have here a telegram, direct from the office of JBL!!! And while all these fools in the ring can fight for two Royal Rumble spots … I can sit back, watch and relax … because I can officially announce … that I - THE COACH

Coach shoots for a dramatic pause…


Jim Ross: WHAT!!??

The Coach pumps his fist in joy, whilst the reactions in the ring range from shock and disgust to chuckles and bemusement.

Jim Ross: This must be a joke. The Coach is in the Royal Rumble Match??

The Coach: Better believe it baby boy!!

Jim Ross: Well, this is a dark, dark day…

The Coach: It’s New Years baby!! 2008 - mark it down; the year of The Coach!!!

Jim Ross: That’s a year I don’t want to be a part of.


Back to the serious business, and a big contender for winning this match - the man who had a tremendous 2007; Mr. Kennedy.

Jim Ross: You wanna talk about whose year 2008 is gonna be?? You could be lookin at the guy right there!!! Mister Kennedy has closed out 2007 in style with that big win in Madison Square Garden against Shane McMahon, and it’d be a brave man that bet against him if he became Number Thirty in the Royal Rumble match.

The Coach: Well I’m sorry, you know how much I love Kennedy - but he’s gonna be headed straight over the top if he and I cross paths on January 20.

A dishevelled Miz follows out behind his mentor, joining Kennedy on the way to the ring.

Jim Ross: And we’ve still got MORE guys to come to the ring here - we’re gonna take a quick commercial break, but when we return, the Battle Royal - is NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Raw returns with MATT HARDY on his way to the ring, whilst VICTORIA has also appeared, following the lead of Beth Phoenix by entering the match with a chance to enter the Royal Rumble. Also the ANGELS OF ANARCHY have made their entrance during the commercial too…

Jim Ross: Well, as you can see the Intercontinental Champion Matt Hardy is on his way, but during the commercial break, the Angels of Anarchy joined this sea of bodies - as did Victoria!!!

The Coach: She’s just copying Beth!!!

Jim Ross: Well … by my calculations, we’re only missin one guy here…


Standing ovation. The leader of the Peepulation jogs out onto stage, searching into the sea of fans, before pumping his chest, and pointing to the ring… and runs down the aisle … AS ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE IN THE RING!!!!

Christian, Brent Albright, Charlie Haas, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, The Miz, William Regal, Burchill, CM Punk, Greg Helms, Christopher Daniels, Doug Williams, Harry Smith, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Test, Tomko, Deuce, Domino, Nick Dinsmore, Goldust, Ken Doane, Jerry Lawler, Big Zeke, Beth Phoenix, Victoria
*Final two men are guaranteed spots in the 2008 Royal Rumble Match*
*Winner will be #30 … Runner Up will be #1*
There’s simply too many bodies initially for any action to be decipherable - BUT - The Miz is seen dodging out through the middle rope, and crouches down, hiding whilst the carnage continues in the ring. DEUCE AND DOMINO are quickly disposed of - by Mark Henry, and TEST is seen tumbling out too, courtesy of Christian, with Tomko taking offence, and coming for his former friend.

KEN DOANE doesn’t last long either, falling by the wayside after trying to help Jerry Lawler with Big Zeke, and paying for it with his spot in the match, being tossed by Coaches bodyguard - much to the delight of the colour commentator. And, not long after that, TOMKO is sent over at the conclusion of his battle with Captain Charisma!!!

Eliminated; Deuce & Domino by Mark Henry @ 00:12
Eliminated; Test by Christian @ 00:32
Eliminated; Ken Doane by Big Zeke @ 01:01
Eliminated; Tomko by Christian @ 01:18

Still, the ring is jam packed with bodies, making things hard to call on commentary, but the two divas; Beth Phoenix and Victoria team up, looking to work together and try to eliminate poor Nick Dinsmore, whilst Regal and Burchill club on each other in the corner, whilst Goldust helps out Matt Hardy against Albright and Haas.

Elsewhere, Straight Edge and the Angels of Anarchy are kept apart, with Punk struggling with Kidd, Helms is facing off with Kennedy, and the Angels are dealing with Ryder and Hawkins.

Meanwhile, Christian spots The Miz hiding on the outside - and decides that wont be happening, sliding outside and roughing up the reality star a little, before throwing him into the ring, but before he can do anything, Big Zeke - giving Lawler some momentary respite - stomps on another man he has some history with; Christian.

Elsewhere, Nick Dinsmore survives against the two ladies … with Beth attempting to double cross Victoria, and looks to run her over the top … but Victoria reverses at the last second, and Beths momentum sends HER over instead!!!

Beth is fuming, and slaps the apron in fury … but then trips the leg of Victoria, distracting her … AS THE MIZ SPOTS AN OPPORTUNITY AND DUMPS VICTORIA!!! Victoria is eliminated by the sneaky Miz, and the fans are not happy. After the boos, Victoria rises to her feet … AND BRAWLS WITH BETH ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

Two referees have to break the pair up, with the two ladies ready to beat the living hell out of one another … but in the ring, it’s curtains for THE EAST COAST PARTY BOYS … as they fall simultaneously to the biggest forces in the ring; Mark Henry and Big Zeke!!!

Eliminated; Beth Phoenix by Victoria @ 02:15
Eliminated; Victoria by The Miz @ 02:22
Eliminated; Zack Ryder by Mark Henry @ 02:33
Eliminated; Curt Hawkins by Big Zeke @ 02:36

In less than three minutes, NINE participants have been eliminated!! With the bodies flying, the ring clears slightly, as 19 remain. However, the seas clear … as Henry and Big Zeke come face to face - and it gets a reaction from the fans (the two big men having a showdown in these matches always seems to) as Henry and Zeke come head to head … with Teddy Long waving maniacally, and Coach bellowing for the two not to come to blows … and instead of fighting … ZEKE AND HENRY JOIN FORCES!!!

It could spell disaster for the rest of the participants, and initially, the pair of big forces dominate anything that moves, but soon, the numbers game is too much for the Worlds Strongest Man and Big Zeke to handle - much to the chagrin of Coach on commentary … as Christian helps The King … TO GET BIG ZEKE OUT!!!

King gets one over on Coach, and Christian gets revenge on Coach and Zeke for helping lay him out two months ago on Raw!!! And, Henry doesn’t end up faring much better, as Hardy, Punk, Helms, Daniels, Williams, Dinsmore, Miz and Kennedy all band together … AND GET HENRY OUT!!!!!

Eliminated; Big Zeke by Jerry Lawler & Christian @ 04:59
Eliminated; Mark Henry by EIGHT superstars @ 05:17

The two most dominant forces are GONE!!! The group that eliminated Henry look exhausted after their efforts, and as Punk leans on the ropes to catch his breath … HE IS DUMPED BY CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!!! Punk never saw it coming!!! The fans react to that in kind with a lot of intrigue, after their coming together earlier in the back - leading more credence to Punks claim that Daniels and Williams cant be trusted - but like Daniels said earlier; it’s every man for himself.

Helms though looks to get some revenge for his partner, trying to get Daniels out … but Doug Williams comes to his partners aid … and GREG HELMS is shown the way to the floor!!! The tag team champions are eliminated by their opponents at the Royal Rumble!!

Whilst Helms is sat, looking to the fans in dismay - Punk is livid, he climbs back onto the apron, wanting a piece of the Angels of Anarchy … but is knocked back off by the #1 Contenders … with Albright and Haas leaping on the opportunity - ELIMINATING DANIELS AND WILLIAMS!!!!!

Eliminated; CM Punk by Christopher Daniels @ 05:30
Eliminated; Greg Helms by Doug Williams @ 05:49
Eliminated; The Angels of Anarchy by The Master Craftsmen @ 06:06

Four gone in just over thirty seconds!!! Punk and Helms leave the area, whilst Daniels and Williams remain; shaking their heads, disgusted at the actions of Punk - seemingly with Punk just being a sore loser tonight.

Thirteen men remain, and the action slows down considerably for a minute, as Kennedy and Miz come together to help each other out, whilst Regal and Burchill spill out of the ring (not over the top) continuing their physical rivalry.

Lawler is set upon by Albright, but Haas has to deal with Goldust, as the others all pair off - bar Kennedy and Miz who remain a unit, trying to pick apart Christian. Regal is sent into the steel steps by Burchill, but when thrown back inside, Harry Smith comes to the veterans aide - and rekindles his recent feud with Burchill, coming to blows with his former tag team partner.

Elsewhere though, despite a fight back, Jerry Lawler is unable to deal with Albright, and the 2007 King of the Ring ends the hopes of the Hall of Famer, sending him tumbling out to the floor - much to the delight of The Coach on commentary … but to the red hot heat of the fans.

Eliminated; Jerry Lawler by Brent Albright @ 08:22

Lawler looks crestfallen at missing out, but Albright is enjoying the boos from the fans, whilst the action continues to plod … making it a perfect time to head to a commercial break - the last of the night.

Commercial Break

Back live, clips air of during the commercial where HARRY SMITH was sent to the outside by Burchill, after sticking his nose in between Burchill and Regal - a measure of revenge for Burchill on Smith after being humiliated at Saturday Nights Main Event six weeks ago.

Eliminated; Harry Smith by Burchill @ 09:48

Eleven remain; Christian, Albright, Haas, Kennedy, Hardy, Miz, Regal, Burchill, Kidd, Goldust & Dinsmore. Goldust helps out Christian against Kennedy and Miz, with that tandem being broken apart for the time being, whilst Albright and Haas also leave their union to the side for the moment, trying to get each other out.

However, with Regal and Burchill STILL enveloped in beating the shit out of one another, they don’t have much of a focus on anything around them … and Kennedy spots himself an opportunity … DUMPING BOTH REGAL AND BURCHILL over the top rope, ending their night!!!!!

Even after being eliminated though, and after recovering from the fall, Regal and Burchill get right back to hammering the hell out of each other - AGAIN - as they fight up the ramp!!! Whilst this all goes on, Tyson Kidds night is brought to an end, with Matt Hardy suplexing him over the top, and the floor!!!

Eliminated; William Regal by Mister Kennedy @ 11:48
Eliminated; Burchill by Mister Kennedy @ 11:49
Eliminated; Tyson Kidd by Matt Hardy @ 12:00

And then there was eight. Dinsmore and Goldust look a little out of place, whilst Miz has somehow survived to join Kennedy, Albright, Haas, Hardy and Christian. All eight are paired off; Dinsmore and Goldust, Christian and Kennedy, Albright and Hardy (in a preview for next week) and Haas with Miz.

All taking up separate corners, Haas and Miz are first to call a truce, and both look to help their allies - Albright and Kennedy, whilst Dinsmore nearly has Goldust out, but The Bizarre One survives. With a thumb to the eye, Goldust gives himself some breathing space, and decides to help out Christian with Kennedy and Miz again.

Elsewhere, it doesn’t look good for Hardy, battling to survive against the Craftsmen … but Hardy manages to surprise an incoming Haas, low bridging the ropes … AND CHARLIE HAAS IS ELIMINATED!!!!!

Eliminated; Charlie Haas by Matt Hardy @ 13:41

Hardy sees off Haas, but Albright clubs him down immediately after. Hardy looks to be in trouble again, but he refuses to give in, and fights back, clocking the King of the Ring with a flurry of right hands, looking set to turn the tide and throw Albright out too … UNTIL DINSMORE HELPS ALBRIGHT!!!

The Prodigy attacks Matt from behind, giving Albright a knowing nod, before drilling Matt with a perfectly executed Northern Lights Suplex. Offering Matt up, Albright graciously accepts … AND OUT GOES MATT HARDY!!!!! Albright gets a big boost before facing Matt next week for the Intercontinental Title.


Eliminated; Matt Hardy by Brent Albright @ 14:05

Albright gets rid of Hardy, and indeed, he and Dinsmore strike up a bit of an understanding, joining forces, taking on Christian. Meanwhile, Goldust goes at it with Miz, and as he sets up the Shattered Dreams - much to the delight of the fans - Kennedy plays buzz kill, getting boos as he prevents the kick from happening. Miz survives, and along with Kennedy, they eliminate the ever popular Bizarre One!!!

Eliminated; Goldust by Mister Kennedy & The Miz @ 14:41

Kennedy and Miz take a back seat for a moment, and stand back to watch as Albright and Dinsmore try to finish off Christian. They stomp him down in the corner, with Dinsmore looking to hit a running clothesline in the corner, as Albright steps back … BUT CHRISTIAN SWINGS OUT, Dinsmore hit’s the turnbuckles - SEESAW KICK!!! Dinsmore staggers away, and Christian follows up - DROPKICK - OUT GOES DINSMORE!!!!!!

Eliminated; Nick Dinsmore by Christian @ 15:13

And four remain!!! Somehow - thanks to his association with Kennedy - Miz has lasted to the final four of the match along with Christian, Albright and Kennedy. Just as Miz is about to get involved, Kennedy tells him to hold back - wanting to take a back seat and allow Christian and Albright - battling blow for blow at the ropes - to fight it out whilst they take a break.

The King of the Ring slows Christian down with a knee to the gut, and tries to get the former World Champion up and over, but the 2007 Rumble winner elbows to safety. Albright charges, but Christian back drops him over the top … and despite the initial cheers, they are too soon - Albright lands on the apron.

Then, as Christian tries to knock him off, Albright hangs Captain Charisma up on the ropes, climbing back in, and attempts to Half-Nelson Christian out … but the former World Champ escapes Albrights clutches, and tries to power Brent over … but Albright scores - LOW BLOW!!! Christian backs up, wincing in pain, perched at the ropes, with Albright rushing … LOW BRIDGE - OUT GOES ALBRIGHT!!!!!

Eliminated; Brent Albright by Christian @ 16:56

Down to three!! Kennedy nods, liking the chances of victory now with Miz on his side, and eyeing up Christian, he takes a look at Miz as if to say; we got this. Miz has a big smile on his face - initially - but as Kennedy turns away, Miz expression drops … but instead of turning on his mentor … it seems Miz is predicting a second place finish for himself … and he wants no part of being the runner up in this match … AND HE HOPS OVER THE TOP … ELIMINATING HIMSELF!!!!!

Eliminated; The Miz by The Miz @ 17:10

Kennedy realises something is amiss, and slowly turns around … and sees Miz is leaving!!! The Juggernaut is furious!!! He’s been left to fend for himself by the ‘Self Proclaimed Hardcore Champion’ and Kennedy explodes!!!
He turns, venting at the apologetic Miz (who is backing up the ramp) shouting to the reality star; “WE‘RE FINISHED!!! I‘M DONE CARRYING YOU!!! YOU UNGRATEFUL IDIOT!!!”

With Kennedys plan of easily dispatching Christian up in smoke … CHRISTIAN COMES FROM BEHIND, GETTING KENNEDY OVER … BUT KENNEDY SURVIVES!!!!! Kennedy lands on the apron, gratefully rolling back under the ropes to safety, whilst Christian stomps him down, having nearly got the win.

It’s down to Christian and Kennedy - one will start the Rumble match, one will be the last to enter. There’s a series of near eliminations for both men, with Christian avoiding the Mic Check and nearly getting Kennedy out in the process, and when Christian hooks Kennedy up for the Unprettier, Kennedy runs him forward, getting him over the top … but not to the floor.

Kennedy again has Christian over, but cant get him off the apron, despite biting the hands, clubbing the hands, pounding Christian in the face - he cant get him out. Captain Charisma then fights back, rocking Kennedy with an elbow, then a shoulder to the gut, sunset flipping back into the ring. Kennedy teeters next, but as Christian charges to send him off the apron, the Juggernaut smashes Christian with a thunderous forearm.

Back inside, Kennedy pummels Christian, delivering a number of ugly face washes in the corner, looking to weaken him down considerably before chucking him out of the ring - but once again, Captain Charisma refuses to go down!!! Christian AGAIN fights back, but a thumb to the eye saves Kennedy, as he looks to throw Christian out - CHRISTIAN REVERSES … OUT GOES K- NO!!!

