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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Pleasant surprise to see this one kick things off and again, a pleasant surprise to see the outcome. I’m glad you mentioned the double standards on that time limit rule btw lol. But I would rather see this than what I anticipated which was a DQ or a Countout, perhaps Double Countout. I’m pretty certain we’ll see a Triple Threat for the titles at some stage as both these teams can’t really afford to be dropping out of contention so early on in their Raw careers. But yeah, good action and nicely booked here. The aftermath backstage was interesting and again I liked it purely as it was different. You’d expect just a straight up rematch OR a Triple Threat announcement but the 4 v 4 next week is certainly a more intriguing situation.

Clever in having Cody pull himself out of the match. The whole manipulation of Goldust, sorry, Dustin…has been well worked but I would like it to culminate soon and have Cody begin to go off on his own. Lawler winning didn’t surprise me and was the right call in advancing both the Rhodes brothers’ issues as well as the increased goings on with Doane.

Nothing much on the Christian/Rhyno stuff. I did like the way Christian was basically warning his friend but Rhyno having other ideas, does play into Rhyno’s character as well as portraying Umaga as a beast as per usual. I’m sure it’ll be a massacre later on.

Bit surprised that Mickie didn’t level the series here. I expected it to go 1-1, 2-1, 2-2 but then reading the aftermath you can see this is being built for a Mickie comeback over the seemingly unstoppable Beth. I look forward to how you display the third match, I think the best route to go would be a flukey win, a roll up maybe and go from there.

Angle/Mysterio has been the highlight of Raw for me since Cyber Sunday wrapped up and it progressed very nicely once again here. Not adhering to the ‘no contact’ policy shows just how heated and tense things have become between the two and Bischoff recognising that again plays into it. The stipulation made is HUGE and it has been building up to this and I think it was the right time to make it happen. The stakes are so high and in a way it’s kind of difficult for you now. Mysterio without his mask can’t happen, Angle without his OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS is really hard to believe either. I’m sure it’ll end up going Rey’s way and maybe we see Angle completely snap moving forward from that. Either way this is certainly the feud that’s gripping me right now.

Bischoff postponing the third match makes sense and Mickie getting one back on PPV will probably seem even bigger so smart call.

Solid contest for the title here and in a way I was surprised that Benjamin regained the gold, however at the same time I wasn’t. Personally I didn’t wanna see Shelton back with the gold, I think he held for quite a while and some time away from it, a fresh feud/angle would’ve done wonders for him and the Brotherhood as well as give us someone fresh for Regal to feud with over the gold. Regal as champion however was always likely to be short term so I did see it coming.

Kennedy/Cena was a bit tame tonight but it’s not going to be red hot every week and this was nicely advanced in going along with the whole ‘No Contact’ thing. Good job in really selling Hardy to be a man on a mission also.

Massive call from Ventura here and this has definitely raised the stakes and raised my interest in the Survivor Series match all the more. 7 on 7 is something I’m not all that keen on yet but I’m sure once all the participants are announced I’ll be more on board, I just think it may be a little too many.

Ending was just a showcase of what the Samoan Bulldozer is all about. Real vicious, savage stuff and poor Rhyno didn’t stand a hope in hell!! Not the most exhilarating end to a show BUT it again furthered things somewhat and once more made Umaga out to be the beast that he is. Message well and truly sent to Captain Charisma.

On the whole it was certainly a progressive show. Angle/Mysterio is really feeling like THE big feud on Raw for me at the minute and tonight didn’t change that. Christian/Umaga advanced although this ‘No Contact’ thing does make it a tad more difficult to really up the ante. The 7 on 7 announcement is huge also and I just hope the teams don’t end up having a couple of guys not quite up to scratch on there, I’m sure you’ll prove me wrong. A lot to look forward to heading into SD as well as the next Raw, keep up the good stuff.
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Re: Being The Booker


WWE Superstars | September 26 2007

Grisham and Lawler welcome the viewers, with a #1 Contenders Match the main event tonight, with the winner receiving a shot against The Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship next week on Smackdown, as Jamie Noble, X-Pac, Chavo Guerrero & Sonjay Dutt battle it out in a Fatal Four Way.

In the ring, Maryse introduces her new team, having scouted the Raw roster for the best men available, she has found them; Tyson Tomko & Test … TNT. Both men enter with similar ring gear; plain black trunks and boots, Tomko and Test join Maryse, ahead of their debut as a tandem…

TNT defeat two local jobbers @ 03:01 when Test & Tomko hit stereo big boots, and Tomko makes the cover, 1...2...3!!! Maryse is mightily impressed on the outside, congratulating her two men on their victory afterwards with a kiss on the cheek for each man.

Chuck Palumbo defeats Elix Skipper @ 04:31 with a Pumphandle Slam.

Ken Doane defeats JTG @ 05:44 with the Top Rope Leg Drop.

In the main event, Jamie Noble wins the Fatal Four Way @ 13:20, forcing X-Pac to tap to the Dragon Sleeper, after Chavo and Dutt eventually left the ring in the closing stages, due to run ins from each mans tag partner; Super Crazy and Daivari. It then left it down to Noble and X-Pac, with Jamie avoiding the X-Factor, and locking on his submission for the win, and what will be his FINAL shot at the Cruiserweight title in NINE days time on Smackdown.


Friday Night Smackdown Preview

Smackdown kicks off a new season with a bang, offering a Pay Per View worthy card on free television!!! THREE championship matches and a HUGE grudge match will be the particular highlights, as the blue brand descends upon the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, with what is sure to be a raucous audience in attendance.

And, of those three title matches, there will be none bigger than the WWE Championship match between reigning champion Randy Orton and the #1 Contender, The Undertaker. For Orton, it’s a huge challenge, less than two weeks removed from a gruelling, career shortening Elimination Chamber match, in which he narrowly escaped with the title in tact. Despite that, Orton does hold the dubious distinction of having never lost to The Undertaker in their last three meetings - albeit, each time through dubious circumstances.

For The Phenom, it’s an opportunity to hold a World Title for the first time in over FIVE years, and with Edge - the man he controversially defeated to earn the title shot - now out of the picture having sensationally QUIT the WWE last week, there appears to be no distractions now for The Deadman, as he seeks his FIFTH WWE Championship. But, while The Undertaker can be 100% focused on Orton, it appears Orton is almost too concerned with his ongoing dispute with the Smackdown GM, Arn Anderson. Will that cost Orton the title he has held for six months??

Meanwhile, two former tag team partners - champions, in fact - Paul London and THE Brian Kendrick will collide for Londons U.S Title. Since their mutual split at the end of 2006, both men have moved on to have tremendously successful singles careers - both currently holding gold - but that is where the similarities end between the former friends. Since capturing the Cruiserweight title at WrestleMania, Kendrick has alienated the WWE fans, his friends and his peers with his nauseating ego, allowing success to go to his head. And, he has made no secret of his desire to hold DOUBLE gold - with this Friday being his final shot at Londons title. Despite being unsuccessful at the Great American Bash, Kendrick still believes he is superior to London in every way … but to prove it, he’ll need to beat the U.S Champion in Detroit.

And, they say third time is a charm - and the Caribbean Connection will be hoping that that old phrase is true on Smackdown, as they get a third crack at the WWE Tag Team Championships, following two disappointments against Americas Most Wanted when challenging for the titles. At Summerslam, Carlito and Kofi Kingston outclassed the unmotivated and out of shape champions … but failed to capture the gold, when AMW deliberately got themselves counted out to keep the titles. Then, in a rematch on Smackdown, when it looked like AMW had run out of ideas … a saviour in the form of Michelle McCool helped save the titles for the second time. Now, with the challengers given a third chance, do Harris and Storm have ANY tricks left up their sleeve?? Or will the Caribbean Connection be sorry ‘bout AMW’s damn luck??

No title will be at stake, but where Batista and Garrison Cade are concerned - there doesn’t need to be; it’s DEEPLY personal. Ever since returning to Smackdown as his own man, ‘The Lone Star’ has been gunning for ‘The Animal’, and with two pinfalls over Batista already, Cade has certainly caught his rivals attention. This time, they clash with NO Disqualifications - meaning no excuses. Without a doubt, it’ll be a brutal, hard hitting affair, but when the dust settles and the smoke clears, which of these two big men will declare themselves ‘the baddest’ on Smackdown??

Plus, MVP takes on Elijah Burke for the third time. Having lost his cool and gotten disqualified last week, MVP wants one more match with Burke to prove his dominance, and to prove - once and for all - that he deserves to be in the ring with the ‘top’ stars, who he believes he will raise his game against. Can Burke upset the highest paid superstar on the Smackdown roster??


*Note; just as an aside, I’m going to try and get around to throwing out feedback for cp954 and iMac over the weekend. So don’t go posting anything before then

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | September 28 2007 | Detroit MI


Opening Video (with new Smackdown theme; ‘Tick Tick Boom‘ by The Hives)


The show opens with Joey Styles and Paul Heyman welcoming the audience to the show, as the camera pans around the arena, capturing the images of the excited, pumped up fans - with a No DQ match between Batista vs. Garrison Cade, plus THREE championship matches - with none bigger than the main event; Randy Orton defending the WWE Title against The Undertaker!!!


It’s a big one to start the show, as THE BRIAN KENDRICK waltzes onto the stage in his bid to capture double gold, challenging his former friend (and tag team partner) Paul London for the U.S Title. Styles and Heyman recap the recent history between London & Kendrick, with London retaining the title - controversially - at the Great American Bash, but Kendrick won a non-title rematch a month later … and now it’s essentially the rubber match…


Now four months into his reign as U.S Champion, The Golden Boy slaps hands with the fans on his way to the ring, whilst Kendrick relaxes in the ring, not looking nervous at all, despite the huge opportunity coming his way. London enters the ring, parading with the title, as we get set to kick off the new season of Smackdown with a sure fire corker of a title match!!!

Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick
It’s tentative stuff in the early going - even from the ultra cocky Kendrick - with a lot of tie ups and chain wrestling, with rest holds applied back and forth. Eventually, London fights out of a side headlock, knocking Kendrick down with a shoulder block, then reels off a number of arm drags - just a second too quick for TBK - and it rattles the cruiserweight champ, who decides enough is enough, going for a walk on the outside to compose himself. The fans get at Kendrick for stalling, and he begins to jaw jack with teenagers in the front row … but takes his eye off the ball for too long … and turns around … AS LONDON FLIES OUT OF THE RING WITH A TOPE taking Kendrick down!!!!! Both men are down, but the fans are hot, as we head to a commercial break…

Commercial Break

And the match is in full flow as we return, with Kendrick and London going back and forth, trying to outpace the other, running off the ropes, dodging and diving over one another, before Kendrick is able to score with a big dropkick. He scrambles to score a two count, and takes control from that point. He scores a variety of near falls on the champion, but none where the fans seem to truly believe the champion is in real danger. Despite that, Kendrick takes great confidence in his period of dominance, and chucks London out of the ring through the middle rope, taking his beat down to the outside. He catapults London into the steel ring posts, and hip tosses him onto the thin mats … before setting up London … FOR SLICED BREAD … ON THE OUTSIDE!!! He looks to use the steps to run up … BUT LONDON THROWS HIM OFF … LANDING HIM ON THE STEPS!!!!!

Kendrick winces, rolling around in agony on the outside, as London looks to capitalise, ramming Kendrick into the ring post, before bringing him back inside, putting him down with a series of dropsaults, before covering, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Showing he has guts as well as a big mouth, Kendrick survives, but now HE has to survive an onslaught, as London fires off a number of near falls, from a suplex, then a dragon suplex, and a side suplex … but Kendrick kicks out each time. London shakes his head, giving his challenger some credit, then heads up top, readying himself for TBK to reach his feet … and leaps off, looking for a hurricanrana … BUT KENDRICK COUNTERS WITH A POWERBOMB IN MID AIR!!!!! Both men are down for a moment, with Kendrick needing time to recuperate … but eventually crawls into a cover … 1...2...LONDON KICKS OUT!!!

The challenger can barely bring himself to believe it, and looks to cover again … but this time, leans his feet up on the ropes for leverage … 1...2...BUT LONDON STILL KICKS OUT!!! Kendrick pounds the mat in frustration, but gets to his feet, waiting for the champion to get up … going behind, rushing him into the ropes, and rolling London up … HOOKING THE TIGHTS … 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Again, Kendrick pounds the mat, but brings London to his feet, then looks to line up Sliced Bread … and runs the ropes … BUT LONDON DUMPS HIM ON THE TOP ROPE!!!!! Kendrick is crotched, and winces in agony, as London follows up, looking for a side suplex off the top … BUT KENDRICK COUNTERS ON THE WAY DOWN, LANDING ON LONDON FOR THE COVER … 1...2...NO!!!!!

Kendrick falls short again!!! His temper really begins to flare now, getting angry at his inability to put London away for the three. He rolls out of the ring, picking up a steel chair, and smashes it off the ring apron, then slides it into the ring, but the referee - naturally - moves for it. Kendrick and Scott Armstrong then begin to tussle over the chair, with the referee winning the battle … but as he turns to throw the chair back out … KENDRICK LOW BLOWS LONDON!!!!! London hits his knees, and is unable to prevent … SLICED BREAD!!!!!!! Kendrick hooks the leg, as the referee gets back into position … 1...2...LONDON KICKS OUT!!!!! Kendrick CANT believe it!!! He argues vehemently with the referee, telling him it HAS to be three … but it isn’t - London DID somehow kick out.

