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Re: Being The Booker

Well Wolfy, some short and sweet feedback for you as well as my predictions. You've really outdone yourself with this card and quite frankly I can't wait to read this one. Good luck and happy booking, I'll try to review it if I have time.

6) WWE Championship;
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Batista vs. Garrison Cade vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Paul London
~ Choose the sixth and final entrant ~
Winner: Randy Orton
Sixth Entrant: Brock Lesnar

I have some mixed feelings on this, I'm sort of pulling for Batista to win simply so that there can be a rivalry started with him and Orton, but yet I'm a major Orton mark and want to see him retain. I'm going to go with Orton winning the match however, The Age of Orton must live on. The final entrant will be Brock Lesnar, I feel the fans like him the most for some reason.

5) World Heavyweight Championship Match;
Christian vs. Kurt Angle
~ Mr. Kennedy OR Rey Mysterio OR Eric Bischoff ~
Winner: Christian
Special Guest Referee: Rey Mysterio

Haven't been reading as much of Raw as I have SmackDown recently, so I don't have many thoughts here. I feel that Christian will however retain as he is going to have a pretty epic title run by the looks of it and he doesn't seem to be slowing up. Kurt Angle would be a great champion but I feel his time will come later.

2) WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
The Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble OR Super Crazy OR Chavo Guerrero OR Evan Bourne OR Kid Kash OR Sonjay Dutt OR Daivari OR Elix Skipper OR X-Pac OR Scotty Too Hotty
Winner: The Brian Kendrick
Opponent: Jamie Noble

Based off what we saw on SmackDown I feel that Jamie Noble will be the one to face TBK, but I feel his great title reign - like the major championships - will not end.

1) Intercontinental Championship Match:
William Regal vs. Ken Doane OR CM Punk OR Greg Helms OR Paul Burchill OR Christopher Daniels OR Doug Williams OR The Miz OR Cody Rhodes OR Charlie Haas OR The 2007 King of the Ring; Brent Albright
Winner: Cody Rhodes
Opponent: Cody Rhodes

I'm just a Cody Rhodes mark and I want him to do well. Not very much thought behind this, obviously.

3) All … or Nothing??
Edge vs. The Undertaker
~ Winner faces WWE Champion @ Smackdown Season Premiere OR Loser is forbidden a title shot for 12 months ~
Winner: Edge
Stipulation: Winner faces WWE Champion @ Smackdown Season Premiere

Edge finally seizes his oppurtunity after his past failures and wins, putting him in a title position against Randy Orton or whoever wins the chamber - could it possibly be a Triple Threat? That would make for some interesting television. This is the match I'm looking forward to the most, I loved their real life rivalry and the one in this thread has amazing written all over it as well. The Undertaker loses and it isn't much of a downfall, he'll just up and battle someone since he doesn't need to be in the title picture because of the fact he is well established.

4) Grudge Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga
~ Samoan Strap Match OR Ambulance Match OR Stretcher Match ~
Winner: Umaga
Stipulation: Ambulance Match

Not sure on this one, great rivalry that could be moved forward with this one. I feel Umaga will come out of this one as the winner, and Michaels will be injured.


Yes, I think it'd be a great move for him because he could have feuds with any of the main Smackdown Guys which would create new oppurtunites and fun booking for you. Cena/Lesnar, Cena/Undertaker, Cena/Batista, Cena/Orton, Cena/Edge, all great rivalries that you could tell well.


1) Predict which wrestlers/matches/stipulations will be voted for (12 points) Done
2) Predict the winners (6 points) Done
3) Predict the match order (6 points) Done
4) Predict the order of elimination in the Elimination Chamber (5 points) Cade, London, RVD, Batista, Lesnar.
5) Will John Cena sign with Smackdown or remain on Raw?? (2 points) SmackDown
6) What will be the longest match?? *ELIMINATION CHAMBER NOT INCLUDED* (2 points) Undertaker vs. Edge
7) What will be the shortest match?? (2 points) Cruiserweight Championship

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Re: Being The Booker

Official Card for WWE Cyber Sunday:
16th September 2007
Location: American Airlines Centre, Dallas, Texas
Event Music: Foo Fighters, The Pretender

5- WWE Championship;
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Batista vs. Garrison Cade vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Paul London
~ Choose the sixth and final entrant ~

As with most Elimination Chamber matches, there are going to be participants who are merely there to fill up spaces. So let's just come out with it and say that in this match Batista, Cade, Van Dam and Paul London are those guys. What with your sudden faith in Batista as of late, I expect he'll be the man who makes the biggest impact in this match, probably eliminating Cade, and perhaps even Paul London and/or Van Dam, though I then see him eating several finishers and getting eliminated. That basically narrows it down to Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar. As he is the top face on Smackdown, there's no question that Brock Lesnar will be voted in as the final entrant to the match. Whilst I see Lesnar and Orton being the final two, and despite my dislike for Orton's character, as I have expressed on several occasions, this just doesn't seem like the match where Orton will lose the title. You've mentioned in your news & notes about Lesnar the UFC, so whilst I'd love to see him get one last title win before he goes off into the sunset along with Rock, Austin, Goldberg, KANE and so many others, I don't think he will. Randy Orton will walk into the Chamber as WWE Champion, and he'll walk OUT as WWE Champion.

6- World Heavyweight Championship Match;
Christian vs. Kurt Angle
~ Mr. Kennedy OR Rey Mysterio OR Eric Bischoff ~

Well obviously there's no question that Rey Mysterio will be voted in as special guest referee for this match. He's the only babyface, so logic dictates that he'll be voted in, not to mention his ongoing feud with Kurt Angle. It is exactly that feud that makes me wonder if you could potentially throw the championship to Angle for a very short run, since some of the stuff you've written is (I think) more entertaining than even you yourself expected it to be, so as you so often say, maybe you could "strike whilst the iron is hot." That being said, the iron isn't THAT hot, and if you weren't going to give Umaga the belt at SummerSlam, I can't see Angle, in what is really a filler match, really taking the gold. Christian retains, probably as a result of an Angle/Mysterio altercation (it'll be one of those moments where they argue, Angle wastes time and Christian capitalises, or Angle shoves Mysterio then gets caught off guard, something off that nature.) I'm also predicting this will be the surprise main event to send the crowd home happy.

4- WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
The Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble OR Super Crazy OR Chavo Guerrero OR Evan Bourne OR Kid Kash OR Sonjay Dutt OR Daivari OR Elix Skipper OR X-Pac OR Scotty Too Hotty

With Paul London now well and truly gone from the Cruiserweight division, Jamie Noble becomes the "top" face of the Cruiserweights, and so will be voted in to challenge for the title. However, Brian Kendrick's character has been so entertaining, again, much like with the world title matches, I see this being nothing but filler, and although Noble will put on a good showing, Brian Kendrick, The should find a way to walk out still the Cruiserweight Champ.

1- Intercontinental Championship Match:
William Regal vs. Ken Doane OR CM Punk OR Greg Helms OR Paul Burchill OR Christopher Daniels OR Doug Williams OR The Miz OR Cody Rhodes OR Charlie Haas OR The 2007 King of the Ring; Brent Albright

I've seen others predicting Brent Albright will win the title, which, if this were a one-on-one announced match, I'd be thinking too. Except, because of the fans voting stipulation, Cyber Sunday tends to be a night of babyface victories, and so I expect a landslide vote for CM Punk to get into this match. Punk's had a decent run with "Greg" Helms as tag team champions, but as you get ever closer to 2008, I now expect you to slowly start pushing Punk (or maybe even both) into singles competition. It's funny, I never thought William Regal would still be champion by now (I was almost certain Shelton Benjamin would've taken the gold back by now), but now I'm not so sure that he will actually lose the belt, after all CM Punk still has time to grow, and you may prefer a heel to take the belt from Regal. Still, I say sod it, it'd be a great way (ala Shelton Benjamin in 2004) for Punk to get voted into the match and win the Intercontinental Championship to kick off a singles run, so I'm saying CM Punk to pull out the victory in this one. I also think crowning a new, people's-Intercontinental Champion would be a great way to open Cyber Sunday.

2- All … or Nothing??
Edge vs. The Undertaker
~ Winner faces WWE Champion @ Smackdown Season Premiere OR Loser is forbidden a title shot for 12 months ~

It is in human nature to enjoy others' misery, and so there is absolutely no question whatso-EVER that the fans will vote for the loser to be forbidden from a title shot for 12 months. So the real question is who will win this match. I'm actually surprised how many have suggested that The Undertaker will win. Whilst that's possible, because it'd continue the story of Edge's seemingly endless quest to become WWE Champion, and because it's not often that a superstar like Edge beats a superstar like The Undertaker twice in a row on pay-per-view, AND that Taker lost both to Randy Orton in the week before SummerSlam and to Edge AT SummerSlam...I just don't know. I'd argue the other way - why shouldn't Edge beat The Undertaker twice in a row?? Would that not continue his quest to be taken seriously as a main eventer?? You could book this several ways, so who knows. I know you've got long-term plans on the line here, but if I just think of this particular MOMENT in its own place in time, I think: what would I prefer: The Undertaker getting his win back, and shocking Edge into being frozen out of the title picture, OR, Edge sticking it to Taker, AND the fans, by picking up a win (and a dirtier one than SummerSlam at that), and continuing his quest to claim gold. After all, Edge could win, and STILL not get his title shot for a while, so like I said, the options are endless here. I'm going for what I want to happen rather than what I think is most likely, and so I hope that Edge picks up the win and gives the fans something to groan about on "their" night.

3- Grudge Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga
~ Samoan Strap Match OR Ambulance Match OR Stretcher Match ~

Much like I said above, and to quote Gladiator, "Rome is the mob. He will give them death, and they will love him for it." ERGO, the fans will want the most brutal match and therefore pick the stipulation that is likely to present them with most devastation to witness (btw, by now you may have picked up that I have extremely little faith in the human race .) The fans wouldn't pick a Samoan Strap match when they know that it could give an advantage to the heel Umaga, so that won't happen. Between Ambulance and Stretcher then, I'd say they'll vote for the Ambulance match, because it just sounds worse than Stretcher. As for the winner, much like with Edge/Undertaker, it could go either way. Does Michaels lose again in his first match "back", or does Umaga lose again?? I think when it comes to it, if Michaels wins, Umaga will simply look a lot weaker than he did pre-SummerSlam, because of the whole "monster" gimmick he's got going for him, but if Umaga annihilates Michaels, if booked correctly, Michaels can still come out of the match looking good. 'HBK' to put up one hell of a fight, but Umaga to ultimately send Michaels to a local medical facility.


They say art imitates life, and unfortunately, it looks like you're about to parallel WWE's real-life storyline for Cena in 2012/13, in that he suffered losses, questioned his ability, and is now set to take on Rock again. In this thread, the equivalent of that is Cena losing at WrestleMania to Christian, losing at SummerSlam to Kennedy, and of course the famous tap out to MY MAN Kurt Angle at Vengeance, only to finally get himself back to that main event spot against Christian at WrestleMania 24. To do that, he has to stay on RAW. So no, John Cena will NOT sign for Smackdown.


1) Predict which wrestlers/matches/stipulations will be voted for (12 points) Done.
2) Predict the winners (6 points) Done.
3) Predict the match order (6 points) Done.
4) Predict the order of elimination in the Elimination Chamber (5 points) Cade, RVD, Batista, London, Lesnar.
5) Will John Cena sign with Smackdown or remain on Raw?? (2 points) To quote Booker T, "AWW - HELL - NAWH!"
6) What will be the longest match?? *ELIMINATION CHAMBER NOT INCLUDED* (2 points) Michaels/Umaga. HAS to be.
7) What will be the shortest match?? (2 points) Cruiserweight Title match.
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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by Wolf Beast View Post
Official Card for WWE Cyber Sunday:

Date: 16th September 2007
Location: American Airlines Centre, Dallas, Texas
Event Music: Foo Fighters, The Pretender

WWE Championship;
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Batista vs. Garrison Cade vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Paul London
~ Choose the sixth and final entrant ~

World Heavyweight Championship Match;
Christian vs. Kurt Angle
~ Mr. Kennedy OR Rey Mysterio OR Eric Bischoff ~

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
The Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble OR Super Crazy OR Chavo Guerrero OR Evan Bourne OR Kid Kash OR Sonjay Dutt OR Daivari OR Elix Skipper OR X-Pac OR Scotty Too Hotty

Intercontinental Championship Match:
William Regal vs. Ken Doane OR CM Punk OR Greg Helms OR Paul Burchill OR Christopher Daniels OR Doug Williams OR The Miz OR Cody Rhodes OR Charlie Haas OR The 2007 King of the Ring; Brent Albright

All … or Nothing??
Edge vs. The Undertaker
~ Winner faces WWE Champion @ Smackdown Season Premiere OR Loser is forbidden a title shot for 12 months ~

Grudge Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga
~ Samoan Strap Match OR Ambulance Match OR Stretcher Match ~



1) Predict which wrestlers/matches/stipulations will be voted for (12 points)
2) Predict the winners (6 points)
3) Predict the match order (6 points)
4) Predict the order of elimination in the Elimination Chamber (5 points)
5) Will John Cena sign with Smackdown or remain on Raw?? (2 points)
6) What will be the longest match?? *ELIMINATION CHAMBER NOT INCLUDED* (2 points)
7) What will be the shortest match?? (2 points)

I'll be posting the show this weekend - last chance to post predictions...
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Re: Being The Booker

On Pre-show Heat; The East Coast Party Boys & Maria defeated The Brotherhood {JTG, Monty Brown & Alicia Fox} @ 06:23


September 16 | Dallas TX

Banner Credit; KING.


The opening video focuses on tonight being like no other, taking the power from the General Managers, and giving it to the fans, putting the careers and lives of the WWE superstars in the fans hands.



As ‘The Pretender’ blasts through the arena, Joey Styles opens the show, welcoming the audience to the one night of the year where the fans make all the important decisions - and the GM’s are mere spectators. He and Heyman then discuss the looming Elimination Chamber match later, before throwing to J.R and Coach, who hype the Raw portion of the show.

We then cut to Josh Mathews and Kelly Kelly at the Control Centre, talking about the voting closing for the Intercontinental Championship challenger, and reveal the results …

Ken Doane (9.1%)
CM Punk (19.3%)
Greg Helms (12.3%)
Paul Burchill (6.2%)
Christopher Daniels (7.7%)
Doug Williams (6.4%)
The Miz (7.5%)
Cody Rhodes (7.3%)
Charlie Haas (10%)
The 2007 King of the Ring; Brent Albright (15.2%)

… with CM PUNK topping the vote!!!

Backstage, Punk is congratulated by his partner Greg Helms, whilst the other possible contenders show their disappointment, skulking off…


Punks music fills the arena, and he quickly runs from the hallway, and to the gorilla position, coming through the curtain to a good response from the fans, as he attempts to become a dual champion. He makes his way to the ring, then wipes his forehead as if to say he’s tired already, as he waits for the champion.


William Regal enters, looking calm and composed, but in a bad position, only finding out momentarily who he was defending the title against tonight. He makes his way to the ring, shaking hands with Punk once he steps inside with the tag champ showing respect to the veteran.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
William Regal vs. CM Punk
It’s a slow pace, with a lot of early chain wrestling, as Punk wrestles at Regals pace, and the veteran dominates the early going. With Punk unable to better the champion he attempts to speed proceedings up, and finds more joy via this route. Just as Punk is beginning to find his feet though, his momentum is derailed by Regal, arm dragging Punk off the top rope. Putting the boots to Punk, Regal looks to soften up the challenger, targeting the arm, hitting a side suplex - landing Punk on his arm for a near fall. Regal stays on Punk, pushing him down onto the canvas and shoving his forearm into Punks face, punching the arm. From there, Regal looks to slow the pace again, and applies an arm lock, pressing his knee into the face of the challenger, but is unable to draw a submission from the Second City Saint.

Punk fights out, breaking the hold, and begins to take the fight to Regal, with the match breaking down on the outside, with blows being traded, but Regal snuffs out the offence of Punk by charging the challenger into the steel steps. Taking the action back inside, Regal goes to work on Punk in the corner with successive shots to the body and face, following up with a butterfly suplex, floating into a cover - shoving his forearm into Punks face - 1...2...NO!!! Regal drags Punk back up, pressing him against the ropes, rattling the straight edge superstar with stiff forearm shots before shooting him off the ropes, but Punk ducks a clothesline, and knocks Regal down with a jumping calf kick!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!!

Slowly, both men get to their knees, and there, they begin to trade stiff forearms - back and forth, Regal and Punk fight to their feet, with the fans torn between the two fan favourites … and it’s Punk that surprisingly wins the battle, cracking Regal with consecutive shots, rocking the champion, then kicks Regal stiffly on the right thigh … then the left, with kicks to the ribs, and open handed slaps to the face, then delivers a spinning back fist!!! Regal backs up, spaghetti legged … as Punk nails him with a roundhouse kick!!! Punk dives into a cover, looking to win the title … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

The near fall has the fans coming alive, with Punk sensing the tide turning and sizes Regal up, looking to strike, rushing into the corner - with a big knee to the face of Regal … and a bulldog out of the corner!!!!! He turns Regal over again, going for the pin … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Regal survives, but the hungry challenger is pouring on the pressure … and sensing the opportunity, he gets to his feet … signalling for the Punk Card!!! The challenger gets Regal up … but as he pushes him up for the knee to the face, Regal is able to go behind … AND HIT’S A DRAGON SUPLEX - WITH THE BRIDGE - 1...2...PUNK KICKS OUT!!!!!

Regal cant believe it, shaking his head, having a few words for the official, before turning Punk over … and looks to apply the Regal Stretch … only for Punk to fight it, elbowing Regal, escaping the potential submission!!! Punk scrambles, reaching his feet in the corner, but Regal comes toward him, only for Punk to fend the champion off with an elbow. He then looks to follow up, trying to get Regal up again for the PUNK CARD … but Regal elbows desperately to avoid it, slipping off the back, and throws Punk over the top rope!!! Punk though, lands on the apron, and as Regal turns away - thinking he has time - Punk hops onto the ropes, looking for a flying clothesline … BUT REGAL SIDESTEPS IT!!! Punk lands on the canvas, on his knees … AS REGAL HIT’S THE KNEE TREMBLER!!!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion - William Regal @ 10:36

Regal retains in a solid, hard fought match, with Punk looking good in defeat, as J.R puts over the efforts of both men on commentary. In the ring, after having his arm raised, Regal turns his attention to Punk, and helps the young competitor to his feet, patting Punk on the back, showing his respect for the effort of the beaten challenger, as the fans give both men a respectful ovation, as we fade out.

Backstage, we see the arrival of JOHN CENA, with all four commentators chipping in with their two cents about his big decision tonight…

Elsewhere, in the Smackdown locker room, we see GARRISON CADE taping his wrists ahead of the Elimination Chamber main event tonight … when RANDY ORTON shows up. Cade stands up, as he comes face to face with his former leader … with Orton telling Cade to relax. Initially, Orton tries to be friendly with Cade, asking him if he’s nervous going into his first ever PPV main event (Cade says he isn’t) and then compliments the Lone Star, saying he always knew this is what Cade was capable of (and Cade agrees).

Orton then shows his true colours, and begins to hint toward he and Cade co-existing inside the Chamber later tonight, and teaming to make sure that they are the final two. Cade then stops Orton, and tells the WWE Champion to “cut the crap”, telling Orton he’s heard everything he has said about him in recent weeks, running Cade down. The big Texan then tells Randy that he’s been subservient for long enough - tonight it’s every man for himself. Cade brushes by Orton, leaving the locker room, as Orton is left to ponder…

Back at the control centre off the side of the stage, Josh Mathews and Kelly Kelly announce the results of the voting for the upcoming match between The Undertaker and Edge …

Winner faces WWE Champion @ Smackdown Season Premiere (52.7%)
Loser is forbidden a title shot for twelve months (47.3%)

… with the voting in favour of granting the WINNER a title shot in two weeks on the Smackdown Season Premiere!!


The carrot has been dangled - Edge now knows a victory over The Undertaker tonight will see him earn the one thing he desperately craves; a one on one title shot!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar looks hungry, marching toward the ring, ready for the match to get going … but has to wait for his opponent.

… And waits …


The Undertaker makes his typical entrance, getting the fans in Dallas excited, whilst Styles and Heyman remind the fans that Edge DID defeat the legendary Deadman at Summerslam last month - cleanly, and speak about the very small list of names that have ever done it twice in a row, and the opportunity presented to Edge to add his name to that list.