Kennedy lands on the apron, but hangs on for his life, with Christian gaining a head of steam again, looking to knock him off … LOW BRIDGE!!! Kennedy low bridges the top rope, and Christian bundles out … and BOTH men are on the apron, teetering!!!

Blow for blow, Kennedy and Christian have the fans on the edge of their seats, with each blow nearly sending the other off … until Christian clotheslines Kennedy back OVER the top and INTO the ring … but before he can get back inside, Kennedy slides out, under the bottom rope … AND HE TRIPS THE LEGS OF CHRISTIAN … CHRISTIAN IS ELIMINATED!!!!!

Eliminated; Christian by Mister Kennedy @ 20:14
Winner: Mister Kennedy @ 20:14


Both men finish the match on the floor outside … but Kennedy didn’t go out over the top rope - Christian already had before being tripped to the floor!!!!

Jim Ross: We have a favourite for the Royal Rumble!!! Bah Gawd, how can Kennedy not be the odds on favourite!!!??

The Coach: Aside from yours truly - that man Mister Kennedy has to be - HAS TO BE - seen as the favourite. He’s Number Thirty!!!

Kennedy is obviously jubilant. He’s in the ring, arms aloft, posing on the ropes, repeating “NUMBER THIRTY” over and over again - smiling, nodding - he knows he’ll never have a better chance of winning the Rumble.

… But as for Christian, the 2007 Rumble winner is sat down on the mats outside the ring, shaking his head - the news is sinking in - FAST. He’s got the biggest mountain to climb in three weeks at the Rumble - he’ll be the first man in the match.

Jim Ross: And Christian!! Good lord, if Christian is to repeat as the winner of the Rumble … he has to go coast to coast!!! It’s only ever been accomplished one time!!!

The Coach: He can forget about it. Number One?? Doesn’t stand a chance. Count him out.

Jim Ross: I’m afraid you may be right, Coach. Christians dream of going to the main event of WrestleMania for the second time is in serious doubt. My God, what must be going through the mind of Christian??

And, Raw closes on two polar opposite images; Christian on the floor, looking to the heavens, puffing his cheeks, shaking his head … and in the ring, Kennedy; posing on the ropes, one arm in the air, already dreaming of the WrestleMania main event …



Official Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 20th January 2008
Location: Thomas & Mack Centre, Las Vegas NV
Event Music: Rev. Theory, Light it up

The 30 Man Royal Rumble Match:

~ Featuring The 2007 Royal Rumble Winner; ~

~ PLUS - Former Rumble Winners; ~

~ ALSO - Former World Champions; ~

~ AND - The return of; ~

~ In addition to (in alphabetical order); ~
Jeff Hardy, United States Champ. Paul London, The Coach & Umaga
~ WITH - 19 further slots remaining ~

~ AND; ~

WWE Championship Match | NO Championship Advantage:
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio

World Tag Team Championship Match:
Straight Edge vs. The Angels of Anarchy

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Re: Being The Booker

Some RAW feedback before I forget.

The 'Double Jeopardy' Battle Royal was a great idea, something I don't think I've seen done before, and you were able to very nicely weave in several overarching storylines into it like Christian's downfall and the Kennedy/Miz alliance. Although you had already started to quietly dissolve this relationship, the Battle Royal just confirmed what we already knew. Very interesting to see Kennedy get the #30 spot. He seems destined for a match with Triple H at WrestleMania, but in kayfabe terms, he would definitely look like a strong favourite to win the Rumble after this victory.

The current build of The Miz is hilarious. Crowning himself the Hardcore Champion and beating the likes of 'Mick Foley' and 'Scott Steiner', along with JR and Coach's commentary, has made for some very entertaining reading. I fully expect someone to eventually either debut or return and squash Miz - I'm just not sure who. However, I do think a few more skits and it'll be time to wrap up (maybe a segment at the Royal Rumble?), otherwise it'll start to drag.

The Kurt Angle interview was an intriguing segment. His comments regarding Rey Mysterio and having a new-found respect for his former opponent, as well as wanting to challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Title, indicated a potential face turn. Yet the insecurity regarding his recent achievements and being determined to "do something to replace the gold medals" SCREAMED heel. If there's one thing you're a star at, Wolf, it's character progression. As a huge Angle fan this is one storyline that has definitely caught my attention.

Speaking of character progression, Christian seems to be coasting along as a character at the moment. The interview with Kelly Kelly confirmed that and the whole stealing her purse thing - I didn't really feel it. It is Rumble season, so there are always going to be main eventers who float around until that event, but at least you had some emphasis on him losing the battle royal and ending up as #1 in the Rumble match. I fully expect Christian to put on a CM Punk-like performance from last night's real-life Rumble match, where he survives most of the match, but ultimately comes up short - possibly being eliminated by his buddy, Edge?

You recently said in the Newsletter that I give the most honest feedback in the BTB section. Appreciate that. So here's some more honesty - don't overdo the Cena turn. The character development has been going smoothly up until now, but in this promo with Rey, I felt like this was the first time Cena wasn't provoked into throwing in some subtle shots at Rey, whereas before, with Shawn Michaels, he was usually goaded into it. We all know what's coming, just be careful not to be too blatant with it.

Never, ever get rid of Theodore Long, or The Coach, and never turn neither face. That is all.
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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry for the lack of love I gave you in the Newsletter. Read it wrong and thought 619 wrote the whole thing. Enjoyable article , my good man.

That's a hell of a main event made by JBL there. His characterization was fine, but what he said was much more interesting. I'd imagine with Cena and Mysterio set for the World Title match and Umaga and the legends already in the contest, there's mainly gonna be a bunch of scrubs in the contest - sans Christian, Matt Hardy and KK (I assume I'm forgetting someone.) Christian would be the odds-on favorite considering he's the biggest star by a mile and has won one of these already... but it can't be that easy... can it?

lmfao, The Miz owns... in this thread at least. It could get boring to some to see Miz do this week in and week out... but I don't share those sentiments. This thing has some real legs in it, and I'm interested to see what the payoff will be - whether its at WrestleMania or after.

Short and sweet for Teddy Long on behalf of The Silverback. I can see Henry doing some damage in a poor man's Kane-like fashion, but I definitely can't see him winning it. I'm still confused about why you chose to injure Shelton Benjamin. That feud seemed to have some legs in it as it was.

Highlight of the divas match was definitely the commentary with Mickie James. Not just because I mark for Mickie, though that always, but you did a nice job playing up the awkward spot Gail and Mickie are in. Though part of me thinks Gail could win, Katie Lea winning isn't out of the question as you may want Gail and The Mick for WrestleMania.

That was quite the newsworthy interview from Ross and Angle. Not sure if you were going with a face or a heel Kurt Angle, or the tweener route - which appears to be all the rage. His anger with himself in regards to his Gold Medal loss and the other two major losses that he's taken in this thread, both at WrestleMania, all added to raising the stakes to epic levels for the Olympian. There was a sense of dread and uncertainty as he spoke about his plans and NEED to win the Royal Rumble that has me believing we could be seeing the end of his career very shortly. The match with Orton would be a great option to go with in my opinion, and Angle's rationing behind it was perfect... but I think he's more likely headed to a match with Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels with their careers on the line. Solid promo that didn't give up to much in regards to where Angle is headed.

On a bit of a sidenote, shouldn't wrestlers be concerned with holding the title for as long as possible instead of the number of title reigns?? I know this isn't of your doing, just asking for your opinion on the matter.

As I mentioned last week, Albright seems to be the glue that holds together so many of the feuds on Monday Night RAW. From his slight beef with Michaels and Haas, to the tag title situation, and now the Intercontinental Championship with Hardy. I imagine him to beat Hardy when they meet, as Brent has seem to have had an excessive amount of losses recently including the one tonight (though all by shady circumstances), and may have even lost a bit of the ridiculous moment he had a month ago. Haas being the fall for the returning Angle next week should be a bit of fun... as was this match tonight. The Angels of Anarchy going over is clearly the right call here but you did a nice enough job of protecting Albright.

Despite all the problems with immigration in this country, at least there’s some light at the end of the tunnel - education!!!

That's a fucking gem.

I understand what TKOW was saying about the way Cena spoke about Mysterio, but I didn't have a problem with it. Cena's arrogant, and has every right to be. He's not pretending to be a nice guy to Mysterio. He is a nice guy. He's also an ass. He's perfect. And little Rey Rey did antagonize him a bit with his earlier comments about lifting the belt off of Cena. The champ should retain the title against Rey, but he made a helluva case tonight... as did Cena. HYPE. Mysterio isn't the greatest mic worker of all time, but you kept him in the pocket here and he did himself some justice. JBL was awesome.

Christian was fine, if not unspectacular... which has been a great way to describe him as of late. He's been lost in the shuffle heading into WrestleMania, with the World Title competitors, Cena and Mysterio, Umaga, JBL, Albright, Michaels and Kennedy, all appearing to take a leap over Christian as far as importance on RAW goes. We've got a long way to go before WM and plenty of time to get his momentum back, but I would imagine the eagerness for another Cena/Christian match would have died down a bit.

The Cody promo might not seem like a big deal, but it was a nice way to point out the obvious implications and risks of the endeavor. I'm glad you added it, since it is a viable option (with its owns risks as well as Grisham pointed out.)

Another awesome exchange between Punk and Daniels, while their partners watch for the most part. Though they seem to have some variation of this conversation every week, you manage to keep it fresh and change up their demeanors ever so slightly, with Punk getting more and more demonstrative in his accusations while Daniels is definitely getting fed up. His sarcastic response about he battle royal before calling Punk a dummy was genius and fit the Fallen Angel perfectly. Their match is gonna be fantastic, but considering how great this feud has been so far, I'd really love to see it continue until Mania.

The battle royal was a clusterfuck for the majority of the opening parts of the contest, but you did well to give it some kind of storyline structure - especially when it came to the Craftsmen, the AoA and the champs. A expected, Christian looked like a million bucks throughout all the way down to the final four. Laughing my ass off at The Miz. Part of me is sad that he and Kennedy may in fact be done, but if it has to end, I'm glad its in this way. I legit laughed. Kennedy eliminates Christian to get the final Rumble spot?? His rise in this thread has been fantastic to watch/read and it impressed every week. I can't see him winning the Rumble - as the match with H is obviously on the horizon, but it did the dead. Unfortunately, I can't see the Captain going coast to coast either, so I imagine he'll get in the title match another way.

Are you doing No Way Out?? And is it a RAW production??

Though the lack of Shawn Michaels was a bit depressing as were some of the match choices, the promos did their jobs and the main event delivered. Good show as always, Wolf. Keep it up.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Being The Booker

Opening the show with JBL’s little bit made perfect sense. In all honesty, I wasn’t COMPLETELY convinced he’d be a good fit for the GM role, when it was revealed on the XV Anniversary show (epic show, btw). However, he’s potential deal with Estrada and Umaga, plus the way he is “punishing” them has definitely won me over. A lot of times it’s the little things that count, so I quite enjoyed the party popper, and the bottle of champagne. Typical over the top JBL stuff. The Double Jeopardy battle royal should be all types of awesome, and I also liked how JBL talked up the way he booked the number one contender situation last week. Finlay’s ALL business, which is fine, but it’s a nice change of pace to see JBL be arrogant as hell on Raw.

Much like Mac mentioned, this stuff with The Miz is AWESOME. I’m glad you’ve began to really separate the more serious, and much bigger deal in Kennedy from his lackey now. Yet it’s still pretty cool to see Miz getting such an important spot on the show. The hardcore title gimmick is perfect for Miz, and every little detail you’re adding has been noticed, and appreciated. The weapons being “neatly assorted”, to no actual hardcore wrestling taking place is just GOLD. The impostor always being a home town hero impersonator is a great little touch as well. This should be entertaining for awhile, and it will build well until somebody finally shuts up The Miz. I’m in no hurry though, this situation is too much fun at the moment.

Teddy Long interview really just hyping Henry and the main event, which is fine, as it definitely SHOULD be the main focus of the show. However, I’m not really behind Henry and Long as much as I was a couple of weeks back. Taking out Benjamin was GREAT for Henry, made him look like a threatening beast. Last week losing to Rey Mysterio, not so great. I felt like Benji had a whole heap of momentum in this thread, and now you’ve halted that. AND Henry was beginning to build some momentum, but a loss to Rey, regardless of how that happened, killed that before it even really started. A loss this early especially hurts when he’s always going to be playing second fiddle to Umaga. So not too sure what the plan is here, but thought you could have built up Henry a bit better then what you have. Still though, an impressive performance tonight could be a step in the right direction.

I really can’t wait for the Rumble... Such an exciting even IRL and in BTB...

There’s been a few weeks of filler with the Divas, but it made perfect sense to cool things off, after the AMAZING culmination in that cage match between Mickie and Beth. The seeds are clearly being planted for a Kim/James feud, and I commend you on the job you’ve done keeping Gail on a roll in the background. Mickie feeling uneasy and then no selling the question afterward adds some intrigue, and with the ending of that cage match still fresh in my mind, a Mickie heel turn to face a Gail Kim who looks great at the moment seems the way to go. Oh yeah, and the match was a solid way to keep Kim looking great.

Wow. I didn’t know what to expect from this Kurt Angle interview, but it probably wasn’t this. Obviously he’d go through the usual spiel about how he’s going to win the Rumble, but I LOVE the idea of him HAVING to win. A clever angle to go for, with no medals, and two losses at the last two ‘Mania’s, Angle NEEDS something to prove he can still go. The Orton mention shocked me a little, but it makes perfect sense for Angle’s mission. No idea what will actually happen, but I’m watching this space. Good stuff.

Haas/Angle next week, that sounds fun. The tag team situation has been so much fun to read for awhile now. The feud between the THREE big teams of Raw has been terrific. The stuff with Punk and Helms and AOA is heating up, and Haas and Albright are just epic anyway. Not too sure what will happen with the tag situation, as I feel Albright is far too focused on his singles career. In regards to his singles career, I feel a match with Matt Hardy for the IC Title is a step down for Albright which is disappointing. He beat Hardy for the US title over a year ago, and now, despite winning KOTR, and rubbing shoulders with some of the main eventers on Raw, he’s back to attempting to do the same thing? That’s something I’m not a fan of, although it should be a good match anyway.

Awesome tag team match, as to be expected with these guys involved. The ending is something that makes me think Albright and Haas will be remaining in the tag team title hunt. Finally, AOA get the win they needed, playing dirty to do so. Yet Haas wasn’t the legal man, so he and Albright have an automatic excuse as well. Great booking all round. Loved the slight change of tactics from AOA as well, showing that their recent string of failures has really been getting to them. Character development, 101.

Before I get into the actual material of the contract signing, it is so JBL to have a business advisor and a bodyguard. Great use for Kozlov and Singh, imo. JBL being overly nice in the beginning, yet then hurling insults at both men once they signed the contract came across a little odd to me. I don’t know if that was supposed to be brought on by Cena refusing the handshake, but it just didn’t seem right. I didn’t expect much else other than what he got from Mysterio. Typical Mysterio underdog stuff really, which suits Cena’s current character trend to a tee. With Cena going through this slow burn heel turn, your booking has been TERRIFIC. Especially recently. First, you feed him Shawn Michaels who he can run down without being too much of a dick. And now the same thing is happening with Mysterio. Everything Cena said wasn’t him being cocky, it was the truth... yet it’s still rather arrogant to be that honest. I love the dynamic, awesome bit of hype for the match at the Rumble. Great segment.

A decent enough interview from Christian. More hype for tonight’s main event, which is important. I thought maybe the battle royal should have had another segment allocated in between the women’s situation, the Angle interview, the tag situation, and the contract signing, but maybe that’s just me. Just felt like a match THIS BIG should be at the forefront throughout, and probably shouldn’t have went this long without being noted.