London is out flat, as Kendrick crawls onto him, grabbing him by the head, pounding London whilst talking trash, telling him that Kendrick is better, Kendrick is the star, Kendrick deserves to be in the spotlight - each time he nails the champ. Kendrick sits up, telling the fans to look at their hero … JUST AS LONDON PINS HIM WITH A SUNSET COVER … 1...2...NO!!! Kendrick frees himself from the predicament, and DRILLS London with a stiff kick to the head!!! He hammers London on the mat again, taking out his anger on the champion & eventually drags London up … BUT THE GOLDEN BOY SURPRISES HIM WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE - 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Kendrick bounces up in surprise, then levels London with a ferocious clothesline!!!

TBK waves it off, telling the audience “IT‘S OVER”, before pointing down at London and telling the fans; “ANYTHING THE GOLDEN BOY CAN DO - I DO IT BETTER!!!!!” He then climbs the ropes, setting himself - shouting “450!!” … and goes for LONDONS FINISHER … BUT CRASHES AND BURNS!!!!! London rolled out of the way!!!!! Both men struggle back to their feet, with London fatigued from the extended beat down, whilst Kendrick sells the missed 450 … both peeling themselves off the ropes, with TBK swinging wildly for a clothesline - but London ducks … AND GRABS KENDRICK BY THE HEAD … AND RUNS UP THE ROPES … USING KENDRICKS SLICED BREAD!!!!! London uses Kendricks own finisher!!! The champion slowly crawls along the ring - not covering - but goes to the apron, and climbs … HITTING THE 450 SPLASH!!!!! He covers … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL United States Champion - Paul London @ 21:43

What a way to kick off Smackdown!!! Paul London lays his rivalry with Kendrick to rest once and for all, and retains his United States title in the process. London raises the title in the air, climbing the turnbuckles, slapping the belt, then pounds his chest, after an incredible match up from Smackdowns biggest workhorse. Kendrick rolls out of the ring, doubled over by the barrier, selling the effects of the 450.

In the ring, London continues to celebrate, taking a look to TBK, proudly holding the U.S title aloft … but we see him turning his attention … as NICK NEMETH is stood at the top of the ramp, with a smirk on his face, nodding, before rubbing his chin. London stands curiously in the ring, whilst Nemeth watches on, as Styles and Heyman speculate just what Nemeth wants, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

The show returns, backstage with Arn Anderson walking toward his office, sharing a brief handshake with referee Charles Robinson, and then opening the door to his office and walks in … where we see RANDY ORTON, sat in the General Managers chair!!! Anderson isn’t happy, and demands Orton get out of his seat and get out of his office … but Orton is calm, and slowly stands from the desk.

Orton tells Double A he only came to his office in order to offer his services to Arn - as a member of his team at Survivor Series. Anderson looks perplexed, and repeats the phrase back to Orton - in order to make sure he heard Orton correctly - and the WWE Champion nods, saying “you heard right”. Orton quickly follows up though, and tells Anderson he wants to be on his team … in order to MAKE SURE that the GM is fired.

Anderson smirks, then rolls his eyes, and pats the shoulder of Orton - who quickly pulls his shoulder away - telling the WWE Champion; “Rather than spend your time worrying about my future … I think you‘d be best served worrying about your future - as WWE Champion, considering you defend that title later … against The Undertaker … but thanks for the concern.” Anderson then walks around his desk, sitting back down, and without looking back up, tells Orton to close the door on his way out … as Orton stands, staring at the nonplussed GM, before exiting the room - slamming the door.

Back into the arena…


Bursting through his set, MVP doesn’t look pleased, as he gets set to take on Elijah Burke for the third week running, having gotten himself DQ’ed last week after losing his cool. On commentary, Styles & Heyman discuss MVP stating that this will be the last time he gets in the ring with Burke, demanding that from now on, he only wants to be faced with top level competition.

Commercial Break

Match 2:
M.V.P vs. Elijah Burke
It’s a hard fought match, with Burke proving to be a match for Porter for sure, scaring the life out of Porter on occasion as he has previously … but this time, MVP steps it up a notch, and plays possum, inviting Burke to go for the Elijah Express … BUT PORTER STEPS OUT OF THE WAY!!!!! Burke hit’s the canvas, rolling & clutching his knees, as MVP gets him in position - DRIVING ELI INTO THE MAT WITH THE PLAY OF THE DAY!!!!! Porter smiles as he hooks the leg, nodding with the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: M.V.P @ 05:01

MVP puts Burke away, once and for all, and stands tall after having his hand raised, giving a ‘BALLIN’ taunt, before pointing up, as if to say that’s where he is heading, after disposing of this recent ‘distraction’.

Backstage now, we see big Batista jogging up and down stairs, warming up for his No DQ match with Garrison Cade - soon!!!

Commercial Break

We return with clips from last weeks show, where EDGE tried to disrupt the show on two separate occasions - trying to arrange a sit in protest over his loss to The Undertaker at Cyber Sunday … but it backfired, as Arn Anderson lost his patience with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, and invoked the second fan voting option available at Cyber Sunday - banning Edge from challenging for the WWE Title for 12 whole months… which sparked a shocking reaction from Edge … HE QUIT.

Back at ringside, Styles and Heyman discuss the events of last week surrounding Edge, all stemming from his loss at Cyber Sunday - which saw Taker get the title shot tonight. They then move on, and talk up the No DQ match coming up next between Batista and Garrison Cade, narrating over a number of clips in the last two months, leading to this match tonight. They then send it backstage to Josh Mathews - standing by with Garrison Cade…

… And, in the backstage area, Mathews conducts a by the numbers interview with Cade ahead of the No DQ match, with Cade talking about being a lackey to Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton … but two months ago, he had enough, and decided he was stepping it up - with his sights on the biggest badass on Smackdown … and tonight, he picks off The Animal, once and for all.

Back into the arena…


Batista makes his way out, looking ready to unleash his pent up anger on Cade in a No DQ environment. The Animal lets off his pyro, roaring, as he gets pumped, with Styles and Heyman hyping the match - NEXT!!

Commercial Break

The show returns, with Cade on his way to the ring … taking his time on the aisle, trying to anger The Animal … but Batista isn’t interested in waiting for Cade … HE’S COMING OUT FOR HIM!!! Just like their first meeting at the beginning of the month, the action begins OUTSIDE the ring, with the two big men slugging it out in a stiff brawl, with Batista winning the exchange, but as he loads up for A BATISTA BOMB ON THE AISLE … CADE COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP!!!!!


Cade survives, with Batista trying too much, too soon - and it’s costly. The Lone Star rams Daves face off the steel ramp, then turns him over and hammers Batista with brutal forearm shots to the jaw. Cade pulls Batista to his feet, guiding him to the ringside area in a headlock … but as they reach the side of the ring, Batista turns the tide with a side suplex!!! Batista shakes his head loose, and waits for Cade to stand up, and rams him into the barrier!!! Batista rams him against the barrier over and over, before finally rolling the Texan into the ring … starting the match officially.

Batista vs. Garrison Cade
It’s knockdown, drag out stuff between the two big bulls, pounding the shit out of each other, eventually tumbling back out of the ring, with Batista catching Cade out there with a sidewalk slam!!! The Animal rolls Cade back inside, pulling out a table from under the ring, and shoving it inside, while also throwing in a trash can and the lid. He gets back on the apron, but Cade has grabbed the trash can lid, and nails his opponent with it as he ducks between the ropes to get back in. Dave falls back out, hitting the floor, and Cade looks to follow up, leaping off the apron with the trash can lid, smashing Batista with it again!!!

Cade follows up, sticking his boot through Daves face. The big Texan then looks to emulate Cactus Jack, climbing onto the apron with a chair, and attempts to leap off with a flying elbow off the apron … BUT BATISTA ROLLS OUT OF HARMS WAY!!!!! Cade crashes and burns, and clutches his arm in agony, whilst Batista grabs the chair, and begins to wear the steel out on the body of Cade!!! After brutalising the Texan, he stands over Cade, driving the chair into his gut, over and over, with Cade trapped and helpless. Eventually, the beating stops and Big Dave slams the chair off the steel steps before chucking it away - getting REALLY amped up, as he then grabs a 2x4 from under the ring (minus the barbed wire) and throws it inside.

Batista throws Cade back into the ring, with Cade retreating to the corner … but is instantly nailed by The Animal with a corner clothesline. Cade stumbles out, and is scooped up by The Animal, looking for a running power slam … BUT CADE SLIPS OUT THE BACK!!! Batista spins around, but misses a clothesline … THEN EATS A BIG BOOT!!!!! Batista holds his face, as Cade covers, 1...2...NO!!! Cade crawls off, and makes a grab for the trash can, and waits for Batista to get up … NAILING HIM WITH IT!!! Batista crumbles to the mat, with Cade leaving the trash can on Dave, then comes off the ropes, dropping a leg on the can, driving through Batista!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Cade now sets up the table in the ring, before coming back for Batista … AND GETS HIM UP FOR THE RAZORS EDGE - WANTING TO HIT IT THROUGH THE TABLE … BUT BATISTA BREAKS FREE!!! The Animal slips off Cades back, and as Cade turns around … BATISTA DRILLS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER … RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! The Animal DOESN’T cover - he wants to put an exclamation point on the matter!!! He gets to his feet, and rattles the ropes - signalling for the Batista Bomb!!!!! The Animal drags Cades broken body from out of the rubble of the broken wood … AND GETS HIM INTO POSITION FOR THE BATISTA BOMB …


It’s eerily reminiscent of times when The Undertaker would play tricks with his rivals … and as the lights remain out, Heyman in particular is quick to speculate that this may be the work of The Deadman following Batistas Spinebuster two weeks ago on Smackdown. And when the lights return, it’s clear Batista thinks that too, standing by the ropes, spitting to the floor, waiting for an appearance … but instead he gets CRACKED across the back with the 2x4 by Cade!!!!! Batista reels away from the ropes, doubling over … AS CADE NAILS HIM AGAIN … CRACKING THE WOODEN OBJECT IN TWO OVER HIS BACK!!!!! Cade chuckles at the broken wood, and pulls Batista back up … into position … HEART PUNCH!!!!! Cade covers, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: Garrison Cade @ 11:37

Cade is fortunate for sure … but he’s beaten Batista for the THIRD time in a row (counting the elimination in the Chamber)!!! Despite being surely beaten this time, Cade makes the most of the opportunity, and gets one over on The Animal again, rolling out of the ring with the win under his belt, limping, and selling the injury to his back from the spine buster, departing the arena.

In the ring … Batista slowly stirs, holding his chest as he coughs - selling the Heart Punch - but he soon begins to get his wits together, and crawls toward the ropes to pull himself to his feet … and as the camera zooms in, he can be heard muttering “That bastard aint gettin away with that”. He shoves the referee away, not wanting help, and exit’s the ring, still holding his chest … but is absolutely livid, as he makes his way up the ramp …

Commercial Break

A video package airs, hyping the return of MNM; MERCURY, NITRO AND MELINA, off the back of being banished from Raw, they have been signed by Arn Anderson COMING TO SMACKDOWN - SOON!!!

We then see a scene of carnage backstage, with tables overturned, a window smashed, and chairs thrown around the floor … as Joey Styles informs the fans that THAT is the work of the pissed off Batista, who took out his anger on the backstage area when he returned from his match with Garrison Cade…

… Back at ringside, Styles and Heyman discuss the reoccurring issues cropping up between Batista & The Undertaker since Summerslam, with Styles questioning why The Deadman would pull this stunt tonight of all nights, as he gets set to take on Randy Orton with the WWE Title on the line. Heyman though, is quick to answer him, telling Styles that you don’t get on the wrong side of The Deadman - he doesn’t forget, and he doesn’t time his messages just to suit himself. He explains that even though he has his title match tonight, the headstrong ‘Taker still needed to let Batista know he hadn’t forgotten about him.

Styles still seems baffled by the timing … but moves on, with two title matches still to come tonight - of course, the WWE Title match with The Undertaker challenging Randy Orton, and, alongside it, the third meeting between the out of sorts tag champions, AMW and the #1 Contenders; Carlito & Kofi Kingston. Briefly, the commentators remind the fans of the previous two meetings with AMW - where AMW walked out at Summerslam & retained thanks to Michelle McCool three weeks ago. However, both Styles and Heyman are unanimous that AMW are all out of luck … and their nine month reign as champions is about to come to an end…

In the back now, we see Jamie Noble conversing with Evan Bourne & Jeff Hardy, as they discuss his Cruiserweight title match next week - with Noble informing the pair that after Kendricks games in their previous encounters, Arn Anderson has informed him it will be a TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS MATCH. Bourne and Hardy both tell Noble they believe it’ll be his time next week, saying he’s seen every trick Kendrick has up his sleeve - but the pair are cut off by the presence of LAYLA, lurking in the background.

Layla interrupts the meeting, sarcastically asking if she’s interrupting, with Noble asking the diva what she wants. Layla asks The Daredevils to give her and Noble a private conversation, with Noble nodding to the two that it’s okay. They walk off, as Layla sarcastically congratulates Noble on his title shot next week, wishing him luck … but then tells him to concentrate on his own life and affairs … ordering Noble to leave her ‘boys’ - The James Boys - alone. She tells Jamie that he might be happy being a ‘dirty hick from the trailer’, but she wants better for Kacey and Kassidy, and ‘would appreciate it’ if he didn’t try and be a bad influence on them.