All … or Nothing??
Edge vs. The Undertaker
~ Winner faces WWE Champion @ Smackdown Season Premiere ~
Edge surprisingly goes right after the Deadman, not waiting for Taker to remove his jacket, but his punches don’t affect Taker, and he turns the tables, grabbing Edge by the throat, and throws HIM into the corner, opening up with body shots then head shots!!! He shoots Edge off the ropes, AND DROPS HIM WITH A BIG BOOT!!! Edge groggily makes it back to his feet, stumbling into the ropes, with Taker rushing in, and clotheslines him over the top to the outside!!!!! The Deadman finally removes his jacket, and follows out, drilling Edge with the massive soup bones, as Edge staggers around the ring. The Phenom has his way with Edge, setting him on the apron, and dropping a leg across the Canadian along the apron. Rolling Edge back inside, he drops another leg, covering, 1...2...Edge kicks out.

Taker stays on Edge, pushing him back to the ropes, nailing a straight right, sending him off the ropes, but ducks down … and Edge kicks Taker … but the Deadman isn’t phased and simply stands upright!!! Edge ducks a clothesline, running off the ropes, and tries to dropkick the leg, but The Deadman avoids it, and drops an elbow onto Edge immediately, covering, 1...2...NO!!! Taker throws Edge into the corner, opening up with more big shots, but Edge is able to duck under and runs off the ropes … right into a big right hand. Edge stumbles back up, into the ropes again, with Taker charging at him - only for Edge to back body drop the Deadman over the top, with Taker landing on the apron. Edge is already off and running, coming off the opposite ropes, and dropkicks The Phenom off the apron, crashing into the barrier!!!!!

Edge rolls out, taking the fight to the legend, bouncing his head off the barrier, and then ramming him into the side of the ring apron. He rolls Taker back inside, and perches himself up top, flying off with a missile dropkick and a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Taker powers out, but Edge begins to assert himself, stomping his opponent down, dropping elbows, over and over, before pressing for a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Edge hammers Undertaker with right hands, trying to soften Taker up, and with The Phenom on his knees, Edge runs the ropes … RIGHT INTO A GOOZLE FROM TAKER!!! The Deadman looks for a CHOKESLAM … BUT EDGE FREES HIMSELF, runs off the ropes, slides under Taker … BUZZ KILLER!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Edge pulls Taker up, sending him off the ropes, ducking for the return … BUT EATS A SWINGING DDT FROM THE DEADMAN!!!!! Taker covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

The Undertaker shakes his head, and drags Edge up, softening him with straight rights to the skull, wringing the arm, before stepping up, and onto the ropes, bringing the fans to their feet … OLD SCHOOL CONNECTS!!!!! The Deadman gets right back up, and raises his hand - signalling for the Chokeslam!!! He stalks Edge, waiting for the Rated ‘R’ Superstar to get up, and grips him … BUT EDGE DESPERATELY BATTLES IT, HAMMERING TAKER - and frees himself, quickly running off the ropes - BUT RIGHT BACK INTO A GOOZLE - AND TAKER QUICKLY NAILS THE CHOKESLAM!!!!! Taker quickly covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! The Deadman shakes his head at the kick out, and pulls Edge back up, shooting him into the corner - hard. Then, he charges - full speed ahead - from corner to corner, crushing Edge!!! He tries it again - BUT EDGE DODGES OUT … AND COMES BACK WITH A SPEAR!!!!! Cover, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

Edge is in disbelief - believing the match was won with the flash, out of nowhere spear, he pounds the mat in anger, then chokes Taker on the mat, before finally releasing his grip after orders from the official. He hits Taker with a basement dropkick, and covers again, 1...2...Kick Out. Getting up, Edge hunches down, signalling for a second Spear … but as he rushes in to go for it, TAKER KICKS HIM AWAY!!! Edge staggers back around, with Taker scooping him up, and runs him across the ring - SNAKE EYES … FOLLOWED BY A RUNNING BIG BOOT FROM THE DEADMAN!!!!! The boot has Edge seeing stars, and he stumbles all over the place as he gets back up, walking right into the path of the waiting Deadman … WHO LOOKS FOR THE LAST RIDE … GETTING EDGE UP … BUT EDGE SOMEHOW DROPS TO HIS FEET … INSIDE CRADLE … 1...2...NO!!!

Both men bounce up after Edge nearly caught The Deadman … with Taker striking first, backing Edge up into the ropes, sending him off the ropes, but Edge reverses, sending Taker off instead, and catches the legend with a dropkick on his return … but it only wobbles him!!! Edge looks to whip Taker off the ropes again, but this time, his opponent ducks under a wild clothesline attempt … and another … THEN LEAPS IN THE AIR WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE OF HIS OWN … BUT EDGE DUCKS … AND TAKER WIPES OUT THE OFFICIAL!!!!! The referee takes a bump, with Taker momentarily distracted after hitting the wrong person … allowing the Ultimate Opportunist to attack from behind with a high knee to the back sending Taker into the buckles, and looks to follow up with the Edgecution … but The Deadman counters, running Edge into the corner to break his grip!!! Taker backs up … but Edge comes at him again … BUT RUNS RIGHT INTO A SIDEWALK SLAM!!!!!

Taker now drags Edge back up to his feet, gesturing for the TOMBSTONE!!! He scoops his opponent up, and into position … BUT EDGE SLIDES OFF THE BACK … AND LOW BLOWS THE DEADMAN!!!!! Taker reels away, selling the low blow … with Edge running off the ropes … SPEAR CONNECTS!!!!! Edge covers, hooking the leg … with the referee slowly coming around, making an agonizingly slow count … 1.………2.…………KICK OUT!!!!!!! THE UNDERTAKER SURVIVES THE LOW BLOW AND THE SPEAR!!!!! Edge is beside himself, pounding the mat with both hands, ready to explode … THEN GETS UP AND STOMPS THE BACK OF THE REFEREE!!!!! Edge attacks the official, keeping him incapacitated as he exit’s the ring, pushing by the bodies at the timekeepers table to pick up a chair, throwing it into the ring, before picking up another!!!!!

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar brings the second chair in with him, setting in under the head of The Phenom, turning his back to grab the first chair - setting up the CONCHAIRTO!!! The fans boo, as Edge stands over The Deadman, and swings back to hit it … BUT TAKER SITS UP - AS EDGES CHAIR SMASHES AGAINST THE OTHER!!!!! Edge reels away, dropping his chair, clutching his wrists, shaking them loose in pain, as The Undertaker stands back up - grabbing the chair … AND WAFFLES EDGE WITH IT AS HE TURNS BACK AROUND!!!!! The chairs backfire on Edge, and the Canadian looks down and out … as The Deadman again signals for the Tombstone … picking up his lifeless opponent … DRILLING EDGE WITH THE TOMBSTONE!!!!! The Deadman rolls his eyes back, with the darkness pin applied … and the referee slowly recovers to make a slow, agonizing … 1.………2.………3!!!
Winner: The Undertaker @ 14:14

Once again - Edge blows his opportunity!!!!! The Undertaker books himself a shot at the WWE Title in less than two weeks, with the winner of tonights main event already knowing the daunting challenge that awaits them following it. The Phenom owns the ring, with the lights dimming blue, whilst Edge is seen being rolled out of the ring, and helped to stagger up the ramp. The camera then focuses on Edge, as he clears his head on the ramp, slowly coming to the realisation … he lost … and lost the chance to challenge for the WWE title - AGAIN.


The video opens very cinematically, on a huge ship, in the middle of the ocean, with the ships name seen - RMS Titanic.

The video cuts to the bow of the ship, where two men - clearly dressed from the early 1900’s - are looking ahead at the beautiful scenery. In a clear rip off of a scene from the James Cameron blockbuster film ‘Titanic’, the Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like climbs up, leaning over the edge…

Young Man: WOOO!!!

Second Man: I can see the statue of liberty already … very small of course.

Beaming with a smile, the first man continues to stand up on the railing, over the edge of the ship.


~ SMACK!!!

The young man gets smashed from behind with a steel chair, and topples over the edge, and falls into the sea!!! The camera fans from the second mans point of view, showing … BRENT ALBRIGHT holding the chair!!! Albright smirks, faking to hit the second man with a chair, with the man running off in fear. Albright steps forward, peering over the edge of the ship, and with a smirk…

Brent Albright: Well I’m the King of the Ring, Jack.

The Survivor Series logo then flashes across the screen.

Narrator: On November 11, the WWE presents Hollywoods Biggest Blockbuster of 2007 … The Twenty first annual SURVIVOR SERIES!!! And the WWE superstars are tearing up the script!!


The camera cuts backstage, to the Gorilla position, where we see a still dazed Edge returning through the curtain, helped by officials, as Kristal Marshall approaches him, looking for his reaction after defeat … but Edge simply looks at the interviewer - speechless. He runs his fingers through his hair, not saying a word, but putting his head down, before closing his eyes … and walks off.

Back at the control centre, Josh & Kelly discuss the result of the previous match, and remind everyone that The Undertaker now meets the WWE Champion on the Smackdown Season Premiere on September 28 … and the voting has now closed to find out who will enter the Elimination Chamber last in the main event. The screen splits into all six competitors awaiting the result …

Randy Orton (11.9%)
Brock Lesnar (21.6%)
Batista (16.9%)
Garrison Cade (6.5%)
Rob Van Dam (22.3%)
Paul London (20.8%)

… with ROB VAN DAM topping the polls - narrowly from Brock Lesnar and Paul London.

Backstage, we see the reaction of a delighted Rob Van Dam, mouthing ‘thank you’ to the camera, as RVD gets the big advantage later tonight…

Now, at ringside, Styles and Heyman briefly discuss the result of the voting, both placing Van Dam as the favourite to win the Chamber now … before throwing over to J.R & Coach for the next match. The Raw team talk about the personal nature of the next contest between Shawn Michaels and Umaga, presenting a video package…

The package focuses on Michaels return, showing clips of how he was savagely taken out by Umaga at Vengeance, and how he has shown no fear of the massive Bulldozer since coming back, having had the better of Umaga for the last three weeks.

Back at the control centre, Mathews and Kelly now present the results of the vote for the upcoming match …

Samoan Strap Match (08.3%)
Ambulance Match (40.5%)
Stretcher Match (51.2%)

…with STRETCHER MATCH winning out over the other two options, getting a pop from the fans.


Shawn Michaels arrives to an incredible Texas sized pop, looking pumped up for such a big challenge. On his way, J.R and Coach remind the fans that Umaga has only ever lost once, but tonight he doesn’t have to be pinned or made to submit - giving HBK some hope.


Umaga makes his way to the ring, joined by Estrada, but as he marches down the ramp, and to ringside … SHAWN MICHAELS LEAPS OUT ONTO HIM - STARTING THE MATCH EARLY!!!

Stretcher Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga
Michaels starts off hot as hell, taking the fight to Umaga, catching the Bulldozer off guard, raining punches down on him, bamboozling Umaga!!! Michaels rises to his feet, fired up … AND LAUNCHES AT UMAGA … WITH BOTH MEN GOING OVER THE BARRIER!!!!! Shawn Michaels - a fearless HBK - brings the fight to the people, throwing anything he can get his hands on at Umaga; cups, chairs, jackets - he even grabs a sign, placing it over Umagas face and wails at the mastodon. Umaga staggers away, and rakes the eyes of HBK to create some space, slowing Shawn down … and Umaga then charges at Michaels … BUT GETS BACK BODY DROPPED BY THE SHOWSTOPPER - ONTO THE COLD GROUND!!!!! Shawn Michaels then kicks Umaga down the steps, with the Samoan tumbling down, taking some nasty looking bumps, as the two men arrive back at the barrier … with Michaels rushing at Umaga again … BUT UMAGA BACK DROPS HBK OVER THIS TIME!!!!!!

Taking a minute to shake the cobwebs, Umaga doesn’t follow HBK over straight away, but eventually - with instructions from AAE - climbs back over, looking to assault the legend … BUT MICHAELS SURPRISES HIM WITH A DROP TOE HOLD - ONTO THE STEPS!!!!! Umaga stumbles, and rolls into the ring, with Michaels following inside, backing Umaga into the corner, and letting fly with a knife edge chop … but it seems to simply awaken Umaga, whose eyes glare open, and he grabs Shawn - HEADBUTTING HBK!!! Michaels takes a tumble backward, but is up quickly, coming at Umaga - only to be shoved away again. Michaels though, keeps coming, hitting knife edge chops again - but again, they have no effect. Umaga shoves Michaels down, then flattens Shawn with a clothesline.

Michaels could be in trouble now, with Umaga seemingly warmed up, and he begins to choke Shawn, before applying a Samoan nerve hold, with HBK selling the pain like a champion. Umaga starts to stomp Michaels at the ropes, eventually kicking the veteran out of the ring, following out himself, and sending the Texan into the steps -which is applauded by Estrada. Umaga then pulls a table from under the ring, sliding it inside. He comes after Michaels, but HBK tries to fight back, unleashing more chops, but his comeback is snuffed out by another massive head butt from the hard headed Bulldozer. Umaga throws Shawn back inside, but as he follows in, HBK catches him with a collection of inverted atomic drops, backing into the ropes, rushing back at the 350 pounder … BUT GETS CREAMED WITH A ROLLING WHEEL KICK!!!!!

Umaga now gets the table, setting it up in the middle of the ring, before coming back for Michaels, but HBK tries to crawl away, seeing the table set up!!! Michaels is unable to get away, with Umaga holding onto his tights, as HBK desperately reaches under the ring … with Umaga dragging him back in … BUT MICHAELS HAS A KENDO STICK - AND CRACKS UMAGA WITH IT FROM THE CANVAS!!!!! The kendo stick backs Umaga up, with HBK striking him with it again, then to the mid section and the back, over and over, with Umaga writhing in pain, walking around the ring … turning … RIGHT INTO A SHOT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!!!! Umaga staggers, but stays on his feet … UNTIL MICHAELS RUNS OFF THE ROPES - SWINGING THE STICK LIKE A BAT RIGHT TO THE FACE - AND TAKES UMAGA OFF HIS FEET!!!!!

Umaga though is immediately trying to get back up, with Michaels wailing at him with the stick, getting Umaga onto the table. Michaels hammers Umaga with right hands, making sure he stays on the table, and quickly climbs the buckles, setting himself - AND CRASHES ONTO UMAGA, THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A FLYING ELBOW!!!!! Dallas is on its feet, with Michaels and Umaga both laying amongst the rubble of the table, and it’s Michaels that begins to recover first, climbing to his feet, using the ropes … AND BEGINS TO TUNE UP THE BAND FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!! On the outside, Estrada looks concerned, watching his mastodon struggling to recover, looking like he’s in no mans land … as Michaels stomps, stomps, stomps … AND GOES FOR IT … BUT UMAGA COUNTERS … WITH A SAMOAN DROP!!!!

The counter buys Umaga time, with Michaels down too, and both men struggle to their feet … but Umaga strikes first, clobbering HBK with a clothesline that sends him out of the ring, over the top rope to the floor!!! The Samoan Bulldozer follows out, hammering Michaels down mercilessly, grabbing the steel steps … LAUNCHING THEM AT HBK KNOCKING HIM OFF HIS FEET!!!!! Showing no interest yet in ending the match, Umaga throws the stretcher onto its side, before pulling another table from under the ring. He then goes back to work on HBK, crushing him against the steel ring post, before removing the mats, and slams Shawn on the cold hard floor - a receipt for the earlier back body drop in the crowd.

Back inside, Umaga continues the beat down, stomping Michaels into the corner, choking him with his foot, dragging him back up and sending him to the opposite corner with such ferocity that HBK is upended in the corner!!! He tumbles back, right into another stiff clothesline from the big man!!! Umaga sends HBK to the corner again, running in with an avalanche in the corner, and then crushes him again - this time with the running butt splash!!! The fans begin to fall silent as Umaga continues to punish HBK - both due to the nature of the beat down, and the fact that Michaels is being dominated - choking Michaels on the canvas, as Shawn kicks his legs wildly, feeling the effects of the choke. The Bulldozer exit’s the ring, setting the second table up on the outside, then climbs back onto the apron, looking to suplex HBK out of the ring and through it … BUT MICHAELS BLOCKS - twice - then manages to free himself … AND DELIVERS SWEET CHIN MUSIC … WITH UMAGA CRASHING OFF THE APRON - THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!

‘HOLY SHIT’ chants fill the arena, with Shawn Michaels coming back from the dead to turn the tables!!!!! The Showstopper shows the effects of the prolonged attack, taking a while to recover in the ring … whilst Umaga recovers on the outside too, with AAE willing his monster up. Somehow, Umaga is soon moving, as Michaels also gets to his feet - seeing Umaga getting up, Michaels climbs onto the apron, and bounces off the ropes … ASAI MOONSAULT ONTO UMAGA!!!!! The comeback is surely on now, as Michaels climbs to his feet again - NAILING ESTRADA WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!!! Michaels then makes his way to the timekeepers table, grabbing the ring bell, and rolls back into the ring, where Umaga has - instinctively - rolled back into, and Michaels clobbers the back of Umaga with the weapon - THEN RUNS OFF THE ROPES AND LEAPS - CLEANING UMAGAS CLOCK WITH THE WEAPON!!!!!

Michaels puts the Bulldozer down AGAIN!!!!! Shawn the NIPS UP to the delight of the fans, and looks to have hit a second wind, rolling back out of the ring, grabbing the stretcher, placing it by the ring, and then rolls Umaga from the ring … onto the stretcher!!! But, as Michaels attempts to wheel the stretcher up the aisle - AAE tries to stop him!!! Armando grabs the leg of Shawn, preventing him from wheeling the stretcher up the ramp … and while Michaels is distracted, Umaga is able to roll off the gurney!!! Umaga remains down on the floor, but is off the stretcher. HBK meanwhile, turns his attention to Estrada, picking him up by the scruff - and chucks the nuisance into the steps!!! Going back to Umaga now, Michaels tries - unsuccessfully - to haul the unit up, and fails to get him on the stretcher, with the big man fighting back, now trading blows with HBK on the aisle, but Michaels wins the battle, then backs up, and charges Umaga - BUT GETS CAUGHT - AND DRILLED WITH A SPINNING POWERSLAM - ONTO THE STRETCHER!!!!!!!!

The gurney gives from the force, and Shawns body contorts on the floor, with Umaga coming back - ONCE AGAIN, and after taking a few moments to shake his head clear, Umaga gets back to his feet, bringing HBK up with him, placing him onto the stretcher, but the stretcher is destroyed from the power slam, forcing Umaga to get another one from the top of the aisle by the control centre. Umaga wheels it down - ramming the gurney into the mid section of Michaels, before getting HBK onto it, trying to wheel him toward the yellow line … BUT MICHAELS ROLLS OFF THE GURNEY!!!!! The Showstopper survives, but is hammered down by Umaga, clubbing the back, then throws him - back first - into the railing. Umaga tries to get Shawn onto the stretcher again, but this time, Michaels fights, punching his way off the gurney, then fights for his life, fighting Umaga back toward the ring … but is cut off with a clothesline!!!

Back at ringside, Umaga picks up the steps once again, carrying them to the beginning of the aisle, where Michaels is laid out. He looks to crush the mid section of HBK with the steel steps … BUT MICHAELS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY JUST IN TIME!!!!! Umaga picks the steps up again, just missing Shawn the first time, but now the Showstopper dropkicks the leg, with Umaga dropping the steps, and hitting his head off them!!!!! HBK now crawls, looking under the ring, pulling out a steel chair, and gets up … AND BEGINS TO WEAR THE CHAIR OUT - ALL OVER UMAGAS BODY!!!!! Umaga tries to walk away, taking shots to his back, getting jabbed in the gut, then the back again … BEFORE TAKING A SICK SHOT TO THE SKULL!!!!!

Michaels slams the chair down, and wheels the stretcher right up to the yellow line, placing it strategically, waiting for Umaga to get up … AND DELIVERS SWEET CHIN MUSIC AGAIN … WITH UMAGA FALLING ONTO THE STRETCHER … BUT ROLLING OFF!!!!! Disaster for Michaels!!!!! HBK has his head in his hands, knowing it will be nigh on impossible to get the Bulldozer onto the stretcher, but has to try anyway. Using all his might, Michaels tries to lift the dead weight of Umaga to his feet, but as he gets him up, and rested onto the stretcher, HBK takes a moment to take a breath … and pays for it … WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!! Estrada is back up now, and stumbling by the side of Umaga - but instead of going for the win now, AAE orders Umaga back to the ring - despite having HBK beaten.

