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Re: Being The Booker

Umaga/Christian Segment: I think that is build up will be pretty interesting, I'm expecting AAE to make Christian respect Umaga again before Nemesis comes around.

John Cena Segment: Great twist to have this go. I'm not exactly sure what your plans with Cena, so at least that keeps things with him interesting in this thread. Looking forward to how this turns out. Loved the ending with Cena pushing Matt away as well.

The Brotherhood w/Theodore Long vs. The Angels of Anarchy: Total Elimination is a fun move...and a win for the Angels!

Burchill w/Katie Lea vs. Brian Button: Squash and some filler to push this storyline along...

East Coast Party Boys vs. The Master Craftsmen: Looks like we'll be getting the triangle tag team match or Master Craftsmen vs Angels of Anarchy at Nemesis. Should be good stuff.

CM Punk/William Regal/Brotherhood Segment: William Regal vs Fit Finlay!!!!!!!! Haha. Oh well, guess Benjamin will get his belt back, which is good because it means more Teddy Long in the spotlight.

Playas Club: I thought this was a great segment building up the Kurt Angle/Rey Mysterio rivalry. I'm expecting a match at Nemesis so I'm looking forward to how you proceed from here since at this point Rey feels threatened.

Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James: Great to see Beth Phoenix just dominate and bury Mickie. This could set up for an interesting series and I can't wait for the rest. I'm guessing we'll see Beth win next match and then see Mickie try to get the trifecto comeback.

Angels of Anarchy/Master Craftsmen: So I'm guessing we'll get a draw next week to make the match three way dance.

King/Rhodes Segment: I think this angle as run its course and will come to a head at Nemesis. Not really sure what your plans for Cody will be though after this whole thing is wrapped up.

Matt Hardy vs. John Cena: Good match and a good win for Cena to make him look good for the coming weeks as he prepares to make his climb back up the ladder. I thought the Kennedy aftermath to the match was a nice way to transition to the main event.

Christian vs. Mr. Kennedy: I thought this was pretty well written and it leads up to Eric Bischoff coming out so you can't be lazy with run-ins to further your angles . This should definitely be a good test and hopefully it stays in effect beyond Nemesis as far as the run-ins go.

Looking forward to Smackdown!, this week to see Edge's reaction to losing his match and the build up to Taker/Orton.

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Re: Being The Booker


WWE Superstars | September 19 2007

Grisham and Lawler open the show, excitedly hyping the nights main event which sees the World Tag Team Champions in (non-title) action, taking on Deuce & Domino.

Chavo Guerrero defeats Daivari @ 07:11, reversing a roll up with a handful of tights, into a roll up with a handful of tights - out cheating the Arab.

Test defeats a local jobber @ 02:12 with the match being watched at ringside by a very interested Maryse, who applauds at the end as Test nails his big boot to end proceedings. He watches as she leaves up the aisle, wondering what Maryse is up to; as do Grisham and King, thinking back to last week, where she watched Tomkos match also.

Chuck Palumbo defeated Elix Sipper @ 03:34 with the Pumphandle Slam to go 2-0 in his WWE comeback.

In the main event, Straight Edge defeat Deuce & Domino @ 06:30 in a competitive match, but it is only a showcase for the champions, and they finish off D&D handily enough, nailing Deuce with the Double Shining Wizard with Helms getting the pin.



Friday Night Smackdown | September 21 2007 | Austin TX

The show opens with Arn Anderson sat at his desk in his office, responding to the challenge issued by Eric Bischoff on Raw, gladly accepting the Raw vs. Smackdown 5 on 5 Survivor Series match.

Opening Video


Joey Styles and Paul Heyman open the show, recapping the events of Cyber Sunday, which saw Randy Orton retain the WWE Championship, and The Undertaker defeat Edge to earn a shot at the title next week on the Season Premiere of Smackdown.

They then hype tonight’s main event; Paul London & Batista teaming to face The Brian Kendrick & Garrison Cade, before also stating Randy Orton will be here - five days after retaining his title in the Elimination Chamber, whilst we will also hear from Brock Lesnar in a sit down interview, recorded during the week with Joey Styles.

Match 1:
Sonjay Dutt vs. Super Crazy
Quite an uninspiring match to open the show - but the reason soon becomes clear - as we see clips of what led to this match tonight from last weeks show, with Joey also making mention of each mans partner facing on Superstars on Wednesday which Chavo won, out cheating Daivari. However, just as this match is picking up steam … EDGE HIT’S THE RING … AND SPEARS SUPER CRAZY … THEN SONJAY DUTT TOO!!!!! The match is obviously thrown out instantly.
Winner: No Contest @ 02:01

Crazed - Edge goes nuts, tugging his hair, before stomping Sonjay out of the ring, and demands a mic, just as he throws Super Crazy out too. He grabs the mic, and begins to explain his fury, talking about being SCREWED, time and time again - and after being SCREWED on Sunday - he’s had it.

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar then asks for a steel chair, and sets it in the middle of the ring, taking a seat, stating that he wont move an inch ‘until some kinda justice is served’, daring anyone to try and shift him. He goes on saying if he doesn’t get what he wants, they can try and have matches around him - he doesn’t care.

Just then, we see Arn Anderson, directing security toward the ring, shaking his head at the actions of Edge in the ring. Edge sees them coming though, and picks up the chair, daring the security team to try and enter the ring - stopping them from actually getting in. The eight man security team surround the ring, with Edge darting around, keeping an eye out…

He swings the chair out, as one climbs onto the apron, then against as another climbs on another side - missing both - and as this happens, the others scramble in and tackle Edge down, restraining the bitter Canadian - having to hold him down - having to place plastic handcuffs on his wrists, with one having to press their knee on his head to keep Edge down.

Anderson remains at the top of the stage, as the security team lead Edge away, with Edge still showing a crazed look in his eyes, telling Anderson as he passes; “This isn’t over, Arn”, with Double A simply shaking his head in disgust … as we fade out to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return, and during the entrances for the next match, we are informed by Styles and Heyman that Edge has been removed from the building - not to return for the remainder of the night - whilst next week, regardless of the decision in this upcoming singles match - Americas Most Wanted will defend the WWE Tag Team Championships again against The Caribbean Connection.

Match 2:
Chris Harris w/James Storm & Michelle McCool vs. Carlito w/Kofi Kingston
Despite the bodies on the outside, the match is mainly interference free, but for the most part Carlito dominates - with AMW still being sold as being out of shape on commentary - and after a Back Cracker it looks to be over … but McCool pulls the referee from the ring. Instantly, he tells her to leave … but as she puts up an argument, Storm sneaks into the ring … only to get knocked out by an incoming Kofi Kingston!!! Kofi gets Storm out of the ring, with McCool coming to The Cowboys aid … as Carlito drops the Wildcat with THE APPLE CORE!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Carlito @ 04:53

Once again, AMW - be it in singles or tag action - are blown away by Carlito and Kofi, and surely cant hold off the challengers for a third time next week. Styles says as much on commentary, stating that they wont be able to run, and they’re all out of surprises, claiming it’s just a matter of time before AMW lose the WWE Tag Team Championships. In the ring, Carlito and Kofi make sure AMW realise it too, with the champions retreating up the aisle - completely dishevelled … looking extremely worried - again.

Backstage, we see a disappointed looking Jamie Noble - having fallen short of winning the Cruiserweight Championship at Cyber Sunday - talking with the jobber tag team of Smackdown; The James Boys. Despite being brought in as heels, they are sympathetic toward Noble, giving him some encouragement. Noble accepts it, and begins to change the subject, telling the duo to keep plugging away - and sooner or later, they’ll start racking up wins. Just then, Layla enters the scene, standing between Noble and her boys, instructing Kasey and Kassidy to come with her.

She leads them away, glancing back at a confused Noble - giving him a look of disdain - then once far away enough from him, she berates the duo for talking with Noble. Layla reminds her team that they are STILL winless - and it’s because they associate themselves with losers like Noble, but they should associate themselves with winners that dress & carry themselves like winners - and points to a TV screen, where we see NICK NEMETH making his way to the ring, telling her team they need to be more like HIM, and less like Noble.

Back in the arena, we catch up with Nemeths entrance, as it’s revealed that if Finlay can defeat Nemeth in the next match, he’ll get the Belfast Brawl he wants with the preening, self obsessed newcomer…

Commercial Break

Match 3:
Nick Nemeth vs. Finlay
*If Finlay wins; he gets a Belfast Brawl with Nemeth next week*
Finlay roughs Nemeth up in the early going, giving the pretty boy a lesson in toughness, but to his credit, Nemeth is able to survive, and does show his toughness in riding out the storm from Finlay on the outside. Back in the ring, Nemeth begins to establish his dominance, taking over, scoring a variety of near falls on the veteran before working over the back of the Irishman. Finlay doesn’t give in either though, and mounts a fight back, but just as the match looks to be turning back in his favour, he shoots Nemeth off the ropes, ducking down for his return … BUT NEMETH IS BACK WITH THE EGO BOOST!!!!!!! Nemeth smiles as he goes for the cover … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Nick Nemeth @ 07:48

The Narcissist picks up another win - and it’s one that deflates the crowd - as he avoids having to face the Ulsterman in a Belfast Brawl. Nemeth slides out of the ring, cockily rubbing his chin, pointing to his face, telling the fans that they wont ruin his good looks, as he continues his winning streak since debuting on Smackdown in July, whilst Finlay picks himself up, looking up disappointedly at the victor.

Backstage, Americas Most Wanted stand with Michelle McCool, looking rather dejected, looking at the tag team titles, finally coming to the realisation that perhaps their nine month run as WWE Tag Team Champions will come to an end next week on Smackdown. McCool tries to be positive, telling Harris and Storm they’ll ‘think of something’ … but AMW simply shake their heads. Harris tells her that they’ve pushed their luck far enough, and pulled enough tricks to keep the titles … “but it‘s time to face the music”, as Storm regrettably agrees, saying they’ll take what’s coming to them next week - like men…

Commercial Break

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with THE BRIAN KENDRICK - title still over his shoulder - fresh off a win at Cyber Sunday (albeit tainted - but he doesn’t mention that) and Josh reveals that Kendrick has an announcement to make. TBK takes the mic, and after a long winded speech about his history making reign as Cruiserweight champion - longer than Paul London ever held the title - he reminds everyone that the last time he met Paul London in Africa he won.

