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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy you're still alive

Read thru SummerSlam, was epic. Will leave some feedback for you in a few days when I've got a week off work, but as usual you delivered. Credit to you for going strong still bud, I'll be frequenting MSN more hoping to see you or Szum's sexy faces


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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw Preview
The O2 in London hosts the fallout to the most talked about Summerslam of all time, and in a late change, Raw this Monday will be on air for THREE hours. Such is the size of this weeks show that Eric Bischoff has decreed his show needs an extra hour to air for one week only - and no wonder;

As in addition to the highly anticipated debut of The Angels of Anarchy, AND the shocking switch of The Master Craftsmen from Smackdown to Raw, rumours have been running rampant ALL DAY LONG that none other than EDGE is expected to be at Raw … to put pen to paper on a deal to switch from Smackdown to Raw too!!! Has Eric Bischoff gone too far in abusing his power as GM of Raw and the interim GM of Smackdown?? If Edge signs with Raw, he will become the SIXTH man to trade shows since Bischoff began his reign as interim GM on Smackdown in place of the suspended Arn Anderson.

While the Raw roster may be coming overcrowded, it would appear Brent Albright and Charlie Haas have made a smart move - they will go straight into the main event this Monday night, taking on the all conquering World Heavyweight Champion Christian, and Rey Mysterio!! Coming off differing results at Summerslam, will Christian and Mysterio both be physically and mentally prepared for such a tough task, less than 24 hours after the happenings at Wembley Stadium?? For Christian it was triumph - doing what many believed was impossible in beating Umaga, but for Mysterio it was despair - his face shown to the world as Kurt Angle ripped off his sacred mask in order to secure victory over the Master of the 619.

Though Christians win over the previously undefeated Umaga will be the enduring memory of Summerslam 2007, for the fans in London the sweetest moment of the night will have been the glory of William Regal capturing the Intercontinental title in his home nation. What kind of celebration will Regal have in store for the fans in the O2, and what kind of reaction can we expect from the beaten champion, Shelton Benjamin?? Benjamin will look to rebound from last nights gutting defeat, taking on Ken Doane - who is beginning to find his feet on Raw, picking up a few wins now over the last few weeks.

Due to injuries suffered in the TLC match last night, the NEW World Tag Team Champions Straight Edge will not be part of Raw, but with MNM now out of the picture - and off Raw altogether, the road to a shot at the tag team titles has opened up. Will MNMs former Entourage be the team to step up?? Or will The Brotherhood now set their sights on the tag titles after the loss of the Intercontinental title?? The British Lions have had their differences in recent weeks, but have vowed to once again regroup and work toward another shot at the gold, whilst the tandem of experience and strength; X-Pac and Tyson Tomko, will surely want to put themselves at the front of the line. Add to the equation the recent acquired team of Deuce and Domino - not to mention the two newest pairings to arrive on Raw; The Angels of Anarchy and The Master Craftsmen - and it’s safe to say that Straight Edge will not be short on challengers.

However, one man with surely no chance of a title shot any time soon is John Cena. Another submission loss at Summerslam to Mister Kennedy ensured that Cenas rotten year continues, and the title rematch he has been desperate for since WrestleMania has arguably never been further away. For Kennedy though, is he now in pole position for another shot at the title he so nearly captured in June?? A submission win - regardless of circumstances - over John Cena must surely propel the 2006 King of the Ring to the top of the line.

And what of Kurt Angle?? After his despicable actions last night, will Kurt Angle finally realise he’s gone too far?? Or … has he lost it altogether - can he perhaps go even further?? Also, what kind of reaction can we expect from Umaga?? After fourteen months of victory after victory, the Samoan Bulldozer was beaten for the first time ever at Summer slam - something he has never has to suffer before. Will Umaga wreak all kinds of carnage in response?? Or will Armando Estrada keep the Bulldozer under control and look to work towards a rematch - having come so close to tasting victory at Summer slam - indeed, only for Christian tumbling out of the ring after the Samoan Spike, Umaga would be World Champion now. But, will Kennedy and Kurt Angle likely waiting in the wings, Eric Bischoff will have a decision to make in terms of the next #1 Contender.

Confirmed Matches:
World Champion Christian & Rey Mysterio vs. The Master Craftsmen
Womens Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Maria - NON-TITLE MATCH
Shelton Benjamin vs. Ken Doane
Deuce & Domino vs. The British Lions
The Angels of Anarchy vs. X-Pac & Tyson Tomko


!! 72 HOURS !!
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Re: Being The Booker

Really excited for the first show in a while to be posted. I constantly find myself coming back to this thread for inspiration and believe me does it get me writing. Fantastic booking as always, I'll be reading

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Re: Being The Booker




Hurry up and post, son.
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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | August 20 2007 | London, England

Footage cuts straight into the arena, and around the rabid fans inside the O2.

Jim Ross: The twentieth annual Summerslam is in the books!! We are twenty four hours removed from one of the greatest, and most shocking, buzz worthy pay per view events in WWE history!! History was made, careers were ended, some were made, and legends were born!! And tonight, WWE Raw comes to you LIVE once again from London, England, just down the road from Wembley Stadium here at the O2 arena, and Coach, we’re here for THREE hours tonight!!

Cut away from the fans, and show Coach sitting - spread eagled, head down on the commentary desk, before looking up.

The Coach:
Baby boy, I’m spent. The Coach is worn out after last night. But don’t worry, I’m just getting ready to get it going tonight again!!

Jim Ross:
Without a doubt!! We will cover all the fall out from Summerslam tonight on Raw … but where do we start??

The Coach:
Three new champions on Raw for starters old timer, how about that??

Jim Ross:
Indeed, three new champions crowned on Raw - but the one championship to remain in tact is not the one many would’ve expected - because Christian, in the most Herculean of efforts in the annals of WWE-lore DEFEATED Umaga for the very first time!!

The Coach:
I still cant believe it!!

Jim Ross:
And neither could many of the eighty nine thousand inside Wembley Stadium last night. History, Coach, was indeed made. No more so than in the main event by the man who is STILL World Champion. Ladies and Gentlemen, strap yourselves in … Summerslam is finished, but the fall out promises to be explosive tonight on Raw!!!

Opening Video



Who else could open this show?? Twenty four hours removed from the biggest win of his career, ending the fourteen month long streak of Umaga, CHRISTIAN - with the World Heavyweight Championship STILL around his waist - steps onto the stage to a MONSTROUS reception from the fans.

Jim Ross: It is a sight that many people didn’t believe we’d see tonight - Christian with the World Heavyweight Championship still around his waist … but believe it, savour the moment, Captain Charisma last night pulled off the impossible - he BEAT the previously undefeated Umaga inside Wembley Stadium to cap off the most unforgettable Summerslam of all time.

The Coach: How he did it, I’ll never know. He shocked the world last night - he accomplished a feat that no one ever has before - or may ever again. And despite how lucky he got in my opinion, he still pulled it off.

Jim Ross: Let’s not get caught up on that, Coach. You can call it luck, good fortune or-

The Coach: They’re the same thing!! He got nailed with the spike - he fell OUT of the ring - he was toast at that point.

Jim Ross: But he still pulled it off. When it was all said and done - that man - Christian, left Wembley Stadium with the World Heavyweight Championship still in his possession. It took everything in his power to defeat the Samoan Bulldozer - all in all it took THREE Unprettiers to finish the job … but he DID IT. And we’re about to hear from the World Champion - what better way to kick off a huge THREE HOUR edition of Monday Night Raw!!

Christian stands in the ring, taking a good minute to soak up the response from the fans, with a massive grin etched on his face, patting the belt, before finally speaking…

Christian: Wow - thank you for that reaction.


Christian: Now … before I get started … let’s have a show of hands, shall we?? If you honestly thought you’d see me out here tonight - STILL World Heavyweight Champion … raise your hands.

Quite a lot of hands are raised. Christian sees that, and smirks.

Christian: C’mon … be honest.

The camera pans around the fans, but still a great deal of hands are in the air.

Christian: I dunno. You can tell me the truth - I don’t mind. If you’re all being honest - then thank you. I honestly didn’t think I’d see that many … before Summerslam, week after week, city after city, airport after airport, continent after continent and in a dozen languages … people have been telling me for the duration of this world tour … “It couldn’t be done” … “Umaga cant be beaten” … “You cant win”.

Christian smirks again, knowing those people were all wrong.

Christian: From Mexico City to Buenos Aires, Beijing to Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, Munich and everywhere else inbetween … from all colours, creeds and countries … the sentiment was the same. Some people took some joy in telling me, some tried to talk me out of the match altogether. Others offered me support … but just didn’t believe, and the rest simply gave me their personal opinion. And who could blame ‘em??

Christian looks around inquisitively, before speaking again.

Christian: I mean, here I am, just an average guy by most standards. I don’t stand out in a crowd, I’m no bigger than the person on the street, I’m not a gym rat … and here I was … matched up against a bona fide wrecking ball. A guy that’s aptly nicknamed ‘the Samoan bulldozer’ … cause … uh he’s Samoan … and … he’s … a bulldozer.

Few laughs from the fans for the last line, as a pleased Christian smiles along, nodding.

Christian: Fourteen months of victory after victory after victory after victory after …

The Champ stops, and goads the fans to say the next word, with enough saying ‘victory’ for it to be heard inside the arena … and it soon catches on, with a portion continuing momentarily with ‘after victory, after victory, after victory’ … to which Christian laughs.

Christian: You noticed that too, huh?? (Leans up on the ropes, smiling out at the fans) Man, let me tell ya - I LOVE the UK fans!!!

Huge (cheap) pop.

Christian: Fourteen months of victories, racked up, one by one … and all of those wins were pretty dominant. He didn’t just beat anyone either - former world champions, legends, veterans, high flyers, technicians, big guys, small guys … he beat everyone put in front of him.

Christian pauses for a moment, getting serious for a moment.

Christian: But he didn’t beat me.

Massive pop.

Christian: It took everything I had - guts, sweat, heart, blood, fortune - yeah, even a few tears - but above all else … it took belief. I had to march into Wembley Stadium last night for the biggest Summerslam of all time and I had to believe. Believe that I was the man to do it. Believe that I could do something that no one else ever has. Believe that I was World Heavyweight Champion for a reason, and believe that I could validate myself alongside the greats.

Christian nods.

Christian: Because make no mistake about it, what I accomplished last night - in my opinion at least - puts me on a level with any champion this business has ever seen!!

Decent show of support for the big claim from the champ.

Christian: And anyone inside the O2 tonight that was inside Wembley Stadium last night - make yourselves heard…

Big pop from the fans that attended Summerslam. Christian then points around the arena to address those fans.

Christian: You were all a part of history last night.


Christian: And from the bottom of my heart - I know WrestleMania is the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’, the Super Bowl - or should I say F.A Cup Final …

Cheap pop.

Christian: Of our sport - the biggest show of the year, where boyhood dreams come true, and men become legends … but- and I swear to God when I say this - NOTHING - no WrestleMania moment that I have ever - or will ever - achieve … compare to the euphoria I felt - the energy I felt … from you people last night at Summerslam.

Huge (cheap) pop.

Christian: I’m not sayin it for a cheap pop either. The Twentieth Annual Summerslam, in front of just a shade under NINETY thousand fans … will be THE defining night of my career.

Christian pauses for a moment, soaking up a generous applause from the fans.

Christian: Nothing can or will top it. To headline the biggest Summerslam of all time in such a unique setting, against the greatest of threats with the most insurmountable odds … HOW do you beat that??

Captain Charisma looks for answers.

Christian: You simply don’t, people. Y’cant. But hey, don’t worry - I’m not about to get all misty eyed here and talk about walking out on top - I didn’t bust my ass to beat Umaga to just walk away. I’m World Heavyweight Champion, it took me long enough to get to this point, and I intend to keep it that way for a long damn time.

Cheers from the fans.

Christian: So I want to thank you all, I want to thank Ricky Hatton-

Cheer for Hatton.

Christian: I’d like to thank Ricky for being in my corner - couldn’t have done it without ya buddy - and most of all-


It’s BOOS that ring out heavily, as the music of John Cena fills the O2 arena, cutting Christian off mid promo … twenty four hours removed from ANOTHER submission loss…

The Coach: He still has a job!!??

To a more mixed reaction, a very sheepish John Cena appears from behind the curtain, lowered facial expression, little animation about him at all, as he peers out into the audience to gauge the reaction, whilst looking almost embarrassed about himself. In the ring though, Christian looks perplexed.

Jim Ross: Last night at Summerslam, John Cena came up short in his make or break match with the 2006 King of the Ring Mister Kennedy-


Cena walks down the aisle, not playing to the fans whatsoever, just aiming straight ahead. Christian still looks confused in the ring - and slightly angry.

Jim Ross: Indeed, The Coach is correct. John Cena - incredibly - tapped out to the Krossface from Mister Kennedy last night - BUT - only after being blasted in the shoulder with a television camera.

The Coach: Awww quit making excuses!! He would’ve tapped anyway. I hope Bischoff gets out here in double quick time to fire his sorry ass in front of a world wide audience. We don’t need this loser around anymore. We’ve got The Master Craftsmen making their debut tonight!!!

Jim Ross: We will certainly discuss that later tonight. But, yes, The 2007 King of the Ring Brent Albright and Charlie Haas have officially signed with Monday Night Raw, and they go straight into tonight’s main event - it’s the Master Craftsmen taking on two men who had by far, nights on different ends of the spectrum at Summerslam, in the shape of Rey Mysterio and the man in the ring right now, Christian.

The Coach: Ohhh boy, don’t remind me about Mysterio. I’ll need another sick bucket if I think about the ghastly sight of his face again after last night.

Cena walks to the ring, with Christian looking less than impressed about the unceremonial interruption. Cena puts his hands up peacefully, before pulling himself up onto the apron, and inside the ring, passing a confused Christian to get a mic from Lillian.

Jim Ross: In addition to Albright and Haas signing with the Monday Night Raw roster, speculation has been running rampant all day long that EDGE - fresh off a shocking win over The Undertaker last night - WILL sign on the dotted line, and return to Raw too!!!

The Coach: Everyone is hopping off that sinkin ship on Smackdown!!! It wouldn’t surprise me if the WWE Champ, Randy Orton showed up here next!!

Jim Ross: There is so much to discuss tonight off the back of Summerslam, and it’s ramifications on tonight’s agenda … but right now, John Cena has interrupted Christian - the two men that were head to head at WrestleMania less than six months ago … yet now, they seem miles apart with Christian higher than he’s ever been … and John Cena at an all time low.

The Coach: What a difference six months make, huh??

Cena pulls the mic up to speak, but stops himself, with a few vocal males trying to start up a ‘YOU TAPPED OUT’ chant. As he tries to ride it out, Cena apologises off mic to Christian, who still seems confused by the interruption.

As the chant gathers steam, Cena pulls the mic down, and rubs his face, removing his hat with the strain showing on his face. He lets the fans get the chants out of their system, before finally bringing the mic up to talk…

John Cena: So, by the sound of things, I guess you’re all aware of what happened last night??

A loud cheer is heard from the anti-Cena brigade, whilst Cena solemnly nods along.

John Cena: Yep … yours truly … (struggles to say it) … tapped … out.

Mixed reaction.

John Cena: Forget the circumstances of how it happened, or why … I aint out here to make excuses. I’m out here … to apologise.

Another mixed response.

John Cena: First up - Christian - I got nothin but respect for you. What you did last night?? Never thought it’d happen - but I’ve never been more happy to be wrong. And … I’m real sorry to be out here raining on your parade - this is your moment and you sure as hell deserve it … but I couldn’t stand in the back any longer with what I got on my mind.

The boos are loud for Cena, as he again apologises off mic to Christian, but the champ - despite shrugging it off - isn’t overly happy. Cena then turns to the fans to address them…

John Cena: I’ve always prided myself on bein a man of my word. But after last night, I’ve let you people down … again. I made a vow after I tapped out to Kurt Angle at Vengeance that I would NEVER let you people down again … but here I am, two months later …

Cena pauses, and that allows the haters to start heckling “CENA SUCKS”. Christian stands back, rubbing at his ear, looking awkward to be stood listening to the abuse for the other man in the ring.

John Cena: Here I am … with another broken promise to apologise for.

The “CENA SUCKS” chants continue - and grow louder. Cena momentarily smirks, and shakes his head … but looking embarrassed for Cena, Christian has his head down.

John Cena: Y’know … ever since WrestleMania, I’ve been … it’s been like some kinda downward spiral for me.

Cena takes a moment to think, then peers over his shoulder at Christian.

John Cena: Ever since I lost the World Championship to Christian-

Pop for the mention of Captain Charisma, who picks his head up to listen.

John Cena: Ever since WrestleMania, where he beat me … dead centre in the middle of the ring … it’s like I’ve been consumed …

He pauses.

John Cena: Consumed by one thought … … rematch.

Pop for that - Christian raises an eyebrow.

John Cena: As far as I’m concerned, THE WrestleMania rematch didn’t take place last night at Summerslam. To me?? THE WrestleMania rematch hasn’t happened yet. THE WrestleMania rematch … is John Cena versus Christian.

Big ovation, with Christian looking around, gauging the reaction.

John Cena: Fact is … for the last two or three years until WrestleMania Twenty Three I was the top dog. I was the standard that everyone else had to match. To beat me, you had to be better … and for that entire period … no one was better.

Mixed response.

John Cena: Sure, I’d lose matches from time to time, I’d lose championships … but how many times was I truly beaten by the better man?? I wasn’t. Anytime I lost it was because I got screwed or cheated.

Some boos for the excuses.

John Cena: Whether or not you like it … an’ I know a lot of you don’t … that’s the facts. For that period of time, I was top dog … number one, the franchise player … on top … of the world.

Another mixed reaction.

John Cena: Enough of the history lesson though … when WrestleMania rolled ‘round … I got the shock of a lifetime. I knew it’d be tough, I knew it’d be a big task … but I knew I’d beat Christian.

Cena affords himself a wry smirk … whilst Christian touches the belt, as if to make his own point.

John Cena: But … I didn’t … did I?? I lost. Fair and square, on the biggest stage of all … the better man won … an’ for once it wasn’t John Cena.

Rowdy cheer from the vocal males.

John Cena: Ever since … it’s been tough for me to adjust. Unlike most beaten champs, I didn’t get my rematch, an’ I haven’t been able to earn a shot either. If anything, I’m further away from a title match than I’ve ever been. As you all know, I’ve tapped out on Pay Per View … twice straight.

Cena shakes his head, while the ‘haters’ cheer.

John Cena: Aint nobody thinkin of givin John Cena a shot at the World Heavyweight Title right now.

Another ironic cheer, whilst Christian shrugs - seemingly agreeing.

John Cena: But still … that’s why I’m out here tonight.

A few rumbles of surprise, as eyebrows raise around the O2 - including the champ.

John Cena: Because I aint got nothin to lose. I’m lower than I’ve ever been right now … and it all stems back to WrestleMania. I need that title shot. One shot-

Boos cut Cena off, but he puts a hand up, as if to say “Hear me out”.

John Cena: I know I don’t deserve it. I should be nowhere near a shot at the title … but if I aint got that title?? I aint got nothin. I’m nothin.

He shakes his head.

John Cena: Now, don’t get it twisted. I aint just gonna ask for a shot. I aint stupid, I know I haven’t got a God given right to just be handed a title shot because things aint been goin my way lately. But … Eric Bischoff … all I ask is for one shot.

Cena holds up a solitary finger.

John Cena: One shot - that can be a number one contenders match, or an outright title shot … and if I lose …

He looks around, acknowledging the heckles from the fans.

John Cena: You’re free to terminate my contract.

Mixed response. Christians eyes buy out, shocked by the offer.

John Cena: I aint got nothin left to lose at this point. I’ve let my fans down, I didn’t keep my word, so what’s one more loss?? I lose, I’ll go. You wont see me ev-

**I‘M BACK**

Cena is stopped mid sentence, as the music of the Raw General Manager fills the arena to a mixed response - but one that is firmly on the side of the negative reaction. Bischoff strides down the aisle - smirking - whilst Cena remains extremely serious, nodding at Bischoffs direction as he approaches the ring.

Bischoff climbs inside, speaking to Cena off mic initially - whilst Christian leans back on the ropes in the background - before reaching over the ropes to take a mic from Lillian Garcia, with his music dying down. The Raw GM has a big smirk on his face now, as he finally begins to speak.

Eric Bischoff: Have you got any idea how pathetic this all sounds??


Eric Bischoff: John, you look like you’re on the verge of getting on your knees and begging me for a title shot.

Bischoff smirks again, as Cena shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact, I’m tempted to make you do that … (few oohs from the fans) … but I’ll refrain.

Boos. Bischoff devilishly smirks … and Christian shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: Because honestly John … even if you did that … I wouldn’t give you a shot at the title, not even a sniff of competing in a number one contenders match.

Mixed response.

Eric Bischoff: Your contract is no good to me either. I already know what the outcome would be if I put this John Cena in a title match, and frankly it would be downright embarrassing.

Heat for Bischoff, as Cena sternly shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: I know you have nothing left to lose … but John I’m not just gonna give you the chance to fade away in a blaze of glory. I cant just let you rip up your contract, I have waaaay too much to lose in that deal. While it’s obvious to me you’re on the way out eventually … you’re still valuable to me for the time being.

Bischoff tugs at Cenas shirt, as if to say he’s only good for merchandise at the minute.

Eric Bischoff: So I’m gonna milk you for everything you’re worth until everyone realises that you’re finished. But a title shot?? It’s not in your future John.

Cena is about to respond, but Bischoff holds up a finger.

Eric Bischoff: But I’m a fair man. And John, I see how desperate you are to be involved in the big picture - the title picture. So … tonight, we’re gonna crown a new number one contender!!

Rowdy cheer. Again, Christians interest is piqued.

Eric Bischoff: And maybe I’m just getting a little bit soft, but I will allow you to be part of that match.

Big pop from the Cena fans, and Cena breathes a sigh of relief, believing he’s being thrown a bone … whilst Christian looks surprised.