She gets prepared to walk off, having made her point, but Noble stops her, telling Layla that she can dress The James Boys up whatever way she wants; “you can dress ‘em up like Nick Nemeth, Goldust, gigolos or mermaids … but whatever you dress ‘em up as, lemme tell you one thing … you can take the boys outta the trailer … but you cant take the trailer outta the boy.” Noble then tells Layla to think on it, before walking off, leaving the British diva fuming … as we fade out…

And, backstage, we see the trio of AMW & Michelle McCool … looking far from confident … as they get set to defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against the Caribbean Connection … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


The video opens very cinematically, on a huge ship, in the middle of the ocean, with the ships name seen - RMS Titanic.

The video cuts to the bow of the ship, where two men - clearly dressed from the early 1900’s - are looking ahead at the beautiful scenery. In a clear rip off of a scene from the James Cameron blockbuster film ‘Titanic’, the Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like climbs up, leaning over the edge…

Young Man: WOOO!!!

Second Man: I can see the statue of liberty already … very small of course.

Beaming with a smile, the first man continues to stand up on the railing, over the edge of the ship.


~ SMACK!!!

The young man gets smashed from behind with a steel chair, and topples over the edge, and falls into the sea!!! The camera fans from the second mans point of view, showing … BRENT ALBRIGHT holding the chair!!! Albright smirks, faking to hit the second man with a chair, with the man running off in fear. Albright steps forward, peering over the edge of the ship, and with a smirk…

Brent Albright: Well I’m the King of the Ring, Jack.

The Survivor Series logo then flashes across the screen.

Narrator: On November 11, the WWE presents Hollywoods Biggest Blockbuster of 2007 … The Twenty first annual SURVIVOR SERIES!!! And the WWE superstars are tearing up the script!!


Americas Most Wanted w/Michelle McCool vs. The Caribbean Connection
The match follows the same format as previous matches between the two teams, with Carlito & Kofi simply too quick and too sharp for the out of shape and void of confidence champions. AMW are sluggish, and unable to cope with the vibrancy of the hungry challengers … and the inevitable comes, as Harris eventually falls to the Apple Core from Carlito!!! Carlito gets set to cover … but before he can, Storm looks to try and make a last ditch save for his partner … BUT KOFI KINGSTON LEVELS HIM WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!

Both champions are down, as Carlito gets set to cover Harris … but he and Kofi both spot the desperate valet; McCool is on the apron, waving frantically to distract the official … but the Connection wont have it. They shake their heads almost in pity at the desperate attempt from Michelle … and throw her into the ring … with Carlito giving her a spanking over his knee!!! She rolls out of the ring, with CCC & Kofi both shaking their head in pity at the sight, with the referee stepping out to order McCool to the back, before turning their attention back to Harris and Storm.

The pair throw Storm out whilst the referee tries to get rid of McCool … but as that happens … TREVOR & FESTUS MURDOCH HIT THE RING … AS TREVOR BLASTS KOFI WITH A CLOTHESLINE … AND FESTUS DRILLS CARLITO WITH THE RING BELL!!!!! The Murdochs are back - after Festus was taken out (in self defence) by Carlito the week after Summerslam - and they come back with vengeance in mind!!! They slip back out of the ring, and hide under the ring apron as the referee gets back inside … with Harris draping an arm over Carlito … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winners: And STILL WWE Tag Team Champions - Americas Most Wanted @ 05:34

The Joe Louis Arena is left in shock - AMW … win!!?? The champions seem almost as surprised as the fans, with Harris looking up, seeing his arm being raised, and looks puzzled as to how they pulled it off. Carlito is out cold in the middle of the ring, with Kofi coming around, checking on his partner, as Harris rolls out of the ring to be greeted with a massive hug from the beaming McCool.

On the outside, The Murdochs emerge - and Styles notes the change in Festus; he’s not in a comatose state … he seems perfectly normal, and questions how that has happened. Festus and Trevor take another look at their handiwork, before climbing back into the crowd where they came from. AMW leave up the ramp - worse for wear, and still unsure how they pulled it off - whilst Kofi tries to bring Carlito around in the ring … as we fade out…

Commercial Break

We return, with clips from during the break of Kristal Marshall meeting The Murdochs backstage, asking them for a comment … but Trevor grabs the mic, shoving it on the floor, stamping on it - not giving Kristal ANY words, but just grunts at the petrified interviewer - as does Festus - before walking off… leaving Kristal looking scared as hell.

We then get a video recap of Jesse Venturas announcement on Raw this past Monday that the Raw vs. Smackdown Elimination Tag at Survivor Series will now be a first ever 7 on 7 contest - and the losing GM will be fired, before announcing that the contract will be signed this coming Monday, with both Arn Anderson & Eric Bischoff to unveil their team captains.

Back at ringside, Styles and Heyman discuss both the outcome of the WWE Tag Team Championship match moments ago (along with the Murdochs reaction backstage) and the contract signing this coming Monday. Heyman states he likes the new side of the returning Murdochs - wanting revenge on the Caribbean Connection - and says that clearly AMW aren’t out of luck just yet … somehow keeping the titles.

They then speculate as to who could captain Arn Andersons Survivor Series team, with both men suggesting the biggest - most obvious - names on Smackdown, with Styles putting London & RVD as perfect options, whilst Heyman is quick to champion Brock Lesnar. One man both rule out of contention though is Randy Orton…

And, footage cuts backstage to see Randy Orton - moments away from the main event - in the locker room, seemingly looking for someone … then his eyes light up … before moving towards the angry as hell Batista!! Orton tries to side with Batista, telling The Animal he saw the stunt that Taker pulled earlier tonight, saying that The Animal shouldn’t let it slide - advising Batista to get back at him “at the first available opportunity”.

The Animal stands up, eyeballing Orton … THEN GRIPS THE WWE CHAMPION BY THE THROAT!!!!! Batista shoves Orton into the wall, and with saliva spitting from his mouth, The Animal tells Orton he knows what he’s up to, and he wont be duped into helping him retain the WWE Title. Batista then tells Orton he’ll allow Taker to get his chance at the WWE Championship … but once the match is over … all bets are off & Taker better have eyes in the back of his head.

Batista finally releases his grip, and slams his fist against the wall, storming off, leaving Orton to double over and gasp for air … just as he is set to defend the WWE title against the ‘conscience’ of the WWE … NEXT!!!!!

Commercial Break

We return at ringside, with Styles and Heyman discussing NEXT weeks show in North Carolina, as The Brian Kendrick attempts to overcome his loss tonight by hanging onto the Cruiserweight title in a 2 out of 3 falls match against Jamie Noble … as the lights go out!!!


The Undertaker - of course - makes his usual, drawn out entrance, for his FIRST match on Smackdown since MARCH - six months - since his last Smackdown match … and it’s for the WWE Championship. It’s standard Taker stuff, slow and plodding, but it’s as spine tingling as ever. He enters the ring, and brings the lights back, getting a huge ovation from the fans, showing their admiration for the legendary Phenom!!!


And now, the WWE Champion has to follow. Orton, to his credit, doesn’t look intimidated - with Heyman pointing out on commentary that he has NEVER lost to The Undertaker, and has even beaten The Deadman inside Hell in a Cell back at the 2005 Royal Rumble. Styles agrees … but reminds Heyman that in his last two victories over Taker, he needed outside interference to get the job done. Orton reaches the bottom of the aisle, looking up into the ring … as Styles leads us off into the commercial, with the main event coming up next.

Commercial Break

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker
Orton (bravely/stupidly) tries to lock horns with Taker, but is thrown around by the veteran, chucked into the corner, and again, tossing Randy onto the mat. Orton finally realises he cant compete in that area, and slowly pulls himself to his feet, and tries to be a little more cautious … and as he looks to lock up again, he kicks Taker in the gut instead. He backs Taker into the ropes, unloading with straight rights, throwing him off the ropes, ducking down for the return, but Taker kicks him away instead, then knocks the champ off his feet with a clothesline. He then unloads in the corner with a barrage of punches to the body and head, with Orton stumbling out of the corner, as Taker runs off the ropes, coming at Orton … BUT RANDY HIT’S A DROPKICK TO THE INCOMING CHALLENGER!!!!!

Orton only scores a two with that, but makes the most of the momentum shift, taking the fight to Taker, backing him into the corner, nailing The Deadman with big European uppercuts, then attempts an Irish whip to the opposite corner, but it’s reversed!!! The Phenom then rushes in … but is met by the boot of Orton, who then follows up … connecting with the modified backbreaker!!! Orton hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!! Orton turns Taker over, applying a side headlock, looking to wear the challenger down, but The Phenom pushes to his feet, elbowing free, and runs off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A SNAP POWERSLAM!!!!! Orton covers again, 1...2...NO!!! Still, Orton cant finish off Taker.

At this point, Orton slows the attack down, stomping at the body of his challenger, forcing Taker to crawl into the corner, where Orton continues to punish, stomping the face and chest of the Phenom, before sticking his boot into the Deadmans throat, choking him, and is eventually forced off by the referee, but shoves him away, and dives back in, now forcefully choking The Undertaker with his bare hands. Again, he is forced off by the referee, whilst Taker turns away, rolling onto the apron. Orton slides out, and drags Taker out onto the floor, ramming him into the apron, then into the barrier, then into the apron again. Taker winces, as Orton refuses to relent, slamming the challengers head off the steel steps, then whips him hard into barrier, knocking him down with a clothesline.

Back inside, Orton slams Taker down, then drops a big knee, getting another near fall on the challenger. He opens up with straight rights again by the ropes, softening Taker up, then shoots him off the ropes … but Taker ducks under a clothesline, and another … BEFORE LEAPING ON HIS RETURN WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE TO THE CHAMPION!!!!! That gets the fans going, and Taker begins to mount his own offence, sending Orton - HARD - into the corner, and the opposite corner, scooping him up as he bounces out … SNAKE EYES … followed up by a BIG BOOT taking Orton off his feet!!! The champion is on dream street now, and the challenger drops a big leg drop before covering … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Orton survives, and kicks Taker off to try and buy time to recover, but as he leans up against the ropes, The Deadman clobbers him over the top with a clothesline, sending him to the outside. And, outside, Taker turns the tables from earlier, ramming Orton into the apron, then the barrier, then the apron again!!! He sets Orton onto the apron, running across and dropping his big leg across the throat of the champion!!! He rolls the champ back in, covering once again, 1...2...NO!!! Taker drops consecutive elbows, covering again, but can only score a two. He drags Orton up, and looks to wrench the arm, but Orton frantically reaches out, poking the eye of the Deadman to break free!!! He then tries to quickly follow up with a flash RKO … BUT TAKER THROWS HIM OFF!!!!!

The Deadman avoids the RKO, then, as Orton scrambles to his feet, he walks right into an arm breaker from the challenger!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!! From this point, Taker pulls Orton to his feet, and focuses on the arm for a prolonged period, which can only mean one thing - he’s setting up for Old School … and with enough damage done to the arm, The Deadman now scales the turnbuckles, and with the fans buzzing in anticipation, Taker proceeds to walk the ropes - OLD SCHOOL - NO!!! Orton kicks the ropes … AND TAKER CROTCHES THE TOP!!!!! He topples over, onto the apron, and as he tries to get back up … Orton is on him … dragging him through on the middle rope … HANGMANS DDT!!!!! The champion hooks the leg … 1...2...TAKER KICKS OUT!!!!!

Orton cant believe it!!! He shakes his head vehemently, arguing with the official, believing the match was over, but is given the old two fingers - to indicate a two count; not the fingers - and is forced to continue. He pounds the mat, getting ‘into that zone’, as he watches The Undertaker try to find the way back to his feet … AND LOOKS FOR THE RKO AGAIN … BUT IS THROWN DOWN AGAIN!!! Orton sits up in pain to sell his back, and struggles back up … RIGHT INTO A CHOKESLAM ATTEMPT FROM THE DEADMAN!!!!! He has Orton caught … but the champion fights free, knocking The Deadman away … then rolls out of the ring … and waves the match off!!!!! Orton walks to collect his title, and around the ringside area, deciding he’s had enough … AND IS COUNTED OUT!!!!!
Winner: Via Countout - The Undertaker @ 12:27
*Randy Orton remains WWE Champion*

The fans are furious, and boo the shit out of the decision, as Taker stands in the ring furiously, whilst Orton looks to escape with the title in tact …


The music of the General Manager brings the fans to their feet though, and with a mic in hand, Arn Anderson stops Orton in his tracks, telling the WWE Champion he wont get to walk away just like that. The GM advises Orton to get back to the ring … as he’s restarting the match - and if Orton is counted out again - HE’LL LOSE THE TITLE!!!!!