Kendrick then says that in his book, a win over the champion means he should get a title shot, re-affirming his aspiration to have double gold. Kendrick again reminds the audience he retained his title at Cyber Sunday … and says that now he’s solidified himself as the greatest cruiserweight champion ever - better than London. He tells the audience that his other shoulder feels very bare … but it wont be for much longer … as next week on the Smackdown Season Premiere he’ll take the United States Championship from London, and embark on becoming the greatest U.S Champion ever too!!!

Back into the arena…

Match 4:
X-Pac vs. Scotty Too Hotty
There’s a reason for having another jobber match on Smackdown - and it soon becomes clear. X-Pac hits his Bronco Buster early on, and Scotty eventually comes back, setting up for the WORM … BUT EDGE ARRIVES BACK - THROUGH THE CROWD … INTO THE RING … AND SPEARS SCOTTY!!!! Edge starts to put the boots to X-Pac too … leading to the second no contest of the night…
Winner: No Contest @ 02:14

With a maniacal look on his face, Edge picks Scotty up, throwing him out of the ring, before setting himself … SPEARING X-Pac too!!! Edge hammers X-Pac on the canvas, rolling out, then picking up a chair and a mic. He gets back in the ring, with X-Pac rolling out, and once again, he sets the chair down, with the heat rising for the crazed Rated ‘R’ Superstar. Edge sits down … and again refuses to leave the ring until justice is served, saying he wont settle for being kicked out of the arena … and begins to wait …

Commercial Break

The show returns with security again surrounding the ring, with Edge still sitting, telling the security guys to come right ahead, saying they can kick him out again, but he’ll keep coming back, over and over again. Just then, looking disappointed, Arn Anderson walks onto the stage, giving Edge one final chance to leave the ring - telling him the consequences could be critical for his career.


Edge though, says he wont leave until he gets what he wants - justice, and the shot at the title he keeps being screwed out of. Anderson tells Edge he wont be getting it though - and seeing as he wont leave the ring … he leaves Double A with little option … but to invoke the second stipulation which he the fans DIDN’T vote for at Cyber Sunday … and informs Edge he WONT get a shot at the WWE Championship for TWELVE MONTHS!!!

In the ring, Edge is gob smacked - with nothing to say - as Anderson continues, telling Edge he has thirty seconds to leave the ring, and if he doesn’t, he will be removed again … but wont just be escorted off the building - he’ll be spending the night in jail. Edge remains in the ring, saying nothing, but shakes his head, unable to process the idea of not having a shot at the title for twelve months.

With his eye off the ball … Edge is brought down in the ring, with the security team holding him down … but he doesn’t even squirm or put up a struggle this time, flattened by Andersons announcement. Edge is led away, up the aisle, and behind the curtain … as we fade out.

Commercial Break

As we return, we get clips from during the commercial, where Kristal Marshall caught up with Edge as he was led away, asking Edge for his reaction to Arn Andersons edict - that he cannot challenge for the WWE Championship for TWELVE months. Edge still seems shellshocked, but is allowed to stop for a moment, and tells Kristal … “If- If I cant have the WWE title … for- for a … a year?? I don’t think I can hang around here anymore. I may as well not be here at all.” Before begin pushed on, and taken out of the building…

Match 5:
The James Boys w/Layla vs. The Daredevils
Once more, the winless tandem of Kassidy and Kacey get their opportunity, and at one point, it looks like they may just get the win, with Layla having a big influence on the match … but Jamie Noble rushes to the ringside area, pulling Layla away from the ring … which causes Laylas team to be distracted … and allows Jeff & Evan to make a comeback. Noble and Layla argue on the outside, with Noble telling her to let the team earn it for themselves … but already, the match is just about over, as Evan drops Kassidy with an enziguri, while Jeff flies off with a Swanton Bomb, getting the 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: The Daredevils @ 05:56

Layla is furious, and slaps Noble, berating him for costing her boys that elusive first win, but Noble takes the slap, but backs away, smiling and nodding, teaching Layla a lesson tonight, whilst she looks to pick up the pieces with her boys.

Backstage, we see Randy Orton for the first time tonight, showing the wounds of the Elimination Chamber this past Sunday, with a black eye, and stitches in his forehead, before cutting to a video package of still images from Cyber Sunday, and the Elimination Chamber, which Orton eventually won - last defeating Brock Lesnar to retain the WWE title.

After the package, Styles and Heyman discuss the injuries suffered by the competitors in the match, with Lesnar, Orton and Van Dam all being medically suspended in the aftermath, with neither Orton or Lesnar allowed to compete tonight, whilst RVD is ruled out of action for 28 days due to more concussion issues stemming from the match on Sunday. They then tell us that after the commercial, we’ll hear from Brock Lesnar in a sit down interview with Joey Styles, conducted earlier in the week, as Styles notes there will be some ‘interesting’ comments.

Commercial Break

And, the show returns, as promised, with the sit down interview with BROCK LESNAR which was recorded from Brocks ranch in Minnesota. Joey Styles initially asks about the Elimination Chamber at Cyber Sunday and the injuries he received, with Brock not making a big deal of it, saying he has a few internal injuries; “but nothing I cant handle”, saying he’s pissed off that he’s been forced to stay home this week.

Styles moves on, and talks about the Chamber itself, and how he came so close to beating Orton, but came up just short, asking Lesnar for his thoughts on what went wrong at Cyber Sunday. Lesnar is matter of fact about it, telling Styles that “it’s pretty clear what went wrong, Joey. I got hit with an RKO.” The atmosphere turns frosty momentarily, with Lesnar not expanding on his answer.

Joey takes a second, and notes that he understands Brock is upset over the loss- and is cut off instantly. Lesnar calls that an understatement, saying he’s a little more than upset. The Iron Man begins to talk in more detail, telling Joey he had the match won, and as far as he’s concerned “Orton didn’t win - I lost.” Brock talks about blowing it, saying he had Orton beat … then pauses.

After the pause, Brock continues, picking up where he left off, telling Styles that he had Orton beat … but he screwed up. Lesnar says he knew from the minute he stood back up inside the Chamber after the match was over that something was wrong … and couldn’t put his finger on it initially, but watched the PPV on replay {cheap plug for PPV~!!} the next day … and realised.

Again, he stops, with Styles prodding; “Realised what??” … with Lesnar eyeballing the commentator, before accusing Joey of playing dumb; “You know. Everyone knows … hell Paul said it on commentary on Sunday himself … when does Brock Lesnar ever mess around??” He goes on to talk about the Brock Lesnar inside the Elimination Chamber not being THE Brock Lesnar, noting the difference between him on his debut five years ago, and now.

Lesnar says that five years ago, he wouldn’t have taken his time to dispose of Orton, and wouldn’t have asked the fans which side of the ring he should’ve hit the F5 on - he’d have hit it instantly … and if he had done that on Sunday, he’d be sitting in Minnesota right now with the WWE Championship on his lap. Brock sits forward, saying he didn’t have the killer instinct at Cyber Sunday … but vows that “from this moment on, you’ll see a different Brock Lesnar - the old Brock Lesnar … the REAL Brock Lesnar.”

The Iron Man closes, sitting back, and with a smile, his eyes open wide, telling Joey; “And everyone should be afraid. VERY afraid.” Styles shifts uncomfortably in his seat, and thanks Lesnar for the interview, telling Brock he’ll look forward to seeing him on Smackdown next week, as we fade out…

And, back at ringside, we see an excited looking Paul Heyman, telling Styles he cant wait to see the ‘old’ Brock Lesnar, saying that the ‘soft’ Lesnar was almost good enough to win the WWE Title, and tells Joey to imagine what the ‘old’ Lesnar will be capable of…


MVP enters, and makes his way toward the ring, as Styles and Heyman discuss Porter being in action next - after HE requested a rematch with Elijah Burke after a hotly contested match between the pair last week on Smackdown, with the match coming up … next.

Commercial Break

The show returns, with MVP standing with a mic, telling the fans that he’s a big game player, explaining he struggled against Elijah Burke last week because he finds it hard to get himself ‘in the right mind set’ for ‘lower level’ competition. He says to prove a point though, he’s challenged Burke to a rematch tonight, and promises to destroy the punk tonight - even though he’s not worthy of the shot.

Match 6:
Elijah Burke vs. M.V.P
It’s not the one sided contest that MVP expects, once more, he’s made to fight for the win by Burke - just like last week - and it’s all Burke in the early going, taking exception to Porters comments. He sends MVP into the steps on the outside, and scores a few near falls in the ring, but cant finish MVP off. Porter begins to make a comeback though, wearing Burke down, but starts to get mouthy, trash talking to the fans while he works Eli over … allowing Elijah to fight back too, nearly catching him with an inside cradle, then a roll up … but MVP survives. The fight then spills out of the ring again … where Porter SMASHES Burke with a chair - causing a DQ.
Winner: Via DQ - Elijah Burke @ 06:30

Burke wins, but is left in a heap by Montel - who’s frustration boiled over, and he storms away from the ringside area, shaking his head, breathing heavily.

Commercial Break

A video package airs, hyping the return of MNM; MERCURY, NITRO AND MELINA, off the back of being banished from Raw, they have been signed by Arn Anderson COMING TO SMACKDOWN - SOON!!!