Together, they get Michaels onto the stretcher, with Estrada strapping HBK on to make sure he cant escape … but instead of wheeling it over the line … he wheels it BACK toward the ring!!! AAE smiles broadly, whilst Umaga leads the way, climbing onto the apron. Estrada sets the stretcher - containing the body of Michaels - at the front of the aisle, whilst Umaga perches himself onto the middle turnbuckle … waiting for AAE to snap his cigar … AND FLIES OFF THE MIDDLE BUCKLE WITH A SPLASH ONTO THE MICHAELS - WITH THE STRETCHER COLLAPSING AGAIN!!!!! Michaels is crushed, and Umaga rolls around, writhing in agony - selling the effect of his big splash … as AAE implores him to get up. Umaga eventually gets up, and with the stretcher destroyed, he has to DRAG the gurney up the aisle … and OVER the yellow line, winning the match!!!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 19:12

The Samoan Bulldozer sees off Shawn Michaels in a helluva match. HBK is out cold on the stretcher, with Umaga throwing it over, with one last sick act against the legendary Showstopper. He has his hand raised by the dishevelled AAE, getting back to his dominant ways after last months shocking first loss to Christian. AAE does plenty of talking for his savage, standing at the entrance, making his case for a rematch at the World Heavyweight Champion.

Doctors are seen tending to Shawn Michaels by the control centre, as Umaga and Estrada peer over once more, with AAE patting his mastodon on the shoulder on a job well done … as we fade out.





Backstage now, we see BATISTA warming up - to a mixed reaction from the fans - before being approached by the United States Champion PAUL LONDON - who gets a big ovation. London pats Batista on the back, being friendly, but Batista looks completely focused.

London wishes Batista luck for later, saying “may the best man win”, but then asks Batista what got into him on Friday night. Batista then stops his warm up, telling his friend what happened on Friday night was a culmination of built up frustrations. He apologises to London for shoving him - but makes it clear to London that he WONT be sorry for what he does in the Chamber tonight, telling the Golden Boy; “Friday was just a glimpse of what I‘m truly capable of”.

Batista - with a stern look in his eyes - then walks off, leaving London in no uncertain terms that friendship is out the window tonight.

Elsewhere, we see ARN ANDERSON for the first time tonight, dressed sharply, as he looks over paperwork, reading it carefully, before being distracted by the presence of someone else over his shoulder - ERIC BISCHOFF. The two General Managers stand face to face, with Eric smiling, but Arn remains emotionless, before asking the Raw GM what he is smiling about.

Bischoff explains, saying that Anderson had a month to bleed Raw dry of it’s top talents, and instead he wasted four weeks chasing ONE guy, and signing others “that I didn’t even know were still employed” … before telling Double A that it’ll all be for nothing, because John Cena WILL stay with Raw.

Anderson removes his glasses, rubbing his eyes as he exhales, then tells Eric that “I don’t think any stunt you can pull here tonight is gonna stop Cena joining Smackdown”, pointing to the paper in his hands, letting Eric know that he’s got a lucrative offer for Cena ‘right here’ and reminds Eric of his shabby treatment of the former three time World Champion.

Eric still smiles, and simply says “we‘ll see”, before crowing that he predicts a huge victory for Raw over Smackdown tonight by keeping Cena, then refers to the Clash of the Champions PPV which aired on September in recent years, saying he’d have loved to lead Raw to victory over Arns Smackdown.

Arn rubs his beard, telling Bischoff that the way he remembers it, in the three WWE Clash of the Champions events Smackdown won every time - just like he will, by signing John Cena later tonight. The smile is wiped of Bischoffs face, as Arn taps the contract (rolled up now) off the shoulder of his counterpart, before walking off, telling the Raw GM he’ll see him later…

Back in the arena…


To a chorus of boos, the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history (as of last Monday) prances onto the stage, rubbing the gold around his waist, as we prepare for the next title match. On commentary, Paul Heyman heaps praise on TBK and his run as champion, but Styles cant help but show his disdain for the self-obsessed CW title holder.

Kendrick waits in the ring now, as we cut to the control centre, with Josh and Kelly running through the contenders … and the results of the vote …

Jamie Noble (22.7%)
Super Crazy (14.3%)
Chavo Guerrero (16.8%)
Evan Bourne (12.4%)
Kid Kash (7.5%)
Sonjay Dutt (3.9%)
Daivari (4.3%)
Elix Skipper (4.1%)
X-Pac (6.9%)
Scotty Too Hotty (7.1%)



With no time for the moment to sink in, Noble is forced to make his way from the waiting area - being congratulated by the faces he has beaten out on his way - and jogs onto the stage, whilst Kendrick starts to look worried, as footage plays of this past Friday on Smackdown when Noble surprised the champion to beat him. Styles and Heyman both comment on Noble chasing Kendrick for months, but has been unable to capture the gold, with tonight perhaps being his final chance…

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
The Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble
Noble runs into the ring, coming for the champion - but Kendrick bails, hopping out of the ring … only for Noble to give chase!!! Kendrick rolls back in, then back out as Noble follows … but as he rolls in and out again, Noble only rolls in … THEN BASEBALL SLIDES THE CHAMPION!!!!! Kendrick is sent into the barrier from the slide, and Noble slingshots himself over the top, onto Kendrick with a splash on the outside - THEN HAMMERS THE CHAMPION DOWN!!! Noble is all fired up, and the former Cruiserweight Champion is quick to roll TBK back inside, making a quick cover after an elbow, 1...2...NO!!!! Noble doesn’t let up, viciously sending Kendrick into the corner, and goes to work with at least a dozen stiff boots to the gut, before sending Kendrick across to the opposite corner with such velocity he stumbles back out, and into a running clothesline!!! Noble covers, 1...2...NO!!!

The challenger continues to dominate, roughly hammering the back of Kendrick, looking to fire off a German Suplex - but Kendrick performs a standing switch, and runs Noble chest first into the corner. Kendrick turns him over, letting go with a knife edge chop, letting out a Flair-esque WOOOO - which is booed by the fans in Dallas, then flicks his hair, and pounds Noble down in the corner. He backs out, sizing Noble up, and runs in - DOCTOR SMOOTHS SECRET RECIPE!!! The fans boo the flashy kick, as Kendrick struts around the ring, shouting “THAT‘S WHY I‘M CHAMP, BABY”, before hooking Noble for a DDT - but takes too long posturing, as Noble counters with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX - bridging with a cover, 1...2...NO!!! The champion escapes the pin just in time!!!

Kendrick pulls himself to his feet at the ropes, with Noble coming at him, but is elevated over the top by the champion. Noble lands on the apron, but is swiftly dropkicked off, and lands back first against the barrier. Kendrick looks out, and then runs off the ropes, teasing a leap to the outside … but stops himself at the ropes. He wags his finger toward the fans, being roundly booed for not taking the risk, and instead he steps onto the apron, and outside, pulling Noble up, going for a suplex on the outside … BUT NOBLE COUNTERS … AND SUPLEXES KENDRICK INSTEAD!!!!! Both men remain down for a moment, before Noble stirs, and pulls Kendrick up, rolling him back into the ring. Noble though, climbs the turnbuckles, and waits up top … AND FLIES OFF … ONLY TO BE MET IN MID-AIR WITH A POWERBOMB!!!!! Kendrick crawls into a jacknife cover … 1...2...NOBLE GETS A SHOULDER UP!!!!!

TBK frantically shakes his head, in shock that Noble kicked out, having thought the match was won on that occasion. Kendrick argues with the referee, unable to fathom how Noble kicked out, and loses the plot, yelling at Jack Doan that “he has to lose - I cant!!!”, and continues to mutter to himself as he rolls out of the ring - grabbing his title belt!!! Kendrick rolls back inside, looking to use the belt on Noble - but Jack Doan stops him, grabbing the belt!!! Kendrick pleads with the referee to let him use the belt, but Doan pulls it away, turning to leave it back at the ringside area … just as Noble rolls Kendrick up from behind … BUT DOESN’T GET THE COUNT!!! Styles shouts out 1-2-3 on commentary - which obviously doesn’t count - before TBK kicks out. Noble winces, seeing the referee only turning his attention back to the match again, but knocks down an incoming Kendrick with a reverse elbow.

Noble drags Kendrick up, sending him off the ropes, knocking him back down with a stiff clothesline again. He then pulls TBK up once more, getting the champion into position … AND NAILS HIM WITH THE TIGER BOMB!!!!! He covers … 1...2...KENDRICK GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!!!! Noble is up, thinking he’s won, and puts his hands in the air, but soon is given the bad news, with the official pointing to the ropes, where Kendrick continues to hold on. Noble shakes his head, then looks to the heavens, before picking Kendrick up from the mat again. He hammers the champion, clubbing blows, and looks hit a second TIGER BOMB … BUT KENDRICK HAMMERS HIM FOR HIS LIFE - AND DROPS BACK TO THE MAT - SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!! Kendrick covers, looking to put the challenger down … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!

“NOOOO!!!!” cries out Kendrick, grabbing the referee by the shirt, losing his cool, with the cocky demeanour gone - realising his title is in serious trouble - and shakes his head, picking Noble up … SETTING UP FOR SLICED BREAD!!! He runs up the buckles … BUT NOBLE DROPS HIM ON THE ROPES!!!!! Kendrick gets crotched on the ropes by Noble, and tumbles onto the canvas!!! Noble takes a moment to shake the cobwebs loose, leaning on the ropes, before coming back to TBK, stomping the champ, before pulling him to his feet. Noble perches himself onto the top turnbuckle, with Kendrick beneath him, and gets on the champions shoulders, looking for a victory roll from the top - but as he goes for it, Kendrick counters {ala Owen Hart on Bret @ WrestleMania X}… AND PINS NOBLE … GRABBING THE ROPES FOR LEVERAGE … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL Cruiserweight Champion - The Brian Kendrick @ 09:11

He steals it!!! Kendrick steals the win, and immediately gets out of dodge KNOWING he got lucky and STOLE the victory!! He grabs his belt, and quickly makes his way to the aisle, not even being cocky enough to celebrate, whilst Noble is on his knees in the ring, grabbing and pulling at the ropes whilst looking at the referee as if to say ‘did you not see that!?’ The beaten challenger looks deflated by the loss, and lies down on the canvas, banging the back of his head off it, showing his frustration - having fallen short AGAIN in his quest to beat Kendrick.

The opening chords of Nirvanas classic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ plays, as clips of the massive crowds at WrestleMania 21 in Detroit and 23 in New Orleans play, interspersed with various shots of John Cena on his way to the ring, Christian pounding his chest and The Undertaker walking by the druids.


Flashing clips of fireworks displays, then Rey Mysterio hitting a 619, Randy Orton standing atop the ladder, Kurt Angle letting off his pyro and a smirking Brent Albright.


Shots of the city of Phoenix are spliced in with Shawn Michaels nipping up, Paul London hitting a 450 Splash off the ladder at WrestleMania, Triple H’s grand WrestleMania 22 entrance and Steve Austin toasting a beer to Brock Lesnar in New Orleans.


Random shots of the fans going nuts at recent WrestleManias, with quick shots of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air for a Five Star and Christian triumphing at WrestleMania 23


Quick clips of Cardinals Stadium is spliced in with John Cenas big entrance at WrestleMania 23, Edge’s Spear off the ladder at WrestleMania 22, Mick Foley crashing through the flaming table in the Superdome and The Undertakers famous sit up.


Triple H spitting water, Umaga storming down the aisle, Batista letting off his pyro and MVP bursting through his set.


Brock Lesnar hitting an F5 on Triple H, Cena hitting an FU on Orton, Christian hitting an Unprettier on Austin, and The Undertaker hitting a Tombstone on Jericho.


And end on the logo for WrestleMania 24

Banner Credit; KING.


Backstage, we see BROCK LESNAR preparing, strapping his wrists ahead of tonights main event, with Styles and Heyman both listing the credentials of the former four time WWE Champion.

We then cut to Matt Striker, standing by with KURT ANGLE, moments away from his long awaited World Heavyweight Championship shot against Christian. Angle blows off the potential problems with whomever the special guest referee may end up being, saying he’s had to wait six months to get his title shot … and having hung over Christians entire title reign, tonight we’ll find out for sure if Christian can truly call himself the World Heavyweight Champion.

At the control centre, Josh Mathews and Kelly present the results of the voting in the World Heavyweight Championship match…

Mr. Kennedy (29.8%)
Rey Mysterio (60.2%)
Eric Bischoff (10%)

…and REY MYSTERIO is the clear winner with the fans…

**BOOYAKA 619**

Wearing a referee shirt, Mysterio rushes through the curtain, saluting the fans, whilst on commentary The Coach is livid, saying that the voting is rigged and that the entire thing is a conspiracy, claiming that there was ‘irregular’ voting in Mexico and Canada on this match. Coaches conspiracy theories aside, the fans have spoken, and Mysterio comes to the ring, pointing at his shirt, mouthing to fans in the front row to ‘trust me’.


Not looking impressed, Kurt Angle marches down the aisle, mouthing some strong words in Reys direction, whilst Mysterio has his hands up in peace. Once in the ring, Kurt makes a beeline for his most recent rival, prodding his fingers into the referees chest, making his point firm and clear, surely demanding that Rey doesn’t screw him over tonight. Rey though, stands his ground, prodding Kurt back, telling Angle he WILL call it fair. Just as it looks like it could all boil over…


Christian soon takes the attention of Kurt Angle, with the champion carrying the gold that Angle so desperately craves. Kurt turns his focus, and begins to pace the ring, waiting for Captain Charisma to enter the ring. Christian makes Angle wait, not changing a thing about his ring entrance, pounding his chest, searching out into the sea of fans, and blows his ‘Peeps’ a kiss before stepping into the ring.

World Heavyweight Championship Match;
Christian vs. Kurt Angle
The opening is tentative, with both men circling, waiting for an opening, before meeting centre ring, collar and elbow lock up, jockeying for supremacy, with Christian applying a side headlock and squeezing, but Kurt shoves him away, off the ropes, only for Christian to knock the challenger down with a running shoulder. He runs the ropes, jumping over Angle, then ducks under, coming back with Angle jumping over, then turns … RIGHT INTO A SLAP FROM CHRISTIAN!!! Kurt drops, rolling under the ring, taking a walk, with Mysterio quick to begin a count - which doesn’t please Angle one bit. He is forced to get back in earlier than he liked, and has a few choice words for Rey, who tells Kurt he’s only doing his job.

Angle and Christian re-engage in a collar and elbow, with both men applying headlocks only to have them reversed. Angle tries to overwhelm the champion with his wrestling ability, but Christian is able to ‘hang’ with Kurt, switching to a go-behind, which sparks a series of standing switches as both champion and challenger look to gain the upper hand, and Angle eventually trips Christian from behind, AND TRIES TO GRAB THE ANKLE … but Christian manoeuvres out!!! The near miss is enough to make Angle smirk, believing Christian now fears the ankle lock, with the champion seeking solace at the corner. Angle does some trash talking from across the ring with Christian giving some back, before the two rush to the middle of the ring, locking up once more, this time with more aggression, as Angle goes to a side headlock again, but is shoved off the ropes, only to knock the champion down with a shoulder.

Christian is quickly up, but is pushed back into the corner where Angle sets off with overhand right hands, softening Christian up, then rattles him with stiff uppercut forearms in the corner, dragging the champion out and taking him over with a snap mare, right into a rear chinlock. Captain Charisma quickly fights up though, elbowing the gut of the challenger before throwing him off, but Angle is able to duck a clothesline … BUT NOT A DROPKICK!!!!! Christian covers, 1...KICK OUT at one!!! Angle rolls right out of the ring, but Christian wont allow him time to think and splashes to the outside onto Kurt with a triangle plancha!!!!! That high risk move gets the fans stirring, with Christian smirking at the reaction, pulling Angle back to his feet, looking to send him into the barrier, but Angle rakes the eyes of the champion … AND CATCHES CHRISTIAN WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!!!!

Captain Charisma writhes on the floor, whilst Angle celebrates his big impact move, and quickly gets on the champion, rolling him back inside, hooking the leg straight away, 1...2...NO!!! Angle shakes his head, but stays on the task, backing the champ back into the corner again, stomping him down, going to work with more of his overhand rights - which get him a warning from Mysterio. Angle tells the referee exactly what he thinks of him, and momentarily takes his eyes of Christian, again warning Mysterio not to screw him over, as Rey tells the Olympian not to get himself disqualified, and they wont have a problem. Angle turns his attention back to the champ - but Christian scores with a big right of his own!!! He gets Angle into position, and looks to score with a Tornado DDT off the second buckle … BUT ANGLE PREVENTS IT, AND DUMPS CHRISTIAN TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

Angle - after being scolded by Mysterio - follows out, and looks to enjoy his time on the outside, putting the boots to the champ, hip tossing him on the thin mats, before stiffly kicking the back of the Canadian. He sets the champ onto the apron, driving his elbow into the neck and chest countless times, before being told by Rey to bring the action back inside, which he does. Kurt lifts Christian up, setting him onto the top rope, climbing up, looking for a superplex perhaps … BUT CHRISTIAN BATTLES BACK … going punch for punch, it’s a dangerous position for both men … but the champion wins the battle, and shoves Angle off the top, before positioning himself and flies off the top with a reverse flying elbow!!! Christian takes time to recover, but he and Angle both get back up, with Kurt swinging - and missing - with the champion behind Angle, he gets him into position - modified backbreaker!!! Cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Christian mutters after the kick out, clearly disappointed, and pulls Kurt to his feet, sending him off the ropes, ducking down for the return, but Angle rolls off the champions back, AND EXPLODES WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX … BUT CHRISTIAN LANDS ON HIS FEET!!!!! Angle spins around - INTO A RIGHT HAND FROM THE CHAMPION!!! Angle goes down, but shoots right back up, but immediately points to his face, looking to Rey asking if he seen that. Mysterio shrugs, and can be heard asking “do you want me to disqualify him?” Angle is clearly frustrated, and waves off his protest, approaching Christian again - AND ANOTHER RIGHT HAND from the champion!!! Angle hit’s the canvas, and slaps it with both hands, looking to Rey again; “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!”, quickly getting back up, but runs right into an arm drag, then back up, and into headlock takedown, scrambling up - INTO A RIGHT HAND!!! Christian backs Kurt up against the ropes, sending him off, but Angle holds on, countering, AND FIRES OFF A BELLY TO BELLY!!!!!

Angle shoots up; “YEAH!!!” as he extends his arms, getting heat from the fans, picking Christian up and chucking him outside through the ropes. Angle follows out, jumping from the apron onto the champion with an axe handle, and stomps Captain Charisma down, before positioning him - catapulting the champion FACE FIRST into the steel ring post!!! Christian staggers away from the post, with the vicious challenger racing behind him - clothesline to the back and neck!!! Kurt roughly gets the champion back in, snapping off a suplex for a near fall, and quickly moves into a rear chinlock again, this time with a body scissors. Angle looks to draw the life out of the champion, but cant stop the champion from fighting. Christian is able to break the body scissors, and battles to get back on his feet, breaking the hold, but as he looks to run off the ropes - ANGLE GRIPS HIM - GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! The Olympian holds on, keeping his grip, pulling the champion back up and looks for another German … but Christian counters, into a roll up, 1...2...NO!!!

Both men bounce up, and both have the same idea, knocking each other down with a double clothesline!!!!! Mysterio - after a moment of uncertainty - begins to issue a double count out, reaching five, before the two begin to stir, and trade blows as they make it back to their feet, with Angle then looking to go back to his old faithful uppercut forearm, which sends Christian reeling … only for him to come back with an uppercut of his own!!! Angle backs up, then come back with an overhand right - but is blocked, and Christian is able to fire off another of his own rights!!! The champ wins the shootout, and hammers Angle with right hands, backing him into the ropes, sending him off to the corner, but Angle reverses, sending Christian in instead, then rushes in … BUT CHRISTIAN SWINGS ONTO THE ROPES … SEESAW KICK CONNECTS!!!!! Angle stumbles away, with Christian coming back off the ropes, setting himself up top, waiting for Angle to come back … and hooks him up … TORNADO DDT!!!!! Cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Christian slaps the mat in frustration, and gets back up, beginning to clap his hands, stalking Kurt - MOTIONING FOR THE UNPRETTIER!!! Angle looks to be on dream street, spaghetti legged as he gets up … WITH CHRISTIAN HOOKING HIM UP … BUT ANGLE EXPLODES WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! He crawls into a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Kurt, still looking dazed - but acting on instinct - hauls Christian back up, clubbing the back before going to the German again … BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS WITH A FIREMANS CARRY!!! The champion is up, and runs the ropes, coming back … into a deep knee from Angle, right to the mid section of the champ!!! Angle now stamps his feet, foaming at the mouth, daring Christian to get back up - AND GOES FOR THE ANGLE SLAM - NO - CHRISTIAN COUNTERS WITH AN ARM DRAG!!!!! Angle bounces to his feet, looking to recover with a clothesline - but Christian ducks, goes behind - REVERSE DDT!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Shaking his head, the champion cannot quite believe it - STILL unable to put Angle away, but after a forced grin, he gets back up, and climbs to the outside, up the turnbuckles … WHEN ANGLE EXPLODES … AND RACES UP - BELLY TO BELLY OFF THE TOP!!!!! Dallas EXPLODES as Angle delivers a sensational suplex off the top!!! Both men stay down for a moment, but Angle is first to move, crawling toward his opponent, draping an arm over him … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Angle rolls off, hands over his eyes, is disbelief of the kick out. He stays down for a moment, then slowly rises, eyeing the champion … AND PULLS DOWN HIS STRAPS - SIGNALLING FOR THE ANKLELOCK!!!!! He tries to apply the hold … but the champion turns over … CRADLE … 1...2...ANGLE KICKS OUT!!!!!