Eric Bischoff: You’re gonna be right in the thick of the action tonight John!! Right in the middle of everything, you will have a say on who the next number one contender will be …

Bischoff pauses, and smirks again.

Eric Bischoff: Because tonight I’m appointing you the SPECIAL - GUEST - REFEREE!!!!!

Heat rings out for the smarmy GM, whilst Cena looks ready to snap. Cena turns away, trying to keep his cool, as Bischoff ducks back out of the ring.

The fans continue to voice their displeasure, as Bischoff backs up the aisle.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and John … I forgot to inform you who you’ll be refereeing.

Cena mouths something, looking furious in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah … it’ll be two guys you’re very familiar with John … because you’ve tapped out to them both lately - Kurt Angle, and Mister Kennedy!!!

{Jim Ross: WHAT!?}

Heat rains down on Bischoff, as the GM smiles broadly, backing away.

Eric Bischoff: Oh … and Cena?? Stay right there, that match?? It’ll be next!!!

Bischoff turns to leave the stage, whilst Cena peers out over the ropes with a look of fury etched on his face. He turns, looking at Christian - who is just as surprised - with both men looking to the outside at Eric, looking for answers … as we fade out.

Commercial Break

We return, back live, with John Cena circling the ring, and Christian out of sight…


Striding out into view, being accompanied by The Miz, a delighted looking Mister Kennedy mocks tapping out, with Miz laughing at his mentors actions.

Jim Ross: We are back live on Raw, and folks, do not adjust your sets - we are kicking off the action with a main event match!! Mister Kennedy fresh off his biggest win yet at Summerslam-

The Coach: Via submission.

Jim Ross: His biggest win yet, finds himself with an opportunity to now challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!! That’s right ladies and gentlemen - the action kicks off tonight with a NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH!!! Mister Kennedy and Kurt Angle - two of the big winners to come out of Summerslam last night - are about to battle it out for a shot at the champion!!

The Coach: And if you recognise the other guy in the ring - he’s the referee. His name isn’t important though. He’s not a big deal anymore.


And now, a fired up looking Kurt Angle walks onto the stage, brimming with aggression, whilst Kennedy walks around the ringside area, not stepping into the ring with Cena.

Jim Ross: Last night at Summerslam, Kurt Angle despicably removed Rey Mysterios mask from his face, in order to gain the advantage to defeat the lion hearted luchador!!

The Coach: It WAS despicable, J.R. Now I know why Mysterio wears a mask!! It’s got nothing to do with his heritage - it’s because he’s as ugly as sin!!!

Jim Ross: Enough of the sarcasm, Coach. Kurt Angle should be punished-

The Coach: For what!? Kids wear masks J.R. Criminals wear masks. Kurt Angle is an Olympic Hero, and what he did last night at Summerslam was HEROIC!!!

Angle jogs up the steps, and into the ring, with Kennedy slowly climbing onto the apron, pointing at a visibly fuming John Cena, as if to warn the official not to attack him, before carefully entering the ring.

Special Guest Referee; JOHN CENA
Mister Kennedy w/ The Miz vs. Kurt Angle
Begrudgingly, Cena instantly calls for the bell to start the match, then instructs the two men to go at it before slumping into the corner - clearly not caring. Kennedy and Angle though - despite the bizarre situation - realise what’s at stake, and the two quickly lock up, struggling around the ring … but it’s Angle that wins the battle, applying a side headlock, but Kennedy shoves him off into the ropes, and as Angle hits them, THE MIZ attempts to trip the Olympian!! Angle spins around to confront the pest, but as he does Kennedy races in, clubbing the back of his opponent.

Kennedy attempts to take control, backing Angle into the corner and unloading, with Cena doing nothing A) about The Miz, or B) about the attack in the corner. Kennedy shoots Angle across the ring, but as the Gold Medallist bounces back out of the corner - he runs through Kennedy with a thunderous clothesline!!! Immediately, Angle is in Cenas face, pointing out the interference from Miz … then shoves the chest of the official. A chorus of ‘OOOHs’ rumble around the O2, as Cena stares down at his chest, then up at Angle, looking just about ready to take his long time rivals head off … but as he and Angle are just about to wage war, we see The Miz sliding a chair into the ring for Kennedy, then hops onto the apron himself to create a distraction … but it backfires, as CENA is the one that reacts to Miz … and instead of doing what an official is supposed to do and order him off … CENA GRIPS MIZ … AND HURLS HIM INTO THE RING!!!

Miz lands hard on the mat, but immediately scrambles back out to escape the wrath of Cena, who tries to grab the reality TV star but just misses him. Meanwhile … Kennedy has LOW BLOWED Angle, bringing the Olympian to his knees … and he tries to line up a chair shot … but Cena stops him - just in time - and rips the chair away from Kennedys grasp … and without a moments hesitation … CENA SWINGS AT HIM … BUT KENNEDY DUCKS … AND CENA NAILS ANGLE INSTEAD!!!!! Kennedy cant help but laugh, as Cena surveys the situation … but the laughter doesn’t last long for the Monday Night Juggernaut … AS CENA CRACKS HIM WITH THE CHAIR ANYWAY!!!!! Cena slams the chair down, to a mixed reaction from the fans, and leans over the ropes, audibly heard to say to Lillian Garcia “Ring it. The match is over. No contest!!”
Winner: No Contest @ 03:02

And with that, the match is seemingly over - with no new Number One Contender crowned!! The fans are pissed - and show their feelings for the finish. Cena leaves the ring, with Kennedy and Angle both laid out by the referee, as Miz continues to bail, disappearing behind the curtain as Cena storms up the ramp, still looking furious at how he’s been treated tonight.

The Coach: He cant get away with this!! He ‘s even worse at refereeing than he is at being a wrestler!!

Jim Ross: John Cena is NOT a referee. Eric Bischoff is to blame for this mess tonight - he poked the bear - he should’ve expected this response from Cena!!

The Coach: There’ll be hell to pay for Cena!!! Mark my words, old timer. When he gets back in that locker room, he’s gonna have a lot to answer for!!

Commercial Break

We return backstage, with Matt Striker following John Cena, trying to get a word with him, but Cena blows Striker off … only for Eric Bischoff to enter the picture, stopping Cena from walking on.

Eric Bischoff: Just what the hell was that!?

John Cena: The hell was what?? Ohhh, you mean me taking out your two supposed number one contenders?? I was takin care of business - my way. Don’t like it?? Maybe you oughta stick to hiring referees to referee matches. I aint here to officiate, frosty top. I’m here to fight.

Eric Bischoff: Is that right??

John Cena: Damn straight it’s right. I wanna get back to being THE guy around here, and b-

Eric Bischoff: HA!! Listen John (pinches at Cenas shirt) if that’s what you really want?? To get that, you’ll need to march to MY beat, and do as I say. Which is why a little later, you’re gonna march back out to that ring, and we’re gonna try it again. Mister Kennedy versus Kurt Angle … with you as the special guest referee.

Cena looks up to the heavens - exasperated.

Eric Bischoff: And if you don’t carry out your duties to a satisfactory level?? Well, you can kiss goodbye to EVER competing in that ring again. And should I have to fire you on the grounds of breaching your contract - which includes such instances as failing to follow orders of your boss?? Well … (chuckles, wiping Cenas shirt) that’ll invoke a two year, no compete clause that’s written into your contract. Two years?? In this business?? That’s a death sentence, Cena. You’ll be forgotten.

Cena stares a hole through Bischoff, and breathes heavily, whilst Bischoff smirks, looking past Cena and to the on looking Matt Striker.

Eric Bischoff: Hey Matt … be a good kid. Go fetch Mister Cena a referee shirt. We want him to look the part this time around.

Bischoff pats Cenas shoulder patronizingly, and chuckles as he walks off, leaving Cena to fume.

Back into the arena, Deuce & Domino are already in the ring, waiting for their opponents…


To a rapturous reaction from the fans in their home nation - The British Lions of Burchill, Smith & Katie Lea step onto the stage, soaking up the adulation.

Jim Ross: And we are back live with the first of THREE scheduled tag team matches tonight on Raw!! Later, we’ll see the debuts of not only the Angels of Anarchy, but of course, the 2007 King of the Ring Brent Albright & Charlie Haas also - who arrive on Raw right into the deep end - main eventing against the World Heavyweight Champion, and the master of the 619, Rey Mysterio!! But first of all - listen to this ovation, Coach!!

The Coach: Yeah … well, these Brits will cheer anyone from this place.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may, tonight is what the British Lions believe to be the beginning of their resurgence. After a turbulent summer, the trio have regrouped and settled any underlying differences, and tonight they’ll look to get back into the hunt for the World Tag Team titles - which Straight Edge recaptured last night at Summerslam in that thrilling TLC match.

The Coach: Yeah, don’t bother to mention the hand that these three pests had in that travesty-

Jim Ross: Which came about because of the interference of MNM’s ‘Entourage’ - the Lions simply levelled the playing field!! Straight Edge won the match, and MNM are now banished from Raw!! And folks, the champions are NOT in the building tonight - as I’m sure you can all understand, given the injuries suffered in that gruelling war, CM Punk and Greg Helms have been given the night off - but rest assured - the now two-time World Tag Team Champions will be at Raw NEXT Monday.

The Coach: Makes me sick to my stomach. No more Melina. No more red carpets … it’s just not fair.

Match 2:
Deuce & Domino vs. The British Lions w/ Katie Lea
Basic, formulaic, uninspiring tag match, but the fans are into it due to the involvement of ‘their’ guys. The Lions do look rather impressive - even if Coach and J.R spend most of the match discussing last nights TLC match - and it appears that last weeks bust up has helped get the team back on track (and for Deuce & Domino, it looks like they’ll serve the same purpose on Raw as they did on Smackdown - JTTS) with Smith picking up the three count with his legendary (Hall of Fame) fathers finisher - the running power slam - as Burchill runs out any interference.
Winners: The British Lions @ 03:39

It’s a feel good victory for the Lions, with the trio looking stronger than ever, and making their case for a shot at the tag team titles.

Jim Ross: With two new tag teams arriving on the scene later tonight, The British Lions have drawn a line in the sand - they don’t look like they’re about to be pushed aside for anybody - THEY want the next shot at the tag team champs!!

The Coach: Sure, they were impressive tonight - but lets wait to see what the Angels of Anarchy & The Master Craftsmen have in store later tonight, huh??

Jim Ross: Indeed an-

Footage cuts to the backstage area, where we see EDGE arriving in the building, looking as smug as ever!!

Jim Ross: And THERE he is!!! Rumours have been rampant ALL day long - will Edge - twenty four hours removed from a victory over the iconic Undertaker - leave Smackdown for Raw!? We will find out - TONIGHT!!

The Coach: But when we come back, we’ll relive the big moments from last nights HUGE Summerslam Pay Per View!! If you missed it - you missed out!!!

Commercial Break

A musical montage airs, highlighting last nights PPV; Summerslam. ‘Fans’ by Kings of Leon plays again, as we get clips of the opening fireworks display.

Then, it’s all still clips from this point as the video goes straight into Paul London retaining the U.S Title over MVP, and the arrival of Ricky Hatton in a black cab.

Footage cuts to William Regal - bloody & battered - defeating Shelton Benjamin & Matt Hardy to win the Intercontinental title, before we see AMW walking out of their title match with the Caribbean Connection after being dismantled in embarrassing fashion.

The video moves on to Kurt Angle using nefarious means to defeat Rey Mysterio, removing the luchadors mask … before we see Edge scoring a shocking - CLEAN - victory over The Undertaker.

Next up is the TLC match, with the run ins from The Entourage & British Lions, before Straight Edge overcame MNM to win back the titles.

Then, it’s onto Cena and Kennedy, and Cenas grand entrance in the huge stadium, before showing Kennedy using the camera to destroy the shoulder of Cena, and earn the submission win with the Krossface … as the image of a kid turning his back on Cena is shown also.

‘Londons Calling’ then begins to play, as the video moves to the Streetfight, with Lesnar and Triple H busting each other wide open, before Lesnar dominates, and shots of Stephanie running to the ring, pleading for mercy for her husband - which Brock ignores - delivering an emphatic victory for the Iron Man. We see clips of Triple H being wheeled out of the stadium, before the video switches to the womens title match, where Mickie James - far from peak condition - shows up to compete, but - despite a brave fight - she loses her title to the imposing, daunting Beth Phoenix.

The clips switch to the WWE Championship Match - where RVD gives Randy Orton a massive fright, with the match seemingly won, going for a Five Star Frog Splash … only for Orton to catch him with an incredible RKO to seal victory and retain the title.

And finally, the main event. We see the imposing figure of Umaga, then Christian being joined by Ricky Hatton. The footage focuses on Umagas dominance, with the champion being manhandled, and flung from pillar to post … but eventually, Captain Charisma fights back, and stuns the world, inflicting Umaga’s first ever defeat, and retains his title … with Hatton knocking out Estrada during the celebrations, as the video comes to an end with Christian and Hatton standing tall - victorious.


And, back in the arena, ‘Londons Calling’ fills the arena again, as we go ringside with J.R & Coach.

Jim Ross: One of the finest evenings I’ve ever had in over thirty years of being apart of this business. Last nights Summer slam - for me - will be a night that I will NEVER EVER forget. So many highlights, so many talking points. We will talk more later about the condition of Triple H, but for now - lets start right at the top - the END of the FOURTEEN month long unbeaten streak that Umaga built so decisively, leaving so much destruction in his wake … ended in spectacular fashion last night.

The Coach: They said Christian couldn’t do it- WE said Christian couldn’t do it- EVERYONE said Christian couldn’t do it … everyone … except for the man himself. Sure, he had luck along the way, but in the end, he proved the entire planet wrong, and etched his legacy in one unbelievable night at Wembley Stadium.

Jim Ross: As bizarre as it is, despite that incredible, energy sapping, career defining victory last night, Christian is BACK in action - TONIGHT!! Twenty four hours removed from retaining his World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam, Christian teams with Rey Mysterio to meet the newly signed pair of Charlie Haas & the 2007 King of the Ring, Brent Albright in tonight’s main event!! But Coach, Christian will be in action … but as yet, there has been no sightings of Umaga, or indeed his handler, Armando Estrada.

The Coach: They’re probably still sat inside Wembley Stadium trying to figure out what went wrong. They’ve never tasted defeat before. They never expected that they’d have to!! We might not even see either of them again!!

Jim Ross: And doubly excruciating for them - they didn’t have to wait for the title shot. They had the Money in the Bank briefcase, they could’ve cashed in at anytime, anywhere … but they gave Christian almost two months notice. And now, out of three Money in the Bank winners, only ONE has successfully cashed it in. Is the supposed “golden ticket” now a poisoned chalice??

The Coach: It’s cursed!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, Coach … but while Christians victory sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling world last night, I don’t think any victory was more celebrated in London last night than the one picked up by the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Englands own, William Regal.

The Coach: I sure as hell didn’t celebrate. That old buck toothed snob disrupted the greatest Intercontinental Championship reign of all time!! My boy, Shelton Benjamin is the rightful Champ!! And he should be righting that wrong tonight by using his rematch clause right away.

Jim Ross: But he wont, because tonight, Shelton Benjamin meets young Ken Doane in one on one action!! And as for Regal, we will hear from the new Intercontinental Champion a little later on tonight. But right now, Kelly Kelly is backstage, standing by with Kurt Angle. Kelly??

Cut to Kelly - smiling - stood beside a visibly agitated Kurt Angle.

Kelly Kelly: Kurt, just a little later on, you’ll meet Mister Kennedy for the second time tonight to determine the number one contender. After the uhm, mess earlier on in the first match, how confident are you that John Cena can officiate the match correctly, and declare a winner this time around? And also, given the way you won your match last night at Summerslam, do you think you’ve really earned this opportunity tonight??

Angle goes to speak, but stops - having just processed the second question.

Kurt Angle: Excuse me? Do I feel I’ve earned this?? Damn freaking right. For starters, I should’ve had my shot at the title FOUR months ago, but the McMahons gave my shot to Triple H instead. I got screwed out of a title shot at Vengeance, and even after that, I never got a one on one shot. I beat Rey Mysterio 1,2,3 last night at Summerslam. I didn’t break any rules. If anything, I’ve earned more than just a right to fight for a shot - I’ve earned a title shot, period.

Kelly, slightly uncomfortably, tries to make her point without angering Angle.

Kelly Kelly: But Kurt … you took Rey Mysterios mask off to earn the clear upper hand-

Kurt Angle: Hold on. Stop right there. His mask?? His mask?? You want me to apologise for taking away part of a MANS costume?? Here’s the deal, Kelly, Rey Mysterio, despite appearances, is a grown man. Grown men shouldn’t wear costumes - children, at Halloween - wear costumes.

Angle reaches into his singlet … and pulls out the mask he took off Mysterio last night.

Kurt Angle: Taking off an opponents mask isn’t cheating. Getting hit with a steel chair behind the referees back?? That’s cheating. Getting kicked in the crotch?? That’s cheating. Grabbing someone’s tights for a three count?? Cheating. Taking off a mask?? Not cheating. Understand??

Kelly Kelly: But Kurt- even you must realise what the mask means to a proud luchador like Rey. His heritage, his family … for him … the mask is sacred. When you removed it, you knew what would happen-

Kurt Angle: Sacred?? SACRED!!??

Angles eyes boggle, as he holds the mask up, right into the cheek of Kelly.

Kurt Angle: You call this rag … sacred?? No. No, it’s not. It’s a mask, Kelly. It’s meaningless. You want sacred??

Angle raises his gold medals from his chest.

Kurt Angle: That’s sacred. Understood?? (Shows the medals again) sacred … (holds up the mask) … not sacred.

He puts the mask away.

Kurt Angle: I’ll keep the mask as a memento, but I’m done with that pest Mysterio, and I’m moving on. Moving on to bigger and better things. Things … like the World Heavyweight Championship. And as for your question about Cena?? I don’t think he’s a competent referee … but he wont need to be … because with what I plan to do to Kennedy?? It wont take a genius - much less John Cena - to work out when one of the two competitors has a broken freakin ankle!!

Angle storms off, point made … as we fade out.

Commercial Break


Flashing shots of the General Managers, Commissioners and Presidents that have ruled the WWE over the last two decades; Jack Tunney, Gorilla Monsoon, Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, Mick Foley, William Regal, Ric Flair.

Narrator: For decades, the biggest decisions and the biggest matches have come from directors of authority.

Shots of Mr. McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Stephanie McMahon, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Paul Heyman, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson and Jesse Ventura.

Narrator: Some have embraced the position to make decisions for the good of the fans.

Clips of Foley during his run as Commissioner in 2000, with lots of thumbs up.

Narrator: But others have abused it for their own nasty agendas.

Shot of Vince McMahon screwing Stone Cold, and escaping with the title belt in 1998.

Narrator: For three hundred and sixty four days of the year, the superstars of Raw and Smackdown have their fates determined by these supervisory rulers.

Shots of the biggest names; Christian, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Paul London and John Cena.

Narrator: But on one day of the year … the control is taken OUT of their hands …

Shots of Eric Bischoff reacting with disgust at something.

Narrator: … And into YOURS!!

Clips of rowdy fans.

Narrator: For one night only - YOU are in charge - YOU make the calls - YOU decide the fates of your favourite WWE Superstars.

Cut to shots of Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Brent Albright, Mr. Kennedy and The Undertaker.

Narrator: For one night only, their fate is in YOUR hands.

And a final shot, of a finger clicking a computer mouse, and a dark screen




Back at ringside, Maria is already in the ring, waiting for her opponent.


The NEW Womens Champion enters to mild heat from the fans, as, with a sly grin on her face, she raises the title belt aloft with pride.

The Coach: The perfect blend of beauty and strength!!! We finally have a womens champion to be proud of!!

Jim Ross: Something still doesn’t smell right to me. I’m convinced Beth Phoenix had a hand in the assault that Mickie James suffered last Monday night on Raw, that led to an injured Mickie James valiantly attempting to defend her title last night - unsuccessfully.

The Coach: First of all, old timer, never use Mickie James’ name in the same breath as the word valiant. She’s psychotic!! Justice prevailed last night for Beth Phoenix, after years of torment, she finally gained redemption for what Mickie James cruelly done to her poor mother all those years ago.

Jim Ross: Well, Mickie James has been ruled out of action for twenty one days by the doctors here in London, following her aggravating her injuries by competing last night at Summerslam.

Maria vs. Beth Phoenix
Another short match, in which Beth toys with Maria in the early going. She engages in a test of strength with the feeble beauty, and pretends to struggle … before showing a wicked smile, and showing her strength. She rag dolls poor Maria, ripping out her hair extensions to add to the beat down and prolong the suffering. Phoenix even has the match won, but raises Marias shoulders off the mat at the count of two. Finally, the new champion puts Maria out of her misery with the Phoenix Rising (Glam Slam) to get the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 02:45

Another impressive win for the new Womens champion, as she nonchalantly has her hand raised, accepting the victory casually, before being presented with the title belt again.

The Coach: She’s gonna single handedly shut down the womens division at this rate, old timer!! Look at this specimen of a woman!!

Jim Ross: We’ll see. She sure looks impressive, but lets wait and see how she copes with a fully functioning Mickie James. At one hundred per cent?? I’d love to see that match happen.

The Coach: It happened last night you fool!! Mickie lost. The end.

Jim Ross: You only hear what you want, don’t you Coach?? Speaking of the end though … coming up next, will it be the end of Edge’s days on Smackdown?? Will Eric Bischoff pick up ANOTHER Smackdown superstar during his reign as the interim GM of the Friday night brand?? We will find out … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

The show returns, right back into the arena, where the ring is set up for a contract signing…


The O2 is on its feet - even for a heel - as the music of Edge fills the arena, and the Rated ‘R’ Superstar enters through the smoke, just 24 hours after the biggest singles victory of his entire career - a clean as a whistle win over the iconic Deadman.

Jim Ross: And, with the ring set up as it is, you have to believe Coach, that we are looking at Raws latest signing!!

The Coach: It started with Ken Doane, we got Deuce & Domino too … then Bischoff ramped it up by bringing in the Master Craftsmen … but he’s outdone himself with this one!!! EDGE!!! HE’S BACK ON RAW!!