At ringside, Joey Styles and Paul Heyman hype up next weeks Season Premiere show, which will be headlined by a WWE Championship Match between Randy Orton and The Undertaker, in addition to TWO more title matches; Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick for the United States Title & AMW vs. The Caribbean Connection for the WWE Tag Team titles - PLUS - a No Disqualification match between Batista & Garrison Cade. The commentary team shill next weeks show as being PPV worthy, and have a great main event still to come tonight - London & Batista vs. Kendrick & Cade … and right now, Josh Mathews is with one of those two teams…

And, the interviewer is with BATISTA AND PAUL LONDON, asking them how they are feeling since losing out on the WWE Title at Cyber Sunday, and how they are physically. Batista speaks first, saying the physical injuries don’t matter now - he’s bitterly disappointed at losing out on winning the title at Cyber Sunday, feeling that he was ‘cooking’ inside the Chamber, took no prisoners and ready to take the title…

Which leads Josh into asking about the fact that Batista eliminated London from the Chamber - wondering if that could cause any friction between the pair tonight. London takes over though, refuting that, saying that he knew going into the Chamber it would be every man for himself, holding no grudge against Batista for eliminating him - even going on to say he would’ve been disappointed if Batista had’ve went easy on him.

London continues, saying he’s as disappointed as anyone that he couldn’t capture the WWE Title at Cyber Sunday, but he’ll dust himself down, and guarantees he’ll be back in the hunt for the WWE title eventually … but his priority right now is holding on to the United States Championship, and “popping that deluded freak‘s massive head” Brian Kendrick next week, and bringing him back down to earth.

Batista backs up the claim, saying he and Paul London were buddies before the Elimination Chamber, and no matter what happened in the chamber, they are, and will remain friends, stating that they’ve got similar goals and if they ever have to face off in the ring again, neither will hold back - it’s just business. London nods, then adds in the comment; “Yeah, just don’t go crazy on me like you did last Friday”, patting The Animal on the shoulder with a smile.

Batista takes a second … then smiles back, patting the back of his partner. Before anything can be made of the comment, Josh asks The Animal for his thoughts on facing Cade again next Friday in a No DQ match … and gets an icy stare from The Animal. Batista keeps his answer brief, telling Josh that what happens to Cade next week; “has been coming”, saying no more than that, as we fade out.

Back into the arena, and the introductions begin for the main event, with Cade making his way to the ring, and is followed by Kendrick entrance, as we cut to a commercial break again.

Commercial Break

The show returns with Batista finishing up his entrance, as Paul London then makes his, getting us ready for the main event match of the show…

Main Event:
Batista & Paul London vs. Garrison Cade & The Brian Kendrick
It’s not a classic by any means, but it’s a solid contest, nicely setting the stage for two of the matches on next weeks bumper show, as we see plenty of interaction between the four men, including Kendrick trying to take a cheap shot at London on the apron, with London then chasing TBK around the outside of the ring. During all of that commotion, Cade takes the chance to cheap shot Batista, giving Kendrick the chance to take over once order is restored. After a short period where Kendrick and Cade dominate, Cade starts to grow tired of the big headed Cruiserweight Champions antics.

And, after telling TBK to ‘cut the crap’, Kendrick gets angry, arguing back with the big Texan and SHOVES him - BIG MISTAKE - Cade threatens to get into the ring, (just as London tags Batista) and Kendrick naturally turns around to run from him … BUT RUNS INTO THE SPINEBUSTER!!! Cade is already on his way into the ring … AND BATISTA TACKLES HIM DOWN!!!!! London is now the legal man, and he climbs the ropes, setting himself up top, just as Batista and Cade tumble outside the ring … 450 SPLASH TO KENDRICK!!!!! London covers, 1...2...3!!!!!!
Winners: Paul London & Batista @ 09:43

The faces pick up a feel-good win, as the egos & clash of personalities on the heel side cost them the match. Batista just misses with a swing of a chair at Cade, with Cade ducking away, and getting away from The Animal - prepared to wait for their No DQ match next week. Batista tries to call Cade back, but The Lone Star waves it off. In the ring, London holds his title aloft, like Kendrick writhes, pointing down at TBK as if to say it’ll be the same again next week.

Backstage, we see Randy Orton walking through the backstage area, heading to the ring … next.

Commercial Break


Orton heads to the ring, still showing the scars of the Elimination Chamber - but has the WWE title in tact. The commentary team wonder though, just how much the Chamber took out of Orton - and with only seven days before his next title defence, they wonder if he’ll be in good enough condition to defend the title against The Phenom.

The Champion reaches the ring, and begins to talk about the gruelling nature of the Elimination Chamber, graphically depicting the feeling of crashing against the steel flooring, breaking through the Perspex pods, and the feeling of the steel chains against his face. He talks about the years that the match takes off a career, how it’s designed to punish, how it‘s the most career threatening match to be in…

…and that Arn Anderson failed in his ‘quest’ to see him lose the WWE Championship inside the ‘devils playground’. He raises the title belt in the air to heat, but soon tells the fans that despite retaining the title in the most barbaric match there is, against FIVE other guys … he has to defend the title AGAIN, next week.

“As if it needed proven even further that Arn Andersons ONLY objective is to see me lose the WWE Championship, he places me in a match with The Undertaker, less than two weeks after defending my title inside the Elimination Chamber.”

Orton continues to complain about Andersons vendetta, claiming it to be pathetic, saying that the more Double A tries to screw him over … the more it drives him on to throw it back in Andersons face. He says he saw off FIVE challengers at Cyber Sunday in SPITE of Anderson - and he’ll beat The Deadman next week in SPITE of Anderson too.

He says he’s been doing it for the last six months, and he’ll do it “time and time again”, until Anderson either a) realises he cant win this battle, or b) gets fired, telling the fans he has officially submitted a complaint to the WWE Board of Directors - citing unfair treatment from the GM. Orton then makes the challenge - calling Anderson to the ring to “face the music”. He waits in the ring to see if Anderson will come out…


“Perhaps Randy … your focus is on the wrong person…”

The message is clearly from The Undertaker, as his unmistakable voice echoes throughout the arena, with the lights still out. They stay out for a prolonged period, with the fans in Austin coming unglued … before they come back on … WITH THE UNDERTAKER IN THE RING!!!!! He stands behind Orton - who is still looking up to the aisle - then turns around … INTO A CHOKESLAM ATTEMPT FROM THE DEADMAN!!!!!

But Orton kicks Taker in the gut, and breaks the choke, quickly escaping from the ring. Orton frantically backs up to the aisle, as The Phenom stands tall in the ring, bending, and picking up the title belt - taking a long look at the gold. Outside, Orton is beside himself, yelling at Taker “THAT‘S MINE - NOT YOURS!!!”, demanding it back.

Taker takes one more look at the title, then nods, putting it back down … and offers Orton to come into the ring to get it. The Champion looks frustrated, not wanting to get into the ring, and paces back and forth before letting out an anxious yell. He continues to pace on the aisle, whilst Taker simply stands tall in the ring, eyeing Orton as Heyman and Styles hype the showdown next week … as we fade out.


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Re: Being The Booker

The Edge angle is fantastic, I'm fine with the first match being ruined because of it. I really like the idea used.

The AMW match was fun and I'm curious where you'll go with their reign due to this situation they have with Kofi and Carlito.

The Noble/James Boys segment I guess I'm seeing as a way to put over Nemeth a little bit. Not sure, seemed like filler which is fine.

Surprised Nemeth won, only because usually those sort of matches work in favour of the babyface I feel but I like that he won, gives him a bit more heat through frustrating the crowd. They all know Finlay'd fuck him up, haha.

AMW don't look too confident however I don't think their reign is up just yet, I think they really will 'think of something'.

Kendrick's promo was good, I don't know how I feel about him going after the title necessarily though, I always feel that devalues the title they already hold unless it's maybe tag titles, however they have history so it'll probably make for a good feud just as long as he doesn't win the title, although if you can make it work, you can make it work!

Edge's back. Good. I love this. I loved the contrast of behavior from him, psychotic to depressed all over the one thing that seemingly matters to him - the title. I'm curious what the 12 months means though, whether you've got a feud for him or if it's a way to write him out for a while. I'm curious where you go with this.

Noble's interference in the James match was fun. Good to set up a little feud between them as it looked like they'd finally get a win.

Lesnar's promo was well done. I liked that it wasn't in the ring as well, I like the odd promo in an external environment. The selling of the Elimination Chamber aftermath was good. Lesnar's change of character will freshen him up also, it's good that he acknowledged he's not a show pony and we're going to see a ruthless Lesnar again ready to take that title.

MVP's DQ loss has me wondering where it will go. He just seems like a bitch right now but I like Burke so them feuding is good.

Batista and London's promo was unique just because usually you're not seeing two people act like mates after a Chamber match, anyhow the 'season premiere' sounds good for both competitors. I won't lie I don't really know what 'season premiere' means though but the card looks exciting.

Faces on top in the main event is fine, sets up their matches next week as well. I was never overly crazy about Cade (RIP) but he'd be a solid midcard player and I like the 'Lone Star' moniker.

Orton's promo did what it had to do. It was well addressed and the points were made well even for a recapped promo. 'Taker coming out just had to happen and it was perfectly done.

Just brief notes as it was recapped but it was a well booked show!

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Re: Being The Booker

Test and Tomko? TnT?

Sonjay Dutt vs. Super Crazy: Anything but the divisional wrestlers getting attacked by Edge! Hehe. Was sure this was coming and I'm looking forward to how Edge's angle unfolds at this point.

Chris Harris w/James Storm & Michelle McCool vs. Carlito w/Kofi Kingston: I would of rather seen promos building up for the match next week, but seeing as the point is to make AMW look weak this makes sense. I'm expecting Caribbean Connection to win since we already have the Edge angle where he can't get the title he wants.

Jamie Noble can be a good underdog character, but I'm guessing he is going to be retiring soon given the news/rumors that he'll only get one more shot at the Cruiserweight Championship.

Nick Nemeth vs. Finlay: Good win for Nick Nemeth here to help build up his credibility, I think he's going to be a good character for Smackdown!.

I'm looking forward to Brian Kendrick vs. Paul London at the premier show, should be good stuff.

X-Pac vs. Scotty Too Hotty: The divisionals again get screwed by Edge!

I'm guessing Edge will be winning the Royal Rumble and facing Christian now at WrestleMania? Though I along with many others are expecting Cena vs. Christian at WrestleMania, so I'm not sure what is going to happen now. This also puts a lot of legitimacy on the WWE Championship which is great.