Both men rise up, with Angle charging at Christian, but is met with a reverse elbow. Christian then leaps onto the middle turnbuckle, looking to leap back - but Angle ducks under … THEN CATCHES CHRISTIAN FROM BEHIND … WITH THE ANGLE SLAM!!!!! Angle crawls into a cover, hooking the leg … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! The fans are on their feet for a moment, thinking the match was about to end, but Christian kicked out!!! On commentary, J.R comments on the sheer amount of counters and reversals - noting how much both men know about each other, and the amount of scouting they must have done in recent weeks. Angle has a few choice words for Rey, slapping his hands three times, before getting back to his feet, looking back at the champion, then climbs the turnbuckles … SHAPING UP FOR THE MOONSAULT … BUT BEFORE HE CAN FLY - CHRISTIAN IS UP!!!!!

The champion somehow makes it to his feet, and stops Angle, clubbing the back, before climbing up himself, and after punches back and forth and struggles … the fans are on their feet, waiting for something … AS CHRISTIAN NAILS ANGLE WITH A GUTBUSTER … OFF THE TOP!!!!! A huge roar engulfs the arena, with Christian and Angle both down, Angle writhing on the mat … before the champion slowly crawls into a cover … 1...2...NO!!! Even Mysterio cant believe the kick out, whilst Christian gets on his knees, forehead pressed against the mat. He looks up at Rey, who is as baffled as the champ, whilst the fans begin to chant ‘THIS IS AWESOME’ - but it’s scant consolation for the champion right now. Christian gets up, and begins to clap his hands again - UNPRETTIER TIME!!! He wills Angle up, and somehow the tough as nails Olympian drags himself to a vertical base, with Christian homing in, turning him over … BUT ANGLE DROPS DOWN - ANKLELOCK!!!!!!!!!!

Out of nowhere, the ANKLELOCK is applied, with Angle coming back from the dead seemingly!!! Christian is caught, but only has a short distance to go in order to make the ropes … and gets there!!! He clutches the bottom rope with both hands … but Kurt refuses to let go!!! Mysterio is forced to PHYSICALLY break the hold, and drag the Olympian off the champion!! For a brief moment, it looks like Angle and Mysterio might come to blows, with Rey warning Kurt that he WILL disqualify him if he doesn’t break the hold next time … but Angle shoves the referee by the face - onto his ass!!! Rey stays down, possibly contemplating the DQ, whilst Kurt turns his attention back to Christian at the ropes, targeting the leg, forcing Christian to hop on one leg … and goes for an enziguri … BUT ANGLE DUCKS IT … AND APPLIES THE ANKLELOCK AGAIN!!!

Christian - too far from the ropes now - has to turn over, and try to kick the challenger away, doing so with all he has … BUT ANGLE HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE!!! He contorts the ankle, looking for the submission … but Christian turns over again … AND THIS TIME DOES FREE HIMSELF!!! Angle topples backward - INTO REY!!! Rey is knocked through the ropes, and crashes to the outside!!! Angle turns, seeing the situation, and shouts ‘FUCK’, before kicking the ropes, and turns his attention back to the champion, coming for the ankle again, grabbing the leg … BUT THIS TIME CHRISTIAN DOES HIT THE ENZIGURI!!! Mysterio is on the outside, trying to recover, whilst Christian has the cover … but he could count to 100 if he wanted - THERE IS NO REFEREE!!!

The World Heavyweight Champion gets to his feet, seeing Rey on the outside, getting to his feet and shaking the cobwebs loose … AS ANGLE LOW BLOWS CHRISTIAN BRINGING THE CHAMP TO HIS KNEES!!! It all goes undetected by the special guest referee on the outside … but it’s mayhem in the ring … AS MISTER KENNEDY SLIDES INTO THE RING, KNOCKING BOTH CHRISTIAN AND ANGLE DOWN WITH CLOTHESLINES!!!! An equal opportunity attacker, Kennedy targets both men, with THE MIZ joining him for the ride, capturing the whole thing on his camera, whilst J.R - in his gravel voice - wonders just what the hell is going on out here!!! Kennedy issues instructions to Miz, and his lackey does his bidding, shoving Rey over, into the steps, before grabbing the world title belt, and throws it to his mentor in the ring.

Kennedy holds the title, telling both Christian and Angle that they must be stupid if they thought he wouldn’t get involved after being screwed out of the match himself … and leans back … but before he can nail either man … MYSTERIO PULLS THE TITLE BELT AWAY!!! The referee has the title, and swings at Kennedy … but he ducks … AND MYSTERIO NAILS ANGLE!!!!!!! Shock reverberates around the arena, as Rey stands - frozen - realising the gravity of his mishap … but he turns around … INTO A MIC CHECK - BUT CHRISTIAN SAVES REY!!! The champion clubs the back of Kennedy, whilst Rey dropkicks the knee of Miz on the apron, sending him away … as Christian holds Kennedy into position, giving Rey the call … AND HE HIT’S THE 619!!!!! Kennedy staggers out … INTO AN UNPRETTIER FROM CHRISTIAN!!!!!! But as he hits that … ANGLE NAILS REY WITH THE TITLE BELT … THEN NAILS CHRISTIAN TOO!!!!!

Angle ROARS, letting out pure emotion, then throws the belt down, eyeing Kennedy, and puts the boots to the brazen Monday Night Juggernaut, stomping him out of the ring … and then catches Miz as he makes an attempt to save his mentor - AND SENDS MIZ FLYING TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!! Angle now turns his attention back to Christian, who has had his bell rung already … AND HIT’S THE ANGLE SLAM … just as we see ERIC BISCHOFF running to the ring … WEARING A REFEREE SHIRT!!!!! The General Manager runs to the ring, with Angle seeing him coming, telling Eric to hurry up, and makes the cover, hooking the leg … with Eric counting … 1...2...BISCHOFF IS PULLED FROM THE RING BY REY!!!!! Rey drags the GM out of the ring, with the two men arguing, as Rey tells Eric HE is the referee, whilst Eric says Rey was knocked out. Angle meanwhile is up, and is FUMING, sitting, looking out at Rey, mouthing “YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT!!!”

He gets to his feet, dragging Christian up and knocks him back down to keep him ‘sedated’, but has to deal with Miz once more, knocking the nuisance off the apron again. On the outside, Kennedy is up, and tries to attack Rey, but Mysterio trips him, with Kennedy and Bischoff colliding!!! In the ring, Angle watches, before pointing to Rey grabbing his attention. Mysterio and Angle argue, with Angle accusing Rey of screwing him over motioning that Rey nailed him with the belt - then stopped his count, and Rey telling Kurt he hasn’t, and hit him accidentally, whilst Eric isn’t the referee - HE IS. Kurt then orders Rey to get his ass in the ring, and even though he is about to - it’s not quick enough for Angle, and he reaches through the ropes, grabbing Rey by the mask to drag him in … with Mysterio lashing out, nailing Kurt with a forearm, sending him backward … INTO THE RISEN CHRISTIAN … AND THE UNPRETTIER!!!!!!! He covers … as Rey gets back in … AND PAUSES - knowing he has just cost Angle … but slowly counts … 1.…..2.…..3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion - Christian @ 19:50

After a pure rollercoaster of a finish - CHRISTIAN has retained the World Heavyweight Championship!!! The champion rolls off Angle, and onto his knees, looking relieved to have staved off another firm challenge - and outside forces - to stay champion for a SIXTH month. Rey Mysterio raises Christians hand - but looks disappointed as he hands the title belt over; he KNOWS he has cost Kurt Angle tonight. Mysterio leaves the ring, apologising to some fans in the front row, with his hands on his hips and head down, shaking his head as he continues out.

In the ring, Christian looks slightly bewildered by Reys reaction - clearly unsure of what just transpired at the end of the match. He has the title belt over his shoulder, and makes sure the dishevelled Mr. Kennedy knows it, holding it up, and pointing to the outside to tell Kennedy he is still the champion. Outside, Bischoff is on his ass, holding the side of his head, feeling the pain of his collision with Kennedy, whilst Kennedy retreats with Miz, up the aisle, looking angry also.

Christian continues to celebrate, and leaves the ring, slapping hands with some fans, as J.R and Coach recap the crazy finishing sequence, with Coach - as you’d expect - siding with Angle, saying he was screwed, and J.R - as you’d expect - trying to make an argument for Rey, saying he had too much to deal with in the end, and make a mistake, but it WAS self defence. In the ring, Angle is still down, as we fade out with the champ on his way through the curtain…


The video opens with a dictionary, opening up spookily, and the pages turn, eventually stopping, as the camera then zooms in on the word; NEMESIS, and the thesaurus, reading the words…

Narrator: Nemesis.

Flashing shots are shown of Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy, Christian and Umaga, all battling, beating the hell out of each other on different occasions recently.

Narrator: Opponent … archenemy … archrival.

Flashing shots as each word is read; Shawn Michaels flying through the air, Straight Edge holding up their titles, Beth Phoenix with a smirk, Mr. Kennedy chewing gum & Cody Rhodes stomping Jerry Lawler.

Narrator: Adversary … competitor … rival … antagonist … foe.

More flashing shots as each word is read; John Cena tackling Kennedy, Matt Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Shelton Benjamin & Estrada cockily striding alongside Umaga.

Narrator: Avenger … retaliator … vindicator

As before, flashing images to each word; Shawn Michaels being wheeled out of Vengeance, Angle holding Reys mask, Mickie James in tears, Regal at Wembley with the I.C title, Christian laid out in the ring, Mysterio running down the aisle.

Narrator: Punishment … vengeance … retribution … fate … doom … revenge

The camera focuses again on the page only.

Narrator: But these?? These are only words. These are only definitions.

Flashing shots of each superstar already featured again in reverse motion, back to the start.

Narrator: And on October 14, the superstars of Raw will SHOW the meaning of these words … the true meaning … of the word …

And a close up on the word…

Narrator: … Nemesis.

The dictionary SLAMS shut.

Banner Credit; KING.


Back in the ring, Kurt Angle is stood up, leant on the ropes, looking LIVID, whilst J.R tries to quickly shill Nemesis next month, as Coach jumps on it, saying Kurt Angle SHOULD be heading to Little Rock as World Champion. Angle tries to keep his cool, but hit’s the roof, stamping the canvas, before getting out of the ring, talking to himself - he’s snapped - marching up the aisle, telling no one in particular “fucking dead. He‘s fucking dead. Rat just screwed me” and barges through the curtain…

Now, at ringside, J.R & Coach begin to discuss with Styles and Heyman at the next table the upcoming segment - the decision of John Cena; will he stay on Raw or leave for Smackdown. Of course, the Smackdown pair believe he’ll sign for them, whilst Coach simply thinks the move is ‘typical Cena’, drawing the entire process out, getting as much attention on himself as possible. J.R though points out that for Arn Anderson it’s all or nothing, having gone all out to bring Cena to Smackdown - and could be left extremely embarrassed if Cena chooses to stay on Raw…

Backstage, we see KURT ANGLE pushing past people, ignoring EVERYONE that tries to talk with him, until being PHYSICALLY stopped by a team of security guards, who inform Angle they have been instructed by Mr. Bischoff to remove him from the building - wanting to avoid any incident with Rey Mysterio.

Angle though, isn’t taking the orders lightly, and tells the team of guards he’ll not be leaving without a fight. Angle cheap shots a couple of the guards, but with a group of six men to take him down, Angle isn’t able to get away from them, and is soon restrained, with the guards shouting between one another, struggling to keep Angle under control, calling out for cuffs as they hold him down…

Back into arena, where the finishing touches are being made to the ring for the upcoming contract signing…


Arn Anderson quickly walks down the aisle, carrying the contract in his hand, slapping hands with a few fans, as he looks rather excited about the prospect of bringing Cena to his show…

He steps into the ring, and with time running against him, he cuts to the chase, almost immediately introducing John Cena…


Cena is greeted with a mixed reaction as always, and salutes the fans, gesturing to the camera that he still isn’t sure about what he’ll do. He runs to the ring, sliding inside, throwing his cap to the audience, and shakes hands with Double A, before the Smackdown GM gestures to the table, wanting to get to business straight away.

Cena agrees, and takes a seat, with Arn handing him the contract, telling Cena that everything he has asked for has been included, with an immediate number one contenders match in the coming weeks. Cena looks over the papers, nodding, clearly liking what he sees. He then takes the mic, and tells Arn that everything looks great. He apologises for making the GM wait for so long, but explains that he’s become attached to Raw over the years, feeling like part of the fabric … “but I guess there comes a time for change in every persons career…”

**I‘M BACK**

Suddenly, at the eleventh hour, a clearly distressed - and worse for wear - Eric Bischoff rushes into view, talking over his own music, walking to the ring, pleading with Cena not to sign anything.

Bischoff steps into the ring, with Anderson asking him what he thinks he’s doing, but Eric tells Arn to give him a second to talk to HIS superstar. Eric then begins to make one final plea to Cena. He tells Cena that while the Smackdown contract in front of him is exceptional - it’s NOT what Cena truly wants. He starts to suck up a little, telling Cena he’s not about big money or luxury dressing rooms or private limos.

Cena rolls his eyes at the lame attempt from Bischoff - but the Raw GM tells him to hear him out. He says he ISNT kissing his ass, but merely making a point. He says that Arn Anderson can offer him everything under the sun … except two things; the WrestleMania 23 rematch with Christian for the World Title … and a chance to settle the score with Kennedy.

Anderson butts in, saying that Eric told Cena all of this on Raw- but he is cut off by Eric who continues on, recalling Cena telling him on Raw that it was a case of “too little, too late”, and admits again that he’s harshly treated Cena, but has ONE final offer.

Recognising that Cena is a former three time World Champion that was narrowly beaten at WrestleMania but never had a rematch - he cant give him an outright title shot- but … he offers him ONE match which can deliver everything he wants - and the only things Arn CANT bring him…

A match with Mister Kennedy at Nemesis - in a match of Cenas choice - with the winner earning a World Heavyweight Championship match at the Twenty First Annual Survivor Series!!

The fans are mixed, whilst Cena finally looks interested in what Bischoff has to offer - a quick path to the World Title AND the chance to settle his score with Mr. Kennedy!!! Cena now has a massive decision on his hands, with Anderson starting to look concerned, knowing he cant match that offer.

Bischoff tries to further sweeten the deal, telling Cena he’ll have a new contract drafted tonight, which will even include a ‘walk away’ option if he ever feels he’s been unfairly treated by the Raw GM!!

Cena looks around, trying to get some kind of help from the fans, and finally picks up the mic, flicking through the Smackdown contract, telling Anderson how great it is, and that he’d be crazy NOT to sign it …

… but unless he can finish his issue with Mr. Kennedy & earn his chance at regaining the World Championship from Christian, he’d probably go crazy over on Smackdown anyway … and apologises profusely … but tells Anderson…


The reaction is mixed, but cheers outweigh boos, as Bischoff celebrates, raising his hands and breathing a sigh of relief, before starting to rub it in to Double A, telling Anderson he had a month to take five of his top stars, and ended up with only three nobodies!!!

Anderson stands up from the table, surely tempted to smack Bischoff, but instead blanks the Raw GM, and - ever the gentleman - offers a hand to Cena, with Cena again apologising, but Arn appears to understand, despite being disappointed.

Arn exit’s the ring, with Bischoff now extending a hand to Cena. Cena looks around, and questions Eric once more, making sure he is guaranteed of his #1 Contender Match with Kennedy, and tells Eric he wants that new contract within the hour, or he WILL leave for Smackdown.

Eric agrees to it all, with Cena finally agreeing to shake his hand to confirm the deal … then Cena drags Bischoff up close, telling him “let‘s just call this a signing bonus” … and scoops Bischoff up - ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … FU TO THE RAW GENERAL MANAGER!!!!!

Cena smirks, getting EVERYTHING he wanted - plus a piece of Bischoff, as the commentators react; Styles and Heyman both unhappy, whilst Coach calls Cena the biggest drama queen in WWE history, questioning what kind of message this sends to the locker room … but J.R is delighted that Raw keeps a top star, and talks about his excitement over the match with Kennedy - and a potential WrestleMania rematch with Christian at Survivor Series!!!

The package focuses on the Chamber itself, and it’s victims over the last five years, before going through the six competitors in tonight’s match; the next six victims of the Devils Playground…

Backstage, we see ARN ANDERSON - despondent - walking through the backstage area, having missed out on a massive star … before being stopped by RANDY ORTON. Nothing is said, with Orton just smiling, shaking his head at Anderson, before finally saying one word; ‘Pathetic’ … before walking on…

Back at the control centre, Josh and Kelly remind the fans that ROB VAN DAM won the earlier vote to enter the Chamber last, then go on to talk about all of the voting tonight, claiming some kind of online record - make one up in your head, I’ll leave it to your imagination - before thanking the WWE fans for their participation in tonight‘s event.

The Chamber now begins to lower, with the fans getting amped up, with the big spotlights and the music sending a chill down the spine inside Dallas…


To a rapturous response, ROB VAN DAM - the final entrant in the Chamber confidently strides down the aisle, giving the fans the ‘ROB-VAN-DAM’ thumb treatment on his way. He mouths ‘thank you’ to the fans, just before he steps into the structure - a structure he knows well, winning the last Chamber match just NINE months ago at Armageddon. Van Dam takes his place in his pod, which is locked up - and will remain that way for the next twenty minutes at least…


To a mix of cheers and boos after going NUTS on Smackdown this past Friday, Batista makes his way to the ring for his SECOND Elimination Chamber, but doesn’t look fazed, and has no hesitation - jogging up the steps and into the structure, going straight to his pod, wanting to get on with things. We see RVD mouthing something to Batista, obviously keen to get some kind of payback on The Animal for his actions on Smackdown.


Brock Lesnar gets the building shaking to it’s core, and the Iron Man makes his way to the ring for his second Chamber match too, after competing at the 2004 Survivor Series - in a losing effort. Lesnar though - much like Batista before him - shows no fear of the daunting structure, and hops onto the steps, letting his pyro off before stepping inside. Inside, he takes a moment to look around his surroundings, before glancing at RVD, then Batista before entering his own pod.


It’s heat - as you’d expect - for the dastardly WWE Champion. Nearing 200 days as champion, Orton slowly walks to the ring - and at the bottom of the aisle is confronted by Mark Cuban; with Styles reminding the fans that back at the Survivor Series in 2003 in this building, Orton took out Cuban with an RKO in the ring. The champion doesn’t say anything, but listens to the abuse of Cuban for a second, before simply walking on - with more important things to worry about tonight. The Champion walks up the steps, and stands in the middle of the ring, looking around … at the end of his WWE title reign?? He makes his way to the final pod … leaving just two men.


Gaining some cheers for being from the state of Texas, ‘The Lone Star’ walks out with a bullrope around his neck, standing at the entrance way, taking a look around the arena, then swings the rope - actually playing to the fans in Texas, despite being a firm heel. Cade then points to the ring, and marches forward, stopping outside, taking a look at the impressive structure, before nodding and stepping inside, facing a tall order to claim the WWE Championship tonight.


And it’s a MONSTER pop for another Texan - this time the United States Champion, Paul London!! The Golden Boy jogs to both sides of the entrance way, pumping up the Texas fans, before taking a long look down the aisle at the devastating structure as he prepares to enter it for the first time … AND RUNS DOWN THE AISLE!!! London rushes up the steps, and climbs into the ring … WITH CADE LOOKING TO GO ON THE ATTACK RIGHT AWAY!!!!!

WWE Championship;
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Batista vs. Garrison Cade vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Paul London


The match kicks off without any feeling out process - Cade goes right for it on London, as the two newcomers to the main event look to make an impression with five minutes to themselves. Cade roughs up London, using him in the early moments as a rag doll, and after stiffly clubbing Pauls back … HE HIP TOSSES THE U.S CHAMP OVER THE TOP ROPE … ONTO THE METAL FLOORING!!!!!! Cade doesn’t let up, and as London writhes, Cade follows out, stomping London, using the chain wall to climb up and stomp London harder. He pulls The Golden Boy to his feet, shoving his face into the chain wall, and clubs the back, pushing off the ropes, and DRIVES his knee into Londons back. Cade continues the beat down, setting London at the ropes … and clotheslines him over, back into the ring.