Squash. Burchill looks boss worthy.

Very interesting segment hear from Rhodes. I like the idea of a wrestler not willing to RISK IT ALL, it’s definitely a change of pace, and something we’re not used to seeing. With JBL not putting him in the title picture last week, and Grisham’s comment at the end here, it makes me think Rhodes might not even be in the Rumble. I’m interested to see where this situation with Rhodes ends up.

Another nice win for The Hart Legacy as you slowly build them up. I think it’s quite obvious they are going to be the next big team on the scene. Loving your tag division, at the moment.

Loved the back and forth banter between Punk and AOA here, was fun stuff. Whilst AOA have changed their tactics slightly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the heel turn out of all of this was Punk. The segment with Austin the other week as well as this one came across as rather heel like.

LOL @ Coach being in the Rumble. I guess that will be the comedy spot of the match.

Double Jeopardy battle royal had a lot of junk involved, which was probably to be expected. Once the junk was taken care of though, the match really picked up. Loved seeing the tag title three way feud being continued throughout the match. I wasn’t one hundred percent sold on Miz leaving Kennedy out to dry, still don’t think I am. I definitely thought it would be the other way around. The ending was good to, a little different, and now Kennedy is steaming towards the Rumble. Number 30 is the perfect spot for Triple H to finally have an impact in some way, and what about Christian? I’m intrigued to see what his reaction is to being number one next week.

First show I’ve given feedback to in a while, and I couldn’t have a chosen a better one. ALL of your angles are progressing WONDERFULLY. Well done, as per usual.

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Re: Being The Booker

As I said last week, I like you keeping JBL away from others. I’m not sure if him being in his office is part of that, but I enjoy it. I also like the way you’re having him act like a phony face in that real dickish way. It’s a great character trait for JBL, and it fits perfectly in his role as GM. The battle royal is a good idea, adding a great tweak to a classic with the double jeopardy gimmick. This also shows how good you’re building the actual Royal Rumble match – we’re several weeks out from it, but you’re still making a huge deal out of it. Inclusion itself seems huge, and it’s probably the best build for a Rumble I’ve seen. Certainly better than what WWE actually serves up.

As I said last week, Miz is brilliant in this role. It really just follows on well from his deluded “undefeated” shtick. ‘Steiner’ was amusing too in his way of putting The Miz over (as an idiot more than anything else). Clever use of a hometown guy for some more quality from The Miz. This could go on for a while longer without me tiring of it.

Long was brilliant as ever. Interesting that you’re really playing up the risk of entering the battle royal, showing how costly being runner up could be. Seems set up to emphasise the failure of somebody.

Mickie vs Gail has been built to steadily, and the reaction of Mickie to this particular match is surprising. I always thought Gail would turn heel, but it would be much more interesting to me if you went with Mickie, which this almost seems to be hinting at. A cowardly, crazy Mickie is gold after all.

The Angle segment was really good. Really, really good. The intensity didn’t need to be emphasised – it was just constant through out. Angle is a man on a mission. His acknowledgment of his failures against Rey, that Rey was the better man and that he let down Olympic athletes seems to paint him as a face, but it feels like he has unfinished business with Rey. His opinion that Cena will beat Rey seems out of place if he doesn’t still have a bit of a problem with Rey. Overall, I thought this was just a really good segment throughout though. Not a weak point in it. That he’s coming back in Atlanta and that you’re really illustrating that as a huge part of the story I think, to me, just shows why you’re the best around here. You do the small things so well.

The Charlie Haas/Kurt Angle thing is just another example of those little things. I doubt it will amount to anything other than maybe a match on RAW, but it’s just smart booking that keeps Angle and Haas linked, while it also gives Haas a bit of a rub. Long promo after that, covering a lot of ground and showing how much you’ve got Haas and Albright doing. Albright going after Matt is good for the IC Title, because it really needs to be featured, and it’s fallen into the background a bit of late. Albright not getting the job done is an interesting point to bring up. Not sure if it’s a permanent character trait or just a bit of a throwaway thing, but it could tie in with him chasing true main event status.

So Punk is right about The Angels then. It could be interesting to see how you utilise this new angle to them with Helms’ drinking. You emphasised their ways throughout the match well, although JR was acting a bit too daft at the end for my liking. He’s seen what Punk has said, so he should be a bit more clued in, even if he is a WWE announcer. The poor officiating angle would usually be used to turn someone heel, so where you go with this with relation to Albright I’m unsure. He probably won’t be winning next week though.

JBL actually being in the ring with people disappoints me a bit, but I guess it had to happen. I still think it’s an interesting idea for a gimmick for a GM though if he never directly communicates with his employees. @ JBL’s little jabs. He’s maybe even better as a dick when he acts oblivious to how big of a dick he truly is. Rey’s speech was his typical stuff, but I think you used it well to set up Cena. This more arrogant side is becoming more and more prevalent, with Cena slowly admitting he believes himself to be the best. I think you did it alright by having Rey kind of prompt him, saying he could almost taste the gold and giving that real impression that Rey could win, which may have frustrated Cena a bit. It’s a good storyline to run with still, and Rey in Shawn’s place is a nice substitution to keep it going.

Christian’s promo kind of struck me as filler to keep him involved. He’s not really doing anything right now. I guess that’s what happens when you’re building to the Rumble and a lot of the announced guys aren’t actually on the show, but it’s a bit of a shame that Christian is currently floating about. I’m sure that with a WrestleMania match against Cena to come, he’ll have focus soon.

A bit more of filler, but Burchill could do with the win. He’s fallen a bit since the loss to DH Smith, so a win here does him good. It gets the Regal/Burchill stuff on the main show, which is good should they have their blowoff away from Superstars.

You seem to still be pushing the spoiled brat character of Cody. He could probably do with another storyline, away from his familiar slot, because he still feels a little distant to the rest of the show to me. It’s a decent character trait to run with though.

TNT are somewhat credible after a little run against Straight Edge, so they make for decent opposition for The Hart Legacy. A mini rivalry probably could have done The Hart Legacy good, but they already looks like a pretty strong team, who I could easily see facing The Angels of Anarchy at WrestleMania.

Nice progression for the Straight Edge/Angels angle. It’s the same story, obviously, but it’s becoming more heated. It’s a different way to turn someone heel, but I really like it.

First off, I don’t like Beth Phoenix in the battle royal. Not because she’s a woman going for a Rumble spot, but because if she’s here, then she should also be in those tag matches instead of rubbish like Maria, who is never going to earn a title shot anyway. I think if you’re keeping her away from the divas, then she needs to be hidden away entirely. A bit of a shame Ken Doane is hidden away in here too. With what has been a bit of a filler RAW in some regards, his storyline his disappeared entirely it seems. What I did like in here was how you used rivalries, both old and current, well in the match. The tag teams, Burchill and Smith, Burchill and Regal, Albright and Hardy, Haas and Hardy. The Kennedy/Miz split up is fine for me. I like Kennedy better alone, and Miz’s comedy kind of makes Kennedy look a bit goofy by association. Clever finish to the match, with Kennedy winning it in a way a face wouldn’t to make it a bit shady. This continues his momentum along well, while Christian gains direction. He’ll still go to WrestleMania to face Cena, but he was never meant to win the Rumble anyway – that’s his brother’s spot. An entry in first gives him a good reason to miss out.

A bit of filler on the show, but there was some good stuff too. The Angle interview was great, and you’re hyping the Rumble card (especially the Rumble itself) well. Good stuff.

Also, TBK and his ego winning best couple is brilliant, as was TBK’s naivety and obnoxiousness. Would love to see a gimmick with the Slammy trophies spawned from this to keep him going.

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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by DDMac View Post
On a bit of a sidenote, shouldn't wrestlers be concerned with holding the title for as long as possible instead of the number of title reigns?? I know this isn't of your doing, just asking for your opinion on the matter.

Are you doing No Way Out?? And is it a RAW production??
Absolutely. I'd much rather see for example, John Cena as a four time World/WWE Champion as opposed to fourteen (or whatever it is now) with four longer, more meaningful reigns, rather than the hot potato way he went back and forth with Edge and Orton in 09.

It wont be No Way Out. It's SuperBrawl and it's Raw and Smackdown together.

Thanks for all the feedback gentlemen

Smackdown follows Superstars here...

It's such a relief not having to write 2007 anymore. Now I can get sick to death of typing/reading 2008...



WWE Superstars | January 2 2008

The first WWE programme of the new year is opened with Todd Grisham and Jerry Lawler - fresh off his loss in the Battle Royal on Raw on Monday - and tonight, the new Cruiserweight #1 Contender is crowned. It comes down to Kid Kash and Evan Bourne tonight for the next crack at Bryan Danielson.

KASH; 10
X-PAC; 0

In the opening match of the night, Nick Dinsmore (after an impressive showing on Raw) wins a match for the first time in forever, beating Ken Doane @ 05:16 with a cradle, after Doane missed his top rope leg drop.

Next up, it’s the dead rubber in the Cruiserweight tournament; X-Pac versus Super Crazy. X-Pac steals the win, scoring with a low blow out of the officials sight, then nails the X-Factor to score the 1...2...3 @ 03:01. But the result has no effect on the outcome of the tournament - it’s all down to Kash and Bourne in the main event.





The East Coast Party Boys record a feel good win over a pair of jobbers @ 01:19

And, in the main event, Bourne and Kash collide in the ten minute time limit match - with Kash just looking to wind the clock down, stalling - as a draw will be enough to see him become #1 Contender. Bourne though, refuses to let Kash get away with it, and chases Kash down, racing against the clock, but he trips off the top rope - injuring his leg … and it doesn’t appear to be a ploy to engage Kash into action.

Kash gets to work on the leg, constantly looking up at the clock, and as two minutes remain, Kash begins to get cocky, and gets Bourne into a tree of woe position, looking to attack the leg … but Bourne sits up, and Kash hit’s the corner!!! Bourne positions himself up top … Kash is out of it … AIR BOURNE!!! Bourne recovers and covers Kash … 1...2...3!!!!!

Bourne defeats Kash @ 09:12 and become the #1 Contender!!! Kash led the tournament from the first match, and loses the title shot in the final minute to Evan Bourne!!! Bourne earns his first shot at the Cruiserweight title, and looks jubilant to have got it … as the show closes with the Cruiserweight Champ himself; Bryan Danielson walking onto the stage, applauding his next contender, showing respect, and Bourne nods … as the show goes off the air.


Friday Night Smackdown | January 4 2008 | Detroit MI
*Taped December 30*

Black Screen - filled the with words;


Black screen.


Replaced by the words;


Opening Video


Joey Styles: It’s a new year in the WWE, and what a way to kick it off - with Friday Night Smackdown!!! The road to the Royal Rumble continues tonight, as Edge faces his third and final obstacle in qualifying for the Royal Rumble match. His opponent is to be determined, but that’s all to come later. Plus, Chris Jericho is here tonight - and the man who challenges Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble is in action!! Not only that, but how about this - for the first time since the Survivor Series, The Nature Boy Ric Flair is back on Smackdown, two and a half weeks away from entering the Royal Rumble!!! I’m Joey Styles, and thankfully, I’m relieved to say that my partner in crime, my old boss, Paul Heyman is back with us!!! Paul??

Paul Heyman: Thank you, Joey Styles, it’s great to be here.

Joey Styles: Well, have you recovered fully from the attack at the hands of Brock Lesnar last month??

Paul Heyman: Just about. And, uh, while we’re on the subject?? I’d just like to point out that I don’t agree with the suspension dished out to Brock for his actions against me. An athlete like Brock needs to be where he thrives, and suspending him from doing his job isn’t the right way to handle him. I certainly harbour no ill will toward Brock. I asked for what I got … and I live with that decision. But hey, not my decision, is it??


Joey Styles: It’s not your decision - but it is HIS. The interim General Manager of Smackdown is here tonight!!

Paul Heyman: And congratulations to Mister Finlay on the position, I might add. A tremendous choice.

Joey Styles: Well, are we about to hear from Finlay just what kind of challenge awaits Edge tonight??

Paul Heyman: What’s left for him to do?? He’s knocked off Batista and Lashley in consecutive weeks. It doesn’t get much bigger than that, Joey Styles.

Finlay - smartly dressed; like a GM should be - climbs up the steps, waving to the fans before stepping into the ring, and taking a mic from Tony Chimmel before the ring announcer leaves the ring.

Finlay: Alright - first and foremost - Happy New Year.

The greeting from Finlay is understated, but appreciated by the fans.

Finlay: With that said, I intend on startin this year on Smackdown the way it ought to continue. Rob Van Dam has a match-


Finlay: We’ve got Chris Jericho in action shortly-

Pop for Jericho. Finlay smirks.

Finlay: Yep. The first match of the new year on Smackdown. Chris Jericho, one on one with a certain Mr. Damien Sandow!!

Heat for Sandow - Finlay smirks again.

Finlay: Ric Flair is here!!!

The reaction is HUGE from the fans in Detroit. Plus, the routine shouts of “WOOO” from the audience.

Finlay: AND - it’s do or die for Edge-

Another pop.

Finlay: That’s right. Now, if I’m honest … (puffs his cheeks) I didn’t think he’d make it this far. So, I guess congratulations to him for proving me wrong for one. That said, I’ve been rackin my noggin for the last week trying to come up with another challenge. Now, it’s fair to say that after Batista and Lashley, it doesn’t get much bigger. Actually, the only other guy on that sort of level would be … well … Brock Lesnar-

Another BIG reaction … but Finlay puts up a hand, shaking his head.

Finlay: Relax … his suspension is still ongoin.

Heat. Finlay waits for them to die down.

Finlay: Like I said, there’s no natural movement further up from the likes of Batista and Lashley. So, I’ve had to think of a different kind of challenge tonight. Tonight, it’ll be a tag team match. Edge?? Go find yerself a willing partner. Your Royal Rumble spot is at stake - and so is his … even if he’s already been given an entry in the match. You don’t find a partner?? Too bad; it’ll be a handicap match.

Finlay raises a finger, remembering another point he wanted to make.

Finlay: And as for your opponents?? Like I said … it wouldn’t be easy … you and your partner are takin on the WWE Tag Team Champions, Americas Most Wanted.

Boos for AMW.

Finlay: Your opponents will also be living a double edged sword. They win, they’re in the Rumble. If they lose - they wont be. But not only that … if AMW lose?? Then they’ll be defending the WWE Tag Team Titles at the Royal Rumble … against MNM.

Pop. Finlay likes that reaction.

Finlay: As for MNM though, they’ve got to hold up their own end of the deal. They cant get involved in the match - they cant run in, and neither of ‘em can be Edges tag team partner. They have to let the cards fall as they may, as the saying goes. So there’s the deal. That’s the main event. Enjoy your night.

Finlay signs off, saluting the fans, and sets the mic down, as his music kicks in again…

Joey Styles: Paul, that’s big. Edge and a partner of his choosing to take on the WWE Tag Team Champions tonight, AMW - so much at stake. If Edge and his partner win; they’re in the Rumble match, and MNM get another shot at AMW. If Edge loses, both he and his partner - should he find one - are OUT of the Rumble match and AMW are in.

Paul Heyman: High stakes - just the way I like it. But, good luck to Edge in finding a partner. After everyone he’s alienated on Smackdown?? Does he have ANY friends left here?? I don’t think Christian could make it here in time if he were to get the call - there just isn’t enough time. He’ll have to do a helluva lot of ass kissing not just to get a partner - but a partner willing to put their shot at being in the Rumble at stake too.

Joey Styles: We wondered how it could get bigger than Batista and Lashley. I think we got our answer, Paul. Edge has a mountain to climb tonight. But up next; Chris Jericho - two and a half weeks out from challenging Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble, is in action!! He faces Damien Sandow - NEXT on Friday Night Smackdown!!!