The James Boys w/Layla vs. The Daredevils: Seems to be a filler match to get Daredevils a win and Noble more face time.

Wow RVD getting taken off TV again? Haha.

Can't wait to see the old Brock Lesnar hit stage next week.

Elijah Burke vs. M.V.P: This is a solid feud to keep these two guys on camera, I'm wonder what direction this will end up taking though and who will come out looking the best.

Batista & Paul London vs. Garrison Cade & The Brian Kendrick: I would of liked to have seen everyone kept strong for next week, but the way this match finished lessen the blow to me, though I think London vs Kendrick with a Kendrick fresh off a title defense would of been hotter.

Good to see the Orton/Anderson story advancing while we also get a predictable Taker run in. Great to see you protect your champion before the match though by having Orton escape the Chokeslam.

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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown Feedback

I'm just gonna give you some general thoughts on SmackDown, as I always struggle to give proper reviews for recapped shows. But I'll still give my opinion on things on the blue brand.

As you maybe could tell from my predictions for Cyber Sunday, I always felt that the stipulation banning the loser of the Edge/Undertaker from a title shot for the next 12 months was the far greater option, especially when applied to Edge. So you can imagine how pleased I was to see you eventually go down this route. I thought the way you used Edge throughout the show was very well done, from the first interruption and the line about having matches around him, to the second time and the sheer shock and despair, it was all good stuff and offers so many possibilities going forward. Although why does he keep picking on cruiserweights? And was that the first time a security team has actually done it's job properly? I tend to agree with what has been said above, I'm sure Edge will find a way to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship and set up a 'Mania showdown between him and Christian, which of course will be amazing. But yeah, as for this show, Edge was used to perfection, and this is a storyline which you can take in so many directions now.

Moving onto the tag title scene. I criticised your handling of it back at SummerSlam, and while I feel you've progressed the story with the arrival of McCool, I get the feeling that despite the confidence of Styles that a title change in a sure thing next week, you'll still somehow find a way to keep the gold on AMW just that little bit longer. The win for 'Lito and the dejection from Harris and Storm later on makes me think that there's still one more twist left in this story before we finally do get a title change. What that is, I haven't a clue, but I'm convinced there's gotta be something you've got left up your sleeve for this two teams.

Interesting interactions between Noble and The James Boys, both with the backstage moment and later on during their match. Obviously there's more to come from this, but right now it looks like Layla could wind up associated with Nemeth, which could lead to a feud with Noble? I dunno really. It's very intriguing though, and the more defeats Kasey and Kassidy suffer, I guess the more likely they're to turn their backs on Layla and blame her.

As for Nemeth, another good win for him. At this stage in his career, Finlay's a solid guy to keep around to put over newcomers, a role he performed quite well in real life in 2008/09. And it was a clean win as well! Obviously with his character Nemeth would want to avoid a Belfast Brawl to save damaging his good looks, but I think it would be for the benefit of his character if somehow Finlay did get the Belfast Brawl only for Nemeth to win that too. Would add a certain ruggedness to his pretty boy character, and would definitely be a step in the right direction for him.

I, like yourself, very much enjoy the THE character from Kendrick, and while I think his reign as Crusierweight Champion is certainly something that could rival the real life reign of Gregory Helms, I don't see Kendrick becoming a double champion any time soon. If and when you take the gold from London, it needs to be on a far bigger setting than a SmackDown special imo. But yeah, much love for Kendrick and his arrogance here.

God, another month out for Van Dam? I'm starting to get retirement vibes from him given the amount of time he's since WrestleMania. Is 'Mania 24 his swansong perhaps?

Really wish the Lesnar interview was in full, I thought the promo you wrote for Chris Jericho a while back was awesome, and this could have been just as good if written out in full. Although recapped, you got across quite nicely who angry Brock was, not only at the situation of losing out on the title, but also at himself for letting it happen. And I also really sensed the intensity from the man, who now seems to be on a crusade to to right the wrongs of his mistake. One thing I worry about though is bringing Lesnar back to challenge for the title. I mean, he's challenged for the gold in some shape or fashion at Judgment Day, Great American Bash and now Cyber Sunday this year. I'd hope it wouldn't be Survivor Series, rather hold off until Armageddon for another match between the two. But yeah, either way, this interview was nicely done, certainly got across the intended emotions very well, and it'll be interesting to see what kinda Lesner we get when he returns.

I still think that MVP could be the man to end London's US Title reign, and I kinda liked that we saw his aggressive side come out again here. Obviously you've done stuff like this in the past with him and Carlito, but Burke isn't on 'Lito's level yet, so I'm fully expecting at some point for MVP to pick up a definitive win over Burke.

I'm sure I said this in the run up to Cyber Sunday, but I definitely think there's a heel turn coming up for Batista. Which given his lack of success in this thread, would do his character a world of good. But yeah, solid words in the interview, and that match next week with Cade should be a real hard hitter. Any chance of the big SmackDown show being in full? As for the main event, pretty standard that the faces would get the win, even though I'm predicting that both Batista and London will win their respective matches next week. Cade's an interesting situation though. He's kinda came out of nowhere the last month or so to establish himself in the top half of the card, so I'll be interested to see if you continue to use him in that way once he's wrapped things up with Batista. The fact that it was Kendrick who took the fall here suggests that you've got something in mind anyway. intrigued to find out what that is.

With the Orton promo, I liked that little touch at the start with the commentators pointing out that it's only gonna be less than two weeks from the chamber that Orton is defending the title again, that was a nice little sentence to put some doubt into the mind. I still fully think Orton will retain, perhaps due to some shenanigans from Edge. God, yet more involvement between Anderson and senior management. I don't think there's a hope in hell of him keeping his job whenever his review comes up. With 'Taker out I thought it was a nice little twist to have Orton escape his clutches, it's usually a pretty standard move to go for the chokeslam here, but the focus on the title was a nice touch. As I said, I still can't see Undertaker winning next week, although I'm sure it'll be a great main event.

Uh yeah, my thoughts are kinda a bit all over the place really, but as I said, I'm not very good at reviewing recapped shows. But it was a fun read, and there was plenty of build towards next week's big show, so hat's off for that. Edge was used superbly, really well done, and I've done plenty of second guessing throughout, so that's always a good thing. Keep up the good work, very much looking forward to next week's special.
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Re: Being The Booker


Last night at a Raw Live Event, JOHN CENA announced in his own hometown of Boston that he has decided his match with Mr. Kennedy at Nemesis will be contested as a Streetfight. Cena was handed both the #1 Contender match with Kennedy at the PPV and the right to name the stipulations as part of Bischoffs bargain to keep him on Raw, and, citing the merciless attack which left Cena bloodied last week, Cena has gone for one of the most extremely violent matches in the WWE today.

Also, moments after Smackdown went off the air it was also announced via the website that Brock Lesnar has been ordered by Smackdown GM Arn Anderson to take an extra week of rest before returning to action. Lesnar had stated in a pre-taped interview that he would be at the Smackdown Season Premiere, but, after consultation with WWE doctors - in addition to an already loaded night - Anderson has laid down the law on the Iron Man.



The Monday Night Raw rollercoaster rides into Detroit this week and the zero-tolerance policy is officially in effect, with Eric Bischoff decreeing that no Raw superstar can physically assault another - unless in a match of course - until October 14 at Nemesis. With the threat of fines, suspensions and possible firings hanging in the balance for any superstar that violates the orders, how will some of the biggest rivals on Raw manage to keep their composure??

One week on from the shocking, sickening Playas Club where Kurt Angle threatened the safety of Rey Mysterios family from San Diego before humbling and humilating the luchador warrior, the two will both appear on the Playas Club - like they were supposed to last week - and with tensions running high, can Mysterio keep a lid on his simmering emotions?? Or will Bischoff be forced to act??

Elsewhere, John Cena and Mister Kennedy wont have to worry about the zero-contact policy, as they will face off in tag team action, with Cena partnering with his opponent last week - Matt Hardy - whilst Kennedy joins forces with his associate The Miz. With the #1 Contender Match on the horizon, it's a chance to gain the upper hand for both men, and with last weeks attack still fresh in Cenas mind, it's a chance for revenge too - with nothing stopping him when the bell rings.

Plus, in a exclusive, it has been revealed that Rhyno will meet Umaga - one on one - in the main event of the night, after the challenge was made by Armando Estrada on behalf of the Samoan Bulldozer. Rhyno - fearless (if not a little stupid) - immediately accepted, having been forced to watch from the sidelines in recent months, getting little to no air time. While the random challenge would normally seem odd, it should be noted that Rhyno is a close, personal, long time friend of none other than World Heavyweight Champion, Christian. With Umaga unable to get his hands on Christian until October 14, could the eager Man Beast be used as a sacrificial lamb in the mean time??

After losing the Intercontinental Title at Summerslam, Shelton Benjamin finally gets his rematch against William Regal. After over a month of complaints about losing the title in a triple threat match, it's put up or shut up time for Benjamin and The Brotherhood. Can they unseat the noble Regal as champion?? Or will the fairytale continue for the veteran from Blackpool??

Despite it being a big week for Smackdown with the Season Premiere, it seems Eric Bischoff has set his sights on trying to one up the Smackdown GM ahead of the cross promotional Survivor Series Elimination Match in two months time with a loaded Raw, with the Best of 5 series for the Womens Title continuing in earnest, a number one contenders match between the Angels of Anarchy & The Master Craftsmen plus a grudge match between Cody Rhodes and Jerry Lawler. It all adds up to a HUGE night of action in the Motor City for Raw!!!

Matches Announced;
Intercontinental Championship; William Regal defends against Shelton Benjamin
Womens Championship - Best of 5 Series - Match 2; Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James
#1 Contenders Match; Angels of Anarchy vs Master Craftsmen
John Cena & Matt Hardy vs Mr. Kennedy & The Miz
Rhyno vs Umaga
Cody Rhodes vs Jerry Lawler

Plus; Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio meet on The Coach's Playas Club.