Inside, Cade shoots London into the corner - chest first - with London stumbling back out, as Cade runs off the ropes, looking for a lariat - BUT LONDON DUCKS … THEN DROPSAULTS THE LONE STAR!!!!! London follows up with two more dropsaults - and the third sends Cade out onto the steel floor through the ropes, with the U.S Champ running off the ropes … AND DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES AT CADE - CHARGING HIM INTO THE CHAIN FENCE!!! London stomps Cade now, then climbs up on the chain fence … dropping an elbow onto Cade. London rolls his opponent into the ring, making a cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! London boots Cade at he gets up, forcing him into the corner, and mounts him there, teeing off with right hands to Cade - getting the fans to count along with each punch … BUT CADE SHOVES HIM OFF - AND LONDON LANDS ON THE STEEL FLOOR!!!!!

Cade follows out, throwing London against the chain wall, then hooks him up - and suplexes him ON THE STEEL FLOOR!!! London writhes, as Cade steps back into the ring, walking to the corner, and reaches down, grabbing the bull rope he brought to the ring, and after swinging it around, he steps outside the ring. London though, puts up a fight, hammering Cade with body shots, then kicks to the legs, hopping up on the chain fence, jumping back - BUT IS SLAMMED ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Cade chokes the Golden Boy with his boot again, then grabs the bull rope … WRAPPING THE ROPE AROUND THE NECK OF THE U.S CHAMP!!! Cade then tries to tie the rope between the chains of the wall, and tries to choke the life out of London!!! He yanks back, as London flails desperately to survive … with the first count down beginning…

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1


Third Entrant; BATISTA @ 05:00

The entrance of a third person couldn’t come at a better time for London who looks like he’s ready to pass out - and it’s the perfect person too; Londons friend and Cades enemy!!! Batista comes straight for Cade, with the two big men trading blows at the ropes before Batista wins the battle, dropping Cade onto the top rope, then suplexes him INTO the ring!!! London takes the time to get his breath back, as Batista backs Cade into the corner, shoulders galore to the gut of Cade, sending him off the ropes, knocking him down with a reverse elbow. Cade stumbles back to his feet, and against the ropes, with Big Dave rushing forward BUT CADE BACK BODY DROPS HIM OUT - ONTO THE STEEL FLOOR!!! Now Batista writhes, but before Cade can follow up … LONDON IS BACK AND ATTACKS CADE WITH CADES OWN BULL ROPE!!!!! London whips Cade with the rope - AND CLOCKS HIM WITH THE COWBELL!!!!!!!

Cade tumbles out, with London the only man left in the ring, but before he can go after the Lone Star - he is stopped - BY BATISTA!!! The Animal swings his friend around, and we suddenly have an uncomfortable showdown. London outstretches his arms, and Batista points to the bull rope … as we wonder whether they’ll come to blows right now … but Batista shoves London aside, and takes a shot at Cade who looked to attack London from behind. Cade has been BUSTED OPEN by the cowbell, and Batista looks to open the wound further, blasting Cade in the corner, and then hunches down, telling London to use him as a platform … which London does, channelling the Hardy Boys … BUT CADE CATCHES LONDON COMING IN - AND THROWS HIM OUT OF THE RING AGAIN!!!!! London crashes onto the steel floor, and Cade then stomps on Batista, preventing him from getting up. He sends Batista off the ropes … BUT BATISTA COMES BACK WITH A SPEAR!!!!!

Batista hammers Cade, getting back to his feet, scooping Cade up onto his shoulders … and crushes the Lone Star with a running power slam!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The Animal isn’t wasting time tonight … AND HE TRIES TO LOAD UP CADE FOR A BATISTA BOMB … BUT CADE LOW BLOWS THE ANIMAL TO SAVE HIMSELF!!!!! Batista falls to his knees, with Cade standing back up, signalling for the HEART PUNCH!!! He pulls Batista up, but LONDON LEAPS BACK INTO THE RING WITH A DIVE ONTO CADE!!!!!! London and Cade go at it, with Batista coming to help his friend, and a two on one attack ensues, as Batista eventually sidewalk slams Cade, and London follows up with a standing shooting star press. He covers, 1...2...NO!!! Cade rolls out to safety{??} leaving Batista and London alone again … and now will the two friends fight it out??? They both nod, and start to circle, getting ready to go at it … but the countdown begins, and Batista puts up a hand, as if to say, let’s wait and see who’s next.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1


Fourth Entrant; RANDY ORTON @ 10:00

It’s the champion - but Orton doesn’t want to come out!!! Orton looks around, trying to close the door, not wanting to have any part of the match yet … but Batista has other ideas!!! The Animal approaches the pod, forcing it open, showing how much more powerful he is than Orton, and hammers the champion - INSIDE HIS POD!!! Orton has nowhere to run or hide, and is mercilessly pounded by The Animal, before being dragged out of the pod, and thrown into the ring!!! Meanwhile, London has slingshotted himself over the ropes and onto Cade outside the ring, leaving Orton and Batista in the ring. The Animal continues to punish Orton, booting and choking him in the corner, whilst London rakes Cades bloody face against the chain wall. In the ring, Batista still takes it to Orton, throwing him off the ropes, dropping him with a back body drop.

Outside, Cade fights back, overpowering London shoving him into the chain wall, then hoists him up looking for an atomic drop … BUT LONDON COUNTERS - CLIMBING UP THE CHAIN WALL … SLICED BREAD TO CADE ON THE STEEL FLOOR!!!!! In the ring, Orton cant find a way away from Batista, and is cornered again, with Big Dave driving his knees into Ortons gut. Orton though, tries to put up a fight, pounding his way out of the corner, and runs off the ropes, coming back … SPINEBUSTER!!!!! Batista DRILLS Orton, and gets back up, giving London the call, pointing to the top rope, with London - still showing effects of his sliced bread on Cade - nodding, beginning to climb the ropes … FOR THE 450 SPLASH!!! He climbs, with Ortons title reign in HUGE trouble here … with London setting himself … AND GOES FOR THE 450 … BUT ORTON ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!

London rolls around in agony, as Orton rolls out of the ring onto the steel flooring, whilst Batista seems conflicted; go after Orton again … or take the wounded London completely?? Batista stands in the middle of the ring, seemingly torn as to what to do … but before he can make his decision, it’s made for him, as Cade rushes from behind, taking a shot at The Animal. He knocks the big man down with a big boot, and then pulls him up, AND GETS HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS … LOOKING FOR THE OUTSIDERS EDGE … AND LOOKS TO THROW BATISTA OUT OF THE RING - but Batista slips free, and then clotheslines Cade over the top, going over himself, with both landing on the steel. In the ring, Orton finally gets in some offence, attacking the woozy U.S Champion and drops him with his modified backbreaker, and covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Orton looks to be getting into the match now, and has ‘that’ look in his eyes, as he looks at a helpless London … and backs up … to the corner … shaping up … for the PUNT~!!!!! Orton psyches himself up, looking ready to BLAST London out of the match … BUT RANDY IS GRABBED FROM BEHIND BY BATISTA - and Dave rams him face first into the turnbuckle!!! Big Dave saves London - moments after contemplating eliminating him - and hurls Orton over the top, onto the steel grating, and Orton lets out a yell in pain. Batista slams Orton onto the grating … then sizes up Cade … AND SPEARS HIM THROUGH AN EMPTY POD!!!!!!!!!! After a huge pop, ‘HOLY SHIT’ chants echo through the arena, as Batista and Cade find themselves laid out in amongst the Perspex glass, leaving Orton to recover outside, and London inside. The four men remains down for a twenty second period … until another countdown soon begins.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1


Fifth Entrant; BROCK LESNAR @ 15:00

And unlike Orton, Lesnar cant wait to get out of his pod!!! Lesnar bursts out, and hops into the ring … RUNNING THROUGH LONDON WITH A CLOTHESLINE, TURNING HIM INSIDE OUT!!!!! He reaches over the top, hurling Orton back in, and CHARGES the champion into the corner, making up for lost time with shoulder thrusts, taking the wind from the champion, then dragging him out … BELLY TO BELLY … OVER THE TOP - ONTO THE STEEL FLOOR!!!!! He turns, coming for London again, pulling him to his feet … BUT LONDON STARTS TO MOUNT A COMEBACK!!!!! London has the fans ERUPTING for a simple comeback, surprising Lesnar, and looks for a kick right at the ropes, but Lesnar catches it … AND PULLS LONDON IN - SCOOPS HIM UP … F5 … OVER THE TOP ROPE … ONTO THE STEEL FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!

Londons body crashes and bounces off the steel!!!! The fans groan, as replay after replay is shown, with Lesnar DOMINATING the chamber. He steps out, and comes after Batista and Cade now, pulling Cade to his feet, throwing him into the ring, but before he can follow in - Batista is up, and he hammers Lesnar, but after the impact of the spear, Lesnar is able to get the better of The Animal, and after charging him into the chain wall, Brock slams The Animal onto the steel!!! With ease, Lesnar pulls him up and throws Batista inside - just as Cade climbs out, looking for more time to recover. Lesnar hammers down the weakened Batista, sending him off to the corner, rushing in, planting a big running knee to the jaw!!! Dave staggers out, as Lesnar grips him from behind, and lets fly with a release German Suplex. Lesnar, with total domination, drags Batista back up … LOOKING TO HIT THE F5 …


Lesnar drops Big Dave, as somehow Paul London recovers, using everything he had to nail Lesnar … but slumps back to the steel floor after impact, still feeling the effects of the F5. In the ring, Cade comes after Batista … BUT EATS A SPINEBUSTER!!!!!!! The Animal bounces back up, hitting a second wind … and shakes the ropes - BATISTA BOMB TIME!!! He turns around, pulling Cade up - but shoves him away, as Orton charges toward him - SPINEBUSTER TO ORTON!!!!! He bounces up again, as we see London crawling into the ring, pulling himself to his feet using the ropes … whilst Batista sees Lesnar staggering back to his feet … SPINEBUSTER TO LESNAR!!!!! The Animal then turns, spotting London peeling himself away from the ropes … AND INTO THE SPINEBUSTER!!!!! Batista - shaking the cobwebs loose himself - stands over London, shaking his head, mouthing “Every man for himself buddy” … and drags London up, shaking his head again, with boos filling the arena … BATISTA BOMB!!!!! The Animal covers … 1...2...3!!!!!


Batista disposes of his friend, Paul London, in decisive fashion, as the ring is full of broken bodies - courtesy of Batista … LOW BLOW!!!!!!!!!


The Animal falls to his knees, as Cade stumbles up, picking his spot - HEART PUNCH TO BATISTA!!!!! Cade hooks the leg, leaning back … 1...2...3!!!!!


And in the blink of an eye - TWO men have been eliminated!!! Batista threw his friend aside for glory … but sees himself OUT of the match just seconds after!!! Cade rolls off Batista, but stays down, as the five bodies {two eliminated} lay on the mat … with one fresh man about to enter …

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1


Final Entrant; ROB VAN DAM @ 20:00

Eager to get going, RVD rushes out of his pod, and hops onto the ropes immediately, leaping off with a kick to his mortal enemy; Randy Orton!!! He looks to continue the attack, but is cut off by Cade, who catches a boot, only for RVD to step over and kick the big Texan in the mush!!! Paul London is rolled out of the chamber at this point, and the officials try to do the same with Batista … but as The Animal recovers, he doesn’t seem to want to leave. He argues with the officials in the background, but the match continues, with Van Dam throwing Orton out onto the steel, then springs off the ropes, kicking Lesnar back to the mat with a jumping kick. RVD nods at the cheers from the fans, before following the retreating Orton to the outside, and after slamming him down, RVD looks around for approval … AND HIT’S ROLLING THUNDER ONTO ORTON ON THE STEEL!!!!!

RVD rolls around, selling the effects of the move … as BATISTA IS BACK TO HIS FEET … AND IS BACK IN THE RING - FURIOUS HE WAS ELIMINATED … BATISTA BOMB TO CADE!!!!! He drills Cade, letting out his anger, after losing to his rival AGAIN!!! Batista stands over Cade, making his point, before finally leaving the chamber … whilst RVD spots an opportunity, and climbs the ropes … but isn’t content with that … and climbs the pod!!!!! RVD perches himself on the top of the pod … and looks around the arena, with the fans on their feet, ready to get their cameras flashing … AS RVD SOARS FROM THE TOP OF THE POD … FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH TO CADE!!!!! It’s deafening inside the arena, as RVD rolls around, kicking his legs, clutching his sternum … before finally covering Cade … 1...2...3!!!!!


And it’s down to three!!! Cades dreams of title gold vanish - due to Batista - who stands on the aisle with a smile on his face, turning to leave - happy that at least Cade wont leave with the WWE title. In the ring though, RVD is still in pain from the super five star, whilst Lesnar is on his knees at the ropes, and Orton is on the outside, sitting up. Lesnar tries to drag himself to his feet, and comes after RVD, pulling Van Dam up, shooting him off the ropes, but Van Dam rolls off the back, catching Brock with a spin kick!!! Lesnar gets up in the corner, with Van Dam rushing in after him - MONKEY FLIP … NO!!! Lesnar stops it … AND WALKS OUT OF THE CORNER, REPOSITIONING VAN DAM … AND HIT’S A MODIFIED POWERBOMB - OUT OF THE RING … ONTO THE SOLID STEEL FLOOR!!!!!

Van Dams body contorts, as Lesnar leans over the ropes, looking at his handiwork … BUT ORTON COMES RUSHING BEHIND … LOOKING TO SPIN BROCK AROUND … RKO … NO!!! Lesnar lifts Orton … AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP TOO!!!!! Orton lands on Van Dam, as Lesnar steps out, picking Orton up, ramming him over and over and over and over into the chain wall!!! He finally relents, and Orton staggers out, with Brock hoisting him up, into position for a Gorilla Press Slam … BUT ORTON GRIPS THE CHAINS!!!!! Orton hangs on for dear life, and pulls himself away from Lesnar … CLIMBING AWAY FROM THE IRON MAN!!!!! Lesnar simply watches, as the scared champion climbs away from him, then turns around, RIGHT INTO A KICK FROM RVD!!!!! The kick sends Brock over the top, into the ring, and RVD springs off the ropes, knocking Lesnar down with a flying clothesline.

Van Dam gets to his feet - whilst Orton starts to climb down - and takes a look around, with Brock nicely positioned … SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT TO BROCK!!!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Lesnar stays in the match, as RVD pulls himself to his feet again … dragging Lesnar up, BUT BROCK EXPLODES … F5 TO VAN DAM!!!!! Lesnar stays down after hitting the desperation F5, and as he tries to get back up, Orton - the pariah - quickly dumps him over the top, out of the ring, in order to focus on RVD himself!!! The Champion pulls the lifeless RVD up by the hair, trash talking as he drags him across the ring … TO THE ROPES … stepping out … WITH RVD PLACED ALONG THE MIDDLE ROPE…

ALLOWING ORTON TO ATTEMPT THE HANGMANS DDT … ONLY ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ROPES!!!!! Orton has Van Dam set up … and with a wild look in his eyes … DROPS RVD WITH THE HANGMANS DDT … ONTO THE STEEL FLOOR!!!!!!!!!! Orton sits up, with a mouth open wide smile along with a wild look in his eyes … as RVD is face down, planted onto the steel!!!!! The champion rolls Van Dam back into the ring, covering … 1...2...3!!!!!


And then there were two. Orton savagely defeats Van Dam - who may have head trauma again - and now sets his sights on Lesnar. The champion gets up, and reaches to the outside, looking to hit the same DDT - but into the ring this time … ONLY BROCK ESCAPES … AND BACK BODY DROPS ORTON OVER … ONTO THE STEEL!!!!! Orton yells out in pain, clutching his back, before Brock starts to stomp the chest of the WWE Champion - mercilessly!!! As this goes on, we see RVD being helped to the back by two officials, as Styles states he hopes RVD is okay, and hasn’t suffered a relapse of the head injuries which have blighted his 2007 - all courtesy of Randy Orton. Meanwhile, Lesnar drags Orton to his feet, and after throwing him chest first three times into the chain wall, he grips Orton - BELLY TO BELLY INTO THE PERSPEX GLASS - WHICH DOESN’T GIVE!!!!!

Ortons body slithers down the glass - which didn’t budge - and Lesnar decides to try again, lifting Orton up … BELLY TO BELLY … THIS TIME THROUGH THE PERSPEX GLASS!!!!! Randy Orton lays in the rubble, like a crash victim, whilst Lesnar shows no mercy, pulling Randy out of the pod by his legs, and we see now that the champion is BLEEDING profusely!!! Lesnar chucks Orton back into the ring, following inside, looking like he’s about to enjoy this … watching, as a helpless Randy Orton pulls himself up in the corner … but is a lamb to the slaughter, with Brock racing in … BIG KNEES IN THE CORNER TO THE FACE!!!!! Orton flops to the mat - ala Ric Flair - which gets a pop from the fans … as Brock stands over the battered champion. Orton reaches out, grabbing the boot of Lesnar, but has nothing to give … as Lesnar just shrugs his hand away from his boot, then STAMPS the hand of the champ. It looks like it’s a matter of time for Orton, with Brock seemingly able to end it whenever he likes … but Lesnar wants to savour the moment.

Heyman talks on commentary about Brock wanting to prove a point tonight, and show that he is superior to Orton - and show how much more superior he is too. The Iron Man pulls Orton up, getting him in the air - and unlike earlier, Orton cant climb the cage to escape … THEN PRESS SLAMS THE CHAMPION OUT OF THE RING … INTO THE CHAIN WALL!!!!! Orton is finished, but Lesnar is not - and steps back to the outside, grabbing Ortons broken body, ripping and tearing the champions bloody face against the wall of the chamber, looking out, into the camera, with a wild look in his eyes; “LOOK AT THE CHAMP!!! HUH!? LOOK AT THE CHAMP NOW!!!!” raking his face, with blood pouring down Ortons face. Lesnar finally relents, and drags Orton by the hair, rag dolling him back into the ring. Joey Styles comments that this is shades of Summerslam, with Lesnar prolonging the beating to send a message.

He then talks about how much Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Tommy Dreamer and Nick Dinsmore must be loving watching this at home. The Iron Man stands over the pathetic body of the champion, pointing down at Orton, asking the fans “HOW ABOUT NOW!?” The fans cheer, with Lesnar nodding. He picks Orton up, pressing him against the ropes, talking more trash, before throwing him up onto his shoulders!!!! It’s time for the F5!!!!! Lesnar takes his time, walking around the ring, asking the fans which side wants it more, as the four sides of the arena battle it out with cheers. In the end, Lesnar picks the hard camera side … and swings Orton around for the F5-


ORTON HIT’S THE RKO AS LESNAR SWUNG HIM AROUND!!!!!!!! The fans are stunned - they are shocked … as the bloody, battered champion lays an arm over Lesnar … 1...2...3!!!


Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - Randy Orton @ 33:13

The fans in Dallas are stunned into silence, as we see Lesnar roll over almost as soon as the three is made, onto his front, holding his head. Ortons RKO saves him from certain defeat for the SECOND month in a row!!!!! Heyman is gob smacked, whilst Orton is still down and out, hitting the RKO with ALL he had left in the tank. Joey Styles puts over the RKO as Ortons life saver, stressing the importance of how an effective finishing move - that quick, that sudden - can be the difference between victory and defeat.

In the ring, the title belt is placed over the torso of Orton, but the champion doesn’t know much about it - he’s still face down on the mat. Meanwhile, Lesnar is on his knees, starting to shake the cobwebs loose … and coming to the realisation that he took too long, and postured too much … probably costing himself the WWE Championship tonight, as Heyman says as much on commentary, stating that Lesnar NEVER plays to the fans like that.

Lesnar shakes his head, mouthing ‘DAMMIT’, as he fully realises the consequences of the loss tonight - probably his last title opportunity for the foreseeable future … as Styles gives Orton some credit on commentary, that despite his evil, vile actions at times … we cannot argue that he always finds a way to win … and has written off FIVE challengers tonight … with maybe only one remaining … and that man gets his title shot in less than two weeks at the Smackdown Season Premiere … THE UNDERTAKER.

The show ends with a disappointed Brock Lesnar leaving the Chamber, walking out, hands on hips, looking at the fans, shaking his head … whilst the winner is laid in a heap in the middle of the ring … looking anything but a victor…


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Re: Being The Booker

Cyber Sunday Feedback

Obviously Punk was the natural choice to win the first fans vote, given that from the list he was very much the most over face available. I would have liked just a small glimpse into what Brent Albright's response to the vote was though. Just a small line, maybe even a glare in Punk's direction or something like that. The King of the Ring shouldn't have simply skulked off and faded into the background with the others imo. But that's a rather trivial complaint if I'm being honest. The match itself, it was interesting how you had Regal dominate the early goings given the fact that he only found out his opponent not that long ago. Usually I would have expected it to be the other way around, with Punk catching Regal cold. Going for a technical match with Regal playing the heel was a smart choice, and I liked the little heel mannerisms Regal displayed, with the grinding the elbow into Punk's face and the arguing with the ref, little touches that worked very well. The finish was pretty decisive, but at the same time, I didn't feel Punk lost any momentum by losing here in this fashion. The way he was caught by surprise by a crafty veteran is nothing to be ashamed of, so both men came out of this one looking pretty decent. Overall, a solid opener, certainly logical choices all around with regards to the placing on the card and the choice of opponent.