Commercial Break

No promo for Sandow this week - he’s in the ring, and ready for action when Smackdown returns …


Still wearing the plain black leather jacket, Chris Jericho is met with a good reaction - but not the earth shattering one he might get if he was a little more fun loving - and makes his way down the aisle for only his second match on Smackdown since returning in November.

Joey Styles: When Chris Jericho steps into the ring with Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble, the champion will have NONE of the usual advantages. If Orton is counted out or disqualified - he loses the title to Jericho. And Paul, last week, Finlay revealed that he will assign a second official at ringside to try and ensure that Orton plays within the rules … and should Orton do that AND retain the title, he gets a free pass to WrestleMania 24.

Paul Heyman: The carrot has been dangled, Joey Styles. Randy Orton has the incentive now to try and prove he is superior to Jericho - but the question is; does Orton even believe he IS superior to the number one contender?? Jericho has had Ortons number ever since he returned at the Survivor Series - and that MUST be playing into the mind of the WWE Champion … ESPECIALLY if Ortons groin injury is more serious than we’re being told.

Joey Styles: Well that’s another point that’s barely been touched on. Orton himself has been out of action ever since he and Jericho met for the title - the night Jericho had Orton beat - with that groin injury. And we’ve been told very little about it, except that he’s due to be cleared to return to action in about a weeks time. Will Orton even be 100% in Vegas??

Match 1:
Chris Jericho vs. Damien Sandow
Lock up to start, and some fairly even-Steven jostling, with Sandow looking very much the equal to Jericho in the early going, though a shoulder knockdown helps the former Undisputed Champion get the upper hand.

Jericho is just too clever for Sandow early on, having a counter or reversal for everything Sandow tries, but the tables turn when Jericho is swatted away by Sandow when attempting the springboard dropkick.

That gives Sandow an opportunity to dominate the match up for a period, and he works over Jericho with some aggressive work, roughing Jericho up on the outside, charging him into the steel steps on a few occasions.

Back in the ring, Sandow continues to punish Jericho, hammering him in the corner, but when he shoots Jericho to the opposite corner and follows in - but Jericho leaps up and over, with the Intellectual Saviour hitting the buckles … roll up, 1...2...NO!!!

The tide turns in Jerichos favour now, and he reels off a series of near falls on Sandow - displaying Sandows own toughness in kicking out - and then gets his knees up to avoid the Lionsault!!!

It’s another opening for Sandow, and he delivers the Russian Leg Sweep, rolling through - ELBOW OF DISDAIN!!! The fans boo, and the cover is made, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Sandow argues - but the elbow just wasn’t enough to put Jericho away.

Sandow picks Jericho up, but before he can attempt to deliver his neck breaker, Jericho fends him off with a series of knife edge chops, then knocks him down, before perching himself up top, delivering a reverse elbow off the top to Sandow.

Jericho then takes Sandow down, looking for the Walls of Jericho - but - Ortons words last week; his accusation that the Walls of Jericho caused his injury seem to make Jericho hesitate applying the hold … and it nearly costs him, with Sandow CRADLING JERICHO … 1...2...NO!!!!

Jericho bounces out of the count, and strikes first on the feet with more chops, and sends Sandow across the ring, looking for a bulldog to set up the Lionsault again - but Sandow dodges it, knees Jericho in the gut, and runs off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A CODEBREAKER!!!!! Jericho drills Sandow, and hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Chris Jericho @ 10:15

Sandow remains competitive, but is yet to score a win over any of the bigger names on the Smackdown roster - but continues to get matches against those big names so soon into his run on the blue brand.

Joey Styles: An impressive win tonight for Jericho, as he gears up for the Royal Rumble in sixteen days!!!

Paul Heyman: And credit to Sandow - no shame in losing to Jericho. As a matter of fact, I thought Sandow had it in that cradle counter from the Walls.

Joey Styles: And speaking of that Walls of Jericho attempt - did the words of Randy Orton last week play a part in Jerichos hesitation to apply the submission?? Orton claims that it was the Walls of Jericho at Armageddon that caused his current groin injury - he accused Jericho of being a hypocrite for putting Orton on the shelf like Orton did to him … is Jericho concerned that the Walls of Jericho could injure his opponent??

Jericho has his hand raised in perfunctory style, as he gears up for the Royal Rumble title match with Orton, not playing to the fans though - just breathing, looking focused - so un-Jericho like.

Commercial Break

A highlights video plays of the recent #1 Contenders tournament for a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship that has played out over the last three weeks on Superstars - and concluded on Wednesday when Evan Bourne defeated Kid Kash for the next shot at Bryan Danielson. The video ends with the show of respect at the close of Superstars between the two fan favourites…

And, backstage, Jamie Noble is seen watching on a monitor, shaking his head, with Josh Mathews approaching…

Josh Mathews: Jamie??

Noble grunts.

Josh Mathews: Uhm, Jamie, I couldn’t help but notice you uh, watching the highlights package of the contenders tournament. Now, as we saw on Wednesday night, Evan Bourne became the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight title. I was just wondering, with you being a former multiple time Cruiserweight Champion, could I get your thoughts on that recent tournament, and the winner, Evan Bourne??

Noble remains transfixed on the monitor for a moment, then switches it off.

Jamie Noble: Sure. You want Jamie Nobles opinion?? {Scoffs} Hell, I tip my hat to that kid. Good on ‘im. But he cant go callin himself the number one contender to nothin without beatin Jamie Noble boy. Like you said yerself, Josh - I’m a multi time Cruiserweight Champion, and I got passed up for this little tournament they been holdin on Superstars. You mean to tell me that Kid Kash, X-Pac, Super Crazy and Evan Bourne are further up the chain than me??

Shaking his head, Noble continues.

Jamie Noble: I aint takin that, Josh. I aint takin that one bit. Hell, Bryan Danielson himself a few weeks ago said he’d gladly defend that belt against me. And after being screwed outta the title more times than I remember by that Kendrick … I was thinkin it mighta been nice for Jamie Noble to be appreciated round here.

Jamie smirks.

Jamie Noble: And now we got some kid runnin his mouth, sayin he’s got a shot lined up too?? That boy aint even had a match yet!!!

Josh Mathews: You’re referring to Xavier Woods, right??

Jamie Noble: I don’t care what he’s called. I don’t care none neither. I aint havin some wet behind the ears punk come inta MY division and take any title shot without earnin his stripes first. Not while I’m bustin ma nut here tryin to get me my shot.

Noble puts his hands on his hips, and flails his arm in the air in exasperation.

Jamie Noble: I’m sorry man. I’m just frustrated, y’know?? I tried my damnedest to beat Kendrick for months, and I kept on gettin cheated out. And now, with this little tournament they got, I was just a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a look in. I just gotta put my head down, and wait for the opportunities I guess. You wanted my thoughts on Evan Bourne?? I say congratulations, kid. All the best to ya. But Jamie Noble is comin boy. Whether it be Bourne or Danielson, I’m gonna be workin my tail off to be the next guy.

Noble pats Mathews on the shoulder, walking away, as Mathews watches him leave, muttering “Thank you, Jamie.” Just as the segment is about to end though, Mathews picks up, talking to the camera man…

Josh Mathews: Oh- wait!! There’s Edge!! Quick.

Blair Witch style camera work follows, as Mathews rushes down the hallway, with Edge seen, and the Rated ‘R’ Superstar opens the locker room door. Mathews follows, pointing to the cameraman to get a shot of Edge…

Inside the locker room, there’s a hush … with all eyes on Edge, and Edge taking a look all around.

Edge: Alright, so listen up. You all heard the deal. Finlay wants me to find one of you to help me out tonight. So I guess this is the point where I’m supposed to come in here with my cap in my hand, get on my knees and beg for someone to help me, right??

A couple of guys shrug - no real reactions. Edge snickers.

Edge: Well that’s not what I’m gonna do. I’m not gonna sell myself out, and kiss all your asses. I don’t want to, and I doubt any of you want me to either. Hell, I’m looking around here, and I’m finding it hard to see anyone that I haven’t pissed off. I mean, if not you specifically, I’ve probably done something to one of your buddies - I’ve either Speared ya, bashed your skull with a conchairto, screwed you over, or all of the above.

Edge looks around; and sees nodding heads looking back at him.

Edge: So I’m gonna leave it like this. Yeah, I’ll probably end up getting my ass kicked out there tonight against AMW. But I’d rather do it alone, than suck up to anyone for a favour. That being said … if anyone wants to do me a solid?? Don’t be expecting a thank you, don’t expect us to be buddies - and don’t think I wont hesitate to throw your ass outta the Rumble when we get there. Anyone wants to be my tag partner tonight?? You’ll know where to find me later.

Edge stands for a few more seconds, surveying the room - getting blank expressions, and no reactions … then grins, rolls his eyes, and leaves the room, spotting Mathews - and has time to make a joke.

Edge: But not you, Josh. I really would rather go out there and get my ass kicked on my own.

Edge pats Josh on the back, and keeps on walking… and as Edge walks out of the picture, Paul London - a concerned Paul London at that - approaches Josh.

Paul London: Hey, Josh?? You uh, you seen Batista?? I aint seen the big guy all night and we got a match in like ten minutes.

Mathews shakes his head, certainly not recalling seeing The Animal. London looks perplexed.

Paul London: He’s gotta be here somewhere. His rental car is here, his jacket and everything is hung up … no one’s seen him. Thanks anyway…

London shakes his head, moving on by…

Back in the arena…

Match 2:
MNM vs. The James Boys w/Layla
Just a by the numbers win for MNM. Being kept busy by Finlay, Nitro and Mercury just go through the motions with Kasey and Kassidy - with Layla unable to do anything to change that.

More time is spent on commentary hyping up the main event which has serious implications for MNM … and the potential #1 Contenders show why they are on the verge of a rematch, finishing off Kassidy in style with the Snapshot, and Mercury gets the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: MNM @ 04:11

MNM have their hands raised, not getting overly carried away with the win; their fate lies in someone elses hands later on … whilst focus on commentary turns to what’s still to come tonight; namely that match; Edge & a partner versus AMW, plus MVP appears for the first time in three weeks after the assault from Lesnar … and of course the return of Ric Flair still to come…

Commercial Break


The sound of fans rumbling, before they begin to count down from ten…


The video then flashes straight to the 1995 Royal Rumble, and Shawn Michaels dangling from the ring - one foot touching the floor - before dumping Davey Boy Smith to win the match.

Howard Finkel: Only ONE of Shawn Michaels feet hit the floor!!


Cut to 2002, and Maven; the inaugural winner of Tough Enough dropkicks The Undertaker; the conscience of the WWE from the ring -- and the looks on both mens faces are priceless.



1990; and the world stands still … Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior stand across the ring from one another having emptied the ring, and the crowd loses it’s minds…

Jesse Ventura: LOOK AT THIS; Hulk Hogan and The Warrior!!!


John Cena in 2005, eliminating Goldberg for the second year in a row to become the fourth man, joining Hogan, Austin & Michaels to become a back to back Royal Rumble winner.

Tazz: The kid has done it again!!


Kane throwing body after body after body; Grand Master Sexay with a trash can, using a lid to get rid of Blackman, dumping Al Snow, booting Raven, throwing Saturn, smashing Honky Tonk with a guitar before eliminating him, punching Tazz out, Crash Holly, Albert & Scotty follow before dumping The Rock.

Jim Ross: The Big Red Machine … has gone crazy here!!!

Jerry Lawler: He’s on a rampage now!!


Mister McMahon pulls off the biggest upset in Rumble history - thanks to an assist from The Rock - eliminating Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the 1999 Royal Rumble Match.



Kurt Angle celebrates, thinking he has won the 2002 Royal Rumble … but Triple H hung on, climbed back inside, and eliminates Angle to complete his recovery from an eight month lay off.



In 1992, Ric Flair makes the most of a distraction from Hulk Hogan toward Sid Justice … dumping the big man, and winning his first WWE Championship - the only time the title was at stake in the Rumble match.

Bobby Heenan: YES, YES, YES!! I KNEW HE’D DO IT!!!


Bret Hart legitimately eliminates Steve Austin in 1997, but the referees do not notice it, and The Rattlesnake re-enters the ring, going on to win the match in controversial fashion.

Vince McMahon: Austin was eliminated … we saw it and we called it!!


Last year, a bloodied, battered Christian overcomes the mighty Iron Man, Brock Lesnar in an epic struggle to win the Royal Rumble for the first time in his career.

Jim Ross: Nothing has stood in his way!! Nothing COULD stand in his way tonight!!!

Then, darkness.


Pitch black switches to a brilliant white light…



Backstage, Kristal Marshall is standing by…

Kristal Marshall: My guest at this time … Chris Jericho…

Pop. The camera pans to show the subdued Jericho…

Kristal Marshall: Chris, first of all - congratulations on an impressive win tonight, but my questions concern your opponent at the Royal Rumble - The WWE Champion, Randy Orton…

Jericho nods.

Kristal Marshall: Now, last week, Orton claimed that the groin injury he sustained a few weeks ago was as a direct result of your famed submission hold; The Walls of Jericho. Your thoughts??

Measured, Jericho takes his time before answering.

Chris Jericho: You want my thoughts?? I think Randy Orton is on borrowed time as the WWE Champion. That’s what I think. And as for his claims last week … I heard them. I listened. And I felt sorry for Orton.


Chris Jericho: If what he said was true … if my Walls of Jericho is the cause for his injury … then I truly am sorry. But if he thinks that I am anything like him, then he’s badly mistaken. Because Orton and I are nothing alike. He goes out to the ring with the intent on maiming. He intends to cause harm and injury and end careers. I don’t. That’s where we’re polar opposites. What happened to him in the Walls of Jericho?? That was just unfortunate … not that I would believe anything Orton says. I’m not even convinced it’s his groin that’s the problem … if you ask me, Kristal?? I think after me beating him at Armageddon, and having him beaten on Smackdown … I think it’s just Ortons pride that’s been torn.

Kristal nods, then pulls the mic toward herself again, piping up with another question.

Kristal Marshall: Well, if you don’t mind me asking … it did seem like you were hesitant to apply the Walls of Jericho tonight on Damien Sandow… were you??

Again, Jericho thinks. He looks at Kristal … and meekly nods for a few seconds before speaking.

Chris Jericho: A little. I guess I was a little hesitant.

Kristal Marshall: Couldn’t that be something of a weakness though?? If you’re hesitating to apply the hold, couldn’t that back fire like it almost did tonight?? And, no disrespect to Damien Sandow … but wouldn’t that be something that Orton would likely capitalise on??

Jericho ponders…

Chris Jericho: I guess it’s something to think about, Kristal.

Curiously, that ends the interview, with Jericho putting a hand up to stop Kristal from asking anymore questions, and trudges off set … clearly still a troubled man…

Back in the arena…

Garrison Cade and Nick Nemeth are already in the ring for the upcoming tag team match; with Cade and Nemeth set to rekindle rivalries with Batista and London, as Nemeth looks to rebound off his second loss to the Golden Boy, and Cade attempts to get payback for the loss to Batista at Armageddon…


The United States Champion hit’s the stage - full of energy as always - but looks somewhat concerned on his way down the ramp, with no sign of Batista earlier … mere minutes before this match…

Joey Styles: Last week, I’m sure Paul London thought he had saw the last of Nick Nemeth - he’s defended that United States Championship TWICE now against the Narcissist, yet here he is AGAIN, facing Nemeth on the other side of the ring.

Paul Heyman: Joey Styles, I don’t think Nick Nemeth can take defeat. I don’t think he can accept that perhaps, someone is better than him. Not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing - just saying - Nemeth has an unshakable belief that he’s better than London.

Joey Styles: Well, two times says Paul London is better than Nemeth…


London nods at the bottom of the ramp, relieved to hear the music of his partner … but wont be so relieved … as Batista is nowhere to be seen!!!

Joey Styles: What’s going on??