I'll post Raw tomorrow.

*Just as an aside, I'll be continuing to write the weekly shows in recap form until the 15th Anniversary Raw. I know it's not ideal, but this current format is working for me at the moment*
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Re: Being The Booker

Street Fight sounds like it'll be good, had this been in the real world I would thing who cares, but you tend to never disappoint with your Street Fights.

I'm guessing Lesnar will find some way to show up at Smackdown! during the premier. Going against the doctor and Anderson's orders will just push Lesnar's bad ass persona straight forward or you might do a swerve on us and get him injured so that he can go to UFC AND give someone heel heat for doing so.

Interesting decision to have an Angle/Mysterio Playas Club this week. I was expecting a faux simmering of the angle, but it looks like things will be picking up right away.

I'm guessing and hoping The Miz takes the fall in the tag team match, or Matt Hardy can take the fall.

RHYNO!!! GORE! GORE! SPIKE! Nice to see you'll be using the friendship between Rhyno and Christian to further the feud.

No clue what is going to happen between Benjamin and Regal at this point. Though I'm guessing Benjamin will win.

I am expecting another Phoenix win this week and looking forward to seeing what happens in Craftsmen vs. Angels.

I'm fine with the recap format, there are some things I would like to see in full because of the great characters you have at the moment and with the Raw Six beginning to form, but whatever works for you works for me. Especially since the anniversary is in December so thats only a couple months of TV away.

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | September 24 2007 | Detroit MI

Highlights package from last weeks show, firstly focusing on the creepy scenario between Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio, then moving onto the crazy sequence of events in the double main event, with a plethora of run ins … leading to Eric Bischoff laying down the law, announcing that until Nemesis, he wont stand for ANY contact between ANYONE unless its in a match…

Opening Video

NO Pyro-

Instead, we cut from the opening video - STRAIGHT - to the ring, where both The Master Craftsmen and the Angels of Anarchy are in their respective corners, as Lillian Garcia handles the ring introductions; the #1 contenders match for the tag team titles is kicking off the show!! J.R & Coach welcome everyone to Raw, and tell the fans they’ve been joined by the tag team champions; CM Punk & Greg Helms for this opening contest…


The Angels of Anarchy vs. The Master Craftsmen
On commentary, J.R notes that this match up has been building ever since the two teams arrived on Raw six weeks ago, and shows his excitement for the contest, whilst Coach firmly posts his flag to the mast, wanting the Craftsmen to win, sticking it to the tag champions on commentary, telling them flat out that he thinks they’d get their asses kicked if they had to face Albright & Haas. Punk and Helms don’t bite at the bait though, putting over both teams as big threats. All this happens in the early going, where it takes a few minutes for the match to get going. After the long-ish feeling out period, the match eventually kicks into gear with all four getting involved, leading to Haas & Albright getting dumped out of the ring with Williams hitting a baseball slide and Daniels splashing outside onto the opponents … just as we go to the first commercial break of the night.

Commercial Break

And we return, with the pace slowing down again. It becomes obvious that this isn’t your typical tag team match with no long ‘face in peril’ sequence. It’s simply a back and forth rollercoaster, with the two teams equal to each other in every single way possible. Just as one thinks they’re getting control of the match, the other fights back, swinging the momentum into their favour again. Near falls are frequent, but it’s kick out after kick out after kick out, as the four men on commentary all put over the talent in the ring, and how much they want the gold that Straight Edge possess. As the match hit’s the SEVENTEEN minute mark, things break down, just as Williams puts Albright down to allow Daniels to hit the BME … with Haas shoving Daniels off the turnbuckles … setting into motion the next four man brawl, with the official losing control of the teams.

The fight spills to the outside, with Williams attacking Haas, whilst in the ring Brent recovers, and SLAPS ON THE CROWBAR on Daniels!!! The Fallen Angel is in all kinds of pain, and desperately tries to reach the ropes … but it looks like he’ll be forced to tap … UNTIL DOUG WILLIAMS MAKES THE SAVE!!!!! Doug breaks the hold, stomping the back of Brent, dragging him up, looking to hit the Chaos Theory … BUT ALBRIGHT ELBOWS FREE!!! Haas is back in, and the Master Craftsmen double team on Williams … but as they look to throw him out of the ring, Daniels school boys Albright, and Williams is able to shift the momentum to throw Haas back out … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Albright survives, but the Angels of Anarchy are on him, and get him up for a double suplex … but Haas trips the leg of Williams, forcing the momentum to shift, and Albright lands in a cover on Daniels … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Haas gets back in now, stomping Williams down, whilst Albright looks to lock on the Crowbar … but Daniels counters, into a pin, 1...2...ALBRIGHT ROLLS OUT … INTO THE CROWBAR … BUT DANIELS GRABS THE ROPES!!! The two get back up, trading blows, but Haas helps Albright with a big forearm to the back of Daniels, allowing Brent to going for a Half Nelson Suplex - but Daniels manages to counter - STO!!!!! He covers - as Williams grabs onto Haas to stop him from breaking it - 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! Daniels sits up in shock, truly believing he had it won, then gets up, catching Haas with a dropkick, but as he comes back for the Ace of Spades; he is caught in a cradle - 1...2...DANIELS BREAKS FREE!!! He shoots up, ducks a clothesline, then rolls up the King of the Ring … 1...2...KICK OUT … both men shoot up - DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Daniels and Albright take each other out, and both lay down, whilst Williams back body drops Haas out of the ring … as the bell rings???
Winners: Time Limit Draw @ 20:00

The announcement is made at ringside, with even the referee confused at first about the bell being rung. Punk and Helms are angry at ringside, saying they didn’t know there was a time limit, as J.R (conveniently) states that according to the (fictitious) WWE rule book, any #1 Contender matches that aren’t a main event are subject to time constraints - and this one was no different!!

Inside the Joe Louis Arena, the fans are pissed, with a strong contingent chanting ‘BULLSHIT’, whilst some others try to strike up a ‘FIVE MORE MINUTES’ chant … but it wont be happening. Straight Edge are without #1 Contenders, and the two potential challenging teams are both disappointed as the call is made.

Commercial Break

Backstage, ALL THREE teams; The Master Craftsmen, Angels of Anarchy & the World Tag Champs Straight Edge are in Eric Bischoffs office, all talking over each other, with the basic gist being that they want another match to determine winners of the match. Bischoff has to shout in order to shut the six men up, then informs them that he cant give them a rematch tonight, as the show is already crammed.

No one is happy with that, as the two potential challengers bicker with each other over who should’ve won, whilst Punk and Helms tell Bischoff they’ll face either team - not caring which. The GM finally has enough, having to shout to quieten them all again, and comes up with a solution; next week on Raw, it’ll be a 4 on 4 tag team match. The Master Craftsmen & the Angels of Anarchy vs. Straight Edge and any two men of their choosing.

And seeing as Albright, Haas, Daniels and Williams are so desperate for a shot at the titles, they’ll have to work together in order to earn it - and as Straight Edge don’t care who they face, if they lose next week they can face BOTH teams in a triple threat match for the titles at Nemesis. It’s a suitable - but not ideal - solution, with an uneasy stare down between the two rival challengers, as Straight Edge nod along, accepting the challenge - despite placing them at a disadvantage.

Elsewhere, Kelly Kelly stands by with Cody & Dustin Rhodes. Kelly asks why Cody has withdrawn himself from his scheduled match with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler … and replaced himself with his brother; Dustin. Cody does all the talking, explaining that he would’ve gladly faced “The Burger King” tonight, but his brother demanded that HE face Lawler instead. All the while, Dustins expression is that of a man that’s listening to bullshit, reacting with surprise to what he hears - but doesn’t speak up to correct his younger sibling.

Cody continues, saying how much Dustin was disgusted by King wanting him to convert back to the “ridiculous, embarrassing” Goldust, and intends on shutting Kings mouth once and for all tonight. Kelly then asks Dustin for his thoughts … but Cody steps in again, telling Kelly to direct all questions to him - not his Brother … as we see Dustin turn, and walk away. Cody then excuses himself, ending the interview…

Back to ringside…

And, J.R & Coach begin to shill what’s to come on tonight’s show, with Rey Mysterio & Kurt Angle set to meet face to face on the Playas Club - but unlike last week, Angle IS in the arena, plus, match 2 in the ‘Best of 5’ series for the womens title, Umaga vs. Rhyno, Regal defending the Intercontinental title against Shelton Benjamin & after last weeks chaos; Mr. Kennedy & The Miz vs. John Cena & Matt Hardy.


But first, it’ll be The King vs. TAFKA Goldust; Dustin Rhodes, with Jerry Lawler on his way to the ring, with that match coming up next…

Commercial Break

Match 2:
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler vs. Dustin Rhodes w/Cody Rhodes
Lawler has to contend with the presence of Cody throughout, and despite the zero-tolerance policy enforced by Bischoff, Lawler still needs to keep an eye out for whatever Cody could be up to on the outside. It’s an old fashioned style of a match with two seasoned pro’s carrying out a solid match up, with King getting the fans stirring with a “GOLD-DUST” chant - which riles Cody more than it does Dustin - before the two engage, getting straight to it with a fist fight. Lawler mounts the buckles, carrying out ten punches - with the fans counting along - getting to nine, before Cody jumps on the apron, distracting the legend, which allows Dustin to drop The King head first on the top turnbuckle. Dustin controls the next portion of the match, wearing King down.

But, despite having Lawler where he wants him, the fans chants of “GOLD-DUST” distract him, and allows King to make a comeback. He puts Dustin down, then hits his second rope fist drop, making a cover … 1...2...CODY PUTS HIS BROTHERS FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Lawler is furious, sure of what Cody has done, and comes after the youngster, chasing him around the ring (seemingly not caring about Erics ruling) and back in the ring, with Cody carrying a chair, but dropping it before exiting the ring again. King stops the chase at this point … but Dustin has the chair, intending to use it, as the referee turns his back to scold Cody … ONLY FOR KEN DOANE TO PULL THE CHAIR AWAY!!! Doane shows up, taking the chair from Dustin, which distracts Dustin, who jaws with Doane … whilst King is able to roll Dustin up … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler @ 05:49

King wins the match - and because of the zero-tolerance no contact policy, Cody Rhodes is forced to simply accept it, and not try to sneak attack Lawler. The youngster has a tantrum on the outside, as Lawler and Doane stand tall in the ring, winding Cody up from the ring, as King motions for Cody to face him, but Cody waves it off, storming up the ramp - leaving his brother to recover alone at ringside.