Jim Ross: And the ironic thing about it all is that Edge negotiated a trade just over a year ago FROM Raw TO Smackdown - because Eric Bischoff wouldn’t give him a shot at the title!! Yet, one year on, he’s coming back to Bischoff & Raw - with what we believe to be a guaranteed shot at the title.

The Coach: And with Kennedy and Angle set to battle it out later, it leaves a bit of a log jam at the top, J.R!!

Edge reaches the ring, and climbs inside - as we see Eric Bischoff making an understated entrance, with no music, following in behind Edge, walking around the ring, and picking up a mic.


Bischoff climbs up the steps, with Edge leaning back into his chair, smugly grinning.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, please, give it up … for EDGE!!!

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar is roundly booed.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, in front of all you people, this man - the man who BEAT The Undertaker last night … will sign on the dotted line for Eric Bischoffs Monday … Night … RAWWWWW!!!

Mixed response from the fans. Bischoff takes his seat, but as he does, Edge places a hand on the contract.

Edge: About that, Eric…

The GM’s face drops momentarily, as Edge speaks up.

Edge: You promised me- you said … that if I signed back to Raw, I’d be given a no-strings, guaranteed, one on one shot at the World Heavyweight Champion. Yet, I arrived in this dump tonight-

Cheap heat.

Edge: I arrived here tonight, and all I’m hearing about is this mess involving Angle, Kennedy and Cena … for a shot at the title?? What gives Eric??

Edge, eyes narrowed, looks across the table at Bischoff, who smirks at the questioning.

Eric Bischoff: Edge, that is all simply … a contingency plan. I couldn’t pin all my hopes on you being the next contender if you wound up changing your mind tonight, and staying on Smackdown. The winner of that match - gets their shot on September 17 at Cyber Sunday. But you?? Edge, I saw the desperation in your eyes - you don’t want to wait that long - and you shouldn’t!! Which is why…

Bischoff flicks through the contract, finding what he’s looking for, and passing it over to Edge.

Eric Bischoff: There. Right there in black and white - you sign this contract, and you’ll get your shot … NEXT WEEK IN RIO!!!

Heat from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: We’ll end the world tour with a bang - and the crowning of a NEW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Heat. Edge reads over the contract, nodding, smiling - liking what he sees. He looks up.

Edge: Where do I sign??

Bischoff nods, passing a pen over, then taking the contract himself and turning to one of the final pages, pointing out the dotted line to Edge.

Edge: Eric, you just got yourself a new superstar.

Just as Edge is about to put pen to paper…



It’s the music of none other than the suspended GM of Smackdown … AND ARN ANDERSON STEPS THROUGH THE CURTAIN!!!!!

The fans rise for the unexpected sighting of Double A, who offer the fans a wave, whilst Edge and Bischoff fire looks across at each other, shocked at what they’re seeing.

Arn Anderson: So … what do we have here?? Looks like I just got here in the nick of time, huh??

Bischoff smirks.

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact, Arn … you’re just a little bit too late.

Bischoff urges Edge to sign, and the Canadian rushes his signature, making it official.

Arn Anderson: Oh, that’s okay, that’s okay. Y’see, that contract?? It’s null and void anyway.

Edge slowly looks up at Bischoff, then slowly turns in his swivel chair, looking up at Anderson at the top of the ramp - puzzled.

Arn Anderson: See, Eric, you’ve really abused your power - as you always have. The WWE Board of Directors gave you the opportunity to redeem yourself by steering the ship on both Raw and Smackdown during my absence … but as ever, they simply gave ya enough rope to hang y’self from. And boy, did you abuse your power.

Bischoff still shrugs off the comments, reassuring Edge, mouthing to him - “It‘s fine”.

Arn Anderson: Over the last six weeks, you’ve been bleedin the Smackdown roster - MY Smackdown roster … DRY!! First, ya took young Kenny Doane, ya poached Deuce n’ Domino - no big loss - then … (chuckles) then ya took the hottest property in the business right now - not you Edge, no disrespect, son - no, you signed the 2007 King of the Ring & his tag team partner. And now this!!??

In the ring, Edge continues to look at Bischoff, asking him for answers.

Arn Anderson: I mean, did you think you’d get away with all this and nothing would happen??

Bischoff smugly smiles, and shrugs before nodding.

Arn Anderson: Well … ya aint. Over the weekend, I met with the Dubya Dubya E Board of Directors back in Connecticut, an’ after that meetin, they flew me out first class to London, ‘cause as of 12:01 this mornin‘, due to your shady dealin’s an overall runnin of the Smackdown brand, ma suspension has been cut short, and I am BACK as the General Manager of Smackdown!!

Huge cheer, but Edge shakes his head, and Bischoff has his head in his hands.

Arn Anderson: Which makes this cosy little get together all a little insignificant. Edge, ma boy, like it or lump it - you ARE still a Smackdown superstar, and I will see you this Friday night!!!

Big pop, as Edge yells “NO!!” In the background, Bischoff still has his head in his hands.

Arn Anderson: Eric, the Board also wanted me to pass on a lil message for ya - given your recent actions, your own position as General Manager of Raw - is officially under review. Time to keep your nose clean!!

Big cheer. Anderson turns to leave - but stops. He slaps his head, then turns to face the ring again.

Arn Anderson: Oh, an’ Eric, one more thing, ‘ol buddy. Whilst the board are unable to reverse the contracts you’ve had The Master Craftsmen, Deuce, Domino and Doane sign in my absence … they feel it would only be fair to allow me to uhm … “replenish” my shrinking active roster … so uh … for the next twenty eight days, I can openly talk to ANY superstar on the Raw roster and I can sign as many as five to a Smackdown contract too.

“Ohhh” is the outcry from the fans, as Bischoff finally looks up - jaw opened wide - as his world comes crashing down suddenly … his entire roster is potentially up for grabs!!!


Anderson salutes the fans, before dropping the mic, turning and departing the stage. In the ring though, Edge is beyond furious, and glares at Bischoff - who cant bring himself to look Edge in the eye.

Jim Ross: Can you believe it, Coach!? Arn Anderson is back!! Ya had to believe that there would be some kind of repercussion for Eric Bischoffs recent actions - he tried to bleed Smackdown dry - but by Gawd, how big a mess has Bischoff gotten himself into!!??

The Coach: J.R, I can feel my cell phone vibrating as we speak - and if you’re listening backstage - I AINT INTERESTED ANDERSON!! I don’t wanna be part of your show - STOP CALLIN!!! This is insane!! Eric Bischoff could potentially lose his top FIVE guys. Think about it - he could lose Kurt Angle, Mister Kennedy, Umaga, Shelton Benjamin and ME!! But, Eric, don’t you worry baby boy, I’m here for keeps!!

Jim Ross: Or more importantly, Coach - the door is open … for the World Heavyweight Champion Christian to jump ship!! How big a blow would that be for Raw!? Imagine Raw without a World Champion!!

The Coach: I imagine it would be a wonderful place. Hey … you and Anderson go way back too?? Think you could leave??

Jim Ross: As much as I respect Arn Anderson, and as much as I detest Eric Bischoff, for me, Raw is my home-

The Coach: Oh well. That’s a shame.

In the ring, Edge is stood up, shaking his head whilst leaning on the ropes, absolutely furious. Meanwhile, Bischoff is seen leaving the ring, already on his phone, typing into it frantically. Edge looks around, seeing Bischoff leaving, and explodes - tipping the table over and kicking out at the chairs.

Jim Ross: And just twenty four hours removed from the biggest win of his career, Edge’s world has just come crashing down!!! His big money move to Raw is gone - and so is his guaranteed title shot!!!

The Coach: If Anderson has any morals, he’ll give Edge the one on one title shot he richly deserves!!

Jim Ross: Well Coach … that’s a Smackdown matter - and there’s still two HUGE hours to come tonight on Raw!! The next number one contender is yet to be crowned - Mister Kennedy and Kurt Angle, with John Cena as the guest referee will determine the next challenger to Christians throne … AND the World Heavyweight Champion himself is in action, teaming with Rey Mysterio to take on the debuting Master Craftsmen!!

The Coach: And, lets not forget, it’s the hotly anticipated debut of the Angels of Anarchy - for weeks, we’ve seen the hype, can Raws newest tag team deliver??

Footage then cuts backstage, and we see THE BROTHERHOOD walking, with an angry Shelton Benjamin dressed to compete…

Jim Ross: But - before all of that, up next, the man that lost the Intercontinental title last night at Summerslam is in action!! Shelton Benjamin meets Ken Doane - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

The show returns, with the caption “DURING THE BREAK” of a limo pulling into the parking lot, and THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN arriving in style.

Jim Ross: Coach, there they are - Raws newest signings are here!! Tonight, Albright and Haas are straight into the main event … but as we can see here, the Master Craftsmen are not happy.

The Coach: They expected - and deserved - the red carpet treatment.


The footage shows Albright and Haas shaking their heads as they exit the vehicle, with the driver dropping their bags at their feet, before getting back into the limo … and driving off, leaving the former Smackdown superstars to carry their own bags. The duo look at one another - and shake their heads.

Back live in the arena, Ken Doane is already in the ring (not a good sign), as he awaits his opponent…


Looking bare without the Intercontinental title around his waist, Shelton Benjamin enters the stage, joined by the entire Brotherhood - who were all banned from ringside last night - as Theodore Long barks at the camera “Summaslam was a ROY-AL conspiracy!!” before Mark Henry shoves the camera away.

Jim Ross: It is clear for all to see - all is not well with The Brotherhood!!! Teddy Long has been telling anyone that’ll listen all day long that his main man - the Black Diamond - was the victim of a conspiracy last night at Summerslam, a conspiracy to make sure that Englands own William Regal left Summerslam last night as Intercontinental champion.

The Coach: And the man has a point!! Regal was taken OUT before the match last night. It was down to Benjamin and Hardy, yet Regal was allowed to return, he was allowed to use those damn brass knucks - he got all the calls in his favour - THINK ABOUT IT!! The Brotherhood barred from ringside for no reason, Regal being allowed to return mid way through the match, the blatant cheating - the WWE top brass wanted a feel good win, and they pulled out all the stops to make it happen!!

Jim Ross: Nice theory, Coach. But there are perfectly good explanations for all those questions. Regal was knocked out with the title belt by Shelton Benjamin, he was busted open - it wasn’t like he came into the match fresh at the mid way point. Yes, he used the brass knucks, but the referee simply didn’t see it. And as for the Brotherhood being banned from ringside?? I think that one explains itself.

Match 4:
Shelton Benjamin w/The Brotherhood vs. Ken Doane
Benjamin starts the match very aggressively, taking the fight to Doane, unleashing his frustration on the youngster. But, just as it appears it will be a run of the mill squash match … Ken Doane begins to fight back. Digging deep, ‘The Future’ starts to give Benjamin something to think about, matching his opponent in a fist fight, and coming out the better. On the outside, Long, Henry, Brown, JTG & Alicia start to look rather worried, and whilst Fox tries to will her man on, it’s Doane that’s in the ascendancy in the contest, scoring a near fall off a missile dropkick.

With Doane impressing against the former Intercontinental champ, Theodore Long is called into action, and hops onto the apron to cause a distraction … but Ken Doane is all fired up, and smashes his forearm into the face of the meddling mouthpiece knocking him off the apron and into JTG!!! The fans explode for the violence on Long, but as soon as Doane does it, Monty & Henry try to get in the ring, but are cut off by the official … whilst Benjamin LOW BLOWS Ken Doane!!! Doane crumbles on the mat, and Benjamin takes a few moments to recover, before deciding to punish the youngster for having the temerity to put up a fight.

The Black Diamond pummels Doane in the corner, hit’s the Stinger Splash, and delivers the fancy suplex into a neck breaker … but only manages a two. Shelton then attempts to deliver the Dragon Whip … but as he goes for it, Doane ducks at the crucial moment … AND BENJAMIN FLATTENS THE REFEREE!!! The official goes down, and Doane repays the favour from earlier … AND LOW BLOWS BENJAMIN!!! Turnabout is fair play, and Doane follows up, rushing off the ropes, and nails Shelton with a flying clothesline!! Feeling the moment, Doane climbs the ropes, settling himself up top for his top rope leg drop … UNTIL MARK HENRY SHOVES HIM OFF!!!

Doane crashes and burns on the floor, outside the ring … whilst Monty Brown lies in wait for The Future to get back to his feet … DELIVERING THE POUNCE WHEN HE DOES!!!!! In the ring, JTG and Alicia Fox help Benjamin come around, and get him to his feet as Mark Henry scoops Doane up, and rolls him back into the ring to feed to Benjamin … UNTIL WE SEE MATT HARDY SPRINT TO THE RING - WITH A CHAIR IN HAND!!!!! Hardy is met at the bottom of the ramp by Mark Henry, and Matt jabs the chair into the gut of the Worlds Strongest Man … THEN SMASHES IT across his back!!! The recovering Theodore Long has second thoughts about confronting Matt … but hops the barrier instead!!!

Hardy then slides into the ring, and ducks under a clothesline attempt from JTG, before swinging the chair right into the back of Monty Brown, sending the former NFL star out of the ring!!! Hardy turns, and meets JTG with a kick, and a chair shot to the back of him too!!! JTG rolls out of the ring, and Matt sets his sights on a backtracking Shelton Benjamin … but just as he swings back … BENJAMIN DRAGS ALICIA FOX IN FRONT OF HIM!!! Matt hesitates … and Fox smiles … kicking Matt in the nuts!!! It’s a low blow festival!!! Matt drops the chair, as Alicia and Shelton laugh, standing over Matt - forgetting about Ken Doane … and just as the referee begins to recover … Doane rushes in behind, pushing Benjamin into the ropes … knocking Fox through them … AND ROLLS BENJAMIN UP - GRABBING THE TIGHTS - WITH THE REFEREE NOT SEEING IT … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Ken Doane @ 06:26

KEN DOANE BEATS SHELTON BENJAMIN!!!!! The Black Diamond instantly kicks out as the three is made, and bounces up, trying to catch Doane, but the youngster avoids him, and hops out of the ring and out of danger!!!

Benjamin kicks the ropes in frustration, ordering Doane back to face him, before turning his attention to the still groggy referee, pulling at his tights to inform him of the cheating. As with earlier though … Benjamin has forgotten about his surroundings … as Matt Hardy is back on his feet!!! Hardy grabs Benjamins arm, spins him around, kicks him in the gut - TWIST OF FATE!!!!!

Hardy drops Benjamin to make his night even worse!!! However, as Matt gets back up, Mark Henry and Monty Brown are getting into the ring … with Hardy wisely slipping out to avoid the powerful pair. Theodore Long and JTG also get inside the ring, with a bedraggled looking Alicia Fox following too.

Outside, Ken Doane meets Hardy, patting Matt on the back, thanking him for helping, as Matt nods, congratulating the youngster, with the pair looking back to the ring and at a fuming Brotherhood, as we see Theodore Long berate the referee … as we fade out…


The video opens in a rather murky wrestling gym, where we see the two men recently revealed as DOUG WILLIAMS and CHRISTOPHER DANIELS, both stretching in the ring, running the ropes etc.

Female Narrator:
They are two of the most decorated professional wrestlers of their generation…

Daniels is seen executing the BME on an unidentified wrestler in the gym.

Female Narrator:
Respected and renowned in every corner of the planet.

Williams delivers the Chaos Theory.

Female Narrator:
They are two of the most well travelled and most experienced professional wrestlers in the world today…

Daniels is seen gaining a tap out from the darkened out figure in the gym, with Daniels using the Koji Clutch.

Female Narrator:
And their reputations are second to none.

Williams, with a reverse figure four, gets the same submission response from the poor figure he is training with.

Female Narrator:
Now, after a decade of earning their reputations, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, and The Anarchist Doug Williams are coming to Raw…

Daniels catches the figure with an STO, as Williams follows up with a diving double knee drop from the top rope.

Female Narrator:
Like a gift from God …

Williams and Daniels stand tall in the ring, shaking hands.

Female Narrator:
Two angels … heaven sent … to create anarchy.

Fade to black.

!! NEXT !!


Commercial Break

We return, with X-Pac and Tyson Tomko in the ring, with Tomko especially looking less than happy, as they prepare for their opponents…


With two spotlights on the stage, the two men - Christopher Daniels and Doug Williams - enter wearing hooded white robes, standing under the spotlights, and just as the music kicks in louder, they flip the hoods down, and the lights return, with the pair removing their robes on the way to the ring, as the excitement builds ahead of their hotly anticipated debut.

Jim Ross: Two men that will be very familiar with the more knowledgeable fans out there - two men that have plied their trade all around the globe for the last decade, and now finally find themselves at the big dance!! Christopher Daniels and Doug Williams are not two wet behind the ears rookies - these are two grizzled veterans and they will be looking to make an impression right from the get go!!

The Coach: There’s a huge buzz around these two, J.R. I get what you’re saying about them making their names elsewhere … but old timer, this is the big leagues. They’ve been big fish in small ponds … now they’re in the ocean with sharks!!!

Jim Ross: Trust me, they’ll be ready for it. And for Doug Williams it’s especially poignant tonight here in London - a proud Englishman, the Anarchist debuts in the WWE in front of his own people!!

Match 5:
X-Pac & Tyson Tomko vs. The Angels of Anarchy
The early going is dominated by the debuting tandem, showing off their skills to a fairly new audience for the first time, letting the uninformed know just what they bring to the table. Eventually though, X-Pac and Tomko begin to give them something to think about, with a sneaky poke to the eye from Pac allowing him to tag in Tomko, and the big man begins to rough up Daniels. At this point, Coach begins to suspect that Daniels has just realised what he’s signed up for, showing his ignorance and claiming the veteran hasn’t had to deal with someone as big and as bad as Tomko in his travels.

With Tomko softening Daniels up, X-Pac is given the opportunity to pile on the pressure, and with an array of kicks, he scores a couple of near falls on the Fallen Angel. Just as Daniels begins to show signs of a fight back though, X-Pac derails it, and quickly tags Tomko in again, to try and overpower the smaller man. That tactic doesn’t work this time though, and Daniels shows the Problem Solver exactly what he’s made of, proving to be too quick and smart for the big man, taking him off his feet, and delivering the crowd popping BME!!! That only scores a two, but it allows Daniels to get going, and as he tries to lift the fans, he looks to rush Tomko as he gets up … but Tomko drills him with a clothesline!!! Both men go down, and then try to make tags … crawling to their corners … simultaneously TAGGING their partners!!!

Williams and X-Pac rush into the ring, but Williams strikes first, dropping Pac with a clothesline, and another … before he and Daniels team up, going high and low on Tomko to knock him off his feet again!!! X-Pac is the victim of a double dropkick, and as Tomko reaches his feet - stumbling into the ropes - Williams crouches down … and Daniels launches off his partners back and splashes into Tomko - taking both he and the big man out of the ring!!! In the ring, Williams sizes up X-Pac … closing in behind him … AND DELIVERS THE STUNNING CHAOS THEORY!!! The fans respond in kind to the impressive move, as Williams covers … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: The Angels of Anarchy @ 04:57

Jim Ross: That is what you call an impressive debut!!! The Angels of Anarchy have arrived and they are off to a winning start!!!

Williams has his hand raised in victory, before being joined by Daniels, with the team shaking hands, nodding knowingly to each other, happy with their win.

The Coach: I gotta be honest … they did look pretty good in the end.

Jim Ross: Let’s not forget, they could’ve taken the easy route. They could’ve settled in on Raw and accepted a few matches for a few weeks against lesser, unknown talent - but they’ve jumped straight in Coach. X-Pac - one of the most experienced members of the roster, with Tyson Tomko - one of the most powerful and intimidating figures in the WWE - not an easy task. Daniels and Williams have just made a huge statement.

The pair exit the ring, with Williams slapping a few hands, but Daniels makes a beeline for the nearest camera, and sends a message, saying directly to the camera “THAT … WAS JUST THE BEGINNING - JUST A TASTER … OF WHAT‘S TO COME!!”

The Coach: Yeah, I mean, at one point I wasn’t so sure, but Daniels turned it around, and in the end they got the job done. We’ve got new players in the tag team division, old timer.

Jim Ross: Without a doubt…

Backstage, we catch up with a concerned looking Eric Bischoff, deep in conversation on his phone…

Eric Bischoff: Listen, I don’t care about any of that. No one could do a better job on Raw than me. That’s an idle threat as far as I’m concerned. Maybe I did step over the line … but this is ridiculous. How can I run this show to the best of my ability when I gotta wonder if Anderson is talking to anyone he wants?? I’ve got a number one contenders match tonight between Angle and Kennedy. What happens if the winner of that match decides - “Heck, I want Mondays off. Maybe I’ll go to Smackdown!!” … IT’S INSANE!!! Hell, what if Christian decides to leave!!?? Then what am I left with??

A cough is heard … with Bischoff turning around - but the camera doesn’t show who it is.

Eric Bischoff: Look, I gotta go. Show to run an’ all. But I’m not dropping this. You tell whoever it is you need to tell that I want a conference call set up with the board - tomorrow!!

Bischoff ends the call, and the camera pans to show … THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN.

Eric Bischoff: How can I help you, gentlemen??

Alright chuckles.

Brent Albright: You could start by treating us like the stars we are - the stars you claim to think we are too.

Clearly not in the mood, Bischoff responds tersely.

Eric Bischoff: What more do you want!!?? You’ve signed a deal that’s doubled your money, and on your first night here you’re in the main event … against the World Champion no less. Does that not show you what I think about the two of you??

Haas and Albright look to each other.

Charlie Haas: What top stars carries their own bags into the building?? Eric, we expected star treatment. We got a limo … so what?? Who welcomed us to the building?? Who got our bags … and where is our private locker room??

Bischoff stares wildly at Haas.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know … you pair really have a chip on your shoulder. Let me give you a dose of reality, shall I?? First of all, I didn’t need to pay for a limo for you to arrive here tonight, but I did. I didn’t need to give you two the main event tonight … but I did. A year ago, you two were worth less than nothing.