Paul Heyman: Some kind of delay … I’m not sure - I mean, we saw that London was trying to track Batista down … but there’s no way … I mean, Batista wouldn’t just not show up.

Joey Styles: Well, confusion here … where is Batista??

The music dies down, with London looking anxious … and Cade and Nemeth look rather smug.


The music plays again, giving Batista a second chance to make his entrance …

Joey Styles: This doesn’t look good, Paul.

Paul Heyman: You’re right. I don’t think Batista’s coming.

Joey Styles: Neither do I…

And that’s bad news for London … as Cade and Nemeth get sick of waiting, and jump London on the outside, throwing him into the ring, and bully the referee into ringing the bell!!!

Match 3:
Garrison Cade & Nick Nemeth vs. Paul London & Batista
In what is now an impromptu handicap match, London is forced to go alone after a no-show from Batista, whilst Cade and Nemeth seem more than happy to take on the United States Champion on his lonesome. London - as ever - puts up a fight, whilst Styles and Heyman wonder about the state of mind of The Animal, and ask where he is - with seemingly no sighting of him in the building tonight.

London looks to be fighting a losing battle, and any time he gains a little bit of momentum, Nemeth or Cade tags out to the fresher man - putting London at a disadvantage again. London is too stubborn to simply just give up though, and essentially tells the opponents that they’ll have to beat him to win.

HOWEVER- just as it looks like London has no hope left … JAMIE NOBLE makes his way down the ramp - seemingly offering his services, replacing Batista!!! Nemeth and Cade are both furious at this development … as Smackdown heads to a commercial…

Commercial Break

And, as Smackdown returns, Styles confirms that Finlay has allowed Jamie Noble to take Batistas place in the match - but he’s yet to make a tag, with Nemeth and Cade making sure London cant get out of the match.

Worn down, London looks to be fading, and a sleeper hold only exasperates his problem, whilst Noble stomps the canvas, getting the fans fired up, willing London on. That seems to help the U.S Champion, with London fighting back, breaking Nemeths sleeper hold … AND MAKES THE TAG!!!

Noble bursts into the ring, making up for lost time, rattling Nemeth with offence, and showing no fear of the big man either, nailing him with stiff shots, before sending him out of the ring with a dropkick. A forearm smash sends Nemeth wobbly, and Noble takes him down, looking to apply the trailer hitch … UNTIL CADE BREAKS IT UP!!!!!

Cade runs through Noble, then drills him with a Sidewalk Slam. Picking Noble up, Cade sizes up the HEART PUNCH … but London - who has had barely any time to recover - launches back into action with a dropsault to Cade, then explodes with arm drags to Nemeth, before delivering ANOTHER dropsault to Cade - sending him out of the ring - AGAIN.

This time, London comes out after him - WITH A STUNNING SUICIDE DIVE!!! Both Cade and London are down and out on the outside, whilst Noble and Nemeth recover in the ring, trading blows as they reach their feet.

But, it’s the smash-mouth forearms from Noble that win that exchange … and he gets the better of Nemeth, rushing in to nail him in the corner - BUT MISSES!!! Noble misses a corner splash … and Nemeth takes his opportunity with both hands … EGO BOOST TO NOBLE!!! The Narcissist hooks the leg tightly … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Nick Nemeth & Garrison Cade @ 11:55

Noble looked to make an impact - but suffers a loss to Nick Nemeth, who celebrates like he just beat London personally. On the outside, London is coming around after the suicide dive, and sees the scene in the ring, with Nemeth standing tall - hand raised in the air, shouting to the fans.

Joey Styles: Obviously, by the look of Nemeth there, that win meant a lot … but he didn’t beat London. If he thinks he’s going to get a third shot at the U.S Title, I think he could end up being thoroughly disappointed.

Paul Heyman: I agree. A great win for sure - but that wont earn him another match with London - I wouldn’t think so anyway.

Joey Styles: And what of Batista?? Where the hell is The Animal?? Do we have any answers?? He left London high and dry here tonight… but uh … we’re going to switch backstage here - our broadcast colleague Josh Mathews is standing by…

And, cut to Josh Mathews…

Josh Mathews: Thank you, Joey, and indeed, I am here with Jeff Hardy, and Jeff … I believe you have something to say??

Jeff appears in the picture, getting a nice pop, and has his head down initially, nodding, before looking up.

Jeff Hardy: Josh Mathews … there’s a guy I know extremely well. We’re not friends, hell, we’ve almost always been enemies … but I respect the hell outta him … and tonight, he’s in need.

Hardy throws his hair back, taking a moment, with the fans pretty sure who he‘s talking about…

Jeff Hardy: Just like I have, he’s been fightin from day ONE … to be recognized, to be given the chance … and if there’s one lesson I’ve learned in life … it’s that everyone deserves second chances. So if I can have mine?? If I can be in the Royal Rumble?? Why cant he?? Tonight, I’m making it my mission to see that EDGE is one of the thirty men in the Royal Rumble match!!!

Pop. Hardy then addresses the camera…

Jeff Hardy: Edge … you were lookin for a partner … you just found him!!!

Hardy walks off the set, and we fade out…

Footage switches elsewhere … TO RIC FLAIR --- HE’S HERE!!! In a custom made suit, the Sixteen Times World Champion has a broad smile etched on his face, as he confidently strides down the hallway…

Joey Styles: And there is arguably the greatest of all time!!! Ric Flair is here in Detroit … and he’ll be in that ring, addressing the fans … NEXT ON SMACKDOWN!!!!

Commercial Break


Eruption. The Joe Louis arena rises to a man - for the greatest of all time.

Joey Styles: You cannot BUY this type of atmosphere - you cannot manufacture this kind of emotion!!! This is a reaction that only a great - the greatest of all - can elicit from the fans!!!

Paul Heyman: He’s the ever - and BOY don’t these people know it.

Dressed in a classy navy suit, Ric Flair strides onto the stage, showing off some fancy cufflinks, saying into the camera “That‘s my Christmas gift”, whilst strutting down the aisle.

Joey Styles: Ric Flair will be one of the thirty men in the Royal Rumble - the most star studded Rumble in history - in sixteen days time, and dare I say it, The Nature Boy will surely be the emotional and sentimental favourite.

Paul Heyman: And why stop there?? Why not THE favourite - full stop. I sure as hell wouldn’t rule him out, Joey.

The Nature Boy stops at the bottom of the ramp, with a smile and looks around the arena, touched by the outpouring of emotion toward him. Stepping into the ring, Flair picks up a mic … but will have to wait for a minute before the fans will let him get a word in.

Flair tears up - the emotional old man that he is - and wipes a few tears away, mouthing “Thank you” as cheers mingle with wayward shouts of “WOO” … before Slick Ric finally gets to speak…

Ric Flair: Thank you.

Another big pop. The odd “WOOO” is heard again, as Ric waits for the fans to settle before speaking again, shaking his head - amazed at the fans reaction to him.

Ric Flair: Thank you all. I’m touched. Genuinely. Thank you so much. It seems like every arena I go to, the fans get louder and louder and louder and louder…

Once more - HUGE cheers. Flair lets out a smirk.

Ric Flair: At least I know … there’s nothing wrong with my hearing.

Flair chuckles - as do some fans.


Ric Flair: How are we tonight, Detroit?? It may be a few days late for it, but let’s have ourselves a New Years party!!! Slick Ric is back on Smackdown - I got a brand new Rolex to show off, the Royal Rumble is just two weeks away … we’re on the Road to WrestleMania- WOOOOO!!!!!


Ric Flair: I gotta say, it’s great to be back on Smackdown, it’s great to be holding this microphone, and it’s great to be standin here in front of all you fine people-

Cheap pop. Ric quickly speaks over it though - not wanting the cheap pop.

Ric Flair: I mean it. There’s no greater rush, man. It’s like a drug - y’just cant beat this rush - this energy. There’s no substitute for it. And I guess, that’s why I couldn’t stay away.

Cheers. Flair takes a second to reset.

Ric Flair: Y’know, there’s been a lot of talk ever since I threw my hat into the ring for the Royal Rumble. Some good, some … ha - some not so good. I’ve heard people say that I’m too old-

Boos. Flair smirks, then eyeballs the camera-

Ric Flair: Pal, I was too old ten years ago!!

Cheers. Flair keeps smiling.

Ric Flair: Age is only a number, and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve only got one number in mind - and it’s SEVENTEEN!! WOOOO!!!!!


Ric Flair: Anyone that thinks I’m too old can come to the ring and they can get slapped by this old man - then we’ll see if you think I’m old. My age isn’t the problem, jack. I’ll style and profile UNTIL THE DAY I DIE!!!!!

Flair pauses. And slows down slightly.

Ric Flair: But I know this body of mine cant stand the pace for much longer. The years of punishment I’ve taken - in and out of the ring - over the years has surely taken it’s toll - of that there is no doubt. You wont hear me deny that. I got the guts of one good year left in me … and trust me, brother, most people in this business would trade in their twenty year career for one good Ric Flair year!!!

Flair nods, looking to a fan or two in the front row, saying “Yeah” a couple more times…

Ric Flair: I’ve still got the desire to walk that aisle - I’ve still got some juice in the tank for one last push, one last time to stick my foot on the accelerator, one last time to ride space mountain … One last time - TO. BE … THE MAN!!!!


Ric Flair: And it allllllllll starts at the Royal Rumble. Thirty guys; and I’m hearing these names. I’m hearing it’s the most star studded Rumble ever … HA - are you kiddin me!! NOW?? - NOW it’s the most star studded Rumble match?? It’s been the most star studded Royal Rumble since the minute The Naitch entered it!!!

Rowdy pop. Flair smiles.

Ric Flair: The most star studded Royal Rumble ever - and for good reason … I’m hearing about all these former champions - all the hot favourites that are destined to be a champion … the likes of Shawn Michaels!!! Kurt Angle!!! Christian!!! London!! Van Dam!!! Kennedy!!! Undertaker!!! Umaga!!! That’s a hell of a roll call. That’s a tall order for any man to overcome to say the least. But there’s one thing none of them are - and that’s Ric Flair!!! TO BE … THE MAN…

Flair pauses - he’s cut off by cheers. He stops, and walks around the ring, not needing to finish the phrase.

Ric Flair: Yeahhh. And brother, believe me, I’ll have a pockets full of hard cash slammed on the Nature Boyyy to be headed for one last hurrah at the Grandest Stage of em all.


Ric Flair: Orton?? Jericho?? Cena?? … I don’t care which of them it is. I don’t care if it’s the WWE Title, I don’t care if it’s the big gold belt that I made famous … it’s all about the glory - it’s all about ending on top of the mountain - ONE. LAST. TIME!!!

No mention of Rey in that list - another slight on poor Mysterio. Flair is getting a little red now, getting worked up, and unbuttons the top of his shirt.

Ric Flair: And why?? Why am I so confident?? Ha.

Flair bounces off the ropes, and drops a knee onto the canvas, bouncing right back up-

Ric Flair: BECAUSE … WOOO - I’M THE SON OF A GUN THAT CAN BE!!! … I’ve done it all in this business. And I wanna do it - AGAIN!!! Taker?? Angle?? HBK?? Bring it on!! IT’S ABOUT HARLEY RACE!! DUSTY RHODES!!! STEAMBOAT!!! STING!!! HOGAN!! PIPER!! I’VE BEAT ‘EM ALLLLL!!!!

Flair finally stops for a breath - and a huge ovation. He takes his tie off, throwing it down, glaring at the hard camera.

Ric Flair: And I can beat ‘em all again!!! Where there’s a will … THERE’S. A. WAY!!! - that’s why they call me the dirtiest player in the game … So come January Twe-


Oh dear. Flair is cut off mid-sentence … by The Brian Kendrick. The former Cruiserweight Champion saunters confidently onto the stage (carrying his two Slammy awards - which he won for the same category), much to the chagrin of Flair.

Joey Styles: Now … what does he want??

Paul Heyman: Well, it looks like he wants to wish Ric Flair a happy new year!!

Joey Styles: I gotta say, for a guy who lost his final chance to win back the Cruiserweight title last week, you’ve got to admire his bravado - he looks just fine.

Paul Heyman: PMA - Positive. Mental. Attitude. He’s a Slammy award winner, Joe!!

Kendrick doesn’t look to have a care in the world, whilst Ric looks to the fans on the outside, as if to ask them; “What‘s his deal?” as Kendrick hops onto the apron, and coasts into the ring, pulling a mic from his jacket, whilst Flair is bemused…

The Brian Kendrick: Greetings Ric!! I can call you Ric, right??

Ric Flair: You can call me Mister Flair.

Kendrick pauses, trying to read Flair … and assumes he’s joking.

The Brian Kendrick: Ohhh you!! Ric - I just want to say before anything else … I’m a big fan. And I’m sure the feeling is mutual. Of course it is.

Ric Flair: Don’t count on it, pal.

Again, Kendrick assumes Flair is playing around.

The Brian Kendrick: I don’t mean to kill your buzz or anything … I don’t want to bring you down … but uh, I heard what you had to say. All those guys you’ve beaten?? All the guys in the Rumble that you listed?? You left one out.

Ric Flair: Oh yeah?? And who might that be??

The Brian Kendrick: Me. Obviously. THE Brian Kendrick.

Flair chuckles.

Ric Flair: You??

The Brian Kendrick: Yeah, me. I’m in the-

Ric Flair: You came out here to tell me that?? You came out here to add your name to that list?? You think you belong with those names?? You think you’re on a par with The Undertaker- Shawn Michaels- Christian-

The Brian Kendrick: Not only them, Slick. Those other guys?? Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat?? Not one of them can say they’ve done what I have - and you ought to be aware of that.

Flair still looks put out by TBK cutting him off. He nods, and speaks to TBK again - patience wearing thin.

Ric Flair: Is that right??

The Brian Kendrick: Yeah.

Ric Flair: You’ve done something they haven’t?? You’ve accomplished something that Harley Race hasn’t?? The Stinger?? The Hulkster??

The Brian Kendrick: Yep, yep, yep. Answer me this, Rickster - have any of them ever won TWO Slammies??

Ric Flair: You won one Slammy, kid. I watched it with my own eyes - best couple; you and yourself. That’s why you’ve got two of ‘em.

Kendrick looks at his Slammy awards, then shrugs.

The Brian Kendrick: Still two more than you. And let me ask you this; have any of them ever been the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion of all time?? Hell - have any of them been Cruiserweight Champion - period??

Flair rolls his eyes.

Ric Flair: No.

The Brian Kendrick: No. Didn’t think so. Wanna know why I know that?? Because that’s ALLLL me!!! The longest reigning, greatest cruiserweight champion of ‘em all. And now that my work there is done - it’s onto WrestleMania and the main event, via winning the Royal Rumble.

Flair cant help but smile, and shake his head.

Ric Flair: Well … that’s something to watch out for. Thank you for comin out here to tell me, kid.

The Brian Kendrick: Oh- there’s something else, I wanted to talk to you about.

Flair closes his eyes, and exhales. He looks at TBK again.

Ric Flair: I’m all ears. What did you, Brian Kendrick, have to talk to me about??

The Brian Kendrick: Well … it’s THE Brian Kendrick, but … whatever. No, I felt I had to come out here after something you said. About being old.

“OHHH” is the noise from the fans. Ric raises his eyebrows, wondering where this is going…

The Brian Kendrick: Ric, c’mon man!! You’re not old … you’re Ric Flair!!!

Cheers. Even Flair affords himself a smile at that apparent show of respect from the usually self-obsessed TBK.

The Brian Kendrick: I’ll tell you what’s old - Standard DVD’s - they’re old. It’s all about blu-rays and High Def. The telephone?? - that’s old. Cell’s are where it’s at. The Cruiserweight division - that’s old!! No one wants anything to do with that anymore - least of all me. No - you’re not old. Ric … you’re an antique.

“OHHHH” - Flairs expression drops.