Commercial Break

We return backstage and see Christian in mid conversation with Rhyno, as Christian - looking concerned - asks his long time friend why he’d accept a match with Umaga tonight, worrying that Umaga & Estrada will use the Man Beast as a way to get to him and send a message for Nemesis. Rhyno intensely cuts Christian off though, telling the World Champion that he’s been kicking his heels waiting for a shot to prove himself on Raw - and tonight he has it.

Rhyno reminds Christian of his credentials, saying that both the fans and his friends seem to have forgotten about what HE is capable of, but tonight he will remind everyone. Christian nods, telling Rhyno to be careful. The Man Beast stands up, and angrily tells Christian he doesn’t need advice from anyone - “it‘s about ME tonight - not you, buddy.” and storms out of the locker room, leaving Christian shaking his head.

Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James
*Beth Phoenix leads 1-0*
Once more, Mickie brings as much fight as she possibly can … but just like last week, it simply isn’t good enough. She gives her all, unloading a barrage of punches in the corner, but after backing out … Beth races out, nailing her rival with a clothesline, turning Mickie inside out. It looks like Mickie has come to the realisation that the champion is simply too strong and too tough for her to compete against her … and she almost literally gives up, as her offence has no effect on Beth whilst trying to make a comeback … and gets cleaned with another tough clothesline. Mickie is easy prey for Beth again … and falls for the second straight week to the Phoenix Rising … and an elementary cover … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 03:03 - Beth leads series 2-0

In almost identical fashion to last week, Mickie James is easily beaten, rendering the once promising ‘Best of 5’ series almost pointless, with it seemingly inevitable that Beth will win and defeat Mickie via a clean sweep. On commentary, Coach drives the point home that Beth is “just too strong, too talented, too driven, too tough, too EVERYTHING for Mickie” - hell bent on destroying Mickies mind, body and soul, mentally breaking the challenger with each passing week.

In the ring, Mickie is a wreck, on the verge of tears on the mat, knowing she’s been completely outclassed two weeks straight, whilst Beth just stands over her broken foe with a look of pity at this point - far superior to the former champion - and smirks, before collecting her title belt from the referee, and leaving the ring. James looks up, watching the ultra confident Phoenix leave up the ramp, literally expecting the series to come to an underwhelming finish next week on Raw…

And, backstage, we see a pleased looking Kurt Angle making his way through the hallway, as we are told that the Playas Club is coming up … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Back from the break, The Coach is in the ring, welcoming the fans to the Playas Club once again, telling them that last week it was supposed to be Angle and Mysterio on his show to ‘iron out their differences’ … but this happened instead…

We see a video package of last weeks Playas Club, where Rey & Angle were supposed to meet … but instead, Angle was actually in San Diego - and threatened to visit & potentially mentally scar - Reys family, unless Mysterio admitted that his mask was meaningless … which Rey eventually did in order to stop the crazed Olympian.

Back live, Coach then sets the scene for tonight, reminding the fans of the edict handed down by Eric Bischoff - no physical contact unless in a match - and says that should make this edition of the Playas Club ‘very interesting to say the least’ … before introducing Kurt Angle…


Angle - dressed smartly in a shirt & tie - walks to the ring smirking, and shows off his gold medals proudly, getting an ovation from Coach, over doing the applause, and asks for the fans to join him - which just leads to more heat for the crazed Gold Medallist. Angle is warmly welcomed by Coach, who kisses Kurts ass, before giving Angle the chance to explain his actions and address the fans.

Kurt begins to talk, and gleefully reminds the fans of how he ‘broke’ Mysterio last week, stating he never intended on visiting his family, but wanted to prove just how a mask can so easily be interpreted - how it can strike fear into innocent people … how it isn’t a sacred symbol … unlike Olympic Gold Medals; “the purest, most sacred symbol on this planet.”


Angle disingenuously apologises, but says “it had to be done”, stating that Rey needed to be taught a lesson, and he needed to be exposed for what he truly uses the mask for; money. Again, he references the Gold Medals, saying he doesn’t make money off them & cant sell replicas at the merchandise stand - “they’re a symbol of greatness that can be replicated … but a mask?? Millions can fall off a production line, the same as the next.”

**BOOYAKA 619**

It appears Rey has heard enough, and - with the zero-tolerance, no contact policy in effect - Angle doesn’t appear too worried … but by his body language, Rey doesn’t appear interested in upholding the law. Rey paces at the top of the ramp, visibly shaking … thinking … then SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE!!! Angle knows what’s coming and quickly throws off his jacket … with Rey sliding in the ring … AND THE FIGHT IS ON!!!!!

Bischoffs ruling is out the window, and the two men trade wild blows back and forth, pulling the set apart, as Coach dives for cover outside the ring. Rey knocks Angle onto the couch, the dropkicks him, sending him over - and dives over, on top, hammering away at Angle!!! Mysterio - despite being much smaller - is like a man possessed, and wont relent!!!

Driven by his humiliation last week, he continues to hammer away at Angle … until we see Eric Bischoff ordering officials and security down the aisle, looking LIVID that his ruling has been defied. The team of staff peel Mysterio off Angle, who comes up with a bloodied nose and mouth - such is the ferocity of the attack from Rey tonight. On commentary, J.R is worried about what this might mean for Rey & Angle, after Bischoff vowed heavy punishment for anyone that defied his orders…

On the stage, Bischoff is given a mic and he calls for order, demanding the attention of both men. Rey is still being physically restrained outside the ring, whilst Angle is crouched in the corner, looking at the blood on his hands coming from his mouth, dripping onto his white shirt. Both men look up toward the top of the aisle, as Eric lays down the law, reminding the fans and the two of them that he wont stand for ANY contact between ANYONE unless it’s in a match.

He goes on to remind them that he said anyone that violates the order will be fined, suspended, stripped of their championships - or even fired. Suddenly, there is panic in the air, with some thinking that one - or both - men will be fired … as Angle yells from the ring that is was all Rey’s fault and that he shouldn’t be punished. Eric can hear the plea, but tells Angle to shut up, reminding Kurt that he started this mess last week & is as much to blame for it all.

Bischoff tells the two men to relax; they wont be fired, and suspending two of his top stars doesn’t help him, while a fine wouldn’t teach them enough of a lesson & they don’t have any titles to be stripped of … but they both have something else - something more important to them than any championship respectively … their mask … and their medals. In the ring, Angle is furious, saying he cant be stripped of his medals, making the point that they are far more cherished than Reys mask.

Eric though refuses to listen, saying that he isn’t stripping them both of their most cherished possession - just ONE of them … the loser of their match at Nemesis must give up their ‘sacred’ possession!!! Bischoff states he’s sick and tired of their ongoing dispute, and wants a stop put to it once and for all at Nemesis; by giving both men the chance to prove which possession - mask or medal - means more. Eric shrugs his shoulders before leaving, as if to tell both men that they forced his hand, as we see Rey and Angle begin to let the news sneak in … as we fade out.

Commercial Break


The video opens with a dictionary, opening up spookily, and the pages turn, eventually stopping, as the camera then zooms in on the word; NEMESIS, and the thesaurus, reading the words…

Narrator: Nemesis.

Flashing shots are shown of Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy, Christian and Umaga, all battling, beating the hell out of each other on different occasions recently.

Narrator: Opponent … archenemy … archrival.

Flashing shots as each word is read; Shawn Michaels flying through the air, Straight Edge holding up their titles, Beth Phoenix with a smirk, Mr. Kennedy chewing gum & Cody Rhodes stomping Jerry Lawler.

Narrator: Adversary … competitor … rival … antagonist … foe.

More flashing shots as each word is read; John Cena tackling Kennedy, Matt Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Shelton Benjamin & Estrada cockily striding alongside Umaga.

Narrator: Avenger … retaliator … vindicator

As before, flashing images to each word; Shawn Michaels being wheeled out of Vengeance, Angle holding Reys mask, Mickie James in tears, Regal at Wembley with the I.C title, Christian laid out in the ring, Mysterio running down the aisle.

Narrator: Punishment … vengeance … retribution … fate … doom … revenge

The camera focuses again on the page only.

Narrator: But these?? These are only words. These are only definitions.

Flashing shots of each superstar already featured again in reverse motion, back to the start.

Narrator: And on October 14, the superstars of Raw will SHOW the meaning of these words … the true meaning … of the word …

And a close up on the word…

Narrator: … Nemesis.

The dictionary SLAMS shut.


We see the caption “DURING THE COMMERCIAL” as footage airs of Eric Bischoff walking back through the backstage area after laying down the law to Angle and Mysterio … and sees a despondent looking Mickie James. He stops by the former womens champion, and tells Mickie that he put together the ‘Best of 5’ series because he was under the impression that Beth and Mickie were well matched and fiercely detested one another, and fully expected the series to ‘go all the way’ to a fifth and deciding match at Nemesis … but tells Mickie she has been disappointing “to say the least”.

He goes on to inform Mickie that as a result of her embarrassing displays thus far, he’s left with no other alternative but to postpone the third match - scheduled for next week - and put it back to Nemesis on October 14, in order to crown Beth as the undisputed Womens Champion on PPV. He shakes his head, letting Mickie know just how disappointed he is, before walking off, leaving James to lower her head - seemingly completely drained of all confidence … as we fade out.