Orton is furious!!! He stands at the top of the ramp, arguing with Anderson … WHILE BEING COUNTED OUT BY THE OFFICIAL!!! Mike Chioda reaches the count of SEVEN before Orton even realises, and the champion is forced to RUN back to the ring to save the title …

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker
*If Orton is counted out he LOSES the title*
Orton slides back inside to break the count at nine … RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF THE UNDERTAKER … AND THE CHOKESLAM!!!!! The Deadman covers … 1...2...ORTON KICKS OUT!!!!! Boos ring out for the kick out, as The Deadman shakes his head … but puts it behind him, and gets back to his feet … visually slashing his throat to signal for the TOMBSTONE!!!!! Orton is on dream street … and is thrown onto the challengers shoulders with ease … TOMBSTONE … NO!!! The champion slides off the back, and onto the apron, dropping to the floor for safety … but this time, he cant walk out - or he’ll lose the title!!! Orton kicks the steps in anger, as the count begins … with Styles leading the audience into the commercial, as Orton stands outside the ring in frustration…

Commercial Break

And the show returns from the final commercial, with Orton in the ascendancy, and the CHINLOCK OF DOOM~!! applied, with a clip from during the commercial of the champion turning the corner with a drop toe hold to an incoming Taker in the corner, which has led to this period of dominance for the champ … but it doesn’t last for long, as the challenger begins to battle back, reaching his feet … and OVERPOWERS the champion, breaking the hold with his hands, then sparks a fist fight - which Taker wins hands down!!! He brutalises Orton in the corner, then walks out … AND RUSHES BACK IN WITH A BIG CORNER CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Orton staggers out, and is knocked down with a BIG right hand!!! He stumbles up, and is tied up in an arm wringer, with The Deadman climbing up … rope walking … OLD SCHOOL!!!!!

The end could be near now for the champion, as The Undertaker stalks, pulling down his straps … LAST RIDE TIME!!! The Phenom waits for Orton to peel himself off the ropes, and pulls him in, loading up, getting Orton up … BUT AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND - ORTON FREES HIMSELF, AND LANDS BEHIND THE CHALLENGER … AND AS Taker turns around … ORTON GOES FOR THE RKO … BUT GETS RAN INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!!!! Taker grips Orton, looking for a Chokeslam again, but Orton kicks the challengers leg … AND SCORES WITH THE RKO … BUT ON IMPACT … THE UNDERTAKER FALLS OUT OF THE RING!!!!! Orton cant believe it!!!

Initially, the champion is about to follow out … but shakes his head - then smirks … and turns to the official, telling him to “MAKE THE DAMN COUNT!!!” demanding that Chioda count faster - with Orton prepared to retain via countout … having nearly lost the title by the same way earlier!!! Orton leans over the ropes, nodding, watching closely as the count is conducted with Taker outside … not showing signs of life … FIVE … SIX … finally, The Deadman begins to stir … and Orton is livid. He stops the referee to argue, accusing Chioda of a slow count … which just gives the challenger more time to recover … and as Chioda finally gets back to his count, Taker is beginning to get to his feet, using the ring apron to climb up … SEVEN … EIGHT … finally, Taker rolls back inside - BREAKING THE COUNT!!!!!


Orton is beyond upset now … HE HAS CROSSED THE LINE … AND IS READY TO POUNCE WITH THE PUNT … waiting for The Phenom to push himself up … AND DARTS ACROSS THE RING … BUT THE DEADMAN GRABS THE FOOT!!!!! Ortons eyes bug out, as The Deadman has his leg trapped, and gets to his feet, with Orton hopping on one leg … ENZIGURI!!!!! Orton prevents a comeback, and scrambles into the cover, 1...2...NO!!!!! Pounding the mat in anger, Orton cant believe it - he cant put The Undertaker away!!! He drags the challenger to his feet, and sends him off the ropes, ducking down for the return … BUT THE PHENOM RETURNS WITH THE (best move in the business) SWINGING DDT!!!!! Both men stay down momentarily … UNTIL THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!!!!

The fans GO NUTS as the challenger sits up, and he slowly rises back to his vertical base, willing Orton up!!! Orton looks weary at this point, with the champion worse for wear, slowly coming around, and having to use the ropes to reach his feet … as Taker stalks, waiting for Orton to peel away … and he does … RIGHT INTO THE CHOKESLAM!!!!! The Undertaker falls backward into the ropes, showing the fatigue, but ISNT done - he wants to be sure of victory … and he hauls the champion back to his feet, slashing his throat, as he gets set to get Orton up for the TOMBSTONE … BUT ORTON STRIKES WITH A LOW BLOW TO THE UNDERTAKER - DISQUALIFICATION!!!!!
Winner: Via Disqualification - The Undertaker @ 10:19 {22:45}
*Randy Orton remains WWE Champion*

Orton escapes!!! He retains the WWE Title via DQ, having just stared defeat right in the face!!! He rolls out of the ring, and staggers up the ramp, with the fans - AGAIN - irate … but Orton doesn’t care, he is still champion. He continues up the aisle, whilst Taker slowly recovers in the ring, showing the pain from the low blow … but the fans cheer … AS ARN ANDERSON WALKS OUT ONCE MORE!!!

This time, there is no music or a mic, it’s all off mic, but Anderson is heard directing Orton back to the ring. The fans cheer, seeing Double A point to the ring, telling Orton if he pulls that stunt again he’ll lose the title!!! Orton is boiling over on the ramp, telling Anderson he’ll never be happy unless he makes sure Orton loses the title … but suddenly … the camera switches … to the ring …


Unaware of what’s going on at the entrance way, Batista believes the match to be over … and he’s here to get his hands on The Undertaker … SPINNING HIM AROUND … SPINEBUSTER!!!!! The Animal bounces up, pointing in the face of The Undertaker … before pulling Taker back up to hit the Batista Bomb … before being grabbed by Mike Chioda - who quickly informs Batista about what is happening on the stage!!!!!

There, Orton has a smirk on his face, turning to Anderson, telling him “You want this match to continue?? No problem … but I wont let THIS drop.” Happy now to return, Orton saunters back down the aisle, whilst Batista has his hands on his head, realising he’s just assisted the champion, and as he is ushered from the ring, he kicks over the steel steps in anger.

Orton slithers back into the ring, whilst Batista stands at the bottom of the aisle, hands on his head, and shouts “FUUUCKK!!” seeing the situation develop, and is berated by the angry GM on the ramp … whilst Orton demands the bell to be rung to restart the match…

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker
*If Orton is counted out or disqualified - he LOSES the title*
Orton stalks, waiting for The Deadman to recover, with Taker slowly sitting up, but is clearly out of sorts … and we see Batista fuming on the aisle, with Anderson also standing to watch … as Taker uses the ropes to find his feet … spaghetti legged … he pushes off them … with Orton pouncing … RKO!!!!! He covers, not taking ANY chances, hooking both legs … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - Randy Orton @ 00:37 {23:22}

Orton - on the third attempt - RETAINS the title!!! Thanks to an untimely assist from Batista - which he didn’t even mean to do - Randy Orton sees off The Undertaker, and sticks it to Arn Anderson again!!! He holds the title aloft, showing it toward the ramp for the General Managers attention especially.

On the ramp, Anderson nods, while we see Batista shouting an expletive again before storming up the ramp, angry to have helped Orton tonight, with the WWE Champion exiting the ring, and passing by Double A on the ramp, reminding Arn that “I‘ll deal with you next week.” before walking by the GM.

In the ring, The Undertaker sits up - and looks MAD … AS … HELL. He looks ahead, furious, with Joey Styles predicting that Batista will have “hell to pay” when he faces the wrath of The Undertaker. We fade out with the image of the irate Phenom, bringing the show to a close…


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Re: Being The Booker

Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick: Pay-Per-View main event quality match up here opening up the show. Great ending to a great angle, though I am slightly disappointed that Brian Kendrick won't be getting double gold. I think Nick Nemeth is a solid choice to take the title off London and push London into the main event if those are your goals.

I'm a bit confused on what Randy Orton is going on about by him being on the team will get Arn fired...?

M.V.P vs. Elijah Burke: One, two, you hear the clock tickin'? BLACK GODZILLA IS COMING TO THE TOP!

Batista vs. Garrison Cade: I doubt this was Undertaker's work, probably a set up by Cade, but we'll see what happens here. Guess the blame is being put on Taker...he'll probably be the one to cost Taker the title tonight.

Jamie Noble/Layla Segment: HOW DARE THE DAREDEVILS TALK TO THIS LOSER! Thought the whole trailer park thing was funny. Looking forward to what happens for this cruiserweight match. I wish Jamie Noble had more time to invest in his character, but I'm expecting a retirement after this match with Kendrick.

Americas Most Wanted w/Michelle McCool vs. The Caribbean Connection: Interesting finish, completely took me by surprise. The only question I have at this point is who is going to feud against AMW now? I like Trevor Murdoch and Luke Gallows a lot so we'll see what happens with this team. It'll be kind of strange to have two cowboy/redneck teams around though I think.

Randy Orton/Batista Segment: Nice segment to throw off the trail of Batista costing Undertaker the match tonight. Very well done.

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker: Good match up, I really liked the story told here and the finish was great. Nothing much to add here.

Overall a great show for what was here, I felt it was a bit short, but that is due to the fact of having over an hour's worth of matches so that is perfectly fine. I was shocked to not see Lesnar show up though and defy doctor's orders.

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Re: Being The Booker

Hollywood Quality Feedback:

Hey man this is my first time reading your work but multiple people have told me your a great writer so I figured i'd drop you some feedback while I have some free time right now.

AWESOME match to kick the show off with! I always imagined a feud between London and Kendrick would be awesome and this match was great. I thought the ending was perfect with London hitting Kendrick with Sliced Bread then hitting the 450 instead of covering after Sliced Bread, Because that's something I just can't see a face doing. I will say you may have used too much caps during the match but maybe that's just me.

Hmm looks like you may be starting up with Nick Nemeth and Paul London feud. That may be good as Nemeth is a great worker and London always put on good matches as well.

Okay maybe this is because i'm new to your thread but why would Orton being on Arn's team at Survivor Series lead to Arn being fired?

Would have liked more detail in the Burke vs MVP match but it was only a 5 minute match so that's more so just me being one for full matches.

Going into the NO DQ Match I must say something tells me The Animal is going to DESTROY Garrison Cade. Hopefully i'm wrong and it turns into a good match possibly with Cade even winning as I never liked Batista.

The No DQ Match was a fun hardcore match with a good pace to it throughout the match which is always good. Looks like Undertaker may be after Batista but with no sign of him showing up maybe Cade had something up his sleeve all along here? I guess time will tell, Perhaps even as soon as the main event title match. None the less Cade seems to have Batista's number.

MNM coming to Smackdown! Love it. Always liked MNM and always will.

Uh oh Batista is having roid rage!

That segment with Layla and Jamie Noble was gold, Mainly because of the way Layla spoke to Jamie Noble. Seems next week he gets his hands on TBK so that should be a fun match considering the 2 out of 3 falls stip.

AMW retain which is good as they may be one of the greatest teams ever. Seems like your setting up The Murdoch's to feud with Carlito and Kofi. Not sure how to feel about that as I've yet to see either team compete in a full match but i'll give it a chance and see how it goes. The question is who will step up to end the incredible title run of AMW? My guess is maybe Hardy and Bourne.

Okay NOW I get how Orton can end up costing Arn his job. Of course I can't see Arn giving a spot on his team to someone who would possibly throw the match and cause him to lose his job though.

Guess Batista won't be costing Taker the match...or will he? Main event time so lets find out.

Well 3 main events in 1 here, Same trick Teddy Long used on Edge a few years ago I believe but none the less an effective one. It makes sense when you had Batista come out as he thought the match was over but now it seems we may be getting a triple threat at Survivor Series.

Overall a good episode of Smackdown and a very big one at that. Very fun read and i'll be tuning in from now on for sure.

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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown Review

Uh yeah, again I’m a bit all over the place with this. But thoughts are thought, right?

Kicking off with the US Title Match was another smart choice, as once again ‘The Golden Boy’ gets the opening match on a big show, just like at SummerSlam. I also quite liked the fact that we seemed to see a more serious side of London with the way he gave Kendrick a bit of a beating on the outside, which not only showed off the nature of the feud between the two, but this is something London needs to really evolve as a character. He’s always been a real goody-two shoes kinda face, so adding a mean streak as we head towards WrestleMania would definitely be of benefit. As for the match himself, some pretty cool spots like that powerbomb counter, and we saw that trademark London fighting spirit with the survival of the low blow then sliced bread. Ending was a great reflection on Kendrick's character with the whole one-upmanship, and it all worked nicely to give a very definitive end to this feud.

Nemeth out is a surprise, I thought for sure he's have more involvement with Finlay, but I guess a feud with the US Champ could offer you a chance to expand his character a bit more. As for Kendrick, nothing really stands out for in the Cruiserweight division right now, except for Jamie Noble of course, although based on his interaction with Layla, he's currently preoccupied and I don't hold out much hope for him with regards to winning the title next week. Certainly would be nothing wrong with Kendrick joining Team SmackDown for Survivor Series to keep him occupied for a month or so, but after that, I dunno where you would go with him. You might have some work to do there, but I'm sure you've got something in mind.

Although I highly doubt Orton's offer was genuine, this segment does offer up an interesting question with regards to what you'll be doing with him come Survivor Series. I guess the obvious choice is Lesnar again, although I'm still holding out for a Ric Flair return at some point.

Nice to see MVP finally end things with Burke with a solid, clean win. I always thought he's be in line for another crack at London, but now I'm fully expecting him to be on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series.

Wow, crazy stuff between Cade and Batista. Definitely liked the intensity of it all, from the early start to the brawls on the floor to the spinebuster on the table, it was all pretty enjoyable to read. Ending was... interesting. I highly doubt it had anything to do with Undertaker, so I'm gonna assume it was some kind of brilliant scheme from Orton. You all but alluded to that with your use of Styles and Heyman post match, and then later on with that interaction between Orton and Batista. I think that would be such a devilish twist to the story, and in a strange way would actually put Orton over nicely if he was able to turn two of his biggest rivals against each other to save himself. But yeah, big win for Cade, another member perhaps of Team SmackDown? Although so far I've suggested three heels, given how badly things have gone for Arn Anderson lately, he might just be desperate enough to go with all three.