Eric points at Haas…

Eric Bischoff: Charlie, all that you were known for was being Shelton Benjamins former partner.

He then points at Albright.

Eric Bischoff: And you, Mister King of the Ring?? You were on the brink of being cut loose from the entire company. The kind of treatment you’re looking?? It’s the kind of treatment reserved for World Champions and bonafide legends.

The GM steps back, and addresses both men.

Eric Bischoff: I signed the two of you to come to Raw - not to be pampered, not to be treated like Gods … but to work. You wanted a chance to shine … you wanted a chance to get the kind of recognition you deserve … and that’s what I’m giving you. Get your heads outta your ass … and get your head in the ring.

Bischoff barges past the two, and begins to walk off, when Albright speaks up, loud enough for Eric to hear…

Brent Albright: You know what Charlie … maybe coming to Raw wasn’t such a good idea after all. Maybe … maybe we should give Arn Anderson a call.

Bischoff stops, but doesn’t turn.

Charlie Haas: Yeah … I’d say he’d welcome us back to Smackdown with open arms.

Eric shakes his head, and continues to walk off, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

The show returns, with a view of Wembley Stadium - the sight of last nights Summerslam.

Jim Ross: Twenty four hours removed from the twentieth annual Summerslam, there is an eerie silence around Wembley Stadium - the pageantry has passed, and we are feeling the fallout tonight!! Already, Arn Anderson has returned - and what a bombshell - he has been reinstated as General Manager of Smackdown with immediate effect, and after Eric Bischoffs recent actions - signing five Smackdown superstars to Raw contracts; Arn Anderson now has around four weeks to open talks with ANY Raw superstar he pleases, and can sign up to FIVE!!

The Coach: Imagine what that can mean!! Kurt Angle and Mister Kennedy are fighting it out later to determine the next Number One Contender - but both men could end up moving to Smackdown!!

Jim Ross: And so could the champion himself!!! Christian can - if he pleases - talk to the Smackdown General Manager and move there - WITH the World Heavyweight Title!!!

The Coach: Y’know what old timer, it wouldn’t surprise me if he jumped ship right now - he knows he peaked last night, and if he’s got any sense he’ll run for the hills away from Umaga!!

Jim Ross: Well, speaking of Umaga - STILL - we have yet to see either the Samoan Bulldozer or indeed his handler, Armando Estrada in the O2 tonight. Last night, Umaga suffered his first ever loss - something which we thought we’d never - EVER see…




It’s all still images, with commentary over the top - firstly the shots of the fans inside Wembley Stadium…

Jim Ross:
THE ANTICIPATION IS NO MORE!! The twentieth annual Summerslam is on the air, and we are LIVE from across the pond. Wembley Stadium is packed to the rafters, with NINETY THOUSAND fans in attendance, awaiting an historic evening.

We see William Regal with the Intercontinental Title, Straight Edge capturing the tag titles and Beth Phoenix being presented with the Womens title.

The Coach:
Y’know what?? Three titles have been contested tonight from Raw … all three have changed hands. One more to go, and it’s the end of the road for Christian!!! It’s a sign!!!!

Cut to Umaga making his entrance, and Estrada smiling, holding the briefcase.

Jim Ross:
Are we about to witness the beginning of a new, scary era in the WWE … or will Christian provide the biggest upset in Summerslam history and become the first man to inflict defeat on the Samoan Bulldozer??

Cut to still shots of Christian entering, pumping his chest, and meeting with Hatton.

Jim Ross:
Is this to be the final, BRAVE stand of a fighting champion!? Christian knows he needs to bring the performance of a lifetime to save his title, to save his reign as champion, but he has never - NEVER - faced a challenge as big as this one.


Still shot of Christian landing a glancing blow on Umaga as he ducks away, and a second time.

The Coach:
It’ll take a lot more than that to put the Bulldozer down!!

Jim Ross:
The champion is frustrating Umaga in the earlier going!!

Umaga grabs the arm as Christian tries to land a blow … and throws Christian into the corner.

The Coach:
Here we go…

Shot of Umaga in mid flight connecting with the rolling wheel kick.

Jim Ross:
Incredible athleticism!!

Christian topples out of the ring.

Jim Ross:
Umaga is in complete control here!!!

Umaga launches Christian across the announce tables.

The Coach:
The champ is bein manhandled!!!

Umaga hit’s a diving head butt to Christian, who is in the tree of woe position.

Jim Ross:
He wont let up!!!

The Coach:
Brutal punishment!!

Christian catches Umaga with a Seesaw kick at the ropes … and drops him with a modified backbreaker.

Jim Ross:

But Umaga turns the tables again with a Samoan Drop!!

The Coach:

Jim Ross:
Every time Christian tries to gain some momentum it’s derailed almost INSTANTLY!!!

Christian catches an incoming Umaga with boots, then flies with a reverse elbow, hit’s a running shoulder block … but Umaga doesn’t drop.

The Coach:
He’s throwing the kitchen sink … AND IT’S NOT ENOUGH!!

Umaga catches Christian as he tries to fly off the ropes - POWERSLAM.

Jim Ross:

Christian kicks out at two.

Jim Ross:
He wont give in!!

The champion tries a triangle plancha to the outside … but gets power slammed for his troubles.

Jim Ross:
Everything Christian tries … Umaga is a step ahead!!!

Clips of Umaga hitting the running butt splash - THREE times.

Jim Ross:

Shot of Christian using the ropes to climb back to his feet.

The Coach:
Why won’t he just give in!?

Umaga lines up the Samoan Spike…

The Coach:

Christian fights back!!

Jim Ross:

But Umaga DOES connect the second time…

The Coach:

… Only for Christian to fall out of the ring - knocking the referee down on the way!!

The Coach:
How lucky can one guy get!!??

Umaga attacks Hatton from behind, and manhandles Christian onto the announce table.

Jim Ross:
He’s gone crazy here!!!

But Christian turns it around … and puts UMAGA through the table with a reverse DDT!!!

Jim Ross:

Christian crawls toward the ring … Umaga MOVES!!!

Jim Ross:

The Coach:

In the ring, Christian takes over, capitalising on Umagas grogginess … AND HIT’S THE UNPRETTIER!!!

The Coach:

Jim Ross:

Umaga kicks out!!!

Jim Ross:

Christian hits ANOTHER Unprettier …

The Coach:

And a flying head butt!!!

Jim Ross:

Umaga kicks out again!!!

Jim Ross:

The Coach:

Christian tries an Unprettier again … but Umaga avoids it … only to knock his own manager off the apron … and walk right into a THIRD Unprettier!!!




Jim Ross:

Cue shots of amazed fans.

The Coach:
I never thought I’d see the day. Umaga … loses!!??

Christian holds the title aloft.

Jim Ross:
Barely a soul inside Wembley Stadium is in their seat!!! Ninety thousand are on their feet here, they know they have just been a part of history here!!!

Umaga carries his handler out of the building.

The Coach:
None of us gave Christian a shot. I’ve never seen anything like it, J.R. I’m stunned.

Christian and Hatton stand side by side in the ring, as fireworks go off inside the stadium.

Jim Ross:
Tonight at Summerslam, Christian has become more than a champion … by achieving the impossible … he has bypassed legendary status, he’s more than just an icon … he will sit with the likes of Sammartino and Hogan at the table of IM-MOR-TAL-ITY!!!!!



Back inside the O2, and the fans are cheering, having witnessed the package of the history making moment last night.

Jim Ross: Indeed, it took an incredible effort - three Unprettiers … and yes Coach, and huge slice of luck … but through hell or high water, Captain Charisma is still the Champion. The most dominant force in WWE history was finally beaten - history, indeed, was made.

The Coach: Can that luck strike twice though?? Could Christian manage to beat Umaga a second time?? Don’t get me wrong, what he did last night was incredible - unforgettable - but could he ever pull it off a second time?? I seriously doubt it.

Jim Ross: Well, one day we may find out - but the next challenger will not be Umaga - that is for certain. Because just a little later tonight, Kurt Angle faces Mister Kennedy with John Cena forced to officiate, and the winner goes on to meet Christian, most likely at Cyber Sunday. And indeed, right now, Kelly Kelly is backstage, standing by with Mister Kennedy…

Kelly Kelly: Thanks J.R. Mister Ken-

Kennedy snatches the mic.

Mister Kennedy: Show’s over toots, move your pretty little ass outta my spotlight.

Kennedy shoos Kelly unceremoniously, as Miz also tries to shoo the blonde away.

Mister Kennedy: The fact that I STILL have to “EARN” the right to fight for the World Heavyweight Title … STINKS!!! Last night at Summerslam I wiped the floor with a former three time champ. I made the man … TAP!!!

He turns away from the mic, and rubs his face, trying to wipe a smirk off his face.

Mister Kennedy: Despite that … I’m somehow stuck, neck and neck in the eyes of our “brilliant” general manger with a man that last night - whilst victorious - beat a man-

Miz is heard off camera chipping in - “BOY”

Mister Kennedy: By taking off the guys mask.

Kennedy stares blankly.

Mister Kennedy: I aint kiddin. It would be funny … if it wasn’t so GOD-DAMN-TRAGIC!!! Oh - and if THAT wasn’t enough … I have to face this mask stealing superstar tonight. And guess who the referee is?? The man I humiliated last night.

Kennedy looks exasperated.

Mister Kennedy: Is this- Am I … in some kinda twilight zone?? Not only am I not immediately inserted as the number one contender … I have to earn the right … and I have to do it by relying on the guy I beat last night to call the match fairly??

Kennedy shakes his head, before smirking.

Mister Kennedy: Well let me say this … lemme make this REAL … SIMPLE. If I get screwed tonight … I aint puttin up with it. I’m taking my million dollar ass, and I’m signing with Smackdown. Maybe Arn Anderson will see exactly what I’m worth. Stew on that Eric.

He slams the mic down, and storms off the set, as Miz comes into the picture, looking around, before picking up the mic himself.

The Miz: HOO-RAH!!!

Just as Miz finishes, Kennedy returns, yanking his lackey by the jacket, pulling him out of the picture as we fade out.

Commercial Break

And we return, backstage once more, with Matt Striker standing by…

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, as always, I’m Matt Striker, and with me at this time, are the newest additions to the Raw roster … Christopher Daniels and Doug Williams, The Angels of Anarchy…

The camera pans to show the team, both with towels around their necks, after their victorious debut earlier in the night.

Matt Striker: Gentlemen, allow me to welcome you both to the WWE, and congratulations on your debut victory. How does it feel to have finally made it??

Christopher Daniels: Made it?? (laughs) Nooo Matt, we haven’t finally made it … the WWE has finally came to it’s collective senses. Anyone that knows that wrestling exists beyond the WWE will already know who we are and what we’re about. They’ll know that Doug and I are as good as anyone on this roster. We’re not two wet behind the ears kids. We’ve got more experience than almost everyone in this place. There aint a thing we need to be taught. We’re not daunted by the big bright lights of the WWE … we should’ve been here many years ago … and we’re intending on making up for lost time.

Daniels hands over to Williams.

Doug Williams: I’m not sure who you think you’re talking to Matt. I thought you were an intelligent man. The question to ask is not how we feel about making it here … the question should be asked to the people who scout the talent for this place … how does it feel to have missed out on talent like this for so long?? Pretty damn stupid I imagine.

Matt Striker: Well gentlemen, I do apologise for what I s-

Voice: Don’t apologise to them.

The camera pans … to show Albright and Haas stepping into view!!!

Brent Albright: Don’t waste an apology on these two, Matt. Chris and Doug are just a little cranky because they wasted the best years of their careers in front of two hundred kids in fairgrounds and sound studios.

Charlie Haas: Unlike us. We’re hitting our prime … in the biggest organization on the planet for the world to see. Whereas the two of you?? You’ll get a few months - at best - in the twilight of your careers.

Williams steps up into Haas.

Doug Williams: Then that’ll be just about enough time to take you two down a peg or two, wont it??

Albright laughs, but Daniels takes exception.

Christopher Daniels: Something funny??

Albright shakes his head, taking a step back.

Brent Albright: Listen - you two have already had enough action for one night. But you’ll get your turn, don’t worry.

Brent slaps the chest of Haas, motioning for the two of them to leave.

Brent Albright: For now though?? Why don’t you boys take a seat somewhere. The really hotly anticipated tag team debut is comin up later.

Charlie Haas: Yeah … in the main event … something you boys wont have to experience while you’re in the WWE.

The Master Craftsmen back up, but Albright makes time for one last dig…

Brent Albright: Have a good night … curtain jerkers.

Daniels and Williams both shake their heads, angry at the comment from Albright and the interruption in general as we fade out…

Back to ringside…


The music of John Cena fills the O2 for the second time tonight, as we prepare for take two of the number one contenders match …

Jim Ross: How humiliating must this be for John Cena?? For the second time this evening, he is being forced to officiate a match - not only between two men he deeply despises - but a match to crown the next number one contender … something that Cena wants more than anything.

The Coach: Yeah, and I want a date with Beyonce, but some things just aint gonna happen. If John Cena cant win a match, he’s got no shot at a number one contenders match. This is about as close as he’ll be getting to the title for the foreseeable future.

… but as the music continues, there is no sign of Cena whatsoever …

Jim Ross: Looks like a slight delay here…

The Coach: He shouldn’t even be getting entrance music!! Mike Chioda doesn’t get this treatment!!

Eventually, the music comes to a halt, with no sign of Cena.

Footage cuts backstage, and we see a frantic - and angry - Eric Bischoff pacing quickly through the halls, searching for the whereabouts of his special guest referee.


Bischoff continues to walk purposefully through the halls, brushing past anyone he sees, then grabs a random worker.

Eric Bischoff: Cena?? Where’s he gone??

Eric doesn’t wait for a reply from the startled worker, as he spots something else up ahead.

Eric Bischoff: HEY!!! Just where in the hell do you think you’re going!!??

The camera pans around, and we see JOHN CENA … not wearing a referees shirt, but his own gear … and a bag over his shoulder.

Bischoff rushes toward him, as Cena smirks by the exit door.

Eric Bischoff: Find something funny, John?? Y’know, I’ve had it up to here with your crap. You’re like some God-damned diva. Just because you don’t get your way you’re gonna hightail it outta here?? I don’t think so.

Bischoff slaps a referees shirt into Cenas chest.

Eric Bischoff: If you wanna keep your job, you put that shirt on, and you march your way to the ring - NOW!!! Unless you’ve forgotten, I OWN your ass, Cena. It wasn’t an idle threat earlier - I WILL fire you.

Cena smirks, and looks down at the referee shirt, before chucking it over his back and onto the floor.

John Cena: Had enough of my crap, huh?? Well maybe Eric … maybe you wont have to put up with it much longer.

Cena continues to smirk.

Eric Bischoff: You think I’m bluffing?? I will fire you if you-

Suddenly, the exit door behind Cena swings open, and a man enters the picture.

Nameless man: Uh, Mister Cena?? Mister Andersons car is ready now if you’d like to follow me??

Cena continues to smirk, and answers the man without turning - still looking at Eric.

John Cena: I’ll be right out.

The nameless driver nods, and walks back out, as Cena puts his hand on Erics shoulder.

John Cena: Think I’m gonna take the rest of the night off, Eric. Got some important business to attend to.

Cena winks, then turns, whilst Bischoff gulps - standing perfectly still. Cena reaches down, and grabs the referee shirt, throwing it back to the GM.

John Cena: Better go find yourself another referee. See ya later … boss.

Cena salutes as he pushes through the exit door, whilst Bischoff remains still … with arguably his biggest star walking out on him…

Commercial Break

The show returns inside the arena, straight to ringside, as we see Chad Patton rushing toward the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, moments ago we were awaiting the entrance of John Cena for our number one contenders match … but, well … it appears as if Cena has other plans, plans involving none other than the Smackdown general manager Arn Anderson.

The Coach: How unprofessional!!! Do your job, Cena!!

Jim Ross: His job isn’t to referee, Coach!!

The Coach: His job is whatever his boss tells him it is!!

Jim Ross: Well his boss might not be Eric Bischoff for much longer, and frankly, I don’t think ya can blame Cena if he does move to Smackdown.

The Coach: You’re right there, J.R. He could do with the drop in competition. Listen, lets not get hung up over Smackdown - this is Monday Night Raw!! We’re about to crown the next number one contender!!


Once again, Mister Kennedy enters the arena - joined by The Miz - for the rescheduled number one contenders match.

Jim Ross: And whilst Eric Bischoff will be furious with John Cenas decision to leave tonight - the two men at the centre of this match will be delighted. Cena has history with both Angle and Kennedy in recent months, but just last night, Mister Kennedy made Cena - TAP!!

The Coach: Yeah - and you’re cryin about Cena hightailing!? He’s done!!


And now, it’s Kurt Angle making his way to the ring, wasting no time whatsoever…

Mister Kennedy w/The Miz vs. Kurt Angle
No messing around this time - the two men are straight at it in a good old fashioned fist fight!!! Angle backs Kennedy into the corner winning the initial fight, but Kennedy stops the momentum of the Olympian with a well placed knee to the gut, and begins to wail on his rival, taking it to Angle. It’s a slugfest in the early going - back and forth, full of tenacity, spilling out of the ring, and around the ringside area - with the referee seemingly relaxing the rules a little, as Kennedy chokes Angle with a cable and is given to the count of five to release it & the official also waives the regular ten count, allowing the fight to continue for longer on the outside. Angle eventually gets back in charge, catching Kennedy with a sick sounding belly to belly. Then, as Angle gets back up - Miz comes charging at him … AND HE GETS A BELLY TO BELLY FOR HIS TROUBLES TOO!!!!! The fans are on their feet, as Angle hits his stride, just as we go off to a commercial…

Commercial Break


And the show returns, with the action back inside the ring, with Angle wearing Kennedy down, applying a front face lock. The atmosphere is weird inside the arena, with the fans not exactly getting behind either heel, but still rowdy enough to create a buzz … although not for a front face lock. Kennedy soon begins to mount a comeback, fighting to his feet, breaking the hold, and dragging Angle back into a fist fight - this time getting the better of the exchange. Kennedy then puts Kurt down with a reverse neck breaker to score a near fall. After the two, the 2006 King of the Ring instructs (a groggy) Miz to get up on the apron … and as he does, Patton is quick to order the lackey back off … allowing Kennedy to try and remove the turnbuckle padding behind the officials back. With the job done, Miz protests his innocence and gets off the apron, as Kennedy drags Angle back to his feet.

Kennedy then attempts to smash Angles face into the exposed buckle, but Kurt fights out of the grasp of the bleached haired opponent, going behind … AND CONNECTS WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Instantly, Angle sets up for the Angle Slam, stalking Kennedy … and goes for it, but Kennedy drops out behind, and tries to run Kurt into the buckle … only for Kurt to avoid it, grabbing the ropes to stop himself hitting the steel, and elbows Kennedy. Kennedy backs away, with Angle chopping him down with a running clothesline. The straps come down, and Angle now looks to grab the ankle, but as he does, Kennedy turns over, and kicks Angle away with his free leg … SENDING ANGLE - BACK FIRST - INTO THE EXPOSED STEEL!!!!! Kennedy gets to his feet, and looks to charge at Angle in the corner … BUT ANGLE MOVES … AND KENNEDY HIT’S THE STEEL - CHEST & STERNUM FIRST!!!

Kennedy stumbles out of the corner, and allows Angle to pounce … ANGLE SLAM CONNECTS!!! Kurt makes the cover … BUT THE REFEREE HAS BEEN DISTRACTED!!!!! The Miz is again on the apron, causing trouble, and Angle is furious. Kurt, getting to his feet, mouths an expletive … before rushing across the ring and SMASHING Miz with a stiff forearm, knocking him off the apron!!! Angle, seething from the distraction, follows to the outside to teach Miz a lesson, and stomps the reality star, then chucks him into the steel steps!! As this happens, Chad Patton follows out, trying to calm Angle and get him back into the ring … but the Olympian has lost it, as he continues to punish Miz, throwing him toward the announce table … and even applies an ANKLELOCK!!! The weedy Miz taps like crazy with both hands, crying for Angle to stop, with Patton struggling to calm the enraged Gold Medallist … as we see Kennedy beginning to come around in the ring, crawling toward the ropes, seemingly about to come to the aid of his sidekick …

But then, the fans are heard gaining in voice - and for good reason - AS JOHN CENA RE-EMERGES … SPRINTING DOWN THE AISLE … SLIDING INTO THE RING … WITH KENNEDY UNAWARE … AND CENA SPINS HIM AROUND … SCOOPS HIM UP … FU!!!!!!! Cena crouches down, telling Kennedy something - getting a measure of revenge for Summerslam - then salutes to the fans, before quickly slipping back out of the ring, and darts toward the fans, escaping … just as Angle finally breaks the ankle lock on Miz, who clutches his ankle - claiming it’s broken - with Kurt getting back into the ring, and after listening to the admonishing of Chad Patton, hauls the lifeless body of Kennedy back up … AND HITS ANOTHER ANGLE SLAM!!!!! Angle covers … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And NEW #1 Contender - Kurt Angle @ 10:32


The Coach: YES!!! Yes for Kurt Angle - but John Cena should be ashamed of himself!!! And can we get help for Miz!!?? His ankle is broken!!

Jim Ross: The Miz got exactly what he deserved!! He’s stuck his nose in the business of others for too long!!! And while Kennedy can feel rightly aggrieved to have lost this match under those circumstances, he may well have been beaten after the first Angle Slam had it not been for The Miz!!!

The Coach: H- HEY!!!

Angle has his arm raised in victory … but the glory doesn’t last long … AS REY MYSTERIO DROPKICKS ANGLE FROM BEHIND - RIGHT INTO THE ROPES!!!!! The fans come unglued, as Mysterio dials it up … AND NAILS KURT WITH THE 619!!!!!

Instead of following up with a springboard move though - Mysterio leaps onto Angle, and clobbers the Olympian with a flurry of lefts and rights, mounting Kurt, pounding his enemy with fury, letting out all his emotion after last night!!!


Jim Ross: Nothin stopping you from getting in there Coach!!!