Back in the arena…

William Regal vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long & Alicia Fox
Benjamin finally gets his rematch, but is completely outclassed in the early going by the technically proficient Regal. After taking a breather on the outside - and some encouragement from Long - he gets back inside, with the idea to turn the match into a fight … but he doesn’t win that exchange either, as Regal has the better of the challenger again. Benjamin survives though, kicking out of numerous pin attempts, with the champion pouring it on. Regal then looks to set up the Knee Trembler … BUT BENJAMIN IS TRIPPED … AND DRAGGED OUT OF THE RING BY LONG!!!!!

Theodore Long saves the match for his prized asset, knowing that the Knee Trembler would’ve spelt curtains for Shelton, and tells him as much as Shelton stumbles around the ringside area. Regal isn’t waiting though, and comes out after him, shoving Long over … as Long then grabs the referee - providing a distraction - as Alicia stands in front of Regal to stop him coming for Shelton … with Shelton now sneaking around the ring … AND NAILS REGAL WITH A STEEL PIPE … TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE!!!!! Benjamin nails Regal over and over with the pipe to the knee, as Regal writhes on the floor, before handing the weapon off to Alicia who hides it in her jacket, before Shelton rolls Regal back inside the ring, as we head to a commercial break…

Commercial Break

Back live, it’s now all Benjamin - and it has been throughout the commercial as he focuses completely on the knee of Regal, dropping elbows, stomping the joint, elevating it on the ropes and dropping his weight on it, and even wrapping the knee around the steel ring post - twice - but at the third attempt … REGAL YANKS BACK … AND SHELTON HIT’S THE POST FACE FIRST!!! Benjamin falls on the outside, and faces a fight to beat the officials count … but just about scrambles into the ring at the count of eight. The time has given Regal a chance to pull himself to his feet, but is clearly in trouble, barely able to stand … but puts up a fight - desperate to keep the title - fighting Benjamin off … but a sweep of the knee turns the tide right back in the challengers favour.

Benjamin then looks to apply a figure four … BUT IS KICKED AWAY by Regal - into the buckles, and Regal rolls Shelton up … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Shelton bounces up, and drops an elbow to the knee again!!! He looks to apply the Figure Four again … and this time, Regal is unable to block it - IT’S LOCKED ON!!! Shelton has the hold firmly applied, with Regal bravely fighting it, but shows the pain as he grabs the referees shirt, yelling at him “NOOOO!!!” … and he looks to turn the hold over … AND EVENTUALLY DOES … BUT BENJAMIN TURNS IS RIGHT BACK OVER AGAIN!!!!! Regal covers his face, shaking his head, determined not to give in … as his shoulders hit the mat … 1...2...NO!!! He sits up, but only just, showing the agonizing pain … before finally … TAPPING OUT!!!
Winner: And NEW Intercontinental Champion - Shelton Benjamin @ 10:43

We’ve got a new champion!!! The Coach is ecstatic, proclaiming this the greatest moment in Raw history, while J.R rightfully declares it a travesty, after the use of the steel pipe completely changed the contest. Shelton Benjamin hugs the title, whilst Theodore and Alicia are overjoyed - the Intercontinental title is BACK in the arms of The Brotherhood!! Medics tend to the beaten Regal in the ring, looking worryingly at his knee whilst he covers his face to try and hide the agony.

As Benjamin leaves the ring with Long & Fox, he is approached on the aisle by backstage reporter Matt Striker, asking Shelton how he feels to be a FOUR TIME Intercontinental Champion. Shelton - as entertaining as ever - dryly tells Matt he is ‘over the moon’, before Long takes over, telling Striker that “justice has been served playa…”, and Alicia brandishes the pipe, just in time for Long to smirk and say “…Brotherhood justice. Ya dig?”

Theodore kisses the cheek of Shelton Benjamin, jigging merrily up the ramp, whilst Alicia hugs her boyfriend. Meanwhile, in the ring, it doesn’t look good for the beaten veteran, as a stretcher is brought into the ring, with more medics arriving at ringside to strap Regal in. On commentary, J.R ignores the celebration of The Coach, talking up the travesty that has just occurred in the ring, before showing real concern for the condition of the Blackpool native in the ring.

Coach blows it off though, saying to ignore the dead wood in the ring, and focus on the positives; “BROTHERHOOD JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!!!” Coach chuckles, as J.R voices his disgust, before having to move on, and reminds the fans of the two main event matches still to come; John Cena & Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy & The Miz plus Umaga vs. Rhyno. We see Regal now being carted off on a stretcher, with a small section of fans clapping the former champion … as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

We return, with William Regal being placed in the ambulance, as Matt Hardy is seen, looking concerned, asking medics if Regal will be okay. Hardy looks livid, knowing the stunt pulled by his old foes; The Brotherhood, and gets very angry … to the point where he looks set to storm back into the building to come after Benjamin & co. … but, as he steps back inside Hardy is met by ERIC BISCHOFF. Bischoff, seeing the rage in the eyes of Hardy, tells him that he needs to calm down.

Eric tells him he understands his frustration … but right now isn’t the time or place to try and gain revenge - reminding him about the strict orders that have been passed down - instructing Hardy to wait for the dust to settle, and promises to have a resolution for Hardy next week … but he needs Matt to take care of business in the ring for now - as we hear Hardys music begin to play in the background. Matt agrees, but tells Eric he wants him to keep his word next week, before storming off for the match.

Back into the arena… and Hardy makes a delayed entrance - but does little playing to the fans, showing his anger after what has went down tonight already.


Cena though, makes his usual, high energy entrance, back in the city where he won his first World Title. We are reminded on commentary that Cena meets Kennedy in a streetfight at Nemesis - with the winner going on to face Umaga or Christian for the title at Survivor Series. Cena runs to the ring, meeting with Matt, trying to see if Hardy is in the right frame of mind … before we head into another commercial break…

Commercial Break

Match 5:
Matt Hardy & John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy & The Miz
Hardy is especially hot in this one in the early going, taking out his anger on Miz and even Kennedy, nearly getting himself & Cena disqualified. Cena takes over, giving Hardy a few moments to simmer down on the outside … but once he is brought back in, Hardy boils over again!! As it turns out, this match is less match, more angle, as seconds after Cena steps back onto the apron … Kennedy trips him off it, and before Cena can react - Kennedy has ran him right through the steel steps!!! Kennedy is clearly using the match to get his hands on Cena, knowing that with the zero contact policy in effect this is his only chance to get a piece of Cena before their Streetfight at Nemesis.

On the outside, Kennedy continues to work over Cena - not caring about his lackey in the ring - and the referee is too busy focusing on the in ring action, where Hardy dominates Miz. Matt is too engrossed on punishing Miz that he doesn’t see what is going on outside, and after drilling Miz with the Side Effect, he follows up with the middle buckle leg drop. He could cover and end the match - but instead wants to finish Miz with the Twist of Fate. Whilst Matt lines up the recovering Miz, we see Kennedy on the outside, wearing Cena out with chair shots to the legs and back, sending his rival a message … just as Hardy finishes Miz off with the Twist of Fate for the 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Matt Hardy & John Cena @ 07:24

Hardy - fired up by what he saw transpire earlier with Benjamin & Regal - wins the match like a man possessed, running through The Miz like he wasn’t there, whilst Kennedy is forced to stop his attack on Cena on the outside, dropping the chair, and innocently raising his hands before backing away, whilst Cena writhes in agony after taking a huge beating.

Kennedy backs away, going up the aisle, smirking, having gotten the better of Cena tonight - using the match as an excuse to do a number on him without breaking Bischoffs ruling. At ringside, Hardy tries to help Cena, finally realising what has gone down, whilst Miz is spread eagled in the ring - like road kill - having been torn apart by Matt Hardy tonight. We then fade out to commercial, with Kennedy still smirking whilst backing up the ramp still.

Commercial Break

We return backstage and see Harry Smith talking with his girlfriend, Katie Lea. The two talk about the recent issues with her step brother Paul Burchill, with Harry telling Katie that he can tell it’s tearing her apart. She agrees, telling Harry she doesn’t know what to do between choosing her family or her heart - but knows herself she’ll have to make a choice eventually.

Harry attempts to comfort her, but Katie pulls away, telling Smith it’s not a good idea as her brother could see them - and that could lead to all kinds of mayhem. She says that for now - even though it isn’t fair on Smith - it’s best if they keep apart until she’s ready to choose. Smith isn’t happy, but tells Katie he understands, saying she can have as long as she needs … he’ll still be there for her. She looks around, then kisses him on the cheek, before scurrying off…

Back in the arena, J.R & Coach talk over the nights events thus far, focusing on the developments between Mysterio & Angle, plus Cena & Kennedy moments ago, hyping the matches at Nemesis … before being interrupted … BY WWE COMMISSIONER JESSE VENTURA ON THE TITAN TRON!!!!! Venturas appearance causes a huge buzz in the Joe Louis Arena, and the WWE Commissioner tells the fans he wont take up much of their time, but he requested a few moments of air time tonight to make an announcement.

He goes on to remind the fans of the oral agreement between Bischoff & Anderson last week to have a Raw vs. Smackdown 5 on 5 Survivor Series match at that PPV in November … but he’s decided he wants to raise the stakes!! The fans become more interested, as Ventura goes into detail, being honest and frank, telling it as it is; he’s not happy with EITHER the performance of Bischoff or Arn in their role, citing Erics shameless recruitment drive for Raw whilst running Smackdown in the summer, and complaints made against Double A (again) from some of his top stars.

So, as a result of this, it wont just be a ‘by the numbers’ elimination match for bragging rights at Survivor Series … it’ll be the losing GM’s final night as a GM, as he will be FIRED!!! Ventura isn’t done there though - he goes on to say that with the stakes raised, he wants to make it a Survivor Series elimination match to remember, and as a result it’ll be the FIRST EVER … SEVEN ON SEVEN elimination match - going on to announce an official contract signing NEXT WEEK, where both Eric and Arn will each have to reveal their team captain. Jesse then signs off, telling the fans to enjoy their night, and he’ll see them all next week in North Carolina.

Back at ringside, J.R and Coach are in shock, selling the surprise announcement as a huge shock, driving home the point that what started out as a challenge for simple bragging rights a week ago is now set to cost either Bischoff or Anderson their job as General Manager!!