Ah Jesus, if I don't laugh I'll cry over the tag title situation. I'd never have saw a heel turn from the Murdochs saving the titles for AMW, and to be honest, I'm not sure at all this is the right way to go. I thought SummerSlam wasn't the right call, as given the way you used that tournament and those videos so brilliantly to elevate the division, the match at SummerSlam, and then this situation here have just kinda dropped it back down in my eyes. Again, fully understand that both matches have served as incredible heat builders for Harris and Storm, two guys you clearly enjoy using, and I can see why they would be more enjoyable to write for as champions. I just feel that you used the tournament so well, and 'Lito and Kofi proved the were the best challengers in the division, but ultimately, they've not been able to get it done. Bit of a disappointment imo. And I guess the only thing left to do now is bring in MNM and turn one of the teams face?

Main event made up for things though, thought this was really enjoyable. Orton dominating from the off kinda caught me off guard, as usually if you're gonna have a heel champion walk out on a match it's cause he takes such a beating early on he just doesn't fancy suffering anymore. But this was an interesting twist on that in the way that Orton almost seemed to realise that he couldn't put 'Taker away, and that served as his motivation to walk out. Maybe a small thing, but it was something different that really set up the finish to the first fall nicely. The second fall seemed to be more of a desperation from Orton, realising that he was in trouble, which I guess is why you went the route you did with the first fall. And of course, it all set up the arrival of Batista very nicely. I think in my feedback for last week's SmackDown I predicted interference from Edge, so this was certainly something unpredictable, but pretty cool all the same. I can't make up my mind if you'll go with a fully fledged Batista heel turn, I'm leaning more towards yes, although he could easily just stay a face. Certainly a showdown between the he and 'Taker is on the cards, maybe Survivor Series is too soon, an epic build towards Armageddon would probably be better. But the way you handled tonight's main event was really well done. So many different situations coming out of it, with Orton and Anderson's issues seemingly coming to a head next week, while Undertaker and Batista seems like a certainty to happen pretty soon. Great stuff with this part of the show.

Overall, a special SmackDown and for the most part, it certainly delivered. I thought the majority of the in-ring action was pretty good, especially the opening bout and main event. Tag titles... I'm not convinced. But overall, another really enjoyable read. Good stuff, more of the same on Raw please.
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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw Preview:

The no-contact policy continues to dominate the landscape of Monday Night Raw, but after their actions in trying to get around the order last week, Umaga, Armando Estrada and Mister Kennedy could well face a heavy price this Monday in North Carolina. During last weeks tag team match against John Cena, Kennedy took full advantage of a chance to get his hands on his Nemesis opponent, attacking Cena whilst both were not the legal men, and, sickeningly, Umaga knocked out the referee in his match with Rhyno, giving himself free reign to annihilate one of the very best friends of World Heavyweight Champion, Christian.

As a result, Eric Bischoff has signed quite the tag team match this Monday; the team of John Cena & World Champion Christian versus Mister Kennedys associate The Miz, and Umagas handler Armando Alejandro Estrada. With no way of being able to accompany their allies, both Umaga and Kennedy will be forced to watch from afar, and witness Cena and Christian get their own free reign to exact a measure of revenge for last weeks attacks and actions - actions which saw Rhyno placed on the injured list for the forseeable future.

In another tag team match set for Raw, Straight Edge and two partners of their choice will take on the two teams vying for a title shot - the two teams that wrestled to a 20 minute time limit last week - The Master Craftsmen & The Angels of Anarchy. Should the two potential challengers - both teams undefeated since arriving on Raw - manage to stay on the same page and win, they then BOTH earn a shot at the gold in less than two weeks at Nemesis, and with such an opportunity at stake, surely the two teams will be able to co-exist for one night?? However, Punk and Helms will be keen to avoid a triple threat scenario for the titles, knowing they could then possibly lose the titles without being involved in the decision come October 14.

After last weeks late switch, Cody Rhodes has been ORDERED this week that HE - and only he - must face Jerry Lawler one on one. Since making his return last month, Lawler has been desperate for Codys older brother, Dustin, to dump Cody and once again embrace Goldust, but as yet, Lawler has been unable to make Dustin see the light. Could a win on Raw for Lawler help settle the score with Cody??

Rhyno wasnt the only member of the Raw to need hospital treatment either - William Regal, dethroned as Intercontinental Champion last week by Shelton Benjamin, suffered damage to his knee cartilage during the match; thanks to a lead pipe attack, and will now miss up to six weeks of action. With the title now back in the possession of The Brotherhood and Shelton Benjamin for the fourth time, will the group, led by Theodore Long, have any comment on the nature of their win last week??

Also, following on from their brawl last week which saw Eric Bischoff sign the shocking Mask vs Medals match at Nemesis, NEITHER Rey or Angle will be live on Raw, but both men have recorded interviews from home over the past weekend, speaking about what each of their prized possessions mean to them - and how crushing it will be to them if they were forced to hand over / take off their possession.

Plus, the countdown towards the Survivor Series officially begins on Raw also!! Arn Anderson - and his as yet unconfirmed team captain - will be in attendance on Raw for the contract signing with Eric Bischoff and his unconfirmed team captain, all set to be moderated by WWE Commissioner; Jesse Ventura. With the losing GM at the Survivor Series set to be fired, expect fireworks on Raw between Anderson and Bischoff - and their team captains for the 7 on 7 Elimination Match on November 11.


Raw will be posted - tomorrow.
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Re: Being The Booker

Oh boy! It has definitely been awhile since I've been in here. I will say it is definitely great for the section to have you consistently churning out shows again.

I like the idea of the No Contact policy, and last week was awesome the way Kennedy and Umaga worked around that. This week it's the faces turn, that one should turn out rather nicely. No idea who the Straight Edge's partners will be, but the tag division looks to continue from strength to strength, even with MNM gone. I haven't really enjoyed the Rhodes storyline, but I guess it's all being used to get Rhodes over so in the long run it will be good for the thread. I'm severely disappointed to not see Regal have a lengthy reign as champion, although maybe the way he lost the title means it is far from over.

The two things I'm most looking forward to, is first off, the build for the Bischoff/Anderson Survivior Series match. Seriously, love brand against brand storylines, this could be great fun.

Also, Angle/Mysterio has probably been my favorite angle in BTB for the past year or so. It has just come across so well, and I'm pleased to see that you've continued to run with it.

Things look set for a damn good episode of Raw, I'll be reading.

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | October 1 2007 | Chapel Hill NC

Highlights package from last weeks show, focusing on the show closing angle of Umaga demolishing Christians old friend, Rhyno, with security lined up to prevent Christian from putting a stop to the beating.

Opening Video


J.R barely has time to welcome the viewers to the show when-


It’s a HUGE reaction to North Carolinas own Matt Hardy - but after a brief salute to the fans, throwing up the V1 hand signal, he marches to the ring - looking mightily pissed off. On his way to the ring, J.R comments that Hardy was not happy with the actions of The Brotherhood last week in how Shelton Benjamin recaptured the Intercontinental title - owing that to Hardys angry expression tonight.

Also during the entrance, J.R takes the chance to hype certain events tonight; the big Survivor Series contract signing between Eric Bischoff & Arn Anderson - who will both reveal their respective team captains tonight too. Coach finally speaks up, and informs the fans of the main event tonight; John Cena & Christian vs. The Miz & Armando Estrada - calling it a travesty of justice, saying it’s a horrible match that shouldn’t be happening as AAE is a manager - NOT a wrestler.

In the ring, Hardy has the mic, and briefly cuts a promo on all the travelling he does all year round, talking about the recent world tour, and says as great as all that is … “there‘s no place like home.” The fans raucously cheer that, and Hardy continues on about how great it is to be home … but he’s here tonight for something else - because he’s been pissed off for the last seven days after what The Brotherhood pulled last week on Raw.

Hardy reminds the fans about what happened to Regal, saying that the Brit could miss up to two months of action. Matt then says he made a promise to himself that tonight, at the top of the show, he’d call out Shelton Benjamin … and he’s doing that - right now. Hardy turns his attention to the stage, calling out Shelton, saying “ Be a man, leave Theodore and the rest of the goon squad behind - face me like a man for once!!” … but is made to wait … until finally …


The entire group enter the stage, with Hardy shaking his head in disappointment at the sight of all six members on the stage. Long stands at the front, going through his usual schtick, before giving a long winded intro for the NEW - “and the greatest” Intercontinental champion, with Shelton Benjamin stepping forward with the gold on his shoulder. Theodore tells Hardy that you don’t just call out one member of The Brotherhood - they come as a unit; “And if you got something to get off yo chest playa … we ALL want to hear it.”

Hardy shakes his head, but says okay, before he matter of factly calls Benjamin a “pussy”. That incites a big pop from the fans, but a negative reaction from the group on the stage, with Alicia rubbing Sheltons arm, telling him he’s not. Hardy repeats the line, but says he can change all that - offering Benjamin the chance to man up and give Hardy one more shot at the Intercontinental title.

Long scoffs at the offer, telling Hardy that Shelton doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone - let alone the idiots of North Carolina, backing that statement up by pointing to the ring and mocking the fans for thinking of a loser like Hardy as a hero, telling them they should disown him. Over the heat, Benjamin grabs the mic, and tells them not to disown Matt, saying that he’s about as successful as it gets for North Carolina, then holds up the title belt, showing the difference between North Carolina and South Carolina- Benjamins home state.

Over more heat, Hardy has had enough, and outright asks the Brotherhood for an answer; does Shelton Benjamin have the guts to put the title on the line - or will he hide behind Theodore for the rest of his career. Benjamin is angered, but his manager calms him, taking over, telling Hardy that Shelton Benjamin hides behind NO MAN - but if Hardy wants a title shot, he needs to EARN it … and suggests that Hardy should run a Brotherhood gauntlet to win his shot at the title, saying that if Matt can beat JTG, Monty & Henry - he can face Shelton.

**I‘M BACK**

The GM interrupts proceedings, and reminds Theodore Long that HE makes the matches - not Long. Bischoff does accept that he likes the idea though of Hardy running a gauntlet to win his title shot … but adds the caveat that SHOULD Matt be successful tonight - HE gets to name the stipulation for his title shot which will come at Nemesis. Hardy nods, saying to bring it on, but The Brotherhood aren’t happy with Matt having the opportunity to call the shots if he earns the opportunity.

Eric informs them though that they don’t have a choice - and the gauntlet is happening - RIGHT NOW!!! He walks off the stage, leaving Theodore and company irate, as Hardy rips off his t-shirt in the ring, willing the first member to the ring … as the frustrated mouthpiece looks around, pointing JTG in the direction of the ring, with the troop nodding, and takes off his chain, making his way to the ring, as we go to commercial…

Commercial Break

Matt Hardy vs. JTG
Joined in progress with JTG in control, working over Hardy in the corner, riling the fans with his attitude … hanging at the ropes … but his cockiness backfires, and Hardy soon mounts a comeback, but only scores a two with the Side Effect. He then goes up for the second rope leg drop, but a distraction from Long stops him momentarily, allowing JTG to move away when he does go for it. JTG cant capitalise though, and is eventually dropped onto the ropes, and Hardy kicks him on the return - TWIST OF FATE CONNECTS!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy @ 05:43

Theodore Long is furious, and as Monty Brown steps up, Long stops him, and asks Mark Henry to go next - not wanting to leave the big man to last - desperate to end this NOW. Henry nods, and steps up onto the apron, slowly climbing inside, with Hardy taking a deep breath …

Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry
Hardy comes at Henry, bringing the fight to the Worlds Strongest Man, but the big man mountain shoves him off with ease. Despite that, Hardy continues to come forward, but it’s not enough, as Henry takes over. The big man dominates Matt, using his size to full advantage, wearing Hardy down … but he cant stop Hardy from fighting. Matt is truly in an inspired mood, and sparks a fight back, giving his all, firing off stiff rights on Henry - but cant take the big man off his feet. He loads up, coming at Henry with a massive clothesline … BUT IS FLATTENED by the Worlds Strongest Man!!!

Henry only scores two for it, but the big man is in full control, with Long delighted on the outside, assuming it’s a matter of time before he puts Matt away. He clamps Matt in a bear hug, but again - HARDY WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! Matt survives, and fights free of the hold … putting Henry down to his knees with low dropkicks, then goes up top, coming off with a MOONSAULT!!!!! 1...2...NO!!! Hardy quickly gets up, coming at Henry - desperate to follow up and keep the momentum - but is FLATTENED again by Henry. Now, looking to finish, Henry pulls Matt up, going for the Worlds Strongest Slam … but Hardy counters … into a cradle - surprising Henry … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy @ 05:01 {10:44}

Monty Brown quickly enters, giving Hardy ZERO time to recover, and stomps on him right away…

Matt Hardy vs. Monty Brown
Brown is all over Hardy, but despite a number of covers - he cant keep Matt down for the elusive three count. Brown continues to hammer Matt, with Long shouting for the Pounce - wanting the match to be done - and Monty nods, setting himself … AND GOES FOR IT … BUT HARDY SIDE STEPS!!!! Monty hit’s the corner, and Matt catches him with a power slam, before heading to the middle rope … LEG DROP CONNECTS!!!!! Hardy covers … BUT LONG IS ON THE APRON!!!!!