The Brian Kendrick: You’re not even DVD!!! … you’re VHS - you’re BETAMAX!! You’re that busy winding up your cassette player that you probably just think iTunes is poor sentence structure!! You’re beyond old!!!


Flair DROPS Kendrick with one swift punch, and before he can follow up … Kendrick is rolling out of the ring, going under the bottom rope!!! Flair is LIVID… He rips his jacket off, throwing it on the canvas, and screams over the mic.

Ric Flair: C’MON!!! GET BACK HERE!!! C’MON - YOU LITTLE PUNK!!! GET BACK IN HERE AND I’LL SHOW YOU OLD!!! I’ll show you old alright … old!! I’ll take off this five hundred dollar belt, and I’ll give you an old fashioned beatin that your father should’ve dished out when you were a GOOD FOR NOTHIN SPOTTY TEENAGER!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! C’MON!!!

Kendrick doesn’t accept the invite though. He picks up the mic from the outside, whilst holding his jaw.

The Brian Kendrick: Not tonight, Ric. I-

Ric Flair: Not tonight?? NOT TONIGHT!!?? COWARD!! YOU DARE- You dare, you little punk - to come out here and set yourself on a level with the Dusty Rhodes of this world!! The Hulk Hogans, The Stings, the Shawn Michaels!!?? Yet you’re too yellow of a coward to step in here and fight this old man!!?? You ever dare utter your name in the same sentence as those guys EVER AGAIN!!! So help me God, I’ll cut your tongue off!!!

The crazy old man is in the house - he’s alive and well.

Ric Flair: You disrespectful son of a bitch. C’MON - GROW A SET!!! Get in here!!!

Flair stomps his jacket, losing all sanity. Kendrick looks petrified … but brings the mic to his mouth…

The Brian Kendrick: I only came out here to give you some friendly warning. So forget Christian, forget RVD - it’s THE Brian Kendrick you should be worried about at the Royal Rumble. As a matter of fact, you should be worried about making it there at all!!!

{Joey Styles: Who the hell is- ORTON- IT’S ORTON!!! RANDY ORTON!!!}


{Joey Styles: Well I‘ll be damned. Son of a bitch!! He doesn’t look like a man with a torn groin - I‘ll say that much!!! What a- ugh.}

The WWE Champion has a sick smirk on his face, standing over the Nature Boy, as Kendrick enters the ring, eating up the heat, strutting around - ala Flair - and rips off his own jacket … before kneeling down … and wailing on Flair!!!

{Joey Styles: Oh, now he‘s man enough. This makes me sick.}

Kendrick talks smack whilst punishing Flair … until Orton drags him off. Orton pats Kendrick on the chest, telling him that’s enough - a sign of compassion?? No - Orton has THAT glint in his eye.

{Joey Styles: Not this. NOT THIS!!!}

Orton sets himself in the corner, foaming at the mouth, straining to get the words out; “THANKS FOR STOPPING BY, RIC!!” …

{Joey Styles: He had this planned!! The sick son of a bitch!!! He had this planned!! He couldn’t let Flair have the last word!!! DAMN IT!!!}

But before he can do anything of damage … the fans EXPLODE …



Chris Jericho sprints down the aisle, sliding inside … AND TACKLES ORTON TO THE CANVAS!!!!!

Jericho unloads with right hands, but Kendrick helps out Orton, stomping the #1 Contender, and allows Orton a chance to recover … before Orton and Kendrick both start to put the boots to Jericho, who covers up to defend himself …



Kendrick drops to his knees, but Orton stomps Flair, stopping the Nature Boy from getting up … only for Jericho to then club Orton from behind … Flair pokes the eye … Jericho spins him around … CODEBREAKER TO ORTON!!!!!

Orton rolls out of the ring, and before Kendrick can be punished, that little weasel has escaped from the ring!!! Kendrick climbs over the barrier, leaving before he can be chased down … whilst Orton is left perched against the opposite barrier, out of sorts, looking into the ring, where Jericho and Flair are standing tall - to a big ovation from the fans in Detroit.

Joey Styles: Thank GOD for Chris Jericho!!!

Paul Heyman: This could’ve been a very different outcome without him, Joey. Ric Flair was about to become Randy Ortons next victim of the Punt.

Joey Styles: And I’ve got to believe that Orton had this planned in advance. It wouldn’t take much to pay off Kendrick to be a stooge - he’d sell his own Mother for a minute in the spotlight!! Orton probably decided he’d try to take out Ric Flair the moment he heard that the Nature Boy would be here tonight!! Thank God that didn’t happen!!

Jericho gives the legend a hug, with Flair thanking Jericho for the save, before the #1 Contender leans over the ropes, talking trash to the downed WWE Champion, holding his head in agony, wincing … looking up at the fired up challenger that awaits him at the Royal Rumble.

Joey Styles: And so much for Orton and his bogus groin injury!! He didn’t look too hampered here tonight, did he?? He moved as freely into that ring as I’ve ever seen him, that’s for sure. But it came back to bite him and that idiot Brian Kendrick tonight against Chris Jericho and Ric Flair.

Commercial Break





Backstage, a beaming Nick Nemeth strides up to the General Managers office, offering a quick knock, but walking in before Finlay can answer him.

Nemeth walks in, and once Finlay looks up, the Irishman sighs.

Finlay: I didn’t say y’could come in.

Nemeth shrugs.

Nick Nemeth: I couldn’t wait any longer, boss man. Gimme the good news, Finbo!!

Finlay stares at Nemeth, trying to work out what he’s talking about.

Nick Nemeth: … My title shot?? Paul London?? Beat him earlier. Ring any bells?? C’mon man - I know you’re only doing this gig part time … but you gotta be watchin the matches, bro.

Still, Finlay looks confused by Nemeth. He puts his pen down, and leans back in his chair.

Finlay: I did see the match. Been watchin the whole show. I didn’t see you beat Paul London though.

Nemeth stands back - appalled.

Nick Nemeth: H- How could you miss it!!?? I-

Finlay: Don’t get me wrong. You and Cade won the match. But it was Noble y’beat - not London. Besides, you’ve already had two shots in the last month at the U.S Title. And yes, I saw both of those matches too. You lost them.

Nemeth huffs, and looks exasperated.

Nick Nemeth: Come on, bro. Boss, I just need one more-

Finlay: Notta chance.

Nick Nemeth: Ohhh man. You cant do this to me!! I’m sooo close. I’ve got Londons number, I’ve-

Finlay: Heard it all before. Not gonna happen.

Nemeth shakes his head.

Finlay: But- I do have some good news for ye. Royal Rumble match - you’re in.

Nemeths scowl turns to a smile, but before he can say anything-

Finlay: On the condition that you get out of my office without sayin a word.

Nemeth nods, and nearly speaks … but stops himself, just continuing to nod, as he backs out of the room, closing the door behind him…

Finlay: I need to get a lock on that thing.

Back in the arena, Sonjay Dutt is in the ring, with his partner Daivari stood on the outside offering him advice. He might need it…


The fans are loud for the Michigan native; Rob Van Dam!!

Joey Styles: We’ve just heard a few moments ago from one of the big names in the Royal Rumble - and we’re about to see another in action!!! RVD is determined to head back to WrestleMania and win back the WWE Championship he lost in New Orleans a year ago!!

Paul Heyman: Another former champion, Joey. Has there ever been this many in one Royal Rumble match??

Joey Styles: Flair, Van Dam, Angle, HBK, Christian, Undertaker all in the most Star Studded Royal Rumble of all time!!! And Van Dam will be in action - when Smackdown returns!!!

Commercial Break

Match 4:
Rob Van Dam vs. Sonjay Dutt w/Daivari
An exhibition for RVD. The first minute is a lot of athletic high flying from both men, giving Dutt a chance to show off what he brings to the table, but he barely gets in any offence worth talking about, and only a distraction from Daivari slows RVD down.

Van Dam is building momentum for a big Royal Rumble opportunity, and he makes quick work of one of the resident jobbers on Smackdown, getting a big pop for nailing the interfering Daivari (who tried to introduce a chair) with a Van Daminator, before finishing Dutt off with the Five Star Frog Splash, and the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 03:02

Much like with MNM earlier, it’s a by the numbers win for RVD to keep his momentum rolling toward the Royal Rumble in two and a half weeks time…


Commotion. Lot’s of it, officials and agents surround the area, with calls for “PARAMEDIC - QUICK!!!”

The camera closes in, reaching over the shoulders of the officials and the assorted wrestlers that are arriving on the scene …


... Out cold.

Joey Styles: What in the hell has happened there…?

Paul Heyman: I guess … someone … doesn’t- or should I say didn’t want Jeff Hardy to team with Edge tonight.

Joey Styles: He’s … he’s out … cold.

Commercial Break

Back at ringside…

Joey Styles: Fans, welcome back, and just before we went to a commercial break moments ago … we witnessed- well, clearly Paul, something happened to Jeff Hardy…

Paul Heyman: And it didn’t look like an accident, that’s for sure.

Joey Styles: Well, right now, I think we can go backs-


Paul Heyman: Or maybe we cant…

Joey Styles: Well, that- That’s the music of Montel Vontavious Porter. He is due here tonight, but we didn’t know when we were likely to see him…

And out he steps. No entrance tunnel - MVP isn’t quite in the mood for that stuff … indeed, he still looks roughed up; wearing a protective mask on his face (think Un-Dashing Cody Rhodes), MVP is still dressed sharply, but he isn’t sporting any of his fancy swagger in his walk - marching straight down the aisle.

Joey Styles: We haven’t seen this man since he was the victim of an assault of his own at the hands of the suspended Brock Lesnar. On the same night that Brock Lesnar sent my broadcast colleague through the announce table with an F5, Lesnar then proceeded to attack MVP in the locker room.

Paul Heyman: I think I got the better end of that deal. MVP looks like hell.

Joey Styles: Whereas you already looked like hell, right??

Paul Heyman: How droll.

Porter climbs into the ring, taking a mic from Chimmel, and standing on the spot, looking unimpressed, waiting for his music to die off…

He motions for the camera to come closer…

M.V.P: Yeah, get a good look.

Porter shakes his head in anger, before turning away from the camera, and looking at the fans.

M.V.P: Aint no prizes for guessing that I’ve got a lot on my mind, a lot I wanna get off my chest, and you don’t need to be a genius to work out why I’m worked up … it’s literally written all over my face.

Hearing some cheers, MVP scowls - or at least, it looks like he is, but his sunglasses cover his expression.

M.V.P: Broken nose, crushed cheekbone, couldn’t close my jaw for a week. Aint no point in me telling y’all what exactly happened, because I don’t exactly have a clear memory on it. All kinda a blur…

Montel looks down, composing himself. Then looks up.

M.V.P: I gotta look at this face for the next few months. I gotta compete with this mask for the next six weeks. I aint happy. And can ya blame me?? Look out at me, dammit!! Brock Lesnar-

Cheers. MVP takes exception to the cheers, and then rips off his glasses - his left eye is still swollen - the right is still bloodshot. Montel eyeballs the camera to send his message personally…

M.V.P: Yeah, Brock Lesnar … man you’re lucky you suspended.

The fans mumble a little in reaction, and Porter doesn’t take kindly to them, turning, addressing the audience.

M.V.P: Ohh, I’m serious. This aint me actin the big shot because I know he aint here. As a matter of fact … Finlay?? Hows about you cut that suspension, and you send me that big farm boy freak next week on Smackdown.

Cheers. MVP nods.

M.V.P: That’s right. What?? Y’think I’m afraid of Brock?? Y’think I’m outta my mind, maybe?? That I got some kinda brain damage?? Concussion?? Screw that. I just aint gonna take a beating like the one Lesnar gave me lying down is all. Aint nobody ever put the hurtin on me like that before. And aint nobody ever gonna get away with it either.

Montel smirks for the first time, but it’s not out of happiness.

M.V.P: You people see the gold chains and the bling. Expensive watches, fancy suits, designer glasses … you people think I’m soft?? You people don’t know the first thing about me. Everything I own, I earned. I worked my way from the bottom, man. I started at the bottom - I started out on the street. And never - NEVER - no matter what kinda gang I got on the wrong side of; no one ever left me lookin like this. No gang put me in a hospital. Aint no thug ever left me in a pool of my own blood - and there aint a chance in hell I’m gonna let some farm boy get away with it either. I’m the guy that leaves people lookin like this.

Pointing to his face, MVP pauses in that spot for a few moments, letting the camera get a good look at his mess.

M.V.P: So Brock Lesnar?? Don’t go thinking you can beat me up and we’ll be done. I aint afraid of you. I want that suspension lifted - with immediate effect - and better still, I want a piece of Brock Lesnar, next week on Smackdown - Streetfight.

The fans pop.

{Paul Heyman: Is he outta his mind!? He‘ll get killed!!!}

MVP is completely serious - he’s not playing. And he makes sure to drive his point home to the fans.

M.V.P: You heard me. I want Lesnar in a streetfight. Yeah, Brock, you’re tough. You’re a big ass, bad ass, burly freak of a man. You can do things like this (points to face) without breakin a sweat. Good for you. I’ve lived my life doing things like this to guys. So people can call me crazy for callin him out, but that’s exactly what I’m doing. You people think I’m soft and privileged cause I got a few nice chains and a fancy sports car?? Well prepare to see a whole different side of Montel Vontavious Porter from now on.

A few light cheers can be heard for MVPs attitude - but they’re barely audible amongst the general boos.

M.V.P: So c’mon Brock. Quit roundin up cattle on your ranch, and come to Atlanta next week and face me in the ring, farm boy.

Porter takes a second, surveying the reaction of the fans for a second, before making another point - his final declaration.

M.V.P: It’s one thing to be farm boy strong. Yeah, things like my face happen. But you put a farm boy freak in a fight - a real fight - with a street wise thug?? Aint no farm boy gonna walk outta that fight in one piece. So what do y’say Brock?? You up for that streetfight?? You versus Me - end of the line. Farm Boy strong versus Street thug smart. Let’s finish this.

MVP chucks the mic down - no playing, no catchphrases - he was ALL business tonight. Porter steps out of the ring, and proceeds right up the ramp, with an intense glare etched on his face…

Paul Heyman: I don’t care if you grew up on the streets of Harlem, The Bronx or even on the war torn streets of our General Manager Finlays home of Belfast - even if you were born and raised in hell on earth - you do NOT under any circumstance challenge Brock Lesnar to a streetfight.

Joey Styles: It certainly sounds of unwise decision making. It remains to be seen though Paul, if Finlay will end the suspension of Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman: Oh, come on. He has to!! How long can you possibly suspend your hottest commodity - it’s bad business. We’re two weeks away from the Royal Rumble, and you don’t think the people in the Board Room want as many buys as they can get for that PPV?? Trust me, Brock Lesnar will be back - probably next week, and he’ll be in the Royal Rumble match too.

Joey Styles: Not if MVP has anything to do with it, it would seem…

Paul Heyman: Hey - if that match is signed, I’d be imploring a hold harmless agreement. I don’t care where MVP is from, or where he’s been or what he’s done … you’ve gotta be INSANE to call out Brock Lesnar for a Streetfight.

Joey Styles: Well, it’s all up for debate, but one thing that is not - Jeff Hardy will NOT compete in tonights main event … he has left the building in an ambulance, and it would appear that Edge is once again … riding solo against AMW.

Paul Heyman: And that’s too bad, because Edge would’ve been a fine addition to the Royal Rumble match.

Joey Styles: You’ve gotta wonder - because that was certainly no accident - WHO was behind that attack on Jeff Hardy??

Paul Heyman: How long ya got!? AMW have motive, Lashley has motive - and he‘s conspicuous by his absence tonight if you ask me, Batista - hey, y‘know, I could say the same for him as Lashley, hell, anyone in that Royal Rumble already that doesn’t want any further competition - or any of Edge’s enemies!! He’s burned so many bridges, Joe. It could be anyone…

Joey Styles: You’re right there, Paul. That main event - that … handicap(?) match main event is still to come tonight …

Commercial Break

Straight back to ringside…

Joey Styles: We are back - and hot off the press, Paul and I have just received word during the commercial break … and … it’s big.