Entering to a smattering of a boos, it is Rhyno - barely featured since the end of his feud with Mysterio in the mid summer - charging toward the ring with steel in his eyes, intense as ever, looking to take the opportunity handed to him tonight, facing the #1 Contender, Umaga … next.

Commercial Break


Umaga and Estrada enter the stage … but once they approach the mid way point of the ramp … they stop. AAE smiles broadly, waiting … as we see a huge team of security file out. Armando pulls a mic from his jacket, and explains to Rhyno in the ring that the security are here to make sure that Christian cant have a rush of blood to the head and run to the ring to save his friend.

AAE continues, telling Rhyno that he doesn’t want Christian to get anyway out of the title match at Nemesis by being stripped of the title or suspended before then … but suspects that after what Umaga does to Rhyno in a few minutes, they’ll need the security to make sure Christian doesn’t do anything stupid. In the ring though, Rhyno isn’t interested, and continues to demand Umaga get to the ring - showing no fear, just seeing an opportunity to shock the world.

Main Event:
Rhyno vs. Umaga w/Armando Estrada
Despite Rhyno charging out of the gate, the Man Beast is no match for the #1 contender, and Umaga completely obliterates Rhyno. Despite a spirited fight from the last ever ECW Champion, he cannot overcome the Samoan Bulldozer, and is eventually put away with a Samoan Spike … but Umaga DOESN’T cover. Instead, he looks to Estrada, who nods - as if to give the Bulldozer the ‘go ahead’ … and Umaga RUNS THROUGH CHAD PATTON!!!!! What!!?? Umaga has just wiped out the referee!!! The Bulldozer has a wild eyed grin on his face, as Estrada merrily waltzes to the timekeepers position, and throws in a steel chair to his mastodon. And now, it all begins to become clear why the security is lined up and why Umaga knocked out the referee … in order to put a heinous attack on Rhyno and send a message to Christian.

Estrada gives Umaga the thumbs up, and he begins to viciously go to work with the weapon, striking the back and legs of the Man Beast. Rhyno writhes, as Umaga continues to assault him with the chair, and stamps on Patton as the official begins to stir. On commentary, J.R talks about how this act is sickening, and the assault on Patton just a way to work around Eric Bischoffs no-contact ruling (as a DQ would’ve ended the match - therefore, ended Umagas window of time to attack) as AAE steps onto the apron, holding the chair up against the chest of Rhyno in the corner … AS UMAGA RUNS IN WITH THE RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!! Umaga repeats the move two more times, crashing his huge rear into the chair, and crushing the steel into the Man Beast.

Rhyno crumbles to the mat, as Estrada places the chair over his torso, allowing the 350 pound Samoan to climb the turnbuckles … AND CRASH ONTO RHYNO WITH A BANZAI DROP!!!! Crushed by the Samoan and the chair, Rhyno rolls away in agony, coughing hysterically, right out of the ring. AAE isn’t ready to let up though, instructing the Bulldozer to go after Rhyno … who is bleeding from the mouth, clearly suffering all kinds of internal injuries from the crushing blows from the chair and Umaga. Umaga stalks Rhyno down, toying with his prey, who tries to crawl away … as we now see CHRISTIAN walking onto the stage!!! There is a pop for the sight of the World Heavyweight Champion, who stands on the stage - pacing back and forth - wanting to put a stop to the carnage … but knows the repercussions if he does.

At ringside, Estrada puts the security team on alert, pointing to Christian on the stage, then giddily laughs, before getting back to Umaga and Rhyno, with Umaga momentarily stamping on the referee to keep him down, before rolling back out of the ring. Rhynos prone body slunk over the Bulldozers shoulder, and is placed on the announce table, whilst AAE pulls out a ladder from under the ring. Christian is beside himself with fury on the ramp, and shakes his head in anger, as he watches Umaga scale the ladder, whilst J.R, Coach (& Big Zeke) move for cover … AS UMAGA SPLASHES OFF THE LADDER ONTO RHYNO THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! Umaga writhes for a few moments, whilst Rhyno simply lays motionless on the floor … but Estrada is tapping the monster, wanting him to get up, whilst Christian … HAS SEEN ENOUGH!!!!!


He attempts to rush down the stage … but is cut off by the security team. Estrada momentarily looks back, making sure Christian is subdued by the guards, and gives his beast more instructions, whilst Umaga struggles up. With a chair in hand, Armando places the weapon over the head of Rhyno, opened up, set around his neck!!! With more instructions, Armando has Umaga pull the lifeless Rhyno to his feet … AND INSTRUCTS HIM TO POWERBOMB RHYNO!!!!! Estrada orders the power bomb - with the chair around the neck!!! J.R screams on commentary “DON’T DO IT - YOU‘LL KILL ‘IM!!! GOOD GOD- SOMEBODY STOP THIS!!!!” Umaga has Rhyno up … ready to power bomb him on the floor … whilst Christian is held down by the security - helplessly having to watch … BUT THE BELL RINGS … UMAGA HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED!!!!!!!
Winner: Via DQ - Rhyno @ 07:24

Rhyno is saved - literally - by the bell, as AAE frantically tells Umaga to “ABORT”, knowing he’ll lose the title shot at Nemesis. The crazed Bulldozer looks confused as he lets Rhyno down, with AAE quickly standing in front of Umaga to prevent him from assaulting Rhyno any further … but enough damage has been done … Rhyno is a mess on the floor … blood seeping from his mouth, and a chair wrapped around his neck.

Christian is still being restrained by the security, and is on his feet, FIGHTING THEM OFF … but Estrada - being extra careful and cautious - points to Umaga to leave the arena via the audience, wanting to avoid any fight with Christian; not out of fear, but out of the necessity to make it to Nemesis without a potential suspension. They exit, with AAE ushering Umaga forward … just as Christian breaks free from the security.

The Champion sprints to ringside, and despite the cold conversation he had with Rhyno earlier in the evening, he tends to his long time friend, shouting for help, trying to hold his head up, with J.R joining the scene, as concern grows for the condition of Rhyno. It’s fallen silent on commentary, with nothing more said … but the pictures say it all … a visual message from Umaga for Christian ahead of the Summerslam rematch at Nemesis … and Christian knows it…



Current Card for WWE Nemesis:
Date: 14th October 2007
Location: Alltel Arena, Little Rock Arkansas
Event Music: Submersed, Better Think Again

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Umaga II

Womens Championship:
~ Best of 5 Series; Match 3 ~
Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

~ Winner Receives World Heavyweight Championship Match at Survivor Series ~
Mister Kennedy vs. John Cena

Mask vs. Medals:
~ If Mysterio loses, he must unmask ~
~ If Angle loses, he must hand over his Gold Medals ~
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

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Re: Being The Booker

The Angels of Anarchy vs. The Master Craftsmen: As expected we get a draw here. WWE RULE BOOK! :P OF COURSE! Was wishing for something different here, but this is the safe and logical step to progress this storyline and push for the triple threat. I like the 5 more minutes chant, good stuff. I could only imagine some off the cuff remarks by Punk after the match going to a draw, especially about this WWE rule book. The way you are booking the follow-up is kind of strange, but that's just the purest in me liking everyone kept strong before a match at a PPV.

Cody Rhodes/Dustin Rhodes Segment: Cody Rhodes apparently watched bWo's WWE debut...Nice little segment to build up the Rhodes dynamics some more, actually starting to feel sorry for Dustin at this point so you got me emotionally invested.

ALL HAIL KING BOOKAH...I mean Jerry Lawler...

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler vs. Dustin Rhodes w/Cody Rhodes: Guess this angle will come to an end at Nemesis before a possible Dustin vs Cody feud?

Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James: Really good, this is what I wanted for the second week. Now it'll be interesting to see where you go with this next as there are plenty of options for how to move forward with this.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle Promo: Good match up set up here, I just wish it was more unpredictable given the fact that Mysterio rarely if ever loses his mask in BTBs. An interesting dynamic here is I couldn't see WWE Mysterio wanting Angle to lose his medals so it'll be interesting to see what the aftermath is.

William Regal vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long & Alicia Fox: BROTHERHOOD JUSTICE BABY! I DIG! Even though I don't get my beloved Finlay vs. Regal match now . Looks like Hardy vs Benjamin will continue, which I'm not really into because Hardy's character is very dull at the moment.

Matt Hardy & John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy & The Miz: Good decision to give The Miz the fall here.

Katie Lea/Harry Smith Segment: Psh, Harry is still a heel for making Katie Lea choose between him or Burchill.

Survivor Series Announcement: IT'S A CONSPIRACY! We better get Jesse Ventura on the case...oh wait...PAUL HEYMAN OR FIT FINLAY FOR GM! Belfast! Belfast! Belfast! Got to have a believin'!

Rhyno vs. Umaga w/Armando Estrada: GORE! GORE! GORE! RAAAWRRR! replacebatistawithrhyno So it looks like we have a squash here T.T. Gets the story across great though and at least The War Machine gets a main event match on Raw.

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Re: Being The Booker

Good show. I'm on my phone so this won't be the Greatest review. Enjoyable show. I liked the rulebook inclusion its little different things like that that make the show more fun that people never think of. I look out for those sort of thi gs and try to apply them to my own work. It also progresses the storyline well too which always great with tag teams. I enjoyed the situation with the Rhodes' and the match went welltoo mainly due to bischoffs rule preventing cCody from doing much. Another little creative thing you've done. The no physical contact rule worked fantastic with the angle/mysterio situation too it really helped progress the feud as it made what would normally be a generic brawl Into something more personal and emotional. The punishment leading to the match stipulation is great but makes me put my money on ol rey. Benjamin winning is fine I don't care much for him though. Him holding the title within a stable makes me care more thanI would nnormally though. Hardys reaction was good it adds a bit to his character his performance in the match showed a cool cold edge as cena got fucked on. The main event even though it was barely a match I loved it made umaga seem like such a fucked cunt adding to his match with christian.

Good show hypes the ppv well

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