The referee is distracted by Theodore Long, with Hardy getting to his feet, as JTG races in - but is thrown right back out, before Hardy dropkicks Henry back off the apron to keep him out!!! Outside, Benjamin looks to throw the title belt in to Monty … BUT HARDY INTERCEPTS!!!!! Matt CLOCKS Benjamin … THEN MONTY WITH THE BELT!!!!! He throws the title belt out, as Charles Robinson finally tells Long to get off the apron … and makes the count … 1...2...3!!!!!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy @ 02:59 {13:43}

He’s done it - Matt Hardy has RAN the Brotherhood gauntlet - and EARNS his shot at Shelton Benjamin at Nemesis!!! Hardy doesn’t have time to celebrate, and scrambles out of the ring as Henry & JTG come in after him … but he gets out just in time, getting his hand raised on the outside!!!

With a smile on his face, Matt backs up the ramp, calling for a mic, whilst Theodore Long is stamping his feet in fury inside the ring. Hardy gets the mic, and asks to cut to music. He takes a second to catch his breath on the top of the ramp, before telling The Brotherhood he wouldn’t be stopped tonight - and he wont be stopped at Nemesis either.

Hardy looks to the fans, and says he knows what match they think he’ll pick at Nemesis … but it WONT be a ladder match … instead, he wants a match that can guarantee no interference from The Brotherhood to affect the outcome … A STEEL CAGE MATCH!!!!! The Brotherhood - including a recovering Shelton - are beside themselves, knowing they CANT help Benjamin, being locked out of the match by the fifteen foot high cage!!! Hardy smiles, telling Benjamin he’ll see him - and him ONLY at Nemesis … as we fade to commercial…

Commercial Break

Backstage, we see JOHN CENA making his way through the hallways, with some staff members still seemingly frosty toward him after the way he conducted himself in his negotiating the new terms on his Raw deal at Cyber Sunday. He brushes off the unfriendly ones, and continues on his way … until being stopped by a loud cough, turning … and sees Mr. Kennedy appearing from the shadows.

Unable to attack him - per the ruling from Bischoff two weeks ago - Cena is forced to keep his cool, even with the cocky grin of Kennedy just inches from him. Kennedy cockily chews his gum, saying that Cena looks good for a guy that got annihilated with a chair last week. Cena shrugs the comment off, getting a dig in on Kennedy saying he’s been hit harder and left with bigger bruises by his little nephew.

Kennedy rolls his eyes, not biting at the dig, and then gets to his point, talking about Cenas match tonight involving Miz. Kennedy tells Cena he’s free to do ANYTHING he wants to Miz, as he CANT get in Kennedys head. Kennedy suggests Cena throws Miz through a dozen tables or pane glass windows or run him over with a car - it wont make a difference.

He tells Cena that while he’s taken Miz under his wing, he wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if Miz had his career ended - even if it was by Cena. He goes on, saying that he’s simply out for number one, and all his focus is on Nemesis and the Streetfight with Cena - and his rightful title shot at Survivor Series after disposing of Cena once and for all on October 14.

“So, do what you want tonight. Feed Miz to a shark for all I care … because no matter what you do … NOTHING you do, will change what I will do to you at Nemesis.” No longer the cocky, gum chewing jerk, Kennedy is serious, tilting his head at Cena, making sure he gets the message loud and clear before backing away, with Cena trying to remain calm, clenching his jaw … as we fade out.

Back into the arena…

Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle
Squash match. Beth continues to look dominant, as J.R and Coach hype her third match in the Best of Five series coming up at Nemesis, where she could complete a clean sweep over the disappointing Mickie James - with Coach correcting J.R by telling him “not could - will”, believing it’s a foregone conclusion. And, it’s backed up by the Womens Champions performance, defeating the awful Candice with the Phoenix Rising to score an emphatic 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 02:12

Beth has barely broken sweat, and smirks, as she is presented with her title belt, nonchalantly fixing her hair, before placing the belt back on her shoulder, leaving the ring, having completed another easy nights work…

At ringside, J.R & Coach begin to talk about the contract signing coming up later tonight, along with the main event of John Cena & World Champion Christian vs. The Miz & Armando Estrada … but then go back to last week, where Eric Bischoff announced the huge Mask vs. Medals match at Nemesis between Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio, telling the fans that neither man is in North Carolina tonight - but both sat down over the weekend to conduct interviews about what their prized possession means to each of them, with the two videos set to air … and we’ll hear from Rey Mysterio - NEXT!!

Commercial Break

As promised, we return with the sit down interview conducted over the weekend with Mysterio, who talks in depth about what the mask means to him. He talks about the significance of masks in Mexico, and mentions that the mask meant so much to El Santo that he was BURIED wearing his famous silver mask. Rey says that Angle simply doesn’t ‘get’, that to Rey - and to ALL luchas - the mask is sacred. He calls the mask his identity, passed down from his uncle.

He says he knows how much the Gold Medals mean to Angle, and understands Angle will fight for his life to save them - knowing the history that Angle won the Olympic Gold with a broken neck … but goes on to say that he has one major advantage over his opponent - Angle doesn’t realise that the mask means just as much to Rey as the medals do to Angle and he too is willing to break his neck in order to save his pride, his honour, his heritage - his identity.

Back at ringside, J.R & Coach discuss the Mask vs. Medals match, and the comments from Rey. Coach belittles the mask - as you’d expect - but J.R sticks up for Rey, saying Coach has fallen into the same trap as Angle & while HE doesn’t ‘get’ the importance of the mask, he hasn’t given thought to what it means to Rey. J.R then moves on from one volatile situation to another … sending the action to the back, where Kelly Kelly is standing by…

with Katie Lea Burchill. Kelly intros the torn sister of Paul & and the girlfriend of Harry Smith, who has an announcement. Katie, after a lot of stalling, informs the audience that Eric Bischoff has just informed her that at Nemesis, her stepbrother, Paul Burchill will go one on one with her boyfriend, Harry Smith and SHE will HAVE to be the special guest referee. Almost on the verge of tears, she puts her head down to try and keep her composure.

Kelly tries to be comforting, before asking Katie what she will do; will she take a side, or call it down the middle?? Katie looks up - unable to speak, and shakes her head - not knowing how to answer … before Kelly takes matters into her own hands, stopping the interview, and hugging the emotional Katie Lea, with a voice off camera calling to ‘CUT’ … before fading out …

And, elsewhere, we see the World Tag Team Champions walking down the hallway, set for action - next - as J.R tells us we’ll find out if they’ll defend the tag titles at Nemesis, when they team with the East Coast Party Boys to take on the two teams vying for a shot at the belts; the Master Craftsmen & the Angels of Anarchy - who need to team and co-exist in order to win their shots…

Commercial Break

Straight Edge & East Coast Party Boys vs. Master Craftsmen & Angels of Anarchy
*If Master Craftsmen & Angels of Anarchy win they earn tag title shot at Nemesis*
The tension is easy to see between the Craftsmen & the Angels - both vying for a shot at the champions, but knowing they’ll have to work together and co-exist for both teams to get their shot - even if they’ll have to share it in a triple threat match at Nemesis. Punk & Helms give plenty of encouragement to the up and coming Party Boys, doing their best to keep the duo reigned in as they play to the fans a lot, jiving in the ring … and that playfulness eventually leads to the warring challengers to gain the upper hand.

Ryder is the focus of the Craftsmen and the Angels, with the foursome managing to stay on the same page - even if some of the Craftsmen offence is a little too heelish for the taste of Daniels and Williams. As the beat down on Ryder continues, Albright and Haas start to work without the Angels, which angers the pair, and leads to Daniels making a blind tag on Haas. That, in turn, sparks a stand off between the two teams, as they begin to argue, and could be set to break down and fight … but we see Ryder crawling to his corner … TAGGING IN HELMS!!!

Helms leaps into the ring, taking full advantage, rushing behind Daniels, pushing him into his own partner to knock him off the apron, and rolls The Fallen Angel up … 1...2...ALBRIGHT BREAKS THE PIN!!!!! Albright saves the match, but that simply sparks a huge eight man brawl, with the action spilling to the outside between Haas and Hawkins, whilst Ryder topples the unsuspecting Albright out of the ring too, with Punk drilling Daniels with a kick … before being pulled out of the ring by Williams, where they brawl.

Back inside, Helms follows up on Punks kick to Daniels, and makes a cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Daniels refuses to lie down, and Helms shakes his head, finding it hard to believe it’s not over. Meanwhile, on the outside, Haas gets the better of Hawkins, front suplexing Hawkins over the barrier sternum first. As this goes on, Helms climbs up top, looking to splash onto Daniels … but Haas sees what’s going on and hops onto the apron, pushing Helms off the top!!! Daniels sees it - and isn’t pleased, getting to his feet, telling Haas to let him deal with it.

But - as Daniels and Haas argue … BRENT ALBRIGHT BLASTS HELMS WITH A TAG TITLE BELT!!!!! Helms is out cold … and Punk spots the belt shot after just throwing Williams over the barrier, and instantly comes after Albright, tackling the King of the Ring down. Meanwhile, Haas has gotten off the apron, telling Daniels to focus on the task in hand - knowing full well what Albright just pulled - and Daniels turns, seeing Helms down, believing that it is from the Haas incident … and scores with the BME, covering, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: The Angels of Anarchy & The Master Craftsmen @ 11:11
*Straight Edge to defend against both teams at Nemesis*

In the aftermath, Daniels has his hand raised, pumping his fists in celebration - delighted to be getting the title shot … but he sees Punk going nuts on the outside having just pounded Albright, and Punk shouts to the ring at Daniels, asking the Fallen Angel “You happy with that??”

Punk mockingly laughs, shaking his head before pointing to the ring, telling the veteran “Some leopards never change their spots, huh??” Punk shakes his head again, while Daniels looks confused, calling out to Punk, unsure what he’s yelling about, but Punk blows it off, ignoring Daniels.

In the ring, Daniels has his hands on his hips, asking the official to let him know what’s going on, whilst Albright and Haas are seen leaving up the ramp, getting the result they wanted, whilst Williams joins the perplexed Daniels in the ring, who still doesn’t know what Punks problem was … as we fade to commercial.

Commercial Break


The video opens very cinematically, on a huge ship, in the middle of the ocean, with the ships name seen - RMS Titanic.

The video cuts to the bow of the ship, where two men - clearly dressed from the early 1900’s - are looking ahead at the beautiful scenery. In a clear rip off of a scene from the James Cameron blockbuster film ‘Titanic’, the Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like climbs up, leaning over the edge…

Young Man: WOOO!!!

Second Man: I can see the statue of liberty already … very small of course.

Beaming with a smile, the first man continues to stand up on the railing, over the edge of the ship.


~ SMACK!!!

The young man gets smashed from behind with a steel chair, and topples over the edge, and falls into the sea!!! The camera fans from the second mans point of view, showing … BRENT ALBRIGHT holding the chair!!! Albright smirks, faking to hit the second man with a chair, with the man running off in fear. Albright steps forward, peering over the edge of the ship, and with a smirk…

Brent Albright: Well I’m the King of the Ring, Jack.

The Survivor Series logo then flashes across the screen.

Narrator: On November 11, the WWE presents Hollywoods Biggest Blockbuster of 2007 … The Twenty first annual SURVIVOR SERIES!!! And the WWE superstars are tearing up the script!!


Backstage, we see a worried looking Armando Alejandro Estrada in the locker room, sat down, looking at the boots and ring gear he’ll need to wear later tonight. He looks up, and sees Miz walking toward him. He first shakes his head, then stands, and outright asks Miz what they’re going to do tonight, fretting, explaining to Miz that Bischoff has told him that if he or Miz gets counted out or intentionally disqualified Umaga & Kennedy will miss out on their big opportunities at Nemesis.

Miz though is calm, telling AAE to relax, reminding Armando that he is still undefeated (he’s not), and that he has a win over “that goofy wimp” John Cena (he has - but thanks to Kennedy). Miz tells Armando he cant stop worrying, sit back, relax … “don’t worry, and let me handle it.” Miz smiles, patting the shoulder of AAE, before walking back out again … as Armando mumbles “that‘s what I‘m worried about.”

Back in the arena, the ring is now set up for the contract signing, as J.R and Coach briefly recap the previous match, setting up a triple threat contest at Nemesis for the tag team titles, but quickly move on, with the contract signing just moments away, as they show a clip from last week, where Jesse Ventura decreed that the losing GM at Survivor Series would be FIRED!!


The Commissioner, Jesse Ventura makes his way to the ring, acting as a go-between to keep order for the contract signing. He reaches the ring, giving a quick speech to curry favour from the fans, before getting to business, hyping the Survivor Series, calling it one of his favourite events of the year - and this year it’ll be extra special, with the two General Managers putting their jobs at stake … before calling out the two men…

**I‘M BACK**

Despite being moments away from signing a contract that may see the end of his reign as GM come Survivor Series, Eric Bischoff is looking highly confident, striding to the ring. On commentary, J.R picks up on the confidence of the GM, stating that the contract signing is coming up - next.

Commercial Break

We return with Arn Anderson stepping inside the ring, giving us a chance to get to business. Ventura shakes hands with the legend, before offering both men a chance to sit, which they accept. As they go to sit, Arn offers Eric a handshake, but Eric just grins at Double A before sitting, getting an ‘OHHH’ from the fans. Arn raises his eyebrows, then shrugs it off, taking a seat.