Despite his failed attempts at forming a partnership here with Cade, I'm still very much predicting an Orton win. Could see Cade being lost in the shuffle a bit, would expect him to be one of the first three eliminated.

As I said in my predictions, you could have easily gone either way with the vote for the Edge/Undertaker match, so it's not too big a surprise to see you go with the title match stip. I thought you'd be more sadistic and deny Edge his chance for twelve months, but this worked fine as well. I thought the way you had Edge jump Taker made a ton of sense, really got over how desperate he was for victory with the caveat of a title shot so close. I enjoyed the action in this one, so fast paced in comparison to the previous match, and a real upturn in the level of drama we saw. Again, another little touch that really stood out was Edge attacking the ref after that dramatic near fall, adding that to the conchairto attempt, really showed how badly Edge wanted to win. Taker winning was the right result, as it's far more entertaining to see Edge slowly losing his mind over not gaining a chance at the gold. I could easily see Edge interfering in the match on the SmackDown Season Première, costing Taker, which could conceivably set up a third match between the two at Survivor Series. Or maybe it ends here. Who knows? But yeah, this was a pretty sweet match, fast paced and full of drama, a real step up from the opener.

I like that “tearing up the script” idea for Survivor Series. You should have a lot of fun coming up with video ideas for it, as I'm gonna assume we'll see several different guys in the spotlight during the build up. As for Van Dam winning the vote, that's a big time surprise. Lesnar's had so much momentum since his return I thought for sure he would take it.

Having read KING's predictions, I was starting to warm to the idea of an ambulance match, but given the rather symbolic role a stretcher played in the early days of this feud, this was the logical choice. And again, given what we've saw since Michaels returned, it made tons of sense to have him get the early advantage, and you set the scene of the match early on with the fight spilling outside, and despite Michaels' offence, Umaga to looked so dominant in rallying back to take control. Sweet spot with Michaels drilling the elbow through the table, but again, how good did you make Umaga look by coming straight back from it with the Samoan drop. Beastly. Finally a second table spot buys Michaels a sustained period of dominance, but again, Umaga looked a million bucks with the side slam onto the stretcher. You're really going all out with this guy, aren't you? Finish was insane, that splash onto the stretcher sounded damn near suicidal, and I'll admit, the outcome wasn't what I predicted. I thought for sure that by bringing back Michaels you'd allow him that measure of revenge for being taken out all those months ago, but given the way you wrote the match, an Umaga victory had to happen. Another really enjoyable match, and again, a step up from the previous match. Where do you go with Michaels and Umaga from here though? Does Umaga go back after Christian? Be really interesting to see where you take things.

Batista is definitely a character with a lot of intrigue around him right now, and this just adds to that. Nice to see him being pushed up the card a bit, and given his attitude here towards London, I still think a heel turn could be in his future. As for Arn Anderson, I think he's in trouble when this performance review with Jesse Ventura comes around, given I've already predicted John Cena is staying with Raw. I'm not sure why you've taken this route or where you're going with it, but certainly 'Double A' is being made to look pretty bad right now.

Again you went with the logical choice of having Noble win the vote, but I was surprised with the way the match finished. You mentioned a couple of times that this could be Noble's last chance at the gold given his previous opportunities, yet by having Kendrick grab the ropes, you seem to be heading in the direction of yet another match between the two. Yet in the post match write up, you described how upset Noble was at seeing his last chance pass him by. I felt all of that kinda contradicted each other, or maybe I've read it wrong. If that really was Noble's last chance, you could have just had Kendrick catch the surprise win off the victory roll without the rope grab. But then again, maybe we are in line for another Noble title shot?

Really enjoyed the match between Christian and Angle, such a strong story you told during it with the way both men countered and knew each other so well in the early goings, and the way in which just as it looked like one man was about to string together a sustained period of dominance, it all quickly shifted back the other way. It's a method usually reserved for a face/face match imo, but it worked really well here given the way Angle plays up to the crowd at times. I'd have been surprised if there wasn't some sort of shenanigans with Rey, and we got it with the mayhem of the finish. I thought the ending was wild and while I criticised you for the level of run ins during SummerSlam, I felt it worked very well here. A nice twist with regards to Mysterio costing Angle, and I think a third match between those two is definitely on the cards. As for Christian, I guess a rematch with either Kennedy or Umaga is next for him, given they seem to be the heels with the most momentum at the moment. But yeah, this match was really enjoyable, it told such a good storyline and then we got a very exciting ending.

Again, much like his words on Raw recently, Bischoff has really outshone Anderson throughout all of this, and he did so again tonight. And I guess this rules out Kennedy as a contender to face Christian at Nemesis. Or are you gonna be an evil bastard and have Kennedy beat Cena at Nemesis? Hmmm... that just be pretty awesome as it would allow you to further develop Cena and his recent disappointment with things. But yeah, I think there's far more potential for storyline developments by having Cena stay on Raw, so I'm glad that's the route you've gone with. And I tend to agree with Orton, Anderson has made a real mess of all this. New GM for SmackDown imo.

I actually thought Orton might have been one of the first two men in the chamber, allowing him to go the distance and really underline how dominant he's been and how much he needs new challengers. But I was cool with London getting the nod, given how much of a rise he's been on the last few months. But then again, I loved the way he hid in his pod when he saw Batista waiting for him, another little touch that just put over nicely how much of a chicken shit heel Orton can be at times. Lesnar in with a ton of momentum, and that F5 onto the steel sounded brutal. Very surprised to see London go first, I thought he'd have lasted longer than Cade, but then again, Cade even outlasts Batista. Wow, and you've even given Cade an out for being eliminated given he was attacked by Batista while Batista wasn't legally in the match. Very surprised with how strongly you're making Cade look here, especially given he's done very little in 2007. Although I'm sure some kind of blow off match between he and Batista is on the cards now. And just like at SummerSlam, a relatively clean win for Orton. I honestly thought there would some kind of shenanigans between Orton and Lesnar at the end, but you've caught me off guard with this one, as I can't see any way back into the title hunt for Lesnar now, or for Van Dam for that matter. But yeah, Orton winning was always going to be the case, you've used him so well since WrestleMania that I could now easily see him keeping the gold all the way through til Mania 24... unless of course the new SmackDown GM, whoever that may be, throws a spanner into the works. The reason I say that is that I don't see Undertaker getting involved in a long program, I think he's more likely to be involved in a one and done with Orton due to Edge. But I could be wrong.

Overall, a very enjoyable show. I felt maybe the opener was solid, if not a bit flat, but things certainly picked up from there, with two very good world title matches. I think the one thing you've really got going for you right now is that while this show seemed to draw a line under certain feuds for the big belts on each show, there's still plenty of potential candidates to step forward for the next challenge, and that intrigue can only be a good thing. And that's in contrast to this show, which was maybe a tad predictable going in. But now you've got plenty to work with, so the mystery of not knowing which direction you'll head in will definitely have me and others coming back for more. Good stuff man, looking forward to Raw big time.
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Re: Being The Booker

Cyber Sunday Thoughts

Wasn’t too surprised Punk won the vote here, made the most sense and is certainly a good tester for when Punk finally breaks out on his own. Match was well worked in he early stages, Regal trying to slow things down and be his usual methodical self with Punk trying to speed it up and not fall into that trap. I thought we might see Punk REALLY push Regal to the limit, maybe at least a GTS attempt but at the same time he did have his moments which is all we could’ve asked for. Regal retaining’s the right call and the show of respect afterwards was a nice touch following a solid opener.

Didn’t expect this to be the stipulation, really didn’t. I think it was KING who mentioned it that people just have a more morbid side to them and would rather see someone suffer than have success lol. Edge going right at it from the off showed his clear desperation to finally get that title shot but it panned out well with that desperation seemingly getting the better of him and Taker slotting right into control. This was a much quicker, much more exciting contest in comparison to the first and there was a lot of heavy hitting which was great. Chokeslam and Spear both seeing kickouts wasn’t all that surprising, more so the Chokeslam, the Spear I think you could’ve saved for a tad later in the match to make the kickout more impactful. Really liked the Last Ride into an Inside Cradle spot, thought that was well executed and would’ve had a lot of people worried Edge was gonna steal it. Bit surprised at the ending, only Taker using the chair, not the actual outcome. I wouldn’t have anticipated the Deadman needing to use that chair, thought he would’ve just tossed it out and made work of Edge the ‘right’ way. Very strong match though and the main thing here isn’t Taker winning, it’s Edge once again blowing his chance, really excited by what route you take with him next as there’s a lot of possibilities.

Very surprised Van Dam won the poll, completely expected Lesnar but I guess it’s an intriguing twist.

Stretcher match was what I expected and I think it’s definitely the right call, let’s see if I’m right. Bacl and forth opening which made sense, both men wanting to tear the other apart and it was pretty messy from the start which with this stipulation is just what the doctor ordered. The Kendo stick use from Michaels was nasty but highly effective and worked well as let’s face it, that’s all that can keep the monster at bay. Holy shit, elbow through the table, wow. I knew this would be all guns blazing but so early in the match did surprise me. You really did have Michaels throwing everything here but at the same time you had Umaga just continue to come back, to never lie down and it was a compelling story. SCM to Mags going through a table, Moonsault to the big man, Ring Bell knocking him down and yet STILL Umaga finds a way back up and into this thing. The use of Estrada was surprising, just doesn’t seem to fit with Umaga’s beastly character BUT it does show just how close Michaels was coming and the desperation from Estrada to make sure his monster stays alive. Umaga winning was definitely the right call for me, he needed it following his loss at Summerslam and you delivered it in style here, a real vicious contest with both men coming out of it looking strong. Michaels could simply do no more while Umaga looks a beast once again, really excellent stuff although where both men go next is a question I really can’t answer.

Noble winning the vote in this next one, who’d have seen that coming?!? Noble’s fast paced start was smart what with it potentially being his ‘final chance’ tonight but Kendrick came back in typical Kendrick fashion and I loved the trash talking, this man’s a genius in your thread. That mid air powerbomb from the champ was tasty as anything, great spot and again shows his smarts to see Noble coming. Some clever stuff following this, the use of the belt and ref’s back turned was beautiful while Noble scoring that near fall off the Tiger Bomb would’ve been a ‘NEW CHAMPION’ moment on commentary I’m sure. A well worked, enjoyable match but I’ll agree with iMac in saying the ending didn’t make a whole lot of sense considering this was dubbed Noble’s final shot. Will he now get another or was that simply an anticlimactic ending to his chase?

Rey as ref was expected and definitely made the most sense. Opening being cagey also made sense, both men are hugely talented and wouldn’t wanna let their guard down for the other to take advantage of. Was certainly a very different contest to any of the ones we’ve seen so far and it had me gripped, really didn’t know which was it was gonna turn next as both men had their moments, really liked the right hands from Christian with Angle complaining to Rey before pulling that Belly to Belly out of nowhere, classic Angle there. The pace was phenomenal as this match grew and it just seemed to be counter after counter, Christian’s game then Angle’s game, the Belly to Belly off the top from Angle was awesome while Christian’s Gutbuster off the top was right up there too. Ending was sheer chaos but it did fit in what with Kennedy believing he was screwed. Rey ultimately costing Angle will no doubt lead to a final match between the two and I’m sure things are only gonna escalate in that rivalry. As for Christian I think either Kennedy or Umaga’s up next, maybe even a Triple Threat. Awesome match and a manic ending to boot.

No shock that Cena stayed on Raw but the most interesting thing for me is the fact we’re gonna see Cena vs Kennedy at Nemesis, winner heads to SS. I can’t help but think Cena’s year of woe will end at Mania, however him losing again to Kennedy at Nemesis would be a real hammer blow and really what right will he have to getting a title shot anytime soon if he continues losing to those around him. Really intrigued as to how you’ll book that one.

Bit surprised that Cade and London started this off, I expected one of the bigger names but I guess this just gets to showcase these two a tad more. Pretty strong start and I didn’t expect too much action heading outside the ring so was surprised to see a couple of tumbles early on. Expected Tista to come in and tear shit up and him not being all buddy buddy with London certainly was the right call considering his recent change in attitude. Some heavy stuff once again and the use of the Cowbell was mighty effective both from Cade and on him. Use of Orton was really smart booking, typical chickenshit heel champion stuff and really displayed Batista’s power well. The spear from Tista to Cade through the pod was he first legit ‘Wow’ moment, nasty spot and again showing the Animal’s vicious streak.

Lesnar doing what Lesnar does, too right but I expected him to be the one to go on a rampage, instead it was Tista and he’s really looked strong in this thing so far. Eliminating London first? Expecetd that but not to go first, thought it’d be Cade, the signs of a heel turn are definitely pending for the Animal. Wow, didn’t expect Tista to go, especially not straight after, huge elimination for Cade here and again that Heart Punch looks brutal. Cade next to go, definitely the right move, he’s had a big night in just getting this far and to be eliminated because of Batista does him a favour again in looking strong. Guessing we see an absolute war of a blow off between these two coming soon.

Van Dam going next was and wasn’t a shock. I always anticipated it being Orton and Lesnar as the final two BUT that’s why I believe you should’ve had Lesnar come out last. Van Dam being last man out and still failing to go the distance isn’t the best for him although it was a sick way to go with that DDT onto the steel. Lesnar and Orton though, I think it’s what we all wanted to see and it went completely the opposite way to how I thought. That Belly to Belly through the glass was crazy, great move there and Orton being busted open really added to that which is why at that stage I thought Orton’s gonna slither out of this, a low blow, something like that but BAM, RKO and Orton takes it straight up, shocked me in all honesty. I know Lesnar was in total control but I don’t see any way back into the title frame for him now as Orton’s knocked him off on more than one occasion, unless you give it a big time gimmick to go along with it. Very strong main event though here, a few things questionable but some brutal action and that’s what this thing is all about.

On the whole a strong show. Both championship matches delivered, for me Christian/Angle was MOTN whilst Umaga had a hell of a showing in knocking Michaels off once more. WWE Title scene is now really up in the air, I know Taker’s got his shot but I agree with iMac in thinking it won’t escalate into a feud. Maybe we see somebody head over from Raw? Who knows but I damn sure look forward to reading it. Well done with this and keep the goods coming man
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Re: Being The Booker

MONDAY - SEPTEMBER 17 2007 - 12:01am

WWE.COM have just revealed that off the back of his victory at Cyber Sunday, Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff has officially declared 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga the #1 Contender - setting up a Summerslam rematch with Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship at Nemesis. This follows the previously announced #1 Contenders match at Nemesis - another Summerslam rematch - between Mr. Kennedy and John Cena - in a match of Cenas choosing - with the winner of that contest moving on to Survivor Series to meet the World Heavyweight Championship.

Current Card for WWE Nemesis:
Date: 14th October 2007
Location: Alltel Arena, Little Rock Arkansas
Event Music: Submersed, Better Think Again

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Umaga II

! Stipulation TBA; John Cena Chooses !
~ Winner Receives World Heavyweight Championship Match at Survivor Series ~
Mister Kennedy vs. John Cena


TantruM - 16
captaincharisma2k5 - 18
KING. - 19
iMac, ChainGangRed - 22
cp954 - 23
ThatWeirdGuy - 26

So, ThatWeirdGuy wins the contest, correctly predicting ALL the winners and the match order, which I think must be some kind of first. I dont have any points to offer, but had been thinking of running an ongoing prediction contest up to Armageddon, and the overall winner would get to pick a surprise entrant for the Royal Rumble match if they wanted.


Anyways, I'll once again forego a preview for Raw, but the show will be posted tomorrow hopefully - if I get the time. As it stands I had intended to start writing full shows again for the run up to Survivor Series, but right now, I think I'll continue to write these recap style shows until the 15th Anniversary Raw in December (big show planned) and begin from there for the run up to WrestleMania. Thanks for the feedback on Cyber Sunday, and without giving anything away, whilst it was heavily stated to be Nobles last shot at the CW title, given the way he lost ... he may just get one last opportunity in the near future...
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Re: Being The Booker

I haven't been around in forever not that anyone really has a reason to care but I just needed to say how great it is to see wolf still active bringing the quality it's times like these I really miss this place. Your the shit, beast.
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Re: Being The Booker

^Agree completely with HD.

This is some outrageous spamming on my part, but I just wanted to drop in and say how amazing it is to still be able to pop on here and read another BRILLIANT show from you Wolfy.

Keep it up, my man
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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry about the slight delay...

Monday Night Raw | September 17 | Houston TX

The show opens backstage, in Eric Bischoffs office, where the Raw GM purrs about keeping John Cena on his show - getting one over on Arn Anderson - and claims that the talent pool on Raw is stronger than ever, then goes on to say he enjoyed showing Raws dominance over Smackdown so much … he wants to do it again … and issues a challenge to Arn Anderson - for a Raw vs. Smackdown match - at the Survivor Series in a traditional 5 on 5 elimination contest!! Bischoff says with a smile that he looks forward to hearing from Anderson in the near future, then tells the fans to enjoy the show - the premiere show in the WWE today … HIS Monday Night Raw …

Opening Video



No sooner has the pyro ceased does the music of Umaga - the man who meets Christian at Nemesis in a Summerslam rematch for the World Heavyweight title - fill the arena!!! As he and Estrada march to the ring, J.R fills the fans in, stating that ‘moments’ after Cyber Sunday went off the air - off the back of Umagas win over Shawn Michaels (who spent the night in hospital, but returned home this afternoon) - the title match for Nemesis was made official by Eric Bischoff.

Beaming from ear to ear, the happy Armando goes through his intro for Umaga - rarely done these days - making sure to inform the fans he is the number one contender again. AAE quickly talks about last night at Cyber Sunday, giving Shawn Michaels credit for the fight he put up; “but it wasn’t enough pero”, going on to say that last night proved that Umaga isn’t an ordinary man and that Summerslam truly was ‘a fluke’.

Estrada goes on, telling the audience that at Summerslam, Christian performed a miracle - and should be commended for that - but all he really did was “prevent the inevitable … and Umaga becoming World Heavyweight Champion IS - HA HA - inevitable”, going on to say that the countdown is on to Nemesis, and that there is no act of god or force of nature that can prevent the dawn of a brand new era; “the era of … THEEE … SAAAAAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZERRRR … OOOOOOMA-”


Cut off by the music of the World Heavyweight Champion, Estrada looks to be fuming, having a huff in the ring. Christian walks out - to a big cheer - as J.R tells the fans that Captain Charisma meets Mr. Kennedy tonight in a non-title match which he specifically requested after last nights run in nearly ruined the World Title match between Christian and Kurt Angle (then narrates over still images of the match last night, which Christian won, as The Coach says “Yeah, no thanks to Rey Mysterio”). Staying at the top of the ramp, Christian has his head down, shaking it side to side, before finally speaking up, talking about life being tough at the top, not having time to breathe, going from fending off one challenger last night to being pitted against another already … “and I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Christian focuses then on AAE and Umaga, saying he heard it all before from Estrada, and seems to remember it backfiring on him at Summerslam. “You can call it lucky all you want, the fact remains that I beat your Bulldozer and I had ninety thousand witnesses and millions of my peeps watching all over the world”. After soaking up cheers, Christian says Estrada can say anything he wants about acts of God and forces of nature not being able to stop Umaga … and while two months ago he would’ve bought that talk “I’m just a man, and I‘ve already proven that he CAN be stopped …”

“And mark my words, I‘ll give it everything I got at Nemesis to stop that Bulldozer from running through me - just like I did at Summerslam to remain WORRRRLD Heavyweight Champion!! And that‘s-” Just as the fans finish his ‘how I roll’ line, Estrada cuts it off, and laughs over the mic, calling it all very ironic … because come Nemesis that only thing that will ‘roll’ will be Christians head after Umaga rips it off his shoulders. AAE says he was simply being nice when giving Christian credit for beating Umaga at Summerslam, but deep down, he, Christian and EVERYONE knows that Christian got lucky. “And without Ricky Hatton by ju‘re side to cheap shot me, that luck will run out this time!!”

Christian shakes his head, dismissing the talk about luck, but does tell Estrada that he is right about one thing - he wont have Ricky Hatton in his corner like he did at Summerslam. He admits that that does put him at a disadvantage given he’ll have to deal with Estrada on the outside along with Umaga inside the ring. And, with a smile, Christian says “I guess I‘ll have four weeks to do something to even the playing field, eh Armando??” With a thinly veiled threat toward Umagas handler, Christian excuses himself, telling AAE and Umaga that he’ll have to deal with them at Nemesis, as he’s got a match “with a dumb blonde who messed with my business last night” to prepare for.