The Coach: I’m needed here to cover for your horrible announcing.

Mysterio finally relents, and grabs the startled Angle by the head, mouthing at him in his native tongue, but points at his mask a few times, clearly letting Angle know what the mask means to him, before giving Kurt one last shot to the face, and gets back to his feet with the fans chanting his name!!

Jim Ross: Listen to that ovation!! They love Mysterio here in London!!

The Coach: Yeah, I knew the people in this country were nuts!!! They should arrest this criminal!!!

Jim Ross: Kurt Angle may be the number one contender - but he sure as hell doesn’t look like a winner right now!!!

The Coach: Well that’s what happens when you get attacked from behind by a lowlife, J.R!! Kurt Angle should be on top of the world right now!!! He’s going to Cyber Sunday, and if there’s any justice - Mysterio will be going directly to jail!!

Jim Ross: I don’t think so, Coach. Mysterio will be in action in our main event!! He teams with the man of the moment - the man that last night ended Umagas fourteen month long streak - the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian!!! And they take on the newest members of the Raw roster; Charlie Haas and the 2007 King of the Ring, Brent Albright!!!

We now see an irate Mister Kennedy by the announce table, and is heard over J.R and Coaches mics shouting “CENA‘S A DEAD MAN!!”

The Coach: YEAH!!! Go get ‘em Kennedy!!

Kennedy pounds the table, and storms off, leaving his lackey behind - who is being tended to by medics for his ankle injury … as footage turns to the ring, where Angle recovers, staring wildly ahead - eyes locked on Rey Mysterio as he leaves up the ramp, clearly not willing to let this issue settle…

And footage cuts to backstage … where a suited William Regal merrily walking through the backstage area, clutching the Intercontinental Title proudly, being congratulated by faceless nobodies…

Jim Ross: Well, there is the NEW Intercontinental Champion!! William Regal, just twenty four hours removed from unquestionably the greatest night of his career, will address the fans in London-

The Coach: Hey, I got an idea - why don’t I make this an impromptu edition of Coaches Playas Club!!

Jim Ross: Don’t ruin the mans moment, Coach-

The Coach: Shut up, J.R!! I’m doin it!!

Jim Ross: Ohhh, for the love of- Folks, we’ll be right back, and the new Intercontinental Champion will be here - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return, and (unfortunately) Coach is in the ring - minus the set - but it appears we are about to have the third “Playas Club”.


The roof almost blows off the O2 arena, as the music of the British icon fills the building, with every single person on their feet to greet William Regal!!

Jim Ross: WOW!!! What a reaction for the Blackpool native!! Last night, without a shadow of a doubt, William Regal capped his incredible career with the victory of a lifetime. Despite everything that man has achieved - nothing will ever come close to topping the feeling he had last night in front of ninety thousand people at Wembley Stadium!!!

Regal makes his way to the ring, stepping onto the apron, and glancing a disgusted look - typical Regal - at Coach in the ring, then wipes his shoes before getting into the ring.

The Coach: WILLY REGAL!!! Give it up ladies and gentlemen!! YOUR NEWWWWW In’ercon’nen’al champ!!!

Big cheer for Regal, who graciously accepts the adulation … but suspiciously watches Coach.

The Coach: And what better way would there be to celebrate than for me to host a special edition of MY Playas Club!!!

Heat. Regal rolls his eyes.

The Coach: Now, Willy … oh, first off - congrats.

Coach claps quickly, then moves on…

The Coach: How does it feel??

Regal brings the mic up to speak, but Coach butts in.

The Coach: To be an undeserving champion??

Big time heat!! Coach smirks, while Regal turns his head away, with an expression like he just smelt a fart.

The Coach: I mean, first things first - you only got a shot at that title at Summerslam because of where the event was being held.

More heat.

The Coach: Eric Bischoff got strong armed by the nostalgic statues that call themselves the “Board of Directors”, to find a way to squeeze you into the title picture and see if they could capture lightning in a bottle for a second time with a Brit winning the Intercontinental title at Wembley Stadium … and lo and behold … you used all your wily know-how from your decades in the business to halt Shelton Benjamins progress toward superstardom, and win the title!!

Cheers for the mention of victory.

The Coach: So, I guess, my question to you has two parts - how does it feel to not only be a paper champ … but how does it feel to be just another glory hog, holding back the talent of the future??

More heat for Coach. Regal pauses momentarily, gathering his thoughts, before softly speaking.

William Regal: That’s a rather eloquently put question, Mister Coachman. Thank you.

Coach smiles, proud of himself, as Regal pauses again.

William Regal: How do I feel?? … I feel like I’m on top of the bloody world.

HUGE pop for Regal.

William Regal: And as for being an undeserving Intercontinental Champion?? The previous bearer of this prestigious belt tried his very best to tarnish it’s glorious reputation - and in all my decades in this business if there’s one thing I’ve learned sunshine it’s this; “If you cant beat them … you bloody well join them!!”

Another huge pop for the Brit, as his hometown fans eat it up.

William Regal: If Shelton Benjamin is the supposed future of professional wrestling, and my winning of this title holds him back?? I would suggest I’m doing the business a big favour. Because, Jonathan, if the future of wrestling is an ungrateful little toe-rag who relies on others to help him every single time he’s in danger, or attacks his competition before every match … then the future of this business is looking pretty bleak to me.

Another cheer.

William Regal: So if you’re expecting an apology for me having the temerity to win this championship at the biggest bloody Summerslam ever in front of ninety thousand of my bloody people … you’ll be waiting for a long time, sunshine.

Regal has the fans cheering again, and a ‘REGAL’ chant starts.

William Regal: Because I have absolutely no problems as a grown man, admitting that last night, with blood soaked into my skin, and aches and pains all over this old ‘glory hogging’ body … I sat in a dark corner inside Wembley Stadium, looking at this Intercontinental title … and I weeped.

Coach smirks, then covers his mouth, trying to hide his laugh. Regal though, steps forward, right into Coaches face.

William Regal: Last night, I achieved something that many would’ve believed to be impossible - including myself. In the twilight of my career, with my very best days behind me already … I managed to create the most unforgettable moment of my entire life. After years of punishing my body in and out of the ring, wasting golden opportunity after golden opportunity afforded to me time after time … I finally have something to cherish. I have something to show my grandchildren in years to come - something that they and my family can be proud of me for. I have something I can look back on myself when my career is over - something very few can ever say they’ve done. And for you, you miserable little cretin, to stand in front of me, in my country - (cheers) - and laugh?? IN MY BLOODY FACE!!!???

Regal glares at Coach, really putting the frighteners into the announcer.

William Regal: What the hell have you ever accomplished in your career Coachman?? Apart from commit bloody murder to the ears of millions of people week after week on commentary!? Well!!?? What gives you the right to stand in this ring and try to ruin what should be the biggest celebration of my career!? I’ve given blood, sweat and tears for this moment - years of toiling, years of agony - I’ve nearly given my life for this business more than once … and you’ve got the nerve to stand in front of me and piss all over my moment!? What’ve you given up Coachman!!??

Nervous, Coach, tries to back off, apologising to Regal … but Regal isn’t buying it, as he begins to unbutton his jacket.

William Regal: You find it funny that a grown man can be brought to tears?? Well sunshine, lets see how funny it is, when you’re the one crying. Because I’m about to teach you a lesson you worthless degenerate swine.

Regal grabs Coach by the shirt, with the fans cheering wildly, wanting to see Coach get his…


And the cheers turn to boos. Regal, momentarily distracted, lets go of Coach, with Coach instantly darting out of the ring to safety, as we see Cody Rhodes with his brother Dustin on the stage - with Cody smirking.

Cody Rhodes: William, William, William. Why all the hostility?? This should be a celebration!!

Regal doesn’t smile, as Cody continues to strut down the aisle.

Cody Rhodes: And my brother and I, want to make it just that - a celebration … just not the kind of celebration that you or your fellow buck-toothed Brits had in mind.


Cody Rhodes: See … something that you said a few moments ago struck a chord with me, William. You took pleasure in the fact that by virtue of you winning that Intercontinental Title last night at Summerslam you’ve single handedly prevented the growth of a future main eventer in Shelton Benjamin. You, William, wear the tag of ‘old glory hog’ like a badge of honour … and it disgusts me.

Cody walks around the ring, looking at Regal, who has taken his jacket off in the ring, preparing for a fight by rolling up his sleeves.

Cody Rhodes: You, William, just couldn’t let go. Just like Jerry Lawler. You couldn’t let go of the fact that your best days are long gone. My brother, Dustin, HAS accepted that fact, and it’s an example you should follow. Just because The Coach decided to deliver a few home truths, you decide to give the man a beating?? So much for the perfect English gentleman.

Boos for Cody. On the outside, Cody points to Coach, who has taken his seat again at ringside.

Cody Rhodes: This man had to wait for YEARS before he got his shot. He had to sit and kick his heels backstage while listening, week in, week out, to that old dinosaur Jerry Lawler making irrelevant points, cheesy one liners and creepy innuendos. So if anyone can relate to what the young talent in the back is putting up with, it’s him.

Coach stands up, and yells “YEAH!!” before offering Cody a high five, but Cody simply just nods at him.

Cody Rhodes: To see an old, washed up, beaten up relic like you holding what was once a prestigious championship?? Well … it makes me want to puke.

More heat.

Cody Rhodes: I don’t care what you’ve had to deal with over the course of your career … I don’t care if last night was the peak of your career … it should have never happened. You deserve to be put out to pasture with the other fossils. And seeing as I already put Jerry Lawler out of his misery … how about I do the same for you??

Regal - fired up - grabs his mic in the ring in fury.

William Regal: Bring your skinny backside in this ring sunshine. I’ll be more than willing to give you the beating that that castrated brother of yours should’ve given you a long time ago!!!

Huge cheer for Regal!!! Cody smiles and nods, whilst Regal rips off his shirt now, standing in just his trousers and shoes.

Cody Rhodes: Okay, well if you’re so confident you can teach me a lesson … why don’t you give these people - YOUR people - something back?? Why don’t you agree to put that Intercontinental title on the line??

Regal - clearly getting overemotional - picks up the title belt, and wild eyed, looks out to the outside.

William Regal: Is this what you want you gormless little squirt?? Then lets get bloody well on with it!!

Regal throws the belt down, and challenges Cody into the ring, with Cody hopping up onto the apron, as we see a referee running to the ring.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have ourselves an impromptu TITLE MATCH!!! And yes - the title will be on the line!!! We’ve just gotten word that Eric Bischoff WILL sanction the match!! Don’t DARE go anywhere - we’ll be right back after this!!!

Commercial Break

William Regal vs. Cody Rhodes w/Dustin Rhodes
Joined in progress with Regal in control, hammering down on Cody, looking extremely fired up after Cody (and Coaches) words moments ago. On the outside, Dustin looks on with concern, as his younger brother takes a beating from Regal in the corner, as the veteran opens up with stiff uppercut forearms, then drags him out of the corner, delivering a perfect butterfly suplex. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Cody shows some mettle by fighting on, but Regal continues to punish, hammering Cody into the ropes, before shooting him off with an Irish Whip … but as Cody comes back, he ducks under a clothesline, coming off the opposite side, and delivers a low dropkick to the knee of the Brit!!!

Suddenly, the tables turn, and Cody shoots in on the leg, putting the boots to the champions knee, sensing an opening. He scores a near fall on the champion, before deciding to focus his attack on the weakened leg. The attack isn’t new or fresh, but it’s effective, with Cody placing the leg on the ropes and using them for leverage as he bounces up and crashes down with his elbow into the point of the knee - over and over. With a smile etched on his face, Cody barely listens to the admonishment of the official, but keeps him occupied … as Dustin - not overly enthusiastically - grabs the leg of the champion, and wraps it around the ringpost. Regal rolls around in agony, clutching his knee, as Cody gets back to work, stomping the veterans knee again, forcing Regal to roll outside the ring.

Rhodes follows out, and mocks Regal, limping behind him whilst the champion tries to shake his leg loose … before chop blocking Regal, taking him back down. Rhodes then grabs the champions legs … but the Brit surprises the challenger and kicks him away, into the steps!!! Regal tries to struggle back up to his feet, whilst Cody tries to shake the cobwebs loose as we see Dustin watching on, seemingly conflicted - concerned for both men … and even approaches Regal to try and help him to his feet … but Regal shoves him away!!! Regal then points to the ringpost, reminding Dustin of his earlier actions, with Dustin trying to plead his innocence - and is heard saying he “has to help his brother” … but Regal shoves him away again … just as Cody clobbers Regal from behind.

Cody then berates Dustin, chewing him out for not helping him - even though he did just provide a distraction, albeit unintentionally - and orders his older brother to get Regal back in the ring. Cody climbs back in, protesting his innocence to the official, claiming his brother is simply helping get Regal back in the ring … and gets back to work on the champion whilst Dustin is told off for getting involved by the referee. Cody hammers Regal on the mat - reopening his cut from last night - before being ordered off by the referee. Rhodes then calls for the finish, motioning that he’s about to become champion … as he hauls Regal back to his feet … and into position for Cross Rhodes … but REGALS FIGHTS OUT!!!

Fighting with everything he has, the champion battles free of the clutches of the youngster, and tests the steel of the challenger, battling toe to toe … and it’s the hometown Brit that comes out on top of the fist fight, beating Rhodes back into the ropes, shooting him off the ropes, and drops Cody with a back body drop. Cody struggles to his feet, whilst Regal clenches his teeth, hitting a second wind, and drops the challengers with a massive clothesline!!! Dustin Rhodes looks on with concern outside, as his brothers title charge is unravelling before his eyes … and as Regal shapes up for the KNEE TREMBLER … Dustin jumps on the apron!!! Regal stops momentarily, as Dustin provides a distraction … but it works against Cody … as we see Regal pull out BRASS KNUCKS from his trousers!!! Dustin now frantically tries to get the referee to turn around to see it … BUT REGAL CONNECTS WITH THE POWER OF THE PUNCH!!!

Cody is out cold now!!! Regal now interjects between Dustin and the referee, pointing at Cody, dropping down and making the cover, as the count is made … 1...2... DUSTIN RHODES DROPS AN ELBOW ON THE REFEREE!!!!! Boos ring out inside the O2, with Dustin saving his brother from defeat, and he quickly attacks Regal too, just as the champion reached for the knucks again. He pinpoints the knee, putting the champion down … and DUSTIN TAKES THE KNUCKS!!! Regal struggles to get back up, selling his knee injury … as Dustin looks at his fist, contemplating his next action - conflicted - BUT HE GOES AHEAD … AND NAILS REGAL WITH THE KNUCKS!!!!! It’s ungodly heat for the former ‘Goldust’ as Dustin knocks the Brit down - and out cold - then drops the knucks, putting his hands on top of his head, wondering what he’s just done!!!

Dustin sits down in the corner, shaking his head, regretting his actions, before slapping his face - telling himself to snap out of it - then pulls himself back to his feet, and grabs the arm of Cody … but pauses for a moment. He looks around, hearing the chorus of boos, but mouths “I have to” before dragging his younger brothers body on top of Regals, with the fans ready to riot. Dustin steps back - hands on his head again - clearly unsure … then looks up to the heavens with his eyes clenched tight … then yells out “DAMMIT!!” … before walking back to the centre, and drags his brothers body back OFF Regal!!! He turns away, and kicks the ropes, not knowing what the right thing to do is. He gets set to exit the ring … but stops himself … and looks back … AND STEPS BACK IN!!! He slowly makes his way back over again … but before he can do anything … THE REFEREE IS BACK UP!!! Charles Robinson - slightly disorientated - orders Dustin out of the ring!!!!!

As he backs up, Dustin tries to plead his innocence, but peers over Robinsons shoulder to see if either man is recovering … and both Cody and Regal begin to stir. Dustin looks on agonizingly, with the official still ordering him out of the ring … but just as he leaves … Dustin slyly kicks the knucks toward his brother!!! Cody sees the knucks, and manages to reach out and clutch the object, trying to place it on his hand … but as he does … he ignores what’s happening with the champion, and doesn’t see Regal pulling himself to his feet … AND STRIKES WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER TO THE YOUNGSTER!!!!! Dustins mouth opens wide with shock, and he puts his hands over his mouth - frozen to the spot in shock … as Regal hooks the leg, with Robinson slowly making the count … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion - William Regal @ 09:00

It’s not as loud as Wembley Stadium last night - but the reaction for Regal winning is ENORMOUS!!! Regal rolls off Cody, looking exhausted, as we see Dustin shaking his head … backing up the ramp, knowing he’ll be blamed for Codys loss tonight.

The Coach: What a screw up!!! Cody Rhodes needs to drop that doofus!!! He’d be Intercontinental Champion already if it wasn’t for that idiot!!

Jim Ross: Cody Rhodes has no one to blame but himself!! Dustin Rhodes needs to have a serious think about where his best interests lie - because he’s nothing more than a damn lackey to his spoiled brat brother!!!

The Coach: He’s nothing more than a hindrance!!!

Back in the ring, William Regal is handed the title again, still on his knees, before proudly raising the belt in the air, getting another huge roar from the fans. Cody meanwhile, rolls out of the ring and stumbles toward the ramp, unsteadily.

Jim Ross: What a weekend to be William Regal!!

The Coach: He’s had more luck over the last twenty four hours than- than- well, than anyone ever has!!!

Jim Ross: He’s had the greatest weekend of his career - and long may it continue!! And folks, this night isn’t over yet!!! STILL to come is the main event - The Master Craftsmen make their debut against Rey Mysterio and the World Heavyweight Champion Christian … it’s coming up - don’t go away!!!

Commercial Break

We return, backstage with Kelly Kelly standing by, with The Entourage - oddly smiling despite MNM being forced to leave Raw last night.

Kelly Kelly: Zack, Curt, after losing last night, your idols and mentors - MNM - are now officially banished from Raw.

The two men nod and begin to look rather sad.

Kelly Kelly: So, now that you’ll be forced to go it alone, what does the future hold for the two - The Entourage??

Zack Ryder: Oh girl, how SICK was that TLC match last night at Summerslam!!?? Am I right??

Zack is in Kellys face, beaming with excitement, but she seems a little creeped out.

Zack Ryder: I mean, c’mon!! It was like a demolition derby!! Even WE got a piece of the action - US - at Summerslam!! It was off the hook, bro, huh bro??

Ryder slaps the chest of his partner, who nods.

Curt Hawkins: And not only that Kels, but Zack and I?? Even after our heroics to try and help our buddies Johnny and Joey - we still made it to the after show!!

Both men nod, impressed with themselves.

Kelly Kelly: Well … that’s uh … good … but guys … what happens next for you?? Without MNM here on Raw, what does the future hold for The Entourage??

The two men ponder momentarily, before Curt answers.

Curt Hawkins: We wont lie to ya K Squared … Zack and I were pretty cut up about losing our buddies …

Zack Ryder: … For about FIVE minutes!!!

Ryder laughs at his one liner, and gets a high five from Hawkins, then turns to Kelly for a high five … but gets nothing, before awkwardly putting his hand back down.

Curt Hawkins: Like he said, we didn’t cry for long. We were sad (mocks wiping tears) but now we’re not. Wanna know why?? Cause this gives us a chance to step out of the shadows and stand on our own two feet…

Zack Ryder: And bust a move like we’re back in the L.I!!!

Ryder jigs a little, and laughs at his own antics.

Curt Hawkins: So Kelly, seeing as we’re no longer Nitro and Mercury’s students … we don’t see ourselves as an ‘Entourage’ anymore, do we, Zack??

Zack Ryder: We sure don’t, Curt. In fact Kelly, earlier today - while tryin to sweat out our hangover at the gym…

Hawkins shows off his guns.

Zack Ryder: We went on a brainstorming session to come up with a brand new team name. And we came up with a winner!!

Curt Hawkins: Oh yeah, Kelly. These two good time guys aren’t just pretty faces with great tans and even better teeth. Ohhh no, doll face … we got the brains to match!! Kelly - say goodbye to the mysterious ‘Entourage’ … and say hello …


Hawkins and Ryder high five, pleased with each other, before walking off the set.

Back to ringside…

The Coach: East Coast Party Boys!? I LOVE IT!!! I’m over MNM already, J.R!!!

Jim Ross: Well, they’re certainly two vibrant young men. Able to overcome the bumps and bruises they suffered during their cameo in the TLC match last night at Summerslam and still make the after party…

The Coach: Nothing stops Ryder and Hawkins from making a party, J.R - they ARE the party!!

Jim Ross: Well the party came to a sudden halt for not just MNM last night, who are now no longer part of the Raw roster after losing the World Tag Team Titles last night … but also for Triple H. Many people have been asking about the condition of the ten time World Champion over the last twenty four hours after his brutal loss to Brock Lesnar last night at Summerslam, and folks the current news is far from pretty.

The Coach: What do you expect?? The man was brutally - SAVAGELY - assaulted!! Ten times, his skull was smashed into an exposed turnbuckle, he had his forehead opened up with barbed wire, got dropped face first onto a steel chair, got power bombed onto a steel chair AND suffered not just an F5 onto a chair too … but an F5 onto the steel steps.

Jim Ross: But let’s not forget the punishment Triple H dished out too, Coach - it was a case of kill or be killed for both men last night.

The Coach: That choice of words is just about right - Triple H went out to destroy Brock Lesnar … Brock Lesnar went out there with bad intentions - murderous intentions if you ask me. He should be in a jail cell right now, yet he walked out of Wembley Stadium scot free.

Jim Ross: As it stands, Triple H is currently being monitored in a neurological ward in a London hospital - which for legal reasons we are unable to name - due to the severity of his head injuries. It is also expected that after the emphatic F5 onto the steel steps, he has suffered a collapsed lung. Not to mention thirty six stitches, three broken ribs, and quite frankly, there may be more broken bones to follow in the coming days.

The Coach: And how about the mental anguish?? Huh?? How about the injuries that cant be seen?? Not just to The Game himself, but his beautiful, smart, sexy wife - who had to watch that maniac Brock Lesnar try to maim her husband despite begging and pleading with Lesnar for remorse. Think of the knock on effect it will have. The man has a one year old child at home - can you imagine what it’ll do to that child to see her father - whenever that might be - stitched up, bruised, battered … broken. But Brock Lesnar wont care.