As the ‘master of ceremonies’ as such, Ventura then asks both men to look over the contract to make sure everything is above board, then allows them the chance to introduce their team captains. Eric offers Arn the opportunity to bring out his captain first, with Double A accepting the invitation. Arn talks up the quality of his roster, claiming it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but eventually, there was ONE outstanding candidate to lead Team Smackdown at Survivor Series - one of the most decorated competitors in the WWE, especially in just a short time … THE IRON MAN, BROCK LESNAR!!!


To a huge ovation - mostly out of surprise - BROCK LESNAR enters the arena, unveiled as the team captain of Andersons Smackdown team, making his first appearance since losing out on the WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday. The Iron Man nods confidently, whilst Eric looks to be trying to cover for being concerned, trying to shrug off the announcement of Lesnar.


Lesnar hit’s the ring, and Ventura hands him a mic, with Brock walking around the table, patting Eric on the back “Hey Eric”, smiling as the Raw GM squirms in his seat. Lesnar reminds the fans that Bischoff in fact helped him at WrestleMania when battling the McMahons, and genuinely thanks Eric for the support … but tells Bischoff in no uncertain terms that he’s been handed the task of overseeing Bischoffs demise as captain of Arns team at Survivor Series … “and I don’t let anyone down when they count on me.”

Bischoff doesn’t look too upset, and sits forward, telling Arn “Nice move”, before saying that Brock looks good, agreeing that he is the best Smackdown has to offer, and if he was in the same position as Arn, he’d have called on Brock too … “but I‘m Eric Bischoff, the General Manager of Raw … and I‘ve got far superior options at my disposal” … Bischoff then says he’s thought about everyone on the roster, with former world champions, Kings of the Ring, monsters, legends, icons … but one stands tall above the rest…


A HUGE pop greets the music - and a bigger one greets the sight of the legendary SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!! Like Lesnar, it’s Michaels first appearance since Cyber Sunday, when HBK was beaten by Umaga. Anderson nods, clapping toward the ramp where the lively HBK jives, slapping hands with fans, soaking up the admiration, whilst Lesnar stands stoically, arms folded.

Michaels steps into the ring, shaking hands with Ventura, saluting Bischoff, and gives Anderson a hug, before being met by the imposing sight of the Iron Man. The music dies down, and the fans pick up in voice, with Michaels and Lesnar stood (kinda) face to face, with Lesnar smirking at the smaller man, whilst HBK stands his ground - team captain and team captain … as Ventura finally steps in between the pair, creating some distance before the tensions boil over.

Bischoff then bigs up Michaels, talking about all his achievements - especially in high pressure situations; being the only man to win the Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant, winning his first WWE Title in the main event of WrestleMania, coming back after four years - to win another World title, and even nearly put Bischoff himself out of a job at the 2003 Survivor Series with a heroic performance - the main reason he picked Michaels being THAT very performance.

Anderson nods, clearly impressed - but Lesnar speaks up again, saying that he doesn’t doubt Michaels credentials … but everything HBK has done … he’s done it better. Brock says that Shawn Michaels won an Iron Man Match - but HE perfected it … He went harder and longer from #1 in the 2007 Rumble as a runner up than Michaels did as a winner in ‘95, and Shawn Michaels won the WWE Title in the main event of WrestleMania, but Lesnar won the WWE title in his FIRST WrestleMania main event EVER. Lesnar then scoffs at Eric using HBK’s performance at the ‘03 Survivor Series as the main catalyst for picking him, reminding Bischoff that HBK still LOST that match.

And now, Michaels has heard enough, taking the mic from Lesnar. Shawn tells Brock he respects everything he’s accomplished in such a short space of time, agreeing with everything the Iron Man just said, and indeed, paints Lesnar as the odds on favourite … but tells Brock “that‘s where I thrive.” After a cheer from the fans, HBK says he’s fought insurmountable odds for his entire career, just to make it in the WWE - let alone be a success - he’s beaten everyone that been put in his path - “even retirement.”

HBK drives the point home, and tells Brock he shouldn’t underestimate him just because he’s done everything HBK has in a shorter period - as it can all change with one split second and a Sweet Chin Music. Michaels then says it’ll be hard for him to put Anderson out of a job, respecting everything Double A has accomplished and stands for … but he loves a challenge, and just like Brock, he says when someone relies on him - like Bischoff has - he comes through in the clutch. Michaels then steps forward, with a steely look of determination in his eyes.

“And now that I know it‘s you that‘s the opposite captain?? Yeah, I‘ve got that little bit more motivation, because I‘ll tell ya this, big man - while you‘ve got it all - and I mean ALL - you are the total package … you forced my best friend into retirement - and that‘s something I WONT forget.” Lesnar smirks, mouthing “Yeah, I did that … and I’d do it again.” Lesnar attempts to intimidate Michaels, walking into his chest to try and force him back, but HBK stands firm before Anderson, Bischoff and Ventura stand between them, as tensions build.

With the two team captains kept apart, Lesnar gets back on the mic, telling HBK that what happened to Triple H is an example of what happens when you cross The Iron Man; “so don’t get on my bad side.” Michaels is livid with the threat, and throws off his hat, offering to get Bischoff, Anderson and Ventura out of the ring for them to ‘throw down … right here, right now!!’ Of course, that ilicit’s a massive reaction from the fans, wanting to see Michaels and Lesnar go at it… with both HBK and Brock wanting it to happen.

But … Bischoff now speaks up, telling Michaels that it wont happen. As the fans boo, he grabs the contract, holding it up, and telling the audience that he has a clause in the contract that his team captain WONT be participating in ANY match UNTIL November 11 at the Survivor Series!!!!! The fans are PISSED at that - as is a stunned Shawn Michaels, telling Bischoff that he wasn’t told about that. Bischoff ignores Shawn and signs the contract, handing it to Anderson to sign.

As he turns back, Michaels grabs Eric by the jacket, telling him he double crossed him, accusing Eric of being shady - losing his cool with his boss. Bischoff tries to reason with HBK, but before he can explain his reasoning for the clause … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! Shawn Michaels reacts with Sweet Chin Music - TO HIS OWN GM!!!!! Then, in a flash, MICHAELS TRIES TO HIT SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON LESNAR - BUT BROCK CATCHES THE LEG!!!!! Lesnar shoves the leg away - showing his quick reactions to catch it in the first place - but before he and Michaels can come to blows, Ventura and Anderson step in, restraining the two men.

Ventura tries to calm Shawn, but HBK is absolutely furious, and turns away, trying to calm down, and exit’s the ring, throwing his jacket off, pulling his tie apart, as he marches up the ramp - his anger with Bischoff apparent. In the ring, Lesnar isn’t happy either, with Arn trying to calm the Iron Man, as Brock points to the ramp, clearly stating off mic “I want a piece of him. I don’t wanna wait for Survivor Series either.” Ventura tries to restore order, handing the contract to Anderson to sign, with Double A doing the deed, whilst Lesnar stares coldly from the ring, up the ramp as HBK disappears from view … and Bischoff is laid out in the ring.

Commercial Break

The show returns with clips from the previous segment where Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels were introduced as the team captains for Smackdown and Raw at the Survivor Series - but things took a turn for the worse as tensions spilled over between the captains, and led to Sweet Chin Music for Bischoff, after he revealed that HBK will not be allowed to compete before Survivor Series. J.R and Coach discuss the explosive contract signing, before we cut backstage without any prior warning…

And jump into the middle of a meeting between JOHN CENA and CHRISTIAN, conversing about their match later tonight (although Cena drives the conversation, as Christian mostly nods), talking about the relief of not having to look over their shoulders for Umaga or Kennedy. Cena then moves the conversation onto Nemesis, saying about how he cant wait to deal with Kennedy once and for all … “and I‘ll be pullin for you in your big title match too.”

Christian speaks up, smirking, before telling Cena “I thought you would be”, before reminding Cena about the night after Summerslam when Cena crashed Christians in ring promo to beg Eric Bischoff for a title shot. Cena apologises, telling Christian he “was in a bad place” at that time, such was his desperation. “Yeah, I‘ve noticed how desperate you are, John. That stunt at Cyber Sunday?? Sure as hell surprised me.”

Cena looks away for a second, then back, informing Christian that he hopes he doesn’t have to sink so low when he loses the World title and doesn’t get a rightful rematch, “especially when you have to watch a guy holding the title that you know-” and stops himself. There is momentary silence, as Christian raises his eyebrows, waiting for Cena to finish … but Christian eventually ends the sentence for him … “that you know you‘re better than?? Is that what you were going to say??”

The tension mounts, with Cena not denying the accusation. Christian fixes the belt over his shoulder, eyeballing Cena, “the facts don’t lie. I‘m World Champion for a reason. And you ‘pulling for me’ at Nemesis - that‘s touching. But don’t dress it up as a big gesture. You want me to win at Nemesis, because you‘re DYING to get a shot at me and redeem yourself after losing at WrestleMania. And should it happen - I hope you don’t self combust after losing again.”

Christian has a steely look in his eyes, before telling Cena he’ll see him in the ring later tonight … but then stops, turns back, and comes face to face with Cena again … “Oh - and just for the record … I‘m NOT pulling for you at Nemesis … because I simply don’t care who I face at Survivor Series. You concentrate on yourself before you ‘pull’ for me.” He then turns, walking off, as Cena stares, watching the champ walking off …

Back into the arena…


Walking onto the stage, the legendary Hall of Famer Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler waves to the fans, as J.R informs us that Lawler finally gets his hands on Cody Rhodes - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Match 4:
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler vs. Cody Rhodes w/Dustin Rhodes
It’s an old school style match up, with the contest wrestled at Lawlers pace, who is in charge for the majority of the first half of the match, until Cody finds his rhythm, taking control, with his youth helping him get the better of Lawler. The fans are solidly behind The King, and while he is caught in a Camel Clutch, the fans begin to chant “GOLD-DUST” riling Cody, as Dustin tries to ignore the calls from the fans, with Cody finally letting go of the hold, telling Dustin not to listen. However, he gives the veteran a chance to recover whilst chewing out the fans, and now King mounts a fight back, eventually nailing his second rope fist drop - but it’s only good for a near fall.

He then lines up the famous PILEDRIVER by removing his strap … BUT CODY BACK DROPS OUT OF IT!!! Rhodes then looks to hit Cross Rhodes, but Lawler blocks it, and fights back, winning the fist fight, and looks to hit the Piledriver … BUT IS DISTRACTED BY DUSTIN!!! He shoves Cody away, and tells Dustin to ‘take a hike’, as Dustin tries to tell Lawler that he has to defend his brother. Just as Dustin and Lawler (with Goldust cat calls coming from the fans again) begin to talk … Rhodes comes in from behind with a roll up … GRABBING LAWLERS TIGHTS … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Cody Rhodes @ 04:59

Cody steals it!!! Lawler tries to get up quickly and nail the punk - but Cody is too quick and avoids the legend, hopping out of the ring. On the outside, Cody hugs his brother, telling him he done a great job … but Dustin doesn’t look happy to have his brothers approval, and is simply conflicted. Cody though, doesn’t recognise it, and joyously makes his way up the ramp, delighted with a win over the Hall of Famer…

… But Lawler has something to say in the ring. With a mic, King calls out to the brothers, and tells them he’s sick and tired of putting up with the spoiled brat and his gutless Brother. King then issues a challenge at Nemesis; The Rhodes Brothers versus Lawler & Ken Doane. King doesn’t get an answer, with Cody looking to Dustin, but continues to back up the ramp, not giving Lawler an answer … with King looking rather daft in the ring … as we fade out.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, J.R and Coach again go back to the earlier contract signing, with Shawn Michaels & Brock Lesnar being unveiled as the respective team captains … before announcing that on SMACKDOWN this coming Friday, both captains will reveal their first picks - with those two men to go one on one. Coach makes a dig on Smackdown, saying it’s the first time in months he’ll have a reason to tune in to the show on Friday. They then move on saying that that’s all to come on Smackdown … but right now, it’s time to hear from Kurt Angle, and his thoughts on the importance of his Gold medal…

In the sit down interview, Angle talks about how much the Olympic Gold medal means to him - just as Mysterio did earlier. He refers to the medal as the most prestigious honour in ANY form of sport, ANY form of competition, calling it the pinnacle of an athletes career. Angle lists a number of famous athletes; Bernard Lagat, Paula Radcliffe, Ron Clarke, Alan Webb & Alison Wagner - some of the greatest athletes of all time … AND NONE OF THEM HAVE AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL.

He begins to go into details over the differences between a medal and a mask - repeating that a medal symbolises you are the VERY BEST in the world in your field … wearing a mask symbolises you’ve got something to hide - like a criminal. He says only a select few get to hold an Olympic Gold Medal … but ANYONE can wear a mask. He sits back, laughing, saying that putting his Olympic Gold on a par with a mask - a piece of material that can be bought in any fancy dress store - is ludicrous.

Angle sits forward, asking the interviewer (who is off camera) if Michael Johnson has ever had to put up his Olympic Golds against Jerry Lawlers crown - and answers the question himself; “No. Because that would be preposterous.” He then asks if Steve Redgrave has ever had to put up his Gold medals against Mick Foleys sock puppet - and again answers the question himself in the same manner. “Would Carl Lewis ever be asked to put his Gold Medals on the line against Hulk Hogans factory line of yellow shirts?? … I could go on … but you get the point”.