Paul Heyman: It’s bigger than that!!

Joey Styles: Next week on Smackdown from Greensboro; how about this for a tag team match - we’ll find out just how severe Randy Ortons groin injury truly is; the WWE Champion will tag with The Brian Kendrick to take on the two men they ran into earlier tonight; Chris Jericho, and The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!!

Paul Heyman: And that’s not even the biggest one!!!

Joey Styles: Well, it’s still pretty big. It’s Ric Flairs first match - EVER on Friday Night Smackdown - and it‘ll be from Greenboro North Carolina - Flair Country. History is made next Friday Night … but as Paul Heyman alluded to - Brock Lesnar, next week … IS BACK. And indeed, Finlay has granted MVP’s wish-

Paul Heyman: Make that his death wish -

Joey Styles: It’s MVP, Brock Lesnar … in a STREETFIGHT … next week. Smackdown.


Typical heel reaction for the entrance of AMW, joined as ever by Michelle McCool - and there‘s a lot of focus on the faces of the WWE Tag Team Champions tonight; there‘s a lot at stake.

Joey Styles: Well, it looks like it’s time for tonight’s main event, Paul. And with Jeff Hardy on his way to an emergency room, Edge looks set to have to take on the Tag Team Champions - ALONE.

Paul Heyman: I cant think of a more daunting task, Joey. 2 on 1 in any circumstance is a tough climb. 2 on 1 against the tag team champions?? Fuhgetaboutit!!!!!

AMW continue to the ring, with McCool doing a lot of talking to her boys, with Storm nodding at what she says, but Harris remains focused straight ahead toward the ring.

Joey Styles: If Edge is to qualify for the Royal Rumble, he MUST win this match - if he does, AMW must defend the WWE Tag Team Titles at the Rumble in sixteen days against MNM. If he doesn’t; Edge is out of the running for the Royal Rumble, and AMW don’t have to worry about MNM ever again.

Paul Heyman: Big bait. Big bait for the tag team champions. Numerical advantage to boot?? This should be a forgone conclusion.


With an expected look of trepidation, Edge hit’s the stage, appearing through the cloud of smoke, taking a few sharp breaths, before letting off his pyro.

Joey Styles: It is now - or never. There’s no come backs after tonight. Edge MUST win this match to qualify for the Royal Rumble match in two weeks time. If he doesn’t - his WrestleMania hopes and dreams - are OVER.

Paul Heyman: Well, he’s already killed the WrestleMania dreams of Batista and Lashley - tonight, those accomplishments could wind up being ultimately fruitless - if he doesn’t win here and now … those last two wins count for nothing. Nothing.

Joey Styles: It really doesn’t get any bigger than this…

Edge puffs his cheeks - he looks to the ring, and sees the challenge that awaits, and he knows he HAS to find a way to win the match.

Joey Styles: What must be going through this mans mind, Paul?? To know that it all boils down to this night - to this moment??

Paul Heyman: Well if he loses, it’ll haunt him forever. We’ve saw before how Edge has reacted to setbacks - not good. He cant complain about this though - he knew the kind of obstacles he’d have to overcome, and he’s passed the first two … but it’s THIS match that means EVERYTHING.

Edge enters the ring, with AMW starting to look increasingly confident, doing some trash talking … knowing they hold the huge advantage - it’s the tag team champions against ONE man; of course they’re cocky. Edge takes off his jacket, and looks to be getting set to deal with AMW alone…


Joey Styles: WHAT- WHAT-

Paul Heyman: That isn’t … that’s Rob Van Dams music…

Yes!!! It’s ROB VAN DAM!!!!

Joey Styles: I don’t quite believe it!!! Paul … I think RVD is here to team up with Edge!!! Of all people!!! I don’t think Edge can believe it either!!

Paul Heyman: Why would Rob Van Dam want to do this guy a favour?? Why would RVD put his OWN guaranteed Royal Rumble spot on the line!!!???

There’s all kinds of confusion - from both Edge and AMW - as Mr. Friday Night proceeds down the aisle … coming to answer Edge’s call!!!

Joey Styles: Honestly?? I have no idea!! It was Edge that Speared Van Dam after their triple threat match at WrestleMania last year -- and that spear set in motion the events that led to Randy Orton cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase and punting RVD onto the shelf for long periods of 2007!! There’s no love lost here - Edge and Van Dam are NOT friends.

Paul Heyman: If I were Edge, I’d be wary - who knows if RVD is here as friend or foe!!! If he truly is here to help Edge out - he’s lost his mind. This risk carries NO reward for RVD!!!

Joey Styles: Well, whatever the reason - I’m sure Edge is thanking his lucky stars. RVD has come to even these scores - we don’t know why - but he has.

RVD poses at the bottom of the ramp, doing the thumb taunt - much to the delight of the fans in Michigan - whilst AMW argue with Charles Robinson about the set up, saying it should be 2 on 1. Edge though still seems surprised - given his history with RVD … but it looks like Van Dam IS here to team with Edge…

Joey Styles: Wrestling fans, we have ourselves a contest!! Can this makeshift team - Edge and Rob Van Dam - who have NEVER teamed together before … overcome the WWE Tag Team Champions … the champions who have held the titles for over twelve months - they’ve been teaming for over half a decade … the stakes couldn’t be higher - you CANT miss this!!!

Commercial Break

Americas Most Wanted w/Michelle McCool vs. Edge & Rob Van Dam
*If AMW win; they qualifies and Edge & Rob Van Dam is out*
*If Edge & RVD win; they qualify, AMW are out & must defend the tag team titles against MNM*
Joined in progress with Harris and Edge jockeying for position, Styles informs the fans that it’s been a tentative opening with AMW thrown off by the late addition of RVD to the match, but things get more interesting with the action returning.

Edge is forced to make a clean break in the corner - but anticipates a cheap shot from Harris and ducks it, applying a headlock and takes Harris over, applying the side headlock on the ground. The Wildcat frees himself, fighting to his feet, sending Edge to the corner, where Storm gets involved, holding Edge - allowing Harris to get in a cheap shot, and despite the referee interjecting, the damage is done.

AMW have the upper hand … but not for long. Harris tags in Storm, and Storm sends Edge to the corner, running in behind, but Edge propels up as he hit’s the corner, pushing over the incoming Cowboy and Storm hit’s the corner!!

Edge follows up, unloading with a plethora of straight rights to the man from Tennessee, eventually being forced back from the corner and admonished by the official. Edge backs out, and Storm looks to attack - shot is blocked - and Edge drops his opponent with a right hand.

Applying an arm wringer, Edge looks to his corner … contemplating the tag, with RVD willing and able … THE TAG IS MADE!! Van Dam enters, displaying his wide variety of kicks and punches, showing off a little - going through the motions really. Van Dam knocks Storm off his feet with a spin kick, then looks to wind up for the ROLLING THUNDER … but McCool trips his leg when he comes off the ropes!!

The distraction is enough, and Harris rushes the ring to nail RVD from behind, bringing Edge back into action … and whilst Edge chases The Wildcat from the ring, Storm seizes on the opportunity, delivering a side Russian Leg Sweep to RVD, cover … 1...2...NO!!!

As Harris and Edge find their way back to their respective corners, AMW take the initiative, dominating RVD for a period with basic offence. McCool - acting as cheerleader - is obnoxiously annoying on the outside, whilst Storm and Harris do what they do best, cutting the ring off for a short period.

But Van Dam is able to fight back when in the champions corner, delivering elbow to Storm on the apron, right hands to Harris out of the corner … but as he tries to get to Edge … his foot is caught by the Wildcat … RVD RESPONDS WITH AN ENZIGURI!!!

With the opening there … Van Dam makes the tag, and Edge is the legal man!!! Edge introduces the incoming James Storm to clothesline city - three consecutive, before Harris recovers to get planted with a back elbow, then Edge ducks a clothesline from Storm - putting him down with a face plant!!!

Storm rolls out, leaving the two legal men, with Edge sending Harris off the ropes - back body drop. Edge climbs up top - missile dropkick!!! Cover, 1...2...NO!!! Storm is in to prevent the count anyway, and he stomps Edge, before RVD returns to help his partner - really proving that he wants to help Edge win - and he takes care of Storm …

… But Michelle gets involved in proceedings, distracting the referee … as Harris LOW BLOWS Edge … and rolls him up … HOOKING THE TIGHTS … the referee returns, making the count … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Harris has the upper hand, and looks to keep it up, getting Edge up - delayed vertical - CRADLE COUNTER BY EDGE … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men bounce up, Edge ducks a clothesline - EDGE-O-MATIC {or as I generally refer to it as (why? I don’t know) the Buzz Killer}!!!!! Cover … 1...2...STORM BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

Again, RVD is forced into action, as things break down into a four man brawl, with AMW all over the place, getting thrown out of the ring, as Edge and Van Dam both climb to opposite corners … STEREO CROSS BODIES TO THE OUTSIDE … BUT MCCOOL DRAGS HER TEAM OUT OF HARMS WAY!!!!!

Edge and Van Dam crash and burn, with McCool a huge difference maker … with Smackdown going to a commercial - the last of the night - with the advantage at the feet of the WWE Tag Team Champions…

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial it is ALL Americas Most Wanted, with the champions now in their groove, as Harris has a chinlock applied to the fading Rated ‘R’ Superstar … but there’s too much on the line for Edge tonight, and he wont go down without a fight, elbowing back to freedom, charging off the ropes - right into a clothesline, with Storm then tagging out to keep him and his team fresh and in control.

Harris continues where Storm left off in wearing Edge down, sending Edge into the corner - and distracts the referee whilst behind his back, Storm chokes Edge illegally. Harris soon follows up on the softened up Edge, mounting the corner - and the fans boo vociferously as he hammers away - they wont count along to this one …

… But as Harris gets cocky … EDGE CARRIES HIM OUT OF THE CORNER … POWERBOMB … NO!!!! Storm saves his partner with a chop block, and Harris crashes down onto Edge!!! Van Dam is furious, and complains to the referee - with Robinson giving Storm a stern warning … but the damage is done.

Storm is made legal again, and he whips Edge off the ropes, and goes for a reverse elbow, but Edge ducks, and again off the opposite side … but on the third time, The Cowboy catches him with a big power slam!!!! 1...2...Shoulder up!!! Edge kicks out, much to the chagrin of the tag team champions.

In the corner, AMW tag in and out, taking turns to stomp Edge relentlessly in the corner, wearing him out, before a double side suplex scores them another near fall. Edge is able to block two shots from Harris, and begins to fire right hands of his own, putting the Wildcat on the back foot, then looks to dash to his corner, BUT HARRIS STOPS HIM WITH A DROP TOE HOLD!!!

Harris keeps his leg hooked, making sure Edge cant tag out - much to Van Dams chagrin - and reaches up - with Storm tagging back in, and dropping an elbow to the back. Storm scores a near fall with a Bulldog … but he goes up top, looking for an Axe Handle, coming off … KICK FROM EDGE … EDGECUTION!!!!!!

RVD shows his desperation to tag in - his Rumble spot is at stake too - as Edge crawls … agonizingly slowly … whilst Storm looks to tag. Edge makes it. So does Storm!! Van Dam and Harris make the hot tags, but Harris doesn’t stand a chance against the Whole Damn Show!!

RVD ducks a wild swing, and knocks Harris off his feet with a spin kick!! Harris struggles up, looking for a kick - caught - RVD swings Harris around - spin kick again!!! RVD then springs off the ropes with another kick!! Cover, 1...2...NO!!!

Harris backs into the corner, with RVD crushing him with a series of shoulder thrusts … then RVD backflips away, coming back for the Monkey Flip - but Harris sticks his boot up!!! Harris comes off the ropes, right into another spin kick from Mr. Friday Night!!!

On the second time of asking, the Monkey Flip connects, and Rolling Thunder follows … but as he goes up top for the Five Star … MCCOOL GETS INVOLVED AGAIN!!!!! McCool hangs onto the leg of Van Dam … stopping him from flying!!!

Edge is back up, and he tries to deal with McCool, dragging her away - whilst RVD sees Storm coming around outside, and slaps Edges back to make a tag … before he flies off - taking out himself and Storm!!!

Meanwhile, Harris is up, and looks to nail Edge … EDGE SIDE STEPS … AND HARRIS HITS MCCOOL INSTEAD!!!! Harris freezes on the spot, as McCool lands on the floor … EDGE CHARGES OFF THE ROPES … SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edge - now legal - hooks the legs … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Edge & Rob Van Dam @ 17:41

It’s pandemonium in Detroit!!! Edge has qualified for the 2008 Royal Rumble!!! Edge sits on his knees - and it‘s a somewhat familiar sight… eyes closed, tugging at his hair … but this time - it’s in unbridled JOY!!!

Arms raised aloft, Edge soaks up the moment, with he and RVD doing something huge tonight - they defeated the long standing tag team champions. A little groggy, RVD climbs back into the ring, and whilst it’s not a luvvy-duvvy embrace - there is a nod from Edge to RVD - the Rated ‘R’ Superstar accepting he wouldn’t have done it tonight without the efforts and help of Van Dam; the good Samaritan.

Van Dam nods back, and is set to leave and let Edge have his moment to bask in the glory … but the fact is … he doesn’t get long to do so …


The God of War turns his attention to Edge in the ring, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar quickly finding his feet in time for Lashley to slide in…


Edge gives as good as he can get - but spent from the draining tag team match - Edge cant fight off the massive Lashley, and is soon overpowered, with Lashley hammering Edge into the corner…


RVD SMASHES THE CHAIR OFF THE BACK OF LASHLEY!!! Lashley is slowed down - but doesn’t go down - and instead writhes, forcing RVD to crack the chair off his back again, then swing at Richards - forcing him to dive for cover - before throwing the chair at Lashley - caught - RVD leaps - VAN DAMINATOR!!!!!

LASHLEY IS DOWN!!!!! Van Dam sizes up another chair shot though to make sure … leaning back …




Put out of joint by Edge and Van Dam, AMW look for revenge, and the numbers are TOO much for Edge and Van Dam to cope with, getting beaten down by the three men, whilst McCool (worse for wear) and Richards call the shots on the outside…



The Animal storms out from behind the curtain, charging down the aisle, spitting out all kinds of venom, talking as he walks purposefully … but as Bobby Heenan might say if he were sitting at ringside; “What side is he on??”

The Animal is met by Steven Richards on the aisle - AND RICHARDS IS SHOVED TO THE GROUND!!! Batista climbs up the steps, with AMW looking sheepish, worried about having to deal with The Animal … but Lashley stands firm …

Batista gets in the ring, and…


He ISNT here to save the day … Batista is here for Edge!!! The Animal makes a beeline - pie facing RVD -- he doesn’t care about Mr. Friday Night or the 3 on 2 beat down; it’s Edge he wants. But, before he can get his hands on him…

Batista is met by his fellow specimen; Lashley.

The Joe Louis Arena is shaking - Batista and Lashley are toe to toe - and both want Edge to themselves … but a call from Steven Richards to Lashley tells the God of War to step back, and allow Batista to get to Edge. The Animal glares, as Lashley steps aside … but before Batista can get at him - Edge launches at Batista!!!! RVD is fighting back too…

It’s 4 on 2 though - Van Dam doesn’t stand a chance, and nor does Edge, with the odds simply too great. Being hammered down, RVD and Edge don’t stand much of a chance…


MNM hit the ring, evening the scores … but they simply get in the way of Batista and Lashley, and despite their best intentions, MNM only get a few shots in on AMW before they are overwhelmed by the Animal and The God of War.

It may be 4 on 4 … but the strength and size of Batista and Lashley are what make the difference - and with Edge and Van Dam already spent, the fight isn’t particularly competitive.