Jim Ross: The fact remains Coach … both men knew what they signed up for. If it wasn’t Triple H being wheeled out of Wembley Stadium last night, you can bet your bottom dollar it would’ve been Lesnar.

The Coach: It’s a pity it wasn’t!!

Jim Ross: Classy. But back to my point - in years gone by it would’ve been the other way around. You think about the big, big grudge matches The Game has been involved in down the years - matches with Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, Chris Jericho - Hell in a Cell matches, Streetfights, Last Man Standing matches … how many times did The Game have to leave on a stretcher??

The Coach: Very few.

Jim Ross: How many times did he lose??

The Coach: Even less.

Jim Ross: Yet this year alone, he’s been involved in two huge matches - the first back in April. Hell in a Cell. Against Christian. Not only did Triple H lose, but he left on a stretcher, not to be seen for three months. Never happened before. Then, last night. Summerslam. Triple H loses, and leaves on a gurney again. My question Coach; is Triple H’s time up?? Are The Games best days behind him?? And if those best days - those championship winning days - are behind him … is it time for The Game to call it a day??

The Coach: Personally?? I don’t think it is. And I know for a fact that Triple H wont want to go out like he did last night.

Jim Ross: But there’s no shame in Triple H admitting that he cant cut it anymore. No shame whatsoever. I know, despite my personal feelings for him over the years, that I’d rather see Triple H call it quits on his terms, rather than hang on and do himself more damage, and ruin the reputation he worked so hard to carve out over the last decade.

The Coach: I just don’t see Triple H letting go. I don’t see The Game hanging up his boots, J.R. Whether or not your right about his best days being behind him - I strongly believe he WILL return in due course.

Jim Ross: Well, we will bring you all the latest information on The Games condition as we get it in the coming weeks, but keep in check with for any updates in the mean time…

The camera cuts backstage to show CHRISTIAN walking through the hallway, title still around his waist.

Jim Ross: And we are just moments away folks - main event time!!! The World Heavyweight Champion will be in action next, as he and Rey Mysterio welcome The Master Craftsmen to Raw!! Will Captain Charisma ride out the euphoria and adrenaline from last nights career defining victory at Summerslam?? Or will his efforts from last night take it’s toll on what is sure to be an extremely fatigued body?? We’ll find out … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


Entering to the Nine Inch Nails track, Brent Albright and Charlie Haas step onto the stage, stopping at the top of the stage to soak in the atmosphere and look around as if to say “This is where we belong”.

Jim Ross: It’s been a rollercoaster ride of an evening tonight in London off the back of Summerslam, and we’re about to cap things off with a mouth watering main event - already tonight we’ve seen the return of Smackdown General Manager Arn Anderson and his shock announcement that he is free to talk to any Raw superstar and can sign as many as FIVE over the next four weeks!!!

The Coach: Who’d want to sign up with that old artefact!! He’s even more decrepit than you are J.R!! ’Ol Double A still thinks it’s George Bush SENIOR in the White House!!!

Jim Ross: It would appear John Cena for one, Coach. But we’ll find out more over the coming weeks. Also, Kurt Angle is now the Number One Contender - and as we understand it, Angle will challenge Christian AT Cyber Sunday in Texas next month for the World Heavyweight Champion!!

The Coach: And not before time!! Kurt Angle has been desperate for a one on one shot at the title since coming to Raw in the draft - now, he finally has the shot he craves. It’s been almost two years since Angle held gold … but the wait is almost over for my - and your - Olympic Hero!!!

Jim Ross: Whilst Angle has his title shot in his sights, Umaga watched his - and his fourteen month long undefeated streak - go up in smoke … and both the Samoan Bulldozer and his handler, Armando Estrada have failed to show at the O2 this evening as a result.

The Coach: I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason, old timer. Don’t go jumping to conclusions.

The Craftsmen make their way to the ring, and prepare for their ‘welcoming committee’ to Raw…

**BOOYAKA 619**

And, bursting out onto the stage, Rey Mysterio salutes the fans, as he gets a rapturous response.

Jim Ross: And for the second time tonight, we see the master of the 619!! Rey Mysterio - after taking out his frustrations on Kurt Angle earlier - is back for the action!!

The Coach: An unprovoked attack - and you’re CELEBRATING it??? This man should’ve been fined and suspended!!

Jim Ross: Kurt Angle performed the ultimate act of disrespect last night at Summerslam, Coach - he removed Mysterios mask for Christ’sakes!!

The Coach: Do you realise how absurd that statement sounds, J.R??

Jim Ross: Come on Coach, you know it- WHAT THE-!!!???

There’s chaos on the ramp - AS ANGLE BLINDSIDES MYSTERIO!!! Angle knocks Rey down, and starts to put the boots to his enemy, not accepting the attack from earlier in the night. Kurt drags his dazed rival up, and hurls him toward ringside, before pulling him to his feet … AND WHIPS HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!!!


The Coach: Who’d be crazy enough to try and stop that man!! Everyone in the back will be loving this!!!

Jim Ross: God dammit!!! Mysterio has a match here!!! Someone get that maniac outta here!!!

Angle doesn’t let up there though - without giving Mysterio any time to recover, he drags Mysterio straight back up and clutches him - BELLY TO BELLY - ONTO THE RAMP!!!!!

Jim Ross: Enough is enough!!! How the hell is Mysterio gonna compete here!!??

The Coach: That should be the least of his worries, J.R!!!

With Mysterio being rag dolled, Albright and Haas simply lean on the ropes and observe, whilst a wide eyed - CRAZED - Kurt Angle licks his lips … AND APPLIES AN ANKLELOCK!!!!!


The Coach: He’s getting even, J.R - and he’s sending Mysterio a message too - DON’T MESS WITH ME!!!

Jim Ross: DAMMIT - Haas, Albright?? Get out there and stop this madness!!

Angle rips and tears at the ankle - but not for long, before…


SPRINTING from the back, the World Heavyweight Champion comes to the aid of Mysterio … with Angle quickly releasing the hold, and hopping over the barrier in order to avoid Christian. Christian stops as he reaches Mysterio - not pursuing Angle - and quickly calls for help, motioning to the back.

Jim Ross: Finally someone has put a stop to his damn assault - but has the damage been done!!?? Can Mysterio even compete here tonight??

The Coach: He’ll only have himself to blame, J.R. He knew what might happen when he attacked Angle earlier. He HAD to expect some kind of retaliation.

Jim Ross: Kurt Angle should be ashamed of his actions!! He went too far!!!

Referees and officials rush to the scene, as Christian stands up, taking a step back to allow the medics to help Rey … but with his eye off the ball …

… ALBRIGHT AND HAAS JUMP THE CHAMPION FROM BEHIND!!! The Master Craftsmen assault Christian, with the champion stumbling around the ringside area, before being knocked off his feet with a stiff clothesline from Albright!!!


The Coach: They’re bored of waitin old timer!!! They’ve had enough of Christian and Mysterio stalling!!!

Jim Ross: What in the hell is goin on here - has anyone got a backbone anymore - sneak attack after sneak attack here!!! And- DAMMIT - look who’s come back to join the party.

With Christian out of the picture … Kurt Angle returns, hopping back over the barrier, and drags a medic out of the way, shoving officials too - and gets back to Mysterio!!!

Jim Ross: What a no good-

The Coach: Watch the language, J.R.

Elbowing and punching the officials trying to stop him, Angle continues to punish Rey, dragging him up - AND DELIVERING AN ANGLE SLAM ON THE STEEL!!!


It’s carnage at the announce position too, with Christian getting thrown across the desk, and battered by Haas and Albright as he lays in a heap - with Nick Patrick trying to restore order before the main event can even begin!!!

Jim Ross: It’s like a war zone out here!!! Rey Mysterio has been brutalised by Kurt Angle, and Christian is being destroyed by Haas and Albright - this is insane. How in the hell is this main event gonna happen!!

The Coach: Oh, those two wimps better not cry off, J.R. Christian and Mysterio had better man up and get on with the job.

Jim Ross: There is no way EITHER man will be in any condition - look at this!!! For the love of God!!

Meanwhile, on the ramp, Angle kneels down on top of Rey … before brandishing the MASK he ripped from Mysterios face last night at Summerslam!!!

Jim Ross: And NOW what!?

Angle shoves the mask in Reys face, wiping it on him, yelling “IS THIS WHAT IT‘S ALL ABOUT!? IS THIS SO PRECIOUS TO YOU!!??”


Kurt grabs Rey by the throat, making sure he watches, as he first tells him “IT’S WORTHLESS” … before standing back up, and as he stand over Rey … he tears the Summerslam mask apart.

Jim Ross: SON OF A BITCH!!!

It’s ungodly heat for Angle inside the O2 arena, as he drops the tattered mask on the torso of Mysterio, before calmly making his way back up the ramp - message sent.

Jim Ross: What a sick S.O.B Kurt Angle is. He has lost it!!!

The Coach: He’s ended this madness - the mask is no more, J.R. Angle is done with it - Mysterio can have it back!!

Back at ringside, Nick Patrick - with the help of Mike Chioda and Scott Armstrong - has finally forced Albright and Haas to back up … but Christian also looks to be in a bad way, struggling to get up from the floor.

Jim Ross: Folks, I have no idea what is goin on here. I don’t even know if we’re gonna have a main event tonight. We’re gonna take a commercial break and try to sort this mess out … we’ll be right back.

Commercial Break

Main Event | 2 ON 1 HANDICAP MATCH:
Christian vs. The Master Craftsmen
Joined in progress, J.R informs the viewers that during the commercial, Rey Mysterio was escorted to the back with a suspected concussion - with Eric Bischoff determined for the main event to go ahead, demanded that Christian face Albright and Haas alone instead … and as we join the match, it’s one way traffic. With the champion already softened up before the match began, Albright and Haas are in control from the opening bell, picking Christian apart. The champion is in a bad way, struggling to find the ropes, unable to drag himself to his feet, whilst Albright and Haas continue to tag themselves in and out of the ring. Both men try to toy with Captain Charisma in between a genuine beat down - technically superb, as you’d expect - and even Haas points to the opposite corner, instructing Christian to tag out … before sticking his boot through the face of the champion on his knees.


Christian though - spurred by the heroic effort of last night - refuses to give in, and kicks out of pin attempts, time after time - but instead of getting frustrated, the debutants simply laugh at the champs refusal to go down easily. Albright though begins to take the champion too lightly, and takes too long as he tries to set up his Samoan Drop Driver finish {ACE IN THE HOLE} … BUT CHRISTIAN FIGHTS OUT OF IT!!! The fans damn near explode at the sight of offence from Captain Charisma after a sustained beating, as he rattles off desperate right hands at Albright, and as he looks to be getting the better of the King of the Ring, CHARLIE HAAS steams into the ring and charges at Christian - but the champ ducks, and quickly delivers a reverse DDT!!! Haas is out of the equation, and Christian blocks a shot from Albright, catches him in the gut - AND TURNS HIM OVER FOR THE UNPRETTIER - BUT ALBRIGHT COUNTERS … CROWBAR!!!!!

Albright applies his deadly submission, trapping Christian in the middle of the ring … but still - CHRISTIAN REFUSES TO GIVE IN!!! The Champion, no matter how spent or tired, WONT tap out, despite Albright cranking back as much as he can, and tries to reach out for the ropes … and after inching closer … he reaches out … but before he can grab them - HAAS STOMPS AT HIM!!!!! Albright releases his submission, as he and Haas put the boots to Christian - but doesn’t last long as Nick Patrick orders Haas back out of the ring. Albright is distracted by the arguing though, getting involved and trying to tell Patrick that Haas was only retaliating, but as he does this, Christian comes from behind … AND ROLLS UP THE KING OF THE RING, WITH PATRICK QUICKLY MAKING THE COUNT … 1...2...KICK OUT FROM ALBRIGHT!!!!! Albright bounces right back up, and levels the exhausted champion with a brutal clothesline to restore order!!!

Haas applauds, as Albright looks to follow up, dragging the champion to his feet and shoots him off into the corner, but as he charges in behind - Christian swings out onto the ropes, with Brent hitting the buckles, allowing the champion to connect with the seesaw kick on the ropes!!! Albright staggers away, with Christian climbing to the middle rope, leaps off, hitting the Ace of Spades with a diving reverse elbow!!! The fans cheer, as the World Champion looks to turn the tide of this one sided affair, and pulls Brent to his feet, firing him into the ropes … but as he does, Haas makes a blind tag - which only the official sees - but waits to enter the ring until Christian knocks his partner back down. Then, as Christian drags Albright back to his feet … Haas pounces, storming the ring, and attacking the champion from behind with stiff forearms to the back … and hit’s a perfect release German suplex!!! He floats over, into a cover, 1...2...NO!!!

Christian kicks out!!! Haas shakes his head in disbelief, before sending the champion into the corner. He races in after him … but Christian sticks a boot up, catching Haas in the mouth!!! The champion looks to capitalise, and hooks Haas into position for his modified backbreaker … but Haas spins out to freedom, then trips Christian - AND LOOKS TO APPLY THE HAAS OF PAIN … BUT frantically, the champ scrambles … and makes it to the ropes!!! Despite that, Haas remains in control, giving Captain Charisma no room to breathe, and opens up with knife edge chops. He then gets the champ onto the top rope, and thinks he has his softened up enough to go for a superplex … BUT CHRISTIAN BLOCKS IT!!! Now, the two men engage in a fist fight - a desperate battle for Christian in order to avoid the high impact move - and it is the champ that comes out on top, beating Haas eventually to every shot … THEN SHOVES HIM OFF THE TOP!!!

Not wasting any time, Christian steadies himself, before rising … AND LEAPS OFF THE TOP WITH A FLYING HEADBUTT … AND CONNECTS!!!!! There is a feeling of hope in the O2, with Albright looking concerned on the outside, as Christian slowly and painfully crawls toward Haas … draping an arm across his chest for the cover eventually … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Christian took too long to make the cover and Haas was able to kick out!!! The champion winces, and rolls away … beginning to crawl to a corner as if to make a tag - instinctively. Meanwhile, Haas DOES have a partner to tag, and he slowly crawls toward his corner, with Albright reaching out desperately to get in … and makes the tag!!!!! For Christian though, all he can do is climb to his feet … but he has no time to recover or think … as Albright crushes him in the corner!!!!! The champion is out on his feet - DEFENCELESS - and the 2007 King of the Ring doesn’t waste the opportunity, scooping him up with ease … ACE IN THE HOLE CONNECTS!!! Albright covers the champion … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: The Master Craftsmen @ 09:31

Despite another heroic effort, the numbers - and the talent in those numbers - proved to be just too much for the champion on this night. Albright and Haas get off to a winning start on Raw, making an instant impression.

Jim Ross: It’s victory for Albright and Haas over the Champion of the World, but lets not forget they jumped Christian BEFORE the match, and Christian lost his partner just before the thing started too.

The Coach: A win is a win, J.R - and WHAT A WIN for the Master Craftsmen - welcome to Raw gentlemen!!!

Haas and Albright have their arms raised, and shake hands, both looking happy with their victory, whilst Christian remains down and out on the canvas. The Master Craftsmen look down at the champion - look down at what they’ve done to the top guy - before nodding, pointing down at Christian before mouthing out at the fans that this is what they’re capable of.

Jim Ross: No doubt about it - despite the controversy, Haas and Albright have made an instant impact on Raw. In the main event on their first night on the roster, they’ve beaten the World Heavyweight Champion!!

The Coach: Stand up and take note. The Master Craftsmen ARE the real deal.

The debutants exit the ring, and back up the ramp, surveying the reaction of the fans for a moment, as it looks like the show is coming to an end…


Jim Ross: No. No, no, no, no, no.

The Coach: I KNEW THEY’D BE HERE!!!!

It almost seemed inevitable, didn’t it?? The music of Umaga hitting, whilst Christian is laid out in the ring - exhausted - has become a familiar sight … and the fans hush, as Umaga, led by an angry Armando Estrada - minus the briefcase - storms onto the stage, and down the aisle, bypassing The Master Craftsmen.

Jim Ross: Christian is in no condition- he needs to get outta there - HE NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THE RING!!!!

The Coach: I don’t even think he’s got the energy to run!!! HA HA - BRILLIANT!!!

Jim Ross: This is no time for laughing, Coach - Christian could be in serious trouble here!!!

Umaga reaches ringside, where we see Christian trying to reach his feet, having seen what’s coming his way. Under orders of AAE, the Samoan Bulldozer climbs up onto the apron, and into the ring. Umaga steps inside, and stands across the ring from the man that ended his 14 months of victory after victory … and despite Christian being spent, HE acts first, rushing toward Umaga … BUT GETS CREAMED WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!!!!


Jim Ross: Sickening. Christian needs help out here.

The Coach: I don’t think there’s anyone crazy enough back there to try and stop the Bulldozer.

Christian is turned upside down from the impact of the clothesline, but Umaga shows no mercy - dragging the body of the champion to the corner … then steps back, all the way to the opposite corner … AND SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING FOR THE RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!!!!

Jim Ross: JESUS!!!!

The Coach: Even HE wouldn’t get in Umagas way!!! Did you hear the impact!?

Jim Ross: Dammit Coach, I FELT IT from here!!

The impact is thunderous … but for Estrada it’s not enough!!! He orders Umaga to continue, and Umaga follows the instruction, climbing to the middle turnbuckle … AND CRUSHES CHRISTIAN WITH THE BANZAI DROP!!!


Umaga simply sits on the champ - all 350lbs of him - as Estrada wags his finger from side to side then shakes his head. AAE pulls out a cigar from his breast pocket … holds it up … AND SNAPS IT!!!!!

The Coach: Uh oh. Memo to the world - don’t piss off the Bulldozer!!

Umaga growls, then stands, dragging Christian back to his feet - having to hold him up by the throat … AND DELIVERS THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!! The Bulldozer covers the champion, and Armando crawls into the ring, making a count … 1...2...3!!!!!


It’s a visual victory for Umaga, and as he stands back up, his arm is raised by the handler - showing the world what they believe SHOULD have happened last night at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: We don’t have a new champion, folks … but it’s clear to all that Armando Estrada and Umaga sure as hell are not done with Christian and the World Heavyweight Championship…

The Coach: Not by a long shot!!!

Jim Ross: Christian stood tall last night at Summerslam - last night was the pinnacle of the champions career … but tonight he’s been brought crashing back down to earth. If he thought he had vanquished the Samoan Bulldozer last night, he got a severe reality check tonight … AT SUMMERSLAM HE WON THE BATTLE … BUT HE’S LOSING THE DAMN WAR!!!

The pair stand tall in the middle of the ring - over the beaten body of the World Heavyweight Champion - a familiar sight … as the show goes off the air.



Current Card for WWE Cyber Sunday:

16th September 2007

American Airlines Centre, Dallas, Texas

Event Music:
Foo Fighters, The Pretender


World Heavyweight Championship Match;

Christian vs. Kurt Angle

~ Fan Choices TBA ~

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Re: Being The Booker

Christian/John Cena/Eric Bischoff Segment: The part with J.R. and The Coach recapping SummerSlam and the latest RAW news in the middle of this segment felt odd, but overall I felt this segment came together well and helps to build up some interesting possibilities. I’m expecting John Cena to be going to Smackdown! soon though, not getting another match with Christian, just feels like the right move for Cena at the moment. Hopefully Kurt Angle gets the win!

Mister Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle: This was done pretty well to make a scenario where there isn’t a #1 Contender, should be interesting to see what happens with Bischoff and Cena now.

Eric Bischoff/John Cena Segment: I liked the way this was handled as well, looks to be setting up an interesting show.

Deuce & Domino vs. The British Lions: Nice match here and good to see the Lions working well again. I’m guessing there will be a vote to see who Straight Edge faces off against at Cyber Sunday.

Kelly Kelly & Kurt Angle Segment: This was a good Angle promo in my opinion, great intensity and it looks like Angle wants to focus on the gold though I doubt Rey Mysterio thinks their feud is over with.

Cyber Sunday Promo: Yay Cyber Sunday! Only three weeks of shows away!

Maria vs. Beth Phoenix: Nice filler squash match here. Hopefully Beth Phoenix gets a solid match at a PPV soon.

Edge Contract Signing Segment: Good segment that was short and sweet. I loved the commentary by J.R. and The Coach in this segment. I also loved Arn Anderson in this promo, great persona. I’m guessing John Cena will be the first jumping to Smackdown! to get a fresh start? If so, hopefully we don’t get another Orton vs. Cena match for a while, I’d rather see someone else take the belt of Orton. I could definitely see Umaga jumping to get a fresh start as well. Hmm…Rey Mysterio jumping would break up the Angle/Mysterio feud for now if aren’t continuing it. Maybe someone who got knocked out by Umaga like Shawn Michaels as a shocker? AND GORE! GORE!!! GORE!!!!!!! Those are my guesses .

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ken Doane: Interesting match...I wonder what is going to happen here. I was expecting Hardy to be focusing on the gold, but instead he’s continuing his feud with Benjamin. Should be interesting to see what happens with The Brotherhood.

X-Pac & Tyson Tomko vs. The Angels of Anarchy: Nice showing here for the Angels of Anarchy. I can’t wait to see what your plans are for them in the WWE.

Brent Albright/Charlie Haas/Eric Bischoff Promo: Nice little filler to establish Albright and Haas as overly—cocky. Also a nice little threat at the end.

Christian/Umage Video: Glad that you are milking Christian’s upset victory over Umaga.

Mister Kennedy Promo: This was a good old fashion Kennedy promo here, good stuff, nothing much more to say.

Master Craftsmen/Angels of Anarchy Promo: Great way to give some highlight to the tag team division. This episode is definitely helping to push and rebuild the tag team division on RAW, setting up for whatever you got planned for them.