With seemingly no fear of the Samoan Bulldozer, Christian signs off, pounding his chest, the stage set for October 14 in Little Rock, whilst in the ring, Estrada stands at the ropes, eyeing the confident champion, mouthing something in his own language, before addressing Umaga, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

We return, backstage, and see the arrival of JOHN CENA - to a mixed reaction - with a smile on his face and bag over his shoulder … but the reaction backstage … is frosty. Cena says hello to a few random workers, but is given the cold shoulder, and begins to look puzzled. He shakes his head, brushing the reactions off, and continues on into the building

He pats the back of Val Venis, cracking a stupid joke about it being cold, nodding toward Vals towel region … but Val simply nods at Cena, not interested in laughing at his joke or conversing with him, then turns his back. Cena narrows his eyebrows - puzzled - and turns around, putting his hands on a shoulder of each of the East Coast Party Boys, asking Ryder and Hawkins where the party is at later … but they pull away from him, and coldly tell him they aren’t sure yet.

They walk off, leaving Cena confused, and he walks on a little further, and taps the arm of Matt Hardy, asking Matt what‘s gotten into everyone, but tries to keep it jovial, saying that “it’s like everyone’s got PMS around here today!!” Matt though doesn’t laugh, and looks to the left, before pulling Cena aside, telling Cena he’s not imagining things.

Cena questions why everyone is off with him, and Matt pauses, before explaining that everyone on Raw wanted the best for Cena, seeing him as a leader of some sort, and while they didn’t necessarily want him to leave Raw, they thought he was leaving to go to Smackdown for the right reasons, and wished him the very best … but didn’t realise what he was really doing all along; “using Smackdown as bait to get a better deal on Raw.”

Hardy tells Cena that because of his change of mind last night - when Bischoff caved in to his demands - he’s lost a lot of goodwill backstage and that a lot of the guys are starting to think he’s not ‘one of the boys’ anymore … starting to think he might be ‘believing his hype’ and ‘playing the game’, politicking his way back into the title picture, as opposed to earning it the hard way.

Cena is quick to refute that though, telling Matt that if that is what he and everyone else thinks, they are “way off”. Matt nods, saying he believes Cena, but he still doesn’t like what he did last night at Cyber Sunday. Cena nods, and puts an arm around the shoulder of his friend, saying “it‘s okay. I shouldn’t expect you and the other guys to know what it’s like being me”.

Hardy pulls away from Cena, not liking the last comment, asking Cena to explain himself, with Cena stepping back, protesting that he “didn’t mean anything” by it, then says “it‘s just, I‘ve been World Champion three times. When you‘re under the pressure I‘m under, with the ambitions I have, you see things different, y‘know??”

Matt isn’t happy, and calls Cena out, asking his friend if he doesn’t think Matt has aspirations to be World Champion. Cena - digging a hole for himself at this point - matter of factly replies, saying “Well, you have been around for ten years already…” and Matt shakes his head, telling Cena he’s heard enough, ending the conversation, storming off, leaving Cena stood around, muttering that he didn’t mean it like that…

Back into the arena, and JTG & Monty Brown of The Brotherhood are already in the ring, with Theodore Long giving the two a pep talk…


Making their way to the ring, The Angels of Anarchy look ready for the battle, whilst J.R plugs what’s still to come tonight, with the opening match of the ‘Best of 5’ series for the Womens Championship between Mickie James and the champion Beth Phoenix in addition to the main event which we know is Christian vs. Kennedy.

Coach then plugs his ‘PLAYAS CLUB’ excitedly announcing that Kurt Angle specifically requested it, and for he and Rey Mysterio to be the guests - which J.R says could be a combustible situation, but Coach says he has it under control with Big Zeke ready to stop anything getting out of hand - but wouldn’t blame Kurt for wanting to rip Mysterios head (or mask) off after ‘purposely’ screwing Angle out of the title last night.

Match 1:
The Brotherhood w/Theodore Long vs. The Angels of Anarchy
In the early going, J.R comments on the video on released earlier today of Daniels and Williams announcing their intentions to be the next challengers for the tag team titles - while mentioning The Master Craftsmen doing the same thing - and saying tonight is a must win match if they want to make good on that goal. Still undefeated, the Angels of Anarchy show why that is, having the better of the action until a timely trip from the outside by Long. That allows JTG and Monty to take over, and they work over Daniels for a period, with the pair looking to hit a double suplex … BUT DANIELS COUNTERS IN THE AIR, FALLING BEHIND THEM - DOUBLE NECKBREAKER!!!!!

He takes down both men, and crawls agonizingly to his corner … having to stave off a recovering Monty who grabs his leg with an enziguri … AND MAKES THE TAG!!! Williams bounds into the ring, with successive clotheslines, then European uppercuts, before catching JTG from behind - CHAOS THEORY!!!!! JTG rolls out of the ring following the impressive move, leaving Monty Brown … as Christopher Daniels re-enters the ring, baseball sliding Theodore Long, just as Williams flapjacks Monty onto the top rope, with Brown staggering back out … allowing the Angels of Anarchy to double team … and hit The Eliminators old double team finishing move; TOTAL ELIMINATION!!!!! Williams covers and Daniels keeps an eye out to stop any interference, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: The Angels of Anarchy @ 04:57

Busting out a double team manoeuvre to finish the match, the as yet undefeated Angels of Anarchy state their case for a shot at the tag team titles with another impressive showing. They stand tall in the ring, with Daniels getting into the face of the camera, saying they meant it when they said they weren’t here to waste time - they want their shot at the belts.

Commercial Break

We return, straight back to J.R and Coach at ringside, who inform the fans that they have just gotten word of a development during the break from the office of Eric Bischoff; Matt Hardy has requested - and been granted - a match with JOHN CENA … TONIGHT!!!

Match 2:
Burchill w/Katie Lea vs. Brian Button
Button is a local jobber - or sacrificial lamb if you wish - and, after the brave soul tries to bring the fight to the ‘King of Pain’, Burchill runs through him with ease, throwing the man around, enjoying roughing him up, even throwing him to the outside, hip tossing him into the barrier. Burchill smiles, enjoying himself, and throws the rag doll inside, as Katie smiles, nodding at her brothers dominance. He steps back inside, nailing Button with an Aeroplane spin into a neck breaker, then finally finishes the job with the CURB STOMP!!! The cover is hardly even needed, but Burchill makes it anyway, nodding along, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Burchill @ 02:03

The imposing Brit is victorious, but pulls away as soon as his hand is raised, and orders a mic from the ringside area, but Katie Lea shakes her head - no longer smiling - knowing what her brother wants the mic for. She gets on the apron, pleading with her step brother not to do it, but he ignores her wishes, and as soon as he has the mic he calls out HARRY SMITH!!!

After referring to Smith as a “good for nothing worm”, he says he wants Smith to come out and let him do both Smith and the rest of the world a favour - by giving him a Curb Stomp all the way to the unemployment line. Harry Smith - sans music - steps onto the stage, with his girlfriend Katie Lea begging him to stay where he is … but Burchill wont stand for it, and asks whether Harry is a man or a mouse, challenging him to come to the ring and fight … and gets his answer.

Smith walks purposefully down the ramp, with Katie running to meet him, pleading for him not to fight her step brother, but Harry shakes his head, apologising to her but says “I have to”. He pulls away, while she stands still on the ramp, hands through her hair, with Smith running into the ring … AND TACKLES BURCHILL INTO THE CORNER!!! Doing his best, Smith hammers as much as he can, giving his best shot, but Burchill battles back, and the two big men trade stiff blows, going at it … with the fans … not exactly blowing their minds, but not dead either.

The fight spills outside the ring, with the fight ongoing, as referees arrive on the scene, having to pull the two men apart, whilst Katie runs away, in hysterics, seeing her brother and her boyfriend battling like two men possessed, trying to fight free from the constraints of the officials, with Smith being led away down the side of the ramp, whilst Burchill is held back at the ring, smiling, saying “Yeah. That‘s what I want. Bring it on you worm.”

Backstage, we see Katie - in tears - being consoled by some of the Raw divas (Kelly, Maria, Candice, Victoria & Gail), with her world in turmoil, torn between her brother and her boyfriend … just as Beth Phoenix passes by, shaking her head at the drama - with more important things in life for her, as J.R and Coach move on to shilling the start of the Best of Five series tonight.

Commercial Break


The video opens with a dictionary, opening up spookily, and the pages turn, eventually stopping, as the camera then zooms in on the word; NEMESIS, and the thesaurus, reading the words…

Narrator: Nemesis.

Flashing shots are shown of Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy, Christian and Umaga, all battling, beating the hell out of each other on different occasions recently.

Narrator: Opponent … archenemy … archrival.

Flashing shots as each word is read; Shawn Michaels flying through the air, Straight Edge holding up their titles, Beth Phoenix with a smirk, Mr. Kennedy chewing gum & Cody Rhodes stomping Jerry Lawler.

Narrator: Adversary … competitor … rival … antagonist … foe.

More flashing shots as each word is read; John Cena tackling Kennedy, Matt Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Shelton Benjamin & Estrada cockily striding alongside Umaga.

Narrator: Avenger … retaliator … vindicator

As before, flashing images to each word; Shawn Michaels being wheeled out of Vengeance, Angle holding Reys mask, Mickie James in tears, Regal at Wembley with the I.C title, Christian laid out in the ring, Mysterio running down the aisle.

Narrator: Punishment … vengeance … retribution … fate … doom … revenge

The camera focuses again on the page only.

Narrator: But these?? These are only words. These are only definitions.

Flashing shots of each superstar already featured again in reverse motion, back to the start.

Narrator: And on October 14, the superstars of Raw will SHOW the meaning of these words … the true meaning … of the word …

And a close up on the word…

Narrator: … Nemesis.

The dictionary SLAMS shut.


We return, as ‘The Pretender’; the Cyber Sunday theme, plays into the arena, with J.R and Coach recapping last nights events, with John Cena choosing to stay on Raw thanks to a big piece of bait from Eric Bischoff - a rematch of his choosing with Mr. Kennedy at Nemesis, and an opportunity - should he win that match - to face the World Champion at Survivor Series.

They then move on, talking about William Regal holding off the challenge of CM Punk to retain the Intercontinental title, and Umaga earning his Summerslam rematch through a tough win over Shawn Michaels in a Stretcher match, whilst Christian - with all kinds of outside interference playing a part - retained the World Title in a barnstormer against Kurt Angle.

Moving on, J.R and Coach talk about TONIGHT, and what is still to come, as Christian meets Mr. Kennedy in the main event in a non-title match, whilst John Cena has been challenged to a match by Matt Hardy!! Coach again takes the chance to shill his own segment; The Playas Club, making sure he shills the fact that Angle requested it…


Full of energy, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins; The East Coast Party Boys pump the fans up, jogging down the aisle, pumping their heads as they jive to the ring, slapping hands with some, and stop to take a photo each, enjoying themselves, before getting to the ring…


Not playing around, Brent Albright and Charlie Haas make their way to the ring, talking to one another all the way, with eyes on the ring, obviously talking about their opponents, as J.R talks about the Master Craftsmen wanting a shot at the World Tag Team Titles - just like the Angels of Anarchy who have already won earlier tonight.

Match 3:
East Coast Party Boys vs. The Master Craftsmen
It’s a straightforward tag contest, with Hawkins and Ryder unable to deal with the superior skills of Albright and Haas in the early going, but remain firm, not folding to the challenge, and put up a fight, digging in and giving their opponents a tough task, showing - just like they did two weeks ago when challenging for the titles - that despite the happy demeanour, they are prepared to get into a war. Despite the fight back from the boys from the East Coast, Haas and Albright re-assume control, and look to wear down Hawkins, but he is about to mount enough offence to tag Ryder back in.

The fresh man comes in, looking good with dropkicks to the opponents, but as he and Curt look to double team with an assisted corner splash, Albright ducks out of the corner, leaving Ryder in a heap after hitting the buckle. Hawkins is soon disposed of with a half nelson suplex from the King of the Ring, as Haas takes Ryder down, and with help from Brent to stifle the squirming Ryder, the Haas of Pain is applied, leaving the youngster with no option but to tap for mercy, handing victory to the Master Craftsmen.
Winners: The Master Craftsmen @ 05:38

Just as decisively, just as impressively, Albright and Haas defeat their opponents - just like Daniels and Williams earlier in the night. And, just like their similarly undefeated adversaries did earlier - the Master Craftsmen make it clear that they want a shot at the tag team titles.

We then see Rey Mysterio, looking pensive, as he gets set to meet Kurt Angle in the ring for The Playas Club, as The Coach gets excited on commentary … with that segment coming up.

Commercial Break

The show returns, backstage with Matt Striker standing by with William Regal - holding the Intercontinental title - and one half of the tag team champions, CM Punk. He interviews the pair on their match last night at Cyber Sunday, putting over the great competitive match up, with Regal agreeing, saying that everyone saw just what Punk is capable of as a singles competitor.

He puts over Punk as best as he can, saying that on a different night Punk could well have taken the title, with Punk thanking Regal, but admits that he’s still bitterly disappointed to have lost. Punk then goes on to state that he’ll continue to defend the World Tag Team Titles like he always does, but promises that one day - soon - he’ll be back challenging for the title again…

“But not just yet” is the reaction … from THEODORE LONG, who arrives on the set, joined by Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry and Alicia Fox. Long disingenuously congratulates Punk on a fine performance last night, but tells him to “get ta steppin”, saying that he had his shot, and now Shelton Benjamin is back in contention. Long then tells Regal “your honeymoon is over. And it‘s time to divorce you from that Intercontinental title - ya feel may?”

Long explains that he has just come from Eric Bischoffs office, and next week, Shelton Benjamin gets his rematch for the title. Regal accepts the decision with a nod, saying “very well”, before offering a handshake to Benjamin … but the Black Diamond slaps the hand away. He steps up to Regal, and tells the champion he’ll happily shake his hand - once he has his championship back. Long laughs, and along with The Brotherhood, walks away, telling Regal he has seven days. Regal looks disgusted, taking a handkerchief from his pocket, wiping his hand, muttering to Punk, “uncouth scoundrels” … as we fade out with Punk looking just as angered by The Brotherhood as Regal is.

Back in the arena, we see the ring set up in style for the Playas Club, and The Coach is in the middle of the ring, hyping the segment as much as humanly possible, making sure to again say that Kurt Angle specifically requested this meeting tonight - on HIS show.

**BOOYAKA 619**

Mysterio is first to enter, and slaps hands with the fans, making his way down the aisle, passing by the huge presence of Big Zeke … as J.R tells us we’ll go to a commercial before the meeting…

Commercial Break

As we return, Mysterio is in the ring, wary of the smiling Coach - much more smug and confident with his personal bodyguard outside the ring to protect him. Rey begins to speak, wanting to address the audience before Angle arrives. He apologises for inadvertently costing Angle the World Heavyweight Title last night, and apologises for letting the fans down too - having put their faith in him to be the best referee - and making a costly error.

He goes on to try and defend his actions, saying that despite his problems with Kurt, he would never intentionally screw him over, and the reason he pulled Eric Bischoff out of the ring was because HE was selected by the fans to officiate the match - NOT Bischoff.

Mysterio follows up, saying he was forced to defend himself when Angle tried to rip his mask off again, which is why he lashed out … but then puts his head down, saying he wishes things hadn’t ended the way it did last night with his forearm to Angle turning out to be a decisive factor.


Coach shows no pity, getting at Mysterio, blaming him for Angle losing the World Heavyweight Title match, accusing Mysterio of being jealous of Angle, and jealous of the fact he’ll never have the success Kurt Angle has. Rey vehemently disagrees, correcting Coach, telling him he isn’t jealous of Angle at all - if anything, he pities him.

Coach asks Mysterio to explain himself, with Rey doing just that, going into detail about Kurt being small minded and bitter, having no thought or compassion for different cultures, different ways of living, even attempting to attack J.R because he didn’t agree with his point of view … but as he talks … the fans attention turns - to the titan tron … where Kurt Angle is seen.

Eventually, Coach spots it, cutting Rey off, pointing toward the screen, and calling out to Angle, waving to him, asking Angle where he is. With a demented look in his eyes, the Olympian replies “That‘s a good question … ‘where am I??’ well … let‘s see. I‘m not in Houston, I know that.”

Confused, Coach and Mysterio both look to one another, wondering what’s going on, as Angle starts to smile, explaining that he ‘needed to clear his head’ after last nights disappointment, and went on a ‘field trip’ this morning … “all the way to …” before stepping to the side, and we see a ‘WELCOME TO SAN DIEGO - AMERICAS FINEST CITY’ sign - which gets a rowdy reaction from a section of fans - knowing it’s Reys hometown.

In the ring, Mysterio looks concerned and questions Coach off mic, but is heard saying “What‘s going on?? Why‘s he in San Diego?” On commentary, J.R solemnly states “That’s … that’s Rey Mysterios hometown” … as the camera focuses back in on Kurt Angle - smiling sadistically.

Angle tells Rey not to bother leaving the ring … “I gotta say Rey, this is a beautiful city - I might just retire out here one day. You‘ve got a beautiful house too - and a beautiful family…” In the ring, Mysterio is ready to explode, shouting to the screen; “WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE!!!???”


Still smiling, the crazed Angle questions why Mysterio had to push him ‘to this’. Mysterio panics in the ring, gibbering, asking Kurt what he’s done, trying to explain he made a mistake last night - but Angle simply shouts for Rey to shut up.

Kurt keeps repeating “Shut up, just shut up” over and over, getting quieter, before finally stopping. Angle tells Rey he ruined his title match last night - and Rey needs to pay for that. Again, Mysterio vehemently - desperately - tries to apologise, but on the tron, Angle simply shakes his head - it’s not good enough.

Angle tells Rey he’s had it - he’s sick of having to ‘tolerate’ vermin like Rey, and came to San Diego to make Mysterio pay - and to prove a point. Kurt goes on a tangent about Rey and his mask, and all the crap Mysterio has spouted about the mask being ‘sacred’, part of his ‘heritage’ etc … then tells Rey he brought his own mask to California…

And shows a balaclava to the camera. Angle suggests putting the ‘mask’ on and going to visit Mysterios family. Back in the arena, Rey pleads, asking Angle not to, calling the Olympian a mad man. On the tron, Angle smiles, questioning why Rey wouldn’t want that - “It‘s just a mask, Rey.”

In the arena, Mysterio paces, desperate for Angle to stop, and pleads with him once more, begging Kurt not to visit his family … telling him he’ll do anything to make him stop. Kurt pauses, and waits for a second - smiling … “Your mask … I want you to admit … it‘s meaningless. It‘s a marketing ploy … I want you to admit you wear it - not because of your ‘heritage’ … but because it makes you money.”

Angle goes on to tell Rey to admit that masks are for criminals, the lowest of the low … with Rey begrudgingly nodding. “Yes, yes, everything … just … don’t go near my family Kurt … please”. Angle, enjoying the power he’s holding over Rey, tells him to say it all. Mysterio, clearly desperate, tells Angle he is right; his mask is meaningless, he wears it because of the money it makes, and that masks are only for criminals.

Content, Angle closes his eyes, letting out a sigh. Back in Houston, Rey looks shaken, and makes sure to ask; “Now, please Kurt. You got what you wanted … please, leave my family alone.” Angle nods, but makes sure to tell Rey he was to blame for all of this, then shows his medals off; “See … these are sacred, these are pure, unadulterated signs of greatness. These gold medals wouldn’t lead to this kind of madness.”

“You couldn’t terrorize or mentally scar a family with gold medals. But a mask?? Well … I’ve just proven everything I’ve already said about it. That mask?? That mask, and all the phoney crap about it being ‘special’ … it‘s not so special now, is it??” Angle smirks, before the picture goes dark, and we are left with Mysterio in the ring (Coach no longer with him) looking like a broken man … as we fade out.

Commercial Break

We return with Rey Mysterio solemnly walking through the backstage area, as wrestlers and staff watch him - almost in a daze - with pity for the masked man, before J.R narrates over clips from the last segment, questioning Coach if he knew what has about to go down, with Coach completely distancing himself - telling J.R he knew nothing about it.


Looking to get the show back on track, we get the arrival of Mickie James - for the first in the Best of 5 series with Beth Phoenix for the Womens Championship. It’s noted by J.R that it’s Mickies first match in a month, after her last two attempts to have a match have been stopped by Beth before they could even start.


And, the arrival of the womens champion is greeted with boos, as the ultra confident Beth Phoenix waltzes down the down, with J.R especially predicting a great series of matches between ‘perhaps two of the finest female athletes to ever step into the ring’.

Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James
Despite all of the hype, and expectancy of a close, fiercely competitive match … this is not. Mickie goes in for a lock up, but finds herself overpowered by Beth, who shoves Mickie away. Mickie gathers herself, and tries again - but is given the same rough treatment from the physically dominant Phoenix. On the third occasion, Beth takes the challenger down, toying with her on the mat, physically imposing herself, tying Mickie up in knots.

Then, as Mickie tries to make a fight out of it, Beth is equal to her again, once more - overpowering the former champ. Mickie shows some level of fight though, and doesn’t give up easily, kicking out of a number of pin attempts, which frustrate Beth, but Mickie is unable to score with any notable offence of her own, and with Phoenix so utterly dominant, it’s a matter of time before the former champion is easy prey … and finished off routinely with the Phoenix Rising!! Beth hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 03:12

For all the hype surrounding it, the match was a huge disappointment - being ALL one way traffic from the opening bell to the final three count. On commentary, Coach is gleeful, being extremely ‘I told you so’ about it with J.R, who is stunned by just how one sided the contest was.

Beth nonchalantly exit’s the ring, almost peering over at Mickie with pity, as the former champion tries to recover, regaining her bearings, as Coach questions whether we really need to see this another two times. In the ring, Mickie looks worried as she leans against the middle rope, realising she was completely dominated tonight, as we fade out…

And, backstage, we see THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN mid way through a discussion with Eric Bischoff, obviously requesting for a shot at the tag titles, as we pick up the conversation with Albright and Haas telling Eric that Punk and Helms aren’t on their level in terms of ability, needing just one chance to prove it if he’ll afford them the opportunity.

Just as Eric is umming and aaahing at the prospect, THE ANGELS OF ANARCHY arrive on the scene, telling Bischoff not to rush into any decisions, making sure he knows that they too believe they should have a shot at the tag titles. The Craftsmen chuckle at that idea, telling Daniels and Williams “you‘re not the big fish in a small pond anymore - Eric isn’t even sure which of you is which”. That leads to a back and forth argument between the two teams, with idle threats being made, before Bischoff has enough, telling them both to “STOP!!”

The GM tells the two teams that he hasn’t made any decision as to who will face Straight Edge next … but thinks the two teams should stop arguing about who is most deserving … and fight for the right to meet the champions - booking a match between the Master Craftsmen and the Angels of Anarchy - NEXT WEEK ON RAW!!! Both teams look to be happy with that, as Albright states “Piece of cake”, with Daniels shaking his head while smirking, telling Brent “Keep thinking that, we‘ll see how easy it is next week” … as we fade out.


Making his way out, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler is given a big ovation from the fans, tipping his crown to them for their cheers, as Coach moans on commentary about King being out here. J.R though - of course - says it’s great to see The King, reminding us of his return last week, saying we’ll hear from him after the break…

Commercial Break

We return, with King in the ring, getting a few cheap pops from Houston, before reminding everyone of the attack he suffered from the Rhodes Brothers in July - which forced him to miss the ‘incredible’ World Tour - but goes on to place the blame on Cody, saying he has completely changed his brother from being a fun loving, entertaining, off the wall character … into a boring drone - a puppet.

Lawler then asks the fans for their input, asking if they’d like to see Dustin Rhodes continue to bore everyone by being his brothers bitch … or the BIZARRE ONE - GOLDUST!!! The fans obviously cheer for Goldust, wanting to see a return for Dustin Rhodes - and away from his controlling younger brother. Lawler declares it as unanimous, and calls out Dustin to hear the fans opinion…


Dustin answers … but he isn’t alone. Cody Rhodes leads his brother out - berating him as they walk to the ring. And once in the ring, he chews out Lawler for pulling this ‘stunt’, but tells him it wont work. Cody tells King that Dustin came to his senses a long time ago, and now accepts he wasted his talents by dressing up in leather suits and painting his face - and he has now dedicated the remaining days of his ‘pathetic career’ to helping Cody succeed where he once failed.

King blows Cody off, and tries to talk to Dustin, wanting his input, asking Dustin if he is happy being his brothers servant, or if he’d rather be the fun loving Goldust again … but Cody stands in front of Dustin, telling King that Dustin doesn’t want to talk to him. Lawler turns his head, asking the fans if they can believe this ‘dweeb’ and says his dad - Dusty Rhodes - should’ve taken him “for a trip to the woodshed” when he was a kid … THEN DROPS CODY WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!!!

Cody goes down, with Lawler looking to continue … Dustin tries to stop him, pleading with King not to hurt his brother … just as Cody low blows King. Getting back to his feet, Cody instructs Dustin to attack Lawler, with Dustin conflicted, asking Cody to leave it … but Cody wont. He orders Dustin to attack … and begrudgingly … Dustin starts to stomp King.

With Cody directing traffic, he then orders his older brother to hit King with the Curtain Call!!! Dustin drags King up, shaking his head, not wanting to do it … but gets King in position … and once more asks his brother not to make him do it … but Cody DEMANDS it. Before he can hit it though … KEN DOANE RUSHES THE RING!!!!!

Doane makes the save for King - returning the favour from last week, but cant get his hands on Cody or Dustin, who both bail out of the ring. The Future helps King to his feet, whilst outside the ring Cody shoves Dustin, berating him for failing to hit the Curtain Call. The Rhodes Brothers - with Dustin looking apologetically back at the ring - back up the aisle, leaving King and Doane in the ring … as we fade out.

Elsewhere, we see MATT HARDY making his way through the backstage area - as he faces JOHN CENA … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


Getting a strong reaction from the fans, Matt Hardy enters the stage, looking pumped up, signalling to the fans as he jogs down the aisle. During his entrance, we see clips of his earlier meeting with John Cena, which led to Matt requesting this match, as J.R calls it a unique contest, with Hardy and Cena supposedly friends, wondering if that friendship will survive this night…


Cena is met with his regular mixed reaction from the fans, with seemingly more fans turning against the former World Champion, as J.R reminds the audience that he meets Mr. Kennedy at Nemesis - in a match of Cenas choosing - with the winner going on to Survivor Series to meet either Christian or Umaga for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Match 5:
Matt Hardy vs. John Cena
The fans are torn initially, with Hardy fans & the anti-Cena brigade duelling chants with the Cena fans and a unique mix of ‘LETS GO HARDY’ and ‘CENA SUCKS’ together, against a ‘LETS GO CENA’ chant. In the ring, Cena tries to talk with Hardy, questioning if Matt really wants to do this - but Hardy isn’t interested in talking about it, and challenges Cena to lock up, with Cena begrudgingly meeting him in the middle. They tussle, but Cena wins the battle, shoving Matt across the ring, giving the elder Hardy something to think about. They lock up again, but this time, Matt quickly switches to a side headlock takedown.

It’s a battle of wills in the early going, with Cena battling to his feet, charging Matt down with a running shoulder. Slowly but surely, the competitive nature of the match leads to the two ‘friends’ begin to get more aggressive, with Hardy taking exception to what he believed to be a hair pull by Cena. He complains initially to the referee, but then takes his anger out on Cena, accusing him of the hair pull, and roughly shoves him by the chest. Cena is pushed up against the ropes, and looks down, smirking, shaking his head, then shoves Hardy back - shoving him on his ass!!! Hardy bounces up, shoving Cena back again - and Cena comes back - WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!

Now, the match breaks down into a brawl, and the two friends trade blows back and forth, throwing friendship out of the window - at least for now - with the fight breaking down, spilling outside the ring, with Hardy sending Cena into the steps with an Irish whip!!! Hardy pulls Cena up, drilling him with big rights, and runs him into the ring apron, but when he goes for a suplex - Cena blocks it, and counters into a suplex of his own!!! Cena then follows up, catapulting Matt - face first - into the steel ringpost, knocking Matt off his feet with a clothesline, as we go into a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back live, and back in the ring, Cena is working over Hardy, with a chin lock applied, but as you’d expect, Hardy fights back, freeing himself from the hold, and mounts a comeback, teeing off on Cena with stiff rights, shooting him off the ropes, ducking down … BUT CENA COMES BACK - THROWBACK!!!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Shaking his head, Cena gets back up, climbing to the top rope, setting himself … COMING OFF WITH THE LEG DROP BULLDOG … BUT HARDY AVOIDS IT!!!!! Cena struggles to get back up, and Hardy lies in wait … AND GOES FOR THE TWIST OF FATE … BUT CENA SHOVES HIM AWAY!!! Hardy runs off the ropes, ducks under Cena, comes back … DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

Both men go down, and stay down for a moment, making it back to their feet by the count of six, and trade blows, resulting in the ‘BOO’ - ‘YAY’ dynamic, typical in Cena contests. Cena starts to win the battle, teeing off on Hardy … but goes for a big right … ONLY FOR HARDY TO AVOID IT … AND CATCHES CENA … WITH THE SIDE EFFECT!!!!! Hardy covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Hardy doesn’t get too downhearted, and climbs the turnbuckles … but before he can leap off, Cena is up, and stops him with shots to the gut. Cena climbs the buckles too, with both men slugging it out up top … before Hardy knocks Cena off … AND THEN FLIES WITH A LEG DROP OFF THE TOP!!!!! Hardy sells for a second, then hooks the leg … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Hardy cant believe it, and shakes his head, holding up three fingers to the referee, and gets back up, looking back at Cena, before climbing the buckles again … setting himself … MOONSAULT … NO ONE HOME!!!!! Cena rolls to safety … then pounces on Hardy … STFU APPLIED!!!!! Hardy is caught … but refuses to tap, AND FIGHTS … CRAWLING … INCHING TO THE ROPES … AND GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!! Now, it’s Cena’s turn to not believe it, but he gets back up, and stalks Matt … waiting for Hardy to reach his feet … AND SCOOPS HIM UP FOR THE FU … BUT MATT LANDS ON HIS FEET … TWIST OF FATE CONNECTS!!!!!!!!!! Houston is in shock, as Hardy covers … thinking it’s over … 1...2...CENA KICKS OUT!!!!!

Once again, Matt is in disbelief, hands on his head, but after taking in the official decision from the ref, Hardy pushes Cena back against the corner, lighting him up with right hands … then looks for the discus punch … BUT CENA DUCKS IT AND GETS HARDY UP … FU CONNECTS!!!!! Cena covers again, hooking the leg … 1...2...HARDY KICKS OUT!!!!! The fans cant believe what they’re seeing, with Hardy surviving the FU!!!!! Cena is sat up, shaking his head, before finally dragging his game opponent to his feet, picking him up again for a second FU … BUT MATT ELBOWS FOR DEAR LIFE … AND FIGHTS OUT OF IT!!!!! He lands on his feet, kicks Cena in the gut … TWIST OF FATE … NO!!! Cena counters out, drop toe hold … AND APPLIES THE STFU!!!!! Matt desperately tries to fight it … but cant get to the ropes … and finally, after a brave fight … taps out!!!!!
Winner: John Cena @ 13:38

“WOW!!” Is the exclamation from J.R on commentary, going on to talk about what a match we have just witnessed, with Matt Hardy pushing Cena to the absolute limit, also making sure to say that that performance shows John Cena is back to his best, overcoming a game Matt Hardy in a thrilling, back and forth contest.

In the ring, Cena sits up, shaking his head and puffing his cheeks, showing how much the match took out of him. Hardy remains on the canvas, face down in disappointment, having come so close to the biggest win of his career. Cena pats the back of Hardy, giving him credit for a tough match, before pulling himself to his feet to have his hand raised.

Hardy turns over, sitting up by the ropes, looking up at Cena, who shrugs his shoulders at Matt, offering a hand to his beaten opponent - and after a second or two, Hardy accepts and Cena pulls Hardy to his feet, giving him a consolation hug, as the two friends appear to have settled their differences … WHEN MISTER KENNEDY HIT’S THE RING AND BLASTS CENA FROM BEHIND!!!!!

Kennedy looks to stomp Cena down, but Hardy fights Kennedy off … ONLY FOR THE MIZ TO SHOW UP … AND JUMPS ON THE BACK OF HARDY - ALLOWING KENNEDY TO NAIL MATT TOO!!!!! After Kennedy knocks Hardy down, Miz gets on top, hammering blows on him, giving Kennedy the chance to get Cena, running through him in the corner with A FACEWASH!!!!!

Hardy is soon fighting back on Miz - because Miz is a wimp - and hammers him into the corner … only for Kennedy to crack Hardy from behind, and then lay him out with the Mic Check. Kennedy then picks his shot, as Cena struggles to his feet … DROPPING CENA WITH THE MIC CHECK TOO!!!!!

Kennedy stands over Cena, as Miz stomps Hardy out of the ring, with Kennedy reaching up and the lights dimming … with the microphone dropping from the ceiling and the spotlight on Kennedy … who kneels down over Cena;

“YOU” …

~BAM!!! Kennedy blasts Cena with the steel microphone.


~ BAM!!! He nails him again.


~BAM!!! Again. And Cena has been busted WIDE open!!!

“FOR” …

~BAM!!! And again.


~BAM!!! Kennedy cracks Cena’s skull again!!!

Kennedy stands up, with his blood stained mic, and proclaims himself as the ‘winner’ of the match, before sticking his boot into the bloody forehead of Cena, then kicks Cena out of the ring, telling him he can expect more of the same at Nemesis - whatever match he decides to get beaten in.

The bleach blonde loudmouth then turns his focus, saying to “get that prima donna outta my sight” as referees and trainers come to tend to Cena (and Hardy), helping them out of the arena, as Kennedy calls out Christian; “and bring that other prima donna out here now if he wants me that badly”. Miz applauds wildly, sucking up to his mentor, starting a ‘Ken-ned-y’ chant as he runs around the ring - which no one really catches on to.


“Ask and you shall receive” is the call from J.R on commentary, as Captain Charisma doesn’t wait long to answer the challenge, peering over at a bloody Cena being helped to the back as he passes by. Christian and Kennedy mouth off at one another as the champion makes his way to the ring, with J.R telling us that it looks like we’re about to get our main event … next - just as Christian NAILS Miz with the title belt!!!

Commercial Break

Christian vs. Mr. Kennedy
The match is joined in progress, with Christian and Kennedy outside the ring, with J.R telling us that they have been embroiled in a flat out fist fight - and that match has not even officially started - as the brawl spills into the crowd, just as J.R also notes that Miz was helped to the back during he commercial. Christian and Kennedy fight their way through the sea of fans, trading blows, fighting to the side of the entrance ramp, with Christian executing a suplex on the steel ramp. Under firm orders from Mike Chioda, Christian brings the fight back into the ring - and the match officially gets going.

Christian has the upper hand initially, stepping up on the back of Kennedy on the ropes, choking him - but breaks before the count of five. He puts it on Kennedy in the corner, opening up with right hands, but Kennedy fights back, and the match begins to swing back and forth, with both guys scoring a variety of near falls, and the momentum shifts with almost every sequence of moves. Kennedy has a two count with a roundhouse kick, then shoots Christian into the ropes, but is met with an elbow as he follows in - with Christian executing a sunset splash from the middle rope, but he only scores two for that too.

Kennedy then rolls out, looking for a break, but Christian wont let him have it that easily, and looking to score with a triangle plancha - BUT KENNEDY AVOIDS IT - and Christian hit’s the announce table!!! Christians face bounces off the table, and that gives Kennedy a huge advantage, taking the action back inside the ring, focusing on the head of the champion, racing through him with a face wash kick in the corner, and another near fall. Christian fights out of a Mic Check attempt, but given his head problems, Captain Charisma is unable to mount a comeback, and is dropped with a clothesline. Kennedy stands tall over the champ, as we head to the final commercial of the night…

Commercial Break

And, we return - with Christian caught in a sleeper hold. How inventive. Despite that, it is effective, but Christian is able to fight it, after the tired arm dropping twice but not the third time routine. He begins to mount a fight back, elbowing out of trouble, running off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A DROPKICK!!! Kennedy scrambles into a cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! He turns Christian over, looking to apply the KROSSFACE … but desperately, Christian scrambles and makes it to the ropes, just before the hold could be applied.

Kennedy though, remains on top of the champ, and shoots him into the corner, rushing in after … BUT CHRISTIAN SWINGS OUT ONTO THE ROPES … AND NAILS KENNEDY WITH THE SEESAW KICK!!! Kennedy staggers away, with Christian now climbing to the top rope … BUT KENNEDY DIVES INTO THE ROPES - WITH CHRISTIAN CROTCHING HIMSELF!!!!! Captain Charisma is caught up top, allowing Kennedy to climb up, AND LOOKS FOR THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE … but Christian fights for his life, elbowing Kennedy, managing to avoid it, positioning himself on the buckle, shoving Kennedy down … AND FLIES WITH A HEADBUTT - CONNECTING!!!!! He covers … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!


Christian cant believe it, but gets back to his feet, setting Kennedy up for the Unprettier now … HOOKING HIM UP … BUT KENNEDY COUNTERS … KROSSFACE!!!!! Christian tries to avoid it, but this time is trapped, and forced to crawl to the ropes to try and break it!!! J.R pours it on, talking about the gruelling match he had just twenty four hours ago, wondering what the champion has left … BUT CHRISTIAN INCHES CLOSER … AND GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE TO BREAK THE HOLD!!!!! Kennedy is forced to the break, but waits until the last second to do so!!!

He stomps Christian as he gets back up, and hammers him with clubbing blows against the ropes - brutalising the champion - and looks to shoot him off the ropes again, but Christian turns the whip inside out, turning Kennedy over … AND SCORES WITH A REVERSE DDT!!!!! Both men are down, with Christian selling the effects of the beat down, and Kennedy obviously down from the reverse DDT … but as Christian begins to stir on the mat … WE SEE JOHN CENA - STILL BLOODY - MARCHING DOWN THE AISLE … WITH A CHAIR IN HAND!!!!! Christian doesn’t see Cena coming, and looks to make a cover … but Cena pulls Kennedy from the ring … AND SMASHES HIM WITH THE STEEL CHAIR - DQ!!!!!
Winner: Via DQ - Mister Kennedy @ 15:12

Kennedy wins the match, but is hammered on the outside by a vengeful Cena, jabbing the ribs and sternum of his rival, getting payback for the earlier attack … but Christian is furious in the ring. He gets to his feet, leaning over the rope to express his anger at Cena, but before Cena can respond - UMAGA CLATTERS CHRISTIAN FROM BEHIND!!!!!

Coming from the crowd, the number one contender picks up where he left off a month ago, attacking the World Heavyweight Champion, with AAE in tow, shouting encouragement to the Samoan Bulldozer … but Cena looks to try and make the save for Christian!!! He gets into the ring with the steel chair … BUT UMAGA MEETS HIM WITH THE ROLLING WHEEL KICK - KNOCKING THE CHAIR BACK INTO CENAS BLOODY FACE!!!!!

Now, The Miz is seen limping back down the ramp, coming to the aide of his mentor on the outside, and helps him to his feet, just as Umaga rushes into the corner with the running butt splash to Christian. Miz looks to lead Kennedy away from the ring, but Kennedy looks back, and sees Cena down … therefore seeing an opportunity to attack. He climbs back onto the apron, peering over at Umaga, with AAE shouting up to the Bulldozer, allowing Kennedy to enter.

Miz acts as cheerleader, before helping put the boots to Cena … whilst Estrada comes to gets his kicks in on Christian … but just as it looks like it’ll be a beat down to end Raw … MATT HARDY LEADS OUT A GROUP OF WRESTLERS; Straight Edge, Ryder, Hawkins, Harry Smith & William Regal all follow the lead of Hardy, as Estrada spots them coming - not liking the odds, pointing for Umaga to leave the ring, as Kennedy and Miz also see the cavalry coming … and decide to opt out of the ring too.

Hardy and the faces reach the bottom of the aisle, locking eyes with the retreating heels, as Estrada has to try and force his Bulldozer to climb over the barrier - with Umaga clearly wanting a fight. Kennedy and Miz back away through the opposite side of the crowd …

**I‘M BACK**

Eric Bischoff storms onto the stage, clearly angered, and immediately shouts for his music to cut. He cuts to the chase, letting out his frustration at the constant sneak attacks in recent months, run ins and beatdowns, saying he’s sick of it, and putting a stop to it - right now.

Bischoff then goes on to decree that from this point forward, until Nemesis, he wont stand for ANY contact between ANYONE unless it’s in a match - and anyone that violates the order will be fined, suspended, stripped of their championships - or even fired.

With that bombshell, Bischoff slams the mic down, walking back off the stage, as the camera shows the reaction of all the wrestlers in and around the ring, all shocked and surprised … as the show goes off the air.



Current Card for WWE Nemesis:
Date: 14th October 2007
Location: Alltel Arena, Little Rock Arkansas
Event Music: Submersed, Better Think Again

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Umaga II

! Stipulation TBA; John Cena Chooses !
~ Winner Receives World Heavyweight Championship Match at Survivor Series ~
Mister Kennedy vs. John Cena

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