ON THE OUTSIDE; Harris and Storm complete a pair of Death Sentences on Nitro and Mercury … leaving their rivals down and out … sending a clear message ahead of the Royal Rumble, standing over MNM, talking trash…

ON THE INSIDE; Edge and Van Dam are both face down in the ring, the victims of stereo spine busters … with BATISTA AND LASHLEY COMING FACE TO FACE AGAIN …


Nothing is said between the pair, but Richards is looking particularly gleeful on the outside - it looks good for him as he tries to get Batista on board … but it’s still left unknown … with Batista looking back down at Edge, then at Lashley …


The Animal, to a chorus of boos, exit’s the ring; there’s no doubt after tonight -- he’s a heel now. Batista walks right by Richards though, disappointing Steven … but back in the ring, Lashley stomps RVD out of there - he isn’t important. The God of War lifts the lifeless body of Edge … picking him up …


Lashley stands back up, and stands over the broken body of Edge - who should be celebrating qualifying for the Royal Rumble - with Styles finally having something to say before Smackdown goes off the air…

Joey Styles: Edge has qualified for the Royal Rumble tonight. He’s gone through hell to qualify … but will that count for anything?? Will Edge even make it to the Royal Rumble if Lashley, Steven Richards and Batista have anything to do with it?? Has all this effort … been … for nothing??



Official Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 20th January 2008
Location: Thomas & Mack Centre, Las Vegas NV
Event Music: Rev. Theory, Light it up

The Most Star Studded 30 Man Royal Rumble Match EVER:

~ Featuring The 2007 Royal Rumble Winner; ~

~ PLUS - Former Rumble Winners; ~

~ ALSO - Former World Champions; ~

~ AND - The return of; ~

~ In addition to (in alphabetical order); ~
Edge, Jeff Hardy, Nick Nemeth, United States Champ. Paul London, The Brian Kendrick, The Coach & Umaga
~ WITH - 16 further slots remaining ~

~ AND; ~

WWE Championship Match | NO Championship Advantage:
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio

World Tag Team Championship Match:
Straight Edge vs. The Angels of Anarchy

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
Americas Most Wanted w/Michelle McCool vs. MNM

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SmackDown Review

SmackDown Review

Holy crap, Ric is back. Good promo so far by Finlay. I loved the idea that Edge has to "prove" himself worthy for the Rumble. A tag match where Edge must find a partner or it will be a handicap? Partner loses Rumble spot? Sounds like in 2004 or 2005 when Cena and Benoit teamed up against La Resistance in a handicap. Loved that angle, I'm sure you'll execute it well. The no friends part is really bringing back memories. Ah nostalgia...
Nice match between Jericho and Sandow, the lack of a promo from our Savior wasn't too awesome, but his strong performance makes him seem like a threat in the WWE ranks, hanging around with the former Undisputed Champion. Not really feeling Jericho being scared to initiate the Walls, but it plays well with his character. Just not my cup of tea when it comes to babyfaces. I was liking the Jamie Noble promo till he said he busts nuts for title shots. I kind of lost his intensity. Nice win for MNM. The Jackpot video packages are GOAT. Jericho is showing me a sign, but I cannot quite read it. I think something huge is in store for the Rumble.


I wouldn't mind seeing Flair's old ass hold another title for a short while, but it would cheapen the scene, so it's not going to happen. Nice way to get TBK some heat, even though I really don't care much for him. Great brawl between Flair, Jericho, Orton and Kendrick. Didn't care fr the next few segments up until the Jeff Hardy finding. MVP has a death wish. Brock should destroy him to solidify his return from suspension.
Main Event time, nice choice in RVD being the partner. Good long match, nice to see Edge in the Rumble and MNM getting their title shots. The heel turn was excellent on your part. Nice way to end the SmackDown. I cannot wait to see how heel Batista will be booked, he was getting kind of stale as a face IMO.

All in all, I enjoyed this show. I've come to expect this from your shows now(been reading before I was a WF member, my first review on your BTB), and I cannot say I was disappointed.

Goodbye, Wrestling Forum

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Re: Being The Booker

That was a very short promo to kick off the show from Finlay. In fact, I may have been able to do without it and instead, have the commentators give us the majority of this information throughout the show. What Finlay actually had to say, however, was interesting. There isn't a doubt in my mind that Edge will find his way into the Royal Rumble match, so that frees up MNM to once more go after AMW. The only question is who's going to be the partner of Edge. Jericho would probably be perfect for this, but with his match tonight, I can't really see it.

Speaking of which, there wasn't much doubt that Jericho was going to go over against Sandow. Though I assumed that the Intellectual Savior may have been in for big things in this thread in a relatively short time period, the last couple of weeks have led me to believe that you see him as a midcard comedy act - at least at the moment. Losses to Jericho and Van Dam are obviously nothing to sneeze at or be ashamed of, but you haven't protected him. And that's fine. He's got plenty of time.

Solid promo from Jamie Noble. It felt like the beginning of another slow building heel turn, which you seem to be a fan of. Considering Danielson is pretty much a lock to beat Bourne, I expect that the confrontation be tween Bryan and Noble was the foundation of a feud, which could be a lot of fun. I definitely think there styles match up well, though I'm not sure Noble has the cache to carry a feud into WrestleMania.

I thoroughly enjoyed Edge's characterization in his little spiel to the locker room, though I would've liked it a lot more if he had shown a little bit more of it in the last couple of weeks. I felt he was more of a tweener here than he was when talking to Finlay about the Rumble a couple of weeks ago, or during his build to the tag match with Christian, Jeff and Matt.

That Batista heel turn. Nice way to get a lot of mileage out of what is technically one segment by the way.

I've gotta expect Melina's return to be right around the corner, because MNM just continue to turn their wheels with America's Most Wanted and the tag titles.

I actually didn't read too much into Jericho's hesitancy to apply the Walls - just though it was a nice little touch to add a nice spot to the match, but this was clever. Y2J continues to be one of the most interesting characters in this thread. He's boring... but something is coming. Everyone knows it and expects it... but nobody knows what it is. Only you, Wolfy. Well played.

Not sure how I feel about Noble taking the loss, but it was hardly a bad one, so I can't be too upset about it. London, however, should be pretty peeved about Batista's no show. You may a deal of Batista being in the arena, so I can only imagine that this is an intentional slight by Big Dave. Batista/London is definitely on the horizon, as its been hinted around recently. Hopefully, we can see/read some fire London, because though he's a bland one - you've done a tremendous job of building his credibility up in this thread for years.

I don't know why I didn't think of Jeff as a partner. He makes perfect sense, especially with the connection you alluded to, and his newfound freedom from tag team wrestling.

That was quite the segment. I thought it started off a little oddly. For some reason, Flair just didn't sound like Flair. But once he got going, man, did he ever get going. Perfection. The interruption from Kendrick was an unexpected one, but an awesome one. I'm glad you've kept him in a rather prominent position, and his illusions of grandeur week in and week out continue to be one of the highlights of the show. The Orton interruption and attack was well played, and continues his history with Flair (though it would've been nice of commentators to go into a little bit of detail about it. I had almost forgotten). Jericho's save was fine and seemingly wraps up this mini-angle with Orton's "groin injury."

"Finbo" as a moniker is hilarious. Glad we're not getting another Nemeth/London rematch as the Golden Boy has proved his superior in that aspect, but I do expect NN to at least have a decent showing in the Rumble.

That was fantastic stuff from MVP. Bringing up his past is a great way to add a lot of depth to his character, and make him come off as more of a legitimate threat... while ALSO, putting over just how big and bad of a man Brock Lesnar is. MVP refusing to let this go and in fact further exacerbating the situation by challenging Lesnar to a match - a streetfight - puts Porter over than most wins ever could. Kudos all around for that segment, including the description of Montel's face. Ugh. That being said, this Streetfight between he and Lesnar does seem to have come out of nowhere, and awkwardly placed... before the Rumble. Perhaps both will be in it. Either way, I'm looking forward to it. Once more, nice job.

You've got some 'splainin' to do when it comes to Rob Van Dam teaming with Edge. I suspect you do have one, considering the commentators thought it was pretty weird as well. I can only assume it won't be a grand one, since RVD hasn't been treated as the end all, be all since coming back. Anyways, the match was competitive enough, considering that the opponents of the main eventers are the tag team champions. Not sure why Edge is so thrilled to win this match. It only gives him a shot at being in the Rumble. I'd suspect that relief would be a more apropos reaction...

Now... onto the aftermath of the match... which was eight kinds of awesome. So it was obviously Batista who beat the crap out of Jeff Hardy, and thought he pretty much fucked Edge. In doing so, he told his partner, London, to go fuck off, and is now out here to put a beatdown on Edge. Wow, that's a month's worth of heel tactics in two hours. Big Dave is certainly making up for lost time. Awesome. The Lashley and Batista dynamic continues to confuse and baffle while being compelling - you certainly do love a slow build, dont you sir?

SmackDown was its usual solid stuff - but with the added awesomeness of Ric Flair, MVP and this final match/segment, I'd venture to say it was one of the more memorable shows in a while. Keep it up. The Rumble is rounding into form.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

Very brief thoughts on Superstars. I think you could maybe make a bigger deal out of Doane/Dinsmore to give them something to do on RAW, considering their New Wave history. Both feel like they need something to occupy them, because they’ve faded back into obscurity a bit. Bourne getting the win seems a good call. He’s a fresher face than Kash, and giving him a match with Danielson will help get him over. Plus it was a classic face just beating the odds storyline, even if just on Superstars.

I wasn’t sure you would bring Ric Flair back to SmackDown, but I’m glad you are. RAW has enough big guys, and Flair can be great for some younger guys on SmackDown.

The Lesnar explanation was good to see from Heyman, and it seems to accomplish what was necessary in terms of storyline. Heyman can always bring someone up against Lesnar if he actually does hold a grudge later on. It’s not all that important now.

Straight forward Finlay promo, which is obviously the norm now. The opening bits felt like filling a bit. We know Flair is there, and Joey Styles has told the crowd that Jericho and Van Dam are wrestling, so I don’t think Finlay should too. I guess the promo is very short if you don’t include it too. The logic to Edge’s final challenge makes sense, and the tease at the Lesnar match was a bit of fun. I don’t like the tag titles purely being about MNM vs AMW, as it feels like The CC were shafted badly, but it’s felt like that for a bit now. The rest of the gimmick I like, making for an interesting dynamic for the show – who would actually want to team with Edge, especially with their Rumble spot on the line?

Sandow seems to have a spot as jobber to the stars well and truly tied up. After not featuring last week, I think Jericho definitely needed this. The Walls of Jericho hesitance is obviously the big deal in this match, adding that doubt for Jericho ahead of the Rumble.

A bit of a quick fix to get Noble back in the title situation. It’s a bit of a shame he hasn’t actually featured outside of missing out of the cruiserweight tournament, because it’s kind of made his momentum suffer. At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting involved now so we can have Danielson/Noble at WrestleMania, which is probably the best you can do with the cruiserweight division.

A lot covered in a short time here. I like Edge like this. He’s at his best as an arse kicker rather than arse kisser, so keep him like this. Really, I was just happy with how he was written here. As for London/Batista? Interesting. Very interesting actually. Batista is on the brink, so it looks like you’re setting him up to be pushed over the edge. London is the one bridge he hasn’t burned, so abandoning London shows ultimate selfishness – and thus a definite heel turn.

Simple, but AMW are occupied elsewhere, so MNM need to do something. The James Boys get to feature too, which is good.

The Jericho promo confirms as much with regards to the Walls. Obviously he thinks he’s no Orton, but he has to acknowledge the issues. This could be the way you well and truly set him away as a heel, with the character still seemingly geared towards that in the end.

Interesting that London is left to compete in a handicap match on the same card that Finlay warns of the perils of being left in one. It’s really clever on your behalf. Jamie Noble being given a chance to feature is good because, as I said before, he’s been lacking that, with the cruiserweight division essentially being non-existent outside of the brilliant Kendrick for the majority of his reign. Noble taking the fall surprises me, but I guess it allows you to continue to have Nemeth believe he’s better than London. It kind of stops Noble right in his tracks though. Obviously Batista/London is the big news here. The heel turn is ready.

Short and sweet from Hardy. That’s all it needed to be too. Jeff and Edge were relinked back at RAW XV, which makes this work even better, especially after Jeff was granted his Royal Rumble spot already.

Really good Ric Flair promo again. The passion is captured so well, and you’re doing a great job with him (and others) in building the Royal Rumble up. His big storyline is chasing seventeen, and you’re really pressing that. With the way he’s talking, you feel like he might just be able to do it. While I didn’t expect it here, I’m very pleased to see Kendrick interrupting. Flair doesn’t need a grand statement to end with – he got that on RAW XV. Kendrick interrupting just shows you can still use him on the card after taking the Cruiserweight Title off him, which is great. Kendrick assuming Ric respects him and likes him is brilliant, as is Kendrick talking himself up as better than all of the guys that Flair has beaten. @ Kendrick bragging about winning two Slammys. I was hoping you’d work this into his gimmick, and you haven’t disappointed. It made the ceremony worth it just to add to the amazingness that is The Brian Kendrick. Bragging about being Cruiserweight Champion when comparing himself to guys who aren’t cruiserweights is oh so great too. Delusional awesomeness. I guess we know Kendrick is away from the cruiserweight scene now, and a possible feud with Flair would do him good (as well as Flair some good if it’s only short). I’m not a huge fan of Orton and Flair going on again. The shows seemed a little more enjoyable without Orton, plus this just moves Orton back into another old feud – something I really think he needs to get away from. It gives some heat to Orton/Jericho though, which is probably needed, and at least Kendrick is rubbing shoulders with the big stars. He may not be able to justify it in the ring, but he’s entertaining enough to hold his own with just about anyone on the mic in this thread.

A little side issue, but I’m not sure how you’ll justify Orton supposedly being injured. Fake doctor angle? It would seem out of place. He’s supposed to be injured, so there should be reasoning for this.

I’m glad London/Nemeth is done, and this confirms it. It’s gone the right amount of time and been a solid feud. Nemeth in the Rumble is good too. It should give him a chance to shine in a big match.

RVD feels much like Christian has over the past month. He’s just floating a bit now. A mini feud would probably do him good, but I guess it’s a bit close to the Royal Rumble for that to happen now.

Jeff laid out now is awesome. Simply awesome. Batista’s turn looks complete, and it’s been done really, really well. He’s turned his back on London, and the use of Jeff in this storyline is great.

Interesting character shift for MVP. The serious side of him and that he has acknowledged his past makes it look justifiable that he would call Lesnar out, but I still can’t see this going any other way than MVP getting killed if Lesnar is to look as strong as he should. For MVP, it feels a bit like what you did with Kennedy by making him play to the fans less and get aggressive. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent shift, but I think it’s a good string for MVP to add to his bow.

The set up to RVD’s arrival, with him already having competed and his past with Edge, made for a really good surprise. RVD also fits the role as a good guy who’s had to scrap to finally become world champion, so he can understand what Edge is chasing in a way. Edge and Van Dam were always going to win, but I’m a little disappointed to see AMW lose now when ultimately their big loss seems set to be against AMW. I guess it’ll be forgotten in the long run though.

The aftermath really just finishes the show perfectly. It’s been about Batista in a way throughout, with him not showing up for London, and now selfishly attacking Edge after taking out Jeff. A great story to finally cap off the heel turn that has been building for a long time now. It’s felt perfectly natural, with Edge now having pushed him over the edge. There’s suddenly a lot of momentum for Batista with this ending.

SmackDown continues to be just as entertaining as RAW with lesser stars. The characters are at their best here, and Batista’s heel turn is another example of that. Just really good booking throughout the show (and the past few months, really) leading to this sum up what SmackDown is about for me in this thread. Great stuff.

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