He says having to put his medals on the line against a mask is the most degrading and insulting thing he’s ever been asked to do “and I once had to dress up as a hick”, but do it he will, and at Nemesis he says that there will be no miracle for Mysterio - he will lose, and he will unmask - for good. Kurt sits forward again, reminding the interviewer - and the fans - that there is NOTHING he wouldn’t do to keep his most cherished possession, winning it in the first place with a broken neck … and coldly states at the end of his interview that even if Rey breaks his neck on October 14 … he’ll never relinquish the medal, claiming that if Rey wants it, “he‘ll need to prise this medal from my cold … DEAD … hands.”

Commercial Break


The video opens with a dictionary, opening up spookily, and the pages turn, eventually stopping, as the camera then zooms in on the word; NEMESIS, and the thesaurus, reading the words…

Narrator: Nemesis.

Flashing shots are shown of Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy, Christian and Umaga, all battling, beating the hell out of each other on different occasions recently.

Narrator: Opponent … archenemy … archrival.

Flashing shots as each word is read; Shawn Michaels flying through the air, Straight Edge holding up their titles, Beth Phoenix with a smirk, Mr. Kennedy chewing gum & Cody Rhodes stomping Jerry Lawler.

Narrator: Adversary … competitor … rival … antagonist … foe.

More flashing shots as each word is read; John Cena tackling Kennedy, Matt Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Shelton Benjamin & Estrada cockily striding alongside Umaga.

Narrator: Avenger … retaliator … vindicator

As before, flashing images to each word; Shawn Michaels being wheeled out of Vengeance, Angle holding Reys mask, Mickie James in tears, Regal at Wembley with the I.C title, Christian laid out in the ring, Mysterio running down the aisle.

Narrator: Punishment … vengeance … retribution … fate … doom … revenge

The camera focuses again on the page only.

Narrator: But these?? These are only words. These are only definitions.

Flashing shots of each superstar already featured again in reverse motion, back to the start.

Narrator: And on October 14, the superstars of Raw will SHOW the meaning of these words … the true meaning … of the word …

And a close up on the word…

Narrator: … Nemesis.

The dictionary SLAMS shut.


Backstage, Matt Striker is with Mickie James, and asks the diva about her predicament, being 2-0 down in the best of five series, with the potentially embarrassing prospect of losing 3-0 at Nemesis. He asks Mickie just what has gone wrong thus far … with Mickie extremely despondent. She has her head down, mumbling her words, eventually stringing enough words together to tell Matt that she simply hasn’t been - and possibly might not be - good enough to beat Beth, with a 3-0 scoreline being a firm possibility, claiming to have already given her best - and it hasn’t been good enough. Then, as Matt tries to probe, asking Mickie if she believes it’s a psychological problem - GAIL KIM enters the picture.

The Korean diva apologises for interrupting, but says she cant listen to anymore of this. Kim forces Mickie to look at her, telling her to stand straight, and reminds her that she is a former three time Womens Champion, and she has faced a lot more adversity over the last few months than what she is facing right now, telling Mickie to suck it up, and show Beth Phoenix EXACTLY what she is capable of at Nemesis, and get back into the Best of Five series … but Mickie shakes her head, choking with tears, telling Gail softly “I’m sorry … I cant beat her.” Mickie turns, and runs off, leaving Gail to look frustrated whilst Striker lurks in the background, shaking his head … as we fade out.

And, back at ringside, J.R and Coach now run down the current line up for Nemesis, with THREE matches added tonight; Matt Hardy challenging Shelton Benjamin in a Steel Cage for the I.C Title, Straight Edge defending the tag titles in a triple threat against the Master Craftsmen & Angels of Anarchy, plus Burchill vs. Harry Smith, with Katie Lea as guest referee. In addition, they hype the other matches already signed, before…


Entering to Umagas music - minus the Samoan Bulldozer - Armando Alejandro Estrada enters the arena for the main event of the evening, with Coach still fuming over the booking of the match. AAE is dressed just like Umaga - no shirt and three quarter length tights, but he does wear boots, unlike Umaga. Looking fearful of what’s to time, Estrada tentatively makes his way to the ring, as we head to another commercial…

Commercial Break

We return with Miz on his way to the ring, still looking overly confident - considering the circumstances - minus Kennedy, as AAE paces back and forth in the ring, fretting about the match. Once in the ring, Miz tries to calm the mouthpiece, with Estrada still not confident …


Smiling & happy, John Cena bursts onto the stage, saluting the fans, pointing to the ring, and talking to the camera with a smile, saying he’s gonna enjoy this, before running down the ramp, sliding into the ring, with Estrada and Miz diving for cover on the outside - with Miz suddenly not as confident as he looks.


To a massive pop, Christian walks onto the stage, parading the title belt, pounding his chest and blowing a kiss to the fans, before eyeing up Estrada at the ringside area, and comes after him at speed, with AAE frantically hopping the barrier, retreating into the crowd, knowing Christian wants a piece of him badly.

Captain Charisma is told to get into the ring by the official, and does so, holding the belt up from the turnbuckles, but then turns his attention back outside, holding the ropes open, offering AAE and Miz a way into the ring. The two men stay on the outside, completely lost as to what to do … with J.R sending us off to the final commercial of the evening, with Miz and Estrada both clueless on the outside…

Commercial Break

Main Event:
Armando Alejandro Estrada & The Miz vs. John Cena & Christian
As we return, the match is ONLY getting underway, with J.R explaining that AAE and Miz stalled for as long as possible. As the bell rings, the argument is now beginning with Miz and AAE wanting the other to start, with AAE tagging Miz in, and Miz tagging AAE straight back in again - and repeat. They argue, taking their eye off the ball, with Christian finally grabbing Miz, and nails him with a right hand. AAE jumps off the apron in fear, with Christian making sure to tell him he’ll get Estrada later, but has some fun with Miz first.

After having his way with the reality star, Christian throws him into the corner, and lets fly with a STIFF chop, before offering Cena the chance to do the same - which Cena gladly accepts. Cena and Christian now take turns chopping Miz, turning his chest red raw … before Cena throws Miz across the ring, offering him the chance to tag Estrada - but Estrada rapidly shakes his head; NO. Armando wont accept the tag from Miz, who looks worse for wear already … but is eventually forced to, as the referee reminds him that he HAS to participate in the match. With much sorrow, Estrada finally tags Miz … and climbs into the ring.

Estrada has a stern look on his face, as a smiling John Cena offers a test of strength, and puts his hands on his hips, clearly unimpressed … but is forced to run as Cena decides to end the games, and come after AAE. Estrada runs around the ring, trying to escape from Cena … but runs into CHRISTIAN!!! Armando nearly jumps out of his skin, and backs up innocently … into Cena. Cena levels AAE, throwing him into the ring, and has his way with Estrada, before tagging in Christian to a huge reaction from the fans.

Christian takes his time, savouring the moment, toying with AAE … and with Estrada begging for mercy … Christian steps aside, offering Armando the chance to tag back out … and as AAE takes a big sigh of relief, walking past Christian … the champion grabs him by the shoulder, spinning Armando around - and he’s not playing now. AAE shudders, panics … then gets CREAMED with a clothesline from the world champion!!!!! Christian now decimates Estrada with an extended beating, hammering him with blows in the corner, nearly stomping AAE through the canvas, such is the ferocity behind the beating.

Estrada is pulled to his feet - and is seen to be bleeding from the mouth - much like Rhyno was last week. Christian drills Estrada with a reverse DDT … but doesn’t cover. He drags Armando up, offering Miz the opportunity to save his partner … but Miz isn’t interested, looking away, as if he cant see or hear what is going on. Christian then drops Armando again - this time with a gut buster. He doesn’t cover - AGAIN - before standing up, looking Mike Chioda in the eyes … and mouths ‘SORRY’ … before he NAILS the referee with a clothesline!!!!!


In a mirror image to last weeks show, Christian - just like Umaga - takes out the referee in a bid to overcome Eric Bischoffs policy, and throws Estrada out of the ring, before faking to strike Miz, who jumps off the apron in fear … ONLY TO GET BLASTED BY CENA ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!! Now, Cena and Christian both take the fight to the outside, dominating Miz & Estrada, with Christian especially tenacious, wearing out a steel chair on Armando, whilst Cena rams Miz into the steps, before crashing the steel steps into Miz’ head … then applies the STFU, with the reality star tapping profusely on the floor.

Now, Christian rips away the protective mats, dragging Estradas lifeless body up … and HIT’S THE UNPRETTIER - ON THE COLD, HARD FLOOR!!! In a reverse to last week, Coach calls the actions of Cena and Christian ‘deplorable’, with J.R saying that Coach didn’t have too many problems with it last week when it was Umaga doing it to Rhyno. Christian peels off the cover of the announce table, throwing the monitors away, before rolling AAE on top … whilst Cena drags Miz around the ringside area, as he and Christian share a glance.

Both men take a look down at Estrada on the table … with Cena nodding, and putting Miz on his shoulders … stalling for a moment … before … FU … ONTO ESTRADA … THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!! Both Estrada and Miz are laid up in a heap on the outside, with the fans cheering the sight of the two annoying figures. AAE and Miz are surrounded by rubble, whilst Coach and J.R have already headed on for higher ground. Christian and Cena stand tall, looking down at the two men, before peering over at one another … as the bell rings - Mike Chioda has (obviously) called for the DQ.
Winners: Via DQ - Armando Alejandro Estrada & The Miz @ 06:59

Neither man appears to be overly surprised by the DQ, with Christian getting back into the ring, and taking a moment to apologise to the official - who clearly isn’t overly accepting of the apology - before Chioda leaves the ring, still worse for wear, leaving Christian alone …

… Until Cena steps back in - HOLDING THE WORLD TITLE BELT - standing behind Christian, with the belt poised … IS HE GOING TO HIT THE CHAMPION WITH IT!? The fans rise, with many expecting Cena to nail Christian from behind … Cena stands … and puts his hand on the shoulder of Christian, turning him around …

And places the belt on the champs shoulder!!! The two stand face to face for a moment, with Christian a little spooked - knowing Cena could’ve took his head off if he wanted to … but didn’t. Cena makes a point of patting the belt three times, then salutes the champion, and exit’s the ring.

Cena walks back up the aisle, leaving Christian to stand alone in the ring - and doesn’t turn back to look at the champion - while EMT’s surround Miz, but more specifically, Estrada at ringside. The show comes to a close, with Christian stood in the ring, puzzled, as Cena walks on out, through the curtain … wondering what Cenas motives really are …


Official Card for WWE Nemesis:
Date: 14th October 2007
Location: Alltel Arena, Little Rock Arkansas
Event Music: Submersed, Better Think Again

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Umaga II

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy

World Tag Team Championships Match:
~ Triple Threat Match ~
Straight Edge vs. The Master Craftsmen vs. The Angels of Anarchy

Womens Championship:
~ Best of 5 Series; Match 3 ~
Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

~ Winner Receives World Heavyweight Championship Match at Survivor Series ~
Mister Kennedy vs. John Cena

Mask vs. Medals:
~ If Mysterio loses, he must unmask ~
~ If Angle loses, he must hand over his Gold Medals ~
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

The Lions Disband:
~ Special Guest Referee; Katie Lea ~
Burchill vs. Harry Smith

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Re: Being The Booker

Grr, accidentally hit the back button and lost my review...redo!

I thought the Matt Hardy segment was smart booking, but it felt very strange that Theodore Long lost complete faith in his jobbers just as another stipulation is added to the match... I like that Henry and Brown were kept strong in this match and I feel the cage match makes great booking sense, making it a lot more special than a ladder match would be, great job there.

I like that John Cena still isn't seen as part of the Raw locker room anymore, I think that's a great dynamic that you can do awesome stuff with. Mr. Kennedy's dialogue seemed a bit strange here. Why would whether or not he cares about what happens to The Miz tonight effect what he is going to do to John Cena at Nemesis...


Thought the Rey Mysterio segment was well done and liked Rey showing the importance of the lucha libre tradition of masks by bring up El Santo and saying he would fight through a broken neck to retain it.

LOVED the Katie Lea segment, felt a lot like an old school 80's non-WWF promo. Here's to hoping Katie turns on the heel of this feud, Harry Smith.

What was the Straight Edge Savior smoking when he picked the East Coast Party Boys as his tag team partners? He knows they are jobbers! Loved the finish to this match with all the confusion about the finish. Great way to build heat for this feud.

I thought the picks for captains were great for Survivor Series, maybe we are also getting a preview for Lesnar vs. HBK at WrestleMania? I think Survivor Series will be a great chance to show off the new Brock Lesnar by having him eliminate a bunch of people.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler vs. Cody Rhodes w/Dustin Rhodes: Looks like a solid set up to finish this feud. My interest in it has died down once again so hopefully it ends soon.

Kurt Angle's segment was great as well. This is probably the match I'm looking forward the most for at a recapped Nemesis (otherwise it would be the WHC Match or Tag Titles Match). I think Angle might be your best character at the moment on Raw.

So I'm guessing either Gail Kim will find a way to get Mickie to be upbeat next week or Beth will squash Mickie and Gail Kim will step up to the plate after Nemesis. Either way, looks like some great women's wrestling coming!

PSH, you think you can work me for a Cena "heel turn" like WWE? No way. :P Pretty boring ending to the show, compared to last week's madness.

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