John Cena/Eric Bischoff Segment: As I was guessing before Arn Anderson showed up, Cena jumps to Smackdown! Seemed like the most logical choice at this point for him, but it should be interesting what you do with him, I think you are probably the best booker with Cena. Hopefully he still will have to climb up the ranks for a while before he gets a title match. (Or maybe Eric will fire Cena before he joins Smackdown! so he can’t compete for 2 years…)

Mister Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle: Haha! Funny stuff with The Miz getting the Ankle Lock on the outside. Cena interfering was a shocker to me, but it gives Cena a nice edge before making the jump to Smackdown! (if he actually is doing so) and maybe setting up a Cena vs. Kennedy match for the future? Anyways very happy to see Kurt Angle win this. Rey Mysterio’s attack at the end was great for showing Mysterio isn’t done with Angle yet, as expected, and now who knows what the main event of Cyber Sunday will look like…Kennedy…Cena…Angle…Mysterio…anything could happen! Heck, Umaga might be showing up in the main event to wreak havoc! Please, oh please, more Coach’s Playas Club, please!

Playas Club: I thought the interaction between Coach and Regal was great. It build up Cody Rhodes challenge very well, but I guess Regal will lose the belt now? Hopefully not. =)

William Regal vs. Cody Rhodes: I thought the whole Dustin dynamic here was done very well. Glad to see Regal retain the belt…hopefully we get Regal vs. Finlay before the belt is dropped!!!!!!! =b

East Coast Boys: WOO WOO WOO! YOU KNOW IT!

Masters Craftsmen vs. Christian: Haha, over the top action here. Just pure sugar fueled madness with all the attacks and Kurt Angle ripping the mask, and the handicap match that followed! As I guessed, Umaga shows up to wreak havoc! (Or extend it rather…) BANZAI DROP! YEAH! *Does the Brock Lesnar-guy taunt.*

Good showed overall, really loved all the madness at the end because it completely throws the whole Cyber Sunday build up into whack and it should be very interesting to see what happens from this point on in the next two weeks of shows to see how things are set up for Cyber Sunday.

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Re: Being The Booker

Moving on, the shows - for the time being at least - will be in a shorter, recap form. It means I'll get to write them quicker, get them posted quicker, and move forward quicker. I just wanted to have Raw as a full show, because A) I started on it ages ago, so I kinda had to, and B) it was the fall out show from Summerslam.

While (I hope ) that people are still reading, given the lack of response to the thread since the return, it might be a safer bet that I just make up the voting results for the eventual Cyber Sunday matches, rather than actually put it in the hands of the readers to PM their choices to me. It'll probably work out better for me that way anyway, as I get to make the choices that would make life easier for me from a booking standpoint.

I'll post up a preview for Smackdown at some point over the weekend - if I can be bothered ha ha - and I'll put up Smackdown before Christmas.
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Re: Being The Booker

Psh, just give me all the voting power Wolfy!

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Re: Being The Booker

Almost forgot about the biggest show of the week; Superstars. Smackdown follows directly after ...


WWE Superstars | August 21 2007

As ever in the absence of Jerry Lawler, it’s Todd Grisham & Coach on commentary for the show, and they hype tonight’s main event - a #1 Contenders Match for a shot at the Womens Title; Victoria vs. Jillian Hall!!

In the opening contest of the night, Elijah Burke & Chris Masters battle to a double count out, in a entertaining match up, with the count out coming @ 06:12, setting up a likely rematch next week.

The newly coined East Coast Party Boys defeated The Brotherhood duo of Monty Brown & JTG @ 06:00, when Hawkins caught JTG with a swinging neck breaker, following up from Ryder drilling JTG with a big boot in the corner, to score the 1,2,3, as the Party Boys danced to their victory afterward.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Mike Knox @ 04:24, surprising the big man with a roll up to score the 3.

In the main event, Victoria earns her shot at the Womens Championship by defeating a spirited Jillian Hall @ 09:27 with the Widows Peak, with the champion - Beth Phoenix - on commentary, watching intently.





Friday Night Smackdown | August 24 2007 | Cardiff, Wales

Opening Video


Joey Styles and Paul Heyman intro the show, coming off the back of Summerslam, announcing that Arn Anderson is back (with Heyman gleeful that Bischoff is gone from SD) and that he is in open negotiations with a ‘number’ of Raw superstars, recapping his announcement on Raw. Styles also shills a sit down interview he had with CHRIS JERICHO during the week, and promises it will be earth shattering for the WWE fans when it airs later.


Back in charge of Smackdown, Arn Anderson makes an understated entrance, slapping hands with fans on his way to the ring. On his way, Styles and Heyman address the rumours that Anderson has a big announcement concerning Cyber Sunday tonight, and speculate if that big announcement is coming now…

Once in the ring, Anderson quickly recaps the events of the past weekend, and explains again why Bischoff was ousted as Interim GM and his own suspension was brought to an end early. Anderson also mentions again that he has up until Cyber Sunday to sign up to FIVE Raw superstars, and claims to be in constant contact with a number of superstars. He then goes on to state that during his time off he done a lot of thinking; thinking about his future, the mistakes he made as GM, and how much he had enjoyed the early stages of his time as GM, before it became a chore. He goes on to say that he wants to enjoy his job again - like he did at the beginning, and wants to make the fans happy, giving them the best matches he can … and intends to do just that at Cyber Sunday.

Anderson reminds the fans about how he picked up the reigns on Smackdown after the departure of Paul Heyman (and acknowledges Heyman on commentary) and that he couldn’t even make his own main event for his first PPV in charge, due to Heyman signing an Elimination Chamber match BEFORE he took over. He says that this time, he wants to do things HIS way, and on HIS terms … before announcing that the main event of Cyber Sunday will see Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship … IN THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!

After milking the cheers of the fans, Anderson goes on to announce that Orton will defend the title against BROCK LESNAR (due to his win over Triple H at Summerslam), PAUL LONDON (after retaining the U.S Title against MVP), BATISTA (on the back of his win in the Battle Royal prior to Summerslam), with the other TWO places to be determined TONIGHT!!! Arn goes on to announce that one of the places will go to the winner of a match between ROB VAN DAM & M.V.P … and the other will be decided in an over the top rope BATTLE ROYAL, and goes on to gee up the superstars listening in the back, telling them that for many they’ll never get another opportunity like this - and they need to grasp it with both hands.


Stepping onto the stage, RANDY ORTON stays at the top of the ramp, quickly explaining that if he walked down to the ring, he wouldn’t be accountable for his actions. He disingenuously welcomes Double A back, then goes on to say that Anderson is back five minutes and already he’s picked up from where he left off - victimizing Orton. Anderson quickly cuts him off, stating that not to be true, telling Orton he would’ve announced an Elimination Chamber whether or not he was champion. Orton though, isn’t buying it, and claims that Anderson will do everything he can to see him lose the title, going on to remind Arn that he’s already beaten the first three confirmed opponents in the Chamber, and just defeated Van Dam again at Summer slam … yet RVD could be part of the chamber too. He says it stinks … but in the end, he’ll do what he always does … WIN. The Champion then goes on to issue a thinly veiled threat, telling Double A that he’ll only take so much before he snaps and lord help whoever he takes out his frustration on.

Orton then exit’s the stage, leaving Arn Anderson stood in the ring, as the show heads off into it’s first commercial break of the night.

Commercial Break

Match 1:
The Caribbean Connection vs. The Mad Murdoch Twins
Intense, physical contest, with Trevor (and Festus) still seething over being passed over for the recent tag team tournament, and Carlito & Kofi are also not in great spirits after being on the verge of winning the tag titles at Summerslam before the out of shape AMW walked out. With plenty of anger on both sides, it makes for a fascinating contest - much better than expected - with the bigger team eventually taking control and wearing down Carlito. For a period, it’s tag wrestling 101, with Carlito the face in peril, unable to make a tag to Kofi.

Eventually, The Cool One musters a fight back, beating off Festus - despite Festus craziness - and manages to make the hot tag … and Kofi springs into action, turning the heat up with a great array of kicks and leaps, springing off the ropes, getting the Murdochs in all kinds of trouble, then shapes up for Trouble in Paradise on Trevor - BUT TREVOR DUCKS - AND KOFI CONNECTS WITH THE REFEREE!!! And with that, bedlam ensues!!! All four men get involved, and the match breaks down into an all out brawl, with the Murdochs extremely aggressive.

Trevor even smashes a chair off the back of Kofi, and grabs the ring bell, bringing it into the ring to use on Carlito, but Carlito ducks under the swinging Trevor, and hit’s the Back Cracker!!! Trevor drops the bell, but as Carlito stands back up, Festus comes in from behind, WITH A CABLE - AND CHOKES CARLITO!!! He yanks back, dragging the life out of Carlito, choking him, with a frenzied look in his eyes … as we see Carlito desperately reaching out, as he face turns PURPLE … desperately reaching out … and grabs the ring bell … AND SWINGS BACK … ~ CLANG ~ !!!!!

Carlito DRILLS Festus with the ring bell, finally getting the crazed brother to release his monster like grip … and Festus slumps to the canvas. Festus looks to be out cold, whilst Carlito remains on his hands and knees, coughing, trying to breathe again … but Trevor is back up to his feet, kicking the cables out of the ring, before coming after an unsuspecting Carlito … BUT KOFI NAILS HIM WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!!! Kingston covers, and eventually the referee recovers to make the slow, agonizing count … 1.……2.……3!!!
Winners: The Caribbean Connection @ 12:38

In a much harder fought victory than expected, Carlito and Kingston defeat the inspired Murdochs … but the condition of Festus looks to be worrying, having not moved since getting his clock cleaned with the ring bell. Carlito and Kofi leave the ring, with CCC still showing the effects of the vice like choke he received from Festus with the cable … but as Trevor comes around, he sees medics tending to his brother as concern grows…

Commercial Break

The show returns with footage of Festus being wheeled out of the arena on a stretcher with his brother Trevor looking particularly concerned…

Backstage, Layla El enters Arn Andersons office, and after some niceties with the GM introducing herself, she cuts to the chase and asks him to give her boys - The James Boys - some exposure with places in the main event battle royal. At first, Anderson laughs off the suggestion, reminding Layla that her team hasn’t won a match since getting their chance on Smackdown … but says he’s feeling generous, and if either Casey or Kassidy can win a match tonight, he’ll grant them BOTH spot in the main event later. Layla shakes on it, happy with the deal … but her smile doesn’t last long once Anderson tells her that the match is against BATISTA.

Elsewhere, Josh Mathews conducts an interview with THE Brian Kendrick, who blows off Summerslam, claiming it “wasn’t all that”, and that he was “glad he wasn’t a part of it”. He then goes on to hype Cyber Sunday, saying it’ll be bigger than WrestleMania. Mathews assumes it’s because of the fan interaction on the show … but Kendrick quickly puts him straight, telling Josh that it’s because after he wins the battle royal tonight, he’ll be in the main event, and walking out of the Elimination Chamber with TWO title belts.

Just as Kendrick is set to walk off the set, JAMIE NOBLE interrupts, and tells Kendrick that he may well end up making it to the Elimination Chamber, and if a miracle happens he might even leave Cyber Sunday as WWE Champion … but Noble tells TBK that he’ll do everything in his power to make sure it’s HIM that goes into the Chamber - NOT Kendrick. And, he also makes it clear to Kendrick that he hasn’t given up on taking the CW title either, suggesting that by the time Cyber Sunday is over, Kendrick wont have two titles - he wont even have one. Noble walks off, leaving Kendrick with something to think about…

Commercial Break

The show returns with NICK NEMETH in the ring, mic in hand. He once again complains about the lack of competition, and the jealousy in the WWE locker room, evidenced by the actions of his opponents in the Battle Royal prior to Summerslam, when everyone teamed up to eliminate him.

Then, his attention is diverted, as an unknown man makes his way down the aisle - with no music - but is dressed to compete. Nemeth stops the man from entering the ring, asking what he’s doing, and the wrestler gets another mic, before sheepishly replying - “I‘m your uh, opponent”.

Nemeth is furious, stomping around the ring, complaining about the lack of competition, before ordering the man into the ring, and asking for his credentials. The man introduces himself as Steve Lewington from England, and has been given an opportunity tonight to show what he can do. Nemeth is beside himself that he has to wrestle a nobody … but Lewington attacks him to start the match!!!

Match 2:
Nick Nemeth vs. Steve Lewington
Despite attacking Nemeth first, Lewington doesn’t last long, and after a brief flurry of punches in the corner, he goes for an Irish Whip which Nemeth reverses, then knocks the Brit off his feet. It’s just a Nemeth showcase from that point forward, and he takes Lewington apart, eventually finishing him off with the Ego Boost {Fame Asser} for the inevitable 1...2...3
Winner: Nick Nemeth @ 02:18

Nemeth storms out of the ring following the win, not even staying to have his hand raised, furious with the way he’s being treated.

Backstage, Kristal is with BATISTA. She congratulates him on winning the pre-show Battle Royal at Summerslam, then goes on to ask about how he feels about stepping into the Elimination Chamber for the second time at Cyber Sunday. Batista puts over the Chamber, talking about how unforgiving it is, and how it’ll shorten his career … but says the cuts, bruises and broken bones will be worth it … when he leaves as WWE Champion. The Animal goes on to claim that while he’s happy to be in the Chamber, he’s still wants a piece of GARRISON CADE. He says he hopes Cade wins the Battle Royal tonight to qualify for the chamber … but says that win or lose tonight, he WANTS Cade - one on one, and lays down the challenge, telling Kristal that it’s time for the Lone Star to put up or shut up.

Commercial Break


Flashing shots of the General Managers, Commissioners and Presidents that have ruled the WWE over the last two decades; Jack Tunney, Gorilla Monsoon, Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, Mick Foley, William Regal, Ric Flair.

Narrator: For decades, the biggest decisions and the biggest matches have come from directors of authority.

Shots of Mr. McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Stephanie McMahon, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Paul Heyman, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson and Jesse Ventura.

Narrator: Some have embraced the position to make decisions for the good of the fans.

Clips of Foley during his run as Commissioner in 2000, with lots of thumbs up.

Narrator: But others have abused it for their own nasty agendas.

Shot of Vince McMahon screwing Stone Cold, and escaping with the title belt in 1998.

Narrator: For three hundred and sixty four days of the year, the superstars of Raw and Smackdown have their fates determined by these supervisory rulers.

Shots of the biggest names; Christian, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Paul London and John Cena.

Narrator: But on one day of the year … the control is taken OUT of their hands …

Shots of Eric Bischoff reacting with disgust at something.

Narrator: … And into YOURS!!

Clips of rowdy fans.

Narrator: For one night only - YOU are in charge - YOU make the calls - YOU decide the fates of your favourite WWE Superstars.

Cut to shots of Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Brent Albright, Mr. Kennedy and The Undertaker.

Narrator: For one night only, their fate is in YOUR hands.

And a final shot, of a finger clicking a computer mouse, and a dark screen


Match 3:
Batista vs. Kassidy James w/Kacey & Layla
Complete and utter squash. Batista roughs up the unlucky James Boy, running through his offence of clotheslines, back body drops, a sidewalk slam and a running power slam, going for a cover … but Layla distracts the referee. Big Dave stands up, telling Layla to get back down - which she does (in fear) … and Batista turns around, catching Kacey before he could sneak attack him. Batista shakes his head, but allows Kacey to exit the ring (in fear), before putting the finishing touches on Kassidy with a Spinebuster and then the BATISTA BOMB!!! He covers, with Layla and Kacey simply powerless to stop him … 1...2...3
Winner: Batista @ 02:39

Dominant victory for Batista in the second squash of the night. The Animal leaves the ring - job done - whilst Layla and Kacey tend to Kassidy.

Styles and Heyman then move on, shilling the two Elimination Chamber qualification matches still to come, and the sit down interview with Chris Jericho - coming up shortly.

First, backstage, Carlito and Kofi Kingston cut a promo, talking about what went down earlier tonight - showing some concern for Festus, but also saying Carlito did what he had to do. They then recap Summerslam, and AMW walking out on them, before sending a message to the champions, letting Harris and Storm know that they wont be able to simply walk away next time - and promise that there WILL be a next time.

Commercial Break

After a Summerslam recap video, Styles and Heyman talk over some of the big talking points, firstly the Lesnar vs. Triple H showdown (with Lesnar having the night off), and the championship matches with all champions remaining intact. They then discuss Edge vs. The Undertaker, with Edge getting the biggest win of his career - before glossing over the incident on Raw where Edge almost left Smackdown … and say Edge WILL be here later, but question whether he will be part of the Battle Royal. Finally, they talk about Chris Jericho being in attendance at Summerslam, and the sit down interview Styles conducted with him earlier in the week, before throwing to the interview…

The video opens with Styles and Jericho sat in a hotel room, and Styles intros the first ever undisputed champion. They go through formalities, with Styles covering why Jericho is in Britain - touring with Fozzy - before saying he is looking great (not gay), and asks how Jericho is doing ever since he was punted by Randy Orton in April.

Jericho speaks softly, telling Styles he’s much better, and assures the fans that he has made a full and complete recovery. He talks about appreciating the time off, being able to spend time with his family and pursue his interests further musically - shilling Fozzy being on tour. Styles smiles, pleased to hear Jericho is well, but shifts gears, and tells Jericho that the fans are dying to know - “When will you be back??”

Awkwardly, the room falls silent. Jericho smiles, but for a few moments doesn’t say anything. He then sits back in his chair, and tells Joey; “Let me tell you a story, Joe…”

“When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was a professional wrestler. Breaking into the business I wanted to be just like Shawn Michaels - the best. I wanted to be as good as the Harts, as popular as Hulk Hogan.

Being a wrestler was a dream come true for me … and not only did I get to chase my dreams, I got to make a living - a healthy living - for it. I got to travel the world, and made friends for life. Those friends, some of the best wrestlers in the world - guys like Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio - we made it in the business together. From Japan, to ECW onto WCW and here, in the WWE. Even though we were friends - great friends - we were competitive.

We’d always go out to win - nothing less than 100% would be enough. We’d fight tooth and nail, to the bitter end, even against a best friend, because we were all driven by the thought of competition. That competition is what I’ve always loved about this sport. Winning - for me - was everything … and yeah, sometimes I’d bend the rules a little to achieve my goals & win championships. Cheating; tugging an opponents tights, a low blow, or using ropes for leverage … that was as far as it went … that was ‘the line’ as far as I was concerned. Despite my thirst for victory, I still had enough respect for my opponent and professional wrestling as a whole not to go ‘too far’. I’d do whatever it took to win a match, but at the same time I’d respect my opponents - and their wellbeing. I only ever set to win matches … not to hurt or injure, or maim.

Somewhere along the way Joey … that all changed. Maybe … maybe it’s just a different generation now … but in the WWE in 2007, that idea of ‘win at all costs’ has gone to a whole new level. Grabbing tights isn’t enough anymore. Now?? Now the envelope has been pushed to new extreme - now, guys WANT to send opponents to the hospital … guys WANT to put opponents on the shelf. That’s what it takes in 2007 to be at the top of the wrestling business. If you want to be WWE Champion, you have to be an animal - you have to want to MAIM your opponent. In this day and age you don’t have to be the best wrestler in the world to be WWE Champion, you just have to be cold blooded and heartless … you have to be willing to end a career in the blink of an eye … you have to be willing to KICK a man in his SKULL, without hesitation or thought about what the consequences will be.

Kick a man … in the skull. Where’s the finesse in that, Joey?? How many years must it take to perfect that piece of athleticism?? What wrestling school do you learn that manoeuvre?? Nowhere. It’s the kind of thing that happens in a bar fight - it’s not sport. It’s ridiculous. But that’s today’s society - that’s today’s WWE mindset. It’s not just about winning anymore … you don’t just have to be prepared to cut corners, you have to be prepared to END … CAREERS. Randy Orton hasn’t got a problem with it - he hasn’t shown a shred of compassion for what he’s done to RVD, Dinsmore, Tommy Dreamer and myself. He hasn’t lost any sleep over putting any one of us on the shelf … he’s WWE Champion.

In my time off Joey, I’ve watched a lot. Raw, Smackdown, every Pay Per View … I’ve been able to see the direction this sport is taking and the mindset of those that are a part of it, heck, just the other day I watched Brock Lesnar obliterate Triple H. Triple H. The guy that was called the Cerebral Assassin - a guy that would win matches by any means and use a sledgehammer if needs be … and HE is the one having to leave on a stretcher. Five years ago, HE was the guy that was going too far - he was the first … yet he is now the guy being hospitalised…

Joey, I’ve seen - first hand - what it takes to be a success in the WWE. It’s not about being the best in the world anymore. It’s who can go the furthest, who can cause the most damage … to be the best today, you have to be willing to end a mans career … Joey … I’ve seen what I’d have to become to remain on top - I’ve seen the toll that today’s WWE has taken on the guys I’ve travelled with through the years. I’ve seen what’s become of Rey Mysterio in the last few months - five years ago, Rey would never have been pushed to breaking point - he’d never attack a fellow professional … but that’s the toll todays world has taken on him. I’ve seen what I’d have to be willing to do to beat guys like Randy Orton. I’ve seen the lengths I’d have to stoop to in order to be WWE Champion. It’s barbaric.

This sport, to me, is unrecognisable from the one I fell in love with. As far as I’m concerned … professional wrestling, sports entertainment - whatever you want to call it … is dead. This WWE?? This WWE isn't what I signed up for, this isnt my vision of professional wrestling, and I want nothing do to with it.”

Jericho sits back in his chair, looking away from Styles, and out a window, as Styles looks around at the cameraman, unsure of how to continue, before pressing ahead, and asking Jericho outright - “Chris, are you saying … you‘re retiring??”

Momentarily, Jericho does nothing - still staring out of the window, but eventually he slowly nods, but doesn’t say a word. Styles - again - looks around at the crew off camera, wondering what to do next, before awkwardly bringing proceedings to an end, thanking Jericho for his time, before saying that “on behalf of all the wrestlers and fans all around the world … thank you Chris Jericho. Thank you for the memories.”

Commercial Break

Back from the break, Styles and Heyman discuss the previous segment and the shock announcement that Chris Jericho has retired, with Heyman taking the opportunity to also thank Jericho for all the memories over the years…

Rob Van Dam vs. M.V.P
A good competitive match, after back to back squash matches, it’s welcomed by the fans in the arena. MVP more than holds his own with Van Dam, and outwrestles the former WWE Champion, controlling most of the early going. Despite Porter trying to keep the action mat based, RVD has other ideas, and fights back, quickening the pace, showing off his array of martial arts kicks, then hit’s a Monkey Flip and eventually knocks a dazed MVP out of the ring … following up with a senton splash over the ropes to the outside onto his opponent, and with both men down on the outside, the show goes to a mid match commercial…

Commercial Break


The show returns with RVD and MVP outside the ring, with RVD taking it to the opponent, but having an Irish whip reversed into the steel steps turns the tables back in Montels favour. MVP takes control, bringing the match back inside. Once there, MVP tests the mettle of Van Dam, with RVD having to withstand a big onslaught from his driven opponent, kicking out of numerous pinfall attempts. MVP looks to be extra determined to make up for falling short of winning the U.S Title at Summerslam, and it looks to be heading his way as he scores with the DRIVE BY KICK!!! He covers … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

Van Dam survives, but MVP now looks to finish the match once and for all, setting up the Play of the Day … BUT CANT HIT IT!!! Van Dam sparks back into life as he fights free, hitting his step over kick to start the comeback. RVD follows up, hitting Rolling Thunder, and then looks to set up the Five Star Frog Splash … BUT MVP LEAPS TO HIS FEET AND STOPS HIM!!! Porter pounds the midsection of the former champion, and climbs the buckles, looking to turn the tables and hit a superplex … but RVD fights it. MVP nearly topples down, but stays on the buckles, whilst Van Dam GOES FOR A SUNSET POWERBOMB … AND HITS IT!!! Van Dam covers … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

The match continues, with RVD attempting a split legged moonsault … BUT MVP ROLLS OUT OF DANGER!!! Porter attempts to capitalise, and rolls RVD up in an Oklahoma Roll … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! MVP quickly drops Van Dam with a clothesline, and keeps him down with a front slam, following up with a BALLIN elbow and another cover, 1...2...NO!!! Porter shoots RVD into the corner, but caught with a boot at his races in, and RVD takes his chance, leaping to the middle rope, and flies back onto MVP with a moonsault … BUT MVP ROLLS THROUGH … AND HOOKS THE TIGHTS … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

MVP cant believe it, and argues with the official, saying that he got a three … but it gives RVD a chance to recover, and Van Dam races toward MVP, but Porter side steps his opponent with RVD toppling over the top. MVP thinks RVD has crashed to the outside and turns, chucking - trying to rile the fans - pointing to his brain … but behind him RVD HAS SKINNED THE CAT!!! Van Dam hops onto the ropes as MVP turns to face him, and Porter gets the shock of a lifetime as RVD springs back at him with a kick to the face!!!!! MVP goes down … and RVD soars, leaping to the top rope … AND CONNECTS WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And qualifies for the Elimination Chamber - Rob Van Dam @ 14:44

Van Dam has a shot at redemption - another shot at Randy Orton at Cyber Sunday, but must share the opportunity with five other men. RVD has his hand raised, and celebrates toward the fans … BEFORE RANDY ORTON HIT’S THE RING!!! The WWE Champion attacks the man he defeated at Summerslam, with the fans booing, whilst Orton stomps Van Dam at the ropes, looking back and calling for MVP to help him out.

Porter - still upset over his loss, and still trying to recover from the Five Star - slowly comes to help out, with Orton instructing MVP to hold RVD up … but before Orton can nail Van Dam with the belt … PAUL LONDON SLIDES INTO THE RING, TACKLING ORTON DOWN!!!

London opens up on Orton on the canvas, saving RVD, with Van Dam fighting free of MVP, and the pair eventually clear the ring of the WWE Champion and Porter - ending a miserable night for both Orton and MVP. In the ring, London and RVD - despite now being in direct competition for the WWE title - give each other a hand slap and bump knuckles, before keeping an eye on the livid Orton and beaten MVP who back up the ramp.

Commercial Break

Straight out of the break…


A clearly angry Edge storms to the ring, days after his potential move to Raw - and guaranteed title shot - fell through. Once the music dies down, Edge wastes no time, and cuts straight to the chase, simply saying “Elimination Chamber??”

Confused, Edge goes on to wonder out loud how it can be possible for their to be an Elimination Chamber for the WWE title and him not be one of the six men involved in the match, reminding the fans that RVD and MVP both LOST at Summerslam whilst he not only WON, but beat THE UNDERTAKER. Edge goes on to talk about how a victory over The Deadman should result in an immediate title shot, and that for anyone else that would be the case … but obviously not for him.

This brings out Arn Anderson, sans music, coming in peace, and to offer Edge an explanation. He congratulates Edge on his victory at Summerslam, and addresses Edges complaint about beating Taker and getting no reward. Arn explains that Edge has consistently demanded a ONE ON ONE shot - and inside the Elimination Chamber, he wouldn’t get what he wants, he’d have to share his shot with FOUR other guys.

Edge shakes his head, saying that Anderson should scrap the Chamber, and do the right thing - give him his rightful title shot. Arn though, shakes his head, telling Edge that he wants his new tenure as GM to kick off with a bang, and the wheels are already in motion … plus … he already has a match lined up for Edge at Cyber Sunday … a rematch against THE UNDERTAKER.

Flat out, Edge rejects the match, quickly reminding Double A that he has nothing more to prove against The Undertaker, having beaten him at Summer slam … but Anderson disagrees, telling Edge that anyone can get lucky once … but it’s not luck if he can do it twice. Edge ponders that piece of advice for a moment … but shakes his head. He shouts down Arn for not giving him the credit he deserves, and claims he is sick of waiting for what is rightfully his, saying he’s earned his shot the hard way, and that he could beat ANYONE in the Chamber - and he wants in.

Arn throws his arms up in defeat, and says he’ll grant Edge his wish - but isn’t just placing him in the Chamber match - if he wants in, he’ll have to win the battle royal later tonight … but if he doesn’t win, he can kiss goodbye to a title shot in the near future … AND, should he lose later, he WILL face The Undertaker for a second time at Cyber Sunday. Arn then exit’s the ring, leaving Edge to stew in the ring, as the show heads off into another commercial.

Commercial Break

The show returns with a pre-taped video of AMW - much like their videos during their vacation, it’s hand held camera stuff, but this time, Harris and Storm are devoid of all confidence. They recap Summerslam, and talk about being beaten to every punch, being a step behind, and coming within a whisker of losing their titles. Both Harris and Storm admit to taking the competition too lightly, showing some real vulnerability and a lack of the confidence they’ve displayed for so long. Both men admit to being out of shape, and go on to question if they’ll even be able to get back into the same shape that helped them win - and hold onto - the tag titles for the last eight months … before wondering aloud if this is the end of the line for AMW before the video goes to black.

Super Crazy vs. Daivari
Filler Cruiserweight action, with Super Crazy looking to join his partner Chavo in tonights main event. The action is solid, even if the fans are a little disinterested, knowing neither man has a realistic chance of winning the battle royal, regardless of who wins this match. In the end, it is a victory for Super Crazy, who ends the match up with a picture perfect moonsault, and qualifies for the upcoming main event!!
Winner: Qualifies for Battle Royal - Super Crazy @ 04:12

Crazy celebrates victory, which gets him closer to a shot at the CW title also, as he dreams big of making it into the Elimination Chamber at Cyber Sunday.

Backstage, Josh Mathews conducts an interview with Garrison Cade ahead of the main event Battle Royal, questioning him about having the opportunity to challenge for the WWE Title. Cade states that now that he’s out on his own, everything is falling into place & says that he is backing up his promise he made last month when he came back - he’s making up for lost time. Mathews then asks Cade if he caught Batistas challenge earlier tonight. Cade stares a hole through Josh, before replying; “Anyplace, Anytime” … before walking off the set.

Commercial Break

As the show returns with the entrances taking place for the battle royal, we see clips from during the break, where FUNAKI was making his entrance for the match … when he was assaulted by MVP!!! Porter attacked the #1 announcer, drilling him with the Play of the Day on the steel ramp, taking him OUT of the match … and taking his spot!!!

Edge is the final guy to enter, and as soon as he hit’s the ring … the actions kicks off …

Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Edge, Elijah Burke, Evan Bourne, Garrison Cade, Hardcore Holly, Jamie Noble, Jeff Hardy, Kid Kash, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Nick Nemeth, Super Crazy, The Brian Kendrick
Nick Nemeth brings too much attention on himself, and falls victim - just like he did prior to Summerslam - to a gang assault, but as the group of wrestlers that attack him think they‘ve eliminated him … he does in fact hang on, and skins the cat … before dumping Chavo out!!!

01) Chavo Guerrero by Nick Nemeth @ 02:35

Garrison Cade soon shows his physical presence, and overpowers Hardcore Holly, chucking the veteran to the floor after watching Kid Kash soak up Holly’s stiff chops and then attack Holly from behind.

02) Hardcore Holly by Garrison Cade @ 03:12

Following on from their double count out on Superstars, Elijah Burke and Chris Masters target one another, taking their eyes off the rest of the competition, which allows an opportunistic duo of Nemeth and Brian Kendrick to dump out both men with dropkicks simultaneously.

03) Chris Masters by Nick Nemeth @ 03:28

04) Elijah Burke by The Brian Kendrick @ 03:29

Kendrick and Nemeth high five on their teamwork, and look to team up together, but as they begin to target the cruiserweight wrestlers remaining (Super Crazy, Jamie Noble, Evan Bourne) those three band together, and just as things look to be turning sour for Nemeth and the CW Champion, Nemeth backs off, leaving Kendrick to fend for himself.

Meanwhile, Edge is having a tough time with Kofi Kingston, coming close to being eliminated, one foot touches the floor, but he gets back onto the apron … and as Kofi charges back across the ring at him … Edge low bridges the ropes and Kingston tumbles out … but hangs onto the ropes, kicking at Edge to stop Edge to knocking him off. Kingston makes it back to his feet as he and Edge brawl on the apron … UNTIL CADE LOOKS FOR A CLOTHESLINE ON EDGE … BUT EDGE DUCKS AND CADE NAILS KINGSTON … SENDING HIM TO THE FLOOR!!!

05) Kofi Kingston by Garrison Cade @ 04:59

Cade then tries to come back to knock off Edge, but Edge blocks it, and fights back into the ring - into safety. On the other side of the ring, Jeff Hardy and Carlito are tussling, with Carlito getting the better of the exchange, getting Jeff over the top but struggles to get him out onto the floor … AS MVP RUSHES IN FROM BEHIND, DUMPING HIS OLD ENEMY TO THE FLOOR!!!

06) Carlito by MVP @ 05:20

Both members of the Caribbean Connection are gone in succession, with MVP having a big laugh at getting one over on his old rival, leaning over the top to point and laugh at Carlito … UNTIL EDGE DUMPS MVP OUT!!!

07) MVP by Edge @ 05:30

Edge is nearly gone again, as Jeff Hardy - now back inside - tries to surprise him from behind, but has no success. Elsewhere, it’s about to be all over for The Brian Kendrick as his Cruiserweight title rivals finish him off, all picking him up, and THROW the cocky champion to the floor, ending his long held dream of double gold.

08) The Brian Kendrick by Jamie Noble, Evan Bourne & Super Crazy @ 06:01

The action slows for a period, with half the field gone in just six short minutes. Edge, Cade, Noble, Bourne, Crazy, Hardy, Kid Kash and Nemeth remain. Cade - the biggest man in the match - is the dominant force inside the ring, but Edge is equal to him, with the two men battling back and forth, whilst the remaining guys pair off with Hardy and Nemeth tussling, Bourne and Kash, Noble and Crazy. Plenty of near eliminations come, but there is a lull in the run of eliminations, as the show heads to the final commercial of the night…

Commercial Break

And, the show returns with Garrison Cade now taking over completely, overpowering the smaller guys, and dominating proceedings, catching a leaping Jeff Hardy … CRUSHING Jeff with a big power slam. With a growl, he then mocks Batista, shaking the ropes, before grabbing Evan Bourne, picking him up AND GETS HIM UP FOR A POWER (BATISTA??) BOMB … POWERBOMBING HIM OUT OF THE RING FOR A SICK ELIMINATION!!!

09) Evan Bourne by Garrison Cade @ 11:26

HOLY SHIT chants fill the arena, as Evan Bourne folds up like an accordion, and the referees rush to the aid of the high flyer … AS BATISTA HIT’S THE RING AND TACKLES CADE TO THE MAT!!! Batista and Cade go at it once again, rolling outside the ring (under the bottom rope) and continuing to brawl wildly - over the barrier - and into the crowd!!! It’s bedlam suddenly, as in the ring, Edge and Kid Kash appear to have struck a deal, with the pair teaming to attack Hardy, Noble and Super Crazy, whilst Nick Nemeth watches from afar, playing it safe by not getting involved … as Edge easily disposes of Super Crazy.

10) Super Crazy by Edge @ 12:49

Super Crazy crashes to the floor, just as we see Cade and Batista battling back over the barrier, with Cade sending his rival into the ring post before getting back inside the ring … AND RIGHT INTO A SPEAR FROM EDGE!!!!! Edge takes down the big Texan, with Nemeth rushing to try and help Edge get Cade up and out of the ring … but as he does …




The Undertaker DRILLS Edge, but madly, Kid Kash then tries to confront the Deadman … AND GETS A CHOKESLAM!!!!! Taker then knocks down Nemeth, knocks down Hardy, then Noble. We see Batista now in the ring, attacking Cade in the corner, whilst Taker boots Nemeth, throws Noble into the corner, and clotheslines Jeff Hardy inside out, before crushing Noble in the corner!!! He comes back out of the corner, grabbing Edge, but Edge pushes him away, just as Cade shoves Batista with Big Dave and Taker bumping into one another … as Taker reacts instantly … WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!!!

The Deadman drops Batista - without so much of a thought - and we see Edge attempt to attack Taker with a SPEAR … BUT GETS DRILLED WITH A BOOT FOR HIS TROUBLES!!!!! Taker scoops Edge back up, and onto his shoulders, but everyone else simply watching on - not standing in The Phenoms way … AS HE DROPS EDGE WITH THE TOMBSTONE!!!!!

Undertaker sends his message - LOUD AND CLEAR - to Edge, before leaving the ring and making his way up the ramp … as the opportunistic Narcissist quickly tries to drag Edge up … and dumps the body of the Rated ‘R’ Superstar OUT of the ring - ELIMINATING EDGE!!!!!

11) Edge by Nick Nemeth @ 16:13

Edge is gone, and Kid Kash soon follows, as Noble throws his groggy body out of the ring, to bring it down to the last four.

12) Kid Kash by Jamie Noble @ 16:20

It’s down to four, with Nemeth trying to chuck Hardy out, but Hardy reverses, sending Nemeth over, only for Nemeth to hang on, AND AGAIN skin the cat … AND PUT HIS LEGS AROUND JEFFS NECK … TOPPLING HIM OVER THE TOP AND SENDING JEFF HARDY TO THE FLOOR!!!

13) Jeff Hardy by Nick Nemeth @ 16:33

What an outrageous elimination!!! Nemeth skins the cat back into the ring, but … as soon as he is, celebrating his handywork … CADE BOOTS HIM RIGHT BACK OVER THE TOP - ONTO THE FLOOR!!!

14) Nick Nemeth by Garrison Cade @ 16:39

And, it’s down to TWO. Jamie Noble gives it his all, showing no fear of the bigger man, looking to cause the upset - with nothing to lose - and nearly pulls off the impossible, ducking a clothesline and tries to use Cades momentum to take him out … but Cade stops short, and after a struggle, overpowers Noble. Noble then gets blasted with a running shoulder tackle … followed by the deadly HEART PUNCH!!! It’s simply academic at this point, but Cade puts an exclamation point on the victory … AND TOSSES NOBLE OUT WITH THE RAZORS EDGE!!!!!

15) Jamie Noble by Garrison Cade @ 18:57
Winner: And Qualifies for the Elimination Chamber - Garrison Cade @ 18:57

The final spot goes to the Lone Star!!! The former lackey of Randy Orton now has the chance to end the reign of the champion inside the Chamber at Cyber Sunday … as the big man finally begins to realise his potential.

Meanwhile, we see an irate Batista charging up the ramp - forgetting Cade for now - in search of The Undertaker after the unprovoked Chokeslam earlier … as the camera cuts to Edge on the outside, coming around … and he isn’t happy either.

The show comes to an end, with Garrison Cade stood tall - on his way to the Elimination Chamber.



Current Card for WWE Cyber Sunday:
Date: 16th September 2007
Location: American Airlines Centre, Dallas, Texas
Event Music: Foo Fighters, The Pretender

WWE Championship;
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Batista vs. Garrison Cade vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Paul London
~ Fan Choices TBA ~

World Heavyweight Championship Match;
Christian vs. Kurt Angle
~ Fan choices TBA ~


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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Review

It's been a while since I've left feedback on here but I still have to say you're the best ever Wolfy and I'm glad to see this back. I really liked Raw and now were going to see how Smackdown goes.

Anderson starting off made sense since he just returned to Smackdown and I liked the idea of having him exert his authority, however I hate this match you made for Cyber Sunday. It just feels off. I'm sure you'll write it beautifully when the Pay-Per-View comes around and everything but I just hate the booking of it. Everything Orton was true. RVD has no business being around this match. I'm not overly excited to see Brock Lesnar in here or Batista. And if their wins at SummerSlam get them a free title shot, shouldn't Edge's also. I feel like he belongs in here and then maybe Undertaker, whose actually won some matches recently instead of RVD or MVP. I would hope one of those two wins the battle royal later tonight. However since Batista is in the chamber and you've been teasing his feud with Garrison Cade, Cade will be the guy who wins that. I'm just really unhappy with the match choice and the guys in it and Orton's title reign for that matter.

The tag match was odd. I expected a squash and it wasn't that. Carlito went crazy and I'm sure to put over how frustrated they are about SummerSlam or something. It just kind of felt odd that they would go crazy on a jobber team like that. I sort of liked it though. Future heel turn for the boys from the Caribbean?

Nice set up for the Batista squash coming later.

I really liked this Kendrick segment. Telling Josh it's bigger than Wrestlemania because he going to win the chamber was great. I love your writing of Kendrick and this was no different good stuff even in recapped form. I also liked Noble here getting over that he wants both belts which I loved. It really put value on the CW title that Noble isn't going to just not go for it even though he has a WWE Title chance. Great stuff

Stewie Lewington = Future WWE Champion...But Seriously. Good stuff with Ziggler (I'll always think of him as that). Keep it up

Batista's segment confirmed by thoughts earlier that Cade is winning the Battle Royal. Which is fine since Batista is in the chamber. It looks they'll be getting a one-on-one match soon here on Smackdown. I sort of wish that got a Pay-Per-View spot which would've allowed Edge and someone else that actually has a chance of winning the chamber. (Speaking of which where is Edge, Anderson was clear on Raw he was going to be at Smackdown Friday)

Squash for big Dave. A lot of filler in this show so far.

I liked what you did with the CC. They're not sorry and that's good. I want to see them fight AMW and kick the shit out of them. If Bar Room Brawl isn't a stipulation I can vote for at Cyber Sunday for that tag match I'll be a little disappointed

Lesnar having the night off makes sense. Edge better be here, and I'm still praying he's winning the Battle Royal even though I know he's not. He needs to have the belt at this point honestly.

Oh my God. The Jericho interview. Nothing short of spectacular. Well written and I completely bought everything Jericho was saying. It also might've been the best Orton has been put over this entire title reign when Jericho started talking about the Legend Killer's thirst to end careers. I love every bit of this include the retirement at the end. However I'm sure Jericho will return at some point in the future after Orton loses the title to fight him. Maybe Wrestlemania 24???

I liked the MVP-RVD match, the action was good. RVD is in the Chamber. Okay fine, I'd have rather seen MVP breath some fresh life into the WWE Title and it would've been a natural fit with London being in there but I guess RVD somehow deserves this 3rd title shot. The aftermath was fine, Orton got his little attack in and London came out looking strong. He may be a bright spot in this chamber for me, I love your work with him.

Edge segment. Edge himself hits everything right on the money. He needs to be in the chamber, he has the best kayfabe resume out of anyone that was put in that match. Hell he beat Batista at the Great American Bash. This chamber would've been the perfect way to have him pick his spots and take the title off Orton since he seems like the natural guy to do it with no clear-cut top new face needing the belt. I have no interest in a re-match with the Undertaker, it doesn't make sense, there is no need for it. I feel like you're saving Edge's title win for some big climatic moment but after he didn't have that moment at Wrestlemania when he should have he just needs the belt now and anything else he does in this thread will be a disappointment. I hope he wins the Battle Royal later, but Cade will win it and Edge will hopefully beat Undertaker again at Cyber Sunday. Give the man the belt.

Interesting AMW segment. I want to see more after this. I really do. I can see the CC taking the belts off them and then maybe AMW gets some time off, which they've earned btw. They've been running Smackdown's tag division for a long time now.

Another filler match, get those 5 Raw superstars over fast. Smackdown appears to be running thin tonight.

Battle Royal. Good stuff. The Cruiserweights all coming together to eliminate Kendrick was a nice spot. Ziggler came out like a million bucks getting the early eliminations and throwing out Edge after the Undertaker attack. No surprise that Cade won. He also looked very strong in the match. I don't mind him in the chamber since he is feuding with Big Dave plus his history with Orton. Good main event.

Overall, this show felt a little thin which makes sense given that Smackdown lost so many guys recently but some guys had to sell SummerSlam injuries. Raw is the better product right now and but Smackdown isn't bad overall. I'm just a little underwhelmed by the main event scene. Orton's title reign hasn't been that interesting and I'm just ready for it to end. However I don't think it will since no one in the chamber has been built to be WWE Champion at this point. I don't know. It's still a good show, Smackdown has a great midcard and a lot of guys that I love what you do with (London, Kendrick, AMW, Edge). The main event scene always hurts it for me. Good show, get the belt off Orton ASAP lol. Can't wait for Raw
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